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It’s official! As of May 13, Ron Paul is running for President. Our grassroots team’s goal is to find one million Ron Paul supporters by the end of the year. Express your approval of Ron Paul’s candidacy by signing our powerful message of support, and feel free to include your comments and suggestions for his campaign.

Dear Ron Paul,

The next election will be the most crucial one in our history. You are at the right place and at the right time not only to educate Americans about the principles of personal liberty, sound money, free markets and a sensible pro-America foreign policy, but also to continue the Revolution and lead us to victory.

We endorse and express our full support for your candidacy, and pledge to assist you in every way we can.


The Undersigned


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"I'm in!"
3701: Thomas E. Porter

3702: Jennifer Munn

"usa citizen living in canada 4 ronpaul"
3703: Name not displayed

3704: Taylor Harris

3705: Mike O.

3706: Chris Cardinale

"Basic common sense!!!!!!!!!!"
3707: John V. Irion

"America Needs to start being honest with itself, and I believe Ron Paul can help get us there."
3708: Sean Pauley

3709: Name not displayed

3710: Elijah Rach

"We must defeat the usurpers and usury."
3711: Joshua La Russa

3712: Casey Anderson

"We Will Be With You Until The End. Liberty Will Prevail."
3713: Charles

3714: Ricky Chuter

3715: Jim Waters

3716: David Serban

3717: joel adams

"Leadership & Constutional Values are needed to
save our Country. God Speed and God Bless."

3718: darnell garcia

3719: KD

"Ron Paul you are one of the few politicians who speak the truth! It is vital to have someone like you to protect liberty in this time of grave danger!"
3720: Aaron D

"Keep going"
3721: Nancy talley

"You got my vote. RP for president!"
3722: Jacob Sanders

3723: Kimberly Bowers

"I am a recent grad and never voted before but you will have my very first vote. No issue is more important in its immediacy and impact than our country's irresponsible spending."
3724: Daniel Tokko

"Lets do this people!!! Wake up!!! Vote for Ron Paul!!!"
3725: Jacob Browning

"I'm a "stupid liberal" and Daniel Tokko is going to murder me if I don't vote for you. So I will vote... for you."
3726: michael chou

"We have the power, not the few"
3727: deplorable perception

"You have inspired me to vote. Until today, I was not registered to vote, because I refused to choose the "lesser of two evils." Now, with Ron Paul running for president, I have a true voice and real hope."
3728: joshua seal

"Houston,TX. Go get em Ron, we need you."
3729: Gabriel

"We need your leadership now more than ever. You've were right back in the 90's and you are right today. Bless you and thank you for devoting yourself to this great country."
3730: Enea Duri

3731: Mary Mendez

"Please vote for Ron Paul I know I will. No work here for over TWO YEARS and now 25 to 40% inflation. NOBAMA 2012!!"
3732: JakeEvilclown

"screw the greed, ron paul will save us."
3733: Name not displayed

"You have our families support and we look forward to helping your campaign out!"
3734: Mark Passerby

"You are the only one going to send our boys home."
3735: Alex

"im with you"
3736: jeb baldwin

"Paul is simply our only hope. RP2012!!!"
3737: Name not displayed

"God bless you and your tireless efforts! On to Iowa!"
3738: Jennifer Curtis

3739: Name not displayed

"Thank you Mr. Paul. I've lived my entire adult life in fear (and admittedly - apathy); overwhelmed by a belief that no matter what we do or what leaders we elect, real positive change never happens. You, Sir, have inspired me stand up for our freedoms and to leave my fear behind. I'm tired of watching our country go down the drain - the national debt, health care, unemployment, etc. I join thousands of fellow citizens that want our country back! You possess great courage, common sense, a passion for civil liberties, and compassion for the less fortunate. I have no doubt you can and will steer the country in the right direction. Therefore, YOU have my VOTE! YOU are the leader America needs right NOW."
3740: Joel Johnson

"You remember the oath that our elected officials forget, "to protect and defend the constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic". Ron Paul 2012!"
3741: Renee M

3742: Paul

"I'm from Tahiti and I studied economics in France. Ron Paul is 100% right in his analysis of the global crisis. Go Ron Paul!"
3743: Teva

"Our liberties and freedoms stand on the brink of annihilation. Those who represent us in Congress and in the white house have sold our sovereignty to the Chinese and other nations who desire our demise. We as Americans have the duty to fight for our freedom and we must restore our constitution to its place of prominence and reverence. America was founded as a Christian nation and we will be again."
3744: Name not displayed

3745: Name not displayed

"Never have i seen a more educated person running for office. I certainly hope you can become our president, and set us back on the path of our ancestors."
3746: Mark Pounds Jr.

3747: Daniel Rosillo

"We will get Ron Paul in the white house this election.
How about Jesse Ventura or Jan Brewer as a running mate? Or what would really be awsome would be Rand Paul!"

3748: Name not displayed

"How can I get a ticket to the straw poll / bus ride?"
3749: Frank Martin

3750: Name not displayed

"Thank You Dr Paul. See you in iowa!"
3751: Debi Chavez

"I am a Christian Repub. Conservative turned Constitutionalist/Conservative Ron Paul 2010!!!"
3752: Name not displayed

3753: Gurmehar

"Make the choices that nobody else has the balls to make."
3754: Michael Short

3755: Name not displayed

3756: Mr. Thomas

"Ron Paul carries the most sound policies of any candidate. The role of government, foreign affairs, the Federal Reserve and inflation, the cyclical debt even arising from proposed solutions. Paul has realistic policies regarding all of these. I express my support."
3757: Philip Huber

3758: Amy Maher


"Keep up the great work"
3760: casey bannister

"Do it, Ron Paul!!!"
3761: Jonathan Laliberte

"Best chance for our nation to return to its former glory"
3762: Name not displayed

3763: Jerry West

3764: Name not displayed

"Ron Paul, leadership by example."
3765: William Kerkstra

3766: Thomas Julian

"I am interested in helping Ron Paul in Verona, NJ."
3767: Tom Freeman

"I support liberty for all America"
3768: Perry

"GO Ron Paul GO!!!"
3769: Peter Hoffstettter

3770: Kevin T. March

"I am ready for REAL change in this country. I am ready to TRULY serve my country and support Dr. Paul. If there's anything I can do(other than what I'm doing now-WAKING people up!), I'd be honored."
3771: Michael J. Chmura II

"Restore America!"
3772: Sean S.

3773: Name not displayed

"the average american does not take dr.paul seriously because they are idiots and dont understand him
Ron paul actually understands complex issues, theories, and educates himself on an array of different issues. while other candidates only appeal to people's emotions.

3774: June J

"you must win this election or America has no hope"
3775: Charles W

"Ron Paul is a true leader, and the strongest, most honest voice for liberty and the constitution we have. RP2012-2020!!!"
3776: Brendon Light

"From Canada - Ron your the only guy in Washington that gets it. You have one Canadians support!!!"
3777: Shervin S.

"From Canada - Ron your the only guy in Washington that gets it. You have one Canadians support!!!"
3778: Shervin S.

3779: Name not displayed

"Help take this great country back! Rember that the whole problem is the system. Lobbiest (bastards) money coming in from both sides, no wonder nothing ever gets done. Givim Hell Ron"
3780: Name not displayed

"If every mans belief reflected a law what liberties would remain. if every mans disdain reflected a consequence every man would be chained."
3781: Jacob Shalls

3782: Derek Draper

3783: Erika Slemp

"fix the country!"
3784: Name not displayed

"Ron Paul 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
3785: Teshia

"Vote Ron Paul to support your freedom and government reform."
3786: Jared Clark

"Ron Paul, you are one of the country's only uncorrupted politicians- and I have no fear that that will change. I will be voting for you and so will members of my family. I really do wish you will get elected. The fate of America is in the balance. Best wishes and full support.
-Jacob Petty"

3787: Jacob Petty

"Your our only HOPE!!!"
3788: Stephen Price

3789: Name not displayed

"Renewing America in 2012!!
For the first time in my life I will be joining a campaign and doing everything I can to get this Patriot elected. Let the revival of our country begin 1 person at a time, 1 step at a time and 1 voice at a time. Together, our collective voices will be heard in unison with a single message... L.O.V.E.
L the constitution outlines
O pportunity...for all Americans
V alues...morals and ethics do matter
E xcitement...for Ron Paul's vision to revive America"

3790: Garrett Lambert

"Legalization isnt the political evil it used to be, its a real thing and its has to happen here and now, not ignored and snickered at by our illegal immigrant of a president called osama, excuse me, obama (whats the difference)"
3791: Chase

3792: Claude Baspeyre

3793: Josh Robinson

"Good Luck to you Dr. Paul! For the first time in my life, and I'm 38, I actually have hope for my country. It would be nice to be able to feel "Proud to be American" again! I will do what I can to help raise awareness for you and get you elected."
3794: John Layton Jr

"The time is now...Vote Ron Paul....and the dream will never die!"
3795: Bobby Cox

3796: Chou Yin Chau

"Ron Paul is the ONLY Republican I would support! Ron Paul or Libertarian Party for me."
3797: Mike Wojtaluk

3798: Name not displayed

"You have my vote Dr. Paul! I think you're an extremely intelligent and courageous man, I hope you win. :] God bless."
3799: Name not displayed

"Fight for Liberty!!!"
3800: Jamie L Kleist


3802: Donald Szutenabch

3803: Name not displayed

3804: Name not displayed

"I think Ron Paul is the George Washington of the 21st century"
3805: James Murawski

"In Ron Paul I feel like there is a candidate that can turn the United States into what it should be, and we can be proud and confident Americans once again."
3806: Craig N. Collet

"You've got my support!"
3807: Robyn

"Ron is a true American,"
3808: Name not displayed

"I pray the system will not corrupt you and that you are truely what you say you are. I am firmly a believer in what you stand for and America needs to open its blind eyes and def ears. Without you, I tend to believe that America is doomed for the NWO (New World Order)."
3809: Tim Griffith

"ron is the one im going to vote for ............."
3810: jackal

3811: Chris

"Honestly if something is not done to put an honest leader in the WH ,America is facing its downfall, be it police state ,civil unrest maybe revolution , another great depression , WW 3 or combination of the above.Wake up America its now or never"
3812: John

3813: Name not displayed

3814: Mike Howie

"One step closer in the direction our world's heading...peace!"
3815: Stephen Cobb

"The people of America are now awake. We will stand and fight with you."
3816: Doug Adelmann

3817: Name not displayed

"Health care professionals need to know that you know the problems we face."
3818: Name not displayed

"GOD please help us, please give this movement your strength! Go Ron Paul!!!"
3819: Dale Carlson

3820: Name not displayed

"Ron Paul is our only hope in a President!
Watch the movie "CROMWELL" - starring Richard Harris & Robert Morley, it is the true story of the same thing going on in our government now, yet it happened several hundred years ago in England.
History is repeating itself. Our government is GREEDY and CORRUPT.
Ron Paul is America's Oliver Cromwell!

3821: Jeani Johnson

3822: stephen

3823: evan kirkham

3824: Name not displayed

"Please keep fighting for our freedom, Mr. Paul! I have recently become a mother and I am counting on you to keep your word and bring forth the changes that our country (and our world) needs. I certainly hope you are as genuine as you appear to be, but please understand I am hesitant to believe anything any politician says. I am supporting you, Mr. Paul, for what you have claimed to be fighting for. I wholeheartedly hope you have the American people's best interest in mind. Keep fighting the good fight. God bless you and yours."
3825: Amanda Delemus

3826: Jeffrey Douglas

"Im from Spain but I see you Dr.Paul as the only way to change America, and that´s good for the world, i hope you kick FED´s ass!"
3827: Carles Garrote Gonzalez

3828: Jonathan Sinclair

"I think we are all literally screwed unless we can get someone in there who really gives a hoot about the little guy."
3829: Melinda Michaels

3830: Amanda

"It is a shame we did not find a man like Ron Paul earlier in this time of crisis. He has my full support"
3831: TheLizard

"ron paul is the only candidate for the people not wall street"
3832: scott knowles

"I don't always agree with some of your ideals, but you are the only one in office who has ever shed light on the corruption....even within your own party. I am a left leaning libertarian, but would vote Republican for you."
3833: Name not displayed

3834: D Shaw

3835: K Shaw

"Ron Paul MUST become President!"
3836: David Emverzo

"thanks for running you have our votes"
3837: sk

3838: Charlie Maier

"If there's is anything I can do in Pittsburgh, PA, let me know!"
3839: Joshua Sateia

"The message of liberty is timeless - Long Live Liberty and Common Sense."
3840: Timothy Gurtler

"Keep Doing What You're Doing!!!! LIBERTY"
3841: Will Pendrey

3842: Joseph L. Morana

"Ron, I believe you can give the people back our country. So our childern will know what a great country this once was."
3843: Rich Calabrese

"3740, 3790 are so right. However, my concern is: will "they" allow you to live until you implement your plan of reform so opposed to the corporate establishment? What you stand for leads me to consider to vote for the first time in my life. I am 64 y.o. With God, everything is possible... You will need His protection and full guidance to succeed. May He be with you.
In His love...."

3844: Alain

3845: Robert Hastings

"The country stands behind you Dr. Paul, its time to take America back from washington."
3846: Barry J Ferguson

3847: Name not displayed

"Without Ron Paul, we may be lost."
3848: Travis Adams

"To Mr. Paul, from chicago....
We NEED you to win in 2012! We NEED the honesty and consideration that is absent from todays government! Please do anything you can over the next year to win Mr. Paul!!!!"

3849: Ninmar Malk

"ron you cant stop now go get some for us all thank you ron we need yiu now more now than ever stand with us"
3850: mike

3851: brian caswell

"Ron Paul 2012! You are the best choice for this country! I believe you can pull us through!"
3852: Name not displayed

"I believe in you. Please fix the budget."
3853: Name not displayed

"We need a president for the people, for Americas future, and for the Constitution. Ron Paul 2012!!!!"
3854: Scott Hebert

"I am ashamed that i have never voted, i always thought that it dosent matter. But now it dose matter and i will vote in 2012, for ron paul, hopefully its not to late to save america."
3855: kevin skorcz

"get back to the constitution and the values of our founding fathers"
3856: Name not displayed

"Ron Paul END THE FED"
3857: Julian Jiron

"Believe in freedom and the rest will fall into place."
3858: andjusticeforall

3859: Ervin Baker

"Mr. Paul, you win. Whatever it takes. Republican, Libertarian, independant, whatever. Just win. Put the new world order on notice that things are gonna change. Amen."
3860: Dave W

"I'm 27, registered, and served in the military. This will actually be my first election participate in. I will vote Ron Paul 2012."
3861: Charles Martinez

"Republican. Not Obama. Thank you Jesus."
3862: Name not displayed

"Ron Paul makes common sense relevant and effective!!!"
3863: CM Watts

"I support your ideas and would like to see real Constitutional based "change" in our national politics and programs."
3864: Jon Foster

"It is time for common sense.
It is time for Liberty and Freedom.
It is time for Passion and Compassion.
It is time for Ron Paul"

3865: Patrick McHenry

"People are always talking about the Founding Fathers WE THE PEOPLE NEED A NEW FATHER RON PAUL FOR FATHER FOR OUR COUNTRY RON PAUL"
3866: Brad

"Ron Paul; the end of the slogan politics as we know it!

P.s. love to be the one who gets the first green card issued under his presidency"

3867: Joost

"Go Ron, kick some fascist ass..."
3868: Delio Francisco

"Finally, a candidate who doesn't tow a party line! I think if you sit and ask the average American what they BELIEVE, most of them could be considered Libertarian. We WANT freedom, we WANT the wars to end, we WANT liberty. But the media convinces us that we must be red or blue. How many republicans say, "I am fiscally conservative, but socially liberal," or democrats who say, "I am pro-peace, but I think taxes are too high," and yet they fight with one another about who is right and who is wrong? We are plagued by the media telling us to pick sides, even when we essentially believe in the same principals. This is why I will vote for you, Dr. Paul. I believe that what makes you the right man for the job is that you, too, are a real American."
3869: Andrea Jacobsen

"How can I help!!!!!!!"
3870: Jay Freestone

3871: Katherine

"PLEASE, EVERYONE READING THIS...... Educate friends, family, co-workers, and acquaintances. We have a short amount of time to get the word out."
3872: Eric Williams

"Beating Obama would be easy, but first we need the let's get it!"
3873: Matthew V. Rossi

"Ron Paul, we're with you in Brazil! If you don't get ellected in USA, please come make things better here!"
3874: Bernardo Emerick

"The right time has finally come, Ron Paul will win."
3875: Frank Sermeno

"I'd like to volunteer in NYC. Any info?"
3876: Name not displayed

"Ron Paul rEVOLution 2012!!
Real American talk!!!"

3877: Johnson 527

"Ron Paul is the only one that will change this country, and not be afraid to speak the truth!"
3878: Wes A.

"We need a change and Ron Paul can make it happen!"
3879: Elijah H. Wright

3880: Jesse Jones

3881: Brandon

"Tme is running short for America. Individual liberty and freedom is dying at this very moment. It is up to the "People" to save it. America cannot elect another establishment candidate who is backed by the big bankers and corporations as it has for decades. Ron Paul is a modern day Founding Father and the only real choice for America. Help restore the Republic!"
3882: Jason R. Herr

"I support you all the way! You are one of the few clever minds in Washington."
3883: Pablo Alvarez

"Repeal the patriot act!~ more transparent in our government. and a Truly fair Tax system. If you SPEND more money you are taxed more money. The less you spend the less taxes you pay. We need honest men who look after our rites as citizens. Do not put corporate profits over workers no mater what country they live in. If a large corporation has massed 240 billion dollar profits is obscene for the amount of pollution. Create Jobs!~ We need a FDR style jobs program. Bring home the troops lets go about bringing industry to shores. Stop policing the world!~ The world hates us for doing it. And we only accomplish to fund power struggles and keep war brewing!~ We should ask the questions. At what point do we try and live in balance of our world not domination of it. "Authority should derive from the consent of the governed, not from the threat of force!"When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.-That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed."
3884: Zabrina Kidd

3885: Logan

"God is with you.."
3886: amandeep

"I will literally cry if you Ron Paul loses.."
3887: Jordan Williams

"Ron Paul 2012"
3888: Name not displayed

3889: Sam Perpich

3890: michael greene

"Solutions to Restore EFFECTIVE US Government: Dissolve the private Federal Reserve Bank and outlaw the legalized corporate bribery, called "PAC Funds""
3891: John Hahn

"America wake up!!!!! We are losing our liberties it's time to stand up and fight for our rights.Let's get this Ron Paul Revolution started. Mr.Paul we are all behind you. God Bless You!!!"
3892: Michael Wells

3893: Arcadio Diaz

"It's time for some common sense politics"
3894: Aaron Hicks

"Thank you for Running, you have my vote and never give up!"
3895: Daniel Landry

"I fought to get my civil rights restored just I can vote for Ron Paul 2012"
3896: Dennis Parker

"It's time for a change and honesty."
3897: Jerome Gudknecht

3898: Zaid Mansoori

"Ron Paul 2012!"
3899: weston lyon

3900: Martin Pierce

3901: Name not displayed

"Ron Paul"
3902: Brad W. Milnes

"ron paul you are the only one who is for us that want small government i hope you win i support you"
3903: louise

"Dear Mr Paul, This next election is one that will change our history, for the better or worst.With You as our future president it will be for the better!! You are the chosen one to free us, The people of the United States of America from the Slavery of the Feds.You will free the children of America who is born into debt."
3904: Sean Conway

"America NEEDS Ron Paul as President"
3905: Steven Brooks

"In 2008, I thought Ron Paul was a loon, wow has these past 4 years taught me that I was in fact the moron. Our country is simply on an unsustainable path, Ron Paul is our only hope!"
3906: Dennis Schmidt

"Semper Fi"
3907: Steven Bayne

"Finally, a candidate who UNDERSTANDS.

Go get 'em, Ron."

3908: Name not displayed

"I can't wait to vote for Ron Paul in my first presidential election."
3909: Name not displayed

"We need REAL change in Washington!"
3910: Brandon Armstrong

"Get our Country back to us;US. Made in America Buy America"
3911: Timothy R keating

"Let's do this"
3912: Name not displayed

3913: Louis Dam-Mikkelsen

"Never thought I'd like to see a Republican win. But I've come to realise that Rep/Dem doesn't mean anything anymore. It hasn't for a long time. Go Ron, get rid of the FED, we need rid of all of these corrupted organisations living for petrol, war and money. You can do it. The world needs this!!!"
3914: Erwan Berthomé

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3915: disaAvata

"One of the only politicians who can be trusted to do what's right by the American people"
3916: Wolfram Gauglitz

"I want my freedom back."
3917: Keith Richards

3918: Gino Vincenzini

"Lets get some real change going."
3919: Dave Erickson

"I will vote for you without a doubt. This country needs RON PAUL!"
3920: Chris Kelley

3921: Buddy Smith

"God bless"
3922: Name not displayed

"I Hope and believe that Dr. Paul would Win easier as a Third Party Candidate, should the GOP & MSM do as in 2008 and try their best to ignore him. Though I have always supported him, I wish he would change his opinion on running as a Third Party. I know many have suggested Cong. Kuchink as his VP on the Ticket. I Agree. I also know that the Tea Party only exists today because they saw the success of Ron Paul and have tried to Copy the Model of getting widespread support by The People. Only Ron Paul has this, and as a Thirs Party Candidate could easily capture at least 40% likly over 50% but he would only need 40% and leave the remainder to be near equally divided amongst the other two."
3923: Martin Colucci

"We the people need to take our county back"
3924: Bruce Furtado

3925: Danny Heater

"I'm voting for Ron Paul, he is only candidate that you can trust to fight with you and for you!!"
3926: Ben Breedlove

"London supports Ron Paul.
If we had a politician here in England with even an ounce of your integrity Ron, we would consider ourselves very lucky.
How lucky you are America to have Ron Paul shouting loud enough for all those who have been intimidated and simply left unable to use their voice :) Can't wait to see you live next year!!! Woo go get'em x"

3927: Rav Shari

"I have never before fully supported any politician, but I have finally found one who exemplifies the ideals which I stand for. Whoever hasn't read Liberty Defined: 50 Essential Issues that Affect our Freedom needs to!"
3928: Name not displayed

"go Ron Paul!"
3929: Katherine Henderson

"I pray that you win this election for the sake of my children & the future of America ."
3930: Jeff Hood

3931: Jeremy Hilt

"You have my vote"
3932: Cole Reagan

3933: Name not displayed

"Mr. Paul, As much as I want to support you, I have a big concern if you are not nominated by the GOP! I fear votes will be split between you and a GOP canidate which would be a shoe in for Obama. No one wants that! Are you seeking the GOP nomination or entering into the race as an Independent?"
3934: Vic Randazzo

"The only candidate with consistency of his intelligent ideals to run the country during these times."
3935: Name not displayed

3936: Marty

3937: George Levine

"Ron Paul, absolutely the best!"
3938: Mary feldpausch

"Is this where I sign up for the revolution??"
3939: Troy Brengle

"I am from Minnesota and the only time I and many of my friends have voted was for Jesse Ventura. You know what happened. I plan to support and vote for you in the upcoming election."
3940: Asher Tristani

"People need to wake up and stop following the mainstream media's distorted advertising...follow the money. Ron Paul will not be bought.."
3941: Cyrus Baragosh

"Ron Paul - our only chance of turning this country around!"
3942: Brittany DeShon

3943: Name not displayed

"You have my vote! Please focus on getting the majority of Americans to actually listen to you! I was one who misunderstood your principles because of the way the media twisted and turned your views, but after watching you speak on videos and reading, I've finally found a TRUE conservative candidate! Let's get the general public to embrace you and win in 2012!!!!"
3944: Austin Kim

"A vote for common sense!"
3945: Susan Brown

"You are one of the only people in Washington speaking the truth. If Senator Coburn was running, I would have a tough time, but as it is, you are clearly the only one in the field of either party worth my vote."
3946: Billy Griffin

"RON PAUL 2012!!!!!"
3947: Name not displayed

3948: Claudette Byers

3949: Will Skiles

"With you al the way."
3950: Merle Reed

3951: Josh Ragan

"real conservatism"
3952: Mike Sola

"I'm truly inspired by you. Thank you for your on going education, and Honesty. I'm voting Republican for the First time. . I only hope that you continue your transparency, and honesty when you become President. "So America Let's put Ron Paul in the White house America"!"
3953: Bridgett Rowland

"Polish Americans in New Jersey want Ron Paul to be America's next president!"
3954: John Czop

"As a non american (Swede) I'd sincerely by all of my heart hope you get into power for your sake (americans) as well as the rest of the world"
3955: Fredrik Clementz

"lets do this!"
3956: matt bohls

"ron paul has the know how to tackel our real foes."
3957: Name not displayed

"Ron Paul for President! He's the only Congressman who's not been afraid to tell the truth!"
3958: Karen Perrin

"I will vote for Ron Paul in 2012. He is our nation's last hope."
3959: Patrick Carpenter

"Ron Paul 2012!"
3960: Jerrad LaRock

3961: jonathan christian

"Ron Paul stands for the nation !!"
3962: Wayne Zhang

"Thank GOD for you and your Son."
3963: pamela

"Let the Revolution begin!"
3964: Micah Joshua Cox

"I Pray You will WIN!!!!!!!!!!!! You are the most Honest & Consistant In All You do. Thanks Ron
We sure are with You all the way."

3965: Ken & Marian Colborn

"Ron Paul is "Hope" for America!
Dr. Paul is one of the few candidates that says what he means and means what he says."

3966: William E. Summers

"Ron Paul! Save America!"
3967: Name not displayed

"Good Luck!"
3968: April McMillan

"Ron Paul is the only remaining patriot in the government. I know with Ron Paul things WILL get better. This man has my full support."
3969: Elaine Berghoff

"Congressman Paul,
Please save our sovereignty of our union from the Tierney and corruption of the big bankers and big government"

3970: Elvin B Allen

3971: Claire Sorensen

""Time for a real change.""
3972: Roger Lirette

3973: Brett Wolff

"Ron Paul speaks the truth and supports the Constitution which means he supports "We The People" I stand by him, as his being the President is the best thing we have at actually having voice in the government and in its spending. A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for a strong and respected America."
3974: Debra Bain

3975: renee wright

"let it begin!!!!"
3976: Justin O

"Make a stand for liberty. Support Ron Paul in 2012."
3977: Name not displayed

"He's probably the only real hope for returning freedom
And rights to the people of this country"

3978: shane bedard

3979: gideon aronovich

"Please, please, please!!! Let's get Ron Paul in office. America needs a big dose of what Ron Paul has, and that's common sense."
3980: Francis Norris

3981: Name not displayed

"I'm all in. Let's get our country back on track."
3982: Charlie Beck

"We need this guy to be president and actually make this country much better."
3983: Micheal Holt

3984: Name not displayed

3985: Keith Burney

"Dr.Paul I hope you will take a position on television and continue to speak the truth all americans need to hear!"
3986: James W.

"you got my vote and i do vote"
3987: jason

"Ron Paul for President !! America's last hope !!"
3988: Joshua Wakefield

3989: Nicholas O

"God Bless!"
3990: Wendy McMullen

"I love Ron Paul no matter what happens you can't stop an idea. Ron Paul revolution will carry on long after he's gone. Ron Paul has already made history. Funny how the word of God relates so much to what Ron Paul is. Those who know the truth and those which will be left behind. Pray and have faith heaven awaits us. Let make some noise and wake these zombies up!!!"
3991: Teresa Nolivo

"Future Mr President Ron Paul, remind Americans what the Zionist Facist said about their country:

During an argument between the Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Foreign Minister Shimon Peres, Peres said that Isralis' policies of continued violence might "turn the US against us".

To this Sharon retorted:



-- Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon
October 3, 2001
(IAP News)

It therefore follows that America is fighting wars in Afghanistan and Iraq under Zionist control. Jews rule America (and most of the world) by proxy. They trick us into fighting and dying for THEM.

Politicians of the 'free world' are too cowardly oppose Zionism."

3992: Leonardo de la Paor

"Greetings from Hungary!
If I were an American, I would definitely vote for You!"

3993: Name not displayed

3994: Andrea Goodchild

"I'm in too."
3995: Casper

3996: Lauren E. Allen

"I will do anything you ask of me, Dr."
3997: Thomas Barr III

"You are Gandalf of US politics!"
3998: Gino Timonin

"The future is looking brighter already! Hes got my vote."
3999: meanpeace

4000: Tony Jara

4001: steve paoli

"Is there really any other choice if we are to chose our own fate? I think not...
I could be wrong..."

4002: Christopher James Harris

"It's just common sense..."
4003: Lotan Kritchman

"Our freedom is being targeted big brother is watching, i believe Ron Paul can take us in the right direction, Once he becomes president he can speard the word we need a revolution, kick all the scum out of office and have a fresh start go Ron good luck."
4004: Semsudin Vatres

4005: Trek Coburn

"Our country needs Dr Paul now more than ever."
4006: Chuck Lease

4007: Name not displayed

"We need common sense leadership that doesn't think about saving their job, but some one that does what is right even if that means loosing an election."
4008: Name not displayed

"Mr Paul i will help in your election in any way, with money or hard door to door work ! what ever it takes ! We can not take 4 more years of obamanation !! "We Will Be With You Until The End. Liberty Will Prevail.""

"Hooray for a true patriot and representative of the American people!"
4010: Chris G. Reynolds

"[email protected]"
4011: Jeffrey Call

4012: Jaydon Gibbs

4013: Ian Whitney

"Get the Commies out of Government. RON PAUL FOR 2012"
4014: Paul Wafula

4015: Elisa Buenaventura

"Fight the good fight of Faith"
4016: Thomas E. Hester

4017: Jeremy Whittington

4018: Darren Bates

4019: Justin C. Tomlin

"I have been a Democrat my entire life. But if you do half of what you are preaching. Then I believe America will be in a better predicament."
4020: Scott Littles

4021: John Lucas

4022: Name not displayed

4023: Daniel Eaton

4024: Helen Huffman

4025: Kurt Elkins

"You have my vote !"
4026: brian lowder

"We stand at a turning point. On the one hand, we have Obama and his Destroy America Now agenda. On the other, we have Dr.Paul.
Barak Obama is a Traitor and is not a moral man. Ron Paul is a PATRIOT & a Man Of Honor.
You choose.
"Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean." - Ryunosuke Satoro"

4027: Denny R. Moss, M.A., LMFT

4028: Steven Johnson

4029: Laura Bell

4030: Lacy Kitchin

4031: Rachel Buckmaster

"I want the gold standard back!"
4032: Paul

"Ron Paul we need you now more than ever, im a 19 year old living in TN and I will do anything and everything I can do to persuade the stubborn south to listen to your reasoning and simple logic that all other politicians seem to be missing. RON PAUL 2012!!! YOU HAVE MY SUPPORT!"
4033: Adam Zayas

"For principle, for liberty, for Ron Paul 2012!"
4034: Justin Balauag

4035: Michael Murphy

4036: B.Chambers

"he makes sense"
4037: doug hardison

"Count me in."
4038: Scott R Carlson

4039: Tyler Oderkirk

"Please stop the madness of the federal government"
4040: Leif Gustafson

"Ron Paul for President! rEVOLution"
4041: Cesar Venegas

"I'm with you, Ron (and I'm not traditionally a republican!) LOL"
4042: Laura Cichon

4043: Todd Mallard

"What would you do to help us out of hyperinflation and how would you lead congress different then President Obama"
4044: vijay dugal

"Thank you Mr. Paul for running again! Lets get 'em!!!!!!!"
4045: Brian Morrison

4046: Elijah O\'Kelley

"Mr. Paul, Please sir, help bring this country back from the edge of the abyss!!!"
4047: James Holben

"plz dont fck this up"
4048: aaron

"I was with you 2008 and i will be with you to the end!"
4049: Name not displayed

"America needs Ron Paul. Wisdom. Integrity. Fidelity to the constitution."
4050: Chelise Fox

"Never had an interest in politics before, but I think we are truly in danger of losing everything from the most basic civil liberties to our individual sense of self. Ron Paul may very well be the last hope we've got."
4051: Rick Newby

"The only candidate who makes sense. The only candidate whose message is clear. The only candidate that I can understand."
4052: Name not displayed

4053: Name not displayed

"God Bless you Ron Paul!! Thank you for devoting yourself to our great nation!! You have my vote and support!!"
4054: Name not displayed

"Ron, I also love liberty and look forward to the day it will be celebrated by all Americans once again. Thank you for all your hard work."
4055: Mitchell Dylla

"To go forward we must go back to our constitutional roots and Paul is the only viable candidate to take us there."
4056: Jeffery Greene

"Changing America for the better through Ron Paul is a dream worth working to achieve! Ron Paul gives me hope for America."
4057: Caleb Taylor

"We The People..."
4058: Name not displayed

"this guys the best i hope he wins haha illuminati must be shaken"
4059: anthony

"Dr Paul is our last hope!"
4060: Sam Peck RN

"The time for bailouts and corporate control is over!!!
Let the revolution continue..."

4061: Christopher Smith

"As a fellow health care practitioner, I have been very impressed with Dr. Paul's coherent diagnosis and pragmatic solutions for a country I strive to encourage and thus be proud of once again. To this end, the courageous leadership of Dr. Paul is sorely needed to pull together our fractured and disloyal government. May he succeed in his ambitions."
4062: Scott Baker

"please help our people from this nazi style government stop there stupid bills going into congress and stop the innocent killing of so many people......"
4063: joe haselhorst

"Ron Paul for president 2012!!! It's not just an American revolution, it's a world wide support of personal freedom, free markets, AND PEACE!!!"
4064: Jordan Jacobson

"Ron Paul, no strings attach"
4065: Haile Martinez

4066: Brian Greguol

4067: dan

"God knows the USA needs you! I wish you well!"
4068: Karl Coutinho

"I'm tired of lies, cheats, and government robbery! USA needs to get back to it's roots. I'm Hmong and I'm voting for Ron Paul!"
4069: Kou Moua

"End the fed!"
4070: Craig Topping II

"Keep up the good fight, you can count on my vote."
4071: Mike Jordan

"THE ONLY man in washington making ANY SENSE."
4072: Mark Jason Risner

4073: Name not displayed

"I would like to help you become elected in 2012"
4074: Tim Gassman

"flat tax, cut big gov., end the new world order."
4075: Name not displayed

"ron paul will be president in 2012"
4076: Patrick Williams

4077: Name not displayed

"Ron Paul you have my vote !!!!"
4078: Adam Goodie

"Ron Paul 2012.
This man is a genius in economics, america needs you."

4079: Blake Kopachena

4080: Brenna Pearl

"Ron Paul is our savior of the new free world!!! Down with our tyrannical government! Up with Ron Paul!"
4081: Jacob hill

"I'm From ( Egypt ), I just want to tell Americans support this Man he is the one who can solve problems not just keeping the boat floating.
Believe me I know how corruption and sick government plans make the state default, so choose the man who can get the maximum out of the always relatively limited economic resources."

4082: Mohammad Nabil

"I'm from Asia but I think you guys the zitizen of USA should -- I mean must choose RP. I think all his says is rational and easy to understand"
4083: cokrek

"I'm so glad Ron Paul supports products being made in America. I remember in the old days when products were made in America. The quality of most items were excellent. Example, there are well known American made clothing companies who made excellent clothing when they were made in America. Since they moved over seas, their quality of clothing have been severely compromised. I had to return some of their clothing because they would fall apart. Besides, companies who moved over seas contributed to loss of jobs and a weaker economy. I buy American cars. Unfortunately, some of the car parts are made in other countries. I hope Ron Paul can make a big difference in helping to bring companies back to America."
4084: Name not displayed

"He's our only option for Freedom and a viable America."
4085: Patricia Adams

"Lets Roll Ron."
4086: Don Kennedy

"I want to see you get elected,but you do not have a chance in hell,unless drastic measures are taken,and changes are made to stick to the most important main issues. I know so much needs to change,but stick to 5 main issues and bring it home, with enthusiasum, and gusto. Positive, strong,stand up straight,look confident and give your message. Many times you look tired,your clothes are wrinkled,you need a better hair cut. The press needs to take notice of this man who is not afraid to take on all the problems we have without dancing around them. I can help you,and so can my husband. We donot want a movie star,but a strong leader,that help willknow can lead them. Home number412-343-1138"
4087: teena schmidle

"We support you from Turkey. We believe that you are the cure for middle-east trauma Mr. Paul.."
4088: Gokalp ICER

"Ron Paul 2012! Save this nation!!"
4089: Mathew Tobeck

"With Ron Paul as president in 2012 and continued Tea Party growth, we may just be able to take back the Republican Party from the Rhino's. If we don't the Republican Party is doomed, and I am afraid our country as we knew it is as well."
4090: Joey Montgomery

4091: Name not displayed

"we need you Dr. Paul"
4092: Frank Lanzo

"i just turned 18 and Ron Paul, i believe wants better for the United States and he gots my vote!"
4093: Oscar

4094: Name not displayed

"I hope so much that Ron Paul wins the elections, it would be the best that could happen for the US and for the world, because his views are right, logical and sound. I support him 100%.

Good Luck America, maybe it's not too late yet.

Oh, btw, If he get's elected, I will spend my next holiday in the US, something I would never have done under Bush or Obama."

4095: Daniel Cima from Luxembourg

"Thank you Ron Paul to World."
4096: Radek Polak

4097: Chris Thompson

"Ron Paul for President!
Abolish the Fed!
Ron Paul rEVOLution!"

4098: Ricky Holder

4099: Kevin Dannewitz

4100: Name not displayed

4101: Name not displayed

"Ron Paul - truth."
4102: David Sykes

4103: Daniel Opfel

"Wake up America!"
4104: Ian Elooi

"Go Ron, the system needs fixing and you're the man to do it. 30+ years of consistant damnation of the corrupt in power. It's time for change or we're all going down."
4105: Chris McKee

"Ron Paul , i do really hope you win sir , i do really , and if you don't make the people that trust you a promise that you will continue to fight for our loved nation , because everyone is different but, honestly in myself i saw in you someone i wish to be."
4106: Angelo

"Wake up America, its time for a RON PAUL REVOLUTION!!!!"
4107: J. Larch

4108: Jymyle J. Hendricks

"End central banks and bring the gold standard back. Bring the jobs back to america so we can sustain ourselves and then help our fellow humans do the same."
4109: Michael Cox

4110: Lawrence Keener

4111: Licet

"I am more than afraid for my future in this country, and accept that i've never really had "freedom".
Please change this."

4112: Brody Reibsome

"The Constitution Rules! Well, currently not really, but I hope you are elected so that one day it will again!"
4113: Justin E. Quinn

4114: Michael Durant

"We need America back if Ron Paul doesn't win this election I have no hope left."
4115: Richard Simpson

4116: Rex Davis

"Finally someone with common sense. Just follow the guidance of The Constitution and we can turn this country around."
4117: Don Smart

"Ron Paul you are only hope"
4118: Don Lee

"Ron can stop the insanity."
4119: Dan

"Ron Paul. Bold and Brilliant."
4120: Jo Neace Krause

""Are you better off than you were four years ago?""
4121: Steve A.

"Here is an intellectual and honest human being .Vote for the truth."
4122: Shufen Chen

4123: Eddie Gowan

4124: Michael Henriques

4125: Anton Maslov

"The only sane candidate in republican party. The only candidate you can be sure is not some corporate robot."
4126: Deividas P.

4127: Christine Orrick

4128: Brendan Keller

"We stand with you Mr. Paul!"
4129: Name not displayed

"There is HOPE!"
4130: Ryan Medere

4131: Robert

4132: Jon Wiseman

"Ron Paul I'm definetly voting for you!"
4133: Jorge L Gomez

"I'm gonna vote for you again, Mr. Paul."
4134: Austin Teutsch

"End the Fed and the UN!"
4135: Robert C Wagner

"attack the system, stop America's demise! We love you USA! God bless America!"
4136: marya coburn

"Ron Paul is "The change we need" A person who cares more about our country than himself or political gain."
4137: James Porcelli

4138: Name not displayed

4139: Kathryn Emmitt

"Ron Paul is the only candidate with a decades-long, unbroken track record of supporting liberty and free enterprise, and of opposing unconstitutional over-reaching by our national government. Heck, he's the only candidate who even bothers to question whether a proposed governmental action is or is not constitutional before voting on it."
4140: Jackie Robinett

4141: jill manning

"Go Ron Paul ! Constitutional values.... The answer was there the whole time ! Everyday that passes Ron's views become more relevant. Maybe the reason he is viewed as odd man out is that he is the only one with the real solution. Go Ron Paul !"
4142: Jim Simons

4143: Barbara A. Becker

"One of the few honest politicians our there. Keeping us in line with our founding fathers"
4144: Brian McGough

"Money minded groups should not be running our government your can stop this madness Ron."
4145: M. Baremore

4146: William Evans

"America can keep the change. I'll keep my freedom! Ron Paul for President!"
4147: Jeremy Nelson

"Mr. Paul - thank you for your service."
4148: Michael Pryor

"Ron Paul I hate your evolution stance but I love everything else. Count me in buddy, but you better just be kidding about the evolution thing, for real. You're a doctor!"
4149: Name not displayed

4150: Name not displayed

"We need America"
4151: Name not displayed

"Yes, I WILL be voting for Ron Paul as our President! He is the only politician that makes sense and is FOR the people!"
4152: D. Schrepfer

4153: Name not displayed

"you need to speak in more places so that more people can hear you"
4154: noah sanchez

"I fully support Ron Paul 2012!"
4155: Cameron Winn

"You have my vote!"
4156: Name not displayed

"Restore America"
4157: Anna Caro

4158: Matthew Hobbs

"Hi DR Paul Im a Canadian but hope more than almost anything you become President.I just worrie that the elections are riged and fear for your safety.You are one of the very few in the government that is a good person that will follow the law Americans have blead killed and killed for the constitution.If I was an American I would vote for no one but you.But Im glade right now Im a Canadian and not American even though are country has went down hill with police and government corruption also.I just belive are government litsens to the US just like America long ago we were a country that was known for great things.We were not that long ago peace keepers and never went to warunless they were moral wars not like the illegal wars Canada helps the US fight.We also need a revolution witch I think will happen he and there and in many other places in the world.I belive they should be peacefull but if they fire and kill us we should do whatever needed to win.Just like are ancestors.I have heard you speak about 9/11 and don't realy trhink tou belive what the government says.I belive 9/11 and 7/7 and many others were fauls flags there is just overwelming evedence to suggest otherwise.But I pray to whatever GOD there is protects you and gives you the Presidency of the United States of America.GOD bless and good luck."
4159: Jamie Napier

"enough with corruption, no more years for obama"
4160: Name not displayed

4161: Ken Cash

"We need YOU!!!!"
4162: a king

"Im counting on you Ron"
4163: Chris Cherry

"Behind you 100%."
4164: Name not displayed

"If we have the slightest chance of taking any small steps towards recovery...this man must be elected"
4165: Zachary Kimmel

"Mr. Ron Paul, we need you to be our president!"
4166: Name not displayed

"You're a true American hero Dr. Paul.. God Bless!!"
4167: Name not displayed

4168: Brent Carpenter

"It is my duty as a Texan, a Libertarian, and an American to help this country be its best. I believe that can ONLY happen with Ron Paul. All others have proven they have their own agendas despite their campaign promises and those agendas do NOT help all Americans. Ron Paul CONSISTANTLY lives his word!"
4169: Pat Brunson

"Let's get this show on the road!"
4170: Joshua Allen Pitts

"You can do it Ron Paul, make a difference!"
4171: Garrett

4172: Emily Frederickson

"You have my vote, even if I have to scribble it on the ballot myself! God bless, and thank you for all you have done and continue to do."
4173: Megan Burrous

"Ron, you are the answer to our prayers."
4174: Mike H.

"Dr. Paul, THANK YOU for all that you do for this republic. It is rare to find a leader with the ideas, principles and fortitude to stand behind them in Washington today. Political "leaders" from ALL parties would do well to follow your example. Godspeed in your bid for President!!"
4175: Dave Hughes

"RON PAUL IN 2012!"
4176: benjamin patton

"It is about to time for the american people to run the government instead of vice versa."
4177: Nathan Pitts

"Please, stop the politicians. You are a statesman and a leader who can serve America."
4178: James Sherwood

"RP 2012- A politician we trust"
4179: Joseph Parisi

"When your in please don't back down. Seriously."
4180: Name not displayed

"We need a PresIdent with COMMON SENSE!"
4181: Joseph Smith

"You have my vote Sir!"
4182: Shane Young

"Save America! Stop the wars! END THE FED!"
4183: Daniel L. Hartzog

"Please run as an independant if you don't get the G.O.P. nod. Take Jesse Ventura as your running mate."
4184: Mark St.Clair

"I want Ron Paul for the win."
4185: Rachel-lynn Benenati

"I dont know if you can save us, but I will still vote for you Dr. Paul!!"
4186: Name not displayed

4187: Tracie Boyd

4188: Brandy Harper

"Support from Me :)"
4189: Amanda W

"We need real change, Ron!"
4190: Name not displayed

"I want my country back!! Ron Paul 2012...."
4191: Robert Sherburne

"You will win this time."
4192: Name not displayed

"Time to get America back to what it was always known for: Being the leading beacon of the world! Go Ron Paul 2012!"
4193: Brian Matilla

"Stay committed to your beliefs Ron, I know it's going to hurt but someone’s got to get the USA back on track! We need a firm leader who's not afraid to make those tough decisions and enforce them. I support you 100%"
4194: Candice Woods

4195: Name not displayed

""Go Ron Paul!" Bring truth and prosperity back to our country. Let's live up to the expectations of our fore fathers so that their fight wasn't in vain...and so that our future is brighter than it once was!"
4196: Melissa Colunga

4197: Toni passman

"It's about time that we stop hiring politicians to run Washington and choose an economist and man with common sense. You have my support, sir."
4198: Troy Tompkins

"We have the power, not the few"
4199: Michael Österlund

"I supported him in 2008. Iwill support him for the 2012 election. This time we have over a year to get the word out. Ron Paul is the first politician I have ever donated time and money to. Let's get him elected."
4200: Jim Denny

"Sick 'em!!!"
4201: Jason Crain

"Go Ron!"
4202: Bruce Littlefield

4203: Josette Tillman

"Ron Paul RevolUTION !!! 2012 !!! Take America back ..."
4204: Shaun Embry

4205: Name not displayed

"Everything that is happening is not news. It was predicted right on schedule by Ron Paul. Our only hope for real change: Ron Paul 2012."
4206: Ryan J.

4207: Name not displayed

4208: Chris Oatman

"It's timfor a change!"
4209: Jason Fagan

"Fight the powers that be!"
4210: Name not displayed

"I believe and have faith in you Ron Paul... I can't wait for 2012 Bring it!!!"
4211: Marie Dura

"Roll on 2012!"
4212: Michael James

"You have my vote"
4213: Martin Duran

4214: jason

4215: Rich Smith

"GOOO RON PAUL!!!! We need a "real" person to make this drastic change! Not a crooked puppet politician puppet! Its up to us, the people to ensure the future of our country is in good hands. Rally your friends/family let get it done this year. Ron Paul is our last hope, lets show him the people care!!!"
4216: Joshua R. Armstrong

4217: Sarah Taylor

"We need to end the fed and do what Lincoln wanted to do. Print interest free money for the people. And we need to audit the budget too.
For a democracy to truly work we need to be informed with the truth and work with the people so we can built trust between the people and the government. No more secrets. Keep everything open and honest so the government and people can work together. That is democracy and that is what Ron Paul is all about."

4218: Wayne Johanson

4219: irfan shaik

4220: elain milam

4221: Name not displayed

"He is the only candidate that has it right with his political reviews."
4222: Jeffrey Youngbauer

"Ron Paul stands for everything I believe on and everything our country needs. If the media would show his name he will be elected no doubt."
4223: Name not displayed

"Ron Paul Is The Man For The Job!

Coming straight from CANADA!"

4224: Name not displayed

4225: Christina Gaudio

"You are the only hope for the USA, a man who will put his people before money. When the USA hurts , Canada Hurts with you. You have my support and I hope nothing but the best for the American People."
4226: Adam

4227: John Shanahan

"Give 'em hell Ronny!!"
4228: David H. Song

4229: Ashley Taylor

4230: Name not displayed

"with I could vote for you up here in the great white north"
4231: Name not displayed

"its time for a real change! i feel like dr paul, u have some ideas that can really do some good and i will be very happy if u win. i wont feel like my life is over anymore."
4232: Name not displayed

4233: Name not displayed

"Hearing what you have to say has lit a fire in me. I truly believe you are the one to help save this country. Our elected officials seem hell bent on bringing down this country by their selves. Thank you Ron Paul for being brave enough to stand up for what's right! My family members are Mexican immigrants so it's my job to keep them informed. Very soon not only my Spanish speaking family but all others in San Antonio will know about you! My grandma and I love you! God bless you!"
4234: Miguel A. Vasquez

"As a current US active duty military member you have the full support and well-wishes of my co-workers and I to do what is right and very much needed to fix the terrible mess this great country is currently in!"
4235: Dustin T.

