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  1. Andy Freedman says:

    I signed the petition I feel Ron Paul needs to run for President because we need to fund a way to keep our country safe while bringing the war in Afghanistan a war that is hurting our economy to an end ever since two ex-Presidents George Bush Sr.and Bill Clinton created a corporation for National Service there has been an attempt to turn America into a country where citizens who haven’t been drafted by the military or convicted of a crime can be forced to do labor for the state Ron Paul will oppose Mandatory Service and any attempts to bring the country closer to forced service

  2. Andy Freedman says:

    I meant to say find a way to end the war in Afghanistan while keeping America safe there is nothing I’m asking anyone to fundLOL

  3. JTWilliams says:

    You should create smaller banners that link to your website, so I could leave a permanent link to you. Maybe I’ll make my own. Just a thought…

  4. tom lilovac says:

    we live in australia and i just wanted to say that your message has reached us here.i have been following you for some time and i really hope you can make it in also a realist and i think you are as well,i think it will be difficult for you to become president.let me say this…it will be a real tragedy if you dont succeed,it will be an opportunity for real change,change that we all really need,because we are on course to self destruction.this is not the world i want my son to grow up in.please,please,please do everything in your power to suceed,we just cannot afford not having you president in 2012.

  5. Linda Young says:

    Only the far right can support this man and his demented son! God save us from them both! They have nothing constructive or helpful to add!

    • Dan says:

      I voted for obama last election so you obviously don’t know what your talking about.

      • Susan says:

        well you at least admit it. most say I didnt vote for him. You must like him . You dont realize what he is doing to our country I guess

    • Benjamin McIntosh says:

      you have nothing constructive to add. Typical far left comeback…. An insult. Insults are created by ignorant people, born followers.

    • Jeff says:

      We need to protect our borders to keep communists like you out of this country.

    • Roderick says:

      Heard what Helen (D) ?last name? from a northern state spoke about how it’s great for a person to have a successful business, but they must pay more in taxes, because that said business uses roads (that are paid for by all of us) and is not broken into (because we all pay for the police) and will get firefighters if its on fire (which are paid for by all of us). I’m assuming you agree with that sentiment…I’m just curious. It’s a free country. Conservative people take our money AFTER taxes, and make a successful business with it (investing it wisely in some product that people need or want), spend time marketing it and finding people (distributors) to sell it, all the while, scrimping and saving, and spending our own savings so we can build said business. Then, when the business is successful, and is employing our fellow citizens, certain people in government want to tax us extra (punish us?) because of our success…so you probably agree with this to? Do you know what that is called? It’s called theft. It’s called deceit. It’s called selfish. It’s called jealousy.
      Note. I’m not talking about some big soulless corporation that is a favorite of uncle sam (red or blue) I’m talking about the millions of business owners who are looking on in horror at the way things are going down all over this nation with socialists and communists such as yourself that cannot see the economic writing on the wall. No economy, no government. Economy is taking a raw material and making something out of it…making it usable to the local people. Economy is NOT recycling tax money from government employees to government employees. You can stay on your communist high horse all you want, you must not know anything about Ron Paul, his voting record, his consistency, it’s all there for the researcher. His high moral and ethical fiber is there for all to see. He has practical experience in the real world. Not the government world, which is as imaginary as Obama’s new clothes.

  6. Jeff D says:

    On Feb 21st, 2011… please donate to LibertyPAC, Ron Paul’s presidential exploratory committee! We are planning a MONEYBOMB! If he gets enough support on this day he may decide to run for President! Just click on my name or google LibertyPAC for more info! Even if you just donate $5 it would be good, thanks! Spread the word!

  7. J.D. says:

    I am opposed to a one world gov. or an open boarder with Mexico and Canada which has no ring of true american freedom,and there is just a very small majority who favors and open society,very small.America has unchanging GOD given principles that are embeded in the hearts and minds of its people.Ron Paul seems to be like minded in his plans for America and aligned with its people.Free America,Free America, the Republic that keeps on giving.Ron Paul for President in 2012

  8. James Parker says:

    I understand that Hillary is over in China now negotiating a deal with them to sell out our country to them in such manner that will make our country a virtual slave to China and they will own us. Have any of you folks heard about this yet ? It is going around fast on the internet.

