Signatures 25,001-30,000

Number Name Comment
25001 Gordon Jones
25002 David Hoffman AUDIT THE FED
25003 Frank M Leap III I hope Ron Paul runs in 2012! he IS the neo Thomas Jefferson - a true blooded patriot! God bless you Mr. Paul and may God save our republic!!
25004 Morris Courtney
25005 Chad Estes Ron Paul 2012 glenn beck lies no world order no sdr Socia* Securit* is bankrupt your not required to have drivers licence you have the right to travel no car insu no registra no need unless involed in commerce look up the definitionson law book No taxs Fake IRS FAKE FED END THE LIES WE ARE NOT FREE!!!MSNBC GLENN BECK FOX ALL LIES OBAMA BIRTH CERTIFICATE LIE!!!!! Alex Jones=TRUTH NO HEALTHCARE COMMUNISM LEGALIZE BUD
25006 Aaron Gallardy
25008 Jenifer Brown It wouldn’t be fair to you to call you a politician, so let me say this: Never before have I been so refreshed by the words of a man in a world of illogical, subjective existence. President or not, thank you for what you do.
25009 Name not displayed He gets it.
25010 Joel Frazier It is our time. I have never really done research of a Pres. canadate before but after knowing that Mr. Paul stands up to the FED. and wants them auditted,thats great. His ideas are so simplistic its stupid that we Americans has let this go on for so long. ITS GO TIME VOTE RON PAUL 2012.
25011 Diana Palazio
25012 Randall Leopold You’ve got my full support! Let’s make America Great Again!
25013 Name not displayed
25014 Ryan
25015 Jason R. Morgan
25016 Name not displayed
25017 Taylor William Howes your level headed nature and your ability to demonstrate, time and again, clear and rational thinking inspires me. You are a sorely needed island of sanity in the dishonest, soap opera like political landscape of our time.
25018 Name not displayed
25019 shawn hoefer We need to get back to the founding fathers ideas!
25020 Patrick Sunseri Please run for President.
25021 Shea Schrepf Run Ron Paul!
25022 Yvette Gonzalez
25023 rod marshall We are behind you 100%
25024 Ramon Baez You need to talk more Minority group or leaders like louis farrahkan you and him are both good god fearing men i hope you run sir thank you from a Dominican voter in new york
25025 adam wright
25026 Name not displayed Revolution…
25027 Andrew Early Dr. Paul, you might be America’s last hope. The Founding Fathers are rolling over in their graves.
25028 Rachael Herndon Please let me know what you need in Kansas City, MO.
25029 Name not displayed We need you now Ron Paul.
25030 John Shier Ron Paul is my hero.
25031 Jefferson Morgan
25032 Nancy Boyd Ron Paul for President 2012… Our Only Hope for TRUE LIBERTY - I will do my best to support him & get the word out, as ALL of us need to do who CARE about our wonderful country and for our FREEDOM as it stands now, But is threatened to be taken away. Everyone must do their part - PLEASE HELP !!!
25033 Richard Lee Hammell Jr Ron PLEASE RUN! I WILL FINALLY VOTE!!! God Bless!
25034 Name not displayed America needs you Mr. Paul.
25035 Stephen
25036 scott rhoades
25037 Name not displayed The only way to save America now is to cut the government and all its entitlement programs.
25038 David Breed Please Ron, Please run. I have signed other petitions for you to run. I campaigned for you in 2008 and I will work ever harder for you this time.
25039 Victoria help obi-ron Kenobi your our only hope!
25040 Melynne Gonzalez I respect your wishes, but your my only ray of hope for this country… please Run, i will donate money, spread the word and support you 110%
25041 zip cooper YES PLEASE!
25042 Name not displayed
25043 marea thornton
25044 Robert Durci Ron Paul is the only politician in the Federal government that would be supported by Jefferson, so I definitely support him!
25045 austin for the love of god vote for ron paul!!!
25046 Name not displayed
25047 Miriam MacBlane I will send a donation as soon as I get caught up!
25048 Jeremy Brooks The country needs a leader with wisdom and common sense. You are our man.
25049 Name not displayed I follow a budget to keep my family’s fiscal house in order, our gov’t needs to do the same!
25050 Name not displayed Mr. Paul, the usa is falling apart and could really use the one ethical politician out there, YOU.
25051 Name not displayed
25052 Charlene Brooks Ron Paul….WE NEED YOU!
25053 Name not displayed WE NEED RON PAUL!!!
25054 Name not displayed Ron Paul never compromises Constitutional integrity……..rock on Ron Paul
25055 peace U.S.A. needs a leader with high moral values and no strings attached . Ron Paul is your best bet to pull you out of the mess the other puppet presidents put you in..
25056 Matthew C. Schutter we need your help Dr. Paul!
25057 chris pence Thank you Ron for the outstanding work.
25058 John Wayne go Ron Paul!
25059 crystal barley
25060 Name not displayed You can do it Ron! We Need YOU!
25061 Brandon Schexnayder Mr. Paul I truley do believe you are the only one who can save this country. You have my full support.
25062 Name not displayed A true leader for America, Ron Paul defines the change our generation looks to see
25063 Name not displayed Ron Paul should get a fare share of media coverage ! He has my vote !!!
25064 Name not displayed
25065 Andrew Quinn Scott Please run and save our country!
25066 Michael Kirtland Ron Paul is the only real hope for America.
25067 Rich Rivera I hope you can be the one.
25068 John Hayes Go all the way, Ron. America needs You at the helm.
25069 Name not displayed I Hope the rest of our great Nation is Listening!
25070 Justin Malugin give em hell, lets make this country a democracy again not this plutocracy bs
25071 Tessa Linsley
25072 Name not displayed Please run for President Ron Paul! We will be voting for you!!
25073 Randy Huff Dr. Paul, Your country needs you, the American people need you. Please run in 2012
25074 Brandon Forsyth If as many people that agree in the changes you propose, believe that those changes can be made, they will. With our help, with your leadership. To you and us Ron Paul, 2012 and beyond.
25075 Name not displayed its too bad "THEY" have elections rigged if it were really up 2 the people you would win hands down. you are exactly what america needs in a president .the men behind the curtain would just assasinate you anyways becuase you would be trying to do whats right and not being their puppet .
25076 Chris You have my support Mr. Paul!
25077 Name not displayed You have my support Mr. Paul!
25078 Au’na Melton
25079 Name not displayed
25080 Name not displayed I’m not American but it would be as good for the rest of us as it would be for the USA if you become the new president.
25081 Wayne Chastain Ron Paul equals freedom from tyranny.
25082 Christophe Jenkins
25083 Sal Tammaro
25084 Kelly Attick Second to God, you are our ONLY hope of saving our country!
25085 Name not displayed Liberty and Justice for all…..
25086 Carey Woodings II Ron Paul 2012!
25087 Robert Monde Go Ron Go!!! We love you man!
25088 David Watson
25089 micah bracy we need you!
25090 Name not displayed
25091 Name not displayed America wake up!!
25092 Kathy Wright
25093 Jordan Curtis LESS Government! Please run, Ron!
25094 C.Jay Engel Ron Paul, this country needs leaders like yourself. You have our support.
25095 john porter
25096 Zachary Butcher Seriously!!!!
25097 Name not displayed We need to make our country strong again.
25098 Dimitre Tomov
25099 Name not displayed
25100 Dustin Moore Ron Paul is our only hope.
25101 parm johal run 2012 paul
25102 Name not displayed
25103 Name not displayed
25104 ryan Ron Paul 2012!
25105 stephanie swiger i will knock on doors
25106 Name not displayed We need people from every state who think like Ron to take this country back for the prople. Both parties are equally corrupt. The truth is what we need. Ron will give us the truthand work to take control away from the Federal reserve.
25107 Name not displayed
25108 rachael take our counrty back.
25109 Margaret Kaczmarek
25110 Stephen Schecter
25111 Paul Studtmann
25112 Name not displayed How do we know Ron Paul is real? How can he carry out the seemingly impossible tasks of undoing 911 and Fed without losing his own life?
25113 Dawid Starostka
25114 Name not displayed "We the People" support YOU, Mr. Paul, a "Rally" "Sooner, better than, Latter".
25115 Matthew Thompson Real Change
25116 Denny Rasberry Dr. Paul, you are what this country needs! Please bring common sense to the presidency in 2012!
25117 Joseph L. Allen all the way ron
25118 Name not displayed
25119 Name not displayed GO Go PAUL!
25120 tanya bishop I want to work at your Las Vegas campaign office if you run… :)
25122 Name not displayed
25123 Mickey Johnson You have the answers, and you have the support. Together, we can turn this country and it’s crises around. America will always be thankful. Run for presidency 2012, Dr. Paul.
25124 Mike Benoit forever loyal to liberty
25125 Name not displayed
25126 Richard L. Forque Ron Paul is the only honest politician in America.
25127 Name not displayed
25128 Grayson Frohberg Ron Paul to the rescue! we can only hope!
25129 Mark l. Brimhall
25130 K.Michael Fillauer
25131 Name not displayed Please run. If you do not run, I will not vote.
25132 Rick Tidwell Please Run in 2012
25133 sander this Ron Paul quote says it al: "I am just absolutely convinced that the best formula for giving us peace and preserving the American way of life is freedom, limited government, and minding our own business overseas.
25134 Rhonda Rydell By the number at the bottom of this page, I should now be the 24,641 signer to this petition.

Next, I just wish more celebrities would come out and say, "RUN RON RUN".

It is said that history has a tendency of repeating itself. It is also said that everyone hated President John F. Kennedy…….except….THE PEOPLE. Here, we are the people….RUN RON RUN.


