Signatures 5,001-10,000

Number Name Comment
5001 Jim Bews Ron Paul, Americas last hope, period.
5002 Gary Frazier Go for it!
5003 Billy Dwyer  
5004 William P. McMillen  
5005 Bob Navin Libertarian forever!
5006 Cameron Bethuram  
5007 thomas jefferson what could a man of integrity and common sense do as president? if ron paul ran for president it would be the first time (maybe only time) that i would feel proud to vote. ron paul is the only man in washington who i think of as a true patriot.
5008 clare Go Ron!!!!!!! You are my hero!!!
5009 Deborah Scott Our country needs Ron Paul!
5010 Jim Thiele  
5011 Jonathan Greko  
5012 Colin Anderson  
5013 Chris Rodgers Please we need you to run.
5014 Nancy Schimelpfening  
5015 Paul Russell Please sir, you are the last, best hope that we have to stem the tide of fascism in this country.
5016 James Carlson  
5017 Adrian  
5018 Steve M  
5019 Christy Jones  
5020 MK Novgrod Finally our whole country is waking up to the truth. Please run again Mr Paul!!
5021 Illa Adams  
5022 Dave Berg please continue to fight the status quo.
5023 Rich Medykowski  
5024 Jon Paul Noble I’m not a libertarian, but I think we need several libertarian reforms-and I think you are the man to make them happen.
5025 Augustine Romano  
5026 Bogdan Radev  
5027 Michael Coulter  
5028 Santiago Luna  
5029 Wayne Watley  
5030 patricia I have not voted for over 30 years…if Ron Paul runs for President I will not hesitate to sign up to vote for him.
5031 David Vawter  
5032 Maggie Frank  
5033 susan wolfe  
5034 Adam Monte  
5035 Derek Mirza  
5036 Kyle Lovercamp For liberty!
5039 Lisa Savage  
5040 johneagle freedom Please wake up America one person can make a difference let’s put Ron Paul in the White House and bring back the American flag, Constitution and the Declaration Of Independence for what this great nation stands for Freedom.
5041 Adam: Logsdon You can do it!!! :P old humor is not as good a new humor?
5042 Stephanie Sorquira For justice and liberty for all.
5043 gary bencivenga Ron Paul is our country’s only hope. Most other politicians are wimps, crooks, idiots…or all three.
5044 Nathan  
5045 Terri Raduege The time has come for truth to rise, but it’s going to take you to bring it to the top Mr. Paul. I would love to see you and Judge Andrew Napolitano run our country. With that in mind, I have hope for a better world.
5046 stefan  
5047 Nathan Geisler  
5048 Robert Gallup  
5049 Vickie Chandler Please do this Ron! You can make a difference!!!
5050 Michael Barras  
5051 Derek Johnson 45th
5052 John Wrenn road to roota
5053 Denise Please run. The country needs someone with common sense and the willingness to actually write legislation like you have and not talk about it.
5054 Robert F  
5055 Patrick Eakin We truly need you Dr. Paul. If you run it will be the first time in my life that will become involved in grassroots campaigning for a presidential candidate.
5056 J. Michael Butler I believe we need a strict constitutionalist. I also believe that Mr. Paul should run as leader of a new third party rather than as a republican.
5057 Doug Harman Please run for president!
5058 Thomas Jameson You can Do It!!
5059 Stephanie  
5060 Chris Cappella Take down the Fed!
5061 J O’Connor  
5062 Sharon Ricklefs  
5063 Victor Take us back to before Jekyll Island.
5064 bill gehlhaus  
5065 Taylor Jackson Please run! America needs you.
5066 Joseph Golomboski  
5067 Scott M. Whitman Ron Paul seems to be our only hope to hold on to this great experiment called America.
5068 James Hunt  
5069 Tim Whittington  
5070 Denis Wendl  
5071 Steve Hangebrauk  
5072 James M, Gillen Please run. The end of the present administrations term should help the voters see more clearly and, the alternative is scary.
5073 Mike and Jean Schroeder More than ever, our country needs the wisdom of a man like Dr. Paul at the helm
5074 Patrick Lotti :)
5075 Kristine Formas  
5076 Matthew Warren Simpson “”And that ain’t right, that I’ve been a slave
Truth is Treason now, how in the hell do we behave
Cause we got numbers, coming out from under
In Jesus Name, Welcome to Our Thunder”"

