Signatures 40,001-45,000

Number Name Comment
40001 Name not displayed It is time for a true constitutionalists to get in to the fray. With the thugs in the White House we need Ron in the in charge more than ever!!!!!
40002 Fredrik Chuck Norris for President 2012! Hrm, sorry… I mean Ron Paul for President 2012!
40003 Name not displayed Please make a campaign run thru the state of Missouri…especially central Missouri. We have a strong Tea Party in the Cooper County area. We would welcome you here as a speaker.
40004 Name not displayed
40005 Jeffrey Schnure
40006 Name not displayed
40007 Restorator
40008 Lance Holtman My life has been made a nightmare by the "War on Drugs". Please Dr. Paul, run for president in 2012. I have registered to vote this year as well as my wife. We will both be voting for you. If not you, then no one else. After the hell I have been through thanks to the war on drugs, I do not know of another candidate to trust.

Dr. Paul, there is no way I can thank you enough just for being who you are. You give me hope, and I hope that it’s real.

Down with the Dollar.

No more war on drugs.

Ron Paul in 2012.
40009 Name not displayed A Vote for Ron Paul is the best thing one can do for this country.
40010 Francis Stepper Saving my grandson from a life of indentured servitude, restoring Liberty.
40011 Name not displayed
40012 Andre Bruett
40013 Lee Robertson Bring back a gold standard
40014 Michael Sorgenfrei We are coming to a critical junction in the history of our country. Without some major changes, we are going to go the way of Greece and Spain and Portugal. We need people like Ron Paul!
40015 Michael Aldinger
40016 Marcus Weidauer You woke me up to the monetary issues we face and sound money. I am now turning my paychecks into gold and silver as a savings account instead of keeping my money in a bank. Thank you Congressman Paul! Please run for President
40017 afsheen alkhairy
40018 Paula Barbee Go Ron Go!
40019 Name not displayed We don’t need another politician. Bring back our country Dr. Paul
40020 Name not displayed
40021 Sarah Witmer Please help us!! Remain true to the constitution and to your fellow brothers and sisters!
40022 Brian LaFleur
40023 Chad Creighton
40024 Dena Sinha RUN!!!!
40025 scott johnson America needs you now to turn this sinking ship around!
40026 Name not displayed run, and win, please
40027 Name not displayed
40028 Name not displayed I have brother who has always been a supporter of you and now I understand. I support you now. Make it "Father/Son" for President and Vice President!!
40029 Name not displayed One of the few voices in America which makes any sense. Heaven help us if the Tea Party and the New World Order get in.
40030 Name not displayed
40031 drew I wish I would have voted for you in 2008..I won’t make the same mistake twice
40032 Kevin Rosenberry
40033 Nicholas Sweeney
40034 Name not displayed
40035 Name not displayed Dr. Paul please run! We were huge supporters of your 2008 run. Now we have an infant son, and you becoming president is more important to us than ever.
40036 Richard L’Hommedieu Go get em Ron!
40037 Michael J. Weber SAVE AMERICA!
40038 Name not displayed Would love to host a fund raiser for Ron in Cheyenne,Wyoming
40039 John R Hobbs Our country needs a major change, from all this Bull S***, from incompetent politicians of America! Haven’t you seen and heard enough, we are going down the tube!
40040 Name not displayed
40041 Chhom Seng
40042 Mary Adams
40043 Name not displayed You have my vote
40044 ron thompson
40045 Wayne Coulter Time to get this county back on track. Smaller government and more accountability! I’ll vote for ya!
40046 Name not displayed
40047 Shawn Butler Constitutional Government is the only way for America. You’re our last hope Obi-Ron, Don’t collaborate, stay true.
40048 Name not displayed
40049 Marshall Foote
40050 Sean Murphy
40051 Julie McArthur
40052 Cheyne Cowne
40053 Travis VanWyk
40054 Mr. Sherron Trice Thank God you decided to run once again. God bless you Dr. Paul!
40055 Nicholas Panek We need you, Dr. Paul
40056 Jason burke
40057 Craig Thompson best candidate this country has had for decades!
40058 Meredith Little I’ve read "The Revolution" and it’s opened my eyes. Please run for president. We need you.

Tim and Meredith Little
40059 brian ford
40060 Rob Kealy
40061 Chris Ormsby Run ron run!
40062 jerome black don’t forget jesse - "a Warrior and a Scholar"
40063 Daniel Baber Go Dr. Paul!!!
40064 Bri
40065 Stephen Pratt Viva the revolution!
40066 Manny Juarez Run Ron Run!

The answer to 1984 is 1776!
40067 Floyd ”Money” Mayweather Please get our country back … Obama / Bush are pretty much the same they love the war as well as unnessary spending .stop the corruption and lets get our country back.. God bless the USA and Ron Paul…
40068 S. Darby I won’t change to from Libertarian to republican for a primary though.
40069 Thomas Lowy
40070 Name not displayed Support here from christchurch new zealand and a avid supporter of all things Ron Paul.
40071 Name not displayed
40072 Srinivas I’ve listened to your speeches, and read about your views, and I strongly believe that you’ll bring back the glory to USA that the country rightfully deserves, but has been squandering it away in the last 10 years. I especially am impressed by your honesty and integrity in objectively analyzing the economic problems.
40073 James Jackson
40074 Brian Nagle Please run for president and end the conspiracy of our government!!!
40075 Name not displayed Ron Paul 2012…you have my vote!
40076 Edward Riccarde
40077 Nick McRae
40078 Name not displayed
40079 Jerry M. Barnes The news today of your forming an exploratory committee is the best news I have heard this election cycle! Run Dr. Paul! RUN! WE, THE PEOPLE are with you!!!
40080 Kevin Windhauser Please run Dr. Paul! The country is slowly, but surely beginning to embrace your principles!
40081 Sherry McDevitt Ron Paul 2012


40082 Name not displayed
40083 Name not displayed Take back our freedom
40084 Name not displayed I’m with ya!!!! We need a Thomas (or Thomasina) Jefferson with muscles. I hope you are that.
40085 shannon
40086 William Hanks I will do everything I can to help you become president. I am sorry I doubted you 4 years ago, but I didnt want to believe that it was that bad at the time.

At least I didn’t vote for BHO.
40087 Jason Koslow We need RP in 2012.
40088 Erik GO RON RUN RON!!!!
40089 mike allen Ron Paul is the only politician who uses common sense.
40090 Name not displayed Defend our liberties, eliminate our debt, protect the borders. RINO’s your days are numbered!
40091 David Gassman The time is now.
40092 Name not displayed Thank you for everything!
40093 John Kale Sir, you are our only hope in returning to a free country. Please run. PLEASE!!!
40094 Andrew Logue I was behind the message in 2008 and I’m behind it now!
40095 Edmaria Rodriguez
40096 Marc It is my sincerest hope that you go beyond the exploratory committee phase and into a full presidential run in 2012. Thank you for all you have already done for our country and the incredible contribution you have made toward a peaceful, tolerant society that respects property rights and voluntary exchange.
40097 Nathan Toney
40098 andrew derouen
40099 James Cunningham The only politician I trust today!!!
40100 Name not displayed
40101 Melaney Spencer
40102 Sue We need you
40103 Carrie Hoke We’re desperate for reality! We’ve had enough fantasy! It didn’t work!!
40104 Brant Smith helping people understand real Liberty
40105 Name not displayed
40106 Name not displayed
40107 thunder gifford
40108 Name not displayed
40109 Alex Alvarez
40110 Katii Blood There is not anyone more Constitutional or a better defender of Liberty than Ron Paul. Those who vote against him, vote against ‘themselves’.
40111 Dion MacDonald RUN RON RUN! Make Murray Rothbard proud!
40112 Name not displayed I did not vote last year because you were not an option PLEASE RUN! I WILL VOTE but only if the people on the ballot make sense for our country and to me only YOU make sense!
40113 Thomas Gilleran We must defend liberty at all costs!!

