Signatures 20,001-25,000

Number Name Comment
23001 Tyler A. Close I too voted for Dr. Paul last election. Be he a candidate or not in 2012, he will still receive my full support. I will still campaign, and I will proudly write him into my ballot. This man is a revolutionary, his wisdom and courage will never be forgotten!
23002 joshua goodman  
23003 Myranda  
23004 Name not displayed  
23005 Aaron Myers Ron Paul all the way! Restore some sense to this travesty of a government
23006 Susan Brandt  
23007 Melissa Jones  
23008 Name not displayed Please end the Fed
23009 GREGG VAUGHN we have never in our nations history needed someone like you as we do now
23010 Chris Brown I’m leaning left, but support you in every way, from your words to Greenspan, to your committee to Audit the Fed, slow inflation, to name a few, your foreign policy is huge! Much Respect, please run!!
23011 Paul Let’s stand behind this great patriot and NEVER surrender our liberties to the Parasitical Elite and it’s minions. Ron Paul 2012
23012 B. Amy Clouse Please run.
23013 Name not displayed  
23014 Ian Rogers  
23015 Caleb Slain  
23016 Matt Strutton “Truth Is Treason In An Empire Of Lies”- Ron Paul

“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act”- George Orwell

We are now living in the time of universal deceit fighting against the Empire of Lies.
23017 Albert Ceja Ron Paul is the best candidate for the 2012 election! He has liberty in mind! he needs the help of supporters like me to get the point accross the barrier of the main stream media which continues to dilute and twist the truth that Ron Paul has the courage to speak about! Lets get the ball rolling and get the honorable Ron Paul in the white house!!!
23018 Peter Bottalico The only politician who is speaks truth!
23019 Dale Gatlin  
23020 kelly kowalczyk America need’s you .
23021 Name not displayed  
23022 Sherry Sir please restore our country from the ruin, and restore our Constitution as well, America is on a clock,Please help the USA
23023 jake evans we need a president that will defend our core values and not one that will defend banks and big oil when they cant clean up their own mess……………… ron paul 2012, the only choice
23024 Christine Weiler Please run, or teach me everything you know and I’ll do it myself!
23025 Name not displayed  
23026 Kim Sarver We Americans need you now, sir!!!
23027 Name not displayed Ron Paul is the only hope I see for the future of the US.

If he doesn’t run in 2012, I think I need to start learning another language.
23028 Angelique Whitt I heart you Ron Paul:)
23029 Mindy Duncan Please run for the 2012 election! Debate your ass off! Make America listen!
23030 Name not displayed We need you
23031 Matthew Hobbs Ron you’ve got a winning election in you, don’t let us down!
23032 jason ron paul is making the american citizen come out of there coma and wake up to the problems we are facing
23033 Jacob Bieschke Please change our country back to why we formed…Liberty, Justice, and the Pursuit of Happiness!
23034 vincent sommer  
23035 Name not displayed  
23036 Name not displayed  
23037 Name not displayed End the fed.
23038 Name not displayed  
23039 Name not displayed  
23040 Name not displayed please run Dr. Paul, this country needs you!!!!
23041 james baker  
23042 Jason Andrews GO Paul. Fight to uphold our Constitution and Liberty!
23043 Daniel York You have no idea how much you’ve impressed me, sir. Finally, a politician who is CONSISTENTLY for liberty, not just cherry-picking.
23044 Don Hubbard I know it’s a pain in the rear but I hope that you run.
23045 Guna Saulite  
23046 Meghan Resh God Bless Ron Paul!
23047 Name not displayed Save our country Ron Paul!
23048 Name not displayed Save our country and the world, Ron Paul!
23049 Paul Jenkinson Go Ron!, you have support in the UK
23050 Mendy Knecht Ron Paul is everyones chance at a better future.
23051 Thomas Hägg Please do run ! Greetings from Sweden.
23052 Franck TURNER I’ll support you !
23053 Franck TURNER I’ll support you
23054 Jared Christopherson Vote RON PAUL. Vote for freedom!
23055 joey keezel ron paul run for the presidency of the us in 2012
23056 Jennifer Hart End The Fed
23057 Anton Georgiev I am Bulgarian in the (European Union) but what happens in the US affects me as well. And I truly believe Ron Paul will remove the fed and stop the enslavement of our world. THE WORLD NEED YOU RON PAUL!
23058 sheila mcclanahan ready willing and able just like 2008 Go Paul!!!
23059 Douglas Mörth  
23060 Terry We need to grow hemp for fuels, clothing, and most importantly, medicine. People are dying of cancer that dont need to die at all. Help us Mr. Ron Paul.
23061 Evan Spurlock  
23062 Jerry hill lets do it right this time!!
23063 john white  
23064 Rachel Lane  
23065 Name not displayed  
23066 Mike Flynn Please Congressman, for the sake of this country.
23067 Aaron pacheco  
23068 Name not displayed  
23069 Bill Gardanis  
23070 Richard Kaiser End the fed! End Corporate exploitation of our country! Give our country back to its people!
23071 christopher bullock Ron Paul 2012, save us from our corrupt government
23072 Robert Veitch A better choice for America!
23073 Doug Truax End the Fed, control our spending (reduce it), take care of business at home first, term limits in the House and Senate, and follow the Constitution.
23074 Name not displayed It IS time for change. Please avoid CPAC and its middens. Conservatives and teapartiers do NOT speak for me.
23075 Darrelyn Casey Let’s get the word out that the majority of conservatives truly are behind Ron Paul!
23076 Jorge i´m from argentina but i want that Ron became president because he can change the United States and the world for good. Please….
23077 Kaytlin Gordon Please run we need you!
23078 Name not displayed A man that can make a vision a reality,that benefits the freedom and sovereign free will of the people is a man that is for the people and brushes off the dust off what a true goverment suppose to be thats been lacking for decades.I vote Ron Paul for not a change but for the way its supposed to be!.Free and Independence forms a true nation of strong leaders.Ron paul !
23079 Stephanie McCarthy You are the only one who can be the voice of the intelligent people of America.
23080 Name not displayed Hope Jesse Ventura runs for VP! You are amazing and courageous to stand up for families, truth and what is right….even if you are the only one! Bring our troops home, get them real help and get Big Pharma out of their lives (and please help make them accountable in al their doings!). Our soldiers deserve so much better.
23081 R.A. Moore  
23082 Name not displayed Ron Paul is the only man in the political arena with the balls to speak his mind in favor of rational policy. If we have any hope for brighter days for our nation, we need a leader who will speak for what is right.

Ron Paul, you have my vote.
23083 Eric Anything I can do to help I will. Dr. Paul; if we cannot get you into the White House this nation is doomed, moreso than it already is. -Registered Voter.
23084 Norm Kowitz Until congress has its cash cow taken away, The Creature From Jekyll Island will continue to devour our country. Your Washington colleagues either don’t get it or are intentionally perpetuating the great lie that is the Federal Reserve. Whichever the case, we are on an unsustainable course and you, Sir, are the one genuine national-level voice of hope for all Americans - even though most `em really don’t get it.
23085 Erin Crowe  
23086 John W. Slife We need some libertarian logical thought in this country. Go RON!
23087 Brian Nagle I will follow Ron Paul all the way till the end of the Fed and our dictatorship/police state!
23088 gere hawley Live free or die!
23089 Veronica Meade Wow…I never thought I would be a part of such revolutionary change…thanks Ron Paul for reminding me of the power of one.
23090 Name not displayed The only reasonable politician left in the Republican Party.
23091 Jessica Taylor  
23092 Name not displayed Thank you for your years of service! I wrote you in last election and will do it again.
23093 Trevor W. Stefanski We need you!!
23094 Nikolaj Ron Paul is the only one who gets it!
23095 Name not displayed GO RON PAUL!!! A strong leader who sticks to his principles is what our country needs!!!!
23096 Scott J. Dailey  
23097 Name not displayed  
23098 Anthony Hoblit We’re with you Dr. Paul.
23099 Dalia Herrera ron paul is freedom…
23100 Walt L. Williams Gen. George S. Patton, Gen. Dwight D Eisenhower, Gen. Douglas MacArthur, Gen. Omar Bradley ……etc; all brilliant military minds during WWII. Coincidence or by design. Mr. Paul It is no accident the you are here, in the position you are in now.

