Signatures 20,001-25,000

Number Name Comment
24001 Chris Thomas
24002 Robert Morris
24003 jeffrey d skarupa Do it. God Bless America.
24004 Jeffrey Dier Fair Tax all the way!!!!!!
24005 ronald paul
24006 William Hendricks Please Run Dr. Paul - You’re our last best hope for Liberty
24007 Julia King
24008 Name not displayed
24009 Name not displayed
24010 Name not displayed make the illusion of choice a thing of the past!
24011 Name not displayed
24012 Name not displayed
24013 Name not displayed I would support and follow you 100% Mr. Paul, because I know whatever decision you make is in the best interest in the future of our country.

Semper fi.
24014 Avery Shockley Please Ron, help us take our country back.
24015 Jeffrey Burton At this crucial time in America’s history, we need a President with the the integrity and courage to steer this nation back from the precipice. I can think of no one more capable of this task than Dr. Ron Paul.
24016 Greg Bring back the Constitution, please.
24017 Name not displayed We can’t fool around anymore, the US NEEDS a solution, and that solution is you Dr. Paul!
24018 vincent alu now is the time, more than ever, you will win!!!!
24019 Name not displayed
24020 Eric Hancox There is no finer candidate for the position than Dr. Paul.
24021 tom briken i love you ron
24022 Name not displayed
24023 Brendan Manning
24024 Charles W. McClure Jr. Dr. Paul - we need you, this country needs you. The business as usual Republicrats are killing our country, and our boys are overseas dieing for the benefit of the military industrial complex, not for our liberty.
24025 Nathan Hightman
24026 Blackii Whyte Please run Dr. Ron. . .there is no other that can do this job. . .we got no leaders. . .we got no thinkers. . .we got only "Politicians", and most of them are Lawyers. . .and, by nature "they" are two-faced and can lie easily with a straight face. . .so, these kinds of people can "not". . .’Represent’. . .!!
24027 Jonathon Williams
24028 Sam Dougherty we need ron to help save our country, revolution is the only alternative.
24029 Peter "It is no measure of health, to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society."

-Jiddu Krishnamurti
24030 Randy Vera
24031 Chad Evans
24032 Cynthia Vera
24033 Ginny Creyer May God grant you and your family the strength to carry on with your mission and message of freedom.
24034 Mike Glastonbury Run Ron Run!!
24035 Shon Mann Do it man
24036 Samantha
24037 Russell E. Romine
24038 Susan Ensor
24039 Arrin Stoner
24040 Name not displayed A soldier supports you!!!
24041 p . harrington
24042 Gary Ives
24043 Thomas Roland Chavonelle
24044 Name not displayed Ron Paul 2012!!
24045 Matt Sakers
24046 Name not displayed I will work for Dr. Paul’s bid for presidency!
24047 Becky Ili We need you.
24048 Lauren
24049 Rachelle Jones
24050 Name not displayed
24051 William G. Thompson, Jr.
24052 John D’Ambrosia
24053 Natalie Frometa
24054 Dion Makris
24055 Gil Effron We need Ron Paul to stop the runaway train before it’s too late and get us back on the right (Constitutional) track
24056 Jeffrey Thornton
24057 Pat Coleman I never took down my Ron Paul campaign sign from the last election. The quiet majority needs Ron Paul to run again.
24058 Nicholas Price
24059 Ben Garner
24060 JM Terrell
24061 Gordon Caie The cards are up in the air Dr. Paul.

You have to be there when they all hit the ground and need to be put back together the right way.
24062 John Schorr Hope…Change we can believe in…I believe!!
24063 Name not displayed
24064 Brett Riley Thank you for showing me what true liberty means!!!
24065 Carrie Wrenn I donated to the money bomb and will support you in any way I can.
24066 Jason Dittmer I’ll vote for him!! I hope he runs!!
24067 miguel turbay we need you again ron and my family also

need your support again and we want our

freedom and to live , work enjoy very peaceful and again ron age is not in issue

so we need to cut that crap with age and i

know you are very healthy and going strong

again and going to run president ill be very

24068 Gene S.
24069 gary cuch Dr. Paul, you are our only hope.
24070 Robert Pyle We need your sound truth voice in the wilderness of Politricks.
24071 Dr.Daniel Coleman Go Ron Go.
24072 Nicole
24073 Tim Reichstein
24074 Joseph A. Gilb This is our last chance.
24075 BOB HARVEY return to the constitution, thats the only way to have sound government
24076 Keith Drummond
24077 Name not displayed
24078 Name not displayed
24079 Marion Griffin
24080 Jennifer Myers RON PAUL 2012!!!!
24081 Samuel Folk
24082 Name not displayed
24083 ml von elmendorf if not now . . . WHEN?
24084 Karen Merchant Please help us to get our country back; even our children don’t understand what we have lost and need to reinstate. It is incumbent upon those of us who remember!
24085 Martin Tippet
24086 Name not displayed We need to wake the other people up !!!!!!!!!!
24087 Dan DeBilt
24088 Name not displayed
24089 Robert Atkinson
24090 Francisco Martinez
24091 Paul Parker
24092 Nick Nikola Donation to follow
24093 Name not displayed Ron Paul 2012!
24094 Mari
24095 Ben
24096 Name not displayed if you do try to remove the federal reserve system