"our only hope"
4236: Adam Hood

"For Posterity"
4237: Steve G.

4238: Brandon

"Dr. Paul, please end the nonsense going on in our government."
4239: Ranger C. Smith

"I voted for Obama in 2008... please correct my mistake."
4240: Brandon Reader

"Ron Paul for president 2012!"
4241: Josh Wilkinson

"this guy has restored my faith in politics...dont suppose u have a sneaky clone in the cupboard we could borrow for the uk, our politicians are embarrassing spineless individuals! wish id got into politics now...good luck dr paul, ur a real hero!"
4242: rebecca jones

"America is in the most dangerous peril of it's history... if we do not get Ron Paul elected, we may never have a chance to save it from destruction... not that he is saviour, but, that he is the only candidate that is willing to stand against all socialist, communist, collectivist agendas. Don't stop telling everyone in our nation about his record and stand."
4243: Brian G. Rockey

"Finally , a candidate that makes more sense than all the rest put together.
Go , Ron , Go !"

4244: Name not displayed

"thankyou ron paul, finally a good man in the running!"
4245: allan jones

"I want to be living in the AGE OF RON PAUL!"
4246: Shelby Moore

"You have my support. I agree with everything you say. It is time to concentrate on America and get out of other countries period!"
4247: Dave Dixon

4248: Jason M. Bohl

"Brains and Bollocks..Go Ron Paul.."
4249: Sean Walsh

4250: Aaron Duchi

4251: Name not displayed

4252: Name not displayed

"We are taking that last gulp of air before we are sucked all the way under and drowned. If Ron Paul doesnt win, we will have no life raft! Its time, America!"
4253: Lauren Hawley

"Let's bring America back"
4254: keith VanRensselaer

"The only sane voice in washington"
4255: Bruce Holton

"Do it for us, please!"
4256: Adam Rosowski

4257: Name not displayed

"I just read Liberty Defined and realized I agree with almost everything. If this book is an honest expression of Ron Paul's beliefs, then I will support him for president."
4258: Name not displayed

"Ron Paul is the most consistent, authentic, and creative politician I've ever learned about. I support you Ron Paul!"
4259: Diego Arguello

"You have my vote. I will be turning 18 years of age, 6 months before the election and I will support your election."
4260: Andrew Hignight

4261: Jessica Aucoin

"keep the country COUNTRY. save us"
4262: Name not displayed

"Ron paul has flat out got to win. He's the only hope for a patriotic and constitution republic of America that was poignant at its inception"
4263: Maxwell Espinoza

"Go Ron"
4264: Kim Beyeler

I saw your comment about Rick Perry and the fact that he worked for Al Gore at one point.
That's really sad if you have to dig that deep.
That's why he will do outstanding, and you won't.
He doesn't have to lower himself:)
Linda Hemp"

4265: Name not displayed

4266: Brian L. Van Eaton

"Ron Paul for the country I love"
4267: Name not displayed

"Your America's most candid representative. Stay persistent and inform the people. Win the primary and make Marco Rubio or Chris Christie your VP candidate."
4268: Jonathan Adamec

"It's not about how much we spend that is upsetting, it's where we have been spending it. Killing vs. Saving Lives (since the beginning of time war has never brought us peace and never will) - Social Programs that keep people stuck in poverty - Sickness Care vs. Wellness Care - I hope you can wake up Americans and help them help themselves - Marie Dambrosio"
4269: Marie Dambrosio

"A military member supporting Ron Paul, stop the wasteful spending overseas, bring everyone home from everywhere! Ron Paul 2012!!!!!"
4270: Name not displayed

"We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."
4271: Robert Lillie

"I support Ron Paul because he wants to give me my liberty back and allow me to make my own choices in life instead of a tyrannical nanny/war-mongering greed machine dictating my behavior for me."
4272: Justin

"we will elect Ron Paul by write in votine if need be."
4273: Name not displayed

"Ron Paul may just be America's only hope."
4274: G. Wortham

4275: Joshua Rhodes

"I voted for Ron Paul in 08 despite the others, he is the only candidate I trust."
4276: Name not displayed

"we desperately need a Ron Paul type leader in Australia..If you don't have any luck in '12 come to Oz,we have a job for you....go Ron....."
4277: rod smith

"Ron Paul for president !"
4278: Jay

"Disabled Veteran for RON PAUL!!! The only logical choice for FREEDOM!!!"
4279: Douglas R Winn

"You've always had my vote."
4280: John

"I am energized, I don;t feel like a sheep anymore. Let's go REP - keep it up!"
4281: 4249 And Proud

4282: Robert Bledsaw III

4283: Name not displayed

"End The Fed!"
4284: Dax Richardson

"It's time to end the TYRANNY - Ron Paul 2012!!!"
4285: Chris Pollard

"Finally, A REAL American!!"
4286: Cindy Manning

"Ron Paul 2012"
4287: Name not displayed

4288: William Anderson

"My husband and I are both young Iraqi War Veterans and fully support you and everything you stand for because you give us a voice that mainstream media chooses to ignore."
4289: Angela Chancey

"We're behind you Dr. Paul! rEVOLution!!!"
4290: Jarod

"Love everything about Ron Paul"
4291: Tina Burns

4292: Freeman Godwin

"You have to be better than anyone we have on any side."
4293: Mary Storts

4294: Brian Dierks

"We desperately need Ron Paul's brand of leadership in our country. I want the liberty and opportunity I had as a teenager for my children and theirs. It's not rocket science, but there is only one candidate that represents our views. Ron Paul. I'm sorry many don't understand him. I'll help. I'm sorry many don't know him. I'll help. I'm sorry many will do nothing or the wrong thing to improve the future of our nation. I'll help."
4295: Greg Alton

"Ron Paul 2012!"
4296: Joshua

"Ron Paul should have been elected in 2008. Now he not only has to clean up after bush but is not responsable for Obamas mess."
4297: Erin Conolly

"Ron Paul all the way! Save the USA!"
4298: Joe Schmoe

"We need real change...Go Ron Paul"
4299: shawn

"i hope this is the person that can really change things in dc"
4300: james groover

"WHen all others are saying the same things they have and not answering question with relevant answers, you have cut to the bone on most issues."
4301: Phillip Marburger

"Ron Paul 2012!!"
4302: Terence P.

"Why is'nt Ron PAUL IN THE GOP IN Iowa?"
4303: Joseph Saunders

4304: John Pottenburgh

"Let the "reason" rule!"
4305: Serdar Sutay

"campaign materials are needed here in orange, ca."
4306: christine cervenka

4307: Theo

"We're going to win this time and live by the law of the land, The Contitution of The United States!"
4308: Rnady King

"America Can Survive...with Ron Paul!"
4309: Karen R. Smith

4310: Brian Pangburn

"Its not a Presidential Race...Its a Revolution....Getting back to basics of our foundation. All in....Ron Paul 2012!!!"
4311: Michael Johnson

"Ron Paul is the only candidate that sounds neither Republican, nor Democratic but American."
4312: Ann Holt

4313: John Earl

"who else"
4314: dave lucito

"Ron Paul is the only candidate that doesn't sound Republican, nor Democratic but American"
4315: Ann Holt

"Ron Paul 2012!!!"
4316: James Loveland

"Audit then abolish the Fed"
4317: John webster

"Go Ron GO!!!!!"

4319: Mike Johnson

"I luv ron paul s0 much!"
4320: DJ Neill

4321: Chuck Byard

"For Liberty!"
4322: Jonathan Fryer

"RON PAUL 2012"
4323: Adam gibbs

"Hey I am only a resident so have no right to vote but of course I have a opinion ..... Ron Paul for me the only person in politics worth to vote for at this time. US need to go back to basics produce in there own country and stay out of useless wars ...Ron Paul will get this country back to the top"
4324: Gunter Krebs

4325: Chandler

"Ron Paul is the man!"
4326: Mike Hoks

"Ron Paul for President!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
4327: Christopher Steeley

4328: A.J. Byrne

"Ron Paul is the man!"
4329: John Jacobs

4330: Kimberly Huff

"Go Ron Paul!"
4331: Name not displayed

4332: Name not displayed

"Thanks for not beating the war drums along with the rest of the crowd!!"
4333: michael schroth

"Rep. Paul, as an active duty military member, I am relieved to hear a true conservative stand up and put a stop to these bully wars in the Middle East. I helped campaign for your son Rand in KY, and I can't wait to cast my vote for you in the 2012 Presidential election."
4334: William F Quade

"Let's try something different."
4335: Gregory Klingensmith

"Freedom is Popular! RP2012!"
4336: David Raney

"Pawlenty and Santorum wrecked their campaigns. Gingrich and Cain impressed. Bachman no change. Ron Paul had thoughtful ideas and expressed them well especially on the Bill of Rights, economics, states rights vs federal mandates and to me was #1."
4337: Kyle Sandel

"Fuck the rest!"
4338: Larry Hinze

"I pray you win Mr. Paul."
4339: Jordan Young

"I have not voted in previous elections, i know i should have however i did not see a proper canditate come forward. Finally i see that one has come forward, i am just a student and a small business owner however i see that there is truth behind Ron Pauls words and man does not beat around the bush. I love this country and i strongly believe you are the man for this crucial job as a president. How can i help?"
4340: Grzegorz Rubas

"I usually do not get into politics but I am for you 100%!!!!"
4341: Monique Girard

"Dear Dr Paul
You are my hero and I think you are the only candidate that truly understands the real American problems. When I saw you tonight still I respect you as much as I did in the last election. Unfortunately most American’s cannot understand you."

4342: Massoud Garrossian

"Ron Paul is the only Republican candidate that communicates intelligently the matters at hand, relying on experience and knowledge of past events to shape current and future decisions based on a balanced understanding of the domestic and global intracasies that affect the United States ability to survive in this turbulent modern age."
4343: Duncan Mackay

"Time for a real change."
4344: Julie Bertges

4345: Richard Freeman

"The best choice for 2012!"
4346: M. Powell

"Truth,honesty,common sense,Intelligence.Nuff said."
4347: John W Abney

"I don't think I could tell enough people this, FUCK YEAH I'M VOTING FOR RON PAUL!"
4348: Craig Lessard

4349: Travis Beauchamp

"We love your honesty Mr. Paul! Keep fighting the fight, maybe you wont be praised by all - your ideas are too far ahead of their time - but in time your ideas will become self-evident to the American people and you will be known as a true champion of freedom, liberty, and integrity. Thank you, truly."
4350: Clinton Abrams

"There are so many lost sheep out there that don't know his message. Get out there and inform"
4351: Travis B

4352: Cody D. Phillips

"Thank you for being honest and standing by our great constitution. You have my support!"
4353: Name not displayed

"Let me know how I can help in Virginia"
4354: Matthew Simpson

"You have my incredible respect for defending the rights of "the people" for the past 30 years. You are amazing for putting principle over profit. I'm investing some of my money in you instead of stocks or bonds. Please help us save our country."
4355: Thomas Brennan

"Ron Paul 2012!"
4356: Name not displayed

4357: Cory Friedt

4358: Anna Friedt

"If you get elected, please end the Federal Reserve."
4359: Name not displayed

""The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."
-Thomas Jefferson.... What ever it takes Doc. RP"

4360: Matthew Gardner

4361: Jennifer green

4362: Lauren C

4363: Name not displayed

"Ron is the only GOP candidate with any common sense"
4364: Name not displayed

"Ron Paul = Last Hope"
4365: Name not displayed

"Ron Paul is the sort of renegade Republican I've been looking's to the revolution!"
4366: Kelli K. Mills

"Thank you for your tireless service to our Constitution!"
4367: Matthew Bland

"I've been kicking myself for not getting your word out for years."
4368: Dillon Allen

4369: Name not displayed

"You are a Jedi!"
4370: Nathan Lathouse

"I pray that you win."
4371: David Brown

"Go Ron Paul"
4372: Mardon Bakhramov

"Thankyou Grassroots!!!"
4373: Ray Thompson

4374: MJ

"End the wars, restore liberty, and bring back the greatness of our country. Ron Paul 2012!"
4375: Kevin Swift

"Go Ron Paul !!!"
4376: Name not displayed

"peace and prosperity. here's to you, ron paul, cheers!"
4377: Arielle Simmons

"Tell a friend,
Tell a neighbor,
There's a new trend,
Well worth your labor."

4378: Howard Eldridge

"I take my hat off to you Mr. Paul. You are the most outspoken and SENSIBLE man to run for President quite possibly ever in our history and I'm proud to be alive during your run for president. Our country needs liberty, truth, and results; our country needs Ron Paul for President!!!"
4379: Brad S. Quammen

"I support you all the way. You have my vote!"
4380: Daniel H. Colton

"Ron Paul 2012"
4381: Jeff Goldbort

"The ONLY choice"
4382: Name not displayed

4383: kourtney

4384: Name not displayed

"Keep it up, you can win this election, I will be campaigning for you at the University of Oregon in the fall."
4385: John Stiglich

"Ron Paul all the way!"
4386: Diane Huynh

"If they nominate Ron Paul, I will register Republican and count myself proud of it. Never thought I'd say that."
4387: Timothy Bouck

"Ron Paul Rocks!!! Military Vet for Dr. Paul!!!"
4388: Michael J. Cornel

4389: arin hatfield

"We need the government to remember they work for us not the other way around. You've got gumtion Ron P"
4390: Tresha Strate

4391: Matt Couch

4392: Name not displayed

"You have truly enlightened me. As republican, I thought I fit in quite well, but the more I hear about your revolution, the more excited I get about being a part of it. Thank you."
4393: Miles Craig

4394: Alberto Carrà

"What a breath of fresh air. Thank u Paul for real hope."
4395: robbie mcclure

4396: Sara Pasowicz

"Come one, come all, gather the masses. Unite the free people and take a stand in your community. Get involved in local community"
4397: Rob Tinsley

"Easy choice."
4398: Larry Forrester

"Thomas Jefferson would roll over in his grave if he saw America today. THANK YOU FOR TRYING TO BRING THE AMERICA BACK THAT OUR ANCESTORS FOUGHT FOR...not this bastardized system we've ended up with. "There are too many parasites living on the labor of the industrious.""
4399: Alex

"Ron Paul will save America and put her back on track !"
4400: Jeff Dann

4401: Arthur J. Conway

4402: Rachel Mouton

"Im not a US citizen. I live in the UK. However I have vested intrests in Ron Paul getting the vote. Namely freedom."
4403: David Ward

"Thank you for your diligence in your pursuit to restore America, the beautiful and the American Dream. You are the hero for all Americans!"
4404: Jeremy Hand

"Mainstream media brainwashes our citizens so we MUST spread Dr. Paul's message exponentially, talk to as many people as you can. love and light can and will flourish"
4405: Joe Linde

"He is the right man for the job."
4406: Scott Brown

"Keep it up Ron - we need you!"
4407: David R

"You make sense! Stick with what you say, I believed Obama-look were that got me!"
4408: Name not displayed

4409: Jacob Hughes

"I wish american people could benefit from the wisdom and honesty of Mr Ron Paul"
4410: Alfred Praschl

"Get in the face of the people. This is the way we need to go and we need to make sure that Americans understand how and why this is going to work."
4411: Joseph Luis Rodriguez

"After last nights debate and doing more research, Dr. Ron Paul has my vote. Knowledgeable about the economy, understands we cannot afford our neo-imperialism across the globe, advocator for personal liberties, and actually has a back-bone to stand up for it all!"
4412: RJ C.

"Keep going and keep speaking the truth!!"
4413: M. Nguyen

"continue your fight, your common sense and basic but powerful ideas that will make this nation great... again!"
4414: Mike Castro

"Dear Congressman,

Our country needs your ideas of liberty, consistency and leadership. Without them, we will fail. You are the right man for the job in 2012. I pray daily that I wake up in January of 2013 and see you standing on the podium in front of the nation. Stay strong.

Jacob Hince"

4415: Jacob Hince

"R(evol)ution VOTE FOR RON PAUL"
4416: Kamol Nazarov

"Good luck! No one wants this job! But this is the best guy who I've seen out there so far..."
4417: Elizabeth Mason-Monteith

"Let the real change happen"
4418: Luca A D\'alessandro

"Please, please work to bring our boys home from the middle east wars. Get rid of the Federal Reserve. Make mortgages fair and understandable."
4419: Name not displayed

"Ron Paul is MY President. End the wars! End the Fed! Fix this country!"
4420: Mark Gibbons

4421: Taylor Edginton

"Our country will be fixed!"
4422: Alex betts

4423: Name not displayed

"I hope you win!"
4424: Heather Openshaw

"Dr. Paul, carry the American flag up high!!"
4425: Name not displayed

"Thank you so much for giving me hope for America. Don't give up on us! :)"
4426: Alicia Pitman

"Go Ron Paul!!!"
4427: Warren Malmberg

"The only candidate that thinks straight!
Legalize Freedom!
You have my vote and my prayers that you win this!"

4428: Paul Skrobarczyk

"The constitution is foundational - let's go back to it. RP2012"
4429: Adam F.

"Finally a rational, middle-grounded man running for president, who cares more about his country than his own fame or success!"
4430: Danielle Baxter

"Ron Paul 2012"
4431: andrew

I`m With You Ron, Let's take back our government."

4432: Mark A. Ottinger

"Ron Paul 2012"
4433: Name not displayed

"The real hope. Let's make this happen! The only reason I would inspired to register to vote: seriously, Ron Paul - the non-bullshitting, honest, to the point discussions I've heard."
4434: Robert Lowell Huston

"A true champion of the 2nd American revolution!"
4435: Stephen Bagley

"We got your back Ron!"
4436: Dean V.

4437: Justin Godesky

"Encourage democrats to register republican in order to secure Ron Pauls Nomination - other republican candidates do business as usual"
4438: Name not displayed

"Ron Paul The only intelegent choice."
4439: Garrett whisenant

"You must explain and inform more of the history to Americans because most have no clue what he did in the 1950's with Iran! They don't understand economy and you are really going to have to explain more of reasons why we need to change! Ron....I'm willing to campaign for you like no other! Under one condition. Tell the people how you will deal with the radical Jihadist because anyone who understands Wahhabism and Shariah Law, understand that it's not only about us policing the world, its also bout a small percentage of them doing what they can to Muslimize the infidels and the world for the most part. Are you say we isolate ourselves from others business? What about North Korea. We allow concentration camps still today? What makes you think N. Korea will just play nice if we left. Are you saying its worth a try?"
4440: Dylan Stephenson

"Give me Liberty or give me DEATH!"
4441: Ruben Vallejo

"Real change will come from the pursuit of liberty."
4442: Name not displayed

4443: Bill willett

4444: Kelsey A.

"Yes please!"
4445: Valerie Heising

4446: Jason Maurer

"GO Ron Paul!!"
4447: crystal wright

"He is one of the few people in Government that I feel is on the side of the American people. It is our job to rebuild this country and make it great, not the Governments. We the people have proven unable to turn things around when the Government is ever increasingly at the helm of every decision. They need to get out of our way!"
4448: Jeff A Johnson

"Ron and Rand would make a great team!"
4449: Barbara

"I don't have a Political Party. Oh, I have been a Democrat and a Republican. They have failed to support, protect, and defend our constitution. Miserably. Our last, best, hope is to return to the political values of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. I believe that Ron Paul deserves the opportunity to preside. Ron Paul in 2012 for President of these United States!!"
4450: John Hatfield

"true change would be nice.."
4451: Johan Schmidt

4452: Name not displayed

"Let's free the American people from the Con of Congress and the failed presidency. Elect a real American constitutionalist Ron Paul."
4453: Steve Dix

"You were the only candidate that had the right perspective during this last debate. Thank you for not submitting to the Big Brothers out there and thank you for fighting the good fight!"
4454: Whitney Vesser

4455: Name not displayed

"expressing my support..."
4456: Kris Heising

"U.S. Citizen living in Jordan supporting Ron Paul!"
4457: Fadi Qussous

"A. Vot. For. Ron Paul. Is. A. Vot. For. Freedom. In. The Usa"
4458: peter dow. young

4459: joshua Morrison

"Integrity and Principal. It's about time America has a REAL choice for a Presdential Candidate!"
4460: Shane F.

"We're all counting in your win Ron Paul!"
4461: Name not displayed

"I'm a liberal socialist Dutchmen but I completely support your views and solutions for America. I've lived in the States myself and I think your vision would be the right fit for your country!

Does your money bomb accept euros?

I'm rooting for you!

All the best,


4462: Jasper Hamann

"The most honest man I have heard in Washington DC and MSM can't stand him! Why?"
4463: HG Ward

"Lets save our great nation from bureacracy and corporatism! GO RON PAUL! GOD BLESS.
We are with you."

4464: Rob James

"I pray that God blesses you as our next president, keep on keeping on Thanks"
4465: Name not displayed

4466: Name not displayed

"It's time we think about America first. Lets stop threatening the rest of the world. Stop the homeland security bull. We are not at war."
4467: Larry Hofmeister

"End the Fed, End the corruption between wall street and politicians, End the military overstretch, end the second failed prohibition in this country (Marijuana) and make some money off it instead of it going to drug dealers, and end the subsidies and corporate welfare!!!. Dem 4 Paul!"
4468: Name not displayed

"let's take back America"
4469: Don Anderson

"Let's make some real changes!!"
4470: Name not displayed

"Give me liberty or give me death."
4471: Megan Agee

"I'm SO glad you decided to run against Obama. America needs you!!!!!"
4472: Name not displayed

"110% Ron Paul Infowarrior"
4473: Neil Modenbach

"I am definitely buying what he is selling."
4474: Michael Sheldon

4475: Name not displayed

"You can do it Ron! Alaska has got your back. come visit us sometime. and yes, remember Alaska IS bigger than Texas. sorry..."
4476: Seth Weaver

"Please help our country"
4477: Ihosvany Diaz

"Ron Paul 2012"
4478: Ben Wyckoff

""Let the Revolution Begin.""
4479: William Updike

"Republican or Democrat, Ron Paul is a logical choice. Ron Paul 2012."
4480: Daniel Calwell

4481: Sharon Johnson

"I think Mr.Paul is great candidate and would be a great president. I like the fact that he didn't plan to be a politician from a very young age, He definitely passes my gut check and would trust him for such an important position. I see he has wisdom for how to really fix our countries problems. Seeing the way the media directs people in this country to vote tells me that Mr. Paul may not make it. Too that I want too express some ideas that maybe he could light up in debates and campaign. I think he has proven he has the chops when it comes to the inter government economical stuff but I think he would be more mass marketed if he moved slightly into campaign talk similar to other candidates, of course not a cloning just a little."
4482: Tony


"Ron Paul 2012 - Revolution - End the Fed - End the Wars!"
4484: Sherri Laird

4485: David Hackenberger

"You give me a reason to believe in this country again."
4486: Vanne Poe

"I not now then. when?"
4487: Sean Herrmann

4488: Jeff E Hindman

"I truly wish for success in your upcoming campaign and I believe your success will be mirrored in our Nations success."
4489: Byron Richmond

"I would like to know Ron's position on corporate personhood."
4490: William Davis

"The Most Soubd advice of any president in the past 100 years."
4491: Robert A. Sibrizzi

"Ok more, Change !"
4492: Peter Pycior

"Ron, I am not in USA, but only wish Australia had a leadership choice such as a man like you.
Truth may have it's day yet!....
Just a quick note to say you have support from my part of the world.
QLD Australia"

4493: Name not displayed

4494: Name not displayed

4495: Peggy bullard

"You've got my vote ~ and my family's support in prayer."
4496: Ronald Ross III

4497: Name not displayed

"Thank You."
4498: Danielle Ross

"legalize it!"
4499: bud

4500: Name not displayed

"Look, I respect Barack Obama. I voted for him in 2008. Seeing how the next year plays out, will determine if I vote for him again. (Please be aware, a big chunk of the problem is not in the Executive Branch, but with the new Congress.) However, regardless of who I vote for, as a Democrat, I completely respect and admire Ron Paul. He's the only Republican candidate I'd vote for, and believe me, I'd wear a sticker saying I did. He understands what America needs. Seeing him on Bill Maher completely flipped the script for me. Him saying, "America should stay out of the foreign affairs of other countries" was a brilliant thing. Something I agree with. Ron, if you get in, and I hope you do, I'll be a supporter until the end. Good luck."
4501: John A. Bank

4502: Name not displayed

4503: Douglas Sharp

"after watching the debate on FOX 8 -11 -11 Iam changing from Obama to Ron, I like how he wants to get us out of war, and everyone else says BOMBS AWAY."
4504: David

4505: Rob D

"Dear Dr. Paul,
You are the last hope for a dying American dream. If Washington doesn't begin to focus on our Constitution our nation will fail. America is already in shambles and I fear the nation my children will grow up in. God Bless you for taking the unpopular stance and fighting for our freedom."

4506: Crystal Williams

"Get the momentum going!"
4507: mark reid

"A true leader, Ron Paul 2012!"
4508: Andrew Nowak

"I have my vote. I believe you will win this time, God speed."
4509: Ivan Pivovarov

4510: Name not displayed

"Thank you for continuing to fight for America. I pray that your message reaches enough people in time to save our country from the threats within and preserve our positon as a world power. Ron Paul 2012!"
4511: Kirk List

"Go Ron Paul. Every other GOP and Democrat candidate is just another lobbyist goon. You've got my vote!"
4512: Alex Haas

"ron paul is america's only hope"
4513: Matthew Moran

"I Support you and your views. Good Luck !"
4514: Rup Singh

"We need the doctor! our country is sick"
4515: Citizen

4516: Name not displayed

"With Ron Paul on the helm we shall bring down this corrupt central banking system and the federal reserve... LETS GOOOOO RON PAUL!!!!!!!"
4517: Roy Frias

"Hi, I hope you are honest about Iran. because if America change his way with Iran this help to make better life for two nations. IF YOU HONEST I WISH YOU "Good Luck""
4518: Name not displayed

"You're the only politician that talks any sense, I hope we get to see you in the whitehouse by January 2013."
4519: Jim E

"You rock! You are our only hope. Please do not let us down too!"
4520: Darla Lilley

4521: ed smith

"I deeply trust Ron Paul, he's honest and open and discerning!"
4522: Sander Buruma

4523: Nick Risso

"Paul, Paul,Paul, your americas only hope, god bless ron paul"
4524: Cody Bryan

"First Republican I will vote for. After watching the debates thus far I believe he's just what America needs. Good luck."
4525: Andrew Matako

4526: Melissa Shamblin

"Cong. Ron Paul - pls help the middle class! We need jobs that big companies took away from us and set up camp in China. If these companies wants to do business here in the US, they need to either employ US workers or pay MORE TAXES just like other foreign made products like Toyota, BMW !
Ron Paul 2012!!!!!!!"

4527: Name not displayed

"Ron Paul is the only nominee that will do what he says he will and his record reflects that. If we don't manage to get him into office, we can expect to brace ourselves for the 2012 economic breakdown and distruction of the America that we all love."
4528: Ronald Holden

4529: Dino Salagiannis

4530: Heather Hegle

"Ron Paul MUST be elected"
4531: Drew Jones

"Thank you for your time and effort for the American people."
4532: Toni Tippetts

"I would like to know if the Royal bloodline reaches the present candidates as it did with Bush, Obama,Kerry, etc"
4533: stevens

"Please show us how to save America Dr. Paul, you're the only one we can trust to tell us the hard truth"
4534: Alex Cornillie

4535: Stefan Arsov

"lets clean the house RON!!"
4536: Sasha Bagdasarov

"You are a breath of fresh air!!"
4537: Tobias Jahn

4538: Jeff

"I'm voting for Ron Paul to get our nation's spending back under control, and return our country to its founding principle of liberty!"
4539: Trey Middleton

4540: Name not displayed

"If ever you needed to win an election, this is the election of all elections. The globalists are taking over this country, collectivism instead of individualism. fight for our rights, we support you all the way."
4541: elizabeth benson

"Bama girl for Ron Paul! Roll Tide and Roll with Paul!"
4542: Deborah Jones

"The only candidate that is talking about solutions not "issues"."
4543: Anthony Velazquez

"It is time for REAL change!"
4544: Rebekka Helfrich

"Keep putting the "traditional"(as they like to believe) Republican candidates to shame. You're the only one worthy of campaigning against Obama. I'm a moderate and in this race, I can only see two contenders, you and Obama. Best of Luck!"
4545: Name not displayed

"Godspeed Senator Paul. "The People" are behind you 100% and then some!"
4546: Steve V. Kimsey

"No one has earned my support in the political arena like you have! I likely will not even vote for a President if you are not on the ballot - you are the only one up there making sense, standing for Liberty, standing for our troops to come home safe and sound, standing for sound real money. If you were not in the race, I likely wouldn't be paying as much attention, because everyone else is just ranting the same old rants we've heard time and time again. Thank you, Ron Paul for finally being someone I and so many others can believe in!"
4547: Name not displayed

"I support the Wake of a Nation."
4548: Christine Turner

4549: JP Phinney

4550: Alexander Matthew Rivera

4551: Matt H.

"Ron Paul is one of us. Please get your friends and family to register and vote!"
4552: Travis Beck

"The only candidate who can save America!"
4553: Anthony Marin

"i think Ron Paul's views on society might rub off on other country's such as the UK i believe that government should not be able too tell us too sit down when we want too stand up and tell us wright from wrong, because we are all equal and Ron Paul is the only person that seems to realize this thats why i have no doubt in that a vote for Ron is going to change the world for the better."
4554: jordan


I truly believe you're our only hope to save this once great nation. I'm voting for you and spreading the word."

4555: Jt Hollister

4556: Tim Crabtree

"Ron Paul 2012"
4557: Justin



"wait, only 4,500 sigs but 18,000 likes on Facebook? Come on people !!!"
4559: Name not displayed

"Go Ron! If you had a little stronger picture on separation of church and state, you'd be perfect but hey... you're by far the best around."
4560: Paul Nichols

"Ron Paul For The Win!"
4561: Will Norman

"Dear Ron Paul:
Stay the course for our Captain are reaching America's college students and baby boomers.
This great video and song is a must see by you.
enter in you tube Foster the people, pumped up kicks. Great new young band from LA.
Let's hope the rest of the bunch for President can run, run, run......

God Bless you and may Godspeed you."


"the constitution's champion"
4563: Jason

"Ron Paul challenges ideas with obviously strong personal values, which would be an advantage to this country's character to have a strongly dedicated representative. He also seems to be the most honest candidate up for election; in terms of high ranking ethical qualities, honesty is the best policy, and I honestly do not see how he could lose. The only prescribed cure is a 2012 dose of Ron Paul!"
4564: Lucky

"Spread the word.....HE CAN WIN!!!"
4565: Lloyd Higley

4566: Harley Ray Haley

4567: Billy Hampton

"Ron Pauls views on our illegal wars are extremely important and right on!"
4568: Jerome Druen

"America is blind if they can't see that Ron Paul is the best candidate for their future."
4569: Name not displayed

4570: jessica

"spread the word, ron paul 4 president!"
4571: Adrian Vega

"God Speed Ron"
4572: Johnny Johnson

"Call me. I want to help. 612 590-5865"
4573: Michael Fiato

"We need Ron Paul now"
4574: frank Codiroli

"Let's roll!"
4575: Luis Pereira

"The truth is its own defence."
4576: James Wheeler

"Good luck!"
4577: Andrew Brooks

4578: Name not displayed

"Ron you da man"
4579: wahid khugiani

"Never give up Dr.Paul. Never, never, never. You will prevail."
4580: Name not displayed

"His beliefs and policies are what we need."
4581: Paul Ashe

4582: Elliott John Urbanski

"Ron Paul, America comes 1st!"
4583: Valod \"Vic\" Menaskanian

"My wife and I have lamented the malaise of our country' s citizenship without action for too long. Largely the problem is the politicians continue to tell lies of how Americans are great and can overcome the challenges we face as a nation. Today, you said what people need here and realize. We need offer people freedom and allow them to become responsible for their own issues. More government involvement simply creates more dependency on a failed, misplaced sense of security. We are donating a new amount and suggest start a special donation amount, $1776 dollars. Become a "Patriot For Paul" with donations of $17.76, 177.60, 1776.00. Bless you sir. You are the only politician I feel we can place trust in."
4584: Stephen Crosby

4585: joseph f. harold

4586: Jana Peters

"Cannot understand how you placed a close second in the Iowa Straw Poll and no mention of that by any of the media. Will follow you all the way. The people will speak loudly in 2012!"
4587: Sherry Kimberlin

4588: Name not displayed

"Tired of the media avoiding success of Pauls like the plague."
4589: Grant K. Kimberlin

"Our economy has become stock market based economy. There is a big difference between hedge fund and manufacturing or service oriented company. One employes few people while other gives meaningful long term employements to many. Tax structure should be different for both organizations. Making billions of dollars in a stock market (short and/or so called long term--between one and three years gain) is different than inventing a product, risking all your assest to promote that product, providing employment to number of people and making money. Long term gain should be raised from one year to five years and assest held for more than 25 years should be tax free. There are number of other ideas--which will help to simplify tax code and prevent financial crises like the one happened recently. I am a first generation legal citizen of this country. I have lots of ideas--If you can use me in policy making committee, I would like to work for you without any compensation. You are a brave politician who love this great country unconditionally and willing to make right dicisions without considering special interest groups. Wish you all success."
4590: Ramesh

4591: Omar Kermad

"Dr. NO! gets my support. ENOUGH of the same old crap in DC. Time for real change not a president that CHANGES his tune after being elected."
4592: William Munger

""We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul"

4593: Christine Anne Harris

"I donated today Ron! Great job in iowa!"
4594: Kevin roberts

"The status qou fear Ron Paul. A man of truth who will get to the root of out nations ills and cut them out."
4595: Kevin E

"My brother is serving Afghanistan for the third time. Please Bring him home. Go Ron."
4596: Christopher Reese

4597: Name not displayed

"we have to STOP them from fixing the elections AGAIN and using SOCIAL ENGINEERING tactics against the People's Choice ...President Ron Paul"
4598: Name not displayed

"Ron Paul is not one in a million but a million in one."
4599: Gerardo Arturo

"take'em on Ron"
4600: Nicholas

4601: Anthony J. DeMartini

"Ron Paul, or not voting..."
4602: Alec Fellman

"A new revolution..10% is awesome"
4603: Jones

"Our only hope for true change!!!!!!"
4604: James engler

4605: Damien Sylvester

4606: jerry mcgowen

"He has my support... and my vote!"
4607: Christopher Nealis

"I'd like my civil liberties back!! ban the patriot act. bring the troops home.. open up free trade and mostly end the fed and establish Austrian Economics"
4608: Jake

"Ron Paul 2012!!!!"
4609: Name not displayed

"Thank you for speaking out for us middle class people. Wishing you the best on this tough task ahead of you."
4610: Steffi Korte

"The "media" shouldn't be able to ignore him now!"
4611: wolfert conover, jr

"I support Dr. Paul!"
4612: Joshua Smiley

"We need Dr. Paul as our next president! I would like to volunteer."
4613: Dendy Morris

4614: Daniel Kibler

"Please send me some bumperstickers!!!!

4615: Rita Sawyer

4616: David Boylan

"Liberty and Justice for ALL!"
4617: Seth Swanson

"I am in full support of Ron Paul as the next President of the united States of America. We must defeat the usurper in chief and this criminal administration and restore this nation to moral and financial sanity. We must continue to pray the Lord Jesus Christ will bless this nation again with a Statesman and not a lying thief."
4618: Dave B.

4619: Tim Miles

"Dr. Paul you are our only hope to save this country. I just hope the American people wake up before its to late. You definetly have my support."
4620: Name not displayed

"Ron Paul may be our only hope at this point... the political machine and the government media complex will never allow him to gain enough support to actually win, but I totally support him."
4621: Elenai Styles

"Vote for liberty, vote Ron Paul"
4622: Name not displayed

"Finally a politician who makes sense!"
4623: Vincent Ozaeta

4624: Name not displayed

4625: Charles Fellers

"Do it, vote Ron Paul!"
4626: Joe Peck

"I believe in the Revolution of Liberty!"
4627: Name not displayed

4628: Ryan Bennett

4629: Kevin Bell

"Vote for Ron not"
4630: Luke smith

4631: Phil Lovelady

"My first time voting in a presidential election, and it is for you Mr. Ron Paul."
4632: Name not displayed

"I really admire you for standing on your principles of freedom. Before I knew about you, I did not know what it really meant. However, now I am aware of what ir really means. And this something I really value Ron Paul. Besides, I really support you on you foreign policies because I also wanna live a peaceful world where diplomacy triumphs over anything else.
For this and for so much more, You have become my mentor and my guide. Thanks Paul. =)"

4633: Jose Saul Sanchez Valverde

"You have my vote!"
4634: Karen Forshee

"Protect The Constitution!"
4635: Chad Indermill

"I'm onboard! RP for President 2012!!"
4636: Reece Alkire

"Ron Paul is the best solution for our once Great Nation if we ever hope to be great again."
4637: Betty L Hohensee

"The man is the most honest politician in my lifetime. How could you vote against a man who represents the Constitution."
4638: Stephen Craig

"His opposition to war has my vote!"
4639: Name not displayed

"I could mention a thousand reasons why we need Ron Paul now more than ever. Our system has been gutted by those who claim to be for the people. They say there is no money, but forced every city to re-issue the street signs in lower case at a cost of millions [look it up]. Ron Paul is the only one who wants to check to see if we actually have any gold in Fort Knox. The US media has as usual either buried or not reported the facts. I tried to bring the salient facts together below. I hope there is still time to change the road we are on.

"Believe me, the next step is a currency crisis because there will be a rejection of the dollar, the rejection of the dollar is a big, big event, and then your personal liberties are going to be severely threatened." ~Ron Paul

Ron Paul worries Fort Knox gold is gone

I made this list awhile ago so hopefully the links are still good.

01 Ton of Gold = 40 million dollars
02. Dates below are closest I can determine so far.

CHINA from Fort Knox USA
OCTOBER 2009 5,600 to 5,700 bars, weighing 400 oz.ea.

ETHIOPIA from gold supplier now under arrest
DECEMBER 16, 2009 millions of dollars in gold fake [a ton?]
Central bank of Ethiopia Gold plated steel
Discoveries other fake loads in bank!

GERMANY from unnamed bank
MARCH 1, 2010 500 grams gold bar found to be tungsten.

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES from Ghana in Africa
AUGUST 16, 2010 3 Tonnes
certified as fake. not an ounce of gold!"

4640: John Leary

"One more vote here!"
4641: Joe OBrien

"I supported you as a libertarian. I can still support you as the GOP candidate. A major party nomination will vastly improve the chances of success."
4642: Paul Connelly

"Ready for a real change. US is not the world police! Is time to invest in US! Stop throwing money away on wars! Is time to stop fighting everyone! Is time to create jobs! Its time for the media to stop trying to convince the american people that Ron Paul is not the right candidate! Vote for Ron Paul for 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
4643: Name not displayed

4644: Clint Bishop

4645: michael quinn

"I have been in since before the Ron Paul Blimp was flown over St. Petersberg, Florida during the 2008 run. To see this kind of support for such a great man is an encouraging sign of positive change to come. I can't wait to vote this next time around because I am sure I will be voting for Ron Paul. The cover up of the last run was discouraging for sure, but this more than makes up for it. Thank you Ron Paul for fighting for what many of us believe but lack the voice to say aloud. I pray that you win in 2012 for the future of the country's children. God Bless you Ron Paul."
4646: Brandon Pledger

4647: David L. Brand, Jr., MD

"Ron Paul 2012!!!
We need to go to the media and have them get more coverage on Ron Paul and end their bias. We watch and listen to the media. It's the media's turn to listen to us. RON PAUL 2012"

4648: Name not displayed

"They keep saying Ron Paul can't be elected. I don't believe it! I want Ron Paul for President. I will volunteer my time. I can't wait until 2012! Good luck sir. :)"
4649: James Jacoban

"I'm in!"
4650: Name not displayed

"I signed up to volunteer already but I got no email!!!! I am a young college student in So-Cal and I want to volunteer!!!"
4651: William Hougan

"return to the Constitution to get our freedom back, bring the troops home then from Peace get prosperity back."
4652: houkamau

4653: Ethan Rooney

4654: Daniel Connolly

"Ron Paul for President - the Constitution and Bill of Rights for Lawful Authority - the Bible for Moral and Eternal Authority"
4655: Bryan Copley

"Ron Paul: Real American Hero."
4656: Casey Thoenen

4657: Adam Armstrong

"Ron Paul for president. NO OPTION A MUST!!"
4658: Name not displayed

"Ron Paul is just what this country needs."
4659: Jeremy Cooper

"Why wont republicans let him run!!!"
4660: tristian wilson

"The only GOP I can support"
4661: Name not displayed

4662: Name not displayed

"Ron Paul is a great statesman, the likes of which we have not seen since JFK, Abraham Lincoln, and Thomas Jefferson. He loves truth, he stands for LIBERTY, and he will restore fiscal soundness to our nation. God Bless and Protect you, as you lead us to prosperity again."
4663: David W. Dukes

"Please fix this mess"
4664: Arthur Bulan

"Time to change, before it's too late."
4665: Maurizio Pane

"I'm jumping on board - I am convinced RP is a sincere man that will bring dignity back to the White House, our troops AND JOBS back to American soil. I know what it is like to pay INTEREST ONLY on a home equity loan. One day I woke up and realized how I was spinning my wheels. AMERICA IS SPINNING HER WHEELS paying BILLIONS to our national debt! When will we wake up?"
4666: JNR

"Lets finally do something about the state of affairs in this country, eh?"
4667: landon stagner

"Go RP!"
4668: Jack P

"Ron it's your time! America let's stop this insanity"
4669: Dominic F. Cote

"im italian but i really hope that Ron Paul will be president. We need changes and i think a great nation like america should lead and give the example to the rest of the world. But that doesnt depend just from an USA president, but every single one has to collaborate to reach the goals which are not just liberty peace and love, but proud to be a HUMAN. I miss Kennedy, bring him back, he was our prophet like it was also Martin Lluther King and many others. They just keep getting killed by our own corrupted goverments. Time to wake up!"
4670: carmine buono

4671: Steven Borman

"Yes you can!"
4672: raymond malloy

4673: Kris Macdonald


4675: Name not displayed

"I agree with you"
4676: ali

"His book Liberty Defined helped to open my eyes. I support Ron Paul for President in 2012!"
4677: Nancy Lovette

4678: Ned Johnson

"Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness! To liberty! To freedom! To restoration! NOW!"
4679: Dan O\'Leary

"Im from Norway, and I sincerly hope he wins. Big fan!"
4680: andreas oestrem

"The last chance for America."
4681: Dmac

"Can I come to help in anyway?"
4682: john catalina

4683: dean main

"I do not agree with all Mr. Paul believes, but he thinks for himself. He treads the ground that John Tyler did when he was President.
I do believe, as an historian, that he seriously misreads American History. There must be context. Isolationism never existed and the notion of Popular Sovereignty is just as great as Federal over reach. I sign this, because he adds some ideas that are food for thought and Mitt Romney and the others are worthless hacks. At least Mr. Paul thinks for himself.
With Respect,
A disabled American Geoffrey Wilensky"

4684: Name not displayed

4685: Emily Truong

4686: Name not displayed

4687: Gene Franceschina

"Great showing in Iowa. Let's keep the momentum going all the way to the White House!"
4688: Name not displayed

"Run hard,don't quit.This country cannot withstand another 4 years of the status quo democratic or republican.If we don't see a major change in leadership the middle class and America are doomed!"
4689: Tim Gorton

"Finally someone to vote for based on his own merits . Instead of the lesser of two evils . Thank you Ron Paul . God Bless America !"
4690: Donald M. Mckenzie

"You have my vote. Good Luck :)"
4691: Marsha Giles

"A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for common sense!"
4692: Linda Curcio

4693: Timmy G

"Go Ron"
4694: Jim Kope

"Go Ron Go! Get out the Ron Paul message!"
4695: Name not displayed

"Wake up America!! We need Ron Paul to lead us back to freedom from a federal government that tries to control our lives, God Bless you"
4696: Linda Biniak

"Lets get moving RON PAUL 2012 !!!!!"
4697: Chris Christian

"We need Ron Paul"
4698: Bridget kindahl

"You need to break through main stream media somehow?"
4699: Chris Neumer

4700: Kelly Dickson

"Prices are going up. Unemployment is continue to go up. And we have not had the necessary correction for the financial bubble created by our Federal Reserve system.
-Ron Paul"

4701: Tom Wyles

"I support Ron Paul because I believe in liberty! For this election my vote is for Ron Paul or no one!"
4702: Zachariah George

4703: Michelle Baldwin

"I support Ron Paul because he is not the status quo. I support Ron Paul because I believe in liberty and the protection of life and freedom in America."
4704: Sima Parhikhteh

4705: Jared M. Harper

"We need sound money!"
4706: Justin Tripp

4707: robert cutler

"I want to work for your campaign"
4708: Name not displayed

"Get rid of the federal reserve, legalize marijuana, and bring the troops home to defend our own borders. Look at that, Americas debt is solved and were back on top again."
4709: Josh Sargent

"WE need a leader!! put the word "Americans" back to what it means and stands for, our rightful place-Freedom!!! I'm all for ya Dr. Paul!!!"
4710: Scotty W. Talbott II

4711: Mark Pieroni

"I really hope you win. America needs your common sense. Its in very short supply nowadays"
4712: Stuart Mckissick

"Thank you Dr. Paul. I support you. I hope you win. It's for the American people."
4713: Peter Grace

4714: nathan

"Spread the good Ron Paul Message!!!!!!!"
4715: Shane Goolsby

"Three wars and over 700 military bases around the world. Presidential powers can bring that to an end. As a lefty I don't agree with most of Dr. Paul's positions, but it doesn't matter. Obama cannot beat Paul. Republicans want Obama gone and Democrats will learn that if they ever want to fund social programs, they'll need Ron Paul to take down the military industrial complex first. --- Ron Paul 2012."
4716: Jonathan Lloyd

4717: David Humphreys

"Insanity - Doing the same thing and expecting different results."
4718: Jess Theobald

"I love what ron has to say,he tell the truth we need ron paul badly like rigth now."
4719: clarence diggs

"If we keep speaking the truth, no one can possibly deny these inconceivable realties that plague our nation’s integrity. Ron Paul 2012!!!"
4720: Taylor Risien

4721: Megan Anderson

"Please don't let us down. In my opinion your message to the country is more important than Paul Revere's and like then, this is a battle this country can't afford to lose."
4722: Gary Schack

"keep the focus on the wars and their expense;the lives lost the fulfill others hidden agendas; securing our borders. billion of profits from violent drug cartels and gangs in our cities."
4723: frank

4724: Name not displayed

"If you don't win I will probably leave this country."
4725: Jedidiah Esposito

4726: Brian Woosley

"Human intelligence has outpaced wisdom for far too long. Ron Paul is a man who has absolutely no equal regarding legislative, Constitutional and moral dilemmas, and the wisdom to overhaul our cosmic Federal Government. He is the only Presidential Canidate that conveys what we "need" to hear as opposed to what we "want" to hear."
4727: Ed Galbreath

4728: Taylor Barrett

"Thank you for being real."
4729: darren whitehead

"i need yard signs"
4730: Ray Thompson

"Ron Paul is the man for President. I don't see any other candidates leading us out of what is coming."
4731: Jason Bartel

4732: James M Minneman

"Ron Paul for President!"
4733: Nathan

4734: Jessica Madrid

4735: hratch gogoshian

4736: Shauna Preece

"Please win. You are the only candidate with common sense."
4737: Bryan Hooper

4738: Steven Beckham

4739: Name not displayed

"I'm with you Ron!"
4740: Kim Nance

"Ron Paul is the best chance for America!"
4741: Joe Scarr

"Best of luck to you Ron! I think you are exactly what this ignorant country needs right now!"
4742: Nick Flahiff

"I support you 100%."
4743: Name not displayed

"I will help in anyway that I can."
4744: James W. Johnson

"Go Paul! Finally someone who is going back to what this country's ideas where founded upon...."
4745: Trevor Corbin

"Love the Ron paul, he is the only candidate who is speaking of the truth i hope all American people support him with their votes"
4746: Name not displayed

4747: Paul Pearman

"Ron Paul is a true American hero!"
4748: Robert macarthur

4749: Brant Rusmisel

"The government needs common sense and integrity. Ron Paul has both."
4750: Joe Smith

"Ron Paul can win!!!"
4751: Name not displayed

"Americas voice of reason"
4752: Paul

4753: C. A. Ginn

""a man of his word" ...indeed."
4754: Name not displayed

"Please win"
4755: Chris Roulston

"I have a hard time finding a reason NOT to vote for Ron Paul."
4756: Eric Gieg

4757: Scott M. Williams

"I think I have a good idea for your campaign. There is a group out called Troop 41, and they have a song called the john wall. Its got a good beat and a good hook, but I think there should be a remix called the Ron Paul!!! It would be a hit!!! (seriously)"
4758: jim

"Less hate, more love"
4759: Armando Ochoa

4760: Frank Bryant

"Great job in Iowa"
4761: Wayne Spires

"Give'em a fight!"
4762: Jared Nichi

"I have held the same views as Paul for years. I was begining to think nobody was left that understands what it means to live in a free country. I support you 100%.Let me know if I can help the campaign in Utah. Thank You for acting like an American."
4763: Daniel Conley

4764: V. Hellcur

"Thank you for fighting for The Constitution and our liberties. Our country needs an honorable leader who is educated on the issues, is courageous to uphold his beliefs, and who can stay honest in the White House. America needs YOU!!"
4765: Michelle Cottrell

"The United States citizens have heard what we want, now I hope you can make it happen with our support."
4766: eric glenn

"Ron Paul for president of the Us. When at the brink of dawn the great nation seems to fade like a great star loosing its glow, forever. One mans advice and judicious decission can shange Us destiny. When he steps in to the office, Us are brought back on to the right track. His name is Ron Paul."
4767: Jim O Kvitfjell

"go Ron Paul! Our last chance for true lliberty and small government!!!"
4768: Aleksandr Lazutin

"Speaking the truth about America"
4769: James Polerecky

"Dr. Ron Paul 2012!!"
4770: Name not displayed

"Join the revolution!"
4771: Chris P. Johnson

"Ron Paul! Thank you for running for President you are the last hope to save our Republic! We are praying for you to give you strength to continue to fight the global power elites and restore liberty and freedom to America."
4772: Name not displayed

"America needs to heal before we heal others and Ron Paul is the Guy to do that ."
4773: Jose a Pinet

4774: Derek Gee

"Let's GO!!! Ron Paul 2012! Great Job In Iowa!"
4775: Daniel Herrera

"Ron Paul for President."
4776: Louis Jewell Goodson

"I agree w Ron Paul. Bring all money home spent on war and support of other lands other than this homeland. Balance the budget and limit federal government. Ron Paul'message is that of a fiscally responsible American!"
4777: wanita patterson

4778: scott white

4779: Donald Thomason

"Ron Paul stands for exactly what our great country USE TO stand for. Bring back America to the people. Vote for Dr. Paul."
4780: Steven James Haggard

"Save us!"
4781: Scarlett Erb

"But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security."
4782: jim stevens

"If you don't win the GOP nomination PLEASE reconsider running as a libertarian or independent. I know that people will come out in droves to vote for you."
4783: Michael Carrasco

4784: Tim Oliver

"Viva La rEVOLution!"
4785: Michael Eden

"No more tolerance for the lies of the rich bankers! No more puppet Republican candidates...Go Ron...Go!"
4786: Name not displayed

4787: Name not displayed

4788: Brandon Chatterton

4789: Landon Martin Parham

"Ron Paul is our only hope for the future!"
4790: JoelKetola

"Liberty through collective responsibility and activism."
4791: Mohammad Ali Khan

"This is your election, Dr. Paul!"
4792: Jim Howard

4793: pamela morris

4794: Name not displayed

4795: Name not displayed

"I am here every step of the way!"
4796: Angela R. Mitchell

"Go Paul! Give us back our freedoms, our money, and capitalism!"
4797: Maury Jackson

4798: Chris S

"I'm sorry that 4 years ago I didn't understand the problems our country was in. You were right then and you are right now. Thank you Dr. Paul for fighting for liberty."
4799: Ryan Probasco

"He's a heck of a lot better then the candidates we have right now. Plus as an American, I've always believed very strongly about the constitution, it's what the four fathers have fought so strongly for..."
4800: Name not displayed

4801: Henry Hernandez

4802: sharon Yaerwood

"Life Love and Liberty!"
4803: Name not displayed

4804: Scharlene Hendrix

"You are the only one that is talking about the truth of the problems are country faces! Let's get back to the constitution and get rid of the bureaucracy!"
4805: Jim Jinright

"One person, a President, surrounded by mounds of corruption, has issue in accomplishing anything. Ron Paul has the means to remove the corruption and offer solutions like ending the private bank cartel (the Federal Reserve) controlling our monetary system and restoring sound money through a new Treasury Gold and Silver backed currency. It's a start, and a smart one."
4806: Chris Corley

"you're the man, ron."
4807: mark jay

"abolish the federal reserve"
4808: rich latka

"I have just turned nineteen but I haven't had the chance to vote yet. I really hope that my first vote can be made to put Ron Paul in office."
4809: Arielle

"How do I become a Ron Paul delegate?"
4810: Name not displayed

4811: Name not displayed

"Dr. Paul, I wish to help you educate the masses."
4812: Malick D. Kelly Jr.

