Signatures 5,001-10,000

Number Name Comment
9001 Michael Miller Lets win!!!
9002 Jesse Carreon  
9003 Leon Sager Bring back our Republic!
9004 Karen Hahn Please dear Lord we need you! At the very least you should have been Speaker.
9005 Ryan ODell Please run.
9006 Ron Myers  
9007 Kevin Costanza I was praying you’d run in 2008 with no luck. America, and the rest of the world needs you, the only honest one in Washington, to run so that more liberty and less government can be an option for those wise enough to see the perils of a society in which citizens look to the government for help instead of one another.
9008 morgan patterson Ron Paul for the win!
9009 Dustin Chalker  
9010 Brian McDonald Please run, you are the only one who gets it and can explain it.
9011 Paul Leason GO RON!!
9012 Kathy McCann Please keep working on legalizing hemp growth and production in America.It’s a damn shame we have to import an industry that could help our economy.
9013 dominic stoltz  
9014 William Marshall Klase WE RIDE!
9015 David Parker Be encouraged Senator Paul, America is ready for TRUE change. You have gained tremendous support throughout and since your 2008 campaign. You continue to bring very important topics to the forefront. You always state your opinions clearly, and address questions directly, without meaningless political babble. I sincerely hope that you will bring your fight for sensible government to the 2012 Presidential Elections. America needs you.
9016 Gerald Barnett  
9017 Joe If only to spread the word even more
9018 Jonathan Hyry Please, Please run for President this coming election. The people spoke in November of 2010 and they have the power and the will to let their voice be heard in November of 2012.

You have my vote, my faith in you that you will assist in bringing America back to stability and prosperity, and you have the guts and honesty to execute those tasks.

In freedom,


9019 Mike Lacey Get Peter Schiff as VP, End the Fed and restore liberty!
9020 Jeffrey Skarupa God bless and care to you.
9021 Dane Hillyard Go Ron! We need a true American who understands the Constitution to stop this ship from sinking!
9022 Nicholas Passarelli Jr. Help us Ron, you may be our only hope.
9023 Rocky Flores  
9024 John Wickham  
9025 Monika Janczuk Dr. Paul,
please reconsider running for President in the 2012 Election; you are the first politician I trust and have inspired me to study Journalism and become an investigative journalism because you have opened up reality to me. Please, support the Grassroots movement, let’s get America back. Let’s try to end the Fed.

We all believe in you, please believe in us.

9026 Rob Tella Please run for president Ron! Your the only chance this country has to survive!
9027 Carl Gartley We voted for you in 2008 and will again in 2012. There is no other choice at this time…..
9028 Michael Mishler I’ll pledge another $2,300. Please, just run.
9029 Ginger Vitale  
9030 Gene Salzman We need you and people like you in Govt. to help end the reign of money laundering in the FED! Keep our money here at home in the UNITED STATES where it belongs! GO RON PAUL!
9031 Steven Gowan  
9032 Conrad Ward  
9033 David L. Caughman We need a leader…. not a politician.
9034 Ashley Colbert  
9035 Lionel Silva  
9036 Hillary Please!!!
9037 Yacine Lahaie  
9038 Chasen Plummer  
9039 Chris Punis Ron Paul Rocks!
9040 Joe Difonzo  
9041 Hannah egland  
9042 Bob Boston  
9043 Jason Akrami  
9044 Ellen Evanoff We need you!!!
9045 Brandon Edens Magner  
9046 Kim Chott  
9047 David Chisman  
9048 Donald Raglin Please run. i think you would have a great chance
9049 Kyle Solomon Dr. Paul, your talk of changing the philosophy of America is truly inspiring. You are one of the reasons I became a Philosophy major. The people love you.
9050 gabriel j hileski  
9051 gary Go for it !!!!!!
9052 Angela Taylor We Need You Ron Paul! &<3
9053 Tim Aspenleiter Ron,
You are the leading voice for sound money, reduced spending and balanced budgets.
America needs you now more than ever.
9054 Donald Landon  
9055 Bruice Bonner  
9056 Chris Pepin  
9057 Aaron Gorrell  
9058 Dianne Lauderdale Our only hope…Ron Paul
9059 Derrick King Feel the LOVE! rEVOLution!
9060 Ruth Brownlee  
9061 Al Phillips  
9062 Jean Ridge  
9063 Morton B. Campbell IV  
9064 FRED R RYAN  
9065 Gavin Hawk  
9066 Anthony Dialfonso I really hope He runs in 2012!!!!
9067 Justine Hoverman  
9068 Jose G. Pares Ron really is what we need in these times of complete and utter failure. My whole family supports you Dr. Ron Paul and it would be the nations pleasure to have such a wonderful future President such as you.
9069 Mario Velasco *Repeal: “”…to borrow on the Credit of the United States”"
*Ban by inalterable Law the hideous CentralBank
*Ban … BusinessInfluence on ALL Amer.Govs.
*Institute Equalising Tariffs
*Re-institute and apply the clear Language in the Constitution regarding Taxation!!!
*Release back to Inventors or the Mass of People all useful and important SUPPRESSED Technology!!!
*Promote StateFlags in State Capitols to fly HIGHER than the U.S. Flag!!
*Change the easily abused Term, “”Immigration”" at all Points of Entry to: BORDER CONTROL.
*Ban on American Flags, the Use of Fringe. (Infringement??)
9070 Alexander Kerr We need the Constitution and some honest people back in D.C.
9071 Victoria Johnson I have never before supported a politician. It would be a shame to support one that was no longer willing to help. Please run, Mr. Paul.
9072 Alanna Grimm Ron Paul 2012
9073 Bruce Palm I have a 24 foot truck with Ron Paul Revolution 2012 on both sides, I’m ready for you to run.
9074 kathy Corbett I support your efforts to get rid of the Fed.
9075 Barret Klein Please consider running for President. Our country needs someone that questions what is happening in Washington and the Federal Reserve.
9076 Corey  
9077 Nolan Wehr  
9078 Sherrie End The Fed Ron Paul for President in2012!!!!!!
9079 Brian Schiebeel  
9080 Charlene We need someone to balance our budget and not be afraid to do it
9081 Bonny Goselin  
9082 Kellay Buckelew  
9083 Brad Paulsen  
9084 Gene McIntyre Dr. Paul, the topics you have discussed over the last twenty years I have known about and understood and it looks as if more Americans are finally grasping what is going on. Dr. Paul, if you run for us, I will vote for you.
9085 Mike Valentine Mr. Paul,
You are our last hope.
9086 Dennis Rambo  
9087 Ivan Please do away with these Republican and Democrat ASSS HOLES
9088 Gordon J Tait I believe Ron Paul is our last hope of salvaging what’s left of this “”Democracy”" !
9089 CARSON ALEXANDERE Go Ro Paul were all rooting for you. I still have your bumper sticker on my car! Your americas only reliable Hope.
9090 Steven Washburn Please run. We need someone in charge that is fiscally responsible, and can help direct our nation in that direction. Lead and our nation will follow!
9091 Krystina Ehrlich you are someone i feel i could truly stand behind as a president. if i could have i would have voted for you in the last primarys and def will this time.
9092 debra desellier go ron
9093 Christopher Stallard Let’s make America great again.
9094 Afif  
9095 Art Hill I believe Oprah’s main passion in acquiring her new TV channel is to use it to bombard America with promoting Obama for 2012. Plus, I think she is willing to spend billions to make it happen.
9096 Kenneth W Taylor  
9097 Eugene If you run for President you have my vote that’s for sure. I want America to be what America once stood for, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. When I have my children, I want them to have the same equal opportunities as everybody else, but more importantly a country of freedom. More and more are rights are being taken away from us. Its time for changes, I believe you can make this country a better place for all humanity.
9098 Everett Henderson We desperately need your leadership. We need to keep the wave moving!!
9099 Wendy  
9100 Michael Thompson  
9101 trey soucie  
9102 steve atkinson I would help in your election campaign in Kansas. Just email me.
9103 Francis Razzano If not you, then who?! C’mon Ron! America needs you now more than ever!
9104 john davis We need your help to really return America to the republic our forefathers created!
9105 Xenia Kostrikin  
9106 steven g. taylor I trust Ron
9107 laurie wolfe ron paul is the only one that truly understands what needs to be done to allow us to put our constitution back to the way it was written and rand paul as vice president we could all rest assured we will regain our republic! go get them ron & rand paul!
9108 Steven Shepard We love you Paul!
9109 John J. Eisz I pray that enough Americans soon wake up to what’s happening to our country before we become a second world, or worse, nation.
9110 Jeff Brown Let’s get it right this time…I believe this motto!!
9111 Ivo Stikans  
9112 Patrick Canadians, for Ron Paul’s GOOD sense!
9113 Christina Robinson Dr. Ron Paul, you will have my vote and my voice for the 2012 election. Please run! There is nobody else who even holds a candle to you and your principles, nobody else will do!
9114 Alex Chow  
9115 Jack Coke Please run Ron Paul. Help restore this country to follow the Constitution like it was intended.
9116 Rick Turner  
9117 Dale Orth  
9118 Don Black Ron, looking forward to your run again this time.

