Signatures 1-5,000

Number Name Comment
1 George Edward Baker A.I.A.  
2 JT Williams Let’s do this Dr. Paul! I’m a C4L member, ready to put all my time and energy into a real revolution!
3 Rob Gemmeke As an example for the whole world !
4 Michael Halpin  
5 Elizabeth Young This country cannot survive another Obummer, another burning Bush, we need YOU Mr. Paul…
7 Cody Wink We don’t wish you to do anything you choose not to, but I think now is the time you’d have the best chance of winning and leading our country through this revolution.
8 tomas perez everyone lets make this petition go viral send to friends loved ones etc….not one man can restore the country its our job we the people lets do thiss !!!!!!!
9 Ryan Payne  
10 Gregor  
11 Justin Verechia  
12 Michelle D. Parker  
13 Michael Roche Ron Paul 2012!
14 Kary Channell  
15 Mike Leeth  
16 Dante Ludlow Come on Dr. Paul! If you run, then you will definitely win and make this country what it should be. Our founding fathers would frown on today’s politics, but I believe that you are an exception to that.
17 Nady  
18 Jonathan Winning  
19 James Holloway  
20 Donald P. Segura  
21 Marpheen S. Chann-Berry  
22 Jesse Fields  
23 Diego Pestana Restore Liberty!
24 Terry Peterson Stand strong for liberty and freedom Dr. Paul. God Bless America
25 Nathan Critser RUN! I’m Gonna Vote For Ron Paul
26 Cody Searl Go Ron, Go!
27 Marie Young  
28 jose reyes  
29 Erika You are our last hope… please run!
30 Miguel Estrella Let’s go Ron!
31 Annmarie Gualberto  
32 Mike Carpentier  
33 Elie Miyaji Yes we Can! Ron Paul 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! R3volution!!
34 Randall Malboeuf  
35 Joseph Pitre  
36 Jeffrey Sibley  
37 Amanda Linton  
38 steve loparo It’s gonna take a miracle to get this country back on track, but it has to start with all of us. Let’s do this! Ron Paul for President!!!!
39 Monique Gawryk America needs Ron Paul
40 Khara  
41 cindy n  
42 matt macosko  
43 Rhonda Your our only Hope!!!!!
44 Kimberly A. Pearce come on, Dr. Paul! You can do it this time! We need sanity in Washington!
45 Michael Vieira Run Ron Run!!!
46 Mark Bailey  
47 kevin harmon Ron Paul for President 2012!!!
48 Michelle Jones Please run for president. You are the only candidate that makes complete sense!
49 Amanda Hughes You are our only hope to restore the constitution and bring back liberty to the American people. We need you Dr. Paul and we are ready to campaign for you. You have more supporters now than ever. Keep up the good fight!
50 Stephen R. dupont  
51 Lazarus M Mavis I perceive you as one of the few great inspirations of our time sir. Run Run Run!
52 Scott Smith  
53 seth thienes  
54 Teresa Baker  
55 Richard Soper  
56 peter taylor Liberty Forever
57 Patrick L Elliott  
58 Emily Switlyk  
59 Josh Harbour  
60 Jared Jackson  
61 Adam Card  
62 Jeff Mortenson Let’s do this!
63 David Luttrell We need you Dr. Paul!
64 Jeffrey Wixted RON PAUL 2012!!!
65 Rodney Even TAKE THE POWER BACK!!
66 Chad Garceau In these ugly days my hope is to have a leader with the courage, brains and common sense thinking that this counrty is screaming for. There needs to be change and by change I mean real change, drastic change a plan that makes sense and makes people feel proud to be in their country again. This is why I am signing this petition because Ron Paul has realistic plans and a realistic sense on how economics, foreign policy and being an American works.
67 Damian Riniker I’ve voted for you once, and I hope I have the chance to do it again.
It is time for change in this country. Change only a true visionary like yourself can bring.

RON PAUL 2012!!!!

68 Luca Fusari 2012: It’s time for another r3VOLution!
It’s time for Ron Paul president!
69 J Whalen T
70 Lacy Byrd  
71 mario matarese run dam it run
72 Neeraj Narula I hope you win Ron Paul!
73 Willy  
74 Thomas Gilmartin  
75 David McCollester End the Fed!
77 Jody McCarty  
78 Appu Mathew Dr.Paul please run for US presidency in 2012. I’m not a citizen, but I believe truly that a Ron Paul Presidency would not only change america but the whole world in a radical way. Go for it sir.I’m unable to vote for you, but I’ll be praying real hard for success and I’ll vigorously campaigning for you. May the Good God Bless You.
79 Alex Stambaugh  
80 Michael Clifton Ron, your vision, dedication and principals make me very excited for the future of America; for I see the continual growth of followers, both young and old, that have their eyes and hearts wide open ready to do what is right for America’s preservation. God loves you Ron and so do your followers!
81 Shawn Powers  
82 Travis Rhoades  
83 Ryan Ron Paul 2012!!!!!
84 J.R. Hudson I voted in 2008 and will do so again in 2012.
85 Billy Brigman  
86 steve gritchen jr  
87 Weston Davis Dr. Paul, I just turned 17 last year, so I didn’t have the chance to vote for you in ’08. However, I will be graduating from high school next year, and I’d really like to see you as the first president of my adulthood. I know you can do it, and I know that you’re the man to do it. To fix this country, and put us back on the right track.
88 Dawn Rismoen Thank you for all you have done to educate us about our government and for your support of liberty these past decades. I know it is a lot to ask of you, to run for President that is. I hope you can find the strength and courage to try another run.
89 Alan Chapman Please run if you feel up to it or get fully behind Michelle Bachman (sp?). I think she is the one who attends Dr. Paul’s lunches.
90 nick peters Ron Paul 2012
91 Michael Mangano  
92 Frank facenda Bring liberty back!
93 Jordan Inman JUST DO IT!
94 Matthew Oakley  
95 Nicole Montgomery  
96 Michael Funk you can fix the USA!!!!!!
97 Gina Herzog  
98 David Garrett Please for the sake of our Country, would you please run for President?
99 Thomas Smotherman We need you Ron Paul for 2012
100 Dawn Peet We need your continued wisdom and what better way to get it out there! I know you’ll do the right thing. Blessings!
101 Adrian Gutierrez  
102 M Robinson  
103 Fernando Saenz You are the only true hope this nation needs and should be so lucky to have in power. You are the only one truly equipped to steer our nation in the right path. Please save us from ourselves.
104 Lindsey Ferguson America needs you, Dr. Paul! Please run in 2012. I know I and many others will do everything in our power to support your campaign and the cause of liberty. “”If freedom is what we want, it is our for the taking. Let the revolution begin!”"
105 Floyd Craft Please END this CRAZY Goverment of waste, over spending and entitlement.
106 JoNathan mariande  
107 Todd Gregory Your background in economics, constitutional understanding and of biblical understanding as the founding fathers, gives you a common sense approach. Where everyone one else just seems to flounder in darkness with no clear direction other than their czars which hardly represent the eternal principles of God or mans in alienable rights.

The bible records of another Government which was oppressive to humanity, let me echo those key words that changed things for those people and repeat them here. “”Perhaps God has raised you up for such a time as this”"

108 Joe If there’s anything I can do to help with campaigning? I’ll gladly lend a hand.
109 Teria Rogers Thanks for being an inspiration!
110 Kenny Tan Ron Paul, the only principle politician in the H.o.R.
111 John B Go Ron!
112 Gabriel Huot  
113 Brian Martin Ron Paul - The Champion of the Constitution
114 Chalan Derry Run Ron Run!
115 Carly Peters Ron Paul 2012! We believe in you!
116 Josh Simpson Please run!
117 Thomas Adams Audit the FED!
118 Mark Bixler You know it!
119 Dave Clausen  
120 Delano McDade please run for presidency sir.. i believe you are the last hope for this country. i dont think our world will be the same in the very near future. thank you for being who you are, Delano McDade
121 Jonny Letson In the last presidential election I finally had a real choice for President…you, Ron Paul. Thank you.
122 Tom Riley Without the right candidate, the country is destined for 4 more years of Obama.
123 Tyler Phares  
124 Samuel Russell In God we trust and Ron we hope.
125 Colin Hanshaw All people want is the truth, without it how can we ever make decisions to lead the world?
126 Kurtis Lawrence  
127 Randy Ketza It is time to stop this continual raping & pilaging of our country! Dr Paul, a man of your integrity is so desparately needed right now!
128 Paul Laurent  
129 Brian Smith  
130 crystal clifford  
131 Cynthia Hershberger  
132 ismet pilman America needs a man like you in office. I will repost and have other friends repost.
133 Ryan Lee Yeoman Sir, Dr. Ron Paul, I truly believe in your ability to effectively shift our current paradigm back to qualities our truest patriots and founders sought for this land. Just imagining the possibility of your leadership and the persuasion it could bring remedies my spirits amongst many other believers. Go for it! I support you completely!