“”COME and TAKE IT”" - Simpleman

5077 Melissa Shahzad We need someone who will liberate us from usery and corruption of monopolized industries that only cripple our ecomeny. Free nations to live independant and free to be an international family.
5078 Bo Shultz RUN RON RUN
5079 Gil Maldonado Jr  
5080 Rich Smith Yes run, America needs you. Rich.
5081 Steve Boehman Ron Paul is the #1 best choice—BY FAR. He knows 1000 honest patriotic people who can fill all the high positions!!!
5082 Joe We need to elect Ron Paul for President in 2012. He’ll restore fiscal sanity to D.C..
5083 Ed Rytel Please run Ron!
5084 Daniel Barras You have my support and respect, sir.
5085 william riker  
5087 Christine I for one will be going door to door for you.
End the IRS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5088 david smith This nation needs you, Dr. Paul. You would be an even stronger inspiration for We the People should you be at the helm!
5089 David Raines Slogan? It’s time to upset the business as usual applecart - We have had a D or an R forever let’s give “”I”" a go!
5090 Kelly Morris  
5091 Michael Phillips Dr. Paul, you are our great hope to lead the restoration and preservation of our great constitution.
5092 ron capoccia  
5093 Valerie Mitchell  
5094 Dan Yelle  
5095 Jeffrey D. Lisk Please run! We could use you to restore this nation back to what it was meant to be!
5096 Gary Keorkunian  
5097 gloria woodley  
5098 harry marks run…..for the life of america….please….run?
5099 Brandon C Bomar You have my support at every election. I love that you’re leading America’s youth as we all work for positive change and a return to the ideals of our great nation.
5100 John Merz Jr.  
5101 Pooh White Ron is our only chance!!! I really hope he runs and WINS!!!
5102 C.S. Morris Please run Sir…!
5103 Billy Brownlee  
5104 arnie We believe in you.
5105 Steven Evans  
5106 J. Zachary Scrim  
5107 Samantha Brodton  
5108 Kelsey Baughman  
5109 carrie  
5110 Ben Heath  
5111 Jeanie Hendrickson The only candidate that has proven his actions reflect reality and truth!
5112 Ariel Aviner We are ready.
5113 Maria Menster Ron Paul is perhaps the only politician that I have known to speak the truth every time. He is in politics for the right reasons. I would not only vote for him but would encourage others to as well!
5114 Jim Allen  
5115 Matt Mikolyski Go Paul!
5116 Monte E Denehie  
5117 charles dodgson give me a reason to cast a REAL vote. otherwise im voting for a democrat to help ensure that they own at least half of this mess that we’re in. if voting actually means anything.
5118 Sallie Namey  
5119 Michael Mckenna  
5120 Richard Pallotta we need a viable third party candidate who is serious about government reform and reform of the Federal Reserve-which is neither Federal, nor does it have any reserves…
5121 Mel Tolhurst C’mon Ron, give me a chance to vote for you for Pres for the THIRD time!! (1988 as Libertarian, 2010 as write-in)
5122 Douglas J. Hains The United States of America needs to survive and thrive as a free people and an economy that is self sustaing,humane and a friend to the world, not a bully of an imperialistic power. Embracing the principals of the Constitution after it is restored, shifting from the military industrial complex to the peoples complex and fixing social security and medicare are key. President Lyndon Johnson made the excess a general fund target, guaranteeing the destruction of SSN. Secrecy needs to be stopped in Government and transparency of government needs to become the norm. Lobbying and earmarks need to go away and public financing needs to become the norm in campaign finance and the common citizen needs to have a chance to serve. Free trade, the job killer, needs to end and free market needs to be restablished. The Fed needs to be outted once and for all time and the overlords of finance and industry must step aside for a nation run by its people for it’s people.
5123 Gregory L Waugh I want some real change, I am confident you would bring that
5124 John K  
5125 Pat and Debbie Bubela  
5126 Brooks Lester I, and others like myself, need a reason to not withdrawal our consent.
5127 James McCreary If I do not vote for Ron Paul there is no reason to vote. Our government will consume us all. It is taking our money, jobs, homes and next will be our childern.
5128 James T. Smith “”Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined.”" — Patrick Henry
5129 Matthew J. Thomas  
5130 Lynda Fields I feel that he should run President, he would do a good job!!
5131 Scot Marling  
5132 Vivian Skellenger  
5133 Martha Engel Ron Paul is the only (potential) candidate with the integrity, the guts, and the track record required to positively change our country’s course in 2012.
5134 Kathy koseruba  
5135 John E Cudzilo  
5136 Justin Garcia Dr. Paul has been an inspiration, an educator and the leader we desperately need. I hope he runs and chooses the Judge as his running mate!
5137 Jay Sanchez  
5138 Randall F. Arndt  
5139 Ed Hammond The US Government needs to return to its Constitutional limitations and with it the end of Fiscal Irresponsibility !
5140 Peter meyers  
5141 Larry Webster Win or lose, your candidacy will be a voice of sanity in a time of extreme polarization and separation from the constitution.
5142 Shane Womack  
5143 Timothy Nottingham  
5144 Sam  
5145 julie jones  
5146 Heath Keane You’ll need some great security, but I pray you do it.
5147 Tina Wise  
5148 Anthony T. Katsulos  
5149 Kevin leger We need you!
5150 Mitch Bababooey
5151 JennaLee Gallicchio Run Paul, Run :)
5152 J.J. While I am a supporter of the president, the knowledge and insight you have presented to this country is the reason you are, and would be, the only other candidate for whom I would consider casting my vote.
5153 James Akers Dr. Paul - We need your guidance to transition away from our current welfare state of unproductive government jobs; do we really need almost one-million law enforcement employees? Do we really need 1.4 million citizens in prison? Creation of jobs needs to be accomplished at the private level only; if nothing else, we need a zero growth policy of government jobs, so that attrition and population-growth can remove this waste from the system.
5154 Joshua Ney please bring freedom and independence back to the people!!!
5155 Alex Parsons Ron Paul / Jessie Ventura 2012 strong ticket for real change
5156 Trent Gascho  
5157 Ryan Clear  
5158 David Monsour  
5159 Eric  
5160 Robert Steinhaus Ron Paul is needed more than ever.
5161 Ralph G. Arana Through -out history, civilizations of mankind has risen to proclaim their liberty over their oppressors and proclaim their freedom endowed by their Creator. Then as of now, there is no difference. We, the people of the world proclaim our life to liberty, truth and justice for all. We, the people, stand by you, and more then ever before in your political career, the Creator is calling his son, to lead us, back into His image, as a sovereign Republic and secure the blessings of Liberty for all. God has and always will be with you and all your patriotic countryman are with you. God has truly blessed us and we need your leadership.
5162 Luis Sanchez Our country needs Ron Paul as President
5163 Dale R Willard and Rand for VP
5164 J. Michael Jamison II  
5165 Ralph Sherrin  
5166 Matt Butcher More than in 2008, we need you to run Dr. Paul!
5167 Jerry Aymond  
5168 Charles Hopper  
5169 Thomas J. McAuliffe  
5170 william m mcgarvin  
5171 Eric Brakey I refuse to vote for the lesser of two evils any longer. We need you, Dr. Paul.
5172 Albert Olofsson Ron Paul is a key rolemodel for authentic leadership. His unparallelled judgement and humbling authority is a absolute necessity for the American awakening.
5173 Michael Lowrey  
5174 Luanne Austin  
5175 Gabe Ochoa  
5176 carla wright  
5177 Justin Stuard p  
5178 Donald Rahn  
5179 Sara barnett Not sure if you should run, but it would be great for the country if you were President. I’ll certainly vote for you.
5180 Laurens P. Fouche  
5181 Martin Schrick Only Ron Paul can save us.
5182 Stephen Miyawaki  
5183 gary francis  
5184 tonya  
5185 Rachelle Ruybal Please run in 2012!!
5186 Chris Kroynovich End the Fed!!!
Stop the Waste!!!
You are the one man that we can and do trust to do it.
5187 Lauren k.  
5188 William Spettmann This time we win!
5189 Gyasi Snuggs I am a New Yorker for Ron Paul. Let’s go!
5190 carrie wrenn I really screwed up by not backing you last time, I won’t do it again. I will pound pavement for you, answer phones, whatever it takes.
5191 Mike jabonaski We need you more than ever Ron! Help inspire the next generation of Americans; Run Ron run!
5192 Mark A. King  
5193 Peter Fee Dr Paul the country is in need of your leadership. We are at a crossroads in America. Time is running short for a monetary system that is spinning dangerously out of control. There are real problems that require solutions not talking points. Tempered guidance and a steady hand to guide those without a compass in the right direction. Honestly Dr Paul if you don’t run, my family and I may begin to consider leaving the country before it’s too late.
5194 Terry Gentry  
5195 Johan Ohrn Sound money = Power to the people!
5196 Joan Koch  
5197 John Kern Live free or Die.
5198 Dana Lapointe I voted for you in 08! PLEASE run again!
5199 Andrew Campbell  
5200 Edgar  
5201 Cesar Hernandez Ron please run! The Hispanic vote will back you!
5202 Richard Reid  
5203 A. Worutowicz I always listen to your weekly update, and I support you with whole my heart. Your wisdom and courage is much needed for the whole world, not only the US.
5204 Keith Schomberg God bless you Ron and Rand.
5205 David Moyer Dr. Paul, I don’t know how I can express how much I want you to do this. When I explain your viewpoints to people they universally say how they wish they had heard of you.

Please. We need this.

5206 Janice F Saffo  
5207 Jeff Johnston The only hope for this country are leaders who wish to see us return to the core beliefs of our constitution. You sir have the experience to make this happen.
5208 john jakubowski ron paul is a man of integrity the best wisdom on financies than anybody in congress best consistent voting record that speaks for itself all my family and loved ones are going with him all the way if he runs for a safer free- er and much more prosperous nation
5209 patrick casali help restore the american constitution
5210 Benjamin Redden  
5211 Robert Martin OUR country needs Ron more than ever!
5212 William Schultz We need you Ron, but only run if you are sure you can maintain your health through the stress of an election and in the event that we can help you win POTUS…because I would rather have a Patriot like you as a voice in congress than not at all.
5213 mike vollmer America needs you Ron!
5214 Nikolaj Gam-Pedersen  
5215 Sharon Hlebak Please run in 2012 the USA needs Ron Paul
5216 Jack L. Carter  
5217 Henry W. Stick Run, Ron, run! Your presence in the race elevates the discourse.
5218 Michael Zucco  
5219 Veronica DeFalco It’s Time!
5220 Gavin Allen  
5221 Tammy Groves  
5222 Ashley Tabolinsky  
5223 Francis Pruter  
5224 Joe Henry Please help us save our nation.
5225 Ron Hexum, Architect It’s imperative that your vision of America in Liberty be passed on to a whole new generation. The light cannot go out. As a former Marine Captain and Vietnam combat veteran, it is clear to me that this economic recession is America’s darkest hour. If our monetary system is not brought back in line quickly with our Constitution, we risk losing both. You are front and center sir! Make a commitment now as you did as an Air Force Officer when you swore to uphold the Constitution and to protect and defend it from all enemies, both foreign and domestic.
5226 Stanley J. Sypien Jr We need somebody that is in it for the people and the Constitution, and not for their own agenda.
5227 Ron Bedell I was born and raised in the U.S.A. and I have never seen constitutional improvements in the federal government. Even during the Reagan years the debt continued to rise. Plus, Reagan surrounded himself with the Internationalists, the Council on Foreign Relations. If we support potential candidates like Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney, or even Mike Huckabee all we are going to get is more big government internationalism. Haven’t we had enough of that? It is time to support a constitutional minded and patriotic American like Ron Paul. If Ron Paul decides to run for President in 2012 he will get my vote and all my support! I hope 50 million people sign this petition.

Ron Bedell

5228 edward staley ron paul is the only option that can bring together a broad enough coalition of supporters to bring the liberty message to the main stage and solidify the libertarian activist network that assembled around him.
5229 Peter Duffield I voted for Paul last go around. And I’ll vote for him again!
5230 nancy perrotti Lets do it!
5231 Raphi Fix Easiest decision I ever made!
5232 noah ferland Lets do it!
5233 carl speed letting god do his work is a good thing, but we must also help ron paul in 2012.thanks.
5234 Rhuell Lambert We are facing desperate times & we need your leadership to get our country back. We need an audit of the fed and shut the Fed down (an idea; take their wealth and pay off the national debt. Make the criminals pay!
5235 Marcelo Lopez Please be aware of the Tea Party…they are not good for our country.
5236 Gina Shahinian Please, run as an INDEPENDENT candidate!
5237 David Etcheberry  
5238 oliver  
5239 Matt Johnson Ron Paul in 2012!!!!!!!!!
5240 Kyle Jones Run Ronny Run!
5241 mike paxton  
5242 Laurence Reines Ron Paul for Pres.
5243 Gary Oser Not easily sold, won’t follow the crowd…
Stands up to the Fed, to sign makes me proud!
5244 Joanna Snyder I hope and pray that Ron Paul runs for President in 2012.
5245 John King  
5246 keith essary  
5247 Mackenzie Alpert  
5248 elisabeth  
5249 leo picollo please run the nation needs you God bless you
5250 Doc Ross We need a leader with your vision and values.
5251 Alexander Kozak  
5252 Kathy Hines  
5253 Lynn Juozilaitis  
5254 Jim Peckey Ron Paul 2012!!
5255 Neil Schloss A leader for Freedom, what the Republic stands for.
5256 Nancy  
5257 Reason Ron Paul 2012!
5258 Diane  
5259 S Douglass  
5260 Dwayne Polidori Please run for President in 2012
5261 richard foltz Ron Paul you have my vote:
5262 Dylan Smith Only person i have faith in to get America back on track.
5263 Joel Mascio Please Ron run!!!!!! We need you!!!!! I’m counting on you
5264 Jack Alexander Though like so many other Constitutionally minded American’s, I’d support Ron Paul’s bid for the Presidency, I truly believe that the decision to take on such an enormous task as this will need to be based on whether or not Dr. Paul’s heart felt decision to do so is truly into doing so. That decision rests with him, and him alone. If his heart-mind is not strong enough for the task at hand, no amount of petition votes will allow Ron to hold the course or handle the task at hand. In light of all the global and quite literal Earth changing events taking place as I compose this comment, we as a global family of one, on this one living world we all call ‘Mother Earth’, are fast approaching the threshold of ‘Divine Order’ that will reach biblical proportions. Change is upon us, it is coming, and most, if not all, of what we hold precious is going to be made new, and in that newness we’ll need not the ‘old system of things’ ways of doing anything, anywhere. “”If God be for us, who can stand against us”", of old systems understandings, will be replaced by the ‘Unconditional Love’ of God in everyone, for everyone, and everything.
5265 Christopher Dale Miller thank you, Ron and Rand Paul, and every other natural born person of existance that cares about their environment to stand up against these horrible people who would use any means neccesary to gain their goals no matter whos hurt.