West Palm Beach, FL

9119 Brian Hartmann your our only hope
9120 Steven Winegar Dear Representative Paul,
All of American Patriots, and event those who have no idea what this words really means need you to run for the Oval Office in 2012. This nation needs a sensible return to Constitutional principles and moral thinking. Many have lost their way and need a common sense leader who can and will straighten this mess out once and for all. No matter the puppet masters agendas, I believe you are the man for the job and will not let these New World Order crooks continue to steal the future of this nation right out from under our noses.

please run for the presidency in 2012…….

Steven Winegar

9121 Robert Zimmerman There is one hope for America and that is Ron Paul. Please run again in 2012 on the off chance that America has somehow obtained a greater degree of intelligence during the current administration, and knows now what must be done for the sake of America the beautiful.
9122 Deborah Murphy  
9123 Ben Lyons  
9124 Max Van Runkle  
9125 Samuel Richardson you are the exact opposite of Obama-exactly what Americans want and need
9126 Deborah Muir We need you to run…restore integrity to the WH.
9127 Seth Johnson  
9128 Maurice Ellringer Staint Paul you have to run to save our country and bring real Hope & Change.
9129 Kerry Duffy  
9131 Autumn Moreno Please run for 2012, you’re our only hope.
9132 Ethan Miller Please run for president . America needs a man of integrity, not another new world order puppet.
9133 Christopher C. Metcalf There is no one else with the true vision to turn this country back on to a course of freedom and prosperity. Please run and let the voice of reason be heard.
9134 William Jackson  
9135 Deanna Carlson  
9136 Michael Vandeven I love Ron Paul.
9137 jonathan arland  
9138 arie mali  
9139 Charlotte Orton  
9140 Thomas Welshans  
9141 Edward R. Read America needs a man like Ron Paul. A man of truth, a man of vision, a man of wisdom to lead our nation away from the destructive fiscal path it continues on.
9142 Alexander  
9143 Renee Abou-halaka we need Ron Paul for President in 2012
9144 William E. Grisham  
9145 lonnie petty  
9146 Steve Thompson  
9147 Matt McClain Please run, Ron! And with Peter Schiff as VP!
9148 Max Ferguson i will also write him in if he dosent hes really our only true hope for change in this country. It would be a sad day for america should a man like Ron Paul not run.
9149 George Nichoilson Jr Please………………….
9150 James McLendon Ron Paul 2012!
9151 Alejandro Alvarez Dr Paul America needs you.
9152 Nagaraj Hubli  
9153 Greg  
9154 William Can’t wait to get my yard sign and spread the word!
9155 Joseph Prescia  
9156 Miles Cooper  
9157 Alex Powelson  
9158 KD Newsom  
9159 tim ekren someone needs to clean up this corrupt govt
9160 Roy Cohen What America and the world needs is someone who understands economics. Not Keynsian economics as followed by the majority of the so called experts and govt. advisors, but Austrian economics which is the only way to heal the wounds the keynsian led politicians have inflicted.
Ron Paul is the only politician I know of who understands what is needed.
9161 Donald Veazey ron paul lit a spark in me that rekindled my desire to actively care about politics and my country’s economy & constitution in general. Initially I wrote him off, at least until I was better informed, but that goes to show you how many others could be swayed. All it takes is one youtube video.

RP 2012

9162 loretta xu  
9163 James Nako  
9164 lani Please run Paul. I promise not to squeeze your hand ever again and make it hurt. I did not mean to .
9165 Regan Killmer  
9166 George Davis  
9167 Christina ebersole  
9168 Ryan Ehlers Come on Paul !!!
9169 Kevin Stokes We need this man in office, we really need to go back to what it is to be an American. I belive this man will can help get us there.
9170 thomas RUN, PAUL RUN!!!
9171 Joe Golisano Ron Paul Would be a Great President
9172 Stephen Williams  
9173 Rich Rivera I hope you make it through.
9174 Paul Brewer  
9175 Gordon Betsill PLEASE, Dr. Paul!
9176 Jim Van Etten One of the only politicians that tells it like it is. Could be our only hope to reverse the “”change”".
9177 Zach Ron, you are truly an inspiration. I’m 17 and a Libertarian, I’ve been into poltiics for awhile now and have always admired you. You and Ronald Reagan are without a doubt my favorite politicians in American history. If you run I will be able to vote for you for my first election in 2012, I’m joining the Army this summer as well, and I know a lot of soldiers / future soliders who admire you as much as I do! Please Ron, run, we need another Ronnie in the White House! RON PAUL 2012!!!
9178 nick  
9179 Laurence I’m a supporter of transparency
9180 Wayne DeVogler Let’s get it Done NOW! Before it’s to late.
9181 Chris Brown We need you Dr. Paul!
9182 Spencer Caron Go for it Ron!!!
9183 Ben White We need someone with integrity!
9184 Alyx garner  
9185 Michael White  
9186 Nancy Dunphy  
9187 Dan W Constitutional Government, Fiscal Conservatism. Libertarian Society: if not Ron Paul who?
9188 Dean R Simpson You’re the only man for the job Dr. Paul!! Give all Americans the chance for a better future! This country is lost with out you!!!
9189 Rebeca Valadez  
9190 Jared Flater  
9191 Cammie Noel  
9192 Ethan Harper  
9193 Jeff Frye  
9194 Tracy Mason  
9195 David McGowan America needs YOU, Dr. Paul!
9196 Paul Lavoie A true Patriot. Go Ron..
9197 Dahveed I once lost, but now am found,
was blind, but now I see,
all because of watching the 2008 Republican debates. You are an inspiration to us all!
9198 Dolores Bolock  
9199 jack.b.brown  
9200 Carl B. Slagle May the best candidate win.
9201 William Greene  
9202 Charles Baker As I see it, YOU are last best chance to take our country back!
9203 Nick A We need an honest person in office now more than ever
9204 Ryan LeVier Please no spam mail.
9205 Alejandro Comellas  
9206 Casey Coleman  
9207 Gregory boone  
9208 Nathan Johnson Now more than ever!
9209 Caleb Cox  
9210 Mildred Eselin There is no one else who will do what is necessary-you simply must run.
9211 Ben Brandon Dr. Paul, your country needs you.
9212 Spencer Bartlett If you run, you have my first vote ever!!!
9213 Lauraine VanOss  
9214 Mike W Puchyr I guarantee that everyone in my family (Mother, Father, Sister even my girlfriend) will vote for Ron Paul. Many of them would not vote for any other candidate. Our country is starting to head down a path riddled with doubt and big government. Please for the sake of all free people in this great nation run in 2012. My prayers are with you.
9215 Sean Ulbert Even if you don’t win, your arguments and wisdom will all do the country some good during the election!
9216 Robert Webb Please. Run. America needs you now more than ever!
9217 Tom Burritt Logic &> *
9218 John Boggs If you run you have my wifes’ and my vote.
9219 David Goodrich  
9220 Marcus Pettit  
9221 Sean Cenotto It doesn’t have to be a choice between a turd sandwich and a giant douche’. GO RON PAUL!
9222 Dustin Cuthbertson  
9223 Daniel Graham War Ron Paul, War Liberty!
9224 olga sekulich  
9225 ben jeff  
9226 Ethan O’Hagan  
9227 Branko I will vote for Ron Paul and my Family…
9228 Diana Morehead  
9229 Dennis Stanton  
9230 Laura McCue You ran before your time in 2008. Your time is now. We need you now.
9231 Matt Stull  
9232 Michele MacKenzie  
9233 John R. Sacco Please as a history teacher our nation is in desperate need of constitutionalist candidates. This is not about Republican or Democrat but right versus wrong. Your nation needs you to restore us to our constitutional principles.
9234 james doll you will have my vote if your on the ticket.
9235 Mike Swain Jr  
9236 Jani Salokangas Ron Paul is the only choice America has, the only with brains.
9237 Bob Cone You have a much better chance this time-you would be heard this time
9238 Maria Mr. Ron Paul
We need you to turn around America so it would be beutiful again. Please run for president - you have so many people who would vote for you and you would be a great president for America.