February 25, 2011/Friday
25135 Name not displayed
25136 Jonathan Boyd Its about time america had a politician who had less to prove of him self and more to prove to the people about how harmful america is to the rest of world. change now!
25137 C. Arrieta I will support Ron Paul….He is the answer to a lot of our Governments problems. Ron hasn’t sold out and he is the champion of our Constitution. Go Ron….This time when you run, don’t be so nice with the other canidates. I think they have a mission to kill America. Ron and Rand are the only people in the house and Senate that I can trust. I’m not sorry to say that. Have you seen the Rep. that are thinking of running for office? Ron out lasted all of the others in 2008. He is true grass roots.
25138 Doug B RUN RON RUN
25139 Gary Talbot Dr. Paul, the country is listening to you now, more than ever. You’re an inspiration and a true leader. I’d like nothing more than to see you debate Obama as the Republican candidate and reveal the truth to America. Ron Paul 2012!
25140 Name not displayed
25141 Matthew Kyle Havins Please run!!! WE NEED YOU!!!!!! RP 2012
25142 Dylan Payne
25143 James Freedom socially and financially!
25144 Christyne Robertson
25145 Ralph Robertson
25146 Zach Reynolds
25147 Matthew Matejka Dr. Paul, PLEASE run, America needs you. You will have my support 100%. I have not ever been one to get involved with grassroots efforts, but count me in!!
25148 Jay
25149 Julie Hershberger
25150 Jennifer Robins This country needs you, Ron Paul!
25151 John D. McKay We need an independant United States that is financially sound, fiscally responsible, and transparent with its government affairs. I hope you can bring this to the table, Rep. Ron Paul.
25152 A White rid us of the little ‘O’
25153 Matthew Dowling END THE FED!!!
25154 raymond please run DR paul!!
25155 Andrew Barr Please Ron Paul run for President in 2012 You will have my vote. God Bless You and Your Family.
25156 W.H.FREELAND carear politico,s must go!two term limits,local,state,national!!!!
25157 Name not displayed Was for the GOP. Now an Indy. Vote for Character. Vote Ron Paul
25158 mitchell queen run ron!
25159 James
25160 tadhg mcerlean
25162 Bassem Ahmed Please run for President!!
25163 Aleksander Engel Praying for you Dr. Paul. We are behind you 100%
25164 Javier Silva Please run again Ron the people are tired.
25165 Name not displayed Do IT Ron , DO IT !
25166 Rebecca Berry Lifelong democrat, socially liberal, and I want Ron Paul for president because our government has become a snake pit and he’s one of the only honest people left in Washington. Please run for president Dr. Paul, I have a 4 year old daughter and this is not the world I want her to inherit. Your country needs you now more than ever.
25167 Devon Morrison Though I have doubts we can turn around the mess that we call our economy. I want history to know that responsible Americans understood what was at stake during these historic times, and that we fought like hell to preserve it. Me and my family support Dr. Paul and will help however we can.
25169 Jacob Jahneke America needs you Mr. Paul. I am a 27 year old Navy Veteran and I support your efforts to reinstate the constitution and the values held within it.

May God bless you.
25170 Mary Beth Leslie Love Ron Paul
25171 Sean J. Reddy Sic Semper Tyrannis
25173 Tiffany Maurer
25174 Jeff Costlow If he runs I’d like to know what I can do to help.
25175 Joe Your ability co clarify and report is in dire need to members of the world populations.
25179 Tim Hill
25180 Kem we voted for in 2010 and then we were left with 2 undesirable choices. PLEASE run we need you
25181 AJ my family and I voted for you in 2008 also. PLEASE run we need you
25182 Eric Lacey
25183 andrew daines Go Ron! Liberty is worth every cent.
25184 Thomas Pranio
25185 Josiah Wampfler I love your book, "End the Fed." Such a powerful and needed message right now
25186 Gary Chambers I support you
25187 Genesh C. We need to return to what our founders wanted, and I think you are the man to do it!!!!
25188 Carson Flint Audit the FED and secure the borders
25189 Name not displayed Ron Paul + 1
25190 Konstantin Please keep criminals out of the White House.
25191 Carl Baron Ron Paul for President 2012…..
25192 Maria M Baez
25193 Michael Drone My prayers are for you and your future presidency!
25194 Teresa Ron Paul has my vote and several ppl I know as well!
25195 Alex Clingan Hope to see you in office!
25196 Ashley Covington America needs you. Please run!
25197 Jason Messing I wrote you in - in Nebraska in ’08. It didn’t count, but it was the best "vote" I ever made.
25198 John Graves, Jr. We are not subjects of the State, they do that in China, Russia, etc… Ron Paul understands that! & Secure the borders-around Washington, D.C.!
25199 Name not displayed
25200 Amanda Koschmann
25201 Name not displayed
25202 Name not displayed I will vote for Ron 100% if he will run for 2012
25203 Name not displayed Paul may be our only hope…….
25204 Name not displayed Holding a candle, searching 4 an honest candidate..!
25205 Name not displayed
25206 Hank Burkman We need sensible and responsible goverment.
25207 James Parker Hillery supposed to be in China now (2\25\11) selling USA to China to pay for US debt? True?
25208 steven kim Only peace creates lasting national security.
25209 Nathan Mann I pray for and have faith in a Ron Paul victory in 2012!
25210 Name not displayed Go get ‘em Ron!
25211 alex chaves love it we need our freedom back!
25212 Name not displayed end teh fed damn it
25213 Name not displayed ”We the People” support you.
25214 tyler bloomingdale
25215 James Hovis
25217 Joshua
25218 Luis Troncoso Ron Paul we need you now more then ever! The only honest politician out there we need you more then ever! You can rest after 2016 when you turn our horrible nation around into the great nation it once was!
25219 Mark M. I’m twenty-two years old and I’m concerned about my future and my daughters future. I’m tired of listening to big gov’t republicans/democrats/mainstream media. If you run Dr. Paul I promise you I will spread your message of liberty for all. You are my last hope, my daughters last hope, and the American peoples last hope. You have my support Dr. Paul. RUN!
25220 Brighton Wallace Brighton - ATX
25221 Name not displayed Please Run! The country needs you!!!
25222 William Rutherford I am a small business owner that always votes democrat. Ron Paul is the only republican presidential candidate I will vote for and my vote for him would be guaranteed.
25223 Nickolas Grillone
25224 Stephen Howell
25225 flower power Im fighting for freedom and peace on earth…Viva La Revolution
25226 Eric Cox We need you Ron!
25227 Ramzi
25228 Name not displayed People our last chance for foundingfather legend Ron Paul to be elected we need a huge count do it!
25229 Robert Pukajlo This is last change.

Ron help USA
25230 Name not displayed
25231 Jason You are what this country needs!
25232 Name not displayed Mubarak, who is a dictator, yearly, when they have gone to war and destroyed a country and killed thousands of civilians in Iraq to fight a dictator? Is not this double standards? So, if a good man is not freinds with Israel he is a terrorist and enemy to Americans but if an evil monster such as Mubarak is a freind of Israel, then he is a freind of America.

A few years back Americans thought you were talking algorithm when you were saying that American Policy props dictators, that Americans should not have have gone to war against Iraq and that good American money should stay in America. Now after the Egyptian Revolution, people have awaken and realised that probably they could have saved the lives of the dead 1 million people who were according to Bush "casualties" of war. If they had not gone to war under the claim of freeying Iraq of their dictator, Iraq would probably have started their revolution and Saddam would have stepped down just like Mubarak. Saddam was not worse than Qaddafi and now you can see how the Libyans have stepped up to defend their dignity as a nation. You were right when you said that a person you bribe to be your freind can never really be your freind. You have decided that it was wrong to send money to any Middle Eastern country with no prejudice to any and you were absolutely right.

The American Government decided years back that they don’t need but one ally and the rest of the world should bow and bend to that ally. Israel now, by the way, is much stronger than America. The 30 billion gift to Israel that Obama has decided to give from the pocket of Americans to Israel actually return to him in donations for his elections.

Please try to run for president again, because the revolutions in the Middle East, against dictatorship and terror, the revolutions that were done by the people for the people without using any force or arms has translated your algorithm into English. Americans can now understand what you were saying on and on and on years ago- Your words are no longer algorithm but pure simple English
25233 Daniel James Picirillo I’m not a fan of any of the red and blue stuff that goes on in the government. All I’ve ever wanted is a country where I can be free to own myself and live the life I want. But as it stands we are far from free here in america. We are ruled by fear and con artists. I voted for you in 2008, I want another chance to vote for you again.
25234 Tom Hassenfritz I truly like what Ron has to say!
25235 Marvin Bellows
25236 matthew clark I will voluteer and do what ever it takes to help get you elected, so that we may return to the country our fathers founded. Not this obamonation that it has become. Please help!
25237 Hannes
25238 Lourens Poorter Ron Paul has got it right. He is an honest wise man. Unfortunately, honest people don’t make it in politics…Look at JFK.
25239 Caitlin
25240 Robin Lee
25241 Name not displayed We need you Ron Paul! You’re the only politician that I support 100%!
25242 Timothy Maio
25243 Jay Armstrong
25244 Scott Ron Paul is your ONLY real choice for president
25245 Name not displayed It’s Time! with Rand Paul as VP
25246 Brenda Please,,, we the people need someone who believes in us, the United States of America
25247 Ken Collins
25248 Vincent Langone Times running out!!! it’s getting exponentially worse over a short period of time
25249 martha wilson
25250 Name not displayed
25251 michael
25252 Name not displayed
25253 Sam Rivera End The Fed
25254 Sarah Benedict Idaho will give you an even larger turn out this time around! Freedom IS popular! :)
25255 Name not displayed I want Ron Paul to be our next president. I can’t think of anyone else who can help the USA to get out of the biggest catastrofee that could have ever occur in to such great country like our, the U.S.A. Go Ron us the Hispanics are on your side!!
25256 Name not displayed Please…..
25257 LAURA BROWN ron paul is my hero!! I have voted for him everytime i could & will continue to do so!! GO RON PAUL!! AMERICA NEEDS YOU
25258 Patti Kimball
25259 Robert Pizzuti America needs a REAL president
25260 Regan O’Reilly
25261 Name not displayed I didn’t like the 10% tax idea he had! But I’m all for the returning to the consitution.
25262 Barbara Frigo
25263 Wayne Herrod Ron Ron Run!
25264 Name not displayed
25265 Mark Kientz
25266 Edward Thornton I don’t agree with everyone of your points, but to get rid of a foreign entity that has as its expressed intent to stop White, Red, and other Colors of beings from being knowledgable with a functional literacy based in, around, and through the recognition of our creature forms on a celestial body while recognising the need to be exercising self entrainment, thinking, and reasoning within Natural order utilizing our abilities from enlightenment to create a social order to benefit in times of short commings the natural ordered existence without therefore being limited to is a necessity and therefore you are important as a canadate to affect the end goal of a more enlightened and therefore more free creature.

I am not up to date on China directly in the foreign ownership of the Fed, but the fact that we have been sold out to them since in the 70′s no less, including India, and the foreign oil cartels, you need to take a stance against them. Whatever we can not produce ourselves than dump it! Those that claim to be independent and are not involved in our own production, research, and education, then they are apart of the problem!

Will you consider making a cartel with Lyndon LaRouche and other former candidates where affectively we could form a counsel type Presidency?

Recall the America First and America Only type movements althjough I stand with a great question for the name America as People wise and function wise of benefit.


