Signatures 20,001-25,000

Number Name Comment
20001 Rodney Stebel Help save America with us Dr. Paul.
20002 Ray Markey  
20003 Whatcom County Citizens For Liberty! The USA cannot survive without you Dr. Paul!
20004 Jill Tedesco  
20005 jim lane We need 55 Ron Pauls !!
20006 george borkowski  
20007 Rich Hill Go RON !
20008 Jandy  
20009 Patrick Toy  
20010 Name not displayed Dr. Paul may be the only one who can bring us out of this mess we are in.
20011 Name not displayed  
20012 Cathy Mills Wish you were running as an Independant…but still think you’re our best hope. God bless.
20013 Name not displayed Ron Paul, we will keep the revolution going. Please help us through these times. We need you for President.

God bless
20014 Thomas Aelbrecht The next 5 years will be defining. Or we’ll see a new renaissance, or we’ll see new middle ages. Ron Paul Revolution!
20015 Casey Screw YAF we dont need”"em…
20016 Name not displayed  
20017 Name not displayed  
20018 Jason Hollenbeck We need a lot more politicians like Ron!
20019 Ed O’Donnell …I believe in America but no longer in the dollar….please end the FED…and bring strength back to the dollar before OPEC no longer accepts the dollar…then it too late….God Bless you for your work and efforts….long live America….and remember…Rome didn’t collapse in a day…..
20020 Name not displayed  
20021 Brian Graybill  
20022 Richard Hofherr Ron, I run a HUGE band in Chicago called 7th heaven (, I also do TV commercials and TONS of media in Chicago… I can REALLY help you build a HUGE fan base in Chicagoland.. YOU MUST DO THIS!!! I am behind you 1000000% As a multiple business owner, I have faith in you!
20023 chuck mcnamar  
20024 Marisa Gorbett  
20025 SAm  
20026 Aaron Gorbett  
20027 Name not displayed Mr. Paul, you’ve got my vote. Time for real change.
20028 Bill Ginn America needs someone like Dr. Paul in 2012. He hears the people.
20029 John W. Wright  
20030 Name not displayed I hope he gets elected. It would make for quite an exciting time in our country’s history.
20031 Bob Bomia I live in Orlando, Fl and want help you win in 2012!
20032 Shawn Becker Run already. No one else is running that is worth voting for.
20033 Jake Vitak Run Ron Run!
20034 volkmar alphin  
20035 Name not displayed We are overdue for change.
20036 Hil Palmer Ron was able to get his name out to more of the public last election. Plus a number of items that he warned about during the debates came true. I think he will have a real good chance!
20037 Name not displayed  
20038 Mike Flaherty We need to do everything in our power to get Ron elected.
20039 Name not displayed  
20040 Kendra Payton Please Run Ron! I look forward to taking my children out once again to campaign for what is right!
20041 Name not displayed Ron Paul is our only hope. We have got to get the word out. I try my hardest every day, but I’m amazed at how many people still don’t know him. It’s time for America to WAKE UP!
20042 Hákon Freyr Gunnarsson This affects more than just America. The world needs you.
20043 Courtneay McCaslin  
20044 Christina Shoffner  
20045 Brian Owen RON PAUL 2012 !!!!
20046 Tom Riley we need you to right the ship and save us from the likes of Romney and Huckabee
20047 Name not displayed  
20048 Dan Buczek Delegate in WNY
20049 Sean Freeman Would love to vote for you for a THIRD time Dr. Paul…
20050 Name not displayed  
20051 John Bogaardt  
20052 Martin Jawor Limited Constitutional Government!
20053 Name not displayed Thank you Ron for not being a “”Globalist Traitor”".
20054 Do Nguyen Neither democrats nor republicans are adequately addressing our fiscal crisis. As a young American, I ask you to help our future.
20055 PAUL MCGLOIN Ron Paul should of been made president many years ago, he is america’s best chance for true liberty!
20056 Eugene Kyea  
20057 Heather MacTaggart  
20058 Thomas Gileau  
20059 Tracy DuBois GO RON GO !!!!!! 2012
20060 Giles Cloninger  
20061 Alex Boiardi This should make the world better.

Much better.
20062 Name not displayed Ron Paul you are the man!!! you are the only person the people can rely on and trust in to really bring about change! You can do it!!!
20063 Paul FREEDOM!
20064 R. M. Ruesen In the name of Freedom.
20065 John H. Irwin  
20066 Eric Wilson  
20067 Joel Chandler god will cary the best man to the people
20068 Jeremy Decker Common Sense!
20069 Sean End The Fed
20070 Kenneth Dickens Ron Paul is the only one I trust. Paul 2012!
20071 Terri Viera  
20072 Jennifer Murphy  
20073 Name not displayed I am a liberal from NYC and you have my vote. I understand that this shadow government must fall. Our country, liberty and freedom must live on. Thank You
20074 jon lamont HELP!
20075 Michael  
20076 Joshua J. Cates You’re one of the only politicians who seem to have the clear objective of putting the balance of power back to 50/50, and you also seem to be strongly committed to cleaning out the government, exposing the fed for what it is (a racket), among other very important issues. I would definitely vote for you whenever you ran!
20077 Name not displayed Please don’t let Mitt Romney or Trump be the 2012 front runners, we need you Mr. Paul!
20078 matt & Teresa Brinck A letter to meet the Press this am…. How dare you leave out a picture of Ron Paul when starting the show talking on CPAC. Simple biased media. You dont want Ron Paul to win which will be a tea party victory and our own little uprising against your oligarchy of big pharma,Rockefellars, monsanta, spooky dude George Soro’s and one world order. Totally inaccurrate biased news trying to mold americans voting and thinking. We are on to you. Ron Paul won the CPAC straw poll and you dont even show his picture. Your show has lost my support. I was always skeptical but now for sure. Know your enemy, which is NBC and all local broadcast shows.
20079 Jared Weich  
20080 Terry Zelk I will register as a republican if Ron Paul runs, so I can vote for him in the primaries. He’s the only true conservative in the republican party.
20081 Name not displayed u have already changed the world,, thank you &<3
20082 Mr. Billy Eppler This is the HOPE and CHANGE “”We the People”" are looking for.
20083 Tristan Lane America is in desperate need of help. We can’t continue down the same path we have been for the past 10 years. Your speech at CPAC was inspiring.

You have my vote!
20084 Name not displayed We are at a confluence of events, unique in American history; where the liberties of the people and the rights of the states are being infringed upon by an overpowered Federal government; where we run record deficits that pile on to our unprecedented national debt; when our soldiers and their families still endure interminable, repeated deployments to multiple theaters of “”war”" …

You, Dr. Paul, have persisted in your libertarian ideals, waiting for the moment when the Republican party would awaken to discover the folly of its interventionist foreign policy, fiscal irresponsibility, and assault on the rights of the individual.

That moment has come.