"Give me liberty or give me death" -Patrick Henry
40115 Mark Bardwell I voted for you in 08 in the primary and a write in. I will vote for you again in 2012.
40116 John Woolfrey Please run.
40117 Name not displayed What we need is common sense, to do whats right
40118 Charlie Silver We need you!
40119 Chris Herrin We need you, sir!! More than ever!!
40120 James Criswel Please run and uphold our Constitution!
40121 Name not displayed Thank you for your vision and fortitude to be our proud 45th President of The United States of America

Your courage is contagious along with your smile

I believe in your vision for our blessed nation very much,

Thank you and best wishes,


Somerville, MA 02145
40122 Christopher Wojdak
40123 eric pearson RON PAUL 2012!!!!
40124 Name not displayed 2012 is your time.
40125 Mark James Liberto
40126 Reid Radulski How do I get involved in washington state to help Mr Paul’s primary run and run for the presidency? I am willing to volunteer to help get Mr Paul elected!
40127 Bion Kapoulas Run for the Constitution and Liberty Dr. Paul. Leave us with a legacy that will last for all Americans for all time.
40128 jeff winn
40129 Denise Hoinka
40130 Name not displayed
40131 John Burnett were tired of seeing our paychecks shrink, were tired of being beat into the ground.
40132 Name not displayed
40133 James Fain Thank God!
40134 Ed George Please let me know what I can do to help Ron Paul in the Raleigh, North Carolina area.
40135 Name not displayed
40136 Brian Anderson
40137 Charles Smith Insanity- electing the same types of politicians year after year and expecting different results
40138 David Beach
40139 Rebecca Reyes I love you, Ron Paul!!
40140 andrew berce Run
40141 Darren
40142 Tyler Alcock Ron Paul please run in 2012. America and her people need you!!!
40143 Terry Phillips Go Ron Go…..I will definitely volunteer for your campaign.
40144 Name not displayed
40145 Name not displayed Somebody has to keep the government at bay; you seem to have the drive to do it. I would definitely vote for you.
40146 Joe gliha I know you love and honor veterans and this great country.
40147 Samuel Cantrell
40148 William Neumann
40149 Valerie Burd
40150 Matt Lowing 2012 is the year!!
40151 Michael C. Titolo Americas only hope
40152 Brian Schaffeld The American People need you as President.
40153 Robbie Batson We need someone like you that will actually try to change how the government runs. The issue isn’t that the deficit is "sick," but that the way government is run is ruining the entire system it was supposed to help establish. It has become a moneymaker rather than a public service. We need you to speak for us, the citizens.
40154 Name not displayed Go Ron Paul!
40155 Andre K RUN RON RUN!
40156 derek roman
40157 Eric Hansen Gods speed Mr. Paul
40158 Nicholas Shega PLEASE run for president! I’m a freshman in college and I want big government to stop chasing away jobs and depriving me of individual liberties!
40159 Chad
40160 Shane Gerhardt win Ron win
40161 Joseph Rene Rodriguez You are our only hope, sir.
40162 Andrew J. Weissman May God be with you, Ron, for the sake of our country!
40163 Joshua Mendoza Pave the way for my generation.
40164 Mike Harlow I hope you win!
40165 Name not displayed
40166 Name not displayed
40167 Chad Heyda
40168 Name not displayed Please be our president!!! America needs you so bad!!!
40169 reuben houchens May God bless this campaign!
40170 Name not displayed
40171 Shawna Fleischer
40172 Name not displayed you are the only person in government that has the right idea!
40173 Seth Naugler
40174 Ryon Please run Paul!! America needs a great leader now more than ever. I just recently got into politics, after reviewing your voting record you are exactly who we need sitting in the White House. I will be standing on the corner passing our t-shirts, bumper stickers, or pamphlets. Whatever we and WE the people need to do.
40175 David S Larimore You have my support to win an election or to mix it up and get your message out during the proccess.
40176 Name not displayed We’ve been waiting for you! Go for it! You will be our next PRESIDNET! God is with you right now!
40177 Gail Lansing We really need you!
40178 Name not displayed
40179 Ian Foss
40180 Clyde-E Young
40181 Craig L Davis
40182 Kristopher Smith Run Ron Paul!!
40183 Zachary Hennekes
40184 Name not displayed
40185 tom w rand for vp
40186 TS Ron Paul, thank you
40187 dave rogers
40188 Ian Mueller
40189 Name not displayed
40190 Jonathan Causey
40191 Name not displayed Everything he tolds us last time he ran has come to pass.
40192 Luke Schwan
40193 Name not displayed
40194 Kent Ecklund
40195 W Murphy END THE FED!
40196 Ryan Thomas We need Paul’s ideas implemented in our government
40197 Name not displayed Ron Paul plays in Peoria.
40198 Brian Hargis " For The Change We All Need, Ron Paul 2012 "
40199 Tell Konkle
40200 Brad Hart
40201 Name not displayed
40202 Pat Carmack Ron Pau to restore integrity in government.
40203 David Yuhas I have a check for $100 ready to go.
40204 Trey Long Ron please run for president in 2012 and don’t let the media put you down.
40205 Name not displayed
40206 terri bahun GO Ron Go!!
40207 Name not displayed I agree with Ron Paul’s policy on financial matters and foreign affairs, but there ARE social issues that need to be resolved as a nation. Eg making up our minds on where the country stands on issues like Abortion, Gay marriage, etc.
40208 marcus obryan
40209 Karalyn Smith
40210 antonio r valdes we the american want change but do not want the change to the extreeme so we tend to just brush it under the rug and each party blame one another instead and listening and make change.
40211 Ryan C Hanson
40212 cort tafoya Throw all those crooks in jail
40213 josh j Ron Paul & Jesse Ventura in 2012
40214 Samuel Piña Jr
40215 Nicholas Castle Im a democrat but theres no question in my mind who im going to vote for… the only chance for this country to become great again end the fed end the wars RON PAUL
40216 Name not displayed RON PAUL 2012!!!!
40217 Name not displayed
40218 Gunnar Standard REVOLUTION 2012
40219 Michael Roy
40220 Jay
40221 Name not displayed
40222 Name not displayed
40223 Bryan Mayo Give me hope. Give me Ron Paul.
40224 Name not displayed Save the Republican Party from the establishment and let Constitutional Conservatism vanquish the progressive leadership in the GOP and lead America back to liberty and prosperity. Return the U.S. to its roots; PLEASE!
40225 Brian Beckman You have my support.
40226 Name not displayed Save America
40227 Dr. James Williams We need someone in the president’s office who will rescue the country from the socialist abyss into which we are falling.
40228 Terrence Wilson The only I hear speaking with common sense is Ron Paul. It’s scary and we need a man in charge using common sense.
40229 Jeff Goldberger
40230 Name not displayed
40231 Lorin Hardy You’re our only hope Ron Paul Kenobi!
40232 Michael Thomas You have my $$$
40233 Name not displayed
40234 Name not displayed
40235 name not displayed
40236 Michael Chan Please run for presidency! We are in a very important moment in history. It is necessary to make the changes necessary to stem the damage made by centuries of waste of foolishness
40237 chris harris
40238 Michael Rosser
40239 Name not displayed It’s go time.
40240 Name not displayed
40241 Jeffrey Diaz Can’t wait till your president!
40242 Name not displayed
40244 Chris Grimaldi
40245 Gregory Woods
40246 William Bullman Expose the Fed and the People will demand its elimination.
40247 Name not displayed PLEASE!
40248 Name not displayed
40249 Stevem Stickfaden Let us be free
40250 Kenneth Green You’ve earned my vote Mr. Paul. Please run.
40251 Ben Moodyen Moody
40252 Jennifer Bryer You’ve got my vote and I’ll be telling my friends to vote for you as well!
40253 Name not displayed Ron Paul 2012! I don’t like Rand much tho.
40254 Name not displayed For the first time in years I have a little more faith in the fact that there really is someone out there who can help the American people. I almost gave that hope up. Please Sir, bring this country back to the core values we once were respected for. Give our military a reason to be proud again. Thank-you for hope. Sincerly, A simple hardworking voting American citizen.
40255 Casey Potter Go Ron! I’ll campaign harder than I ever have!
40256 Name not displayed
40257 George Ayoub Ron Paul is the man!
40258 Name not displayed Please run. We’ll support you.
40259 Travis
40260 carey world I’ts about time we had someone in office who gives a darn about this country.Get er done! Sincerly, An American truck driver.
40261 Christopher Bunch
40262 Mary Haun
40263 Jeffrey Muresan
40264 peter fjeldsted Please for all the hope that is left in me, please run for president and bring back the America that once was.
40265 Name not displayed Run in 2012…Bring Common Sense back!!
40266 Name not displayed You have what this country needs. Please run
40267 Charles Becker VIva La Revolution
40268 Name not displayed We need more politicians that are not corrupt.
40269 Rachael Karlin It is time for our country to recognize what is wrong with our ideology. It is time for libertarians to step up.
40270 David Erdmann Please run in 2012 Ron Paul, we need you!!
40271 Name not displayed
40273 Name not displayed We need you desperately to get our country back on track! Please give it your all!
40274 Domenic Caruso RON PAUL 2012!!! SAVE US!!!!
40275 Mario Arreola Give it all you got Ron, Pushing for Ya!
40276 Name not displayed
40277 Name not displayed Run, Ron, run!!!!
40278 Matt K Beat out Trump and Obama
40279 Nick Tanzillo We are awake!
40280 Name not displayed First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you WIN!!
40281 Christopher S. Lawton
40282 David Landes
40283 Jacob Rosenzweig We need a president who promotes freedom and liberty.
40284 Adam Towers Mr Paul,