Edward Thornton
25267 Name not displayed
25268 Name not displayed
25269 Name not displayed
25270 Staysee Teague The ONLY politician telling the hard truth is Ron Paul.
25271 Tom Rossmann
25272 Jeffery Rossmann
25273 Eric
25274 Frank Kaye
25275 Marcus Liou
25276 Adam M. Herman I haven’t voted in an election since 2000 because I couldn’t believe that any of the candidates wanted to help anyone but themselves and their rich friends. I was finally introduced to Ron Paul and can again vote without feeling like I am condemning my country to 4 years of more traveling in the wrong direction. Please do run!
25277 Name not displayed
25278 Larry
25279 Steph
25280 Name not displayed
25281 Farrukh Karimov Good Luck!
25282 James Roberson
25283 Brian Paugh
25284 andrew p. bulfer its time for a change for the better. i think ron paul can begin that change.
25285 jacqueline mcclure
25286 Trey
25287 Hélène As a Canadian, I’ve tried donating to your campaign, but I’m prohibited from doing so (and I understand the reason for that), but I can at least show my support for you by signing this. What’s good for Americans, by extension, is good for Canadians, and you, sir, are GOOD! Ron Paul 2012!! :)
25288 Darren Iversen
25289 Scott Schinsky God and your followers are with you Dr. Paul! PLEASE RUN FOR US ALL!!!
25290 Kimberly Schinsky
25291 Liam Heller
25292 Jonathan Goddard
25293 Buck Roberts
25294 thomas e. dalton Get us out of foreign wars
25295 Kyle Steverson You got this, Dr. Paul.
25296 Name not displayed Please stand up for "WE THE PEOPLE"
25297 Name not displayed You are a living hero. Bring reason back to the national stage in 2012!
25298 Name not displayed Need government run by common sense, not greed or power trips.
25299 Name not displayed
25300 Rebecca Craig
25301 Steve Clarence Berecek One more time for the gipper.
25302 Bradley Riddle
25303 Chris Borbe A vote for peace and freedom!
25304 John Raube
25305 Michael Hill
25306 James C Massey Jr. Run, Ron, Run!!!
25307 Dave Mathieu
25308 Name not displayed
25309 Jordan Inman
25310 Dregan Cross-Mathieu
25311 Melanie Collinsworth
25312 R. de Graaf Ron Paul, founding father of the 20/21st Century, please bring America back to its Constitutional glory. The republic has gone astray. We need a principled man like you. Help us in the legislative branch and run. The world needs an example.
25313 John Lee Bonner, II
25314 Kiara Cross-Mathieu
25315 Megan
25316 Prajedes Rodriguez
25317 Howard Eaton Jr Thank you for opening my eyes to the Austrian free market perspective and Liberty!
25318 Lee Malley
25319 John Gogas
25320 Luis Porte Mr. Paul, we need you! Not only the libertarians and constitutionalists, but every one else in this good Earth. We need the voice of reason, accompanied by a pair of balls! And you good sir, seem to be the best option we have. You have our support till the end!
25321 Ernest M. Hughes See Ron run.

Run, Ron, run.

25322 Ron GO RON PAUL!
25323 Roger Fournier RON PAUL…Hope that I do believe in!!
25324 Mark Burns America needs you!!!
25325 Sven Inda One of the only statesmen left. He is a gift from high up and we have no one to blame but ourselves if we squander this opportunity.
25326 Rick Turnure please run 2012. President or not, thank you for what you do
25327 Lucas Peters
25328 Daniel Organ Presidency for all for humanity.
25329 John M. Schuring
25330 Noah Ferland Go Ron!
25331 Nancy Perrotti Go Ron!
25332 christopher norte
25333 karmen wagler
25334 Name not displayed
25335 Name not displayed
25336 Jerry Friend Champion of the Constitution
25337 Ryan Okonski
25338 Jeffrey Caron
25339 Richard sandoval Let the revolution continue!
25340 Courtney Stuard
25341 Gary Brown We need you!
25342 Name not displayed Ron Paul,

you, your politics, and the growing number of your supporters give me hope for the salvation of this country!
25343 Name not displayed
25344 Christopher Houk We need a voice that will be FOR the people, NOT the corporations and banks. Please run again. This time there are more people awake than when you ran in 2008.
25345 Name not displayed
25346 Mark Owens President Ron Paul, the only man who deserves to be the President due to his voting history and fullfillment of his oath of 30 plus years.
25347 Name not displayed
25348 Thomas E Farrell 100% Comitted to this! No more media puppets! Lets beat them at their own game!
25349 Bob White Mr Paul , more than ever has this country needed real leadership. We need you to run for the top office of the United States. If you don’t I feel sorry for all the people of this great country, we will nevr be the same. Right now i’m hoarding food and supplies. along with self defense equipment. (and silver) It is a shame to think our generation is going to pass this mess to our children. Thank you Bob White
25350 Patrick Barnhart
25351 Daniel Easler Peace, Prosperity, Liberty
25352 jason derstine
25353 zac
25354 Jay Strange Run Ron Run

See Ron Run
25355 Rodney C. Foster, IV RUN FOR PRES RON!
25356 Shawn S Russel Ron Paul 2012 last chance to save america!!!
25357 Lewis Grimes
25358 Sean Russell save america Ron Paul!
25359 Ashley Smith
25360 Name not displayed
25361 Tom Bukacek I live in Austin and am willing to help volunteer
25362 Nancy Calafati
25363 sam benton
25364 Name not displayed Awaken the masses!
25365 Len Margiotta Because the Constitution is begging you to
25366 Daniel Starr
25367 Chris sferlazza
25368 Jamie Coleman
25369 John Duell II Dr. Paul,

Please run our gov. I feel is on the verge of a third war, in Libya. I don’t want to see this happen, you are america’s only hope!



The rEVOLution must continue Liberty must not die!


what do you think about Ron Paul/Gary Johnson2012!
25370 Andrew White Ron I had lost faith in all politians until I heard you debate….help the american people!
25371 Name not displayed Run Ron! Ill back you %100. From a current inlisted troop serving in afghanistan, Thank you for your refreshing views.
25372 Deborah Glebe Refreshing honesty. True Patriot.
25373 Name not displayed Gary Johnson supporter
25374 Name not displayed
25375 John Bonham The time is now to act……
25376 Pam Meyer It’s time to take the bull by the horns and straighten out Washington. Really only a President can get so much done so quickly. Look at Obama, he took less than 2 years to screw it up. You should be able to kick some booty rather quickly. Such as the Health Care Bill, border problems, the FED and the IRS. Come on Ron we need you, the media be damned, you’ll get a fare shake on FOX. Tell it like it is and we will follow, we need the dirty truth, the truth doesn’t change, or be manipulated. Truth is Truth and we can handle it.
25377 Kyle Webb Help us RonPaul Kenobi, you’re our only hope…
25378 Alice Morris
25380 Eric Uncle Sam: help me Ron Paul your my only hope.
25381 Name not displayed
25382 Frank Rodriguez, Jr.
25383 Name not displayed Please run for President 2012 Ron! We need you!
25384 Dave Flowers For Liberty!
25385 Dean McGee
25386 Larry Taljonick We need you more than ever Ron!
25387 Tyler Burke Theres more good then there is evil we the people can stand up for our rights with our voice here from wisconsin "dictator Scott Walker"
25388 Alice Lillie I have supported you as long as I can remember and will continue to do so.
25389 Chad Scalaro
25390 Richard Timm
25391 Eduardo Ferreira We need you Mr. Paul!! Please run!!
25392 Name not displayed
25393 beverly There is no way we should vote for republicans or democrates, but for the Constitution! You are the only candidate that has not caved-in and you have kept your values…..PLEASE RUN FOR OFFICE AND LET US TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.
25394 Jamie Bohn
25395 Fawad Qazi
25396 Name not displayed Please bring change and get us out of the wars and lift the economy up!
25398 Tracy Diaz Ron Paul, you CAN do this. You CAN overthrow the establishment, with OUR HELP!!! PLEASE RUN IN 2012! My future, and my children’s future depend on it.

In liberty,

Tracy Diaz
25399 Gene Harris
25400 Jaymie Heffron
25401 Robert Kelley
25402 Paulina Robinson
25403 Renate Dr. Ron Paul you`ve got my full support.
25404 Name not displayed
25405 Name not displayed
25406 Name not displayed Run ron america needs you as president
25407 Cindy Lake
25408 Steven thomas This country needs Ron Paul more than ever in 2012
25409 Peter Celentano I’m sick and tired of the average American citizen getting screwed in Washington. We need someone who can start fixing the system and make America truly for the people!
25410 Name not displayed
25411 Tammy Boylan Thank you Ron Paul! You are a breath of fresh air!
25412 Wayne Price
25413 Cristina Pertierra
25414 Sean Barron
25415 Isaac Our country needs you NOW more than EVER!!!
25416 evagelos Kavouriadis
25417 John tilley We deserve better from our govt
25418 Lillian Bradley
25419 Kenneth DesCombes It is time for the United States to get a solid canidate for President.
25420 Diane Newman
25421 Marcello Texidor Please Congressman Ron Pual we the people need your liberal ideals in America and around the world
25422 Christopher Masters
25423 Nick
25424 Tye Andrews
25425 Name not displayed
25426 Daniel Bono Thank you for curing my apathy Mr. Paul.
25427 Mike Rana
25428 Wojciech Sikora
25429 crystal whitbeck
25430 Greg Miller ‘There is a fallen banner. The banner of true conservatism. Whoever picks up this banner will find a following and be followed." Patrick Buchanan - 2004

