Signatures 20,001-25,000

Number Name Comment
21001 Name not displayed PLEASE RUN FOR PRESIDENCY IN 2012 AND PUT AN END TO THE BANKERS’ TYRANNY! P.S. Please, do not hesitate to enlist Americans’ help- every president that has attempted to charge against the Fed and the big corporations head-on has faced assassination attempts- you will need people that will watch your back
21002 Dawn Hennessy You Rock! Don’t give up!
21003 William Rist Abolish the Federal Reserve
21004 James Kilmer Strain  
21005 Jessica Hodges I was there to support you at CPAC, and I’m so very glad to have been there. The Revolution continues! Run, Ron, run!
21006 David Shelley Down with the global elites and there plan for population reduction and a one workd government. Save us.
21007 Name not displayed  
21008 Susan Rusnak The Thomas Jefferson of our Day! Ron Paul,

we love you.
21009 Casey  
21010 Name not displayed Dont let us down
21011 Lonnie Brown Only honest man in politics as far as i am concerned.
21012 Brian Clarke  
21013 Joe Lee RON PAUL 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!
21014 jason vogel Please Dr. Paul we need your insight and courage to over come the current fiscal situation and our foreign aid policies. We stand with you and will support you for your candidacy!
21015 Name not displayed  
21016 Andrew Ivan Bell See Paul Run,Run Paul Run
21017 Jeremy Panter  
21018 Name not displayed  
21019 Name not displayed Help us Dr. Paul, you’re the only hope in sight.
21020 Name not displayed Go Ron.
21021 Mark  
21022 Wayne Grote We need someone like him that follows old code like our fore fathers did when they founded our country it would be a shame in there eyes what we have become .Live for peace love and light as God does and we wouldnt be in the mess where in today bring God back to our country and in our national anthem with out him there would be no america and to take him away dont be surprised if where not.God bless everyone and God bless the USA
21023 Carmen Keyser Keep standing firm Ron….we need you
21024 Leonard Pearson III  
21025 Robert and Patricia Richards  
21026 Name not displayed  
21027 Name not displayed  
21028 David Dobson For the sake of my children, please lead us!
21029 Terje Good luck!

From Norway!
21030 Christopher Gruner We know you CAN get elected, President Paul!
21031 Name not displayed  
21032 Alexander Meyer  
21033 Becky Beagles  
21034 Name not displayed Ron Paul for president! You go, Dr. No!
21035 Name not displayed  
21036 adam good luck
21037 Allen We all know what needs to be done.

Let’s just do it.


Arrest the banksters!!

Go Ron Paul in 2012!!!
21038 DOUGLAS IRIE CYREE please fight for all our rights.
21039 Ken Lawrence We need honest leaders! Thanks, Mr. Paul, for speaking out on our behalf.
21040 Jeannette Lowery Our country needs you, and I will help too!
21041 leroy hoback i will help you in arkansas
21042 James M. Vargas  
21043 Cheri Witmer Please help us revert the one world government now in operation.
21044 Name not displayed The time seems right in 2012 to run.
21045 Ryan Kern Ron Paul/Alan Keyes 2012!
21046 Justin S Ron Paul 2012!
21047 mark  
21048 John Hailey Run Ron Run!
21049 Brian M. Frain Really Mr. Paul is our last hope.
21050 joshua belisle I dont necessarily agree with all your views, but I do agree that we all deserve freedom. And it is our goal to support others towards physical and mental freedom.
21051 Bob Williams Please run as a Libertarian again because I give Demopublicans the boot.
21052 James Lambert  
21053 yemane family run ron
21054 Greg Sell I agree with most most of what you stand for.

You are a living Constitution.

Thank You
21055 Don Clarke  
21056 Shane hort The truth must be told
21057 Name not displayed  
21058 James L. Johnson Obama failed this country, we need help!
21059 Ty Martin  
21060 Name not displayed  
21061 Sean Sekizaki  
21062 Greg Kennedy  
21063 Name not displayed keep up the good fight Ron
21064 Matthew Thompson We love you ron. Lets free the world!
21065 jeffrey windischman  
21066 rob gates lets go ron
21067 SW Time for a real change…..
21068 Name not displayed Ron Paul you are the only true patriot in America who can change the country for the better
21069 Name not displayed Right now, all I have to offer is my VOTE, money is scarce, what money. We need Ron Paul, Hell I am a Dem.
21070 Ethan  
21071 Name not displayed We got your back Ron.
21072 Name not displayed  
21073 Matt Curtis  
21075 Name not displayed  
21076 Glen Subra His speech was right on. More for us and less for

those who are not american and those who do not produce or work for out country.
21077 Abraham Lopez  
21078 Name not displayed  
21079 Bobby peek We need you!
21080 Daryl Hebert My vote counts!!!
21081 Aron GO ron paul!
21082 Jacob Connor  
21083 Robert Friel  
21084 Michael Trueworthy Please Run Ron! America Needs You!
21085 Name not displayed  
21086 GA America needs you, in both the House and Senate, you’ve made changes , and with your executive powers , you can help even more.
21087 Shane Hill Please stand up for those of us who can’t stand up for ourselves. Please run! We may not win but at least we fought the fight.
21088 VVS The only person I trust running our country.
21089 Neckermann  
21090 Steven Stark I fully support, endorse, and encourage Ron Paul in his presidential bid.
21091 Patrick Marron LIBERTY OR DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!
21092 Name not displayed  
21093 Name not displayed please do it for our future and our children
21094 Rhonda Mankin  
21095 Roger Fournier  
21096 Bob Crawford Given the Tea Party-based momentum and increasingly obvious insuffuciency of the “”Business As Usual”" (R)s, I feel your chances are better than ever before.

Please give The People the opportunity to vote for you, Mr. Paul.
21097 Travis Thomas Please Run Paul. We need you.
21098 Name not displayed  
21099 Brian R. Stull  
21100 Zack Tingen if America’s government continues the war on drugs then our debt will continue to rise, our prisons continue to fill, and people lives continue to be ruined
21101 pete rose go ron
21102 Name not displayed  
21103 Name not displayed  
21104 michael minisce  
21105 Michael Young Secure the Blessings of our Liberty
21106 Name not displayed  
21107 Steve Rotella  
21108 Ramon Juarez  
21109 Aaron Hood  
21110 andy your my boy blue
21111 Travis Uhlmansiek I would like to come home. There is no reason for these wars
21112 Lola Senelly  
21113 kevin hawkins  
21114 Rachel Stamant Ron Paul! 2012
21115 Jason Noble We need to take back the power to issue our own money! Kill the bank! Kill fractional reserve banking!
21116 Name not displayed  
21117 joe condry  
21118 Name not displayed Please run for president! We need you!
21120 Nikolai Hood America needs Ron Paul now more than ever!
21121 David  
21122 Daniel Maloney Please help save our Republic, Ron. The American people need you!
21123 Thomas Casal We need you Dr. Paul!
21124 Michael Bruce Time for change!
21125 Talmage murray Great job ride on
21126 SD I met you and shook your hand during your campaign in 2008. I voted for you in my state’s primaries. I hope you will run again, because I think you have a better chance of getting the nomination this time.
21127 Christopher Miley  
21128 Pierre Fontaine  
21129 Matt Tyrrell  
21130 Matthew T Ivanovich  
21131 James Anderson Northrop  
21132 Woody Woodall  
21133 Daniel Doherty Ron Paul has my full support along with my whole family.
21134 Kenneth A true morally just libertarian like Dr. Paul is our only hope for this great nation. Go get um!
21135 Name not displayed represent me
21136 Gary Bray  
21137 Clayton  
21138 timothy jones as a young american and a combat veteran I am concerned with the future of my country. Ron we need you.
21139 Tim Jobes  
21140 Michael Keller American needs you!
21141 Ian Rose We’ve got no other guys worth my vote.
21143 beth kreh Ron Paul for President! A change America needs!
21144 Samuel Holmes  
21145 Ktyall Malik I will donate every dime to your campaign should you decide to Run… (former democrat)
21146 Name not displayed Go for it Dr Paul! Otherwise, I’ll not vote at all.
21147 Name not displayed  
21148 stevan ray richards jr  
21149 Gregory I did not know about you in 2008. Watching the documentary “”For Liberty ” has changed my life. You have my full support in 2012.
21150 Name not displayed The only politician I have heard truth from.
21151 Name not displayed Dr. Paul, please make term “”the land of free”" meaningful again.
21152 Dillon Roark  
21153 Michael Bleck God bless you
21154 Gabe .Z. Say YES to Dr. No!
21155 tyler dudenbostel Peaceful paul can lead us with his strict constitutional convictions
21156 Michael Roberts RON PAUL - AMERICA NEEDS YOU
21157 Chris B. I’ve never believed in a politician until you Mr. Paul. Don’t let me down!
21158 mandi minson  
21159 Spencer Bowers  
21160 josh  
21161 Eric Sieker  
21162 Collen Larson For Liberty and True Freedom, Ron Paul is the bringer.
21163 Mark Schaefer Dear sir,