Now, as an external, libertarian-leaning independent, I can state unequivocally that my vote would land, for the first time in my adult life, on the Republican side of the presidential ticket.
20085 David Beardslee  
20086 Name not displayed  
20087 Dwight Shaver Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
20088 Ray Kircher Loved the whole CPAC speech by Mr. Paul, but he needs to put our troops on our borders, all of them.
20089 Matthew Godwin Go get ‘em
20090 James Welker  
20091 Clay Hamm  
20092 Megan Sanders You have the silent majority behind you, Mr. Paul. We support you!
20093 Ryan Melchionno  
20094 Audra Hughes Dear Mr. Paul, you inspire me on a daily basis. Inspire me that hope is not lost for my children and I. You inspire me by being true to who you are and the principle it represents. Thank you for giving this great Nation HOPe.
20095 Larry Joyner We have to get Gov under control and our people to take responsability
20096 Veronica Larouche  
20097 Kathy Nash If Ron Paul is as Sincere as I think he is, He is the man for America. Too many people have power in places in this country who are keeping it on the tract to hell. Ron can clear the path. God bless you Ron…
20098 Name not displayed  
20099 joshua clark Is this candidate the best. the answer is YES :)
20100 Name not displayed  
20101 Khaled Al Sharif You’re the only remaining champion of the constitution, Dr. Paul. Lead on!
20102 Cheryl Wilson America needs you to be our voice and fight for the people. We need someone who has the vision our forefathers had in the beginning and restore our county to a Republic. Providence, honor, morality and limited government controls.
20103 Fred Newcomer America has never been in such an awful state of affairs as now. Please, Ron Paul, your country needs you now!!!!
20104 michelle bond  
20105 fgelinas best of luck
20106 Christopher Fontenot Fight the power!
20107 Name not displayed  
20108 thomas cianciola give me liberty or give me death.
20109 margie  
20110 Adam Zanetti This has the possibility of growing exponentially…again!
20111 Erik Jackson Please run for President in 2012, Dr. Paul!!!! We Need you
20112 Thomas E Cunningham Lets Go!!!!!!!!
20113 barbara rice  
20114 james williams our government has been secretly run by others without any regard for our liberties. it is time to remember our constitution and detain these corrupt individuals for treason to our country
20115 Name not displayed  
20116 Renan D Rocha GO RON PAUL!!!
20117 Brian Mr. Paul, we need you to run for President of the United States in 2012! You are our last hope!
20118 Kevin Blanchard  
20119 MATT STOHL You are the best man for the job.
20120 Geri Rutzen  
20121 Ryan Means END THE FED!!!! END THE FED!!!! Abolish the money changers!!!
20122 Michael Walker Run Ron Run!
20123 Debbie Manson  
20124 Patrick Foster Please run! America NEEDS YOU.
20125 Steven M Stoltz, PhD Go Ron !!!
20126 Walt Holton  
20127 Debra Harris Go Ron!!
20129 Ashlee A. Sykora run for prez.
20130 Regina R. Donahue If there were ever a time for a president with moral courage, clear vision and willingness to sacrifice personal gain for their love of country and its people, that time is now. You are needed!!
20131 Kris Cobb  
20132 Terry Walsworth  
20133 Olijoh Clarke Ron Paul I Believe in you. I hope we’re not fed Empty promises
20134 Chris Gordon  
20135 Michael Lane  
20136 Shaila Shaikh Ron Paul is the right choice for America. I voted for him in the last Primamry and will vote for him again and again.
20137 Brandi Lane  
20138 Paul Clark  
20139 Joe DiRisio  
20140 Mary Ann Voigt You go, Dr. Paul. Yay!
20141 Maggie McCormick  
20142 Name not displayed  
20143 R Jones Decide. It time. In or Out. If you’re in, I am and many others are In.
20144 Name not displayed  
20145 Korey Herron  
20146 patty lefever  
20147 Joe Carte Stay tenacious. You are our voice.
20148 Melissa Blake  
20149 Adam Butler  
20150 mark simpson I will write your name in whether you announce or not. Stand up and be counted. Stay true to yourself.
20151 Anthony Whisnant  
20152 William T. Gallier END THE FED
20153 Amanda Linton  
20154 Tyler Linton  
20155 Leonor Cavazos Change starts now!
20156 Name not displayed  
20157 Jeremy Hayes Let’s get America back to what the founding fathers envisioned!
20158 Name not displayed  
20159 suzanne watts  
20160 Julia  
20161 Gary Donat  
20162 Greg Baugher Ron Paul always Votes for Constitutional Issues and Always Stands Up for the American People.

He is NOT Bought and Paid for by Corporations like the rest of Congress & the Senate. Ron Paul should have been our last President. Now, lest make him our next president.
20163 Burke Suda  
20164 Donald P. Wilczynski  
20165 Mark Hartgerink  
20166 Richard patterson 10% baby
20167 Dana Carroll  
20168 Ross smith Ron Paul is the only politian that can truly effect the world with positive, real change; and not just a slogan!!!
20169 Name not displayed  
20170 Jeff McKinley  
20171 Name not displayed  
20172 Name not displayed  
20173 Michael Reynolds  
20174 David Stollsteimer  
20175 Michael A Burns Get it done Ron
20176 Dimitrios Hatgistavrou  
20177 Name not displayed 20kget
20178 Don V We need you! For the first time in many years, it would be nice to vote for a candidate I like, rather than for the one I dislike the least.
20179 James Fisher  
20180 DeWayne Lenard Ron Paul, the next Thomas Jefferson.
20181 Rick Wolff I know this gets me on a mailing list. I wasn’t on a mailing list 4 years ago, and regret it. I wrote in Dr. Paul in ’08. In ’12, I want a lever.
20182 Name not displayed I recently read End the Fed and The Revolution: A Manifesto. Please run. Even if you do not win, you will educate so many on the national stage!
20183 steven jervis  
20184 William Republic Governments around the world are counting in you!
20185 Robert J Willick Who else can we trust?
20186 Steven P. LaFave In the past the political machine has kept Ron Paul from the presidency, it is time for the people to propel him to the top.
20187 Neil Whelden Ron Paul is the candidate most ideologically similar to the Founding Fathers, and just what we now need! Go Ron Paul!
20188 michael sica  
20189 Denise Tourigny  
20190 Binu Varghese Pa voter
20191 Sean I’m in! A military guy willing to lend any support I can to elect a gov’t that represents the PEOPLE.
20192 J. Douglas Alexander Run, Ronny, Run
20193 ray  
20194 Lindsay Wadsworth We The People’ need your voice!!!
20195 David Solomita I am behind you even more so than 2008. I am sorry to push you to do this when you probably want to spend more time with your family and less time with those monsters in D.C. but you are a good man and history has called upon you in our time of need.
20196 John Leckner  
20197 Name not displayed Thomas Jefferson + over 200 years of American knowledge and accumulated foreign policy, civil rights, and economics experience = Ron Paul, a true servant to the Constitution.
20198 Larissa Tate Ron Paul 2012!!
20199 Bonnie Shull Please run, we desperately need you. PLEASE RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!
20200 James Sandherr  
20201 Mark Tomasello  
20202 brian moore  
20203 Alice M. Fowler  
20204 Name not displayed Ron, you are the cure for this disease in D.C.
20205 Harry Goett III  
20206 Jonathan Nash  
20207 Shawn Theis Run for president Ron Paul , America needs you!
20208 Name not displayed  
20209 Connor Nemetz  
20210 Terry Pickens  
20211 John Jacobs Desperate times call for desperate measures - Ron Paul is America’s call!
20212 Name not displayed  
20213 Name not displayed  
20214 Sara Kenney  
20215 Josh McComas  
20216 Charles Baker  
20217 Chris Stumpf  
20218 Julian Shahan  
20219 Name not displayed  
20220 Name not displayed Bring back the good old USA
20221 Tice Evan Rippy your opinion matters
20222 Shawn McGibney Ron Paul for liberty for all
20223 Carl Fuehrer  
20224 Paul Wilde GO RON GO!
20225 Mike Brewer  
20226 Name not displayed  
20227 Joseph Ponikvar  
20228 Kevin Franta  
20229 Jonathan Wheeler You are the only hope to restore this country to what our founding father’s intended. With you as president, I could call myself a ‘patriot’.
20230 Chris Jones He’s got brains and he’s got balls…Ron Paul
20231 Wesley Virdell You can do it!
20232 Name not displayed  
20233 Stephen May  
20234 Ron Markus It all started with a small group of good men.
20235 susan hefner  
20236 Jason DeSantis  
20237 rob sesny Dr. Paul a real American who can finally bring us back to the great country we always were.
20238 Name not displayed This country needs you, Dr. Paul. Your supporters and fellow defenders of liberty are counting on you!
20239 Name not displayed  
20240 Name not displayed Free America Ron Paul!! The governments only job is to uphold the constitution!
20241 Robert Fitzgerald  
20242 Joseph A Pagano III  
20243 Liam Newton  
20244 Tyler J. Phippen Freedom
20245 Name not displayed  
20246 Diana  
20247 Judson Femine Do it!
20248 Name not displayed  
20249 jeff winkler  
20250 raychel fitzgerald Dr. Paul you’ve always had my vote and always will, please please consider running we NEED you!
20251 Ted  
20252 Name not displayed I should have voted for you in 2008, but I did not hear your message until after the election. End the FED!
20253 Michael  
20254 Michael Kline I wish to campain for you. I live in Santa Cruz California.
20255 David Skowron Send Doctors not lawyers! Run for President in 2012 Dr. Paul!!!!
20256 Tyler S. The only way I would even consider engaging in American politics is if Ron Paul was running for president.
20257 derek jones Shut the fed down.
20258 William Chambers (y)
20259 Name not displayed Dr. Ron Paul, you sir are a true American hero. You deserve to be our President.
20260 Linda Day  
20261 Chris Day  
20262 Tobias Whaley  
20263 Name not displayed Liberty in Our Lifetime-Ron Paul 2012
20264 Phillip Mancini Ron Paul, your simple message of freedom has inspired me for years! People don’t understand common sense, we need you!!!!
20265 Dennis Schönström Ron is king!
20266 Name not displayed  
20267 Name not displayed go on ronny!
20268 Tyler Cole all i gotta say is RON PAUL!! RON PAUL!!
20269 Name not displayed Ron Paul may be the last best hope for the United States. He’s the one candidate I would actually vote for.
20270 Name not displayed Egypt just demonstrated that the only true power comes from the people. Ron Paul is for the people. He he runs for the Presidency I would actually vote.
20271 Name not displayed Ron Paul will be a big first step if we get him as our president. I learned about his stance in the last presidential election and have been waiting for an anouncement for the 2012 run. Please run Ron Paul.
20272 Kayla Swann  
20273 Name not displayed  
20274 Mike Burdi  
20275 Nathan Sullivan I will vote for you again
20276 Name not displayed  
20277 Dain Binder You will have my vote. I not only agree with your view; they make sense! America needs help and you are a step in the right direction.
20278 Bryan Gassenmeyer End the insanity! End the Fed! Ron Paul 2012!
20279 Greg Jones 2012=New Begining.
20280 Kirk Bauer  
20281 Ken MacDermotRoe End the wars!

