Signatures 30,001-35,000

Number Name Comment
30001 Christopher Shaffer Ron Paul must win or we will all lose!
30002 Dan C I wish we had 100 Ron Paul’s, but we would still need 335 more for a decent House of Reps!
30003 Name not displayed
30004 Kevin Blain At the very least, you’d give us all the more reason and momentum to spread the message of liberty.

It’s a win-win for freedom, you’ve got to run!
30005 Daniel Widing I´m from Sweden.

Please save the world from the upcoming disaster.
30006 Kevin Curtis Someone needs to save ‘merica
30007 Michael Gauyan I pledge to support and promise to cast my very first vote if you run for presidency. Thank You Dr. Paul for "telling it like it is" and giving America hope.
30008 Michael Valeri I am a Canadian and cannot vote in the USA. I Do not see to many bad things out of Ron Paul just alot of good. America needs you Mr. Paul. I wish you my best!
30009 Diana Bodemer This country is in serious trouble and I hope for the sake of the future generations you will consider it. Thank you.
30010 Cynthia De Moss We need you as our President in 2012, Dr. Paul~!!!
30011 Name not displayed
30012 David Miller I was not able to vote last election due to my age but I would love a chance to vote for this man he very well could turn this country onto the right track.
30013 Name not displayed
30014 brian sullivan God bless ron paul
30015 Sean Anderson Please run! You can beat Obama, and get America on the right track!
30016 Name not displayed That man is the ONLY chance of America!!!
30017 Kristin Clausen
30018 steve qualls Please Please Please give the people a real choice to vote for. Not some puppet.
30019 Joe Harrison End the Fed. End the wars.
30020 wesley davis Please give the status quo a run for it’s money, it has plenty to spare.
30021 Cole Chariton
30022 gary angelone we need this guy now!
30023 Gary Angelone Jr. Run ron run!
30024 Brian Graziaplena
30025 Chris Burkett Please run. We need you.
30026 Carlos Lopez There is no other voice with power but the peoples’… and most choose not to use them. We need you Mr. Paul
30027 don b ron paul 2012 end the wars bring gold back bye bye income tax!
30028 Name not displayed Ron Paul 2012!
30029 patrick ernst please save us from the facsists in the executive branch
30030 Mark Goretsky
30031 Luke T. Guard
30032 Luke L.
30033 John Travers
30034 christina byrum its time america votes 4 someone that makes sense, not empty promises!
30035 Lisa Wolf
30036 Name not displayed If you do not win the Republican nomination, please give serious consideration to a 3rd party run. The country needs to be taken back from the powers that run both parties!
30037 Blake Leonard
30038 Hilton McAuliffe
30039 ej Thank you for speaking the truth, to bad we can’t make those treasonist ex presidents pay!!!! Ron Paul 2012
30040 Name not displayed
30042 Zaid Estrada The only man that can bring this country back to 1776.
30043 Ryan Wayson End the Fed !!!!
30044 Sig
30045 Joanna Fink Not only was this war unconstitutional but the fact that Mr. Obama is currently the President should be legally challenged. We need to see his birth certificate now. I do not believe he was born in the United States. One must be born in the United States to be eligible to run for President of the U.S.

Also, we need to remind our public servants of this in Congress that speak of this country as a "democracy". And that is this nation was founded under a republic. Big difference between a republic and a democracy.
30046 Mark McNaughton
30047 Keith Mosher We need you Ron.
30048 Bill Carroll Help save America, run in ’12.
30049 George Baker
30050 Michael Montanari I’d love a candidate who ACTUALLY supports small government and individual rights, regardless of his own beliefs.
30051 Jenna Pace
30052 Jeffrey Hallock Saucier
30053 stephen ray pundrich
30054 Name not displayed
30055 Kamil Szczupal More Liberty and Freedom in the USA means more Liberty and Freedom in whole world!
30056 Richard
30057 Trevor Kurz
30058 Michael J. Turcotte America needs you. Please run.
30059 Jose DeLeon Ron Paul please be carefull those corporate globalists will want to kill you please survive so that you can be our pesident in 2012.

The answer to 1776 is 2012!
30060 Bert Taylor
30061 Cody Whisenhunt He seems like a very good person. Smart with what he does, and has maybe great insights to war, and freedom/etc. Looking forward to seeing him do good within the elections next year!
30062 Anthony Carmignani The only man willing to FIGHT for our FREEDOM!!!!!
30063 Chris Kaufman PLEASE RUN!!!
30064 N. M. Mr. Paul, we applaud you! You are fighting against these money hungry deceivers of the world! We are supporting you, thank you.
30065 john galt Run Ron Run!
30066 Name not displayed Libya! What’s next! End neo-colonialism…vote for Ron!
30067 adam lovello
30069 arice potter We NEED Ron Paul now more than ever.
30070 Casey Clark Continue to spread the message of liberty!
30071 Patrick R. Jones Dear sir,

For years I have sat back and said that my vote didn’t count. I was politically ignorant. And my blindness led me to become numb to what was happening, in what I believed, to be the greatest country on Earth. Man was I wrong! I now follow politics daily and I have to say that, you sir, completely represent what this country was founded on. I have great confidence in knowing that, if elected, you would start us on the path to recovery that we so desperately need. I thank you for your honesty and humility. My prayers will be with you.
30072 Joe Gallo
30073 john lee garcia
30074 Jeff Young You are one of the very few who understands how government intervention is destroying our economy, either by regulations or printing money. We need someone with your keen insight in the white house.
30075 Ray Weinaug Give Me Liberty!!
30076 David Taylor
30077 steve wilson
30078 Mark Cohen please run for president, we need a libertarian in the White House
30079 Name not displayed
30080 Russel Suverison
30081 Jason Gavin
30082 Darlene Schultz Yay Ron Paul! You go!
30083 Name not displayed
30084 Name not displayed Palin might be good for something what i dont know. RON PAUL 2 0 1 2
30085 amos I will write you in whether you run or not!
30086 Bill Houston
30087 Name not displayed
30088 Holli Blackwell
30089 Name not displayed Go Ron..:) We are 100% with you!!

tell them HELL NO…WE WON’T GO!!
30090 michael martynuska
30091 Zorica Radojcic
30092 Michael David Robles
30093 Mark Franzen
30094 Maxwell Jones Dr. Paul, I Look forward to seeing a candidate who will follow the constitution of this country, alleviate our growing deficit and restore the US name abroad. Best of Luck!
30095 Name not displayed RUN RON…RUN!!!
30096 Name not displayed THANK YOU DR. PAUL !!!
30097 Christian Ascencio If we needed a good president to release the truth and stop this nonsense that is going on around the world..Its now i hope you run RON PAUL!!! If you run we will all have your back and if you don’t win i sure hope America comes together and revolt this stupid government…..GO RON!!!!!!
30099 Hunter Shawley NEVER STAND ASIDE
30100 Kevin
30101 Paul Coonan V for victory! We ARE the resistance!
30102 Matthew Snyder Oil. Greed. Why the f**k are they causing a war with libya when there is already afghanistan and iraq to deal with. Their countries are permanently disabled now. STOP!!!
30103 Cheryl Spaulding
30105 Name not displayed PLease run Mr. Paul
30106 Name not displayed
30107 Name not displayed
30108 mary lou barnwell america needs to be relieved of the warmongers. we should not be invading other countries. we need our money to take care of america,and our people, infastructure,health. be the best armed country in the world for PEACE , no one would dare attack us. our gold is being wasted on death and destruction. we have native AMERICANS starving in this great country. people all over america in need. we could put this wasted money to better use.why waste young men and women like this.
30109 Neil Oughton Big fan of yours because you are logical, realistic and consistent.
30110 Christina Calkins
30111 Name not displayed
30112 Name not displayed please run
30113 Adam Mansell I believe what you’re saying. Just don’t run on the GOP line. You can do it yourself.
30114 Janice George
30115 Adam Trove
30116 Cale Sasser Glad to know others believe the same i do.. i dont feel so crazy anymore.. Thank you Ron!
30117 Name not displayed i supported Ron paul in 2008 and will continue to support him until his vision is met with action in america.
30118 Anne Phelps Defund all of this Socialist healthcare bill, including the hidden $105 billion.
30119 Matthew Crisp The only hope for this country!!
30120 Eric Binder We need sensibility now more than ever. Social-liberalism, corporatism, and neo-conservatism has run our country into the ground and the American people have had enough.
30121 XRumerTest
30122 Jason Johnson
30123 Maxwell Mattila
30124 Stephen Beauchemin Let’s put an end to all the American lives lost abroad, and stop fighting other peoples wars.
30125 Bojan Go Ron Paul
30126 Ryan Rybarczyk We need Ron Paul!
30127 Ryanne
30128 Name not displayed "You Can’t Handle the Liberty!"
30129 Matthew Caron please do this for us Ron. We need you. I know you have been serving us for so long, but the time is right for one more run at it. More people need to be educated on what it means to a true politician, and what it means to serve others. You are an example!
30130 Benjamin Isaac marcus I don’t believe in a god looking down on us, judging our choices with intentions to punish us, I believe in humanity I believe in the human spirit why does politics not reflect my beliefs? How do we make our message heard and understood? I love my country and I want what I know is best for it, peace, diplomacy, and moderation. Before we can move forward we must look behind us at the terrible path of past mistakes and accept that which is our responsibility. I dream of a world where my government tells me the truth, it is all bullshit. Good luck Dr. Paul
30131 Darren marquart
30132 Name not displayed Run Ron Run!
30133 Name not displayed I support Mr.ventura 110%
30134 Karen Morris
30135 Karen Morris
30136 James Peterson "Freedom is not something that anybody can be given; freedom is something people take and people are as free as they want to be."