I am off the fence and on task. I will do my part to support your efforts to reestablish the liberties and the Constitution as well as bringing back the sanity to all legislative bodies.
21164 Jeffrey Hoban  
21165 justin keep speaking the truth ron.
21166 Keith Nawman  
21167 Brian Thompson  
21168 Paul While Ron Paul would make an excellent president I see a lot of comments placing the burden of turning this country around firmly on one man “”Ron Paul”"! It is the the responsibility of every man and women to make this happen, he can’t do it alone.
21169 Frank This man can really save our country. RON PAUL 2012 !!!!!!
21170 Name not displayed Please run for President in 2012!!!
21171 Bruno Goedeker This country needs you.
21172 alexander  
21173 Matthew Bernard  
21174 stephanie segner You’ve got my support.
21175 Kathy Henley  
21176 Name not displayed I believe that you have the honesty and integrity that will be crucial to turning this country around. I can only be considered a liberal by nature, but I find myself agreeing with almost everything that I hear you say. Please run for President in 2012 and do what you can to take down the Federal Reserve and the Military Industrial Complex. Thank you, Dr. Paul, for your years of commitment to your ideals.
21177 Steven James Lynch I have seen enough in the past two months of coming awake to the tragedy that has befallen our nation that I now know our only hope for salvation will be Sen. Ron Paul running for president in 2012.
21178 Christopher Smith RON PAUL 2012 will have my full support.
21179 Name not displayed  
21180 Andrew Smith Run Ron Run!!!!!!
21181 Dennis Yonts  
21182 Eugene Canfield  
21183 Allen Mynk  
21184 Samarn D Vichitnand I fully support you and even though I’m broke I’d like to donate my time and efforts to getting you elected to president in 2012
21185 Name not displayed  
21186 Edward Kott  
21187 Kevin Drake I hope You make it
21188 Carl Duewall  
21189 Pablo M. Diaz Start those brush fires — get the word out. Do the right thing and put a leader with brains in command!
21190 Nancy Chew Hope for American
21191 Brandon Doty Dr, Paul

As one of the young that feels optimistic about our country after hearing you speak, you have my complete support in the 2012 election. Please run!
21192 james alexander  
21193 david ivory  
21194 Name not displayed  
21195 John Scarpa Why not run?
21196 Joseph Carpenter  
21197 michael quillen The time is right!
21198 Anada I support Ron Paul 2012 because I love America!! Run Ron Run!!!
21199 Name not displayed  
21200 John Baugh, Jr.,M.D.  
21201 Name not displayed WE NEED RON PAUL 2012!
21202 Cathy K America needs you!
21203 Victoria Leca I don’t remember if I signed this before but still - Ron Paul for President in 2012!!!!!!!!!~
21204 Matthew E.Watson Please run for president of the United States of America in 2012, you may be our last great hope!

Thank you.
21205 Lovepreet Singh RON PAUL 2012 & 2016!!!
21206 Name not displayed Please save this country. We need you.
21207 Chris McGuire Please run in 2012, we need you! :(
21208 TL Please accept your mission of saving this country~
21209 Paul Levijoki Go Ron Paul you are the only truthful one and we support you thanks and God Bless you Mr Paul
21210 nancy goins Go Ron Paul
21211 manuel  
21212 montae cooper ron paul 2012
21213 Patrick Dennison “”By Liberty I understand the Power which every Man has over his own Actions, and his Right to enjoy the Fruits of his Labour, Art, and Industry, as far as by it he hurts not the Society, or any Members of it, by taking from any Member, or by hindering him from enjoying what he himself enjoys. The Fruits of a Man’s honest Industry are the just Rewards of it, ascertained to him by natural and eternal Equity, as is his Title to use them in the Manner which he thinks fit: And thus, with the above Limitations, every Man is sole Lord and Arbitrer of his own private Actions and Property.”" -Cato
21214 Robert Bishop  
21215 Debra Fox Time for the one true white knight to ride in and clean house.
21216 Name not displayed  
21217 Amber Please Dr. Paul. Your the man.
21218 kelly leach Ron is our only hope for true liberty, peace and freedom. No one else seems to understand the constitution, the monetary system or has the answers to get us out of the mess we’re in. I’m with you all the way.
21219 Nate  
21220 Matthew Katz  
21221 Charles Towler You are the hope of our nation, Sir.
21222 Andrew Damon Coffman  
21223 Name not displayed  
21224 Name not displayed we need you Ron
21225 Ben Peterson  
21226 Jack  
21227 Joel Davis Ron Paul 2012!
21228 a.a.sattler  
21229 Derik Glick If you run you will have my vote. Any other vote would have very little meaning. Just another paid off politician. Please consider running for President. President Ron Paul
21230 Brent Fallin  
21231 Name not displayed  
21232 Name not displayed i hope you will be deferent from past & persent admenstration to ward africa sepseficly eritreia
21233 Kimberly Scott  
21234 Aaron Ladd End the F.E.D.!
21235 Name not displayed  
21236 Name not displayed It is a start.
21237 Jesse Graham Run indy if you must
21238 Elie Miyaji Please, We the people need RON PAUL as President!!!!!!!!!!!
21239 Junart Sodoy I’d vote for Ron if he we can discharge student loan debt through bankruptcy again. Or have true Debt Forgiveness programs that let you qualify for debt forgiveness even after you have defaulted on your student loans.
21240 Josh Mershon  
21241 Patrick Wilcox You reflect America’s interests. Please run.
21242 Name not displayed  
21243 Garrett Guidinger Don’t give up! The liberty movement is growing day by day. Alot of people and I are pleading you to run. The future looks dim and dark. But with you and the Constitution, the future looks bright! Give it a chance. There is no viable candidate for the Republicans or even the Democrats to run in 2012. We need you, you’re the only one that is the only one our country needs no one even comes close to you and the Constitution.No one in history or in the future will come close to how unique you are. Run in 2012 Ron Paul. I’m rooting for you and you inspire me everyday!
21244 jim pankey Run, Ron
21245 james dillworth  
21246 Jermaine Cooper The next president k
21247 Elvia Tort  
21248 Kyle Colna  
21249 Theresa L. Cross We need a strong leader who will lead us through the hard times ahead.
21250 Jared Palmiter End the fed! All Americans need a president like you who will protect our freedom and liberty!
21251 Name not displayed Your campaign and your son’s are the only ones I have ever financially contributed to.
21252 David Ruppel  
21253 Name not displayed  
21254 Chance Watson Please save Washington from going bankrupt. I am a college student and I do not want to see a broke America pushing high taxes while im trying to pay for school.
21255 joshua vallejos  
21256 Wilbur Zelk I believe your time has finally come, run!
21257 Name not displayed END THE FED!!!!!!!
21258 Edward J We must return to a lawful government…not embrace a defacto one. I feel you are the only human being in America that can do what needs to be done. End the fed, return to a sound currency, restore the republic. Please run in 2012 lady liberty needs your help.

Gods peace to you good sir
21259 Name not displayed Dr. Ron Paul for President and Dr. Rand Paul for VP.
21260 Name not displayed  
21261 Name not displayed  
21262 Christopher Ozar Viva La Freedom Revolution!
21263 Shawn M. Rill  
21264 Zach J Bout that time, yey? Except this time people are looking your way.
21265 Christopher Piracci  
21266 Ken WALKER Paul for President.
21267 matthew sheehan  
21268 J. Matt Jeter We need real change in America. Abolish the unconstitutional federal reserve, dismantle the failed department of energy experiment, and reign in government spending!
21269 Andrey Let the real Revolution begins!
21270 Andrew Scott Navarro Run Ron run
21271 Jayson Limmer  
21272 Stephen Hughes If you won’t run and help this country get back on track, who will? We need a man of your intelligence and vision in the White House.
21273 MELANIE  
21274 Curtis Smith  
21275 Name not displayed I am a registered democrat, but I would vote for you for president in a heartbeat.
21276 Chuck RP2012
21277 Jay Wells I feel genuinely excited and encouraged about the future of this country when I think about you running and possibly winning a presidential election. America needs Ron Paul in the White House!
21278 John G  
21279 Charles Wade please run
21280 Zoey Huss I have never voted Republican but if you are on the ticket, you will have my vote!!
21281 Evan FREEDOM
21282 Zachariah Stivers We need real change not just empty promises
21283 Name not displayed  
21284 Thomas Long live the Liberitarian movement! Reject fake conservatism! Ron Paul in 2012!
21285 Connie I trust Ron Paul.
21286 Alex G “”rEVOLution”" good luck to Ron Paul
21287 Michelle Please Run!
21288 Mike Kolesnik Saw you on the Youtube interviews and you are what every rank and file political hack is afraid of - a man not owned by the PC machine. Go Ron go!
21289 Matt Chernikovich  
21290 Name not displayed  
21291 Jeffrey Mr. Paul, I’m graduating from high school next year. I don’t want to graduate from college with a 14 trillion dollar debt to China, while running a 1.3 trillion dollar deficit on our spending.
21292 Andy Ahrens  
21293 achat duphaston Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water
21294 charlie without your support liberty is at risk of dieing
21295 william Moye  
21296 Ian Johnson You are the only one willing to dismantle the federal government, god help us when there are so few of us.

