Signatures 20,001-25,000

Number Name Comment
22001 Name not displayed Ron, your country needs you to run.
22002 James H. E.  
22003 Angela Parler  
22004 Kavan Yen Please run again. I strongly believe that this time we have the support and the resource to win against the machine.
22005 Reese Parler  
22006 george plance Please run and restore america
22007 Brooklyn Parler  
22008 Steven Parler  
22009 John Anderson Ron Paul is Liberty, the spirit of the Founding Fathers and the Constitution.
22010 r j funkhouser  
22011 Name not displayed PLEASE RUN RON!! we need someone with some sanity and clear common sense in office!
22012 angel go ron paul..get the scum out of there
22013 randika rodrigo his ideas on economics and the govt its the most true correct ideals
22014 Name not displayed please run ron! we DESPERATELY need your help!
22015 Jason Robertson Run, Ron, Run.
22016 Michael Gattus  
22017 Name not displayed Please help us to return to the values that made this country great.
22018 Jim Benchoff Run Ron Run!!!!!
22019 Name not displayed RON PAUL BRO
22020 Name not displayed  
22021 James M Collins Please run for president Ron Paul.

D.C. needs some fresh air.
22022 Joseph Montgomery Let’s find solutions to the 21st Century problems that don’t include 19th Century Policies.
22023 C. G. Purbaugh  
22024 Robert Peloquin MD  
22025 danny mearse Please, Mr. Paul , give the American People another shot at,Recovering Our Country! RUN ONE MORE TIME for ME !
22026 Robert C. Kagel Save Us!!
22027 Russ Rizzo when will someone do an educational series about the creation of money on prime time tv. I think that would help the people to understand why we will always be struggling to pay a debt that can never be payed off under current monetary policy.

22028 Name not displayed Ron Paul save America!!!!!
22029 Aaron Parshall America needs you Mr. Paul.
22030 Stephen Perencevich  
22031 Name not displayed  
22032 Richard Toczynski The time is now for Ron Paul. End the Fed and set things right.
22033 Stephanie Sprinkle  
22034 Brian Diffenderfer “”help us Obi-Wan-Paul… your our only hope !”"
22035 Dino Thomas Jefferson of 2012,We will support you.
22036 Nickolas Spano  
22037 Name not displayed please run
22038 The more Equal Equal No time for tyranny. Must have Liberty
22039 Wes Morgan  
22040 Robert Lets go Ron! Also, look at this vid, fox news pulls dirty stunt on ron paul, this angers me!
22041 Name not displayed  
22043 Dave Austin Please Run Ron,,,,America and the World need you more then ever now :-)
22044 Name not displayed  
22045 Thomas Shahan Your country needs your leadership now, more than ever.
22046 Zachariah E. Willis Go Ron Paul! Run, Run, Run! Hopefully you can run faster than the current administration is away from what is real, what is true. That is, the fact that the American people are starting to wake up, wake up to the fact that America is going down the drain! We need you Ron Paul, I promise to vote for you in 2012!! My support goes out to you! God Bless You Ron Paul and God Bless America the Beautiful!
22047 Name not displayed Let’s go. I’m ready to help you out.
22048 rory lamb please run Ron
22049 Don Simmons 1988, 2008 third times the charm 2012
22050 Name not displayed Ron Paul 2012, the Ronald Reagan of my time! America needs you, God Bless The United States of America!
22051 Andree Taylor I supported you in 2008, attended Meet Up groups and participated in several money bombs.
22052 Benjamin Bockrath Ron Paul 2012
22053 Name not displayed Ron Paul 2012!
22054 Name not displayed  
22055 John Walters Ron Paul 2012!!!!
22056 Jason R Cloud If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. Hopefully, this country will awaken and see that Ron Paul is the leader this country needs.
22057 Vincent Cefaliello This country needs you!!! This generation needs you!! We need a change and you are IT!!!
22058 Courtney Reed We need to return to the law of our Great Constitution!
22059 Matthew Earle You are our country’s only hope. People will listen, common sense will prevail. Make me proud to be American!
22060 P R Gibson we need ron paul. he is our only chance
22061 John Fisher Please run, and WIN. This country doesn’t have a future if we continue with the same policies under different banners.
22062 Ajit Patel Ron Paul for 2012, Ron Paul The Present of the United States of America….
22063 Brandon  
22064 James Krenkel something has to change, give the country back to the people
22065 Bobby Sira Restore the Republic!!!
22066 Jason Elie BouKheir  
22067 Name not displayed  
22068 Name not displayed We really do need real change -
22069 Richard DeVinney I will support Ron Paul if he is true to his cause. He can not be worse than the idiot we have in office now
22070 Jake End the Fed
22071 Ronald Mendheim  
22072 JonathanC Ron Paul 2012!
22073 Shannon Sharpe  
22074 Name not displayed From Norway, i don’t really agree with Ron Paul on many of his issues, but he seems honest and intelligent and is all for transperancy.
22075 JB Stahl its almost too late Ron we need a man like you!!!
22076 Christopher  
22077 Harland Parke This country is in dire need of help from a true patriot movement.
22078 Name not displayed The American people believe in you!
22079 Name not displayed The American people believe in you!
22080 Samantha Lee Broderick  
22081 Diana D’Auria Revolution 2012!
22082 manny k sirrels you have my vote in 2012, ron!
22083 Jim Suits  
22084 JoAnna Bowen We must never give up. Please run again, the young people of America need you.
22085 Leticia Be our savior! I will support you and spread the news of you.
22086 Levi Farr Ron, you are our only voice and chance for true freedom we have left. You are in a unique position to be the voice of the people in the name of freedom.

If Princess Leah were real she would be saying “”Help us Ron Paul… You’re our only hope.”"
22087 Name not displayed you’re awesome! you’re our only hope!
22089 Name not displayed love to see you run, get a good speech writer though, eh?
22090 Amy Meyer  
22091 Jackson Taylor  
22092 Name not displayed  
22093 Steve White Run, Ron. The rest of them are all the same.
22094 Scott Robinson I like how you’re the only politician or TV personality that I’ve heard comment about how we should stop wasting our money supporting dictators by calling it “”foreign aid”".
22095 Xin Guo Dear Ron,

I am a Chinese immigrant and a legal permanent resident at USA with a stable job. The history of USA and China has taught me a lot about what makes a country strong and what ruins it. That is why I am a strong supporter of yours every day.

I do not want to move back to China but I am very concerned about the direction USA is heading right now. You are one of the few politicians that I have hope on for a better future of this country. I believe the US constitution is one of the best documents ever written in human history (inferior to the BIble of course:) but is now being disrespected by too many in the courts and in the congress here. Please run for the president of USA in 2012. You are one of the reasons that I want to stay in this country.

Love in Christ,

Xin Guo
22096 Name not displayed FOR FREEDOM!
22097 Keith Newell  
22098 Riley Hall Pro-American policy is staying out of other country’s business and fixing our nation first.
22099 Eric Fullenkamp RUN UNDER THE LIBERTERIAN PARTY!!!! he will definitly win, screw the facists in washington
22100 Ernest Hokanson I have been waiting for this since I cast my vote for Ron Paul in 1988. The time is right.
22101 Jose ramirez  
22102 Name not displayed please run! you’ve got my vote.
22103 Matt PLEASE RUN!!! We need a President that sees the true facts that other politicians are too blind to see! We need a true patriot like you in office!
22104 Kenneth Murphy Please run Dr. Paul!
22105 Corey Ron Paul is the only politician I know of who is for the people and not the lobbyists and corporations who buy out Democrats and Republicans. Please run Congressman, you are the only one standing up for real liberty within the government.
22106 Chris What Ron is about is great! America needs him. P.S., please spare us the religious opinion. It has no place whatsoever in politics or decision making.
22107 Michael Nelson  
22108 TB  
22109 Diana Weiss  
22110 Name not displayed please run!
22111 Name not displayed I am Vet who supports you Ron… any way I can help, please let me know…too few people know your views…
22112 Barbara Cabrera Ron, you will save us all if you run!! I will support you 100%
22113 Elisabeth Brazil  
22114 charlene halladay  
22115 Tyluh We got yo back son! Run again, the younger generation needs you!
22116 J Brillhart  
22117 Heidi Leggett  
22118 Alexander Poggioli  
22119 Kemp Collins We need you now more than ever, Mr Paul!
22120 Gregory H. Halverson Take down the Fed!
22121 Cris Hernandez RUN!! RUN!! WIN!! WIN!!
22122 WJH We need someone to represent the people not corporations
22123 James Thomas Please run and win!
22124 Danny  
22125 Andrew D America is in desperate need of REAL change. Please run Dr. Paul.
22126 curtis fortin the truth
22127 James  
22128 Dawn Read I am in high hopes that Ron Paul runs for president in 2012.
22129 John Daniel Cranford I pray Mr. Paul gets the GOP nomination
22130 Name not displayed  
22131 Name not displayed  
22132 Sallie Elkordy ~ Repeal the Patriot Act as both OPPRESSIVE and unnecessary. End the Fed! Ban ALL Vaccines as the poison they are. Stop Chemtrails before they stop us. End the Wars and Foreign Occupation.
22133 Christopher Montez I would love to see you elected!
22134 curtis fortin  
22135 patricia fortin  
22136 dave t long live the republic
22137 Vitaliy Shtym I stand by Dr Paul regardless of his decision
22138 Awaad Aamir PLEASE SAVE THIS WORLD!!! You’re the only hope standing up against this corporate bureaucracy that we live in TODAY!!!
22139 Robert Chriest Constitution lives!
22140 Jacob Broussard Free America!
22141 jay hannah  
22142 Daniel Strickland  
22143 Trevlin d long trev4drpaul
22144 Name not displayed  
22145 Robby Mckinney Mr. Paul