- James Baldwin
30137 Bobby J Musick please run and win
30138 Michael Norton
30139 Ed R
30140 Jakub Slonka Person, who opened me eyes! Thank you.
30141 Scott Force
30142 Kevin Bobb Mr. Paul we need you!! Please push forward.
30143 Erik Griffiths
30144 nobby clark United - we can beat the BILDERBERGERS
30146 Derek Richardson For my sanity run for the presidency of the United States in 2012.
30147 David Leonard Mr. President Ron Paul Sir, I Salute You!
30148 William B
30149 Tim Snyder Ron Paul Needs to lay the smack down!!
30150 Wes Phillips
30151 John Conrad Exactly what the US needs right now
30152 Ryan Gaskin Know that there are youth in this nation standing behind you. While I won’t turn 18 until October, I’ll still be rooting for you even if they try disenfranchisement due to the fact that my birthday is after registration(which I don’t think should exist; after all, an I.D. would suffice as proof).
30153 Name not displayed
30154 June Hall You have my vote. Our county desperately needs someone with your views and values……..
30155 Anna Dooley I want to make a difference, and by supporting you, I feel that I am, finally. Please strongly consider running.
30156 Andrew Rohn
30157 Delisa Schooler
30158 Ashley Bartolome
30159 Name not displayed I am not one to involve myself much in politics because I feel the corruption is too great. I understand that when many stand together, great things can be accomplished. So it is a surprise to myself, that I am on here typing this up, but Ron Paul, please run in 2012, I will do my best to get friends and family to vote for you! I feel you are the only hope this country has and you must try.
30160 Alex Shedd The WORLD is in need of visionary leaders and right now the U.S. is in a time of desperation. Ron Paul, WE NEED YOU!!!
30161 Chad McElligott
30162 paul You can do iiit!!!
30163 van valenta
30164 anders brile Ron Paul spells hope for the world.
30165 Alex Gouvin
30166 Mark W
30167 Robert
30168 Clifton Rains
30169 Name not displayed We need you!
30170 Andy Clements
30171 William Bacon
30172 Justin Love you Ron Paul.
30173 Terrence Carter I pulled a "Ron Paul" and have a pocket edition Constitution of my own. How many Politicians do you know who carries one? You are one of the Few who demonstrate true patriotism in D.C. You got my vote! RUN, RON, RUN!!!
30174 Michael Garner
30175 Name not displayed
30176 Rev Shawn Perreault Time is running out to save our country, we need you NOW!
30177 Tom Burke
30178 Jim Eckland Stop The inflation !!
30179 Mark
30180 Barney Evans Our only hope
30181 Name not displayed I will vote for Ron Paul and encourage all my friends to vote for Ron Paul. I am a 26 year old male.
30182 Alexander J Ransom
30183 john Hodges
30184 G. HECK We love you Ron Pual !!!!!!!! Do not give up yet… the people have seen your light now!!!!!!!!!!!!! RON PAUL 2012 PREZZZZZZZZZZZZ
30185 Jesse Angier Please help this country.
30186 Name not displayed
30187 Name not displayed
30188 EZ Great! We need conscientious leaders in America!
30189 Ronald L. Bashore
30190 Lane McLaughlin Please do not allow this corporate assrape of america to continue and also eradicate the profit driven drug prohibition system that unnecessarily destroys and enslaves innocent peoples lives every single day.
30191 Martin
30192 Name not displayed May god put ron paul as the president of the United states of america ,may god withdraw the soldiers to america , back home , may america be stabilized , May god bless Ron paul !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
30193 Name not displayed Dr. Paul, the American people are finally ready to listen to you - please run - our country needs your honesty, your patriotism, your experience, your wisdom. Our countries future depends on the leadership of a great patriot - and that would be you! RUN RON RUN!! (please).
30194 oem sofware I just can not imagine with incredibly blog greatly that helped me! God bless you “Of all noises, I think music is the least disagreeable.” - Samuel Johnson
30195 Jonathon Young If you would run, this would give America the last chance to finally change the destruction of this grand country. You may or may not win, but at least at the end you can say ‘I tried for America’, and that makes you a true patriot sir.
30196 Blake T Please/Thanks.
30197 Steven Radig
30198 Yochana Dreyerskaya He is our only hope to avoid hyperinflation or even a total currency collapse. As a bonus, our foreign policy will be greatly improved as well.
30199 Ryan Rudd Ron Paul, you are my hero! You have brought me into politics, thank you for speaking on our behalf!
30200 Austin Carpenter
30201 Evan Cretney Please run. You are like a ray of sunshine on the darkest of days!
30202 EZ Hope 2012 will be a great year for Dr. Paul.
30203 Michael LeBlanc
30204 bruce stewart AMERICA NEEDS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
30205 Katia Salinas
30206 Clay McDaniel
30207 James martin we need to straighten the direction we are going
30208 Alfred Lutz Dr. Paul, America is in desperate need of common sense leadership. You have my vote should you choose to run.
30209 Christopher Ciraulo
30210 Nicole Ciraulo
30211 Name not displayed
30212 Rafael Dr. Paul,

Our country needs your guidance and direction. Please run for president and help us get back on track.
30213 Name not displayed
30214 Tabitha
30215 Jamie Pleaseeeeeee run
30216 Name not displayed You are one of the few politicians who thinks logically and by the constitution. Our country needs you.
30217 Name not displayed this letter seems a bit contrived, I would like to see Ron Paul as a candidate in 2012 not pray to him. I think you know what I mean.
30218 Robert N America needs you now more than ever.
30219 Jason Brown
30220 Joseph Bryan We need a true Patriot who understands and follows the Constitution to be our leader. You are in the right place at the right time in history to help our great nation.
30221 Raul Gonzalez
30222 Thomas Hessler
30223 Brenda Leahy
30224 Spencer We need a real leader that follows the principles of the Constitution.Congressman Paul surely has my vote.I really dislike the wars we have and the extreme government spending that Pres. Obama is doing to us.
30225 Jon Ballard Is this where I sign up on fed watch list?
30226 TJ Ron, you are a personal hero of mine. I may not be from the US (I’m Canadian). I cannot understand how more people cannot see how simple life would be if they just settled down and thought straight. Your mind and heart are in the right place. You’re right, I do resent the US for all the horrible changes in my life (mostly travel restrictions and commodity prices) but you do provide me with hope, which is more than I can say about the President.

I hope your eyes get to read this as I’m sure you may not receive much appreciation abroad. Heck, you’re not even well appreciated in your own country. You have manners, patience, cool under pressure and are a very good oratory speaker. Much love, TJ
30227 Jeannine Brite
30228 Jonathan Brite
30229 Trey Bracy
30230 Donald M. Wilson You’re the only person I trust to end a globalist take over. Please run for President Mr. Paul
30231 Andrew Wilson
30232 aaron ferguson Ron, i have a great fear that if you dont run and win, theyre may be a 2nd american revolution. The people are pissed ron! They want you to atleast try to fix some of it! PLEASE run for office….
30233 John Regan He is the only libertarian candidate
30234 JR
30235 steve piorkowski Your the man even if you don’t win we all win from getting real issues out there
30236 Eric Weinert I vote for you in every election, no matter what the office. You always steer a straight course.
30237 james kahl You are the man!
30238 Julie Zelenakas Emmons
30239 Name not displayed We’re listening Ron. The world is beginning to hear you’re message!
30240 Walter A. McKinney
30241 Charla Shamhart Freedom from corporate-fascist government!
30242 kurt coppock Dr.Paul, As a resident of Nebraska,and a registered voter, I have never voted!!!But, I would vote for you!
30243 Ryan Choumane
30244 Name not displayed
30245 A.M.O. The only Politician I know who uses logic, reason, and common sense; Dr. Paul just MAKES SENSE!
30246 Andrew Graham
30247 Guillermo M. Bellver I have not voted since I became a citizen of this once great nation but if Ron Paul ran for president, then the choice is obvious….I would vote for him without hesitation. This revolutionary leader speaks of change for the sake of truth, freedom, peace and prosperity. My only hope is that he speaks from the heart.
30248 Name not displayed End the Fed!!!
30249 Caleb Haines So mote it be
30250 michael fox
30251 Mauricio We’re all counting in you Ron Paul!!!!!
30252 Eli Palmer Fan since ’09
30253 Josh Geiss If we want America to survive these tumultuous times, we must have a strong Constitutionally based leader. Ron Paul is hands down the man we need to help rescue this sinking ship. We must unite and get behind the one true Candidate that loves his country. Please run in 2012!
30254 Loressa Pease Please let me vote for you in 2012, you pulled me out of complacency & gave me a reason to hope & vote! I will be trying to persuade everyone I know to vote for you!
30255 robb the ignorance of the american population will unfortunatly probably never stop growing but with you in office at least there is hope that this country isn’t completely doomed.
30256 Name not displayed Dr. Ron Paul, I’ve never supported any presidential candidate in my life. But you seem to be the only light at the end of this dark tunnel we’re going through right now.