You Sir have picked up this banner, and found this following. Don’t let them down. Run in 2012.
25431 Aaron Chin
25432 Name not displayed
25433 Name not displayed I am with you 100%. Your a man of wisdom and I beleive you can change the US forever. Don’t give up. I beg of you.
25434 Name not displayed
25435 janice brown we need you mr. paul
25436 Valerie thompson Please run! I voted for you and I will again
25437 Michael McNeese
25438 Gary Lindley
25439 steve boron
25440 Robert Stano We won’t be fooled again
25441 jon lamont please HELP US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
25442 Name not displayed
25443 Ali Jaffery We need you more than ever to save not only or country, but to restore TRUE hope in and around the world. Let freedom ring.
25444 Jennifer Moore Dr. Paul, you have my vote!
25445 Amber Anderson We need Ron Paul!! We need Ron Paul!! We need Ron Paul!! He is not afraid to address the real concerns that are facing America today!! He is fierce with REALITY !!
25446 Name not displayed ron the people of america need you to run for us president
25447 kelly quillin
25448 Wesley Travis
25449 Brad Roofener Please, PLease run Mr. Paul. I will campaign my butt off for you in Oregon.
25450 Greg Holthaus
25451 Elizabeth Greenberg
25452 Devante
25453 Austin Blodgett Our only hope!
25454 david trexler
25455 Daniel James Masterson
25456 Garth I believe to be the President-the Commander and Chief-of America, you must have served in our military. Ron Paul has done that as a U.S Air Force flight surgeon during the 1960s. How can we have confidence in our Commander and chief’s ability to make military decisions when they have no real life military knowledge. Those who haven’t served have no idea what it takes, they don’t know what our men and women go through. Ron Paul, unlike most politicians, doesn’t just talk about problems. He has real solutions to the everyday problems that Americans are facing. His education and common sense in economics is what we really need right now. If he were voted into office, I think that he could really make a difference. His ideals could bring this country together and we could dig ourselves out of this hole, if the house and congress would be willing to follow him.
25457 Rhonda Rogers Down with too much Government in the wrong places - concentrate on the things that really need big oversite-stop treating your citizens as criminals - no GMO foods- Boycot GM for taking our money and opening shop in Mexico instead of here- let us grow hemp as a staple crop- forget the UN and the Fed- create 1 fair tax for all - cut all government across the board- get rid of the pork- have true transparency -balance your budget- use your resources wisely- impliment mandatory recycling- let ever state get the 5 cents a plastic bottle and clean up the streets- tell the truth to the public about peak oil so we can use what little time we have left to prepare- fear not for God is with you.
25458 Ana Haas
25459 Matthew Mulcahy
25460 Marcus Franklin please help get this nation back on track
25462 Jack jones It is the perfect storm of horror on all fronts and all levels. You are the perfect storm of experience , insight , wisdom, patience and endearment of ideas that you can simplify to the people. This next president and administration will be at a pivot point in time. Its got to be you.
25463 Victor baghdadi Behind you all the way
25464 Nikao Herbert
25465 Brandon Sanford We need a REAL Commander-in-Cheif and Ron Paul is the man for the job!!!!
25466 Name not displayed Ron Paul for president
25467 Jesus Lopez I believe in the words of a doctor!
25468 Konsta Koppinen Once you win, please:

-Audit the fed.

-End the illegal wars.

-End the corporate poisoning of our world and our bodies.
25469 matt PLEASE RUN FOR PRESIDENT. The independents are looking,needing, and wishing for u on the ballot.
25470 jordan pratley Ron Paul is the only man in position that will run for President with the balls to stand up for what is right!
25471 Amber pratley Ron Paul!!!
25472 james mcgraw
25473 Jason Davisson Please!!…Please run Mr.Paul.You may be america’s last hope(Your son is awesome but I fear we might not have enough time left).You will have my and my whole families votes.
25474 Name not displayed
25475 Blair Murphy RON PAUL IN 2012!!!!!!FTW!
25476 mattknock ron paul 2012!
25477 Terry Kennicker
25478 Nicholas Zounis The time has come for freedom.
25479 Dan Rittenhouse
25480 jose God bless you ron paul. You are the people’s last true hope!!!
25481 Ryan McDougald Congressman Paul pls. run, you are the last, best hope for America to ever recover.
25482 Lane Trent Ron Paul: have your people get in touch with me. I want to get involved in your campaign. I am not even a political person but YOU are the man to make America right! I have been fortunate to become aware of your political focus and I am "on board".
25483 Name not displayed
25484 Derek Rebuck I love this guy. He is an inspiration to Americans everywhere and there is no one more genuine out there. He says what he wants and won’t change his opinions. &<3 the guy. I sure hope he runs. America need him. I really would love to meet him someday too. I supported you in 08 but wasn't only enough to vote. I wanna be able to vote for you in 2012. GO Dr. PAUL!!!
25485 Benjamin Fuller Won’t vote unless it’s Ron…
25486 Nicholas Athanas For the love of the Constitution…. Please run!!!!!
25487 Name not displayed
25488 Adrianna Mari Ron Paul 2012
25489 Ronald Reynolds Jr Our great Republic died long ago, help us rebuild it stronger than ever!
25490 Carol
25491 Ismael Ron, when you win in 2012, please don’t forget that oil is not infinite. That’s the only thing that worries me about you. Production will not be able to catch consumption and that’s where things will turn very creepy real quick. Please support renewables. That support has created a scientific revolution in America. You are great! You have my vote in 2012!!
25492 Name not displayed
25493 Diego Marin
25494 William Haugsøen Run for president
25495 Dan Oram bring back the Constitution and Bill of Rights! It’s eather now or never i fear.. at this rate there will not be a 2016 election..
25496 Name not displayed Ron Paul, I really don’t think this country will ever get back on track without you, your message, and your freedom movement. You are our best hope for the future!
25497 Eugene Cowling
25498 Bill Cowling
25499 Name not displayed
25500 Aaron Marshall I have great hope in you as a leader. Understand that this is coming from an individual who is exasperated with the two party system and politicians in general. This country has been headed in the wrong direction for far too long by Republicans who claim to be conservative but are only greedy corporate religious fanatics, and by Democrats who claim to be liberal but are only catering to a different sector of corporate America and pushing their own personal agendas and not doing what is best for this country. Our constitution. Democrats are identical in almost every way to a Republicans. One is Coke, the other is Pepsi. One is MTV the other is CMT. But guess what? Both companies are owned by Viacom, and they drive two agendas to absorb all profits on those fronts distracting from music that is actually good! This is exactly what Dems and Repubs are like. They represent two distractions to what is actually quality and righteousness in life, in laws, and in hope for the future of this great nation that is the USA.
25501 Sally Harrington We need you more than ever Dr. Paul. Please run
25502 Linda Tryba
25503 Christian Weaver
25504 Name not displayed Make some real change. I don’t always agree with your views but as long as you are straight forward and explain why you chose them I will back you. Honesty will win this next election, not promises.
25505 Phillip Liu We need a Ron Paul in Australia Like urgent.
25506 Blake Maier not just america needs you… the entire world does.
25507 Andrei Nicolau How many Americans never heard of Ron Paul? That’s the first thing that has to be fixed if he decides to run. … And even if he doesn’t.
25508 Daniel Greer
25509 Name not displayed
25510 Tom Waters For Liberty.
25511 stuart bradman The world needs you to save America from the Fed reserve who are bleeding her dry and destroying the economy.
25512 Jonathan Jackson
25513 Name not displayed
25514 Corey Bowes LET FREEDOM RING!
25515 Julie A. Sussman
25516 Name not displayed Run Ron Run!
25517 Name not displayed please, please, please
25518 kevin shick SAVE THE U.S.
25519 Alexander G Do it damn it!
25520 Name not displayed
25521 Cale Lynn
25522 Name not displayed Lets fix AMERICA first! Let the rest of the world hang themselves!
25523 Name not displayed
25524 Michele Pisano Let’s go Ron!

Michele Pisano

Quartu Sant’Elena, Italy
25525 Name not displayed
25526 Nancy Stevens
25527 Name not displayed
25528 A. Stauffenberg
25529 Eric Young
25530 Jack Dick
25531 aaron mccullars
25532 D. Sofia
25533 Name not displayed
25534 Kelly Curtis A vote for Freedom and Liberty!
25535 Lisa Renda
25536 Dan Mitchell
25537 Name not displayed
25538 Cody Mckelvey RON PAUL 2012!
25539 Clever Rayo I have recently turned libertarian. It’s time to make those reals cut and shrink government. Ron Paul is the only one who talks about it with passion.
25540 Name not displayed
25541 Neil Hines Our country needs to return to the founding fathers principles.
25542 Mchael E. Tate Run Ron Run!! And take Alex Jones w/ ya as Speaker of the House!!!! :)
25543 Kevin Cruver R3VOLUTION!
25544 Tom Pihl The nation is finally talking about fiscal responsibility. It’s your time Ron. Lead the way.
25545 Name not displayed
25546 Ron Speaks
25547 Name not displayed I choose you!
25548 Daniel Brinkman
25549 Barbara Barker
25550 Name not displayed
25551 Michael Camacho Now is the time for one good man to come to the aid of humanity. END THE FED!!!!!!!!!! please.

There’s much more light at the end of this road.
25552 jude rodriguez
25553 David Gantkowski
25554 Charles Dalon Please God, let this man be president!
25555 james schoonmaker
25556 Joshua DeMoss I have hope… lead us to a better place and set of of ideals.
25557 Todd Duka
25558 Charles A Anderson Jr We need to replace our monetary system with one that is not structured like a pyramid scheme
25559 ben suttles
25560 Christopher Westman
25561 Austin Razavi Dear Ron,

America needs you now more than ever. Please lead us back to glory!
25562 Charles Eson I have been calling for a draft since November. Ecstatic that its finally here.
25563 Danielle Eiler
25564 Chris Doyle
25565 Ryan End the fed !
25566 Cynthia Frederick You have the support of the wife of a U.S. Soldier
25567 Jacob R Snow Please Run Dr. Paul! No one else can advance the cause of Liberty like you can!
25568 Name not displayed I am young, only 17 at the moment, but I have long seen the flaws in our system and your words and ideas make so much sense. The first vote I am finally able to make will be for you in 2012.
25569 Christopher Krueger I believe this country needs a leader like Regan again

my vote is for Ron Paul
25570 Adam Fulsom I am a Canadian and would identify myself as a marxist. However, i support Ron Paul because I believe his international policy, if implemented, would be one of the best in the world. I disagree with his philosophy and economic thought, but his respect for difference of opinion is commendable. Best of luck in 2012.
25571 Brian Lovesky
25572 jack roberts Run ron. Help us take back america
25573 jack roberts RON PAUL #1
25574 Your the man. Lets do this!
25575 Abbott Morgan
25576 Karl Cooper There is a national, and now also an international, movement to encourage individual liberty and responsibility. Ron Paul will help us embed those principles in our national life.
25577 William Porter If there was an opt out option for the government, the only thing that would keep me from doing it would be Ron Paul 2012, please run, the country needs you
25578 D. Harris Tried of a failing Government?This country needs real change soon! Step outside your box of thinking and vote for someone that can truely turn this country around. VOTE-RON PAUL 2012!!!
25579 Name not displayed Mr. Ron paul,

You are the only hope in this country of corruption contrlled by international banking mafia

It would be great if you were to run as INDEPENDENT as both parties are hopelessly corrupt
25580 Shonda Taylor Go Ron Paul…..2012!!!!!
25581 Paul Castle Please run Dr Paul. American needs you!
25582 Barbara Fournier
25583 jonathan youngman
25584 Antonio L Lam I love everthing he his to say.Take stand vote for paul
25585 Seth Adam Rand Paul for VP!
25586 Name not displayed Overturn the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

Re-instate executive order 1111 inacted by John F. Kennedy. God bless you and America.
25587 Jason Barry Bolden
25588 Name not displayed Ron Paul the best thing since George Washington
25589 Max McLean Ron Paul to save America 2012
25590 Brian Paulhamus Please run Dr. Paul!
25591 Crystal Johnson
25592 Dona DiTore
25593 Charles Boone
25594 Brian Petersen
25595 Joey Campbell Ron Paul is the perfect example of what our forefathers wanted us all to be like. I stand behind him, because he stands behind what’s morally and blatantly right.
25596 Name not displayed I’m a canadian and would vote twice for you if Icould.