Say the word and I’ll campaign for you. Lets make this country great and strong again.
23101 Daniel Patrick Hall AMASS THE MILITIA

President’s Day MONEYBOMB


Ron Paul 2012

Liberty PAC

Go V for VIRAL Online

The Business of We The People!

Google: DanielHall4Freedom

Facebook: Daniel Patrick Hall

Our Words are our Weapons

Our Ammo, the Truth.


\V/ Club V on Facebook

[email protected] VM !!!

23102 DJ Johnnee Ron Paul - Pres

Peter Schiff - V.P. or Treasurer
23103 William Hansen The only president who can get the US out of our economic disaster.
23104 Jill Wilson Yeah Ron Paul! Saw him in Spokane, WA standing room only, he was so sharp and quick-witted! Amazing man…GO Doctor Ron Paul!!!!
23105 Name not displayed ron paul -third party, ralph nader v.p. , we could win this one.
23106 Name not displayed New to the revolution but I am all for the message. Thank you for opening my eyes.
23107 Name not displayed  
23108 Kyle Creager I didn’t vote in 2008. I was so disgusted that I boycotted the election altogether. Mr. Paul has my full support for 2012. We need a true patriot for president.
23109 TJ johnson Please help us Mr. Paul. This country more than ever.
23110 Greg Straface Ron Paul Groped My Patriotism & I Hope He Gropes Yours Too!

23111 Stephen Camp You can do it!! We are with you, the PEOPLE are with you, GOD i with you! God Bless!!
23112 Pete Straface I agree he IS AWESOMESAUCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
23113 John Smith  
23114 mitchell gene halbert RON PAUL BABY!!!
23115 Ben Krueger  
23116 jeff jordan  
23117 Name not displayed Go Ron Paul, you have my Black American Support from Washington DC. Would love to have you over for dinner with my wife and two children. Thanks for being Ron and know that more you are exposed in the media the more Black American will know what you represent, and become Republicans only because you are there to represent the FREEDOM that Black are still waiting for. Thanks!
23118 Adam Stark Run!!! You’re a beacon of hope!!!
23119 Name not displayed Ron Paul you are the man behind the revolution, you seen how Fox and their deception of this years CPAC straw pool, they are afraid of you, they know you will change things for the good
23121 George Boleware Thank you for being a true public servant Dr. Paul!
23122 David Hansen Win!
23123 Lisa  
23124 william dunn you are the only one who does not pander
23125 Brandon Livermore You have the support of this Firefighter
23126 Name not displayed Please help the senior citizens….we have a lot of programs that could be taken away…..such as circuit breaker.
23127 Name not displayed Get it done
23128 Kyle WE NEED YOU RON!!!
23129 Lorenzo Lalomia Ron Paul is real change , not Barry Sataro !
23130 Name not displayed  
23131 derek cabral The people run america, america dont run the people. The people have spoken, Ron Paul for president!!!!!!
23132 Name not displayed  
23133 Name not displayed Ron Paul just gets it. I want Government out of my life,I know whats best for me.
23134 Nathan Driskill either you or jesse ventura in 2012
23135 Name not displayed You can Do it!!
23136 Name not displayed  
23137 mike gaffney Canadians support you to. If I could vote for you I would.
23138 Name not displayed Vote for Ron Paul even if he doesn’t enter the mainstream race. Let’s go back to paper ballots and get America Back.
23139 Teekii My vote is for ron paul.
23140 Chris Herrin You’re the man, Ron!! Look forward to casting my vote for you and only you!!!
23141 Forrest K Harstad And plan on running in 2016!
23142 Ryan Schilling DO IT!!
23143 Jason P. Allen Rock & Roll!
23144 Rebecca Reyes Much love to you, Dr. Paul!!
23145 Justin woodward Ron we need you! Your ideas and politics have inspired me to become a political science major. I hope to carry on your ideas for years to come. I agree with ALL of your policies.
23146 Oli  
23147 Name not displayed  
23148 Jonathan Viveiros Ron Paul, a real American patriot. This country needs him.
23149 Douglas Goodson  
23150 Duane Haygood Burn Federal Reserve down to the down.
23151 Alexander Fried Down with the Fed!
23152 Jodi Gheaja  
23153 Dirk Breeuwer Here ,in the rest of the world, we would also the U.S. to have a president like you Ron Paul.
23154 Janice Kim even if you don’t run, i’ll vote for you. keep it going strong!
23155 Josh Berens We need you R.P., now more than ever.
23156 Mike Smith Man I love this guy. We HAVE to get this man in the White House. The bankers and globalist elite are running scared.
23157 Antonio S. Lets do it one more time.
23158 Paul Sanders We nee you now more than ever! We can do it this time. Please run again.
23159 Paul Bunyk RUN RON RUN!
23160 Bayard Black Another run would help to put ideas in the spotlight and advance the cause of liberty.
23161 Brad Seger Ron Paul 2012. Audit the Fed!
23162 Paul Weeden From what I’ve seen of him so far, he’s the real deal. There something really different about him.
23163 cynthia lapham  
23164 William Brushwood LETS TAKE THIS COUNTRY BACK!
23165 Name not displayed  
23166 Steve Beals  
23167 Casey Potter Please run Ron! I promise I will campaign for you harder than i ever have for any candidate!
23168 Name not displayed Please run in 2012, we need you now more than ever!!!!
23169 Ljiljana Radic I support Mr. Paul for he will bring better times to the Balkans and the rest of the world.
23170 Name not displayed  
23171 Joelle Mestemacher  
23172 Jesse Padula  
23173 alexander duncan I think that there needs to be a president who needs to keep there word…
23174 Lucas Pena You can win this time Dr. Paul!
23175 Kegan Chandler Please run. Please. There is no one else. When you win, please stick to your word, and destroy the Fed. And please do not forget the lies of 9/11 and do everything in your power to bring the right people to justice, and above all, wake up this world from it’s zombie, welfare-state-induced hypnosis. God bless you. I will be praying for you. and if you win, I will pray for you every night you are in office.

PS 23 / JN 3:16
23176 Matthew Cuneo Ron Paul is what this country needs. Ron Paul will be the best president since JFK.
23177 Name not displayed  
23178 Barbara MacArthur Ron Paul has been steadfast in addressing our corrupt money system for decades. God bless him!
23179 Dan Hatef  
23180 Name not displayed We need you to run Ron.
23181 Scott Petrick Go Ron!!!!! but, watch your back!!!!
23182 Brian Jones Abolish the fed!
23183 Justin Pratt  
23184 Carolyn Yount Please,run,Ron Paul,run!!! Our country is in desperate NEED of someone who is for “”We the People”" & our Constitution. Because I DO NOT want OUR Country to TOTALLY COLLAPSE & FALL APART.***Dr. Paul—you’ll get my vote, just like last election!!! :)
23185 Travis Stoltman America will fall without someone like you leading the country.
23186 Melissa Mitchell If you’re not on the 2012 ballot, i will simply write your name in and vote for you anyway. You’d be the only reason I’d vote in the first place. American’s really are waking up, not all hope is lost :) .
23187 Gina Moore  
23188 Tim Merriman  
23189 James Alexander Fish after you beat Obama throw him in jail!
23190 Wayne thank you
23191 Name not displayed  
23192 Jan DeLaval I voted in 2008 for you during the primaries and ended up as the precinct chair for our district here in New Caney. I would be honored to work to support your campaign again for 2012.
23193 Garren Taylor  
23194 Henri Griesmar I’m from France,