We the people need you.
30257 Kristen M. Briglia
30258 Name not displayed
30259 Name not displayed
30260 Valentin Sanchez
30261 Jeffrey Corzine
30262 Chris Alterio Ron Paul 2012! Campaign for Liberty!
30263 Jordan S Ron Paul, this country needs you. You would be doing your country a HUGE disservice by not running.
30264 [email protected] we have to break the money controlled government!!!
30265 Kelly Cowan
30267 Warren Walczak RON PAUL 2012!
30268 girmai tekle
30269 Logan Rave Ron Paul, please run for President! I will be 18 and registered in time to vote for my first president in 2012, and my sights are set on you! This election is different than the previous one in 2008. You are the one save this country..
30270 Thomas Sickenberger
30271 James Ristine
30272 Eivind Holum
30273 Name not displayed
30274 joe o
30275 Vahe boghosian We need change, but not just any kind of change, we need the change only Ron Paul can give us. It is your duty to run, you will be president!
30276 Name not displayed
30277 Nicholas L Pearson Petty Officer 3rd Class, USN
30278 Sirrod Crippen Ron Paul for Executive office 2012
30279 Roger Crow Please run for president Dr. Paul! You are the solution we need! Paul/Paul 2012!
30280 Joseph A DeVito The only man worthy of the position!
30281 Name not displayed Ron Paul owns.
30282 Anthony R. Passalaqua, Jr. An HONEST man in dishonest times!

Please Run Ron Run! The constitution needs someone in the Whitehouse finally going to bat for it!
30283 Name not displayed End the fed and bring back our republic. The founding fathers had it right.
30284 Sean Gornstein
30285 Jacqueline
30286 Morgan Wyman Please run Dr. Paul. America needs you.
30287 John L. Nowak
30288 Charles Schwab
30289 Raymond S. Berry A true Patriot. We need you as our next president.
30290 Name not displayed
30291 John Bennett
30292 Curt Eby
30293 Stasia Davis
30294 Chris Davis
30295 Name not displayed For the sake of sanity in this country….run ronnie run!
30296 Benjamin E Whitley We need this now, more than ever.
30297 Damien Rodriguez I know that my guy, Studs Terkel, would support Ron! ‘Nuff said.
30298 Name not displayed
30299 Frank
30300 jamie miles
30301 Dominic R. Bennett It would be an honor to use my first vote in an election on you for president in 2012.
30302 Cass Con Please run for president! You have my vote!
30303 Dave Miller
30304 Name not displayed Pray for Ron Paul
30305 Name not displayed
30306 Steven Duke
30307 Daniel Smukalla
30308 hunter standen only one name stands for freedom in this government, PAUL!
30309 John Barron
30310 Richard Rives What I like most about Ron is he walks the talk, unlike

most of the others, no Hopey/changy lies!
30311 Japheth Hurlbut
30312 Prejil Kurian I am tired Ron, Libya really affected me! I hope you dont break my trust like OBAMA did.! thanks for the saying the things that you do. I hope when I vote for you, I am making the right decision
30313 gary mason Please run……please !!
30314 Name not displayed You dah man Ron Paul. I like that you spelled love backwards in revolution. That is revolutionary. I have a shirt that says respect the revolutionaries, and I always listen to T-shirts. So, respect.
30315 ocameredesupraveghere
30316 Peter Hanka Thank you for all you do, Mr. Paul.
30317 Tran Hong Go Ron Paul!!!
30318 James Kelly you are america’s only hope please run ron paul
30319 Cory Garlock The only politician I trust!
30320 Jared Morris Go get em’
30321 Gary D. McGiffin Don’t pull any punches, Help us get us out of the UN, out of the Middle East, the World Bank, the IMF, NAFTA, bring back industry, and American greatness. Help us make America Proud again.
30322 Eric Hanson Go Dr. Paul, we need you.
30323 J Edga
30324 Juan Garcia Ron Paul 2012!
30325 Christine Mackay
30326 Iain McLaren
30327 Kristen Showalter You are wonderful!
30328 Salvator Butitta are u sure the gold standard is the answer to the Fed? I ask because i respect your opinion.
30329 Jason Klien Power to the people.
30330 William Devine
30331 Name not displayed
30332 Leonidas Give me Dr. Ron Paul in 2012 or give me death !
30333 Josh Jenkins
30334 Myron Kulich
30335 Vytautas Kaminskas respect and support from overseas!
30336 Chris Malen
30337 Kent Van Cleave And let’s not forget to have fun during the 2012 campaign. The REVOLution was a blast!
30338 bradley wishard
30339 Caleb Cole We need a true American patriot like you leading this country. I would be honored to have you as our President. God bless, sir.
30340 Mike Krentz
30341 Thomas E Wilson III The inevitable consequences of Freedom encourages ones will to stand alone in light against the darkened abyss of Tyranny. It is our Constitutional duty to withstand the hand of Government and establish for ourselves a reformation through political means of obscurity. If all fails in due process then we are left with the only feasible enumeration of Secession.

Run and Win Ron Paul or the Country will rip itself apart in a cataclysmic Civil War for Sovereignty.
30342 Michael bekru Please run and fix our government before too late
30343 Bryan Turner We can do this!
30344 Anton Petrov im from bulgaria (eu) im from this small country and i belive thah you will be the only one who will end the world govorment and the federal reserve and all iligal war
30345 John Vail
30346 David Robert peace
30347 Sean Gilbert It is time to take this country back and Ron Paul is the man to do it.
30348 Dan Bissinger
30349 Eric C. You have my vote without a doubt.
30350 Joseph Franks U.S. Soldier, who believes Ron Paul is the best hope for positive change and influence in America.
30351 Chris Southwell
30352 Bob Flanagan
30353 Name not displayed I will even campaign for you!!!!!!
30354 Jerry Appling
30355 daniel rushton
30356 Justin Li
30357 Nathan Jumper
30358 Evangeline WOllmar Please?
30359 Laura Baldwin Please Ron, Run for US!
30360 Name not displayed
30361 Aaron Hoppe
30362 Tyler Keay
30363 Mark Atkins Run, Ron, RUN!
30364 Michael Conroy Harry Truman once said there are 14 or 15 million Americans who have the resources to have representatives in Washington to protect their interests, and that the interests of the great mass of other people, the hundred and fifty or sixty million, is the responsibility of the President of the United States. And I propose to fulfill it.