134 Joseph Johnson  
135 Slade Secore Ill pencil your name on Ballot if I have to.
136 Gregory Allison Kent State students for Ron Paul!
137 Jason McClamrock  
138 Paul Bello  
139 Duane Bierman Please run and straighten out this mess.
140 mitch zientz  
141 Brian Howard  
142 roy vance i am honored to know a man of your caliber,who defends my liberty with every fiber in your being,day in and day out,without rest,and give me hope and truly believe in what our constitution really stands for and and not letting it be sidestepped like its nothing more than a poetic,political prop,i proudly pledge my support for you,Dr.Ron Paul
143 Jason We love you Dr. Paul and everything you stand for. Keep up the good work and hope to see you on my Nov ballot in 2012!
144 Jared Gaffney The country needs you!
145 Jennifer Crist Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth.
146 Travis Holm Honest, rational Americans need representation.
147 Luke Even if it doesn’t result in an election, please, hit the debates and spread the message.
148 Aaron Rath  
149 Marcos Ron, Thanks for giving voice to the freedom movement!
150 Ryan howard Your the man Ron!!!!
151 Gary C. Huggins Run Ron Run!
152 shannon benson  
153 Dwayne Forehand  
154 Jeremy Erickson  
155 Edward Stevens  
156 Blaine Simpson Go for it, Ron.
157 D. Auden Ron Paul…the only logical man for President!
158 Dawn Peer We need you!
159 Laura Macias  
160 Al Garcia  
161 John Kerbawy  
162 Mike Swatek  
163 Richard Willets  
164 Tom Appleton  
165 Veronica McCarthy  
166 lawrence knop  
167 Tiffany Atchley Please run Ron Paul!
168 Brian R  
169 Bob Miller  
170 Jeanne Mueller  
171 Gerald Pata Dr. Ron Paul, you will get my vote AGAIN!!!
172 Dr. Thaddeus Gala With everyone’s support, you can make it happen!
173 stephen collins  
174 james leveroni Please run for president and save this country!!!
175 Craig Strickland  
176 Jason Prushko legalize cannibus
177 Tammy Pope  
178 Richard Potesak Lets Take Back Our Country! Go Freedom!
179 Ruth Jankowiak We need a strong leader like you to run this country
180 Travis Hill Run Paul Run ! ! !
181 Robert Whiting We own the dome!
182 David Robins  
183 Nathan Bode Even if you don’t run or don’t want to be President; we are going to vote for you anyways, just like George Washington. We need strong, brave leadership to fight for our liberty.
184 Jacob Tennant  
185 Joseph Fiscella You must run!
186 Aaron Knight  
187 Rick Flannery Sr You have down to earth thoughts and processes. Great ideas and plain talk with nor crap init. Please run, america needs you!
188 Ron Dorff I’m with you 100%.
189 Carl Pinto please sell simple cheaper t-shirts like Rand Paul had for $14 so I can improve my wardrobe! $30 is a lil steep.
190 Ryan Cornmesser I miss my constitutional rights.
191 Wes You can do it!
192 Ganine Van Alst  
193 Jay Bailey  
194 Gary Comparetto As much as I want him to run I dont believe he will stick to his word. He would be the first if he did. The way the system is set up he will just be another politician full of promise and not enough action. Sorry no faith in the system or the future.
195 Frank D’Angelo  
196 Ed Boyd We awakened much of the Hill Country of Texas back in ’07 & ’08 with your message, but a majority of the people just weren’t quite ready to commit to the serious changes necessary to pursue an agenda of liberty. The tide has changed now and many of those same people are now coming to us old “”Ron Paulers”" seeking answers. The time is ripe, Dr. Paul, for your message to finally be heard by the mainstream.
197 John Englert Ron, you are the best! Please run in 2012!
198 Zachary Thornburg  
199 ivy cook  
200 Pat Ruggiero  
201 Beverly Parker  
202 Scott Buller We need to fix the budget and not have a rock star president… you have my vote…
203 David Franklin Ron Paul 2012!
204 Allen Please help us.
205 Dylan Palme America has a great need for a great American, and you are that American. Please, for the love of all that’s good, run for president in 2012. If one person could change the world, it’s you.
206 Lisa McCumsey Please have him consider Karen Kwiatkowski for a running mate! They would be virtually unbeatable! Banking, Healthcare, and Military experts! We really need these people! Great team!
207 Christopher Campbell Look what you did in 2008. Imagine the possibilities in 2012.
208 Arturo Gastelum  
209 Brian Rochford Please run for president we need you Dr. Paul!!!
210 mike elzey You’re the only one making any sense. If you run you’ll need lots of protection. god speed and may god protect you and your family.
211 Cory Drippon Hope fox doesn’t discredit him again!
212 joe lasarge  
213 Dan Boches  
214 Ally Muller  
215 Gene Harris  
216 Benny A  
217 Michael Anthony
218 mark passell please run for president, I don’t trust anyone else.
219 Ginger Baughman We don’t need another politician in the White House. We need a Paulitician!
220 Cheyanne Gastelum  
221 Karen Inda I’m ready to vote for you, Dr. Paul!!!
222 Bob Roberts go ron!
223 Kevin Seaman  
224 Daniel Hyatt P-L-E-A-S-E-!!!!
225 Tony Helfrich  
226 [email protected] Please run for president and bring back real liberty to our country
227 Sally Bode  
228 Krystal muller  
229 Brad Horinger Please run, our country needs a man of your character to help us save this sinking ship.
230 Stephen M. Bianco America needs you Ron!
231 Paul Gebhart There is no one of your stature and integrity who will stand up to a president and congress that has been fully bought by Goldman Sachs, Monsanto, and the pharmaceutical industry. You may be our last chance to prevent the destruction and complete takeover by the large corporations. We need you now.
232 Nate Younger I can’t picture a better person for office
233 Carl Gibson  
234 Dennis Dale We are desperate for some sanity
235 Richard Lawhorn Make this man president so we can return the govt to the people.
236 Andrew Busk  
237 Brandon gchachu America needs Ron Paul. His our only hope!
238 mon & linda bertolucci GO!, RON GO!
240 Mark Heger GO RON
241 Dustin Jones  
242 Amanda Toohey We need to leave a bright future for America! We need Dr. Paul!
243 Matt Jamison  
244 JB King We need you Ron Paul. Please run for President
245 Laura we need Ron Paul. No oneelse will do.
246 David Jimenez  
247 Elizabeth Magallon  
248 Joey D’Alessio  
249 Kimberly Neagle Ron Paul for Prez. 2012!
250 Lorain Lolatte  
251 Abby James  
252 Scott Helmer  
253 Adam Nogrady There’s no other candidate that could compare!!!
254 KJ  
255 scott a bannister  
256 Ed Skerke I promise to work hard to help get you elected.
257 Richard Bach You’ll be risking your life for the love of your country. You are far and away the bravest man in Washington….it’s a long shot, but on such bravery may the nation be saved.
258 Waseem Hammoud Please make this happen! Ron, we need you!
259 Jeffery Bonetta RON PAUL!!! FOR LIFE!!!
260 Manny Fernandez run baby run
261 Brett Diercks  
262 Gabe Lets go go go!!!
263 Jim Wade God bless you Mr. Paul. You sing a song that every American needs to understand and believe in. Your clarity, much like Dr. Friedmans…helped greatly in re-programming my brain after college. Thank You.
264 Mark Englisby  
265 Bijon Naimat  
266 Geoffrey Tanner  
267 Jeremy Frits  
268 Travis D. Scott If you do it we will come.
269 Eric Manning Ron Paul is the only politician that will get my vote in 2012. If Mr.Paul doesn’t run, I won’t vote. I refuse to contribute to another puppet of the New World Order.
270 Peter Paul Hudson I will donate $1000 if he runs and if he gets the GOP Nomination, I will donate the max…
271 Brian Sullivan  
272 Melissa Lets start a REVOLUTION Ron Paul!
273 Gabe Lets go Ron!!!
274 Brian Decot Dear Dr. Paul,
I wasn’t aware of you till you lost the primary for the 2008 election. Now that I’ve taken the red pill, my eyes are wide open to your teachings whom I’ve passed on to my family. We will whole heartedly support you in your 2012 run if you decide to do so. I true representative of the Bill of Rights. Now to convince Andrew Napolitano to be your running mate…
275 Jonathan Burton  
276 Jeffrey Pugliese Ron Paul 2012
277 James allI I should have voted with my mind in 2008
278 Nick G You are the best! The only REAL hope for America!
279 Matthew Babich Mr. Paul, you got my vote!
280 Dave Waggoner Behind this 100%! Let’s GO! :)
281 Joan Woodward  
282 Mark Heger GO RON
283 Christian preseau  
284 Matt Paruske True conservatives are Libertarians!
285 David Mellor End the Fed
286 Marilyn Felton We need your expertise, Senator Paul. The Constitution needs a rebirth and the Federal Reserve needs to be done away with.
287 Stephen caron The most mistake Ron Paul can do for his country is not run for president.
288 Donna Sarrell I believe that Ron Paul would make a change for the better in America if he decides to run. I will work for hard for him. I’ve studied about him and trust he knows it’s time for a REAL CHANGE AMERICANS CAN TRUST.