You have my vote in 2012.
22146 Mary Yes, Ron Paul would be the perfect president…but what if, when elected in, he isn’t allowed to do what he needs to. I think the reason our seemingly good presidents go bad once in office is that they are given the choice “”do as your told…or die and be replaced with a double”"… Do we know who’s really in charge? Maybe this is one reason he doesn’t want to be president…Just a thought.
22147 Name not displayed We need a real LEADER. We need someone who does what they say!
22148 Name not displayed Run Paul Run. We will be there to help you!
22149 William Mead You’re this country’s only hope!. We need you!.
22150 Name not displayed V for Victory! Go Ron Paul!
22151 Name not displayed V for Victory! Go Ron Paul! If you can read this you are the resistance!
22152 Nikhil Patel please Run for president
22153 Name not displayed You know i have never voted for a President due to my belief that most in Washington D.C. are corrupt, If you run you have my vote.
22154 Name not displayed END THE FED!!
22155 Peter Walden Give it a shot.
22156 Name not displayed Please Run Ron!!
22157 Dan Vandre  
22158 john smith  
22159 Edward R Burgess New Right + Old Right = Senator Rand Paul

New Right + Old Right = President Ron Paul
22160 Shane Ron Paul for the future of this country!
22161 Tyler Ron Paul for President!
22162 Ned Brown Ron paul
22163 Name not displayed One Nation, with reason
22164 Catherine R.P for 2012!
22165 Name not displayed  
22166 Name not displayed  
22167 Name not displayed Patriot Movement 2012
22168 Curb Congressmen Paul you have to run. We need you more than ever. They can say all they want about your unelectability. The freedom movement is spreading you are essential to the fire that has been set. Even if you want win will donate and support you more than you will ever know. The Revolution has started and we need you to run one more time if nothing else atleast to pass the tourch.
22169 Michael Toth We need Ron Paul. It’s that simple. Obama is good but Paul is better.
22170 Name not displayed  
22171 Eric Reeves  
22172 Jessica Elliot I support Ron Paul running for President in 2012! America needs change!
22173 Lance Mann We must downsize the Government, they won’t do it themselves!
22174 Name not displayed  
22175 Troy E. The Country, and it’s People need something different. I think you are it!
22176 Name not displayed  
22177 Jessica Mazaika Ron Paul 2012
22178 David B. Ron Paul, go get em!
22179 9ke9 he will run lol
22180 Ryan Hopkins Do this thing, Ron!
22181 Joe Polsgrove Ron Paul must win in 2010!

……… trump Trump!
22182 Name not displayed My eyes are OPEN, we need you
22183 Name not displayed  
22184 MariAnn N. Slater Lets get America back!!!
22185 Magdalena Rasquin the whole world needs peace and freedom, Ron Paul is the way to stop greed for power and intervention
22186 Caitlin Swick I truly believe you are the best candidate out there for president right now. Not only because I agree with you on several issues, but also because I think that you will appeal to Liberals, Conservatives, and Moderates. Good luck, and please run for President…there really is no one else.
22187 Name not displayed What this country needs is a fresh way of looking at things and a fresh way of dealing with our societal problems. Unfortunately, the president has little power, actually, our lives are in the hands of the other guys…the Dems/Reps that run the country. We need more people like Ron Paul to get in on the House, Senate and Congress actions.
22188 Peyton Kolb  
22189 Neil Whiteamire Ron Paul was right!
22190 The Rev. John Longworth The inflationary crisis can only be ended by Dictatorship and new fiat currency or by revolution. Help lead our revolution!
22191 jon henry  
22192 Erik Teer COme ON RON!! We NEED YOU!
22193 Name not displayed Go for it.
22194 Paul Bartels Jr.  
22195 Joe Zuttel Dr. Paul, I left the US shortly after 9/11 due to a lack of faith in our government. For roughly two years I have been listening to your speeches and visiting websites that support you, and you sir, give me faith. I want to come home but not to another 4 years of One Big Ass Mistake America…and lets be honest, Palin, Romney, etc. just dont stack up to you. Please run for president, I miss America and I want to come home.
22196 Travis Ron, Although I think you may be more of a benefit in the House and on the Board to oversee the Fed, I will still support your run for president. I believe many young people that follow you will soon will be running for positions in 2012!
22197 Kayla Tolley  
22198 Jeffrey Wilbert We need your leadership on monetary policy, we need your love of liberty
22199 Daniel Grise  
22200 Scott Rozycki Thank you Ron Paul
22201 James Janovich Please run Ron
22202 Kim Goodman  
22203 Name not displayed A true American.
22204 Phillip A. Berdion This is why God put you here!
22205 Chase Your our last hope, give us a chance.
22206 Ian Pettit Ron, you are a wise and noble man - here’s to your future presidency!
22207 Henrietta Snyder I knew you were the only choice our country needed the very first time I ever heard of you. God speed you to our aid!!!
22208 Thomas Smith We need you Mr. Paul
22209 George DesRosier We are behind you Ron
22210 Ken Hayes Run and Don’t Stop!

Thank You!
22211 Name not displayed  
22212 John W  
22213 Derek O’Donnell  
22214 Galen Barrow I’m sure I’ll be added to some government “”terrorist”" watch list by way of the Anti-Patriot Act, but I’m going to request anyway: Congressman Paul, please try one more time in 2012!
22215 Michael Crist  
22216 Trevor Neely Let’s take our Independence back!
22217 Name not displayed  
22218 michael Clint Klein! we have been living under the shadow of the misnomer the new deal, that was to fix the financial havoc brought by the banking system. it was more like a raw deal. instead of fixing the problem, we simply treated the symptoms. now we are stuck with a malignant growth called big government that is consuming our civil liberties in order to survive.
22219 Andrew Richard  
22220 Jeff Scully Can’t wait for the 2012 campaign and the first money bomb; Presidents Day!
22221 Name not displayed Run Ron Run!
22222 Johnathon Frost  
22223 Jay Seay Go Liberty!
22224 Michael Harris You are well-spoken, wise, and honest. Please run for president in 2012. This country needs you!
22225 Christopher Conte If he makes it to the debates, he will win!
22226 Roger Kirk Most of our politicians are showing a complete disregard for our Constitution. We need someone to bring us back to what this country was ment to be. You are that man. Please run.
22227 Ruth Shields  
22228 Andrew J. Nordquist We need you now even more than we did in 2008!
22229 Joshua W. You have my vote!!!
22230 Name not displayed RUNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!! Our countries last hope! I am 15 and i know all young people will support you to the victory!
22231 Name not displayed I can tell you are not particularly excited about the prospect of running for President, and that is exactly why you are the man for the job.
22232 Name not displayed I supported you wholeheartedly in 2008. I saw how the media treated your campaign, and I was appalled. Now, more than ever, we need a man in the white house that we can trust. Please run, Dr. Paul!
22233 Wanda Baecker  
22234 robert wilson take the power back
22235 Matthew P. Stump The time has come for Ron Paul. The country is starting to wake up.
22236 Name not displayed It is time for a REAL CHANGE!! I’m not comfortable with what needs to happen. But we must fix this country now while we are still strong enough.
22237 tyler farley Mr paul if the country was run the way you intended, George Washington would be proud. Get the government off my back, Don’t you dare tread on me!
22238 David Smith Run Ron Run!!!
22239 William Bradley Pope Help us, Obi Ron Knobi. You’re our only Hope.
22240 Jon Out of all candidates you are by far the most intelligent. America needs a foreign policy that prevents war, not engender. America needs a policy that rewards hard work and prudence, not one that rewards free riders. Dr. Paul I beg of you to run for president.
22241 Kyle bailey  
22242 Name not displayed  
22243 John Maglinte  
22244 Yvonne Maglinte  
22245 Rigdon Terrell I’ve always loved politics but I’ve never been an active participant. If you should decide to run, I will glady do whatever I can to insure your victory.
22246 Name not displayed  
22248 Name not displayed You are our best hope for real change.
22249 Name not displayed Come on Ron!
22250 roger s. lux Go Ron Paul!
22251 Robyn Jakubiec  
22252 Steven Santerre Ron Paul 2012!!
22253 Alexandra Ferrer  
22254 Kimberly Touray  
22255 Michael K. Vanover Mr. Paul, help us save our country.
22256 Russell Forst Please run, give us a reason of hope for a brighter American future.
22257 Name not displayed Let’s do this!!
22258 Name not displayed  
22259 Edward G. Wolfe IF you support the private student loan industry and fail to work to restore bankruptcy protections to student borrowers, I will withdraw my support, notwithstanding the fact that I strongly support your stance on immigration, foreign policy, and income taxes!!! Don’t just run; Win!
22260 Ken Couture  
22261 Name not displayed  
22262 Robert Mitchum got my vote Mr. Paul
22263 O Swafford  
22264 jim soone America needs Ron Paul NOW!
22265 Nick Dringman Please Run Dr. Paul. This country needs you to turn things around.
22266 Thomas Williams I hope he runs for president.
22267 Roman Dmowski c’mon Ron :)
22268 Dillon Hess “”Truth is treason in the empire of lies”"
22269 Name not displayed Please run for President Dr. Paul, your country needs you to stand up for freedom.
22270 Patty Rankin  
22271 Kellie Smith  
22272 Name not displayed PLEASE Mr. Paul. We need help so bad! My son and I will both vote for you. :)
22273 Stephen Leitheiser  
22274 Drew Petrey  
22275 Stephen Campbell PLEASE RUN!!!
22276 Name not displayed  
22277 Lincoln Farrell Our only chance !
22279 Kurtis Cummiskey  
22280 Zachary Massey After reading “”The Revolution”", I am so refreshed to know that there is someone in our government who believes the Constitution limits government and empowers the people, not the other way around. I believe Ron Paul can restore sanity and simplicity to this nation’s government. Ron Paul 2012.
22281 Josh Tenbrink  
22282 john lawhorne We need Ron Paul as President.
22283 Cole  
22284 Dan Whiteside  
22285 Marty  
22286 Name not displayed Congressman Paul,