You need to get support from the young democrats, to do that you need to get into the pop culture eye, but not by being flashy, you need to do it by speaking about the constitution in non political public forums.
21297 Name not displayed You are the ONE true patriot we have… I am genuinely worried about the direction that our beautiful country is going into. What a beautiful future awaits us! I know that you know that you may not succeed, but we have come so far and we have a long road to go but I have miles and miles to go before I sleep, miles and miles before I go before I sleep.. And so do you.
21298 Amy Broich PEOPLE’S Voices that will get heard. You are the candidate for 2012….
21299 Name not displayed  
21300 David Nunnelly Bring liberty back to America!
21301 Patrick Coyne Please do it for our children. Third times the charm! I will go to the people and support you.
21302 Name not displayed Thank you for your efforts.
21303 jarrod simmons HR1207
21304 Shea “”The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for the good people to do nothing”"

Mr. paul Aemrican needs you- Don’t stand idly by while evil reigns- run for President in 2012.
21305 Christine Williams  
21306 Philip H. Please for the love of god run for president so there is some one worth a damn to vote for.
21307 Name not displayed  
21308 Philippe Hajjar  
21309 Lauren Bergon We need you more than ever.
21310 Tim M I’m writing your name in whether you run or not.
21311 Kirby C Ron Paul 2012! “”Come Together Right Now Over Me!”"
21312 gustavo tapia 2012 go Ron Paul!!!
21313 Keith Daniel Beaty I hope he does some long-term good. Long-term as in it will effect this country permanently. It is good to know that there are some fellow real true good Americans in office. Good job, brother!
21314 Laura You can do it!
21315 Nicholas Popp Please continue to fight to take our country back, may the Lord bless you and guide you and give you strength!
21316 Carlos The Revolution is NOW!
21317 mohamad I like america,but i dont go ,do you get support me.
21318 Viktor Germogenov Dr. Paul is the only hope for a better future for all of us.
21319 Brian Chabot Put up or shut up. Your PACs suck. Announce your candidacy already and quit wasting funds on useless trivia.
21320 AJ Richardson If you dont run for 2012 im personally kicking your butt :) Just kidding future president!!!!
21322 Name not displayed You have our full support, Dr. Paul! America is ill and she needs you.
21323 Jonathan Evans Ron I don’t think there are any like minded candidates with a chance of winning so I very much hope you consider and if there were any other worth electing I wouldn’t mind you opting out but there isn’t so please do run!
21324 Name not displayed Proud Americans will support you every step of the way.
21325 James Sheppard you won the CPAC again of course. You must run….and you must win.
21326 mike Garza Now’s our time
21327 Jessica M Ford Freedom works best. Period.
21328 Ardella Carroll What are Ron Paul’s thoughts on GMO and Geo-engineering? If Ron Paul is anti-Monsanto, anti-GMO, pro-GMO labeling of our food I am 100% behind him.
21329 Ira Gillum All the positive publicity from the “”End the Fed”" campaign with Rand will gain monumental support, across the board, for your Presidential bid.
21330 Sean Timossi  
21331 Name not displayed Please run in 2012. Our country is on its last leg and we need you.
21332 jackie calles  
21333 John Padilla please run for President, save our country.
21334 Trevor Allport Despite living in the UK, I fully support Ron Paul if he bids for the USA Presidency.
21335 Enrique mendez  
21336 Rasmus Kolding Not sure i should be signing since i’m not American, but american politics influence european politics, and the world needs a leader who preaches true liberty, if not for us to get, atleast for the idea to live on.

From Denmark
21337 Rob I drive with a “”Ron Paul 2012 Liberty for America”" sticker on the car in Sydney Australia. I’m an AUstralian and see the importance of ron paul running. Please run Ron.
21338 Todd Butler He seems to be the only honest one out there
21339 Will Goshorn We need you more than ever. I know it’s not an easy decision to make, but you may well be our last, best hope for the future.
21340 Anthony Scardaville Even if you don’t win, your presence will keep the Tea Party true to the message!
21341 Yuma im not from america but the world is tired of american interfierence and foolish policies. the world really needs a responsible american leader to lead the world to prosperity not war and economic desaster
21342 Charles Lee  
21343 Theodore R. Dage Run, Ron - you are part of our last, best hope.
21344 Kyle Gierzynski  
21345 malcolm In the end, you will win
21346 Stanislav Sorokin  
21347 Joel Palilla Please run for President. Our country needs you more than ever. You are a beacon of liberty in our country today.
21348 Vanessa Ron Paul please for President in 2012 !!!
21349 Nate Piggush Ron Paul 100% gets any and all of my consideration for President here in Indiana!
21350 Eric Oh Please run for all of us.
21351 Rick Zook We must keep on even when it feels like we can not go any further… Some things are just meant to happen
21352 Russell T. Johnson go Ron, go!… me and the rest of Australia need you to run and win!
21353 Simon Caufield  
21354 Michael Poland  
21355 Name not displayed  
21356 Woody Fincham My household wrote you in for the presidential race last time. We will again if that is what is needed.
21358 Name not displayed Don’t run as a republican - run as an independent or Libertarian.
21359 Dan Robinson There has been many great leaders that God has raised up in power to serve this country in trying times and deciding moments. Our country is once again desperately in need of such a leader!

Thanks for willing to offer your talent and service to help lead this country through such a transition, to help bring the best out in people and help unite this country.

What made Abraham Lincoln a strong and great leader, was not the man himself or his decisions alone, but his ability to serve with humility and willingness to be led by God.

“”But the meek will inherit the land and enjoy peace and prosperity.”" Psalm 37:11
21360 Name not displayed Let’s restore our country for future generations.
21361 Jon Adkins You da man Congressman Paul!
21362 Jennifer Maffucci Please run Ron Paul! I voted for you in the primaries last time and will support you again. We need you!
21363 Danny Gallini  
21364 Trevor Nelson go get them
21365 E. C. Reeves  
21366 Ben Snyder  
21367 Ryan Rachel  
21368 Name not displayed  
21369 James Griffin Ron Paul has my vote in 2012
21370 Diego Please Ron, the world needs someone like you!