I would love to have someone like you as my president..
23195 richard welk great ideas-ron makes way too much sense
23196 Matt Gardner Even if you DON’T run in 2012 I will still write you in! You are the last, best hope for the United States of America, Dr. Paul.
23197 Name not displayed  
23198 jon miller im voteing for ron
23199 Jason Stewart For Liberty!
23200 Bradley D. Tate  
23201 neoCONslayer Ron Paul 2012!
23202 Brenda Piro It’s your time now- The country will be in such a wreck- there will be no denying the truths , and who is to blame anymore- and America will need you to put it back together , I don’t think there are many people who actually understand how to do it- Except you and a few others- Thanks Ron !
23203 George Retkes should have won in 08, now you must win in 12!
23204 Matt It’s time to get back to free market economics and the Constitution. I look forward to seeing you run in 2012, Dr. Paul.
23205 John Butera We need a man with conscience and morals.
23206 Hunt Culver I voted for him in 2008; I’ll do the same in 2012.
23207 Jim Barbale  
23208 Phill Ron is the only one that wants to fix the problem that is willing to do the work!!
23209 Kyle R. Give me my $300 worth that I donated back in 2008. No dropping out this time!
23210 John Galt  
23211 Larry Taljoick Please Ron, don’t stop now, our much needed revolutions picks up more steam everyday and we need you! I promise to make you views known to all that I know. We can win!
23212 Dennis Escobar  
23213 Michael Roy  
23214 Sean Wayda  
23215 Sebrina Wallace I supported, donated and voted for Dr. Paul in the 2008 election. I’m ready for round two!!!
23216 Yolanda Simone  
23217 Russell Kalchbrenner pleases run and God, I hope you win
23218 Joyce Weed Ron times past people did not take u serious..with the backing of the conservatives in the USA this may be the year u can win..God Bless u and all those U love..
23219 Ann Axtens  
23220 Richard Dix Your our man, we need a real change, not the kind of change you get when you pay for a 99 cent object. the kind that keeps food on the table and people at work, the kind were people are united under freedom not united on force. SAVE the constitution
23221 Jenna Winston Go Ron Paul!!
23222 Name not displayed  
23223 Name not displayed  
23224 Name not displayed  
23225 Christefer L. Russell  
23226 brandon Crawley  
23227 Name not displayed thank you
23228 Name not displayed RON PAUL 2012!!!!!
23229 Rick L Bird We need someone with common sense are clarity to be in office!
23230 Name not displayed we really need help with the government
23231 Elizabeth Spears  
23232 Robert Griego  
23233 Amanda Valdez  
23234 Alex Rainey Please run for president, yuo have my vote
23235 Michael Dutton The People need men like you Mr. Paul. Please represent those that have invested so much in you and what this country stands for, the Constitution.
23236 Christopher A Bruemmer You are the only chance this country has. The world is shrinking and you are growing. God Bless you
23237 Jane Mulcahy  
23238 Colin I’m 19 and in all the time I’ve been interested in politics, I have never been as inspired by anyone. Just the act of you running for president spreads your message and awakens minds. That spreads real seeds of change.
23239 James Salvato Take on the political establishment!
23240 John J Byrne Dr. Paul has the most important message of this generation. The American people would be foolish not to listen.
23241 melanie  
23242 Name not displayed  
23243 Phil Portney  
23244 Mark Passell your country needs you, Please run.
23245 Name not displayed Please run! And everyone — please donate on Feb 21st for the PRESIDENTS DAY MONEYBOMB — Google LibertyPAC and donate on their website!
23246 Cameron Bagherpour  
23247 Michael Smith Run Ron Run!
23248 Name not displayed  
23249 arlene  
23250 Shane Lash This is the only man who makes sense.
23251 Jo Vaccarino I’m seeing supporters coming from the left and the right, I think 2012 is Ron Paul’s best opportunity yet. Let’s spread the word for him.
23252 Judith Jolly I will make sure to get my citizenship just so I can vote for you!!!
23253 Lisa Anderson Help us Dr. Paul! You’re our only hope!
23254 Bethany Whalen  
23255 BOBBIE JASEK Maybe my vote for the third time willl work!!
23256 Michael Mason  
23257 Wayne Herrod Run Ron Run
23258 Matthew Peters The truth is I’m a Progressive and while I’m at odds with Libertarians on many issues I can see that we have a few common goals in the War and the Federal Reserve that Democrats are not willing to tackle. . I plan to show support in Virginia Primary when it comes along.
23259 Name not displayed If you run, I’ll vote.
23260 Name not displayed  
23261 Name not displayed I’m a Democrat, but Mr. Paul, I’d support you in almost any political venture you choose.
23262 Jesse Ron Paul 2012
23263 Robin  
23264 Sue Arrigo  
23265 Name not displayed Ron Paul for President 2012!!! I can’t hardly wait to see this!!!!
23266 Robert Robinson Please run Ron! We need change now! Personal freedom and the end of the FED. I have been spreading you message and will continue to spread the good word at work, through facebook and everyone that I meet everyday. Please help us, you are our last hope!
23267 Name not displayed  
23268 Name not displayed  
23269 Jordan Oliva  
23270 R Zarle we can do this
23271 William M Run!
23272 Joeseph Cool we NEED Ron Paul.
23273 Bryan Flores  
23274 Matthew Parsons Ron Paul 2012

For Liberty!
23275 Paul Loehr Dear Ron Paul, please run for president in 2012. I will support your campaign in every way I can!
23276 Josh Mordecai  
23277 Name not displayed  
23278 Benjamin Joselson I love you and everything you stand for Ron Paul!! Please help fix our amazing country.
23279 holly drawenek  
23280 Shirley Johnson If you run, you will have my full support.

It is time as Americans that we put America first and stop financially supporting the world of people who hate us.
23281 Mac Johnson  
23282 Christopher L.  
23283 Name not displayed America needs Dr. Ron Paul more than ever before. Our great nation is at it’s breaking point. We need President Paul!
23284 eric rawley pleasehelp the U,S or US soon most of us willsuffocate on our debt and stop the wars!
23285 Michaelangelo Rotunno  
23286 Arun You are our last line of defense against Obama and his ‘lets force government down everyone’s throat’ mentality
23287 Christian  
23288 Adam Chalmers I really think you will win the whole damn thing this time!
23289 Brian Littleton Godspeed!
23290 Name not displayed Ron Paul 2012
23291 Devin Tierney End The Fed, Let The Grass Grow
23292 Cesar Navarro I am proud to say “”I Support Ron Paul”".
23293 Edvinas Pocius  
23294 Melissa Herschbach  
23295 Liam Butler  
23296 William Lee: Sanders Glad to see someone in the government trying to bring back the real usA, and exercise liberty
23297 Name not displayed I &<3 RON PAUL. RP2012!
23298 Keaton Safar  
23299 Name not displayed I am willing to volunteer to help campaign. I have never helped anyone campaign in my life.
23300 Name not displayed Ron Paul is the hope of America
23301 Pat Blood  
23302 Ron Thompson 12on Paul
23303 Name not displayed We need you!
23304 Name not displayed Please Run
23305 Brad Pollack Liberty not tyranny
23306 Benjamin Gehlhausen Dr. Paul cured my apathy.
23307 Name not displayed Dr. Paul, our country needs you! I will max out donations to you (again) and I will get dems and repubs to vote for you (again). A stronger more concerted effort will be made by your loyal constituents and faithful supporters.
23308 Augustus Wade Pennock For Liberty
23309 Kenneth Best End the Fed
23310 Musa Best Wishes from Canada. Ron Paul 2012
23311 Name not displayed I am from the United Kingdom and I have been following yourself for years after I saw an obscure video on youtube. Ever since that day I was amazed how no one in the UK media had reported on your campaign in 2008 as you were the only candidate that spoke truthfully, honestly and with intelligence.

I truly believe the world would be better off if you were elected president since the USA is so powerful it effects everyone in the world in some way and needs someone with your integrity, honesty and moral values to lead America for a better future for all.
23312 Name not displayed If you will not run, please find someone who can take your place.
23313 James Harry Schaeffer Ron Paul, Please run and lead the cause of Liberty!
23314 Seth Krueger “”If those young Americans who have the advantage of education, perspective, and self-discipline do not participate to the fullest extent of their ability America will stumble, and if America stumbles the world falls.”"