-John F. Kennedy, May 8th, 1962
30365 Joanne Blonda
30366 Jaime Hernandez Dear Dr. Paul ,

You are the only hope I feel America has left….. Please run again and give us some thing once again to hope for.
30367 Jessica Cusack The destruction of free America is imminent. Please help us put a stop to it.
30368 Dion MacDonald
30369 Ben Hakh look at what we did in 2007-2008, we made the tea party ideas into existence!
30370 Name not displayed
30371 Jeannette Rodriguez
30372 Nathan stephens
30373 William Griffin It is time for someone who understands what is wrong with our government to take charge and get it back - our constitution, our true capitalism, our legal system, our rights, our freedom, our country
30374 Name not displayed
30375 Timothy Dutra Please Dr, Paul we need you.
30376 LIBERTARIANPARTYRonPaul2012 We are getting closer to a Ron Paul Revolution. Than, truely, the United States flag will be a flag of liberty. Libya is having a revolution, America needs one too!
30377 eric clayton i think that your campaign slogan should the only hope campaign. I believe if we dont get you in the whitehouse that we are doomed .
30378 Jason Manifrang End the Fed, and get back to grassroots democracy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
30379 Name not displayed
30380 Joshua Crosby Ron, I need you to run. My children need you to run. I understand how your head must feel like exploding from the ignorance spouted at the debates, but the people are listening.
30381 Name not displayed You are the only one who UNDERSTANDS the real problems America faces!
30382 Name not displayed
30383 Name not displayed I am not a US citizen, but I believe that you will change not only your beloved country but also the world. May our beloved God be with you!:)
30384 Jeremy Myers Voted for ron last time, will do it again.
30385 Jimmy Bariana Please Dr. Paul help us take our country back !!
30386 Caroline Carr
30387 Name not displayed
30388 david moyer
30389 Name not displayed You go girl!
30390 Erick Eyler Please run. This country and its people are in desperate need. Most don’t even understand how much.
30391 Clinton D. Wandle
30392 Jeremiah Smith "a billion here, a billion there, pretty soon you’re talking real money!" I look forward to hearing some common sense in 2012. I think you’re America’s best hope of that!
30393 Randall k Templeton
30394 Dan
30395 Kevin End the Fed…and then keep going.
30396 Lance Hazzard
30397 Kellie Shuey Freedom.
30398 Name not displayed
30399 Jeff Gagnon
30400 Name not displayed Don’t let Trump discourage you, you’re our only hope for some wise leadership and plainly spoken honesty. You represent what America should be, and a failure to elect you will be a failure to live up to our potential.
30401 Name not displayed We need leadership in our Country!! impeach BO!!
30402 Erika Warner
30403 Name not displayed
30404 Joshua McHoes We need you Ron Paul! You are the kind of person this country needs to take us back to true liberty!
30405 Christopher Sparkman "Ron Paul Cured my Apathy"

Not my Comment but i sure do support the thought.
30406 Alan McCollum
30407 Sara Kristine Engelbrecht Stilwell
30408 Jack Bryant We need a conservative with common sense.
30409 Name not displayed I will be donating and voting for Ron Paul for president.Please legalize, decriminalize,and tax marijuana.I am a veteran and the medicine the VA gives me i question it’s health effects,cannabis has truly improved my quality of life and I don’t see the point in wasting billions to fight it.This is the most important issue to me that affects my personal life.Thank you I’ll be voting for you!
30410 Name not displayed You are a saint. Truly an amazing man. Please give me the opportunity to vote for you this next election!
30411 Name not displayed i no longer believe in our government and many of us in Vermont would like to seceed. (13% of voters in a 2006 UVM poll) i appreciate your voice and your courage and have voted for you in the past and WILL vote for you in the future. if you were elected President, and actually were able to follow through with the work you are currently trying to do, i would consider giving this country a second chance. but right now the corporate control, corruption, greed, never-ending wars and attacks on our mother earth terrify me and i want nothing more to do with it. NO MORE WAR!! FRIENDS WITH ALL, ALLIES TO NONE! Thank you Ron Paul. you give me hope.
30412 Ken Lutes Jr.
30413 Name not displayed
30414 john f kenedy ron paul for president. may god protect you
30415 Name not displayed
30416 Chuck Reid Principled, consistent, and the only real change you can believe in! Run Ron Run!
30417 larsciemiega I hope i can support ur cheated cuntry from germany a little bit, kick obamas gang out of the good old white house pls
30418 Skylar Hartman Please run!
30419 Brian A. Asbury
30420 Kevin
30421 Mike Rudolph Paul 2012 or GAME OVER.
30422 Fernando Gracia If Ron paul were to become president of the United States. It will be one of the most amazing things to happen to this country.
30423 Howard L.Wilson Obama is NOT an American citizen. Impeach him, please.
30424 patrick
30425 paul dugas …or Rand - one of ya, please.
30426 Name not displayed
30427 Zack Brown Get the youth vote!
30428 David Klink
30429 Zachary Gould Thank you for being a man of integrity in Washington.
30430 Trey Barnette For the future, for liberty
30431 Name not displayed
30432 Marc Brashears
30433 Name not displayed Go Ron!!!!
30434 Arthur Day Either Ron Paul or revolution to remove the corruptocracy!!
30435 Name not displayed Paul/Nader?
30436 Mitch Mullvain End the Federal Reserve, Free Open Market, Restoration of the Constitution and Our Rights!
30438 Name not displayed I supported Ron the first time and will in his corner once again!
30439 Sarah Hopkins If ever there was a time the American people needed a hero that time is now. Please run Sir and lets give America back to the people!
30440 Name not displayed
30441 Name not displayed
30442 José Luis Benítez Sir, I’m not American, I’m from El Salvador, the recent country that President Obama visited, but I’ve listened to your message in Youtube and I’m a fan of your message. Like other Salvadorands and Latin Americans, I have family in the U.S., so I’d like someone like you to be eligible for the Presidency of the United States of America… Let the Revolution continue… !
30443 Samuel Clement
30444 Nultsuesrug
30445 Matthew Patterson
30446 Justin Adams This nation is in dire need of a president who could actually be a good president. Our last president that was actually good was Reagan. Please run for president! This nation needs YOU!
30447 Jared Anderson
30448 Elijah Lowes
30449 Name not displayed Ron,

30450 Erik T
30451 Name not displayed Ron Paul is America’s only hope.
30452 Name not displayed
30453 Zachary Prettyman Dr. Paul, you are my personal hero. We need you more than ever to aid this nation in a time of such backward thinking. Thank you for everything that you do.
30454 Charles Andrew Saar i live in ohio…and i think the primary system is outdated…we should not let a few states decide who we vote for…i did not get to cast a vote for paul in 08…lets get him to ohio in 12…
30455 Bob Ciardello
30456 Name not displayed
30457 Elliott Shifflett Future Sailor, University of Kentucky Alumnus, a big fan of Ayn Rand and proud supporter of the Libertarian ideology.
30458 Elizabeth Curtis
30459 Kristin Padgett
30460 david mazzarese God bless you Ron and family
30461 kevin hegarty Please run
30462 laura norris we need you
30463 James Berry You rock RP… One of the only True statesmen and patroits of the modern age!
30464 David M. Lindahl Dr. Paul we have yet to surrender and like Andrew Jackson your campaign continued on through the election with that much more determination, he had a 5 year campaign. Please Dr Paul we need a president who doesnt want to be president, but respects the people when they tell him that THEY want him to be their president!
30465 Jonathan S. Dr. Paul,

Please run for office. We in the military need you. You are the only commander-in-chief I will consider reenlisting under. Good Luck sir!
30466 Name not displayed Ron Paul 2012
30467 Kevin Fife
30468 David E. Anderson
30469 Brooks Girman The only man that makes sense to me!
30470 Richard Loveless
30471 Name not displayed
30472 Roy Lee
30473 Daniel Stanley
30474 Nick
30475 Brian Reid Thank you for your honesty. Please run so I have a candidate to vote for.
30476 Name not displayed
30477 Karen
30478 nicholas aluotto Go Ron!
30479 Ross May
30480 Phillip Osborn
30481 john killion
30482 Jesse Kilgore I have already give 20 bucks and times are tight but I plan to give even more if you / when you announce your running in 2012!!
30483 John Salvato Pls RUNNNNN and save us from the Washington MOB.
30484 Michael Heaphy
30485 Dave Grimm
30486 Mary Frey Please run Ron! We NEED you.
30487 Susan Gallon I voted for you before and I want to vote for you again! Please step up to the plate for our Country’s sake.
30488 Name not displayed Please run.
30489 Tom Costello We need somebody like you to bring this country back together. Liberty must replace this insanity. With Bush and Obama both criticized, it is the perfect time for a third libertarian option.
30490 Name not displayed Dr Ron Paul, you were a huge part of me waking up to truth in America. I was elected to the go to the Wa State Convention, and I stood for our founding fathers principles proudly. Thank you Congressman Paul!

"Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppressions of body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day." Thomas Jefferson
30491 Steve Tendrock Throw your hat in the ring and see what happens. I think it will be glorious.
30492 Brad Hines I voted for Romney in 08, but I’m with Dr. Paul this time
30493 W Vitale People are waking up Ron plz keep trying for us!!!!
30494 Josh
30495 Name not displayed
30496 Saúl End the Fed ! I put my trust in you Ron Paul
30497 Catherine Quinn 2012! 2012! 2012!
30498 Luke Higgs Ron Paul would make the first REAL president we’ve had since probably before I was born…and that’s sad. He should try again and keep on trying until he wins it…it took Abraham Lincoln 13 tries to suceed.
30499 Name not displayed The basis of a democratic state is liberty.