Support from Spain!
21371 Michael Anderson  
21372 Name not displayed  
21373 Name not displayed  
21374 Tony B Ron Paul you have my support we need competent leadership
21375 Name not displayed As a concerned Canadian I see that the big banks and secret government within the states has ruined the states, hurt the people, and is limiting their freedoms. I also grow tired of these big bankers and military/industrial losers trying to dictate foreign policy. As a concerned citizen of canada who values EVERYONE’s right to freedoms and good jobs….RON YOU MUST RUN! We need more good men in office..not cowards who make secret deals in back rooms.
21376 Name not displayed I beleave our Republic is broken. I dont vote. Its like voting for Hitler Blue or Hitler Red. FOR I WILL VOTE !!!!! Run RUN RUN!!!
21377 Richard Bumpus Constitution, it all starts here.
21378 Jonathan Prince I am eager to volunteer for your campaign here in North Florida! Run Dr. Paul Run!
21379 Name not displayed Run Ron Paul - Run!
21380 Tom Principale  
21381 Name not displayed Ron Paul 2012
21382 KEVIN WHITT People Actually dont like ron paul…. im NOT ONE OF THEM RON PAUL 2012!!!!!!!
21383 Jason Foreman Ron, only you can save us from our own government. please run in 2012. Your message is the light at the end of the tunnel
21384 sara baucom  
21385 Christopher Ralph  
21386 Stephane Vena  
21387 Name not displayed  
21388 Steven Ellison  
21389 Brian Keenan  
21390 Gwen R  
21391 Randy Gaines I fully support your common sense policies and strongly feel your leadership and direction can help turn this once great country back onto the right path of the inherit rights that our founders laid out over 200 years ago, we as a people and country deserve and need a return to the basic human rights of our constitution and the foundation provided within this timeless document.
21392 Name not displayed Go ron paul!
21393 Jake strength in sensibility
21394 Jillian S  
21395 Theo Hair  
21396 Name not displayed  
21397 keith  
21398 Eli D  
21399 Clayton L. Hulin RN Please run for president we need you!!!!
21400 Don Morris Got my vote
21401 Darrin Mish The country needs you!
21402 Douglas Cross I have followed your ideas for 20 years and I agree that you would be able to handle the Presidents job. So do it.
21403 august lauritzen  
21404 Everett Scull Please run Dr. Paul we have your back.
21405 Jasson  
21406 Name not displayed  
21407 Name not displayed  
21408 Michael Ertresvaag  
21409 Sherry Buzzelle In the 2008 election I regretfully voted for Obama. If I had known then what I know now about what is truely happening to our country I would have voted for you. Please run in the 2012 presedency election. We the people need you now more than ever.
21410 Aret DONT GIVE UP ON US!
21411 Name not displayed  
21412 Chantel Quick RP2012!
21413 Name not displayed I didn’t notice, in your store, any flyers available to share with others. I would be very interested in passing something like that out.
21414 Justin Henley Please bring absolute freedom back, no strings attached! Freedom is a beutiful thing.
21415 Name not displayed  
21416 Scott Nightlinger  
21417 Benjamin Dashley  
21418 Name not displayed Please take us out of this Nazi style government Mr. Paul!
21419 Nicholas Lee Save us Ron!
21420 alan e We need your leadership now more than ever!
21421 Tony Brooks Come on Ron I am a resident alien of this country, although I cannot vote I respect and love your views for this country, I came here for a reason, and you represent that reason!!
21422 Patrick Powers I plan to work on the campaign if he decides to run.
21423 Harold you got my vote!
21424 joshua judd Please help US Ron Paul, as I see it you are the only one who will!!! Thank you for allowing US to see the way.
21425 Judy Morris  
21426 Jaclyn Powers  
21427 Maggie Ron Paul is the ONLY person that stands a chance at saving this country, if it is even “”savable.”"
21428 Frederick Trautvetter Ron Paul has my support
21429 Name not displayed  
21430 Name not displayed i want the government out of private have enough to handle with drugs, to arrest the illegals in our country. keep an eye on the muslims, how to quit spending our money, do away with one world government (I LIVE IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA), learn to keep your nose only in AMERICA’S business (which is why you are there), take classes in finance (do not spend more than you have is the end result), I never thought I would live to be ashamed of AMERICANS,I am ashamed of our president (plant), congress and a lot of the representatives. you are the gatekeepers, have you lost all common sense?
21431 william seifert  
21432 Lucas Hoffman Please run. I think that America needs to open their eyes and you’re the only politician that speaks the truth.
21433 Name not displayed along with staying out of other countries business lets restore our industry!
21434 E LANGFORD The only politician that is sincere about saving our country and isn’t a puppet of special interests!
21435 J Sauve I have no illusions that one man can save the country, however it must start with one man. One man can make a difference, can be the fulcrum to which others move towards. It is my hope that you will run, more than that, that you will be elected along with like minded citizens.
21436 Elizabeth Pullen Ron Paul you are my HERO!
21437 Andrew Snowden there is a shift coming, lets make it a shift to freedom and liberty!!!
21438 Rob Marini  
21439 Michael b. Clayton We need real change and we need a true voice, instead of all the D.C. lies
21440 Nathan Taylor II Chronicles 7:14
21441 Stephanie Powers  
21442 Mac Dohm We need you Ron, help us take our country back!
21443 Tequila Schramm  
21445 Nicole Raymond I know true & lasting change does not come from one person, but you have the support to rally the Patriots. You can be the spark to ignite this blaze. With everyone working together, we can return this country to its roots of liberty & freedom!
21446 Tamara Terusa  
21447 Kyle Comstock Americans need to hear someone that can speak truth to power. We are drowning in a sea of deception.
21448 Name not displayed End U.S. militarism!
21449 Name not displayed  
21450 Benjamin Brixey Only man i trust in our government.
21451 John Gregel Please run in 2012. We need to stop Fedzilla, end the welfare state, the police state, the fed, foreign aid, cut taxes and let Americans be free again. I’ll decide who to give my money to.
21452 Ryan Henson You are one of my heroes Ron Paul
21453 Michael M. Ron Paul for President.
21454 Scott Brower As a 46 year old who has voted in every single election since I was 18 years old I can tell you, Dr. Paul, that yours is the first I’ve donated money to and I am hoping to be able to volunteer as well. The media wouldn’t give you the time of day during the race for ’08. They have to hear you (us) now!
21455 RRH  
21456 Nathan let the liberty bell ring again and get our country back to the ideas that it was founded on for present and future generations.
21457 Name not displayed  
21458 william raley I would and will commit to doing my part in all areas to see that Ron Puul is elected for President of the United States. This Country is prime for a man of character and intergrity like Ron.
21459 Matthew Please run you can make change happen.
21460 Name not displayed  
21461 shane sanders  
21462 Name not displayed Ron Paul has got my vote!
21463 Jake Femminineo The time is now!
21464 L  
21465 Name not displayed  
21466 Steve Neratko The country desperately needs you Ron, don’t let us down!
21467 Sam Please. Please. Ron Paul is the only one who can save America. Please America. Please wake up. Ron Paul is the hero we need. The only one who stands against an unshakable tide of corruption, greed, and evil.
21468 Dr. Chris Prinzi Our country NEEDS you, please be our next President. I have all ready made a contribution and will make many others along the way.
21469 Name not displayed  
21470 claudia tresham Dear Ron Paul, first i would like to congratulate you on your victory at the cpac. It gives me great joy to see our country is getting the message. I pledge to you my support and vote in this up and coming election of 2012. I as well as my entire family are grateful to you for the true service you do for our country. In these dire times it is of the utmost importance that we have a representative of the people and not one that will only represent the agenda of their chosen political party. I thankyou for all the work youve done in securing my freedoms and allowing my voice to be heard as well. God bless you and your family and thank you for your time and service to our great nation.
21471 Matthew Kwoka Ron Paul can certainly win.
21472 Rich Grise Help us, Ron Paul; you’re our only remaining hope!
21473 Matthew Blouin  
21474 Dillon Everbody has got your back Dr. Ron Paul, so run for Liberty
21475 john meginness Dear Ron Paul, I first must congratulate you on a very important victory in the straw poll win:) I have never voted in my entire life because i could never feel comfortable with the choices that i was given. I feel very strongly about and agree with all of your policies on personal freedoms and rights that are given to me in our bill of rights and our declaration of independence as well as your policies on foreign relations because they are one in the same. I unfortunately may not be voting again this next election in 2012 unless you are there to represent the true voice and out cry of the american people. if you run for the presidency in 2012 you can count on my first vote ever. I will continue my part as an american citizen to inform and educate my friends and family on the issues that our country and the world faces today. There is no other person that i can think of that i would rather have as my president than you. Thankyou for sticking up for we the people and letting our voices be heard. God bless you sir and may we as a nation rise up and take back this wonderful country we call home.
21476 Sarah Volz  
21477 Ali Abdulhadi Dr. Paul, Please get us out of this mess!
21478 Name not displayed Go, Do and Be Ron Paul stand up for America!!! Bless you and your efforts to educate Americans!!
21479 Richard H Haack The Constitution needs to be defended and the Liberties of the people restored. This can only be done by removing the corporations from government, by not allowing politicians to accept gifts from lobbyist. The monetary system needs to be re-tied to gold and silver. Please run for President and pick a running mate that will not detour the people from voting for you. I think a ticket with Ron Paul as president and Mitt Romney for vice president would be a dream ticket for 2012. End the Patriot Act and bring our troops home!! ((War Cost lots of Money!)) So Please Run for president Ron and help restore this nation to the land of the free! Not the land of the oppressed ran by an Oligarchy. This country needs you now Ron Paul!
21480 John David Edward Milam We needed you as President over forty years ago, you are ahead of your time!
21481 Peter Cowen I am not an American but Ron Paul is an inspiration to many in showing integrity, honesty and living according to his ideals.

We do not have a strong free market, anti violence movement in the UK but it is my great hope that Ron Paul enjoys huge successes and inspires more people to follow in his footsetps.

Ron Paul can stop wars and make the world a more peaceful place, he should consider this fact when he decides whether or not to run for Office.
21482 joshua pelkey Peace is not the absence of conflict. Its the ability to handle conflict through peaceful means… -RR
21483 loretta christian I just finished reading your book, ron paul speaks. I am in your corner, i have wanted you for PRESIDENT for years.
21484 Nolan Gould  
21485 Name not displayed You are the new beginning!
21486 Priscilla America needs you.
21487 Name not displayed I am a 16 year old and my first vote will be for Ron Paul in the 2012 elections.
21488 Eric Smith Ever since 2007 when you announced a run for the White House, I have vehemently supported your message and spirit. Just because this government is controlled by an oligarchy of Corporate interest does not mean that hope is lost. Only you are not compromised and not willing to sellout this country. This country needs your leadership to end this ubiquitous complacency and acquiescence to tyrannical legislation. The rhetoric of politics is over, and this is the time for action. Thank You.
21489 Christina Sylvester  
21490 Alan Woolard  
21491 Alan Woolard  
21492 Alan Woolard  
21493 Alan Woolard  
21494 Heidi Carlson  
21495 Jamie Edwards Sorry… Was going to offer you a freebie vote.