-Adlai Stevenson
23315 Brandy  
23316 Name not displayed Win.
23317 Kristina Brown  
23318 Jerred Brown  
23319 Name not displayed RON PAUL — WE NEED YOU TO RUN IN 2012!
23320 Yue hui Mou  
23321 Christine Rainwater  
23322 Kevin Russell Day  
23323 Name not displayed This is the first year I have actually cared about politics, and I would like to thank Ron Paul for inspiring me! Think what would happen if he was President!
23324 Edison Ching  
23325 Name not displayed PLEASE run for president!!!! It will be the first time I vote. Ever.
23326 Brian Mannelli  
23327 Michael Ron Paul is the hard love we need.
23328 Jacob Pollock  
23329 Myra Eaton With Ron Paul, real change can and will happen.
23330 Jeremiah Thompson  
23331 Name not displayed  
23332 Name not displayed RUN RON RUN!!!! We need you more than ever in 2012!!! Freedom, Love, & Liberty will reign!
23333 Name not displayed The more I learn about you, the more I am convinced that your time for the Presidency is NOW!
23334 Kirstin M. Please run for President 2012…our country needs you!
23335 naddir  
23336 Brandon Stewart Ron Paul is wiser then any recent President, period!
23337 Name not displayed  
23338 Angela Heath We need you!
23339 Name not displayed America does need you. I hope to be able to cast my vote for Ron Paul.
23340 Teresa Schneider  
23341 Name not displayed The one true heir of the founding fathers
23342 Justin Barnes  
23343 Name not displayed  
23344 Name not displayed  
23345 David W. Mann You area a Patriot.
23346 Roger Morgan  
23347 Name not displayed When will the people of America wake up?
23348 HEATHER  
23349 Name not displayed  
23350 Name not displayed You are the only person I’ve heard who seems to be listening to the people! We need you to run for President. please help us save our country and our freedoms.
23351 Robert Stone  
23352 Blue Bird please pray for protection for Ron Paul and his family
23353 Name not displayed We need a candidate who is honest and stands for liberty and true freedom ! We need you to run Dr. Paul!!
23354 Morten Therkildsen Please run for president in 2012!!
23355 Steven Heath America needs you Dr. Paul
23356 Aaron Bourlard  
23357 Name not displayed I am genuinely unconcerned for the future of my country and for the future of my children, we need someone like Ron Paul to fix out corrupt government and to take the US out of the depths of economic depression and into the world that our for fathers envisioned.
23358 Teresa Page  
23359 George J. Froehlich III Good luck Mr. Paul. Stay the course.
23360 Pam Reif  
23361 Karen Drake  
23362 John Entsminger  
23363 Clay Caldwell Thanks for being a real patriot! Thanks for being so honest and so dedicated. You’re the man! Ron, run run!
23364 Jesse bilsten  
23365 Name not displayed PLEASE Run Ron! America needs you more than ever!
23366 Danilo Figueroa  
23367 Name not displayed  
23368 Tyler Moseley We HAVE to end these wars!
23369 Stephanie Betit-Hancock You’re my hero, Ron Paul!
23370 Rich Schubiger we need you out there it’s not about winning it’s about educated more people and waking americans up to the reality that we are no longer a free society
23371 Nick Haskins  
23372 Name not displayed  
23373 Larry Webster  
23374 leila jallad  
23375 Name not displayed the time is now…
23376 Name not displayed RON PAUL is the ONLY politician who is also and intelligent and moral human being.
23377 Harry Griffiths Yesssssssssssss Please, all the way from London
23378 Name not displayed This will be the first time I vote because I know you will make a difference
23379 Name not displayed I love liberty!
23380 william sullivan radical change is needed to save our country. end the banking cartels that have poisoned our economy!
23381 Jeffrey J Spengler  
23382 Chris Mackie A man with common sense and a great degree of rationalism is needed.
23383 James Hoover  
23384 Alma Coffey  
23385 Francisco Garcia Ron Paul YOU RULE!!!!!!!!!
23386 Nancy Taylor-Babcock
23387 everett well seems like your ideas are catching on.youll have grass roots support with me
23388 jared jackson
23389 Alexander Wells
23390 Name not displayed
23391 Hamza Ron Paul is THE man America needs. Rest assured, America will be the most respected country in the world. America itself would be the most prosperous one. The philosophy of non-interventionism is what can save the world and make it a better place. Ron Paul for president !!!
23392 joe colosimo
23393 Kay Wosewick
23394 Chad Suttle
23395 Etchie Biertzer We need a Education Revolution,to teach the kids of tomorrow "THE REAL REPUBLIC OF OLD AMERICA"!!!
23396 Robyn S Mulcahy
23397 Diane Knedgen I will change my Ron Paul 2008 sign!
23398 Name not displayed Smart leaders are needed.
23399 Jamie Abbott Preserve my liberty Ron
23400 Stefanie McDaniel
23401 Name not displayed Please run, or our country will continue to try to benefit off the demise of its citizens.
23402 Patrick Dura Please put an end to the corruption.
23403 Jami Spadino Mr. Paul,

We need someone like you in the White House! Kick out the Fed Reserve and allow familys to live life.
23404 Chris Jagielo
23405 Name not displayed Ron Paul has been fighting for America and Americans for years. He’s a true patriot and would make a fine President. Now wouldn’t that be refreshing !!!
23406 chris wu
23407 Ann Meister America has lost her way due to the greed and corruption of our past and present politicians. Let us only elect officials who are in line with the great vision our founders had for America. I am hoping that Ron Paul can fill those shoes.
23408 Taylor
23409 Cynthia Beaver Please !Please !Please !Run for office, the country need you
23410 Debbie Lawrence Mr. Paul, I was so honored to meet you last year when you spoke at ASU for Campaign for Liberty. I am praying that you run in 2012 for the Presidency. I have followed you for some time now and have read your books. You are the change we need and the only Republican I would vote for.
23411 Brittany What a wise man… I truly hope he can help guide us one day.
23412 Dan Clark The constitution was written to represent the core ideals of our republic. Ron Paul knows; If we are to stay truley free, it and it alone will be the thread that holds this country together.
23413 Kirstie Schraffenberger
23414 Michael Mostwill
23415 Jason Bailey
23416 Peter Gorney He’s our only hope…
23417 Name not displayed The people of this country need you.
23418 Hans W Mohrbeck
23419 Jessica Mohrbeck
23420 Name not displayed Those who have nothing to lose have the most to gain
23421 Gregory Nolan
23422 Layla Beach You will have my vote and the vote of many of my friends and family!
23423 Jason lacy
23424 Wesley
23425 wayne hansen
23426 Dan Leep Please run for president, your are the only person in politics that makes any sense in the later 4 years.
23427 John Farrell
23428 Jermaine Taylor Blessings & Success Ron Paul!
23429 Sean Spaulding American needs your leadership more now than ever. Please run for president.
23430 ryan Mr. Ron Paul. There may come times in this life when, more than ever, your country needs you. This is one of those times.
23431 Matthew James Wilson We need a real leader Dr. Paul. Please help our country.
23432 Nathan Friend
23433 Marcus Grant With growing distrust in our corrupt government and media and with the recession and debt weighing more heavily over the national conscience than ever I find it hard to believe that Dr. Paul wouldn’t perform significantly better in the presidential campaign. He may not win, but the movement would gain momentum like never before and that is vital if we want any relevant change in this country.
23434 Name not displayed America needs you to run!
23435 Christopher Chancellor
23436 Elijah Orlick
23437 adnan As a Canadian, I hope Ron Paul wins and puts the US on straight path. No more of this puppet show… Americans, stand up and take back your country!
23438 Christina
23439 Kerstin Tuggle We need Ron to save American from our Govt. that has run amuck. The Constitution counts!
23440 Jason McDonald WE NEED YOU!!!!!!
23441 Kayla You got the qualifications that it seems most of these people in office don’t.
23442 Name not displayed
23443 Nicholas RUN RON RUN!
23444 Name not displayed
23445 Name not displayed
23446 Amber Skaggs
23447 Frederick Keovongkoth I may be young and ignorant as a 20 year old man with no set political opinion, but from what I’ve seen, Dr. Paul seems to me to be a man of character who stands up for what he believes in. That’s what a true leader is supposed to do.
23448 Jordan Hall please run!
23449 William Balogh
23450 joseph a. curcio i would like to know about thr true meaning of our constitution.
23451 Chris Czernel I proudly support Ron Paul for president in 2012
23452 Eva McDonnell
23453 Name not displayed
23454 Don Caswell
23455 Brittany Escobedo
23456 Tom Klenow I voted for Obama in 2008. I am a liberal. I support Dr. Paul because he values the constitution and is consistent in his policy views and voting record. Liberals for liberty, Ron Paul 2012!
23457 Mark Makinson
23458 Graham Marks I supported you heavily in 2008 (money, rallies, Republican caucus). Back then, I knew it was a long-shot. This time is different. YOU CAN WIN. Please run!
23459 Ricky Presley Time for a true conservative. Throw the RINOs out!
23460 Name not displayed Go Ron Go
23461 Name not displayed I hope you will not neglect us seniors who are living on a very low Social security income. Please remember us as well and our liberties.
23462 Margot Morris
23463 Bob Fraizer
23464 Michelle Clark
23465 Rick Pearce We need a good man to lead us and help get this country back to the Constitution and back on track.
23466 Daric Bergerson we need you.
23467 Kevin Stone
23469 Geoff Lewis
23470 Thomas Maclean
23471 Maciej Slota One of the greatest Americans that ever lived. He’s in the same class as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.
23472 Thomas Maclean
23473 Name not displayed
23474 Josiah Reece Jensen
23476 Kayla Schaller You’re the type of candidate we need! Please run so your extensive knowledge on the issues is brought to the table!
23477 Name not displayed
23478 Larry Joe Kanouse Americas survival is on your shoulders ~ no preassure
23479 Matt Fultz It’s time to clean "House!"
23480 steve henson
23481 Jenna Whylings
23482 Jesse Dahlk Please straighten out this mess…
23483 Name not displayed I agree with your thinking and hope you have the chance to make lasting and much needed changes in our country.
23484 Jack Harrell
23485 William J. Weir
23486 Carly
23487 Name not displayed Should already be president
23488 Name not displayed You understand the need to be an example for the world
23489 Garland Ballard
23490 John Swinney "Paul in 12"
23491 Name not displayed You are our only hope
23492 Name not displayed
23493 frisky Mr. Paul. I’d like to ask that you please, please run in 2012. It’s my own fault that to this point in my life I have not adequately educated myself politically. (But) I now have, and I would like the chance to be able to walk into the voting booth and vote for someone that I ACTUALLY BELIEVE IN (you)….rather than choosing the lesser of two evils.