I will keep my eyes open, I will listen with my heart, and to quote a movie as american as i am The Outlaw Josey Wales “”Dont Piss on my Back and tell me its Raining”".

5266 wayne harper  
5267 Randy M pllleeeeeaassssseee plzzpllzzpllzz. we need you!
5268 todd  
5269 Andrew Taylor Go Ron
5270 Gary J. Mallast  
5271 Charlie In event you can’t, you may be able to endorse your son.
5272 Tim Corbett  
5273 Braydon Dymm  
5274 Sam Wilson  
5275 Dan Ryan  
5276 John Bishop Only people that don’t want to be President, are fit to be president.
5277 Melissa Garren  
5278 Myra Hardeland  
5279 Dave Troupe I accept NO SUBSTITUTE!! Ron Paul for President!!
5280 Joseph Tropp  
5281 Husein Malik  
5282 Danielle Yuthas  
5283 Robert Berhorst Please run.
5284 Al naples  
5285 Amiee  
5286 Takis Dikas Lets get back to our freedom, capitalism, end government programs, flat tax, end the IRS
5287 Kristen Lee Curtis  
5288 Susan Kenney You are the only person I can trust to lead our nation. I know you will make the best choice in your power and wisdom to make the greatest impact in these difficult times. Godspeed.
5290 Doug Schroeder  
5291 Thomas James Childers I fill defend liberty with my life, and vow protect the constitution, at all costs. If there is anything I can do to help Ron Paul in 2012, contact me.
5292 Jerry L Rhoads Unless you move from Red to the center of the flag, away from Blue (the White stripe in the flag is not skin color but representative of middle America)…if not you are no different than the establised red and the blue. Red is for our deficit and blue is the sky we have been promised. Change in this country, in my opinion, is not transparency but accountability…so 50% of our goverance needs to be representatives from the private sector who pay the majority of some 25 differenct taxes we pay for bills created by elite politicians…you also need to recognize that it is not issues between the red and the blue that divide us, but lack of effective problem solving. Jerry Rhoads of the American Enterprise Part…the true middle sensibilty of your frustrated voters.
5293 Cody J. Mathis Live free or DIE!
5294 Chas Kissick You are the only politician we can trust.
5295 mark beckenbach ron paul - one of the few people who knows how to take this country’s head out of its ass.
5296 Ted Michalosky Jr Dr. Paul,

You are the only politician that is going to bring me to the polls this year. Your our last hope, please run for President!! Ron Paul 2012!!!

5298 Misty Tarrh  
5299 shannon  
5300 Federico Capoano Save America and save the world.
5301 Jodie We need to turn this New World Order agenda around NOW before it’s to late, America is in desperate need of a leader like Ron Paul and I truly believe he can can win a presidential run for 2012.
5302 Tammie Thomson We really need someone who wants what’s best for America!!!!
5303 Van Owens  
5304 Alex  
5305 Francis W Freeman  
5306 Henry Semmler  
5307 Patricia Petersen  
5308 Nicholas Campagna Ron Paul 2012!!!
5309 Jeffrey Lippincott  
5310 Chris B  
5311 Travis Ray  
5312 Julie Delo  
5314 Mitchell  
5315 Thomas Paul Dr. Paul
You truly are America’s only hope!!!
5316 David Skowron  
5317 Paul T. Let’s do it again
5318 Manuel Fernandez I’m on board with you Ron, you are the best man for the job. Help us to get the country back on track.
5319 jesse kirkland  
5320 David Valardi  
5321 Gokhan Yuksel  
5322 Mike Schott  
5323 will green for the Constitution!
5324 Grazyna Polkowska You are a born leader! Do it!
5325 Tanner Cartwright  
5326 Justin Stout Bumper stickers at:
5327 Mike Payment  
5328 F. Schäper We need you sir
5329 Torsten Leibold I’ll be a US citizen by 2012 and my first election I’m taking part in in the US. Please make this an unforgettable moment by giving me the chance to vote for you!
5330 J.Goswick Be the voice of Liberty and Constitutional government! Our middle class should not consist solely of federal employees.
5331 Alan Grover Please run, send a message to the scumbags who capatilize on the efforts of the working class!
5332 thomas a. palizzi  
5333 Jesse Reinfelder Please run with Jesse Ventura as your VP. You’re our only hope to end war and begin prosperity.
5334 Scott Mathewson  
5335 Ron Lewerenz Ron,
There are not many people today with the courage and fortitude you have. I would be proud and honored to vote for you as our next President in 2012.
5336 Gregory Pike You have taught me so much and opened my eyes to the path our country is going down. Please run for president for 2012 and enlighten millions more as you have me.
5337 chris nichols run Ron run!
5338 Alex Matei  
5339 Stefanie Beal Dr. Paul, you are the true Patriot! God Bless You!
5340 Joi Avante  
5341 Allen Broughton Run, Paul, Run!
5342 Lowell Bartlett  
5343 Robert Rodgers  
5344 John Stevens I’ve been waiting for the chickens to come home to the roost for decades. They are finally here!!
5345 Dr Joseph Lodespoto Many feel you are this country’s last best hope
5346 Chris Norbury  
5347 Bill Holden Everything is different this time. We will get the coverage and respect you deserve.
5348 john scoby  
5349 Tom  
5350 Trenton Keyser  
5351 Carl Collins  
5352 George Tolhurst Go Ron Paul and cosider having your son Paul as vice president……..George
5353 Paul Tetor  
5354 Benjamin Rosenberg  
5355 Alex masters Go Ron
5356 Daniel Encarnacion  
5357 Hector Ortiz Voting has become an American Idol…… The two candidates that talk the most and promise the most ridiculous things are the ones they want to focus on. And not the one who speaks for freedom. I feel in America I do not have a voice anymore because the last two candidates are ones that I don’t even want running. If Congressman Paul doesn’t run I will not vote anymore.
5358 William Duffy Whatever Dr Paul decides about running will be the right decision. I will fully respect and support either decision he makes. If he does run and get the nomination I will vote for him.
5359 Frank Polizzi A lot of great ideas that need to be brought to the people of this country through the public political forum.
5360 Marie Salinas You are a lone voice in the wilderness but guess what, everyone is listening now and ready to hear your message more than ever!
5361 Ginger Wilson You are a true hero and maybe our last hope to save our Republic.
5362 Robert Huntington Until we can get you leading this fractured, indebted struggling nation, PLEASE vote AGAINST raising our country’s national debt ceiling.
5363 ronald greer  
5364 Tammy Romero  
5365 Ali Minaian Save us from the greedy corp elite shit heads!!!
5366 Shane Rider  
5367 Mario  
5368 Eric Rasmussen  
5369 Dr. Robert Stephan  
5370 Ryan Feero You WILL win. We will do everything within our power to support you!
5371 Joshua R. Bond Thank You
5372 Traven Romero  
5373 Mariana Young Please run Dr Paul we need you!!!!
5374 Michael  
5375 Kathleen A Elam You are too brilliant to not do this.
5376 Michael Jolly  
5377 Donna Please run Ron!!! Let’s END THE FED!!
5378 Yvonne Gibson  
5379 monty  
5380 Ryan Beke Real
5381 Jake  
5382 WILLIAM D. DUBINSKI JR Good Morning Doctor,
Yes, we certainly need a man like you to run for the White House. I know the road is tough, tiring, and I know your age and you most likely would like to retire and spend time with your family.
I/maybe some of us understand this, and I personally are stuck in this position and decision.
However, I am not sending this email to force you, to pressure you into it. But I would like to encourage you to run as much as I personally can.
We and our country NEED a man like you in that position at this time. I supported you in 2008, and would love to in 2012. I would be honored again to give you my vote in 2012. I think you are a real leader, and outside of a few others, I think you are the only and right man for the job to save our Republic. If this helps, please consider this campaign in for 2012.