Jamie ( Edinburgh )..
21496 Michael Gonzalez Ron Paul you have my vote….we need real changes. It’s time we get back to the way our founding fathers envisioned!
21497 Lesley Taylor America needs you.
21498 Colton Conway  
21499 Zack Markovic  
21500 Name not displayed  
21501 Paul  
21502 bruce mccarthy  
21503 Shawn Haynie The country’s last chance for this country to knock some sense into our local and national politicians and governments… Go Ron!
21504 Steven Schreiber please every one educate yourselves about industrial hemp
21505 Zachary Taylor What we still need in this country is light. Light on what the government is responsible for, and what the individual is responsible for. I know very few people who support Ron Paul, but alot of people who are angry at government spending. These same people whom share the same beleif’s simply aren’t aware enough to do anything. The issue is that these people aren’t hearing the core of the issues, they only see the headlines of their local newspapers and headlines in the TV news. These articles often dance around the subject or do not address it in a comprehensive enough matter for anyone to walk away with anything but disappointment in our government. People just don’t know or understand what the issue is, and what they are suffering from is groups who are tunneling their anger and dissatisfaction into avenues that do nothing to change the quo. I strongly beleive that we need a leader who openly addresses these issues in the most public spotlight there is. Only as the president can everyone in the US hear these issues without major distortion, because only the president is seen as powerful enough to listen to. There is no other position in the world that the majority of americans really listen to on such a singular level. Right now the issue is spread onto all these groups whom spread confusion, the time out of their lives that they need in order to hear all the opinions, to understand the issue to the extent it needs to be, and form a solution the majority just doesn’t have to give, doesn’t know where to start, or just doesn’t believe they matter enough in order to spend it. I personally believe that a persons opinion doesn’t matter the second the believe it doesn’t. In order for your opinion to matter, and to spread to others, you must first beleive in it yourself. This is the issue people face, and the only way to overcome it is to spread a singular message from a single point, and as I said before, only the presidancy can grant such a position. I wrote Ron Paul in during the last election, the first of which I was old enough to vote in, and I will continue to for as long as I beleive Ron Paul is the best choice to spread the knowledge of this issue, which I still strongly beleive. The future of our comforts is dismal, our daily lives of luxury are not going to continue, I know this as I look around that it will not continue as I observe the people around me. However, idealistically, I am part of generation of people whom have the potential to be more aware than ever due to the internet, and it seems many more are aware, however, the issue remains that is likely the issue of all issues, very few have the time to look at all the views on an issue, to understand the issue, and the internet has as many view points as people whom can reach the internet. We need a steadfast, blunt leader with strong viewpoints who can spread the issues. The president in my mind doesn’t so much as lead the country, as he provides a strong viewpoint on the most pressing issues so that the people can be aware of them. The people are the power, and we lead ourselves, it is the presidents job to tell us if we are leading ourselves to slaughter, not to blind us as we walk.
21506 Brad Jones Run Ron Run!
21507 Jane Sanders I would like to see Ron Paul run for the Presidentcy of the United States in 2012.
21508 Jack R. Andrews Get the Feds. Out of my paycheck!!!LOL.
21509 Name not displayed  
21510 tony ruskus ron paul is the only canidate that is not bought and paid for by corporate lobiests and actually has a consitent vote for freedom and the constituional republic
21511 Salvatore Santoro I will convince everyone I know to vote for Ron Paul. Thank you for your courage.
21512 Kimberly Salansky We support you Ron. Run for President. Save America.
21513 Nicholas Sykes Dictatorship naturally arises out of democracy, and the most aggravated form of tyranny and slavery out of the most extreme liberty.


Save Our Country Ron Paul!
21514 Steven Salansky We support you Ron. Run for President. Save America.
21515 Luigi Santoro  
21516 Ron Stromswold  
21517 Matt Mackey You have my vote.
21518 Kristin Roman This country will crumble without Ron Paul
21519 Alida LeVier  
21520 Dustin Fadler You have my vote
21521 Name not displayed Ron Paul is the real change, not Obama!
21522 Mary Tatton  
21523 Dave B PLEASE! PLEASE! RUN!! We need someone who is NOT afraid to take on the American political system regardless of party affiliations. Basic grassroots thinking, and that the USA is unto itself in every way! BUILD THAT FENCE! (meaning make the USA dependent and self sufficient (sp) )
21524 Name not displayed  
21525 Mark Karlon  
21526 Name not displayed Please run and win, glad there is someone to speak for the rest of us.
21527 Ryan Roten Dr. Paul, Thank You for helping to educate me.
21528 Joshua Fuentes  
21530 dan chervinko  
21531 mikep  
21532 Christopher Current  
21533 Lisa Guidone Ron Paul is a true American!!!
21534 Stephen Tankersley  
21535 Colby Reed  
21536 Peter Go Ron Paul
21537 Glenn Marsh We are running out of time to change the course of our country. We need a return to the Constitution and the ideas that founded America. We need Ron Paul!
21538 Gloria Aguilar Please Mr. Paul we are in need of real change.
21539 Parker Smythe  
21540 Name not displayed  
21541 Rick It’s Time.
21542 Nicholas Kraft  
21543 Eric  
21544 Marcelina McGirr Run Ron Run!
21545 Catherine  
21546 Name not displayed  
21547 Marana Frank  
21548 Donnie Berg not a chance of winning
21549 Scott Ellis We have some of the greatest colleges in the world with some of the best buisness schools. When are our politicians going to start operating our governmnet with some common sense buisness practices.
21550 jean slater Revolution
21551 Name not displayed  
21552 Joby Ray Fankell The only guy with the integrity and brainpower to fix this mess!
21553 Nick Miller  
21554 Kurt Rowland We need a real CHANGE!
21555 Rich Young Thanks for all that you do Ron. Godspeed
21556 Heather Rowland Save our Country!
21557 Anna Cutuli  
21558 Richard Reed  
21559 Name not displayed Revolution!
21560 Gabe Gardner  
21561 Jeff Whitworth  
21562 Chuck P You have our support in every way!
21563 Trey Odom Ron Paul is the ONLY hope for this nation.
21564 Name not displayed End the Wars!!! End the Fed!!! go Gold and go Constitution!!!
21565 Connie Rodriguez  
21566 Paula Lloyd  
21567 David Downs We need Ron Paul! We need our rights back!
21568 Name not displayed  
21569 marc V for victory we are change
21570 Edward End the Fed. RP 2012 !
21571 Joseph Field SAVE AMERICA!
21572 Jil Arnold  
21573 Andrew Tourney Ron please Run, our country needs you. You are the only republican candidate i can actually trust to do the right thing. You can combine unite this country unlike any candidate i know and if u run in 2012 u will ahve the opertunity to do so.
21574 Carl Hartman  
21575 Jeremy W. Plaster  
21576 Linda Bounds  
21577 B. Jobes  
21578 Katalina De Kleine We need change in America, Ron PLEASE run.

America needs you.
21579 Elizabeth Cusaac We must continue this Revolution! Our country needs you!
21580 Laurie Santoro Please run for president in 2012. You absolutely have my vote. End the fed.
21581 Name not displayed  
21582 Sharon Jones  
21583 Graham Roman I’m even a voter! Please sir, run. Run under the GOP. I hate them with a passion but not you.
21584 Name not displayed I will not vote for anyone else…regardless of who the republican party runs.
21585 Joshua Jackson Please, please, please run for president Ron Paul.

We NEED you! Can’t wait to watch you kick the teeth out of Obama in a debate.
21586 Name not displayed You’re the only candidate I’ve ever heard talk about the actual issues in specifics and with clarity.You’re our only hope. Please run
21587 Name not displayed Please run Dr.Paul, the children of this country will thank you
21588 Linda Jackson Please run Ron, lets save America!
21589 Name not displayed Your defense and pursuit of truth and liberty make me proud to be an American!
21590 Name not displayed  
21591 Arild Doerge  
21592 Name not displayed  
21593 Name not displayed  
21595 Name not displayed We need someone like you. Good Luck. With you we can start fixing America.
21596 James Burton  
21597 Logan Morrison Dr. Paul, you are the greatest common sense politician I have ever seen. You are one of the ONLY people in Washington who really knows how to repair this country. It would be an honor to support you for President in 2012.
21598 Joshua Davies END THE FED! The federal income tax is theft! We need Ron!
21599 Brian Smith “” Continue Your Great Work”" :)
21600 Danny B The reason people are worked up about this guy is they sense that he’s genuine! That hes NOT a sell out. That hes not taking money to dis pow certain positions. And I’ve never seen a candidate with so many marches, songs written about him, bumper stickers, etc etc etc. He’s the ticket!
21601 Scott Vaughn  
21602 David L. Dobbie We supported you in your last bid for President, we will support you again. My wife and I will be donating to your campaign as we did last time as well. Please help us save this great nation.
21603 Luke Stone You seem to be the only one interested in protecting the Bill of Rights. You’ve got my vote.
21604 Jodi Wages  
21605 Andres Rubalcava U.S.A.
21606 Name not displayed Dr. Paul, from someone who has been a democrat their entire life… PLEASE RUN IN 2012!!!!!
21607 darren wheeler  
21608 Name not displayed  
21609 Name not displayed Downsize Government
21610 Tracy Taylor The United States can be beautiful again.
21611 Name not displayed We’re behind you!!! Go Ron go!!!
21612 Name not displayed please run, we need you - the world needs a stable president who cares about american & its’ own!
21613 jose time to end the fed-reserve,irs,cfr, new world order, bohemiam grovers, n the fallen angels!!!! bu tone step at a time….
21614 Dane McGee Ron Paul is the best candidate for the Presidency in 2012 because I trust him and his word because he tells the American public the truth.
21615 Name not displayed  
21616 Matthew Iames  
21617 Michael Weatherly Ron Paul all the way!!!
21618 Michael Strickland The nation is ill. We need a doctor!
21619 James Randall Dear sir:

USA needs a leader who has values and is thinks rightly to solve complex problems and issues, such as the yet unfolding financial crises.