“”Please run for President in 2012 - Don’t give up your chance to be president go out there and run”"


9239 Emily Baratta I registered as a Republican to vote for him in the primaries last time and I’m prepared to do it again. Go, Ron, go!
9240 Hayden Perkins Paul for President
9241 Jake Sherrill  
9242 Paul Erickson I emplore you to run again for president!!!
9243 LanceR America needs a true honest leader more then ever, and i truly believe you are that man! Please consider, and god bless!
9244 Linda Muller Dr. Paul — Our last hope!
9245 thomas e. eugling  
9246 kristen grajales  
9247 Jonny Im not even American but want Dr Ron Paul to run for presidency!!!That will be the reason to emigrate!!!!Rloveution
9248 Eric Smith  
9249 tony k  
9250 kathryn kinne  
9251 Vernon Martin  
9252 Raul Guerrero  
9253 kathryn kinne  
9254 alex funicello protect the unborn, destroy the income tax! END THE FED!
9255 john m hetzel Please Run Ron!!
9256 julie neubauer  
9257 Elizabeth Ron Paul would make a wonderful president and bring back America!
9258 D We could really use the help Dr. Paul
9259 Pamela Stetor My late husband and I voted for Ron Paul the very first time he ran for President. We were the only 2 from the town that we live in that did. I will vote for Ron this time also if he runs for President! He is an American patriot.
9260 Justin Fox Go Ron, we need you!!!!
9261 Evan Ashmore  
9262 Chad  
9263 Tommy  
9264 Tom Lindley  
9265 Devon Ward I believe in you Ron. We need a man like you to pull us out of this nose-dive we’re now in.
9266 Stephanie Parker  
9267 Marv Bolthouse RP: The Last Hope for America!
9268 chris schumacher If it were a true election Ron Paul would’ve been on the last ballot. I’ll vote twice for Dr. Paul if I could. God help our country and bless you!
9269 Tyler Davies  
9270 Alex J Chow You’re the only hope left in candidate list of corrupt.
9271 Ralph H Walker Please, lets get this Country back on the right track.
9272 Sagar Patel RON FOR 2012!!!!!!!
9273 Kunal Patel We Need You Dr. Paul… Liberty needs you!
9274 Angelika Burgermeister I was a democrat for 20 years. I am not a democrat anymore and pay a lot more attention to what is going on. Please run for president, you are the only one I would consider supperting. Thanks for all you do
9275 Gabby Please run 2012 Ron Paul
9276 Bruce Cohen  
9277 Josh Riley RON FOR 2012!!!!!!!
9278 christopher boblitz  
9280 bill greer  
9281 wes newell end the fed. stop the spending
9282 Debra MacDonald  
9283 Zachary Mark Henson Ron Paul is a down to Earth politician who in the opinion of this particular American citizen is the man for America! You can count on my vote should you run. Thank you so very much for your common sense approach to government. I especially admire your dedication to the Constitution.
9284 Travis Williams  
9285 Scott N.  
9286 Kurt King It’s time to watch Atlas shrug and let Ron Paul get the government out of our way!!!
9287 Clairice Bolthuose boo Obama!!!
9288 Chris Vaught FTW!!!
9289 Sam freeze It would be a shame to have to vote for anyone besides Dr. Paul
9290 Andy Schnatz We need some one like you to take our country back
9291 A.J. Stabelli please do the country a favor,and run for are the only man i trust to follow the constitution as written.
9292 Bradley Barr  
9293 Daniel Paganelli  
9294 krys slaw  
9295 Gerald Mangold Ron Paul, we need you!
9296 Breck shortley Please be our president Ron. You’re the only the only person that makes sense.
9297 Brandon Koca  
9298 alex Let’s make it happen this time, Paul.
9299 Robert Taylor  
9300 Sergiy Timoshenko  
9301 Keith Rosenkranz Having Dr. Paul as President would be an excellent way to spread the message even further - especially to those people who think the office of President is the only important one in our government.
9302 Jim You are the best choice out there now. Please run.
9303 Jeff Kent I did not support you in 2008 and now realize I should have!
9304 Chris Rye Run!!
9305 Vera Tuchapsky  
9306 Daphne  
9307 Brent Burgess  
9308 georgette moore  
9309 Matthew Carey  
9310 Jake Finney Help Save America
9311 Janet Newcomer You are best qualified.
9312 Armando Contreras  
9313 Cooper Engle  
9314 Jesse Smith  
9315 bryan  
9316 Kolleen Armstrong Ron Paul got robbed last election. One of the only principled representatives out there. Keep up the great work!!!
9317 Daniel George Kennedy We need a president who has actually read The Constitution.
9318 Sonya Slysh America needs you desperately!
9319 robert w. dickinson PLease run…and WIN!
9320 Michael O’Donnell God knows we need you right now.
PS. I voted for your son..
9321 Javan Haley  
9322 Scott Bailey  
9323 Jerry L. Leidecker Any talk of Freedon, Justice, or balancing the budgets, is not reality as long as we have the Federal Reserve.
9324 James Knauff III Ron Paul is the hope of America.
9325 todd daniels  
9326 Angela Whalen  
9327 Halim Free markets, free minds, free people. Ron Paul 2012.
9329 Katie Please run for president! Our country needs you! :)
9330 PFC Sykes I support everything you believe in.
9331 ray olsen Audit and take control of the fed reserve please
if Obama can take a car company whats the difference huh?
9332 M Miller  
9333 Arman Chahal  
9334 Andrew Dellinger  
9335 Jacob Rhoads  
9336 Vicki Robison If Ron Paul doesn’t run, somebody who believes in the Constitution and has a track record of Constitutional decisions NEEDS to run!
9337 Alexandra Hughes  
9338 Richard Dickson  
9339 Barry Kirk  
9340 Andrew Cacciatore  
9341 Richard Bedwell  
9342 Matthew Lehman You really must run again. Not to would be to deny that you must fight hard for what you believe must be done.
9343 Gregory Clean up our Government and start fresh!!!
9344 robert scully  
9345 Alan Turberville  
9346 Neil Vannoy  
9347 Thomas Quagliata  
9348 Thomas J. Sebring We need you, Mr. Paul!
9349 Margie Please run for president in 2012. Our country needs a man like you as our president!
9350 Charlotte  
9351 William L. Tarr Sr Ron Paul. America you most of all for President.
9352 david moorlag go for it
9353 Linda we need someone who LOVES America and will protect her and the people by following Gods laws
9354 Benjamin RUN RON PAUL! ! ! RUN ! ! ! For 2012
9355 Sandi B. Ron Paul is pretty much America’s last hope. I want to see him run so I don’t have to “”write in”" his name on the ballots anymore!
9356 michael grimm  
9357 Kimberly Mangan  
9358 GM Kemman  
9359 Juanita Curtis  
9360 Brian Bolduc PLEASE PLEASE RUN in 2012 We need you
9361 Dennis Noack If everyone were as responsible and morale as Ron Paul we wouldn’t need Ron Paul to be president. This is why we need Ron Paul to be president so everyone else in government has someone to mirror themselves with.
9362 Dustin Townsend  
9363 Brandon Adams  
9364 Christina Johnston  
9365 Tricia Olsen  
9366 Ryan Smith  
9367 Jo Ann Fisher Please give us hope sir!
9368 Adam Geber Our last chance………
9369 Bryan Goshert Please run, we need HELP !
9370 Nick Haas  
9371 Ronnie Morgan Free the People now!
9372 George Eklund  
9373 David Harris End the FED!!!
9374 Barbara Tuch  
9375 Eric Gude In 2008, I wrote you in. I’m going to vote for you unless you endorse someone else.
9376 Alex J Thomas  
9377 Edith Ward  
9378 Celeste Herrera We need you! We need you! We need you!
9379 Will Person  
9380 Joe Burgarino The young people of America support you 100%, please save our country!!
9381 Brent please run ron. we are with you.
9382 jay campbell  
9383 Todd Jessen  
9384 Bob Jay I would be comfortable with Ron Paul as President.
9385 Daniel Flanigan  
9386 R.C. Taylor For the type of govt. we have You are the best there is to lead us.
9387 Jonathan Leisher  
9388 Richard Litten Dr. Paul, you are just what this country needs. You were marginalized las time, but you have proven to be so right on so many issues, people cannot help but give you more respect. Even if you do not win election, it cannot be but that more and more will be attracted to your views, and that someone (Rand, maybe?) will eventually get the authority/ control of government which is SO needed to restore our Republic.
9389 Mary  
9390 Susan MacAfee  
9391 Pamela R. Larson  
9392 John Bovard  
9393 Bradley Hurlburt Run Ron Run
9394 Bruce Womack Keep a watchful eye on our currency
9395 Jo Ann Phillips  
9396 Taylor Reed Please save us from a bleak future. You can win, Ron!
9397 ken smith please bring Ayn Rand back from the dead…
9398 Kelly Elliott Please run. We need you. You are a true inspiration!
9399 KJD  
9400 Laird P. McCausland  
9401 Henry Ekberg  
9402 Nathan Sweem Ron Paul Rocks!
9403 Greg Nauman  
9404 Saeed Mccoy  
9405 Kevin M. Dana  
9406 Dede Conover RUN!!!
9407 Rich Parsons No other candidate says it like it is like you do, Dr. Paul. I voted for you before and I will do so again. Continue to go after the Fed Reserve…we have a Constitutional right to know where our money goes! God bless and protect you.
9408 Aurelien Montoro  
9409 Ronnie Freeman Stevens Ron there is no greater oppertunity than this ! The world wants you to remind everyone that this is A REPUBLIC, YOU ARE ONE OF THE FEW FATHERS OF LIBERTY !!!! THANK YOU..
9410 connie smith Thank you for challenging the Fed..
9411 Kenneth Hill  
9412 Christopher Diaz  
9413 James P. Adams  
9414 George Mulvaney  
9415 Ian Freedom!!!!
9416 Joseph D Melfi We need the strength and vision of a Thomas Jefferson. You, sir, are that person.
9417 Daniel Mann  
9418 Tyler Torres This’ll be my first election after my 18th birthday, and I’m proud to say that my first vote will be for Ron Paul!
9419 cynthia  
9420 john hogfoss please save US
9421 Caleb Tindell Run Ron run!
9423 Mary Ann Vega  
9424 Kristy Gerdes  
9425 Paul Fordahl  
9426 Eric Price Ron, I didn’t support you in 2008 because I wasnt aware of what you were all about. Now so many have awakened due to the current administration. We need you in office more than ever!
9427 Jacob Daniels  
9428 William Wheeler Please Run Ron Paul - America Needs and Wants a Revolution and You are the one who will lead us
9429 April Unangst  
9430 Michael Le Du  
9431 Joseph Brown  
9432 Filip Gasior  
9433 Joe Kretschmer  
9434 Patrick Torres we need you at the head of the table!
9435 Rachel I’d like Ron paul to be VP or in charge of something important. I’d like Allen West to be president or at least be in charge of homeland security.
9436 Ronald Bashore  
9437 Lincoln Cross  
9438 Sharon Curry  
9439 charles coon please run for president, we need someone with a brain in office, and wont turn on american
9440 Lee Pulsifer The answer to 1984 is 1776. We need your leadership. Godspeed.
9441 Scott Wilkinson RatiONality
9442 Brent Nelson  
9443 John Furst Ron 2012!!
9444 Phil Galletta American needs a real change and a person of principle and truth. The economy and government has lost its ethics and morals to greedy banks and corporations. “”Ron Paul!”" is, who I look for in the 2012 election….
9445 Matt Moore Ron Paul, you are our only hope.
9446 Sean Ulbert  
9447 Mary Marston  
9448 George Chiesa Let’s do this !
9449 Dominic Todaro  
9450 Daryn Kratz  
9451 Sergey Gratiy  
9452 Ed Ablson  
9453 Amandeep  
9454 Anne Yanez We are in great need of a principled man to lead this country. I wish the road to get there was not as formidable as it will be and at great personal cost for the man who undertakes this task. All that said, please Ron Paul run for President!
9455 john latona  
9456 Bryan Sime  
9457 Edward Hamner i have heard it said that you do not speak very well, although your message is good your delivery could use some work. i also would remind people that Thomas Jefferson our third president also did not speak well and nor did he like public speaking,yet he was one of the founders of our great nation, and he also did not believe in a central bank. So i say please Mr Paul run and win, we could use another Thomas Jefferson. Now Is The Time
9458 Luke Mann  
9459 Jackie  
9460 Adam Monroe  
9461 Wendy Pablico Please Dr Ron Paul run for president you are America’s only hope the only person with with common sense in Congress!!
9462 Sean O’Block Now is the time.
9463 Carlos It’s not a matter of winning, it’s the continual fight for freedom that motivated people like me last time. Freedom2012
9464 Chelsea Duncan  
9465 Bill Moresi  
9466 Bobbi Wheeler we need a leader like you! PLEASE run
9467 Greg Bunten May God Bless you! May God Bless America. Thank you Ron For your service to the American people.
9468 daniel k hundley we need a real change. a change for the better. i believe you are the man to get it done. i like what you stand for, i like your principles and goals.
9469 devin winther  
9470 Ronald L. Waldron 1. Audit the fed.
2. Total international investigation of 911, the actual facts, presently undisclosed.
3. End ear marks, reform GOVERNMENT, and investigate all lobby activity.
4. End the occupation of Palestine and the Israeli atrocities.
5. Hold each and every elected
official accountable. Prosecute
corruption & criminal activity.
6. Tax reform, fair taxation for all. No exemptions.
7. End to private military & police agencies, paid by tax-payer monies.
8. All jobs paid by American tax-payers, shall be American citizens. No duel
citizenship employees at top security positions.
9. End the Wars now, bring home the troops.
10. Transparency, break up the media conglamorites controlling the News
received by the general public.
How important is our constitution and maintaining Democracy to you??
Will it take a third party to break the corporate hold on Washington ??