  9. Paul Schlimgen says:

    Dr. Ron Paul, you are a true patriot in deed and not in word only. You are responsible for opening the minds of many to the serious problems facing our nation. I applaud your honesty and integrity. I honestly do not believe you have a chance in winning the 2012 pres. election, because the “love of money powers” are to powerful and the people believe the lie’s they are given by the mass media. They are blind because they have no Shepard. What we need most of all in this country is for the LORD to work in hearts and minds. Truth as you know comes from the LORD Jesus Christ. I believe you are truly a born again man, so you know what you are facing. You will make a difference if you run however because more people will hear a different voice than what’s coming from the devil and his crowd. Whether you run or not may the Lord help you to decide.
    Thanks for all you have done, Paul Schlimgen

    • Matt B says:

      To be honest, I agree with you but if we open more peoples eyes to this and get more support then we could possibility get him to have the main coverage that he deserves instead of being in the shadow of the money hungry, political lies of the Mass Media. We can get them to open their eyes and get people from more than one political party to vote for him since his views can be viewed for being in the middle more and for the U.S. Constitution. I feel he would be better running in 2016 against a free election since Obama has too strong of a chance to get his 2nd term since he didnt really screw up badly and didnt have the numbers for his support polls extremely low.

    • Jeannie says:

      I think Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate that would be a friend to Jesus Christ, because Jesus taught forgiveness and would never advocate for more war. If Obama wins another term and follows his current military actions, 2,000 more Americans will be killed due to the stupid action of 19 idiots on 9/11.

  10. Shirley Stalring says:

    Lets Go Ameridcans!! We have a leader in Dr. Paul . Lets make our vehicles rolling bill boards for Dr. Paul for President in 2012 .
    Let all send him $ what ever you can afford……..and remember United “We the Peopole” stand, “Divided “We the People” Fall.
    Ron Paul, ya’[ll

  11. Lu says:

    I have recently learned of the grade Ron Paul has been given by Numbers That grade is “F”. Meaning that he is weak and wobbly on anything that pertains to immigration. He apparently thinks it’s o.k. for illegal aliens to enter our country and take our jobs and eat at the public trough. He apparently has no problem with illegals coming to our country to have their babies so they can be citizens. He apparently has no problem with employers hiring illegal immigrants. He apparently can’t see that the sieve on our southern border allows criminals and terrorists alike free access to our freedoms.

    • Dario says:

      I won’t call you a name. But WHO or WHAT is And WHY do you believe everything others tell you about Dr. Paul.

      Because I wasn’t bailed out by Uncle Sam, I want to bring back a sound dollar, Keynesian economics just don’t work for anything but bubbles.

  12. Robert says:

    Unless a positive change happens in this country we are all doomed. Lets make a positive impact on society by sharing this website with others and educating others about limited government!

  13. Nathan says:

    Now that Ron Paul is officially in the race, can you link to

    Thank you!

  14. Randy Murphy says:

    Dr Paul is the only person in DC who cares about the American people and not the Corporatocracy and has the courage to be the lone voice to expose the corrupt Corporatocracy. Support him in every way you can - your future depends on it.

  15. C.Ellis says:

    Ron Paul is for open boarders. and for illegal immagration. this could be just one more Obama.

    • Susan says:

      where did you hear that. Obama already has passed the amnesty. we will be the minority,count on it. the illegals are laughing at us.

  16. Robert Stine says:

    This is the only person in 50 years that I thought even spoke any where near what is needed.
    JFK tried to warn the nation of the presidency compromised and he tried to buck the fed, and he got shot.
    If you Americans do not get behind Ron Paul and this kind of change you will fall.
    You may fall anyway, but at least you will do it with dignity having stood up against the tyranny and theft that you allowed others to do to you.

  17. Bill Davis says:

    Ron Paul last week endorsed Billy Wayne Engle Jr who is trying to stop a corrupt Incumbent Republican Congressman John Carter from 31st District of Texas because Billy is better Candidate and right man for the job. he will stop Big Government and Government Spending if the people in Bell County, Robertson County, Milam County, Hamilton County,
    Coryell County, Erath County, Falls County and Williamson County to Vote
    Billy Engle Jr as the Write in Candidate on the Ballot in the 2012 General Election.