We are in need of a true leader with a plan. You have a plan that I feel will keep my family safe. I hope that you are up to running again in 2012 to help me keep my family safe.

Thank you Congressman,

22287 Mark A. Bargar II  
22288 Ramona Jennings  
22289 Name not displayed DO it.
22290 Brendon Gumpert Finally a candidate that doesn’t make me ashamed of my country.
22291 Daniel Plog America needs Dr. Paul’s leadership.
22293 Ryan Cox I was inspired by a speech you gave in 2008 - in which you defended against the assertion that somehow you weren’t “”electable”" by the party. you basically laid out the reasons why you were the only “”true Conservative Republican”" left running for office. You were right on with your statements that the founders warned against mixing into foreign affairs and you are spot on with your description of the “”true”" republican. I was a democrat in my younger years….until I realized that America flourishes best with adherence to Republican values.
22294 Eric Fink Ron Paul has my vote for 2012
22295 Name not displayed Ron! Ron! Ron! Ron!
22296 osiel juarez ron paul 2012 we need you!!!
22297 James Parini Go Ron!
22298 Matthew Girardeau  
22299 Kevin Owen You are the onlu hope for America Ron!!!
22300 Deana M Girardeau  
22301 Joey Vanover  
22302 Gabe It’s time for REAL “”Change and Hope”" Ron Paul 2012!!!
22303 Michael Ricatto  
22304 johnny villella got my vote
22305 JH Only candidate in the republican party that has a chance in hell of beating Obama
22306 Name not displayed  
22307 Eric  
22308 Felix Pavolotsky Stop wasting our economic wealth and digging our country into a hole. We should focus on our own country before we invade another. Our own bridges fell apart in MN and yet we where building new bridges in Iraq and Afghanistan when this war began. Be smart about America’s money.
22309 clayton munal  
22310 Name not displayed Ron Paul = Needle in the Haystack

Lets do this! Paul 2012!
22311 Name not displayed  
22312 Ernest Purcell A stand must be made now if we are to save our Constitutional Republic. Maybe enough, finally gets it. Please run again, Rep. Ron Paul.
22313 Mike reyna Jr. Ron Paul, Please Run.
22314 Helena Nelson Independant but will register as a Republican!

Ron Paul 2012
22315 Jamie HIggins America needs you to continue to fight the good fight. Without people like you, this country is DOOMED
22316 Name not displayed  
22317 Diane Covington America Needs You!
22318 Mark Cowan Jr We desperately need someone who understands economics in the White House ASAP. We need someone who will stand up to Bernanke and end this embarrassing charade of illusionary wealth creation before it’s consequences enslave the American people for even more generations to come. It is time to end this Keynesian circus. Please run in 2012.
22319 Paul Fitzgibbons  
22320 David Covington America Needs You!
22321 Name not displayed  
22322 Judson Cole Adams End the Fed
22323 Courtney Bertschinger  
22324 Kira Rogge You are a real constitutionalist, and so are the rest of the people that support you. I understand you’ve gone a long way, but please don’t give up cause I’m not old enough to run for president yet.
22325 Name not displayed Mr. Paul, If your son Rand shares your views and life values, I think either of you should run for and be President, our country needs the changes you discuss…..I just hope it is not repetition from what happen to the Kennedy Brothers.
22326 joyce mccaskill  
22327 jersey sayaovang  
22328 Alistair houston It’s sad that the lies and deceit a form of capitalism that steals and rapes the poor (not big dogs owning businesses and foreign oil trades or banks and such) taxing without honest representation and muffling our constitutional rights, slowly taking them away. Ive watched this happen with no idea that it could be ever stopped. Its a shame how the media such as fox and others censor you and change audio to try and lose citizens favor in you. The message you are portraying and representing can not be hindered or even slightly singed by absurd media actions. We need someone like you Ron Paul. Someone who can guide this country and make it shine. To be proud of it like our founding fathers that set this country up. Run Ron. Cause we damn sure need you. And would be proud of our president and where you could take this country with your perspective , views, and motives.
22329 RonPaul2012  
22330 Kenneth J Frade A follower for a while - reading End The Fed now its brilliant- was happy to see Rand get in. I would love to see Ron as president - do anything I can to help.

22331 John McAvene Your our only hope!
22332 Carl Bunce  
22333 James Harrison Go Ron Paul!
22334 Don Lipp  
22335 Name not displayed Time to make history.
22336 Charm Bramlett We need someone running our country who is not a politician but is a “”fixer”". Our country needs fixing and I think you can make the start.
22337 christopher brown  
22338 Daniel Buentello Ron Paul for President & Rand Paul for Vice President!
22339 Name not displayed  
22340 Ken Lau Run Ron RUN!!! We need more people like you to run for office!
22341 Name not displayed Lets take our country back!
22342 sean austin Our only hope is your inauguration as president.
22343 Name not displayed We need REAL change.
22344 Hailey Cheshire  
22345 Name not displayed  
22346 Casey Wilkinson Please Run!!!!
22347 Brian Smith  
22348 Name not displayed  
22349 Clint Boyd Black Dr. Paul has cured my apathy. Dr. Paul and his family have given me hope for a revival of our Constitutional roots. Please run, to awaken the like minded souls to the way things can be.
22350 Jeremy Vance Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go
22351 Clayton Wright Ron Paul is the only way to save this country we need to spread the word to everyone because Ron Paul=the real change
22352 Rose Winfrey If we ever needed a LEADER….it is NOW!!
22353 Jr Navarro “”Run, we all believe you will WIN.”"
22354 Aaron King I… No.. WE need you to run. WE want you to run. I sincerely hope that you throw your hat into the 2012 Presidential run and consider GARY JOHNSON for your Vice President, or if you decide not to run, then to support GARY JOHNSON as you pass the proverbial torch off to him. Please run for President Dr. Paul. YOU WILL WIN.
22355 Byron Lee  
22356 Jack Calatayud  
22357 dennis lias Please do what it takes to reach everyone with your voice.
22358 Wes Lauth I have done the research, and I fully support your voting history, your philosophy, and your commitment to the constitution and to liberty.
22359 Michael Mast The United States of America needs an unswerving patriot of your caliber and foresight. Let us help you deliver sanity to our nation.
22360 John Rabideau Ron Paul 2012!!!
22361 Name not displayed Someone must stand for Libertarian principles.
22362 Greg taylor Please do it for my birthday present!
22363 Shane Revolution, better future
22364 Johne C. Ron I supported you in 2008 and I will support you again in 2012!!!
22365 Name not displayed Please run for President you have my vote.
22366 JPM Not just the US; the whole world needs your ideas.
22367 Christopher Pardi we need you!
22368 Christopher VanEtten  
22369 Sallie Willhite  
22370 Tiffany Campbell  
22371 Aaron Mitschke Please run as an independent… The Republican establishment will never let the nomination go to someone who makes sense
22372 Fallon M cQ uillen Florida needs major help. Rick Scott is screwing everyone. We need you Ron!!! Please run!!!
22373 Dean Camp  
22374 Josh Somits  
22375 Pierre orbe  
22376 Matt D  
22377 Name not displayed RP 2012!!! Save us from Washington!!!!
22378 Justin Klinkebiel Bring back the Constitution - down with the Corporation of the United States Government of the District of Columbia!
22379 JonPaul von Neumann  
22380 John Lindsey You got my support and vote
22381 Name not displayed  
22382 Scott Bridge  
22383 Nelson L. Shortt  
22384 Douglas MacLean  
22385 Benjamin Baptiste  
22386 Alexandra Johnstone Please run for office. I believe in you and will support you for the freedom that America was once built upon.
22387 audriana stephens  
22388 Glen Kotten  
22389 Justin Dilbeck Ron, we need you to run for president. The USA has been over ran by corrupt leaders, and influenced by power hungry world leaders whose only mission is to control us. We need you to prevent this from happening. Please step up and help turn our country around. You can be the change this country needs!
22390 Name not displayed RUN!!!!!
22391 Name not displayed Please get us on track!
22392 Richard We love you Ron! Please run…
22393 Pryce Elliott  
22394 Anthony Mayberry “”Let’s start a Ron Paul Revolution”"
22395 Christine Peterson America needs a president with a good sensible head on his shoulders. We need you to run!
22396 Name not displayed  
22397 Jacob Canaan  
22398 nathan williams Love you work Ron
22399 Dale K. London It is incredibly important that the American people have someone they can vote FOR and not just candidates to vote AGAINST. Congressman Paul, you are that candidate. Throw your hat in the ring and give me somebody to vote FOR.
22400 Scott America needs you Ron, please run
22401 Name not displayed  
22402 Gary Anderson You are the man!!!
22403 Will Dickey  
22404 Will Glaub You are the only presidential candidate whom I have ever been able to vote for with a fully clean conscience. Choosing from a pool of other candidates is like picking the lesser among evils. You are a man I could actually be proud to have as my president.
22405 Sean PLEASE RUN FOR PRESIDENT! you have the power to put a halt to the new world order! Give us back our freedom!
22406 Keith Hoxie Ron Paul