Thank you so much for your service,
Bill Dubinski
8th Congressional District, ILL

5383 Jeanne Williams  
5384 Greg  
5385 Jerry Bland  
5386 Keith Farrell Dr. Paul, just imagine the impact we could have this time! 2012! Paul-Napolitano!
5387 Nikita Perminov  
5388 Paul Carey We the people shall control the supply of money.
5389 Rick McClain  
5390 Elbert Wade Box, Jr.  
5391 Doug Watts The best step we can take is to challenge the FED!
5392 Cari kenealy I pray you run!
5393 LISA L. DUBINSKI Good Morning Doctor,
Yes, we certainly need a man like you to run for the White House. I know the road is tough, tiring, and I know your age and you most likely would like to retire and spend time with your family.
I/maybe some of us understand this, and I personally are stuck in this position and decision.
However, I am not sending this email to force you, to pressure you into it. But I would like to encourage you to run as much as I personally can.
We and our country NEED a man like you in that position at this time. I supported you in 2008, and would love to in 2012. I would be honored again to give you my vote in 2012. I think you are a real leader, and outside of a few others, I think you are the only and right man for the job to save our Republic. If this helps, please consider this campaign in for 2012.

Thank you so much for your service,
Lisa Dubinski
8th Congressional District, ILL

5394 Roger Pervere We need a real Constitutional Conservitave in the White House!
5395 Jim Cunningham How else will we ever be able to END THE FED?
5396 Jason Turner From Canada with love. TIME FOR A REVOLUTION EVERYWHERE!
5397 Judy Jakubowski  
5398 Ian Anderson FREEEEEEDOOOOOOM!!!!
5399 Michael Myr Ron Paul is the Greatest Freedom Fighter of my day! RON PAUL 2012
5400 peter steppe  
5401 Cliff Falcone Ron Paul 2012 for the win.
5402 Patsy S Smith I like Ron Paul
5403 Mike Kanney  
5404 paul  
5405 Joseph Jakubowski  
5406 Tim Attwell  
5407 GERALD MAYVILLE I’m ready to do video editing for the campaign
5408 Steve I am 100% committed physically and mentally to do anything I can to support the restoration of liberty in this country. I did not know about Dr. Paul in 2008 so he has to run in 2012 so I can vote for him.
5409 Becky Morey Thank you for standing for the American People and the Constitution that declares are freedoms. Real money, real food, freedom of Choice for holistic and alternative health care. Thank You.
5410 jeff bland please consider running for president. we need more people like you in office.
5411 Richard Decker  
5412 William Russell Yay!
5413 Jeffrey Patch Ron Paul/Gary Johnson
5414 12on Paul  
5415 Carolina  
5416 Mary L. Hunt  
5417 Paul Matson Run Ron Run, are country needs you.
5418 Mick Murra  
5419 Raymond Hansil Our nation needs a man of Ron Paul’s character to help restore our nation to it’s Constitutional roots.
5420 Tina Lange Hope
5421 Tanner Gallant For the revolution!
5422 Gianni It is time Dr. Paul! It is your time now!
5423 Pamela Meltzer  
5424 James Chan I am looking for a real and honest candidate and think you are someone I can believe in. Go for it!
5425 Melinda Cushing  
5426 Michael Patti  
5427 Richard M. Wolfe  
5428 Sam Nunley  
5429 Jeff Dudas Ron Paul — please run for President 2012, we need your help. thanks!
5430 Richard Freeman  
5431 Sam McElmeel time for some free thought
5432 Jusitn Mondry KEEP UP THE END THE FED PLAN!!! Our dollar needs to regain its value.
5433 Thomas K. Dr. Paul, i´m not a US citizen, but the faith of the world depends on the change in the USA.
Your constitution needs to be defended, please candidate for presidency.
Greetings from germany (unfortunately without any constitution)
5434 Michaek Holliday  
5435 Cory Tabino  
5436 Justin R. Rogers - C de Baca  
5437 Nephi Boss Thank You.
5438 Kendra Trevino You are an amazing person and I know running for president is exceedingly difficult but know there are so many Americans that are supporting you
5439 Israel Collazo This country needs you Mr. Paul
5440 Vikki L. Mundy If you don’t run, our country as we know it is OVER!
5441 Thomas Ursini We all have great faith in you Dr. Paul. You’ve been such an enormous inspiration to us all, and we know the time is right for this.
5442 Mchael Jones “”All the forces in the world are not so powerful as an idea whose time has come.”"
~Victor Hugo
5443 Len Spivak Throw out the garbage.
5444 Timothy Gibson  
5445 Robert K. Mundy  
5446 Mary Anne Koontz I hope and pray you win the election. I would like to help in you efforts in Oceanside, Ca Mary Anne Koontz
5447 Michael Galganski Many others at this site further appealing to Dr. Paul to run

Thank you sincerely and my best to contribute-

5448 Matthew Traum We are behind you, Ron.
5449 Rodney Kyle Berry  
5450 jonathan jackson  
5451 Nancy Van Pelt  
5452 Eric Norton Ron I appreciate you! America needs your voice!
5453 Louise Googins I have been following and agreeing with Ron Paul for many years.
5454 Matt Edwards You cured my apathy Ron Paul
5455 Sally Grave Shrink Government ,Expand Freedom !
5456 Joshua Stewart Please run Ron we need you!
5457 Matthew Hassloch  
5458 harry bailey Ron Paul is the best possible choice for us to have a free country safety is irrelevant.
5459 Mary L. Wright I can’t imagine that you wouldn’t win — please run!
5460 Winnie Mackintosh  
5461 Luke Poortinga  
5462 David Chisman Let’s not make a joke of the Republican party like we did in the last election. Please run in 2012!
5464 Trena Allen Ron Paul 2012!!!
5465 Nathan Gaide  
5466 Mark Hadley Ron Paul must run.

Run, Ron, Run!!!!!

We must heed the call of the Revolution.

5467 TAD MEYER  
5468 james wardle  
5469 Kole Kottmeier  
5470 Debby L Dalton I was the organizer of the Cleveland Ohio Tea Party on 4-15-09. I will help in any way that I can as long as you stick to your word of honor .
5471 Gregory E. Casey Good luck Ron in 2012!!
5472 Johnny Lee You are needed! I will actively support your campaign.
5473 Jeff Nemeth Canadians who have lived with socialism in our own government policy are counting on you to bring freedom and liberty to North America. It is not just America that hopes and see’s the complete economic destruction fiat currency brings. END THE FED!
5474 Leon Echols  
5475 Andrew Murphy Please run Ron! We need you!
5476 Matt Stresak  
5477 Dotsy Skarda We need someone who really cares about “”the people”" and less gov’t.! Please run…
5478 ERICA BURNS You’re the only person in the political arena I agree with on virtually every issue. We need your kind.
5479 john daye It would be nice to have an honest politician. I feel that Ron Paul is our only hope. If it wasn’t for corrupt mass media we would have Ron Paul now.
5480 David Del Toro Dr. Ron Paul,
Please run for president. Since you speak the truth and do not favor the greed of the corporations’, the greed of the banks’, the greed of the military industrial complex’, the greed of the pharmaceutical companies’, the greed of the oil companies’ etc, the odds are strongly against you BUT….at least you can keep exposing what is wrong with this country and keep answering tough questions with the TRUTH. I will pray for you and ask God to help you make the right decision. Regardless of what He wills, I am sure He can still use you to make a difference in this country and bring back our lost liberties and maintain the ones that are left.

In Isaiah 10 in the Holy Bible it says what should apply to greedy corporations and the government that supports them through the revolving door system: ‘You people are in for trouble! You have made cruel and unfair laws that let you cheat the poor and needy and rob widows and orphans. But what will you do when you are fiercely attacked and punished by foreigners? Where will you run for help? Where will you hide your valuables? How will you escape being captured or killed? The Lord is still angry, and he isn’t through with you yet!’

Read more at:
Under Creative Commons License: Attribution

,David Del Toro (Houston, TX)

5481 William Coury  
5482 Robert L Hecht III  
5483 Richard Beard  
5484 Adrian Sillas  
5485 Bevan Elliott  
5486 James Meekins  
5487 Philip A Pizzica  
5488 Roger Hartjes  
5489 Tim Willock  
5490 Bill Williams A Change for the Better !!!!
5491 Justin Barnette Constitution. Constitution. Constitution.
5492 Frankie P We need a realist, not a puppet. You are that man.
5493 Ahmed Al-shawi The Amerikan people need someone to change all this, and you Dr. Paul is the one.