  18. JesiYvonne says:

    What makes me smile is that Ron Paul is more in line with the far left than Obama is! Their democratic-party rose glasses are just too frosted over to actually see that! It’s funny that people who vote Democrat and say they stand for freedom and individual thought will continue to support Obama even though he still wants to terrorize other countries with wars and foreign aid, supports horrible countries that have no regard for human rights and freedoms (Egypt and China), and extended the Patriot Act! The one thing that MANY left wing peoples were vehemently against when it was passed… very strange that they would still stick by Obama after that… doesn’t sound very rational to me. I hope a lot of Obama supporters go to Ron Paul in 2012, because if Ron Paul doesn’t get in its either more Obama or one of the other horrid neo conservative Republican candidates who won’t do anything to change our gov’t as well…

    Come on people! You MUST vote Ron Paul! Tell EVERYONE about it! We need you Ron Paul!

  19. Trevor Allport says:

    Ron Paul has my full support.

    It is crucial to the whole world that he gets elected. This is not purely a matter for America.

    I wish him all the very best from the UK.

  20. John says:


  21. J Sheehy says:

    Here’s why I support Ron Paul for president.

    Ron Paul will have the courage to vote no on raising the debt ceiling. The unconscionable spending of the last 80 years has to end. As President Obama said, “It’s time to rip off the bandaid.” We need to get a balanced budget no matter how we have to cut spending to do it. Unfortunately, many Congressmen and Senators lack courage to do what is needed. We need someone to show real leadership and vote against any increase in the debt ceiling. The US needs to balance it’s budget and have a reasonable plan for spending existing tax revenues.

    We have more than ample tax revenues to make all interest payments on our existing debt. Cutting spending to balance the budget is the only reasonable way forward. The rumors being spread about chaos following a failure to increase the debt ceiling are false.

    I do not support an increase in the debt ceiling in any situation. Voting against any bill that allows the debt ceiling to be increased is the right thing to do. Government must live within it’s budget just like the people and business it taxes do.

  22. Stanley says:

    Ron i live in South Africa and i wish yoy all the luck in your run . Becarefull, they killed Kennedy
    when he touched this money turnaround. Lee Harvey was a hoax as was Timoty Mc Vei.
    Be carefull Brother!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. LookingForward says:

    Congressman Ron Paul, on behalf of the concerned citizenry of our great nation the United States of America, we believe as you do that Liberty and the Constitution will NEVER be outmoded; and we do want a restoration of freedom and prosperity for our citizenry. We believe one alternative would be for the sake of the ecological and economical potential vitality growth and inexhaustible potentials, to eliminate revenue short falls with an abundance of REVENUES that conservatives estimate of its profit potential will surpass $500 BILLION a year. In short, showed as stated by Wisdom TV, everything (the consumer uses) can see and touch can be made from this product. Additionally, this product lessens the stressors of life for all safely; insuring domestic tranquility by allowing the utilization of this natural resource, production and farming for the personal and commercial uses by its citizenry, improving the quality of life, and stopping the drug war, and saving lives! Moreover, it is not harmful, or a violent substance, nor does it push you to harder addictive substances such as alcohol, tobacco, or addictive drugs, as the government would have you believe by their biased propaganda. This product is proven to cause laughter, the best medicine, heals and releases endorphins and enhances the immune system within the bone morrow for excellent health, via a God given product; it eliminates depression and all the negatives that make you ill. Also, it is drought resistant, self-fertilizing, pest-resistant, fireproof, and fast growing for plentiful product; and oxygen producing while absorbing carbon-dioxide from the atmosphere for cleaner air quality along with our trees of more abundance; allowing for a better quality of life and healthy citizens. This product has been around since 8000 B.C. , and there is no recorded record of a person ever being harmed from this single substance, in spite of the disinformational practices of the government. Plus it would create JOBS and clean energy for America utilizing this natural resource, the list is unlimited for the inexhaustible potentials of this product, now that’s real National Security! In reality, there should be a law to prevent unreasonable depletion of a natural agricultural heritage and degradation of a valuable and natural resource that would improve the quality of life in all areas.
    The bottom line is: with a national debt of 14 Trillion+, and at $500. BILLION a year potential profit, we would only need (28) states, or all (50) states, leaving each with 50%, a profit of $250.Billion; to implement this natural resource production, and the debt would be cleared in one year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, this natural God given substance is Marijuana. Hemp/Marijuana, everything from A-Z that the consumer uses, can be made from this product, plus JOBS. It is a win-win situation.
    According to Judge, Francis L Young, ruled 9-6-88: “Marijuana, in its natural form, is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known…. It would be unreasonable, arbitrary and capricious for the DEA to continue to stand between those sufferers and the benefits of this substance.” According to Drug Policy News it stops cancer, and has many other positives.
    Airing on Wisdom TV ‘Spaceship Earth Marijuana A Forest Survival Strategy’ by IB&C Ges, m.b.H., Producer Gernot Schreck; in short, showed and stated everything you can see and touch can be made from this product marijuana.
    In addition to the above when implementing and utilizing this product we can use the same machinery in current use, saving costs, before adding on to for specializing productions.
    Lets not chop our noses off to spite our face, or be to stupid to be smart; lets clear the debt, heal our citizens and our nation, while globally cleaning the air; that’s good stewardship of what has been loaned to us, our great planet EARTH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ron Paul our next expectant Presidential candidate (future President) for 2012