I will be praying for you, for the message you are speaking to Americans, and that no matter what you decide to do, real growth and change will come.
40285 Clark Mitchell
40286 Name not displayed Thank you! Best of luck!
40287 Joseph Witthuhn
40288 Todd Downey You are the epitome of the people. You stand up for the Constitution, the pact b/n the people and gov’t. No one else does. Thank you.
40289 Name not displayed Please run you have my support! you are the best!
40290 Name not displayed We need you. Our children need you!
40291 Matthew K. Havins Ron Paul is my hero
40292 Name not displayed
40293 Michael Fair
40294 Name not displayed Enough with this bull!
40295 Jason Adams
40296 Brian Boyette Change the us forever!
40297 Bradley Cochran Please Run!
40298 Name not displayed
40299 Name not displayed
40300 Neil Schloss Wishing him the best in the 2012 run. We will be working hard for Ron Paul.
40301 diana johnson
40302 Name not displayed You got my vote sir!
40303 Jason Smith "Let it not be said that we did nothing."
40304 Christopher P. Ledoux
40305 Name not displayed
40306 Althea Perkins Please run for president in 2012. America has never needed you more than now!
40307 Danny Schuldheisz You get it.
40308 Name not displayed Run you wascally wabbit!
40309 Corey Hanke
40310 Name not displayed I lean to left of center politically but I would vote for you to run the country as I believe you represent the fiscal common sense our nation requires.
40311 Kevin McCarthy
40312 Name not displayed With family history of veterans for this nation and with a personal love for liberty, I will do everything in my power to help you and speak to my peers about doing the same. Let’s restore this great nation to it’s founding greatness!
40313 Nicole Robinson
40314 Adam Bode Save the republic.
40315 Joshua Robinson Revolution
40316 Kevin Meaders
40317 Name not displayed We are with you all the way. Restore liberty, freedom, and peace.
40318 Mark Jensen Run, Ron, Run!!!
40319 Keith Frazier You got my vote.
40320 Name not displayed without you in 2012 we’re in BIG trouble.
40321 Marty Stevens We need a constitutionalist for our next president.
40322 Jennifer Run for president and be true, we need something real.
40323 Name not displayed
40324 Debra Lee You have my vote.
40325 Name not displayed
40326 Robb McKinney This Libertarian is proud to support Ron Paul for President of the United States.
40327 Name not displayed PLEASE run i didnt know what i was doing in 2008 voting for mccain
40328 Name not displayed You are the hope of us conservative voters
40329 Humberto Merida Ron Paul for President!
40330 Charles Duffy
40331 Bradley Ron Paul! You’re the only hope left for America. I voted for you once and will do so again.
40332 Name not displayed Very impressed with your accomplishments and positions
40333 Michael Watkins Help us Dr. Ron Paulobi, you’re our only hope
40334 Joe Looking forward to supporting you these next two years!
40335 Harris Kirk
40336 Name not displayed Thank you for all you do and God bless you and your family, Dr. Paul. I pray for boldness and may that boldness increase in you every day.
40337 Name not displayed Wasn’t sure about you in 2008. Definitely would vote for you in 2012.
40338 Mike Messink Ron… I will run a local campaign office for you in Harrisonburg, VA if you run for president… we need to get this campaign started YESTERDAY!

40339 Morgan We need a leader. Someone who stands for what they believe in, but most important, for what is right.
40340 John Lynch
40341 Robert E. Lee Flint I have signed this, not only for me but for my children and the rest of the future for of us….its time for us to restore this great REBUPLIC to its original luster. God bless America and Ron Paul!!!!
40342 Name not displayed
40343 Ryan Archibald Please run Ron, we cannot take run off the mill politicians ,we need you.
40344 Jeff Quindlen
40345 Neal J Osincup I want to work on your campaign. You are our only hope…
40346 Felix L. Ricardo Thank you for being a contant defender of the Constitution, and for this I believe you will be our next president.
40347 Dahlia Guerrero YES!!!! America needs a REAL change and you Sir are the person to bring it. Let the Republicans and Democrats put their gloves on and fight it out in the garage while we control the house!
40348 Name not displayed END THE FED!
40349 Name not displayed
40350 Name not displayed
40351 Randall Ward Your help and leadership is desperately needed.
40352 Name not displayed RON PAUL YOUR AMERICAS ONLY HOPE!
40353 Joel Fulton Ron Paul is the best chance we have a true change.
40354 Name not displayed Please run. Middle aged female independent voter.
40355 Giuliano Fabian
40356 Ian T. Wagner I am very committed to getting to word out about Dr. Ron Paul and proud to display my name on this page as an official supporter!
40357 Dean Iampietro If there is any hope for liberty Ron Paul is it.
40358 Rhonda Hooper I agree with EVERYTHING you stand for, and I sure hope they give you some time in the media!! You are a wise man and answer questions like a real person who knows what they are talking about, not some politician who only says what people want to hear. Thank you Ron Paul for considering the Presidency again!! I would love to campaign for you!!!
40359 Dan Marvin This time do not bow out and spread your message until they force you off the stage. Center stage is a great platform for the message we are trying to get across. Liberty is a great message to keep speaking about. We love you Dr. Paul and we are all behind you to get this done!!
40360 Howard Delaflâmme Very few talk with your clarity. Lots have to be done to make this world a decent place, to support you and vote for you would be a step in the right direction.
40361 Name not displayed Right man for the job and i hope to see him in the oval office soon.
40362 Steven J Coughlin BSN-Rn
40363 Name not displayed
40364 Joseph Ney Dr Paul,I am a 42 yr old white single father.I have never voted in my life and never wanted anything to do with politics before I found the Alex Jones show in Feb 2011.

My whole life has changed as I am stacking silver bullion and long term food storage,I bought my first gun in my life and a few other weapons.I have told my family that I want to get involved in your campaign for President in my town.They are totally shocked that the guy who didnt care about politics and never voted now wants to spend his free time making phone calls and putting out signs etc for a man he has never met,AND THATS RIGHT I DO! Please run for president Ron.I want to be involved in your campaign and meet and be around others who think like you and me and are Constitutionalists.End the FED,gold and silver are real money,end all wars and bring back the troops and stop meddeling in others affairs.End wall streets hold on the government and reduce it’s size and power,end the Patriot Act,Home land Security,the TSA,Fema,Department of Education,Department of Energy,Balance the budget an DO NOT SPEND MORE THEN WE TAKE IN PHYSIOLOGY.Dr Paul I am an entirely new person since Feb and I KNOW you can save this country if elected,and I KNOW your going to need support and lots of it to beat OBAMA and other Republicans.I will donate my money and my time if you sir will be my president.
40365 Name not displayed Economic and social laissez-faire is the foundation of this country, and we have sadly strayed entirely too far from those ideals. Ron Paul, PLEASE save America from the Statists!
40366 Evan Allen Let’s get our country back!!!
40367 Casandra Gardner save canada and mexico from the spp!
40368 Bryan Blumenfeld
40369 Name not displayed
40370 K B Beckius I will again support your run for president in 2012
40371 Name not displayed Ooh ooh!!! How about Paul/Ventura 2012? Has a nice liberating ring to it, doesn’t it?
40372 Lourdes Munoz I hope Dr. Paul runs for President and wins the election. I strongly support him.
40373 Name not displayed Liberty 2012
40374 Harry Palmer
40375 Miguel Duque Dr. Paul, America NEEDS you! Please run in 2012. I’ve been actively campaigning for you because I believe in you. We all do!
40376 David Poteat
40377 art dr paul, for god sakes run in 2012 we need you
40378 Shawn
40379 chett colby
40380 Rolla Holland Please run Dr. Paul
40381 Lucas Gilleski
40382 Daniel Lee Poland
40383 Kevin Madsen
40384 Jordan Forrest Please continue to give your voice to the issues that Americans need to hear about right up to and after the election. With luck, you’ll be in a better position to help steer this nation back towards liberty and justice for all.
40385 Mike Sprague
40386 Robert Michaels
40387 Wether Ason Stop the republicans from spending all money on defense!
40388 Jake Nilphai
40389 Tony Chismar
40390 Name not displayed
40391 Brian You are the small government, liberty loving American’s only hope!!!
40392 Name not displayed
40393 Name not displayed
40394 Name not displayed
40395 Name not displayed
40396 Michael Frady Please run as an Independent. Too many people are now aware that the left/right paradigm is a joke. Oh yeah, and please ask Jesse Ventura to be your running mate.
40397 sylvia the world needs you
40398 Scott Evans
40399 mike hilterbrand F the Fed RP! You da man! Time to fly the flag people!
40400 Paul Newman Voted for you in 2007-08 and will gladly vote again.
40401 Sarah Osborn
40402 Peter Mickelonis I wish the rest of the world saw things through your eyes…
40403 Jeff O.
40404 Timothy Morrow
40405 Paul Lucero Please run and I will support you again!
40406 Name not displayed
40407 Name not displayed
40408 Trey Dailey Ron Paul 2012!
40409 Chad Holt The honesty and courage that Dr. Paul exemplifies gives myself and so many others hope that all may not be lost …yet. Just having your message out there countering the establishment line of horsedung is refreshing and hopeful. RUN RON RUN!!!!!!!!
40410 Ramon Gonzales Sign up.