/An Iraqian guy from Sweden

5494 Jeff Leonard You have educated me about the economy is ways that I could never have taught myself. Common sense really is amazing!
5495 Billy Tyrcha Everyone who supports Ron Paul should built a website even if it’s one page. This is part of the grassroots internet push for Ron Paul for 2012.
5496 Carmen Antonio We need you.
5497 Joseph Bazzell It’s time to take back our Constitution.
5498 Clarinda Falcone You are the only hope for our next generation. You have my Vote and the utmost support….TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE…so please… Run for 2012…America has not other option.
5499 Michael Weeman  
5500 John L. Fernandez Dr. Paul,
I encourage you to run again and I pray for your success. For me, a disillusioned American, it’s now your way or the highway. I used to love my country and its democratic governance but in my lifetime it has become so militarily misguided and corporately corrupt that I no longer choose to live here. With our government responsible for so much death, destruction and economic dislocation in the world, I am ashamed to tell people I am American. We are not who we believed we were. Worse, we continue our self-induced slumber while precious and hard-won freedom quietly slips away.
5501 Thomas Crabtree I’m just a freedom lover from Kentucky!
5502 John F. Amos America needs you Dr. Paul.
5503 Joseph Scims For future generations please go for it if you have the energy to do so!
Sadly i feel you are our last hope. Lets get our country back!
5504 Kristopher Smith Americans need you, lets gets this country back to where it belongs; To the people
5505 Kevin Turner It’s Ron Paul…need I say more?
5506 Nathan VerBerkmoes We need some sane person in white house for a change
5507 Connie Jo Foster  
5508 Daniel M. Zeh {dmz} Ron, we need you to RUN IN [2012] as YOU are the only ‘one’ in D.C. that will beat Obama! * You have more supporters than you think:)
5509 Jared Beattie We desperately need clear, honest, and truthful leadership.
5510 Dennis Guttke Ron this nation is in trouble & has been for a long time.
Lobbyists & Special Interest have offices in Washington, & they are appointed to hold offices in our Government.
You need to make this & many other injustices STOP!
5511 Djamal Ron Paul, you have my support
5512 Marina Morris Ron, you are the only one who has always said the same thing and held the same principals. Everyone else changes with the wind. Please run! I am sorry I didn’t vote for you in the past. I have learned from my mistakes and will vote for you in 2012.
5513 Allen  
5514 Amanda Holly Butrus We, the children of yesterday need this for the children of tomorrow.
5515 Nick White  
5516 Lynn Foster Run, Ron, run!
5517 clint  
5518 Carrie Anne Feero  
5519 Jason Memory  
5520 Lesley Henderson  
5521 Chris Carnie  
5522 Alex Nygaard  
5523 Danielle Peterson  
5524 Kevin Roe Perfect principles!
5525 Kimberly Thompson As of now, with so many aspects of our government needing review and change, you are the very best choice; the man that has shown consistency and tenacity and held firm against opposition and convenience. I trust you, where I don’t trust others, to lead America forward to the true principles it was founded upon. Whether you are able to win a presidential election or not, it would be devastating not to at least try. I will do my part, if you will only consent to do yours.
5526 Jan Sapper Hello,
Ron Paul will be the best person to lead the USA especially in times like these. Just imagine Ron Paul would have won in 2008! The WORLD would be in a different position! (A much better one, if i need to be specific…)
Long live Ron Paul and Liberty!
5527 Alan H.  
5528 Dan Ryan  
5529 Hunter McMillan Please run again. Persistence is the key to victory. We need you now more than ever. Please run.
5530 Reena Gagneja Ron Paul is brilliant. I believe he can most definitely win. My blog post
5531 Scott Witkowski  
5532 rfkmlk “” first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win”" please run you are winning every where. All man who love freedom want you to run
5533 Victoria Dauernheim Thank you Dr. Paul for all you have done for the American people. I sometimes go to youtube, late at night, just to listen to your speeches, your interviews. You make me proud to be an American, instead of feeling despair - that our country is split in half and virtually going down the toilet. You make sense in everything - it is spoken from the heart and mind. You give our country hope, you are a shining light, a positiveness - a will to work to get it right! If you decide to run, we will have a true representative of the Constitution, who understands the path we are on is not the way. If you decide not to run, I can only thank you for the hope you have instilled in so many of us, for your years of service and putting all the talking heads in their place! It would be so exciting to see what could have been with you at the helm! Thank you Thank you Dr. Paul.
5534 Danny Kingston All aboard..
5535 Alida Benson  
5536 Justin Hidalgo We need a mind like yours in Washington. You understand the freedoms the framers of the constitution and this nation wanted so deeply for us to have. Their ideas were crafted to never be outdated and their ideals are no longer perpetuated by our corrupt governing bodies, please take us in a new direction.
5537 Adriana Neese  
5538 Justin Carley  
5539 John Dooley  
5540 Josie Boatwright We need his kind of leadership in this country. God Bless & Hope you win if you run.
5541 John M. Meyer  
5542 Jesse Clock Do it Ron! uh…i mean sir the honorable congressmen Dr. Ron Paul please run for president.
5543 Enrico Caprara III  
5544 Jos Unterschute I would be a new supporter of Ron Paul’s campaign. For what its worth I think there are many people like me who were just learning about Dr. Paul’s campaign shortly after the 2008 election.
5545 Nicole Cooper RUN RON RUN!!!
5546 Landen B. I wouldn’t vote for anyone else.
5547 Melinda I don’t want to vote for anyone other than Ron Paul.
5548 Peter Orlando  
5549 Stewart  
5550 Wayne French Go Paul Go!
5551 Nathan Herschbach  
5552 Janice Fuentes I will vote for you even if I have to write you in.
5553 Marlo  
5554 Sharon Armbrust  
5555 Dean Curry  
5556 Jason Cooper Ron Paul 2012!!!
5557 Matthew Torroni PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE run for POTUS in 2012 !!!!!
5558 Shane Knoepfel  
5559 Robert Schumacher You probably will not win..Does not matter!! Our Duty is to vote for the BEST person to do the job! NOT the person likely to win or some one who will DO ..$$$ something for you!! As a party we have no chance to win until we uncover the dirt and fraud of the past governments, Maybe the new generation will wake up when they see we have handed them a bankruptcy for the future .
5560 Robert Lederer  
5561 Mary Alice Troyer I have voted for Ron Paul before and will again. Please run!
5562 Charles Frank  
5563 Mark Babineau A tangible and certifiable audit of the gold in possession of the U.S. must be a goal accomplished in order to verify our potential for the return to sound money.
5564 andrew small Help save our country!
5565 Tyron Foston Dude, PLEASE RUN AGAIN. We have to realign the countries long term interest!
5566 raimundo archibold  
5567 Richard Frayre  
5568 Freddy Romero Go Ron~!~!~!
5569 Khalil I.  
5570 Daniel Rodriguez Run Ron! You have my vote!
5571 Darryl  
5572 Dawn Marie Clark Dr. Paul,
you have the knowledge, wisdom and common sense that we need to help straighten out our once great nation.
5573 Gayle Craig  
5574 Valere McFarland  
5575 Randy Bartlett Jr  
5576 Zach Aysan You speak truth to power.
5577 Peter DiCocco Please run Mr Paul we need someone like you in the White House
5578 Chrissy L  
5579 Jamison Johnson  
5580 Jay C Ron Paul, The People’s President, Please Help US!
5581 Melanie  
5582 Patrick Lutz Ron Paul for Prez!
5583 anna small  
5584 Rita Spratlen We need to get things right!
5585 Suren Kamsarakansky more reasonable approach the world economy needs
5586 leah munoz Would definitely vote and volunteer in any way I can if Ron Paul runs for president!!
5587 celedonio figueroa  
5588 Ali  
5589 Eileen P Pepe  
5590 Teresa Campbell  
5591 Steph VerSteeg Love Ron Pauls Message!!!!!!
Free thinking people Love Ron Paul!!!
5592 Preston Charles Wentz  
5593 Jason A. Palos This country is ill and Ron Paul is the Dr. that can heal it.
5594 Bob McClelland  
5595 Bradley Bailey  
5596 Suzy Tiller  
5597 Chris  
5598 mike hoseman We need personal freedoms back
5599 David Eugene Clark  
5600 Dan Walker I’ve always voted republican because they didn’t try to take away the freedoms I have left, but ever since I read your book End The FED, I decided to read your other books and all the books on the Fed I could get my hands on. I’ve also read a lot of Austrian Economics books and libertarian books and aricles. I always had a natural instict about freedom and economics, but once I read these books, I knew this was the truth. I consider myself more of a libertarian now and in line with your views.
5601 John Schuster Break on through to the other side.
5602 Edward Kowal We need more congressmen like you Ron, thanks for sticking up for your fellow citizens.
5603 Jason Munro Restore the Republic
5604 Leif Sorensen I’ve been homeless for 3 years now and i want people living in poverty to be bailed out NOT large Corporations.
5605 Adrian Albrecht God Bless America and Free us from the Politics of the Day by bringing We The People, Ron Paul!
5606 Jonathan Wesley Clark  
5607 Marcello Donato Ron Paul is the only one advocating true change in the status quo. The rest would just tinker around the edges as America continues to crumble. Ron Paul needs to run so we can have a true choice.
5608 Thomas Roden  
5609 David John, MD Judge Napolitano has called you our modern day Thomas Jefferson, and he is right! Please run and consider the Judge as your running mate.
5610 Vargas You are our last hope.
5611 Tony Spezio America now more than ever needs a true patriot to run for president; something we haven’t had in too long!
5612 David Stapp America needs you Ron. Accept nothing less than victory.
5613 Cody McAda  
5614 Marcia Duryea …Then they fight you, then you win! Please run!
5615 Stewart Kevill-Davies As an australian I can see that America needs a change of direction and quickly
5616 Stefano Hernandez  
5617 Christina I would love to see you become President of the United States of America. But I also understand your drawbacks. Let the will of God be done!
5618 William Gallo Oh, they will hear us again.
5619 Ero Victor Walli There is no one else out their that I would trust to get our nation out of this predicament. This is one Alaskan that would support you, and I am not the only one.
5620 shanna jahn  
5621 Adam  
5622 charles beaird Hopefully we’ll have more fun than the 2008 election
5623 Alex PLEASE RUN, We Need a Responsible, Constitution abiding Presidents!!!!
5624 William Padgett  
5625 Daniel Martinez We need you to bring this country back from the dead! Please help! Please run!
5626 Eric piekarz Run Ron. America needs you too!!
5627 Nina Pagano  
5628 Rob We know that you are running, make the announcement and cut us loose! 1000s of Ron Paul 2012 buttons already being worn all across this country.