We need to you to run for president, America needs you

visit NMU!
22407 Andrew K. Spread the brush fires of liberty in men… it’s spreading
22408 Tonya farley Freedom!!!
22409 Joseph Beam  
22410 Sean Smiley RUN RON RUN
22411 zack barnett  
22412 Fred Live Free of Die
22413 Sherrie Shearer  
22414 April Hoyle America NEEDS Ron Paul!!!!!!
22415 Skyler Howren You can win it, we all believe in you! We need you more than ever! Please run!
22416 William Woolbert Bring us back to the good old days.
22417 Angel lebron Please Ron Paul don’t let the corrupt government destroy your mind.I as a young Latin American believe greatly in you,and I also believe you are the answer that us Americans who know what is going on in our governments need.please u have my vote and my whole families vote.undo why has been done.
22418 Gabriella R.  
22419 jane k welch  
22420 Phillip  
22421 Andrew Sanders PLEASE run Ron Pual!
22422 Andrew Estevez Looking forward to it!!
22423 Mike W we need a true leader
22424 Jacqueline Esslinger the Constitution and Liberty go hand in hand
22426 Dallas Koivu You can win.
22427 judith a opp Please run for the sake of our country!!!
22428 Name not displayed Ron Paul you are my only hope for the future of this country. I will work tirelessly to get you elected in 2012. You have my word.
22429 nikki segner”,2012

22430 Name not displayed Run!!
22431 Vincent Kennedy Lifelong Democrat, but would cross the aisle any day for Paul. Bring us back to liberty!
22432 nathan adam rothgery The Liberty Bell cracked……..lets get a NEW BELL!!!!
22433 Gwen & Russ Van Sickle  
22434 darian  
22435 Joshua END THE FED!!!!!
22436 Ryan Goodrich  
22437 Lawrence Nelson  
22438 Adam Wilson Do not run away Ron, Run at them we are behind you!
22439 Name not displayed hurry up
22440 Leonard E. Stauffer  
22441 John Thomas Stratton Jr. We shall have our victory. We shall stop the degradation of our country, its people, and its currency by the Fallen Ones. The USA needs Ron Paul! The World needs Ron Paul! The Children of the Light of the ONE need Ron Paul! May Love, Peace, and Light reign over this our Mother Terra and may we bind the hand of the Wicked One by the Power, Wisdom, and Love of the Christos within ALL!!!
22442 Jason T Nurnberg Pulling for you in Austin! You’re the only guy out there that is thinking….
22443 Name not displayed  
22444 Michael Thomas Good Luck
22445 Sean  
22446 Seth Morgan RUN RON RUN!!!
22447 Brian VanDrese Ron Paul is the CHANGE that we want!
22448 Name not displayed The more Fox jacks with Ron, the more I want him!
22449 Name not displayed  
22450 jordan holdren ill vote for ron
22451 Jane L Murvin  
22452 Adam Martinez Run Ron! You make too much sense among all the nonsense. We need to, as a society, be weened off of gov’t dependence. Liberty for all!
22453 Andrew Walker Ron Paul is the only person who you know for sure will make real cuts in Government spending!
22454 Name not displayed Thank you for all your hard work and please run. You are our last hope. The Infowarriors are standing by….
22455 Name not displayed  
22456 Dennis Gray  
22457 Name not displayed Run for REAL hope and REAL change!
22458 Ricky Kirkham Constitution needs you. Your the only one who seems to care….you got my vote.
22459 Name not displayed The time has come for American’s to step up. Thanks Ron.
22460 jonathan furman Ron you are the only faith that i have in this thing we all call government. if you don’t run for president you would be doing this country a injustice.
22461 Seth Smalley VIVA LA REVOLUVION!
22462 Name not displayed Help us Ron Pual…You’re our only hope….
22464 Robert Rose Please, please, please be my President!
22465 Eugene Poland We Need You!!!!
22466 Rachel Musladin RUN!!!
22467 Ben Schrock  
22468 Name not displayed We got a fever and the only cure is more Ron Paul!!
22469 Name not displayed Our only hope left!!
22470 James Tobat  
22471 Shaine Robbins If you don’t run, then I will. But you’d get more votes, so go ahead.
22472 Irene Guntensperger I don’t see who else would be better suited to help turn around this country and make a change, for real!
22473 Shane lloyd You will win this time. America is awake and ready for real change.
22474 Desmond Coleman I’m 24 and I haven’t even voted once for anything, but I listened to what you say and I must say you make damn good sense, and I also must say you seem to have a great level of honesty and integrity about you, and thats definitely something that has been missing for quite some time, probably since Kennedy and Dr. M.L.K. So if you run in 2012, then my very first vote ever will go to you. Let’s bring liberty and unity back home!!!
22475 John A. Newcomb  
22476 Rocky grove quote Obama its time for a change.

but this time its for real
22477 Peter Hearn We need you Ron Paul. I will support you any way I can. Please run for President. You can win.
22478 Mitchell from California Ron, you are my hero! I’ll be 18 in time for the next presidential election, and I will be supremely proud if I’m given the honor of casting my first vote for you. Help us bring liberty, the ideals of the founding fathers, and the constitution back to this great nation!
22479 Free Helms Go Ron Paul!!
22480 Shellah Garrett Sir, if you run, these brush fires of freedom will become wildfires. You are the wind.
22481 Michael Link The more exposure your message of freedom receives the more people will flock to it.
22482 Jose R.  
22484 Chelsea H.  
22485 Jacob Wall  
22486 Misty Brewer I voted for R.P. in the last election and I will do so again as long as he is running!!!
22487 Michael Williams  
22488 Randykramer Ron paul is my hero
22489 Todd Regensberg College Student of New Mexico! I’ll put up a sign on my property. Although I think you could get alot more if you don’t support if you don’t support The legalization of drugs other than marijuana. If you do this I got you 50 votes from my family for sure if not it will be difficult.
22490 Fran Luna Lets go Ron!!!
22491 David Knoop We are with you!
22492 matt branson  
22493 Torrey Hilton I am a political science major at my university, only because Dr. Paul got me interested!
22494 Name not displayed  
22495 Allen Hughes  
22496 Name not displayed  
22497 Will Douglas The honest people of this great country need you, Ron. Please help us.
22498 Sergio Diaz Ron Paul is my voice in government. Thanks and you rock!
22499 Bob Smith Ron Paul is my greatest idol.