289 Ari Piscatelli  
290 Asaad Dennis Were with you Ron, I sincerely believe you might be our last hope.
291 Cleo Bibas  
292 Justin Overbaugh Do it!
293 Bill Ames  
294 Chris Wall Dr. Paul, you stand to be one of the most important figures in our nation’s history. I believe, as do so many other patriotic Americans that you may be our last hope of ever reviving our Constitution and protecting our sovereignty. We need you now more than ever. God bless you sir
295 Wayne I hope to God he wins…
296 John Goodwin  
297 Angel L Gonzalez III  
298 helena dworkiewicz win the race 2012
299 Kenneth Legasse Dr. Paul. Please, for the sake of this country and my two boys, I beg you to run!
300 Dwight Cushman  
301 Christian Martinez I have never voted in any presidential election before, for two reasons, while I’ve been old enough to understand politics I haven’t liked any candidates, and I was too young. Come 2012 I will be 20 and this will be my first ever vote for president. I want to vote for you Ron Paul because I know you can lead us to a future of prosperity.
302 Jesse & Ruth Wilkerson We voted for you in the last election. The trend is over. It’s time for a real president.
303 John Perna Ron Paul createing an on going mass movement in one campaign. The next one will save this country.
304 ross kranz Peter Schiff as your economic advisor!
305 Reuben Garrett Doctor Paul: you heroically exemplify my hope to restore America to a limited constitutional democracy, and you have all my support in every endeavour.
306 Amanda H We need you!
307 Suzanne Chandler You are our only hope.
308 Gary Burrow  
309 Colby Park DEATH to the Federal Reserve!
310 CHRISTA restore the constitution - ron paul freedom revolution now !!
311 Jack Horbal  
312 Joseph Hart We need Ron Paul in this Revolution!
313 Roger Tucker  
314 Thomas Giannetti Ron Paul is our last hope.
315 Mike Evans Hope he wins!
316 Alex Donahue Please Dr. Ron Paul! You are our only hope! Please we need you!
317 Tara B. You have my vote, Dr. Paul… and many others around me support you also.
-Tara B. from Texas
318 Mildred Brinsdon We need a God fearing person, who with the Lord can turn this country back on track.
Go with God, M. Brinsdon
319 Jennifer Sluka  
320 RYAN L WUDTKE Don’t even hesitate Dr.Paul!!
321 edward farmer  
322 Norman Schultz Your the only honest politician I know of, who no matter what sticks to his principles.
323 josh s thomas Paul is the only hope we have….
324 Rebecca Steinbach  
325 Barry Howe This is our last chance. I wouldn’t blame Dr. Paul if he just retired and said “”Screw it. I’ve tried for decades to help America, but it won’t accept my help. Screw ‘em.”"
326 Aaron D. Yeargan A libertarian minded Democrat for Ron Paul!
327 chris roman  
328 Republic Constitution I am prepared to support your campaign in any way that I can help! The U.S. is finally waking up to how much it, and the world, needs someone like you and Judge Andrew Napolitano for VP!!
329 Nancy Baughman  
330 Alan Schultz  
331 Michael M. Frankel Please run, Dr. Paul. America needs reason and common sense again!
332 Miguel Rivera If he runs is he asking Judge Napolitano to be vice…
: )
333 Marvin Lavertue  
334 Amy De Silva We believe in you Ron Paul!! You can do it!
335 Anne Please RUN in 2012. We KNOW you speak TRUTH!
336 Kelly Bullock  
337 Bernadette L. If ever we needed your help it is NOW!!! We can win this.
338 Deborah Stark  
339 Josh Ward Dr. Paul,
Please run and give the younger generation a chance to have true liberty for ourselves and our children. You are an inspiration for Americans that feel that the vision that founded and made this country great is being irrationally destroyed by planners in the government.
Think about the youth,
340 Joshua T. Counselman RON PAUL 2012!!!!!!!!! There ain’t no rest for the wicked (government)!
341 David Acord  
342 Larry Sullivan  
343 Alex  
344 Kaitlin If anyone can change the grim economic fate of our country, it is a true libertarian visionary like Ron paul.
345 Max M haiflich  
346 Devin Dzierzynski Vote Ron Paul!!!!
347 Kyle Take down the bankers!
348 Jim Fox For Liberty!
349 James Barrett  
350 Andrew Hunstiger  
351 Lynn Van Horn We need a quality person who means business and will do what is necessary without all the political garbage that does nothing but dig a deeper hole.
352 Hank  
353 Brian Anderson Please save our country, Dr. Paul. We need you.
354 Reggie Wolf For years I had no idea were our hope for this country has gone. My mother immigrated here for the American Dream, only to live her life run by bureaucrats, who constantly pinned her and her family down with welfare. Us poor are only tormented by run-away government spending of borrowed and printed blank money. My entire life, I always believed the government truly was faithful when they would supply the goods, only to wake up to find ourselves being pushed just over the edge of a knife; a debt the younger generation will no doubt suffer from. This is my reason I selected you Dr. Ron Paul. You cured me and my families apathy, helped us understand what America is truly about. It is the People who built this country, not the government. Thanks to you, this isn’t just a Ron Paul Revolution, it is the American Revolution. Dr Paul, our champion, please help us restore our Constitution.
355 David Pearlman  
356 Kimberly Seeberger You are what America NEEDS NOW!!!
357 Olivia Freelong  
358 Vito DeGidio Do work!
359 malcolm Brammer I want Ron paul to win
360 Timothy D. Stephens  
361 Jon Bartels I feel as if Ron Paul is the only politician who can put this country back on track. Some people might not trust him but he appears to want to do the right thing, and most likely would not hail to the corruption that has been plaguing our government for so long! Please Ron Paul, you’re one of our last hopes!
362 Martin De Leon  
363 Justin Rise up. End the Federal Government. Long live the libertarian militia modern-day confederacy.
364 Adrian chevreuil  
365 James Goode America needs a man with convictions that are based on the foundations of the founding fathers, and the fundamentals of the Constitution. Ron Paul is the candidate to bring those beliefs to the Ameican voters!
366 Michael Weidemann  
367 Jacob Call  
368 Michael Forian Canada wants Ron Paul to run!
369 Cory Ruell Please run for President Congressman Paul! We need you now more than ever. End The Fed!
370 Harold Best You have my vote.
A Paul/Palin ticket would be a real winning combination.
371 Antoinette Plaisance  
372 Nicole Sorkin Looking forward to Ron Paul running for President.
373 Jay Strange Run in 2012!
374 Elle Dee  
375 Nithya Priyan  
376 Jerry Rose  
377 Terry 2012! Lets do this!
378 Daniel Sliva  
379 Amber nolan The most succesful failures in life are those who didnt realize how close they were to their dreams…when they gave up.
380 Joseph Howard GO RON!
381 alan clark  
382 Alyssa B. 2012 will be my first time voting and I was very much looking forward to voting for Ron Paul for my first presidential election! I just ordered a Ron Paul Revolution bumper sticker as well and if he decides to run for president in 2012, I will be campaigning strongly on my college campus. Let’s make a step towards changing the world for good! :)
383 Stuart & Cailin Bridges Grant Is there someone BETTER than Paul running an exploratory? Hell yeah, Mr Paul. If you’ve got another Campaign in you, the least we can do is help.
384 Jarrod Huntley May liberty prevail.
385 Tony I honestly believe you are the only one to save our counrry
386 Fred Ross  
387 Dmytro Chernysh Mr. Paul, PLEASE, run for the President!!!
You will win FOR SURE ;) ))
388 Derek Thomas We need real change for america. End the Fed! End corporate scumbags that continue to exploit and con the system!
389 Nicholas Kraft  
390 Brett Wigren  
391 Daniel Schuster Go for it Dr Paul! Let’s start this revolution!
392 Shane Engel I love you, Ron! Thank you for all you do. I have learned so much from you, and I know that so many others have as well. You are a hero. You have deeply-held, well-researched (and soul-searched) beliefs, and you stand up for those beliefs, even when that is not the “”popular”" thing to do. I don’t know if there has ever been a better time for someone like you (a true Libertarian) to run for the office of President, and I support you 100%. Again, thank you for all you have done. To me, you are a modern-day George Washington. The reasons I say that are: I believe you are truly honest. And also, I believe that you have never sought public office to be able to exercise power over people, instead heeding the call to serve and be an advocate for individual liberty. That is a high calling, and you have handled it with grace, dignity, and humility. George Washington did not want to become President, but he did it because he knew he was needed. He was the man for the job. Dr. Paul, I ask you to consider the call and become our next President. God bless you!
393 Corey Sharpe Ron Paul cured my apathy!
394 Dwight Strickler  
395 Jason Turner You are what is right for America and WE THE PEOPLE stand behind you!
396 Mariam Khalili  
397 Chris  
398 paul bennett On my heart always Dr. Paul. You’ve got my vote and my grassroots effort.
399 Christopher L. Dr. Paul. . . get in it this time, and lets get you into office. You are the best choice with your policies that you ran on. You can get the young and educated vote easily. I will personally tell all of my friends about you.