5629 Matt eggleton Restore the republic
5630 Brian Green “”There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come”"
5631 Brian Hogan Do this Ron!
5632 Matthew I am ready to serve the cause of liberty and the campaign of Ron Paul!
5633 Rosemary Shiel Go all the way this time….expect victory.

What you believe you receive!

5634 Peter Litwin  
5635 Mitch Olson Real change and hope this time around!
5636 Colin Williams  
5637 Michael Owens Please run again Ron. It’s high time we had a real American in the White House again.
5638 Pedro L Jimenez Do away with the Federal Reserve and the I.R.S!!!! especially the I.R.S. which is the biggest U.S scam in american history..
5639 Carlos Garcia Ron Paul FOR 2012
5640 Shawn Siebert I hope you are able to bring unity among the representatives, and help them to start making choices that are inline with good moral and ethical beliefs. Should we as a nation begin leading others with unshakable morals, show them we can provide good and trustworthy aid, and prove we will not abandon those that are in a poor situation then we could change not only the way others look at us, but also change the negative impression that we have of each other.
Good luck Ron P.
5641 Kenneth McKune A Great man for America.
5642 Don Dever Take America Back!
5643 Dustin Shropshire I’ve bought your books, listened to your weekly announcements, and just signed up for C4L. Lead the way Dr. Paul. The revolution has just begun.
5644 Antonia Nemec I truly believe you are the only competent and honest politician who has a chance of winning. I will fill in Ron Paul when I vote whether you are on the ballot or not!
5645 Connie Tunny  
5646 Claudia J House  
5647 Daniel P Conrad  
5648 Jane Balzer  
5649 Mark Sterin  
5650 gary Bendler  
5651 Don Jusko We need the change.
5652 David Traster  
5653 Bud feldkamp  
5654 Fred Smart  
5655 Jules Blazej Good luck!!! We need more people like you and Anthony Weiner and Alan Grayson, etc, etc etc…..I’ve been a member of the Lib party for well over ten years. One of my good friends (Bill Wood) is chair of the VA Lib party.
5656 Denise Stantz  
5657 Dean Soares  
5658 Suzanne Matick Either run or back someone you can confidently support to take the same approach you would.
5659 Joshua hill Please run our country is in shambles and we need someone in office that really wants to fix it.
5660 Carl Lyon Your influence is growing.
5661 Tim Jensen Give us a real option!
5662 Isabel Matick Please run or pick someone who you can confidently support to adhere to the same policies you hold.
5663 Geronimo Sotaridona I belived in you Dr. Ron Paul!!!!
5664 Kevin Rice We would be blessed to have Ron Paul lead our nation.
5665 Garry myers If America isn’t awake enough for them to make the correct choice this time around then not one of us deserve the freedom that has been given to us. We the people seriously need to stand up to the marginalizing of the Main Stream Media…. banners that read…. “”Screw Main Stream Media…Ron Paul is for Real!”" would be appropriate. :0)
5666 nixie ritter We need a leader with your integrity and ethics
5667 Anthony Ward  
5668 Jerry Smith This may be the last chance to do so…
5669 Will Lesnjak America needs common sense in government, and you are the only one willing to “”step up to the plate”", and tell the truth. Please run in 2012.
5670 Devin We need you now more than ever!
5671 Brett papa I am Ron Paul 100%
5672 Jill Quintana  
5673 Terry McDaniel  
5674 Charles Ware  
5675 Joan Lewis Constitution r3VOLution!
5676 Dr. Joseph stewart Win!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5677 Roger Ellison He would have my total support.
5678 Corey R Koellein The extremists have hi-jacked our Tea Party, and spent our future. Don’t give up the fight. Split their vote. SPLIT IT TIL THE DAY WE DIE, OR WIN! Don’t EVER let them off easy!

Long live Ron Paul!

Prosperous and righteous be - the Paul family!

You inspire us all.