End the Fed!
20282 Ben poling  
20283 Claude Berry Remove the Federal Reserve!!! Go Ron Paul!!!
20284 Robert Allen Let’s do it and stop messin’ around.
20285 eric bryan beemer Ron Paul for president 2012!!!! time to get this country back on its feet!!! I got kids to feed and bills to pay.
20286 Sean Casey McNichol No pen, but I typed as loudly as I could and included this following sentence, so that you may hear it in your imagination.
20287 Name not displayed Please help us end the “”Homeland Security”" madness. The TSA clearly violates the 4th ammendment, and, as a pilot, I’m tired of always being one tiny and inconsequential mistake away from losing my career.
20288 Name not displayed Ron Paul 2012!
20289 Michael D Madson  
20290 Name not displayed I’m not necessarily a supporter of government or the two party system, but your rationality is something the country needs.
20291 Matthew Burns The only hope for this nation is to make real financial reforms which include actually making huge budget cuts, ending the federal reserve, pulling back our international military presence, and to begin an era of fiscal responsibility and sustainability. Go Congressman Paul!!!
20292 Ian Franck Put anthrax on the Feds Tampax and slap them till they can’t stand !!!!!!!!!
20293 Name not displayed Go and get them Ron! The establishment doesn’t stand a chance against true freedoms and liberties
20294 Greg Chisholm  
20295 Name not displayed  
20296 Cameron Murray Please, Ron Paul run for the presidency again. Ron Paul your our only hope.
20297 Hal Buggy We need a REAL Fearless American!!!
20298 Ian Go Paul!
20299 Frans Duncan  
20301 Michael Martin Its time to restor our lost republic, I wish you the best of luck Ron.
20302 Name not displayed  
20303 Jeff Long  
20304 Name not displayed  
20305 Name not displayed Our nation is at stake here!
20306 Jennifer Crist The whole world needs you Ron Paul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
20307 david trexler  
20308 scott  
20309 donna trexler  
20310 Bob Neumann Mr. Paul, we wont let you down!
20311 Andrew Go for it, Ron!
20312 Name not displayed  
20313 christopher  
20314 Laurie Tebbe  
20315 Cindy Long Please run!
20316 Chris Mewhinney  
20317 john lockmer Ron Paul is Real change :)
20318 Brian Long Help us Ron Paul, you are our only hope!
20319 Jovannie Savinovich  
20320 Name not displayed Please Ron america needs you!
20321 christopher folts Run Ron Run! The country will be ready for you!
20322 Cindy Ackland I see you, Ron Paul as a true freedom advocate. You truly see that which is threatening to destroy the ideals of the founders. Please run for that seat!! You will make a great leader!!
20323 Kyle Banks  
20324 Valerie Vosburg We need Ron Paul!!!!
20325 reese poche I had lost all faith in every politician, but then i learned about you Ron. In 2008 i was a high school student. Now i graduated and want to make a difference. I want to be part of this movement. We need you Ron
20326 Bob Smith Go Ron!
20327 Name not displayed Please run Ron Paul. For Liberty
20328 Name not displayed  
20329 nancy handl  
20330 Chelsae Joe RUN RON RUN
20331 SGT Brett Bacon Please eliminate most of the Federal budget on “”troops”"
20332 Scott Lyons I will campaign for you in South Carolina. it’s refreshing to see substance triumph over rhetoric for once.
20333 Christine Vargo  
20334 K Hodges  
20335 Herbert Barrett  
20336 Name not displayed  
20337 Michael McCarthy stop foreign aid..Fire the IRS
20338 Sean M Kerr  
20339 Alex Hazelwood I think &$^#% about to hit the fan! We need you Ron!!! Ron Paul Revolution!
20340 lance rowley  
20341 christina fagerlie  
20342 Shawn Murray  
20343 Robert Medeiros Dr. Paul, I believe you are America’s last chance to avoid a violent and bloody revolution. You are a true patriot. God bless.
20344 Name not displayed Ron Paul, the last real President was John F.Kennedy - you should be the next !
20345 Ron Gettemy  
20346 Name not displayed END THE FED!

And i dont even live in the US!
20347 RICKY ROGERS We need you.
20348 Mary Mettin go Ron Paul, let me know how or when or if I can help get you there all the way…sooner the better
20349 stefan you can do it
20350 Shi Wu  
20351 tyler mitchell This man knows the problem with America’s systems and has the perfect plan to fix it.
20352 Bobby Eaves  
20353 Name not displayed  
20354 Joe The people of this nation are infused with an acute sense of ownership, and we know when we are being robbed. Bring back our country!!! 2012!!!
20355 KAREN PIKE a man of honest character , I trust him
20356 Kimberly Anderson  
20357 Name not displayed  
20358 debra Lucas This will be the best decision we will ever make for We The People.
20359 Name not displayed This planet needs peace….not US police and not bombs. Our tax money must be invested in our communities. I believe that you can achieve that for the sake of our American Values. Please, do not forget your promises when you move into the People House… the White House…. as the ones before you …do not let the un-American lobbyists force you to give up your promises and our family values… Ralph Nader is a great partner….you will make a revolution together and say goodbye to tyranny.
20360 Joshua Fields Mr. Paul,

I am one of the many infowarriors who have waken up in the past decade to the plight of our country, how the banking/military/media industrial complexes are an infestation that is draining this country of its purported ideals.

Please, don’t give up. You may be one of the few that can be in a position to change things.