Please run.


A newly-awoken supporter
23494 James Gordon Save the US Ron Paul
23495 Rob T. in Afton,VA Let’s put Bernanke on notice. The party is over.
23496 Justin Newman
23497 gene lerner go ron go!!!
23498 Jessica Colvin
23499 Damon Clinch Please run with Nader or Kucinich, so we can once again unite this country in liberty, prosperity, and sustainability..
23500 Jeffrey Miller
23501 Grace Mieczkowski
23502 John Goodin
23503 Jorge O. Maldonado
23504 Janice We need someone who is independent and can think outside of the box.
23505 Matthew A Varner
23506 Brittany Sligar Run Ron run!
23507 Jonce Hamm
23508 Joseph Ewing You have to do this. I LOVE YOU DR. PAUL. you are the man that started this, man me fall for and be passionate about your stance in late ’07…..lets do this all together. Your son, from KY, i’ve met him…in somerset at a fundraiser…we can do this, i’m behind you 110 percent!
23509 Name not displayed
23510 Andrew James Harrison You give me hope for this great nation again, please run.
23511 margaret townsend You do good work, we need more like you
23512 Name not displayed
23513 Name not displayed
23514 JoAnna Evans
23515 Jeff Perry
23516 Lowell Nelson Please visit and donate today. Let’s put our money where our mouth is. Thank you.
23517 Paul Bailey Go Dr. Paul!
23518 Larry Leavitt Ron Paul should definitely run for President. He should use a basic flip chart to get basic points across. It would resonate well with the voters.
23520 Name not displayed RON PAUL!
23521 Steve Earl
23522 Cindy Anderson
23523 Curtis Bostic
23524 Name not displayed We need you now!
23525 Marc Tyson The country needs a win for Ron Paul.
23526 Allan Michael Herrera
23527 Matthew Isaacks Dr. Paul,

You have inspired me to be more proactive and I truly believe that you are the best man for the job.
23528 dennis sanchez
23529 Thomas Nunn
23530 robert sanchez
23531 Barry Allison after reading and watching Dr. Paul on youtube,I believe this is definately the man this country needs
23532 Jos h sanders
23533 Elaine Matthews I wrote you in on the 2008 ballot. I sincerely hope that in 2012 your name will be on the ballot. You have my voet.l
23534 Nigel D’Souza America needs a candidate with libertarian principles.
23535 Brett Diercks You are one of the only hopes for this country.

23537 Layne ‘And to the Republic, for which it stands…’ The Republic is crumbling and Ron Paul can help us re-build.
23538 Abdul Qadir
23539 C. W. Tripp Please run! America needs you :)
23540 Barry Bodle Dr. Paul, you have given me hope to what this country can become. Thank you for everything you do.
23541 Nicola Bratton
23542 Name not displayed
23543 Charles Smith You are the man for the job!
23544 Michelle O’Gorman I have never, ever given money to a campaign….I did to you today Dr Paul. We need you to run, my children need you. I can take hardship, in fact I would rather endure for their sakes. I hope and pray my children can know what freedom means, even if I never do.
23545 Paul ison
23546 Lawrence Morgan
23547 john butera
23548 Ben
23549 Name not displayed
23550 Ricardo Valderrama PLEASE run for president! we need you!
23551 Brian Daugherty
23552 Name not displayed
23553 Jason R Chaplin
23554 Chris Cullens
23555 Michael Collins With the two major party’s bought and paid for, Ron is the only hope for the sensible people in the country.
23556 dawn welsher
23557 Mitchell Stuart
23558 Name not displayed
23559 Katherine Daugherty
23560 Tate Berger
23561 Name not displayed
23562 Name not displayed
23563 Dan Wilder
23564 Hollan Holmes Ron Paul is the only candidate with any integrity and the only candidate with the guts to do what is right. Paul is no politician, he’s a born leader and the last true patriot we have in Washington. Either Paul is elected president or our nation gets more of the same Washington garbage passed off as leadership. Go, Ron Paul!!!
23565 Name not displayed Sir, the only way we can free our Great Republic from the shackles of the fake left wing/right wing puppet show is for a genuine, honest, and intelligent man such as yourself to win the presidency.
23566 David Bowman
23567 glen pfab Dr Paul if you do not whom will? regards Glen
23568 Robert Reid ron paul for president. maybe finally a presidential candidate not corrupted by the banksters and wall street.
23569 Lawrence Cormier Ron Paul will have my vote.
23570 nancy ahle
23571 John Williams
23572 Carol Dean Ron Paul for President!
23573 Robert B Dean
23574 Name not displayed
23575 Tim Howell Ron Paul 2012

He can and will win!!!
23576 Levi Rodney Ron Paul, sir you are the leader of the one group of people that gives me untarnished hope for our great nation. I have been in the military for six years, and nothing makes me more proud than an individual who holds true to the just cause that defined the United States at its beginning. Thank you for what you’ve done, and for what you’re doing to rally our people, rekindle our beliefs, and redeem America.
23577 Suzanne Chandler Please run. I kept all my signs from 2008.
23578 Pascal Elzinga
23579 Judy Weintraub
23580 Traci Long Please save us! The community programs that are being cut are a necessity for a lot of people and Obama turning his back on the needy is a joke. I am dreaming of a president who sticks to what he says when he is running to be elected. Please be him!
23581 william gray
23582 Ryan Simpson
23583 Tim Howell Ron Paul 2012

He can and will win!!!
23584 dean morrow Go Ron
23585 Jose L. Diaz Everyone wants freedom but also tell everyone of the responsibilities that comes with a free countery.
23586 Peyman Mottaghi
23587 John I voted for you last time and I’ll continue to vote for you whether you run or not…..I’m not wasting my votes on and Republicrates! GO RON GO!!!
23588 Phyllis Zeh
23589 Joshua Kendall Count me in.
23590 Sara Cooper
23591 Jon Ahmed We need this guy in the UK as our prime minister ;)
23592 Name not displayed
23593 Name not displayed America needs Ron Paul
23594 Richard Cory Parker RUN RON RUN!
23595 Name not displayed
23596 Name not displayed we really need you. here in NV everything is still bad and people are starting to wake up. It is time to take back our country in an organized intelligent manner and you are the man to do it.
23597 bobby clay
23598 David Sloan Jr
23599 Patrick Taylor
23600 James J Elrod The third time is the charm Mr. President!
23601 Tyler Brungardt WE NEED YOU!!!
23602 Name not displayed We need strong, proud and respectful leadership
23603 Doug Evans
23604 Name not displayed God Bless & Safely Keep You and your Family
23605 patrick brice Please run!
23606 Hezekiah For Liberty!
23607 Jacqueline gRaham Ron Paul is the change we need!
23608 josh thurmond
23609 Mrs. Wafa Rumman Must stop the US hegemony…must abolish our anti democracy and prosperity foreign policy … must stop taking our jobs overseas by the US corporation…must stop the criminal activities of the 6 media corporations… must invest our tax dollars in our communities and stop sending our money to kill other mothers’ kids … stop supporting dictators with our tax money…they have been committin massive killing of civilians with US made bombs….must abolish lobbying all together…most of all cut all ties with Israel…it is not only a racist system…but it has been sucking our money and family value for way too long, that money should go to our schools and health system. Otherwise, 78,000,000 millennium generation will soon walk to the White House with their parents demanding justice and jobs for all.
23610 Rhonda Mankin GO RON!!!
23611 brian menendez Please End the Federal Reserve and Abolish the IRS Mr. Paul.