400 Scott Gordon We need more leaders like you and your son…
401 Robert N. Kelsey Ron Paul is the only candidate that cares enough to stop the corruption within our government and who has the common sense knowhow that Americans are screaming for in our next president. Please, Please, Please, run in 2012. Our future, our children’s future and the fate of this great nation depend on it. Thank You!
402 Johnny O’Barr We need you to run if you have the energy and stamina. If nothing else than to bring the lime light back to liberty.
403 Catherine S. Young  
404 Bryan Collins AMerica Ron Paul is the only politician that has been telling you the truth since day one, wake up America we need Ron Paul.
405 Carmine DeFalco Ron, you are one of the few who I trust down in that slime pool they call “”Washington”"! Run Ron…Run!
406 Karen Bracken We need Ron Paul now more than ever. Americans are finally listening to what Ron has been saying for years.
407 tim lewis …the office of President of the USA needs a statesman like Dr Ron Paul… I’ve been saying that for 4 years and will continue to put all my efforts into securing that position for RP…
408 John J. Schneider Rep. Paul,
You are a “”True”" American Patriot, In every sense of the word!
409 CJ Williamson You are this country’s last hope PLEASE RUN!!!
410 Nicolas Beauchesne  
411 ken leihser  
412 Trever C.  
413 russell jones  
414 Gabriel Dannemiller VIVA LA REVOLUTION!
415 Stuart Waterman  
416 Ryan Carlson  
417 David Walker  
418 Joseph Mangano Ron your country men need you please don’t let us down.
419 Curtis A. Webb Ron Paul is a true American patriot. I can honestly say he is one of my heros. I truely believe his legacy will one day be told in school in school books.
420 Theresa Summa  
421 Joe Evans  
422 Brandi Labonte  
423 Rangi Carroll Ron Paul can’t wind up Americans then drop them like a hot potato.
424 Tanya Wilcox I’m a native Texan. I’m sick and tired of all the political corectness in our world, and I’m ready for some truth from our politicians, for a change!
425 william bowersox Had your vote last time and you’ll get it again.
426 Corrie Kondek  
427 pershia barvarz My only wish is Ron Paul becomes the President of the United States of America!
I have only one vote which I have saved for him!!!
428 Colby Reed You are the ONLY politician I trust, and honestly the only hope for real change!
429 Janet Urian There’s no other hope for the country at this time - you and Jesse Ventura!
430 Tanner andren  
431 Geoffrey rule  
432 eugene tomachinski Please Ron we need your help!
433 Alex Hazelwood  
434 Rob Neckar  
435 Phil Turnage  
436 Wesley A. van der Klomp There’s still hope.
437 Sam Pauken  
438 Putheara Khoeun  
439 cyndy engel Thanks for all you are doing!!!
440 Rich Kee 2012 don’t let us down, Dr. Paul!
441 Dani Buettner The only candidate worth voting for!
442 Harrison Mandell Champion of the Constitution, and a representation of what American Politics hopes to be. Ron Paul 2012!
443 Matt Cavolo I think I can appreciate why you wouldn’t want to run in 2012 but we need your leadership! Thank You to all of the dedicated Paul supporters as well.
444 Davy C Rockett Champion of the Constitution all the way baby!
Let Liberty kill Tyranny!
445 Michael First of all I am glad I was able to vote for you in 2008, it was my first time I was ever eligible to vote for president (age 20). I first became a fan after the LP Newspaper wrote an article about you in late 2006. Back then my concerns were mainly about civil liberties and ending the war, economics took the back-burner for me back then. Since then you have turned me onto Austrian economics, before you I was much more of a monetarist and a Friedman fan; however, since you introduced me to the Austrian school I found out that I am much more in line with F. A Hayek’s teachings about economics. Thank you Dr. Paul.
446 Hubert Bardin  
447 Russell Wyatt Save us! Revolution is the only way!
448 Emal Popal  
449 Glen Page We need you Ron!
450 Kirk Smith Run Ron Run! Give America a real and consistent voice and choice for freedom & liberty.
451 Justin Bullock Give me Liberty or give me death!
452 Jeff Reid  
453 River Jones I will vote for Ron Paul in 2012.
454 Jamie Floyd a real revolution!
456 Hollis Jones I would be honored to have Senator Paul as
the President of the USA.
457 Robert LeRoy  
459 Bonnie sutton We need you
460 Kasey Harris We NEED you Ron Paul!
461 Michael Fortner  
462 Kevin Spangler We need your voice in the next election more than ever Sir
463 Philip Malone It’s time for REAL change.
464 Joachim Mørk Ron Paul for president! America needs you.
465 S.Geyres One of the very few politicians that truly cares.
466 Keith Bickel  
467 Clay  
468 Patrick Meek Dr Paul, I really hope you run for president! You are the best person for the job!
469 Niklas END THE FED
470 Edward Nolan Thank you for being one of the few politicians I believe.
471 Rick  
472 LeeAnne Bahnsen Thank you for caring Mr. Paul…? & ???´¯`•.¸¸.?…
473 Santina Lampman  
474 Andrew Miller Dr. Paul has to run. He’s our only hope regarding a realistic chance at a meaningful future existence in this corporate controlled media. Everyone I talk to says that if he runs they will vote…
475 wayne Dr. Ron Paul, “”We need you. America needs you.”"
We who support Liberty and Justice for all are ready to support you in any way possible. We must restore America back to the way our forefathers intended it to be.
476 Shane Vaughn Godspeed!
477 Miles Henry  
478 Ben Wilson Come on Ron!!
479 Kevin For Liberty!!!
480 Jack  
481 J Hope you’ll run in 2012.
482 Evan Fudderman Do it Ron!
483 Jack McCambridge III  
484 Whatcom County Citizens for Liberty “All that’s necessary for the forces of evil to win in the world is for enough good men to do nothing.” ~Edmund Burke
485 Sean Hawkins  
486 Darek J. Hawkins  
487 sean bayard  
488 Robert Sloan Ron Paul believes in a country that lives by the Constitution, and therefore I believe in him!
489 Wallace Jensen You and Andrew Napolitano would make a fantastic winning team.
490 Jimmie Pittman  
491 Christopher Spaide Time has come!
492 Dovi  
493 Akshay  
494 Caleb I am willing to quite my job to focus on Ron getting elected if he so chooses to run. Ron you are truly our last hope. Ron we (these United States) need you so much right now. I promise the people will back you. They are hungry for truth and answers. 2008 awoke so many, 2012 is yours Dr. Paul.
495 Dennis Barrett We need to stop this insanity NOW!
496 Adam I believe people are really starting to wake up and are ready for real change and a president that will serve liberty rather than tyranny. Now is time to become an activist of liberty and to help others understand what real liberty is, regardless of their political affiliation. Go Ron Paul 2012.
497 Randy Brandt  
498 Barry Boone The only petition I have ever signed!!!
499 Logan Smith  
500 Trinity Claud You’ve gotta run now. I’ve already made 1000 RP2012 bumper stickers :-) . America needs you Dr. Paul.
501 Jeff Cottingham We need you Ron to Take our country back before we are all enslaved by the new world order.
502 Travis Owen  
503 Alex Bahr We need your true Constitutionalist voice to get US out of the undeclared, never ending, ‘War on Terror’, and get Our own house in order before trying to spread democracy at the point of a gun, as BushCo tried to do and Obama has continued.
504 Travis Wadeson  
505 Bradley M. Cochran Dr. Paul,
Please run. America needs to hear your ideas now more than ever.
506 Perry Grimaldi Jr Ron Paul 2012.
507 Nora Giachetti  
508 James Thomas Moon  
509 Sean Lynch America is finally wakening up!!!!! S. Cali is……….RON PAUL 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! N the JUDGE for VP……………..
510 Elizabeth Andre Save our Constitution. In God we trust.
511 craig newberg lets get the right guy in this time
512 Mattheus von Guttenberg Imagine Ron Paul ’08 campaign + Peter Schiff ’10 campaign combined. This would be huge
514 Michael Fellner Thank you Ron Paul for telling the truth
515 Brandon Frohs  
516 Steven Fisher I’m ready to see what our founding fathers had in mind for our country. Because what we have gotten is not it. We got your back, knowing you’ve always had ours.
517 Elise Myers For Liberty!
518 Christy Fuentes  
519 Michael Brazeau  
520 Lenn Anderson Go Ron Go!
521 Russell Rector You’ve got my vote already
522 Janet Garcia Cheering for you Ron Paul!! xo
523 brad swiklinski  
524 Brian Estal PLEASE RUN!
525 Jonathan F. Paul! we’re all here, let’s make a difference for 2012. we’re making progress. Don’t give up! you have mine my families and friends vote..
526 David Feigelman  
527 Michael  
528 Brendan  
529 matt brinck The only man u can trust
530 lonny ross  
531 Cary Nunnally I voted for Dr. Paul in 08 and I will vote for him in 12
532 Helen Griggs You’re a true statesman! And that’s what I love about you!
533 Jason paige  
534 Brent Bielema I am proud to be part of your Freedom Team and together with your son Rand in the Senate, we will be unstoppable!!