Get a real man in office.

Are you tired of the puppets.

All they do is lie to us.
40411 Mike Cann supports Ron Paul for President.
40412 Mark Fulaytor We’ve tried their way. Now it is time for a new way
40414 Name not displayed
40415 Kenneth Zeigler It’s time for real "change" and "progress" Love you Dr. Paul!
40416 Matt !
40417 Name not displayed
40418 Name not displayed I think if anyone can help America, Ron Paul has the right ideas about a lot of issues.
40419 Brian rothman Ron Paul 2012 :)
40420 Rob Signing this probably put me on a terrorist watch list, THATS WHY WE NEED YOU RON PAUL and for a lot of other obvious reasons as well, good luck. Looking forward to you making it to the White House in 2012.
40421 Jordan Holl Looks like the FDR of our age. Let’s hope he gets a fair shot at the presidency.
40422 Timothy van Arem lol I’m not american but I like Ron Paul
40423 Kristofer Davison Ron, please save us. Run and I’ll vote for you.
40424 Alexander P Ron Paul you are the most sensible politician out there. While others are blindly talking about "moral obligations" and "rape, pillaging and murder…you would allow that to happen?", you state simple facts and draw simple conclusions that make COMPLETE sense! I really believe that you can turn America around, making it awesome for all Americans again :D
40425 Name not displayed booooyeah, go Ron Paul!
40426 Name not displayed America needs you!!
40427 Danny Peterson Do what you do sir. We’ll do the rest.
40428 Chris McPhail "A nation can survive its fools… but it cannot survive treason from within. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murder is less to fear." - Cicero 42 B.C.
40429 Peter Bannon Our country needs you Dr Paul!
40430 Toni I would take an American citizenship just to vote for Ron Paul
40431 Michael Wayland I helped out in ’08 and I’ll be there in ’12
40432 Katie Brennan Help bring light into 2012. Please. America needs you now more than ever..
40433 ROY JOHNATHAN KENDALL I want to do and give whatever I can to help Ron Paul win asap.
40434 Name not displayed WE NEED YOU!!!

And I will do whatever is in my personal power to make this happen!

God bless you Ron Paul!




You are the man that will help us FINALLY take back our country!!!

*and to TPTB/NWO- You scared?!?! YOU SHOULD BE!*
40435 Michael Satterfield We need you Dr. Paul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
40436 Name not displayed Please Mr. Paul, run with all you have. You can save my great nation and the people in it.
40437 Kayla Roe
40438 Ivan The only politician I ever respected
40439 Luciano Lipari I’m with Ron Paul all the way!!!
40440 justin cain Ron Paul for FREEEEEEEEEEEDOMMMMMMMM!!!!!
40441 Name not displayed Dr. Paul has my vote!!! He’s the only true conservative, and regardless of your political views, Dr. Paul can help you more than any other candidate!!!
40442 Jason Morton Please educate the people of this country, about real truth, and how true liberty actually works!!!
40443 Ryan Russo Ron, we need you - and you know this.
40444 Dallas LIBERTY
40445 Peter Henderson I would attack the bailout and keep the pressure on the Fed. Also, can we afford a bunch of wars if it means taking promised social security benefits from seniors? Make that equivalence.
40446 Chris Ballard May the free market rule. Ron Paul 2012.
40447 Name not displayed Please Ron, I know you could get us out of this hole and your honest, please run you got my vote and I’ll make sure i rally for your campaing
40448 Name not displayed We need you Ron!
40449 Name not displayed Obama sold out to Wall Street and Big Corporations. Our only hope is Ron Paul.
40450 Betty
40451 Wes I’m glad you are running. I hope I get a chance to vote for you.
40452 Name not displayed Cloud9 Mad Hatter Herbal Incense is evil. Package shows Obama with "in the six66 10%" on the hat and 666 all over the lettering of Mad Hatter…. Kind of disturbing…
40453 ScottR III Please Doctor Paul run in 2012 the country needs you,

she’s in the fight of her life and this III%er is ready to assist. America - The III% have your back
40454 Chat-Enlisresseram
40455 Brian Just run already
40456 Name not displayed Ron Paul is the best! I am pro-Constitution and every other person in the United States should be too. It is what made/makes this country great. We need to bring back the values we founded this country on.

Liberty and Justice for All,

40457 Paul Olson The country needs you! You have my vote.
40458 Nick
40459 John Reynolds Ron Paul is the only hope for America as we know it not heading into the dustbin of history …..
40461 Name not displayed Lead, Follow, or get out of the way! Lead us Ron Paul
40462 Luke Do it!
40463 Name not displayed
40464 Benjamin Ray This country truly needs you. In every sense of the sentence. Constitutionalism is the only way to fix this country conservatively. The founding fathers left vivid instructions, we must use them. Liberty must be restored.
40465 Name not displayed
40466 Cody Hulse
40467 Derek It is so important for us in the strive for liberty, economic and social, against the elite and subscribers to leftist economic theory, as well as those who wish to protect our sovereignty that you run for president Congressmen Paul. Please consider it, and consider what you will achieve in the name of liberty regardless of the outcome. I firmly believe you can win this sir, as long as a good deal of voters watch the debates and look at your record. That is how you won me over back in 08′, as well as many, many more.
40468 Chris Nunez you got my VOTE!
40469 Shaun Wood Run !!! No one else even comes close , you are the only politician i can vote with a clean conscious. Uncle Sam needs a Doctor in the House
40470 john vetde
40471 Mark A Donaldson Run, Dr. Paul, Run!
40472 Mark Pedal Ron Paul you are our hope for not only our future, but our present as well! Tell us how to help spread the word and we’ll gladly do so!
40473 Name not displayed This could be our last chance!
40474 steve wal no wars
40475 Sam Denman
40476 Name not displayed
40477 Name not displayed Finally! Someone worth voting for!
40478 Zachary A. Corbett Ron Paul, America needs a Doctor. You need to tell those bureaucrats up in D.C. to not tread.

40479 Name not displayed
40480 Christian Matthies germany for ron paul!
40481 Name not displayed I am concerned about what you will do inplace of social security and will you still have disability
40482 Name not displayed I the founding fathers were alive, they’d vote for you.
40483 Name not displayed Market Anarchist representing!
40484 Ladell we get Ron in office and fire the entire congress so that he can give the people of this country, the power we blindly gave to these fucked up as politicians.
40485 declan driscoll for less imperialist globalization and more interdependency of our own cities.
40486 Name not displayed Maybe I don’t agree with everything but I do agree with a majority.
40487 Kris P. Marin Run Paul Run!
40488 Name not displayed
40489 edward
40490 Eddie D. Hammond II
40491 Stephen R. Shambley jr.
40492 Mike Mull Please Run for president!
40493 Hans Grabe "Home of the brave…"
40494 Name not displayed Go Ron Paul!!!
40495 Damahco Ousley Get back to the Constitution!!
40496 Michael Puhl We can only be naive for so long. Hopefully, even the Americans that don’t necessarily understand the policies which you preach can now understand the direction in which you want our country to go.
40497 Name not displayed We’ve woken up and we need you Dr Paul!!!
40498 USFullOfLies Ron Paul / Jesse Ventura for 2012!
40499 John Osborne I never vote simply for the lack of choice but you have my vote!
40500 Kyle Matthews Run!
40501 Tracy &<3
40502 Name not displayed Go get em’.
40503 Jonathan 2012 will be my first time voting but if your name’s on the ballot then I know where my first vote’s going!
40504 Cristian G
40505 Jacek I Nowak Ron Paul is the only hope to bring back capitalizm and individuality to this country, and stand up against comunistic corporatizm and thyrany…thank you Ron.
40506 Andrew Biddle
40507 sean
40508 Glenn W Blackan God Bless America…
40509 James Sigman IV Please Run!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!
40510 Name not displayed Ron, wishing you all the best in your campaign. You should have been the President during the 2008 election that America needed.
40511 Name not displayed End the Fed.

"If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered." Thomas Jefferson
40512 jeffrey johnson
40513 Damien Murray
40514 Shirley Starling You, Dr. Paul have been my president since I first "met" you online. I voted for you in 2008 and supported you financially and I will be most active in your campaign in 2012. Thank you for giving US another chance.. You are our candidate and we will stand with you to take our country back.
40515 Name not displayed
40516 Name not displayed Keep it real!
40517 maureen My husband and I both think Ron Paul can beat Obama, especially after his failed first term. We wanted Ron to win in 2008 but he didn’t have the recognition and seems to be getting more air time.
40518 Jonas Rutledge
40519 TJ P. Ron Paul for president - a commander in chief I can be proud to serve!
40520 Albin Tillheden Please do run. Not just the US needs you, the whole world needs some hope in these gloomy times.
40521 joe campbell ron paul is the man for the job, hes a veteran and a doctor. he is a true american
40522 Name not displayed just make sure you dont watch Our American Cousin or drive around in a convertable please.
40523 Phil Champagne Go Ron!
40524 Doug Del Franco WIN
40525 Joshua Lange Ron Paul is a ship of sanity in the establishment ocean.
40526 Name not displayed Whoooo! Winning!
40527 Kelly O’Rourke Mr. Paul we need some honesty back in Government. I trust you , while I hardly trust anyone in government anymore. I’ll volunteer day and night here in Michigan!