USA media helps with the cover-up.

Architects, engineers say they have proof 9/11 was a ‘lie’

by Andrew Moran

The group Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth say they have important evidence that proves the official story of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks was “a lie? and “a fraud.?

9471 aidia sue I support Ron Paul for President!!!
9472 Eric Brennaman Lead, just lead and we will be able to lead others.
9473 Dennis Rothacker Thank you Dr. Paul for all you’ve done so far! You’re a real inspiration and we can’t wait to see you elected PRESIDENT!
9474 Amanda Prelipp  
9475 DanPamenter We need you Ron !
9476 Toby Heier  
9477 Ryan DiFalco  
9478 Michael S Clayton Our country needs a leader like you. Please run for president again!
9479 Cynthia  
9480 Laura E. Monks  
9481 Mark Dosh  
9482 antonio gagliasso  
9483 Man Ping Dr. Ron Paul for president!!!!
9484 Dave Terry As people told Truman, “”Give ‘em hell, Ron.”"
9485 CAlvet. Mathieu  
9486 Tim Stephan  
9487 sid sutherland keep me in the loop
9488 Fernando Saenz  
9490 David Powell Of more worth is one honest man to society and in the sight of God, than all the crowned ruffians that ever lived. THOMAS PAINE
9491 Brandon Barger I donated and volunteered last time. I’ll do it again this time and I’ve brought many friends around to supporting you.
9492 Ed Reillo  
9493 Charyl Burley Please make them put Ron Paul on our New Jersey ballot . They didn’t in 2008 :(
9494 wayne petersen i live in your district and whole heartedly support you
9495 Dwight Ray Let’s get going!
9496 j reynolds  
9497 Paul Goss  
9498 Jonathan  
9499 Craig Gardiner  
9500 wanda K. jackson I was ready and willing to vote for him in 2008 and will definitely vote for him in 2012.
9501 Arthur Sayed There are no AntiWar AntiFed AntiState Republicans. You are the only hope.
9502 David Carlisle  
9503 Adam Weyant I read his book Ron Pauls book “”The Revolution”" and his message really resonates with me and a lot of others as well from all ages, young to old. I will do anything I can to help his campaign to get him elected in order to bring back liberty and prosperity to this great country.
9504 Thomas P Dr. Paul, thank you for always standing your ground. You are the voice of reason we need. I am a proud new supporter anxiously waiting for you to end the Fed.
9505 Randy Fan PLEASE! For the sake of America.
9506 Adam Main Your consistent message has opened my eyes! It would have never happened if you hadn’t ran for president!!

Thank you for everything!!!