535 Douglas D  
536 Ted Stamos JR.  
537 nicholas newton Please run Dr. Paul. you speak the truth and your soul is filled with principle. Run to show the youth what adulthood is really about and that is responsibility! Thank you for waking me up. Liberty is alive in those who are awake.
538 Andrew Davenport  
539 Kyle Ahlberg  
540 Dallas Sprague  
541 Vincent Lacombe From a canadian who clearly understand that a good USA presidency can have huge global impact and not just within its territory. Go Ron Paul!
542 Ethan Davis Ron Paul 2012!!!!!
543 tonya bishop Our country needs you
544 vanny you are what we need Ron Paul .
545 Stephanie Day  
546 Alex Picard  
547 kui xi he RON PAUL 2012!
548 james michalak God bless any one who is willing to take on this task.Lets take back our country Mr Ron Paul
549 Rylon reith  
550 Jeff  
551 Geoffrey Barrett Please help take back our country from the crooks. Audit the Federal Reserve and abolish the IRS.
552 Carl Dresen  
553 Ben If there is still an American nation in 2 years, Ron Paul is the perfect man to lead it!
554 Jason Bradley Please, abolish the Federal Reserve and save the middle class from extinction!!!
555 Corey James Adkison Let the Revolution continue!
556 David Dewey Thank You for your Wisdom, We need your Wisdom in the White House. I hope you’ll run and win!
557 Connie Johnson please run for president. You are the one that will save America and her core values!
558 sean ataee  
559 Valerie Reiser  
560 Kenneth Nichols I agree with your position in regard to the FED and the IRS, as we approach the centennial anniversary of the Federal Reserve Act and the alleged ratification of the 16th Amendment. Your policy of an excise tax on imports is a move in the right direction in regard to a new revenue stream to sustain government. Furthermore, there is no other candidate that would take the necessary steps needed at this critical time in the history of America. I feel that this step is needed to protect American industry and foster industrial growth in America, once again. A toughened stance on free trade wouldn’t hurt either. Best of luck in your future endeavors.

Best Regards,


561 katie lehr  
562 Tom Taylor Ron, please run for 2012.
And the JUDGE for V.P.
563 Kristen Pruett You’ve got my support!
564 Donald Thornton The only true patriot we have- Ron Paul!
565 Deborah Tomlinson Ron Paul~ We need you… Please run!
566 Michael R. Bartolomeo  
567 Allison Ward By 2012, America will be begging for Ron Paul to restore sanity to government and liberty to the people. Please do run, Dr. Paul!
568 Todd Go Ron paul
569 KYLE WILLIAMS Ron, you have my full support and I hope you decide to make another run for President.
570 Kaj Hansen My 18th birthday is in 2011. My first vote ever will go to you, Dr. Paul.
571 Patrick Hancock  
572 Ian Hammond PLEASE RUN!!!
573 Pete Brown We need a real change in government.
574 Mark A Hawkins Run Ron Run!
575 Tyler Pruett  
576 Jon Hyers We need Dr. Ron Paul for hope. He is a true Libertarian and cares more about this country than his fame. He has my vote along with many other family members. Let’s take back America from the Socialist road it is heading, and bring back the Constitution!
577 Konrad D. Kantor  
578 chad  
579 Geir Friis America needs you
580 Michael Pagan  
581 Marge Ashley  
582 Parth please do it!
583 Michelle Ross  
584 Dan Go Ron!!
585 Naomi Jahn Please as of today you are our only hope at restoring this nation.
586 Rob Eaves  
587 Galen Surlak-Ramsey  
588 Dan Greer  
589 Ettore Divirgilius Jr I share your vision for America
590 Steven A. Hiatt Dr. Paul, I believe in your message and I believe in you. Please run for president, you have my vote!
591 Chris Daino Please, please, please run. We need you
592 Matt Smits  
593 Norman Martin  
594 Len Fowler End The Corruption
595 Frank W. Spaeth  
596 kirk sanders  
597 Lib Grimmett We need you even if it’s a DeMint/Paul ticket - we need your strength! God bless you and yours!
598 Jeanette Weeks Nobody but YOU can do it! We LOVE you!!!
599 s.armstrong  
600 Judy Collins Congressman Paul, it is time for you to again answer the call of your country to serve.
601 Marsha Carter We need you.
602 Tim Cayer Please let me know how I can help.
603 Warren Ward Let’s go for broke! The right kind of broke!
604 Richard Glen Heleman  
605 Jeffrey eaton  
606 powell  
607 Roland K  
608 Michael Watts This revolution needs the leadership of a true American Patriot like yourself Dr. Paul. With you at the helm we can restore this great republic.
609 Anthony Vipond America NEEDS you as President to End the Fed!……..however….Prime Minister Ron Paul,… has a sweet ring to it no?
610 Charlie Finn Please, please, please, run for President!!!
611 Keith Folk Go Ron Go!
612 Jessica Meeler I hole heartedly supported Dr. Paul in the last presidential election and I anticipate doing the same for this election. Campaign for Liberty!
613 Layth Ibrahim Don’t settle for “”peace”" at the expense of truth and justice.
614 Drew Martin Dr. Paul, had it not been for your 2008 presidential campaign, I like many Americans and others around the world would still be completely clueless when it came to the principles of liberty. I would likely be placing blame on Democrats and fervently defending the GOP, completely unaware of the collaboration between the two over the decades to undermine the Constitution and limit personal liberty. Your campaign woke me up, inspired me to begin researching the philosophy of liberty and I am a more educated, moral and capable human being because of it. Please do not pass up this opportunity to not only continue that same education and philosophical revolution but to make a serious run for the presidency to lead this nation back to its liberty-influenced and Constitutional roots. Thank you for you tireless devotion to liberty and for waking up this citizen. God Bless, Drew Martin
615 Sharon D Hudson-Douglas  
616 robert a orio keep throwing punches Ron!………America needs more like you.
617 Rob Dietrich What little hope I have in the ability of our government to affect healthy change lies in the few politicians like you.
618 Shawn Dr. Paul, please keep trying to put an end to the terrorism, lies and corruption going on. revolution means bloodshed.. what we need is evolution.
619 Mark Weinblatt Dr. Paul, please run! Even if only to keep the Republican discourse on the important issues that you always talk about and not nonsense like gay marriage, stem cells, and other social conservative drivel. Keep the discussion about cutting spending, ending the Fed and the IRS, and FREEDOM!!
620 David Guzman  
621 Mohammed Y. Megrini Vote for REAL change. Vote for Ron Paul.
622 Jason C. Golden I would like it if you ran with Mitt Romney!
623 Shaun McKnight I would vote for you.
624 Brett Cicuzza  
625 Robby Reed As a libertarian Ron Paul is the only republican I will support
626 Julian Becher The world is prepared for Dr. Ron Paul to be President, with all heart and spirit, WE, THE PEOPLE WILL HAVE OUR REVOLUTION!!!
627 david ROCK & ROLL Ron…
628 Tammy Blair Viva la revolution!
629 Brad Rodrigues I’m voting for you whether you like it or not, Ron Paul 2012!!!!!!!!
630 shawn  
631 pat coleman Ron Paul is reform we can believe in.
632 Mark Cupp Ron Paul is the only candidate I feel I can trust as President anymore, all the other prospects make me fear that tomorrow will be a grim time for our economy.
633 David Brown  
634 Camron Getter Done Ron!
635 Zi Peng Mai “”Ron Paul 2012!”"
636 David Troy  
637 ryan we need you!!!!!
638 Verle  
639 Audrey Becatti Please run Dr. Ron Paul!!! I’m praying God would give you the victory. May he bless you abundantly.
640 Thomas M Coates Ron Paul in 2012!!!
641 Duane Vick Please run. America needs you.
642 Kati Dodge only hope…
643 Patricia Hennessey LOVE U — RON PAUL — ROCK ON ~
644 Matthew Christisen  
645 Joshua Graham For the love of god, run already!
646 Sean Donahue Andrew Napolitano for VP please
647 clifford vanrenterghem This nation is on the edge ,we sure could use your help
648 Steven Cockayne  
649 Joe Pedersen  
650 Tom Griffin Judge Napolitano or Peter Schiff as V.P.!!!!
651 Christopher Vogtmann  
652 Tom Griffin Judge Napolitano or Peter Schiff as V.P.!!!!
653 Jason Amburgey Sir, I’m not a republican, democrat, liberal, progressive or whatever. I don’t subscribe to one set of particular ideas, I usually vote for the one who I think will be the best for me, and I have not watched someone who I think would be best not just for me, but for everyone who is not rich, or ever will be rich. Please consider running again in 2012.
654 nikole escobedo  
655 Timothy Conard Ron Paul 2012 and beyond.
656 Jacob Ringelstetter Ron Paul 2012
657 Chris A  
658 Dino Dobos  
659 Bryan Lee I like Obama and voted proudly for him. But if Peter Schiff’s forecasts continue to come true, then we really do need Ron Paul to fix things.