Most people want whats just fair
25597 Kyle Thom Hope for America and the future of the planet
25598 Josh Enright
25599 Name not displayed Not only America needs you, the entire world does!
25600 Debi Marie Iske
25601 Name not displayed After you win and you will please make it a priority to audit and end the Fed.
25602 Name not displayed
25603 Name not displayed Your courage,wisdom & leadership has inspired hundreds of thousands already…please continue to help inspire those who will have seen these last few years as the hardest in their lives!
25604 Kirk Ross
25605 Name not displayed
25606 Borman Anwar Quinonez Rooting for you from West Covina, CA (Los Angeles County) If you need any grassroots help on the west side, I’m only an email away.
25607 Robert R Galbreath
25608 Raj Gulati Please run for president!!!
25609 Mike Phillips
25610 Name not displayed
25611 Amanda Lindsay
25612 jared l’esperance
25613 Patrick Pinsonneault This is the only man to bring America back
25614 David Davidson
25615 boris popovic Let’s hope people come to their senses and vote for the only person that is going to be people’s president and not a puppet of the fed, international bankers and corporations. I am also hoping he isn’t going to bomb my home country again and be a world policeman. (Serbia)
25616 Brandon Bassett
25617 Jaka Jerele
25618 Andy Velasco
25619 ron jaynor
25620 Diane Kennicker Congressman Paul,

I heard your message in 2008 and I am pleased you continue to speak out about issues that are of concern to the American people. You may count on my vote in 2012.

Keep on the issues! Don’t relent! Let’s take our country and our liberty back!
25621 Barrett Knowles
25622 Nathan Schrock Run Ron Run! Please for the sake of our future please run for president.
25623 james
25625 Katie Krueger
25626 Gilbert Doctorow Small government in healthcare and social security? It may fit libertarian theory but would cause great pain and social turbulence for minimal progress on tackling the budget deficit. Rein in our neo-Conservative defined foreign policy, cut the vastly overblown American global military presence and interventions: here you have the key to fiscal sobriety. Within reach! While at the same time raising the national security for all the reasons set out by Ron Paul. Oh, yes, and reinstate the draft; put our mercenaries out to pasture. If this be populism, I say: power to the people!
25627 Conrad Rousseau Bring sanity to government
25628 Name not displayed
25629 Heather Leona Wade Help our country before it’s too late, Mr. Paul.
25630 Austin Snow You are the greatest option America has for President.
25631 Kenneth Slaustas Thank You, You are my voice
25632 Name not displayed
25633 Name not displayed Please help us. You know the government is corrupt. You know that we’ve had many bad decisions. Please be our savior.
25634 Name not displayed End the Fed! End the entitlement system! End the Wars! Do what’s right for the people!
25635 Andrew Tomlin
25636 Name not displayed Stop the new world order!
25637 Mitch Dr. Paul we need a real American in office, all other GOP’s and democrats are a joke and will take this country dipper into hell, we need obama out before he ruins this country any more. The youth see whats going on in this world, help us before we all become slaves to this government.
25638 Name not displayed
25639 Debra K. Carey
25640 Name not displayed Please use me for writing purposes. In the past I was a frequent contributor to the local newspaper’s editorial page and wrote a column for three years. I can’t stand by and do nothing while my country is destroyed.
25641 Name not displayed I could not be more excited to see the growing support for Dr. Paul’s ideals. You have my time, support and most importantly my VOTE!
25642 Rene Izquierdo I stand by Ron’s platform. The only thing I disagree on is the whole pro life issue. I believe it is a woman’s right to do what she wants with her own body.
25643 Mike Doyle Mr. Paul, your words inspire me. I believe that our country is moving in the wrong direction. I ask you to not because I want a change in America but because we as a people Need a change. Thank you.
25644 James Glenn
25645 David Hernandez
25646 Name not displayed
25647 Charles D Wakefield This is a man I will give my first political dollar to.
25648 Daniel Schmidt the businesses that are insolvent should negotiate,or sell to those who are,this is how us little have done it for years,it works well.
25649 Stacey S.
25650 Name not displayed
25651 Daniel Murphy I’m an anarchist and never vote on principle, but if you were to run, then I would vote for you.
25652 Michael Creitoff Ron Paul is the only hope this country has left

please run, i will volunteer for your campaign
25653 SGT Dustin Hobbs
25654 Gabrielle Kozik
25655 Matthew Jaramillo Ron Paul 2012….we need to start early this time & spread the word to fellow conservatives
25656 Garret Jordan
25657 Name not displayed
25658 Name not displayed Please shrink the federal government. Empower the states to take care of their own.
25659 mary beth fischer
25660 Douglas L Iverson
25661 Neal Kleckner
25662 Richard Lawson
25664 Shawn Davis
25665 adam vamosi
25666 Daniel Noble I’ve been a supporter of Ron Paul for years, if ever there was a time the country needed him its now.
25667 David M Collins
25668 Janet Massey
25669 Name not displayed Ron Paul we need your help, let get you in and turn the dollar around.
25670 James Walpole Liberty or death!
25671 Jon Olafsson
25672 Name not displayed I am an Atheist but I support you100%. You are more knowledgeable about the flow of money in our country than anybody else in our country. You are are very pragmatic in the way you view the mess we are in. Best of luck.
25673 Diane Doucet America and the world are ready for Ron Paul!
25674 James Blankenship END THE FED!
25675 kevin young
25676 Name not displayed
25677 michael cain
25678 Cecily Barber The rEVOLution continues—-I’m READY to get out on the street again with Ron Paul signs—just SAY THE WORD!!! You are the ONLY HOPE that our poor neglected CONSTUTUTION has!!!
25679 Dale Sims I live in the eastern panhandle of WV. WV for RON PAUL!!
25680 louis carl both parties are out of control. the greatest governing document ever written the US Constitution is being trashed by historical ignorant agendas. The defense of American freedom is coming from the people just like Thomas Jefferson predicted
25681 Preston D. Kamler Ron you are honestly the best hope we have for restoring our Republic. Run Ron RUN!!!
25682 colin flynn Ron 2012
25683 Lisa Savage
25684 Name not displayed
25685 Name not displayed
25686 Andrew Savage
25687 Name not displayed You are the only politician that I can understand.
25688 Aedan Denum lux et veritas
25689 Jennifer Ebanks There’s no one else for me to vote for! Help! Please run in 2012! :)
25690 john mack The only man who speaks the truth
25691 James Ebanks
25692 Andy Cahan
25693 Robert J. Cline Duty well performed. Honor in all things. Country before self. Support and defend the constitution of the United States. I got it. I did it. Why can’t they?
25694 Name not displayed
25695 Name not displayed Reason belongs in the White House
25696 Name not displayed
25697 Dalibor Zrnic
25698 Name not displayed
25699 Sharron Howell
25700 kevin godfrey Just go for it!!!
25701 Stephanie White You are a beacon of hope in which we haven’t had in a while. Thank you for standing up now we just need to follow.
25702 Nick Lemon
25703 Wendy Lee Vaught Thanks for all you have done for Liberty. You are my only modern day living hero. The time is now Dr. Paul!
25704 Morgan Sean Gibbs Dr. Paul, I believe that you are the only one who can restore sanity to our policies, our dollar, and our country as a whole. Please run for president, and I pledge I will do everything I can to help you win.
25705 Jeff Dolliver America desperately needs a Washington DC full of Ron Pauls to straighten it out!
25706 amy e.n. kinser america should be the true land of the free
25707 Bryan Paul
25708 Michael Tapia
25709 Luis Malave
25710 Levi Van Fossen We need the hero of the constitution to end the wars and the best way to do that it to cut off their funding. Lets once again undo the damage that Hamilton started.
25711 Eric Kendrick if voting worked, it would be illegal.
25712 Edward Reagan
25713 Fernando Orige
25714 Racel McKee
25715 Name not displayed You are the only diplomatic option. We are the only military option. You are my hero and I know you will be an example to my daughter and sons.