30500 Dan Payne
30501 Ethan Zick This country needs you Dr. Paul! It’s time for some REAL change!
30502 Travis Uhlmansiek
30503 Name not displayed
30504 Name not displayed I truly feel you are the only hope to bring America back to the Constitution. I’m scared to think of what I will leave for my children if America doesn’t start to change. I want my liberties and freedoms back, and I want my husband home from useless wars! End the Fed!!! :)
30505 Daryn Kratz You are this country’s only hope….
30506 Name not displayed Ron Please run
30507 Name not displayed
30508 Michael Hunter Thank you for everything, don’t give up.
30509 George Demas I feel Ron Paul represents my views as an American who believes in individual rights and personal liberty.
30510 Jeremy Brown
30511 joseph cox run, americans need you, sovreignty needs you.
30512 Kristopher Eugene Wuesthoff Please Mr. Paul your country is in dire need of your wise and prudent leadership.
30513 Tahra cox this time its a sure thing
30514 Tom Santamaria
30515 Scott Burns Win!! We need some who will bring back our four- fathers methodology and vision.
30516 Ted Janeczko
30517 Doug Wilson please help americans
30518 elena kokorina I am with you, Mr Paul
30520 Aleksandr Kozhin
30521 Name not displayed +1
30522 Name not displayed
30523 Steve Markovski
30524 Edmund Chua
30525 Donna valentine
30526 Jason Canora
30527 Allan Dell
30528 Jon Huh We need you Ron
30529 David Schramm
30530 Name not displayed Ron,

I am an avid supporter of your macroeconomic policies as well as your policies on foreign affairs and other things as well. You will have my complete support if you run in 2012.
30531 Matthew Meziere
30532 Rafael Torres
30533 Name not displayed
30534 jeffry lopez ron paul you are by far the only congress men who actually answers every question and YOU shouldve been president along time ago!!
30535 Ray Farland America needs a spokesman to advocate liberty, and Dr. Paul is the modern standard bearer of the ideals of the original sons of liberty.
30536 S Schmidt
30537 Ishmael Worth Mason, Jr. There is noone else who understands as you do and is willing to tell Americans the truth.
30538 Matthew Grady I voted for Ron Paul in 2008 and will again in 2012. He’s the only politician that makes logical sense.
30539 Nate Bowley Ron Paul is the truth!!
30540 Spence Italiano America would be even scarier without you~
30542 Rachael Schwartz
30543 Ammar Masoud He talks logic !
30544 Todd Johnson I was a Romney fan in 08 but I’ve grown tired of the same old politics from both parties. I began really listening to Dr Paul this year and his message has really clicked with me. I am now proud to be part of the Revolution! It nice to see Rand following in his father’s footsteps too.
30545 Elliott Mazzola
30546 Hope Henley
30547 Maclean the world needs you
30548 Daniel Robles I have never voted for a prrsident. If Ron Paul runs, I promise as if my country depends on it, because it does. Ill be at voting booth in full support of our real American Hero Ron Paul!!!!!
30549 Jeremy Walsh
30550 Matt Martin
30551 Moe The world needs you
30552 Erik Rosenberger Freedom costs our blood. Let that spilled blood take care of home before we take care of the world. We have enough of our own problems.
30553 Marc Garman I hope the citizens that voted for "change" the last time around, will vote to change it all back this time!
30554 Derek Crull I hope you run because this SPC in the Army will make sure he fills out this absentee ballot
30555 David Nowicki Audit the Fed
30556 Jessica
30557 Dan Veliscu I hope you manage to change US from within, or it risks being torn to pieces from outside.
30559 Name not displayed
30560 Name not displayed
30561 Name not displayed Run Ron Run!
30562 Name not displayed
30563 robert martin
30564 jason risner
30565 Billy Bozell
30566 M Thomas
30567 meredith albracht PLEASE come visit us in Iowa!! Hold a Tea Party event in Bettendorf and you will see all the support you have here!!!!! We need you.
30568 kevin thomas Run ron run!!!
30569 jason grant
30570 Name not displayed
30571 John C. Jones Jr. Mr. Paul, I’m frankly just sick of all the bullshit, lies, and the apparent ability for a select few individuals to be on the whole bad. Please run in 2012, Audit the FED, piss people off, and declare America as a neutral society that will fight if it has to.
30572 Edith Cahoon
30573 S. Cole Our country needs you to deliver the message of liberty again, Congressman Paul!
30574 Jeremiah Hill Ron Paul is not the lesser of two evils. Ron Paul is an alternative to the irresponsible status quo. I, as an American voter, look forward to an actually "progression" in realistic and beneficial national ideas.
30575 Name not displayed Your country needs you for president to save us from oppression.
30576 Mike Bernard Charette Ron Paul must run for president, he is the only one who will get rid of the fed reserve and help save america.
30577 Peter Kroner We need you now more than ever… Please fight to bring to justice these people who spit on the American way! NO TO TORTURE! PROSECUTE THOSE WHO AUTHORIZE IT!
30578 Caitlin Swick
30579 Name not displayed
30581 Name not displayed
30582 Patrick Bolinger Mr. Paul, you are the only person in recent history to actually sit down and take a logical look at the issues that plague America. I wont go into specifics. But i hope you get the chance to lead and nurture this idiotic country.
30583 Name not displayed
30584 Name not displayed USAF for Ron Paul
30585 Name not displayed
30586 Hongshen Lu Ron, don’t walk. Run.
30587 Eric Sharp Give me Liberty or give me Death!
30588 Eufelio Daniel Medina go Ron Go!!
30589 Lee I wish that everyone in our country was smart enough to vote for you!
30590 Timothy Jochimsen
30591 Erich Koelling we need you bad!
30592 Matt Petrowski We’re returning to the same type of governance we fought to separate ourselves from during the American Revolution. It’s time to get back to basics.
30593 Name not displayed
30594 Name not displayed Ron Paul, please get rid of the fed.
30595 Name not displayed i hope you get enough votes to make a difference. Things are so backwards in this country and we need to get back to the basics of government = small government
30596 Kelly Elliott You have my wholehearted support. Please run. It’s inceasingly clear you are our last hope.
30597 Alex Krishtul Eliminate federal taxes, reduce military, promote free market, and free trade! Stimulate the economy the healthy way!
30598 David Sprehe
30599 Jessie Bogart We need real change. Ron Paul 2012
30600 Heidi Adami I am not, necessarily, a Ron Paul supporter…but I find these days that he is often the lone voice of reason. That voice needs to be heard.
30601 Nicodemos Neuwien
30602 Name not displayed You’re an unmatched genius when it comes to foreign policy, which is a sad thing because your foreign policy is so simple, yet effective.
30603 Wayne R Ferguson
30604 Gio PLease run.
30605 Brian P Miller
30606 Paul Ron Paul is the last beacon of hope we can rally around.
30607 Randy Cole
30608 Chris Case
30609 John Lott We need you!
30610 Nicholas Renstrom You are the only person would could run and get my vote over Obama.
30611 Eric Skira
30612 Mitchell Manalakos Not only does America need Ron Paul, the world needs him even more than we do. Peace on Earth
30613 Name not displayed
30614 peter dubinin you have to run!
30615 Stuart Gardner Ron Paul is our brightest beacon for hope in a nation now permeated to the core with corruption and deceit.
30616 michael harris
30617 peter dubinin you have to run
30618 robert anderson Please give us back the Governmant our founders fought so hard for.By the people,for the People.
30619 Elija Landwehr you have the youth movement behind you
30620 Janee Knigge
30621 Jacob Ewing Announce now. You’re wasting time and setting yourself up to be marginalized..
30622 Tanner Whitham Ron Paul, America needs your leadership and I hope I can count on you to be in the upcoming Presidential Election. You are a true hero Doctor Paul! God Bless!
30623 Name not displayed
30624 Name not displayed
30625 Pierce Conlon
30626 Daniel Francis Cook Judge Andrew Napolitano for Vice President, announce it before the primary!!
30627 Gary Nutter Please run Sir.
30628 Dwain Merrill
30629 Ahmed Aafiya USA needs you!
30630 Name not displayed
30631 AGIM NDREGJONI Win big!!! Take down the fed and cfr
30632 Trenton Walker
30633 Tanner Goode
30634 Irene Chumley
30635 Kenneth Blain Please run Ron, America needs you!
30636 Name not displayed You are an inspiration. Please run in 2012! You will have the support of my family. Let’s bring America back!
30637 david robinson ron paul there are more like u with the power u have, but r too afraid (threatened) to speak up.
30638 Name not displayed We need you Mr. Paul, our country needs you, future generations need you.
30639 mason hooper
30640 Janel Weiss
30641 Cole Male
30642 Anthony We need a revolution, its time that our government fears us, not us fearing them.
30643 Michelle Burge
30644 caleb
30645 Xander Broughton
30646 Dan Lupo Ron Paul is our only hope!!
30647 Name not displayed
30648 Mariel Monsour
30649 Calea House REVOLUTION TIME!!!!!!!
30650 Margaret M. Roberts
30651 Daniel Davis You delivered a baby for one of my friend’s relatives.
30652 Ronny S Hope you win. The world needs you.