I have been hearing about the ongoing debates about reducing deficit. However it is amazing that no one has mentioned about asking Wall Street to return the TARP money and bailout money handed over to banks! This amount alone will suffice to cover 70% of the annual government budget. I hope you will raise this matter soon.
21620 Name not displayed I’m ready to pound the pavement, let’s get this campaign rolling. I’ve been waiting since 08.
21621 Karen de Lucca  
21622 Joseph Holleran  
21623 Jonathan Cox I believe Ron Paul is real policy change that brings us back to the US Constitution which was written upon extreme ideals.
21624 Korey Vera  
21625 kathleen remini run ron - we need you!
21626 Steve M  
21627 Jacob Chastain It is time for America to experience true liberty. Let us be free, without exceptions.
21628 greg  
21629 Matt Palko Let’s Roll!!!
21630 Nikolaos Samaritis  
21631 Name not displayed  
21632 Derrick Yazwa A lifelong liberal hoping that you can bring real change to the White House.
21633 Christopher morris Ron Paul is the only one who can bring an end to our horrible fiscal crisis!
21634 brian end the FED, IMF any private bank and transition to the only sustainable way of humanity’s survival Resource based economy! google it ZEITGEIST! MOVING FORWARD
21635 George Szatkowski  
21636 Dennis Midgett Please run!
21637 lourdes alvarez Dr Paul, America needs you to run in 2012. My family supports you.
21638 Jonathan M Barrett  
21639 Name not displayed Dr. Paul is the man of my dreams!
21640 Jason Enano Please speak more to the young people!
21641 Jonathan H. We need you Dr. Ron Paul!
21642 Tye Andrews please run for President Sir.
21643 Name not displayed  
21644 Name not displayed pleeeeeeeeease
21645 Audrey Brasuell Please bring back reasonable thinking to American politics!
21646 David Gage  
21647 Alan & Kelly Smith  
21648 Name not displayed  
21649 Stephen Clay  
21650 MYRNA  
21651 joe  
21652 Luke M  
21653 Name not displayed RON PAUL or BUST!
21654 Name not displayed  
21655 Kelly Owens Run Ron Run! Spread the message of liberty!
21656 Name not displayed Thank you in advance.
21657 Name not displayed  
21658 poopstayne up teh punx
21659 Karie Lamb We need you to turn around this country!! Please run!
21660 Peter  
21661 Joseph H. Catania Dr. Paul,

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Do you think God wants to you to give it one last go at trying to save this once great nation? Do you think God would want you to try to open the eyes of this mesmerized populace? Do you think He would want you to show them the truth so at least they have one last choice?

Dr. Paul do not go quietly into the night! My children have to grow up in this nation and I want one last chance to help you save it.


21662 Name not displayed The country needs you, I just hope enough people realize that…
21663 Andrea Condori Go Ron Paul!
21664 Adam Sorich RON PAUL 2012!!!!
21665 shawn rodriguez Thanks. oh if u don’t run were just going to Write you in anyway .
21666 Name not displayed  
21667 Chris Couse We need you to run,and end the status quo Dr. Paul.
21668 Mary Cason  
21669 Donna Gibson Ron Paul 2012! It’s time to take back our Republic.
21670 James Dockery-Jackson  
21671 Thomas Murphy Our last hope
21672 Chris L.  
21673 Name not displayed Please run, we need you!
21674 Peter He could potentially turn this nation around.
21675 richard brendel Deliver Me
21676 Bryan Delgado  
21677 eric yokley  
21678 Robert D. Consiglio As an independent (thinker) I happen to agree with everything Ron Paul says! He has also taught me the truth about conservative policy that I once loathed. Something needs to happen for real this election. Vote for the only guy who you KNOW is not in cahoots with the elite bureaucrats who scam regular Americans out of their own money!
21679 Name not displayed  
21680 Jeffrey Ludwig  
21681 Jared Dickerson Go Ron Paul!
21682 Name not displayed Please run! True change that we can believe, rather than this excuse of a president we have now.
21683 david j “”V”" 4 victory
21684 Name not displayed You’re our only hope. Run no matter what!!!
21685 Ricardo Colunga  
21686 Steve Applebaugh I cannot express my opinion strongly enough, Representative Paul, that you truly must run for the office of the Presidency in 2012!
21687 Peter Ludwig  
21688 Bryan Draughon  
21689 Name not displayed  
21690 Brian Martin Ron Paul Revolution! I have never voted or ever cared about trying to “”change”" america but with Ron Paul i will vote and tell all my friends and family to do the same.
21691 Name not displayed Ron Paul will save America and the world in 2012 if he runs and please for gods sake Ron start wearing a bullet proof vest.
21692 Name not displayed  
21693 Name not displayed  
21694 Jay Mead  
21695 LeAnn Lewis I want to be proud of our country again. With honest leadership for the people, not just the elite. Please help our families, our communities, and our country to get back to what we once were.
21696 Russell Dutra  
21697 Zan Smith For years I’ve been a conservative Democrat and I’ve seen failure on both sides, Republican and Democrat. Your Libertarian views inspire me and I believe with all my heart your views can inspire Washington to start making wise decisions that benefit all Americans! Please run in 2012!
21698 Tim it’s about time
21699 Name not displayed Run Paul! We need you and evey single one like you now! march on Washington 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
21700 Matthew Alan Torroni Please, Dr. Paul, run for president in 2012!! I will vote for you, and I will explain your position to people I speak with, I will show them video that speaks for itself, they will agree, it is only COMMON sense. I honestly pray for you to be President of the United States of America on a daily basis. I believe wholeheartedly in your positions, and how they are right for America, I would be happy to risk my life and be a bodyguard for you. I am VERY serious about this, I would proudly stand in front of a bullet meant for you, Only because I believe that YOU stand a much greater chance than I, in ensure an AMERICAN life for my family, not because I am a crazy-person that believes you are some sort of savior, but because I believe that you are the man that will allow my 2 god-children, 3 brothers and growing cousins/niece’s/nephew’s to live happy, successful lives!! Please call on me if need be, I would be HONORED to serve you. [email protected] …I will respond promptly.
21701 Jeremy Latvala If you don’t run, our country may be doomed. So no pressure… :)
21702 Name not displayed END THE FED. RON PAUL 2012!!!!!!
21703 Marcus Allen Audit Fed Policies. No foreign meddling. Sound fiscal policy. Free market economics. Balance and cap federal spending at 17% GDP. Keep America Great at a responsible price. I support Ron Paul’s candidacy for presidency in 2012. Our Congress is fucked up also. As an Obama voter, I dont think he has had a loud enough voice on growth, foreign policy, and spending. I like his pragmatic approach to issues, both he and Ron Paul can debate who would apply strength and pragmatism to office and 2012.
21704 Christopher Scerpella Time for real change. Even if it’s not with Ron Paul as president, his ideas should continue to be presented to the masses so that we can educate ourselves on how to achieve real change and prosper as a nation.
21705 Harry Santos I am a supporter from the Philippines! Shows how Ron Paul’s message is not limited by US borders and is heard all over the world!
21706 Greg Finch Ron Paul represents freedom and principle rather than polarization and politics.
21707 Victor Cheng  
21708 aldo villamil  
21709 Name not displayed Another politician, or an American? It remains to be seen.
21710 Mark Krueger May God bless Ron Paul
21711 Devon Tackels  
21712 Patrick Mericle We need you Ron. We seem to had some covert actions in this country in which this “”Federal”" government thinks they have say in our life and when we vote for something it doesn’t include them! HELP
21713 Name not displayed  
21714 Name not displayed Go for it. The GOP has no one with guts enough to do the balanced budget act
21715 Wren Tyree We shall overcome!
21716 Name not displayed  
21717 Tyler Burns  
21718 Sean  
21719 Kevin K Long live the revolution
21720 Peggy Davis  
21721 Claire Wages  
21722 Steven Thomas Lets not let the media pick our President!
21723 David Freese Jr. I love my country. My freedom I hold dear. Is there any cost too great to pay for this freedom? You must run Ron, you represent this freedom. Even if you do not win, you might be the spark that lights the fire.
21724 Jeff Donnelly I like this man. He is fighting for the people, not his bank account.
21725 Sammie Baron  
21726 Name not displayed  
21727 Tyson P. I want to be “”Proud to be an American!”" again
21728 Kim Ballard Ron Paul 2012 we need you
21729 Todd Jeffreys I have buyer’s remorse from the last presidential election. I am not gonna make the same mistake twice. Ron, you run for prez, you have earned my vote.
21730 jeremy beavers Ron Paul is a true american. We need men such as him to uphold the Constitution of the united states. We the people are ready for a change.
21731 frederick marks live or die free!
21732 Bryan La Plante one more time!
21733 Corey Go Ron Paul!
21734 Brad Emrich I won’t waste my vote again on the establishment candidate!
21735 David Rothman  
21736 Bryan Blumenfeld  
21737 Chris Burns  
21738 Michael Burns  
21739 George Manolatos  
21740 Thomas Dye, II we need an American President who is not afraid to speak out against those who wish to enslave us..will you step up?
21741 ian  
21742 David Willard god we need you man!!!
21743 John Hicks Mr. Paul please run we need to get our country back . Im only 23 but i am terrified for my futur as well as my fellow humans . Although i do disagree with reagan on some things such as the drug war , this is the last stand !! We dont have anywhere else to run to . We gotta get into offense mode and stop trying to just defend ourselves from this police state banking cartel . WE GOTTA TAKE OUR COUNTY BACK !!!! Please Mr. Paul YOUR COUNTRY NEEDS YOU!!!
21744 Rob Bollack Ron Paul…. The founders need you.
21745 John garritson The time has come when we need you most so please run for president for president
21746 Name not displayed  
21747 steve johnson u are an inspiration.
21748 Name not displayed Voting for Ron Paul is the only way to be truly represented. Any other vote is a vote to be sold!
21749 Andrea  
21750 Wesley Freeman  
21751 Sean Kelly America needs You, and your Ideas
21752 Justin I like Ron Paul.
21753 Curtis Crabtree God Bless you Dr. Paul!!!
21754 Ted Sonnier For Liberty
21755 Travis James  
21756 Bob Armstrong  
21757 giney newport  
21758 Josh fitzgibbons Common sense is a uncommon virtue
21759 Scott K. Ernest  
21760 Lenny Please do run in 2012.
21761 Bret Shimomura Ron Paul: You absolutely NEED to run for president of the United States in the 2012 election!
21762 Robert Glenn  
21763 Name not displayed Go paul
21764 Byron Simmons Please run for president.
21765 Konrad W  
21766 Ashleigh Klein  
21767 Ranjeet Singhal RON PAUL FOREVER AND A DAY !!!!
21768 Joseph D. Vance  
21769 Name not displayed  
21770 Terry Jack Run Ron!
21771 joshua lawwill America has always needed you, but now more than ever. Ron Paul 2012!
21772 denae ball give ‘em hell, ron!
21773 Anton Petrov Please Run Ron,