5679 Ben Heins  
5680 Maureen Knap  
5681 Xavier I really hope the elections aren’t rigged…. I still think to this day you, should have became president……
5682 Riley Kuntz  
5683 Christopher Pacheco We are looking up to you to help save our Nation and do what is good for the American people. Please Dr. Paul help our nation.
5684 Chris Ahn  
5685 Dale Choi Please, run! We need you. Who else will the tea party and freedom lovers vote for?! You built up your publicity in 2008, and now it’s time to go in for the kill. Please run!
5686 Ellia Wolen  
5687 Joseph Schmidt  
5688 Ty Frazier Ron Paul you are the ONLY candidate with common sense. period. You are the only one advocating a real change back to fiscal responsibility, adherence to our constitution and personal liberties. This country desperately needs you. If not you, then who?
5689 Eddie Zhang RUN RON RUN!
5690 Robert straw  
5691 Nicholus The spirit of the Revolution is here in Michigan! The Re-Rise of the Constitution! Defending who we are through the proper channels of Hearts and Minds. God bless you, Dr. Paul
5692 Ed Yoder  
5693 leo blaskowiak  
5694 Jo  
5695 Golnaz Aalam  
5696 Todd Rogers  
5697 anthony jimenez  
5698 Zachary Collette We could use some real “”change”", not the false promises offered to get into office. We believe in YOU!
5699 Daiva Kisielius You need to run for president!
5700 Scott Harmon  
5701 Clay Allen Ron Paul for President
5702 Christopher Porter You are the man, contiue to be true to dis country dis nation
5703 Mark Moore It is time for the final battle-wether we win or lose we cannot say we did not try.
5704 Kyle Bax McCormick Please Ron, the American people need you!
5705 Eva Rojas Dear Ron Paul. We need you to represent us. You are one of the last true Patriot Standing!! If it’s not you… then who? I support Ron Paul for President and Jesse Ventura for Vice President.
5706 Milos Djordjevic Go Ron Paul
5707 Marie Lyons  
5708 james maxwell i hope you do run and get us back to having rights again. i look at the cop’s program and see over and over rights being violated. it is very said.
as the Dalia lama said. the US have a great power in it’s ability to treat all people equal. i fear we are losing that.
5709 Walter Lipka  
5710 Donna Bulgier Ron Paul is the only one who can get us out of this mess.This country needs him.
5711 Zachary Baxter  
5712 Adrian Sevilla The world needs a Paul in the White House
5713 Tucker Freeman It is my call, to vote for Ron Paul.
5714 James Yes you should Defiantly run for president!!
5715 James Sattler  
5716 John Jerry ScotsRoss  
5717 Robert Ball Mr. Paul I truly believe that this country needs you, and will respond to you if you run for the presidency in 2012. We need your trusted leadership, and straight forward ways in Washington. I believe that you will ride a wave right into the oval office if you but give us, the people of this great country the chance to get you elected.
5718 Lars Moller Please continue the fight to return America to a constitutional government. God Bless You.
5719 Shelly Rodgers I have been a lifelong Democratic voter because I voted my social values. But I am also fiscally conservative and believe in limited government. Ron Paul is the only candidate in my voting history (35 yrs) that has actually come close to the majority of my values. Please run, this country needs a wake-up call for the rights of the individual and limited government and for the first time in my voting history, I will register as a Republican.
5720 William Carbaugh Please run as an independent !
5721 Matt Walsh  
5722 Nicole Gibson  
5723 Anders B Buer I Sign this petition not as an american, but as a citizen of the world.
5724 michael knaebel Ron paul is our only hope to restore america and preserve our constitution.
5725 Jason I don’t want to get stuck with Palin! Ron Paul ALL THE WAY!!!! He has always been for the same things. Audit the WHOLE ENTIRE Government, not just the Federal Reserve.
5726 Vincent Mikalinis I will continue to support Dr. Paul in all of his efforts!
5727 Robert Buckwalter  
5728 Phillip  
5729 Sam Abraham  
5730 Meghan  
5731 Sue Hucke I think you would make a very good president. Your ideals are similar to how I believe.
5732 Marc Roelofs  
5733 Justin Reese Don’t wish it were easier wish you were better!
Jim Rome
5734 Barbara Singlar I voted for you in the last election and I will definitely vote for you again. Please consider running again.
5735 Joseph Christie Congressman Paul, you are one of a very small minority of people who have the solutions to fix the problems permeating this country. Please run for president in 2012.
5736 Richard Day  
5737 Leah Go Mr. Paul!
5738 Rick Heines  
5739 Michael Burkhard  
5740 John Thomas  
5741 David Piotrowski The Nation is now ready accomplish what should have happened in 2008!
5742 Pasha Roach As a first time voter and a Russian born US Citizen, I will not vote in the 2012 election unless a worthy person such as Dr. Paul runs for office.
5743 Angela J Roser, CPA  
5744 S. Gavin  
5745 Alex We need you!
5746 Rod Peterson America needs you now more than ever!
5747 Larissa Abildgaard  
5748 Trevor Gau  
5749 Randy Turner The real revolution continues…
5750 Jason Hinds  
5751 Michael J Ullery  
5752 Sonja Watson  
5753 Mark C. Schabel Please give us HOPE!
5754 William Sostaric  
5755 John Jay Johnson The only man I know of who can save the USA.
5756 Marilyn Roe We need to bring back democracy in our beloved country. Please help us!!
5757 Hannah Shu GO ROn Paul!
5758 scott ross Thank you for all the work you’ve done and continue to do for our country. You are one of the few great men in the line of our founding fathers who continue fighting for liberty. Ron Paul 2012!
5759 William H. Russell Let’s have liberty in our lifetime.
5760 Neil Sharp  
5761 Kelly Parsons  
5762 Stephen Charles Berry  
5763 Mandy Twitchell  
5764 Rae Dur  
5765 andrew mullis Do it! And if it doesn’t work out we still love you either way.
5766 Valerie Little This country needs you Ron!!!!!
5767 Lisa Tichenor  
5768 S. Babcock  
5769 Joe Comiskey thank you
5770 David Sheedy  
5771 Phil Diakun It worth another try to save our country !
5772 C.Chamberlain  
5773 Laith Renno We need a REAL change and I think Ron Paul is the man who can do it!
5774 john p. feil  
5775 Kelly Morgan  
5776 Brian Acuff Go Ron Go !!!!!
5777 Michael Peirce “”Liberty!”"
5778 Sue and Fred I. Morse, III  
5779 Bob Brewer God Bless Ron Paul and the USA, we may not stay united without some real wisdom and insight.
5780 Ted Poerio We need you to keep the other candidates honest.
5781 Cassandra Morgan  
5782 Gary Denese  
5783 Ben Gebo We need you, Mr. Paul!
5784 Joshua Kinn  
5785 Steve Sharp Help Us Ron Paul! You are Our ONLY Hope!!!!
5786 Norris Banks We need a president who will put a leash on the federal reserve. I believe Dr. Paul is the man for the job.
5787 Sean Glenn Liberty and less gov? Vote Congressman Paul in 2012 for President!
5788 Dave Consbruck Ron Paul: Our only hope for this country
5789 Marty W Barton We need you now more than ever
5790 Stephen Geldmeyer Remember what George Washington said, have I not yet given enough for my country? We are all getting tired but at this time we have to give all. God bless.
5791 John Simpson  
5792 Morgan Polotan Ron Paul please run for President in 2012! You are the first Presidential candidate I can really believe in. I’m a 23 year old recent college graduate and if you run I will volunteer as much as I can to ensure your campaign is a success.
5793 Richard L.Wagner  
5794 James Werner  
5795 Laura  
5796 Charles Cummings  
5797 Carl Drysadle Thank you Mr Paul. ?
5798 rodney a strother  
5799 Spencer Andrews  
5800 george narvaez RON PAUL 2012!!!
5801 Tom Sigler We need a leader to unite the Tea Party and bring fiscal responsibility back to the US
5802 Dominic Silva Got your back Ron.
Walla walla, Wa
5803 Michael Khani Please run Ron Paul. This country desperately needs to rid itself of facism in America.
5804 Clint Caverne  
5805 Remmert Kokmeyer Ron Paul would be the only person to save this country and put a stop to the Federal Reserve Bank
5806 Josh Vaughn Save the future of America and the world:

Ron Paul / Andrew Napolitano 2012

5807 Brian Painter  
5808 Isaac Szijjarto Run Ron Run!
5809 John R Carroll please run for president
5810 Jim Battjes  
5811 Kevin One of the very few honest AND intelligent politicians.
5812 Penni Rubens We need you, Sir!
5813 Brian Emmett You are not my favorite- but at least you seem honest!
5814 Tina Pennoyer  
5815 Bernie This F.R.B. MoneyTrain has been running unchecked since 1913 and if it aint stopped this country will be no more. Future President Paul you are only man since JFK who has enough courage to speak the truth and do something about the sad shape our Country’s in at a National level. This alone takes True Courage and Heart . Ron Paul 2012 !
5816 Mike Cotugno The time has come.
5817 Mitch  
5818 Richard B Heidorn  
5819 Kathryn Munsch  
5820 Jordan Lewis  
5821 Robert Rowen I have been a long time follower of you, and a fellow AAPS physician. I don’t want a third party (government) in the room standing between patient and me. I want the government out of my office.
Thanks for what you are doing to enlighten people.
5822 nicole  
5823 Willliam Vandiver  
5824 Brett Boye It was you Dr Paul who REALLY started the legitimate Tea Party until it was co-opted. However, there is at least some shift in thinking with the mainstream republicans about the Federal Reserve. Another run may help inject more momentum towards the philosophy of Liberty (both economic AND civil liberties), sound money, ending the wars and restoring our Constitional republic.
5825 W Thomas Go ron, go! we need people with ethics like you!
5826 Sam Lynn Jenkins for VP
5827 Steven H.  
5828 Robert cook Time to run
5829 David Heberle  
5830 S Howell  
5831 George & Nancy Madeja Ron Paul is my only choice. Now more than ever!!!!
5832 Robert Troutman  
5833 Alan Black  
5834 v cawthron Ron you represent the morals and aspirations of all the GOOD people in the world please return respect to and of america
5835 Richard Keisic We need honesty and sensibility in our Federal Government which has been eroded by corrupt and what I consider to be criminal elected and un-elected officials. My own congressman, Chris Lee, has only been in congress for only 2 years and has already been listed as corrupt by paying back favors for his campaign bribes and earmarking 4.4 million of our tax dollars for corporations. We need real change and Ron Paul can put us in the right direction.
5836 Ryan Bowling  
5837 Kim McElhinney Please consider a run again. I know you don’t have party or media backing, but maybe the people are getting smart enough (I hope!) finally to vote for you. If more knew of you and hear you speak, maybe then. I implore you to give it another try.
5838 Thomas Bundy We need his common sense in washington severely!!
5839 jason duane if you don’t run, at least start a “”constitutional”" party…i vote for green tiger as mascot.
5840 Jason Vermillion Dr. Paul, a recovering Democrat sees you as a voice of reason and a vehicle for real change.
5841 William S Pratt Help us Ron. You are our only hope.
5842 Barbara Krause Our Country needs you!
5843 Kevin Gircsis Everyone is ready for you to continue to inspire the nation to reinstate “”Liberty”" once again.
5844 Jeff Degner We need a leader who will take on restrain and shackle this authoritarian administrative/welfare state and return us to our Constitutional Republic. You are the only person I have heard who clearly understands and advocates this process.
5845 Dave This guy is my hero. And I hate politicians.
5846 Mercedes Vazquez  
5847 Raymond Rose, MBA You can fix what is wrong with our government.

Get the Government out of our Insurance.
Get the Government out of our bedroom.
Get the Government off our BACKS!

Everytime someone says it’s NECESSARY for the Government to do something I feel the Police State move forward one step.

If not you then who? If not now then when? One step at a time we must move forward.