when the revolution occurs, which it will, it will be in large part attributable to him

he has no idea how much he has already changed the world

Ron Paul 2012

i love you ronny
22500 Name not displayed I am Canadian but what happens in the US affects me as well. And I truly believe Ron Paul will remove the fed and stop the enslavement of my country, and ALL other country’s affected. THE WORLD NEED YOU RON PAUL!
22501 Tyler Braaten Not a supporter at all in 2008, but I must admitt i was either clueless, stupid, or both. Please run!!
22502 Name not displayed Please run!! We support you 100%.
22503 Alicia  
22504 Name not displayed Hope you well run in 2012…..really need someone with there head in the right place that knows how to listen to the people and how establish true change and promote freedom.
22505 Name not displayed  
22506 Angela L. Gunning  
22507 cleave shaw RON PAUL 2012…REAL CHANGE!
22508 isaiah pyritz Please if you win repeal obamacare
22509 Name not displayed We muslims would love to see people like Mr Paul win.
22510 David Kennedy You have provided hopeless Americans with at least a glimpse of a future America where true Democratic Freedom prevails.
22511 Christopher Gilbert I support Ron Paul for president. Congressman Paul, please be our voice in 2012. This country needs you.
22512 Rochelle C You have my vote!
22513 Carolyn Shaffer  
22514 Younes Dia PLEASE run for President and I promise you that you will have all the Arab Americans that Live in Toledo, Ohio’s Vote. I Promise. I’m SO sick of all the BS that’s going on and for once we need someone Honest like YOU.
22515 Name not displayed  
22516 Name not displayed  
22517 adam tabberson ron the people of america need you in the white house more than ever keep up the great work god bless
22518 Name not displayed  
22519 Name not displayed  
22520 jerry loudon I love what Ron Paul stands for.
22521 Rion Massie Ron Paul 2012
22522 eric crayne The FEDS gotta go, your the only chance for our future. ya what joshua cook said we r with you.
22523 Name not displayed Senator Paul this country needs a guy like you too run and win. I believe that should you decide too give this election up there will be unrest like we have seen in the middle east recently right here in America. You have the support of the young. Run with it sir and return America to glory.
22524 Ashton Sorrels  
22525 John Towery Please run. Do it for us, all of us.
22526 Katie Miller You are the greatest asset this country has right now. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your integrity and your courage. In short, you are my absolute hero. You fight for the most noble cause of all. We are behind you and I am SO grateful for you. Love you! Fight on!!
22527 Name not displayed Ive heard you speak and i can say that i havent heard more true words from anyone else
22528 David Time for real change!!!
22529 John Michael Lott  
22530 Bryan Munley  
22531 Name not displayed Restore the Republic Ron!
22532 justin cloward Sir,

you represent the only hope that those of us who want to return this country too the constitutional base of freedom my great grandparents enjoyed have. please run!
22533 Andrew Lynes Mr. Paul. I love you and everything you stand for. Thank you for doing all the interviews. Thank you for educating the people. Thank you for putting up with all the rudeness you encounter. You are loved and I would do anything to help you.
22534 carol bragdon america needs ron paul
22535 Cody Harris  
22536 Rebecca Kuhn PLEASE RUN AGAIN. Something got to give.
22537 Name not displayed Because of you, Ron, I am now an activist of Freedom & the Constitution. You already have my vote!
22538 charles stevens Our only real hope for change
22540 Dan Yes I will vote for Ron Paul because he seems like an honest man in an ocean full of corruption. Anyway here’s my comment:

How the hell is it that those persons currently in our Economic and Finance divisions of our government are still there holding these high positions? It is these same people who pushed for deregulation and sent our economy into a “”great depression.”" These people are still at the wheel and put in charge of the economic and finance divisions of our government. What the hell is going on here? This is a travesty to America. Almost makes me want to leave this country.

This is a mockery of our government and our country.

All these people who are currently in high positions in the Economic and Finance divisions of our government were previously, during the bubble-building phase, either in another position in the Economic and Finance divisions or in very high positions of one of the “too big to fail”" banks and were pushing for deregulation and making all the wrongs decisions. Why are these people rewarded with their ethical and performance failures?

Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, Citi Group, Bank of America, Gary Gensler, Austan Goolsbee, Jacob Lew, Ben Bernanke, Larry Summers, Gene Sperling, Roger Altman, Arthur Levitt, Alan Greenspan, Robert Rubin, Stephen Friedman, Allan Hubbard, Peter Orszag, Timothy Geithner, Steven Rattner, Joseph Stiglitz, Sarah Bloom Raskin, Janet Yellen, Peter Diamond, Martin Feldstein and many others. (This list is totally incomplete.)

Since many people blame the economic collapse on the “too big to fail banks,” what have our lawmakers done about this problem? Have they done anything? Such as partitioning up the big banks and making a law that only community banks are allowed and those community banks will be very strongly regulated.

We treat banking like it’s just another industry in the United States. Instead it’s literally part of our government or rather it controls our government. And these so called “private banks” create and erase money in any way that benefits them. This is not American. What the hell is going on?

How many incompetent fools are we going to allow run this great country into the ground?
22541 Travis Lea This needs to happen!!
22542 Stuart Knight We need you Dr. Paul.
22543 Name not displayed You are the only politician I have even seen speak the truth!! RUN PLEASE!
22544 Name not displayed  
22545 Josh Schneider Ron Paul is the ONLY man who deserves to be in the White House!!
22546 Steven Stampbach  
22547 Marco D. Please run Ron Paul, we need you more than ever. God bless America!
22548 Grant Weaver We need someone with conviction and statesmanship in the whitehouse - someone whose words mean something! I’m talking about Ron Paul!
22549 robert guess  
22550 Jordan Robson VOTE RON PAUL!
22551 Brent Nisson Ron Paul is truly what america needs and stands for **** Ron Paul 2012****
22552 Thomas Wolfe  
22553 Name not displayed You have my vote
22554 Kristen Gilbert  
22555 heath griffis  
22556 Name not displayed  
22557 Rob RodenParker You will win.
22558 Name not displayed America needs you.
22559 Phil Turner  
22560 Yves Parent  
22561 Dan Evans Ron, the people need you, the world needs you and more than anything the future existence of humankind needs you.
22562 Name not displayed  
22563 Jason Jeffry Straw Who else could beat Obama, Ron?
22564 Don Daly Go get em!
22565 Stuart Barnhart  
22566 Name not displayed We need Ron Paul to lead us back toward a Constitutional government where all are equal under the law..
22567 Adam  
22568 Muhammad Ali  
22569 David L count me signed..:)
22570 David Parker Hold congress accountable for there actions !
22571 Derek  
22572 dan stenberg  
22573 Name not displayed You represent the voice through which the most

critical and previously unanswered questions may be brought to light and you should feel empowered by your opportunity to drive change here. It is refreshing to know that your perspective is on the verge of formally being recognized in congress and it is your responsibility to drive such change that is so overarchingly positive.
22574 elizabeth raub  
22575 Michael Frye Please .. Please .. Run for President !! We need You Doctor Paul !!
22576 Name not displayed  
22577 Name not displayed RON PAUL 2012!!!
22578 Jerad Odell  
22579 Martha Odell  
22580 richard piretti  
22581 John Dankert Let’s progress, not regress.
22582 Name not displayed  
22583 James Nadenicek  
22584 Debie Robbins  
22585 Matthew Stevens Dr. paul your country needs you!!!!!
22586 Phil Morse  
22587 Tim Hettinger please save America from bureaucratic bloat, massive federal government, ridiculous entitlement programs, a convoluted legal system, unrestained spending, and unconstitutional government. Bring back real freedom!
22588 Name not displayed  
22589 charles turner shut down the fed. a monopoly is never good.
22590 Name not displayed  
22591 Scott  
22592 Daniel Diaz Thank you for standing up for America. One nation under God.
22593 Jennifer Kim Right All Along. Ron for President!
22594 Julian Cruz  
22595 Name not displayed I think you represent what the average educated american thinks and feels. Please represent us, we have been left out of Washington for a long time.
22597 Name not displayed  
22598 Shadie Tanious  
22599 Name not displayed America needs you or else it’s done.
22600 kathleen griffin  
22601 Brandon Burr GO RON PAUL!!!
22602 mark Salvati  
22603 Anastasia McCarter  
22604 Name not displayed LIBERTY 2012!!!
22605 Gary Maxwell GET’EM RON
22606 Peter VanAmburgh  
22607 Name not displayed Please run for president
22608 Jason Hornyak  
22609 Alex Kern GO RON GO
22610 Mark unite this country!
22611 Robert Hall  
22612 Paul J. Aguiar I’m ready and the American people are ready. Please for our sakes and America’s future, please run.
22613 Name not displayed Ron Paul 2012
22614 Name not displayed Please RON!!!!
22615 shawn sommer  
22616 Tony Rush We need you. I can’t say it any other way. I know campaigning for President must be an exhausting and expensive and stressful task….but you’re the only voice of reason out there.