Ron Paul 2012
25716 jeffrey spruill
25717 Brian D
25718 Kevin Papac Hope for America. Run in 2012!
25719 Name not displayed
25720 NAtanael Rodriguez IT’s Time….
25721 Name not displayed Thank You Mr. Paul for standing up for me and my children.
25722 AUSTIN JONES Ron Paul is our only hope
25723 Reynaldo Villalobos Ron Paul we need you, please run for president in 2012, all of my friends that are liberal democrats are now saying they will vote for you if you run, the age range of people that im talking about are 25 to 40 years, all the best!
25724 Nicholas Conn
25725 j dilbeck
25726 Jody Carl Bailey I am 25 and want a strong future. I do not see this happening with the leadership of other candidates. I appreciate all that Ron Paul does for this country by keeping it in check.
25727 Luis Diaz
25728 Name not displayed
25729 Name not displayed Freedom and justice
25730 Liridon Qosaj We need you more than ever Dr Paul.
25731 Name not displayed
25732 Name not displayed
25733 Name not displayed FUCK THE ILLUMINATI!
25734 Jeffrey J. Bloom
25735 Name not displayed
25736 Patrick Cimo HELL…I’ll not only stand behind and beside Dr. Paul … I’ll in FRONT of this Gentleman!
25737 Daniel Martinez Go Ron Paul!!!
25738 jerry dudley thank you for telling the truth
25739 Troy Jensen Please run, I no longer recognize my country.
25740 Pallieter Koopmans The Netherlands
25741 Frank Rozatti You’re America’s last hope for redemption. END THE FED. END THE WARS. END THE WELFARE STATE. END SS. END MEDICRAP!!!! END THE DEPT.’S!!!!!!!!!!!! END THE WAR ON DRUGS!!! END THE RAPE OF OUR CONSTITUTION!
25742 brandon count me in
25743 Cliff Wilkinson
25744 Keith Hoffman Run Baby Run! We need you…. True Hope & Change wanted
25745 Corey Go Ron paul!!!
25746 Jan Dvorak The last hope for America.
25747 Derrick McDermed I would proudly petition and seek Ron Paul as our president for 2012!
25748 Mark Cepiel It is do or die this next election for America. If Maobama pulls the next election off we are really going to have some serious problems staying a free Republic. Dr. Paul is the only viable candidate with Americas interests at heart and he needs to win to save out Great Nation. God Bless Ron Paul and God Bless America.
25749 Henry Garcia
25750 Name not displayed I want my freedom back! I do not like being a debt slave.
25751 Scott White I honestly believe Ron Paul would make an excellent candidate for 2012. That being said, Ron Paul is still too radical for many people, however if he can just go into the elections saying he will change everything and not tell us how, then he may actually win. One thing is for sure these days, and that is that honesty does not win elections. How are we ever going to restore faith in the Federal Government if honesty, charity and faith are not even part of the plan anymore?
25752 Summer Hancock
25753 Thomas Coulson Jr
25754 Name not displayed
25755 R Ullrich R Paul has the only viable plan for this mess we’re in.
25756 Sherry Daniel
25757 Name not displayed
25758 Ethan Koelsch Last chance for America to avoid collapse.
25759 J K Meyer A REAL change is needed; it is time for hard working Americans voices’ to be heard!
25760 Name not displayed Please keep up your battle against the current monetary system! We need to go back to gold to get a stable economy.
25761 Shane Carey If only our government were ran by people who cared…
25762 Chris Baker While I don’t agree with Ron Paul on the abortion issue he is the glimmer of hope on so many other issues. Please run in 2012!
25763 John Adams
25764 Name not displayed
25765 Yasmin Kronfli
25766 Scott Coleman I will also gladly work for this campaign as well, should you choose to run.
25767 Loretta Siani We need a man of your character who is not afraid to do what it takes to save our republic.
25768 Phil Glad to sign.
25769 Matthew Kupstas
25770 Name not displayed
25771 Linda Lee Smith I do believe Ron Paul is The Lord’s will for America!
25772 Lindsay Moore
25773 Celeste Sands Please help America get back to Liberty & Justice for all!
25774 marco m Keep up the good work…we need to end corrupt rich companies that are hurting the usa..and making themselves making us middle class and under go broke….
25775 jordan vaughan
25776 Mandy Jade Kramer I think Paul/Trump 2012 would be a good match!
25777 Name not displayed
25778 josh Run Ron Run!
25779 Eddie Ron Paul!!!!
25780 Name not displayed
25781 William Keck Ron Paul your our only hope… In a Star Wars voice
25782 Name not displayed
25783 Name not displayed
25784 Danny Webb You are in our family’s prayers Mr. Paul. Good luck if you do decide to run!
25785 Steven Flanagan Mr Paul,

You are the only man I trust to lead this nation. Please run in 2012
25786 Gabriel Hein This is our chance to TAKE AMERICA BACK! RON PAUL 2012!
25787 Name not displayed Amen!!
25788 brittany kesterson ron paul we need you, i believe u can make our country better.
25789 M Pope Run Ron Run! 2012!
25790 Helena Thesing Audit the FED!

End the Wars! (war on drugs, war on terror…iraq, afghanistan, military industrial complex, foreign aid)! and war on cannibas/hemp!

25791 Carson Adams
25792 Cheryl Strand
25793 Dane Graves We need a season of Reason, and You are the one who has consistently stood on the principles of our Constitution and of fiscal common sense. We desparately need another Calvin Coolidge, and you ARE the man for the job. God bless you and give you LONG life.
25794 Josh denney Go Ron Paul! You have many more followers then you can imagine!
25795 Brent White
25796 Name not displayed
25797 Martin Durham Send Obama home, the community lacks organizers.
25798 Matthew Rospierski I think people are starting to listen. You are the hope and change we actually need.
25799 Shon Price Love your visions and bravery to go at the NWO all by yourself (so it seems). I think enough people are ‘awaken’ this time to give you the support and votes to win this. Born and raised in the Netherlands, but this will be the first time I’ll use my American Nationality to vote!!!
25800 Tahirih Caban
25801 Elizabeth M King
25802 A. Lawrence I’m voting for you whether you run or not.
25803 Name not displayed Thank you, Congressman Paul!
25804 Jeremy Jirasek RON PAUL 2012!!
25805 Justin
25807 Name not displayed We need some sanity in our government!
25808 Eugene
25809 Bob Luzynski
25810 Cole Wencley End the Fed
25811 John Davis
25812 Name not displayed
25813 Matt Mackey
25814 Name not displayed You must do this. You must.
25815 Name not displayed
25816 Jeremy Slusher
25817 Mathias Weinmann Please run Ron. I voted for Obama, because I wanted I realize he has no change he is all the same…you are Change, and for the better
25818 Name not displayed God bless you Dr. Paul.
25819 Travis Weaver You have my support, Dr. Paul.
25820 Name not displayed You have to run! Our country is falling apart quickly. Only you have any sense left to get things back into order. You would TOOL anyone in a debate…..especially the current President! Please run!
25821 Ashley Hughes Run Ron Run
25822 T Bennett Get r done, Paul
25823 Thomas A. Walsh America has been illuminated by the Light of Christ and the Lamp of Liberty, but we have been Asleep in the Light. In 2008 you woke us up. If you run in 2012 you can lead us to victory.
25824 Paul Grad We must have Ron Paul as our President.
25825 Mary E. Gaddy
25826 John Strasburger
25827 Christina Moroney other than your recent comments about DOMA, you’re right about everything.
25828 Name not displayed We are all created for a time & place in history, now is our time, our great nation is the place.
25829 John Pitstick
25830 Val Maylone I was a member of Peace Fresno. I was also a Board Member, but I resigned. I recall that Peace Fresno OBJECTED HOTLY to my suggestion of having Ron Paul speak at their annual peace rally. Mind you, Ron Paul was the ONLY candidate who promised to END the war. Why? Because he was a LIBERTARIAN and they don’t believe in funding public services or some such rot. Like Obama’s presidency has done anything for the poor, hungry and disenfranchinsed! NOT!

I ultimately resigned from Peace Fresno (in part because they were dilettantes who didn’t walk their talk). I would rather support someone who promises to end the war than someone who is adept at weasleworded political manoeuvres that continue to enable the wartime profiteers and megacorps.
25831 courtland mccormick
25833 Paul Grad We must have Ron Paul as our President.
25834 Name not displayed Ron Paul please run!
25835 Name not displayed We’re all with you !
25836 Name not displayed Good luck Ron, Your the best!
25837 Nester End the Fed, End the Wars!
25838 john brooks
25839 Mandy Lindsay
25840 NICHOLAS JAMES WATSON Chapel Hill supports you.
25841 Jose Juarez Im spreading your views to all my friends and familiy as well as my community in gettos of los angeles
25842 peter sisca
25843 ivana sokolic
25844 Name not displayed Ron Paul for President 2012…
25845 Name not displayed
25846 Sean Smith YES!
25847 Terescia Harvey
25848 David Wood This would be my first ever vote in 39 yrs of life. I don’t believe in voting for criminal parties whose only interest is their parties majority and not the concerns and problems of "We the People" who they’re supposed to be working on behalf of.They should be tried for treason and prosecuted accordingly.

RON PAUL ………..2012…………….
25849 Kathryn Gaddy
25850 Neil Thex Email me your address. I plan to send a campaign contribution.
25851 Michelle Hocking "To me, to be a conservative means to conserve the good parts of America and to conserve our Constitution." - Ron Paul
25852 Name not displayed
25853 Evan Granger You can only be an answer when you ask questions. Only Ron Paul asks the questions nobody else wants to acknowledge because they are afraid of the answer. If we, as Americans cannot lead by example to create a better world where decisions are based off of logic, then we are no longer fit to lead.
25854 Name not displayed
25855 C Joseph No army can stop an idea thats time has come. 2012 is that time. God Bless you Dr. Paul.
25856 Melissa Lunsford
25857 Name not displayed
25858 Name not displayed Clean house
25859 Name not displayed time to get back to Constitutional principles. Ron you had my vote in 2008, you will have it again !
25860 Name not displayed This is the man to bring TRUE FREEDOM!!!
25861 Wayne Walker We need you, Ron.
25862 Cody Maine Bottom Line. The only thing that matters is clean energy, universal health care, No wars or conflicts and More jobs and money in the pockets of american citizens.
25863 scott killian
25864 Moneytha Burns Hi Ron, I have never been interested in politics until I was introduced to you. You make sense and you keep it real. I had no idea that our country was in such disarray, not to mention corrupt. I’m not too sure how much to believe about the Illuminati, lizard-like aliens on the moon, or who the antichrist might be, but these are the types of things that have interested me since I was quite young. I don’t know uf you can "save us" as that is such a tall order, but you are the only person qualified to take over as President. These other poseurs are in way over their heads whether they know it or not. I also share 3 astrological placements in common with you, which is more than I’ve had with anybody else’s chart thus far. I feel you can make a huge difference. My bf and I plan to move to New Hampshire sometime soon. You have the votes, at least from the people anyway. See you in the pres race!
25865 lee jones GO RON!!
25866 Marc Roelofs
25867 George C. Collier Hey Ron, Who is John Gault?
25868 Steven Jonson Thank you for being a Patriot.
25869 Robert M. Painter
25870 joseph a. warren
25871 Name not displayed
25872 Leonard Hanson please consider announcing Jesse Ventura as your running mate early…
25873 kyle run or were done
25874 Matt Foote Thank you so much for your continued vision based leadership and dedication to the Constitution.
25875 Charles Hughes I voted for you in 2008 and you’ll have my vote if you run in 2012. We need you!
25876 Clayton
25877 Clarissa
25878 Zachary Lewis
25879 Debra Lawler
25880 Massimo Angioni go get’em
25881 Aaron G dismantel the Fed, stand up for our constitution. Our modern day T. Jefferson!
25882 Ricardo Stuckey
25883 Michael Mohajer Ron Paul, after watching several videos on youtube of your 2008 presidential rebates you won my vote. We have not seen a presidential canditate so honest and courageous, and correct, in decades. America needs you
25884 Andrew Raugh
25885 Shane Whitefield
25886 Heather O’Neill I promise to campaign for you in Oregon!
25887 marc shamblin rons the future of the american republic. i have never voted in my life but i would vote for ron a million times over
25888 Matthew James I’m truly frightened of these politicians who care nothing for the people they are supposed to represent.
25889 Name not displayed Run Ron Run!
25890 Zach Fortier
25891 charles caccioppo it took Reagan more than 1 time …..
25892 Name not displayed
25893 Name not displayed Please run for office Dr. Paul! This country needs the overhaul that only you can provide the proper oversight for. Please, help us, the citizens of the United States of America, regain our country. The land of the FREE.
25894 Name not displayed I’ve never agreed with a candidate as much as I agree with you. I am an aspiring nurse and I am behind you. I always said it would be nice to have a leader that would be willing to give themselves a pay cut to help out…and I would laugh, but here you are. I can’t even express myself fully on here for fear of not enough room to write. Just know, you have my vote.
25895 Gabriel Jimenez
25896 Name not displayed
25897 Name not displayed America needs you!
25898 Paul A. Schultz We need our champion!
25899 Colin Flynn Porter
25900 Derek Tremblay Please! We need you now more than ever. Before we are all made slaves.
25901 Elliot Kuykendall
25902 Name not displayed God save America!! Because the citizens can’t seem to elect someone who can!
25903 Name not displayed
25904 Name not displayed
25905 Erin O’Brien
25906 andrew mante we need to win
25907 Tommy Spinelli ron paul should run because he is gonna turn this country around and so there is no more new world order plans