Because America needs TRUE change. END THE FED!
21774 bill detzner Hyperinflation and the establishment of a totalitarian National Security State are growing to be more likely outcomes with each passing day.
21775 Mats Svendsen  
21776 Joseph W. Wellington Ron, we need to take our country back. We need you to run in 2012!
21777 Name not displayed  
21778 Hope Current  
21779 Raymond Ron Paul for the win =)
21780 Brian Walston Liberty is the only issue. Everything else is just conversation.
21781 Tawn Caputo You are the only face in government that isn’t telling me lies. So many of us desperately want to organize and save our families and our country. We need your help! I’m ready to dedicate myself to the cause of true patriotism, please help me and others like me fight the good fight!
21782 Ryan Thomas We need Ron Paul now more than ever!
21783 Russell W Please make this sacrifice.
21784 Name not displayed Our country needs you now more then ever before
21785 Ivan Save our Nation.
21786 Name not displayed Dear Ron,

Please help save our great country so that my ten year old child will be able to grow and prosper in a nation that is once again loved by the world!
21787 Ian Hickey Liberty 2012
21788 Name not displayed Ron Paul is the *only* true humanitarian in Congress who ALSO knows how to solve our financial crisis. Please be our PRESIDENT! Before the USA goes belly up!!
21789 Denise Liggett  
21790 Venita Bouska  
21791 Denis Pita Please run, im sick of this world.

we the people was so 1700′s the new trend is we the corporations, fuck the people. &<-- you need to change this.
21792 george deskin I agree that we must cut back. Would you explain the retirement program Congress has?
21793 Sean Sarah Palin? What, we want our country in flames?
21794 Matt Zebert For Liberty!
21795 Name not displayed  
21796 Florence Chavez We need you to be our President in 2012!
21797 Name not displayed  
21798 Gordon Gilchrist  
21799 Allen Shepard Woot.
21800 Mia Garcia  
21801 Jonathan Nelson Ron, you are the only politician whose values I trust and who gives issues an objective analysis. Don’t be discouraged by what the media may say or Donald Trump for that matter. You have integrity, respect, and humility. Please run in 2012; I and many others are behind you!
21802 Damien Bates Mr. Paul, Just Do it! :)
21803 Steven P. Ron Paul, you are the only real choice to make a difference for this great country. Ron Paul 2012!!
21804 Erik Gore I will be volunteering for your campaign.
21805 Charlie Maynard Peace and Love
21806 Tony Axtell v for victory…viva la revolucion!!!!


Your our last hope ron paul…
21807 Nikola R Tesla Life, Liberty, Justice!
21808 Daniel M. Ron Paul, your best solution!
21809 James Ron, I’m going to vote for you even if you don’t run. The only wasted vote is one for an establishment zombie.
21810 Laurie Ives You are the only potential candidate that even talks about issues that are of true importance for the well being of our country.
21811 Jaime Valderrama  
21812 Erik S. Hoffman Every generation needs a true revolution of liberty.
21813 Melanie Rose Montero Mr. Paul, I did not vote for you in the last election because I did not feel you could win and I regret that decision every day. We need you to run again.
21814 Jeremy Price All it takes for evil to conquer is for good men to do nothing.
21815 Name not displayed Freedom=Ron Paul
21816 Bill Gauntlett With you 100% Ron, Hope you run in 2012
21817 Mike  
21818 Gary G Daniels Ron is the best hope for freedom in our Country today. Ron Paul 2012.
21819 cecily kerr  
21820 Leslie Reyes R.P. “”Relieving the People”"
21821 Eric Jackson One and only hope.
21822 Name not displayed  
21823 Melanie Grimes I believe Obama is good though. He ‘s came in to this blind.
21824 Tim Millerick It’s time fora true conservative!
21825 Name not displayed Freedom from Oppression. Obama is assisting his boss in trying bring down the USA from his teaching of Sal D.Linsky who said if you want to bring down the Gov just have it implode by over burdening the financial system. See what Obama is DOING AND NOT WHAT HE’S SAYING. Will he declare Marshall law via his new communication system? Those who oppose will be sent to the F.E.M.A. camps and those who are a threat are sent to their death and stuffed in those giant plastic coffins designed for many. WE know whats up, we see, understand and we owe allegiance to the Truth instead of authority. We are ONE. We are no longer protected under the Constitution, Homeland security/SS in a test run to see if anybody gave a shit and how far they can get away with it, took over over a hundred websites without due process. Obama Care, which was decalred unconstitutional by the Judicial system is ignored by congress. Executive branch is above the law… but not the LAW of the Universe. They underestimate the power of the Force. :-)
21826 Mr Par  
21827 Jillian Gordon YOU can do this because WE can do this…The numbers are there. Don’t give up and never give in! “”Give me liberty or give me death!”"

Ron Paul 2012-ALL THE WAY!
21828 Devon Grubb I am all for exposing the Federal Reserve for what it is.

It is time to crush this private sector banking monopoly.

They must be held accountable and pay a restitution to the American people, we want our money back!

It is a sad sorry day when you become aware that our government is by and for the big banks. The Fed is the illegal force running this country. They are making a mockery of the Presidential office. Americans everywhere are waking up to this ugly truth and we won`t take it anymore.
21829 Josh Davis The answer to 1984 is 1776 !
21830 Justin Whitfield Peaceful Revolution! We believe in you sir.
21831 Name not displayed I believe you’re the only hope this country has left!
21832 Brenda Kellam  
21833 Gary Rose Friends please get actively involved, we need to save our country.
21834 Rick L. McCarley  
21835 Eric ciffone Thank you for standing up for the people!
21836 nick purler  
21837 Shawn Green  
21838 David Brand Legend
21839 Name not displayed PLEASE RUN!!!! End the War on Drugs and the war on the citizens
21840 Name not displayed ron paul is the true light of wisdom and moral truth he whats”"real constitutional freedom”"not a social fascist ron paul we need all the votes we can get!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
21841 Daniel Stansbury I’ll be proud to support you Ron.
21842 Name not displayed END THE FED!
21843 Name not displayed end fed
21844 Dave Humphreys “”Government should never be able to do anything you can’t do”"

- Ron Paul
21845 Name not displayed  
21846 Dustin Miller sup bro
21847 Name not displayed reform…taxes, energy, and agriculture…now!
21848 Thomas Stewart  
21849 Lori Ron Paul is the only HONEST conservative in DC.
21850 Jonathan Hyde  
21851 Arlene Mocko He’s the best we’ve got .. so give him a chance and you’ll see how great American .. and the rest of the world for that matter .. can be again!
21852 Name not displayed Please run. I plan to get involved this year and will represent Santa Barbara, CA!
21853 jolie west Let’s do this!
21854 Joe Moore Run Ron Run!
21855 Harold J Barrett Even though I sometimes disagree with your Foreign Policy positions, as a staunch Constitutionalist, I feel you are America’s last chance.
21856 Nicki Ferguison  
21857 Philip Welsh A Ron Paul revolution is America’s last chance.
21858 Name not displayed Please give it a shot, despite the odds, any chance is better than Obanka
21859 Scott Keeney  
21860 Name not displayed RON PAUL 2012!
21861 Ken Smith Run Ron Run 2012
21862 John M Larsen Might as well run, going to write you in again anyway.