9507 Curt Leason We need someone that isn’t afraid to stand up for founding principles
9508 Ken Toporek  
9509 Cam Moyer You have cured my apathy. We believe you have one more push.
9510 elvis ramos please finish what you started back in 08 good luck.
9511 Heather Wells we need the ron pauls of our world
9512 Eduardo Rodarte  
9513 Daniel Ehara gett’er dooooone!
9514 William de Laney Maxwell-Koomoa III I believe in you, and I believe you can win. Your Presidency is the only one I will trust. And fight for!
9515 James Harmer I really feel you need to either run, or speak with Mike Huckabee… arrange several private meetings with him, I know him and he will listen to you. He has a good chance of winning, and he is open to many of your philosophies and ideas… you can influence him if you speak to him in private. I highly recommend running, or talking to Huckabee.
9516 Brian A. Fortin  
9517 Darren Mark  
9518 Chris Tardiff Thank you for fighting the fights no one else will. You’ve got my vote if you run.
9519 John S Vincent Lets get it right this time, no more false left/right “”puppets”" put in power by the “”powers”" that control them to do their bidding, hide the truth, and futher their masters’ agenda for world domination and humanities enslavement. Let us put a captain at the helm who will clear the ship of rats, fix our ship, and steer it in the direction that we, too want it to go. Truth, justice, and freedom for all!! Together we stand divided we fall!!
9520 BJ  
9521 Nam Lam Ron Paul 2012, please make it happen
9522 John  
9523 Kory Bauer The Republic needed George Washington to secure its birth, and now it needs Ron Paul to prevent its DEATH!
9524 Jacob Feasel  
9525 Eugene Tompkins  
9526 Andrew Kim The last man in our Government with the interests of the people.
9527 Liam MacDuibhne Screw the republicans who wont let you lead the party. Run as a libertarian! Please Save America!!!!!!!
9528 Jeff People are ready for change.
9529 Arika Nolan  
9530 Noah Tavares  
9531 Dan Denning We need to make America profitable again.
9532 Andrew Wells DO IT FGGT
9533 Christopher Barnes  
9534 John Weaver  
9535 joseph marler  
9536 John Elephants and Asses are screwing the masses!!!
9537 Dave Madden  
9538 Richard C Abell  
9539 Dillon Jones lol k just cuz ima fggt :p
9540 Francine Fox We neede a man like Ron Paul. He can’t be bought!
9541 Jesse Our last hope!!!
9542 Don Grundmann  
9543 Sean Brennan I am 18 years old and have never seen some one I believe in more than Dr. Paul. Dr. Paul please run for the presidency and restore liberty to this nation.
9544 Joel Nickerson  
9545 jesse arreola  
9546 John Revilak Domestic ideas make alot of sence. Stop income tax and the IRS
9547 Chad Palermo Talk about hope…
9548 Nancy Vernand What has happened to America that Sarah Palin would be considered a good candidtae for anyhtin but one of the biggest mouths and phony stupid sluts on the planet. I am embarrassed. I have lived through many presidents back to Roosevelt and no candidate has ever sickened me as this bimbo.
9549 Christopher Ballesteros  
9550 Shamil Ali Such a magnificent person, already the president in my eyes.
9551 Chase Saladino  
9552 josh young need to make a “”ron paul is my homeboy”" shirt
9553 Ella Clark We need you
9554 Raygn P Leisure  
9555 Charles L. Stanley I think Ron Paul is an American Patriot of the first order. He knows what has to be done to get our country back on track. Will it be too late, even for Ron Paul. I am afraid that it just might be, and for that I am sorry for all of my fellow Americans.
9556 kyle RON PAUL MY HERO
9557 Jesse Our last hope!!!
9558 John Yee Ron Paul is the Real people candidate for President in the year 2012.
9559 John B Ron Paul we need you to get this country straightened out.
9560 Laurel Owen-Scutari Maybe even consider running as a Libertarian…?
9561 Stefan Gisi I hope you can help the U.S. solve its debt problems and make America look more respectable in the world! Keep fighting the idiots in Washington!
9562 A. Russell As much as I know that you, Ron Paul, is by far the best choice, I also support you to following your own Inner Guidance in making this monumental decision.
9563 sam long  
9564 mark sherry  
9565 Roberto Bedolla  
9566 Alhassan Alzubaidy  
9567 LTC Leon ard Mandel USA(Retired)  
9568 Marla Zayed  
9569 Chris Ogden Ron Paul is the last hope this country has at restoring constitutional Government! I pray that he runs for President in 2012.
9570 Trent Thacker I believe that our country is getting to the point the point where it might be ready to take the ‘radical’ measures needed to get us back to where we started. How have we strayed so far from the constitution in the name of ‘progress’?
9571 Matt Gorden - We need you Ron!
9572 Philip Baker  
9573 Mattie Vest It’s now or never Ron !
9574 Joel Novak It was RON PAUL’S voice that inspired me to get involved with politics at the local level. It is his voice we need to unite us and make us strong again. Thank you RON PAUL for your passion!!!
9575 John Viva Ron Paul!
9576 Frank Robak  
9577 carcajou Name five SUCCESSFUL bills you have written, Name ten friends/supporters in Congress, and tell us what (if anything) you have accomplished in Congress in the past 30 years, and I might consider signing.
9578 Sean Ulbert America needs you to be president Ron, now more than ever.
The time for socialism is over.
The UNITED STATES of AMERICA is on the brink of bankruptcy and WDC doesn’t know how to turn it around.
9579 Deborah Brainer  
9580 Elbert Marks  
9581 Thor Long As an American soldier, I love my country, please save this land I was born in.
9582 Avihai Katz I want REAL change, and Ron Paul is the only candidate.
9583 joe pik  
9585 joseph lee Dr. Ron Paul 2012
9586 Anthony Mauro  
9587 Riley Ener PLEASE RUN AGAIN! Your voice needs to be heard on that stage once again! If the American people (mostly I’m talking about Republicans) deny you the Nomination again then they deserve what’s coming for this country!
9588 larson janke im not american but am still a huge fan
9589 Ryan Wolsey  
9590 arturo chavez Ron Paul for president we need someone thats not afraid to do the right thing and say the truth
9591 Mitch Cantor  
9592 justine  
9593 Tony Go for it!
9594 DEREK BOUNDY We need Ron Paul as President! He is literally the only politician I trust.
9595 Andy DG We need change…and hope
9596 Jimmy -Open cannabis up to the free market
9597 Rocco Lucente  
9598 chip rifkin Go get er Ron!
9599 Brian J  
9600 Scott Richards  
9601 Millie Liebert Let’s keep the pressure on Congress to return to the Constitution !
9602 Roger A.  
9603 Juan Oribio  
9604 Corey Rasmussen  
9605 Armando Cervantes Please run!!!!!!!!!
9606 J. W. Pryor The only candidate with common sense.
9607 Michael Jones Only Ron Paul can save us now.
9608 christopher browwn Dr. Ron Paul is one of the few politicians in this country who i would trust to have the best interest of the American people in mind at all times. He stands up for principles such as freedom and liberty, and doesn’t allow it to be undermined by big business and wall-street.
9609 Junior P. L.  
9610 Gary Whitmore Ron, help this country… we will be behind you!
9611 Shawn Holan “”You Shall Not Pass….. Unconstitutional Bills!”" - Ganda…. I mean Ron Paul
9612 eric Ron Paul has some of the best ideas anyone has come up with in a lonnnng time. People should sit down and listen to what he has to say.
9613 Robin Sansonetti jr.  
9614 George E. Vernon Jr. Ron Paul for President!
9615 NancyLoBue  
9616 Ben Kruse  
9618 Sharron Campbell Go Ron. You are our only hope.
9619 Timothy Cremins  
9620 Joshua Kim “”"The liberties of our country, the freedoms of our civil Constitution are worth defending at all hazards; it is our duty to defend them against all attacks. We have received them as a fair inheritance from our worthy ancestors. They purchased them for us with toil and danger and expense of treasure and blood. It will bring a mark of everlasting infamy on the present generation – enlightened as it is – if we should suffer them to be wrested from us by violence without a struggle, or to be cheated out of them by the artifices of designing men.”" -Samuel Adams?
9621 J L Noble  
9622 Michael Blackmore I’ll write in Ron Paul no matter who else runs!
9623 Taylor Egbert I wish I had known who you were in 2008, wouldn’t have mattered because i wasn’t old enough to vote but i will definitely vote for you if you run in 2012.
9624 Bilderbergers and New World Order

9625 michael colucci please save america
9626 John For Liberty!
9627 Jaon RP 2012
9628 Don Davis All nations are turned into HELL, that forget GOD!
9629 Jordan Messner  
9630 Junior P. L. I’ve NEVER voted for anything really yet nearly all my life was/is spent in America. Figured the “”behind the scenes”" dudes called all the shots anyway. Hoping you’re not all talk like all the rest were though, if you run, I WILL vote for you…Oh yeah, like I said on your site too, if you’ve gotta ride through a parade or something DON’T ride in a drop top like one of my other FAVORITE presidents did in 1963…A TANK would be better. I wasn’t born yet to vote for him but like him, you too are opposing the FED and so with that to you and yours’, stay blessed Dr. Paul by staying faithful to our FATHER.