they will kill you as they have done to so many others

don’t get JFKed !
24097 Robert Whiting We pwn the dome, Ron is our only hope!
24098 Arlin Combs Please put God first.
24099 Stewart Lets end the "Fed" Mr. Paul.
24100 Peter Brenchley still ranting your name to eveyone I know baby!
24101 Ray McGill
24102 David Bier Run Dr. Paul!
24103 Shane Van Nest
24104 Name not displayed Ron Paul, perhaps the last honest man In Washington,with spine enough to stand up to the fed.
24105 Daniel Ehara
24106 Andrew Meyer Bring peace to the country and wisdom to the banks!
24107 Name not displayed make the determination on your part to run we need you
24108 Daniel and Freda Forrester Ron Paul is the only candidate who can lead us out of this mess. No other candidate will receive our votes to lead our Nation.
24109 Name not displayed Direct from Madison, WI!
24110 Daniel Self Mr. Paul please run in 2012…
24111 Jason Beebe
24112 Stephen Collins
24113 David Rogers I’ve been a supporter for a few years now. I hope your time is NOW.
24114 William Russell
24115 Jacob Zinser
24116 Michael Farrell Take Our Responsibility and Freedom Back
24117 Anne Ward You are my hero. The only defender of freedom left who isn’t afraid to call a spade a spade. In fact, you call a spade a frigging shovel!!! Thank you for standing up for us.
24118 Grady Youngblood
24119 sue smith
24120 Name not displayed
24121 Name not displayed Keep up the good work on upholding the US constitution, kick ICLEI out and don’t support any bills that is for the United nations, don’t forget about the lowincome, and disabled
24122 Name not displayed
24123 Name not displayed I will vote for you.
24124 Jeremiah Brauhn Lets do it!
24125 Laura North
24126 Michael Ponicsan Please lead us and run for the presidency again.
24127 Steve Powell We need Ron in the Presidents seat.
24128 Name not displayed We need someone who honors our founding fathers and what they wanted for America. Ban the fed!
24129 Alex Nesteruk
24130 felix j meyette
24131 William Michael Grace Do it. Please.
24132 Keith Hoffman
24133 NIVALDO You have my support
24134 Brandon Ling
24135 Rebecca Flett
24136 Name not displayed If you run, you will win.
24137 Wayne Wood Thank You Mister Paul. You are truly the hope for America
24138 Kirsten Glidewell
24139 TOM CATERINO America needs you now more than ever.
24140 andrea alexander
24141 Rebecca Meyer Please run, we need you Ron!
24142 John Vincent No entangling alliances!!
24143 Henry R Allred Run Ron Run!
24144 Celia Andrus
24145 Anthony Wayne Hughes, Jr I donated to libertyPAC because I figured that was the only way I could reach you. I supported your campaign in 2008 and would support you again in 2012.
24146 Gail Stanley
24147 Name not displayed
24148 Olivia Lavine
24149 Name not displayed
24150 George Lobos
24151 Mathew Mullin Ron Paul, you’re my true hero
24152 Jacob Zinser
24153 Deanna Klastow
24154 Eric Knutson Ron Paul in 2012
24155 Jared Ragsdale
24156 mark pontius
24157 Chad Sheeks Okay so this time I really am looking for change. I don’t agree with everything you support. However I do believe you are (hopefully) whats best for the people at this moment. Run Ron Run
24158 Name not displayed
24159 Name not displayed
24160 Name not displayed Ron Paul is the true peoples candidate, pass the word!!! Please
24161 Julio Arrieta
24162 Harold Newman
24163 Name not displayed
24164 Rita Yost
24165 Linda Davis Run Ron, Run!!!
24166 Name not displayed
24167 Erin Johnson
24168 Name not displayed I have 1 vote , and its yours. be careful the powers that be wont like being brought down. We really need to be able to rid ourselves of all the complicated network of freedom retarding laws and regulations , that are meant to enslave the general public.
24169 John Triefus We’re only going to get one more shot at this and we can’t mess up
24170 Maria Taylor God bless you!
24171 Jeff Semenas
24172 Name not displayed Hawaii needs a president who can free it from the illegal occupation - cannot annex a country by congressional agreement.
24173 charles beaird
24174 randy reynolds
24175 John Padilla I believe is in the Constitution, I support Ron Paul
24176 Judy Morris
24177 Joe M. You’re our only hope to restore this Republic…Rome is burning! We need you!
24178 Thomas James Mesko i want rid of these self appointed demi-gods that care for nothing but the generating of power and currency off of our backs!its time to take back whats ours,one way or another!
24179 Rev. Nagi Mato
24180 Shari y Johansson
24181 Angela Garland
24182 Name not displayed
24183 Name not displayed
24184 Name not displayed
24185 Brenda
24186 Name not displayed
24187 Kevin Stritzinger Green party, Democrats, and Independents should all back Ron Paul in this Presidential election. It’s clear no one else in either party has the balls to put the populis over the corporations. From food, to energy, to the drug war, to foreign relations . . . Ron Paul will do what is right. Peace and FREE MARC EMERY!
24188 Steve Smith Ron Paul 2012!
24189 Johnathan W. Sluder
24190 Name not displayed
24191 Shannon Michaud
24192 Bill Run Ron Run!
24193 Chris Layfield
24194 Robert Anderson I will be supporting your run for President
24195 Name not displayed Glad I got to see him in person!
24196 Amber N. Bauske I believe in you Ron Paul! You have already done so much for us.
24197 Peter Neubert
24198 Emily Ripsom Fight the good fight!
24199 Christopher Shock Anyone else would just be a band-aid…
24200 Gina Carmack
24201 roy rhea
24202 Steven Ingram Ron Paul gets IT. He has a sound monetary policy and overall political policy with Liberty at its core. He has a great and realistic oppurtunity in 2012 to lead us and will have my support.
24203 Albert Olofsson Honesty will prevail and the future is ours to regain.
24204 Amanda Szalewski We need you Ron!!!!
24205 Lorie Podolak Run to return common sense and decency to Washington
24206 Name not displayed god bless america
24207 Judith Marshall This country needs you badly at this time.
24208 Eric Bakly We need a strong and constitutional leader for our nation
24209 John Claffey
24210 Sandy Williams
24211 Name not displayed
24212 Tiffany Wunsch I believe in you Ron Paul! Lets do this!
24213 jim tily
24214 Jared Hawn
24215 Josh Fields You’ve got my vote.
24216 William Eric Thomas Now MORE THAN EVER America NEEDS and is READY for RON PAUL!!!!! PLEASE, for Freedom’s Sake, Ron RUN!
24217 Joey Vining
24218 James Clayson In todays fascist global corporate world, a victory for individual liberty in the U.S.A. would be a victory in every country in the world.
24219 Connie Pearson Ron Paul… If not you, WHO will help our country HEAL? …looking forward to a healthier country!
24220 Terence Kruger I pray that you would not only run but win the White House in 2012!
24221 Kevin Deet I believe Ron Paul is the only candidate who will reign in the federal reserve, get us out of these disastrous wars, and turn this country back into the glorious constitutional republic it once was. He has my vote!!!
24222 Scott Bajgrowicz
24223 Todd Bouton
24224 Christopher Go for this or Governor!
24225 Jonathan Ficaro I believe that Ron Paul can help lead the nation in healing itself… If he were to win the Presidential election we’d all need to work with eachother towards our common goal… no one man can save a nation!!!
24226 Name not displayed
24227 Rhonda Keene PLEASE help protect our constitution and the unborn!
24228 Name not displayed I’m here to help in the Good fight.
24229 micah luethje
24230 Phillip We the people need ron in 2012 our only hope
24231 Christopher Pacheco Ron Paul….I’m ready to back you up 100 %
24232 Jennifer Scanlon Backing you 100%, Dr. Paul!
24233 Omar Arrieta 100% Support
24234 Matthew Brown
24235 Rebecca Moore please run Ron, we need a Constitutionalist that will defend the constitution and we the people!
24236 Marc Lasky Why don’t more people get it. The answer is LESS government.
24237 Akil Hashim We need a drastic change.
24238 Craig McKinley
24239 Stuart Ashley
24240 Robert araujo
24241 Name not displayed GO Paul!
24242 Arthur Lancaster
24243 Name not displayed
24244 Name not displayed America NEEDS you! Please help
24245 Name not displayed Run Ron Run. We believe in you and in the restored and revitalized America.
24246 Name not displayed
24247 Joseph Gallo
24248 Name not displayed I am 39 years old and just sent in my first ever political contribution to libertypac… I sincerely hope Dr. Paul will run (and WIN) in 2012!!
24249 John Zwengel I supported Ron Paul since 2007. He has my full support in 2012 … myself and my newly acquired radio station in Columbia, TN
24250 Name not displayed
24251 Jim Hand
24252 Name not displayed
24253 veronica
24254 Brent Hannah
24255 Ryan Harter PLEASE save us RON!!!!!!!!
24256 john perkins
24257 Billy Krukowski Ron Paul for President, Mitt Romney for VP
24258 Derek Thomas Go ron paul! End the irresponsibility and fight this globalist agenda!
24259 Name not displayed As most probably the only honest man left in govt, who wishes to get back to the original meaning and intent of the Constitution of the US, as I do, I urge you to consider running [and winning] a bid for the Presidency of the US.
24260 Name not displayed
24261 Name not displayed Please go for it Ron Paul as this country is going down hill fast. Bring back the constitution.
24262 jason rodriguez VICTORY!
24263 Manuel Rodriguez Run DR., Run!!!!!
24264 Ryan Jennings
24265 Name not displayed
24266 Name not displayed
24267 Mark Pollard Please run for president and never compromise your values and beliefs.
24268 Catherine Parker HELP
24269 James Cook Ron Paul please know that you have a strong following and you will be very successful this coming election year, you have a true chance for presidency and you see it.
24270 Name not displayed What once sounded "out there" now makes sense. Minding our own business…what a concept!
24271 Name not displayed if Ron can’t do it, who can?
24272 Gene Brokaw Our country needs your leadership, Ron!
24273 miranda
24274 Name not displayed
24275 Joseph Ray Connor Stay true to the Constitution.
24276 Mark Hudson
24277 Rebecca Shadrick It’s time.
24278 Name not displayed
24279 Dillon Riecke Dear Dr. Paul, This will be the first election I will be old eligible to vote in. It would be a shame to have to vote for anyone but you. Please run for president 2012.
24280 Jeff Button I voted for you in 2008. I’d love the chance to do it again in 2012
24281 Jared Goodyear Please hit the Iraq War HARD and hit your Republican counterparts HARDER on the following:

- Illegal immigrants committing crimes on American soil

- Fighting foreign wars that hurt national interests

- The Internal Revenue Service

- Government spending and government reform

- Foreign lobbyists
24282 jay remington Heavenly father, thank you for delivering Ron Paul in the likeness of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and may you empower him to victory in 2012.
24283 robert
24284 Peggy Kesserlis
24285 Name not displayed
24286 Name not displayed please run, i am sure we can get you one of them pope-mobile bubbles:) love your spirit sir
24287 Paul B. Fletcher Come on R.P. With you at the helm we know we have a good chance at surviving as a Republic.
24288 Vincent V. Versurah, Jr. I voted for him (by write in vote) for President in Florida last time. Please be there and give people a (the) only intelligent choice!
24289 Name not displayed
24290 BRIAN GEISWITE Look forward to voting for you soon.
24291 JT Williams I have not voted since Ross Peroe…I do not believe in voting for the lessor of two evils. In good conscience I can vote for Ron Paul .
24292 Mike Barnes
24293 Name not displayed There has never been a better time for your messge to be heard.
24294 J. Macy
24295 Name not displayed
24296 Name not displayed Peace through love through peace
24297 Kurt
24298 Peter Duffield
24299 Name not displayed We need you. Now more than ever
24300 Steve Ingram
24301 Tracy Thompson Help us Ron!
24302 Jim Self Ron Paul may the last hope for the republic. We can’t survive another 4 more years of business as usual…either with the republicans or the democrats. We need real leadership to ensure America returns to the path of prosperity and hope.
24303 Ben McLennan
24304 mary smith
24305 Name not displayed It’s imperative that you run and win in 2012.
24306 Tyler Turner There’s no man better for the job. We need you.
24307 Nancy Rice
24308 Peter Atkinson
24309 Wayne Ivey
24310 Ronald Jones I couldnt think of a better man to run.
24311 Name not displayed
24312 Name not displayed Please run. We can’t allow Sarah Palin to have a shot.
24313 John Henegar People now will understand what is at stake after the Obama catastraphe. This is the time to get our country back on the right course!
24314 Peggy Chambers
24315 Kip Stainbrook
24316 Kimlee Davis I feel like you are the only one that makes sense anymore. And I hope you know that I am NOT the only one.
24317 LJ Salvo
24318 Nicholas C. Cook
24319 Jane Borst Hope my 2008 bumper sticker will again be relevant. Counting on you, Ron.
24320 Albi Kavo Good luck Mr. Paul!
24321 Harrison Kjell Go ron paul go!
24322 Name not displayed Pls ensure your security is really in so when you make changes big brother does not want, you don’t get assinated!
24323 Larry Graham
24324 daniel cooper
24325 Lou Lippincott Democrat voters NEED to change their party affiliation in states where the primaries are "closed" (meaning you can only vote for your registered party, check out your state here: Since Obama will certainly be the Democrats nominee for 2012, and there is no purpose in voting in a Democratic Primary, registered Democrats should change to registered Republicans and VOTE for RON PAUL in the Republican Primary of 2012, to keep Sarah Palin from even getting a chance at the Presidency. Ron Paul is the only Republican to oppose the war in Iraq, the only Republican to vote to limit spending, and voted against President Bush’s Patriot Act.

With Ron Paul as the Republican nominee voters would get a real choice in President for 2012. A choice of Obama or Palin shouldn’t appeal to any voter in my opinion. Changing party affiliation is simple and can be done online:
24326 Benjamin Tappan Ron we need you
24327 Greg Johnson
24328 Stephen L Guardino Jr
24329 David Harkness
24330 Wendi Wolters
24331 Breanna Harkness
24332 Rev. Jacob M. Lake
24333 Maximilian Paul Never before, in my lifetime, have I heard a candidate for presidency of the United States speak such wisdom and sanity.

"None can love freedom heartily but good men; the rest love not freedom but license." John Milton

If you truly are a good man and prize freedom above all, and not just license to abuse what freedoms remain, remember Ron Paul is the only candidate who’s truly fighting for you.
24334 Mark Zaharis Its now or never to regain our freedom and our country!!!
24335 Tara Hartke
24336 michael monico if ron doesnt run i will boycott all elections….i strongly believe in his message…the last truth teller in my opinion….take care
24337 Name not displayed
24338 Shane E Guernsey
24339 Samuel Hayes Go Dr. Paul we believe in you!!!!!
24340 James Sims
24341 Abrighterfuture Lets go Ron. You better run for the 2012 election the world needs a positive change.
24342 Name not displayed
24343 Name not displayed YOU BETTER ELECT HIM!?!
24344 Karissa Higgs You got my vote for sure Dr. Paul!!!!!!
24345 tom koehler
24346 Alfred Rocha
24347 Alfredo H Go Ron Paul woo hoo
24348 Josh Murray
24349 Jay Brenner
24350 Tara Brenner
24351 Name not displayed Dear Sir,we need your views and opinions to reflect how our government is operating. Please run for President in 2012.
24352 Dale Green
24353 Robert I am South African and have watched US politics for years - go the wrong way. I am definately for Ron Paul as he will reinstall the founding principles which made America great.
24354 Peter Wierzbicki
24355 Tony Messer
24356 Arlon Hill
24357 Jean Jacoby It is an honor to support Ron Paul for President in 2012. I would work passionately on his campaign as we are in desperate need of his leadership at this time.
24358 Eric Rewa
24359 Arthur Ron: Please run in 2012! We need you brother!
24360 Nate End the Fed!!! and CIA and IRS
24361 Name not displayed Please bring America back to its glory.God Bless
24362 Evan Beardsley RON PAUL 2012 your right on man
24363 Amy END THE FED!!!
24364 Danielle Barski
24365 Thomas C. Clark We desperately need leadership you can bring , the only one on the stage that can pull out the win. You’re our only hope Dr. Ron Paul.
24367 Adam Albright Please run. And people, please forward the petition to your friends and relatives before it is too late.
24368 Name not displayed
24369 Robert Rufo I believe in you Mr. Paul bring us back to our senses and give us liberty! please run in 2012 i’ll help as best I can on my part to spread the word thank you
24370 daniel armijo You’ve got my friends and I behind you!
24371 Nicolette Moncure
24372 Joshua Martin America needs you. Please run in 2012.
24373 Devyn Yates Paul for President.
24374 Patrick Richardson
24375 Bill when the gov’t is treating 1million $’ s as pocket change, it is time to clean the slate. Ron Paul getting elected would be a great start.
24376 Marc LeMaster Please talk with Herman Cain and do a pres/VP ticket during the primary. Then the media will have a difficult time attempting to dismiss your campaign.
24377 Steven R Penney Run Ron Run… When decorum is repression, the only dignity free men have is to speak out. Abbie Hoffman
24378 Jimmy Rumney
24379 John Wayne
24380 Ian Gregor Burnett
24381 Don Rose We need honest and trustworthy men and women to be in positions of power in our government. Men and women who will be guided by the original intent of Constitution and who will put the interests of the people before their own personal agenda.
24382 Name not displayed
24383 Name not displayed Paul and Paul for a return to an America with Integrity.
24384 Matthew D Hollis
24385 Name not displayed We need a turn-around in 2012. Please run for President, this country needs you desperately.
24386 Hailey
24387 Margaret Morgan I would proudly support Ron Paul for President 2012
24388 Roger A DeVries RUN RON RUN !
24389 Micah Lane Viva La Revolution!!! Audit the FED
24390 Pat Walsh Go Ron Go
24391 Paul Otlewski Thank you so much for what you are doing sir, Please consider running again. We can do it this time!
24392 Rodney Blackburn You will win! God has your back!
24393 John Lewis Eaton JR.
24394 Manuel Castro We need you.
24395 Andy Jones Make America Great Again!!!!
24396 Francis Walsh Ron Paul!
24397 Spartan Rubicon You got’em running scared Ron! Keep going! to the White House!
24398 Kyle Gray If you run and try and help me, I will help you however I can.
24399 tali olmi Keep up the good work
24400 Name not displayed GO PAUL!
24401 Name not displayed I know that whatever you continue to do Dr. Paul, you’ll make a difference. But, if you don’t run and win the presidency, I’m gravely worried about the kind of difference the next big gov politician might make. Please save the gov from itself by deciding to run it. PLEASE! :)
24402 pat cowen
24403 Name not displayed
24404 Joe DiRisio
24405 Frank Wilson Please!!
24406 Cathy Olsen Ron Paul 2012!
24408 Laura Gainey
24409 Steven Dowden
24410 Jeremy Peterson Ron Paul Run! Your the only hope for the Republic!
24411 Chris Jester No other person can do the job correctly. Don’t just run Ron Paul. Win Ron Paul!
24412 Name not displayed
24413 Anthony
24414 scott Lee
24415 Blake Miller We are tired of corporate puppets!
24416 Name not displayed America needs your leadership!!!
24417 Danny Childs
24418 Darrell W. Brown
24419 Dean Hassinger
24420 Name not displayed There’s no one else to vote for. As long as you oppose insufficiently tested genetic modification of food, the Federal Reserve, and will cut the budget, I promise to vote for you.
24421 Andrew Miller END THE FED!
24422 Karen Huffman Don and I will give you our votes like we did in 2008. If you would rather run for Senate, or even retire with Carol and the grandkids, we will still support your decision, because we are grateful for your faithful and ballsy stand, and support for all of US who want peace, prosperity, liberty, and justice for all.
24423 Jessica Auger Mr. Paul, I believe you are our only hope to help fix this country! I don’t normally agree with Republicans, but you ACTUALLY have a brain! I am so happy to see a politician with an actual concern for the people of this country. Please run for President in 2012. You CAN win and I WILL convince everyone I know to vote for the only worthy candidate.
24424 Andrew Miller I want to pledge allegiance to the country where I live

I don’t want to be ashamed to be American

But opportunity no, it don’t exist

It’s the opiate of the populace..
24425 Blair Stevenson
24426 Joseph Lecoure We need someone like you Ron Paul. I’ve never felt passionate about voting for any president until I heard about you and your Ideas. We need you good man. We need you.
24427 Chuck Faulkner
24428 Clint Robins We need you Mr. Paul
24429 Name not displayed I voted him for Prez last time & I will do so again IF he runs!
24430 Paula Goldfish America needs you!
24431 Aaron Foreman
24432 Mark Hamilton I proudly serve in the Navy Please be my Commander In Chief. America needs your leadership I believe in the new direction we need to take and I know you are the one that will lead us.
24433 Name not displayed Run Ron!
24434 Roger Harris
24435 James Robinson At first I thought Ron Paul was on the fringe, but after researching nearly every issue that he supports & why he supports it, I saw how he was telling the truth about where America is headed if we do not return to timeless constitutional principles-rather quickly. Our foundation is crumbling, our house is falling, and Paul understands the reasons why & isnt afraid to express the obvious solutions & speak the truth. Any honest investigation into this will reveal it to be such. You’ve got our support Dr. Paul!
24436 Jason Merwin Ron Paul 2012!
24438 Steve Nobis
24439 Michael Nemirovsky
24440 Jason Lavertue
24441 Ryan
24442 David Childers
24443 Chris Colman If it is the Lord’s will he will lead our country.
24444 Edd Dykshoorn Jr Good Luck, Ron
24445 Name not displayed A candidate that gets us
24446 Melinda S. Stinnett VOTE LIBERTY!