Don’t let us down! We need you!
22617 Johnny Schulte  
22618 Name not displayed our nation needs you Paul!!
22619 Faus Silvernale its time people stop voting for a party and start voting for people with common sense.
22620 Strauven Nico Please run for president, every one will support you!!
22621 R. Hacker U.S.A. slave
22622 Name not displayed  
22623 Mike S.  
22624 Scott Wayne Due to his personal political positions and global

fincancial economic acumen….along with his personal demeanor with number groups of peoples….Ron Paul

of Texas needs to be elected president of the United States asap.Using his own global financial acumen and politican positions & expedrtise….Ron Paul knows

what needs to get done.Through his own personal efforts and insights he would be able to gradually restore the U.S. economy and the U.S. currency to

its near original status and value in the global


With congressman Ron Paul as president…and not

being a pupit of the Bilderbergs or the Rothchild

Group……the republican party would not be able to

legally force the United States gov’t into their own hidden agendas or allow the Repulican party to turn

the U.S.Gov’t into a fascist state to do their bidding.

22625 Clint Dahl  
22626 Andy  
22627 dion Frayle  
22628 Patrick J. McCoy Person by person, county by county, state by state we can elect a true american to the highest office in the land. Make America Whole again….please.
22629 john pamula  
22630 Rob Rankin We need your help Ron!
22631 Denise Bingham  
22632 Bonita Houmita America and Americans First!
22633 Name not displayed I believe good always triumphs evil,and Mr.Ron Paul all Americans need your help in these desperate times. Lets end the NWO and minimize our rouge Government and abolish the FED.
22634 Linda Muller  
22635 John L. Black Let the liberty bell ring loudly! RonPaul 2012!!!!!!!or bust!
22636 Name not displayed  
22637 carlos santiago come on mr paul, we can do this in 2012!
22638 Name not displayed  
22639 David W. Bice  
22640 Matthew R. RON PAUL 2012, YOUR AMERICAS LAST HOPE!!!
22641 Chris Joyner  
22642 Nicole Whittington-Matheson Your words are speaking my own heart. I see great potential for America’s future if we take this course correction and institute nonintervention both foreign and domestic. It’s a start to a great America and an honestly free people.
22643 Marc Chieppa  
22644 Austin Live to win!
22645 Name not displayed Ron Paul is what our nation needs now. He just makes sense to me!
22646 Ryan Harter You are the only true patriot and hero in washington, Mr. Paul! I will always support what you do!
22648 Dave Waldenmaier SAVE THE U.S.A.!! Who is better fit for this? no one. Run for us, Ron!!!!
22649 John Hicks  
22650 David Bienert I pray for you.
22651 Geoff Stout  
22653 Josiah Renfree hey, do it
22654 Name not displayed This country needs a patriotic statesman like you for President. Please consider running Dr. Paul.
22655 John Murdock As a scientist/engineer, I truly appreciate the factual and fully informed way you present your ideas. While other politicians are resorting to emotional, straw man, and non-sequitor arguments, I have seen you hold to positions supported by research.
22656 Name not displayed  
22657 Trisha Burke You may be our only hope!
22658 Leonard L. Radline The future of America and to maintain our dignity of this soverign nation depends on people who understand the constitution and limited govt.

We want youl!
22659 A fan of the Founding Father’s beliefs Never before have we needed someone with COMMON SENSE to run this country. Please run, Mr. Paul.
22660 Nick Meixler please run. the people need you
22661 Will Oglesbee I will follow you
22663 Name not displayed we need HONEST leadership
22664 Carl Combs Please sir…can we have a real leader?
22665 Name not displayed You are the People’s last hope. Having said that, I pray for your safety for I believe that the Powers that be would never allow you to lead us with Truth, Liberty and Justice. God be with you Ron Paul!
22666 Jeff Sowers Please finish well. Run for our sake.
22667 Matt Martin Ron Paul is America’s hero. End The Fed!
22668 Allen Curtsinger  
22669 Name not displayed  
22670 Name not displayed  
22671 Mackenzie Nodland  
22672 Name not displayed You are the last hope for this nation.
22673 Kevin Pelepako  
22674 meachelle wright- steele We need someone who will reinforce our rights and put the people of the nation first not the,lining of pockets
22675 Name not displayed “”S. O. S.”" - sincerely, United States of America.
22676 Chandelle Heimbigner You’re Awesome!
22677 Edwin Wilber Please run fun president, this country needs a revolution!
22678 Debra Furman You rock Dr.Paul, please bring our counties liberty back!
22679 Scott McDonald Down with the Fed!
22680 Ian Heimbinger Continue the Revolution!
22681 Name not displayed you are a sane and sensible man, restore justice to this country before it’s to late, you’ll have my vote.
22682 Rebecca C. Smith  
22683 James M. Smith  
22684 Gavin C. Vincennie  
22685 Craig NOW OR NEVER!
22686 David Go Ron Go. He is the only voice of the people that is currently holding political office in this country. We need a leader that can stop all this madness, and no longer allow the insane to run the asylum.
22687 duane dickey u.s. greatest patriot. im a38 yr union member and lifelong democrat. ron’s got my vote!
22688 Tom P The UK is watching with interest…

22689 Fred Gazaleh Ron Paul is our only hope!
22690 Bruno May God Bless you and America
22691 Name not displayed  
22692 Mark S. Help us obi “”RON”", you’re our only hope!!!!

22693 Annalisa Sand  
22694 sal come on ron!!!! you can do it!!!!!
22695 Name not displayed Freedom is our only way out of this mess and we believe you’re the person to lead the way. We’re behind you!
22696 Samuel Huddleston The hour is late, you must run!
22697 John Lytle you are the only one that can change america!
22698 Matt Taylor I had read that back in the 1840′s there was a saying in that ‘the office chooses the man, not the man the office”". Congressman Ron Paul, is about the only man that fits this description in our day. Please consider running for President!
22699 Pamela Henderson We need him!
22700 Chelsea Allen  
22701 David Jordan  
22702 shawn  
22703 Name not displayed Liberty for all! Ron Paul 2012!
22704 es real change will come when neither a republican nor a democrat sit in office.
22705 Matt C. Jedi Knight = Ron Paul
22706 James Drinkard Because I’m old enough to vote now :)
22707 Nick Proulx Ron Paul is the only politician that tells it like it is .. and knows what he’s talking about. he could turn this country around in a time of dire financial issues that everyone keeps ignoring!!
22708 Tom Griffiths Raise your arms to the square in prayer

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their Country!!! I’ll vote for you Ron
22709 Rodger Ferris Please run for President!
22710 Name not displayed After the Obama FIASCO, you’re the only hope
22711 Jason Jordan Mr. Paul, we need you, more now than ever before
22712 josh york Let’s do this! Freedom!
22713 Name not displayed  
22714 Eric James Wilber PLEEEEEASE RUN. MY VOTE IS YOURS!!!
22715 Andrew Pinegar  
22716 Michael Hammerlund  
22717 Kevin Melberger  
22718 Connor Keefe You and Dennis Kucinich, despite being of different parties were my two favorite candidates in 08. Please run again, you’ll have my vote!
22719 Name not displayed Ron is our last best hope for sanity in government!
22720 Mitchell Nodland can i get a woot woot.
22721 Name not displayed Time for common sense, our country is going downhill fast
22722 Ryan Tyler Run Ron! Make us Texans proud! You can win.
22723 Zach Howell  
22724 Roman Frnco The freedom in America means good example for freedom in other world. You have your fans in Slovakia too. Let´s start revolution for real liberty!
22725 Name not displayed we need a change in this country
22726 Airin Beechler I voted for you last time too my friend!
22727 Name not displayed  
22728 Maureen Kavanagh Our country needs you!
22729 Name not displayed  
22730 Rick Giuliani  
22731 Nathan For the first time im able to vote I would be honored to vote for you.
22732 Joshua W. Millsaps  
22733 John Ciacci 2012 = 1776!
22734 Nieko Giuliani  
22735 Name not displayed  
22736 Michael Need someone who isnt fake and actually says what they believe.
22737 George Joseph GO RON GO!
22738 Arielle Alelunas WE LOVE YOU!!!
22739 Name not displayed  
22740 Joshua R. Johnson Please run in 2012. We are in desperate need of a Doctor to repair our government!
22741 bob pernell one said run chester run i say run ron run we can use some backbone in the white house.
22742 Ryan Hutter This nation needs you to run!! Ron Paul 2012!!!
22743 Austin J. Paolillo Go Ron Paul
22744 Allan Engel Men of your vision and values that you stand byno matter popularity of the truth are to precious to

not be heard on a national scale
22745 Name not displayed  
22746 donna salvini We need you! Fight for us Ron!
22747 Name not displayed In order for America to retain its status as the number 1 nation in the world, we need RON PAUL!!!
22748 Pat  
22749 Name not displayed  
22750 John O’Neil When you get an opportunity to get an interview with one of the Fox News team please be sure to nail them to the cross over the so called mix up with this year and last year CPAC poll.