Maguia I Lou Olaga (“”Blessings to your Life”" in Samoan)

9631 Joe Knoll  
9632 Kris Wempa Let’s stop wasting money in so many foreign countries and take care of our problems right here. Ron Paul in 2012 !
9633 wayne countryman run ron run!!
9634 Manuel Castro Yes Ron, you must run for President in 2o12.
You are the only man in congress who has honored the Oath of Office to the Constitution in all the years you have been a Reresentative!
You are the only man We The People can trust to do the same as Our President of the United States of Ammerica. Please run!
9635 Edward Stephens  
9636 Gideon We need you to restore sound money asap!
9637 Michael Cusick Help us Ron Paul, you’re our only hope!
9638 Elaine Bradford Lake Jackson supporter says RUN!
9639 Catharine McRae We need a clean slate and someone who knoews what he is talking about
9640 Justin Smith Please BE President. Your Country needs you more now than ever.
9641 Sarah Dreyer  
9642 Jason Torbet LET MY PEOPLE GO!
9643 Steve Ron Paul is a good honest man and cares about this country and he does cares about the American people and he has very good plans how to get this country back on our feet. Yes, should run for President of United States.
9644 Douglas Beckling Go for it! We need you to win in 2012.
9645 kenneth vaughn all of america needs you as president,thank you
9646 Kevin Leach Truth goes through 3 stages.
9647 Benjamin Mills  
9648 Lynette Miller  
9649 Matt Willette foreign and special interest groups out of congress. Restore the government of the people, by the people, for the people. Restore taxpayer standing.
9650 Robert Hunt Would love to vote for you again!
9651 Josh Jarrell Ron Paul if there was ever a time we needed your guidance it would be now!! RON PAUL 2012
9652 Jared Lindquist Dr.Paul, thank you for being an outspoken advocate for liberty in these uncertain times. Please show the American people and congress what an American president can do, if they know the what path to walk.
9653 Dennis Martin Congressional oversight of the Federal Reserve activities should be one of the highest priorty issues of the 112th congress, and the most important issue of the 2012 presidential election..
Ron Paul is the only one who has for many years spoken against the monetization policies of the Federal Reserve, which is now accelerating the debasement of the dollar, and severely lowering the standard of living of all americans. In my opinion he is the person most qualified to deal with the economic problems we face today. It would be a great loss to the country if he did not run for president in 2012..
9654 h g gibson I voted for Ron Paul the last two presidential elections, (write in).
9655 patrick mcmullin  
9656 Robert  
9657 Jeremy Caplan  
9658 Dave Please go for it and mentor young folks to run as well for President and at every level of gov.
9659 Andrew Harrison  
9660 CB Long Live the Republic!
9661 Vincenzo  
9662 D. Becker Run Ron Run!!
9663 Johnny Byrd I have been forced to cast my vote AGAINST the most objectionable candidate for the last 3 elections. Please run and give me a chance to vote for someone I am casting a vote FOR.
9664 Neville Davey  
9665 Tara Ryan  
9666 Don Let’s hope you’re not blowing hot air and talking out both sides of your mouth like the rest.
9667 John Monhollon  
9668 Noel Harris  
9669 rick pogany End the Fed bring back the troops and sound money
9670 Bennie I’m for Ron, hope he runs this time..
9671 Reid Nix  
9672 Anthony Esposito “”The time for truth has come”" God Bless America
9673 Bryan Pasquale Stop the abuses of the Commerce Clause. It was never intended to be used in the manner (READ THE FEDERALIST PAPERS!!!)
9674 MARTIN  
9675 Dave  
9676 John Boucher Please run, this country is dying.
9677 John L Crockett Repeal the Federal Reserve Act!
9678 Zachary woods  
9679 Steve Douglas We need someone like Paul to restore integrity to the office.
9680 William Streets  
9681 Tom Strong Ron Paul for President!!!
9682 Jesse hurdle  
9683 Grady Ragan Keep up the fight for America…
Keep the pols on edge and running with your honesty and integrity!

Stay in the fight!
Keep the pols on edge with your honesty and integrity!