40528 Jeremy Harvey "A time comes when silence is betrayal"
40529 Name not displayed
40531 St. Elsie I appreciate your testimony of faith; however, I am looking for someone who IS comfortable with his/her faith in public! We need a "King David" who, whether right or wrong on issues, brings the answer back to God. Knowing Deut 28 is specifically for the Jews, I believe the principle there and in many others places in the Bible directly deals with our troubles in America: the big problem is not the economy — it’s our nation rejecting God so we become the tail by our own choice but that CAN BE reversed by promoting the proper perspective. And NO I am not seeking any conflicts with our supposedly "separation of church and state". Alan Keyes understood this but didn’t have the right political savvy. I’m looking for someone who is both right and politically savvy; is that person Roy Moore, or Sarah, or………you??
40532 Matt brunstetter Please Dr. Paul. The country needs YOU.
40533 Name not displayed
40534 John Odell We are so happy that you are thinking of giving it another try.
40535 Jason Tedder Our last hope for a peaceful revolution.
40536 Chris Miller Thank you, Sir, for being such a strong and necessary voice for freedom.
40537 Patrick Evans
40538 Lynn Lipari
40539 Name not displayed GOGOGO!
40540 Benjamin Jensen
40541 Name not displayed Let’s do this!
40542 Name not displayed
40543 Name not displayed
40544 Lawrence Schilke
40545 Name not displayed
40546 jose melecio Ron paul should have been president already
40547 Judd Osborne Dr. Paul, you have my support! It’s time to restore our individual liberties and responsibilities by limiting the federal government’s role to it’s constitutional bounds.
40548 Edmel Diaz We need you in office now Ron Paul! Some of us are starting to see whats realy wrong with this country, and world, but you can be the begining of a real change.
40549 Kristen Schilder
40550 Jeremy Pruitt I’ve spent hours researching your olocies and observing the debates that you’ve participated in and I can safely say…you’ve got my vote! WE NEED YOU TO RUN IN 2012!!!
40551 Name not displayed God Bless you congressman Paul!We need you and America needs you and the world would follow!
40552 mikkel johansen
40553 Robert Mathews
40554 Kyle Miller I wrote you in last election, and will do it again if thats the only way I can vote for someone I really believe in!
40555 Charlene Smith "Were living in an age now, where the people are waking up, they’re sick and tired of the government stealing our privacy, and all they do is protect thier secrecy. We want to know what the government is doing! and we want our privacy back!" -Ron Paul Just one reason why I’m voting for you.
40556 Brandon Behbahani More economic freedom and less regulation will drive America’s economy
40557 Sean Bartlett
40558 M. James
40559 James Eaton Sr GO FOR IT….. America needs help
40560 Name not displayed Dump the Fed and the fiat currency BS. The IRS should go away, too.
40561 Brianna Mann
40562 LaMont Copeland
40563 Rachel Morris Ron you know what we need to do, its a no brainer. (The Venus Project) it will work we just need to JUST DO IT! :D Ron Paul for 2012
40564 Tim Parsons
40565 tomas jeffersoon this is following my father’s
40566 BB ayer RON PAUL 2012!
40567 Name not displayed
40568 Matthew If your not on the ballot I’m not voting! Our children need you for a better future! "Freedom & Peace"
40569 Dan End the fed, bring back sound money, liberate my soul.
40570 Josh Eberhard The federal government is so broken and corrupt that scrapping it is our only option right now!!! Bring power back to individuals and states-the only ones who should decide how their money is spent, outside of essential functions granted to the US government under the Constitution. Most corporations and politicians at this level cannot be trusted.
40571 Tony WILLIS
40572 bob a booey my boff!!
40573 Colt Jensen Finally some one who wants small government and knows how to make it work.
40574 Esteban Lespron Dr. Ron Paul its time to bring America back to its roots, you are the next George washington. We the people are calling you to take the next step of service. May God be with you. God Bless America.
40575 Dennis Lingerfelt Your one of the "VERY FEW" politicians that understand our country is slowly collapsing. We must have your leadership and guidance to put us on the right track. "Your Country Needs You As President".
40576 Oscar Orozco Let’s make this happen ! We need you !
40577 Name not displayed Dr. Paul You have my support!!!! You are what this country needs in this time of chaos.
40578 Name not displayed Ron Paul for President
40579 Alfred Collins The world needs an honest money sytem.
40580 jason adams
40581 Sara
40582 Chris Garland Someone has to speak for the rational.
40583 enrique tomando
40584 Mike Thurow
40585 Name not displayed
40586 Myles McCollum If you run, this will be my first vote for any election.
40587 Jill Benavidez I love what Ron Paul stands for!
40588 michael blumenthal
40589 Joseph Burgener
40590 ryo iwabuchi nothing to say
40591 John Minson
40592 Michael Martinez
40593 Name not displayed Go Ron Go!
40594 Michael Carrington Before we ever try to create a free society elsewhere in the world we had better first seriously ask ourselves if these people are willing and able to learn to value freedom as we do. What is the point of giving them democracy if they by democratic vote abolish their freedoms?
40595 Name not displayed Go get ‘em!
40596 Andrew Freeman &<3
40597 eric harbour just what this country needs!
40598 Landon Lee Nichols God Bless!
40599 Damien A. Stone I agree with almost everything you support, except I’m not sold on the elimination of Social Security. However, this proportion of likes-to-dislikes is the most favorable of any candidate I’ve ever supported!
40600 Jim Zaino
40601 Shannon Thank you Dr.Paul for your 20 years of continued service and commitment to our country. I ask you once again to pick up the fight in 2012 to restore dignity to the White House and relevance to our Constitution.
40602 Michael L Kelley
40603 Donald McQuistion We must learn to Truly Listen, Rationalize, and then speak with our Vote. Save America for our children
40604 Ronald E. Marks Please Dr. Paul, lead our country back inline with our Constitution!
40605 Amy Harlan
40606 Name not displayed
40607 ben pipkin The frustration I am feeling is almost indescribable. The lies told by both sides are disgusting. At what point do reasonable people put aside their differences and realize its us against them? We are on the brink of destruction as a country and people like Trump are muddying the waters just like Nader. Until people wake up and realize that the problems in this country are non-partisan, put aside their differences and understand that its us against them , we are lost. Ron Paul is the only reasonable voice with a chance of being heard. Do you make less than 100 million a year? 10 Million? 1 Million? 250,000? 100,000? If so you have to figure out that this isnt about abortion or entitlements, this is about surviving as a country! Neither side is your side. The teaparty is a joke - would you let a 5 year old take care of your house?? NO. Stop being distracted by these ridiculous issues and PAY ATTENTION to whats going on!. The banks are running the country, the uber rich have positioned themselves so that no matter what happens - they win. How blind can you be?? This has nothing to do with envy, or feeling entitled to another mans money, this is about the ruling elite destroying this country and literally KILLING OFF the citizens with starvation, crime, corrupt courts, pharmaceuticals, I mean come on people. Ron Paul is one of the only reasonable voices out there, I am sorry for him that his son felt he had some place in politics because of his father - I hope that he does not distract from his Fathers message. Someone like Ron Paul does not come around often, and the fact that he has a voice at all is amazing. Unfortunately, I think that its probably too late for us as a nation - I think the damage is too great and the corruptuon too deep, but miracles can happen, people win the lottery, lousy teams win the playoffs, near miss accidents happen, so - you cannot give up until your dead.

Ron Paul is the only viable option right now. It really sucks that both sides have put up so much noise that he cant be heard by those who arent actively listening.