I look forward to working for you in my part of America. Together we can do it. There are millions of us just waiting for the word to hit the streets on your behalf. We know you will be our next President.
22751 Name not displayed  
22752 Tom Moz Inspirational!!! From Australia..!
22753 Laura O’Neil There are millions of us just waiting to support your Presidency. You are the one we are waiting for!
22754 Tom R  
22755 Cody McClard If only we could get ALL of the USA to open their eyes!

God bless the USA!!
22756 Chris Please Run. I never supported your policies until I understood more about them. Best of Luck
22757 Keith Jones 2012 here we come!!!
22758 Name not displayed Please run and give ‘em hell!
22759 Michael Hammer II  
22760 Mitchell Rankin If we cannot get Ron Paul or another candidate like him in office, the only other option is secession.
22761 scott  
22762 Name not displayed Please run Ron! Save this country!
22763 Ryan R. The entire world needs you. Please don’t give up.
22764 Vince Cochrane This country needs a true conservative not a fake phony one, please run
22765 Chaz Hendrick I will follow under no other!
22766 DaviM. Erlich Renergize the revolution
22767 Alex Jenson  
22768 Aaron Leger Please run! You are the only man cabable of saving America!
22769 Name not displayed Revolution 2012!
22770 Name not displayed  
22771 Name not displayed This will be the first election I am old enough to vote. You’re the only one who is speaking truth right now and the truth will set you free. You must run Ron Paul, my generation needs you!
22772 Tyler Jaynes Go get ‘em Ron!
22773 Philip Smoot I with you all the way, ready to do my part too!
22774 Gary Kimes No one knows like doctor No knows!
22775 Richard Stabinsky The time is now, more than ever, we need you Ron.
22776 Name not displayed  
22777 Name not displayed  
22778 matt alot of us are just waiting i supported you in 07 08 and i will again i just have not been keeping up. but i will in 2012 and so will the other 100000 people like me.
22779 Michael Hofler Please run and end these wars.

-US Air Force veteran, 2001-2005
22780 Jacob Brehm We are awake and we demand truth and sensibility in government. It is time WE ascend as a people towards a higher plane of knowledge and responsibility, governmental and personal. I’m done being bullied by liars and thieves and watching them warp the minds of our youth. We are behind you and for the first time in my life I feel a sense of hope for our country! Let’s do this!
22781 Daniel Sartwell You are our only hope for turning this country around.
22782 Allen Craig  
22783 Dustin L. Byers  
22784 Stephen Berry  
22785 Jon Gilley  
22786 matt robinson RON MAKES SENSE !!!!! RUN RON RUN
22787 Douglas Hamilton  
22788 Josh Owens Plunge boldly into the picket!
22789 Timothy Walters I believe that you could win the Republican nomination. Think about the opportunity that a national election would present for educating those of our countrymen who are still asleep!
22790 douglas m. meyer end the fed. audit the gold. protect our food. and stop the nwo.
22791 Daniel Brancusi  
22792 Matthew Benson I’m sorry I didn’t pay any attention to you in 2008, please run in 2012 so that my vote will count for something!
22793 Chad Moore God Bless You!!!
22794 Deanna Lee It’s time for Change and we the American people, lead someone like to you lead.
22795 Mike G  
22796 Gerard Alec Santos  
22797 Scott Schwartz America needs a leader — for a change.
22798 Claude Baspeyre I believe that we as Americans can solve our current state problems, all of them, both overseas and at home, simply by following our Constitution again. Ron Paul as president will definitely be the best person to help set us back in that direction.
22799 Paul Bierly It’s TIME!
22800 Dustin Sheets I am a member of the ACLU in Detroit,Michigan, and I would like to support in every way possible for Ron Paul’s campaign in 2012. Please Send me information on how to be more supportive in my Detroit Community.
22801 Crystal Cummings FULL SUPPORT FOR RON PAUL 2012 !!
22802 Jim Jinright Let’s get back to the constitution and let’s reel in the Federal Reserve!
22803 lena beal-cavness youre my hero ron
22804 Nancy S Wright You have my vote again!!!
22805 Name not displayed  
22806 fred gazaleh we need a P.L.O State in the west bank
22807 Name not displayed  
22808 Name not displayed  
22809 Victor turpaud Please run for president, the country needs to return to it’s roots.
22810 Name not displayed Ron, you must run. you are the only hope…
22811 Chris Gonzales Go Ron Paul!!!
22812 Alyssa Burkart Fuck the Fed!!!

Hemp for America!!!!!!!!
22813 Samuel “”Kelso”" Bishop  
22814 Tyler Brungardt PERSONAL RESPONSIBILTY…….why was i taught that growing up when i dont have to use it much in the real world……….Ron Paul please help America change that!!!
22815 Name not displayed I will support the revolution.
22816 Name not displayed  
22817 Asa Whitewing Save us, Ron Paul!
22818 Jo Ann Wescott Ron Paul has guts and is glorious!! Wish we had so many more like him.
22819 Greg Wilcox Time to show respect for the Constitution.
22820 Andrea Roberts  
22821 Robert Burgess  
22822 joseph j morrone  
22823 Dan Zanka` I came across various videos of you on youtube tonight. Have never been involved with politics, because I haven’t trusted the politicians to be genuine. You sir, based off of what I’ve heard tonight on multiple videos, would be the first candidate I would ever consider voting for. Stand behind your views. Don’t back down! A revolution is needed!
22824 Steve Pottridge Ron Paul for 2012!
22825 Kenneth Barringer for legalization of cannabis for medical and industrial usage and leave it to the states to vote on recreational use.
22826 Simon Coffin I’ll be 18 just in time to vote in the California primary for the 2012 election. The youth of the nation need someone to vote for. We need the champion of the constitution. We need someone who sticks to his principles. We need Ron Paul!
22827 Ben Bauer Please run, we need drastic changes with a politician that isn’t completely full of shit. You are that man.
22828 Seth Gaisen RON PAUL the only hope for USA
22829 Otto Makenzi Support Ron Paul
22830 Elis Milkauskas Ron paul Revolution
22831 Name not displayed If you are able to stick by what you’ve been saying, you’ll be the wisest person to become president of the USA, and you will bring it the most peace and success, by God’s grace.
22832 Gustavo I don’t live in the U.S. but as a mexican I know how important it is someone courageous and down to earth like you running for president. I know it enough to sign this.
22833 Name not displayed I have no words except you have my vote.
22834 Matt Myers Go Ron GO!

From a diehard British Ron Paul supporter
22835 Andrew Mason End the wars! End the FED!!
22836 Name not displayed  
22837 Name not displayed  
22838 Gregg Herrmann  
22839 Name not displayed Please run!!!!! America needs you more than ever.
22840 Donald Whitt Long live Ron Paul and everything he stands for!!
22841 Richard Lowe Finally a reason to get involved.
22842 Benjamin Broenen Congressman Paul, please advocate on my behalf for Sound Money and Limited Gov’t via running for President in the 2012 Presidential Election!
22843 Ryan Roth freedom of choice
22844 Tom Gray Let the revolution begin
22846 Name not displayed  
22847 Robert Hill I believe he may be our only hope….
22848 Christopher C America needs Ron Paul!

For liberty!

For justice!

For freedom!!!

Ron Paul 2012
22849 Edward Martin  
22850 Kimber A. Campbell We need you more than ever! More Americans are seeing that daily.
22851 Name not displayed “”If you can’t make them see the light, make ‘em feel the heat.”"