"Ron Paul 2012!"
4813: simon haywood

4814: Camden Neves

"The only choice"
4815: tiffany sohrweid

"Ron Paul is the only candidate qualified to lead this country back to greatness"
4816: Name not displayed

"Ron Paul is the only candidate who is willing to take the measures necessary to truly fix what is wrong with the American government. This election is particularly crucial in deciding America's fate - will we continue to buy into the corrupt system that constantly fails us, or will we choose to go in a new direction?"
4817: Tim Schmitz

"We need Ron Paul more then ever!"
4818: Irina Noudelman

"abolish the terrany and out right criminal act of our goverment (federal reserve). Why are the american people so gullable to believe these puppets. wake up and learn."
4819: michael melius

4820: Joseph McAteer

4821: Austin Quinn

"Ron Paul => R[̲̅ə̲̅٨̲̅٥̲̅٦̲̅]ution 2012 !!"
4822: Grigorios Rakopoulos

"Looking forward, I'm curious to see how you overcome the adversity of being written off by the powers that be. Still, I'm genuinely enthralled by your strong logic and must say I endorse your candidacy. Good luck."
4823: Brian Doyle

"lets restore america!"
4824: Amanda Carnrike

"Let's go!!"
4825: Brandon Benson

4826: Chuck Adkins

4827: Tony Vorpahl

"The only candidate running that does not have puppet strings attached to his extremities!"
4828: darcy deskin

"your the best man for the job and frankly you always have been america is just to dumb to figure that out I hope they do soon before all there liberties are gone Thank you Jesus of Nazareth for our souls to be saved and live in your kingdom when you come back as you promised us you would where free we will forever be!!!"
4829: Name not displayed

"Dr. Paul has my respect."
4830: Wesley Shaw

"I'm a Ron Paul supporter all the way!"
4831: Sheri E.

4832: Dave S

4833: Name not displayed

4834: Bryan Lunsford

"Defeat the fed"
4835: Name not displayed

"Been a fan of Dr. NO since 07' after I learned of him... Go Ron Paul!"
4836: James schafer

"I support you, and I know all my coworkers and friends do too. You are the only one who knows what he is doing in Washington. Get us out of the U.N.!!"
4837: Rodney Davis

4838: James E. Witnauer, PhD

"His time has come! Enough of the status quo! Time to get America fixed and back on track and be an honorable nation throughout the world!"
4839: Roy Tyndall

"What has happen to America? Why isn't the truth told?The media even prevents you from speaking.Don't give up Dr. Paul!"
4840: Patty Frey

"Ron will help educate the people to search for and find what we have lost: the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."
4841: Thomas Kroenke

"IT IS TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
4842: Richard Ozanich

4843: John-Brodie Paul

4844: Curtis Helsley


"The one who supports the constitution"
4846: Name not displayed

"We're with you Ron!!! This is your year!"
4847: Anthony Young

"America needs a new great leader, someone we can be proud of, and get the job done right, Ron Paul is that man. Make our country great once again."
4848: Doug Rumschlag

4849: simpson

"Ron, we will be praying for ya and we know you will be one of the Greatest Presidents this Country has ever seen. Thank You, Ron Paul, Fighting Hard for American Citizens"
4850: Stacy Brown

4851: Edward H. Chandler

4852: Dave Ferguson

"Mr.Paul. Iam not a christian. Although I respect all religion. And Iam in agreement with your policy. America is supposed to be a place of choices. Not mandates. As long as your choices do not hurt those around you, you should be able to do whatever you want. If we dont have unlimited rights, then we have no rights at all. This can only be achieved with limited government. We need a choice. And you are that voice for choice."
4853: Randy Stroud

"Son of Liberty, brandon,ms chapter"
4854: Carson Hopper

4855: Max H


4857: Craig Edwards

"Change I can believe in.. Ron Paul 2012"
4858: Name not displayed

4859: Dan Wehmeier

4860: William Long

4861: Name not displayed

"Ron Paul is the only candidate I've felt like voting for in years."
4862: Name not displayed

4863: Kelsy Robinson

4864: A.J. Sclafani

4865: Patrick Robinson

4866: Name not displayed

"An end to tyranny!!!!"
4867: rr

4868: john-michael lalicata

"Let's do it people! Spread the word! Ron Paul 2012!"
4869: Ashley Schultz

"Some of what you say is just a bit too extreme for me, but from what I see, you are by far the best choice to save the country from Bankruptcy (in more than 1 sense of the word)."
4870: Will Ruth

4871: Cassandra Shoup

4872: Hanna Inman

"Ron Paul audit the FED..."
4873: Jr. Valdez

"I've been in since 2008. What America needs now more than ever is someone who thinks outside the box, and Dr. Paul is just the man for the job. But the majority of the American voters are too stupid to realize that. I certainly hope that changes."
4874: Perry

"We have to find away to get the masses to right in his name if nothing else. If he cant win then we cant win...."
4875: Name not displayed

4876: Kaleihanamau Johnson

4877: Name not displayed

"I hope you can win. may be we can take some of the top secret technogly we have and give it to the people so they can walk,see and hear again"
4878: Terry Rodrigues

"You are the one we need Mr. Paul."
4879: Greg Brown

"A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for freedom!"
4880: Ricardo Valle

4881: Name not displayed

"You're the only rational hope for the GOP, Ron Paul!"
4882: Andy R.

4883: Christopher Provencher

"Ron Paul is way too honest to be called a politician."
4884: Nate Abele

4885: Michael Barnes

"Kill the Federal Reserve, Inc. Return to Constitutional precepts of equal powers between the the People, the state govs., and the federal gov. - in THAT order. Term limits on ALL members of Congress. Strip out 'Executive Orders' and END the Emergency War Powers Act of 1913 ("The Banking Act") which allows statutory law - maritime law - to displace Common Law across the Land. REDUCE FEDERAL AUTHORITY EVERYWHERE, empower the People and the states will follow! Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate for a freedom-loving, morally-based, factually-driven populace. All others are 'Orwellian NewSpeak' liars and thieves whose 'hidden' agenda is a One World Order without real value - either economic or social - except for their inner elite. Ron Paul in 2012 or BUST."
4886: Gary Alan, King


4888: Joseph

"You have our votes in Florida! We like what you stand for and your honor to stand up for our liberty."
4889: Lisa Russo

"RON PAUL 2012!"
4890: Derek Knotts

"Honesty and common sense, I hope America can handle it.........."
4891: George Martnelli

4892: mel

4893: Brad Thurston

"Save our country, our freedom and liberty for individuals!! I am VERY interested to see what happens next if we vote you in Ron Paul!! Has anyone noticed how SILENT all of media (Including Rush L) Has been about Ron Paul NEARLY WINNING!!!!!!!..... Loading their ammunition for negative stuff for sure in the coming months ahead BUT GUESS WHAT? We are NOT SHEEPLES!!!!!! GO RON PAUL!!!"
4894: Name not displayed

"I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic."
4895: Thomas Ralph Siebel III

"dont back down, stand tough, and lets take back america"
4896: roy garner

4897: Sandra McMinn

"I'm glad that Ron Paul is running again. I may not agree with every stance he takes but some common sense would go a long way in Washington."
4898: Emily McGuiness

"you scare the hell out of the establishment and it's awesome!!"
4899: Daniel Smith

"Ron Paul is an inspiration."
4900: Jeff Clark

"The Truth will shall set you free , RON PAUL for President !!!"
4901: Pim

"We need a real leader. Our President and Congress can't figure out what a baby can figure out. Ron Paul is the man who will stand up for a direction that will make a difference. 2012!"
4902: Dennis Ball

4903: Name not displayed

"Withdraw from the WTO, end the fed, decentralize government!! lets achieve freedom!! Go Ron Paul!!"
4904: noah bolour

4905: Rafik

"Good luck."
4906: Sam Carneiro

"lets do this!"
4907: Shawn Stapley

"Dear Dr. Paul, I am so saddened by the engineered demise of a once great nation. I hope and pray people will wake up to the sham of this totally corrupt 2-party system that has sold out the middle class to Wall St. and Corporations. God Bless you and I know you are the only candidate who has a chance of saving this country. If the typical lying snake, worthless POS GOP or DEM is elected, we're finished."
4908: Name not displayed

"Don't let the lack of media visibility deter you. Your roots are in the right place and your support is quietly growing.
I really like your straight forward, practical approach.

4909: James A. Brown

4910: Name not displayed

"Yes You Can!!!"
4911: Ian

"Ron Paul has got my vote hands down."
4912: Beau Slay

""Innovators and geniuses cannot be reared in schools. They are precisely the men who defy what the school has taught them." -Ludwig von Mises"
4913: Sam J. Garcia

4914: Name not displayed

"God bless Ron Paul!!!!"
4915: Leslie

"Ron Paul 2012!"
4916: Name not displayed

4917: Anthony G

4918: Lynda Kelly

"You go Ron Paul!!!!!!"
4919: Kathy vest

"Love ya Ron and family. Always have/always will!"
4920: Rusty Kimbrell

"Ron Paul, will never be sensored by the free American mind!"
4921: Chris Turner

4922: Brian Hoyer

4923: Michael Bailey

"I have never voted before, now I feel it is my duty... good luck Ron Paul"
4924: Name not displayed

4925: Vince

"Ron Paul or probably the death of the American spirit."
4926: ryan flournoy

4927: Max Lindemann

"time for a revolution!"
4928: Aubrey Laughrey

"Go Ron!"
4929: Aaron Dickey

"Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a jew, worthless shitstain. Saint Adolf Hitler was right."
4930: michael

"President Paul. Sounds Nice."
4931: Robert Muller

""We the people" believe in Ron Paul!"
4932: Austin R. Clark

4933: Gary McMillan

"I was there for him in 2008 and have never quit spreading the word that America NEEDS Ron Paul to hopefully get this once great country back on track!"
4934: C. R. McDaniel

"Rons are only hope"
4935: Joshua Bacon

4936: TONY TEB

4937: Name not displayed

4938: Cody Babbitt

"Americans are being treated like idiots from the media. Ron is constantly blacked out. WHY?
Ron Paul need's a new methodology to overcome suppression. God Bless !!!!!!"

4939: Michael A.Kline

4940: Andrew Dalton

"We have another chance to change Washington let's not waste our vote this time Hope and change did not happen in 2008 Ron Paul is giving America 1 more chance!!!!!"
4941: Name not displayed

"RON PAUL is the People's Choice in 2012!"
4942: David Goth

"The world needs Ron Paul. Now more than ever. I support everything this man stands for. Thank God he's running for president."
4943: Name not displayed

4944: Name not displayed

4945: John

"Dr. Paul for president! 2012!"
4946: Name not displayed

"Ron is the only one running that make any real sense. Why does the main stream media discount him? Our next president... Ron Paul!"
4947: Dr. J. J. Bowen

4948: John Mattox Strain Jr.

"Keep telling it like it is Ron!"
4949: David Bucklin II

"This is who we needed years ago. Ron must win this election before there is no turning point for our nation. He is the only candiate with common sense and he actually gives a damn about the AMERICAN people. Vote for Ron Paul or prepare for the collaspe of what use to be a great nation."
4950: Joseph Childers

"RON PAUL 2012"
4951: Daniel F.

"gotta get more mainstream coverage. All I ever hear about on the news is the others. And I don't care for them very much."
4952: Name not displayed

4953: Erin Boyd

"we need him"
4954: Kevin Bublitz

4955: Brad chapman

4956: Joseph S.

"RON PAUL 2012! I joined the military 7 years ago and it's getting harder and harder to "Protect the Constitution against all enemies, foreign AND domestic" Especially when our supposed current president is constantly violating Constitutional Law."
4957: Jordan McDonald

"Real Change for America!"
4958: Name not displayed

4959: Johnny Whipple

"May God give you wings to rise above it all....."
4960: Jose L. Eguia

4961: Bill

"Dr. Paul I know I wrote you in on my ballot in 2008. I searched, but never saw how many write-in votes you had for that election. Perhaps the number of write ins you received is of statistical significance when compared other write in candidates. If so it would be nice if that became general knowledge."
4962: Chad Fleahman

4963: kenneth liebel

"Go Ron..!"
4964: Doug Evans

4965: Name not displayed

4966: Brian Winkers

"This is what our country needs."
4967: Name not displayed

4968: Name not displayed

"Thank you for trying to bring the Republican Party back to its senses."
4969: Name not displayed

4970: Andrew O\'Keefe

"Dont let the MSM play you. Show them you have the peoples support!!"
4971: Adam D.

"Ron Paul for President! Let the true voice of freedom be heard!"
4972: Eric narvaez

"Ron Paul deserves presidency! Let the notion of the true values of America shine with truth,love,equality."
4973: Brendon Washingon

"Ron Paul is the only candidate who will uphold the constitution and do what is right for our country. He has not chanced his stance on any of the issues and will not do so under pressure like many others."
4974: Andrew Johnson

4975: Aaron

"RON PAUL 2012!!"
4976: tony olson

4977: Joshua A Hansen

"I am in all the way! Ron Paul for President 2012!!!"
4978: Paulina Hudec-Rodriguez

"Lets get it right this time. I'm in."
4979: Jeremy C.

4980: Kathleen T Walters

"Ron Paul becoming president would be the best thing to ever happen to the USA"
4981: Justin F

"America's last best hope."
4982: Name not displayed

4983: Name not displayed

"Potential to be the greatest president yet!"
4984: Francis Killeen

"Give me Liberty, or give me Death!"
4985: Stephen Mullins

"Ron Paul is your only hope"
4986: Name not displayed

"Im In, We need REAL CHANGE!!!!!!"
4987: Vincent Kresho

"Dear Dr. Paul, It is an honor to support you in this great endeavor. It would be even a greater honor to call you Mr. President. Go get em!"
4988: David Saunders

"If we must raise any taxes lets do it on companies that use illegal immigrants and companies that send jobs overseas for cheap labor."
4989: John Mankin

"I have supported Ron Paul for awhile now. I am in the military and will be medically retired soon. IMO, the status quo probably does not Ron Paul as President b/c of the greed for American tax dollars and other ill-gotten gains. This is the life blood to their survival, b/c without appealing to the greed of special interest, they would not get financial support. Republicans and Democrats alike fight to protect their special interests "interest." I can only presume that they have a hold on the major news networks also. One last comment: Ron Pauls views on international diplomacy is also a problem for those who rely on the military industrial complex. All of this is breaking our country and people are more concerned about the short term greed than the long term interest. My sister used to get mad at me for, in her opinion, wasting my vote. But I believe the more allegedly wasted votes we can get, the more faith the unbelievers will acquire and start to turn their votes for Ron Paul. One last comment: I am a believer in "proportional representation" for one aspect of national congressional elections. I believe that Ron Paul supporters would have a much greater chance of building a base of support for their views proportionally, than to have to rely on an all-or-nothing."
4990: Name not displayed

"This is not the America I fought for, Please Ron rescue it before it's to late."
4991: James Young

"The only constitutional politician left in America, and the only politician that knowns what's being done to America by the Elites! Ron Paul 2012!"
4992: Harry D. Gaillas, Gman502012-You Tube

"It would seem Dr. Paul is one of the few candidates whose views seem compatible with current neurological research and understanding."
4993: Name not displayed

4994: Vincent Stalba

4995: Scott B Forney

"Greedings from Germany!!! The only chance to change is Ron Paul!"
4996: Marius M.

"Ron Paul 2012 Real change, thank you god for Ron"
4997: Jose L Pena

4998: holly

"Thank you so much, for reason and hope."
4999: Chris Riley

5000: tracy francis

"I hope that you will bring the revolution that this country so desperately needs!"
5001: Valerie Misch

5002: Donna L. McDaniel

"You have my vote."
5003: Name not displayed

5004: Jim T McDaniel, Jr.

5005: jennifer brashears

"THANK YOU, Dr. Paul, for your continued effort. We believe in you, and believe in your small government/constitutionalist approach to law."
5006: Hans Masing

"The revolution that we need NOW!"
5007: Michael Pannone

"If you do not get the Republican nomination I will support you as a Third Party candidate."
5008: Name not displayed

"Keep on pressing for Liberty and Prosperity, the people are waking up. The hardest part in getting people to wake up ,is there fear of the unknown, and the biggest issue I ever have talking with people about whats really going is that they ALWAYS come back with "how can WE do anything about it", or " there's nothing we can do about it but wait it out" . I'm not the smartest guy so I don't have all the answers, but with your campaign and your video's , there is somewhere I can send them, someplace where they can see that there are solutions, and someone they can believe in again, that wants a free America, based on the Constitution, and the true spirit of the American peoples."
5009: Darren J. Poppe

"God speed and good luck!"
5010: Daryn

"Will be voting for you! Stay with the fight, We are listening!"
5011: Chrissy

"Thank you for your tireless effort to restore and remind America of its responsibilities. I support liberty, I support financial responsibility, and I proudly support Ron Paul."
5012: Vicki Leibeck

"The only hope we have."
5013: Lori Childers

"Let me vote for you for President for the third time. Third time's the charm. :)"
5014: Don Childers

5015: jason baldwin

"Paul 2012!!!! End the Fed!"
5016: Eric Bigelow

"Go Ron!"
5017: James Becwar

5018: Stratton Caldwell

"God speed."
5019: Brian Ramey

"Lets take our country back!"
5020: Name not displayed

"Once again those that control the media are keep Ron Paul down, this needs to be corrected for him to have a real chance of winning."
5021: Alan K

5022: Brandon Sheets

"Ron Paul is the only candidate we beleive in, ...God Bless merica and Ron Paul."
5023: Eugene Szamiel

5024: Kelley Sinyard

5025: Corey butler

"After finishing a very close 2nd in the Iowa Straw Poll Ron Paul is being pushed aside by the media. It is up to the citizens of this country to elect our own next President."
5026: Scott Halvorson

"Thank God"
5027: DB

"Ron Paul is the Real Deal. We need that."
5028: Dustin McNeely

"You're a great inspiration, not just in america, but around the world; such as here in the UK! RP 4 PRESIDENT!"
5029: Sam Francis

"Ron Paul is so blatantly ignored by the media it is sickening. He places 2nd in Ames Straw Poll by 200 votes behind Bachmann and all we hear about is Bachmann and third place Pawlenty. Nothing about how Bachmann gave out 6000 tickets and got under 5000 of those votes back... Ron Paul is a solid candidate with solid support. He is the only candidate who can win WITHOUT the media's help."
5030: Rick Olson

"I live in Italy but I love America. We are a socialist country, please help us, and the USA, to defeat Socialism!"
5031: Marco Paolemili

5032: Francois

"Needs to do a Bubba interview(BTLS) to spread the word"
5033: Vincent Gorecki

"We support you 2012!"
5034: Name not displayed

"I'll help as much as I can."
5035: William Henriquez

"You got me into politics in the first place, I would love to see nobody else as our President than Ron Paul."
5036: Justin Brock

"Ron Pual!!!! Hallelujah!"
5037: Stephanie

5038: Brandon Burnettsp

"I'll be voting Ron Paul in 2012"
5039: Mike Balich

5040: Maggie Smith

5041: erika maldonado

5042: brian everly

"Go Ron Paul!!!!!"
5043: Julia Jekubovich

"After watching the debate the other night I have changed my support from Mr. Cain to Ron Paul as I think Dr. Paul is a better fit and more in line with what the country needs right now."
5044: Steve Tikas

5045: Dewel Loftis

5046: Alex Gimenez

"Ron Paul is the only option for president !!"
5047: Name not displayed

5048: Name not displayed

"You have my vote!"
5049: Name not displayed

"This country needs someone to tell the truth!
We need Ron Paul"

5050: Stina Bradley

"The media coverage (or lack thereof) of Ron Paul's campaign is reprehensible. It is quite obvious that the powers that be (who control the media) are fearful of Ron Paul's message and popularity! As well they should!!"

"You can thank radio talk show host Jerry Doyle for my support and my next door neighbor Dennis"
5052: Gordon Lopez

"Go Paul!!!!"
5053: Ryan D Reese

"Im sick and tired of the media not giving Dr Paul legitimate coverage as a real presidential contender. Its painfully obvious that the big media is trying to sabotage his run for president

5054: Robert Stewart

"I support Ron Paul :) Good luck brother!!"
5055: Name not displayed

"RON PAUL 2012! I will do what I can to share his message!"
5056: Sheena Ewing

"Even Jon Stewart knows that Ron Paul is the real deal, not a "moral majority in a tri-cornered hat"! Bring some intelligence back to our government!"
5057: Name not displayed

"This would be the most effective step we could take to be proud of being American."
5058: Name not displayed

"Let's finally get someone in office that will make the right decisions and get us back on track."
5059: Dan Petersen

5060: Brandon Arceneaux

"Knowing that you could be our next President gives me a peace about our country's leadership that I don't ever remember feeling before. I life you and your campaign up before the Lord, and pray that His will be done!! God Bless You Ron!"
5061: Tabatha Nicole Strickland

5062: Michelle Jones

"I sincerely hope that dr. Ron Paul wil win the presidency of the USA and show the world what true freedom is truely about."
5063: Luc van der Stegen

"Ron Paul is the man and I hate that the media doesn't take him serious. He is the last chance this country has to get back on track......."
5064: rob Stewart

5065: Jacob Carter

5066: ashley rinella

"I agree on all his issues"
5067: jennifer Froebel

"I believe you'll win!"
5068: Marc Woodtli

5069: Name not displayed

"This coming election is yet another chance at taking back our nation from the vested interests that now dominate her. Ron Paul is the obvious choice for such a position, his record is impeccable compared to the mainstream "republicrat" party candidates. After observing the '08 election I have concluded the absurdity of mainstream media politics in blatantly sidelining Ron Paul at the behest of their owners and investors. Without question would Ron Paul drastically change our federal government for the better."
5070: Name not displayed

"Principals not rhetoric!"
5071: margaret fockler

"Never give up, Ron. Never surrender."
5072: George Winters

5073: Name not displayed

"the united states of america's only hope! Combat Veterans for Ron Paul!!!"
5074: dirk shea

5075: sheri jensen

5076: Pedro Serrano

"My 21 year old son is a huge supporter of yours. Because of his passion for you, I have learned more about you. Being a fairly liberal person, I didn't believe I would ever vote for a "Republican" , but I have changed my voter registration to Republican so I can vote for you in the primary election. Thank you for your service!"
5077: Lisa Núñez

"Ron Paul supports AMERICAN values!"
5078: Name not displayed

"Anything for you, PRESIDENT Paul."
5079: Name not displayed

"The only man that speaks th truth!"
5080: James

"It's time for the American Revolution."
5081: Kenny Osborn

5082: MK Wong

"I pray that God will forgive America and show us His undeserving mercy. To make America strong again: economically, militarily, educationally, spiritually, and physically. To have us protect those who cannot protect themselves, to provide for children and elderly, to educate and develop, and to grow and prosper. We need Gods guidance for our leaders to follow today, as our countries forefathers."
5083: Charles Anthony Prater

"I spread the word 4 years ago and ill spread the word this time around.
If your fed cutting politics would have entered the gov last election, I believe the world would have already been a better place. Good Luck Dr. Paul
You have my vote!"

5084: John Lidwell

5085: Leslie Hagenow

"Vote Ron Paul, for "True" Change in Washington"
5086: Name not displayed

"We need his back to basics approach"
5087: George Donley

"Fight the power!"
5088: Em Thompson

"Ron Paul 2012"
5089: Name not displayed

5090: Jody Krystek

"" He may not be pretty but he`s the best we`ve got" Go DR PAUL."
5091: dale RN

"We need to make our voices heard. The media is not just ignoring Ron Paul, they are ignoring us."
5092: Kippy MIssing

"Ron Paul 2012! rEVOLution baby!"
5093: Tyler William Barrett

5094: Jim Bowers

5095: Name not displayed

5096: Name not displayed

"Your views are right on, but stay focused Mr. Paul... good luck!"
5097: Name not displayed

5098: Jackie Plumley

5099: Jamie Barker

"Finally! a human being is running for President."
5100: Bryan Lobdell

"You have my vote Ron Paul"
5101: Name not displayed

5102: Julie Campbell

5103: Tatsyana Delacrausaz

"Don't let the media machine dampen your message Ron!!"
5104: Barry

5105: Arthur Filgueiras

5106: Name not displayed

"Keep speaking your mind. Truth will resonate."
5107: Tawn Kramer

"Please don't quit, we need a Ron Paul to pull us out of this mess, I love your view regarding income tax."
5108: Neil Sahli

"I've been a fan of Ron Paul's since 2007. He has my vote in 2012. Count On That!!!"
5109: Name not displayed

"It's time the American people take back our country!"
5110: James W. Lamb

"The media won't tell me who I will vote for!!! I choose Ron Paul because he is the only one who can bring real "change" to America!"
5111: Adam Bingham

"The only person in congress that is out for the good of the people. Thank you, Dr. Paul!"
5112: Michael Grace

"An Arab American who believes in you as president of the USA."
5113: Amer Al-Sadiq

"Keep stressing need to get back to the constitution and reign in (get rid of is possible) the Fed, work for a flat 10% tax, back our dollar with our gold reserves."
5114: Joseph E Bieber

"The only hope...."
5115: Jose Navarro

5116: Sean Wince

5117: Name not displayed

"Love, peace and chicken grease!"
5118: Jim Edwards

5119: Stuart Womack

"Ron Paul : Not the same as the old bosses"
5120: Daniel Beck

"As of now, your the man!"
5121: ken smith

"Change we can really believe in!"
5122: Ben Sackenheim

"i support you Ron Paul in whatever way that i can. I will be posting signs anywhere that i can and stickers and whatever."
5123: donald D. miller

"Ron I live in a small town Petaluma many of my friends like your view. I shall support you even thought I dislike the GOP do to the God is on their side they believe. Reduce Gov retirment make them pay 401K like the rest of us tax payers. Close all military bases overseas. protect the borders with military
Good Luck Stephen Holmstrom"

5124: stephen Holmstrom

"Ron, you have the sound experience and fiscal foundation we need in this country. You are the leader amoung followers."
5125: Name not displayed

"Fully Support!"
5126: Jim Gurr

5127: Abiy M

5128: Travis Drake

"For the love of all that is Holy, save this country."
5129: Emmitt Johnson

"If the GOP thinks Ron Paul is not electable then I'm switching over to become independent. Enough with Blue and Red -- they sit on the same round table over dinner with the robber barons."
5130: Jesse Jino

"Let's put and end to conformity!"
5131: David Torres

"Give em hell!"
5132: Jeremy Gibbs

5133: Andrea de la Torre

5134: Name not displayed

"I'm switching party's for this election. We need Ron Paul!"
5135: Melissa Mulhern

"Please scratch and fight your way for more airtime on TV. We need more exposure to the sheep."
5136: joey

"Ron Paul . As Fierce as a Loin!! Be Strong , Be True."
5137: Scott A

5138: Name not displayed

"Thank for your hard work Dr.Paul. And i wan't you to win to help save our country!"
5139: John Baur

"Let's do this!"
5140: jason clark

"I turn 18 June 2012, will be first time voter"
5141: Jack Lewis

5142: Name not displayed

"You have my support Ron. Good Luck! Save America!!!"
5143: Name not displayed

"Finally a candidate we can believe in! No more choosing the lesser of two evils!"
5144: Bill

5145: michael morrow

"we love you ron paul!!!!! from west virginia!!!"
5146: Thomas Robert Lewis

"Ron Paul runs on ideas, not politics and secrecy. The main media needs to get real and give him plenty of time on the air time to explain why he's the only person that can save the republic."
5147: Bradley!!!

"Thank you for your Presidential run. While I have been voting for years, this is the first time I have looked into the candidates. I am hoping you win the Republican nomination and the Presidency, you represent what the Republican and Democrats platform should be. Liberty for the people and true security for the nation."
5148: Name not displayed

5149: Jon LaValley

5150: Name not displayed

"Ron Paul is our best chance for fiscal change"
5151: Name not displayed

5152: Name not displayed

"The only politician that makes sense of everything!!!!!!! Wake up America!"
5153: Name not displayed

"fox news staff will vote for ron paul find your freedom"
5154: joe begley

"We need a real American like Paul. Not another politician who bends to the will of special interests."
5155: Ken Ragas

"I 100% agree with Ron Paul's views about fiscal policy and constitutional government. I describe myself as "fiscally conservative, socially liberal", and I hope that Ron Paul's views don't negatively impact social freedoms - other than that concern I'm 150% on board!"
5156: Glenn Cooper

5157: Robert Kirkpatrick

"I want to help Ron Paul's cause; how?? rEVOLution!"
5158: Chris Werle

5159: Jason Howe

"me too"
5160: Josh Lay

"Ron Paul gets no attention in the media because he speaks the truth. The truth isnt scadalous or exciting. But, its what we need in this country"
5161: Rosselleni Sayson

"Ron Paul for President!"
5162: Chris Davidson

"We need to get rid of the evil in this country, and Ron Paul is the man to do it. I fully support Ron Paul he is the greatest."
5163: Margaret Wisniewski

"A real candidate who has not changed his views in order to get elected. A real breath of fresh air. Go get'em Ron."
5164: Jack Hamilton

"Let's restore America!"
5165: Rory Jones

"Thank you for giving us hope that we can be real Americans again. I am constantly posting things on my facebook page to show my support for you and your ideals. You have proven that things can be different. Thank you, for restoring my faith in humanity that there are good people out there who want to lead us in the right and righteous ways."
5166: Talon Gaudio

"Ron Paul absolutely has the potential to be one of the greatest presidents America has seen, and I cannot wait to cast my vote for him in 2012!"
5167: Samantha Puch

"A strong head to lead the rest of the body in tormoil."
5168: Jason Kim

5169: Amanda Gough

"If Ron Paul doesn't win, I will have lost all hope for America."
5170: Jeremy Barbosa

"Ron Paul is a good man."
5171: Name not displayed

"End the Federal Reserve and end the illegal wars !!!"
5172: Ralph

5173: Name not displayed

"This man knows what our country needs to do to rebound. I wish more people would listen to him!"
5174: A Kazim

"Keep going! You're wonderful!"
5175: Name not displayed

"Fight. Don't pay attention to the naysayers or those in the media who dismiss you."
5176: Glenn R. Rice

"i want to get everyone to vote for RON PAUL :)"
5177: adrian

"The modern Thomas Jefferson"
5178: Michael Chavez

"Time for Liberty!"
5179: Jonathan Daw

"Thanks for defending liberty!"
5180: Mike Larson

"I vote Ron Paul - The only one that speaks truth."
5181: Bill Dahl

"Lets do it. You cant spell RevOlutioN with out RON!!! (am I the first one to say that? I'm gunna make tee shirts!!!)"
5182: Cody T.

"The one and only politician I have ever truly believed in. He is good and just for the people. Not in the pockets of the corporations. True American Constitutional Values."
5183: Brett R

"The constitution needs full restoration...NOW!!!!"
5184: tom moore

"I am an old lady now in a wheelchair, but I lived in this country when it was totally free, and a good place to live. Everyone should read "The Overton Window". Not really a great book, but my point is that this is what our country has become. I think there is no one running unless it is you Ron Paul that can give us back what we once had."
5185: Judie P.

"Our government desperately needs a man of Dr. Paul's principles. He has my vote."
5186: Jonathan Tiffany

"I am joining the fight for true liberty! I honestly believe we have to do this now, for our future!!"
5187: Wallace Rogers

"The only candidate who can reverse a century of degradation of liberty."
5188: Matt Ambroso

5189: Name not displayed

5190: Grant C. Olson

"You have my full support and I will vote for none other than Ron Paul."
5191: Name not displayed

5192: James Semple

"So refreshing to see a principled statesman with integrity!"
5193: Jennifer Jarrett

"Restoring America"
5194: Patrick M Landers II

"End the War on Drugs and Restore our Freedom"
5195: Name not displayed

5196: Kelsey Grove

"We should look at ourselves and fix our problems before looking abroad"
5197: daniel ceurvorst

"Don't let the media bring you down!"
5198: Name not displayed

5199: Steve Riddel

5200: Alan Hall

"I hope for the sake of this country that you succeed in becoming the president of the United States of America, for the life of me I don't understand why they're Republican media is against you I live in New York and I get more news about you from the daily show then Fox network
may God bless you and your family"

5201: Name not displayed

""That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.""
5202: Charles Rhea

"Go Ron Paul 2012!"
5203: Name not displayed

"Ron Paul is the change we need !!!!!"
5204: charlie baker

"hope u win let's adopt the consititution again"
5205: joe

"I have studied with great interest the writings of our founding fathers, and I see their understanding of personal liberty and federal policy in what you say and the movements you have voted on. the 2012 presidential election will be my first election to vote in and I'm enlightened to find someone realizes the importance of maintaining(or rather re-introducing) our constitution."
5206: Peter Williams

"Thank you for your bravery"
5207: Name not displayed

"I've watched Ron Paul for about 10 years. I will attest that his voting record has always been consistent and in line with my interpretations of the Constitution."
5208: Christopher J. Dodson

"Ron Paul 2012, let's do this."
5209: Josh

5210: Ben McLain

"We need you Ron Paul!"
5211: Francisco

"Hey Ron, want a bodyguard?"
5212: Charlie A.

"Dear Ron Paul Team, being an italian citizen living in Spain, I shan't have the opportunity nor privilege to be voting for Mr Ron Paul at the next presidential election. Nevertheless, I will be doing my utmost from where I live to convince voting americans living over here to do the sensible thing once the elections come. Best wishes, Terence"
5213: Terence

"We need the, "exception to the gang of 535 on the hill", to become, "The exception to the past 44 Presidents"."
5214: Jeremiah Logsdon

5215: Mistlete Lin

"Win it for America. Take back our dignity, and restore integrity to the people. Thank you and best of luck. We as a nation deserve the truth and I am hoping that you are one of the means to achieve this."
5216: Nathaniel Larson

"You have my vote Ron Paul. No one else. I will write it on the ballot if I have to!!!"
5217: Rob

5218: Phillip Miller

5219: Name not displayed

"With Ron Paul United We Stand!"
5220: J. Webb

"The best of luck in the coming election, Ron Paul is the truest American in politics today. We support you in every way, continue to bring down the Washington machine!"
5221: Jacob Maine

"Ron Paul your the truth, real candidate RON PAUL for president 2012"
5222: Paul Palma

"I'm dropping M Bachmann and my vote for her...transfering to Ron because she is now showing true colors. He belittlement of Ron as "un-electable" has me steaming. She looses! WE WIN!"
5223: Rob Brown

"I will re-post what Garrett Lambert posted earlier because I believe it... "Renewing America in 2012!!
For the first time in my life I will be joining a campaign and doing everything I can to get this Patriot elected. Let the revival of our country begin 1 person at a time, 1 step at a time and 1 voice at a time. Together, our collective voices will be heard in unison with a single message... L.O.V.E.
L the constitution outlines
O pportunity...for all Americans
V alues...morals and ethics do matter
E xcitement...for Ron Paul's vision to revive America""

5224: Andrea

"I have done a good amount of research on all of the candidates and Ron Paul is the one America needs."
5225: Joseph Merza

"Thank you for continuing to work in all individuals' best interest."
5226: Kelsey

"Please bring our jobs back to American soil"
5227: Charles Harris

5228: Barbara Boehm

"" God, Guts and Glory" Let's take our country back!"
5229: J.T. Bishop

"I don't want to waste my vote again this election. We need Dr. Ron Paul to win the nomination."
5230: Zafar Khan

"Gal 5:1 ¶ Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage."
5231: Charlie Williams

5232: Chon Tillman

"The vote in Idaho is being blatantly controlled by the news media. The real race includes Ron Paul not Romney or Perry. This is just another means to control the vote and take away more of our freedom given to us by our "Founding Fathers"!!"
5233: Name not displayed

"Common sense . . . uncommon wisdom. Ron Paul 2012!"
5234: Michael Reilly Creed

"From Cajun Country in Louisiana, you've got my support, Ron Paul."
5235: Scott Smith

"Campaign LOUDER!!!! The man needs to be heard, and mainstream brainwashing (media) will not put his message out for weak ears!!!!"
5236: Melissa hausam

"I appreciate your stand and your commitment. The Constitution of the United States thanks you and I thank you."
5237: Karl Spahr

"The only true voice of liberty."
5238: Brock Raum

5239: John Bortan

"END the FED!! He's my man!"
5240: Name not displayed

5241: Scott

5242: Al ueda

"Ron Paul for the Win!


5243: Michal Lodziana

"Please get out of the GOP race and run as an independent... or a libertarian.... anything you want to call yourself. You, sir, are above any party and the GOP will only try to push you down. Good Luck congressman Paul."
5244: Thomas W. Monahan

"Your views on Foreign Policy are exactly what this country needs! No more going into foreign countrys and wasting billions of dollars and costing the lives of our troops! Enough is Enough!!!"
5245: Emmanuel Morales

5246: David Wilmarth

"I hope and pray, you can win.....I am retired military and strongly believe we need to bring our troops home from most of their locations around the world. It is just a waste of manpower and money. We have the ability to reach any point in the world from our own protectorates and locations. We do not need to be on forign soil."
5247: John Mann

5248: Tяoy Allen

5249: Name not displayed

"Ron Paul is the nation's only hope to persevere through this disaster that has been self imposed by our 'leaders'. RON FOR PRESIDENT!"
5250: Name not displayed

"You have my vote"
5251: Curtis Redford

"Common sense with conviction."
5252: Kevin Erfurdt

"Viva la rEVOLution!"
5253: M.G. Sailors

5254: Jacob Maas

"Let's take our country back!"
5255: Travis Swaim

5256: Matthew Fethers

5257: Thomas Alan McMillan

"im part of the cobert super pac"
5258: dustin blankenship

"For one thing, I greatly admire how Ron Paul transcends these ridiculous and ineffective party affiliations."
5259: Deborah Weinischke

5260: Violeta Rios

"Ron rocks! The only one that makes any sense!"
5261: Wayne Ritchie

"Existence of America was a revolt against the tyranny of powerful against common masses. Although not an American myself - I have great respect and love the ideals America was supposed to possess. I want to see America live to follow those principles so that it sets an example for the rest of the world to follow and hence making the world a better place rather than an unsafe place what it has been turned into now inpart because of its actions . Ron Paul is the guy who understands this and is on the right track. I hope he can hoist the flag of true freedom once again in this world - even though not living in America - I'd be happy knowing atleast true freedom does exist somewhere in the world."
5262: Setu Sharma

"An honest politician with integrity and the constitution behind him! Ron Paul is our ONLY chance to turn this country around, and send a CLEAR message to Washington!! Ron Paul, you have my support and my vote!!"
5263: Emily Hall

"You have my vote Ron Paul! It is certainly time for a change and I believe you may be the man to finally provide it!!"
5264: Laura Palatino

"Working hard to educate and register Republicans."
5265: Duane Taylor

"Ron is the only honest hope for our liberty...Ron Paul 2012!!!!"
5266: Shane gillispie

"I pledge to serve my country and to assist the recovery of our country with the help of a new president who i believe Ron Paul is the man for the job."
5267: Thomas Jankowski

"Let's destroy the mainstream media's ideals and leave them speechless as we get Ron Paul to the top."
5268: Chris Caffey

5269: Aaron J. Hirsh

"I have never given a dime to any canidate but now I send money when ever I can"
5270: Name not displayed

"Ron Paul is a source of hope and inspiration. I do not agree with all his views yet I do agree with him on limited government being the key to true person freedom, personal responsibility, peace and prosperity. We are headed for worse times, that can not be avoided. How fast we recover and at what cost (financial and political) will be, in large part, due to the choices we make as a society. Who we choose to lead is a major deciding factor. Ron Paul will work to solve problems rather than exploit them. I'm tiered of politicians who look upon our countries ills as an opportunity to advance faulty ideology and line the pockets of fellow thieving thugs."
5271: Eldon Fox

5272: Travis Provin

"You have our support!"
5273: Joe Hanson

"Doc. Paul you are America's only hope for a better future! I wish you the best of luck and will spread the word! RON PAUL 2012!"
5274: Nicole Donaldson

5275: Tyler Scheid

"A real change for America."
5276: Van Trent

""The One", that makes sense"
5277: Timothy Hammond

5278: Yelena Y. Lugina

"Ron your message is inspiring I feel like your one of the only leaders that understands some of the root problems with our society"
5279: Luke Van Epps

5280: luke marinac

"From Germany... Ron Paul has already won, he represents freedom and peace that the world needs now, the war must remain in the history books, the future will give us equality without repress. Good people always outnumber the selfish, do not doubt it, we are winners, we are the future, and we won."
5281: Name not displayed

"the only honest ma/grownup"
5282: tom melbert

"Anything is better than now."
5283: Joseph delgado

5284: Dustin Venske

"Change is good. if you are not here legally then get the hell out"
5285: terry Conick

5286: James Thurman

5287: Abigail A. Price

5288: Jonathan Sneed

"Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate I support! GOP...Give me Ron Paul or lose my vote"
5289: Jayson A. Thornhill

5290: David Carter

"The other candidates better watch their back!"
5291: Blake S. Stewart

5292: Richard Yelland

"Just Win!"
5293: Vincent Remini


And just like Andrew Jackson and Abe Lincoln, END THE FED and GET US OUT OF THIS MESS!!"

5294: Joseph Ante

"End "W" tax "refund"! Raise tax to pay for the 2 wars! Reduce the military budget to equal the COMBINED budgets of Russia and China. Use most of this money to build and rebuild our infrastructure and thereby create jobs....until business finds it cheaper to do the job here instead of third world countries. With the remainder balance the budget and pay down the debt. If you can't do it....then commission China to create us a 5 year plan"

"Ron Paul is to America, as Jesus was to Christians, the messiah."
5296: Seth Rainer Kania

"Full support, from Canada!"
5297: G.M.

"Ron Paul has my vote. I've joined the revolution! Go Ron Paul"
5298: Nan Schmidt

"I place my trust in Ron Paul, and I hope that many more place there trust in him. He has earned it! I am 18 years old and i don't know a lot about politics but what i do know is that "We the people" need to save this country. Ron Paul has shown us the way. If we support him with our power as the people he will lead us to a new era of liberty and freedom. Its time to stand up, fight for our revolution, and make our country a thriving power in this world.

thank you ,
Jonathan manwarren"

5299: Jonathan Manwarren

"If the Tea Party was actually looking for their perfect candidate (tea party now is the same as Republican) why look any further than Ron Paul?"
5300: richard

"I don't know if you read this crap but you need to get you self well known in Florida, This Sate actually is made up of many states because they all come down here for vacation in the winter time. You will cover a lot of ground in one state and they will bring your message back to there own state. Get the vote out in Florida and the others will follow.
Hope some one listens.
We need change.
They need to get the point and the boot."

5301: Glen

"It's time for Ron Paul. Lets make It happen!"
5302: Chris B Franson

5303: dean french

5304: Matthew Mcguire

"its about time america is wakeing up its time for real change not just words"
5305: chad townsend

"Thank you Dr. Paul for not being afraid to take a stand and work for the American people when the rest of the politicians sell out. We need more leaders like you!"
5306: Melissa

"The American people need to get on board with Ron Paul if they want cCHANGE IN THIS COUNTRY!!!!"
5307: Peggy S. Sparks

"Go Ron Go!!! Let's reclaim our country!!"
5308: Nathan

"I was interested last time he started up and I am more interested in him NOW. The only thing Ron Paul must do is leave behind and do NOT discuss abortion rights...Leave the people guessing on this issue. I like him and I am talking about him, especially to my 20-year old son, who wants an "independent" candidate to vote for. I would love to help out. I am ready for serious, economic reform in government. Yay!!"
5309: Susan Burke

"Get it Done!"
5310: Christopher M. Tristano

"I want to wake up one day and feel proud that i voted for the president who helped restore America! Ron Paul 2012!"
5311: Eric Vehill

5312: Dan

"Pllllleeeaaasssseee win."
5313: ryan

"Those who sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither; Benjamin Franklin"
5314: Ralph Josephus Herman Verwegen

"End the Fed. Go Ron Paul 2012!!"
5315: Kenny H

"i supported you in 2008, and i will continue to support you throughout your future political campaigns!"
5316: kamran awan

5317: wanda pelley

5318: Jessica Rhoads

"Ron Paul in 2012!"
5319: Name not displayed

5320: Astrika Wilhelm

"Ron Paul is our hope! rEVOLution engage!!"
5321: Adam M.