Ron Paul in 2012
40608 Filiberto Medina Jr
40609 J.D. Thorpe
40610 Name not displayed We need some one who thinks straight and tells it like it is !
40611 Grace Robertson Legalize it!
40612 Erica A
40613 Susanna Shofstahl
40614 Matti Erkamaa
40615 Name not displayed
40616 Carlos Rodriguez Ron Paul 2012!!! Time for a change!
40617 Kevin Lewis With you 100% Dr. Paul. Lets get this nation on the right track!
40618 Name not displayed Ron Paul 2012!
40619 Brent Berends
40620 Jaime Thurston Ron Paul -Hope for America, I still have that sign up from 2008. I haven’t given up and I hope you don’t either. We need you Ron Paul, please consider running for President in 2012.
40621 Laura Bilderback
40622 Shannon Kleinsmith We need you Ron Paul!!!!!!
40623 amanda moore
40624 Name not displayed
40625 Jeremy C. Tariff China, lets trade Cuba or North Korea there a Communist - Party. Lets America start making our own goods.
40626 Dian Poore I’ve read both "Revolution" and "End the Fed". Go, Ron, Go!
40627 Thomas Jefferson Ron, run!
40628 Justin Brown
40629 Name not displayed Stand strong and fight the good fight.
40630 Paul Benoit
40631 Jason Haeger
40632 Brian Vasquez
40633 Reuben Gallop
40634 Raymond Asbell
40635 Name not displayed
40636 Mike Reveile Please help the individuals take back control of this country.
40637 Michael W. O’Grady I would also appreciate any information on helping out on the campaign
40638 Jesse O. Curry
40639 Jeremy Wilson no other viable candidate. I am an Army Captain.
40640 Gary Sciulla The time is ""NOW "" for Ron Paul to run !!!

>>>>>>>>>"RON PAUL 2012"&<&<&<&<&<&<&<&<

I will do all I can to help spread the word to everyone I know
40641 Roozi Ehtaramian Ron Paul 2012
40642 Aaron D. Holbrook Dr. Paul,

It appears that you are the person most freedom loving constitutionalists look up to. We all hope you will run for President again, this year could be very different than previous years as the population has grown weary of the DC dog and pony show.

Thank you
40643 Otto P. Schneider If ever this country needed you, now is the time. Help us move in the right direction. Run and WIN!
40644 Name not displayed Please run in 2012!!! We will help spread the word!
40645 Scott Keenan !
40646 Jonathan McClain It is your time Sir. Take us back to where we need to be!!!!
40647 Name not displayed
40648 Name not displayed YOU GO FOR IT! ALL THE WAY!! NO MORE OBAMA CHANGE FOR ME!!!
40649 Owen Kruse Australia needs you too, we’re being sucked down the sinkhole with the whole world.
40650 Mark Walkowski I didn’t back you in 2008, I am fully on board in 2012, I hope I am not too late.
40651 Name not displayed
40652 DAVID BURKLIN Ron Paul - End the Fed. Be our president and save this great nation!
40653 Brian Korecky
40654 Name not displayed You are the only candidate I believe in. I see everyone else as a preferable alternative to Obama.
40655 Leon
40656 David Loewenthal I would like to work for the campaign if possible.
40657 Chelsae Joe Americas only Hope!
40658 Kurt Gerth
40659 abbas The real and true champion of the constitution that is respect and magnified around the globe.
40660 Calvin Lee Love you RP! Your message means the world to us…SET US FREE!
40661 Foster Ron Paul, stand for principle and don’t let this movement become intellectually lazy.
40662 Name not displayed
40663 Johnny McGee
40664 Aaron C. de Bruyn
40665 Kevin Hilde
40666 George Simpson PLEASE GET RID OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE RON !!!!!!!!!!
40667 Name not displayed Ron Paul is the only candidate for 2012!
40668 Name not displayed Freedom!!
40669 Casey Tavares Congressman Paul, you need to end all the bull shit going on in our messed up Government. You have my vote already.
40670 Marvin Taylor II I’m an independent but if you run as a Republican I’ll register as such to give you my primary vote, sir.
40671 Michael Annes
40672 rob barreda Please run Dr. Paul. Please run!
40673 Gabe Wallace
40674 Name not displayed
40675 Bill Foxburrow Free minds and free markets!
40676 Nino Gray Please sign this petition, American is in need of change!
40677 Patrick Moore Liberty - Prosperity - Peace
40678 Name not displayed You and your son are our only hope!
40679 Daniel Robson Liberty Defined = President Ron Paul in 2012
40680 Aaron Correia
40681 Brandon McCune limited governance!
40682 Troy Temple Please help restore our right to liberty!
40683 Cam Stapel Ron Paul is our modern day George Washington. Both men are uniquely American and a rarity in any age. I will be proud to vote for him again.

Ron Paul is our modern day George Washington. Both men are uniquely American and a rarity in any age. I will be proud to vote for him again.

Ron Paul is our modern day George Washington. Both men are uniquely American and a rarity in any age. I will be proud to vote for him again.

Ron Paul is our modern day George Washington. Both men are uniquely American and a rarity in any age. I will be proud to vote for him again.
40684 Jason Rohde
40685 Name not displayed This third try is the charm.
40686 Mike Strickland Return our country to the people !
40687 april greve I voted for Ron Paul in 2008.I will break my back to get him elected this time. Our country is going down people need to wake up and realize this system we live in are for the rich only.they have taken are God given rights and sold them down the river. Ron Paul gives me hope and thats not easy.
40688 Dan Yates
40689 Josh Grinstead
40690 Name not displayed A voice for the people, how refressing!!
40691 Name not displayed
40692 Mandy Nichols My sister and I campaigned for you in your 2008 run and traveled to DC to show our continued support in the Revolution March….and we will continue to support you in 2012~~Go Ron Go!! :)
40693 Marcie in Michigan Mr. Paul, please run. I know that you will defend and protect the sovereignty of the United States of America. "We the People" are yearning for a Leader with the maturity, courage and integrity that it takes govern our great nation. May God bless you and grant you wisdom and discernment.
40694 Rob Schubiger
40695 Michelle Black Wisdom, hope, and growth. You have my full support and are the first person in my lifetime that has ever raised excitement at the though of who could potentially be our country’s leader.
40696 Chester Fonner
40697 Ethan Thaut Ever since I was old enough to use the internet I’ve been watching videos of your interviews and speeches. You, sir, are exactly what this country needs to survive.
40698 August West Run Mr Paul Run! I will gladly volunteer to help campaign in my state. Grassroots is the only way he wins. EVERYONE who supports him needs to be active in this campaign and not just wait for someone else to do it. Real change only happens when real people get involved.
40699 Jordon Dollarhite Ron Paul needs to be our president the country has been in the dumper long enough
40700 Cameron Morris
40701 Evan D
40702 Name not displayed
40703 Name not displayed
40704 Christine Bryant
40705 Karyn Higgs
40706 Tou Her Save America!
40707 Name not displayed
40708 preston dennis We need ron paul to down size the gov and bring america back to not depending on the gov for everything
40709 Name not displayed Time to take our medicine and stop all the boo-hoo crying. Better now the meidicine now than surgery later. Ron’s the only one standing toall for this. Time to get him in.
40710 anthony scenna This time the country IS ready for Ron Paul
40711 Aleksandr Trubin Ron Paul is the only hope that American Constitution has.
40712 John Paone
40713 Lisa Opie Go Ron Paul
40714 P Tunstead go man go, your a man of the people, you have the masses backing you….
40715 Marsha A. Chapple
40716 Name not displayed Please win!
40717 Doug Dreher
40718 Camilla Daniels
40719 Kyle Finally, a real leader. Please stick to your guns and keep your head level.
40720 David Throndsen
40721 Jonathon Rogles We need an honest, hardworking American.
40722 Katie Smith
40723 James Kovacs
40724 C Ilet Dr Paul, please organize the most effective campaign for we need you!
40725 Name not displayed Go Ron Go!!!!!
40726 Matt Holland Kill Whitey!!!
40727 Name not displayed
40728 Robert Dear Dr. Ron Paul,

I have been and will continue to support you through your 2012 campaign, etc..


I had doubts also, but let’s get this over and move on so you can concentrate more on what your great at. Helping America get back to its Greatness.

I remember last campaign, someone telling McCain that it was about the good of our country, not for personal gain, for the reason you are running for Pres. I think you should consider apologizing to the President to show just how much honor and integrity you have. God Bless.
40729 Steven Galbreath
40730 Celeste
40731 Spartak Dulaj Amerika needs Ron Paul !!!
40732 Destiny Richardson
40733 Tyler McKee We need Dr. Paul more than ever to remind Americans what LIBERTY truly is!
40734 Gary Paquin Interested in assisting
40735 Henry D. Zimmerman
40736 Dennis
40737 Linda Lohse-Lange Your mature wisdom and years of experience as a medical doctor as well are needed to return our country to the UNITED States of America. I suggest Steve Forbes as your running mate. Both of you have the expertise to reclaim our country with practical, Constitutional, libertarian truths, without media sensationalism. — from an Iowa Caucus-goer since the 1970′s
40738 Latisha Paulson
40739 Rudy Bernal YOU HAVE MY SUPPORT!
40740 Lydia Cortinas YOU HAVE MY SUPPORT!
40741 Bill H everyone needs to spread the word about you Mr. Paul, this country needs you now more than ever!
40742 Andrew Hetzel Who is John Galt?
40743 Paul James Now is the time!
40745 Name not displayed
40746 Kari Hubbard Stop the useless drug war. Legalize Marijuana!
40747 Nicole Vernese
40748 Kevin Dempter
40749 Name not displayed This is for your freedom America!!
40750 eric i want you in 2012 i want you in now ive wanted you in back in 08 when i saw your name all over notre dame campus
40751 Abraham Schmidt RON PAUL REVOLUTION
40752 Susan Lincks- Whitlatch We need you now more than ever!
40753 Name not displayed ron paul revolution
40754 Cassandra Maxwell
40755 Zoe Toth Please win!
40756 Name not displayed Ron Paul 2012! You’re exactly what our beloved country needs.
40757 Ryan Harb The last chance for Peace!
40758 Tradd
40759 matthew Hanson
40760 Cesar Leyva
40761 Andrew You’ve been telling the truth for 40 years, and finally the public is beginning to see it. The time is NOW to save the USA!
40762 G Gloria God bless, Ron Paul

God bless America!