But for God’s Sake where a bullet proof vest everywhere because you know the Central Bank will put a mark on you. Do Not trust the Secret Service to protect you, Remember , the secret service let JFK get assasinated after he signed executive order 1110
23612 Dustin Elkins RUN RON RUN!
23613 E Blankers Please don’t quit just as you’re going to be elected, like last time.

Please instruct your people to accept cheques or payments via telephone. I am not going to enter my credit card, etc., online.
23614 Name not displayed
23615 Name not displayed
23616 Name not displayed Young voters like me need a better option that just left or right. If you run, my vote and the vote of anyone I can convince will be yours.
23617 Name not displayed You have my support AND my Liberal daughter and her husband support you…you have the ability to heal this nation!
23618 Xavier Palin
23619 Lionel Patoureau I’m not from the United States and I live in Europe but I really like your speeches Mr Paul. I hope you will be America’s next President. You bring hope even outside your country !

Best wishes !


23620 John Jannotti
23621 Mike Markarian I don’t know of another candidate that I will vote for.
23622 Basim Zabak You are a patriot and an honest person and I appreciate your fair minded Middle East views.
23623 Name not displayed Unfortunately, prior to the last election I was asleep. Now, I’m awake.
23625 Brian Help us congressman Dr Paul, You’re our only hope!
23626 mark w cardwell With Ron Pauls REAL views on American politics and their consequences, he is the only person on this planet with enough support to get to the White House and save this country from self distruction, if it’s not too late.
23627 Paul Almendinger Now RP is the change we all need and TRUELY CAN BELIEVE IN!
23628 Lauren Go Ron Go!
23629 Carole Delmonico
23630 Steve Boyer
23631 patrick "Accept the challenges so you may feel the exhileration of victory" -Gen. George S. Patton Jr.
23632 Darryl Mekeel We don’t need a miricale We just need a good man
23633 Name not displayed America needs you desperately if we are to survive!
23634 Phil Holtz
23635 C. Frances
23636 Patricia Wiley Join the Revolution!
23637 Name not displayed
23638 Dack Phillips Dear Congressman Paul:

The American people need a candidate who is a champion of the Constitution to take this country back to fiscal solvency and liberty as our founders intended. The status quo of Democrat and Republican establishment candidates have led this country to the breaking point. We need you, a candidate that will remove us from foreign entanglements, support sound money, and advocate personal liberty coupled with individual responsibility instead of collectivist welfare programs. As a freedom-loving libertarian (a recent convert thanks in part to you, Judge Napolitano, and the Mises Institute), I recognize that the only solution to our problems is advocating the wisdom of our founders, and you are one of the brave few willing to stand up for the vision our founders advocated. I am asking you to please consider running for the presidency in 2012. The republic needs a hero, and true "change we can believe in," rather than the "meet the new boss, same as the old boss" that we’ve gotten from the last 4 presidents.
23639 Paul McElroy Hey Ron, good luck! Kick the Democrats’ and Republicans’ butts for me! Hurray for Liberty and Hurray for classical Liberalism!!!
23640 Name not displayed We need change — the good kind! Run Paul Run!
23641 Al Graham I am praying for you and our country!
23642 Kenny I proudly supported you in the 2008 campaign. I even made a trip to New Hampshire to help campaign for you. You may have seen some of my handy work. I tagged & bagged bridges, fences, and everything else I was able to get away with. I will definitely show the same enthusiasm in the 2012 race if you choose to campaign. I hope you do. I don’t share the same passion with any other potential candidate that I do for you. Let’s show 2012 who this country really belongs to!

Ron Paul for 2012!!!
23643 Joseph V Caputo
23644 Sarah Moody We need you !!!!!!!!!
23645 Name not displayed Your message is so clear that I cannot understand why others resist it! Good luck!
23646 Name not displayed
23647 Ed Berberich
23648 Chad
23649 mark carducci The time in our country’s history for a strict CONSTITUTIONALIST is NOW!!!!!!!!!!
23650 david trexler
23651 Michael S
23652 Richard Best Against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.
23653 Thomas Blaine Hamrick
23654 Kirk
23655 Tom Higgins This would be "The change you can believe in"!
23656 Name not displayed Ron Paul’s 2008 presidential bid made the conversation about Liberty, until then I mostly agreed with him, but thought he was a bit cooky. Now I can’t think of anyone better to be President of the United States. What a Patriot!
23657 Thomas W. Wood Could this be one of those special moments when greatness is thrust upon you? Let’s hope so.
23658 Ron Baert
23659 Joshua Hopkins While I doubt you could beat all the corporate money that can now be legally funneled into campaigns, your character, and the issues you champion, should certainly be brought into the next election. Please run with grace and show America what a good politician looks like once more, thank you.
23660 Willam Gunter I believe that Ron Paul to be America’s last best hope for a real future.
23662 Roger Jackson Go Paul Go!!!!!
23663 terrie child love your 10% solution
23664 Cathi Reed We need someone not bought and paid for by the banksters, lobbyists, and Wall St. We need someone to end NAFTA and put in place fair trade-not free trade we subsidize.
23665 Jeremy Day Lawson You can do it!
23666 Paula L. Bailey We have been listening all along… now more than ever. We need you!!! We believe in you !!! You are the answer!!!
23667 James McDonnel
23668 Craig Ron Paul for 2012
23669 Name not displayed
23670 Gary Draper I have grown tired of having to choose between bad and worse. It’s time we have a candidate we can truly believe in and support. There are politicians, and there are statesmen. Ron Paul is a true statesman.
23671 Name not displayed
23672 Name not displayed
23673 Christine Graham
23674 Name not displayed
23675 Todd Altstadt
23676 Name not displayed
23677 Name not displayed Thank you for being the one elected official who is a true statesman! Thank you! Thank you!
23678 Michael N Schulte
23679 anthony neddo
23680 Michael Goulet Ron Paul has the best understanding of the economic issues so pertinent to our country’s continued well being in the tough times ahead; just the sort of President we truly need.
23681 Sean Freeman
23682 JoAnne Freeman
23683 Darren Barry Thank you for all you do and I hope you run for President again!
23684 Dwight Dunning Whoop!whoop!!!! Juggalos for ron paul 2012
23685 Chad Hardy
23686 Eric Milholland Ron, please help us get back to the common sense basics.
23687 Name not displayed Please run, Ron Paul the cause of liberty needs you!
23688 Name not displayed End the fed !
23689 kurt mosteller Keep up the good and honest work Ron!
23690 Name not displayed
23691 Anthony Dake I think America is too far gone. Ron Paul is the only candidate that supports American liberty. Ron Paul is Americas last hope for salvaging what’s left of this once great nation.
23692 Samuel Vincent Ron, we the people need someone like you to lead this great country…what little is left of it! If you run, you will have our support.
23693 Karen Steinichen I still have my Ron Paul sign and never took it down. I didn’t give up and am so excited you could be a candidate again. Thank you for giving me real hope.
23694 john horn I would be honored to support Ron for President
23695 Ron Hipner thank you
23696 Robert Jellison
23697 Name not displayed RON PAUL 2012
23698 james nahra we need a leader who really believes in freedom and liberty not just selectively.
23699 Brian H. Vinson
23700 ken crouse
23701 andrea crouse
23702 Name not displayed
23703 Ryan
23704 Name not displayed second time i have tried to sign this petition, hope it goes this time. but my support is solid no matter how many times it takes. Thank you Dr. Paul. Please help us restore liberty.