That is, if the Bilderbergers would let you live if you attained office.
20361 Name not displayed Strike Fast, Strike Hard, Strike First. All out from the very beginning.
20362 Name not displayed we love you Ron, and we love what you believe in and stand for. and we need you in our white house, the white house of the united states of america!! god bless you paul.. and see you on the road to the white house!!
20363 Cynthia Whitlatch You have my vote!
20364 Name not displayed The determination of the Egyptian People this week has show the world who a true Republic serves. Let Ron Paul lead us as we bring OUR America Republic BACK. The FED is a Mubarak system over Americans…end THE FED
20365 mike jenkins we need you dr. paul
20366 Gabriel Richard Ayn Rand’s world is slowly coming true..
20367 martin johnson  
20368 Carlos Munguia  
20370 Crescenciano Jimenez Jr  
20371 bob crossland Ron, you’re the last hope for our republic. Make Truth, Justice, Peace & Prosperity the American Way again.
20372 Ryan Tew Ron Paul 2012!!!
20373 James Clasby Victory in 2012
20374 George Dimov Ron paul, I’d like for you to run for president in 2012. Your the most conservative, and even though im more of a democrats fan, i like you more than i do any democrat.
20375 ron jaynor  
20376 David Glod  
20377 tracey smith  
20378 julie morgan  
20379 Michael Perry  
20380 Name not displayed  
20381 William Please RUN we need to rid the WHITE house of these traitors
20382 Nathan Wilds  
20383 Ryan Johnson  
20384 Name not displayed America needs someone with common sense not an “”image”"
20385 Name not displayed Chuck Baldwin for VP with Ron!!
20386 Carleen Cantu I voted for you before, I’ll do it again.
20387 Rich V.  
20388 Paul Cohen RON PAUL 2012!!!
20389 Kendy Hoang RUN PAUL RUN WE NEED YOU !!!
20390 Teddy Moon  
20391 Matt Bergey  
20392 todd ireland GO PAUL GO!!!
20393 Shawn Hutchison  
20394 Dawn signed in blood.
20395 Michael Brunette I like your odds. Go for it Ron.
20396 James P. Bellinger  
20397 Name not displayed  
20398 Name not displayed  
20399 Janelle Restore the constitution!
20400 Jeremy M. Shannon  
20401 Name not displayed I wish you wisdom and strength to succeed
20402 daniel kerr  
20404 Thomas J Egleston Go All The Way In 2012!
20405 Kurt J. Carlsen A true conservative for America
20406 Thomas Williams  
20407 Name not displayed  
20408 Name not displayed Am 38 years old. Never bothered to vote because honestly never gave a @#$%^% about any of the candidates, was disgusted with both “”sides”" and could care less about being labeled a a rep. or dem. You Sir are the first man worth his salt and you WILL get my vote. Good for you, you are a good man.
20409 Name not displayed  
20410 Chris Pittelli Help Make the Change Happen!! We need your voice! You are the unsilenced majority!
20411 Duane Garner Ron Paul is a man who understands that liberty comes from our Creator. It doesn’t come from our government.
20412 Britton  
20413 Jeff Solinsky With God all things are possible! May we humble ourselves, pray, and turn from are evil ways! Let the Lord use you to heal the land I pray he does with you as he does with me! Let justice roll like a mighty river and righteousness a never failing stream!
20414 Name not displayed  
20415 Darrolyn  
20416 Name not displayed  
20417 paul A kuncio  
20418 Anna-Maria Porter  
20419 tracy jackson GO DR PAUL !!!!!!!
20420 Allison Bruner  
20421 James m Kretovics We need you ! 2012 is your year. This country needs your help, your voice, your pen . Please run.
20422 Harrison Barnett  
20423 Dr Debra L Clark Please run
20424 carl mattson  
20425 Name not displayed  
20426 Marcos Acosta Only true patriot and honest politician there is.
20427 Name not displayed  
20428 Name not displayed  
20429 Name not displayed  
20430 Ashley P.  
20431 Name not displayed  
20432 steven wolfe  
20433 jake salametti go go go!!! charge!!!! …steamroll this freaking idiot we have now!!!
20434 Name not displayed  
20435 Martin McCracken Go Liberty
20436 Name not displayed RUN RON RUN - let truth and honesty triumph over mass media and corporate greed!
20437 Tom Restivo Go Ron Paul !
20438 Name not displayed  
20439 Name not displayed  
20440 Lawrence R. Wittek Wake up America! Save the Constitution!!

The time for REAL change is NOW!!!
20441 Mannia  
20442 Brian Surratt  
20443 Nathan J Hickson Please help us save our nation.
20444 Name not displayed Ron, we need you…
20445 Michael  
20446 Daniel Lyon  
20447 Deborah Degraffenried  
20448 randy long RUN RON RUN !!
20449 josh Taub Save the Republic
20450 Mark Green Undoubtably, I feel that by 2012 there will be many more disenfranchised citizens of these failing United States. Unemployment now is running around 25% (unofficially, of course) and the value of the American Dollar is probalbly not going to see the bottom for a couple of more years. The Fed continues to print and pay off large corporations and other governments and shows a blind eye to the citizens that they are supposedly protecting. END THE FED. The 10th Amendment Lives!
20451 Vincent Doa  
20452 Name not displayed  
20453 Derek Alleyne  
20454 Natalie Patee  
20455 Alex Jones Ron, I’m not even an American Citizen, but it is so important that you listen to what the people want, as you’ve always said! and guess what, THE PEOPLE want you! Your strength and courage echos that of a founding father, and it is your DUTY to do your best to make America great once more. You have the opportunity, and the determination to do what is needed, and not put it in a pretty package like Obama did. Do what your country is calling you to do!
20456 Thai Hung Pham Dinh  
20457 Name not displayed Thank you for doing what you are doing. You are a very brave man.
20458 Tom Key Americans will always fight for freedom, Ron Paul we need you
20459 Gary Jones  
20460 Name not displayed Please.
20461 Charles Arzillo I have even written you in on the ballots of non presidential elections too.. all levels of government need to know you.
20462 Eric Smith Please! Our country needs you.
20463 nickolas hanna MD Never seen a politician speak the truth untill now!!
20464 John Wisniewski  
20465 Lynnette Schroeder  
20466 Stephanie ron paul is simply amazing.
20467 Ryan K Go Paul. !!!
20468 Name not displayed  
20469 Samuel Bollenbacher  
20470 Justin Prem We need REAL change! Now is the time!
20471 carl davidson let freedom ring!
20472 Name not displayed  
20473 Neyaz Akhter Dr. Ron Paul is like a modern day prophet ready to take on the modern day pharoah.
20474 Name not displayed Ron Paul needs to run, because he’s the only one that’s really not “”crazy”"
20475 Jennifer Jones  
20476 Ashley Gsell USA needs a real president, you have all of our votes!
20477 Christopher Rosenblath  
20478 Name not displayed  
20479 Ian Adams I wish you had won the last time. too many idiots in office. we NEED you.
20480 Name not displayed  
20481 Chris Martin RON PAUL 2012
20482 grasse  
20483 Jason Hogle  
20484 Keith Schomberg  
20485 daniel harrison  
20486 Shannon Primeaux  
20487 Matt Pohlman  
20488 Name not displayed This man changed my view politics!!
20489 james wilson The time is now America needs you
20490 Sarah Ouis I have so much respect for. And I would love to see you run for the presidency of the United States in 2012
20491 David Nitshe  
20492 Beth Cook  
20493 Adam Howe Wether or not you decide to finish you are getting my vote again :) Please don’t withdraw this time. fight the sucker out and lets beat this system.
20494 Robert Kuth  
20495 Jeffrey Mason Ron Paul is sensible.
20496 Adam Homan Ron Paul for PRESIDENT!
20497 Name not displayed  
20498 Jack I am a conservative republican who was a McCain supporter in 2008 but after listening to the things Ron Paul has to say I think its the best bet us Republicans have to win it in 2012. I do not agree with everything he has to say but I think he’ll be able to bring in the votes and bring America back on track to where it should.
20499 Nathan Silva Please run for President Dr. Paul. We need your wisdom and experience now more than ever.
20500 Ryan B  
20501 Alexandra Gaudiosi Please help change the corruption in our government and around the world! These greedy elite are draining our pockets for their own selfish benefits, sexually molesting us at airports, and dehumanizing people. NO more bailouts, MORE transparency, and crack down on the corporate criminals.
20502 Name not displayed viva la Ron Paul
20503 James Ockwood Our last hope.
20504 Jeff Halley He is the only man that makes sense these days. I only question if he can beat Obama?
20505 Name not displayed  
20506 Ben F Barr RON PAUL 2012!!
20507 Nick Kiger  
20508 Jeremy Mitchell I am a 30 year old male. I have voted every election since I was of legal age. I am declared an independent. I have voted straight democrat every year I have voted, because I found it to be in my class interest. You are the only Republican I can think of voting for. You show the true roots of conservativism which has been perverted by bible belt interests. Every time I have voted it has been the choice of a lesser of two evils. I believe you running would allow me a real choice to help affect a positive change in this country by using my civil rights of voting. Please run sir.
20509 Duane G.  
20510 mario iglesias  
20511 Scott Williams  
20512 James Sutton I’ll vote for you if you run. And it will be my first time ever not to vote for a Republican for President.

I can no longer vote for a party intent on dismantling the Constitution, just to avoid voting for a party intent on killing baby humans (and dismantling the Constitution).

You’re one of the few left that I know about who has the integrity and wisdom to oppose the slippery slope the R’s and D’s have our country on. If you know of others like you who we can vote for in other races, please let us know their names as well.