End the Fed. (‘nuf said)
660 Gary Mogel I will be voting for the first time ever as ill be 18 for this election and i know your what we need Ron! You have my vote
661 Elijah Bruton I am a police officer and many of my fellow officers are supporters. Your supporters are everywhere. You can feel the energy in the air, the time is right for the message of liberty.
662 elizabeth tolbert  
663 C Neal We need a principled captain to steer the ship of state.
664 Brian Landsberger  
665 Ron Markus We can turn it all around, this country was meant for greatness! dump the felonious corporate MIC, wall street pirates etc. restore the best, we the people!!
666 J. Robinson He’d be better than most and unfortunately more vulnerable than most, but the few presidents that laid down their lives for this nation are extremely rare
667 Adam Palmer  
668 AMC Let’s do it! Come on! 2012
669 Joel Rico Run Dr Paul, Run!
670 Doug von Ferber Dr. Paul, There is no harm go for it. Think of it as a rally to spread the word to the masses. We need to reconsider were we are heading.
671 Brandon Raich  
672 Timothy S. Sorrell I was not a supporter last time but have educated myself since. Please run again Mr. Paul, I feel there might be a lot of people like myself out there.
673 Alaric Dailey  
675 Dan Lundgren  
676 Shane Mast  
677 Chris Ruiz Let’s do it this time around and kill big government!
678 Melanie Collinsworth Ron Paul 2012!! For our Posterity…Let us teach our children in the ways of liberty. They are the inheritor’s of the Republic and future defenders of the Constitution.
679 robert baker  
680 Tony Contreras ? ? v O L U T ? ¤ N
681 Kurt Brackob  
682 Alexander Krantz -Manchester, NH
683 Alexander Tzetzo Congressman Ron Paul, MD is a great man!
In Liberty,
Alex Tzetzo, PhD
684 Mac  
686 Kimberly Juenger  
687 Austin Parker For freedom, liberty and truth!
688 Aleksandra  
689 Ed Connor You’re our best hope Dr Paul!
690 Bryan J. W. The Liberty movement is alive and well! Please run for president in 2012, Dr. Ron Paul! Thank you Mr. Congressman Paul for always representing “”We The People”" with honesty, dignity, and courage!
691 holly mass down with the FED!
692 Brad Deuser  
693 James  
694 Andrew Youngberg Once more unto the breach
695 Jim Kolettis  
696 Nathan Villa  
697 John DeZago  
698 Alyssa C. You’ve got my vote!
699 george johnson this economy needs RP!!
700 Douglas Ko  
701 Jonathan Day  
702 Anthony E. McNeal Please run for president Ron. You may be this country’s last hope!!!
703 Paul Saladino  
704 Gary Pastoor Dr. Paul - America needs you now like never before. Please run, the whole country needs to hear your message. There is simply no one else out there who will tell it like it is.
705 Marcus Wilson  
706 Eric Roth  
707 S Tipton The Only Hope For America!
708 Shawn Stone Godspeed, Dr. Paul!
709 Ayrton Parham  
710 Gerald Sills This time, let’s finish the fight, and to hell with the neocon GOP.
711 Eric James  
712 Lisa Morales Please run in 2012. The power brokers have had their fun long enough. It is now OUR turn and OUR time.
713 A. Gwin Audit the Fed!
714 CPT. Forrest L. Horn, Sr. You are the conservator of hope!
715 sonny junell I pledge $500
716 Michael Lacy We can never give up. Never.
717 John-Erik Steiger Run Dr. Paul, Runnnnnnn*!
718 Brian Mansell End The Fed
719 Brenda Weeks  
720 George You’re the best for the people! I’ll do whatever I can to help.
721 Billy E. Price If not Ron Paul, then who ????
722 Emily H. Gault Ron Paul, I know everyone has not been there for you like you needed us to be so if you decide not to run due to wanting time with your family during this time in your life, I will not be upset if you don’t but would feel very sad. But, knowing your son is in Congress, it makes me feel a lot better. I just hope that after your gone that things don’t change from the messages you are trying to pass on. I dis-like how people change to make things worse and only benefit the rich, or themselves when they pass through Congress. Even if you don’t run, to me you are already my president. :)
I am afraid of what our country is leading to. I wished you where elected sooner, or forever! If you run, it honestly would be God’s light on our hope in the US for restoring our country like it should be than what it has become now. My family and I have gotten so scared of our own country where we some times wonder of moving, but we don’t because we are Libertarians, a voice for the ones who do care for this land and our US Constitution. If you can do it, so can my family. So, in a way, you gave me and my family hope when we felt very small. Thank you, for everything that you have done. If I had money, I would give it all to you so you could complete your tasks and goals to benefit us. When I finally get back into college/education again and a great job, I promise, I will donate and support you tendentiously, you will forever have my word on that!

-Em 23

723 Anna Sullivan If he runs, I’ll go all out one last time.
724 Davide Cangemi  
725 phillip tibbetts Please run for president.. We need the right change..
726 tyler staples  
727 Ty Fridrich  
728 Christopher Sullivan  
729 Francis Macri Please Ron, I don’t want to leave America but I will if I must.
730 Mark Christopher Stevens We need you and I feel is your duty to serve our Country is fallen on dangerous and perlious times and we must all take immediate action to save it and our freedom.
731 Jeremy Field Go Ron Paul!!!
No lies like the rest of them! The only hope for America is for a honest president who genuinely cares for the welfare of the nation and its citizens. I am tired of promises that presidents never live up to. We need a President to follows his word, gets America back on track, and takes America’s nose out of the rest of the world’s business! Please do as you say Ron, and i will support you 100%!
Jeremy Field
732 Erika Lee We need you Dr. Paul!!
733 CASEY CAPLIN Dr. Paul - America has never your leadership more than it does today. We are grateful fro your service and sacrifice. Casey Caplin
734 Jason Rogers You only live once…
735 Jason Ron Paul for 2012. America needs you more than ever.
736 Anna Burke, LMT No one knows what’s best for America than you!!! Real change will come from the American people through the real leadership you offer. No matter your age, no matter your political party… you have what it takes to lead America back to greatness! We the People… this is our land… many of us are ready to do what it takes to support you through this campaign because we realize what is happening to our country. I will personally spread the word for you. Give it another try… no one speaks more sense than you… your track record is solid and demonstrates your character. Ron Paul 2012… we will support you!!!
737 Zackery Fretty End the Fed!
738 Kevin Kilgore  
739 sipes PLEASE
740 lacie doman  
741 James McAuliffe Back in 2008 I was but 16. Now you would have another confirmed vote in me!
742 Bruce Morgan  
743 Tim Clark Ron Paul gives me hope. hope that america could acually be what it once was.
744 Allen Fazenbaker  
745 Stephen Thorn  
746 Rodney Hall Ron, shoots it straight; not sure if he will reach the masses; but the no bullshit approach is more of what is needed in D.C. and other ancillary branches of government. Thanks, Rod hall
747 Adam Bode For liberty.
748 Mathew Holevinski Save this country!
749 Margie Hanzes  
750 Troy D. Stenzel  
751 Leon Please run Ron. You may be our last hope.
752 Sharon Nusunginya  
753 Danny Bern Please Dr Paul and run for President in 2012. I promise to spread the word and get you nominated and elected. I like many new very little of you in 2008 and have since learned you have straight forward ideas that make total sense. I see your passion and sincerity in everything you do. I know when you are elected you will work to make America better for all people and I pledge to keep contacting my representative and have them support your ideas. Please run. Please
754 Grant Jansen  
755 Nicholas Briscoe Please help only you can make the changes needed in Washington D.C.
756 John Beale Run, RON, run!
757 Erich Thomas PLEASE!
758 Heather Holden  
759 Alexis Chontos  
760 scott linker The only leaders that are making any real sense have Paul in their name.
761 Jeremiah Gault You have sacrificed so much for our country already, it is difficult to ask for more. But you have an enormous gift that has helped inspire thousands. This is one of the darkest hours our country has ever seen. The difference between your last campaign vs. your new one is that you would start with thousands of advocates instead of end with them. With all of your followers already willing to sacrifice, and a mood of discontent toward the establishment in the country, this has the potential to be an even bigger revolution this time around. We ask, with some hesitance due to how much you have already sacrificed, for one more Ron Paul Revolution before somebody else carries on the torch.
762 Wendy Scoggins  
763 Dale Maxim Without Ron Paul, despotism awaits us.
764 NOEL CHRISTENSEN …please Dr. Paul, to the best of your Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and its citizens.
765 James Robbins  
766 dustin cogburn Although i feel we can do this without ron, we need him more than ever, and his help as president would be a great assistance in our efforts for a reduced government
767 Scott Perry As a 27 year old, you are the first politician who has compelled me to feel like voting and paying attention to the political landscape has any relevance. You did this by being the only candidate to emphasize ideas above all else. Additionally, your ideas are grounded in an ideological foundation that resonates with me and your voting record reveals a man of consistent, principled integrity - something seemingly unprecedented in American politics today. Please run for the presidency next year, Mr. Paul and I will be ready to give of my services however I can to your campaign.