"It is obvious that the media and the people that run it will do whatever it takes to see him fail. We need to use social media and tell the people and the world we are free and not sheep being lead to the slaughter."
5322: Noah Huske

"I would love to start again to trust and respect America(not talking about the citizens),if there is a chance to do so i think that Ron Poul is the right person that could make people like me change mind about a great country that for too long hasn't been really a role model as they would like to be. Hope really he will be well protected and supported.Regards. a foreign supporter"
5323: vittorio

"We'll win this r3volution or die trying!! Lets go Ron"
5324: Name not displayed

"this is the people's time! 2012 is ours!"
5325: vanessa alonso

5326: Clayton Hadley

"Make it happen!"
5327: Dennis D. Logan

5328: Ben Inwood

"I was Ron Paul 2008, and im Ron Paul 2012"
5329: Brenden M. Villarreal

"We need to restore freedom! i cant vote for ron paul but all my respect! greets from the netherlands."
5330: bob marley

5331: Johnathan Sutton

"Hope you win!"
5332: Rebecca Loa

"For the Children!"
5333: Bud

"Are you on the ballot in Missouri?"
5334: Name not displayed

"this 99ner needs you to shake up Washington,America and the world"
5335: Name not displayed

"Get er DUNNNNN"
5336: wayne hosmer

"Ron Paul - a sane voice in the wilderness"
5337: KC Drisc

"Ron, I will write your name in if the GOP doesn't nominate you."
5338: David Joly

5339: Name not displayed

"Lets elect Ron Paul"
5340: Michael Tindall

"just don't legalize narcotics or let states secede, otherwise you're the man - less federalism and more state control baby"
5341: Brad Yoder

"Long live liberty, prosperity, and the constitution of the United States of America. God Bless you Ron Paul."
5342: Clayton Burger

"Go Ron Go!"
5343: Jimmy W. Rose

"I know one cannot go to war with Media. But whoever goes I am with them. Ron Paul!!"
5344: Ali

5345: Name not displayed

"This is the perfect time for people to listen to what you said in 2008 and see that you were correct."
5346: Stephen Johnson

"Bring HOME our TROOPS and END the FED!!"
5347: Wesley Collin McGuire

5348: Eric McGinty

"I like peace and prosperity. So I support Ron Paul."
5349: Name not displayed

"The One I believe"
5350: Claudia Moreno

5351: Salomon

"we have not yet begun to fight."
5352: Jeremiah Owens

"Ron Paul for a better America and a better World!"
5353: Ramazan Kerasous

5354: Jerrid T.

"Lets End The Fed Ron!"
5355: Frank

"If ever this country needed someone, It's Ron Paul."
5356: Patrick Cassidy

"Our country's founders would wish to shake your hand sir for you have had the courage to stand up to more than even they did. They stood up against what they saw to be, ultimately, foreign dominion; you stand against despotism in its most insidious and invasive form-- that which passes for "protection," and "security" proferred by the hands of those who would rob us of it. As Franklin once wrote, "He who would sacrifice liberty for security deserves neither." The enemy is within; bless you for recognizing this and acting on behalf of the American people who've been politically castrated, rendered financially impotent, and who before now, "lay supinely" on their backs, childishly powerless in their ability to effect real and lasting change. Thank you."
5357: Name not displayed

5358: kristine beck

"Its time for some accountability, keep bringing the REALTALK! Paul for President!"
5359: Courtney Weeks

"I love every speech you give. Ron Paul 2012!"
5360: Joseph Frigo

"Ron Paul 2012!!!!"
5361: David Brown

5362: Nickolas Griffith

5363: Matt Twomey

"Keep up the honest work..."
5364: Name not displayed

"The only real choice Ron Paul."
5365: Narada Snyder

5366: Jeffery M Goins

"For Liberty!"
5367: Name not displayed

5368: Name not displayed

"Ron Paul 2012!!! Last great hope for America!"
5369: James Allphin

"Ron Paul 2012! Our only hope for peace and prosperity!"
5370: Kevin Fitzpatrick

"Naples, FL"
5371: John Townsend

5372: Monique Bachant

"Ron - we can see the video from THE DAILY SHOW on the 15th - it is no longer there?"
5373: Name not displayed

"Finally, a candidate worth voting for."
5374: Micheal Gann

"Remember our constitution?"
5375: Brandon T. Gadles

"breath of fresh air , go for it, !Jeffersonian basics never hurt anyone, a needed balance to Ikes warning"
5376: S Comer

"I believe in Ron Paul, hes an honest man that supports real traditional American values and has the kind of experiance necessary to lead our country to prosperity."
5377: Eric C. Miller

"You're the only man I can truly trust to fix this country!"
5378: Ryan Lindeman

"It's about time we had someone worth voting for"
5379: Jerry Tubbs

"Ron Paul is the person this country needs to return us to greatness and prosperity - he is "The One" and only."
5380: Michele Pejlovas

5381: Brandon Hunter

"Ron Paul's courage and integrity will be rewarded. We will be judged according to our words and fruit. God bless you Ron Paul and keep up the good work! People here in western Washington's Puget Sound area are waking up and standing behind you!"
5382: Shawn Mann

"Time for Ron to Run the Corrupt, Inept, War-mongering, False democrats out of the way of the honest working and individually capable American citizen´s way, and at the same time help the rest of the world do the same by setting an example...

Spread the word, as the US news channels are doing a good job at sidelining him!"

5383: Lee Altman

"Ron Paul 2012!!!!"
5384: Melanie Alejandre

"I consider you American's last hope for freedom."
5385: Cheryl N

"Well Ron, of the candidates around, you are the only one that seems genuine. Hope you find the lost american true spirit. Put in some changes to the economic ways, so that nobody gets to trample on others."
5386: Sofus Comer

"RON PAUL 2012! This is a huge conspiracy, Ron not getting the media coverage he deserves. Americans want him in office. The money hungry corporations and BIG GOVERNMENT dont want change because change means that they might just have to EARN A LIVING for once."
5387: Nick McKinney

"Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God!"
5388: Sheree May

"America needs Ron Paul!"
5389: Name not displayed

"the truth is powerful"
5390: Name not displayed

"YAY!!!! Can't wait to see you President!"
5391: Katie B

"We hope & pray you win!!"
5392: Claudia Buch

"I support you Mr. Paul. 100%"
5393: Rebecca Anzini

"If Ron Paul wants a fighting chance in the Presidential Race, he might want to consider Newt Gingrich as a running mate. With Newt as Vice Nobody will stand a chance of beating them in the polls. Also, Ron Paul being a Libertarian and being accepted as a Republican would get a huge boost from the Republican Strong hold with Newt Gingrich at his back. GO RON PAUL don't give your congressional seat up either. WE NEED SOMEONE REAL LIKE RON PAUL. ELECT RON PAUL!"
5394: Nick McKinney

"RON PAUL, 2012!"
5395: Angel Jones

"It's great to see the libertarian movement getting the attention it deserves. Ron was absolutely correct; mainstream is shifting towards him."
5396: Albert Gawer

"This is the first time in my life there has been a clear cut answer to the question of who to vote for, who is truly right and good for the country, rather than the usual confusion over the artificial, commercialized dog-and-pony show orchestrated between smooth talking figureheads.

Ron Paul is a shining example of all that is good about humanity -- honor, integrity, principles, and willingness to stand up for what is right and facilitate real change.

This man has my whole-hearted support and I will do everything in my power to spread his message."

5397: Miranda Austin

"Let's do this!"
5398: Juan Esparza

"Internet and radio is the only way to spread common sense. The richest people in the world will not let Ron be supported by mainstream media. America, take advantage of this 35 year political veteran who speaks truth and has courage to face the cronyism that is destroying liberty, from Canada."
5399: Alex C

5400: Name not displayed

5401: Name not displayed

"Go Ron GO!!!"
5402: Adam Acerra

5403: Richard Lawson

"Ron Paul is the shit!!!!!!!"
5404: John Valentine

"Forget the change stay with Ron Paul he hasn't changed!!!"
5405: Kara Romano

"You got my vote no matter what"
5406: Name not displayed

"good luck."
5407: Name not displayed

"...the only candidate that i feel has the most common sense."
5408: Dejane A. Clark

"We love you, Ron Paul!!!"
5409: Paul Yang

5410: Kenneth Rauld

"I am a military wife, homeschooling mother of two boys who both have autism spectrum disorders, and was raised a liberal. I am teaching my oldest son about the constitution and what made our country great. Ron Paul is the only candidate that can help get us back on the right track. Bless you Mr. Paul!"
5411: Rebecca Moon

5412: Mariano V.

"Ron Paul can, and will win the 2012 election."
5413: Jamil Ramahi


5415: Azlan Jesselli

"You Can Count On My Vote"
5416: James Hang

"N.Carolina is behind you Paul!"
5417: Name not displayed

5418: Kyle Muntz

"The only chance this country has resides in Ron Paul. Fortunately, people are waking up to the fact that if this country continues on the path it has chosen, we will become yet another chapter in the history of failed societies. Continue To Be Strong, We Are All The Force Of Freedom!!"
5419: Michael Borhi

5420: Dennis Dufau

"the whole navy shop I work in supports you and so does much of the rest of the building. We joined because we were patriots thinking we needed to do out duty and we want to see the constitution be backed for once and not looked at as a relic."
5421: Name not displayed

5422: Danielle Prentice

"My hands belong to the cause. What can I do?"
5423: Eric Malloy

5424: Name not displayed

"This is all about the 18-30 yr old vote! Millenials don't want to choose between fiscal freedom and social freedom but if they have to they will choose social freedom since most of them don't make enough money to suffer from the class warfare against the rich. If the GOP nominates ANYONE besides Ron Paul, we can kiss the millenial vote goodbye forever."
5425: Christopher Stark

"GO Ron Paul !!!!"
5426: Name not displayed

"Ron Paul is the only man that's talking any sense. Let's make sure he makes it to the white house and make the changes that no one else has the balls to make!"
5427: Name not displayed

5428: Ryan Roth

5429: Name not displayed

5430: Brad Rothman

5431: Christian Martinez

5432: Name not displayed

"Ron Paul 2012!! Ron Paul 2012!! Ron Paul 2012!! Ron Paul 2012!! Ron Paul 2012!! Ron Paul 2012!! Ron Paul 2012!! Ron Paul 2012!!"
5433: Matthew

"My family needs you, My daughter needs you, and I do too. I want to help your campaign and help spread the word of Dr.Paul"
5434: Sean Dahl

"For freedom from the ridiculously powerful super rich banking institutions!!!"
5435: Vincent Cain


"Who stands for the peoples rights more than Ron Paul. We need a president that delivers!"
5437: Sandra Drews

5438: Name not displayed

5439: Sarah Peter

5440: Keith Rametta

"Common sense talk with a keen, and blunt appreciation for the problems and realities that face us is often scary to those looking for a free lunch. However, it is ultimately all that will save us from the monster we have created over the last century. I cannot support any other candidate in this election. They all sicken me."
5441: Cory Stansbury

"Ron Paul is the only candidate saying anything different from the others. It doesn't suprise me that he isnt being covered by the media his message is different."
5442: Nickalas J Tenney

"Go Paul!!!!"
5443: Christopher McCulloh

"Don't give up, ever. I will vote for you at every opportunity. Just keep making sense ;)"
5444: Name not displayed

"I will stand to support you this time."
5445: Scott Gibson

5446: Lindsay Gain

"I make custom laser cut STENCILS from poster board. I have a stencil template that reads "Ron Paul, 2012, Restore America,"

I would like to learn the best way to distribute these stencils to other RP supporters. They measure 22" x 14", and each stencil can be used to produce hundreds, if not thousands, of RP signs, in any color desired.

All people need to begin producing RP support signs are one stencil, several sheets of poster board, and a few cans of spray paint. I am located in Fort Collins, Colorado, and well gladly ship these stencils throughout the country for a small fee to cover my time and expenses. I will also email the template to any other laser cutting companies so that they, too can produce their on sign making stencils. Please contact me with any advise or information you can provide.

Please take a few moments to see a photo of one of my stencils on¤t=IMG_68532.jpg

Nick Hays"

5447: Nick Hays

"I am always impressed with your honesty Ron! Keep up the good work and happy birthday."
5448: Steve Glenn

"Ron Paul Ron Paul Ron Paul Ron Paul Ron Paul Ron Paul Ron Paul Ron Paul Ron Paul Ron Paul!"
5449: Steve

5450: Zach G.

"The reincarnation of our Founding Fathers has finally arrived."
5451: Thomas Henderson

5452: Amy

"THANK YOU!!! RON PAUL 2012. 100%"
5453: Name not displayed

"Way to go Ron! Taking on the issues based on need... not popularity! The one candidate who has had tea party values before having tea party values were popular."
5454: Name not displayed

"It is time to change America for the better."
5455: Alan Agnew

"I am a Marine Corps veteran and one of many U.S. vets who support Rep. Paul. Never before in my voting history, have I believed so strongly in an idea that has been spear-headed by Rep. Paul. You have my vote sir."
5456: Name not displayed

"Ron Paul all the way! End the federal reserve! Enough of this insane foreign policy we have right now!"
5457: Nathan Appel

"I'm afraid I believe what you say Congressman Ron Paul. I'm only worried that there is only one of you,.. I'm anxious about that. I hate the way the media is under-representing you and pushing forth (forgive me) candidates that make me shudder
. Alex Jones has helped me see and despair."

5458: John Bolden

"I hate republicans but I love you Ron Paul! Keep up the fight!"
5459: Name not displayed

"I'm a sophomore at the University of Hawaii and I'm a registered democrat. However, I'm going to reregister as republican in order to give you my vote for the 2012 presidential election."
5460: Kyra Howe

5461: Andrzej Sekula

5462: Jennifer

"You are our only hope Ron Paul. Bear good fruit and do what is just. Please don't cower to fear and intimidation."
5463: Name not displayed

"We need you in the Whitehouse Ron Paul! Give congress a huge wake up call"
5464: Luis

"Ron Paul or NO DICE!"
5465: Calvin Lee

"Look forward to America getting a real President in 2012. Go Ron Paul :)"
5466: Name not displayed

"America is ready for you Ron Paul. You CAN do it this time."
5467: Name not displayed

"People are finally starting to realize that you've been right all along. Now is the time. Ron Paul for President!!!!"
5468: Richard Mendoza

"We've gained a lot of momentum in the last 4 years. Go Ron!!!"
5469: Bryan Farley

"I will do my best to get this man elected.....he is our last hope!"
5470: Harry Anderson

5471: Arek Religa

"We need someone who will take on the corruption and dirty politics in Washington. Ron Paul is our man!"
5472: Daniel Machovec

"RON PAUL 2012
RON PAUL 2012"

5473: Lisa Majors

"Go for it Ron, Veterens for Ron Paul"
5474: Scott McKinney

"When you came in 2nd place in the Straw Poll in Iowa and the Media Network elites and the Republican elites did NOT play FAIR. This conveyed to ME that YOUR message is POWERFUL! I believe you are the people's voice of common sense! You have my VOTE!"
5475: Dr Ossil V Macavinta

"Ron Paul is the only candidate who tells it like it is,and he is honest."
5476: Linda

"Legalize Freedom... with the help of RON PAUL!!!"
5477: Marian Elie

"Im Swiss but i will support Ron Paul!"
5478: Name not displayed

""First they ignore you then they laugh at you then they fight you then you win" Gandhi. RonPaul2012 USN"
5479: Matthew DiAngelo

"I sure hope the rest of America will listen this time around. We can get around the media's ignorance. Let us all speak directly to the people."
5480: T. Chad Smith

"Ron Paul 2012. For Liberty, for Peace, for REAL. Dr. Paul is the ONLY choice for America. Restore America NOW. Dr. Paul cannot carry this message of Liberty alone, we ALL have to do our part."
5481: Michael COmbs

"My God be with you over the next 14 months. God knows the American people are!!"
5482: Job

"RON PAUL has my full support!! We need a REAL president running our country who will ACTUALLY look out for the American people!"
5483: Jenna

"You got my vote. All the others are puppets and wont fix our problems. Ron Paul all the way."
5484: Dylan Nolan

5485: Daniel Walker

5486: jimi bennett

"Ron Paul 2012! Vote for actual liberty."
5487: Ryan M. Olson

"RON PAUL 2012!! I would take a bullet for this man, and gladly serve this country again under his leadership!"
5488: Christopher Rarick

"Go Doctor I am not a member of the Republican party but you have may vote to Bring our troops home now and end the war on drugs"
5489: Name not displayed

"End the fed, Stop the wars, End Corporate subsidies and Welfare "Entitlment" Programs for anyone not Disabled, Kill the IRS, Remove Income Tax and Regulations on Marriage.

True Freedom Baby!"

5490: Kepler

5491: Charles Thompson

5492: Name not displayed

"My support is with you! Ron Paul 2012!"
5493: Name not displayed

"Let's make it happen in 2012!"
5494: Dan Douglass

"You have my vote!"
5495: Kevin Mullaney

"Calling all citizens of the United States of America! All hands on deck! Enough is enough! The dems and repubs are leading us into bankruptcy and civil war. Ron Paul rEVOLution or Bust!!!"
5496: David Bannasch

"The other candidates are a dime a dozen. There's only one Ron Paul!"
5497: Erik Russell

5498: Raymond Hawkins

5499: Elizabeth Medere

5500: Kevin S. Killian

"Democrat voting for Ron Paul!!! We need to forget about political parties and focus on who's the best option for America and this man is IT!! RP 2012!!"
5501: Suganya R.

"I guarantee my vote for Ron Paul"
5502: Name not displayed

5503: Clifton Kuecker

"Ron Paul 2012!"
5504: Josh Davis

"Dr. Ron Paul you have my support forever and always! You have lite a fire within many Americans, including myself! I believe in you! rEVOLution!!!!"
5505: Crystal Connors

5506: Chris Hall

5507: Alicia Lee

"If you have a minutes worth of time I would love to see you on this site,
We are fighting for you for the things that you hold true and there are issuse that we repeat daily to the liberals that won't liberty and freedom for all.We could really get a boost if you were to show your face here in the blogs that follow,Thanks and keep up the good work!"

5508: Dan Coman

5509: shai feldfogel

"You've got my vote!"
5510: Garth Wilson

5511: Tamara Hicks

5512: Chris Coulter

5513: steven mertz

5514: John Bullock

5515: Adam Nava

"The time is now! Get out and let people know about a TRUE AMERICAN...Dr Ron Paul , its time the people got there voice back!"
5516: C.Cook

"I am in!"
5517: Christopher L Miller

"they can not stop ron paul 2012!!!"
5518: Joshua Collier

5519: Name not displayed

"Retired Marine Iraqi War Veteran, I support Ron Paul because he is the Champion of the Constitution !!"
5520: Brian Baum

"Lets get him in"
5521: jesse eliuk

"go Ron! tell all your friends :)"
5522: Chris Stark

5523: Jason

"I support Ron Paul and would like to help with announcing NESARA!
Removing the fool who beleives he is the king of the American Slaves!!"

5524: Name not displayed

5525: Michael Jordan

"Keep fighting the good fight!"
5526: Fernando Valenzuela

"Let's get rid of this outrageous greed that exsist in Wall Street, Bankers and in Washington. COUNT ME IN. YOU HAVE MY VOTE!!!!!!!!"
5527: EdBonet

"You're the man, Ron!"
5528: Andrew C.

5529: Michael Payne

5530: Chad Simmons

"We LOVE you Ron! Im doing everything I can to get others behind you. Keep up the great work!"
5531: Chris Dennis

"I'm voting for Ron Paul... he's the only real person running!!!"
5532: Nary Sao

"Seriously. To Ron and all of the people that are helping in this effort. It is impossible for me to express my gratitude.

We have all already done so much. and I hope for more this next 2 years."

5533: ryan gasmop

"All the best Dr. Paul."
5534: Name not displayed

"Sir, I pray you will be elected."
5535: Thomas Mott

"I made a promise to myself that I am going to break. The promise? Never to vote again. Not only will I vote for Ron Paul, I will do everything in my power to encourage others to do the same. I want to help. Tell me where to sign up! My household is good for 3 votes!"
5536: Teresa Christian

"I'm ready for some change for the good this time! RON PAUL!!!"
5537: Name not displayed

"From serving as a doctor in the USN overseas... You are the sole politician worth listening to and believing. Thank you for having an actual heart for American Citizens."
5538: ryan colosi

"OF course I'll vote for you!"
5539: Kendal Hern

"Please contact me if there is anything I can do"
5540: Adam Young

"I want to opt out and keep the government out of my wallet!"
5541: Christopher Dencklau

5542: Mike M.

"He has my vote!!!!!!"
5543: Virginia hayes

5544: Greg

"On fire for Ron Paul 2012!! Anything I can do to help see real change in America that we desperatly need!!! Go, Ron GO!!!!"
5545: Hector medel

"ron paul---political hero"
5546: yuriy

"I have never been so enthused and energized over a presidential candidate like Dr. Paul. This country desperately needs change and Dr. Paul is the ONE! We love him."
5547: mary mcintosh

"Finally a honest politician."
5548: Ben Sharp

5549: Keith Lehmkuhl

"For Liberty! Ron Paul for President!"
5550: Ryan Solovjovs

"Ron Paul: The only candidate the can/will fix our government!!!!"
5551: Name not displayed

5552: Tim Forrest

5553: Name not displayed

5554: Zak

"Dear God, can we please keep Dr. Paul for a few hundred years?"
5555: Name not displayed

"RON PAUL 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!"
5556: Lawrence Ng

"Never Stop, We are awake and prepared to take our country back from the criminals who now control it, by any means necessary!"
5557: Richard Butterfield

"Ron Paul will put America back on the right path. Ron Paul 2012!"
5558: Alex

5559: Ken Morris

"You Sir are an inspiration for us all!"
5560: Name not displayed

"I am in. Hopefully he can win!"
5561: Berlin Brown

"Make a campaign contribution also. Ron Paul 2012!!!"
5562: Anthony Vogel

"Vote Ron Paul 2012!!!"
5563: Kiarra Petree

"Thank you so much for educating the people! Not just the U.S. but the whole world needs this more now than ever."
5564: Name not displayed

"Mr. Paul your message is 100% truth, I'm so glad that someone with the integrity that you have is running,... You got my vote again!!!!!!!!!1"
5565: Name not displayed

5566: Rick Harris

"Ron Paul a better candidate for americans."
5567: Aziz

"To revive a broken republic system, for more than 60-years by the corruptors as flase-base elected officials of the fedeal system for the nation meant for peace, harmony and justic for all, instead for the muti-nationals whom US help to libert from naiz's rule, now aa the permenent willer, and dealers base in Washington D.C,
for their dark vision for the republic of US, a rejected America ploted to be for unjust and immoral conspiracies, and crime against humanty. A nobler America must rise by the divine intervation and true unity, for the world peace, and coop, progress among the world nations. From :UCLA Fine Arts graudate, and Tech-art teacher A.R golpy. 8-18-2011"

5568: golpy raoufi

"You are our grandchildrens last hope for freedom and liberty. May God Bless Dr. Ron Paul"
5569: Roy Ohrberg

"Ron Paul can win!"
5570: Teresa Carver

"Ron - There is no way to immediately wipe out all the damage Bush did but I believe in you , trust you and I support you - please help us !!! I will vote for you !!! BEST OF LUCK !!! marc"
5571: marc van oudt

"Leading America's journey back to sanity!"
5572: Name not displayed

"End the war on drugs. "80% of street crime is drug related" Make the streets safe for us again! Flat income tax the same for all!"
5573: Adolph Arendt

"Ron Paul would make a great President but the media will never allow it."
5574: Dan Hess

"please support the removal of illegal aliens from our nation and improving border security. and reducing the size and power of the federal government. thank you and you have my family's support for 2012! good luck"
5575: rob laplante

5576: Schrodinger Cat

5577: David Rummelhoff

5578: Brandon Goetz

"Happy Birthday! End the Fed, Start the Ron!"
5579: Francois Dubrulle

"I'm a registered Independent and I support Ron Paul. Does this prove that his ideas ARE gaining traction?? I think so..."
5580: Simon miller

"Ron Paul is the man!!"
5581: Clint Robins

"happy birthday and god bless"
5582: james anderson

5583: Jim Harmon

"sorry, being european i can't vote for you but i sincerely wish for a ron paul over here. success to you and happy birthday. gary"
5584: gary vonck

"Do well!"
5585: Brandon Mitchell

"Ron Paul 2012-2020"
5586: Jimmy Sandhu

"Let's kick ALL these lunatics/terrorists out of Washington. Time for a full out REVOLUTION!!"
5587: Jim

"God Bless You and Happy Birthday on August 20th!"
5588: Hank

"This man is the only level-headed person left in Washington, as evidenced by his many years of service while never backing down on his principles. He represents what I want in a President: A leader, a constitutional loyalist, and a hardline fiscal conservative."
5589: James M Hubbard

"Thank you for your continued efforts to uphold the Constitution."
5590: Charlie Sarkioglu

5591: Shelbey Phelps

"Please Ron, no more paying for abortions with federal money nad please, please, a flat tax for the country!"
5592: Rev. Vic Vead

"Happy Birthday Ron Paul. If you're all you say you are then God be with you."
5593: Jeseka

"We and our legal hispanic friends applaud you and your vision for our country! Thank you for having the courage and honesty to stand against the establishment!"
5594: W. De Leon

"We are behind you 100%...."
5595: sandy stell

"Ron Paul I thank you now and thank you for the future"
5596: Jonathan J.

"Happy birthday and hope you will be celebrating future birthdays in the White House!"
5597: Melinda L. Kay

"count me in!!"
5598: Name not displayed

"Happy Birthday: my familu and I support ypu and hope you will win. We need you as our next president."
5599: m. H

"Ron Paul 2012"
5600: Tina

"I believe RON PAUL would truly be a true American President that we have not had for a long time.

RON PAUL has 3 votes from this household."

5601: Vahan Hadjinian

"Happy Birthday to the greatest Man to ever run for President. May you be the one to lead us back to what America stands for and may you have many many more Birthdays!"
5602: Phyllis Wilson

"You are our only hope to restore this great nation"
5603: will douglas

"End the Fed!!! Ron Paul 2012!!!!"
5604: Mitch W.

"I'm in"
5605: J. P. W.

"Happy 76th birthday Mr. Spirit of '76!"
5606: Rene Avila

"Ron Paul 2012"
5607: Dale Jackson

"time for some real change in this country"
5608: john m

"May God bless you and the entire family--you for three or four more decades--of Liberty."
5609: Ken Gillespie

"Ron Paul is the only one running with a heart and common sense. lets stop these con artist and have a real election."
5610: Harrison francois

"I believe with 100% confidence that no one else is better fit for the tasks at hand. I voted for Ron Paul in the last presidential election as well. WE NEED RON PAUL!"
5611: Channing Quinn Carter

"Keep going Dr. Paul , We wish you a very Happy Birthday and hope you keep going onto the White House"
5612: Kraig Le Fevre

5613: Name not displayed

"You'll have my vote!"
5614: Cathy Hill

"Ron Paul makes all the sense in the world. Ron Paul 2012!"
5615: Colby Critchfield

"Ron Paul 2012! You have my vote!"
5616: Erika DeWald

"College students for Ron Paul!!"
5617: Jesse Vasquez

"Sweden for Ron Paul 2012!"
5618: Thomas Ryberg

"Rock on, Ronnie!"
5619: Scott Lennan

5620: ricky gardner

"Help us put an peaceful end to tyranny"
5621: Bryan DeVore

"Thanks for your steadfast integrity. It is comforting to know that you inspire and lead by example. I hope our elected officials and corporate legislators get follow suit."
5622: lois butcher

"I am extremely happy to call you a leader of men and can't wait to call you the leader of this nation that is in dire need of your leadership.
Jaysen K. Dry"

5623: Jaysen K. Dry

"Happy Birthday Ron Paul, hope you have a great year!"
5624: Name not displayed

"If Ron Paul does not become the next President of the United States, we as a country will forever prove we are incapable of rational thinking and realization. And so, we will justify stereotypes of Americans all around the world. RON PAUL 2012"
5625: Chris Pietrylowski

"Happy Birthday!!!!!!"
5626: Name not displayed

"Dr. Ron Paul, I been a faithful follower of your campaign since 2007 and I am confident that you would once again bring prosperity, admiration and dignity to this great country of ours.
Ron Paul 2012

Jose Zelaya
Miami, Florida"

5627: Jose Zelaya

"Got my $20.12 ready for the money bomb!!!"
5628: Name not displayed

5629: Name not displayed

"happy birthday dr. paul. thanks for your ongoing efforts to steer the country back on course"
5630: todd kaplan

"Ron Paul is a man substance, and someone who stands firm in his belief! We NEED HIM!!"
5631: Name not displayed

"Reality check - Our galaxy has approximately 250,000,000,000 stars. Our current US national debt ( is approximately $14,630,000,000,000. That's 58.4 times more money owed than stars in our galaxy. We need change, and not the kind Obama can offer!"
5632: Andrea Darby

5633: Michael Keyser

"God Bless America and God Bless Ron Paul"
5634: Caroline K Love

5635: Name not displayed

"Happy Birthday, Dr. Paul! Thank you for resuscitating liberty!
I wrote you in in 2008 and your 2012 campaign became official on my son's 13th birthday. I'm with you, all the way."

5636: Adriane Richards

"finally.....someone willing to stand strong against these children playing God with our country....RON PAUL 2012!"
5637: Eric Esqueda

"The TRUTH will set you FREE. This is last call for the real United States of America, Our CONSTITUTION, and Our BILL OF RIGHTS; OUR LIBERTY,OUR FREEDON AND OUR INALIENABLE RIGHTS OF OUR CREATION."
5638: Barbara J. Scott, L.M.T.

"Really appreciate all that you represent. Would love to run your Texans for RP page on facebook. 42 Likes? I know more than that already..."
5639: Jonathan Lyne

"Ron Paul, for real HOPE, to make real CHANGE. We were falsely promised that in 2008, but in 2012 we have another chance at it with Ron."
5640: Jake

"RON PAUL 2012!"
5641: K McD

5642: W Hafford

"We love you, Paul."
5643: James Emmi

"We love you ron Weve been big fans for years,we are Libertarians for Ron Paul Robin and Jackie"
5644: Name not displayed

"good luck"
5645: neil

"Let's get Ron Paul elected!"
5646: Domenico Alesi

5647: Justin

"May God help us all if Ron Paul is not our next president."
5648: Kevin Klevberg

"Its time for a real change!"
5649: Dennis

"Keep going!"
5650: Yildiz

"I would write you in if I had to! God bless."
5651: Name not displayed

"Lets put an end to the nwo!! Ron Paul 2012!!"
5652: James Barnes

"From Austin TX you have my vote thanks for shining a light of hope on an otherwise dark America. Remember that the media is biased and constantly downplays Ron Paul's success. Even if his name isn't on the ballot right it in never give up! Ron Paul 2012!"
5653: Lacie

5654: Tom Pugnetti

"Rooting for you, Ron, here in the Netherlands"
5655: Deolinda Caldeira

"go Dr. Paul"
5656: frederick muhlbauer

"Ron Paul is the only candidate who will do any good for this county. The mainstream media is attempting to silence and ridicule his patriotic messages to the American people in order to further the destruction of this country."
5657: Kenneth Lapham

5658: Jim Glover

"Best republican candidate for decades!"
5659: Charlie Heron

"I voted for Obama in 2008 and honestly felt he was the best hope for our country. He is a good, but weak president who is too concerned with appeasing. I've studied Dr. Paul's political platform, and though I differ on a few issues, I feel that his vision for our country is one that can restore us."
5660: Andrew Green

"Let's get this rOVELoution started!"
5661: Lauren Jones

"we need some common sense in washington"
5662: Name not displayed

5663: Keith A. Maskell

"RON PAUL 2012! Bring back what America truly needs!"
5664: Cade Wright

5665: Peter Luster

5666: Antonio C

"Even though I am unable to contribute financially to the support of Ron Paul's campaign, I am doing what I am able through word of mouth and ideological support.

"The strongest man in the world is he who stands alone.""

5667: Rob Johnson

"Go Ron Paul! This country needs you and only you!!!"
5668: Brian Kelly

"The time must be now. Ron Paul is the only candidate who has unwavering principles and honesty."
5669: Ruth F.

"Save us."
5670: Janique Eckman

"i think ron paul is a pretty cool guy eh fights for freedom and doesn't afraid of anything"
5671: Micheal Jackson

"Finally, a voice for the silent majority"
5672: rick martin

"I support every single issue, with the exception that American society is not ready to get weaned off the Civil Rights Act. Audit the Fed, End the Fed, abolish the IRS, end all wars and American aggression, end foreign aid, protect the bill of rights, all superiorly important!"
5673: David Octaviano Rodriguez, Jr.

5674: Cathy McCann

"I just saved a bunch of money by switching to Ron Paul for President -Ron Paul 2012- Your the best!"
5675: Brandon Poe

""We The People" must stand with "Ron Paul" and bare this cross together. This is our mess and our fathers. Do not sit back and watch but take a leadership position and lead. "God is on our side"."
5676: Mike K. Malick

"I don't envy the next president. We have a mess on our hands. Obama didn't create it either. It's just a monster mess and I hope it's not too late to tame the beast. Good luck Ron, I know you will do your best!"
5677: Elesha

"you are the one who can make the U.S. better."
5678: Name not displayed

"Thank you Dr Paul for helping us take back our Nation."
5679: Bruce Stewart

"You're the only person running for president who's saying the words that make sense. Hopefully you can take the actions that make sense as well."
5680: Name not displayed

"Restore America vote Ron Paul 2012"
5681: Samuel

5682: Name not displayed

"GO RON !!!!!!!"
5683: Olivier Bernicat

"Iv'e been a supporter for years i'm so glad to see he's in the race, everyone needs to keep spreading the word and get him votes!!"
5684: Jessica

"We must hang together"
5685: Name not displayed

"For the first time in my life, i am PROUD to support a candidate - normally, i just settle. For the first time as well, i have the fullest confidence in a Ron Paul's honesty, integrity, perseverance and vision for our country - truly what we need when our need is the greatest - what a godsend - lets hope the people help themselves by letting you help the country."
5686: thomas conway

5687: Name not displayed

"We have it in our power to begin the world over again.
Thomas Paine"

5688: Name not displayed

"All the way to the white house!!"
5689: Vincent C.

"It's finally time that the American people listen to the common sense Ron Paul has been implying for over thirty years. For years he has been ignored in presidential primaries and looked at as a radical because of his Libertarian stand, but it is finally time that the American people listen to this man and follow him into creating an America we can all once again be proud of."
5690: Tyler S Nimon

5691: Jennifer Wilson

"You are the only candidate who speaks the truth from the heart and stays the course, win or lose. America needs to hear your message. Thank you for your dedication, Ron Paul."
5692: Kathleen Cesaro

5693: Patrick Fota

"We are all so fortunate to have one of the greatest statesmen of all time in our lives, teaching, standing tall, and running for president!"
5694: Donna Potocki

"all the tricks and dollars cannot stop the message of liberty"
5695: John Jacob

"I see no reason that worldly problems cannot be solved using diplomatic means 100% of the time. Ron Paul 2012 - Bring our troops home, bring our families home, bring home our economy."
5696: Nicholas Clemens

"He's the ONLY one who will make the changes we need to save our great country! This is the election ... hope FOR change!!"
5697: grandmasue

"Don't let the mainstream steal your thunder Ron. Get loud, my man."
5698: Ken Leihser

"Stay the course Ron Paul, the media will come full circle."
5699: Michael Flynn

"Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich as a team!"
5700: mari

"Ron Paul is the only candidate that undestands what is happening with our economy/government as the reality is playing out before all our eyes. Ron Paul is the only one who cares to make a difference for the good of our country not himself or political party."
5701: Charlie Ray

"Go Ron Paul!!"
5702: Laura Smith

"Stay stong,be decisive,keep safe,never change from your stand for americans,we'll stand by you"
5703: Anthony Parra

"save us from the true evil that is the fed"
5704: Chris Murray

"Best & only man for the job lets get him elected in 2012"
5705: Gary Schneider

5706: Matthew Williams

"Why would BO want to be re-elected? The mess is bigger than he "inherited" in 08 and he's constantly complaining about opposition, lack of cooperation, and bad luck. Does he think it will be any better? Or does he just need more time to crush America? RP Great American!"
5707: Dennis

"Ron Paul revolution, the establishment no more"
5708: jeff pilgrim

5709: Ron Pullen

"I certainly hope you win. You have my vote."
5710: Melissa Kinder

5711: Sharon Jensen

"Dear Mr. Paul,
I'm terrified of our govt. as the status quo! I perceive that everything Washington does is self-serving. I see our great country being laid to waste by a bunch of huckster$,with big busine$$ as their only objective! And just like big business, the govt. doesn't consider the 'human need' side of business!
Im so thankful for the ray of hope that comes to me just knowing you 'might' be in the running! Without someone who truely cares about people...we're finished as a nation! I pray with my heart that you run, that you win, that our country can reverse it's present course! God speed Mr. Ron Paul...Mr. President."

5712: Duane k. Schmitt

"Every other candidate will use underhanded tactics to win, from buying votes (Bachmann) to parroting you (Perry), Dr. Paul. You can win by sticking to your guns and making promises you can and will keep when you get into office"
5713: James Winstanley

5714: steph

5715: Ann

""Be the revolution"!"
5716: Luis Ruiz

"Please be ruthless in your quest to unseat Obama. Be brutal and honest; this is war!"
5717: Geoffrey Adams

5718: Jessica Nazar

5719: mike janssen

5720: Tara Killian

5721: logan boggs

"Ron Paul is a breath of fresh air."
5722: Alyssa

"Just don't let us down. People only have so much hope and faith, its running out I believe, especially over the last couple of presidencies."
5723: Bradley Rappa

"People are always looking for an honest politician.

5724: Marty DiSanto

"Good luck, Ron Paul! Greetings out of the Netherlands"
5725: Maarten Prinsen

5726: Jim Mencel

"what can I do?"
5727: Jeremy Phillips

"Ron Paul 2012 =]"
5728: Julia caldwell

"I am behind you all the way"
5729: William Q Craft

"MR .Ron Paul You have my vote in any party you run in . We need " REAL CHANGE!" like you ."
5730: Renee Abou-halaka

"ron paul will have diffulty with the fallen powers. they control everything and threaten the families of those who don't follow their adjenda. They do not know that the 'white blood cells' have come in numbers to give the earth a spring clean. the fact is, if the adjenda of the secret societies does not match with that of the light beings, the red dragon has a serious problem on its hands"
5731: chris

"Americans for Ron Paul!"
5732: David Abadie

"Give us liberty Dr. Paul!!"
5733: Ryan Barker

"I have noting but time and my sole to give because I have lost my house and Job. So I will use what I have to defeat the new world order. They will wish I was too busy working to pay a mortgage to help Ron Paul win in 2012"
5734: Duane Taylor

"At age 24, I am literally distraught over the state of our government. Ron Paul has proven to me that America may not be completely lost yet.."
5735: Philip Welch

"because god has ben unenployed for far to long."
5736: davidpoole

5737: Name not displayed

5738: Steven presutti

"thank you!"
5739: brandon plasters

"You are our only hope right now"
5740: Andrew Gall

5741: Cole Oeltjenbruns

"REAL hope and REAL change that make sense."
5742: Dan F.

5743: Glen M.

"Dear Representative Ron Paul,
I am writing this informal correspondence to express my DEEPEST appreciation for your continued appeal regarding the control of the U.S. government on the people and your undying and unwavering loyalty to that which you believe in. In my opinion, men of your stature are few and far between. Your bravery is beyond both comprehension and valor. It is my hope that you truly understand just how much you dedication, confidence and INTEGRITY mean at such a crucial period in humanity.
Thank you for saying the “the emperor has no clothes”, particularly at a time when no one wanted to listen. Please know that it is the opinion of many that your efforts WERE ahead of their time. Now, let’s hope and pray that time has caught up with your message. Thank YOU for shedding Light!
Kimberly Maxwell"

5744: Kimberly Maxwell

5745: Name not displayed

"Bring America back to the greatest country on the planet. I believe with Ron's help and the voices of american's this can be done."
5746: Jeremy

"Ron Paul to get this glorious nation back on track!"
5747: Name not displayed

5748: hf

"A true principled conservative."
5749: John Bailey

"Ron Paul 2012 !!!!"
5750: paige craft

"End the Fed, the MIC, and corporate government."
5751: Kristopher Magnuson

"Run Ron Run!!! Thank you for all that you do."
5752: Jason

"The ONLY candidate in the presidential race who I believe in. I'm behind you 1000%."
5753: Donald Webb

""I'm in too!""
5754: sandy d\'almeida

"Ron, our country needs u, free us from these bankers and businessmen who not only own most of the wealth in the world but run our country and our wars.... its been a sad few dacades. I'm 29 years old and i have yet to see a president who is not controled by outside forces and agendas... god bless u all and Ron Paul president of the united states of America, a place i hope to one day be proud to live in...!!!!"
5755: Anthony Froehlich

"Without Ron Paul, the Republican party represents private interest over the Constitution."
5756: Robert A. Davis

"make it a landslide"
5757: Justen Campbell

5758: Amber-Lee Gauna

5759: Christina M. Aardappel

"Thank you for always standing up for what this country was founded on!!!!"
5760: Name not displayed

"America needs an HONEST leader...... We need YOU Mr Paul!!!!!!!"
5761: Larry Anderson

"For a world-wide reform towards liberty."
5762: Name not displayed

"We love you Ron!"
5763: Michell Martinez

"Ron Paul = Freedom
'nuff said"

5764: Damon J Coburn

"You got my vote. Hope I get to see you when you come to South Carolina. Bring on the revolution!!!!"
5765: Chris

"every day i went to school as a child i pledged my allegiance to a country that has lied to me every day ive been alive. its nice to know i can choose a leader that swears allegiance to the people and the republic."
5766: Chadd C. Webb

"Let's get our America back!"
5767: Stacy Stange

5768: Harry Monahan III

5769: Name not displayed

5770: Angela Pitzer

"Do this Dr. Paul!!!"
5771: Jake Hofer

"I appreciate and support Ron Paul as a human being, that's not a thought I have often about politicians. Ron Paul for President 2012!"
5772: Daniel

5773: Name not displayed

"We would vote for you even if you were 96!"
5774: E. Sohn

"America NEEDS you as President :) Thank you for your courage, dedication, your time, energy, love of freedom, moral sense of justice, sound sense and knowledge of economics, patient 'continuing education' to members of Congress and Americans. I respect your views, opinions, values and beliefs based on the past 25 years I have followed your career in (and for awhile out) of public office. I've read your newsletters, followed your voting and heard you speak. You set a high standard of honor and honesty ~ combined with the above proven character traits ~ the perfect qualities necessary for liberty."
5775: Don and Lynne Overlander

"Inflation is Taxation without Representation"
5776: Warren Twitchell

5777: Chris Crampton

"Ron Paul for president we need odrama out of office"
5778: chris

"best hope for a better america"
5779: david r coburn

"GO Ron! I will be voting for you."
5780: Michael Sronce

"You are the change and the hope BHO was speaking of in 2008."
5781: R. W. Burrows

"Media organizations are being shady and people are realizing. Keep up the fight all the way to the White House. Rooting for you all the way!"
5782: Name not displayed

5783: Robert Petersen

"Ron Paul for prez, it would be nice to have an honest adult in office."
5784: Charles Stoner

5785: Alexander Riveron

5786: Name not displayed

5787: Joe Lopez

5788: Vincent M Dempsey

"This comment is from a friend: "This doesn't mean I do not like Ron Paul. I think he tries to tell it like it is, but he's not what you'd call a "Hollywood" personality. He comes across as a geek to most, which regrettably isn't what politics should be about. Unfortunately it's good looks, being glib with stage presence and saying the things that the people think they want to hear, almost American idol-ish, even though they may not be the right things for our nation per se. In that last debate when they were grilling Paul over his military-foreign policy I sure wish he'd have cooly said "the best defense is a strong offense", but not in that we have to go into all these other countries and be the world police. Rather, that if we are strong here at home we'll be strong no matter what. In laymen's terms if we're sound and strong here at home you'd damn well better know that if we need to take the offensive we'll be prepared. Is this not how China is posturing itself right now? I personally know this is what he meant, and he did point out how we're strung out throughout the world, but for the most part I believe it didn't come across strong enough for many more Americans to adhere to it.
Barrack Obama is going to have from what I've read over a billion $'s at his disposal for reelection. Even Mitt with the backing of the Latter Day Saint Church? may not have those kind of $'s?
I just hope American people will do the right thing and vote into office the candidate that will truly stand for America. So, help us God. Seeking His will is what it's truly all about. To paraphrase our Lords words..."Apart from Me you can do nothing." If indeed we are still truly a Christian nation, and we're seeking His will as a nation, then His will should be done. What exactly that may be, is in His hands."
Revival on a national scale is truly needed, and I don't mean fiscally. If indeed our hearts are right then the fiscal aspect will easily fall into place."

5789: Name not displayed

5790: rick williams

"You're the only one who can save (or rebuild) the U.S."
5791: Rob Nottell

"It's time for change!"
5792: Bethany Snell

"I will vote for Ron Paul & Jessie Ventura
They are the only ones who are for all the people!
They will help ALL PEOPLE and not special interests."

5793: Name not displayed

"Shit's about to get real."
5794: Name not displayed

5795: diane schultheis

"Let's go Ron, you can do it.
We're with you all the way."

5796: Denis Z.

"Best plan for our Country---not the Status Quo---I support 100%"
5797: C. Crum

"Please help this country so we don't end up like USSR."
5798: Rob

"He can RESTORE THE REPUBLIC, for which it Stands, ONE NATION ''UNDER'' GOD!! The Constitution and founding Fathers were inspired by ''God Almighty"......and ''WE THE PEOPLE'' have an ''EVIL FORCE'' to Reckon with,

Ron Paul has the 'HISTORICAL LANDMARKS'' of UPHOLDING HIS OATH!...Stop the MEDIA BIASED BLACKOUTS!! The administration in Office, Fear Ron Paul,!!!"

5799: Trailsonfire3_16

5800: Bryan Dazalla

"Ron Paul is awesome!"
5801: Lawrence Belk

5802: ellen thomsen

5803: Nicholas Howard

5804: Name not displayed

"Dr. Paul has restored my faith and hope in America's future. He understands the greed,corruption,deceit,why the world hates us and the need to overhaul the Federal Reserve if not abolish it. Finally a man with common sense. Also being a long term physician, he can and will do what needs to be done to restore our health care system and repeal Obamacare. The man was in the service for many years (flight surgeon) and has been in several of the countries we are now involved with. God bless you Ron for understanding that the reason why most other countries hate us is because we are always sticking our noses in their business. It's time we keep our money right here in this great country and take care of our own instead of sending our troops and money to people who hate us and use our money against us. Let the service people patrol our borders, planes, trains, subways and streets until this malignant hatred calms down. We need RON PAUL NOW. Everyone out there, wake up and listen to this man and what he is saying if you want to remain free and you want your money to be worth something. He' s our only hope!!! God bless, God speed and good luck Ron. Your election will make a better world for all of us!!! Please donate whatever you can to this man's campaign if you truly want change. More of the same will destroy us. Finally someone with the courage to tell the truth. Do NOT believe main stream media;they're part of this huge problem!"
5805: donna

"I trust and support Ron Paul"
5806: Zach Moore

"I own a bust of one of my idols, Thomas Jefferson. Soon, I would like to own a bust of you."
5807: Rex Gaskey

5808: John Charles Cain

"Ron Paul: A person of the people for the people!"
5809: Eric Gaumes

"Bring the green home!!!"
5810: Name not displayed

"I believe and support Ron Paul!"
5811: Peter Towers

"I will vote Dr. Paul, not because he is a god, but because he is practical, honest, and outspoken."
5812: Htoon H. Win

"Finally! Someone I actually WANT to vote for!!!"
5813: Rebecca

5814: Name not displayed

"It's time to RESTORE AMERICA!!!"
5815: Edward B. Silva

5816: Cyril Dunham

"The first thing Ron Paul should do once he's elected President of the United States is immediately order his Attorney General to arrest the criminals responsible for 9/11 and the Wall Street mortgaged backed securities fraud that wrecked the economy, end all foreign aid, especially to the criminal state of Israel (who was behind 9/11) and end all these criminal, fraudulent wars based on lies and deception."
5817: John Friend

5818: Greg Lopez

5819: Jacob

5820: Mosebach

"You have my support Mr. Paul"
5821: Ben Plucker

5822: Danni Adorador

5823: Blake Collins

"It's time for someone with common sense, fiscal responsibility and morals."
5824: Jean Saltzman

"Steady wins the race"
5825: Jim Gerni

"Here's a real chance to the United States strong again. Thanks Ron. I'm In."
5826: Chris Caravella

5827: Joshua Ford

5828: Name not displayed

"go ron paul"
5829: lisa gunter

5830: Csaba Kiss

"Ron Paul, please bring the glorious United States back to sound governmental practices upon which it was founded."
5831: Name not displayed

"I'm 100% behind you, Mr. Paul. Please do your best to fix America. It's broken."
5832: Jonathan D. Catrow

5833: Liz Wells

"Although I am a Dutch citizen, I will fully support your candidacy in every way I can. I am libertarian and am a fan since 2007. If you become president, it's not just a blessing for the US, but also for the Netherlands, bacause we being absorbed in Socialist Europe. There needs to be a place in the world where people can move to if they want to be free and America needs to be free again!"
5834: Thomas de Jonge

"I know people who will not allow their children to climb a tree for fear their child will get hurt. Some people, though, teach their children how to climb a tree safely. That's called empowerment. Ron Paul is a leader who empowers people to create the life they want to live. He does not usurp that delicious accomplishment for himself, but rather, celebrates your victory."
5835: Patricia Robinson

"You have my support!"
5836: Darin

""Live free or die" We need a president to lead us who will limit the gov't size and close our borders!"
5837: Charles Basler

"I love America! I love the world! I'm with Ron Paul!"
5838: Raul Munguia

"I wish you do not change your original will to save US no matter what happens. We need you to become the president. We Need you!!!"
5839: Connie lee

5840: Sunny Chan

"Go Ron!"
5841: Geoffrey R. Lane

"Ron Paul has reinvigorated my sense of patriotism and hope for the future of our country. For too long has the Republican party been without a moral center, tending to support policies which harm our middle class, sow hatred and division, and move our country away from the ideals of liberty and common cause on which our country was founded."
5842: Christopher Tindall

"Ron Paul is the answer to the government issues and our survival."
5843: Name not displayed

5844: Name not displayed

"Go for it!"
5845: Gary Davis

5846: Name not displayed

"please win!"
5847: jeanne Katz

"God bless you and may you become the President of the United States."
5848: Thurane Aung Khin

"Ron Paul 2012!"
5849: Kelly O.