Best regards,

Jim Sutton
20513 Jon Fukumoto  
20514 Esteban Navarro  
20515 steve, norway- america is exciting, it seems to holds the future of the world in its hands.I ron paul makes it.
20516 Name not displayed  
20517 cody anderson go RON go!! The government has been a failing business for to many years. time for reality check 101~~!!
20518 Sean Cory Although I believe in forms of Government protection for the people, we have drastically over stepped our bounds and need to establish freedom once more. No Foreign Aid, No Foreign Wars, Legalize everything and let us begin to take back our country! You can do it Ron!
20519 Name not displayed “”Ron Paul”"……Our last great hope!!
20520 Jared Lawrence Keep spreading the word!
20521 Bernd Roemer Wish we could have a political leader like that here in Europe. To me, Ron Pauls’ take on life is America at it’s best, not the banker-corrupted trash that has nearly destroyed that country.
20522 Melissa Maertz  
20523 Name not displayed As a young American I know our country needs a strong leader that can defend our values, promote prosperity, and instill peace. My generation needs a leader that can stand up for what is right and lead us to a new age where common sense and innovation prevail.
20524 Steven Huston LOVE
20525 Mike Aufiero Please run as a Republican! If you cannot win the caucus (which people are INSANE to not vote for you) at least you can remain strong in the House!
20526 Michelle McKernan Go Ron!
20527 jefferson bronson  
20528 kamlesh you understand war what it has done to world..your values are truely American and vision to be leader of world.
20529 Solaris BlueRaven Please help us take our country and freedom back. Run in 2012:)
20530 Paul McGarrah  
20531 Leanna Laney  
20532 Rick Lehwald  
20533 Joe  
20534 Stephen Young  
20535 Joseph P. We need a true constitutionalist leading this country!
20536 Name not displayed  
20537 Barbara Tyler Thank you for your continuing common sense, fearlessness, and outstanding ability to convey the founding principles of our Constitution. Ron Paul, an American Hero.
20538 J Maples RUN RON RUN!
20539 Todd Brown  
20540 Anthony Cook “”In God i Trust”"
20541 Christopher This country needs you!
20542 Chad Stutzman  
20543 Name not displayed America needs you, Ron.
20544 carlos You probably won’t read this, and I wouldn’t expect it, but I see the brush fires, and I feel the call to action. I will do whatever I can to help make your presidential run a success. While I do not always agree with your philosophy on immigration, I feel your freedom message is the only way to completely rid us of oppression through involuntary debits from our pay. God bless the freedom movement and God bless you Dr. Paul
20545 Darija Mandic  
20546 Name not displayed  
20547 Jarrod Huntley Let liberty triumph in 2012!
20548 Thera Morris  
20549 Jeremy Kister  
20550 Susan Stoppkotte  
20551 christina  
20552 Eileen Marsh Thank you for all your hard work and dedication Ron~Keep up the good work and run again in 2012! We are all behind you 100%~Freedom!
20553 Name not displayed  
20554 Demetrios Kifonidis End the FED!
20555 Corrin DiPasquale RON PAUL 2012!
20556 Kashif Naseem An Honest Sane guy at last!!!!
20557 Bob Simpson Go Ron
20558 Name not displayed Ron Paul is a man that many politicians wish they could be. Its is greed that takes into factor why they can never tell the truth…And truth in times of deceit…Is a more powerful of a weapon than a tank or any gun.

[ ""It is in truth, where we spark a revolution"" ]
20559 Michael Mannino  
20560 jim callan 2012 Save The Country !!!
20561 Eugene F. Laratonda III “”When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.”"

Please lead the association of good people, Dr. Paul.
20562 Jaime Ayala  
20563 Ernesto Rodriguez  
20564 Thomas Anderson  
20565 william e grant jr  
20566 Michele Carte  
20567 Matthew Tuggle  
20568 Juan Lopez 2012 Ron Paul
20569 John Hirt  
20570 Name not displayed Run Paul Run!!
20571 Name not displayed  
20572 Matt Downey The great support on CPAC shows that all your hard work is paying off and that some Americans are starting to enlighten themselves instead of believing mainstream media..keep it up!
20573 Chris Renshaw We Need Some One That Is Not A Puppet
20574 Ryan Kramer  
20575 Kosta  
20576 Name not displayed 12evoution!
20577 Name not displayed  
20578 Nick Doss Lets get ried up people! Ron Paul 2012
20579 Drew Gregory You’re our last hope Ron.
20580 Reed Palmer  
20581 Dylan Mojica Ron Paul is a patriot to the people, and a terrorist to big government.
20582 SCOTTY D SIPE We need Ron Paul we need a revolution in goverment and people need to get behind this fine president candidate this is the party of we we the people by by oboma yes you did but now you must go.
20583 Kenneth Gerard If you run Sir, I will start voting again, even if they are rigged in alot of locations.
20584 Dom M.  
20585 Rod Carlson I’m tired of being a servant and slave. Freedom!
20586 Melynda Hoffman  
20587 Byron Morris  
20588 Aaron Morris  
20589 Teresa Morris  
20590 Taufik Ridani  
20591 Steven Otero  
20592 Angelia Harrison I would love to display Ron Paul 2012 signs at our home and place of business. Please let me know where we can get some.
20593 Arthur Davis Please run!
20594 John Jaquish  
20595 rob poulsen ron and jesse are the ones who can save us. hopefully they will let us vote for them.
20596 Cheri sipe God gave us jesus Jesus gave us Ron Paul the country needs you doc immergration and big goverment this recession we need you
20597 Matt Rupright  
20598 Mandy Mckee Ron is the only one who truly cares about america and americans future.
20599 Ryan wood This country needs you dr Paul
20600 Name not displayed  
20601 Jason Lewis  
20602 Donald J. Porter America is a MESS Give Ron Paul a chance maybe he can restore some quality that we had .
20603 Nicole sipe This recession has left us in bad shape immigrants are taking all the jobs goverment is taking all our money and all our opportunity ,please help DR PAUL
20604 John Michael Your Time Has Finally Come Ron!
20605 Bernie Way Ron Paul is the only Jeffersonian Republican in the 2012 presidential race!
20606 Name not displayed  
20607 Betty Wainwright  
20608 Name not displayed  
20609 Wilfred Berlin We really need a push to network with the Libertarian and Constitution parties, and then go for a good bulk of independents. Dr. Paul could be the first candidate to already be the nominee for two good size parties; then good republicans would know he’s not here to just ‘tag along’.
20610 Mark William Fabris I’m a OIF Veteran and a huge supporter, I have read some of your books and plead you to run for president, you can save this country from free fall.
20611 doug calder  
20612 geraldhippo an honest man for once
20613 Jasnica Pecaric Gratefulness for Ron Paul’s presence in the political scene. His courage, wisdom and experience is what we need in a president.
20614 patrick ryan Go Ron Go
20615 Carson Hayes  
20616 Saleem Khan  
20617 Name not displayed  
20618 Name not displayed Run Ron Run
20619 Gerald Pata Bring back the Green Backs and End the Fed.
20620 matthew studer i wrote in ron paul in 2008 election!!!
20621 victor ciarrone III  
20622 Bruce Bohrmann It’s time for a REAL change
20623 Richard Newton  
20624 Louie Vasquez  
20625 Beverly Hollingsworth We need a honest politician for a change!
20626 Evan Carroll I heard Ron Paul lieks Mudkips.
20627 Debbra Crippen Go for it Ron Paul. We need you for President.
20628 ************** GO FOR IT RON PAUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
20629 Anthony Sonidis End the Fed!
20630 Aaron Livingston We need YOU!
20631 Name not displayed Thomas Jefferson:

To preserve our independance we must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt.

We must make our choice between economy and liberty or profusion and servitude.

I place economy among the first and most important of republican virtues and public

debt is the greatest of the dangers to be feared.

It is encumbent upon every generation to pay its own debts as it goes.

If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their money

first by inflation and then by deflation the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of their property until their children will wake up homeless on the very continent their fathers conquered.

And yet here we are 200+ years later and our money is based on perpetual debt.