24447 Roger F. West
24448 Dan Jones We need sanity in government now.
24449 jason wendt
24450 Anita Garvey
24451 Patricia Gambol If Dr Paul’s platform included random drug and alcohol screening for politicians he woul be our next president
24452 John Carr
24453 Renee PLEASE!! WE NEED YOU!
24454 John Holditch If not now, when? This is the year — there isn’t a single rational Republican alternative to you. Crazies like Palin and Bachmann; stuffed shirts like Romney, Pawlenty and Newt — we desperately need some one with intellect and principles to stand up to the military/industrial complex, restore a sane foreign policy, and restore civil liberties and respect for the rule of law. Let’s have a choice, not an echo, and run someone we can be proud to vote for!
24455 Name not displayed We are desperately in need of a president who cares about us, the American people.
24456 Lou Windsock I am a PCO for the republican party in Spokane Washington. You are supported by almost 2/3 of our central comittee!!! Run and be supported!!! America needs you!!!
24457 Joe woodfin We need you now!
24458 Rani Clark Dr. Paul I would be HONORED to live in a country that you were president of, God Bless you Dr. Paul, America needs YOU more then ever
24459 Jeanne Petersen Bring the troops home !
24460 Name not displayed
24461 Riley Evans Keep on fighting the good fight!
24462 Name not displayed
24463 Phil Tuttobene
24464 William Daly
24465 Will Ryan Your book "End the Fed" opened my eyes help open more of the American populance by running for president in 2012.
24466 Daniel L Thomas Ron, our country needs men like you. This is our time. Please run.
24467 David Johnston
24468 WeAreChange Kansas City one way or another, WE NEED PEOPLE LIKE YOU
24469 Name not displayed
24470 Name not displayed
24471 Name not displayed
24472 Ann Cannon
24473 David young Statesman Ron Paul, you are our drive!
24474 Dianne Mabie We need someone to really represent the people and not special interest groups.
24475 mark mcrae Run Paul Run !!!
24476 Nathan Baer Bravo and Thank You!!!
24477 Name not displayed
24478 Name not displayed
24479 Norm Crawford There are so many to vote against. Ron Paul I would vote FOR.
24480 Kristen Kobzeff
24481 C.Chamberlain
24482 Name not displayed
24483 Martin Bobak God blees ya.
24484 Carolyn D. Glass God give us one more chance !
24485 Jeremy Butte
24486 robert mccoll Make me proud to be an american again.
24487 Name not displayed I’ve been following Ron Paul for the last 5 years and I’m so happy to know that he might be running again for the next term. I agree with his policies to get back to our constitution.
24488 Name not displayed
24489 Linda Arceneaux Ron Paul ~ President 2012!
24490 Petri hyde The only person im ever going to vote for is Ron Paul
24491 Nel Pastel
24492 Sheraz Peace with everyone and everything
24493 Kerry White
24494 Dennis Martin If not you,then who.You had my vote last time,and this time as well.I will assist in anyway I can.
24495 Brandon Monroe The answer to 1984 is 1776!
24496 Dustin Townsend
24497 John Zampino
24498 Nick Go Ron, we need our liberty back….."We aint skeer’d of no terrorists!"……. Really though, Our injustice system is responsible for more deaths than have been caused by terrorism. We want our rights, All of them. Now. The gov’t is a much bigger danger to the common man than the Jihadist.
24499 Cody, Dale, Marley
24500 paul robinson
24501 Steven James Lloyd
24502 Scxott Beard
24503 Don We need to stop the loopholes for Companies - i.e. BP takes all the expense of repairing and reconstruciton after the oil spill as Business Expense so the tax payers end up paying for BP’s mistake in the first place [email protected]#!%!
24504 Jayson Reimer
24505 Mr. Parham Go Ron!!!

I’ve come to realize that you are a visionary
24506 kazem
24507 Name not displayed
24508 Name not displayed
24509 James S Vann Jr
24510 Carlos B Lujan Go for it Ron. Let’s do it.
24511 Name not displayed Please Run!
24512 Aaron Richardson
24513 Name not displayed
24514 Rusty Kuciemba
24515 Rudie Fast
24516 Name not displayed fight for the people , not just talks
24517 Name not displayed
24518 Monique Balmer
24519 Name not displayed
24520 Cami Poole
24521 Blakely Jones You have my undoubted loyalty Mr. Paul. I believe you are the answer to many of the problems in Washington. If you can’t fix it nobody can.

I would appreciate it greatly if you ran for the office of president, if not for me, for the future of our wonderful country.

Thank you,

Blakely Jones
24522 Noah Haynes We stand behind you! Ron Paul for president!
24523 Justin Buell You have my vote, Doctor.
24524 Rik Garcia I would be very greatful to be able to vote you in…
24525 Veronica Bailey
24526 james I hope ron paul runs because he us the kind of president america needs.
24527 Ronnie Porter Do it Ron!! We’re standing next to you no matter the opposition!!
24528 bruce mccarthy
24529 Melissa Porter Go Ron!! You’re what we NEED!!!
24530 Jean Porter Run Ron!! Our nation REALLY needs your wisdom right now!!
24531 Ibrahim Zallum I’d rather not trouble you on account of age, but you are the best one America’s got in government.
24532 Elvis Barnes I like it.
24533 Alan All the way in 2012 - RP is the only one who can save us … I really believe that.
24534 robert Please Run.. america needs you
24535 Name not displayed
24536 Name not displayed The nation has been prepared by the last two years, and in 2012 will be more receptive than it was in 2008. Pain is an excellent teacher, after all.