ron paul is a true american and leader
25908 Matthew S Alvey Jr. Give me liberty or give me death.
25909 C Donnally Ron Paul is so awesome. Every time I get cynical about the direction the world is going in, and start to believe that there’s nothing left to do but give up, he brings back my hope that one day we’ll finally live in a free society.
25910 Brad Dick RUN, RON, RUN!!
25911 James Go ! Ron Goo!!!!!!!!!!!!!
25912 Damian Dick
25913 jesse farrington No U.S. troops on the Arabian Peninsula!
25914 Name not displayed I believe in you Dr. Paul and i hope you win in 2012.
25915 Louis Rice Don’t do it for YOU, do if for US. We need you, America needs you.
25916 Marc Hermann GO RUN, RON!
25917 clayton klapper Do it. We can start a social network revolution and change the world.
25918 Name not displayed Smart, honest, unwaivering, freedom-loving. What more could we ask for in a U.S. President?
25919 Andre Robitaille
25920 C. Kurt Parrish
25921 Gary R. HooPer On Facebook, itsmehoop
25922 Name not displayed Lets do this. I got your back!
25923 Ðavid Hedgcock
25924 Manual Pangowish bush and obomma want a new greater america (NWO) i will not stand for that i want world peace, nothing but the truth, NO MONEY … like we don’t need money in the world just think why do we need money jobs? well what if we just wiped out all the money and a truck came by to deliver food and water every day and gave everyone shelter

email me if you agree
25925 Joel Hallendy
25926 Catherine Thompson
25927 Matthew Battey RUN INDEPENDENT, NOT TEA PARTY!!!
25928 Stan Shaw
25929 Ralph Fish Don’t let the news media marginalize you.
25930 Name not displayed They can’t impeachment you for firing the generals anymore!
25931 susan g dedman
25933 Odysseus Gabardina I’m just getting to know you and I’d be happy to have you as president.
25934 Timothy Gobbel
25935 Name not displayed Please run for President, & do right.
25936 Name not displayed Please run for President
25937 chris amanis
25939 Name not displayed This man could stand on 1 foot and noone could push him over. That’s what happens when you have your nation behind you.
25940 Stephen Bates
25941 Joshua M Nelson DEFEND LIBERTY.
25942 David Wright Beat Obama 2012
25943 Blythe Guvenen
25944 Andrea Haley
25945 Joe O’Neal
25946 Kristopher Lovstad Don’t Tread On Me!
25947 robert yankevicz ron paul is the only candidate that will help the american public. he does not bad mouth anyone. i wish god protects him and us, the people.
25948 zach grimm i see you as a man with strong values that can really save this country and get us going on the right path that we need
25949 Matthew Vega Run Ron run. Win Ron win. People know who you are now, and they know your message is true. You can turn this country around. You can this world around. Please do it.
25950 Darek Taylor there is no constitutional bases for the out of control federalist expansion of power grabbing policies.
25951 Zane Belden
25952 richard loehr
25953 Hope Britt Ron Paul!!!
25954 Fred Bassett
25955 Nathaniel Sheehan The presence of your name on the ballot in Louisiana was the only reason I voted in the last Presidential election. Thank you for keeping me from choosing between the Statists!
25956 Amanda Smith
25957 Robert
25958 sonya vaughn
25959 Mike Howse I am a freedom loving Californian and I like what you say very much.
25960 Jody Howse Love to listen to you speak the truth in the face of critisism.
25961 Sam Vance We may be past the point of no return
25962 Name not displayed We need help in our country to bring us back from the abyss!!!
25963 Thomas Battey Please run
25964 Name not displayed Please, please run. Your country needs you now more than ever, sir. I voted for Obama because I couldnt believe you could win because of the overwhelming Obama support. I was wrong, I helped make that true. You have my vote, and the vote of everyone else who realizes they were duped into the same mistake. We need you.
25965 Matthew Story Please Dr. Paul take one more shot at the Presidency
25966 Name not displayed If you value freedom and individual liberties, vote Ron Paul.
25967 Kandice Thompson So many are tired of the two party system, yet they fear the opinions of each side. I feel running as Independent would launch a huge following of the majority of people that want to end the two party system. Dems fear republicans, republicans fear dems. We need someone that can best represent the people as a whole. This person is you! You have my vote for 2012!
25968 Name not displayed I really do think if you become president of this great nation and follow through with what you say, which I know you will, you will be the agent of change and it will bring us and the world back to a better place and time.
25969 Liz Moser we need you!
25970 michael searcy
25971 Noah Anthony Thank You
25972 Scott Northup Ron Paul 2012
25973 Richard Pagels
25974 Andrew Albright RUN in 2012!!! You have my full support.
25975 Alison Wenz
25976 Laura Holland
25977 Name not displayed Only you can turn this country around! We need you more then ever! Before we all become Chinese citizens.
25978 Mark Husk Lets just be honest
25979 Name not displayed
25980 Name not displayed
25981 Adam Breznicky
25982 Name not displayed Ron Paul can save this country!
25983 cecelia and Paul Parker/Adams
25984 John Michael Imes I was raised to vote for the Democrat Party, based on my grandparents’ beliefs that the Democrats are for the "Working Man." The last time I voted for a President of the United States, my vote went for Bill Clinton.. I wasn’t going to vote for anybody anymore, due to "today’s government," but I will vote for Ron Paul! I love this guy, this country has been ran into the damn ground! We need somebody like Ron Paul to get into office and get the job done.. I could sit here all day and tell everyone why we need Ron Paul to run OUR Beautiful Country, but I’m not going to do that.. Just listen to him, feel the compassion, and see the fire in his eyes. -Just Sayin’..
25985 Perry Fjellman you’re the only hope for decent american citizens being bullied by corrupt capitol hill cretins!
25986 TIM LAYNE RON 2012!
25987 Michael Courtney
25988 Zach Overs
25989 Bernie Valentine An honest man who is not afraid to speak his mind!
25990 Michael Schneider
25991 Mike Frye Ron Paul in "12"
25992 Name not displayed
25993 Sander jones End the federal reserve= no inflation, low taxes
25994 Name not displayed
25995 Seth Anderson Ron Paul you are a true American Hero. America needs some one like you to run to uphold the constitution, some one who does not cater to special interest groups. I remember Obama discussing issues like troop withdrawl in Iraq and Afganistan, and an end to prohibiton, but it seems he is no less Machiavellian than bush. The American people are tired of being bankrupt. We are sick of voting for puppets (on the left and right.) Our forefathers would turn in their graves if they knew the state of this country. History tells us how empires end . Please Ron Paul your are America’s last great hope.
25996 Michael Lavacca Knock em down!
25997 Name not displayed If he’s up for the challenge, he’s got my full support!
25998 Janan G Morris Dr. Ron Paul got me interested in finding out what it means to be an American.

Now I hope to call him President Ron Paul so I can be proud to be an American.
25999 Jacqlyn Smith It is Ron Paul’s time…..please run….we need you!
26000 Cody Lyle

49 Responses to Signatures 25,001-30,000

  1. Ray J. Acosta, Sr. says:

    I voted for you last time and I will vote for you everytime you run. I also contributed to your campaign fund and I will again. You are a good man Mr. Paul, and today, good men are hard to find in politics. What is refreshing is to read comments on your website and realize many of your constituents are educated. I wish people had to take a literacy test before voting. That’s why Obummer was elected, too many uninformed people. If the people would have only checked Obummer’s record in the senate and a little background checking, there is no way that man could have won the presidency. Good luck to you Mr. Paul, I’m rooting for you.

  2. Alex Fallman says:

    Ron Paul for freedom, Ron Paul for president! I would like Congressman Paul to know that by 2012, I will only be 16, so I will only be campaign for him. But I sure as hell will be the best campaigner ever!

    • Ray J. Acosta, Sr. says:

      It’s so refreshing to find a young man that is interested in how our country is run. We need more young men like you. Keep up the good work. Your parents must be proud of you.

  3. Duane Wilson says:

    every election I write in your name we need you as president

  4. Linda Durbin says:

    Ron Paul for President 2012!!!!!! I’m tired of voting against the other candidate. Or voting for the lesser of the two evils. Why can’t we vote for someone of our choice? Everyday we lose more of our constitutional rights. If I could have wrote you in, in the last election I woudl have.
    I hate what these evil people have done to the american people and our country. Please run Ron, we will help you win.

  5. Jon Hendrickson says:

    The problem? Treason in high places (read: Washington DC)
    If politicians would only follow the existing Constitution we’d be out of the woods - but only our beloved “Dr. No” follows it in it’s purity.
    The NeoCons, “conservative (sic) talk show hosts and those that want the (far too large) American military in every war possible, will smear the good doctor, but more than enough Democrats will counter their treasonous views, and come to his side to win the day and save the country.
    Ron Paul’s sane policy of non-intervention and his plain sense will bring the Reagan Democrats back into the fold.
    The states should have domestic policy/s, the federal government foreign dialogue. Let’s put the genie back into the bottle, abolish all duplicate federal agencies, end the (unconstitutional, privately owned) Fed and audit Fort Knox.
    Go, Ron, go!