I’m 40 in Calif., I earn between 12 and 18 an hour and I have no hope of owning a house.
20632 Slade Heller  
20633 Ryan Campbell Give me LIBERTY or give me death!
20634 Chester Gould It will be difficult, but you are by far the best man to help not only our country but the world embrace the ideology of freedom.
20635 milford r. kretzschmer  
20636 Barbara Flejter  
20637 Susan Friedricks End the Wars. Make Renewable Energy Not War.
20638 Duane Curtis  
20639 Austin Carpenter  
20640 Robert Nicklay Abolish the Federal Reserve and the FR Act of 1913
20641 Name not displayed  
20642 Name not displayed  
20643 Name not displayed I will buy 500 dollars worth of bumper stickers

If ron paul runs for 2012
20644 Rene Rivera  
20645 Mike Bauer Yes Ron, If you care like you say you do, run for your kids and your grandchildren. Clean out this trash in Washington. We the people are tired of being treated like trash, from these government parasites we feed with our tax payer money. If you become president put Alex Jones Jessie Ventura, and Bob Chapman in your cabinet. You are the “”only”" Hope for America;s future. Those in power should be held accountable their actions.
20646 Solomon Baldeo  
20647 Thomas Garth Johnson I am a British citizen who has been a fan for over 4 years now. I will come over to campaign if you run DR Paul. You have educated me in a way that no other politician could even come close to.

Please Run
20648 Justin Clark We won’t last another term without dr paul in the whitehouse
20649 Name not displayed  
20650 Joseph A. Stout  
20651 Tim Trapanese  
20652 Brian Larsen Please Run, I will vote for you
20653 Oscar You know what your talking about. I think its think for Ron Paul to be president.
20654 Greg Run Ron Run!
20655 Name not displayed I understand reversing the accomplishments of the NWO and its minions is dangerous, but it has to be done before ‘We the People’ no longer exist.
20656 judy curtis  
20657 Shane Roberts Save Our Country Please.
20658 Name not displayed  
20659 Krzysztof Lesiak Ron Paul 2012!
20660 Eric Porterfield  
20661 Joe Rocco Valento  
20662 Name not displayed I’ve never voted because I don’t believe in any of those who run. Please run for President and you can count on my vote. Please run for President for the sake of our future generation. We badly need you.
20663 Name not displayed  
20664 Keith Carpente  
20665 Eric J. Eikelman If you don’t run for president, someone else will…
20666 michael graffio  
20667 Frank  
20668 Daniel S. Get rid of political parties!
20669 Becky Y  
20670 dustin hayes  
20671 Name not displayed Run Ronny, RUN!!!! :) We need you!
20672 Thomas Gorsich Ron, the country needs you. Your ideas are starting to win. Thanks for all you,ve done so far.
20673 David McWhirter  
20674 Name not displayed  
20675 Marian Jazzoid V.  
20676 Donn Chamberlain  
20677 Name not displayed We neer you Ron Paul. We are fully behind you to rid this Country of Corrupt Government. I wish you the best!
20678 ken miller  
20679 Brian K Cromer  
20680 Name not displayed  
20681 Name not displayed Manny from Silicon Valley, CA supports you.
20682 Thomas McCloud  
20683 Marianne Sanders  
20684 Gerald Predmore Sir, if you lead we will follow.
20685 Joseph W Rhoades Ron Paul is the only man on the political scene that actually says what he does and does what he says.
20686 Name not displayed “”A is A”"
20687 matt sheridan  
20688 Theresa Call this man has my vote 100 times overs :)
20689 James Call he knows what should be done .
20690 Nick Turnes If you need any help with your campaign in Michigan or anywhere else for that matter feel free to contact me cause it would be an honor!
20691 andrew doucette  
20692 Timothy Quigley Defend Liberty!
20693 Don Lathem Mr. Paul this country needs your vision and leadership at this crucial time in our history. Commit to the greater good of our country!
20694 Brian Keith Douglas Please run 2012
20695 Name not displayed da man!
20696 Brian Flanagan  
20697 Andy Perez Ron Paul!!!
20698 Name not displayed Your the man, Ron. =)
20699 Joshua Bergstrom  
20700 Mark Manning As a Libertarian I believe you are our only chance to bring our country back to its founders roots and remove the oppressive hand that has held United States citizens since 1912.
20701 David Walker  
20702 Kenneth Kaiser Run Ron Run!
20703 Patrick Dorsey  
20704 Name not displayed Thank you for continuing the good fight!
20705 Alan Shapiro Please run Paul! Bring common sense back to politics!
20706 Joe Lucero It will be a landslide Paul. and I will be here to help.
20707 Nikki Helmeczi Love Ron Paul would change this country for the better for sure. I am all for Ron Paul.
20708 Tony Embry We need you Ron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
20709 Alfred Martin  
20710 Jay Run Ron Run
20711 Meredith Brockman  
20712 Dagny Johnston  
20713 Cory Barnett  
20714 Name not displayed You’re the only option right now Ron! We’ll support you all the way!
20715 Name not displayed  
20716 Pat Gambol Dr Paul will win if he would random drug screening for all law makers-clear thinking people don’t write 2,000 page bills
20717 Ron Torres Run Ron Run!
20718 Brandon Forsyth It’s gonna hurt but please do it for America.
20719 Bruce Ross  
20720 Danielle Harper  
20721 John Killpatrick  
20722 Zak Segner  
20723 Name not displayed I hope you can save our country and stand up for whats right it is terrible to see what is going on today in our country!!!!!
20725 Name not displayed  
20726 Name not displayed Let’s make it happen…
20727 Rahamses Galvan  
20728 David Humphries You created so many libertarians last election imagine what you can do with this momentum.
20729 Name not displayed I was one of your NV delegates. I will be again!
20730 David Warner Go Ron Paul!
20731 Dwight Go Ron Paul and NO BS and TV BS
20732 Name not displayed We need new leadership for our country!
20733 Douglas Groves  
20734 Benjamin Ahdoot  
20735 Christopher Roberts  
20737 Brent P. Thompson  
20738 Barbara Ayer Please give the American people a chance to vote for a president they can actually believe in!
20739 Patrick Murray We need you.
20740 Kellie St. Clair  
20741 Sascha Kyssa  
20742 Daniel Tisdel  
20743 harold boyer  
20744 susan boyer  
20745 Richard D. Ward Please, help us reclaim America as the Founders envisioned it!
20746 Rene Ayala We need you now more than ever!
20747 Kayla Balas I’m a young woman in America today, who wishes I could have lived in the old days when freedom was real, and patriotism meant something. For the first time in my life I can’t necessarily say I’m proud to be an American. I don’t know I’d be proud to be a citizen of any other country, but I feel as though it is “”us”" against our government. We can no longer elect people into office that are going to go along with the disasterous plan trying to take place. We need someone who still believes in the Constitution and what it stood for. We need to stand up for ourselves and not let PEOPLE decide if we live or die. God is who I obey, and I refuse to be beaten down by any man. Please Ron Paul, run for president, and help us fight to keep this country alive.
20748 Solomon Gustafson Supporting Ron in California
20749 Name not displayed We need you!
20750 Joseph J O’Leary Jr God Bless Dr. Paul & God Bless America!
20751 Name not displayed  
20752 Charles As a liberal republican I do not agree with some of the things you have said and perhaps stand for, but that is only 10% of what you do stand for. If you run, with out Sarah Palin as VP, I’ll vot for you.
20753 M. G. Run Ron Paul, we need you!!!
20754 Josh Garner If for no other reason, run to put Donald Trump in his place.
20755 Name not displayed  
20756 Name not displayed Ron Paul… or BUST. That is now the motto of of many Americans. We NEED YOU!!!!!! Please Run!!!! We are beging you Dr. Paul. No other candidate is as honest, shows enough backbone to END the FED and STOP the police state and destruction of liberty… please please RUN!
20757 alfredo Please run RON we need you more then ever cause the DEM’s and the GOP has failed us!!!!!
20758 Robert Howington Your service as a congressman has been a shining example of non-party, principled, and sane representation of the people. Continue to inspire hope to a greater audience by running and winning the presidency.
20759 zachary luke evans  
20760 Tyler Saucier  
20761 Name not displayed Ron & Rand Paul 2012
20762 Chris Branton  
20763 Mohd Firoz Khan we need peace in world..
20764 Christian Pelallo Let us draw fourth are weapons in the art of speech and reason. Let us take the field in the face of opposition and be champions of our great nation. Ron Paul, as citizen of this great nation, I trust you will marshall the U.S into a prosperous future with the same values our founders held with honor.
20765 Stuart Campbell  
20766 Amelinda Cope I am from Australia and see what a wonderful example your ideas and leadership could be for my country. I want to see liberty and freedom work so my country will want to do the same.
20767 Name not displayed The internet has made you more visible. Everyone is talking about you as president!
20768 Brett Humphreys  
20769 shawn oliver Dr. Paul is the man please run Ron!!!!
20770 Wayne Palmer We are all Revolutionists!!!
20771 Name not displayed Ron Paul is one of the few people in Congress who understands the money system and its dysfunctions.
20772 Steve Roman  
20773 Guillermo Del Castillo Before i got to RON PAUL´s page i was making a comment about HIM in a site”":To me,Mr.RON PAUL is sort of a “”saviour”"for U.S.A.”"GREAT MAN,GREAT AMERICAN!
20774 Nelson Hall A man who sticks to his guns. A man with great conviction and practical solutions.
20775 Virgil Blanding, Jr.  
20776 Eddie Starr Please run for president. We need a man like you to really shake things up, the way they need to be. You’re informative, with everything from the need to Audit the Fed to your information about the income tax. You disprove the stereo-type “”all politicians are corrupt!”" and it’s something that makes one hope that things can get better for the average American.
20777 William Bland  
20778 Jeremy Glassco Educate the masses
20779 Jade Le We need CHANGE in America Ron Paul!!
20780 Name not displayed Please!!!!…