9684 Drew  
9685 Mary Ann Ron Paul, the only politician I trust, he challenges and begs for the truth.
9686 Justin Benton I have never voted in a presidential election… Dr Paul, you are the only figure in politics that I feel can be trusted…Please, run for president again… This country needs leadership
9687 eric earsing  
9688 Brando Please Ron- Save us from this tyranny. I know you have no chance of winning due to the organised opposition- but we all need you as an iconic hero to stand up & spread the word about the TYRANNICAL FED!!
RON PAUL 2012!!
9689 Kirk L Hemelberg You & Jesse or Judge Napalitano sir!
9690 Matthew Hauck  
9691 steve boron This is the last chance to save our liberity
9692 Jesse Sprague RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT!!!
9693 Peterson Harter Responsibility.
9694 Terry Hagar  
9695 Luis Langone  
9696 Grady Miller  
9697 RICHARD ELSARELLI Weneed you to run. You are our last hope! “”Live Free or Die”"
9698 david brown  
9699 Zachary Please Ron Paul run for president you seem like one of the only few people whom I can trust being in office
RON PAUL 2012 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9700 Bob Doxey  
9701 Shannon Lawhon I look forward to you running Dr. Paul.
9702 Daniel Wismer  
9703 Sean Ridgeway I stand behind you, and hope that if you do run, Jesse Ventura will be you running mate! Thats a ticket to shake things up!!!
9704 Rick Baker You will get my vote and what financial support I can afford.
9705 Ted Traver  
9706 mico montes I’ll vote for ron paul again!
9707 james run and win the election
9708 Kyle Johnson Run
9709 Michelle Cesta  
9710 Marc Battaglia Please , you must run. There is no one else that I know of with your foresight and integrity.
9711 Victoria Marino You have my support!
9712 Simon Blair I am not even a US citizen. I am Australian. The USA being the dominant country needs to lead by example. The USA is broken and corrupt, Ron Paul is the only hope for the USA. The world needs Ron Paul to be President!
9714 Micheael Sinock Ron Paul is for we the people, make us proud to be Americans again
9715 Adrienne Carter  
9716 Barry C. Dobil Jr  
9717 Gerard P. Collins The World is Waiting for you Ron.
9718 eric Show these people some charisma and they will take you more serious. Maybe acting class or sales training, whatever it takes… Please
9719 Luke I will assist you as much as I reasonably can.
9720 Chris E GO Ronpaul
9721 Justin Lee Hunsberger USA!
9722 Lorene Prell  
9723 Melissa Thompson  
9724 Trevor Palmer  
9725 Jason-Nathaniel: coffman Please run again before this nation goes down like Rome did and the mass killing starts.
9726 Ken Muehlbauer  
9727 Martin Otto  
9728 Brad Blades  
9729 Danny  
9730 Deividas Pazeraitis Finally. A person who speaks sense and is not corrupt.
9731 Diana Abell The Republic needs you Ron!
9732 Mario Villela  
9733 Jennifer Litz  
9734 robert martins I have been following you for several years in AFP. There is no one else out there I would vote for.
9735 Heather Flottmann You have my vote! Our country needs you.
9736 Jeffrey Rioux Ron Paul 2012, Really need to take this country back.
9737 vikki weiger  
9738 Bernie Comstock  
9739 Edward Vilandre Mr Paul, please run. I voted for you in 08. I’ll vote for you in 12. You have a clear view of how to restore the Constitution and the Republic and I’d like to see you do so.
9740 Brian Sanders You have my vote!
9741 Cindi Powell Please help us, we are losing our nation and that terrifies me!! Please run-the country needs you!
9742 Kjell Anderson Hold them all to their contractual oath.
9743 tom derrico  
9744 Timothy Moynihan Please run in 2012. Theres no other man fit for the job other then you Dr. Paul
9745 Brad Johnston  
9746 Ralph Gibbs Thank you for all you do, Dr. Paul!
9747 Ralph Robertson  
9748 Vicki Riddle We need you. We want this country to be what the founding fathers thought they had secured for us and our families.
9749 John Emerson Give us a candidate we can be proud of.
9750 Dean Langel America needs you now more than ever!
9751 teresa There are several individuals coming to the forefront that I think could possibly be good running mates or even working on your support crew. Be selective in your choices.
9752 nancy vera Please run for president we need you!!!!!!!
9753 taylor kerz Give us a candidate we can be proud of.
9754 Mona Burt  
9755 Keith Grubb  
9756 danny lee daniels !!please!!
9757 Jon Billman  
9758 Millo Bertini It’s time; time for old visions renewed. Who will raise their sword and spirit for such thing, if not Dr. Paul?
9759 ben grissom  
9760 Name not displayed  
9761 Steven Forde You gotta run!
9762 Joey G. Dauben As chair of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Texas, I strongly urge Dr. Ron Paul to jump into the 2012 race.
9763 Jay Boyd  
9764 Marti We need you in charge! You have proven to be faithful.
9765 Name not displayed Ron you are one of the so very few who offer any hope of there being any honesty and decency in politics. PLEASE RUN FOR PRESIDENT!
9766 Richard Hightower  
9767 Benjamin Blake  
9768 Christian Thomas Please consider this as you are someone who I believe represents my political ideals and would do so very well in representing them before congress and the world.
9769 Dan Baldauf  
9770 John Dufton  
9771 Kane Smith It’s about that time to really make a few changes around here.
9772 Bill Hobach  
9773 Rob Taylor  
9774 Name not displayed Please fix America.
9775 Jeffrey Diehl  
9776 Bob Korfhage  
9777 charle meyer  
9778 patrick montrevil  
9780 Rich  
9781 Brian Bullman There are a lot of people becoming aware of our position in it’s full scope. We need a candidate that best represents our desire to restore freedom in all of it’s splendor. We know what it will take. I am personally ready to make the sacrifices needed to insure the possibility that perhaps in my lifetime or my childrens lifetime there will indeed be a better system in place with natural law and personal freedom at it’s core.
You are in a position to place yourself as the head of a large body of people.
We are ready to help you help us.
God Bless
9782 Richard Zielinski  
9783 Tom Tracy you have my vote if you run
9784 Neal McConnell govt. is an economic waste land.
9785 Mark Fuller  
9786 Brian Van Eaton  
9787 Richard C Herring Let me know if I can help in NY-25
9788 Name not displayed please run in 2012
9789 Donald Milner  
9790 Bob Schwarz Can I petition more than once?
9791 Name not displayed I want a flat % income tax, the gold standard and laws that allow the guns in use in 1790 only. One bullet is enough for self defense! Also we need to draft the chronically unemployed so that the armed forces are large enough to defend us properly.
9792 sam powell Please don’t raise the debt ceiling.
9793 Name not displayed  
9794 Heather Scott  
9795 Kenneth HorrockS  
9796 PFC Sykes I support everything you believe in.
9797 Jessica Sanders  
9798 Breck Shortley Please be our president Ron. You are the only politician that makes sense.
9799 Dennis Lavigne This man is one of the only canidates who wants to make real change for the better.
9800 Name not displayed  
9801 Thomas Goetten I read your book!
9802 Name not displayed  
9803 Name not displayed Important issues will not even be discussed in the debates if you don’t run. Hold their feet to the fire!
9804 David Bowen  
9805 Name not displayed  
9806 mark renison We need you!
9807 Name not displayed It is time for voters to take back America from Corporations.
9808 Walter Barsell Please - run Ron Paul RUN.
9809 Michael Peery  
9810 Samuel Moore Ron Paul is the only hope our nation has. God bless you Dr. Paul!
9811 Name not displayed  
9812 carol parker Mr. Paul, we voted for you in the last election. Please try again. Our country desperately needs the changes YOU can bring. We support you sir and may God protect and bless you sir!!!!
9813 Bryan A. Jones You are a shining beacon of liberty in these dark days of our Republic
9814 Zach Anderson We have the momentum and the need, now more than ever, for you to run in 2012. Thank you for for everything you’ve done!
9815 Mark Howell  
9816 Brandon Roberts Ron its all you in 2012 go get’em. It is your time sir, time to make President Lincoln a happy man.
9817 Kevin Schaefer  
9818 Casey R. Foland I was Born July, 10th 1992. Dear Ron, I’ve been informing hundreds of people - all that I can of your stand-point. This country needs you. This world needs you. Also: Do not support Wikileaks. You as well as I know it is a high-level government approved project through sourced organizations with “”infinite”" funding.
9819 Bobby k Please let me know what I can do to help. Email me
9820 Olivia Harvey You are awesome!!!
9821 William Beebe  
9822 Nicole Rivera  
9823 Elizabeth Wilhelm We need you!
9824 Name not displayed  
9825 Regina Lindner  
9826 Jeff Holden  
9827 Ryan Andersen You are the best and most honest! We need you!
9828 Troy Vincent Restore the Republic!
9829 Ezekiel Neumann  
9830 Arthur Mitchell Its time to get the controlled puppets out of office! We need leaders with spiritual wisdom and integrity, Mr. Ron Paul, please run. You will win this time!
9831 Name not displayed Dr. Paul, run for president and SHRNK government!
9833 Tom Cravatta We need a good decent man like you Ron Paul to represent and guide this country into prosperity.
9834 Daniel Warner  
9835 Bradley Richman God bless you, Rep. Ron Paul…2012 is the year
for you to take the lead to become America’s next President of the United States! ‘We the
People, By the People, and For the People’ will
rally and take a stand to have a God-chosen man
to become our 44th Leader and Commander-in-
Chief! God bless you, and GOD BLESS AMERICA now, and forevermore! Sincerely and
Respectfully, “”I AM
” Bradley David ‘Fletcher’
9836 Thomas Jeffrey Davis  
9837 Timothy Mitchell  
9838 Daryl Smallwood  
9839 Walter Lowell  
9840 DC Palmer I support President Obama but recognize that his best, perhaps only, chance of re-election is if the nutjobs completely take over the Republican Party. Sarah Palin would be better, but Ron Paul will do just fine.
9841 Charles L. Judd  
9842 mike molaro  
9843 Name not displayed  
9844 Name not displayed RUN!!! Fair Tax!!!
9845 Dale Goodnight  
9846 Emily Wezner GO RON PAUL!!!
9847 Giovanni RON PAUL 2012
▀█▀ █▀ â–ˆ_█ ▀█▀ █▬█ ?¯ ?ž √ ?© L U T ↑ ☼ N
9848 Name not displayed  
9849 Andrew Sieders Ron Paul: our only “”hope”" for “”change”" we can believe in.
9850 R.J. Hayes We need his voice in 2012!
9851 Madame Duru  
9852 Stephanie Yanik We gained name recognition BIG-TIME last round, and add to that the progressives have totally overstepped their bounds in ways so egregious, this is a perfect storm situation for us this round. Let’s do it, Dr. Paul!
9853 Imran Marri We need your honesty!!!
9854 R Wright  
9855 David Graumann  
9856 Edward P. Dunne 4th My promotional partner, and I are willing to set up shop here in Long Island to provide the necessary Awareness for Dr. Ron Pauls 2012 presidential run
9857 Janis RON PAUL 2012
▀█▀ █▀ â–ˆ_█ ▀█▀ █▬█ ?¯ ?ž √ ?© L U T ↑ ☼ N
9858 Name not displayed  
9859 Matthew Sanders  
9860 Kristopher Costello  
9861 Randolph Hager  
9862 john coop  
9863 Jake DeWolfe  
9864 Dave Lamb  
9865 Barbara Stephenson  
9866 Robert Atchison Run Ron, run!
9867 Name not displayed  
9868 Name not displayed  
9869 Name not displayed This country desperately needs better management than it has had for a long time.
9870 Name not displayed  
9871 Darrell Abeyta The descision is yours Ron, I wish you the best. A constitutionalist president would be a miracle.
9872 Brock Forsman You should probably run for president because you are the moat mainstream alternative choice to big government and the status quo.
9873 Toni W. Schultz  
9874 diane g Dr Ron Paul is the BEST!
9875 Kyle Cooper  
9876 Name not displayed  
9877 Dan Durocher We need Dr. Paul! Please, sir, help us save our country and restore liberty to all.
9878 Clyde Magee I pray the LORD will use you as His instrument in a mighty way to shine light on the darkness of the Federal Reserve agenda. Soli Deo Gloria!
Thank’s to you & Carol for the Holiday Cookbook and I hope she is enjoying the Mama Byrd Cookbook I sent y’all last Christmas. USDA sold my farm & home 6-23-2010 after the SCOTUS denied to hear my appeal Writ #09-782 consfiscating 30 years of wealth my family & I had worked for.
9879 Shelley Maassen We love you Dr. Paul!! I hope with all my heart that you run for President in 2012. In 2008 I wrote your name in, because there was no one else I wanted to vote for. If you run as a Republican and do not win in the primaries, please run as an independent so we have someone to vote for. I am from Iowa. We hope to see you here soon!!
9880 Name not displayed Yes, hold your/our ground on the debt limit.
Audit the fed and tell us what they are doing.
Change the fed and if necessary do away with the organization that has caused rampant inflation
Let us know how we can help
9881 Nancy Rice  
9882 Name not displayed Get em Ron!!!
9883 joe schmidt end the fed ron!
9884 Jake White Why wouldn’t you run…
9885 Wayne Peeples  
9886 Byron Kern I am thankful for your principles and loyalty to our Constitution.
9887 Name not displayed  
9888 Name not displayed Take American back!
9889 Melissa Moreno  
9891 barbara melvin  
9892 Name not displayed  
9893 Dan Ciaramella God bless Ron Paul and all that honor their oath of office to defend the constitution from ALL enemys foreign and DOMESTIC.
9894 Charles DePuy It’s time for honesty in government “”Change”" is needed, Please run and be our next President.
9895 J M Brown PLEASE RUN!
9896 jerome f galvin You are our champion!
9897 Dennis Langford  
9898 Debbie Goodman  
9899 Name not displayed Paul fpr President!
9900 Name not displayed  
9901 MARIBEL G.  
9902 Name not displayed You are someone we can TRULY believe in.
9903 Thomas Hughes  
9904 Name not displayed Our last hope for sanity and freedom.
9905 Rob Robson  
9906 Daniel Simpson GO Ron Paul!
9907 Kris A Thompson  
9908 Chad Bennett We love and support you Mr. Paul
9909 Carl behrends  
9910 Joe Corrao Run Ron run!
9911 Susanna Simpson  
9912 Gary “”I do not ask that you place hands upon the tyrant to topple him over, but simply that you support him no longer; then you will behold him, like a great Colossus whose pedestal has been pulled away, fall of his own weight and break in pieces.”"
End the Fed 2012
9913 Susan Simpson  
9914 Name not displayed I could have already,but i get sent many requests.
9915 Sharon  
9916 Frank Palisano It’s time. Let’s do this.
9917 Name not displayed The people are ready !
9918 Glenn Mavity Run as an independent. Do no be associated with either the Democratic or Republican parties. Both are shills of corporate America. It’s time for a party of the people
9919 davidphillips If we dont get some common sense in our govt im afraid we r done!
9920 Sara Farrior  
9921 Doug Hoiles  
9922 Taylor Kahn 2012!! Save the republic
9923 Robert Sajdak Dear Ron Paul,
I am a father. My 4 year old daughter has no idea the weight of debt she already carries on her shoulders. Please keep telling everyone what they don’t want to hear. Please keep fighting for a federal reserve audit and transparency. Please help me make sure my future grandchildren aren’t born with 45K of debt. Please.