  24. LookingForward says:

    I totally agree, and additionally, I totally agree with Ron Paul our next expectant Presidential candidate (future President) for 2012 on the issues of collectivism, interventionism, and one-world approaches to managing economic systems absolutely do not work as is being witnessed first-hand with the collapses of other Euro nations.
    As of 2006/7, what is the greatest financial scam in world history? Chances are you won’t even consider the Federal Reserve (FED) to be the recipient of that dubious honor, which proceeded to create our monetary problems; and Congress apparently didn’t comprehend the problem, and instead of reining in the power of the FED, Congress gave the FED more power. The FED, a privately owned and tax-exempt bank that is dominated by foreign bankers, obtains Federal Reserve Notes from the U.S. Treasury for .04 ₵ cents each, whether it is a one dollar bill or a $50,000. bill. They then sell it back to us at face value, and charge interest for “loaning” it to us. Privately owned expansion and illegal usury of the nation’s money supply is equivalent to state-sanctioned counterfeiting and economic parasitism. That is why we have a $14 Trillion+ National Debt. So strong is the foreign bankers’ stranglehold on America that our government cannot print its own tax-free, usury-free money for its own citizens. If it could there would be no unemployment, no inflation, no recessions or excessive taxes, etc., and no astronomical National Debt. According to former Congressman Bob Dole, in 1995, about 40% of the personal IRS tax went to pay the interest on the National Debt. Senator Louis T. McFadden, chairman of the U.S. Banking & Currency Commission for 22 years, said in 1934: “The Federal Reserve is one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever seen.” In 1963 former President Kennedy, by means of an Executive Order, bypassed the FED and issued real United States Notes with no debt or interest attached. Go to a coin dealer and look at a 1963 Kennedy dollar. It says “United States Notes” , not Federal Reserve Note. According to Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution, only United States Notes are legal tender. “Congress (not the FED) shall have the power to coin money and regulate the value thereof.” Immediately after Kennedy’s death the printing was stopped and the existing legal notes were taken out of circulation.
    What’s the solution? As per Congressional Record, the U.S. government can buy back the FED at any time for $450 million. But Congress has to act. If the Congressmen aren’t doing their job, the bribed elements should be voted out of office.
    “Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws.” Mayer Anselm Rothschild.
    Through Divine Guidance, the Founding Fathers of the U.S. authored the Declaration of Independence in 1716, the Constitution in 1787, and the Bill of rights in 1791. In a world of monarchies, dictatorships, and governmental oppression, The United States was envisioned as a place where, for the first time in recorded history, “We the People” would be Sovereign, and the government, if any, would be merely be an administrative servant.
    The IRS is not a U.S. Treasury Agency and the Federal Reserve is not a government agency. It too is a private corporation. For proof, write to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and ask for their booklet The Story of Banks and Thrifts. The word “federal” is a misnomer to fool the people. It is also not a “reserve”, because “federal reserve notes” are funny money; there are no reserves backing such notes. They aren’t even really notes, because there is no due date. Most of the income tax money is used by the FED to pay the international bankers (i.e.: the Rothschild’s, Rockefellers, etc.) their interest on the funny money they have printed and loaned into circulation.
    Through our ignorance of the nature of money, Americans have gotten into contracts with the federal banking system and its collection agency, the IRS. Once in it, you must abide by it. It was initiated by obtaining a Social Security (‘SS” = Super Slave) number, filing the first tax return, and signing the signature card at the bank which says in fine print, “I agree to abide by all the rules of the bank.” The rules of the bank include compliance with the Federal Reserve banking regulations and the IRS.
    This contractual arrangement lowers one’s status to that of the 14th Amendment “U.S.” citizenship, which is effectively slavery. You can read this by reading the 14th Amendment, Section 4. It is very clever on the part of the International Bankers, and it has worked.
    Notably world slavery or world freedom depends on world ignorance or world awareness. Someone once coined the phrase: That the most effective form of slavery is the one in which the slaves don’t even realize they are enslaved. Education is the key; and the Ron Paul, Foundation for Rational Economics and Education (FREE), can help you understand these issues for a better America.