May God show His Power defeating the demonic Fed Reserve, Rothschild, Goldman, Morgan…. and all evil & greedy powers! Amen
40763 Nick McClain
40764 Name not displayed GO FOR IT! America needs you.
40765 Chris Han
40766 elizabeth Ron Paul is the Real Deal
40767 Will Gross I have a 2 year old daughter and a little one on the way… Please run to correct the corruption in Washington so they don’t have to deal with the burdens we are facing today. Thank you.
40768 John Mansour-Dumas I’ll be praying for you to become president.
40769 Caleb Schmidt
40770 Name not displayed we need Ron Paul as president to restore the constitution & preserve our rights and freedom as United States citizens. I believe if he’s elected he can start to clean up the corruption in our Government & get rid of the Fed & IRS scams among many other problems that are corrupting our country. God Bless!
40771 S. Brady Johnson
40772 Greg Murray
40773 Name not displayed
40774 Name not displayed
40775 Charlie Parker
40776 Name not displayed For President.. you are better choice..
40777 Christopher Anderson Get government out of my life!
40778 David Wells You’re the only person with any visibility who speaks to the remedies that are so clearly necessary. We need you.
40779 Roy keach Go Ron Paul!
40780 Chelsea Vaughn Please run! God bless you!
40781 Joel Lanier Real change
40782 Tim Livingston
40783 Darrell Fisher We need A new path
40784 kim goldberg
40785 Dave S "I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies."

Thomas Jefferson
40786 HARRY REDFEARN TEAL we need to see some indictments for treason for some of our officials. starting with the goldman sachs cabal.
40787 William J. Drouillard "Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal"

Henry Ford
40788 Rafael Ortiz Let’s do this thing.
40789 Name not displayed Please Run!!!!!!
40790 Name not displayed It’s time!
40791 Name not displayed
40792 Ed Diaz
40794 Skip ONeill Oregon citizen for Ron Paul to help to stop America’s financial meltdown.
40795 Name not displayed
40796 LINDSEY G RESOR mr. paul, i am begging you to run for president of the united states of america. if you are the man i think you are ,you could make a differance.americans are not stupid and are sick and tired of the way washington is handling itself.our govt is out of control, and you know it as well as i do. domestic and forign policy is pathetc. sir, if you are serious about what you say, and just dont make fancy t.v. appeariances and eliquent speeches trying to blow smoke up the butts of hard working , middelclass americans, i will back you 1000%. i will spread the word. i am so worried about my familys futcher i dont know what to do. i will let you put up a billboard in my front yard,anything i can do to help you get elected. so please run for sir are our last hope for our futcher.thank you for your time. LINDEY RESOR.
40797 Name not displayed
40798 Name not displayed
40799 Jonathan Baggett BTHO Big Government!!!
40800 Name not displayed
40801 Larry Jarrell
40802 Mary Taunton
40803 hillary bubb
40804 Name not displayed
40805 Nathaniel Jordean Gardner Mr. Paul,

We need a constitutionalist in the office now more than ever! If the damage that has been done to our country is not set on a course for reversal, then we will end up like Europe or worse!
40806 Name not displayed Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth.
40807 Name not displayed
40808 Liam Hems I wish we had a Ron Paul over here in England.
40809 william
40810 Fred Koch Jr GO RON GO!
40811 Name not displayed Ron Paul is Jesus
40812 michael neuwerth Please run in 2012 Ron Paul, we need you.
40813 Name not displayed The Ringing Cedars -Vladimir Megre

Conversations with God -Neale Donald Walsh
40814 Andrew Long You can change this country, lets buck the trend!
40815 Name not displayed God bless you
40816 Clint Stephenson Please help us regain control of our government.

Bring Democracy back.
40817 carl cummings WE GOT THIS DR. PAUL!
40818 Emery Seal Yes!!! Please Run for President Ron Paul
40819 Name not displayed willing to help post signs, bupper sticker and such
40820 CPL Vincent Rios
40821 Mary Beth Clemons Our country is not smart enough for you, but I’m crossing my fingers that you can connect with the ignorant masses in some way.
40822 Angela Franks
40823 Benjamin Weston I pray to Christ every day that you run and win. This nation needs real change.
40824 Name not displayed
40825 Shannon Biddle I am Voting for Ron Paul! Read any of his books or blogs to see why. Dr. No will not sell out!
40826 Patrick Finlay Ron Paul for the world to Evolve!
40827 Name not displayed I was the Florida Director of Citizens for a Sound Economy from 1998-2002 and have founded and managed two political consulting firms. I would be happy to help you in Florida.
40828 K Bilderback
40829 Jared Kardos
40830 Brenda Fabig
40831 Joseph Paul This country NEEDS you, I am BEGGING you to do everything it takes. I am a 25-year-old expat living abroad in Asia, with no plans to return as I see us slipping into totalitarianism. The thought of what America has become makes me sick and embarrassed, and fearful for my future, please, for the love of God, please find a way to get elected President 2012 and make me proud to be an American.
40832 Name not displayed RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT!
40833 Name not displayed America needs you!
40834 Kathleen Grooters
40835 Name not displayed
40836 Josh Davis The fed eral government needs to be overhauled!!!!! RON PAUL 2012!!!!!
40837 Name not displayed
40838 Chad Okada Dr. Paul,

I have great hope that you will lead us out of the mess America is in right now.
40839 Jack H. Barton III
40840 Phil Hensler God Save America!
40841 Mike Olson Ron Paul s got my vote and lots more up here in """Michigan""""
40842 Jennifer Brevi
40843 Breanna Please run! This country needs you right now!
40844 mike messina Ron Paul/Jesse Ventura 2012
40845 Name not displayed I have never voted and I never planned on voting because i believe the government is to corrupt until i head about Ron Paul. A real American and real Americans are few and far between these days…I think he is the only one that has the courage to save us from this insanity we call a government…Ron Paul has my vote 2012
40846 Robert Beaver So shines a good deed in a weary world.
40847 Name not displayed Dr. Paul was laughed at in 2008 by both the Left and the Right. I supported him then and I support him now. I look forward to Election Day 2012 so that I may vote for Dr. Paul!
40848 Camie Crawford
40849 Name not displayed Still researching Mr. Paul, but so much better option than others I’ve seen!
40850 Erica Noll You make the most sense, so run!
40851 jake terwelp America needs you Ron Paul. John Stossil would be a great vice president or cabinet member as well might keep that in mind. We need you Ron and thanks for all you have done already. Good luck and God bless.
40852 Name not displayed America needs you! People are much more awake now than in 2008. This country’s reaching a tipping point and I know that’s the only reason you feel it’s your duty as a true patriot and great American to get our country back on track.
40853 Suzanne
40854 C.J. Prince
40855 Name not displayed We need someone who will remove the Fed.
40856 Denise Williams We need you now more then ever.
40857 Marcus please run Dr. Paul, what you stand for is what all Americans should stand for and we need you now more than ever.
40858 Roxanne Judd RON PAUL 2012!!
40859 Daniel Sheehan
40860 Name not displayed It’s about time that we elect someone with true values, common sense, and a backbone! Ron Paul 2012
40861 Name not displayed
40862 Dennis Frost It would be nice to see a real proponent of limited government in the 2012 race!
40863 Nathan Thomason 110% support
40864 Brendan Gilmartin Continue to spread the message of liberty
40865 Name not displayed I hope he runs. He will receive my vote.
40866 Nick Kondo
40867 Marcos You are our only hope!
40868 Jaime Thomason
40869 Name not displayed
40870 Martin Lopez lets do this!!!
40871 Ralph Harrison
40872 Anthony Howard
40873 Bodhan In order for Ron Paul to win the election, the hand ballot system must be reinstated. In a fair election Ron Paul will win by a landslide.
40874 Name not displayed
40875 Matthew L Humanities last hope. A real man, and not a puppet of the elite.
40876 Name not displayed You have my vote!
40877 Shayne Adams Ron,

I voted for you in the Republican and Presidential primaries. Please run, I would support you again.