Best regards

From Norway
30653 Daniel Pullen
30654 Mia
30655 Dustin Byington
30656 Name not displayed
30657 Leon Phillips
30658 Fred Hayman
30659 Joel T
30660 Nick Moore You have this democrat vote sir
30661 Name not displayed
30662 Luke Hachfeld
30663 ian sysov I think his propositions would positively reflect on business and tax payers.
30664 Aaron Edwards Jr. I have a dream! where once again everyone will be privy to the same knowledge. I believe that Ron Paul is Americas last true hope. I was appalled when Ron Paul wasn’t listed on the presidential percentages when he took over 8% of the vote. I say even if Ron Paul doesn’t run, We will make him president. This is United States of America people just because he isn’t on the ballot doesn’t mean we cant vote for him wake up we have the RIGHT TO WRITE IN. If one person can get 5 people to write in and those 5 people get 5 more and those 5 people get 5 more and so on and so on soon we will have crossed state lines with just word of mouth. We Can and Will Win The United States of America back. It is our right and duty as U.S. citizens to step up and overthrow a non working government in non violent fashion. Don’t think of your children think of 7 generations from now. will they be able to say you were a part of the most non violent revolution?

30665 J. Walters Sr. Ron Paul brings something to politics that has been lacking for decades "common sense". What part of "shall not be infringed upon" is so hard to understand? Mr. Paul please run for President in 2012.
30666 Name not displayed
30667 Ricardo Veloz he’s the reason why I will vote republican
30668 Joseph Muha Run Ron, please. Our country needs men like you.
30669 Rich Huff
30670 Gene Novak Give us hope!
30671 Collin M Flintjer
30672 Ben Tyson END the FED
30673 Name not displayed You will always have my vote, Ron.
30674 Clayton Cromer Please Run Ron ! We will back you 110% just like We did before & more !
30675 Ryan Jenkins
30676 Marco
30677 christina freeeeeeeeeeedooommmmmmmm!!!
30678 Rita Mendoza
30679 Name not displayed
30680 Shane Krajewski Go get ‘em!
30681 Justin Case
30682 Name not displayed RON PAUL 2012!!!
30683 Page-Enlisresseram
30684 Name not displayed You are our modern day George Washington. We need you! Please run again! If you do I promise you my husband and I will campaign for you!
30685 Alexander Schlegel RUN RON RUN!!!!!
30686 Kim Schnack
30687 sam wing I support Ron Paul for potus.
30688 Benjamin Corcoran
30689 Ron Tracy
30690 Matthew T. McNally RUN RON RUN!!!

We need a person who speaks the TRUTH as it was intended and as it should BE!
30691 Name not displayed
30692 Jose Ramirez I campaigned for Obama at my campus and today I regret it. I believed he cared about this nation but hes just a typical corrupt politician. Now I am ready to campaign for you Mr.Paul a true patriot. End the Fed!It has failed and has been disastrous.
30693 Robert Justice
30694 Hunter Cooper
30695 Joseph Carpenter Ron Paul: the only man on the hill who understands monetary policy and its importance.
30696 Rigo Santa Cruz The only politician that deserves to have a seat in congress. I learned much about you online and was blown away by your speeches/commentaries.
30697 Blaine Bond
30698 Name not displayed I am a libertarian and would love to see you run for president! I am not old enough to vote yet, but I agree with every political action you have ever taken.
30699 Big Reggi Run Ron, Run!!!
30700 James Giles All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.

Thomas Jefferson
30701 Juan Cabrales
30702 Name not displayed
30703 James Bost Congressman Paul, i hope that you will give us the honor of voting for you in 2012. this country can’t survive much longer on the track it’s on. The people in this and (from the comments I have read) other countries around the world need for you to run and become the President of the United States. Congressman I know without intervention things will only worsen. I worry (daily) of my children’s future.I know that you are a man of continuous beliefs of upholding our Constitution and that’s why you are needed. Please hurry and make you choice soon so we your people can start you campaign now.
30704 Kevin Terry You’re an awesome patriot! We are here to fight for our constitution!
30705 Name not displayed I am a future generation and we need someone like you in office for not only the sake as of right now, but for are children’s children in the future. I don’t want to look at my kids and tell them that things in the past use to be better. I want to be able to tell them that when Ron Paul won the election in 2012 we found are roots and got this country back on it’s feet. I want to be able to tell my children that things are better than what they use to be. Please get Obama out of office Mr. Paul, your the only man that can do it.
30706 Alyssa Koehler Run Ron Run!
30707 Jared Koehler Dr. Paul, you have my vote and support!
30708 Name not displayed When did the vote become the lesser of two evils?
30709 ziya polat
30710 Joel Minnich
30711 Kevin McCoy If anything, be close to the White House.
30712 Maryann madera
30713 Dustin Sheffield
30714 Ashleigh Davidson
30715 Michael Litka
30716 Frankie Edenfield
30717 TAWNEY GO RON PAUL!!!!! America needs YOU !!!
30718 Kyle Paul Eaton Please! If you do not become president i will leave this country ASAP! i’m sick of the decisions that this government has made. YOU are the only one, the ONLY one i listen to and You are the only one who can make rational decisions. i believe you have the potential of becoming the best president in the last 100 years! please don’t give up, we all love you and you should and are the most respected person that deserves it. thank you for all that you have done, i would vote for you in a second, and i would make all of my friends do the same!
30719 Austin Kilby Ron is a true american and a patriot and supports southern heritage in a day and age where people are trying to destroy my southern heritage thank you ron for defending my heritage and my ancestors
30720 Name not displayed The country needs you.
30721 Name not displayed Something has to change for the better! We didn’t get anything good the last four years.
30722 Brad Overstreet
30723 Jonathan shoemaker Thank you
30724 Nicholas LaQuell As a fellow neighbor to America (here in Canada), I do wish to see America and the world for that matter, pull away from the manipulation and the greed that is the government. Let us stand together to end the lies and policies of the government. This nation (America) has the potential to do good and to be a nation that is loved by others. I believe through a radical change in everyone and deep down to all levels of government that we can bring an end to the ridiculously wealthy families and groups that are controlling every major area of the western world. From finance, media, education, oil and more. I do believe Ron Paul stands against this and has the know-how and desire to help bring the change we need and desire, to government. This "system" of control and governance is getting to big and scary! Look around everyone (if you haven’t’ already) we are all treated like mindless sheep, who blindly ‘follow’ our leaders and governments. Stand back and look at it from another perspective. We, the people of the world are speaking out, wanting to see complete change and to actually make America a Free and independent country.

- Nick (Canada)
30725 Scott Green
30726 Ron Motyl This country is not only taking the wrong direction (without leadership) but is siding with the opposition.

We need someone like you to restore our republic. God Bless you, God Bless America and God help us win this struggle.
30727 Name not displayed
30728 Harry King
30729 Michael Harris
30730 Mark Dymerski
30731 Valerie E. Holt You are our only hope to regain some sense of security in our country. Run Ron Run!!!
30732 Name not displayed i thought i would never vote or be into politics until seeing you on youtube.
30733 Kevin Carroll Let’s get someone in the whitehouse who believes in the constitution!
30734 Charles Bennett RUN RON RUN
30735 Morgan Burns
30736 Robert M. Gates It’s time for another George Washington - common sense, virtue and American Patriotism!
30737 Ed
30738 Grant Shay
30739 Name not displayed
30740 Ivan Djokic
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30742 james s roberts Congress is best example of American entitlement. They expect much and do little, other than keep themselves in Congress.
30743 mark moran The lesson of history is clear, tyranny must be opposed continuously. As a nation we seem oblivious to the notion that it is happening to us now.

Please Run!
30744 Name not displayed
30745 Terry Weiss
30746 Ken Wilson I hope you run Mr. Congressman. I think you are brilliant!
30747 Name not displayed Ron Paul is my president.
30748 Name not displayed Ron Paul for Pres. Judge Napolitano for vice Pres.
30749 Name not displayed Please we will not survive much longer like this.
30750 Robert Gaspar We need you now more than ever.
30751 Christopher Dunn I look up to that beautiful man, Ron Paul, as one of my heroes. President or not, our nation needs his honesty, integrity, wisdom, and guidance.

