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During the first few months of 2011, ran a grassroots petition to convince Ron Paul to run for President. We collected a total of 50,434 signatures, all of which are archived below. Ron Paul officially announced his candidacy on May 13, 2011.

Signatures #1 - #5,000
Signatures #5,001 - #10,000
Signatures #10,001 - #15,000
Signatures #15,001 - #20,000
Signatures #20,001 - #25,000
Signatures #25,001 - #30,000
Signatures #30,001 - #35,000
Signatures #35,001 - #40,000
Signatures #40,001 - #45,000
Signatures #45,001 - #50,434

26 Responses to Petition Archives

  1. adelaide gosnell says:

    Ron Paul 2012!!

  2. Prentis says:

    Mr. Paul, There are millions of people who will vote for you. This task has come at a time in this world where there will be no return if not for your help. If we fail to suspect otherwise we will have given way to the path of total corruption.

  3. Jennie Walsh says:

    I heard on a talk radio show that you said that you were threatened and that is why you dropped out of the 2008 presidential race. I do NOT think that the Satanists are ABLE to kill you or they already would have by now. We have Divine Protection. When the Satanists don’t succeed in their assassination attempts then they resort to threats and scare tactics. I have learned this from my own experience. You have a lot of people praying for your protection and for your leadership abilities to lead this nation back to sanity. I feel that you are wearing the “whole armor of God” and God’s Protection is Invincible. I have gained a lot of confidence in this Divine protection. The Satanists have been trying to murder me for 9 years but I spend a lot of time in prayer; and I now have learned, without a doubt, that God is invincible protection. I can’t think of anyone who God would want to protect, if not you. You are a model of integrity, honesty, courage, faith, hard work, humility and patriotism. I am thankful that your son has followed in your footsteps. You have already done miraculous wonders for this country just by running in the 2008 race and teaching the truth about government and the economy. No one in modern times has rallied the patriots like you have. Please, ask humbly, if Almighty God wants you to enter the 2012 presidential race. I know that the patriots are fervently hoping that you will. America can win the victory over all the Satanic bankster gangsters. God is on our side. Keep in mind the event of David and Goliath. I love you, precious leader. Thank you for moving forward against the Satanic organization known as the Federal Reserve. I pray for your victories, your Divine Guidance and your protection.

    • I agree with you Jennie you made the points well, Thank You,
      Robert Mercer

    • kenneth says:

      Jennie you are an extreme thinker and this is not the way to get Ron Paul elected.

    • Adamo says:

      i agree with kenneth. do like dr. paul and leave the religious lingo out of it, though he’s a christian, he doesn’t bring it to the political table. Think it all you want, but it’s just plain weird and it will not be god getting ron in the office as much as the masses of reasonable people who agree with the principles. satan? c’mon.

  4. Al Martinez says:

    Mr. Paul for President! Any of them, Ron or Rand. NO MORE PUPPETS!

  5. IRRiley says:

    Looks like some of fox headliners censoring Dr. Paul. B O failed to mention he came in second in the fox presidential poll. Second with 11% to Huckaby’s 13%. B O only mentioned Huckaby, Romney and palin. We can’t allow this censorship to continue.
    Fox and all media pulled the stuff in 08. No more.

  6. Barbara Bell says:

    I vote Ron Paul for President 2012

  7. Kayla Balas says:

    I’m a young woman in America today, who wishes I could have lived in the old days when freedom was real, and patriotism meant something. For the first time in my life I can’t necessarily say I’m proud to be an American. I don’t know I’d be proud to be a citizen of any other country, but I feel as though it is “us” against our government. We can no longer elect people into office that are going to go along with the disasterous plan trying to take place. We need someone who still believes in the Constitution and what it stood for. We need to stand up for ourselves and not let PEOPLE decide if we live or die. God is who I obey, and I refuse to be beaten down by any man. Please Ron Paul, run for president, and help us fight to keep this country alive.

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  9. Bob T says:

    We need a true patriot like ron paul in the white house

  10. david soule says:

    Senator Paul… Was it Thomas Jefferson who said, When one party is in office and things
    are broken, so the other party is voted in and things remain broken… then that is absolute
    proff of a conspiracy behind the scene??? How much more proff do we need? This country
    has been stolen and sold out from under us for the past 30 to 40 years, and I’m sick and
    tired of being terrified of my own government. We need to get rid of those in power and
    change the way they got there (big money). We need you Ron Paul! Do Right and Fear No One. I will support you until things are honest and right once again. Dave Soule

  11. Eric Davis says:

    I voted for Obama, I am voting for Ron Paul in the next election. I know that many of my friends feel the same way. I am a moderate and cross party lines depending on what I see as reasonable. Obama has not delivered on many of his promises or aligned with the philosophies he campaigned on. Extending the Bush tax cuts…….COME ON! Answering to different corporations “it’s still the same game” COME ON!

  12. Jasmin C. says:

    Ron Paul just makes sense… PERIOD!

  13. Sara T says:

    Love Ron Pauls ideas to restore freedom and that he links true freedom to the key to financial growth and that true freedom would down tone hostilaties toward other nations and recieve down toning hostilities from these other nations.

    True American freedom is that an individual is able to do as he pleases as rightful law permits. If true freedom were implimented in relation to drugs then the government would save billions investigating, tapping, arresting, and convicting and imprsioning these people. Many Americans believe it is not a rightful law but everyone must recognize it IS a costly one.

    If true freedom were implimented in the countries we have fought with long and hard for generations then we would not occupy their land. We would not be in their face watching them and waiting for an order to attack be called. We would be in our homeland. And in part, they would keep their homeland as their own. If that will not down tone hostileties what will?

    Dr. Paul you are a genius sir!
    I’ve said that I will support none other and I mean it.

  14. I have been asked by my heavenly father to help stop this ungodly war. Show the soldiers who are dropped down in the line of fire started by moussad making both sides believe the other side did it.Causing wars to never end giving the UN reason to make war torn overthrown countries no choice but to resign kingdom of God to nevtaken over by anti Christ Goverment NWO.

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