768 Frank P Skinner Ron Paul, Run!
769 John Paul 2012
770 Paul Daniel Littlefield Let’s just be honest here. You are the best person for this position. The only one. The next in line. C’mon you have our support. If you have that, what other reason do you need?
771 Carolyn Platt  
772 Mark Baker I enthusiastically look forward to casting my vote for Ron Paul. We need a Revolution! Please run Ron.
773 Marian Colborn Dr.Ron Paul
You put up with a lot of Nasty News People when You Ran before. But this time things will be
a lot better. So Please just throw Your Hat In the Ring. We will All be there with You. God Bless You Ron.
774 William Russell  
775 Chanda Charlesworth I pray for the future of this country so my children will know true freedom and liberty. Mr. Ron Paul, I applaud you for your courage and I am inspired by your determination to restore our country with the vision our founding fathers shared and for which they fought so hard to establish. I join the fight with you and the many Americans who recognize the vital and urgent need for authentic leadership.
776 David Velazquez We need someone to finally show everyone else how it’s done. Be that person.
777 Rebecca Stine I’ll vote for Ron Paul
779 Julia Thompson I hope that you run Ron, so we can see a lasting change!
780 Sandy Shields Run Ron Run you can win.
781 Cody Hartman  
782 Thomas Durfee We need someone who understands monetary policy, which is one of our main problems. You are the only Congressman who understands monetary policy.
783 deborah Dr Paul, you are the only one that has stood on your principals throughout your whole career. Please you are a man of your word, which is what this country needs. I feel that you are loyal to your beliefs and truly love this country in the way our founding fathers did. Please, please run.
784 Phil Younglove Dr. Paul, this country doesn’t deserve you, but the ideas that you fight for do. Please continue your principled stand for liberty by carrying that banner to the White House!
785 Sally Reeves I hope you will consider Napolitano as your running mate.
786 Boyd Conklin  
787 James baty  
788 andrew spach  
789 Patrick McKart Live free or die!
790 Chuck Doctor Paul MUST RUN 2012!!!
791 Omar I support Ron Paul!!!
792 Laura Huapaya  
793 John Hartig Jr Please HELP! I only Have One Life
794 Kevin Malseed Ron Paul is the last hope for the America our Founding Fathers set out to create. This country is in need of Ron Paul, and dire need at that.
795 Stuart Sloan  
796 Sheri Will  
797 Stan Ron Paul and divine intervention could possibly restore our nation to sanity.
798 Hershell Gilley  
799 Randall K. Holder Please, I’m an Oath Keeper and I’d love to see the Constitution restored along with our government.
800 Jonathan Stroud  
801 Jamin Brunette  
802 lynn crippen There is no one more trustworthy than you!
God Bless you always! You are my hero!
803 Doug Behm  
804 Daniel Cook  
805 Casey Jones  
806 Tyler McCuen *Please* run … we need you!
807 Michelle Danek  
808 Tim Grant  
809 Kim La Chance President Ron Paul 2012
810 cheri haught we are praying ron will run and beat obama in 2012
811 Yancy Frahs  
812 Geoff  
813 Heinz Bartesch time for a R3VOLUTION! If not now, when?
814 Thomas Freeloader  
815 Shawn Denning  
816 jager duuit ron
817 John Kim if you run, I will donate
818 Jason Hokkanen One more time!
819 John Day As a two time Army veteran of OIF, I have experienced the amount of control and waste the military industrial complex can oppress upon a people. I have felt the stifling of truth by sycophants and see how our current monetary system allows for government waste and secrecy. These are the large reasons why I want you, Dr. Ron Paul, to be our future Commander in Chief. A commander that will respect the Constitutional power entrusted to the Senate to declare war. However, the victory of war can usually be traced to the victory of one decisive battle and if yours is not the Presidency, but somewhere else, then so be it. I do worry though, if not you, who else?
820 Ryan RON PAUL 2012!
821 Mark Hilgendorf  
822 Chris McCray You’ll have my support and active campaigning, Dr. Paul.
823 Sandy Shields Please Run Ron Please!
824 Barry Edward Bailey I have read 2 of your books and agree with you almost 100%. I can’t say that about anyone else.
825 jerm we need this or else it’s prisons
826 Jordan Stenzel I will vote for you whether you are on the ballet or not. You are the one of the most inspirational person I have ever followed. Please run in 2012!
827 Michael Chevalier  
828 Ben Wanamaker Our only US congressional champion of unfettered liberty!
829 Stephen Davis  
830 Luke Cox  
831 n/a  
832 Jonathan Myers I must really say that your ideals and visions are really miles apart from many other politicians. I hope that you will consider running for President in 2012, thank you.
833 Amir Rizkala I’m begging you, PLEASE run!!!
834 Kent Manton  
835 Justin Alexander Wade-Coronado  
837 Tim Gray Thanks for “”keeping it real”"!
838 Keith Eddy I really hate voting for the lesser of two evils. Please run.
839 Blaine Matte Keep up the good fight!
840 mike frost  
842 Jeremy White  
843 Kara Neary Good luck in 2012 Congressman Paul! I will support you all the way to the presidency!
844 Chase Rosson “”He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither”" -Ben Franklin
845 Leonard S Jessop Audit the Feds!
846 Corey  
847 Joel Jackson  
848 Mark Hopp We need you to expose more!
849 Carolyn Sasek Your concern for this great United States echoes that of our Founding Fathers. We need a President who will provide the direction to us get back to basics and focus on the will of the people, states rights and putting priorities back in order. To, once again, be the land of the free and the home of the brave.
I believe you are totally qualified for the job! I totally respect if you are not willing to run for President as there is a huge mess to clean up… However if you are willing to take on the task I believe you will have many citizens willing to put forth much effort to help. Blessings to you and yours, Dr. Paul.
850 Prescott Morley The sword must only be given to the man that desires it least. Corruption is born from desire.
Dr. Paul, I truly believe, as a citizen and an ardent Jeffersonian patriot, that you are our first step. I only wish that I had the experience and the influence to help you directly. I know that you only want to serve your nation. Your nation is calling you.
851 Eric  
852 Vincent Rossetti I believe in America and Dr. Paul.
853 Michael DeFries PLEASE RUN ? WE NEED YOU !
854 Dennis Wen Dear Dr. Paul, Please Run for President. For the Cause of Liberty!!!
855 Werner Go Ron Paul… let the revolution grow. President or not, the word needs to get out, let’s take America back from the clutches of the banksters. END the FED
856 Jeffrey Jepko I will vote for you again as well as try to persuade my friends to do the same if you decide to run. I believe in voting for the candidate with the views closest to mine regardless of party affiliation. I do not belive in casting a vote for a candidate I do not fully support just to keep the other candidate out. You sir, I mostly agree with and believe you would represent the American people with truth, honor and dignity.
857 Brett J. Carroll  
858 Gabriel Bautista  
859 John Dobson  
860 Danny Peterson I’m already working for you Dr. Paul, just in case. Your message does resonate with the 20 somethings. My daughter and her friends believe in your message.
861 Wendy Bodner America needs you Ron Paul!! You have my vote!
862 Tom C I need a job.
863 sam cole Jesus loves you come to the truth of love Romans chapter 1 read it
1st cor 13 read it

see my creation photos

864 Nathan Wise  
865 John R. Steffen more than ever do we need you now!
866 Ryan Gregory  
867 Kevin Blanchard  
868 David Garcia I think people are Ready to take back Control!
869 Michelle Jenson This is our year! At the very least we can get the movement rolling again.
870 tom nicholson the “”change”" we need
871 Mike Waliczek Good luck, Ron. The one man we know will not be puppeteered in office.
872 Daniel Hemmert Ron Paul is the best thing that’s happened to America since its founding…
873 Rick Matza Ron Paul 2012! Let’s get this country back on track!
874 Ron Snider For constitutionalism
875 Wade Please run in 2012
876 Ron Snider For constitutionalism
877 phil mendelson Ron you are the only one I WILL VOTE FOR.
878 ryan jacobs please! you got my vote
879 Alex Bales You’re a man of honor. Please save America.
880 Chris Noel Run, Ron, run!
881 James Richardi  
882 Karen Noel  
883 Jake Please be careful if you run, they killed JFK after all…Get yourself some trusted security people
884 Agata You’re America’s only hope!
885 James P. Walker Dear fellow Americans, please pray for the future of this country so our children will know true freedom and liberty. Dr. Ron Paul, I applaud you for your courage and I am inspired by your determination to restore our country!
886 robert harmon  
887 Thomas Sievers  
888 C. J. Mayer We need you to run again. I voted for you every time. We do not have much time left and I love and respect your decision whatever it may be but we need you now!!! this may be our last election and I shudder to think what will happen in the future. We will not have a free country to pass on to our children. We have destroyed what we were so admirably bestowed with the responsibility to protect. I would never have believed it possible. We have lived in the best of times and now we will exist in the worst of times. Dickens will be proven wrong. We have no right to ask for any more sacrifices on your part. You have done so much more than anyone in Politics and I honor you with all my heart. We are here for you. We are ready to fight. We need you as a strong unwavering leader who is not afraid. Please help us!!! Less government! More Freedom!