5850: Kyle Blocker

5851: Angela Switzler

"You are one of the coolest people ever!!!"
5852: Greg Harper

"Let freedom ring"
5853: Isaac S

5854: B.J. Daniels

"Spreading the word!"
5855: Mark Younkin

"You're the only worthy candidate in a pool of frauds and charlatans. Go Ron!"
5856: John Kleisinger

"America is headed nowhere with Obama! Its time for a revolution!"
5857: Tyler Sodaro

"My Presidential choice is Ron Paul. We are ready for his leadership! Vote Ron Paul 2012"
5858: donald livernois

"I aint no government slave. I beleive in Ron Paul all the way."
5859: Name not displayed

"Ron Paul is our only smart choice!!"
5860: Loretta Gruetzner

5861: Mark Pevzner

5862: Name not displayed

"The man with the right ideas!!"
5863: Harvey Grossman

5864: Matt Loria

"Go DR. Paul"
5865: Cordova

"Common Sense America!"
5866: Jeremy Parsons

5867: Gail L Fishman

"First and only time voting, better win!"
5868: Name not displayed

5869: Michael Hernandez

"I liked Ron Paul in 2008 - I like him even MORE now! Our country needs him more now than ever before!"
5870: Charles Beene

"Ron Paul all the way! I am voting for you!"
5871: Amy Root

"Yes! I hate politics but Ron Paul is the best there is. He has the answers to steer this country back to its original ideals. You have my vote."
5872: Abigail

"Give yourself the opportunity to experience liberty within your lifetime. Vote for Ron Paul."
5873: Daniel Walker

"The only hope The World still have - Ron Paul!"
5874: Martynas Staskus

5875: Chris Sinnott

"Fight the good fight Ron! Our country NEEDS you."
5876: Renae Gallagher

5877: Adrian Olson-Maxey

5878: Name not displayed

"Thank everyone involved for fighting this fight. To those, like myself, only now considering becoming more involved, let's do so before it's too late!"
5879: Ben Lawson

"We need you!"
5880: Jeff Samford

5881: Name not displayed

5882: Name not displayed

"Keep it up, people are listening, they may just get it!"
5883: Name not displayed

"the ONLY candidate!!!!!"
5884: Holly P.

"Way to make a stand and stick to it Dr Ron Paul!"
5885: Name not displayed

5886: Jonas Berg

"i fully support Ron Paul for president"
5887: david j knisley

"Please run as an independent if the gop insists on nominating one of the clones. I know this sounds strange but think about hillary for vice pres. You will pull from the right, left, and center. Most dems wish they would have voted for her in 08."
5888: Jeffrey Gray Wolf

"rEVOLution.....YESSSS RON PAUL 2012!"
5889: America Villanueva

"do you support the 2nd amendment.and do think you can win."
5890: michael west

"Ron Paul is the only candidate that will say what he'll do AND DO WHAT HE SAYS."
5891: Gregg Porter

""WE THE PEOPLE..." don't forget that. Lets get back to the basics!!! We must arm ourselves with the TRUTH and with TRUTHFUL representation chosen BY and FOR "We the People"- Ron Paul 2012"
5892: Tabatha H

5893: Korey Rider

"I desire Truth"
5894: Zach Purnell

"You are correct to be critical of the Federal Reserve. The 'market' would care less about what Ben Bernanke had to say if it were not for fiat money and an unconstitutional Fed. Reserve Sys.

If the states would tender debt in gold and silver coin and Congress fulfill there prescribed purpose, our economic woes would end just as they did when the Continental 'script' was eliminated.

I hope that I have the opportunity to vote for your election to the office of the President."

5895: C. G. White

5896: Steve Bentz

"Please stay alive...and when power mongers don't let you have the Republican nomination...please run as an Independent."
5897: Ronald Simson

"You're our only hope for restoration of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Pull out all stops to make this a win!"
5898: Helen Chapman

"We have an uphill battle ahead in many areas, but if we want our country back we can NEVER give up! The fight is well worth our time and our efforts!! I say, "BRING IT ON!!!""
5899: Jan Williams

"It is Time !"
5900: Gabriel Harmonia

5901: Patricia Simmons

"Ron Paul is the only politician I've ever endorsed. He is a brave, anti-Establishment Christian man who has a reputation in Washington for being the most honest man there. Even among detractors!"
5902: John Fowler

"Ron Paul is the first step to getting this country back on track."
5903: Tim Victor

"Let's do this!"
5904: denis

"I just found out I have to switch from independent to republican. Please verify..."
5905: Name not displayed

"Convince Jesse V to be your VP running mate. And make sure Dr. Steven Greer debriefs you both in person!"
5906: Majide

"Help us Ron Paul, you're our only hope!"
5907: Michael K

"Keep on doing whats right for America! To Hell with Big Government, Big Pharma and Monsanto!"
5908: Stephen Carrigan

"To liberty!"
5909: Ryan

"You should be president"
5910: Sam K

"Do we need to send out reminders to Independents who'll need to register as Republicans in order to vote for Dr Paul in the primary?"
5911: Sean Donovan

"You do have my support Dr. Paul, hope to bring you more votes."
5912: Kenneth W. Vest

"Really hoping for Ron Paul to attain presidency! I'm pretty sick of these corporate funded puppets that are committing terroristic acts against the American people!"
5913: Naomi

5914: Name not displayed

5915: Name not displayed

"We're pulling for you at every son and I getting ready to hit college campuses here in Georgia soon. Would be great to get you to come speak at North Ga College and State University where he is in ROTC program!"
5916: Denise Krackenberger

5917: daniel chick

"We just wached you on fox new, how refreshing! If you reci ed half of the coverage the "anointed one" recived ,Mr Paul would win by a landslide"
5918: Mr & Mrs Reese

5919: James Holleman MD FACS

5920: Name not displayed

5921: Holly Amir

"I'm hopeful that our civil liberties will be re-established and more sound than ever before once we vote the current president out of office. We are on a slippery slope as things are and we as a nation have to take our country back and live free once again.
I am curious to know your stand on the family and how important it is for children to have both loving and fit parents to guide them and love them throughout their lives. Even broken homes, children deserve the love and attention of both loving and fit parents. There's a huge injustice going on within our Family Courts that do not seem to facilitate this notion and judges are allowing one parent to alienate their children from the other because they will not recognize that brainwashing a child is wrong. Please consider what this is doing to our family base in America and how it affects the child as they become adults.... it's "Parental Alienation" and it's hateful and damaging to all parties but especially the children. If you are not aware of this please search for information and please help to make it understood in our nation because it is widespread and is destroying the children it affects. Thank you."

5922: Name not displayed

"Ron Paul is the true meaning of a freedom fighter. Ron is the last patriot remaining in our government"
5923: Olindo

"I would like Mr. Paul to KNOW he will be the next President...If I have anything to say about it! and I'm telling the world. Go Ron!"
5924: Derek Inman

"We need Ron Paul as President and More people in Congress that share His philosophy's to right this country."
5925: Edward Kercher

"I like what he has to say about Government and FEMA. I like his ideas and will vote for him."
5926: Debra A. Szpont

5927: Gary R Dennis

5928: Bruce gaspardi jr

"You are my HERO! I consider you the ONLY politician that I can trust. I have a request: If you don't get the GOP nomination, PLEASE RUN AS AN INDEPENDENT! We need you, and I highly doubt that the right wing Republicans will nominate you, but I have high hopes that the COUNTRY WOULD!"
5929: Taryn Braband

"I voted for Obama in '08 because I had hope and wanted dramatic change from the attrocities and war and lies and borrowing of the previous Administration, but what we got was more of the same, if not worse, as he stocked the Capitol with more pro-GMO, pro-FDA, pro-extending Patriot Act, cronies. Not to mention bailouts up the wazoo. I feel duped. Go Ron Paul!"
5930: Daniel J. Ellers

"proudly put up my yard sign for ron paul 2012"
5931: James Zwiebel

5932: barb

"We need a big change and someone to turn this country back in the right direction. I support RP's challange to the Obama regime."
5933: Joe Brandes

5934: Randall Brooks

5935: Anthony Werthan

"end the fed and lets use our own backed notes"
5936: joshua keip

"I am presently in the military deployed but Ron Paul keeps me grounded and with hope....thanks"

"thank you Dr Paul"
5938: Linda

""When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty." -Thomas Jefferson"
5939: ResistanceCapt

5940: T. & P. OCeallaigh

"Let the freedom and liberty become corner stone of our life."
5941: Amar Singh

"Dear Dr. Ron Paul,

I am one of your supporters and an active contributor to your seeking the office of President of the United States of America in 2012. My support for you is based on your honesty, integrity, and holding true to the Constitution and it's empowering message of Liberty. This passion I and others have for wanting you to be our Commander and Chief, to put your policies into action, and to restore the founding principles our forefathers envisioned this Republic to be, is for us, America's only real hope of remaining truly free and a beacon of liberty, globally.

My concern and suspicion about your personal passion to truly be President, were seemingly confirmed in the article about you in the latest issue of "Time Magazine" The article entitled, "The Prophet", was in and of itself an informative good piece of writing. What concerned me were quotes from your grandson-in-law, Jesse Benton, and you, yourself, Dr. Paul. Jesse Benton's quote: "He does not have a great personal desire to be President". Your quote Dr. Paul: "I do what I do because I believe that truth wins out in the end."

As a believer in your Presidential platform, being an active contributor and passionate supporter for you being the next President, it is time for you to tell us the truth. "Do you want to be President in 2012?" I do not see the point in believing in someone who does not believe in them self. All the desire, money, and belief in you, by supporters like myself, Dr. Paul, means nothing, if you are not truly passionate about being the President, with all its demanding schedules and decision making scenarios, as well as information you know nothing about yet, that is on a need to know basis as the President. So please Dr. Ron Paul, answer this question truthfully.


5942: Name not displayed

"We need you!"
5943: L. Garrett

5944: Christopher Dahl

5945: Beverly Pepper

"We need a modern day Thomas Jefferson! Dr. Paul is it!"

"Wish I could have done more in 2008! This time we go all the way to the Whitehouse! How can I help the most?"
5947: David S. Bradshaw

"Ron Paul cannot be bought and we need him now more than ever before since Lincoln."
5948: Kent Brashear

"Lets Get Back On The Right Track!"
5949: Michele R. Chastain

"Thomas Jefferson re-incarnated... Ron Paul 2012!!"
5950: Robert Hill

"Im a student at the Catholic University of America and would like to help in any way I can. There are lots of us here, so someone should start recruiting"
5951: Name not displayed

"the new world global order wants perry or bachman
shawn hanity is part of this.anyway best of luck to ron
and hope springs eternal/down with the establishment//jim"

5952: Name not displayed

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5953: gaumcoapcaure

5954: Pamela Rico

5955: Deborah Whittet

"100% SUPPORT!"
5956: Name not displayed

"Ron Paul your views are common sense! I really hope you get elected and change America."
5957: Taylor Smith

"Go Ron Go!"
5958: maxwell grove

"Good Luck Ron"
5959: Frank Salmon

"God Bless Ron Paul. He is our only hope!!!"
5960: Peter McHugh

"I am not even an American, but I would vote for Ron Paul for President, USA's best option for 2012."
5961: Kiko

"America's best chance, maybe only chance, under God, to get things right."
5962: Name not displayed

"I am so sick of all the crap coming from the majority of candidates. It's about time we had someone FOR America run for president."
5963: Harry Bomgardner Jr.

"Let's watch the "issues" catch up with Ron Paul!!"
5964: C Brown

"To Liberty!!!!!"
5965: Proctor Cooper

5966: Name not displayed

"Dear Dr Paul, as a candidate, propose that you will do nothing as president until you receive an iron clad constitutional amendment for congressional term limits. If it is good enough for the president, why not congress."
5967: Patrick Stadler

5968: Name not displayed

5969: Tim Dowling

"Ron Paul is the U.S.A's best chance for a recovery."
5970: Ryan Dean

5971: Libby Brooks

"Run for President Congressman Paul. Obama needs to be a one term president."
5972: Gary Elrod Sr.

5973: Jaclyn Keefe

5974: Dustin L Strasser

"I agree with many of Ron Paul's sentiments regarding our country's future and would like to see him win office."
5975: Name not displayed

"Please help turn this country around. We need you to win it all and return this country to the citizens."
5976: Jason Coffing

"Finally a candidate who doesn't live in a fairy world about the nature of the deficit and the Fed's role in this matter. You've got my support 100% Ron Paul. Good Luck in 2012"
5977: Evan Williams

"You Are Real! and WILL make a POSITIVE Future!"
5978: Stephen M Long

"Ron Paul is the only candidate out there to fix this country. We need to revive the roots on which the country was founded on."
5979: Name not displayed

"Overhaulin' the GOP. About time!"
5980: Jodi Scott-Trevizo

"I will only vote for Ron. Not the lesser of two evils...."
5981: David Drouse

5982: Rita Spencer

5983: brian wendling

5984: Delwyn Liang

"No change! RESTORATION!!!"
5985: thomas clark

"Let's make this happen"
5986: Joshua Crimm

"This is by far long overdue, I hope America will regain pride in itself and not in empty promises from tools like obama. The reason I want Ron Paul, He follows the constitution. Thats enough for me.
God Bless Ron, His family, and supporters."

5987: Adoriel Bethishou

5988: Name not displayed

"I know there are many support websites for 'Ron Paul 2012', but this one needs way more supporters ASAP! Now is the time to promote 'Ron Paul 2012' here, and on as many supporting websites as possible. The 'website hits' will count our actions and the MSM will have to report it. This will help the uninformed masses hear our plea for what we know is the right thing to do for all of us - 'We The People'. A bloody revolution will likely occur in the near future if Ron Paul isn't allowed to take office in the WH by the current crooks in power. They suspect this to be true... but they will know it and will have to respect it, if enough of us make enough noise for 'Ron Paul 2012' - everywhere - NOW! While it can make more difference than it did in 2008!

Please pass this message on. Thank you!!!

- AJL"

5989: AJL

5990: Joshua Figueredo

"Hey guys, if anybody could take the time to do me a quick favor could you please, 'like/tweet/comment' on this poster.

It's an entry into a poster competition, it's about Ron Paul and promoting him.
The more likes/tweets/comments it gets, the better chance it has of winning and the more promotion Ron Paul gets.

Which ultimately the Artist wants :P, I'd know (:"

5991: Anonymous

"Why is CNN not not covering your debates? Is their a way too help get more coverage on CNN? Is their a way my family can get your name out more?"
5992: Rebecca Maurer

"I am voting for Ron Paul.. the only sad thing is .I feel very strong Obama will win the house by corruption
Obama voters vote two or three times from the same voter this is why Obama will not pass laws were you need a photo ID . This is bad for Ron Paul Because we are honest voters . I pray That God will over come this Corruption it is the only whey we can win..."

5993: Name not displayed

""Yes! We! Can!""
5994: Scott

"president ron paul sounds great to me!!!!"
5995: Name not displayed

5996: Frank Lamsus

"After what I've seen over these past few days, Ron Paul is the only candidate that can save our country. Vote liberty, vote freedom, vote constitution, vote Ron Paul"
5997: Sarah F.

5998: Dave Burke

"Dear Mr. Paul, good luck on your candidacy, greetings from Denmark."
5999: Frederik Emil Larsen

"it's time"
6000: guy bownds

"Ron Paul is the only candidate the Founding Fathers would be proud to elect."
6001: Kyle Ellison

"I appreciate having an honest politician running. I hope you win for the sake of America."
6002: Name not displayed

"We need a person of integrity in the White House!"
6003: Carol Paul

6004: Wanda Lesh

"return our rights and liberties to us. They were hard fought for."
6005: Steve

6006: Joanna Bowen

"Ron Paul will have my vote and I am thankful that my personal liberties are finally being valued and respected by someone."
6007: Jana Ward

6008: Phil Shea

"I agree with all your initiatives as a fellow Libertarian, but most importantly we need to end the misguided war on drugs!"
6009: Name not displayed

6010: Katelyn Aleshire

"Ron Paul is brilliant!!!"
6011: paul

"Personal liberty. The most important thing, in my opinion, to protect. Ron Paul is the man."
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"spreading the word for Ron Paul through facebook and other forms of's time to be free again America!!! RON PAUL 2012!!!"
6013: Andy Vincent Soloducha

"You have my support Mr. Paul.
Ron Paul 2012."

6014: Shane Johnson

"Ron, you're a beast! You have my support. RON PAUL REVOLUTION."
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"The Republic must be restored!!!"
6016: Michael Mangin

"Ron Paul is the voice of change we actually need."
6017: Dan S.

"LOVE and PEACE! FREE!!!!"
6018: Mark Gilbreath

"You're our only hope"
6019: Ethan Rosenfeld

"Go Ron!"
6020: Tyler Baumann

"I have no money but I tell 10 people a day to vote for you. The world is not changed by commitees but by individuals."
6021: Name not displayed

"all the way!"
6022: jack jones

6023: Carol Faber

"2012 is the U.S. deciding factor... Does the US live or does it die? With God in hand, you are our only salvation. I pray we win!!!!"
6024: Linda

"I am a Ron Paul supporter and I am Republican!"
6025: Sherri Pike

6026: Theresa A. Head

6027: M.One

"Unfortunately I'm not allowed to vote since I'm not a US resident, but I would urge all US residents to vote for this guy to get some real change."
6028: Emile

"Ron Paul Revolution!!! Ron Paul 2012!!"
6029: Joshua Fauver

"Finally!!! A candidate that makes sense and real points rather than a talking head! Ron Paul 2012!"
6030: Anita Nielsen

"Please don't be turned off by my email address, it is only to relay the fact of what the Feds are doing to me and others."
6031: Bartholomew J. Baker

"Bring ethics, discipline, and service to the common American back to the white house. RP 2012!"
6032: Jeff F

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6034: Brian W

"Thank you Ron Paul for speaking out on the REAL issues at hand. Our country is in a downward spiral and you are the only one that has the right ideas to save it."
6035: Tasha M.

"I want to support Ron Paul because he is a true American and expresses the same views that most Americans I know have. He is honest."
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"Thank you for thinking of the Constitution."
6037: Name not displayed

"The only politician I've seen with solid convictions. I respect that."
6038: Ryan James Arroyo

"We can do this! We must do this, in the name of Liberty!!!"
6039: Joseph Wood

"Full speed ahead"
6040: Phyllis bennetts

"So glad I found out about you! Thank you Ron! 2012!"
6041: Shelly T.

6042: Josh Reeves

"time to clean the deception and falsehood house on the hill"
6043: Jessica Christen

"You have my support again."
6044: Eliabel Fauth

6045: Name not displayed

"As a veteran of the United States, i wish you could of been my commander and chief. If you could, try to make the crowd chant "bring our troops home" during of ur speeches in the debates... the crowd and the American viewers would go wild cheering for you!!! also, it would be all over the news because that is what most Americans want to see and hear. thanks. Ron Paul 2012"
6046: Kenneth Casey

"I love how the media keeps ignoring you. Even the internet strawpolls omit you!"
6047: Michael Smyczak

6048: Yeil

"We need the Truth, Ron Paul is the one does not afraid to say it. He has been telling the truth for years and he will do so when he is in the White House too...."
6049: Selim Nart

"I registered Republican just to vote in the primary for him!"
6050: Name not displayed

"To the Republic for which We stand."
6051: Lawrence Boden

"The US needs someone to solve the poblems in our Government, not continue them. And they all work for US, not big corps. Some drastic measures need to happen, the best is The Fair Tax. We have been oppressed to long by the people who are elected to represent us. We need a peoples politician, not a professional one. Wake Up America!"
6052: James Jordan

"I am now proud to be an American. I am 45 yo and have never known a canidate I believed in untill now!"
6053: Gwendolyn Denney

"Thank God for someone who believes in the Constitution for ALL!"
6054: Rickey Denney

"I wish the american people good luck. I wish the american people wish themselves good luck too and vote for the ONLY person in it's history that truly wants to help. At 74, he does not wish or wants personal gain; all he wants is to continue TRULY serving his country, simple as that. Perhaps this time, finally, the american people will use their intelligence when going to cast their vote. Future generations even worlwide will be proud of the american voters of 2012. And after electing Ron Paul, please help him in every way you can; don't sit back and wait for him to perform miracles, he will be up against the perennial establishment that has caused so much suffering for the many, and so much power and riches to the few. Please help him, that's all he wants in return for dedicating his life to serve the american people and by the same token the people of the entire world present and future. Thanks."
6055: victor michel

"Ron Paul 2012!"
6056: Anna

"Ron Paul 2012"
6057: CaRepublic09

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"I feel like, for the first time in my life I get to vote for a visionary, a man of character and values. A man without an equal in the current political landscape. Now this is change I actually can believe in."
6059: Bryan Fenerty

"With Ron Paul in the white house, the United States has the opportunity to become the nation the founding fathers wanted it to be. RON PAUL 2012"
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6061: Troy Soares

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6066: Elaine C. Vechorik

"Let's try to control the insanity."
6067: Patty M

""The mightiest of weapons is truth. And everyone knows you’re not permitted to enter a Government building with a weapon."
-The Covert Comic"

6068: Aashish Damani

"I'm throwing every ounce of energy I have behind Ron Paul. Save us Obi Wan, you are our only hope."
6069: Harlowe Currie

6070: Brett Jarman

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6072: Benjamin Defresart

"Ron Paul is the ONLY politician I believe in!"
6073: Kimberli Wong

"stay strong."
6074: barney yarborough

"Ron Paul= Republican President"
6075: Ren DOrazio

"I have supported Ron Paul heart and soul in both his runs for Prez. He must get the traitor Bruce Fein off his campaign team now. Do not allow him to sabotage all our efforts. Thank you. Yours for liberty, truth, and peace."
6076: Name not displayed

6077: Ron

"the only sensible option"
6078: ben welsh

6079: stacy waldron

6080: Dustin Condon

"We need to put a stop to Rick Perry's popularity on the polls and get Ron Paul to win the GOP nomination!"
6081: Chris Clower

"I LOVE RON PAUL! Ron Paul for President 2012~"
6082: Michele B. Hardy

"you are the clear choice for liberty and the rescue of our great nation"
6083: bj lawrence

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"Ron Paul is one of the most honest politicians i've ever heard. Lets get him in the White House."
6085: Damen Graham

"Go Ron 2112"
6086: Donald G Kesling Jr

"Freedom, Peace, Prosperity!
What's not to like?"

6087: Jim Lodwick

6088: William Jones

"Let's go Ron Paul! This is our future here, we can either gain our liberties back or be sucked into a corporate sinkhole of debt and failure! Let's get back on top! Ron Paul 2012!"
6089: Paul H.

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"I am definitely in! Let's make real strides to make this country right again!"
6091: Larry Knop

"I support you!"
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"Your integrity and intelligence and love of liberty are inspiring!"
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"Ron Paul 2012-2020!"
6094: Lacey Hamel

"I watched hours of popular candidates speak and couldn't decide which one wasn't the worst choice. I watched five minutes of Ron Paul and realized the only reason he's not covered on popular media stations is because if he were, he'd win too easy!"
6095: Matthew Bruens

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6096: Darren Joel Normand Jr.

"we want north america back"
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"If America does not vote for Ron Paul, America will fail"
6098: Sam Solano

"Go Ron!"
6099: Todd Park

"love ya Ron!!!!"
6100: Ron Cervero

"I love Ron Paul's message. But I think he has to do a better job in reaching his message to minorities. Most have not even heard of him. Truth is our lifestyle doesn't consist of paying attention to politics, as it never seems to benefit our daily lives. But I believe Ron Paul's message can. But he needs a tactical approach to reach us. Ron Paul for President 1012!!!!"
6101: David

"Long live personal liberty!"
6102: Jeffery Parks

"Ron Paul you are giving me faith in America!"
6103: Benjiman James Roden

"Restore the REPUBLIC! I swore to defend the Constitution of the Untied States therefore I support Ron Paul!"
6104: James Rife

"Mr. Paul, your ideas make sense to me, and they make sense to MANY PEOPLE. That is why you must keep showing them to Americans, and the world!"
6105: Marshall GV

6106: Name not displayed

"Although I am Canadian and thus have no right to have an opinion in your political affairs, we Canadians rely on American business to trade with. And any steps to take to control your deficit is a step in the right direction."
6107: Chris Davis

"Let's get going, let's get it done!"
6108: Name not displayed

6109: Cliff Wilkinson

"Ron Paul, you have given me hope in politics. Youve been faithful to your family, craft, and country. You have my vote and i work as much as i can and have dedicated all my free to helping your cause. Get us out of these stupid wars and save our future by eliminating our debt. Keep fighting!"
6110: Derek Koenig

6111: Name not displayed

"Eager to learnmore and willsupport Ron Paul on his abortion stand and also about extra money after retiring. sounds good tome."
6112: Betty J. Green

"I have never before believed in a politician. Dr. Paul has given me cause to rise out of my state of apathy."
6113: Thomas Capobianco

"Start that downhill snowball rolling and growing to a new worldwide free and just society"
6114: Frank Pa.

"I believe in LIBERTY"
6115: Name not displayed

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6116: EDWARD

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6119: Katrina

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6120: Jeff Allison

"Ron Paul is the only candidate that understands the meaning of Freedom. 2012 the people will be heard."
6121: James Laudante

"People need to see that Ron Paul is the only answer for this country, Party politics have all but ruined America and Ron Paul was right."
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"i am a navy vet and have never voted because there was nobody worth voteing for. i will be voteing for ron paul!"
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"the establishment won't allow you to win"
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"Call me 24/7 but call. I am doing something everyday to get the word out."
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"Ron Paul, America needs you!"
6134: Marti

"i am voting for ron paul .....i am always on the truth side ....will be volunteering for the campaign Ron Paul has an edge now that i am on his side...........inshallah"
6135: hamood

"We may not get another chance....... hope you can pull America together to win this one. My family is doing their part, and we know you are doing yours! Good luck in 2012!"
6136: victoria smith

"Good going Ron. Keep feeding them reality sandwiches."
6137: Sébastien Richer

6138: Andrew Neal

"May Ron Paul be victorious and begin restoring our nation."
6139: Cory A. Reeves

"Mr Paul it seems you are the only candidate that has answers, and you address the issues with intelligence not sidestepping and bashing. My prayers are with you sir...God bless you"
6140: Dennis Craig Barry

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"Ron Paul for President! Save or Liberty! Get rid of big bankers in the white house!"
6142: chad harding

"We are with you Ron. Go for it, you are on the right track."
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6145: Farida Kuraishy

"The timing is right for your message!"
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"Stay the Course !!!!!"
6148: Name not displayed

6149: Jeremiah D. Hornbaker

"It is so exasperating to see you pushed out by the media again! But this election is not over yet..."
6150: Susan Dixon

"I turn 18 this year and can vote for my first time in the 2012 election.... Ron Paul, I want you to be my first vote!"
6151: Joseph

"Ron is the only honest man running for president and he has honest solutions for our problems"
6152: Stephen Robison

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6155: Name not displayed

6156: jason forbeck

"Ron Paul victory in 2012! We must protect this country to the bitter end and Ron Paul is the man to bring us back from the brink."
6157: John Titus

"I'm with ya Buddy"
6158: Landen Ruddell

6159: nate millheim

"Why in the world is there never MORE mediated discussion about Ron Paul?!"
6160: Joshua

"Stand fast, Stand strong and never give up what you believe in for America."
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"The Greatest Plot Against the Ron Paul Camp To Date (By Sibel Edmonds)

Leave a Comment

ED Note: (BTW – It pains me to have to post this….) First it was Bush Buddy and campaigner Doug Wead – now Bruce Fein joins Ron Paul 2012:

Maybe these guys “woke Up” or… Ron is following Rand’s plan of doing whatever it takes to win an election? Seems dangerous to me.

Bruce Fein is a lawyer in the United States who specializes in constitutional and international law. Fein has written numerous articles on constitutional issues for The Washington Times,, The New York Times, Legal Times, and is active on the issues of civil liberties (or so he would like you to think?). He has also worked for the NEO CON American Enterprise Institute and the Heritage Foundation, both conservative think tanks, as an analyst and commentator. (also with Neo Lib Brookings Inst)

Fein is a principal in a government affairs and public relations firm, The Lichfield Group, in Washington, D.C.

Representative clients of
Lichfield Group

The most objective indication, over many years, of The Lichfield Group’s reputation may be found in the quality, commitment and continuity of its client base.

Representative clients include: over 32 governments; major international institutions; and over 120 of the world’s leading multinational corporations and financial institutions.
Representative client list

Private Sector

Bank of America
BHP Billiton
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Chevron Texaco
Clifford Chance
Ernst & Young
General Electric
Grupo Santander
John Deere & Co
Merrill Lynch
Mitsui & Co.
Morgan Stanley
Old Mutual
Rio Tinto
SE Banken
Standard Chartered Bank
Sumitomo Corporation

Public Sector

Governments of:

Czech Republic
The Netherlands
Saudi Arabia
United Kingdom
United States of America



Asian Development Bank
Council of the European Union
European Commission
European Investment Bank
Inter-American Development Bank
Japan Bank for International Cooperation
United Nations
World Bank/IMF


The Greatest Plot Against the Ron Paul Camp To Date

By Sibel Edmonds

Boiling Frogs Blog

Who ‘Really’ Is this Bruce Fein?

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.” - Marcus Tullius Cicero

fein Last week, right after publishing my article on Congresswoman Schmidt and Bruce Fein’s brilliant foreign lobby money rechanneling-laundering scheme, and to my shock, I found out about this:

The Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign announced today that constitutional and international law expert Bruce Fein will join the campaign as senior advisor on legal matters.

“Bruce Fein’s participation adds to our campaign’s already intellectual heft, enabling us to more broadly engage the conversation about constitutionality, civil liberties and the dangers to national security of an increasingly interventionist foreign policy,” said Ron Paul 2012 Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton.

While some at Rep. Paul’s Camp were busy celebrating and cheering the announcement as a brilliant strategic move, I was frantically gathering cases and research notes, corresponding with current and former colleagues from the intelligence community who had come to support Rep. Paul, and communicating with a few friends with Rep. Paul’s Campaign who were equally troubled by this development.

I understand the ‘cheering’ side of Paul’s camp as they have been excited and impressed by the in- writing-and-words-only side of Bruce Fein. Not so different than those who were fired up and sold on the in-words-only rhetoric and promises staged by President Obama. The Constitutional Scholar Fein and the Constitutional Expert Obama. A Great Penman Fein and the Great Orator Obama…and of course the contradicting realities and the contradicting facts.

However, in this case, there are already too many established facts and too much history on Mr. Fein, and way too many rational and realistic people among Paul supporters to ring the alarm bells and counter this great threat before it’s too late. I will go as far as calling the penetration of the Ron Paul camp by Bruce Fein ‘the greatest threat to Paul’s camp to date,’ and will make a solid case for this characterization based on glaring and alarming facts; facts and concerns shared by several loyal Paul advisors today.

Who is the real Bruce Fein? Why there are so many different versions of Fein – one contradicting the other? How do his real actions and intimate associations stand in stark contrast to Ron Paul? What is the most likely plot in planting Mr. Fein within Paul’s campaign?

Foreign Lobby & Influence Peddling

Ron Paul has been consistent and exemplary in his strongly held principles on the Foreign lobby and influence peddling; a rarity in the US Congress. He has displayed intense disdain for foreign lobbying and foreign influence. He even considers congressional ‘junkets’ as another means to be compromised: stressing that he would not travel abroad on agenda-driven foreigners’ dime: “I just think it’s unnecessary for congressmen to travel overseas, and the people in our district were on my side,” he said in an interview. “You don’t need to go to Bosnia to understand we have no business there.”

With Bruce Fein you have exactly the opposite stand. He has been a crusty foreign lobbyist making millions of dollars peddling his foreign bosses’ interests and influence in Congress and government agencies. For Fein it has never mattered who the foreign client or what their agenda. He does not care whether his foreign clients are criminals or terrorists or dictators. As long as they pay him handsomely he’ll sell their agenda and interest no matter what they may be. The words ‘principle’ or ‘taking a stand’ have never entered this foreign lobbyist’s dictionary or comprehension:

One minute, on behalf of one set of his foreign designated ‘terrorist’ bosses, Bruce Fein is busy selling the need for a genocide declaration by the US Congress against one nation:

“For the past year I have written about Bruce Fein in many articles that have been widely published and circulated. He is reportedly paid $100,000 per month to tell lies in Washington about the Government of Sri Lanka… Who are the American individuals backing this group? Where are they getting their money to pay Bruce Fein? Does former US Ambassador Blake have something to do with them…”

trkcoalThe next minute, on behalf of another well-known foreign mob boss, Bruce Fein is busy peddling influence and selling Congress his foreign bosses’ anti-genocide agenda:

“In 2007, Ayasli transferred $30 million in stock to fund a new endeavor, the nonprofit Turkish Coalition of America. The organization is headquartered in a Washington suite that has also been listed as the address for the Turkish Coalition USA PAC, the lobbying firm of Lydia Borland (who has represented the Turkish government), and the law firm of Bruce Fein and Associates (Fein comprises half of the Turkish American Legal Defense Fund)…”

“materials put out by the Turkish Coalition of America and authored by a lawyer, Bruce Fein, who now represents Schmidt in the complaint, say that Congresswoman Schmidt has on numerous occasions voiced her opposition to such resolutions and maintains that the historical question is not appropriate for Congress to legislate. The congresswoman, based on her independent research, does not believe the tragic events constitute genocide…”

Bruce Fein sees no problem with representing foreign groups like this:

Fein hit the jackpot in 1991 when he signed on to represent Mozambique’s notorious guerrilla army, RENAMO, which was seeking to overthrow its country’s leftist government. When Fein came on board, RENAMO’s reputation has hit bottom…

Even the Reagan and Bush administrations kept their distance from RENAMO, despite their anti-Communist rhetoric…

Fein, however, eagerly signed up to flack for Dhlakama’s terror army. Like most foreign lobbyists, he bilked his client for huge sums of money while performing virtually no work.

Mr. Fine, who now fakes and preaches non-interventionism and anti-influence peddling only to echo Ron Paul, in real life has been practicing the exact opposite:

renamo“Now, Fein has returned to lobbying and is working for a client that has the dubious distinction of making RENAMO look good: The Sudan. That country’s government is barred from receiving U.S. foreign aid because of its support for terrorism and because of its revolting human rights record. Amnesty International reports that the Sudanese government not only assassinates and tortures its “enemies,” but that paramilitary forces have kidnapped scores of children, who are believed to be held in domestic slavery by their abductors or taken to camps in remote rural areas, where they are trained for military service”

Here is another on-the-spot description of Real Bruce Fein as a crusty “Beltway Prostitute”:

“Well, well, well. Wasn’t Bruce Fein just recently condemning the Government of Sri Lanka for trying to put an end to the LTTE? But this time he’s defending a sovereign government for protecting itself – rather than slandering it using falsehoods. Now you see what I mean when I earlier referred to Mr. Fein as a “Beltway prostitute.” He will accept money from anyone who can pay the price – regardless of where that money came from, or who his legal and public relations services might unjustly hurt. What an embarrassment to the US legal profession.”

You see, for Mr. Fein pimping the Congress on behalf of foreign clients is about dollars. Nothing more; nothing less. Whether it is advocating additional foreign aid for one country while our nation is being bankrupted, or dragging our Congress to get involved with domestic meddling and the affairs of another foreign country, Bruce Fein has never been about the United States’ interests; just the opposite. Give Fein the dollars and he’ll sign up to lobby for any one: terrorists, corrupt foreign governments, mobsters, assassins …

Long pocketed as a ‘lobbyist’ by Pakistan, Sudan, Turkey, Tamil, and others, Bruce Fein is the exact antithesis to Ron Paul’s principled position on issues related to foreign lobby, corruption and influence peddling in government.

Overt Neocon Ties & Covert Israel Pedigree

Ron Paul has been in staunch opposition and a counter to Neocon agendas and field players. Whether on the Israel lobby and agenda driving the hawkish currents in our nation today, or the corporate war machine interests guiding our foreign policy practices, Paul has consistently stood firm and unrelenting.

kristolMr. Fein’s public pedigree makes it fairly easy to spot his overt ties and links. For example: he has been an adjunct scholar with the American Enterprise Institute (AEI). By now I think the majority of Americans know about AEI’s claim to fame:

“AEI is the most prominent think tank associated with American neoconservatism, in both the domestic and international policy arenas.[10] Irving Kristol, widely considered a father of neoconservatism, is a senior fellow at AEI, and many prominent neoconservatives—including Jeane Kirkpatrick, Ben Wattenberg, and Joshua Muravchik—spent the bulk of their careers at AEI.”

A well-known couple of facts about AEI:

1- In order to be accepted by AEI, to become one of their scholars, proven neoconservative inklings and ties are the never-waivered prerequisites.

2- AEI seeks candidates who put Loyalty and Allegiance to Israel above all.

John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt state in their controversial bestseller, The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy, that the tone of the right-leaning component of the Israel lobby results from the influence of the leaders of the two top lobby groups: AIPAC, and the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations. They go on to list, as right-leaning think tanks associated with the lobby, the Washington Institute for Near East Policy and the American Enterprise Institute.

Acceptance to the tightly knitted and guarded AEI Neocon community also extends to family members and religious affiliations. Bruce Fein has passed both litmus tests in becoming a highly-regarded member of AEI. His wife, Mattie Fein, has been a vocal hawk, neocon propaganda distributor, and a very familiar face within the Beltway neocon community:

In 2007, Fein penned an opinion piece in the Washington Times calling on the United States to pledge military support to Iranian dissidents in the event of an uprising. Fein, whose father is of Iranian descent, was identified in the piece as the founder and president of the Institute for Persian Studies.

While Fein’s AEI and neocon connections and strong ties are overtly stated, his loyalties and allegiance to Israel and the Israel lobby are not; that is, until you start digging. A former AEI member who now works as a congressional aid stated, ‘Bruce Fein was liked and trusted there as ‘one of them,’ a real Jewish man loyal to Israel and its interests.’

iflagFein has been successful in playing both sides of this field, and keeping his Israel related activities and ties mainly covert. However, in 2010, Fein’s wife, Mattie Fein, began expressing the couple’s views on Israel and Israel’s interests less covertly. Some attribute that to Mattie Fein’s desperate need and her fierce competition with Harman over Israel lobby dollars. Here is Mattie’s response to the test question by the Zionist community:

7. Would you support Israel taking military action to stop Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons? Under what circumstances?

The United States should support whatever Israel believes is justified by national security worries over Iran.

boltonAnd here is Bruce Fein’s buddy from AEI, the scandalous John Bolton, who’s been backing the Fein couple including Mattie Fein’s fundraising and campaign:

I was privy to some of the logistics involved in setting up the fundraiser that Bolton held for Mattie’s campaign. It amazed me how quickly some establishment Republicans tried to steal the thunder of Bolton’s appearance through various subterfuges and poaching, and it is a credit to the man’s character and timber that he refused to be a part of it. He was there to endorse Mattie Fein against Jane Harman, and he wouldn’t let third parties screw that up.

Mattie Fein’s established Neocon pedigree, her hawkish propaganda and activities nicely echoes Bolton’s own. Some liken the relationship to mentor-protégé dynamics that began with the marriage to Fein and entry into the AEI circle.

The Question of Ethics …or Lack of

Even Ron Paul’s foes would admit that he has been a man of principle throughout his life; both inside and outside his congressional career. Those who may disagree with his political platform and stand would acknowledge his adherence to ethical practices, whether in his personal-family life or career.

schmidtBruce Fein’s career on the other hand, in contrast to his writings and well-played public role, has been driven by lucrative foreign lobbying deals, influence peddling in the halls of Congress, the State Department and the CIA, and all that mostly for foreign agendas directly in conflict with those of Americans. Not only that, his regard for ethics as an attorney appears to be nonexistent. In his most recent scandal involving indirect funneling of foreign lobby dollars to Rep. Jean Schmidt, he was determined to have been intentionally misguiding his client on the sources of $500,000 dollars in legal fees:

In a statement released on August 5, the House Ethics Committee ruled that Rep Jean Schmidt has received multiple improper gifts totaling $500,000 from the Turkish Coalition of America (TCA) between 2008 and 2010. The Committee ruled that Schmidt must pay the money back, However, she will not face sanctions by the House as she was able to pin the blame for her behavior on her attorneys Bruce Fein and David Saltzman

You can read the full report by the House Ethics Committee here. It remains to be seen whether anyone will go after Bruce Fein and his license for this highly scandalous case and ethics violations. His two possible explanations for this case would be: 1- I did not tell my client that my legal representation of her case was part of foreign lobby money funneling to her; 2- My client was fully aware of the foreign lobby bribery nature of my legal representation and services, but to protect her and my foreign bosses I took the blame. Under either explanation one glaring point remains clear, and that is the lack of ethics on behalf of the involved attorney-Bruce Fein. On the other hand, Mr. Fein appears to have had practice in riding ethics related scandals and waves. At least in the scandalous ethic violations case involving Bruce Fein and his partner Ephraim Chukwuemeka Ugwuonye, Esq.

paulI started with that famous quote from Marcus Tullius Cicero because it applies to this report and the plots delivered from within. When it comes to Ron Paul’s Campaign no one would ever have to worry about known snakes and neocons like Paul Wolfowitz or Richard Perle. The enemy sent to you will be one who talks just like you; speaks your words and shouts your slogans. And does so very convincingly.

I have tried to be brief with carefully and well-sourced facts and cases to provide a factual profile for the real Bruce Fein. Considering the facts and who Mr. Fein is, and has been, why would he methodically go about attaching himself to Ron Paul and his campaign? After consulting with several well-respected and trust-worthy sources, the troubling answer was summed up in two possibilities:

1- This is a commonly used ploy by the establishment to penetrate Ron Paul and his camp which has been gaining momentum. This is where the plant carries inside information and strategic plans to the establishment, and simultaneously tries to exert negative influence over decision making and strategy-setting processes.

2- The plant willingly and knowingly becomes the fall-guy bringing down the target candidate. Highly damaging and scandalous information about the plant would be strategically released to the media-public, and the candidate suffers the ultimate consequences.

Personally I am leaning more towards the second possibility and here is why:

flfeinI was privy to the extensive rap sheet maintained on Mr. Fein, his foreign mob bosses and their operations at J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI. Mr. Fein is well aware of this rap sheet and the FBI’s long-maintained operations. I know with certainty that if released by the FBI, whether partially or completely, it would be used as ongoing front-page headlines by the media, to bring down the entire Paul campaign before the primaries.

Ron Paul already has a highly-respected constitutional scholar who is articulate, eloquent, passionate, and most importantly, trust-worthy, clean, and from outside the poisonous capital beltway. That person is Tom Woods. Paul does not need this man Fein. He does not need this glitzy-oily foreign lobbyist who stands in total contrast to Paul’s platform.

I like Ron Paul. I support his stand on foreign policy related matters and his objectives on what need to be changed. I applaud Paul’s stand on our liberties, and I back his quest for a much smaller government. I have done so for years. Please don’t let the establishment succeed in their plot. Bruce Fein is the greatest threat to Paul’s movement to date. He would be a stain – a taint; not one easily removed after the fact. Please begin the countdown, and have Ron Paul remove this man from the campaign as a trusted advisor and insider. Let the countdown begin today; at this hour -at this very minute. Before it is too late.

# # # #"

6164: Name not displayed

"Go Ron Paul!!"
6165: abdul

"Im in and doing my best to spread Ron Paul's message in my little corner of the world, Ron Paul 2012!!!"
6166: Name not displayed

"When a good candidat come in politic, let's vote for him."
6167: Pascal Larocque

6168: Bob Fowler

"ron paul all the , legalize , freedom , and the choice to make a choice thats what americas about"
6169: tom repsher

"He tells it like it is! Bring our Troops home and put them on our boarders!"
6170: Keith Krul

6171: Name not displayed

"Finally a man who does the research and speaks the honest and sincere truth. He is an embodiment of true American values and traditions. Ron Paul is the only hope we've got!"
6172: Corey R. Mansfield

"Please help return the ideals this country once embraced, the higher standards of education and quality of living that once made us a great nation. More than ever we need someone to bring ethics back to the oval office."
6173: Frank Todaro

6174: Kevin Burns

"Let's do it!"
6175: Name not displayed

"I'm game. It's been a long time since a politician means what they say. Go Ron Paul!"
6176: Joshua Brown

6177: Ricardo Orozco

"Ron Paul will make America beautiful and free again"
6178: Chrystal Bell


6179: Marianne Rodgers

"America needs your leadership....shine on!"
6180: Cindy

6181: Katheryn Amend

6182: Name not displayed

"The only canidate that has done exactly what he has said he would do. Has my full support. Send me some signs. I will put them out!"
6183: Eddie Self

"Honest with integrity and tells the truth. Will back him 100 percent. Send us some signs, we will get them out there."
6184: Paula Self

"2012 here we come! Hope and change ! Yes we can! Ron Paul 2012 I'm excited."
6185: Matthew Henderson

"Support yes! However might want a professional to help you with body language. Depending on the venue you are speaking your body language varies. Example - often you blink more when the topic is challenging you! Display body language that shows confidence - example: blinking of your eyes repetitively and quickly has a tendency to make people question your confidence. Get a coach to help you with it, promise it will make a difference in how people take what you are saying."
6186: P J

"Minimize government control. Maximize fiscal maturity. He has my vote."
6187: James Moscariello

"Ron Paul 2012 Believe!!!"
6188: Maryanne Shanahan

"For once in my life there is man is running that I
believe. With his leadership we can fix this great country.God help us if we do not help him win.
This time it will be to late!"

6189: Jim Davenport

"Let's all work together so we can make this happen. Let's rally, debate, inform and inspire people to make the right decision... Ron Paul 2012."
6190: Brittany McKenzie

6191: ConnorPegues

6192: Name not displayed

"I'm in !"
6193: Dawn Young

"Ron Paul for President! I finally have hope for this country."
6194: David Viens

6195: Jason M

6196: Name not displayed

6197: jon

"It's time to get back to our Constitutional roots and Ron Paul is the man to get us there!!!!"
6198: Kathrine Rodriguez

"you give me hope for this country!"
6199: Elizabeth Greene

"Get em Dr Paul !"
6200: tracy clevenger

6201: Wayne Blackburn

6202: scott bork

"the GOP and the Dems are the one in the same. we are in the left lane on the road to financial ruin."
6203: Peter MECCIO

"It would be an honor to cast my first vote in a presidential election, on Ron Paul. Revolution!"
6204: Adrian Carico

6205: Matthew Patterson

"Dr. Paul,

You have a solid grasp of economics and truly understand The Austrian School. You have been consistent in your voting with liberty as your focal point. You grasp and embrace the Weinberger-Powell Doctrine in regards to our Foreign Policy decisions. I support your candidacy and I have put my money where my mouth is. I know supporting you is supporting the highest ideals in this country."

6206: Fred Gartrell

6207: H. Keen Smith

"Kick the corporations out every facet of our Gov't, and re-institute oversight over our Gov't."
6208: Michael Nolen

"Ron Paul 2012!"
6209: Dillon Jeffers

"Behind you 100%! Praying for you, RP!!! God bless you!"
6210: Jacqueline Camp

"Ron Paul is our only hope. God bless us all."
6211: Kate Taylor

"we need you to reform this dying country a real pres. not strung with wires"
6212: david schmidt

"I am a college graduate enlisting in the military (US Army, BCT starts Feb 28th 2012), and you have my full support. Let's bring sanity and liberty back to our United States!"
6213: Andrei Chira

"Capitalism is NOT democracy.
Power to the PEOPLE!"