You are the only hope we have to turn things around
20781 Name not displayed RON WE NEED YOU TO RUN!!! EVEN INDEPENDENTLY!!!
20782 Jose Antonio Vazquez Ron paul, you can win this election!I hope you run and I pray god will bless you.I will support you as you lead us to liberty, freedom and a better America.
20783 Evan Gragg the youth of this nation will lead with you, your support is growing exponential.
20784 Name not displayed  
20785 Shelbi Stockdale  
20787 Andres S Ron, one last time
20788 Shay Parker  
20789 Michael Baron As the only voice of unbiased reason, please run for President. The country desperately needs a Real Leader our Forefathers would we proud to call the own.
20790 Pamela Rocket  
20791 Name not displayed  
20792 Mathew Titus Ron Paul - for President 2012

20793 Eric Gatlin You are the first person I have ever thought of as a hero. I’d like to see you run, but trust you’ll do what you think is best and right… which is what I want more.
20794 Ben Kaufmann  
20795 Michael Rubin I voted for Ron Paul for President on the Libertarian Party ticket in 1988. I still think he would make the best President.
20796 Name not displayed rEVOLution in 2012
20797 Ryan Johnston  
20798 Barry  
20799 Michael DeBoe  
20800 Name not displayed Ron Paul would not only change America. Ending financial Imperialism would have potential to change the World!
20801 Barret Ware Ron Paul or DIE
20802 Teresa Ann  
20803 Daniel Duminski Please run, bring us back to what our forefathers in-visioned.
20804 Aaron Sellers  
20805 Matthew Bronzell Thank you for standing up for liberty. Me and my family are fully behind you.

20806 Name not displayed  
20807 Christine McMahon Ron Paul 2012
20808 Daniel robinson8 Not only America needs you but the rest of the world needs you ron,am english so I know its nothing to do with me but i d really like to see you run the free world,go I think you could make big difference,go for it buddy.
20809 Joshua S.  
20810 Matthew DeWitt God Bless You.
20811 Name not displayed  
20812 John Michaud  
20813 Chris An intelligent and honest politician! More precious than gold and silver. Rarer than water in the desert of life. SUFI PROVERB

Maybe we’ll find out what really happened on 9/11!
20814 Mac Myers The ONLY voice of reason.
20815 Jordan Casman Lets go Ron!!!! 2012
20816 Raeesa Jassat ‘Questions that wont be asked about Iraq” said it all for me.
20817 Michael Patriotarct U need to help fight for state, municipal and federal “”IRV”" style measures to enable representative government. U should know that we are going to implode in 21st C. if it is only possible for 2 parties to compete.
20818 Spencer Sanders  
20819 Ashfaque Ali Khan Hail Ron Paul .. :-)
20820 Name not displayed Go for it!!!
20821 Kevin kwidzinski  
20822 angela roelofs  
20823 jon  
20824 Shane Seaux  
20825 Shannon Arnold  
20826 Will Carlyle ‘Out of the experience of an extraordinary human disaster that lasted too long, must be born a society of which all humanity will be proud.’

Nelson Mandela, Inaugural celebration address (1994)
20827 Ryan Adelsperger I want to vote for you in my first presidental election!
20828 Jeff Fielder God bless Ron Paul a true American Patriot!
20829 Charlie Bennett  
20830 Name not displayed  
20831 Sean Fleming Dear Mr. Paul,

America needs you. You are more than just a politician, you are in this for the right reasons. I would be proud to cast my vote for you as President.
20832 Jason McIver “”I think myself that we have more machinery of government than is necessary, too many parasites living on the labor of the industrious.”" - Thomas Jefferson 1824
20833 Name not displayed The country needs you Doc.
20834 Robert L. Kilgo, III  
20835 Name not displayed  
20836 Jennifer Kuhn  
20837 Dan Frank  
20838 Chris Barton  
20839 Felipe GO Ron! We really need you!
20840 Name not displayed  
20841 Jean-Luc Aufranc Liberty will prevail!
20842 Richard A Hunt  
20843 Brian Menendez End the Federal Reserve!

Abolish the IRS!

Responsible Liberty
20844 CJ Campbell Please run!
20845 Carl Cash  
20846 Name not displayed Norwegians for Ron Paul!
20847 Brad Hansen We the people… have an obligation to the future of our country… that future is Dr. Paul
20848 Kevin Bottesi Please. We need you.
20849 Name not displayed  
20850 Name not displayed  
20851 Dwayne Schmidt  
20852 Name not displayed Please??!!
20853 matt  
20854 Rexanna Harsch  
20855 Ronna Harsch  
20856 Barry Harsch  
20857 Hunter Harsch  
20858 Nathan Bailey 2008 was my first intro to Ron Paul. I saw a sign that said, “”Ron Paul cured my apathy.”" That just about sums it up. Our only option to right the ship - Ron Paul 2012 & 2016
20859 ElRay Hestand My wife and I have supported and been involved in and with the Tea Party movement from the beginning and we are thrilled to see his support catapult in the previous few months.

I’m a retired carpenter with limited funds, so I would like to offer my support for Dr. Paul by offering you my labor/skills/tools in any way that might meet your needs in the San Fran. Bay Area. (I live in Santa Cruz, CA). I have 40+ years experience and very diversified carpenter and general construction skills.

If called upon I can setup and build local campaign offices, make signs, etc. You supply the material, I furnish the labor gratuitously.

You will not be disappointed.

Contact me by email anytime.
20860 matt labelle ron paul 2012
20861 Jackson please run!!!
20862 Lee Carson Please help us take the control of our wonderful country away from the banks and give it back to the people!!
20863 Drew Shabo we need someone to tell it like it is!
20864 Bob A Lee Sr Please run so the people that share your beliefs can be herd! This country needs you!!
20865 Name not displayed  
20866 Name not displayed  
20867 Wes Anderson  
20868 Adam Shamblin Sir, we have been on a very dark path. We need you to be the light when all is dark. We must not let the globalist have their way with this country. I pledge my loyalty not to you or any other person, but to freedom!
20869 Morten Johansen We support you in Denmark too!
20870 Name not displayed Please RonPaul Go For it You Know your stuff and we trust in you Please consider to run and be our next President i would vote for you thats for sure…
20871 James Hanna Ron, America needs you now more than ever!! Please, please run for president.
20872 Kelly Hunter Rooting for you from Louisiana!
20873 Katharine Moore Your courageous voice, your patriotism and your love of the Constitution is exactly what is needed to save our land!
20874 John Paddock  
20875 Name not displayed  
20876 Jared Mandeville  
20877 Name not displayed Please, we could really use you, Ron.
20878 Name not displayed Run Ron Run!!
20879 Name not displayed Gave Money last fo round and will triple it this time. Please represent us in Washington. Thanks
20880 Rev. James T. Hicks  
20881 courtney mcnatty  
20882 Name not displayed  
20883 Carlo Thank you
20884 Chano Leal jr. Every change begins with one strong enough to believe a change is emminent, in the end right always wins .
20885 Stephen Akins  
20886 Name not displayed We need more people like you Ron Paul …
20887 Name not displayed This Country was founded on Christian Princibles. Look to him and he will guide you. The people need to be heard. We are tired of Politics,Polices and agenda’s that don’t work. Ronald Reagan once said “”It’s time to awaken this industrial giant”". Let’s do it Ron together as One Nation, United before it’s to late!
20888 Name not displayed  
20889 Corey Wright  
20890 Tony Camacho We need radical change as Mr Paul espouses. No ore tricks. We need to to tell it like it is.
20891 zac ross  
20892 Carl Rice  
20893 Ron Welther  
20894 Name not displayed If not you, who else?