40878 nancy Box Ron Paul is refreshing, I like him, and his ideas and beliefs. It’s time to get a new perspective on our world, we’re in bad shape, and I personally think that Ron is different from most or all the politicians in recent history, time for a REAL change…!!!!! Let’s opt for a person that is trually for the people, not the governments benefits.!!!
40879 stephen ramer We need a real human not puppets to help this great nation of ours.
40880 Alex Schwartz
40881 judy skeeters
40882 Jacqueline Smidt
40883 Alan Reese
40884 Clara H. Monsegur
40885 Roy Carmer
40886 Evan Cozad I would like to know more on your view on the war on drugs?
40887 Name not displayed
40888 Name not displayed
40889 Joshua Braun We need you, Ron!
40890 Name not displayed
40891 Andrew Spangler Please run for president! We need your strict constitutionalists philosophy applied to our countries foreign policy! And we need it now!
40892 Name not displayed If you do run and win, promise to keep your promises.Don’t be like all the rest of the Republicans!
40893 Alice Watt I live in Belgium, but I do vote (absentee) in the US. Please get America back on track for my family.
40894 Name not displayed
40895 Name not displayed
40896 Name not displayed
40897 Samuel Baron You are the only Congressman speaking the truth!
40898 John F Guignard We ( The Citizens of the USA ) need you!!!!!!!
40899 Evan McNamar
40900 dr Joris Kuipers Sound money sounds futuristic. Please be the one to make it realistic!
40901 Daniel M. Brantley Jr.
40902 Rachael Andel Basnett If I can’t vote for YOU, I won’t be voting for anybody else!
40903 Name not displayed I voted for you in 2008 and I will vote for you again in 2012. Go Ron Paul!
40904 Name not displayed RUN!!!
40905 Craig Simmons I represent a TIDAL WAVE of supporters in my community!!!!!!!!
40906 Teresa Jaster
40907 Arseni Verner I’m changing my party affiliation from Libertarian to Republican so I can vote for Ron Paul in the primary election! If you support Ron Paul and you can vote, please make sure he gets your vote in the primaries!
40908 Name not displayed Please run, Mr. Paul. Our country needs you desperately!
40909 Brett Phillips I love and support you to the end. Please help us continue the Revolution
40910 Jacob A Thias "Maturity, Wisdom, and Sobriety in 2012"
40911 S.J. Gregory Voted for him last election & will in 2012. Better if he runs. Sallie
40912 Scott Whiles "…wherever a man allows himself to be made a mere thing or a tool, and surrenders his inalienable rights of reason and conscience. Indeed, this slavery is more complete than that which enslaves the body alone.” - Henry David Thoreau
40913 Aaron For the sake of this country, please run!
40914 Mark LoBello Your one of the most straight shooters and conservative constitutionalists I have encountered in 50 years of watching politics. We are all tired of the HYPE which is not what you provide. Your honesty, integrity and vision is what we need in this age where America is verging on becoming a 3rd world country - we are destitute, financially and morally, and we NEED your leadership
40915 Name not displayed Ron Paul 2012!
40916 Felicia Masciocchi
40917 Name not displayed
40918 Shahin Mostafania
40919 Zakary Jobe Ron Paul 2012, Lets end the Fed
40920 pete
40921 Steve Strausbaugh America needs Ron Paul as President. Hopefully American citizens will understand this come next election!
40922 Stephanie Raines I am SOOO FOR THIS MAN! COME ON RON PAUL!
40923 Name not displayed Please run in 2012, we don’t need another joke like Donald Trump to represent us.
40924 Amanda Atwell Remeber the boston tea party Fight for old America. Americans stand up and Remeber where u live and don’t let your country be over run by coporate america!!!
40925 Max Barfuss It’s hard to make a campaign out of the promise that you will stop "helping" everyone out - but I hope we are smart enough to recognize that’s exactly what we need from our government.
40926 anonymous
40927 uriel juarez down with the fed reserve
40928 will davis
40929 Erin McDade
40930 Name not displayed
40931 Sheldon Stewart Hey Ron, Canada here.

Do it right in the states so we can do it right here next.
40932 Name not displayed
40933 Patrick Kniesler Run, Ron, Run.
40934 KJT
40935 Rachel Rodgers The founding fathers would be proud of Ron Paul.
40936 Valerie
40937 Zachery C
40938 Joe Montanez
40939 Paul Govea
40940 Donnie Darko Go get em! Change the wrongs goin on in this country. We’re counting on you.
40941 Pedro Costacurta In 2008 I declared as Republican so that I could vote for Ron Paul in the primary, and I would be very glad to do it again.
40942 Ben Doerge We’ve been moving in the wrong direction too long
40943 D. Popek
40944 Scott Schwartz
40945 Jake Zetter
40946 Allen Hebert Paul for president…Thankd God for Ron Paul..
40947 John The last realistic hope for America - Ron Paul 2012.

The Federal Reserve and the crooks behind it are destroying America, it remains the greatest crime in US history.

Few realise how desperate things are - unless someone takes control of US government spending, dumps ballast and turns the ship hard towards safer water in the next few years there will be a truly terrible wreck.

Estimates vary but between 2040 and 2046 every single last cent of tax spending will be swallowed on servicing debt interest? payments alone.

That means NOTHING left in the pot to spend on ANYTHING - at that point the US becomes mathematically insolvent.

This isn’t scaremongering, the clock is ticking.
40948 Robert Whiting End the Fed! We own the dome!
40949 Jennifer Loria
40950 Name not displayed
40951 Sean R Ryan we need your libertarian values now more then ever.
40952 Tyler Landis Thank You, Dr. Paul!
40953 Joshua Glover Ron Paul is the superhero this country needs to save Her!!!!
40954 Patrick Bidwell Please run! I already talk to everyone about you for 2012. We need an honest man that understands and believes in the constitution.

RON PAUL 2012!!
40955 james sharcot We need your common sense leadership and steadfast views.
40956 Aaron Kelsey Now is the time Dr. Ron Paul!
40957 Narella Gathney
40958 Fred W Spain Jr You are the only person in politics I can believe in.
40959 Bradley Walters An honest defender of the Constitution and our God given freedom; thats Ron Paul.
40960 Name not displayed Please Run and make Jesse Ventura your VP. YOU both know what this country needs. Please help us stop drinking the political cool -aide and allow us to once again be a free people.
40961 Steven Sommerville
40962 Tom Richdale
40963 Name not displayed Please run… we need our country back.
40964 Darryl Payne just drove thru Oregon on highway and saw 6 Ron Paul banners and signs. one Mccain(no others) Ron Paul you are my HERO!
40965 Michael Ksiazak
40966 Nathanael Lockhart
40967 Denise
40968 Kyle Baskette Civil liberty, small government, and fiscal responsibility are things that America seems to be forgetting. Help Americans remember them.
40969 Austin Sommer i know the reasoning behind you presenting yourself as a republican. but i feel if you categorized yourself as an independent you will get more votes then ever before. we the people are so fed up with the binary system of republicans and democrats it is getting harder by the year to distinguish between the two. run as an independent and you will secure my vote as well as many others
40970 sean finan
40971 Andrea McEnulty
40972 Name not displayed
40973 Jesse McEnulty
40974 David Robinson
40975 Shane E. Drozdowski For you are the gentleman our founding father’s would be pulling for. God bless and stick true to your virtues as your values are a beacon of light.
40976 Ted Dyer
40977 Shawn Thank for speaking and standing for the truth. Never back down!
40978 Name not displayed Thank you Ron for stepping up to the plate again!
40979 Robert Gorhan HURRY UP AND WIN ALREADY!
40980 Pierce Returning liberty to the people.
40981 Name not displayed
40982 Name not displayed
40983 Joshua Vaughn I am ready to volunteer to help you win in Oklahoma.
40984 Name not displayed
40985 Name not displayed Please run Ron!
40986 Rebecca Sonnenburg I know a large group in Wisco that love all you stand for, definitely can count on our support
40987 Victor
40988 Robert M This Tree of Liberty needs to be refreshed..I stand with all the member’s of the Paul Family and say "We Shall Not Go Quietly Into The Night!"
40989 Ashley Ron Paul 2012!!!
40990 Bryan Wells
40991 Melissa Boyher Please, you are our last hope.
40992 Michael Dickey
40993 Julio As a republican or 3rd party. don’t stop it now!
40994 Garth A. If Ron Paul runs in 2012, I will be voting for him.
40995 Greg Robinson We need a no BS hardliner in the White House.
40996 Eddie Waldrop
40997 Maria Rodriguez SAVE US!
40998 Jonathan Odom We need you in the White House. We will never give up on the cause of liberty!
40999 Matthew Costa
41000 Sean Wakeman You have my vote…

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  1. jose angel zuniga says:

    Vote for Ron Paul. Don’t conform to the crumbs the gov and corporations are giving you. WE DESERVE BETTER !!!

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