Hoping you run for POTUS in ’12…

Robert Sajdak

9924 Eric Rudstrom Please rid the scum in Washington by whatever means necessary.
9925 Kevin Marnane Ron Paul please win in 2012 we need you now!
9926 bobby hansen  
9927 Name not displayed  
9928 Name not displayed  
9929 Ronald laboe Libertrianism is the best answer to our Country’s current sad state of affairs.
9930 Chad Henriksen  
9931 Aaron Witmer PLEASE RUN!
9932 Name not displayed I love you, you’re a true American with values and ethics at your core that most wish they could compare to.
9933 Name not displayed  
9934 Name not displayed I’m not American but still want you 4 President lol
9935 joe brazell  
9936 Name not displayed You’re the least objectionable Republican. If only we could have you against the least objectionable Democrat in 2012.
9937 Dustin Townsend  
9938 Marcos  
9939 Sean Aiken We need a more open minded political agenda or else America will rot from utter bordom…
9940 Stephen Louderback we need you, either as a republican or to get a viable third party going.
9941 Name not displayed PLEASE run Dr. Paul and if you need another man who tells the truth David Kuchini(speling?)would be a great VP talking about a bypartsan ticket!
9942 Johann Hollar  
9943 Fred Hewitt Not likely to vote for any one else!!!!!
9944 Luke Bahry  
9945 Name not displayed  
9946 Teri Anderson  
9947 michael j fiorille please run and save this country for our children
9948 Name not displayed  
9949 German Cruz Jr.  
9950 Duane Taylor I would love to go to an Amie Allen Ron Paul Rally In Oregon or the Northwest.
9951 Chris Ron Paul 4 Prez!
9952 Todd Smerken  
9953 Michelle Remington  
9954 Name not displayed  
9955 Matthew B. Magee God Bless You, Ron Paul
9956 Brandon Kanuit I will undoubtedly vote for Ron Paul in 2012 if he runs for president
9957 Niki Corpron  
9958 William Bergman  
9959 Ralph H Walker Please help get this Country back on the right track. Please run for President in 2012
9960 Frank Garramone Ron, in a nut shell, you truly are the Thomas Jefferson of our time. You are the one to lead us in recapturing our republic. .
9961 Elizabeth Belc  
9962 Paul Saber Run Ron, Run…America needs you!
9963 Jared Frankoski  
9964 Robert W Logsdon  
9965 Trenton Hancock We will be going door to door for him in Montana!
9966 Dale R Willard Please get your son to run as VP
9967 Misty Groby  
9968 keshav acharya  
9969 Name not displayed  
9970 Amanda Rhoads  
9971 Name not displayed  
9972 Name not displayed  
9973 Jim Cleary  
9974 Kelly Nisley Our country needs you, Dr. Paul! It’s sinking quickly as China and India grow.
9975 sparrow  
9976 Name not displayed  
9977 Kazuaki Tani I am not an American citizen, but I do know that not only Americans but people all over the world need you to bring true peace and prosperity for common people of the world. America once was a shining nation in the world. Unfortunately, now it’s nuisance and menace to the world as well as to its own people. I believe only you can bring America back to its glorious principles, and make America once again the promise and hope of all nations. Otherwise, we all will go into the hell that is now being made and surely will be continued to be made all over the world by those people, who have ruined America.
Dr. Paul, you are our only hope. Please run for the presidency of the United States and make the world a better place for all the ordinary people to live in and love each other.
9978 Brian Goe Do it for the children!
9979 Name not displayed  
9980 Tara McBride  
9981 Name not displayed Please do not be like all the rest and do nothing.No gain no pain.
9982 Vincent Rossetti America needs someone who will stand firm and undo decades of socialist programs.
9983 Brian Winne  
9984 Nayely Gil Congressman Paul, you truly have the support of the young Americans, that see right through the current administration’s hipocracy. We will be proactive leaders in promoting your campaign because as Americans, we are all at the breaking point and tired of being deceived!
9985 Name not displayed We need you!
9986 Name not displayed  
9987 Jai Hambly  
9988 Frank Bowen  
9989 Jack Mathis In order to promote freedom and intelligence, I think it is a necessity that he run. We must have an honest and proven alternative to the usual suspects.
9990 Clint  
9991 mike hambly  
9992 Name not displayed Run Ronnie Run.
9993 dale beaver  
9994 James Pflueger The country is loosing its mind, we need sound money, freedom and prosperity. we need Dr. Paul!!
9995 Antony Aemisegger  
9996 Patrick Taylor  
9997 wayne petersen  
9999 todd white  
10000 Wade Foster Please.

2 Responses to Signatures 5,001-10,000

  1. time is running out we need you for all of us i want peace in this
    world and we could we wanna work very peacefuy to support our
    family and enjoy others to stop the government to invade our privacy
    and property and we could what ever want its our buisness and thats
    a libertarian or indepedent is all about and ron paul this is your last to
    run for president and i convince you to do it. a proud libertarian 100%

  2. Siga Kisielius says:

    America needs you!

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