God bless him and all the Pauls.
30752 John S. Jumper Ron, get your running for president shoes on we need you now more than ever. John S. Jumper CEO, Alluvion Securities, LLC
30753 Name not displayed
30754 Ivan Brkaric
30755 Michael Bremme
30756 Susan Chisum This entity should never have been corrupted by politics-and now that it is-we need an audit and the truth should be given to the American taxpayers.
30757 Desiree Bridgeford As someone who was a proud democrat, I am no more. I am now a proud libertarian, and I want my vote back from our last election.
30758 Todd Moser yes sir can I have another?
30759 mark archer A truly uncompromising and principled individual that brings a refreshing and welcomed taste of integrity,honesty and an unrecognizable sense of civility in our contemporary political landscape.
30760 James Sattler He is the ONLY politician who understands the problems and solutions fully to restoring the monetary system and the Constitution.
30761 Robert C. Edwardsen This country needs you and your policies. If not, the only hope we have is a revolution by the masses. Ron If you do run you have my support. If you do run I’m going to as much as I can to help you win. Help us win! WE THE PEOPLE!
30762 jonathan haase
30763 Name not displayed
30764 Jeffery Carter
30765 Adam Wilson
30766 Bret Smith Run Ron, Run!
30767 steven schuetz Please run and I will contribute
30768 cainen gray
30769 Tracy Jackson 2012 !
30770 Ryan Yard
30771 Philip Pizzurro I’m doing all I can to spread the word to friends and relatives to support the bill to audit the FED.
30772 Josh Hemmy
30773 Jonny Leach
30774 Agustín Carmona I’m a Democrat, but I think there isn’t anyone right now I would like to see running things in America than Ron Paul.
30775 Name not displayed
30776 Jason Waters
30777 Alex Peterson Please everyone who signs this petition, visit The economic understanding it will impart upon you will undoubtedly enable you to more convincingly educate your acquaintances of Ron’s message(s).
30778 Jared Dekle we need you
30779 Andre Baez Please, spread the word about Ron Paul.
30780 Name not displayed
30781 Ian Moore
30782 Michael T PLEASE RUN RON! WE NEED YOU!!!!!!!
30783 Joseph Morales The only man that understands true government is by persuasion rather than force
30784 Roman de Caesar Representative Paul: too many of us for too many years have not been vigilant, trusting in either Republican or Democratic doctrine to properly lead and guide us. Today, in 2011, we face the unthinkable: the loss of our liberties and rights to those whose intention it is to enslave us. You have proven your metal many times over, and now, "we" ask you to please lead us to preserve, protect and defend what all of us have forsaken for far too long. For, I fear if "we" permit special interest, lobbyists and the unethical neo-con perversion to continue, then I can only conclude based upon first hand knowledge that our country will exist, no longer.
30785 AvavaVixAgimb I just book marked your blog on Digg and StumbleUpon.I enjoy reading your commentaries.
30786 Garrett Warren We aren’t weak, we aren’t stupid (at least most of us).

We aren’t afraid.

We are divided. We are played against each other. We are abused by our government.

Be the catalyst of our movement Dr. Paul. I would follow you to whatever end…
30787 Daniel Leuridan
30788 Greg Winans
30789 David Joseph Mack
30790 Chris Harmon America needs you!
30791 Jonathan Coelho Mr. Ron Paul, you have given me that little boost of faith that I’ve needed for a long time. I am tired of picking up the slack for non-productive people who engage in criminal acts, because I have seen the real problems with this country first-hand and it’s insane! Obama has duped so many people. I want to be able to earn money that I can believe in. I want my education to be competitive again. I at least want to be taken seriously for going to college. Before you know it, we’re going to have secondary college of an extra 4 years on top of the 4-8 years that we already have. Couldn’t they just stop devaluing HIGH SCHOOL!? I’m going to school for business and marketing, and I have learned that this is the value era where people can only truly succeed if they communicate directly on a personal level about their real wants and needs. No one trusts each other any more because the government is trying to play God! I can’t possibly take a government seriously that idolizes criminals by providing them with more and more safety cushions. Please, Ron Paul, save us!! I know that an honest man can guide us.
30792 Amy Hughes
30793 James Hughes
30794 Peter Heine
30795 Mike Morgan Just run
30796 Barry Danielsen Run for President! 2012
30797 Name not displayed
30798 Name not displayed I believe Ron is one of the few people in politics that sincerely cares for We the people.
30799 Adam Eubank I love you! Your voting record is flawless as far as I have seen. LET’S TAKE BACK AMERICA!
30800 Charles Harris Run Ron run!!!
30801 Danny R McCarthy You may be our last hope
30802 sudesh
30803 Name not displayed i demand true positive change!!!
30804 Ansel Lies Dr. Paul, the 2012 presidential election will be the first during which which I’ll be of voting age. I believe your policies offer a path forward out of the current stagnation of the United States, and as a future voting citizen of this nation, I offer you my support.
30805 Brannan Miller
30806 Alex B. Baker Mr. Paul - We need a viable candidate who represents the Constitution and has the common sense judgment on matters that you do. There is no other candidate in my mind that would be better suited to run for President and frankly…to run for America.


Alex Baker
30807 Sam
30808 Christopher S. Burks
30809 Miranda L. Sherry We truly need a change; not an Obama change but a Ron Paul change!
30810 Stanley Wandowicz Sir, as you run, you can count on me. That’s because I know I can count on you to help us save America.
30811 Name not displayed
30812 William G. Our constitution, more than ever, needs your voice in the white house. Run for the sake of our freedom.
30813 John Mulready run with Schiff
30815 Chuck Moe
30816 Name not displayed A country can go along way with a simple voice of reason. Take our voice to Washington Ron!
30817 kelly canakes
30818 Elizabeth Pratt
30819 alberto moioli From Italy for Ron 2012

30820 Mike C
30821 FRANK R. DRYDEN I have watched hours of your videos. You are the "Answer Man". I have great respect for your ability to answer each and every question that is presented to you, unlike most of the politicians who pick and choose the questions they will answer while avoiding "danger" or "undesirable" questions and using that time instead to puff themselves up. Good job Sir, please keep up the fight for our Constitutional rights. All Americans, no matter their political affiliations or lack thereof, benefit from your service to our country. I thank you greatly Dr. Paul. By the way, your son ain’t too bad either! &<&<&<>>>
30822 Mary Breslin You are the only reason I can say I am proud to be an American anymore.
30823 Thomas Hester jr.
30824 Samuel Eskew
30825 Pat broderick
30826 Maria Reincarnated JFK!
30827 Preston Aaron Ron Paul all the way. I’m highly concerned that if he doesn’t run as a republican than we’ll be stuck with another 4 years of democrat crap.
30828 Marie
30829 Jorge Rodriguez Ron Paul is the only one I trust in congress, and the only President I would ever vote for if he ran.
30830 Jeff Storie Finally someone who gets it!
30831 Matt Monteith We need Ron Paul to save America
30832 George E Brooks I am very excited about Dr.Paul’s run for the White House.He is the man that can bring this country back to what the founding fathers intended.If you vote for anyone else for president in 2012 you will be wasteing your vote!
30833 gail charree
30834 Justin Anderson Run Ronny, Run!!!!
30835 Anthony Brown
30836 j. michael tice
30837 Chandler Birx
30838 Name not displayed Please run for the sake of the nation.
30839 Clayton Rickert Please run for the sake of the nation.
30840 Charles Dengler
30841 Michael Stevens
30842 Name not displayed Run!
30843 joe Cheney
30844 Michael D. Wise Paul/West or Paul/Paul 2012!!
30845 joel figueroa
30846 john paul reister I am with Ron Paul
30847 Janice Maliska All right reserved, RUN PAUL RUN!!!
30848 Brian Cambrel I sincerely think this may be our last chance.
30849 Jesus Marmol
30850 John Lobsinger Go Tea Party
30851 Kevin Kerbow
30852 Name not displayed Please run!
30853 Andie
30854 W K Melcolm III
30855 Name not displayed
30856 Ryan Fernandez
30857 Weston The currency crisis is on the way, and you can bet the government will use it to steal even more power, that is unless you are in the white house. The fate of this country basically boils down to you getting in the white house, no pressure. To steal you’re line, "but let it not be said that we did nothing."
30858 Wayne Kotaski
30859 James Keena Jr.
30860 Scott
30861 Mirl Hedger Thank you, thank you, thank you
30862 Jessica Many college students like me see no future, especially jobs wise, after we graduate. The government only care about creating and benefiting from wars. I hope that Ron Paul will change all of these.
30863 Steven Sykes We need Ron Paul as our President
30864 Panna Jones
30865 tina clinger
30866 Douglas Krigstein
30867 Dana Costello Run ron run!!!! We need you!!!
30868 Derek
30869 Catherine Schimming
30870 steve atkinson I’m behind you ron and would help in my area
30871 Joe Wife and I are Military and in our 40s. Please run so the fat cats can GO.
30872 Charlotte Juett Dr. Paul, what we need is a leader that will not lie to us and you are the only one that fits that bill.
30873 Tina Morrison Never in history has it been more imperative that we have a leader like Dr. Paul.
30874 Name not displayed Please run. You have my full support.
30875 Dan Damrath
30876 Justin Wu
30877 Doug Spencer Go Big Chief…..2012 we need ya’
30878 Douglas Boehmke
30879 Dave Hinrichs There is no one else with Ron Paul’s integrity. We need him to run for president.
30880 Evelyn Renee Everhart
30881 garry rausch
30882 drake allen let’s hire this guy to repeal owen/glass
30883 shabbi Ron Paul, you Libertarian moron. I hope you the worst, you will RUIN this country if you G-d forbid become President. you suck
30884 Michael Van Buren Help me Ron Paul! Your my only hope! - Princess Leia
30885 Luis Ramos
30886 Name not displayed It is time to eliminate the Federal Reserve, get us out of the UN, and bring our troops home. We have an executive branch which is totally disregarding the constitution, and there are those who need to be impeached for their criminal actions.
30887 Caroline Ennis
30888 Kristina Carlin
30889 Josh Harbour Dr. Paul, you are so inspiring. Please run for President!
30890 Scott Nugent End the FED!
30891 Miguel Lopez Please RUN!!!
30892 Andrew Spagnlo no it u lover it’s a revolution.
30893 Jeff Rogers
30894 James H Cavanaugh We NEED to bring govenment back to the prople.