6214: Carl Snitselaar

"Time for America to wake up ron paul 2012"
6215: Grant Lewis

"O.M.G= Obama Must Go! ... RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT!!!"
6216: cristina guerra

6217: Chuck Faulkner

"Ron Paul for President"
6218: Jason Sutton

6219: elizabeth ingram

"Let's Do This!! Time for America to wake up to Ron Paul 2012!!"
6220: Chris Perner

"Dr. Paul, my family and I are with you 100%. The main-stream media just presented the 'crack-down' on medicare fraud to the public of $275 million stolen by 91 individuals, and possibly more (per Yahoo). I see it as simply a legerdemainist attempt to distract the public from the billions that the banks stole and then the federal government bailed them out after the theft. It's time to run the criminals out and take our country back. Time for a new era of ethical behavior, standards, family, and honor. Time for it to mean something to the Gen-X to reclaim a broken country that was en route of being stolen from us before we were even born. Educated men such as Franklin, Adams, and now Dr. Paul smooth the cobble stones of diplomacy and politics gently, so that brave men do not wear them down with swift wagons and bloodied wheels."
6221: Sean H.

"Ron Paul is the best in the world
he will lead us to liberty"

6222: Masri Maris

"No one let apathy take it's course. If you're not registered, register. Find individulas that may need help getting to polling locations. Vote in primaries. Participate in every poll that you encounter. Write your state and federal congress people, local politicians, sheriffs and news editors expressing your support for Ron Paul. DON'T rely on bumper sticker politics - ORGANIZE!"
6223: Nathan Whitmore

"The only candidate who has stood for the same things: liberty, fiscal responsibility, and non-interventionist military policies over and over again. Go Ron Paul!!!"
6224: Name not displayed

"Tired of the 'stuffed suit' status quo politicians. Time for a little truth. Let's rock the house!"
6225: james davis

6226: Michael Sistrunk jr.

6227: Jason Gregory

"I want to live in an educated nation; no longer can we afford to live with our heads in the sand!! Bring the troops HOME NOW!!!!"
6228: Nicholas D. Fiecke

"remember that paper our founding fathers signed?
Ron Paul Does!"

6229: Paul Walter

6230: Beth Wilhoit

"Best wishes and support every way I can."
6231: Ed Watt

"Liberty 2012!!!"
6232: Name not displayed

"Ron Paul is a true patriot!!! We need to help him to help us save this country!"
6233: Name not displayed

"Ron Paul 2012 first guy to make sense in years. Maybe he will turn this country around and give it back to the people"
6234: Travis D

"Keep on it Paul. We're with you!"
6235: Name not displayed

"Ron Paul is the only one who can get this country back on track."
6236: Name not displayed

"Dear Mr. Paul, Thank you for continuing to run for president again this term. I believe that you are truly the only candidate with our best interest at heart. I will stand by you in this race and vote for you when the time comes. Thank you again, Go Ron Paul 2012!!!!"
6237: Nicole Coldiron

"Bring back the Prosperity to all the people in USA!"
6238: Soe Nyunt

"Ron Paul is our only hope in restoring the US, the Constitution and Bill of Rights."
6239: Marilyn

"Ron Paul is our only hope! I will support this campaign in any way I can."
6240: Name not displayed

"Ron Paul 2012!"
6241: Angel Negeon

"I believe he cares about America instead of money, power, corporations and banks."
6242: Name not displayed

"You have my families vote!!!!!!!"
6243: Wendell Vaughn

6244: Wes Babcock

"Ron Paul i'm 20 this is my first year able to vote and by far you are my favorite candidate. I can't wait to see all the great things your gonna do. what ever i can do to help let me know."
6245: Zach Rader

"Good luck, it's not only the US that needs the change"
6246: Michael D. Meredith

"Let us bring Liberty Back to this great nation. RON PAUL 2012. We need you President Paul!"
6247: Wesley Hotalen

"This country needs LEADERSHIP!"
6248: Philip Gilmore

"Its scary how rhetorically gifted Ron Paul is. It seems the other candidates and the mainstream media are aware of this and terrified.

Ron Paul for president."

6249: Nikolas Owenby

6250: lonnie bearden

"You had better run for president. You're in a position to better your country. Don't let us down."
6251: Lee W.

6252: Zachary Weaver

"I can't wait for this election, you will have my vote, just be careful, your campaign, threatens the people who unconstitutionally control our money."
6253: Michael

"I have faith"
6254: Dan Neilson

"REVOLUTION! Real Change!"
6255: Chris Morris

"I'm 52 years old and this is the first time I have felt compelled to vote. I feel Ron Paul is the only candidate that can save this country."
6256: Bert Gonzalez

6257: matt rich

"...and you were 4 years ago!! When you talk about what needs to happen I cry. Really! I am so ashamed of my country, we are screwing up!! Then you get up there and you dont waste time bickering about "who said what when" (you said that in 08 at a debate). You get right to the nitty gritty and explain to everyone why we are where we are...and THEN actually have some direction (a good direction I might add) as to where it should go! You are smart and modest. You are not power hungry or controlled by greed. I cannot financially support you, but I support you with word of mouth, with passion, and with the strength of an ambitious, young woman ready for change! (and Im not unrealistic, by change I mean that in a few years Id like to only be standing in an ankle-deep pool of shit, instead of the knee-deep pool that I find myself in)"
6258: Deborah Montgomery

"You're exactly what we need. As a student in a Private University, I am educated enough to know that what is going on is just...wrong!! Please help us!"
6259: Kathryn Pritchard

"The only real candidate for President!!"
6260: Sergio Amezcua

"I also live in Canada. It's difficult to imagine just how much Dr. Paul would really help America and take the Country out of China's rule and return it back to its rightful owners, Americans."
6261: Luke Wieler

"Bring back our dream"
6262: Quentin Christensen

6263: Brandon Haynes

6264: Jason Foard

"I am inspired so much by Ron Paul; he seems to me to have the best grasp of reality about declining nation. Please, God, help us"
6265: Name not displayed

6266: Barry Toor

6267: Maria Wallace

"I like what Ron Paul stands for, I think he is a great asset to our nation"
6268: Brad J.

6269: Stephen Ward Palmer Jr

"Ron Paul 2012"
6270: Tyler Watson

6271: Name not displayed

"YOU are winning means we are winning!!!!"
6272: regina imburgia

6273: kathleen housey

"Ron Paul your the only candidate/congressman that is consistently telling the truth. Please stay strong. It is obvious to me that both the Republicans and Democrats hate your ideas and will probably try to team up against you. Even the media is distorting the truth. STAY STRONG AND COURAGEOUS"

"Now that the Obama hype is over or at least fading it's time to put the RIGHT man in! No more cookie cutter politicians."
6275: Name not displayed

"Ron paul 2012!"
6276: Yanni Hajioannou

"Dr. Paul our chance at getting America back from tyranny. End The Fed!"
6277: James Taylor

"I'll be voting Ron Paul."
6278: Brandon Duke

6279: Mark D

"The only one worthy of the job..... Victory is in the air..."
6280: William J.T. Keller Sr.

"I don't understand why Mr. Paul is not getting more coverage in the media. He seems to have the most sound perspectives on the topics in debate."
6281: Jonathan Webb

6282: Heather Jacks

6283: Susan Gist

"Please, we need you."
6284: bret mcgraw

"I want my liberty back.Now is soon enough! Failure is not a option!"
6285: Dean Allen Engle

"RON PAUL 2012!!"
6286: Taryn Leydon

6287: Douglas Wilson

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."
6288: gintaras gircys

"He'll win in a general election. We need to get him through the Republican Primary. Ron Paul 2012."
6289: Bob Lambert

"He has the most sense i've seen on a presidential candidate in a long time....if ever."
6290: Name not displayed

"Please save us!"
6291: Spencer Shiveley

6292: Name not displayed

6293: Stephen E. Maher

Thank you for your effort to put this country back on track. I will do my best to spread your views."

6294: Ryan Harris

"You are the bravest man alive standing up to the powers that be..!! I support you every chance I get!! I post your name on yahoo nearly everyday!! I love my country and I can see you do to...GOD BLESS YOU and your family!!
Your Ardent Supporter
Marcus Martinez"

6295: Marcus

6296: Camille Nagy

"For once someone that makes sense!!!!!!!"
6297: Name not displayed

6298: mark magruder

6299: Kirsten rice

6300: Name not displayed

"In Texas, we support you Ron! You have our votes and our LOVE! Ron Paul 2012!!!"
6301: Sean Hillery

"Please change the USA to be what it should be, if anyone can do it, you can, Ron."
6302: Name not displayed

"RON PAUL 2012!! we need you ron and we need to spread the word to the rest of our people to vote for the right man for the job"
6303: chad

6304: Name not displayed

"Ron Paul is our last hope of returning ownership of America to its rightful owners... we the people.

If liberty and justice is not soon restored to America, it will no longer be recognized for which it stands. We shall fall; divided by fear and ignorance, and bankrupted both morally and financially."

6305: Daryl Vernon

6306: Graeme Krone

"ron all the way"
6307: Paul Zapata

6308: Kristen Hicks

"Mercy triumphs over judgement. Liberty for all!"
6309: David Dennihy


6311: Daniel Toczylowski

6312: Nina Cipriani

"I vote for Ron Paul"
6313: Randi

6314: Miles Dillon

"Thank you for your message of truth, liberty and peace."
6315: Raven

6316: anthony kaniowsky

6317: David Willoughby

"Bring America back to the principles of freedom our founding farthers outlined for us."
6318: Dominique

"Ron Paul's got our best interest in mind. By relieving us of the unnecessary wastefulness of large government, we can go back to a freer way of life."
6319: Jeff Kornelis

"I fear you are the sole voice of reason in the American government. We need you in office as president to preserve the integrity of our Constitution. However, as a Ph.D. student in cellular biology, I do have to say that it was a bit discombobulating to hear your stance on evolution."
6320: Julie Craft

6321: Anna Cunningham

6322: Name not displayed

"Ron Paul has been involved in a hard battle helping Americans gain back their liberty. The messeage is spreading like wild fire and nothing can detain it. Dont miss this great opportunity to stand together and support Ron Paul all the way. RON PAUL r3volution!!!!!"
6323: jesse chabolla

6324: Karen Hayden

"Ron Paul the one and only true politian"
6325: Louise Caldwell

6326: DOLLY

6327: Kimberly Kral

6328: Name not displayed

6329: Name not displayed

6330: Steven J. Coppola

"Listening to Ron's speeches has motivated me to vote for Ron Paul. How refreshing, plain and simple common sense he has. God Bless to All.
Go Ron Paul!"

6331: Marci

"armericA!!! vote for RON PAUL 2012!!!!!! i'm from europe, if i could vote i'll take flit right now!!!!!"
6332: Name not displayed

"Ron Paul for 2012. 20 year old American citizen."
6333: Michael Hosier

"we do not need 4 more years of obama"
6334: emil hanzal jr

"Ron Paul will have my vote on any ballot which his name appears. Fireman for Paul."
6335: STEVE W.

"Ron, you need to come to Jacksonville, NC. The home of Camp Lejeune. Connect with a large group of military."
6336: Cherie Schulz

"Ron Paul our savior."
6337: Jerry Keller

"Integrity....fighting for your beliefs, no mater how they fly in the face of conventional thoughts. This alone, is enough for me to say I want Ron Paul to be my leader."
6338: rusty m conlan

"President Ron Paul 2012!"
6339: Renee

"I have knowledge therefor I.m obligated to do something."
6340: Tim Smith

"I think that you are the only one running that our founding fathers would actually approve of and vote for. Please free us from the federal parasite."
6341: Owen B

"go Ron...godspeed!!!"
6342: jim georgiou

"You seem to be the only one with your eyes wide open and not afraid to speak your mind. Unfortunately Obama was turned into a puppet his first two weeks in...I hope it won't be the same for you...which I would think not! :)"
6343: Name not displayed

"Even socialists love Ron Paul!!!"
6344: Name not displayed

6345: Name not displayed

"Yes fix this country. bring our troops home . T ake care of the USA not other countries"
6346: joe berlin

"Go get 'em!!!!!!!"
6347: Mike Pfeifer

6348: Name not displayed

"It is time for a president who truly has this countries best interests at heart."
6349: josh stout

"Ron Paul 2012!!!!......The Only Choice.
God Bless America!!!!"

6350: Samuel Ray

"Ron Paul 2012! We need a president with commitment to and respect for the Constitution!"
6351: Lori Schoonover

"Im in too.Time for revolution!"
6352: DBean

"Let's do this!"
6353: Chrissy Gazzo

"Show me a real change!!"
6354: Yuzhong Huang

"We simply have to make it happen."

"It's time to put a stop to gov spending money WE don't have."
6356: dan tadrick

"Why are there 19k Facebook Likes yet only 3701 actual signatures? We need to get them included, I am sharing with the explicit request/plead to sign the petition. JT - It's TIME to win this."
6357: JohnTitor

"A man of honor and integrity, a rare breed.
"Help us Ron Paul Kenobi, you're our only hope!""

6358: Aaron

"Our only real chance!"
6359: David Brantley

6360: Andrew Lane

"The Dr. is the only republican running for office that is totally against the wars we are fighting over in the middle east and spending billiions of tax payer dollars for wars we shouldn't be in he has my vote."
6361: Paul Barrios

"Its time for a real change.Its time to fight for what our founding fathers fought for. I think Ron Paul is the best man for the job. He puts God first and is look out for the American People!Vote for Ron Paul for President!!!!Lets take back America to what she was before all the bueracy."
6362: Sharon Shepard

"Boo on our occupancy in foreign countries. Leave em alone!"
6363: Heather Lightsey

"Ron Paul speaks the truth!"
6364: Michael Kirsner

"I have supported Ron Paul for president ALWAYS! And was more than disappointed when he dropped from the race the past election. It's inconceivable why the American people cannot see him as a great president & leader of our country! Please Mr. Paul, VOTE the distance this time. AMERICA NEEDS YOU!!"
6365: Cathy Maskal

6366: James Starnater

6367: Doyle Bridges

6368: Name not displayed

6369: Name not displayed

"Yes we can!"
6370: Zachary Charo

"I sincerely wish that Ron Paul gets elected for President in 2012. USA needs him. I am only concerned that he may end up being too honest to be elected in american politics."
6371: Surya Satyavolu

"Run no matter what. Thanks Dr. Paul for your love of this great nation!"
6372: julie boles

"Ron Paul for president!!"
6373: Dianna Driskell-Knaggs

"You are the only candidate in this election that makes sense! Sometimes in a room full of crazy people, the only sane person can appear insane. We know that you are the sane one and the only one who sees things clearly! Thank you :)"
6374: Courtney Rand

"I strongly believe that if people want to see our great nation get out of the current mess we need a leader like Ron Paul."
6375: Akram Khan

"Ron Paul We Need him in the white house 2012
as our President
Constitution, written to give rights...
Slowly fading into the night.
Open your eyes, we must fight!
Freedom, not slave system...
Fundamental Rights.
Now vanishing...
Transient Fade...
Our Lives...

6376: Roy Dawson

"I'd vote for him if I was an american... he seems the most honest and detailed person... Obama saying Change means nothing... Obama saying transparency I thought means something! I thought he is going to make the M3 reports public again so that everyone knows what happened and what made the financial crisis happen in 2006 for example! the thing that made many people loose their houses... go broke..
I have a feeling only Ron seems eager to go real transparent! he seems brave enough to ask the though questions... that's why perry is constantly shown on the news channels and Ron isn't!"

6377: Name not displayed

"im live in iran and i love republican an ron paul. i like support him thake a lote"
6378: amart

"I'm in!"
6379: Cody

6380: Simon Kim

"RON PAUL 2012!!!!!"
6381: Mobin Kiadeh

"I think it's funny that the Republican canidates are trying to use what you were saying in 2008 to get elected in 2012. I believe in Freedom, the Constitution, lower taxes, cutting federal spending, smaller government, and working together across political boundaries for the betterment of the country."
6382: Darren Frady

"Really the only candidate that answers anything"
6383: Robert Kautz

"Finally, a common-sense and straight-talking politician. I would be proud to give you my vote!"
6384: William Carter

"You had my support and vote last election and even more so now, i do my best to spread the word of ron paul, seing as the media refuses to."
6385: Jhovy Mcgrath

"RP 2012"
6386: Name not displayed

6387: jon margulies

"You have my support!"
6388: Margaret Totty

"My message to Dr. Ron Paul:
I am 21 years old attending a highly liberal, Jesuit university in Seattle. In 2008 (my first opportunity to vote) I fully supported your candidacy. While I do not condone the one political party, excuse me I mean two political parties, I understand the logic behind running under one of the major two (those who run outside never win). I voted for Bob Barr when you lost the nomination in 2008, and will not be casting my vote for Republicans in the upcoming election (unless, of course, it is Ron Paul). You have an extensive knowledge of every issue you discuss, you are a gentleman during interviews and debates, you actually present your views rather than dodge questions and tell people what they want to hear. In essence, you are the opposite of most politicians; this is exactly why I support you. On a funny side note, my liberal, Democratic friends (of which there are many in Seattle, but also for my age demographic in general) hold similar views to your own, but are either too afraid or too closed-minded to even look and listen to you for themselves. It is quite sad, but I'll work on exposing your words to them, rather than allowing them to be satisfied by second and third parties trying to "interpret" your words for you. The media more recently has taken notice of you, and I could not be happier. It is obvious that they are scared of you, which is why they try to humiliate you and manipulate videos (I'm referring to FOX and CNN here). Your voting record and political philosophy, as well as your daily words are inspiring. Might you consider speaking at my university, as I know this is something you are accustomed to doing. While this message will no doubt get lost in the mess of emails or support, I just wanted to thank you for being you and running again in 2012.
-Kris Reid"

6389: Name not displayed

"Ron Paul for President!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
6390: Michael S. O\'Neal

"I need a big Ron Paul 2012 sign for my front yard! Hopefully I will still be able to afford the mortgage if Ron Paul wins the election!! GO ALL THE WAY DR PAUL!!"
6391: Susan J Kennedy

"Retired teachers in texas haven't had a raise since 2001. Perry also cut education 20 billion dollars also cut fire fighting grants from 16 million to 7 million this year. We need an intelligent president. Thanks"
6392: Dale Geiger

"Ron Paul, Keep on keeping on, don't back down you have people behind you! Ron Paul for President 2012! Restore our nation back to what our Founding Fathers really intended for this country!"
6393: Holly W

6394: Name not displayed

"Ron Paul should be receiving much more media coverage. He is a brilliant man with a plethora of excellent ideas to improve the state of our nation. He has extensive knowledge of our constitution and stresses the emphasis on individual liberty that is so inherent within it. Why is all this attention on Rick Perry? Do we honestly want this man running our country?Ron Paul should be receiving equal (actually much more) coverage. This is my small attempt to encourage all of the Ron Paul supporters out there to try to rally as much support as you can. This is a battle against multi-billion dollar corporations who control the media and dictate American public opinion. The internet is an extremely powerful tool, use it to your advantage. Ron Paul Revolution!"
6395: Jason Roche

"We 100% support you. Bless you."
6396: Name not displayed

"Wake up America!! Look closely at who the media is!! We need Ron Paul!!"
6397: Name not displayed

6398: Name not displayed

"GO RON PAUL!! Im moving out of the USA if you dont win..."
6399: Ian Farnes

"Your message to this great nation and guidance it needs will always cause your resistance. Forge on Mr. Paul, Forge on."
6400: Name not displayed

"Rick Perry is a wuss; you don't want to be called that when you're from Texas. Ron Paul 2012!"
6401: Jon Bellamy

"Good luck sir."
6402: Name not displayed

"Dr. Paul will bring the real change this country needs to return it prosperity and true liberty"
6403: Name not displayed

6404: Brian M. Trageser

"Changed my party just for Ron Paul"
6405: Beverly Linthicum

"Truth is Treason in the empire of lies -Dr. Ron Paul"
6406: Coral Breitbach

"Thank you for never giving up!"
6407: Nicolas North

6408: martin brennan

"Can logic triumph over emotion? Ron Paul 2012!"
6409: Bill Massey

"This will be my first time voting. After watching the recent debates I found that Paul stood out of the crowd. He is the only one telling the truth. I am ashamed that I did not know who Ron Paul was in the last election. What I have noticed in the media is that they do not even mention Paul's name. For instance, it was interesting to see Fox news show a poll of the top 4 finishers at a debate. They did this so they could talk about Bachmann and totally disregard that Paul's numbers doubled and that he came in third. We can no longer let the media influence our elections. I think that Paul's views on foreign policy are crucial to this country. How would we feel if others were occupying our country? If we can get that message across and people actually think about it and not just get offended, this country will be safer and our troops will come home. As for the economy, who better to be leading the way than Ron Paul who understands economics and had foreseen the downturn? This country has a fever and the only prescription is Ron Paul. Ron Paul 2012!"
6410: Ryan Massey

"All other candidates are taking credit for your ideas. Bachman for the HPV/Merck thing, Multiple on audit/ end the fed...he is the true leader who will do what he says he will when it comes to our personal freedom and states rights..."
6411: Thomas Wagner

"Ron Paul - In July 2011, you told Judge Napolitano on his show that you "have not looked into" running as a third party candidate if it becomes necessary. I urge you to seriously do so if you haven't already. Please never give up. Do all that you can. This country desperately needs you. Thank you for your service."
6412: James Gilmartin

"I believe that this man is the only candidate with the true gumption to tell American what they need to hear even when it is not politically correct or some other nonsense. Americans must understand that although their country truly has alot to offer, their attitudes and way of life are often seen as arrogant and ignorant by others in the world community."
6413: Name not displayed

"He is very inspirational and imparts wisdom onto people. He gave me a bigger perspective of life and society!"
6414: David Lee

"Go Dr Paul, you can save America......"
6415: Jeanne Davis

"Mr. Paul,

I have never been political or supported a candidate, but I fully support your election run and will support in any way I can."

6416: Name not displayed

"It's now or never!"
6417: Jeremy Giaco

""In despotic governments, wars are the effect of pride; but in those governments in which they become the means of taxation, they acquire thereby a more permanent promptitude."
Thomas Paine
Rights of Man"

6418: Brian Evans

"You got my vote!"
6419: Serena Corl

"Dr. Paul is the only candidate with the inellect and integrity to be our President."
6420: Sam Saliba

"Charleston, WV"
6421: Zach Bell

6422: Fanny C.

"Greetings, my name is DeAngela Osborne and I am DEFINITELY Team Ron Paul and soooooooo frustrated with the biased news coverage surrounding his campaign, he is not able to make enough people understand his philosophy and I am on a mission to change that !! I have been round and round (and round, lol) with the FCC and the Enforcement Bureau, I have sent emails to the Benton Foundation, I have contacted civil rights attorneys (personally I feel mine are being violated) and ultimately, what I have determined, is that I need to reach the sponsors of these stations!

PLEASE help me, I need BIG, BIG Numbers, will you please sign and share this petition (share it with everybody you know) telling the sponsors of Fox News, MSNBC and CNN News to stop the media blackout of Ron Paul, I have provided sponsors of each network in the petition, PLEASE contact them and ask for their help, I have contacted everyone of them but I need numbers! Can you get this petition out?

Thanks for all you do!

Ron Paul for President 2012!!"

6423: DeAngela Osborne

6424: Michael Korbel

"We need a real change!"
6425: Dale mayer

6426: Ryan Bergeron

"Dr. Paul, Please do not give up hope. Simply because I haven't yet."
6427: Andrew Strauss

"Ron Paul for President 2012!!!!"
6428: Name not displayed

"Ron Paul truly believes in our country, The American People & FREEDOM!"
6429: Name not displayed

"God help this country!"
6430: Anapias Kenneth Harrison

"Ron Pauls words penetrate my beard and make my face wet"
6431: Chuck Norris

6432: nikolay kolov

"Ron Paul 2012!!!
I've never been this excited to vote for a candidate!!!"

6433: Brandi Renee Lowry

6434: Tim Davis

"Ron Paul please save us"
6435: cody

"You are Americas last hope."
6436: William H. Price

"Please send email to inform me of where I can obtain yard signs and banners to post and support the election for Ron Paul. Thanks..."
6437: Name not displayed

6438: Margaret Hafner

"Take America back to what it was founded on!!!"
6439: ronnie mckeel

"Please restore America!"
6440: Name not displayed

"If Ron Paul isn't elected president, I have serious worries about our country..."
6441: Name not displayed

"Justice and Human rights for America!
Go Ron Paul!!!"

6442: Nicholas Guccione

"Ron Paul will unite our nation and bring confidence back to our government."
6443: Jarrett Johnson

"Go Ron Paul!"
6444: Gwen Schneider

"Ron Paul is the only candidate who could actually turn this country around. If he isn't nominated, then we can expect 4 more years of the same nonsense."
6445: Anthony

"Thank you for having integrity in congress, you are the only candidate for the job."
6446: Andrew Banks

"All the best to you Congressmen Paul!"
6447: Name not displayed

"One last man standing perpetuating hope in mankind - go Ron Paul!"
6448: Tobias Salow

"You've got my vote. Hang in there and "Don't let the bastards get you down" Mr Kris Kristofferson"
6449: John Bever

"Would you to run again. I have faith in God's chosen, and he has chosen you too lead our country into prosperity."
6450: Rolando

"Ron Paul is a true patriot, one who our forefathers would have been proud to stand beside. We are lucky to have another man like those who created our amazing country and I will stand behind you!"
6451: D Funk

"Ron Paul is the winner in every debate. He's principled and easily the most knowledgeable candidate about sound economics and how federal the government should be run. He will do the best job and will be our next U.S. President."
6452: Steven Dunlap

6453: Nicholas Smith

"Ron says it all!!!"
6454: Nigel Gibson

"True Americans!!Where do we begin? RON PAUL 2012"
6455: Name not displayed

"Audit the Fed!"
6456: James Herron

"Dr. Paul, your time is NOW!!! Let's bring Liberty and Freedom back to the Greatest Country on Earth!!!!!"
6457: Patrick Ryals

6458: Kathryne Pirtle

"Ron Paul will be the best President since Abraham Lincoln."
6459: Silvio Pinheiro

6460: Jeffrey Chavey

"Stay strong and confident in your race for presidency."
6461: Michelle McKibben

"The people's choice!"
6462: U.S Marine Veteran

6463: Kevin Nicoletti

6464: Name not displayed

6465: David Cline

"Long Live the Constitution and The Bill of Rights"
6466: Jeff Halldorson

"RON PAUL the chahge we hoped for 2012"
6467: Jamie Russell

"Common sense prevails!"
6468: Wyatt Billingsley

"Go, go, go!!!"
6469: Tahir K Ahmadov

6470: Jacob M. Lake

"Ron Paul 2012!"
6471: Zack Johnson

6472: Katie Easler

6473: Mariah Gallop

6474: Christian M.

"We NEED you Ron Paul!"
6475: Rita Richardson

"I am behind Ron Paul because he stands next to Liberty"
6476: mike

"ron the real deal"
6477: Monte Harsch

"America needs Ron Paul to win this election... Return to liberty!"
6478: Joseph Michael Warren

6479: Name not displayed

6480: joseph roberts

"Ron is the only candidate who I feel would actually change the horrific course our once proud country has set."
6481: Daniel J. Connolly

6482: clark crawford

"I support Ron Paul 100% . I just wish I could donate more than I've been to help the revolution!"
6483: Josef Raabe

6484: Ashley Heath

"For the first time in my life (i am 57) feel you are the one to get our country back. You speak only the truth.
You have my support!"

6485: janet Snyder

"We need to return to common sense in this country"
6486: Ron Snyder

"Ron Paul is the voice of reason in a sea of unknowing."
6487: Cody Sparrow

"We believe in you Ron! Don't let us down!"
6488: Cris Avi

"i'm a believer"
6489: Neil Zimberg

"You can beat 'em!!"
6490: David Robert Fiorito

6491: Alexander Roth

"Please restore our right to due process and our right to privacy."
6492: Gloria K. Long

"What would Americans do if China sent their drones in our air space and occupied our land? we would fight back. Muslims are doing the same thing."
6493: Name not displayed

"It's refreshing to have a candidate like you who's person contains honesty & integrity. You're a true American. Where have you been my whole life? Haha"
6494: RF

"The fight has just begun."
6495: Nicholas Christian Vitus Marshall

"I saw you speak in Houston at an END THE FED rally in 2009 and I have been on board with your parties mission since. You speak the truth and offer solutions to solve our countries problems."
6496: Jacob Noble

6497: Jahan Iraniha

"vote ron paul ......!!!!!!!"
6498: zoe shepherd

"T.Y. for the honest hope Mr. Paul!!"
6499: Levi B.

6500: Katherine Lyons

"Don't quit, never give up!!"
6501: Tim Bartram

6502: Name not displayed

6503: Name not displayed

6504: Ryan

"He is the first president canidate that has made me think there was a reason to vote , we the people,we as people are not living the lives we should,wake up america,freedom in the pursute of happiness,once implemented his ideas could make the diffrence in where we as the people should and could be,stop the ignorance america,hold people responsible for there actions not there choices"
6505: A.J.Hollandsworth

"The only hope I have left, is you. Please continue to be as courageous as you are as fortune favors the brave."
6506: Abir Anwar

"You have my vote! U.S. Army for Ron Paul!"
6507: Jonathan Durr

"Worlds gone crazy and it's plain to see, in God we dont trust and the devil runs free. Led by drunken insainity our founders said it best, Dont Tread On Me"
6508: 9th State Madmen

"I know who I am voting for!! NO CONTEST!!"
6509: James Pinkston II

6510: Chris

6511: Justin W Murray

"Ron is the only man talking about things that makes common sense. We love Ron and his message!"
6512: Ruben Frye

"The world needs you to win! Ron Paul for president! When is the march on Washington time to show the numbers for peace and real liberty!"
6513: Tyler

"mobilize the dems & independents to register republican and vote paul in the primary"
6514: Name not displayed

6515: Shane Belanger

"The ONLY person that makes good common sense. So much so that the other candidates are now borrowing his ideas, lol."
6516: H Emran

"Ron Paul is the man."
6517: Bishwas

"First election ill get to vote in and theres no one else id rather vote for."
6518: Brandon D Gross

6519: Jessica sumpter

"it's just common sense"
6520: Lazar Rusu-Carp

6521: Zain

6522: Joel Dunsil

"Real talk... say it with your chest!"
6523: Name not displayed

"The Republican party has betrayed me. Between bailouts and expansionism, they promote tyranny as much as the socialist Dems. Time for a real Statesman with solid principles. Go Ron Paul !"
6524: Michael Farmer

6525: Name not displayed

6526: Name not displayed

"Here's hoping Ron wins the nomination and becomes the next President, not just for the American people but for the rest of us too.

Best wishes from everyone in Ireland."

6527: Peter Conroy

"I will only vote for you:"
6528: Name not displayed

"It's very comforting to know there is someone in congress that actually CARES about our country and the people. THANK YOU for speaking the truth and fighting so hard for what's right!"
6529: Holly Steigmeyer

6530: Name not displayed

"Time for some REAL change!"
6531: Kevin Patrick

"Incredibly excited for this campaign!"
6532: Rose Hall

"God Bless You, Ron."
6533: Aleksandr Sukhitskiy

6534: Emil Boddum

"do not reproach our freedom, allow us to vote for who we want"
6535: James Sweet

6536: Todd Luke

"God Speed, dear boy.. you are our only hope before the Swine kick things into full gear.."
6537: The Brewer

6538: Kiley Hoffman

"This is the true change we need! The government spending has got out of hand with education brainwash leading to it. In example of the college tuition! Why should it cost so much a year to attend college, and why should the government take away the student loan from the private banks? They do it to get students into a debt they will never be able to pay off with crazy interest rates that magically go up! Let's get the free market rolling again!"
6539: Chris Ridgeway

"End the FED! Go Green! For LIBERTY!"
6540: Claudio Sadens

"Ron - your integrity, character and values are inspiring. God bless you and your campaign in 2012!!!"
6541: Peter G. King

"Ron Paul will be a great president. He is our only hope for restoring america. MAY GOD BLESS YOU RON PAUL."
6542: james taylor

"Git'r Done Ron"
6543: J.D. Lewis

6544: Name not displayed

"Ron Paul 2012!!! My husband and I are United States Veterans and we were here with you from the beginning!"
6545: Kathleen Reff

"Good luck Ron I think only you can save us all...."
6546: Name not displayed

6547: Ian Beede

"GO RON!!!"
6548: colleen chadwick

"real change"
6549: Name not displayed

6550: Julia S Manoram

6551: David Davis

"Voting for you all the way! Wish you would be asked more questions in the debates, but I can only blame the biased media for that fact. Love what you are doing, what you stand for, and hope we all can finally make this happen, because it is way past overdue!!!"
6552: Jenna Waldrip

6553: T Moore

6554: Lindsay Costales

"When will the media get on board. Vote Ron Paul."
6555: Brendon Struck

"Death to FED and the NEW World Order.
Ron Paul For Liberty He's My President"

6556: Peter Maley

"Ron thanks for hanging in there and standing by your convictions!"
6557: Todd Luttenegger

"God Speed and Blessings for Ron Paul in his Quest."
6558: Ronald Lindsay

"Keep fighting Dr. Paul! we ARE listening!"
6559: Ashley

"You presence makes others like Perry and Romney nervous Mr. Paul because they know you're right and they don't have the determination or passion to truly promote what real ideas and values they have. They've sold out and sold what souls they have to get into the Presidency. It's clear and obvious to me when I see the debates and reports online; body language says it all. We need to take this country back, and I believe you are the man to do it. Good Luck sir and you have my vote!"
6560: Len Casarez

"Ron Paul is America's last chance to avoid a bloody revolution against the increasingly totalitarian and tyrannical federal government."
6561: Matthew Wetsch

6562: Karis Pratt

"i pray ron paul will be our leader."
6563: Name not displayed

"Sound platform I read online. 'Radical' is what his ideas have been called, but I believe they are the only ones of common sense. His platform contains things that most people (besides the television and newspaper idiots) would agree upon."
6564: Richard Rittenhouse

"Looking forward to your leadership. I believe that one crucial step in winning the election is to have a plan on immigration. I also believe that you must stop the incentives for immigrants to break the law. If it is not to their advantage to move here illegally we wont be fighting wars at our border. Thank You Dr Paul!!!"
6565: Justin Staub

6566: Brandon Leiner

"I think we are ready for a change around here"
6567: Cameron Sice

"Ron Paul, you're my hero! Sending love and support from El Paso Texas!"
6568: Dawn Celum

"I hope and pray enough Americans will see Ron Paul for what he is - the only hope America has."
6569: Name not displayed

6570: R.M. Gramstad

"In my opinion, Dr. Paul is the only candidate who can actually get America back on track."
6571: Name not displayed

"You are great but I have a question. In spite of your support if someone is intent to keep you from being on the ballet, can your name be written in????"
6572: Carole

"The man is the only of the GOP candidates who has the courage to speak out what needs to be done."
6573: Robert Gerlach

"We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution. -Abraham Lincoln"
6574: Name not displayed

"Vote for a leader, vote for Ron Paul."
6575: Richard Lewison

"Ron Paul 2012!!!!"
6576: justin greyling

6577: Elizabeth Noble

"Get the word out"
6578: Dennis B. Cook

6579: Name not displayed

"Constitutional Law is the Supreme Law of the Land."
6580: Marilee Eyring

"God Bless You Dr Paul"
6581: kristine wilcox

"Finally, I real American that speaks his mind and heart for us!"
6582: Thomas W. Nyman

- Ron Paul"

6583: Jason Gilbert

6584: Eric Hayes

6585: mehroo wadia

"cant wait to blow Obumbles away in the primaries!!!"
6586: chance cox

6587: Name not displayed

6588: Mark Szalajko

"we all have been begging as a nation for an honest president.... look no further"
6589: Name not displayed

6590: Olga

"Rick Perry and Mitt Romney are hacks, not real people."
6591: Caleb Betton

"VOTE RON PAUL!!!!!!!"
6592: Kelly Dryden

"The Time Is Now"
6593: Alexander Miranda

"Power to the People"
6594: Paul G. Judy

"Kick Some Ass"
6595: Elward Ehli

"Dear Ron Paul, You make more sense than anyone else. You are what the United States of America needs now. Ron Paul 2012!"
6596: Name not displayed

6597: Name not displayed

"History is offering up this guy and we'd be stupid not to vote him in."
6598: Aaron

"Ron Paul, America needs you. The honor of living in this country would be restored, were you our president."
6599: Jessica Hayes

"It's on like donkey kong!!"
6600: Mitchell

"You are the only presidential candidate I'll vote for. If you're not on the ballot, then my vote will be "none of the above," including all contenders. Try to get Ross Perot on board for your campaign. He'd be a good choice for vice-president, and could contribute a lot of fireworks, which is what we need."
6601: J. E. Schmidt

"My vote will go for Ron Paul."
6602: Stephanie Rubin

"Only honest person running."
6603: Name not displayed

"wow and i dont even watch politics. this guy is the PEOPLES president. Too bad the media is trying to silence him... There is no one else worth considering. Ron Paul is the only man, THE REAL DEAL"
6604: ivan marchev

"Much support from Key West Fl! Please focus on the economy!!!You stood out on the stage of debates as the only candidate willing to tell the truth!! good luck to you!!!!"
6605: Name not displayed

6606: Jill Nyahay

"Dr. Ron Paul represents what America was meant to be from the start, a Proud, Nobel, just, and truly free nation.
If we succeed in bringing Ron Paul to the presidency, we will be assured that all what has inhibited us in recent years will go away allowing a bright and promising future to imerge."

6607: Mazen Issa

6608: chris martin

"He should be the next President !!!"
6609: Mayank S Bhardwaj

"Its do, or die."
6610: Thomas Almond

"Ron Paul is for a return to valuing of personal freedoms, elimination of the FedReserve, and return to a gold to my ears."
6611: Name not displayed

"This will be the first time I've voted because there's finally a candidate who cares about the country & the citizens' well being. Don't back down, Ron! Bring us back to our morals & out of this fear!"
6612: Nicole B.

6613: Name not displayed

6614: Hunter McKeown

"I'm afraid of what will happen to America if Ron Paul doesn't become President..."
6615: Name not displayed

"We, the people, need you! I am currently changing my political party from Democrat to Republican so I can vote for you in the Primary Election!"
6616: Jill T. Roberson

6617: Name not displayed


"Time for a change!!!!! Ron Paul for President!"
6619: Bruno Amicci

6620: Joey Hernandez

"this will be our last chance to get it right. lets hope the american people will open they're eyes before it's to late"
6621: Shawn Hagan

6622: Arvid Johnsen

"Let's get it done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
6623: Shane Hamilton

6624: Name not displayed

"For Freedom!"
6625: James Thrash

"I have supported you fully. Please, in this election make your way to Johnstown, PA. We love you here!"
6626: Michael Miller

6627: Jesse Liston

"Here's a new reality show ... Restoration America
Tune in before it's too late."

6628: David Heroux

"Restore The Republic Now!!! Ron Paul 2012!!"
6629: Raymond Agnew

"Vote Ron Paul for President!!!!"
6630: Jessica Ryan

6631: Brandon Tisdale

"Voted for RP in last election, will vote for him in this upcoming election. Restore the Federal Government to its proper place: working FOR the American People!"
6632: Brian Lucas

6633: Alan Steed

"it is good to know somebody sees whats going on"
6634: Name not displayed

"Dr. Paul is the only candidate that actually understands Federalism"
6635: Paul Yarbrough

"Only honest guy out there that can realy make a differene."
6636: Bill

"Ron Paul supporters are right wingers who are very selfish and very cheap."
6637: myrna

"End The Fed!"
6638: Brenda Solis

"I fully support Ron Paul and would love to help out with his campaign in any way possible. I suggest that he look into speaking at Hillsdale College (my alma mater) or an event sponsored by Hillsdale."
6639: Derek Gilmore

"Don't Tread on Me- Ron Paul 2012"
6640: Allen Shuler

"Time for change!!!"
6641: Corey Hicks

6642: David Infante

"100% support Dr. Paul"
6643: Eric Sharkey

"I support Ron Paul, but I'm not donating another dime until Jesse Benton apologizes to RT. That was CRUDE, Jesse."
6644: Joseph Eric Hammer

6645: Kyle Burkhardt

"I am so tierd of "the black out on ron paul",i am a 22yr old man i have not cried in a very long time but when i see how those scum of the earth puppets down on ron paul it brings tears to my eyes,i would really like to have ron paul as are 2012 president,Yours Truly A Forever Ron Paul Supporter!!"
6646: Aaron Stout

"Ron Paul speaks Common sense for all the citizens who have grown weary of political swill."
6647: Roger Lee

"Ron Paul for president because we it's about time to live in a free nation where the government protects its people first and making money comes second."
6648: Faisal Mayanja

"Thank you for standing up for us. You care about our country and our individual liberties. You are the only consistent politician in the US.
For all of this, Thank you, and Bless you"

6649: Name not displayed

"For Freedom- there's only one choice- Ron Paul!"
6650: Joshua Regehr

6651: george b. odlum jr. d.m.d.

6652: Kristina Martin

"Love how real you keep it!"
6653: Neil Salem

6654: Name not displayed

"All we are saying is "Give Ron the Chance!""
6655: Patrick Feeney

"I want my future to be in good hands!!"
6656: Paul Karpenko

"One of the last few politicians who actually is a genuine leader. He actually almost makes politics have a good connotation."
6657: Jason Yoon

"My first presidential election and my vote's going to Ron Paul!"
6658: Name not displayed

"I Just Became 18 years old and planned to never vote because I find our government is a criminal organization. Now that I found a candidate (Ron Paul), who represents my beliefs I will register to vote.

From the 99%"

6659: Name not displayed

"Wake up America! We cannot afford "more of the same" Ron Paul 2012!!"
6660: Sue Eddy

"I hope the media starts to talk more about you, and I will be happy to put up signs and support you for President 2012.... YOU ~Ron Paul~ are the CHANGE we need :) I appreciate your service to our military you have earned the right to be Commander and Chief since you have been there, You will be excellent for Healthcare because you are a Doctor and have been in touch with the system for many years, and all of your other views I find refreshing and consistant.... We NEED you, so THANK YOU!!!!"
6661: Jessica Carrier

"I am hereby signed. Ron Paul 2012."
6662: D.F. Jackson

"Go Ron Paul!!!!"
6663: Kevin Harvey

""It is obvious that every constitutional system can be made to work satisfactorily when the rulers are equal to their task. The problem is to find the men fit for office." -- Ludwig von Mises"
6664: Kent Lalley

"Don't let up, you are America's only choice !!"
6665: Stacy L. Brown

6666: Tiffany plourde

6667: Brad Gainey

"Ron Paul is the American President that we've been searching desperately for. Ron Paul gives me the hope of liberty and equality without the fear of corruption or bias'. I am 19 years old and this is the first time I will be able to vote."
6668: Name not displayed

"He doesn't have to study his "talking points" because he has lived them for years. He never hesitates with an answer, nor can he be rattled by inappropriate or unintelligent questions. He always goes straight to the point with his answers and never fails to offer a viable solution. But, the main reason I’m going to vote for Ron Paul is simply because he will make government simple!"
6669: Wayne Litchford

"May our merciful God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit truly bless America by guiding you to presidential election victory in 2012."
6670: Laksi Tong

"please bring it home dr. paul...your the man!!!!!"
6671: michael

"Go Ron Go!"
6672: Jamie Harrold

"I'm an ex navy seal that now contracts overseas, I get paid well and I know voting for Ron Paul will basically put me out of business. But as a man and a warrior I must do right buy my children and put this country back in line according to the constitution...I can find another job, another country is a little harder."
6673: Greg cline

"Ron Paul for justice in the world and no more criminal wholesale slaughter of innocent people!"
6674: A. Murati

6675: Name not displayed

"We need to get back to the basics."
6676: Name not displayed

6677: Jacob Akers

"You've got my vote!! God bless you Ron Paul!!"
6678: Crystal Arinder

6679: Stuart & Courtney Reed

"There's no other option as far as I'm concerned. Please, Everyone spread the message & get Ron Paul's name in the news."
6680: Kathleen Katrencik

6681: Patrick Wadsworth

"The only person I've heard with a no-nonsense, back-to-basics approach to the broken machine in Washington."
6682: Stephan DelleChiaie

"Ron Paul is the only person that knows what the problem is and what to do to fix it. He will be a President who can not be bought and sold"
6683: Norm Linquist

6684: Name not displayed

6685: Kaley Porter

"Can't wait to VOTE for you, you have my full support!! *rEVOLution*"
6686: Adam Bennett

"Ron Paul <3"
6687: Bic Nguyen

6688: Michael McCormick

"As a history buff I must admit, this is the only man who can save this country. I am blown away at how this horrible cycle of terrible politics continues, and there's one man that is genuinely trying to help us, and he is being stifled by misleading media. In modern times, why is the obvious choice not so obvious to the masses? If only people questioned rather than did what they are told to do.."
6689: Proctor

"Youth of America supports Ron Paul!"
6690: Brittany Staszak

"Ron Paul is the answer otherwise this country is screwed!! mark my word!!"
6691: Mike

6692: Lucas Myers

"Thank you for your message. You speak for me and I will give more than my vote to help."
6693: Mickey Kleinhenz

"There are two kinds of politicians today - one set believe in the current system and desire to tweek it here and there and try to fix it - the other kind knows that the system is artificial, corrupted, and cannot be fixed but must be replaced. Our nation must replace the hybrid structure of deficit spending, borrowing, and foreign aggression and return to the Constitution."
6694: Raymond Henker

"Let the revolution be the rhyme of the unheard!"
6695: Swarup Pokhrel

"You are our last chance to get this country back into the hands of the people. We must spread the word."
6696: Carol M

"Australia supports you Congressman!"
6697: Name not displayed

6698: Robert Mearns

6699: B. Osborne

6700: james brandt

"Life, Liberty & the persuit of Happiness..."
6701: David Burnham

"I have faith in you"
6702: andrew legend

"We need a return to a constitutional government, and you sir are the man for the job! Go get 'em!"
6703: Steve Spencer

6704: Name not displayed

"I love you Ron. I'm behind you 100%!!!"
6705: Miles Faught

6706: Karyn Close

"Ron Paul and his positions are the only hope for liberty for the USA and Canada."
6707: Sharen Frewing

"Please Don't Get Assassinated!"
6708: Jacob

6709: nathan peterson

"Ron Paul for President!!!"
6710: Mark Bracken

6711: Jesse Moriarty

"I'm from the Netherlands. And i believe that what you say and what you can do have effects all over the world. You can make this world better !"
6712: Leon Daamen

"Restore America Now! Ron Paul 2012!"
6713: Tyson

"" I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them." Thomas Jefferson

"Most bad government has grown out of too much government." Thomas Jefferson

"The duty of a patriot is to protect his country from it's government." Thomas Paine.

I think Ron Paul being elected as President is long past due!"

6714: Michelle Wilkinson

6715: Susara

"RON PAUL 2012!! Wake-Up, America!!"
6716: John Perrette Jr.

"Mr. Paul, please run in 2012! The USA needs YOU."
6717: Jeff & Michele Smith

"Please sign up on Ron Paul's website to volunteer. I am really poor but I sent him $5 via paypal and bought a bumper sticker, so far. I tell everyone I know about him, sign petitions, email mainstream media to complain about how they ignore him, post on forums, get his newsletters. He mailed me a form and I need to go around and collect signatures. Please do anything you can to show your support and help him win, especially vote in the primaries. Obama doesn't have a prayer against Ron Paul but we have to get him on the ballot."
6718: Claire LaBrecque

"We don't need "change". We need liberty and freedom, not entitlement! Not for the rich or the poor!"
6719: Name not displayed

"Truth fears no questions."
6720: Emily Clark

6721: Adam Ward

6722: Name not displayed

"As a teenager in this country, I consider it of the utmost importance that someone like Ron Paul take the initiative to get this country back on track. He is one of the few politicians that I can listen to and respect no matter what he says. Ron, you have my total support for your candidacy in 2012! Go get 'em, Ron!"
6723: Mack Clair

"I hope you win. We desperately need a president that isn't bought and paid for by big business."
6724: Jason

6725: Jennifer Daniel

"Time for a Real Change!!!"
6726: Name not displayed

"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.
Ben Franklin"

6727: Eliott Robinson

"There's no one in the world I'd rather support for this upcoming election. Go Ron!!!"
6728: Dezzeree Crane

"I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis. The great point is to bring them the real facts.
Abraham Lincoln"

6729: Sam vaughan

"Paul/Nader 2012"
6730: Kyle

"I support the ACLU and Ron Paul. They both fight against those who would knowingly undermine our rights and liberties. Inform everyone that you can of Ron Paul and everything that he stands for."
6731: Name not displayed

6732: Larry shepherd

"Ron Paul stands for the constitution and I believe that is one thing that every American should be able to get behind."
6733: Bram Detwiler

"Bringing us back to a TRUE AMERICA. Something our nation has forgotten.We were created to live our own lives.Not be controlled by the governement and work for them.Im alive,and plan on enjoying life.Not living, hating life,hoping it will be easier once dead"
6734: Tobin Flamm

"Hope for America!"
6735: Edward Warner

"I am in for the fight!!!"
6736: Kevin Kahle

6737: DesaStables

"Ron Paul 2012!!"
6738: Name not displayed

"US Soldier for Ron Paul"
6739: Sam Hardin

"I've been hearing a lot of banter throughout this run for presidency... Nevertheless, one voice has always been sound and to-the-point, and that's the voice of Ron Paul. As a European, all I can do is spread the word out here. And believe me: I will!"
6740: Karel Deprez

"Obama promised immediate US withdrawl from Iraq, saying that we can take that to the bank. Who's bank? The Federal reserve bank said no; this war is our biggest money maker. Obama replied "hmm really? How about Iran? Can we make money there too?" The Fed replied: "You can take that to the bank!""
6741: Name not displayed

"You have my vote!"
6742: Name not displayed

"We need a candidate that will get our country back on the road to recovery, and to focus on the problems at home, rather than overseas. After all, we can't help others if we, ourselves, are in need of some serious help first and foremost. I feel that you are the right candidate for presidency, and hope that WHEN you win (not if), that we, the people of the United States, will see some effective, honest recovery."
6743: Dustin F.

