Ron Paul at the Republican Debate in Ames, Iowa

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8 Responses to Ron Paul at the Republican Debate in Ames, Iowa

  1. Steven McGinley says:

    Awesome job Ron Paul, You have my vote!!!

    • max says:

      The reason all the other politicians “look the other way” is because its not popular to say whats true, its popular to say WHATEVER will get you elected. Ron Paul is the only politician of the last 20 yrs who is unafraid of the truth despite its unpopularity. Ron Paul is the only politician who is for real. ANYONE WITH BRAINS, WOULD VOTE FOR RON PAUL.

  2. Ricky Kissel jr says:

    Thanks for not BSing us like the rest try to do. Keep with the truth and fighting for freedom and sanity, we will have your back.

  3. Eugene Warren says:

    Ron is the voice of reason. Listen to all those other self-righteous Republican Imperialists! Ron Paul represents TRUE American ideals and would be the best person to lead the USA!

  4. Michael Flynn says:

    If enough people find out the truth, Ron Paul can’t be bought, he’s a man of integrity, an honest man of principle.

  5. wayne Rice says:

    My Goodness Wake up American, This guy is the only hope for our Country the World and our Children. I can not believe anyone would consider voting for anyone else.

  6. erik says:

    Here’s a guy who can really bring change.

  7. dolores wharton says:

    Hooray, hooray, finally America is waking up decent government, truth, integrity, human love, patritism, vote for Ron Paul.

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