I look forward to voting for you, Dr. Paul.
24537 Austin Stewart
24538 gary francis
24539 Anthony Calogero God Bless you.
24540 Tony Larimer Please dismantle the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK
24541 michael heston you are the united states only hope.
24542 Name not displayed I refuse to vote for ANY democrat or republican. Unless of course a REAL republican or democrat were to run. The only REAL republican I’ve seen since Barry Goldwater is Dr. Ron Paul. Please run in 2012, for the sake of our country!
24543 Robb Downs
24544 Richard
24545 Michael Flaminio Ron Paul has had my support since the first time I could vote and that will continue
24546 Steve Galdamez
24547 Robert McNeish
24548 taylor foster PLZZZZZ
24549 Andrew Vote for Ron Paul 2012!!!!!! He is willing to help America gain back FREEDOM!!!
24550 Marcel K Stein Dr. Paul, you are needed in these dark times. The constitution needs to be brought back.
24551 Name not displayed I think we need you…
24552 John L. Bokus
24553 Jeffrey Williams please find a way to eliminate the federal reserve, and imprison the elites such as Rockefeller. I’m tired of bullsh*t and corruption in politics.
24554 Michael Get these fools out of office. I don’t think half the Congress has read the Constitution.
24555 Sheila Bynum
24556 ronna
24557 william carter america needs you.please run
24558 chris chel
24559 Name not displayed
24560 John Sokolowski Ron Paul, an honest man who has stood up for us all, we need your leadership. RUN!
24561 sandy nelson
24562 brett hammes save us!
24563 Name not displayed Let me know what has to be done.
24564 Paul Martin
24565 lena wilson
24566 Austin V Keep fighting the good fight!
24567 Lauren Gutleber Our last hope for REAL change.
24568 Name not displayed
24569 Gail Labrecque
24570 Name not displayed its such a tragic shame to see the government take advantage and steal from its people. its so very sad to see the government send our children to war based on lies. and greed. its pathetic to see the media cover celeberties rather then the truth. my grandfather didnt have the internet to show him the truth. but my future granddaughter will be brainwashed and conditioned and blinded from the truth by the same media corruption. we need a good man in politics, but more importantly, we need to stop being sheep. and spread the truth so that others can see. if your in your mid 20′s or late 30′s you know im right. our generation will be the first and last to see the truth thru the window we have been given because of internet and media. we cant waste this opportunity!!!
24571 Name not displayed End the wars and meddling abroad and fight for our future at home!
24572 Name not displayed
24573 Eric D.
24574 chris gualano It may already be to late for our country,But if not Ron Paul will be the one to turn things around.
24575 Name not displayed
24576 Justin Tunney You have my support completely!! It is time to take back control of the government. "FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE!!"
24577 Robert Edmiston
24578 Emily Roark From just very few times I’ve heard you speak I can see that perhaps you’re the Superhero for our future. I know that it will take ALL of us working together to keep America as it was originally intended.
24579 Drew Hirt
24580 ERIC MELTON I will not vote for anyone else.
24581 Steve Boehman PLEASE run for President—YOU are my first choice to save America!!!
24582 Name not displayed Nothing will change until there is massive banking reform.
24583 Name not displayed
24584 Susan Nelms Dr. Paul, we need you more than ever as our Republic is being taken over by statists that care little about our Founding Fathers and the documents and ideas that created this great country.
24585 Name not displayed
24586 Daniel Nelms
24587 Name not displayed Ron Paul is our modern day founding father!
24588 Name not displayed America needs you Ron Paul!!
24589 Dominic Morgan
24590 Ben Mehr We need so desperately a president that will stand for liberty and the contitution. I am done settling for the less corrupt, and I hope enough other Americans are too. We can make a difference and bring this country back to it’s formal glory, but we must do it together. I firmly believe Ron Paul is the best man for the job in 2012, and as soon as my wife and I receive our tax return we will make a contribution of $201.20. We are on a very tight budget, but we believe in Rep. Paul enough to make sacrifices.
24591 bethany wolfe you are are only chance of survival.
24592 Pablo Wolfe ron paul 2012
24593 A.Ibanez You are our Generations George Washington!
24594 gloria woodley The USA needs a Constitutionalist such as Ron Paul. The last President I voted for was Bill Clinton and I’m not bragging. I would vote for Ron Paul and I would rally for him.
24595 Deborah Jones
24596 Adam Tefft All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.

-Thomas Jefferson
24597 Name not displayed We need you…
24598 casey Hinerichsen please run this next year i was not of age to vote last time. yet this time i wish that i can vote for you. America needs a president that will lead us back from the path of war and greed, and back onto the path of liberty and peace. please run again.
24599 Alex Arrowood 4 votes here, my family and I!
24600 Joshua N. Davis
24601 Richard Clardy
24602 mal Ron Paul for Dictator 2012!!!
24603 Name not displayed I want our congressmen and senators to uphold our Constitution and to limit power to the Federal Reserve Bank Please help us start this change for the survivol of this and next generation, God Bless
24604 William Dexter Leyrer Whether or not a person believes that the world is coming to an end in 2012, there is no mistaking the definitive changes taking place on a global scale. I can think of noone with whom I’d rather have behind the wheel of this machine than Dr. Paul. He is the hope for the future of this country.

24605 don campbell
24606 Doug Fitzer
24607 Tony DiNapoli you got me into politics!
24608 jon connell win!
24609 Jonas Lady
24610 Scott Lennan Run, Ron, Run!!!
24611 Scott Heuman Now, more than ever, this nation NEEDS you. I’d like to see President Obama try to debate you.
24612 Austen S. Leake Give the people a choice Sen. Paul.
24613 Karen Myers I voted for Ron Paul last time… and I will again!!
24614 Jay Dunn
24615 Steven Hampton Austrian Economics will prevail…. Keynesians’ have reached the status of EPIC FAIL!
24616 george baca Our leaders have gone insane with greed. Be the voice of sanity.
24617 timothy donaldson Do it for your fellow man Ron Paul. You have our support. Alot has changed since the last election.
24618 Name not displayed
24619 Name not displayed Dr. Paul, we are all pulling for you. We believe America is ready for "real" change and you are the individual who must lead the charge.
24620 Name not displayed Please run & make it the best and honest campaign. Be honest about everything and you will win!
24621 Name not displayed Abolish obama 4 years early?

You bet your ass Ill vote for Ron Paul.
24622 Matthew Moore We need you more than ever Dr. Paul. You cured my apathy and are our only hope.
24623 B. Rhoades You have my full support!
24624 Name not displayed
24625 Rachel Rayner
24626 Robin McNallie
24627 Brandon Sparling We need you Ron Paul!!!!
24628 Ed Jucevic
24629 Jodi harvey
24630 Russ Bergin keep up the good work
24631 Dan McCall You are needed Dr. Paul. Let’s spread the message of freedom to a World that’s thirst for it!
24632 Terri Gillespie
24633 Adam Fox Disappointed in Barack Obama, disappointed in my party, disappointed in the system, but still holding out hope for America.
24634 Jodie Emery Ron Paul is one of my heroes. I love what he stands for. Please run for President, Dr. Paul!!!
24635 Theresa
24636 Benjamin Verd
24637 Steven Bacon GO RON GO!
24638 mike hallahan Ron Paul is the only man that will set america free
24639 Name not displayed thanks Mr. Paul.
24640 Thelma Atwood
24641 ray
24642 Matthew Antes
24643 Kristopher Apa
24644 Ken Wright Stay Honest and People will wake up and follow…
24645 Charlie You are the Modern Thomas Jefferson, and Champion of Liberty!
24646 Name not displayed
24647 Tino Campos we need your help Ron
24648 Dan Shelton
24649 Name not displayed
24650 Mohkam Singh
24651 Name not displayed
24652 Name not displayed Godspeed Dr. Paul!
24653 Sebastian WE NEED RON PAUL
24654 Ashley Shelton
24655 Leslie Mason We need Ron Paul to help this country out of the depression it is in. W/O responsible leadership, we are going to SINK!
24656 Jamie Clinton I see why ALL of the candidates fear Ron Paul, including the republicans! Not only is his record impeccable, but his vision both telescopic and panoramic…On paper, there’s never been a more righteous or omnipotent candidate…The antithesis of Barack Obama in every sense…This however could be a double-edged sword; R.P. never developed the charisma, necessary for most politicians, to both cover their tracks, and dance with the vetters! His actions spoke for him…I hope enough people get behind Ron Paul this time, he may be our country’s only hope!
24657 William Perry Wortman
24658 Steven Schouten
24659 Jessica Schreindl
24660 Andrew Adams
24661 Name not displayed Mr. Paul, I have enjoyed listening to both you your Son’s podcasts. Very interesting and educational. I really think you stand a good chance of winning the Presidency in 2012, I sense a real change in people’s awareness of the problems our nation faces, and, that it’s not going to get better without them personally getting involved and demanding real change at the ballot box by voting Ron Paul! I appreciate the work that you are doing.. fighting the good fight.
24662 Name not displayed Ron, Please do this; not because you want to but because we need you to. It might be an arduous and daunting job to do but you are the best person for it. Thank you for your continued service to this nation but we still need you and I understand you may want to call it quits after a long career fighting what may seem insurmountable odds but please do the country one more favor and run for President in 2012. Thank you.
24663 Name not displayed Please run in 2012.
24664 Edward D Keithly Dr Paul,

We can raise the money for you. We can make the phone calls for you. We can knock on the doors for you. We can fill the debate halls for you. We can do all that is necessary to beat back the forces of darkness and restore Liberty to this land by carrying your campaign to victory.