6744: Michelle Galea

6745: Andrew Davis

"I'm for Mr Ron Paul because I also believe that the goverment is for the people by the people LET'S DO IT!!!!!"
6746: Leon Gonzalez

"Madison County, AL coordinator"
6747: James Burton

"Best of luck!"
6748: Robert Waters

"i am looking forward to drug reform marijuana legalization and free market!!!!"
6749: Name not displayed

6750: Name not displayed

"Good luck in 2012."
6751: Scott Ritter

6752: Cassie Sullivan

6753: Ibrahim Abu-Ali

"Restore America Now!"
6754: Joey Starace

"We need you Ron - and through your efforts this country (myself included) is waking up! Ron Paul and More of his kind!"
6755: George Viaud

"I give you my full support. We need to get back to our Constitution and the founding principles, get rid of the FED and all those unconstitutional parasites. We need to stop being the policement of the world and mind our own business and get our country back on the right track. Thank YOU, Dr. Paul, I believe you are the one to do that job."
6756: Tita Gascoin

"Go Ron Paul! Don't forget about virginia if you become president"
6757: Justin Springston

"3700 mark!"
6758: Name not displayed

"Maybe this time people will start listening!"
6759: Amanda McMurtrey

"Ron Paul speaks the truth! He truly understands the meanings of freedom and liberty. RON PAUL 2012"
6760: Zach

6761: Younes

"Thanks for your continued patience with the party system and voters as well as your persistence to make things right. I continue to be in your corner!!"
6762: Christopher Shoemaker

"Vietnam Vet 68-69 Bring our troops home. Take care of America first. We can feed the world. Not fight it."
6763: Darrell Dobson

"Truly hope that you become president"
6764: Alex

"Finally, a true human instead of a robopolitician."
6765: Brendan Boland

"Ron Paul is the ONLY hope for America to have any kind of free future. Ron Paul gets more money from the militARY than Obama AND EVERY OTHER CANIDATE REPUBLICAN AND DEMOCRAT COMBINED !!!!! Also over 80% of americans are with Ron Paul !!!! But the main stream media only covers Pre Picked Corporate Whore Presidential Candidates like " Rick Fairy who has been destroyed and called out by the american people" along with "Mitt Romney and Herman Cain" America is behind Ron Paul 2012... Are you ?"
6766: Thomas Jefferson

"Do your own research on the issues and you will find, Ron Paul is the only way to go for a future to give our kids."
6767: Jason williams

"Ron Paul gives us a chance to change!! I am so proud to stand for someone, who stands for something."
6768: shanti Hendricks

"There needs to be a petition submitted to all the state attorney generals forcing them to confront all the news agency for discrimination against Ron Paul in not giving him equal time to speak."
6769: Robert Lee

6770: Max

6771: Name not displayed

"You have my support! VOTE RON PAUL!"
6772: Mellissa Kirby

"Ron Paul 2012!!"
6773: Josh Anderson

"Ron Paul is exactly what this country needs...Ron Paul 2012!!"
6774: Anita Ayala

"Keep up the great work for the American

6775: Randy Groff

"Ron Paul Revolution!"
6776: Alex E

6777: Robert Davis

"Ron Paul for President 2012!"
6778: Rachel House

"Dear Dr. Paul
You may not see me in the see of supporters, bu I am there. I hand wrote for you in the last election, and I can do it again if need be. You stand for what I know. Good luck to you, dear sir.
Patricia Redler"

6779: Patricia Redler

"It NOT about the Dems vs Reps, this has to do with American citizens vs Fed Resrv/Corperations"
6780: JAMES

"Ron Paul ... Has my trust and my vote"
6781: Howard Tinsley

"You handle the feds, I'll handle Louisiana."
6782: Name not displayed

"I wrote you in last time. this time I'd like to punch the chad leaving a clearly visible hole next to your name"
6783: Name not displayed

"Absolutely! Ron Paul for president!!!"
6784: Laura Murnane

"Also, lacking the GOP nomination, please consider being included on the Americans Elect ticket. Give us a real chance to decide."
6785: Susan Manning

"Time to start a new fiscally conservative socially responsible party. Republicans and Democrats are leading America to ruin........"
6786: matt bell

"a libertarian common sense sounds like its time."
6787: Name not displayed

"Ron Paulcalypse NOW!"
6788: Name not displayed

"We need true liberty, peace, and free markets, not tyranny, war and corporatism."
6789: Henrik Jensen

6790: Joe Beshears

6791: Michael S. Rykowski

"Viva Revolution!"
6792: Tabby Jordan

"we need a much smaller fed., fairness for the american people and a balanced budget. Ron Paul is the man to make it happen."
6793: Name not displayed

6794: Jason a hood

"Ron Paul is amazing!"
6795: Larry Richmond

"please i hope the media doesnt shut you out, cnn loves to show you at 2% You are the only one that will take our country back"
6796: Name not displayed

"Ron Paul 2012"
6797: Kristi Corrigan

"It has been far too long since we have had some one who is willing to stand up for the constitution and not be influenced by the powers that be. I very strongly support your canidicy for president and I think you will be the one who will finally make things right once again."
6798: Bobby Joe Banks

6799: gunnar catlett

"Ron Paul is an potential hero, and the solution to the bloated government!"
6800: Jeremiah Geishert

"I'm supporting Ron Paul!"
6801: Simon

6802: Stephanie Hart

"Good Luck, President Paul...You've already won in my mind...civil unrest is near at hand and your ideas are all on mark to abate the the transgressions of the so called civilized society that we as americans live in!"
6803: Matthew Gerst

6804: Richard James Evans

"I've lived in Ireland all my life but..........I was born in Lubbock Txs I have watched with great intrest and hope that Dr. Paul prevails"
6805: Ryan Fay

6806: Jess H

"God bless Ron Paul !!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
6807: howard t king

"End the Fed"
6808: Edward A. Meyer

6809: Name not displayed

"Restore America"
6810: Jennifer A. Cooke

"Truly, Ron Paul is the hope for America."
6811: Zion Needham

6812: Posey O\'Reilly

"It's time to clean up the White House and I think Ron Paul is the man who can do this."
6813: Name not displayed

6814: Amanda Deinhart

6815: Anthony Limon

"voting for you...the only honest life, a veteran, small government!!! our government is out of control and currently employs way too many people"
6816: Name not displayed

"I'm in! My family and I are voting for you! I am doing everything I can do to spread your name and message among friends!!! RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT 2012!"
6817: Name not displayed

6818: Cathy Malone

"he is out only hope to avoid bankster/trickster NWO,
better to support him now then lament later behind the fence at a fema camp."

6819: paul filippi

6820: Tracy Y Hartman

6821: Kay Bentley

"Let's put a SANE person in office!!"
6822: Name not displayed

"it is very much the right time for a man who thnks like mr.paul to be our next president..."
6823: bert cottrill

6824: Name not displayed

"I like what I'm hearing.....I support aboloshing the IRS and the Fed....It's time our government exerted it's constitutional right to print our own currency and to reform the US monetary system which has been hijacked by the private bankers."
6825: Name not displayed

6826: Eliza Feltus

"Let's leave the insanity behind"
6827: katherine nichols

"Ron, you have melted my apathy away & finally charged me up again politically.
Keep Speaking the TRUTH! And let's reduce govt's role in our lives.
Go Ron!"

6828: Janine R.

"Good luck sir, a lot of us are rooting for you in Kentucky."
6829: Adam J Simon

6830: Sarah Lynn Gallagher

"2 things I'd like to see 1.) a plan of action 2.) while you are not in support of birth as a choice that you will make it clear that you stand by your principals, however, it is not your job as president to pose your values on the american people, but to protect the overall interests of american people to make their own choices - otherwise you may not get elected - we need you!!"
6831: Name not displayed

"It's too late to save America but you are the best man to rebuild it!"
6832: Grant Warwick

"real change"
6833: Dylan

"You are so loved and needed. The people want you, and not only that America needs you."
6834: Frances Ghodsi

6835: Name not displayed

"Finally someone who resonates with the people, rather than pretending to while silently manipulating the weakminded like Obama."
6836: Name not displayed

"GO Ron Paul"
6837: Jason Fonseca

6838: Lillian Thames

"Occupy Wall Street and Ron Paul are different but together they are the only hopes for the US and the World right now. Obama must go!"

6839: Tarig Anter

6840: Name not displayed

6841: Cassie

"Ron Paul is America's last hope for FREEDOM"
6842: Cary Gamble

"I hope this is the election Ron Paul finally gets what he deserves and starts saving America!"
6843: Zac Funari

"My voice."
6844: Richard S.

"Win. And don't let us down. This is the most important time in the history of this once great nation. I hope and pray that you have the courage and commitment its going to take to make this country great again."
6845: Jason Chillak

"go ron paul!!!!!"
6846: Sylvia Hunt

6847: Paul Sackman

"To support Ron Paul is to support the Constitution and individual liberties. Lets end corporate control of Washington."
6848: Name not displayed

6849: Name not displayed

"Please see our signed Ron Paul paintings at"
6850: Chris Morphis

"End the Fed!"
6851: Name not displayed

6852: Donna K Maslonka

6853: Dominique Jouki

6854: Ewa Zielonka

6855: franco monsalve

"Refreshing that Ron Paul does not want to make war on this and war on that.He is an advocate for peace!"
6856: Hazel Carra

"God bless you! You have my vote along with all whom I can persuade to join me."
6857: Brooks Popwell

"Ron Paul's maturity exceeds all candidates. He cuts to the chase with pure logic and common sense. He is our man of the future!"
6858: Name not displayed

"Our only hope!"
6859: Amy Banville

"Ron Paul is the only candidate who has been consistently honest. He's the only candidate who stands up for what he believes in and speaks the truth even when it's not popular. Ron Paul is an inspiration. It's not easy speaking the truth when you have nothing but liars all around you. It's not easy going on when the media is trying its best to ignore you. It's not easy when people ridicule you for speaking the truth. Even though he's going through all this he still stands tall and remains strong. A true role model to the young generation growing up.

Ron Paul 2012.
The smart choice. The honest choice. The right choice."

6860: Ali

6861: Christopher Mercon

"Ron Paul is a good start! Each of us needs to take more personal responsibility for our families, our cities, our states, and our country."
6862: Name not displayed

6863: Name not displayed

"We need you Ron. That is all."
6864: Anthony Luna

"Let's see actual change this country needs and deserves. Ron Paul 2012!"
6865: Mike

"Change things up for once!"
6866: rachel terry

"Our future viability requires a leader with enough common sense to stop the madness going on in D.C., you have my vote."
6867: Steve Flannery

"100% behind you"
6868: Lili Aronovich

"Go Dr. Paul!"
6869: Amy Whittington

"Go Ron!"
6870: Jonathan Goodwin

"Now, more than EVER, do we need Ron Paul to save our dwindling country."
6871: Larry Berg

"WIN!!!! Please just WIN. We need you."
6872: Leslie McGuerty

"ron paul 2012"
6873: matthew reynolds

6874: Name not displayed

6875: Tammy Celli

6876: Tom Forbrook

6877: Jeffrey B. Kenkel II

"Dr. Paul is an inspiration. I'm behind him one hundred percent."
6878: Farheen S.

"You have inspired an excitement in politics and humanity that I didn't know existed. Thank you, Jeff"
6879: Jeff Clarke

"Ron Paul is our only hope for this country."
6880: Kathy Breneman

"Americas future and my future lie right here in our hands. The only way we can fix our mistakes is to get oboma out of there and replace him with someone that is for the people and for the constitution. Ron paul is our only hope in regaining what is ours, the media has so many americans blinded from the truth. Start researching, get off your ass, and be the change america."
6881: Name not displayed

"Go bless the usa plz. help us"
6882: Patrick J Donohue

"The only honest man left in washington"
6883: Brendan Coffey

"We Need Someone Who Will Stand Up And Do What Is Right For The People. I Feel That Person Is Ron Paul."
6884: Diana Wright

6885: Vikyat Miryala

6886: Mark Marcum

"You are the only hope this country has."
6887: arin hopkins

"ron paul 2012!!!"
6888: Crystal Hamilton

"you and your son are the only politicians i have any respect for. if you don't make it, mans god given rights of life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happyness will become a thing of the past and the worlds last bastion of freedom will be lost. you must win. we cannot fail."
6889: Alex Holloway

"I can't wait for Ron to be our President"
6890: Chris Pemberton

"Wouldn't waste my vote on anyone else..."
6891: Robert W.

"Go Dr. Paul!!"
6892: Shirley

6893: Anthony Heuskin II

"God bless you"
6894: Kelly Riley

"you have my vote"
6895: patrick wolfe

"Keep fighting for us Ron! You have my vote no matter what!"
6896: Michael Clayton Nelms

6897: Name not displayed

6898: Matt Hoefs

"I am for Ron Paul, I will not vote for anyone else if or should he not win in the primary!"
6899: Name not displayed

6900: Wendy Kuehn

"I'm behind you all the way."
6901: Sonsa Rae

"Go Ron!!! We need you to win. Don't let those fools on CNN, FOX, or any other station interrupt you. Talk over them. Keep saying the same thing. There are still people who need to know."
6902: Walter Wright

"I am going to quietly support and vote for you"
6903: Brian Fleming

"Get rid of big govetment"
6904: Stephen

6905: Mairi Graham-Shaw

6906: Jean Bruce

"Love it when I hear him speak. His opinion are clear and to the point. He presents his facts in such a way that I may research it and confirm for myself his well of knowledge. Ron Paul 2012!"
6907: Richard H

"Date: 10.13.2011 -
Most USA/Canada dual citizenship passport holders will vote for Ron Paul (I personally know several and have lived in both WA and BC at the same time), because his foreign policy will quickly ease the agitation the USA has created, which will benefit all anti agitators (i.e. most of the world population). With Ron Paul as POTUS, blowback will become history.
If you are not a USA citizen and want to support the Ron Paul Revolution (I know his foreign support numbers are growing quickly), please ask the American's you know or meet in your country to vote for Ron Paul. Electing Ron Paul for President of the USA in 2012 is essential for each and every one of us, all around the world, who understand that freedom should not be overly controlled by our governments. I'm sure all of us here can agree that all the governments in the world have controlled its citizens more than necessary and that Ron Paul will help us repair this problem, which includes the freedoms you have (or don't yet have) in your countries, as well as reinstating the freedoms we recently lost. The outcome of this critical election will affect every human on this planet in very notable contrasts to what we all have now. Either we're doomed beyond what we've already lost, or we avoid total doom and repair it with Ron Paul 2012!"

6908: Ian Paragon

"Happy to be here :)"
6909: Name not displayed

"Ron Paul is exactly what we need, regain our country."
6910: george hendrickson

6911: Anthony Heuskin

6912: Name not displayed

"It is time."
6913: Coleman Hoffman

6914: Nicole

"I'm ready for change we need you to end the fed and get money out of politics."
6915: Spenser Trent

"Honest, consistent and ruled by moral principle. That is the kind of leadership we need in this country... Go Ron!"
6916: Wes

"Go Ron Paul!! Show the world that Honesty, Integrity and government can go together."
6917: Andrew Hartford

"Would not think of voting for anyone else!"
6918: Mary Riley

"I am fully in support of Ron Paul. I have watched him at the debates and I find he is the only candidate with a clear vision and sane platform. I am looking for ways I can spread the word about Ron Paul. I am unable to make money contributions to the campaign, but would love to make contributions in other ways."
6919: Paula from Texas

"If you don't win, I'm moving to canada"
6920: Mariah Pasmore

6921: Shannon

"Stay true and you have our full support. End the Fed!!"
6922: Avrahm Kleinholz

"AUDIT THE FED! GO RON PAUL! the younger generation has your back, because we can see what's happening."
6923: James Fulton

6924: Name not displayed

6925: rob aguirre

6926: Name not displayed

6927: David Bellig

6928: Name not displayed

"Hooray for a better brighter future!"
6929: Victor Mueller

"Vote for Ron Paul"
6930: Dan C.

"Were behind you Dr. Paul!!!!"
6931: Jim

6932: Kelli Freeman

"The only sensible vote for a true American."
6933: Dustin Dyer

"Let's make America great again. Step 1: elect Ron Paul"
6934: Alec Earley

"The truth shall set you free! Ron Paul!"
6935: kaytee

"President Ron Paul for 2012"
6936: Felix Guerra

"Ron Pall All The Way, never douted U 4 A Day !!!
Looking forward to this coming Election"

6937: Name not displayed

"Ron Paul 2012!!"
6938: Dominic Terry

6939: Mrs. Tovar

6940: Gail K.

6941: Name not displayed

"RON PAUL!!!!!!!!!"
6942: Jon

6943: Damian ibarra

"RON is the ONLY CANDIDATE "Of, For and By the People..." (and the Constitution) currently running for President... with a good chance of getting the nomination... then in turn bringing about...REAL and LASTING, CHANGE!"
6944: W. Scott Tiffee

6945: Sarah Miller

"He is my hope for a world peace."
6946: David Welch

"count me as a Ron Paul supporter"
6947: brackens

"Ron Paul as a president who can remain faithful to his political views is a much larger contribution to a fairer world than all the protest marches in this world! Go for it Ron!"
6948: Oizaz Lahcen

"It might be time to embarrass the Republican party, the mainstream media (and all others who wear blinders), and go independent and spend every last campaign dollar that there are no party separations... just to vote for their republic! Go get them all the way Ron... take no prisoners!"
6949: Craig

"Ron Paul is our last hope for this country. No one else is more true to his word or has the common sense to make things right again."
6950: Name not displayed

"Its time for a Ron Paul Revolution!"
6951: Name not displayed

6952: mike griffin

"Ron Paul is our true LAST hope. We need him! Bless you sir and good luck. Thank you."
6953: Bill D.

"I fully support all of Ron Paul's values, and we as a nation are truely blessed to have him run for president in 2012! I personally want to thank Ron Paul for all of his hard work and dedication over the past 30 years. I just wish more Americans could see that you and you alone are the only person running that is not part of the world elite, and that you care about America and what once made us the greatest nation on earth! I can only hope and pray I get the honor to meet you and shake your hand!! May God continue to Bless you Ron Paul!! Ron Paul 2012!"
6954: Keith Norwick

"I finally have hope again!!! Ron Paul 2012!!!"
6955: Christina Allan

"First time I have heard anyone brave enough to tell it like it is, i.e., TO TELL THE TRUTH in a long long time - now wonder the MEDIA HATES HIM"
6956: Michael Lee Stoelzle


"The media and the Republican party have ignored Congressman Ron Paul for way too long. I would like to propose "Occupy Ron Paul's Street" on 11/11/11 to discuss our countries ailments and solutions, and to kick off the 2012 run for the White House.
Goals are, Wake up the Media, Wake up main street so we can fight wall street together.

I believe Congressman Ron Paul can raise more money in 1 single day than any candidate has ever made from private contributions."

6958: Steven A. Vanvleck

"A nation is rooting and praying for you!"
6959: jon barton

"Kentucky for Ron Paul"
6960: Jimi T.

"Ron Paul 2012!"
6961: Robert Whittle

"This will be the first presidential vote I've ever been excited to cast."
6962: Tim LaRocque

"May death come swiftly to his enemies."
6963: Randall C Kemp

"This man is the last hope for the nation."
6964: Alexander Nunes

"We need you...NOW"
6965: Jeannie Giliar

"Ron Paul a good Christian with high morals and outstanding charachter."
6966: Robert M Paull

"Go all the way to the top!"
6967: Jeff Freeman

"at this moment i can safely say 8 long years of Ron Paul!"
6968: josh

"lead us back to what America is supposed to be!!!!!!"
6969: Brent York

6970: Andrea Kulberg

"We are in! Bring on the revolution!!"
6971: Brandi E. Ellis

6972: Name not displayed

"Your our countries only hope... Good people cant keep standing by and doing nothing you have gone against all odds Dr. Paul and you aren't stopping thank you for waking me up from the sleep that so many of us are in. You have my vote."
6973: Ethan Hoff

"Ron Paul is our countries only chance to stop allowing the private interests bury us in debt by fighting for their own personal gains. Bailing out banks and protecting oil interests through inflation and fiat money must end!"
6974: John Moreno

"Send me signs to put in my yard !"

6976: Anthony Mark Roy

"Let's get the US back!"
6977: Name not displayed

"yes, get rid of entire government bureacracies"
6978: donald j waltman

"This is the man for the times, I truly one hope is that even if he does not win the election, he stays a focal point in the media for change, we need him to lead the revolution, or at least give necessary pointers"
6979: Ronald B. Hill

"Represent us."
6980: Krystian Sidorski

6981: Jersey Girl

"Pls take our country back to it roots and true values."
6982: joshua a gregory

"Ron paul 2012! duhhhhh"
6983: sean mccarthy

"We need Ron!"
6984: Chris Berry

"Ron Paul for 2012!!!"
6985: Stephen Nelson

"cant wait"
6986: Dante Bellamoli

6987: wes

"I will vote for no other presidential candidate. None, none, none whatsoever! I do my best to spread the word around. May you become our next president or our future looks sad. And if we make it. I say we because we're all in this together, live up to your word. Thanks."
6988: Name not displayed

"America needs a leader an educated leader not just someone who blows smoke up peoples asses in order to get more votes."
6989: Tyler Delaney

"Dr. Paul has been the only real person/politician speaking and pointing out truth among all Americans. If we really need fundmental change in America, then there will be no better candidate for President other than Dr. Paul. GO RON RAUL!!!"
6990: Name not displayed

"I really hope the US comes to see that Ron Paul is the best choice we have to lead this country back to health!"
6991: Britt Sellers

"I weep for this country if Ron Paul doesn't win."
6992: Mystic

"As a hardworking American, I feel we can do better. I work fulltime, go to school part time and try to raise a family as well. I have no savings, no chance at home Ownership and my American dream has become a debt riddled nightmare! We need you Ron! Help us save America!"
6993: Michael Sepulveda

"It is very comforting to see that someone out there is finally interested in the good of our country's people.

You are honest, practical, and I believe you have some great yet simple solutions to our country's misdeeds. You have my full support Ron."

6994: Jacob Daniel

"The only candidate that will work for the people"
6995: Tom Delgado

"God Speed!!!"
6996: Name not displayed

"There is no debate; the Doctor is In!"
6997: Nicholas Chiosa

6998: ivan szazi

"Take DOWN the FED!!!"
6999: Name not displayed

"The only consistency in this election, besides the other candidate's waffling about the issues."
7000: Henry DuQuesnay

"It is so frustrating as an American citizen to look around and see all the problems and be pretty much helpless to change the status quo. I try to "be the change I want to see" but it's not enough. I believe in what Dr. Paul says and think that radical steps are required to get on the path to sustainability and sanity again. Go get 'em Ron!"
7001: Chris Gilfert

"Dem. or Rep., I've lost faith in our corporate government... Ron Paul, I believe you have the integrity to make historic changes to the entrenched status quo."
7002: Demetrios Michael Demetriou

7003: Royce Malloy

7004: Name not displayed

"Switched my party affiliation to republican today to support r.p. in the primaries!"
7005: Name not displayed

"I don't know what to say that would top what I told Mark Cross. You definitely have my support."
7006: Walter Dow

"Stop reckless spending. No exclusions for the crony capitalism of the military industrial complex that is bleeding this country dry. End the unpatriotic "Patriot Act," end the polic state."
7007: Name not displayed

"This country needs a big wake-up call and Ron Paul is the one to do it."
7008: Name not displayed

"Time for real change...."
7009: Welby Montalvo

"Ron Paul speaks the truth. He is just what America needs!"
7010: Luke Kosakewich

"I'd like to see and hear more from the campaign but the media will not let us know anything about Ron Paul. So I'd like to ask for a little organization from people in spreading the word. Let's get some community involvement in educating people about this. We need America to wake up and I need more people to know that they have an option the media won't tell them about. Please help us organize locally and get the word out."
7011: Name not displayed

"I'm not American but he has my support."
7012: Name not displayed

"As far as i'm concerned, Ron Paul is the only person who actually sounds like he is thinking when he opens his mouth. There is NO WAY I will vote for anyone but Ron Paul!"
7013: Goodwin Anderson

"I would like to volunteer some hours of service to his campaign."
7014: Name not displayed

7015: Josef Chlebowski

7016: Blake Shelby

7017: Name not displayed

"GOT MY VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!"

"If he audits the federal reserve and stops these criminals from countuing to print there own money ... I have is back 130 percent and I will spread the word ... Ron Paul for president number 1 on the list is audit the federal reserve ..."
7019: pablo espinosa

"America needs this."
7020: Daniel Taylor

"Most practical solutions for our nation!"
7021: Kyle Petty

"I stand with Mr. Ron Paul"
7022: robert lee sutton

"Dr paul is Americas only hope"
7023: dale neibert

7024: Name not displayed

"Dont Give Up"
7025: Jonathan Ibanez

"We love you Ron! It's your time Sir! I will help you in any way possible."
7026: James Conner

"Ron Paul 2012!!!"
7027: Name not displayed

"Chinese citizen living in Canada 4 RON PAUL!!!"
7028: Connor W.

"You are our Last HOPE! God Bless you Mr. Ron Paul!"
7029: Mia Kuettel

7030: William Smith

"Love you, America's only hope!"
7031: Edward Sellars

7032: ryan distelrath

"this country needs Ron Paul's leadership today more than EVER!"
7033: jorge

7034: Adam Corley

"Dr. Paul, the only candidate not sullied by the big money players in control of the Nation’s capital and the only hope we have of significant changes in the status quo, continues to toil along and poll in the top tier despite a media blackout that has seen him get the least coverage of all the candidates. Americans will not let money buy the white house. we want to stop the Washington culture of corruption."
7035: Juan Reynoso

7036: Emmadene David

7037: Sade Knight

7038: Kyle Hurst

"I will vote for Dr. Paul even if his name is not on the ballot."
7039: Name not displayed

"even though the media is trying to hide you, we still know you are out there on our side. Keep plugging away at your campaign and good luck next year.
you have my vote"

7040: Name not displayed

7041: Dave Hill

"The government has left me shaky and uncertain of my or my families future. You are the glimmer of hope this country, it's people, and myself need. your strength of character and determination is that of a true leader. You have my full support."
7042: Matthew L

7043: Dani

"I like that you're a consistent man, and I hope you're able to do what you promise when President - I know it's a mess, and Congress was really organized to have the most power (as a group, rather than an individual), but I like what you have to say, and I believe you should have a chance."
7044: Name not displayed

"Keep standing in the middle!"
7045: Name not displayed

"The truth will set you free!"
7046: Mike Stenzler

"Keep going Ron!"
7047: Stephen K Mitchell

"First time voting and it will be for you. Ron Paul for President!"
7048: Alex S.

"I normally side a bit more with the left than right in an ideological sense at least, but I will absolutely vote Paul if you put him on the ballot."
7049: Andrew Utley

7050: Andy

7051: Name not displayed

"I may not have the money to support your campaign, and though I am not affiliated with either party, I tend to lean towards democrat, after researching your principles and your platform I believe you are what this country needs. Someone to bring this country back to what the founding fathers envisioned. I hope you win!"
7052: Evan McAreavey

"He's the only one that can really CHANGE anything!"
7053: Bryan Hamlett

"Do it!"
7054: paul meulemans

"Ron Paul is the next president of the United States"
7055: Name not displayed

"Please America, vote Common Sense before it's too late, our world needs it- BADLY! Ron Paul 2012."
7056: Doug, UK

7057: Andy Olson

"There is not a better choice to run our country at a time when real change is needed. Im behind RP 100%"
7058: Name not displayed

7059: Name not displayed

"We are behind you 100%. Ron Paul is the only choice!"
7060: Nancy Lovette

"He is our only option to get our freedom back."
7061: Joshua L. Hagg

"Out of all the candidates, Ron Paul makes the most sense out of all of them. Keep it up Ron!"
7062: Name not displayed

7063: Robert Clair

"RON PAUL 2012!!!!!!!"
7064: Katie Bond

"Finally an ideologically consistent (&/intellectually honest) candidate! Here's to a Renaissance of Reason in America! Ron Paul or Bust in 2012!!!"
7065: Ross Lampers

"The blackout is childish and im not republican nor democrat but ill support ron paul for the simple fact he makes perfect sense and doesnt serve the status quo"
7066: rodney collins

"I'm ready for a REAL change!"
7067: Joe Winter

7068: Danny Leach

7069: Allison Bourgeois

"The guy that matters running for president is Ron Paul!"
7070: Gunar Conklin

7071: Patti Wykoff

"Candidate Paul, you have my full support at your disposition. Quest well, be golden."
7072: Miriam M. Grissett Rivera

"This country has been mismanaged for years by politicians whose main goal has been to get reelected. They've squandered our money and taken away our freedoms bit by bit. Ron Paul is the exception. He speaks the truth. He doesn't change his message to improve his ratings in the polls. He understands what needs to be done to restore prosperity, freedom, and security to this country and he's not afraid to roll up his sleeves and get it done. Count me in!"
7073: Liz Voll

"Finally a candidate with real morals! Ron Paul is not a choice of the lesser evils. He is what our country needs! Honesty, Integrity, Liberty, and real FREEDOM!"
7074: Shawn Vangorder

"Dr. Paul,
You're my hero! Thank you for protecting individual rights and our right to choose what's best for ourselves instead of the government!!!"

7075: Name not displayed

"I am totally on BOARD with his Views on the Illegal WARS, Illegal LOANS, Shutting down or otherwise taking control of teh FED.."
7076: Jean Michel LeTennier

7077: Ryan Allan Braun

"We need you Mr. Paul! Count me in!"

"Ron Paul is the only one who makes sense. Everything he stands for makes sense, and he never compromises his beliefs."
7079: Audrey Allsbrook

7080: matthew ociesa

"Go Dr.Paul!!!"
7081: Justin LeRoy

"I'm 33 and never voted b/c I felt no one was worth it, I will vote this election for you."
7082: Name not displayed

7083: Melissa Running

"Ron Paul will lead us to peace and prosperity. We need an honest well educated president to lead this country out of corruption this ain't star wars."
7084: Justin Boswell

"You have my support!"
7085: Name not displayed

"Ron Paul is the only candidate with enough integrity to pull us out of the mess we are in. I will vote for Dr Paul, even if he is not on the ballot."
7086: Brandon

7087: Name not displayed

"I don't see how u couldn't vote this guy."
7088: Scott Taylor

"lets do it, END THE FED!!!"
7089: Name not displayed

7090: Name not displayed

"Let's END THE FED!!!"
7091: Name not displayed

"You are, I think, the first consistent, and above all, HONEST, candidate I have seen. I will write you in if I have to."
7092: Charity Wefel

"let's go Ron Paul your our last hope"
7093: Name not displayed

7094: fran

"A man with questions is a man bound to find answers and create real change. TRUTH. Ron Paul!"
7095: Name not displayed

"I hope he means what he says... This may be our last chance!

Best of luck from the United Kingdom!"

7096: David Marshall

7097: Juan Rush Ortiz

7098: Alex Ortiz

"I totally support Ron Paul for President of the United States. There needs to be massive change in Washington and he is the only candidate that can lead the way!"
7099: John Madeira

"consider my vote already cast"
7100: Nicholas Samaras

"Ron Paul is the only guy I've seen that wants to help improve America not by corporations but for the working class people."
7101: Isaiah

"I support Ron Paul for President in 2012"
7102: michelle baer

"No you couldn't-- Ron Paul can"

"gitter done"
7104: John Paul Brooks

"Ron Paul 2012 =)"
7105: Blair Ravish

7106: Robin nelson

"time to end the power of the corrupt elite go Ron Paul....Kiwi from Perth Australia"
7107: Stan Field

"Please lets get him in there!"
7108: Adam Elhabashy

"God bless your spirit and unwavering patriotism, sir. You WILL recieve MY vote!"
7109: Name not displayed

"I wrote this for Rons campaign, will hv hv it recorded soon and get u a copy...
*Home of the Brave - Land of the Free*

I was born in the land of the free,

purple hills and space for you and me.

Times I'd ride from sea to shining sea,

We have our pride, my country 'tis of thee.

2nd verse__________________________________

I was born in the home of the brave.

Our father's words and wisdom led the way.

A man was free to walk the road he paved.

Home of the free, land of the brave.

1st Chorus _________________________________

Home of the brave, land of the free

That's just the way its meant it to be.

Home of the brave, land of the free,

This land was meant for you and me.

3rd verse ________________________________

Now people say, no longer can they see,

our banner waving for sweet liberty.

Gave up the fight! Bad company.

Lost all hope for humanity.

4th verse________________________________

But the Bill of Rights our fathers did conceive

Freedom paid in sacrifice and deed

One Nation built on the rock of liberty

Red, white and blue---in you we still believe

2nd Chorus _________________________________

Home of the brave, land of the free

That's just the way its meant it to be.

Home of the brave, land of the free,

This land was meant for you and me.

*5**th** verse*

Old Glory waves up above the shining sea,

deep in our hearts not hard to see.

We pledge allegiance to our country.

And best of all God shed his grace on thee.

3rd Chorus__________________________________

Home of the brave, land of the free,

That's the way it has to be.

Home of the brave, land of the free,

Time we take it back for you and me.

4th Chorus______________________________

Home of the brave, land of the free,

That's just the way its meant to be.

Home of the brave, land of the free,

This land was meant for you and me."

7110: Ken ferrara

"Truth wins"
7111: Bulgan Baigalsaikhan

7112: Stephanie Shepherd

"Rob Paul - 2012! We need a legitimate change ASAP."
7113: Name not displayed

7114: Louis Gruber

"Go Ron Paul!! The true winner!! - Colossians 3:23"
7115: Name not displayed

7116: Jeff Hunt

"i like how you got my back."
7117: Robert Timmons

7118: Heather Maulucci

""In Ron Paul We Trust""
7119: Laine Pickard

7120: daniel swann

"Thankyou so much for doing what you are doing."
7121: Cherish

"Ron Paul For President!!!"
7122: thomas newman

"Legalize the Constitution!"
7123: Daniel Davey

"black this out "ron paul for peace,liberty and prosperity.""
7124: amit shukla

"I fully support Ron Paul for President of the United States of America. Retired US Army."

"i will vote for you,i just hope the american people will wake up to the fact we are losing our country,go dr.paul,cliff"
7126: cliff hamilton

"This country needs radical change."
7127: Tyler Zanona

"I will vote for Ron Paul for President"
7128: Marc Gifford

"Our last chance for Hope."
7129: Michael Finney

"We the people are waiting for someone to take our country into the change that is much needed"
7130: marsha villegas

"We were promised change. I feel that President Obama has done the best job he knows how, but we need radical change and I feel Mr. Paul is the best person to get this country back on track. Best of luck!"
7131: Aaron Wood

7132: Geoffrey Cavero

"Viva liberty!"
7133: London Lewis

"It would be a honor.Making history, cant black that out."
7134: Chris Jolly

"You have my support!"
7135: Troy Nelson

7136: David Fields

"We need you in office!"
7137: Name not displayed

"We need you in the White House!"
7138: Jerry Farler

"Lets Go...!!"
7139: Greg Morgan

7140: Fred Cox

"I voted for Obama in 08 ( knew nothing of politics or economics at the time ) after 3 years of hardship I had plenty of time to read and self educate , Ron Paul is the only one to make logical sense ! Without him, this country has a long and painful future. With him, we WILL recover (faster). Pain is immanent. I for one am willing to endure more for the sake of this country, my children and grand children."
7141: Jim Samaro

"I was taught to defend my Constitution and support it to the best of my ability. The best way I can do that at the present time is to pledge my vote for you. Keep rolling Sir!"
7142: C/LTC Damien A. Collins

"For the longest time I could only see a world of Politicians unworthy of my vote, my trust, and unworthy of running this nation. With Ron Paul I have found someone who is worthy of all three and who can maybe pull America back up to where it was decades ago. This country needs Ron Paul more then we've needed any form of social change. For there won't be any social change in the future without a man like Paul in office."
7143: Heath Ryan Bronston Davis

"It is time for us Americans to wake up and take our country back. I and many others believe Ron Paul is the man to do just that! American citizen living in Mexico"
7144: Bill MacClemmy

"We need real change this time. Not some fairy tail to get our hopes up."
7145: Justin Mang

7146: Name not displayed

"Dr. Ron Paul 2012!!!!"
7147: Lance E Marlow

"Bring us back Ron as the greatest nation on earth - the America that our forefathers visioned."
7148: Peggye Beeman

7149: craig cole

"Ron Paul is Right, the only true Conservative!"
7150: Victor Cook

"Military member (Army) and a supporter of this candidate through the presidential election's."

"ron paul 2012!"
7152: jacob

7153: Edith Harris

"the most logical politician to run in years."
7154: Conner

"Ron Paul 2012!!!"
7155: Stephen Gonzalez

"Who will Mitt get to mow his lawn? That is one of the largest predicaments the country faces. If the American people collective buy into all of this disgusting BS we deserve what we get."
7156: John Price

7157: Cody Fitzgerald

7158: Mark Bozzacco

"RP For Pres!!! Obama? Lies!"
7159: Austin Holmquest

"Ron Paul 2012!"
7160: Charles McCann

"Its either you Mr. Ron Paul or we all end up broke with a new currency called amero :("
7161: Name not displayed

"My Wife, Sons, daughters and I are committing our vote to you, no matter what goes on from here on out. Truth makes 100% difference."
7162: Frank Long

"We need some major change and Ron Paul is the only one with the guts to do it."
7163: Name not displayed

"I think Obama had great intentions, but he could not accomplish his goals or promises of change. Dr. Ron Paul has the experience, intelligence, and plans of action to make real lasting changes and get our country and economy back on a positive track. Ron Paul for President 2012. A man of truth who will get to the root of out nations ills and cut them out. not getting the media coverage he deserves. Americans want him in office. The money hungry corporations and BIG GOVERNMENT dont want change because change means that they might just have to EARN A LIVING for once"
7164: Levent Canyes

"If anything can get us back on track, it will be the election of Ron Paul and similarly minded folks in Congress!"
7165: Al Newman

"I support Ron Paul, champion of liberty and the US constitution."
7166: Christopher Reyes

"I'm a high school teacher, and I witness the waste in government spending first hand on a daily basis. I support Ron Paul because there is a lot of unnecessary spending to be cut, and he seems like the only one serious about doing it."
7167: Chase Martin

"I finally woke up and learned whos best for my children's future!"
7168: Craig Fox

"I vote for you before and i will vote fore you again .I hope the American people will pay ATTENTSION what are you saying .Good luck we need that."
7169: Dimitrios j. troukis

7170: Name not displayed

"Share this"
7171: Keith Griffith

"Ron Paul is the only candidate that speaks unwavering truth ... truth that American people need to hear. Federal Gov't is out of control and his vision is the only thing that can save our country. Ron Paul 2012!"
7172: Steve Kennell

"Let's do this!"
7173: Daniel Stringer

7174: Tim G.

"Go team Paul. In it to win it."
7175: Sandi Lane

7176: Taylor Alexander

7177: Name not displayed

7178: Hannah

"What can I do to help?"
7179: Ismael Berlanga

7180: Zachary Moses

"Ron Paul is the only candidate worth voting for. I hope the rest of the U.S. can realize this instead of following who the media thinks is "hot" at the moment."
7181: Kevin Lackey

"I want you president so bad I can taste it!"
7182: Tommy Peterson

7183: Robert Richards

"RON PAUL rEVOLution 2012!"
7184: Dawn DuBois

"I've only recently jumped on board but now I'm ALL IN! I've already joined a local Ron Paul campaign group through and will attend my first meetup tomorrow!"
7185: south-central PA

"Ron...Restore Our Nation!"
7186: John

"US Coast Guard Employee in Hawaii..

Keep fighting Dr. Paul!!!"

7187: Patrick Rizan

7188: Name not displayed

"12 years of being put in the corner will be over."
7189: Matt Bullard

"Ron Paul 2012!"
7190: Leah Stewart

7191: Cody Mitchell

7192: David Krause

"Hope for THESE United States!"
7193: Name not displayed

"take it down!"
7194: Nick Meisner

"Let's take back America!"
7195: Saleah Seckel

"As a father of two young children my concern is the future of this country for them. The only way I can vote for them is to vote for Ron Paul."
7196: TJ B

7197: Linda Mayberry

7198: Jake Rice

"My hopes for Ron Paul are all summed into one, that the administration he puts together makes it a little easier for me to make good choices. That's all I've ever wanted out of a President. I feel positive that Ron Paul will, at the very least, speak for me and try to persuade the other political leaders to make good use of my tax dollars. It sounds small, but Obama is even worse than Bush in this respect. Thank you Ron Paul for doing what you do regardless of any election outcome."
7199: Name not displayed

7200: Yang Li

7201: Jedidiah Cook

"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.
Ron Paul 2012"

7202: Blake Inman

"Go Ron Paul!"
7203: Name not displayed

7204: jackson fairbanks- loose

7205: Jaime Young

7206: Mike

"Ron, the republicans know you're a threat to their standard operating bullshit, and will not nominate you; you have to divorce yourself from the party and run as an independent. If you do, i will register and vote for the first time in my life."
7207: Mike Andrews

"You have my vote!"
7208: Name not displayed

"Peace for Ron Paul 2012"
7209: Rey Galaz

"Please start stressing to the American people how we WILL lose our country as a republic unless we act now and change how we run our government. I would say the biggest argument I hear when I tell people I'm voting for you is that you don't make it clear how you are going to create jobs when you plan to do things like bring our troops home and eliminate 5 federal departments...on top of an already over 20% (unofficial) unemployment rate. Thank you for your time and thank you for being the man you are. If it weren't for you being so honest, trustworthy, loyal to the constitution and your morals I would have lost faith in my government and my country. If you don't get elected it will be the end of the republic and the world as we know it."
7210: Matthew B. Magee

"Endeavor to persevere.....America is with you!"
7211: James Yarbrough

"Ron paul is a brilliant man !!"
7212: Michal

"Afghanistan War Veteran, A Co 6-101 CAB, 101st AVN REG, 101st ABN DIV (AASLT)"
7213: Jacob Edward Hicks

7214: michael adkins

"Better late than not. Dr. Paul, please don't ever quit what you do for America. I use your words to educate my children about liberty, the Constitution, true patriotism, and honest public service. You are also a beacon of integrity for all. From a combat vet who gave his 2 pounds of flesh, Thank You for your service Sir!"
7215: Oliver Hughes

7216: Brian cLARK

"My Family and friends are voting for Ron Paul...If he doesn't get the Gop Nomination. I hope he runs on another ticket if not ..We all plan to write his name in on the ballot and Vote for him anyway..Why?..Because No other Canadate will make any significant changes.."
7217: Name not displayed

"You Have My Vote.. Thank You For Running!!"
7218: William Cobb

"God bless, you will be in my prayers and I will be advocating for your win. Thank you Kathy"
7219: Kathy Vogt

7220: Mark J Fragel

7221: Name not displayed

7222: Name not displayed

"imagine if we had voted Paul in 2008...we can't afford to let this great man be buried by big evil money arms,America!!!"
7223: larry n. nelson

"Ron Paul 2012 - "Save America & Restore Liberty""
7224: Brett W. Fischer

"Ron Paul......We NEED you! A leader with vision, honesty and integrity. I fear our country is on the brink of disaster and you can be the light to lead us to a better country."
7225: Joyce Durham

"Dr. Ron Paul 2012!!!"
7226: Linda Hardigan-Hilton

"Ron Paul 2012"
7227: Matthew Princesa

"Ron for President"
7228: Andrew Aeschbacker

7229: Greg Dickinson

7230: Eddie Inman

"This needs to happen, if not Ron Paul we are doomed."
7231: Name not displayed

"We need a president who does something not just talk. Ron Paul Is that person who does something other than nothing."
7232: Angel

"Enough with the cover-ups and telling us who to vote for! We want peace, liberty, and truth...WE WANT RON PAUL 2012!"
7233: Nikki Lanigan

7234: Gary DeMars

7235: Jack Gibson

"rEVOLution has to be now!"
7236: Luke Blackney

7237: Corey Romero

"I'll vote for you in 2012. You, sir, are a truly devoted congressman."
7238: Evan Cole Alexander

"I will not be able to vote as I am from the UK, but I will help spread your message through the media."
7239: Mohammed Zaini

"The way to go is to vote for dr.No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
7240: Name not displayed

"Go Ron Paul!"
7241: Tim Coy Alexander

7242: Andrew Bond

7243: Shauna

7244: Name not displayed


"The modern Thomas Jefferson, the revolution, the only other politician who can beat Obama."
7246: Richard Fowler

"I am not an American but I am sure I am just one of the many non Americans who think Ron Paul will make the difference not only the United States needs but the World as well. Ron Paul 2012!"
7247: Jacob Mangin

7248: Patrick Gunn

"Ron Paul can and will change america unlike our current president has"
7249: michael aston

7250: Rachel Blackney

"Ron, thank you for being so strong in this crazy circus show called politics."
7251: Josie Lowder

"As an American living abroad, I believe Ron Paul is Americas only hope to restore its negative image that has developed worldwide. I am willing to do anything to support this great leader and bring back greatness to our country. I don't want to be shameful for being an American when abroad! You have my full support; whatever it takes (time, money, blood, sweat and tears)."
7252: Zoltan Kovacs

"Ron Paul's our next great leader for sure."
7253: Dacid

"Ron Paul Truth in Politics"
7254: kelly

"Ron Paul for President! He will cut Govt. spending......Cut Military spending, and put the money back in the 99% where it should be! I'm in!"
7255: Chelle

"Sound, responsible money & sound, responsible government creates a sound, responsible community. Ron Paul 2012!"
7256: Alex & Kay Santini

"America's last hope--Ron Paul R[3vol]ution 2012!"
7257: Tiffany N. Knebel

"Restore America. Ron Paul 2012!!"
7258: Carl Patterson

7259: Dustin Trombly

7260: Raina Adams

7261: kristi hurst

"Ron Paul is the EXACT change we need!!!"
7262: Name not displayed

"Would do anything for this man!"
7263: Faraaz Ahmed

"Our only hope to living a free life"
7264: Tommy Hallmark

"We have to do more than just like Dr Paul! We need to support him, donate, go door to door, start your own Campaign in your town, lets do what ever it takes to get the RIGHT man in the White House"
7265: gregg richardson

"RON PAUL 2012!!"
7266: Name not displayed

7267: Jeff Putney

"Ron Paul is the man to get us up and running again – Ron Paul for president 2012!!"
7268: Ehab

7269: Lina Foria

7270: Alex Abell

"America needs Ron Paul!"
7271: Daryn Herzberg

"Send me info on how I can provide additional support."
7272: Tyler Stiles

"I admire how Ron Paul stands tall in the face of the opposition, and likewise, the fact that He supports the Constitution more effectively and efficiently than all of the other candidates."
7273: Benjamin Elliott

"we need YOU!"
7274: billy lucas

"Naturalized citizen hoping to keep the American Dream real for future generations!"
7275: Daniella Duverne

7276: Terry Collins

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7277: ChristopherCY

7278: Nicholas Lemma

"Ron Paul!!!!"
7279: James Woolery

"Tell corporate America to bring our jobs back."
7280: Keith Kelley

"When you think Ron Paul is unconventional, realize he is just the opposite, the Government as we know it has ditched the constitution. Educate your selves Ron Paul will follow through as he always does. His record and knowledge are second to none. Please help Restore America Now, support Ron Paul for President 2012."
7281: Jennifer Gibbons

7282: Whitney Battestilli

7283: SANYA

"The people of Britain are behind the revolution 100%. Ron paul for President!!!! Only he can save the world from the inevitable chaos it is becoming. Bring both British and American troops home!!! And end the war on drugs that has ruined so many lives!!!"
7284: Lewis

"His man gives me hope for the goodwill of mankind."
7285: Liam Dare


7287: Jesse

7288: Name not displayed

"Can't wait to vote."
7289: Tom Brown

7290: Austin Stewart

7291: Name not displayed

7292: Name not displayed

"Ron Paul- The only candidate willing to make the changes to RESTORE America. Go Ron Paul!!"
7293: Jason Jensen

"Ron Paul is the ONLY 2012 presidential candidate who can and will return the USA back to prosperity and maintain our sovereignty. His record speaks for itself. There will be no more guessing and NO MORE LIES with Ron Paul. U.S. voters must get him in the White House to lead on the principles for which this country was founded. I have never felt so strongly about a presidential election as 2012. I embrace his experience, wisdom, education, and common sense on every issue. He is his own man and is not in any corporation's "back pocket". He has a sound financial plan in place. There is no one else truly qualified to lead the United States of America. I have even read posts from persons in other countries that wish they could vote for him. He is our hero. RON PAUL FOR ALL 2012!!! YOUR TIME HAS COME. I will do whatever I can to help get Ron Paul into the presidency. God Bless America and Mr. Paul."
7294: Shelley

"I believe if Ron Paul does not become president it will be safe to say we are ALL FUCKED."
7295: Robert

"Dear Ron,
I am a democrat and urge ypu to run as an independent. Your ideas as are closer to me and millions of democrats than Obama or any other candidate. You will be surprised by the votes you will get. furthermore, you will unite Americans and break the partisan divide that occupied our politics for decades."