  25. Glen says:

    Don;t discount Florida Voters
    “I don’t know if you read this crap but you need to get you self well known in Florida, This Sate actually is made up of many states because they all come down here for vacation in the winter time. You will cover a lot of ground in one state and they will bring your message back to there own state. Get the vote out in Florida and the others will follow.
    Hope some one listens.
    We need change.
    They need to get the point and the boot.”

  26. Robert says:

    Corrupter obama just granted an amnesty for illegal immigrants! Completely bypassing the vote that took place on the 17th of December.

    He has granted an Administrative amnesty for illegal immigrants!

  27. Pingback: ACT NOW: Stop Obama Amnesty for Millions of Illegal Aliens | Stand With Arizona

  28. Jerry Cumbie says:

    “I’m calling writing to ask Ron Paul to do whatever is necessary to stop Dictator Obama’s unlawful, unconstitutional, illegal alien Amnesty immediately. Congress and lawmakers must act to stop this dictator and restore constitutional governance. I want to see you speaking out against this and taking actions to stop Dictator Obama’s illegal Amnesty!”

  29. Robert F. Jones says:

    Please demand Obama stop his amnesty immediately and help file for an injunction to stop this until a hearing can be obtained.

  30. Marcia K. Jones says:

    •“I am outraged at Barack Obama’s blanket amnesty plan for millions of illegal aliens.”•“It is disgraceful for Obama to do an end-run around the duly-elected Congress which rejected the DREAM Act twice.”
    •“I want to see you speaking out this weekend against the Obama Amnesty.”•“Please defend legal immigrants and citizens by denouncing this lawless action by President Obama.”•“Enforcement works! That is why 75% of Americans support strict penalties against employers who hire illegals. Any official who does not fight this outrage is going against the will of the American People.”
    •“It is a slap in the face to the 22 million unemployed Americans to give work permits to illegal alien lawbreakers so they can take MORE jobs away and drive down wages further when families are already struggling to make ends meet.”

    •“This bill is an insult both to legal immigrants who played by the rules, as well as American citizens, who would be hurt by the tidal wave of illegal workers–and their families–that would result from this bill.

  31. Jerry Medberry says:

    Where do you stand on the Dream Act Amnesty? If you are for it No Vote for you!

  32. roger majkowski says:

    And here is what I want my candidate to offer the American public:
    1. Deport ALL illegal immigrants here from any country (Obama set a record doing this btw)
    2. Fine businesses hiring illegals $10,000 per worker per day from assumed date of employment
    3. Tarriff all imported goods that can be made here in the states to a point where shipping here would not really be an option
    4. One full year of non-taxed consumer goods produced,sold and made in America
    5. Any company that claims “American made”,yet ships jobs overseas to be taxed 10 fold on any product sold in the states (ever buy an American flag made in China?)
    6. No “bail-outs” for anyone else besides the working public…meaning those who actually go to a job,make less than $50k a year and no welfare receipients- to the tune of a minimum of $15k per household. One time only
    7. Will stop taking our tax dollars and giving it to countries who generally hate us
    8. Will stop thinking throwing money into incredibly stupid short term programs that will give us all short term jobs while not thinking about the long term effects
    9. Will not only repeal the “patriot act” which robs the American public of civil liberties,but also install only properly trained agents at airports (nsa)
    10. Who,upon any investigation,can and will show their cabinet has broken no laws that we all as Americans are expected to all obey (paying taxes,etc)
    The above…is Ron Paul