But only you can say Yes. Please, say Yes, and then let slip the dogs of war… or rather, the dogs of peace. Let us not let this moment slip away.
24665 Sandi Ron Paul has the only trustworthy track record!
24667 John Martin
24668 Mark Robinson Please Ron, run for president you will have my vote
24669 samuel fitzgerald
24670 Craig Frazier It’s about time we had a candidate worth running for president!
24671 Cristy H You are the only hope we have for real change, real freedom. You see the corruption for what it is, and are willing to stand up against it. I hope you make it, you may be our last hope. Call them out, don’t let them bully you, and please be careful.
24672 Name not displayed
24673 Lisa Van’t wout
24674 Name not displayed
24675 Timothy F. Keating Congressman Paul I would be honored if you were to represent myself and many others in 2012. Thank You Sir.
24676 Name not displayed
24677 Tina Norman
24678 Miguel Fernández Well, I wasnt sure if I should sign since I´m not american, I´m spanish, but I hope to move there some day, only if you win the presidential elecction of 2012 and if I convince my girlfriend so I´m signing here as an american citizen in potence. May the force be with you Ron Paul.
24679 JMT
24680 Michelle Martinez We need someone like you in office. But be careful once they realize you won’t be their puppet they might shoot you in the face or try to scare you out of office….
24681 Andrew Thomas This is a critical time in America’s history; we need someone like you to bring us back a proportionate size. Government and Spending are both out of control. Please run for president, America needs you!
24682 Michael Guerrios
24683 george w. abbott ron paul you have our support, we need an honest person for president that has the people and our country in mind not their pockets GOD BLESS
24684 Mary Morgan Please run for president and try to help us take America back.
24685 nick
24686 George A. Brudos Thank you and your family for all your work.
24687 Name not displayed We need a sane economic voice to come forward Mr. Paul. I’ll vote for you sir!
24688 James M. Hess
24689 Jareth Embrey We need thinkers. Those thinkers need to be fostered. We do NOT need AIPAC! Get these Zionists out of our country once you win, Ron! No Rothschild agent will get to you, not on our watch.
24690 Patrick Lee Coleman The people of America need a voice, and I strongly believe that Ron Paul is this voice. He speaks the cold hard facts about the changes needing to be made in this country.
24691 Mike Sutryk keep pushing, stay tenacious. really like hearing how the younger people in this country like what you’ve got to say and they’re the ones who probably make a really big difference in how things develop. believe me i will die for my freedom which i’ve known for 55 years, hope it doesn’t come to that.
24692 Janel Popwell
24693 Cynthia Kennedy Love you Ron, & hope that we’ll finally be out of bondage when you are POTUS!!!!!
24694 Patrick Paine We need you NOW more than EVER, Ron!!!!!
24695 Leslie Kaylor Please run and help our country, you seem to be one of the only politicians who is more concerned about the country’s well-being than personal gain. Thank you for being thoughtful and trying to make a difference.
24696 Name not displayed
24697 Emmet Ron Paul is America’s only hope.
24698 Lars Nilsson
24699 TIMOTHY COLE this time give us the CORRECT choice instead of right or left !! RUN DR. PAUL RUN!
24700 Joshua Quimby Personal Liberty. End the Welfare and Warfare state!!
24701 Name not displayed RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT
24702 Nathaniel Collard Ron Paul doesn’t strike me as someone very partisan. something we need more than anything in the white house.
24703 tom norkevich
24704 J. Doan Ron Paul stands for the values that our founders did. Our only hope is to get back to what is in our founding documents. The LEFT and RIGHT keep us distracted with their "ping pong" game. Meanwhile, our constitutional rights are eroding away.
24705 Name not displayed We need more politicians that can’t be bought and sold. Please don’t sell out like the rest. In the meantime Good Job.
24706 Name not displayed
24707 Blake Powell
24708 Name not displayed
24709 Chris Brennan
24710 Name not displayed I like every word that comes out of Ron Paul’s mouth when he speaks. Who better to run for the Presidency.
24711 Alex Caminiti Speak and act on the truth like you always have, Dr. Paul, and I will continue to support you.
24712 vitali sajkowski we doing it big in 2012!!!!!
24713 Stefan Mianowski America needs you!!
24714 John Parrish Ron, we need you and anyone that you would endorse. We have been sold out by both sides for so long that there is only one man we can trust, YOU
24715 Name not displayed
24716 Charles Judd
24717 steven roig Ive watched a lot of your debates and i love your commitment to the constitution, your views on foreign policies, and your commitment to the people of the united states.
24718 Joshua H I had only heard his name and not his message before the election, and I’m sorry for it. This man has fire for this country in his heart that could never be broken by the corrupted. Break the chains that enslave our people RON!! you’ve got my vote and 100% support, whatever it takes. Our grandpas would look down on us with shame if we didn’t fight right now for what is right.
24719 Name not displayed 2012 RON PAUL
24720 Name not displayed Please run so we can get America back on track!!
24721 Rebecca Quam Please Ron Paul, end the FED and bring our soldiers home. Let the neo-cons fight for their oil.
24722 Matthew M. Butschek
24723 Name not displayed Please run for President in 2012!!!! You have 150% of my support!! :)
24724 Tom Decf
24725 ian griffin you are our only hope
24726 Jacob Lucas Help to bring our liberty back to our nation
24727 Name not displayed
24728 Name not displayed 4 the win
24729 Ezekiel Steffens I’m ready for another round, you should be too!
24730 shirley j upvall
24731 erik upvall
24732 Bobby Edwards I will always REP Dr. Ron E Paul. Campaigning, elected, dead or alive, the ideals and practices of truth that are set as examples to us by such a mighty man are the great qualities that define a true leader.
24733 Bartlomiej Jozwiak Ron is already the moral winner - a matter of getting the rest of the people out of their coma.
24734 Miranda Sullivan It would be a sad feat if next year, for the very first time, I could vote for a man that I would be honored to have serve as my president, rather than the lesser of two evils.
24735 Sara Kyles
24736 Name not displayed go ron paul!!
24737 Allison Marion RRR=ROCK ON RON!!!!
24738 Hannah Traskos My truck is already flashing the "Ron Paul 2012" bumpersticker!!!
24739 rebekah waits
24740 Name not displayed America’s true Patriot
24741 Dustin Ron you have given me hope that America can still become the magnificently unique and prosperous country our fore fathers sacrificed all to craft. Thank You Ron!
24742 Tim Morris RON PAUL 2012!!!


THE ANSWER TO 1984 IS 1776!!!!
24743 Name not displayed
24744 Tom Nguyen Run Dr. Paul, run!
24745 Zachary Bennett
24746 Sean Fleck God Bless America - Long live Ron Paul.
24747 England You have my English Heart.

RON OAUL 2012!
24748 Kevin Galley Please bring REAL change to this country Ron!
24749 James G Congressman Paul has always fought for us in the past but now it’s time we fight for him. If we stand together, no one can stop us. Against the odds, the founders changed the world as few as they were. Now it’s our turn. Ron Paul 2012!
24750 Chris Whitney The "no government" philosophy is spreading. The power to initiate violence and the coercion of government cannot solve social problems. My family and I will vote for you.
24751 Zach Morgan I’m 21 years old and see where this country is heading. We need drastic change and you have the best shot at it Representative Paul.
24752 Tim Gallant Ron Paul is what western civilization needs right now.
24753 Bill Potting
24754 John Tezel
24755 Shana Lee Mehr For the first time in my life, my husband and I are going to be sending money toward a political campaign. Go Ron Paul for 2012!
24756 Caleb King Dear Ron, I am a dedicated Progressive and strongly admire your alliances with the few friends across the aisle - Nader, Sanders, etc. - who haven’t been bought or duped by the Corporatist henchmen ruling not only the GOP but the DNC, especially our Republican-In-Chief, Barack Wall St. Obama. You are a far better choice for traditional Progressives than Obama. Repeal NAFTA, CAFTA and the WTO and CUT MILITARY SPENDING. If you could make these the cornerstones of your agenda, Progressives would come flocking. Then again, this could be a stunt that you know will raise $ but not actually succeed.
24757 Name not displayed
24758 Thom Dunphy We need real change in this country. The buck thats been passed for over 50 years needs to be tackled, before it tackles us. Ron Paul is the only honest (hopefully) candidate. Donate money to LibPAC if you can and spread the word!
24759 Bryan Haefner
24760 brian sparks WE NEE YOU!!!
24761 emily sparks
24762 Sean Ardizzone Please Ron,

I have just found out about who you are and what you are doing for us. I served in the Army in OIF and OEF and am blown away at the lies we have been shoveled by the current and past "2-party" system. You have the support of me and my entire family for your Presidency in 2012
24763 Patrick Carpenter I’ve never supported a campaign…until now. Ron Paul is the only one who can right this ship. Ron Paul is the only one who can save America. I will tell anyone and everyone that will listen to vote Ron Paul in 2012. I know I will be.
24764 Andy Rogers Ron Paul 2012
24765 Sam Singletary You are the first politician I’ve come across who mirrors what I believe so accurately. I’ve never been active in raising awareness for politicians or political issues but I would be excited to do so if you were to make a run at the presidency. Best wishes in whatever you choose to do.
24766 Justin Bachelor Good people need to take up the positions in power. If they do not then the human race has a much lower chance at survival
24767 Evan R. My wife and I are both military and fully support Ron Paul. I have to agree with Bill Maher when he said: "If Americans were smarter, Ron Paul would be President.".
24768 John Hendren Please Run Ron…I want my grandchildren to have a free America…
24769 Adam Hood
24770 chasidy ott go ron
24771 patric bernier We need a president like this.ron paul is the man to elect in 2012 if anybody. he believes in real values, and has the general idea that freedom and liberty are more impotant than a little bit of government safety. do your research people, he is the man we need, by the way, i would like to say i am only 14 years old and think its time for a new style of goverment.
24772 Name not displayed
24773 Todd H
24774 Taylor O’Neill
24775 Jonathon make it happen, America needs him
24776 Patricia D G Cable You’ve got my support.
24777 Nix
24778 Matt Jacobs We support you Ron Paul
24779 Kathleen
24780 Name not displayed END THE FED!
24781 Name not displayed
24782 Eric Conaway
24783 John Vera Semper Fi!
24784 colby noe
24785 bob noe
24786 Name not displayed Ron Paul,

In the year 2012 I will finally be turning the age of majority. I look at my country now, and I see that it needs a man like you in the white house. You’d be the first President I vote for in my life, and I sure hope that you will be.