7296: Walid A.

"For the world!"
7297: Name not displayed

7298: monty turner

7299: Greg Steinbrenner

"Ron Paul is America's only hope!!"
7300: Lindsey Tague

7301: mike hawk

"ron paul please dont give up and do whatever it takes to be the president do it for the people and the country-no the WORLD!!!!!!!"
7302: kris

7303: Name not displayed

7304: Kevin Gutierrez

"We need you Ron."
7305: Michael Hon

"Ron Paul all the way in 2012!!!"
7306: Kim Vann

"Freedom is fundemental to prosperity"
7307: Cameron Hill

"Ron Paul is one of our founding fathers reincarnated! No more puppet A or puppet B!"
7308: Trevor Wojtkiewicz

"If the Republicans do not nominate you, I will vote either Libertarian or Progressive"
7309: Sandra L. McCaig-Allen

"Ron are the man!! Let's make you President!! Much love!!"
7310: Jessica Lee

7311: Lindsey Duncan

"We the People... must defend the Constitution of the United States of America. Ron Paul is this man!"
7312: Thomas J Blaser

"Blessed are the peacemakers; for they shall be called the children of God. ~ Matthew 5:9

7313: Michael A. Thomason

"Ron Paul 2012 President I hope!!"
7314: john

"Our last chance."
7315: Christopher Foerman

7316: Tyranni Landry

"America has one last chance to survive and that will only become a reality if Ron Paul is at the wheel as our COMMANDER AND CHIEF"
7317: Jennifer Averill

"The next President of the United States"
7318: Steven

7319: Jo Ann Cavallo

"you can do it,beat obamas ass bad."
7320: kris

"you can do it,beat obamas ass bad."
7321: kris

"I am under the opion that you would have a better chance if you ran as third party, no Democrat and no Republican"
7322: Name not displayed

7323: Name not displayed

"Above all else please honor your hippocratic oath,thank you sir."
7324: Alex

"Ron Paul means for President!"
7325: Walter Spill

"Ron Paul & Gary Johnson should team up! Think about it. All the Ron Paul & Gary Johnson fans that I know want them to. Do it!"

7327: Dmitry Blanshteyn

"Ron Paul is the only Republican candidate with any sense in the running."
7328: Andy Lunsford

"Ron Paul 2012"
7329: Name not displayed

"Freedom is one step at a time."
7330: Mike Atwood

"If this man doesn't win, I will lose all faith in America"
7331: Christopher Inductivo

"Dr. Paul 2012!!!! Bumper sticker is on my car and my shirts have been shipped to me. :')"
7332: Amy Ronhovde

"Ron Paul 2012!!"
7333: Name not displayed

"Dr. Paul stands for what is right and what America was built on. Americans need a president that will put their hard earned tax dollars to work for the American people and hold the powers that been accountable for their failures."
7334: John Mayo

""I'm in! too!""
7335: Tracy Hallstrom

7336: Brad Roach

"You have my vote and support, "Ron Paul for President!""
7337: Jennifer DeWitt

"go ronnie!"
7338: richard adkins

"Ron Paul 2012!"
7339: Name not displayed

"Please. I work as hard as I cam every day even though I have lost hope for my future."
7340: Anthony Vitaliano

"Ron Paul is my only hope this election. He MUST get the recognition that he deserves and I tell everyone who will listen about who he is and what he stands for. America depends upon Ron Paul!!!!!!"
7341: Valerie

7342: Chris Pepe

7343: Name not displayed

"I realllllly hope Americans will wake up and vote for Ron Paul. The US needs to get back on the right track."
7344: Jessica Parrish

7345: David Farmerie

"Please run as an independent if the republican base goes another way, there are a run of us democrats that will vote for you!!!"
7346: robert noce

"The man needed to get the job done and get this country back on the right track!"
7347: Cheryl Allen

7348: Philip Ramirez

"God bless you in this critical time that we face."
7349: Name not displayed

"For Liberty, Peace and Prosperity!!!"
7350: Diana Csay

"The first lesson of economics taught me to vote."
7351: Chen Zhichao

"Rock it bro. Rock it Ron!"
7352: Name not displayed

7353: Name not displayed

"standing behind you all the way,may GOD bless you and america. don't want my kids to grow up in a communist country with a dictator for president such as we have now. our country will not survive another 4 year term of this regime."
7354: jason williams

"Legalize Marijuana!"
7355: Adam Poole

"Pen name "John M. Gardener""
7356: Sifu John J. Prisco III

7357: Micah

"Ron Paul has my Vote"
7358: Name not displayed

"Save us Ron Paul!!!"
7359: Edgar Perez

"Listen to Ron Paul and you will believe!"
7360: Dale Wabschall

7361: stephanie Mrozinski

7362: Isaac Gee

"The media should be ashamed of themselves."
7363: Charlie Wilson

7364: Paul Laguna

"I found straw polls trying to screw Dr.Paul for the percentage of support.1 poll said he didn't even get 5% yet the 3 states they polled where 3%,5% and 9%.Figure it out liars that's 5.6% Oh that's right it was a poll done by a college in Mass.No wonder.Who does the CBS poll?They fail to say.The Republicans will lose if they use ant of the other "3 " possible candidates.You could see Perry looking at Ron Paul for the answer to his 3rd part of the govt. he would abolish. And must be the 4 women are all looking for something from Cain...LOL"
7365: Name not displayed

"Thank you. Ron Paul 2012!"
7366: Ryan G. Wagner

7367: brian bridwell

"Please run for president! This country needs you!!!"
7368: Robert Gower

"I had a great time meeting with over 200 like-minded Ron Paul supporters who staged a welcome rally for Ron Paul at the GOP Debate on Wednesday by lining the main drag (over 1/4 mile of supporters) to the auditorium waving signs and chanting "Ron Paul." We buffered high winds of up to 40MPH and temperatures in the 40's. After we saw Ron Paul enter the building, we boarded chartered buses, and went over to a restaurant we reserved to watch the debate. Because Ron Paul decided, at the last minute, to come to the party after the debate, the place was standing room only. Good food, good drink, and sharing stories with people who think the same way I do, made all the efforts worthwhile. Meeting Ron Paul in person, and shaking his hand for the first time in the nearly 30 years I've known about him, and admired him, made it an over the top event. He truly is my hero."
7369: Michael Bates

"I've done two combat deployment to Ramadi, Iraq with 3rd Bn 7th Marines. WE NEED TO END THESE WARS! Vote for Peace, Prosperity, and Liberty!"
7370: Benjamin McIntosh

"I support Ron Paul in 2012"
7371: Terrence Conrad

"Ron Paul - Evolution 2012"
7372: S. Montero

"I've been in!!! I just don't remember signing this petition:)"
7373: Michael Putman

"ron paul rulez!"
7374: rohit

"Words out of this politician's mouth actually engage the audience intellectually."
7375: Justin J Fu

7376: Steve Rogers

7377: Dyanne Davis

"If its not good for all then its no good at all."
7378: John peel

7379: Thomas Valliere

"Although not American citizen,I support Ron Paul and I truly believe that he is the right choice.I dearly hope he wins the primary and the election.Do anything you can to get the attention,post this website to your facebook,your twitter and myspace accounts.C'mon,let's make it happen."
7380: Julijana Vlahović

"Restore the United States to it's original intent. Why isn't this stuff taught in school."
7381: Name not displayed

"Semper Fi"
7382: Benjamin Parker

"Thank you for having actual ideas and not the usual political retoric!"
7383: Steve Wolf

"Save the U.S.A. ~ Defeat evil with rEVOLution!"
7384: Phil Creswell

"Please save our liberty!"
7385: Robin Arter

"Ron Paul 2012!"
7386: Jake Leatherman

"Florida for Ron Paul, Ron Paul for Liberty, Liberty for THE PEOPLE"
7387: frank f. wallace IV

"Our national debt has doubled 4 times in the last thirty years, from $900 billion to 15 trillion, our GNP has doubled 2.4 times in the last thirty years, from 2.7 trillion to 14 trillion. Our average income has doubled once in the last thirty years, from 20 thousand to 40 thousand. Thus the debt is out racing both our GNP and average income at a unsustainable rate. If GNP and average income had kept up with pace of the debt, the GNP would be 43 trillion and the average income would be 320,000.00. Get the picture! Richard"
7388: richard telles

"Please don't ever give up making this country the land of the free again"
7389: Name not displayed

"I first became acquainted with Ron Paul as a child. My parents took his newsletter. I have grown up to support him and have and will support him in the future."
7390: Name not displayed

"Please elect this man!"
7391: Owen Portlin

"Absolutely. With you elected, OWS will have nothing to complain about... but they won't get the entitlements they've been begging for. Give them no quarter(s)!"
7392: Dan Y

7393: Name not displayed

7394: Chris Lafferty

"America needs you now more than ever. You know what needs to be done to save this country."
7395: Nathan Crockett

"An elder with a message that remains consistent and a philosophy that is timeless! If not for the social engineering, all Americans would embrace Dr. Ron Paul's campaign for liberty."
7396: Clint Holey

"Ron Paul 2012!"
7397: Scott Johnson

"Ron Paul!!!!!"
7398: Elizabeth Young

7399: Angie Merrill

"Give 'em hell Dr. Paul!"
7400: Brandon Shepherd

"end the FEDERAL RESERVE, IRS, USA IMPERIALISM, FOREIGN WARS, and NO FEE ATM for the RICH or submit yourselves to slaughter at the hands of the BILDERBERG NWO"

"Bring back the Constitution Ron!"
7402: Charles Marsh

7403: Olya Fedin

7404: Name not displayed

"Get America back on track, Ron!"
7405: Russell Kirkpatrick

"Ron Paul Revolution!"
7406: Ayesha

"Uncle Ron, You can save us!"
7407: Necole Arrigo

7408: Kimberly A. Scheper

"I'm a Canadian and I urge any American to vote for Ron Paul and ask yourself why would I waste my time as a Canadian to sway your decision? Do the right and moral thing and vote for Ron Paul"
7409: Tyler Ward

7410: Sheila S

7411: Ryan Gault

"Mr paul you have my vote regardless of who is likely to win.I know it goes against logic to support a real leader,but here it is."
7412: justin finlay

7413: Robbie

"RP 2012!"
7414: Name not displayed

7415: Erika Rodriguez

7416: michael blake

7417: Cory Wood

"Thank you Mr. Paul for reasoning from Constitutional principles into current issues and for having the courage to speak up with real suggested solutions. I am grateful for your strong voice and your courage in espousing the principles of a strong Constitutional Republic. May God bless you and your family, give you courage, wisdom and strength."
7418: Trish Van Etten

"It's about time that we have a great candidate. 12 years is too long."
7419: Mike Miller

"%99 + Ron Paul > %1"
7420: Bahram Pourtaherian

"Your country needs you!"
7421: Holly Slang

"We support you and are letting our friends and family know more about how to contribute too. Thank you!"
7422: Laura McKown

"You get 'em Ronnie!"
7423: jennifer bruseth

"Ron Paul 2012!"
7424: Dillan Ryan

7425: Donald D\'Avanzo

"Bring end to NWO"
7426: Raul

"the only candidate with honesty and intelligence"
7427: john hamill

"This country is at a cross-road, the next President will have to be Ron Paul. Otherwise, this country will perish as a superpower with 4 more years of the same old same old. It's time for r3VOLution my friends!"
7428: Tracey W.

"Voting for you all the way. Continue to encourage the 20-35 demographic, and watch this generation change the voting landscape."
7429: Richard Trendel

"Ron Paul = return to prosperity, a return of the freedoms, saving this country from being enemy #1...and much more. He is the answer to this country's needs."
7430: Jennifer Setty

7431: Baton Thaqi

"ever since i first heard the man talk about the issues i have been enchanted by ideas of what freedom really is. i have been spreading the word about him to everyone"
7432: yiehnew tamiru

"From Democrat to Republican...Only for Ron Paul!!!"
7433: Katherine

"Dr. Paul is the only candidate in a very long time that truly represents the will and interest of the people of this republic. The main stream media wants to misrepresent the debates and the poles but that didn't matter, the PEOPLE know the truth ant the PEOPLE will prevail! Long live liberty and long live the constitution! THE REVOLUTION IS NOW!!!"
7434: Darren A Adams

"I fully support Dr. Ron Paul for the 2012 Presidential Election."
7435: Leone V.

"God Help Us All."
7436: Barb Gantt

"Mitt would make a great running mate!
You can chop the government in half, get our soldiers home and Mitt is good with finance - a winning team!"

7437: Sharon Manty

7438: Name not displayed

7439: Rebecca Kocab

"I am proud to be an American and wold be even more proud to call you Mr. President"
7440: Name not displayed

"God only allows those in positions of power that He approves. Please pray for the honorable Ron Paul to become our next leader!!"
7441: Name not displayed

"Life long conservative. Good luck Ron Paul!!"
7442: Name not displayed

"the plans are radica, well thought out and would take time to smooth out but NEED TO HAPPEN"
7443: Griffan Spanner

7444: Name not displayed

"Ron Paul is the definition of Liberty. We The People must make a difference and vote for a true Patriot."
7445: Roger More

"I love America and I want to go to have gained language and Wright directed to another part of the world"
7446: Name not displayed

"Ron Paul -- the only choice"
7447: Emily Vithoulkas

"True Hope, True Change!"
7448: Joshua Dockham

"Integrity cannot be argued with, keep your integrity and keep acting as you expect others in government to act."
7449: M. Mack

"Ron Paul doesn't need teleprompters--he only has to say what he believes!"
7450: Mishaela Bove

"I see the Honorable Congressman Paul as the man vs. the tank in Tiananmen Square and want desperately to help our patriot.
Dr. Paul you have my complete respect and admiration"

7451: Pat

"Ron Paul 2012. Lets get it done!"
7452: Charles Daley

"Just hurry up and get in there!!!! :D"
7453: Michael

7454: Sarah Rammaha

"Get some!!"
7455: Iain McLeod

"I love you and support your message! Thank you for curing my apathy and making me believe once again that I can make a difference without having to compromise my beliefs! Ron Paul 2012!!!"
7456: Melanie B.

"Mr. Paul, this country needs to get back to the basics that it was founded on. Thats the consitution, the law of the land. Its time for real leadership,some one who stands for the working,tax paying citizens of america. Its time to put this nation back on her feet,the way the founding fathers intended for it to be. One Nation Under [GOD] Jesus Christ that is. Your the man for the job. Get this nation back!!!"
7457: Name not displayed

"Down with the FED! Printing more money is not the answer."
7458: Kyle Purvis

"Save America, Ron Paul 2012"
7459: Philip Pass

"Your the only one that stands up and believes in what the American people are looking for."
7460: Name not displayed

"Our country needs you Ron Paul, before we cease to exist."
7461: Name not displayed

"Not voting for Ron Paul at this point is dangerous to both the national security and existence of the United States."
7462: Dave

"It's time to take this country back! I've already convinced 10 other people to vote Paul in the primary, what can you do for Paul?"
7463: Clyde Barber

"Time for a real change!!!!"
7464: Jeremy Zender

"Ron Paul Revolution! Support the restoration of America, Vote Ron Paul."
7465: Jeremy Young

"Govornment needs thr checks and balances the US constitution laid out..Thankyou Ron Paul for your stand."
7466: Donald Taylor

"Have Ralph Nader be your vice president."
7467: Ibrahim Ahmadkhanlou

"Let's make this happen."
7468: mike field

""All in""
7469: Name not displayed

"i support a no nonsense ticket , getting back to the constitution and English . Don't let people in if they don't expect to be an American ."
7470: Name not displayed

"He is our only hope - the others are either not smart enough to run or they have so much money it doesn't matter to them whether we sink or not."
7471: Annie Roberts

"Dr. Paul you are my hero and a pioneer to me. I'm 100% behind you and your ideas and continue to talk to friends and family about you and convincing them that you are our only hope. I and I'm sure all of your supporters know you will never let us down, and I think that the world is catching on to it as well. We will make as much noise as we have to, you just keep spreading the word. God bless."
7472: Name not displayed

"This is a man who can get things done!"
7473: Nate Walter

"We need you !"
7474: Lois Hart

"Ron we are watching with interest from accross and down in Australia. Go mate kick the nazi's out and jail them."
7475: Frank Hawkes

"Mostly I am trying to understand all of Mr. Paul's views and ideas: Manny of Mr. Paul's ideas make sense while some of them seem oddly eccentric and extreme. I am simply trying to reconcile that perspective as generally I sense that Mr. Paul would be a fresh and badly needed change of a CRONY based system of corrupt and disappointing DEMOCRACY!"
7476: Robert A. Gravley

"Ron Paul 2012!"
7477: Name not displayed

"We've got to get out our checkbooks and show our support for Ron Paul & help him beat the establishment, not just say we are for him. He's the best hope we have ! You really want him, be pro-active, do something. Put up a yard sign, display a bumper sticker. Talk to folks."
7478: Mike Kirkpatrick

"Good Luck"
7479: Name not displayed

7480: Megan O\'Brien

"I'd love a couple of bumper stickers and other promotional material."
7481: Name not displayed

You have my support if you're able to pull off what you other candidate comes close!"

7482: Name not displayed

"I will support Ron Paul no matter what political flag he runs have my vote Ron!"
7483: Jim Randleman

"Ron Paul brings hope to our country and he is only person that is actually trying to do things for the American people and not for themselves and the corporation behind them. Thank you Ron Paul and let's take our country back!!"
7484: Name not displayed

"This man is an American! He makes sense when he talks and has an awesome track record!"
7485: Frank vonHutten

7486: kevin j. lusk

"Ron Paul is saying and doing the rights things that is why they continue to ignore him. Get the CFR out of Washington DC. God bless you Ron Paul."
7487: Frank Paulsteiner

7488: Name not displayed

7489: Name not displayed

7490: Melissa R

"go Ron!!!"
7491: Name not displayed

"Ron Paul is the only candidate for REAL peace, national security, civil liberty, and follows the law. There is no other candidate that follows these American principles."
7492: Eric Richardson

"Go Ron Paul!!!!!"
7493: Jake Stiles

7494: Courm Evans

7495: Janet L

"less government = more freedom ! GOD BLESS RON PAUL!"
7496: Trudy Cool

"Ron paul rocks!!!"
7497: Name not displayed

"For the People, By the People"
7498: Hobie Cunningham

7499: Aggie Pop

"Ron Paul or we all fall."
7500: Glen Saint Thomas

7501: Andrew Dilworth

"Ron Paul is the only sane person who is moraley cabable of running this country."
7502: AlysiaHargraveTambourides

"Ron has got it all worked out he knows what he's doing and all the other canidates are dumbasses im for bringing this country back to its roots."
7503: Kale

"Ron Paul 2012.. Best choice you'll ever make."
7504: Joseph Howard

"Supporting a truly qualified candidate."
7505: Name not displayed

7506: Name not displayed

"I support candidates based on consistency and logic."
7507: Jace

"I'm Ready!!!"
7508: erick wilcox

"fix our economy, and stop the endless spending in Washington"
7509: Michael Hart

"Get the word out there. Once a person understands RP there is no turning back. RP 2012!"
7510: Lakshmi Ma

"Ron Paul!"
7511: Richard Clark

"I am a legal immigrant , and i cant to vote officially ,but i am big supporter of RON PAUL , Trying spread a word on internet
Thank you"

7512: oksana

"Ron Paul=Solution to all our problems!"
7513: Kiana Farzad

"Realism in Government!"
7514: Janine M

"We need a change in an entirely new direction and I think you can do it, Mr. Paul. Thank you for all your work and may the best man win!"
7515: Pierce Jones

"i have never felt the need to vote before now. thanks for actually caring about what happens to us."
7516: Caitlin Elizabeth

"Im new to DR.Paul but Ilike what I have herd so far."
7517: Name not displayed

"I support Ron Paul because he is the one of the only politicians that I think displays consistency, integrity, and a true belief that his job is a service to the American people. Go Ron Paul!"
7518: Emily Joy Kirkwood

7519: Jenna McNeil

"i agree with Ron Paul 100%, he is the right person to be president and its not about him get power to be at the top but to get power to do what is right and what should be done to create equality worldwide"
7520: Keith

"Ron paul we need you and I vow to speak up against the bully media puppet tyrants that have been silencing me and my family for so long. Run and win. You are the best. No more fear."
7521: Name not displayed

"Ron Paul for president"
7522: Brandan Myers

"End the fed. End unjust wars. End tyranny in the U.S. vote RON PAUL"
7523: Frank Gutierrez

"Our best shot at moving in the right direction"
7524: Jeff hunter

7525: Mac McDonald

"Count me in. I wish I had been exposed to Paul's ideology long ago."
7526: Walter E. Reed

"Ron Paul does not flip flop. Look at clips from the 1980's and ron sayes the same thing today, and it is true."
7527: Robert E Myers

7528: Name not displayed

7529: Name not displayed

"I have never seen a more honest, compassionate, passionate, or intelligent candidate as I have seen and heard in Ron Paul. How can I NOT support him? He is what this country is missing in our leadership, I will do what I can to get Ron Paul elected president. I would be so proud to be an American with Ron Paul as our leader."
7530: Joanna Zawada

"Ron Paul speaks the truth about America's issues."
7531: Name not displayed

7532: charlotte arnoldi

"You've got what it takes to make a real change in this country. Please don't let your fellow Americans down. THANKS!"
7533: Name not displayed

"Ron Paul ia the man who can fix this mess"
7534: Thomas Begley

"Ron Paul uses good old fashioned common sense & smarts! I really think he can make some well needed changes!"
7535: Roxann Roberts

7536: Michael

"If there was ever hope for change, an honest world, freedom and humanity Ron Paul is the man to brings us that liberty! People need to wake up out of the lies and support this honest being!"
7537: Tommy

7538: Andre Hisle

7539: Aaron Russell

7540: Zach moore

7541: Travis Jason Alllen

7542: Jacky Jordan

"Ron Paul 2012!"
7543: Binly Siriphongsavath

"Keep on doing what you do best."
7544: Michael J Provines II

"In high school, they always taught us that the rights in the Constitution could not be taken away. Now they are. Ron Paul 2012"
7545: Grayson

7546: Brad Wood

"You the best man for the job!"
7547: Gregory Hall

"It is time for American to stand up to this tyrannical government, and Ron Paul is the man to help us do that! Ron Paul 2012!!!!"
7548: Austin Wells

7549: Juli Gutierrez

"If Ron Paul does not win the presidency, we are doomed to live in a socialistic society. Thank you Ron Paul for being consistent with your beliefs. All of the other candidates have sold their souls. You give us hope for a chance at restoring a level of trust in our political leaders."
7550: Stephanie

"I feel so dumb for not knowing about you until now. Don't stop..."
7551: Name not displayed

7552: Sara Crider

"stay the course and follow your heart"
7553: Tim Irvin

"I have always voted Libertarian but I will vote Ron Paul if he is on the Republican ticket."
7554: George Chatraw

"Ron Paul is the real deal! Back to freedom at last!"
7555: Name not displayed

"Ron Paul is unlike any other politician. I would much rather have a former doctor, someone who clearly understands empathy, run my country than a greedy politician with their own agenda."
7556: Matthew J. Esposito

"Save our Sovereignty!!"
7557: Jesse Murillo

7558: Robert White

"FREEDOM is an ILLUSION! Restore our Constitution!
Ron Paul for PRESIDENT :D"

7559: Marcus St.Ledger

"Our constitution is the prize here and ron seems to understand that gov plans on taking it away plaese keep reminding us"
7560: ken sandberg

"give me a chance to vote for you!!!"
7561: alex reznik

"I'm in for Ron"
7562: lisa lisa

7563: Trevor Terris

"I fully support Ron Paul for president"
7564: David Rogoff

"He needs a THEME PLATFORM to run on.
Patriot Act
No taxation without representation.
Term limits , no more perks

7565: Name not displayed

"Ron Paul is the man!"
7566: matt white

"Ron Paul for President 2012"
7567: Name not displayed

"Strong on all the issues I am strong on. I only dissent on a few. Will get my vote if he runs against the Obamanation."
7568: Robert Mels

7569: Lynette Lynch

7570: Sandy Brawley

7571: Derek Knittle

"Ron Paul is the only worthy candidate for the President of the United States."
7572: Gerald Berry

7573: Name not displayed

I am so sick and tired of the arrogance that this country exudes, After hearing Ron's views on everything, he s the only one that doesn't have an automated response for everything, if he deosnt get the nomination im not voting there will be no point, This is the year that a true american should be elected. If you don't support him yet, check out the debates he uses common sense"

7574: Matt McCoy

"I continue to listen to his messages and may donate some funds in the future"
7575: R F Baer

"Please advise how can we obtain a Ron Paul..2012 yard sign, when will Dr Paul be in southern New Jersey, and how can our family help..."
7576: Peter Pirozzi

"Support from the Maldives, yeah the US Election matters even to us...Let's get this guy in office"
7577: Rafil Mohamed

"Restore America to the founding principles we've lost because of corporate greed. End economic slavery of the masses by the wealthy few."
7578: Chris Meza

"Hi Mr Paul.. I am a Pakistani and I hope very much from your side.. we are ourselves trapped under corrupt leaders and bureacrats.. really we cant digest any more on top of it in the form of alien troops on our lands, killing us and trying to suck the leftover blood in our veins.. hope that we also get revolution in Pakistan... but for the time being I full heartedly support you and pray for your success.

7579: Syed Ali Raza Zaidi

"I fully support Ron Paul for 2012. His views on economic policy and necessity for adherence to the constitution are exactly what America needs right now. OCCUPY THE WHITE HOUSE! VOTE RON PAUL 2012"
7580: Alexander Ambard

7581: Aaron Chartier

"RON PAUL 2012, no man more consistent and true to his beliefs."
7582: Andrew Mosher

7583: James Gray

7584: Name not displayed

"Because 9/11 will revive a proper investigation, and the troops will be brought home."
7585: William Kydes

"This would be the most emotional win in the history of the USA. Because everyone who KNOWS Ron Paul is the 1 True man for our country is 150% behind him all the way.
People are stoked, and people are pissed... and people are seeing the truth that has CONSISTENTLY been championed by this One Man of true politics."

7586: Derek Kube

7587: jacqueline

"The republic for which it stands."
7588: Name not displayed

"For Liberty, The Constitution/Bill of Rights, and the most important, Freedom to worship and serve Yeshuah ( Jesus ) . The Truth truly sets you free. God bless Ron Paul and God bless America"
7589: Randy Medrano

7590: Kathryn Knez

7591: Name not displayed

"Where do I get a yard sign?"
7592: Jim Driscoll

7593: Name not displayed

"Only true hope for Americans"
7594: Name not displayed

"Lets get an actual honest man in office!!!! Here is the Lincoln of our age!!! Nominate and Vote Ron Paul in 2012!!!"
7595: Daniel Harp

"vote Ron or don't vote"
7596: Tom Steele

"There's only one candidate who is truly pro-America. That's Dr. Ron Paul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
7597: Name not displayed

7598: Name not displayed

"Mr. Paul, please bring America back so that my daughter can grow up in the Land of the Free and the Home of the brave that was intended for her and for all Americans. What is happening now just isn't right. America is better than this."
7599: Lyndsey Roland

"finally someone for the people"
7600: Name not displayed

"End the war, end the tax and end the Fed! Federal Reserve & Tim Geithner so eager to help Euro crisis on the back of US taxpayers. It is clearly globalism at play. We must resist!"
7601: Enchante B.

"Legalize the Constitution!"
7602: Derek Jackson

"Well done Ron Paul. Well Done."
7603: Name not displayed

"Bring ALL the troops home and stop trying to run the world!!"
7604: David Davis

7605: Todd Mikalic

"Let's hope Ron Paul isn't another joke president."
7606: Ruslan Kravets

"Go Ron GO!!! Give it your all!!!"
7607: Name not displayed

"ron paul stats shown on tv is wrong. I vote for Ron Paul because his principles follow constitution. I think Ron Paul will win 2012 or Obama. No other candidate in Republican stands chance against Obama"
7608: Anuj Chauhan

7609: Name not displayed

"We need someone with strong values, common sense, and a willingness to do what we have to do to get this country back on track. Ron Paul is that person! Support the r3VO_|ution!"
7610: Thomas Casassa

7611: Name not displayed

"Ron Paul for 2012! Let us pray to whatever is your preference that he wins the Republican ticket"
7612: Harrison Robbs

7613: Name not displayed

"stop the wars...stop medicade to indigents, especially mothers of illegitimate children and all illegals. stop liberalism!!!"
7614: john j charette sr

"Ron Paul Revolution!! He is the only candidate who is TRULY not into the drama and personal attacks that every other candidate loves getting into. Paul is the only one who considers the fact that maybe the United States has done just a little bit too much prying into other countries which has caused them ill feelings towards US. He is practical, no BS, and seems to be the only candidate who doesn't have a constant facade. I hope that we can all join together and get his ideas spread so that he can become more and more popular. I am a student at Georgia Southern University and I will do all I can to spread the word amongst the college campus. Ron Paul for President!!"
7615: Andrew Brantley

"You always help people see the truth"
7616: Evans Elaban

"Yahweh Almighty God thank you for Dr Ron Paul."
7617: Andre DeLise

"I'm in"
7618: Michael

7619: Daniel Garcia

"Norway for Ron Paul 2012 <3"
7620: Kent Are Hvoland

"youth for ron paul!"
7621: Andrew Borus

"Ron Paul is our ONLY hope!"
7622: Charles Mayes

"Ron Paul is the only candidate for 2012 who has experience, knowledge and courage to do the right thing for America. The only candidate who has been consistent in his ideas all his life without worrying about poll numbers or the enemies he created because of his views. The only republican who stands on moral and intellectual ground so much so that it looks almost impossible for him to win their primary. I would vote for Ron Paul irrespective of the party he belongs to merely because I trust that he would always stand for our liberties whether it is our political liberty or monetary liberty."
7623: Rajeev Aggarwal

7624: Lauren

"Ron Paul Rocks!!"
7625: Lina

"the only person willing to stand for the constituion."
7626: Robert w doughty

"Let's do this!"
7627: Neil Stenger

"Its time for all americans to stand and uphold the constitution of the United States of America"
7628: Name not displayed

"I know the media suppresses you, but we're living in a digital age now. Let's take back liberty!"
7629: Robert J. Haggerty III

"We need a president that will reduce the size of goverment and expose the corruption in the current parties."
7630: Joshua Rajchel

"I am glad to have the opportunity to vote for a candidate that I feel will lead this country, not control it. In a time where having a good leader is imperative for our countries well being, Ron Paul gets my vote!"
7631: John K.

7632: Sarah Brittin

7633: Ashley Laws

"If you don't go independent.... your name is mud."
7634: Name not displayed

"The only anti-war candidate in the race."
7635: Gary Popkin

7636: Nicholas Dygert

7637: Ryan

"It is time to get back to the basics!!"
7638: Patrick Altenhofen

"God bless you Ron Paul!"
7639: Noel Warren

"Go Ron Paul go, you are the last one of us!"
7640: Name not displayed

"Mr. Paul I fully support you. In a terrifying and trying time these days, YOU have given me hope. I SUPPORT YOU"
7641: Frederick Cody Price

"Save our country in the right way Ron Paul!"
7642: Meaghan Boland

7643: Name not displayed

"Ron Paul 2012!!!"
7644: Name not displayed

7645: Bret Schmitt

7646: Iris Rebecca Hill

7647: Kevin McClain

7648: Name not displayed

"Ron Paul is the only candidate worthy of fixing this country. He speaks the truth and has been fighting for the same issues for 30 years. You have my vote!

Ron Paul 2012!"

7649: Henry Henderson

"Our country needs a leader like Paul."
7650: eric

"If Ron or Michelle don't get in, our country is doomed"
7651: Jeremy Moore

"supporting the wake-up call."
7652: Name not displayed

7653: Robert Jaco

"GOD BLESS your Campaign !"
7654: Michael DeFries

7655: Stephen Spencer

"America NEEDS you!"
7656: Marci Ferguson

"Ron Paul 2012!
America's Last Hope."

7657: Name not displayed

"I would support Ron Paul for 2012!"
7658: Than Aung

"Finally some one who is not bogged down by corruption is running for President!"
7659: Katherine Piele

"We need you"
7660: Keith Christen

"Ron Paul is Americas last hope.
Let's make it happen people!!"

7661: Kyle

"Ron Paul has the right ideas. If the American people want things to BE different, then they have to DO something DIFFERENT! Vote for Ron Paul and not for the hand-picked Dems and Repubs that are controlled by the corporations. out the Congressmen in YOUR state!! Let's start a new American Revolution!!"
7662: wyman oxner

"Ron Paul seems to be the answer this country's and perhaps the worlds greatest of issues, put this man in the white house!! Thanks for all that stand for, Ron!"
7663: Tyler Hapgood

"You stand for what YOU believe in, rather than what you think others WANT you to believe in; that is why you are getting my vote next election."
7664: Name not displayed

7665: Sonja Funnell

"ron paul in 2012"
7666: frank dunham

"I hope"
7667: Name not displayed

"We need someone who is not stautus quo."
7668: robb upthegrove

"Go Ron Go!"
7669: Michael Tullock

"Occupy Wall Street loves you too"
7670: Greg Burbank

"You're the only candidate I can sincerely support!"
7671: Patrick Hudson

"Save our country Ron, you're the only candidate we can trust."
7672: Jimmy Tran

"Dr. Paul you are truly the most candid, substantive candidate. You are the champion of the constitution, and you are the GAME CHANGER!"
7673: Mark

"Ron Paul keep supporting our American Constitution!"
7674: Scott Christopher Henning

"Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate in 2012 that will make any change to the status-quo, and it would be a shame to pass up the opportunity to have such a noble, intelligent man finally lead us."
7675: David Hall

"Common sense for America."
7676: F. J. Priest

7677: Jacqueline Denson

"I will be very honored to know that my vote for you,stands so much for what our Constitution was based upon!"
7678: Tim Berberich

7679: Katarina

"Ron Paul is last hope for self imploding America. I'm ashamed of my country and for the blindness we are invoked by."
7680: Jordan Denison

7681: Name not displayed

"You're the man"
7682: Name not displayed

"Consistency is the key; I believe in your views."
7683: Calvin

"For the longest time, I wished to be part of the change of this corrupted government. Now since I am legal to vote I believe that voting for you will help lead this country to the hard working honest country it once was"
7684: Brad Johnson

"Ron Paul is the only intelligent choice for President."
7685: Deborah Mirdamadi

"I really hope Ron Paul becomes President. not only because I agree with his view about personal liberties and foreign policies, but also because I believe that with our civil liberties being taken away more and more ever day, we will get to a point where the american people will stand up! WE WILL FIGHT! THERE WILL BE BLOOD! GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH!"
7686: anonymous

"Dr. Ron Paul I support you 110%. If you don't win the nomination I will be writing your name in"
7687: Tawnee Tillotson

"You have my vote!! Ron Paul 2012!!!!"
7688: Chris

"You have our support here in Canada Ron!"
7689: Bryce Gambrel

7690: Name not displayed

7691: Daniel Paulin

7692: jonathan ireland

"I just want my freedom back, please just help us get that back Ron! I will help you do that."
7693: Name not displayed

"That rarest of men; a politician with integrity."
7694: Steve StJohn

7695: Luis

"Dismantle the Fed, President Paul!!!"
7696: Thomas Warren

"South African (Afrikaner) supporter of Ron Paul"
7697: Joseph Barnard

7698: Linda Lynch

"I appreciate a politician who abides by the constitution and sticks to his principles in the face of any adversity.

Thank you Ron Paul."

7699: Tyler C. Doherty

"So much respect for this man!"
7700: Jessi Rae Braswell

"Ron Paul 2012"
7701: Bill Conley

7702: Crystal Harlan

"Ron Paul's the Sh!t!!!"
7703: T.C. Russell

"I will vote for the first time next election (turning 18), and if Ron Paul is on the ticket, he WILL have my vote!"
7704: Name not displayed

7705: Ray Zelker jr

7706: Karrar Abidi

"Dear ron paul voters, please go to this site. It is a online game that whenever you kill your first dragon, Ron Paul gets donated $5! The person behind it will only donate up to 25,000 dollars but EVERY BIT counts!
dungeoneers /"

7707: Megan

"We the People for Ron Paul!"
7708: Nathan Shull

"I wish I could have the power to give you the power."
7709: Jessica Kuiper

"Why do we even have to fight."
7710: Joseph Vanwagenen

"I support you in every way, lets turn this country around for the best!!!"
7711: Lantz Toney

"government by the people for the people! The way our constitution intended it to be!"
7712: Ian

"He's got my vote!!"
7713: Tony Seagle

"Thank you sir for caring about our country more than anything."
7714: Dane Wheeler

"Ron Paul 2012"
7715: Heather Morse

"Its time for Americans to stop being retarded"
7716: jedidiah Bizzell

"While I don't always vote Rebublican I do prefer Ron Paul in 2012. I am a Social Libertarian, so granted i don't agree with everything Paul says, I do want our freedoms back, and want Big Business out of Government..."
7717: Joshua Pryor

"You're my guy! Stay strong :)"
7718: Name not displayed

"I'm tired of change! I want Integrity!"
7719: Dale Sheridan

"Ron Paul is our version of JFK."
7720: Hector Rivera

"sir your stance on the issues and your resistance to the legislation that has been written with the express purpose as to end the bill of rights is the most important political expression made by any elected official is the most important of any in recent history. I fear if we don't get you're voice in the president's seat our nation may indeed parish from the earth. God's Speed sir."
7721: Name not displayed

7722: Name not displayed

7723: Christopher Ghigliotty

"We need peace,freedom, prosperity and also, the incorruptible Ron Paul 2012!11"
7724: John Diaz

"Ron Paul's message is the only hope for our country. We need to shrink the government, reduce taxes, stop the overseas aggression, end The Federal Reserve, and restore sound money."
7725: Marc Henderson

"Can you please cover ectopic pregnancies"
7726: Donnie

"No one politician, nor any person, has made more sense to me the value of liberty coinciding with sensible, conservative economic principles."
7727: Justin Watson

"Please win, we need our rights back."
7728: Randall Youell

"The only presidential candidate I've seen that I can't see right through to the lies."
7729: Name not displayed

7730: Kurt Leimkuehler

"Ron Paul is the best we've got!"
7731: Natalie

7732: Name not displayed

"I voted for him last election!"
7733: J. Carlin

"Ron Paul is the only honest politician running. We need him."
7734: Jonathan Bourwer

"Rob Paul save us!!!!!"
7735: Joshua Guerrero

7736: Brett Istre

"All in with Ron Paul in 2012"
7737: Name not displayed

7738: natalie

"As we head into one of the most crucial elections in US history, the demoralization of America can not be understated, and its time that a conservative powerful voice be heard! RON PAUL 2012!!"
7739: Clarence M Cunningham

"Give us hope for a better future, to protect our savings and bring about a health minded United States."
7740: Julie Thorstad

"If he has to run independent, I really hope he does. Nobody else I believe in is running."
7741: Daniel Kogel

"My father supports Ron Paul, I didn't until I realized how right Ron is.. I decided to finally register to vote, seeing the possibility of real change for the better."
7742: Shane Anderson

"Ron Paul, possibly the last true champion of freedom"
7743: Nicholas James

"The Vietnamese support Ron Paul."
7744: Thien K. Tran

"Small state strategy is a winner!"
7745: Kevin Shumard

"Tea for Texas, Tea for Tennessee!"
7746: Marlin Rood

"legalize that stuff already!"
7747: Name not displayed

"Since 1988 I have noticed the only people who support Ron Paul are the intelligent and educated ones aka media discrimination in spite of winning poll after poll after poll........"
7748: Kathy Smith

"Ron Paul for president !!"
7749: jess

"Please drop going back to the gold standard and get rid of the corp. sponsored electoral guys."
7750: Richard Armstrong

"God Bless America - God Bless you Ron Paul!"
7751: Karen

7752: Name not displayed

"Please win Ron Paul, we need you."
7753: Name not displayed

"The Champion or the Constitution .. Ron Paul !"
7754: Victor

"I never cared about voting for one snake or the other in past years. This time though, this time it's different. I'm going to vote because I actually believe in one of the candidates . Go Ron Paul!"
7755: Bryan W. McDowell

7756: Samuel Vigue

"you have to win"
7757: Name not displayed

"OUR COUNTRY.....!!! Needs the leadership that only Ron Paul can supply. Please understand this GOP."
7758: Eric S Hansen

"You know what? I don't care for either parties. I hate republicans and democrats. Obama shows his true colors for agreeing to sign the American Indefinite Detention Bill. I'm surprised he hasn't been impeached nor any of the senators who passed this bill. It is in major violation of the Fourth Amendment. Ron Paul now seems our only hope for a stable and free America. I will vote for Ron Paul in 2012."
7759: Name not displayed

7760: jessica kroh

7761: Joshua D. Suhoney

"I lean liberal but there's only one person in this election I can trust and that's Ron Paul"
7762: Julien Folstrom

"You have many more supporters out here than the media would have you believe! Keep pushing forward Dr. Paul!"
7763: Rhonda Reese

7764: Nathan MacDonald

"Ron Paul, please win! I do not identify with either partys, but your understanding of economics and what the real issues/crimes in this country are, are far superior to any of the other candidates. What appeals to people most is your sincerity and honesty. It is obvious that you speak from a purely intellectual standpoint with no agenda other than the conservation of freedom and liberty. Your claims are based on fact and logic, and you are one of the only politicians that is willing to speak the truth regardless.

thank you for fighting against those who work to undermine the nation!"

7765: Name not displayed

"We need a libertarian in the white house!"
7766: Kirk Stucky

"viva la revolution! time to take back our government and our country!"
7767: kristin underwood

7768: Angel

"god speed my friend!!!!"
7769: jeffrey fehr

"I strongly support the great Dr. Paul who fought for our Liberty all these years."
7770: Jacy Bye

"You are my hero. I believe in you."
7771: Phong Nguyen

"If the American people do not wake up and vote for the best candidate, Ron Paul then America will continue its decline as world leader."
7772: Fatima

7773: Name not displayed

"go paul 2012"

7775: Al Dirnagl

"you are bringing back core principles that this country was founded upon, and the America is opening it's eyes.
I hope people realize that the destiny of this great country is not to have the Govt. lead the people, but to have the people tell the Govt what they want and to have the poeple take responsability for themselves!"

7776: Kenneth Morales

"Ron Paul 2012!!!!! :)"
7777: Robin Vail

"I'm praying he wins. I feel he really is the only hope for our nation."
7778: Joshua Goodwin

7779: angela

"We need a REVOLUTION!!"
7780: carol hargett

"All in!!"
7781: Brian cannon

7782: Name not displayed

7783: Jeffrey Mathew

"I think Ron Paul would be a great President.He is straight ,to the point and talks real practical solutions,that make sense.You can make out the man is genuine.Vote for him.Very promising"
7784: Madhu

"Please win Dr. Paul! Our lives depend on it! I love and praise you! Live long!"
7785: Jericho Trostmann

"Ron Paul 2012!!!"
7786: Name not displayed

""Less Government, more responsibility and with God's help, a better world!""
7787: Roy A Kramer

7788: Eileen Steenburg

"Ron Paul 2012!"
7789: Alissa Cannon

7790: Name not displayed

"Ron Paul 2012!"
7791: Ashleigh Skiles

"Dr. Paul speaks truth, and fights for the american ideals and people. I hope people understand how great of a leader he will be in turning our country around."
7792: Grant Lawson

"If Ron Paul doesn't win I am moving to Canada."
7793: Name not displayed

"Help me, Ron Paul, you're my only hope."
7794: Name not displayed

7795: Mike Reza

"Ron Paul is very knowledge person.
If republican loose this chance to select Ron paul,
There is no chance for republican.
Ron Paul has policy /ability which help to get democratic vote and asian vote..
I have no doubt if ron paul select as republican candidate..there is no chance to loose 2012 election."

7796: Name not displayed

"Love the authenticity the willingness to tell the truth! Thank you!"
7797: DeDe Murcer Moffett

7798: Name not displayed

"Most honest and intelligent presidential candidate I have ever seen. Do I dare have hope for this country yet? I hope America will agree and maybe we can still turn a new direction before it is too late"
7799: Brian Barnes

"Ron Paul Makes sense!"
7800: Steve Kover

7801: Cai Huang

7802: William Walters

"Go get em Ron lets kick some ass."
7803: Darrell Alderson

"I and my family loves you Dr. Paul. We shall support you as long as we live."
7804: Mobeen Awan

"I firmly believe that although some of Ron Paul's stances I do not whole heartedly agree with, his ideas and concerns about the disaster than can most definitely ruin this country FOREVER are some of the most extremely important, progressive, and forward thinking ideas compared to any other candidate. I believe that he could truly restore this nation to a DEMOCRACY which its people fought for now almost 250 years ago... In fact, I believe that if something truly must change in our flawed system, everyone should have a voice, a collective voice, a national voice. Public, nation-wide debates once Ron Paul takes office. Collecting ideas from the highest intellectuals on every crucial subject matter; science, environmental issues(sustainability, our ever diminishing availability of finite resources,pollution, depletion of natural resources, etc.) technology, medicine, energy, economics, education, healthcare, social security, stability, production, self-sustaining ability, mental health, drugs, guns, violence, the law system, criminals, and obviously major things such as defense, war, national security, foreign policy, the END of the attempt for Imperial power by this country, and these are just the things off the top of one individual's head... Something needs to change in this country, and Ron Paul is the only individual high up enough who is ACTUALLY dedicated to WE THE PEOPLE. You don't have to believe or fully support every single one of his stances, however, if you as a citizen of this country, must truly look outside the box and consider that someone like the rest of us can make a significant change that will benefit us all."
7805: Name not displayed

"Dr. Paul, I will vote for you in the republican primary, as a third party candidate, or I will write you in. You started the snowball rolling downhill. You cannot stop it now. Sorry, but even if you ask me not to, I will split the Republican vote and write you in. I will no longer settle on the lesser of two evils as President. Not when a patriot is available to lead us. By the way, there are many online who believe as I do. So, even though I think that you'll win this thing, you might as well know that you're running no matter what."
7806: Ken Carlson

7807: Ryan Gilbertson

"Ron Paul will soar through the polls in the primaries and leading to an eventually sweeping Obama out of the White House....Ron Paul is what we all need !!!...YES."
7808: Name not displayed

7809: Travis Marcrum

"I am a Democrat and voted for Obama last time around. But if Ron Paul is the Republican candidate, I will certainly vote for him! I think there are many Democrats out there that would do the same!"
7810: Alexandra Dores

7811: Linda Walton

"Our last hope, Ron Paul 2012"
7812: Randy Lee Elmer Jr.

"I love your idea's and I see you as the beginning to an end of war and the faschist empire side of America. I want peace and I see freedom as the ability to not have to kill anybody and I believe that you are the one true candidate for peace and our liberty and true democracy."
7813: Dylan Barnes-Diana

"Ron Paul for President 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
7814: Brandon Gassiott

"Prove to them all you have a chance!"
7815: Katlyn Gleason

7816: Brian Zimmerman

"RON PAUL for president"
7817: Nathan Stayback

"Ron Paul is the only hope America has left. Otherwise, this country (and the constitution) is done!"
7818: Name not displayed

"After reading your book, I am starting to think I am a Conservative Libertarian, not as much a Republican as I cannot disagree with any of your views. I hope you can win the nomination and would like to get involved if I can help out in Rhode Island."
7819: Nick T

"I am 35 and will voting for the 1st time. I am tired of complaining about a government that wants to tell me what to do with my personal life. I am commited to Ron Paul and his values, to change and lead this country back to something that my children can be proud of! Who else can you count on to proved, American pride, except Ron Paul.

Made in America
Jeremy G Brazzel"

7820: Jeremy G. Brazzel

7821: Name not displayed

7822: Name not displayed

"Dr Ron Paul is just the tipping point to throwing down this Republican/Democrat Party dictatorship. So Liberals, Pogressives, Moderates, Libertarians (left or right leaning), Conservatives, Compassionate Conservatives, Independents, Christians, Muslims(includings 'Sufis'), Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Homosexuals, Metrosexuals, Hetrosexuals, Intellectuals, Simple-minded, and all other Americans who love the idea of a free, ever evolving democracy, which has no long lasting dominating establishments (Republican Party, Democratic Party, Mainstream Media, and Halliburton style Corporations....) then Vote for Ron Paul 2012!"
7823: Eddy Moldovan

7824: Ryan Meserole

7825: Kristin Henning

"You can do it."
7826: Melanie Stewart

Number of Supporters: 7826

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