“”Capitalism is turning luxuries into necessities.”" ~ Andrew Carnegie
“”Our government is turning necessities into luxuries.”" ~ C. J. Mayer
Ron Paul 2012
889 Ira Gillum Ron Paul being in office would strengthen everyone’s resolve to reclaim our Republic.
890 Matthew McClinton  
891 Christian Loritz If you don’t run I’m leaving America
892 Lauren Elizabeth Evans  
893 Brian Bartlett  
894 Jim Busse At least we would have a choice. Last few elections were like voting for a sundy with peanuts or walnuts.
895 Charles Whipple Your it!
896 Melanie Dorhout  
897 Chance Gruwell  
898 Diane Homeyer  
899 Eric Smith America needs Ron Paul as its president. No one else will do.
900 Jeremy Day Lawson I am a C4L Local Coordinator who is just itching to start to educate the masses!
901 Kasi Darnell Thank you for proving to us that not all politicians are crooks. Thank you for truly representing the people and for upholding the constitution as it was truly meant to be. Run Paul!!!!!
902 Joshua Hampton RON PAUL 2012!!!!!!!
903 Matthew Loesby  
904 Brian Thomason  
905 Mark Please, Ron, someone has to have to guts to get fundamental changes made to the ways the US gov’t is mismanaged and corrupt.
906 Darlene LaPlaunt  
907 kenneth thomas  
908 mayra please help us fight the corruption in our government.
909 kevin decker God Bless Ron Paul.. “”Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty”" -Luke 3:18
910 Cody S. Laine  
911 Axel  
912 Shawn Freedom works! Go Ron Paul!
913 Derek O’Connor Continue educating the young voter of the truth! Thank You!
914 george michaels Ron Paul is the only one whose head is not stuck in the stand!…The RIGHT man,at the RIGHT time!
915 Travis Skeens Ron Paul will be the first real president we’ve had in years. But, he won’t get elected on hopes and dreams, everybody who supports RP needs to inform everyone around them about whats going on. Tell everybody you know about the campaign for liberty and libertarianism. Good luck, patriots!
916 Josh Herren in 2012, I will be 18 and I would love to vote for Ron Paul!
917 Sean newhall  
918 Billy Van Hall We gave the Democrats and Shot and the Republicans as well. Quite frankly it’s like watching the kindergarteners glue macaroni to paper plates. We need to give this guy his shot because I’m sure all Americans will not put their hope in Sarah Palin’s corner.
919 Ron Graves You have a friend in Daytona Beach Florida waiting for the words “”Lets do this thing”" Ron Paul 2012
920 Autumn Wellstone  
921 Brandon Hawks RUN MAN RUN!!
922 Scott Wise I got your back all the way Ron Paul. It’s time for REAL change. Put the FED in check and get all of these criminals out of power!!!!
923 John Hancock Barlow Please help us Paul. You’re only hope.
924 Michael Cultrera Ron Paul vs the War Party!!
925 Charles Lee  
926 Lane Trent You are a remarkable President of the United States waiting to be elected. Please Run! We need you. You are the unique person that can make things right for our Country. These are Patriot Times where our vote is actively needed to make things right. Most people are unaware of the real issues.
927 nicholas pouryamini we need to restore the Constitutional Republic that our fathers lost.. audit and end the fed, raid the 12 federal reserve banks and arrest the banksters!!
928 Andrew Hickey Go Ron! America needs you!!
929 Aaron West Please run Ron! Your message is out, loud, and clear!
930 A.J.H. 1.) Fix our monetary system — you need to make America understand what you are saying — oo and please win!!!!!
931 Cory Hyland  
932 Frank Valles You have to run! You are the only hope we have!
933 Rauno Heinaru I believe in you, it’s time to restore LIBERTY!
934 Lawrence H. De La Cruz Go Ron Paul!
935 Zachary Roberts A true patriot!
936 Bobby Macey I’ve had your sticker on my car for 4 years now.
937 Jason  
938 james lane we need 55 ron pauls
939 Michael Gimon Please run for president. We need many changes.
940 Joshua Spotswood Very few people have the insight, principles and courage to save this country from the fascist powers that Eisenhower warned of, and I truly believe Ron Paul is one of those individuals.
941 Devid Ron Paul 2012!!!
942 Peggy Caldwell Your country needs you!
943 Tieg Johnson A Ron Paulitician seems to be the only type I like.
944 Patricia McMillan Dr. Paul,
You are an inspiration to our Country. You and now your Son will be an unstoppable team.
945 Amanda Davis Stop the fed, end the police state, give America its freedom back
946 Lloyd cross To Mr. Ron Paul,Just to let you know i live outside of America,But be sure that you have plenty of support,all over the World, i hope and pray that youget All the Support you Need to run in 2012, God Bless , Keep Safe, Srong, And Free ,For All of us that Belive in You, Lloyd.
947 Kovi Please run, Dr. Paul!
Never before has there been such wide acceptance of libertarian belief, and especially so out in the open. With two libertarian shows on TV and many more outlets (around the web for sure), people are re-thinking the assumptions they held about government, and they are educating themselves about the truth of things they held for granted. The time is right for positive changes in this country, and I’m sure that after your work with the Fed in the next year alone the people will be calling for you for sure!
948 Brennan Purtzer  
949 Nathan Risto  
950 Manuel Lopez “”Your the leader we need!”"
951 Tad Pomeroy  
952 Gabriel Caamano I really have only woken up to politics in recent years, my only regret has been not voting for you in 2008. We the people of the United States of America need you Dr. Paul. It truly amazed me watching the 2008 campaign over again and seeing only one man with real answers, Ron Paul. Time after time after time after TIME! You sir are the only man that has stood up for liberty. I would be honored, proud, and grateful for your commitment to a 2012 election!

God bless you Dr. Paul and god help our great land.

953 Carrie Amodei obama tried to start the path and only Ron Paul can finish it-someone needs to help save my mother’s life and get her the health care she needs to live! PLEASE run!
954 Eddie Starr  
955 robert fliegler  
956 Steve Hanson But only if you feel up to it. You’ve done more than 100 rational human beings already. Don’t do it unless it’s something you want to do. You don’t owe any of us a damn thing. We owe you.
957 joel stump  
958 Josh Nagato Do it!
959 matthew dziedzic  
960 Jerry Alexander I still have my “”Ron Paul 2008″” bumper sticker on my van.
961 Jade B Ron Paul PLEASE come to TEMECULA, CA!!!!!!!
962 Daniel Burns You are the right man to administer the dose of capitalistic medicine the American people so desperately need Dr. Paul. We will get you elected if you throw your name in the ring.
963 Guadalupe Lynch I pledge my money, my work and my prayers to support you, Ron.
964 Paul K. Love ya Ron!
965 Justin Dowell  
966 Krista Carlton RUN RON RUN……LETS SEE RON RUN~
967 Will Nielsen We are worse off than slaves and don’t even know it.
968 Shannon F. Stephens Please please please! You are the only politician that respects and lives by our constitution! America needs you. We were blind before but our eyes have been opened to your potential. I’ve always supported you, but it helps having the media on your side now as well!
969 Justin We need you now more then ever!
970 Erik Mason Von Browne  
971 Joseph Jenkins  
973 Thomas Rosenberger  
974 Alise Isaksen You’re an inspiration. Our nation is given the opportunity to choose between left and right; now let’s move forward. Remain objective, Ronnie.
976 Jerry Friend We need a true statesman such as yourself, sir. Not another politician who tramples on the Constitution.
977 Austin Booher  
978 Catherine DeMarco Ron Paul 2012, hope for America!
979 Enoch Gonzalez  
980 Brent Jacobs Dr. Paul, you’re the only one who makes sense and who truly cares about America and American liberties!
981 Don Becher Mr. Paul, you are our last hope for peacefull revolution.
982 Alex Chapman  
983 Gareth Aye You have the chance to provide a life-giving service to millions who ought to demand it. How could you settle for any less?
984 Brian Greer  
985 John Mast  
986 Catherine Lamboley  
987 Perry Chapman  
988 Alison Holley  
989 Art @ Los Angeles “”? ? v O L U T ? ¤ N”" Must Go On…Ron Paul, Please Run.
990 Marian I wish Dr. Paul all the best. But passing the message on the campaign is the most important thing.
991 Bryan landry  
992 Miodrag Kopusar  
993 Kevin Choi Mr. Paul,
Please run for President. You are the only Hope for this country’s survival.
994 Brian T McNeel You are hope for America Ron!
995 Cory Martin Ron Paul is just what this country needs in the white house.
996 Ted Biggs  
997 Brett Buonamici  
998 STS2 David Atwood You’re our only hope Dr. Paul!
999 Michael Dyson you will have people coming out of the wood work to help in your campaign, myself included
1000 Travis Uribe If you, or someone like you, isn’t in the White House come 2012 …. The salvation of the nation is at stake. You are the only man in the world I trust to have the courage to do what needs to be done.

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