Christian Hustad
24787 Nathaniel Repay I can intern for you here in Des Moines!
24788 chris baltierra please look into larry carmean dan lungrens on it but I know u have more pull with true american people behind you. don’t let big government and corpations ruin our america. .. obama has done enough damage
24789 Scott Sanford Mr. Paul… this country needs your leadership. Please run again!
24790 Name not displayed
24791 rena mains
24792 Victoria Carter
24793 Bill Edwards I am still searching for the right person and You Keep popping up in My political conversations .with others who are also searching for the 2012 Presidential leader
24794 Derrick Regnier Mr. Paul,

Please run for president in 2012. I and many others are watching America be imploded and I believe you can save us. We need a real leader who stands for all the core values that America is represented by with our constitution. The spirit of America needs you.

If you run for 2012, I will market you in my daily travels as a contractor. Please bring the change on once and for all.

The Spirit of America demands a real leader and you are him. Paul / Palin ticket.
24795 Charles Mui "feeling powerless" Bush Sr. gets caught red handed stealing billions, 911 was an inside job and nobody responsible gets in trouble, patriot act gets pass rapping out civil liberties, trillions looted from the american people right in front of the world and the people responsible are laughing all the way to the bank, banksters treating our freedom like we are slaves, and the obvious rise of a one world order….. OUR ONLY HOPE IS RON PAUL!
24796 mark a brownfield jr
24797 Brent Delhamer "Let Freedom Ring & Bring Sanity to the Government"
24798 Name not displayed I know for a fact that many of my family and I would vote for you if you ran for president.
24799 Jameson Livingston We do not need another Bush/Obama. What we need is a leader.
24800 Manny
24801 Name not displayed
24802 Name not displayed
24803 William Etheredge The right man, at the right time…
24804 Tyler Ross
24805 Name not displayed
24806 Name not displayed
24807 Leah Baker
24808 Name not displayed
24809 Jason Talbot You may finally bring hope to the free market
24810 Catlin Price America needs an honest leader. Ron Paul for President.

24812 John Harms
24813 Name not displayed
24814 Name not displayed it.s time to end the wars….Dr.

it.s time to end the wars….Dr. Paul is the man that can do it.
24815 Nicole Ervin 2012 will be the first time I can vote for a president, and I want my vote to go to Ron Paul. He has the right mindset to turn this country back into what the Founding Fathers intended - freedom from a government that wishes to control every aspect of our lives. We need him to fix this unconstitutional government! Ron Paul 2012!
24816 Christopher Hebert You were the first person I voted for. Sadly, I found out about you only 2 months before the election in 2008, and didn’t get the experience of the movement until after. Run again Ron, you won’t be disappointed!
24817 Zach Jones
24818 Brett Hendrick I really would like congressman Ron Paul to run for president in 2012. I support his message and his ideas about foreign policy and auditing the Federal Reserve Board.
24819 Ted Jotte You will win this time !
24820 Name not displayed
24821 John Owens
24822 mario vitale run Dr Paul
24823 Gianfranco Candela For some time I’ve been trying to tell people around me about. I am very pleased with the support you are gaining. Please bring "Dignity" to America. God Bless
24824 John Porter
24825 Name not displayed Ron Paul as President would be the best thing to happen to America in a long time. As corrupt as this world is, there are too many powerful interests that would do anything they felt necessary to prevent a Ron Paul President. Nevertheless, I am with you.
24826 Bryan Watts For someone who is right on every single issue facing our country, we cannot afford to let anyone else lead us in 2012.
24827 Matthew Carter Ron Paul for President!
24828 William Doocey Hopefully you will actually run.
24829 George Yribarren
24830 Diane Westcott Ron Paul 2012
24831 Name not displayed
24832 Name not displayed I think Ron Paul has great ideas. There must be succession planning to continue his work
24833 Angelene Smith
24834 Name not displayed
24835 Name not displayed
24836 Kit Schmidt
24837 Brad M. Johnson We need you! You will have my vote!
24838 Frank Hall
24839 James T. Hitt
24840 Dennis Olson
24841 Tiffany L Trost
24842 Damon R Trost
24843 Name not displayed
24844 Name not displayed
24845 Dane Stokes Ron paul you are the "Hope and the Change" we should have gotten the first time..
24846 Cillian O’Donnell
24847 Raul Please run, sir. You’re our only hope against a government that regardless of people’s wishes appears hellbent on destroying everything we cherish and making sure world peace is not even remote consideration.
24848 Dee Stay true, and you definitely have my vote!
24849 Name not displayed
24850 Name not displayed This may be our last chance.
24851 Inderneil Bose Roy Chowdhury
24852 Name not displayed
24853 Aaron Askenback
24854 Rashell Berrean
24855 Josh
24856 Name not displayed
24857 Name not displayed Thanks for doing what you do.
24858 Name not displayed my primary concern is to end the fed so to speak through Ron Paul.most of the other beliefs are just bonuses
24859 Renate Santoro You represent hope!
24860 joe
24861 Jim Stockton
24862 Greg Hoglund
24863 Name not displayed
24865 Name not displayed
24866 Name not displayed
24867 Alan Jacobs Ron Paul is one of the few who has some backbone in this currupt, bought off congress
24868 kennith stephan jr i like ron paul’s answer to less government and the idea of stopping foreign aid that in itself would almost balance our budget
24869 giney newport
24870 Tom Richardell
24871 Aaron Roe The times they are a changing.
24872 Nicholaus Olson We have faith in you Doc
24873 Michael Latessa The truth and order to republic is need now
24874 Jack Calvert Dr. Paul tells us the truth, which isn’t always what we want to hear. He’s light-years removed from the cynical political expediency that so many of us, regardless of party, have come to loathe about Washington. At long last, a gutsy, honest candidate that freedom-loving Americans of every political stripe can support with a glad heart and a clear conscience.
24875 Mike King POWER TO THE PEOPLE……RON PAUL 2012
24876 Name not displayed
24877 Name not displayed
24878 Adam S. Chase Tired of confusion. To the Left, to the Right. False choices manipulated by color, anger. Whether tax payer, prayer sayer, or doomsday believer. We need a leader to lead. To give help to those in need, to allow it’s people a chance to succeed. Not a face, capable of smiling on a television screen. A heated burden one must carry, to oppose the powers with relentless hours. No easy to task for any man to ask. I offer my support; my mind, my courage, my words. I believe one of many, who would be willing to give their every last penny.
24879 Name not displayed
24880 Name not displayed
24881 Anita Derke
24882 Pedro Go Ron Paul!
24883 Jonathan Quigley Never before has a candidate captured every issue on the grounds of sound reason. He has my unwavering support.