Don’t give up, Ron. My budding generation needs you.
22852 Brandon Wray Your probably the last political hope for our republic. I respect you more than any man of this era.
22853 Name not displayed  
22854 Stephen Powell  
22855 Cameron Timms Bring the corrupt fed to its knees, and the evil empire which has caused chaos, suffering and death all over our lovely planet
22856 joel grice Congressman Paul, I voted for you in the last presidential primary and did so with a hopeful heart for our country. Circumstances have changed drastically, and not for the better. We need you now more than ever. Please run in 2012.
22857 Jeriah Bowser Ron Paul gives me hope for the future!
22858 wayne warrington  
22859 Jason LeVeck Freedom is popular!!
22860 Gary Klatt  
22861 Jeremy Jones R.P. to legalize the free!!
22862 jean r kutzer jr you told us during the 07 debates we were headed into a recession the others laughed. Who is laughing now
22863 Huw Evans Ron Paul - The only doctor capable of carrying out the major surgery needed on a broken US financial system and giving birth to a new Golden Age !
22864 Matthias Dunlop It’s about time we have someone unafraid to speak the truth! Ron Paul 2012!
22865 mark fisher  
22866 Oliver Barker I am English, live in England, and i want so bad for somebody to run whether here or over in the US like yourself. My hero is Friedman, and you share many similarities. You owe it to your country’s founders and people.
22867 Kenny Butcher The world needs a Change of direction for the general betterment of all people. That’s why I as an Englishman support Ron Paul.
22868 Chad McCann Ron Paul is the only hope for America
22869 Patrick Drake Please!!!!!!!!
22870 Lisa Thomas  
22871 Ryan k Long We don’t need a key, we’ll break it!!!!!
22872 James Taylor  
22873 Name not displayed I would take a bullet for you……
22874 Shane Smith  
22875 Marjorie White We Desperately need You!!
22876 mark cirillo you have my vote, need to buy prime time to let the people know who you are.
22877 Jeremy Spice  
22878 Jonathan Hendrell  
22879 Mark Gordon Let’s get it done
22880 Andrew Kramolisch  
22881 Hailey Calvert I campaigned for Ron Paul in the last election and am amazed at the positive effect it is STILL having. A 2012 campaign would have a undescribably AWESOME effect again!
22882 Alexander Fasse  
22883 LJMTerry  
22884 Russell Moore Run Ron Run!
22885 Daniel Shaw send me bumper stickers! i love ron paul, i am going to replace all the obama stickers in my neighborhood!
22886 Gary DiSanto Ask Dr. Paul’s supporters to challenge the media to be fair with him. I don’t want to see a media blackout of Dr. Paul and his message in the next campaign.
22887 Harvey Xie  
22888 Tony Boalo Its about time we have a political leader brave enough to take on the central banking system which has enslaved americans for nearly 100 years.
22889 Hebert Moran Only man I’m willing to give democracy a shot with.
22890 Theodore Rolle  
22891 Terrance Traylor  
22892 Didi Seebaker America needs!!!!! a President who is not bought (elected) by the bankers and the military-industrial-complex
22893 Name not displayed  
22894 Priscilla Gale  
22895 Charles Camp GO RON GO!
22896 Jennifer Reed Life, Liberty & Justice For One & All !!!
22897 Chad Stephan  
22898 Tom Kirk I wasn’t old enough to vote for you last time. But you’ve always had my support!
22899 Ken Roybal  
22900 Daniel Smith You are the only hope for sanity in politics.
22901 TJ P This nation needs Ron Paul more than ever now.
22902 Amy Blomquist  
22903 Name not displayed  
22904 Name not displayed I am opting for an end to state funded monopolies, inflation, high taxes, national debt and restrictions on civil liberties!
22905 Pam Jamison Please help get the invasive federal governmant out of our lives.
22906 Name not displayed Mr Ron Paul you sir are AWSOME please please contiune whit your work.
22907 Name not displayed Please Run! We need someone with common sense and actually follow the constitution!
22908 Joshua Jaouli Consider Peter Schiff as your VP.
22909 James R. Kersh I support your common sense approach to government - less is better.
22910 Heather Brown  
22911 Tommy Wienke  
22912 tim Go Ron!!! I voted for Obama for realistic change and leadership. Mistake
22913 Eric Cowan  
22914 Diana Koutinas  
22915 Name not displayed Please beat Obama!
22916 Name not displayed Fight for our Liberty!
22917 FrankTralongo  
22918 Polish patriot I’m writing from Poland. Ron Paul, you’re hope for Liberty on Earth. Go Ron “”Bo bez Ciebie to chuj”"
22919 OMGSmzaP YexPOQz
22920 Joseph Hart  
22921 Stephen Williams  
22922 Wesley Pitcock  
22923 jeff miller  
22924 gigi miller  
22925 Ryan Mussen  
22926 Name not displayed  
22927 Mary Driver Please Ron, I think you are our last and best hope. Please run for president !!
22928 bringbackconstitution GO RON
22929 Theodore Sayle we need you now more than ever before
22930 Ryan E. Thrasher Ron Paul, please run for president in 2012 in order to give tje American people back their liberty! END THE FED!
22931 Name not displayed As human civilization moves more and more toward globalism, you sir, are our only hope. Please run in 2012 and expose them when they tamper the vote to make it look like you did not win. You are a hero; please take care.
22932 Name not displayed I think you will make a great President Mr. Paul. Please consider “”throwing your hat in the ring”" Thank you.
22933 Sam Drevo Dr. Paul, please run for President. You are the only person that makes sense anymore in politics. It is high time people in politics and the American public study the Constitution so that the republic is saved and preserved. Benjamin Franklin once said that “”we created a republic for as long as the people will have it.”" We can’t take it for granted.
22934 Stacie Loring  
22935 Name not displayed Ron Paul is the only exit strategy for this world.
22936 Jason Powell I don’t want corporate governance. Come on Ron Paul, at least run to get “”internet”" media coverage to help inform the public! I’ve learned a lot since ’08 and if we don’t elect more politicians like you I honestly might leave this country… Run again and I bet you see some new resolve from your old supporters!
22937 Eric Valenzuela Ron Paul 2012
22938 Name not displayed  
22939 Paul Addis I’ll help your efforts in Seattle.
22940 Name not displayed  
22941 ed giorgi ron paul 2012!
22942 Name not displayed Bring hope and pride back to America!
22943 Samantha We believe in you Ron Paul. God Bless
22944 Joe Garrity Rock the revolution!!!
22945 Name not displayed It is time for a real conservative to step up and lead our country back to success
22946 Elliot Ignasiak  
22947 Andy Valdez  
22948 Justin Myers  
22949 The King This country needs Ron Paul for president if were ever going to get our country back.
22950 Name not displayed  
22951 lisa sipe Please wake up and see Ron Paul may be our only hope in this time. This is not about republican or democrat, its about our freedom.
22952 Steph Sandman Choose Liberty!
22953 daniel Joseph braaten Please Run! we need you to take back control of AMERICA!!!
22954 Name not displayed (:
22955 jack jones im voting ron paul 2012. i pray we are not to late!
22956 Bob Murdock Ron Paul is the only canidate that speaks and acts what he truly believes. I voted for him in the last election and would be proud to do it again
22957 Aaron Rochau Dr. Paul if you run for president I promise to do everything I can to help you get elected. I sat back in 2008 and only made a few donation, and after you lost it lit a fire in me, as well as many others to fight harder for you!
22958 Nathan Seymour  
22959 Robert Stillwell Mr. Paul is the only one that’s not in bed with the globalists, and the only one that can bring this country back. Everyone else sold out
22960 Bill Ivey GO RON GO!!
22961 Armand Amico we need you more than ever ron.
22962 anthony Lets go Ron Paul lets bring back America
22963 todd Downey Living in Canada but will vote for you if you run. Thank you for everything you say and do!!!!
22964 Kalan Petty Whether or not you approve of Ron Pauls’ ideologies, his adamant honesty cannot be denied. He sticks to his beliefs and is the most decent person to run for presidency in a very, very long time; And the only nominee, I believe, who we can trust to make moral decisions for the betterment of the country for not only us but our children and our grandchildren. Knowing that he cannot be ‘bought out’ would allow me to sleep sound at night knowing a good man is leading us down the right path and he will not allow himself to be strayed for corporate gains. I’m finally of age to vote and I will make my first vote count by choosing Ron Paul for 2012 if he decides to run.
22965 Shawn Carney  
22966 Barkley Corrssetti  
22967 Rachel Rodgers He’s the best, aroouund! No one’s ever gonna bring him down!
22968 ed ivey  
22969 Nicholas J. Parenteau  
22970 isaac mooers Ron Paul revolution!
22971 Jayson Greenwood  
22972 Marshall Williams Stand once more, on the right side of history. And I will be there with you.
22973 Cindy Jackson  
22974 Nicholas Stafford this will be my first election, and i’d rather have someone other then Sarah Palin/Barack Obama/Mitt Romney to vote for. Please do this RP.
22975 Christopher Garcia Ron Paul should already have been president in 2008.
22976 Clinton Cosner Continue the fight for true freedom instead of hiding behind a slogan.
22977 Abduallah Abushahma  
22978 Name not displayed America needs Ron.
22979 Adam Takvam If nothing else, he has to be a better choice than Mitt Romney!
22980 Name not displayed  
22981 Adam Takvam I’ve followed Dr Paul since 2004 and support about 90% of his positions which is far better than any other politician. And hey, if nothing else, he has to be a better choice than Mitt Romney!
22982 Name not displayed  
22983 Charles  
22984 Robby McGrewer Not only does he know his shit, he gets it done. Ronny, DO WORK, SON!
22985 Name not displayed Go Ron!
22986 Name not displayed We need you to continue to spread the word and the best way to do this is to run for President. Ron Paul 2012! From Virginia!
22987 Michael Hansen godspeed from Denmark. The world needs a clear thinking leader
22988 Name not displayed Keep it up Ron Paul we need you out there!!!
22989 David Bond  
22990 Name not displayed  
22991 matt brandt  
22992 Scott L.  
22993 Ian Scanlan  
22994 Name not displayed I firmly believe Ron Paul can change things, and pray he wins the presidency. He already seems to be winning the hearts of the people.
22995 Name not displayed I know he is not running and it is a shame, but it would be nice to have some kind of hope for America.
22996 Lee Irons  
22997 Name not displayed  
22998 Justin Burns  
22999 Fredrik Groth  
23000 Ryan Alexander  

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