We need freedom and liberty back. Only Ron Paul talks the talk and walks the walk!
30895 Amber Lewis
30896 Michelle Roberts
30897 Jack Lin
30898 Gordon Runkle I love the way you’re getting the message out!
30899 Ron Harris The clear road ahead is getting back to our constitution.
30900 Chris Pauley THIS is the kind of "change" we need!
30901 AAron Seymour
30902 Zachary Burke Go get ‘em Ron.
30903 Nolan Hodges Impeachment starts in the HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES!
30904 Christina Hilton i like ron paul!go ron paul!win please.
30905 Linda Carroll Please run, win, and stay true to the American people.
30906 Scott Mitchell, Sr.
30907 Jason Turner We NEED you Dr. Paul! America NEEDS someone like you! Guarantee an 8 year deal!
30908 Cynthia Deutsch Liberty Now.. RP is My President
30909 Ryan Nack Go Dr. Paul!
30910 Darus Eifler
30911 Matthew Buljan
30912 Becca Watson Ron Paul all the way!
30913 John S.Colton
30914 James N Campolo Good Luck on this one
30915 James Underhill
30916 Clifford Driver
30917 Alexander colt
30918 John Hall The only congressman who is not a liar, crook or self interested policitian

~~~~~~~~~RON PAUL 2012~~~~~~~~~~~~
30920 Andrew Derhammer
30921 Sam Watts
30922 Benjamin Kline You must run, Dr. Paul. Our nation’s future depends on your principled vision.
30923 Raymond Richardson
30924 Name not displayed Ron Paul is THE answer in 2012
30925 Thelma Phillips You’re leadership is desperately needed in this country!
30926 timothy burchett
30927 Mike Lorenzo
30928 shannon clark
30929 Manuel Haro This is the time for the truth to be heard Dr. Paul. Let freedom ring for all generations.
30930 Brian St. Laurent Ron you are a man with great ideas and integrity. I wish more politicians had your vision. I implore you to run for President so that the USA can become a great country once again.
30931 Lindy Combs I have known for years that the IRS was a huge scare tactic…and it worked. Now there is someone with the guts to declare truth! That is you, Senator Paul.
30932 Name not displayed We need you more than ever, bring the government back within the restrictions of the Constitution.
30933 Joe Haynes
30934 Nic he is really, our only hope.
30935 Eric Davis
30936 Isaiah Lee Noble Just try to do good things. That is all we need.
30937 Nolan West
30938 david erickson bring back liberty, we believe
30939 Mallory A Searcy RUN RON RUN! Sure other GOP candidates might talk about the economy, but you’re the only one who’s not afraid to make REAL cuts by shrinking the government, chopping agencies that shouldn’t exist, and stripping the government of its financial power to intrude into our lives. You also stand against civil liberty intrustions such as the TSA abuse, gov spying etc and I would feel so much more comfortable with living in this world if our country was in the hands of someone like you. It’s either you, or some big-government person from either the McCain camp or the Obama camp. Either of those would be bad. THIS COUNTRY NEEDS YOU.
30940 Morgan Lidster Here we go again. ‘Can’t wait!
30941 b. montgomery
30942 Joshua Nelson
30943 Daniel Peterson
30944 Don E. Chute Run Paul Run!
30945 Sue Hirschberg let’s do it this time!
30946 Eric Crabtree You can count on my vote!!!
30947 Angela C. Estevez RON PAUL 2012
30948 Craig Deskins Dear Mr. Paul. I’m 42 and new to politics. My common sense as I learn what is going on in our country has led me straight into agreeance with your understandings and wisdoms concerning our country. I’ve never voted before. If you run in 2012, you’ll be the first candidate I’ve ever voted for. Thank you for being their for us.
30949 Clifford Sumner Please
30950 Brian Jason Lafferty A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have.

Gerald Ford, presidential address to a joint session of Congress, 12 August 1974 (May have been derived from similar remarks by Barry Goldwater#Misattributed.)
30951 Name not displayed As a nation, we are in a time of need for reason, common sense, and true leadership. You have the power and the mindset to steer this republic back on track and save us from decades of unconstitutional governance.
30952 Scott H
30953 David M
30954 Name not displayed
30955 Jebril Keep hope alive. Thank you for everything you’ve done.
30956 Jeremy West I’m not a Republican, but I still want you to run.
30957 Sky Morey
30958 Matthew Sommermeyer It has been some time since I lost my faith in most political figures, you have restored that faith! It is time to do something about my future!
30959 Robert
30960 Erik Birchler America will DIE unless you become President!!!!
30961 Martin McGill
30962 Josh Holtan
30963 jesse rios You are our only hope. Maybe our last.
30964 Nickforyyou432#
30965 Name not displayed The Military Supports you
30966 Tracy Engh
30967 megan gable Hope for America.
30968 Hanson David I’m Belgian and support Ron Paul because we all need change starting somewhere! Go Ron Paul: Help USA, Help the world!
30969 michael gruber
30970 esteban rodriguez
30971 Roman Milker
30972 Eric Yockey
30973 April Sumner
30974 Jessica Ramos
30975 Crystal
30976 Keith Elflein
30977 Eric Zyk If Congressman Paul decides to run, I am behind him 100% and would help anyway I can. He represents everything I believe in when it come to the country and in particular the constitution. I am torn though on whether he should run. The main reason is because our problems in this country are not due to politician, corporations or any other special interest. Our problems are due to the mindset of the American people over the past 100 years or so. No body does their homework; their votes are based on emotions and their own selfish interests; there values are all screwed up. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in the American People, I believe this country has reached the heights that it ahs reach because of the American people, but also believe the lows that we are experiencing today are also because of the American people. I believe in Ron Paul; I believe he would be one of the best presidents we ever had; I believe there is some good he could achieve as President, but until the people change, then Congress won’t change and because of Ron Paul’s values, Congress would fight him all the way. Not to mention the fact that Ron, with his constitutional value, wouldn’t abuse the power to write Executive Orders, which I see as being the only way he could get anything done without Congress. But my prayers go out to Congressman Ron Paul, prayer of good will, prayers of thanks for all he has done and prayer that he continue to search for God’s plan for him and our country. God bless Ron Paul!
30978 Jason Krasnoff RON PAUL 2012!!!
30979 Patrick Robinson We need our Constitution.
30980 Piper Burch
30981 Stephen J. Tadevich
30982 Sean Woytych The person with the most common sense, not just to run the government, but to understand the people
30983 Nikelle Jackson
30984 Name not displayed The only voice of truth in these sea of loud lies
30985 Adam Pendergrass
30986 Joshua J Crawford Doctor Paul, as a live free or die minded citizen and hailing from New Hampshire, you are our only hope for this country! Please put the government in its place. You give people like me that last little bit of Hope.
30987 Murray Feldstein
30988 Name not displayed Thank you
30989 Dave H. Please Run
30990 John Marcell
30991 Name not displayed Please run! You’re our only hope for sanity. Other candidates would simply be more of the same regardless to which party they claim to belong.
30992 Robert Rados
30993 Daniel Cichello Please, I have almost lost all hope for our future.
30994 Brian Caughell
30995 Mike Daneau
30996 Jessica Finally someone who has logical sense in what he believes in. Please run for the election and continue representing your values as ours - one that is actually right!
30997 Scott Weeks RUN PAUL RUN !!!!
30998 Matthew Johnson Please save us.
30999 Jay Linton
31000 Michael Rosendal

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  1. List Builder says:

    How often have you wondered if the money is in a list, the money is actually in a responsive list.

  2. patriciap says:

    Ron Paul has my vote in 2012..Champion for The Constitution! Real Help For America! Peace, Prosperity,Peace..Amen!

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