    • J Morcan says:

      “… Tarriff all imported goods that can be made here in the states to a point where shipping here would not really be an option…”

      That would violate the terms of our membership in the WTO. Further, China has more than $3 trillion in foreign reserves, much of that in US dollars. If we block their exports with tariffs (and I’m not saying we shouldn’t), how would you suggest we deal with the dollar when it becomes worthless paper?

  33. Howard Nettles says:


    Our troops can stand shoulder to shoulder along our borders and prevent illegals from entering.
    Instead they are fighting to keep illegals and undesirables out of other countries. We have been abandon by our present Government.
    My children and grandchildren, can never prosper if a stop isn’t put to the rampant spending going on in Washington. Deaf Ears result in Dumb Decisions.

    Seniors Swing alot of Votes.
    Tom Nettles

  34. web hosting says:

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  35. J Morcan says:

    OK, I think we know how Ron Paul will fix the government. The question is, how will he fix the economy? It’s not the same thing you know.

  36. Excellent post. I was checking constantly this weblog and I’m inspired! Extremely helpful information specifically the final section :) I take care of such info a lot. I was seeking this certain info for a very lengthy time. Thanks and good luck.

  37. Dr. M Khan says:

    Dear (President to be ) Ron Paul I am your supporter. I would however like for you to make it easy for ordinary Americans to understand about the workings of the Federal Reserve. You should also run adds against federal reserve and explain to people why it is a bad thing. Avoid using technical terms like monetizing the debt.
    The things I would stress. It is a private bank which makes profit when Government borrows money from it.
    The money it prints or creates from thin air belongs to it. It is really a counterfeiting machine it is highway robbery. Government has to pay interest on the money it borrowed. The Government could have printed the money itself and avoided the interest. Government should have its own 100% owned and controlled central bank that would print the money. All the debt created by Federal reserve needs to be cancelled, and that is half of the debt of USA. Give an example of central bank of Nebraska and sound economy of that state. Propose that every state should have its own 100% state owned central bank and ask that why your state does not have central bank ask your congressman and senators? At this point your message is not clear enough for ordinary people. People are not stupid but you and your supporters need to have talking points about the Fed which will really hurt the Fed as well as your opponents who do not talk about the Fed and about Obama who has surrounded himself with Fed cronies.
    You have to expose the big bank support and connections of your opponents. You have to explain how wars lead to deficit spending and enriches the Fed as well as the military industry (avoid use of military industrial complex as it sounds like conspiracy theory) Avoid anything which sound like conspiracy theory. Think how the older people and poor will will vote for you. Avoid talking against social security. Explain that you will not end it for people who have paid into it . Avoid talk of ending Medicaid and explain that you will transfer that responsibility to the States. Explain that if you stop spending the money overseas on wars and aiding other countries then you will have money for helping the poor. Talk about transition period. Explain you are not going to put any drastic measure and dump the poor. Explain that in your vision of America why there will be incentive to work. How you will bring the jobs back to USA. How you will encourage the big companies to make in America.
    Personally I do not believe in Corporate Tax. But sending jobs overseas is tax avoidance as those overseas workers and companies who sell their products in USA are not taxed by USA. How you will change that so their is no incentive to go overseas. How you will do that without eroding the earning power of American worker. This is what you and your workers should be working on at grass roots level to get the votes. If people understand you will win. Good luck to you.

  38. Humayoun says:

    End the Federal Reserve Bank and also make a law that if in future anyone proposes a private Federal reserve, they should be tried for treason and punished by death.

    Look at China. If in China the bankers had done what the private bankers did to US economy and to the world economy they would have surely ended up in front of a firing squad

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