Save the world, Dr. Paul.
20895 Aimee Cheadle  
20896 Adam W. Edgcomb  
20897 Nicholas W Haug He that hath clean hands, and a pure heart; who hath not lifted up his soul unto vanity, nor sworn deceitfully. He shall receive the blessing from the LORD, and righteousness from the God of his salvation.

(Psalm 24:4,5)
20898 luz rodriguez  
20899 Name not displayed Ron Paul is the only one who stands out as an honest man -not corrupted by Washington. He needs to be our next leader.
20900 Hari Krishna Kodali  
20901 Name not displayed  
20902 Russell James Schleicher  
20903 Name not displayed Now, that’s definitely a change I can believe in!
20904 Name not displayed end the fed!
20905 Jerome Louison  
20906 Aaron Ron for 2012 recovery!
20907 Name not displayed Please, don’t allow the Neo-Cons to paint you as a kook!
20908 Carl Jorgensen  
20909 Name not displayed  
20910 Amish Patel  
20911 Ela Go Ron Paul!!!

we love u!!!!
20912 Name not displayed Dear Congressman Paul;

Please run for President, we seem to have fewer and fewer people who will stand up for the US people they all cave in to big business and special interests. We can trust nobody, we don’t even have a lesser of two evils (they are all evil) We need someone for liberty and freedom for all.
20913 Carol S. Dr. Paul….I still have my bumper stickers on my car! You ARE my president! Please run in 2012. America needs you! God Bless!
20914 Name not displayed Please Ron Paul, Run for President and make this world a better place.
20915 James Carver  
20916 ~ Libertad ~ Please Dr. Ron Paul, run for President 2012 and make this world a better place. RUN RON RUN!
20917 Michael Payne  
20918 frank registered dem but sick of big goverment and liberals voted mc cain last time but you have my vote and recently joined the tea party and will contribute to your election
20919 Jocelyn Rzewuski Run Ron, Run!! The country needs you, and more like you !!!!
20921 Name not displayed  
20922 jake run ron
20923 Stephanie Scott  
20924 Name not displayed  
20925 Gary G. Roberts  
20926 Name not displayed Dr. Paul is the only politician that I trust; the only leader that can pull our nation back from the brink. My vote will go to Dr. Paul, or it will go to nobody.

As a former Army Ranger with 4 trips to Afghanistan, I swore an oath to support and defend the constitution. I encourage all military personnel to recognize that Dr. Paul is the only leader who does the same; a vote for Ron Paul is a vote to protect the constitution, thus, fulfilling your oath.
20927 Jordan Holt  
20928 Jerry Osborne I LOVE YOU…..America needs you to be President!!!
20929 John Throckmorton  
20930 Clark Run if you think it will help. Not because we say so
20931 Kim marsh Please run…only with you can we make a difference!
20932 David Barry  
20933 Name not displayed  
20934 Teresa Brewer  
20935 Jason Brewer  
20936 Name not displayed LIBERTY !!!
20937 Name not displayed America needs Ron Paul in the upcoming elections. There is too much to be lost without his wisdom and truth.
20938 Shawn Burns  
20939 Tony  
20940 Marty Ron Paul: A New Hope
20941 Clayton Brown  
20942 Name not displayed  
20943 Richard Single I live in Norway and support Ron Paul’s bid whole-heartedly. He’s the true hope and light for the World. I feel inspired and full of hope for the future, everytime I hear Ron speak. It strikes a harmony with me and his way, his approach and his motivation to get this moving for a positive future runs through my veins!! He is THE example for educating an honest, true and unwaivering way path forward for peace, freedom and prosperity - a way forward for everyone in this shared dream we live in together around the World day by day… Go for it Ron, and let’s spread the message of peace and freedom to all, no matter where. The time has come to sort out the peaceful future everyone deserves and want so much!! I am very very encouraged by the momentum being built :-D
20944 Maike Shiva Everyone sign :D He should definitely become the new President! PAUL FOR PRESIDENT &<3
20945 Dan Thomas  
20946 Kristopher Price I believe in you
20947 Maike Shiva Everyone sign :D He should definitely become the new President! PAUL FOR PRESIDENT &<3
20948 Greg Lebeau  
20949 Coley Burgess  
20950 Name not displayed  
20951 Alice Perkins Don’t ask me for money since I am already in a battle over the cost of food which is a necessity
20952 Name not displayed we need real “”change”"
20953 Joe Bailey Keep it up Ron! You’re a true patriot and this nation needs your leadership!
20954 christina pribula You got my vote
20955 Shawn Carpenter Willing to work for you in any capacity!
20956 Kurt Paul  
20957 Name not displayed  
20958 Name not displayed  
20959 Name not displayed We need a president that respects the need for a limited government and the importance of true fiscal responsibility.
20960 Name not displayed you have 4 votes from this family
20961 Name not displayed  
20962 Name not displayed  
20963 Bill Votteler  
20964 Josalyn Coultrup I am 19, and 2012 will be my first voting experience and I am proud to say I want to be voting for you in 2012.

You’re doing an amazing job.

God bless.
20965 Joe Anderson I would very much like to see Ron Paul run for president.
20966 Tracy McLean America needs you!
20967 Jonathan Moukhtafi WE REALLY NEED YOU

You’re our HOPE
20968 Name not displayed  
20969 Richard Dasher “”These are the times that try men’s souls.”" ~ Thomas Paine
20970 kelly anderson  
20971 Name not displayed  
20973 Freebird Brown down with the fed! make the American Dream possible again
20974 Charles Austin  
20975 Steve Hardis “”Government is not reason: it is not eloquence. It is force. Like a fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master. “”
20976 Esten Spears  
20977 Name not displayed We need you Ron please run -
20978 Name not displayed I would not call myself republican or democrat, I just want the best possible candidate. Please run, as my vote would then be for the right person rather than a lesser of two evils.
20979 Name not displayed  
20980 Name not displayed I believe Mr. Paul could put the country back in the right direction. Just needs to articulate outlines for plans to deal with the collateral damage when he makes changes to our “”comfortably corrupted”" system.
20981 Adam R. I won’t be able to vote for anybody else if Ron Paul doesn’t run for President in 2012
20982 Name not displayed Ron Paul had a meeting with presidents who have aacutally read the constitution.He was the only one who showed up.
20983 walt stawicki I don’t want to have to vote for you as a “”write in”" again., and again
20984 Bill Pope You have my vote, Dr. Paul!
20985 William Kalwick  
20986 Randy B LET’S GO
20987 Paul Valente Please Run Ron, Attend both Republican and Dem debates.

Your country needs you now more then ever before.
20988 Adam Schilling  
20989 Marc Emmelmann If you don’t run, who will?
20990 BH Ron Paul can save our Country!
20991 Derek Wilson Because America needs TRUE change. END THE FED!
20992 JRH Save my future….run for President Ron Paul
20993 Mark Zuk  
20994 Greg Wilson RON PAUL 2012! Our family has your full support!
20995 Omri Odulio  
20996 Andrew Weit Principles scare crooked people. I look forward to you shaking the crooked to their very core. RUN RON RUN!
20997 diva  
20998 Name not displayed  
20999 Name not displayed We need a true and genuine man to run our country… God bless you, Ron Paul.
21000 Kevin Dennis We need someone like you who hasn’t sold his soul to the special interests (Federal Reserve) in Washington.

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