  6. I have met with Ron Paul in his office. He has a sign in his lobby that reads: “PRAY!” When I met with him, he gave me an autographed copy of the U.S. Constitution! The Constitution is his platform and prayer is his power. We need Ron Paul in the White House! Wake up, America!!! The election of 2012 may be our last chance to rescue ourselves from the globalist tryanny the New World Order kleptocrats have planned for us. This election may literally be a “life or death” issue for Patriots!

  7. alexander costa says:

    I saddens me to think that so many americans think we our government will take care of us, our government uses our tax money as if their is not limit, and they are not responsible. I fully support Ron Paul for president 2012. I was fooled my Obama and voted for him. As the ole saying goes, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. I hope Ron Pauls runs and wins. It is time America is returned to the people, for the people, by the people, not for special interest.


    Ron Paul is the true American’s voice, Ron Paul young people everywere our encouraged by you simplicity of structural reform, you ideas are shared with every american, the problem our the politicains run by lobbiest and coorpirations looking out for there own well being, you sir our the voice and share all the same ideas every american discusses, and your ways to fix every problem we have is simple and can easily be accomplish if our country wasnt run by the privitely owned banks…. PLEASE PLEASE run for president in 2012, you have the support of every one we just have to get rid of the BS of the washington properganda… i and many of us here from texas FULLY support you as the”people choice” presidental canidate, i offer any help to your campainge i can and cant wait for REAL CHANGE, thank you and may GOD BLESS AMERICA..

    • Ruben Sebastian says:

      Shawn Read PRESIDENTIAL EXECUTIVE ORDER # 11110 President Kennedy was assasinated the Banking Moguls for signing it! Read it and find out why! God Bless Dr Ron Paul and the United States of America!

  9. janet reese says:

    God bless you and keep up the good work.

  10. james burow says:

    nobody in washington gets it, nobody listens. seems as if you are the only person inside the beltway not suffering from tonedeafnessitis. we need to bring all our troops home, protect our own borders for a change, and get ourselves to energy independance as soon as we can. it can be done if we have the strength of will and if we have a leader to show us the way. please run, defeat obama and turn this nation back to its founding principals. now, more than any time in the past 150 years we need a leader who understands the freedom that comes from an impotent federal government. thank you for your time. give em hell.

  11. Thomas Beaulieu Jr says:

    Ron Paul 2012 or earlier…

  12. Gunnar says:

    Now is the time folks..lets get to work by getting the message out there to everyone you can, lets make a splash so big that no media outlet can ignore it!

  13. stephen says:

    i know enough about you to support your ideaology and veiws, the vast majority of us will never come close to being the voice that you are. its now resonating throughout the country, dont shut up or step down mr paul! too much is at stake, i love living the way things are, not perfect but still free. hopefully its not too late, try to get in there one more time, to throw the crooks out.

  14. Robin says:

    Wake up and vote for Ron !

  15. Justin Klammer says:

    Vote Ron Paul!

  16. Sarah Adams says:

    You have our vote! Please run for 2012! We need you now more than ever!

  17. Our blessing are with you Congressman Paul.

  18. Ruben Sebastian says:

    Sen Ron Paul please set in motion to inforce what President Kennedy was assainated for signing Executive Order # 11110! and was NOT revoked by Executive Order # 12608 which was signed by President Reagan this is a LIE! EO#11110 will systematically dismantle the UN-Federal Reserve and the I.R.S. and free America from it’s death grip! Please Sen Ron Paul read EO#11110 order for yourself if you don’t believe me! Help save the Republic and the United States of America! God help U.S.! Ron Paul & Herman Cain 2012!

  19. Bob Carawan says:

    God has overcome Satin.
    God’s will be done Ron.

  20. Bink says:

    Many say that Ron Paul hasn’t got a chance of being elected in the 2012 presidential election. I say America hasn’t got a chance of survival if hes isn’t. Of course the “many” mostly represent the ignorant and/or the entitled.

    As president Ron wouldn’t use powers that have not been expressly granted by our Constitution, which will make him a much less powerful president as compared to the power mongers we are use to, past and present. However, with his constant reminder of Constitutional law and his ability to veto, we could expect some very great reductions of unconstitutional legislation, less intervention into the world community and much Constitutional enlightenment of the US public. With our added refusal to submit to unlawful tyranny, we can turn the tide.

    We must not devote all our support for Ron Paul only, but also support all the truly Constitutional and liberty minded persons throughout America, both national and local.

    Ron needs support from within government to help us win the ongoing battle against tyranny. Visit Pain Bastiat Jefferson Freedom Fellowship ( and find out who else is out there prepared to fight the fight.

    Go Ron Paul!

  21. Denny Smith says:

    There is currently and unprecedented attack on American freedom and liberties. That attack is not from some foreign government or foreign enemy. That attack is from OUR elected offficials and the un-elected bureaucrats and policy makers who either don’t have the foggest idea or care what the United States Constitution provides as the limits and limitations of what the government can and should do.

    It’s time for “We, the (American) people,” to let those elected officials who work for US with such impunity and contempt, know the power of the American people and our desire for a representative democracy, with those “representatives” to do the will of the people, within the confines of what our Constitution provides.

    Government that governs best is that which governs least!

    Run Ron Run!

  22. Iwan says:

    please, don’t disappoint us…

  23. Alex Wolfstien says:

    Ron Paul For The Win.
    Please take back our Government, End War And Show us what the Founding Fathers envisioned.

    RON PAUL 2012 for Liberty & People

  24. Mark Burrows says:

    God Bless you.
    Never change, you are The American Hero we adore and cherish.
    Don’t lets us down. you have my vote

    I have a question: Do I have to be registered as republican to vote in primaries? If so, where can I register. I’m traditionally a Democrat that lost hope in his party!

  25. Jamaal Johnson says:

    While I may back you and you have my vote, Mr. Paul lets get one thing straight, I do not believe that you can bring real change. History has shown us and continues to show that no one man or group of men are going to willingly/or unwillingly change this state for the better of its people. And why should they?? I believe that real change lies within its people not one or a few rulers. I believe that you have a genuine heart and I’m with you 200% in lets get rid of the Federal Reserve, but haven’t you read the passage in the scriptures where it says “the harvest is plenty, but the labourers are few?” When the PEOPLE learn that its not just about them and their little world, when people stop saying things like “Oh, I can’t do anything about that over there, I can only handle what I got”, when the people open their eyes and see that its not about white or black, rich or poor, Upper, middle or lower class, its about the rulers and its servants and the fact that they “rule” and our job is to “serve” them (hence slavery), then the only real change you see will be that of what they desire for us not us for them. President Obama said it perfectly in his acceptance speech when he said “change only comes from you, not from me” (not his exact words but you see what I’m saying) and when WE THE PEOPLE come together and unite for one common cause: So that our children will have a future to be leaders and followers and not slaves destined for death, then and only then REAL CHANGE will happen. I’m ready to die for my unborn child, for your kids, the people on here posting kids to NEVER have to bear the burden that we are bearing today. I’M READY TO DIE. Are you?????

    Jamaal “DJ-rizzle” Johnson

  26. Chree DeLoache says:

    Ron Paul 2012 President
    I live in South GA and will help your Presidential Election any way needed.

  27. Dan Roberts says:

    I’m a lost sheep that needs a shepard, I wont follow the sheeple over the cliff. Please give us some one to follow and hope for.

  28. Ture182 says:

    Mr. Paul and others in this Web Site, it will be only a matter of time till the Alinsky pitbulls come after you and your supporters, calling you a kook, crazy.
    The Bankers are the crooks of this great nation, and we never hear one bad word about them.
    Yet the corporations get the Alinsky blood bath everyday.
    Sic, Um Paul and good luck.

  29. Luís Neto says:

    I am a Portuguese citizen, also living in Portugal. It may seem odd for me to express my opinion not being an U.S. citizen. Sometimes I fell that people not living in the United States may have a more “advantageous” perception about the actual U.S. policies, mainly foreign but including domestic ones. We live in times where a nation’s actions impacts another nation’s functioning and thus U.S. interests can become the world’s interests.

    I personally feel that the great and beautiful nation of the United States of America has drifted off the ideology that once made it so great to turn it into something that I’m am not able to fully comprehend or describe, drifting from a constitutional republic to a corporate-financier oligarchy. You, Ron Paul Sr., have, definitely, a deep impact on people’s minds and hearts.

    Even if that feeling may seem like the one brought by Mr. Obama in 2004 because of the calamities we where experiencing at that time, I have a strange feeling that your influence goes far deeper into the human soul/spirit. I really hope you become president in the upcoming 2012 elections and that the general U.S. population support you until the end against foul plays by those nameless cowards hiding in the shade.

    You represent the beggining of a new cycle which I’m positive is for the better in the interests of U.S. and the world. Can a single man change the world? I suppose not, but then again, the ideology of that man can bring about a mind-blowing revolution, which may be the only thing really needed for real change. Not the usual “yes, we can!” slogan. Your true followers are not after your mediatism or controversy, they are after that bright spark of hope that once was. Go for it Ron!

  30. Nancy Rojas says:

    Ron Paul for President in the upcoming 2012 elections!!

  31. Juan says:

    our country / government is being run by seven deadly sins… .Help us Mr. Paul

  32. Taylor O'Dwyer says:

    Run RUn RUn Win Win WIn

  33. James says:

    Ron Paul 2012

  34. joy corcione says:

    Run Dr. Paul, America needs you NOW!

  35. Branden G ROGERS says:


  36. Kevin R Hatmaker says:

    Dear Patriot Ron Paul,

    Thank you for running to take back this country. Let us now stand together and be the miracle we want to see in this country. I vow to support your campaign and to make it my second job to campaign for you! Gods speed and god bless! Let’s end this “Obomination!”

    Sincerely your friend in Liberty

  37. Nicholas L. Alford says:

    Gig’em Ron Paul!

  38. Dan Shelton says:

    It’s about time. I am 62 years young and this will be the most important election in my lifetime. Ron Paul for President in 2012.

  39. Ron Mardirosian says:

    I hope the sheeple wake up from their deep sleep and vote for the only candidate that matters
    Ron Paul for President 2012

  40. Jason Silva says:

    RON PAUL, YOU HAVE MY 100% Support.

  41. Matt says:

    You’ve got my vote

  42. Ya’ll have my VOTE!

  43. Dan Favata says:

    This country needs a real change,none of the same false promises that we’ve all heard many times over.I believe Ron Paul has the power to make it happen !

  44. Adam says:

    I’m behind 100%

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