through this time.
23705 Leonardo Sanchez You’ve got my support! Ron Paul 2012!
23706 Charles A Reynolds III
23707 Name not displayed
23708 Monica Auclair
23709 Paul Schnake
23710 Timothy Mahaffey You were my man last election!!
23711 Barbara Mahaffey
23712 bobby morehead
23714 Name not displayed You’ll have my vote.
23715 Name not displayed RON PAUL ROCKS
23716 Name not displayed
23717 keith bailey You are a true American. Fight fiercely for the precious Constitution. Obama wants to be World President and use the demise of the USA as his calling card.
23718 Eric Crowder
23719 Michael Pierone Please run. The cause you’ve fought for all these years has never needed you more.
23720 Mr. and Mrs. Roland Veburg We need leadership such as yours.
23721 Tim Tripp We need you now more than ever
23722 Peter Hans
23723 Name not displayed Ron Paul rocks! Stick to your beliefs!
23724 mike hambly
23725 Brent Thank You in advance!
23726 Christopher Young get rid of the Fed
23727 Larry Diaz Run Ron Run
23728 Michael Leon Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.
23729 Name not displayed
23730 Jon Wiseman We need to take this country back.
23731 Brandon DeBoard
23732 Juan Cancio MD
23733 Benjamin Miller
23734 Phoebe G Badia
23735 Mr. Dana Addleman
23736 Shaun Mckendry
23737 Angel Acevedo Ron Paul you are my HERO!!!
23738 Mark A Clifford We need a real leader. One who stands for something and has integrity, not lip service!
23739 Name not displayed
23740 Name not displayed
23741 Dustan Burr I love watching both Republicans and Democrats squirm in their seats when Ron Paul speaks. The most fun I’ve had in years. Thank you Ron!
23742 Andrew Fisher A bright point of hopeful goodness in the thick of a dark sea of corruption, Ron Paul could bring America back to its constitutional foundations. Three cheers for liberty!
23743 Name not displayed run for pres!
23744 Kristin Hayes We need you Ron!
23745 Name not displayed
23746 Ken Henderson You are the only one who understands what this country should be. Please run for President in 2012. We need you!
23747 bill holtze
23748 Rosemarie Graham We need someone like Ron to help out the US
23749 Anthony Nino Let’s take back our country, and re-establish democracy!!
23750 James Adkins Please!
23751 Phil Hingston Good Luck Ron..
23752 james craven
23753 Kyle Restore the Republic!! RP 2012!
23754 Stephen Keller To those who belittle Ron Paul without studying what he really stands for.
23755 Scott Parkhurst If Ron doesn’t run then we will have lost the only chance to get a libertarian Republican in the Presidential Office. Ron Paul has become the spokesman for the freedom movement so his name is the name known across the country…!!!
23756 Nicholas Simonetti
23757 Sean S Stiles
23758 Allison Ballard
23759 John Benson America needs a choice!!!
23760 jason maurella rock it:)
23761 Scott Brown We need more accountability in Washington. Ron Paul is man America needs today.
23762 Priscilla You have my 100% support.America needs you.xo
23763 Heather Manthey I really want a president who is not a war president and one who is not going to put profits above people and the environment. I have MS and I only use natural remedies to control it. I really appreciate your support of our right to choose alternative health practices.
23764 Delilah Ortiz We need to restore sound money and return to our Constitutional roots. We NEED Ron Paul. We NEED a new 3rd party to break the bankster owned 2 headed, 1 party system!
23765 Rulon P. Jeffs Please Lets get a Superior Security force for You
23766 Name not displayed
23767 Todd Ballard
23768 Yaniv Carter
23769 Clint Ames
23770 Kimberly Humphreys
23771 Setareh Vatan
23772 Mike It’s going to be difficult to dig America out of "the hole" that it is in, but as far as I’m concerned Ron Paul has the right ideas to do so.
23773 John Sharkey you are our only hope!
23774 Randy Cochran Please run! Teach our government to be stewards of the people!
23775 Name not displayed
23776 Michael Lunday
23777 Susan Reiss Please run Mr. Paul!! Our Country needs you!!! You are our last hope!!!
23778 Lanni Parkhurst
23779 Jude Doty
23780 Robert Jeffries Give the Bernank hell
23781 Name not displayed
23782 Name not displayed
23783 Nathanial Granzotto Un chain the Fed bonds ppl shouldnt be able to clam they can do nothing for somthing more, removing the revenu we live on from our ecomomy.
23784 Name not displayed I think Ron Paul may be the only politician who "gets it."
23785 Name not displayed
23786 Brenda Jean Abboud
23787 Carmen Breen Ron Paul is the man. At this time no one else will do,no one.
23788 Patricia Henson For all our safety Lets do it
23789 Jaime Tamburrino
23790 Matthew Mendez
23791 Name not displayed
23792 Name not displayed Truth…Only Republican I would EVER consider.
23793 Name not displayed
23794 steven drobnis
23795 Joseph D’Ambrosia We need more politicians who value liberty, represent the people and our values, and uphold the constitution!

Please run in 2012, Congressman Paul!
23796 Name not displayed The only reason I would vote at all, Dr. Paul, would be to vote for you. You can do it!
23797 Brett
23798 Tom Walsh
23799 Mark Dabrowski
23800 Kim Kral Come On Ron - Let’s get this train to a better future for America rolling. I am behind you for President all the way! I do not know of anyone else but you who can do this. Thanks!
23801 David A. Koseruba Please Run!!!!! We need your vision for America!!
23802 Sarah Giron
23803 Jim Pankey Ron is one of the very few Republicans I respect.
23804 Jeremy Haug
23805 Crystal Mobley
23806 Peyton A
23807 Name not displayed Ron please run, we need your leadership to turn the country around.
23808 jimibellon
23809 Name not displayed
23810 Ben Novak We’re with you. America needs Ron Paul.
23811 rowdy kick ass Ron!
23812 Andrew Michael
23813 DAVID BREEN we are behind you - thanks for being the needed voice of reason in a financial world where someone has to finally say "look mommy, the king is naked"
23814 Eileen Farber He Sounds Good
23815 Will Swanson
23816 Name not displayed "The government that governs best, governs least" -Thomas Jefferson

Shrink the government! Around the time of our nation’s founding 1 in 1800 people, roughly, worked for the government at any level. Today it’s 1 in 7.
23817 Jeffrey J Winn
23818 Dilon Walton
23819 ruth cowan
23820 Phil worley
23821 Salvatore D. Fasolino
23822 Duane Adams
23823 Christopher-James: of santarose You are the only man I trust this country with.
23824 Deirdra Tudor
23825 Name not displayed We need honesty!
23826 Harsha Sankar
23827 Joseph Jay Mellon
23828 Bradley W Craig We very desperately need Ron Paul to run for President. If Ron Paul does not run, I fear I will have no one that can be trusted to vote for.
23829 Bill Jenne Run Paul run!
23830 Mercedes I am looking forward to replacing my "Ron Paul 2008" sticker.
23831 Sterling Allan We’re all for you! I think the money bomb would have gone better had Ron actually announced his candidacy on its eve. I wrote a story at BeforeItsNews on Saturday, which was among the most popular stories there Sunday and Monday, but it did not pick up the traction I thought it would. Just do it, Ron! We’re all for you.