All across America, the people are shouting "WE NEED RON PAUL!!!"
24884 Name not displayed
24885 Name not displayed For some reason you are a rare and extrodinary man and in the trying times this country needs the leader to point us in the right direction and begin coining our own curency and determine the value of and quit this theft of America by the Federal Reserve. It can be as simple as telling everyone that they will save a very large amount of money currently being taken illegaly for the interest being charged for printing the money for the year before. Thats right people. We can be a nation that is freed from the grips of international bankers and if we print our own curency (As it has changed hands from govenment to private banks a total of 8 times thru our countries history so please don’t think this is a brand new idea.) and determine the value of this and no longer have to pay an interest on this, then we can actually be out of debt in our lifetime and even sooner is quite possible. This can truly be the free country that out forefathers had intended for all who live and prosper in this great country. I hope this was enlightening for anyone who visit this sight and maybe you learned a little more about the real problem cripling this country.
24886 Name not displayed I would like to see you be our President.
24887 Martin Taylor I am tired of the Democrat & Republican parties! I was a republican, but they are just as bad as the democrats. Both sides seem content on dividing the country. While both political sects are bickering between back and forth, the parties pass whatever they want with no regard for the people all for political gain! I am sick of it! I didn’t give 10 years of my life to this country through the armed services to watch it spiral into oblivion. You sir are my pick for 2012 come Hell or High Water!
24888 Matthew Emch Libertarians unite
24889 Robert Wain
24890 Joy Carey
24891 Les Howington
24892 Andrew
24893 Dante Prudente Go for it Ron. Even Canadians support you! Canada’s prayers are with Ron and the recovery of America under him.
24894 Brian
24895 Casey Adam Smith Please eliminate the federal reserve!!!!
24896 Thomas Pealse we need some one in the office that can understand with us cannabis users that rather do that then take pain pills in the offce sorry about the poor spelling
24897 Name not displayed
24898 Nicole Wilson We need someone in our office who will actually question our government and fight for LESS government!!
24899 Michael Chacksfield
24900 Will S. Run Hard! : )
24901 Name not displayed
24902 Shannon Lamb Conviction is a word that no other candidate has but you ron…i dont vote because of my basic human intuition of whats wrong with this country. And the people who represent it. They are all the same, and lie to get into a place of power. All it does, is hold us to the debt of the fed, and a government that seems to be taking control of the world. No wonder other countries are banding together. They see us as a threat. And that only leads to one thing. WAR
24903 Joshua jackson
24904 Name not displayed
24905 Laurie Madru
24906 Stephen Spafford
24907 Zack Vogel Ron Paul! I’m tired of my future being ransomed by Washington!
24908 marcelo we don’t see eye to eye on the whole enchilada, but you inspire my trust and that’s quite an acomplishment in today’s political milieu
24909 Thomas S. Help us Dr. Paul, you’re our only hope!
24910 David Snyder Life, LIBERTY, and the pursuit.
24911 Mandy Watkins
24912 Michael Tilton
24913 Ralph Ventre I proudly voted for GW Bush and John McCain, but I realize Ron Paul is the real change we need NOW in America! Liberty for ALL!
24914 Jeanette Schwabe
24915 Name not displayed I don’t part with my money easily. I work hard for it. I contributed to your presidential run in 08′ and I contributed again for 2012 because evil will prevail if good men do nothing. I’m doing my part by helping you to do yours.
24916 Name not displayed
24917 Name not displayed We ARE a Christian Nation!
24918 Name not displayed
24919 vincenzo bacarella
24920 Name not displayed
24921 Harley Watkins IV Dr. Ron Paul is our best defense against globalist who will stop at nothing to destroy us, and our way of life. We absolutely need Dr. Paul like never before.
24922 Donald L. Mankow PLEASE RUN!!! You are the only hope I have for a president to return our country to its constitutional roots!
24923 Shane Congressman Paul, I appreciate all you have done for our nation. You have always come to the defense of liberty and represented the people. I hope you will consider a run for the White House in 2012. Thanks and God bless you!
24924 Marcus Thiel
24925 Ainsley Peck
24926 Darrell Ron Paul totally gets it. No one compares to him in government.
24927 Stephanie Barnett
24928 James Cook Ron Paul Wins!!!!
24929 Alan W. Bywaters
24930 Chandler Shortlidge
24931 Name not displayed Legalize Marijuana :)
24932 Nicole Kuzmowicz
24933 Name not displayed You’re the only hope for this World
24934 Chase Sullivan please run for president in 2012, i voted for Obama and obviously that was a majorly wrong decision. please Ron, please! for the sake of this country’s future, we need you NOW!
24935 John Monus Jr. I am already on the mailing list.
24936 Lois Stetson
24937 Paul Kamber Just waiting for the good news to donate!
24938 Michael Brooks
24939 ronnie run 2012 Mr. Paul
24940 Anthony Fernandez We need him in office, hes the only real politican running
24941 James Brennan Ron Paul Logic>Dogmatic rule
24943 Name not displayed ….you make me believe there is still hope for our government! Our nation needs you.
24944 Carol Stambuk Ron Paul in 2012! He is consistent in his values and is the leader this country needs!
24945 Name not displayed The government is out of control. The IRS is out of control. We need Ron Paul as our next president in 2012.
24946 Name not displayed Ron, frankly I can think of no better way to wind down life then by SAVING THE COUNTRY ! you are my hero , it was meant to be, its your time. you alone have the wisdom and experience to do it ,we need you ,our kids and grand kids need you ,there is no one else .if you commit so will I and sell off personal belongings to support you.and it will be worth it win or lose. the message of freedom needs to be represented .many of us have been on a mission since 08, whatever you decide you will be remembered in history as "the champion of the Constitution " and dear to our heart ,thank you, God bless you !
24947 wes weatherwalk please run please
24948 Cynthia Mattingly
24949 Thomas Hodges As a Libertarian I have to say you are one of my favorite politicians, and definitely my favorite living one. As well as being my presidential pick, I hope that the Republican Party comes to the same conclusion. The two parties may disagree on many issues, but if we work together, we can elect the best choice for America!
24950 Joseph Reyes I did not care much for politics before, but after hearing you out on the news and your solutions with our failing economy, You must Run for President for the last chance!
24951 Name not displayed I donated in 2007, I am donating again today.
24952 Name not displayed Bush was awful, Obama is okay but you are great! Please run for presidency!
24953 Serge Baygulow
24954 Caleb Pridgen Good Luck! Ron will have my vote
24955 Ismael Munoz
24956 Troy Bullock You are the last true hope for America…..If you don’t run I truly will give up hope for my future and the future of my children…
24957 Jake McKinney Ron Paul has opened my eyes and I believe he is a modern day profit!
24958 Shane Hurst If you lead, we’ll march in your army.
24959 Rachelle Garnitz
24960 Susan Kenney No one else will deliver beyond his/her own self interest; no one else has the moral fiber to make the choices that the establishment is afraid of. PLEASE run, and know that if you don’t, I personally hold no hope our country can make it out of this quagmire.
24961 Linn Madsen Just DO it!
24962 Josh Ron Paul, we need you. Please run.
24963 Richard Prapuolenis I do not believe in all your positions but I do believe we cannot afford another establishment candidate. Time to run Mr. Paul.
24964 Joshua Logan Everything Ron Paul indicated would occur has happened. This time we need to elect Ron Paul into office.
24965 Tyler Von Pein Please bring some common sense to government, your our nations only real hope in becoming a self sustaining economic power house again.
24966 Joe Marra Go, Ron go!
24967 Name not displayed For Liberty, Dr. Paul.
24968 Name not displayed Please run! I am 24 and I know you can pull the youth vote.
24969 Eric Phares I want to vote for Liberty.
24970 J. Ray Williams A government afraid of its citizens is a Democracy. Citizens afraid of government is tyranny!

— Thomas Jefferson

Please run Ron!

How many people are afraid of the U.S. Government?…I
24971 Name not displayed Please run! You are the only candidate who matches my views and the only one I would vote for. I can get at least a few hundred family members and friends to vote for you. I can assist in an online marketing campaign as well.
24972 Name not displayed we need a true patriot in office who will END THE FED!!!
24973 Name not displayed You have our (6) votes.
24974 Rosmery Perez The country needs a visionary. Spread your words the people will listen.
24975 Luke Belz After watching years of corruption in the government, coming from the younger generation and being my first time voting, Ron Paul already had my vote.
24976 Mark Owens We need you Ron!
24977 Erin Brewer
24978 R. Powers We each have a job…you run (please), I vote for you… ;-) ….I’ll do my part…promise!
24979 Mike Eikmeier
24980 rocky waugh
24981 Name not displayed Do i really have to make it obvious? We all know this lie we have been living. We know more than "they" ever wanted us to know. We know this fake war you’ve been fighting. We know what really happened about 911. This system based on inequality for profit is bullshit. Your days are numbered you evil motherfuckers
24982 Joseph Duncan Sir, your country needs you at this critical time in its history. We, the People, need your help to free us from the tyranny of a bureaucratic government and leaders on both sides of the aisle that care only about themselves and are not interested in fixing what is broke! Please run in 2012!
24983 Jonathan Newcomb
24984 Wade
24985 bobby down We need Ron Paul to lees this country.
24986 Erika Cendejas
24987 Name not displayed
24988 WILLIAM DUBINSKI JR Yes Ron, Please Run, I will support you as I did in 2008. Restore the Republic.
24989 Tammy Medeiros
24990 Name not displayed Best wishes.
24991 Kyle Bostic For Liberty.
24992 aaron hardaway
24993 Kirby Graham
24994 Daniel Cole Brooks
24995 Name not displayed
24996 Chris Downey
24997 Michael Honohan There are a lot of opinions on what are often termed "conservative" issues. Many of those issue can be shared regardless of political position. Ron Paul is one of those rare conservatives who seems to understand that.
24998 Name not displayed
24999 Drew Coulson
25000 J Brewster

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