WE’RE READY for you to take back America 2012!!
21863 Ryan A wise and frugal government, which shall leave men free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned - this is the sum of good government.
21864 Name not displayed This man isn’t owned by corporations. Agree with him or not but he isn’t afraid to be honest and he truly has the best interest of people in mind, not the best interest of corporations.
21865 Name not displayed  
21866 Name not displayed  
21867 Matt O’Donnell We’re all behind you Ron. Help us make America great again!
21868 Austin fatch please run and fix this country we need you!
21869 Name not displayed Give em Hell Ron
21870 Shirley Schaar We are in to many countries. We are turning into a welfare country, which weakens this and every succeeding generation. We need someone who has faith in our own people. We can take care of ourselves. We must have a much smaller government. You are our hope.
21871 Name not displayed please run every one else is a globalist!
21872 Eric Yee-haw……….wait that was Howard Dean.
21873 Peter Turner The brushfires of freedom and liberty are burning!
21874 Matthew Sharber Ron Paul will bring the USA back to prominence. He completely represents what our countries founding fathers meant for America to become
21875 Erik Bays  
21876 Name not displayed  
21877 Tom Roe Let’s wake them up!
21878 Shawn Edwards I’d love to have you to vote for again!
21879 Stephanie Swiger I will do volunteer work if Ron will run. I live in Washington DC and am close to his former headquarters.
21880 James Ramsey  
21881 Name not displayed PLEASSSSE!!!!! We, the citizens, need someone who wont screw us over anymore.
21882 Bruce Gaker  
21883 Mary Lou Wardlaw Isolationism is important
21884 Name not displayed  
21885 Name not displayed  
21886 Andrew Peterson WOOOOO!!!
21887 Daniel Ron Paul 2012!
21888 Name not displayed  
21889 Tami Hicks Tired of the status quo… A little weary of all politicians these days. Just hoping Paul can make a difference.
21890 Jim Thompson  
21891 Rachel Downs Run Paul Run!
21892 Name not displayed  
21893 Kevin Downs Run Paul Run!
21894 Todd Monk  
21895 John C. Wright Please Ron Paul, you are our last hope to have true freedom and liberty back. Please! We the youth will give up on this country if you don’t run and win the Presidency, you are the only person who can do it!
21896 Sam Brown  
21897 Jerry Mayor We really need somebody to make sense. I hope

he will.
21898 Zach Perkins Ron Paul is the only true conservative candidate. He is who real conservatives want, and he is who our country needs. Don’t listen to the neocons on fox new.
21899 Ben Jones For Liberty!
21900 Jonathan Fanelli There is no one else who can do the things our nation needs so desperately in these times. I support him whole-heartedly.
21901 isaac arroyo  
21902 Philip Sexton I wont trade liberty and freedom for safety.
21903 raul davila He’s are only hope for america to survive
21904 scott neil Ron please run for president
21905 Mike Castellano We haven’t seen an honest Politican that fought for we the people like RON PAUL since JFK!
21906 Sean G  
21907 Harold Jobes  
21908 Zac Fermanis We need you Ron! Run Ron Run!
21909 David Reitz Save my children’s future!
21910 Michael Hines  
21911 Matt The only sane man in Federal Politics
21912 john pesch lets do this ronny boy !
21913 Steven Kuhn  
21914 Graham Goenne  
21915 Mickey Slack  
21916 exhabictactut08  
21917 Joe Medrano  
21918 Steve Helsel My vote is a sure thing.
21919 Name not displayed I have never believed in politics. But after hearing Ron Paul, I know there is hope.
21920 Joshua Richards  
21921 Kevin Andrew Clark The revolution is revised!!
21922 Kim Kingsley Took a Carter for a Reagan and now an Obama for a Paul… America needs you NOW!
21923 John Pipkin Please run Dr. Paul. America needs you!!!
21924 alfredo leyva Ron, save our children and grandchildren!
21925 Kerrie Hourigan Not only America needs you but all the world for the sake of us all.
21926 Breane Doyle  
21927 Name not displayed 2012 won be the end of the world if Ron Paul wins it will be the beginning!
21928 Name not displayed please run for pres america needs you
21929 MShaneM GO RON…You can win this time!!!
21930 Stephannie Maneval  
21931 Tracy Huff  
21932 Krystian Beal Ron is our only hope!
21933 Name not displayed I’m an adult male and I have never voted in my life thus far. I’ve not done so because most politicians speak “”ear candy”" to you so that they can get elected. Plus they don’t go into detail of their policy or what they are going to do as president. They just spit out phrases like “”Hope for America”" “”Change”". Just to get us to stomp the pedal. Ron Paul, you sir are different though. You tell it like it is even though we may not like it. And then you even explain the reason why it is like it is. If you run then I will register to vote because there would finally be someone on the ballot that is worth voting in to office.
21934 Adam VanDyke The Brushfires of Freedom Burn Within. Ron Paul 2012!!
21935 Diana Carter He is our only hope to restore our constitutional Republic, all the other possible candidates are complete sell outs to the NWO!
21936 Name not displayed My prayers and support are with you.
21937 Victor C. Bullard  
21938 James Lewis  
21939 Kevin Hagan  
21940 Name not displayed  
21941 Autumn Ron Paul 2012!!
21942 gerald f conner  
21943 Michael McQueen Even if you don’t win, the statement you will make and the attention you are bound to draw will be valuable for generations to come.
21944 Zach Meyers  
21945 Ken Lomba Looking forward to someone with leadership and morals.

A Government for the People, not for the Money!
21946 Ted Wexler  
21947 D. A. Hoekstra You are the only true Representative of the People and our final hope of protecting freedom and liberty from government tyranny, the banking cartel, and the military industrial complex.
21948 Name not displayed You, sir, are a modern day Moses called by Mother Liberty in your old age to lead the American people out of an economic, anti-republican, and anti-constitutional state of slavery. You can do it, and wielding pen, camera, and a flag of love, peace and liberty, I will be your Joshua.

21949 Gregg Guarnieri We need a true american that cares! Please run…
21950 Name not displayed  
21951 Ricardo Noel Jimenez I love u Ron Paul .U are the truth
21952 Claudia Leticia Uriarte Ron Paul you are our future and our savior
21953 Tim Marcum America needs you sir!
21954 Hattie Sutton Go Ron Paul
21955 Lorelei Bennett America is crying”"we need you Paul “” an Americn for Amerians . with great love and respect.
21956 Steven E Montez  
21957 albert w krill 3rd We believe in real change.please help America.Run Ron Run.
21958 Name not displayed  
21959 Patricia Jacobson  
21960 Stephen Gabriel Montez  
21961 Morgan We need you ron paul! Our gov is so corrupt, we need you to save our country!
21962 Andrew Shepard-Smith Expect a campaign donation from me.
21963 shelby l deutsch Ron Pual. You have to run.For the sake of my children .Liberty or death. Freedom for the people of the world.
21964 Name not displayed  
21965 Adam Scheigert Ron Paul 11 and Trump ZERO, in fact NONE of them have the EXPERIENCE Ron Paul has either!!! 2012 for EXPERIENCE and HONESTY!
21966 Michael Patrick Lynch  
21967 Name not displayed  
21968 Matthew Osteen Please run Mr. Paul. You are the only hope for turning this country around.
21969 Charles Meyers  
21970 Richard Moore Ron Paul. Our last best hope.
21971 Name not displayed Thank you, Mr. Paul
21972 Jeanette G Give the People of the United States the Truth and not the “”Tu Qu Que”" ( Do as I say and not as I do). You will be a shoe in.

Save the United States and the enviroment from the H.A.A.R.P. Before the military ends us all. To cut the budget, cut the pay of the Officials ( President, Congress, Senators,etc..) Have their bosses give them a pay raise ( the people of the United States) when they have earned it.
21973 MEG  
21974 Name not displayed  
21975 Ken Mace Ron Paul 2012
21976 Name not displayed Ron Paul for President!!
21977 Segev Malool  
21978 Name not displayed America’s only hope.
21979 Name not displayed Ron Paul you are the only candidate i would support 100% if you don’t run I will vote for someone else but they would not be the best person for the job.
21980 Name not displayed Four years ago, I thought you were a little crazy. Now I think you are our greatest hope. Go for it!
21981 Greg Drozd  
21982 Name not displayed Government out of our bodies!
21983 Nick Vaz i have never been into gov so much and what happens to our country till I heard of ron paul.This is real history in the making. RON PAUL! Woowoo
21984 Tyler Magnan  
21985 Curtis Foster At last people are starting to awaken to what’s been going on for the past 70 years and Ron Paul is at the forefront of the message!!
21986 Mark Hedrick PLEASE RUN! This country needs you!
21987 Name not displayed  
21988 Joshua Cook PLEASE RON RUN!!!

You have the backing of the young people I promise!!!
21989 Mark W. L I B E R T Y
21990 Charles Kuntz Ron we need you!
21991 Cameron P Comon Ronnyboy! We need you in !
21992 edward tsang do it please
21993 Name not displayed Run. PLEASE!
21994 desiree girty  
21995 Brennt unite this country
21996 mani from india India needs you to be in power in USA, so that we can mind our own business and not be scared about attacks from our volatile neighbors.
21997 Johnathan Jeffords You’re not only America’s last hope — you represent possibly the last stand of freedom in the world.
21998 Leonard N Cowen Bring back our constitution before it gone forever! We need a real Leader not another puppet. You are the Man!
21999 Joseph Geiszler I saw the deception that Fox News pulled when they showed Dr. Paul winning the 2010 CPAC when he got booed by Romney supporters as if it was footage of this years CPAC so I called Fox News and gave them a piece of my mind. Please don’t let the MSM get to you. You need a moment that stands out that you are not going to take their shit and that you WILL win!
22000 Israel Martin del Campo Great people should be put in to great places.

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