(You can see a link to the story I did "Ron Paul announces run for presidency — indirectly" at under the February 19 date.)
23832 Alex Kasson
23833 William D. Dudgeon We need you. Without you there is "no fix".
23834 Nick Stiles
23835 wayne cordova
23836 William D. Hallman As Ezra Taft Benson wrote: "The Constitution: A Heavenly Banner"
23837 Jason C. Golden
23838 Name not displayed Love you Dr.Paul. God Bless you!
23839 Name not displayed
23840 Rachel Fleig
23841 Jason C. Golden
23842 Travis Couture
23843 Mr and Mrs Jeffrey York Dear Dr. Paul Please do run for President as the USA needs you, and the times demand you to do so. God bless and thank you for all you do
23844 Margy Mullen
23845 Sean K Stouffer
23846 Darryl Berg
23847 achim zdunek Hire me - I’ll help you. I really believe in you and I really share your views.
23848 Name not displayed
23849 Lisa Tichenor
23850 Sean Crawford Barak brought little Change, it’s time for drastic measures! Viva La Liberate!
23851 Brian Laskey I wrote in for you last election, and will do the same next election if needed. However, it would feel that much better if you were on the ballot!!!
23852 Don Morgan Ron Paul is honest and trustworthy. If more people could see the truth, he would be president todayl.
23853 Ronald Strom
23854 Clint Eagar
23855 Sean Gordon
23856 vanny Thanks Ron Paul, for all the work you have been doing!
23857 Matt Gould
23858 Richard Anderson We need more men like you Dr.Paul. You’ll certainly have my support!!
23859 Byanka Solorzano
23860 Jason Wydro Ron Paul is the real thing. We have a chance to get our country back on track before its too late. Lets make this happen in 2012! Go Ron Paul!
23861 Stefan Go for it Ron. USA needs you!
23862 Kirsten
23863 Brett Palacio
23864 Jackson Watkins 2012 will be my first oppurtunity to vote and I would love to cast my first presidential ballot for a man like Ron Paul. Best wishes!
23865 Dallas Trudelle Ron Paul has the vision, integrity and the will power to point our country back in the right direction.
23867 Tom
23868 Adam Martin Please run again! My children need a future, one they can express themselves in industriously as well as culturally. Thank you.
23869 Jack Hamilton Please run for President in 2012.
23870 Nate
23871 david Schlotman Go for it !!!!
23872 Jenna Thompson
23873 Heath Gallaway You can do it!
23874 Alex Vaughan a real change is needed, please.
23875 Name not displayed good luck if you run, ill be voting for you
23876 Name not displayed
23877 Name not displayed good luck if you run, ill be voting for you
23878 George Clemons
23879 Janie Hawkins
23880 Romy Hope for Amercia!
23881 Gloria Johnson
23882 Jason davenport Run and give me a reason to vote..please
23883 Ivan karabane i never in my life supported a politician but i will support ron paul
23884 Ron Graves We’re here for you in Florida
23885 vicky sharronmalinski WE NEED YOU, oh my lord, how we need you.
23886 Clayton Thomas
23887 Heath Keane
23888 Bruce Ferguson
23889 Robert Kuchta I am not working- and am not on the dole- but I support you Dr. Paul by tell everyone I come into sensible conversation with and it’s hard to tell anything to anyone these days as they are mesmerized with controlled media. Will continue to spread the word and I will be honored to address you as President Ron Paul.


Robert Kuchta and Family
23890 Roy Stanbrough
23891 Name not displayed
23892 Eric Reinhold Do it for us, please run. Thank you for your hard work and service to your country. God bless you and your family in this tough decision.
23893 jaffar khan
23894 Michael Weststeyn
23895 Name not displayed
23896 Name not displayed WE NEED SOMEONE LIKE YOU,THE WARS AND

23897 Name not displayed
23898 Robert Rinier Please help us get back to our roots and rid Washington of it’s "thug" like mentality
23899 Crystal Tucker I did a write in for Ron in 2008 and plan to do it again!!
23900 Alan Hill Please run for president in 2012 Ron Paul!!
23901 Name not displayed Ron, as you WELL know, we really need a thinking, feeling, intelligent, responsive person to lead us— we’re ready for you! G-d Bless!
23902 Dwight Castimore
23903 Sherry Francis I am a democrat and voted for Obama. But since 2008 I have been enlightened and have been working on educating myself. The fact that you challenge the Federal Reserve and called them out. You get my vote for 2011
23904 Kevin mills
23905 Name not displayed
23906 Devin Aylor Ron Paul for President!!!!!! Whoa!!!!!!
23907 Name not displayed
23908 Douglas S Dixon Ron does us all a great deal of good simply by saying what needs to be said. The thoughts and ideals that he displays represent the highest form of human intellectual development that can exist.
23909 Kyle Sullivan Let’s do this
23910 steve field
23911 Gregory Bissel
23912 casey landeros
23913 Kenneth Lancaster
23914 Joseph Dering
23915 Steven Wood Dr. Paul,

We the People need you in the White House!
23916 Jacobb Amen Ron Paul, please run for president in 2012. i know that isnt going to solve all of our issues. but it would widen the gap between the big brother corporations who control our government.
23917 edgar poe Viva la rEVOLution!!
23918 Isaac Angulo Ardent supporter
23919 john gastol
23920 Name not displayed
23921 Jeff Hunter Give me Liberty or give me death!
23922 Name not displayed I couldn’t vote for you in the last presidential election since I was underage, but now I can and will.
23923 Anthony Varga You have my vote.
23924 Name not displayed
23925 Name not displayed I hope you run for President in 2012. You again will be the only candidate who can turn our country around.
23926 Paul Braveheart RON PAUL our last great hope!
23927 Name not displayed you opened my eyes to the dangers of big government and runaway spending!! We need you in the white house!!
23928 Andrew S. Perkins
23929 Wesley Shaw
23930 Joel J Kanouse Please save us and run for president. We need real leadership again.
23931 Name not displayed END The FED!
23932 Name not displayed END The FED!
23933 Name not displayed
23934 Name not displayed You have my vote.
23935 Jamin Brunette
23936 adam tabberson please run ron we need you now more than ever god bless
23937 Sarah
23938 Brent Montgomery
23939 John R. Steffen please…
23940 Evan Gragg The revolution is waiting for our leader…
23941 Lance Clark the refounding father
23942 Charlotte Kemp
23943 trinity claud Run Ron Run.
23944 Daniel Janczuk
23945 Shanti Deojay Pretty please? :)
23946 Dan Eller
23947 Name not displayed Ron Paul is our last hope. this is the one man with the articulate skills to tell it how it is and to lead us on the direction we should have taken in the early 1900s. Ron Paul is the definition of a true hero.
23948 mike
23949 Nancy Strauss
23950 sid koch
23951 Rex go for it … Ron Paul!
23952 J. R. Wagner III Mr. Paul, as a former Texan from Texas City I want to urge you to bring your vision to the Whitehouse.

This is the time that your country needs you.
23953 Riyad Abu-Taha We need Courage.

We need Honesty.

We need Common Sense.

We need Ron Paul.

I am a Democrat. But, I am sick and tired of both parties.
23954 Kory You run, I’ll pound the pavement for you. Please Sir, I can imagine how much energy it takes…. but give it one more shot. God Bless.
23955 Christopher Malen
23956 Josh Marks
23957 Gail Clark
23958 Name not displayed
23959 Justin
23960 Name not displayed For Liberty!
23961 James LaBute It’s time for THE REAL HOPE AND CHANGE!!
23962 Robert Santon Ron Paul is the next Thomas Jefferson…We need him NOW, or else our country is going to continue to collapse with corruption!
23963 Peg McIntyre
23964 Matthew Crandall Hope for America!
23965 Ryan Gibbons You’re our last hope, please pull us out of this ditch.
23966 Jessica
23967 kalevi Kurronen
23968 Name not displayed
23969 Peter Kurronen
23970 Name not displayed We need your kind of leadership and supporter of the constitution and liberty of this country!
23971 Avery Bellis We need you to steer us away from a dark American future. Your actions will have a huge impact on how the future of the planet unfolds.
23972 abigail poulin
23973 Name not displayed I saw you in Ft. Wayne. Loved it!
23974 Matt Galloway we need our individual liberties..we need ron paul.
23975 Thomas Pisula
23976 Name not displayed
23977 John Lundquist
23978 Joshua Garcie
23979 Timothy William Kauffman The r3VOLution continues…
23980 jim stilwell America loves you!! Ron Paul 2012!!!!!!
23981 John
23982 Name not displayed Amazing person.
23983 Name not displayed word to ya motha
23984 Ian Day Please run Dr. Ron Paul!
23985 Paul Buchignani (PawnStorm) Dear Dr. Paul - Just say the word and I will once again join in your battle to restore our lost liberties. I pledge to be a loyal and valiant fighter for your campaign!
23986 Joe Hauke
23987 Thomas Szymanski
23988 Damien Oliver Looking forward to supporting you as you spread the message of liberty.
23989 Todd Kandaris We need a REAL president Ron, please run. I pledge my support, my fortune and my time. I will give all I have to contribute.
23990 Sam Alva
23991 Chipman The ideas that cause us to support Ron Paul are his Austrian economic views, ending the Fed, radically changing our foreign policy, and the overall reduction of the power of the federal government.
23992 Name not displayed
23993 Andrew Arkley
23994 Soverign American America needs you now more than ever. I’m excited for the year 2012!! America loves you much!!
23995 Scott Hutchinson We Love you, Dr. Paul!

This just needs to be said: Thank you so much for the years of ardent efforts you have made to keep America free! Please do try to be our president, we need you!
23996 dan stenberg
23997 sharla foster
23998 Kenneth Armstrong
23999 Tyler Sampson
24000 Byron Brand God bless Ron Paul

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