5848 Laura Borst Ron Paul is practically the only candidate running that opposes the repressive schemes of big government on both the right and the left. Too many candidates have bought the corporate establishment or been bought by it.
5849 Casey Landeros  
5850 Danielle Walker GO DR. PAUL! I still have your sign in my yard!
5851 Jim Easton  
5852 Jason Johns  
5853 Charles Winfield Ron Paul for President
5854 Jerome Kostielney  
5855 Dennis Swanson  
5856 austin m kelly  
5857 Kenneth R. Farley Fear cripples liberty and steals freedom. We’re here to show you that we’re not afraid to stand up for whats right. Don’t run, STAND and WALK IN GODS GRACE and you will have an army behind you
5858 Gerald Eiden Need you to bring sanity back to the office of the President
5859 David Rath  
5861 Shane Please Run IN 2012! Pretty Please
5862 Tim Bachmann  
5863 Khaleah K Myers PLEASE!!!! Our country needs a leader like YOU!!!!!!!!!
5864 Miguel Pena Dot Org Help me O.B. Ron, you’re our only hope.
5865 Ricky Chiu  
5866 Toby Butzon  
5867 Lesley  
5868 Andrew  
5869 Anthony Bernard Im in.
5870 Paul Poole  
5871 alice joyce paddock  
5872 Carl Drysadle Thank you Mr. Paul
5873 Tom  
5874 David Harmon End the Fed, and the taxation through Inflation policies.
5875 Veeder Dorn Dear Ron, You should run. Your ideas are for the betterment of the Nation and I think that you’re the man for the job, at least for one term. Why not try to commit for just “”one term”" and see what happens. What do you have to loose? Millions of us have a LOT of confidence in you and could probably get you elected.
Start campaigning in Iowa, NOW ! !
5876 Shaun Hasha  
5877 Brenda Coleman We need someone in office who truly believes in the greatness of this country and the people who call this home!
5878 Justin Hutchison  
5879 SPC Graham This country will never come out of it’s downward spiral without doing things like ending the Federal Reserve and electing Dr. Ron Paul.
5880 Brady Wilkins  
5881 Lance Millard I wish every one of our politicians was like you. You truly are what our country needs.
5882 Kevin L. Clauson  
5883 Gary Benkendorfer  
5884 Joy Lineberry  
5885 Alexander M. Cary  
5886 Steve Berecek Be the first to announce Ron.
5887 Andrea Dunlop America needs a great and honest man as the leader of our country
5888 Adalberto Sanchez Run and win Dr.Paul!
5889 Jim Langendoen Dr. Paul, you have our support and our prayers. In this time of desperate crises our nation needs your strong, sensible leadership. Please help us back towards the direction the Founding Fathers intended. I understand the magnitude of my request, I am asking you to take on one of the most punishing jobs on the planet. Please help us. I believe that together we can do this.
5890 Fernando Carrasco I am Campaign for Liberty (C4L)
The Revolution Continues……………….Ron Paul 2012
5891 Elise Comeaux  
5892 mike murray stomp out the commies
5893 Alma Moreno  
5894 Kim Beneli If the Republican Party won’t put you on the ticket, PLEASE run either as an Independent or a write in candidate!
5895 Jennifer Bishop  
5896 Kyle Chamberlain “”you got this Ron Paul!
5897 Tobias Hoxie  
5898 Ryan Mcavity START A REVOLUTION!!!!
5899 Melina Figueroa woot woot lets go RON PAUL!!!!
5900 MEL FIGUEROA let go ron paul…
5901 William Power  
5902 Maggie Raynor  
5903 James Linda Go Ron Paul!
5904 Jitesh Thakkar  
5905 Adam Timperley Dr. Paul, I understand that running is an incredible personal sacrifice for you, but we have not yet found a person who can state our positions so clearly and eloquently, and who can rally so many diverse people behind him.

We still need you Dr. Paul!

5906 David Sheridan  
5907 John Edmondson PLEASE RUN, AMERICA NEEDS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!
5908 maria joseph Please run we need real change!
5909 Lynette Largent We need you, RP!!!
5910 Kevin Swann Freedom no longer exists as it should in any country in the world. We have lost something very precious without even knowing. Its time to grow up, its time to look past our own benefits and build a truly free nation for the people who have no alternative. The world needs us, and the world needs a leader like Dr. Paul.
5911 William B Caldwell IV Please run in 2012 for the sake of our posterity.
5912 David Sereda We need Ron Paul to nail the Federal Reserve to the wall!
5913 Walter Sharp  
5914 Anne Hager Please run Dr. Paul! You’re our last hope, we need you!
5915 Steve Samuelson  
5916 Cameron Murray Go for it Ron! (However, let’s try to get a weak republican or you run on the republican ticket so we don’t split the vote and let obama run for another term - a true disaster)! Good luck!
5917 sasha saustrup Ron Paul is the only person I want for president of the United States of America. I will seriously consider moving to another country should Ron Paul not run and become our president. I do not see our situation as a country improving unless Dr. Paul fills the position.
5918 Charles Lane  
5919 David Sheradon America needs you for restoration of civil liberties, honest money and limited government. Deliver us from foreign entanglements, the unconstitutional Federal Reserve and Wall Street oligarchs. Stop taxpayer bailouts for banksters. Protect savers and retirees from the evaporation of the purchasing power of the dollar.
5920 Dawn C Adams  
5921 James Rugg We are at a critical junction in history. We need leaders who understand and support the US constitution.
5922 Kyle Richter  
5923 Ralph McKibbin We need to you to run for president. It is the only way to get our country back.
5924 Chris Furlong  
5925 Rachel Garner It would be nice to have a genuine choice for our candidate for once—somebody we chose. But you’ll need to select a team that won’t stab you the second day of office. Don’t forget Kucinich.
5926 Dustin Schlatter I would support a presidential run.
5927 Matthew You are our only hope!
5928 Bryan Molar The message is getting out there, let’s keep the momentum going!
5929 Donovan RUN RON RUN!!
5930 Rob Meier Last election you brought the only true debate/discussion to the primaries. You exposed the neo-cons for what they are. Let’s do it again!
5931 Biju Kurian  
5932 Kennedi Sanford  
5933 Robert A. Rice You are the voice for so many of us. Let’s keep it alive!
5935 matt bohls  
5936 Delmas E. Dawley I support Ron Paul for President!
5937 David Lemen  
5938 M. Lane Culpepper I would vote for Ron Paul, if he ran for president. I would be honored.
5939 Andrew Mills Jefferson, Von Mises and Paul!
5940 Kevin Greene For Liberty’s sake, please run.
5941 Nick Even if you dont win, you can only get more support than last time. But , if you use the internet to your advantage, you can pull off a victory easily.
5942 Allen Zhang  
5943 Gary Leonard We need you more than ever Mr. Paul. Please run for President and we will support you.
5944 Zach “”Tyranny is defined as that which is legal for the government but illegal for the citizenry.”" - Thomas Jefferson
5945 Sally Brown While Ron Paul is 100% my preference, I am NOT certain he could be elected. Not all people want to hear or know what he says, even though he is correct. I don’t know how this should be addressed but he is the best for this country and I like Mitt too but not sure he could be elected either. It seems that nowdays, chrisma is more important than actually being the “”right one”", the one who COULD save this country. I agree with 90% of what Ron Paul says. I wish he could and would win.
5946 Jesse Wien Think how awesome the debates are gonna be
5947 Brandon Magoon Ron Paul 2012 for the win!
5948 James Mckibbin Respect existance or expect RESISTance
5949 jerry beeler Enough is too much !
5950 Vlad Grechka Do it!
5951 Joseph Rosen  
5952 Alexander Andrianov  
5953 Brett Wilmeth  
5954 gregory warankow  
5955 Phil Galloni  
5956 flyn cooley Thank you for a lifetime of hard work! You clarity and persistence inspire me more than any other political figure ever could. Please be our president Mr. Paul.
5957 Nicholas Liguori  
5958 Ryan Randall  
5960 Michael C Dewey  
5961 shelley lester  
5962 William Matthews  
5963 Kenneth Kruger We need Ron more now than ever.
5964 Joe Zavacky All the way.!
5965 william mitchell you are america’s only chance.
5966 Shawn Ludlum  
5967 Kevin Cory  
5968 AnonymousCanadian Dr Paul! Even Canadians want you to take the wheel!
There is no more time to lose, the psychos in charge are flooring it towards the cliff.
5969 Grant Keys Please run Mr. Paul! My friends and family believe in you.
5970 Howard Joubert Please,Please,Please, run for president! “”It is not what your country can do for you but ,it’s what you can do for your country”" Dr.Paul!!!
5971 Kelly Hauschen You have our support! Please RUN in 2012 before it’s too late for America…
5972 Bobby Allen  
5973 D G Smith America’s last hope. I will vote for you AGAIN. RUN RON RUN!
5974 ralph a. kern Sir;
Do not drop out irreguardless what stasticts say, as you do not know what God will do. we are praying for you. God bless…
5975 Michael Go for it!!! Like Rocky in Rocky 3.
5976 Dan Fisher PLEASE RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5977 Jeremy Blawn  
5978 matthew daniel God Bless Ron Paul
5979 Jason Russell Lund You are hope for America Dr. Paul.
5980 Brian SchlicherJr. Dr. Paul, I’ve been a follower of yours since I was a young teen just getting into politics. I rooted for you in the 2008 elections, and I would be very disappointed in 2012 if my very first vote didn’t get to go to you. So please Dr. Paul, I hope you will run in 2012. It almost seems as if you are slowly becoming America’s only hope.
5981 Jeff Sholtz  
5982 john way time to bring US back to individual liberty 4 all!
5983 Bob McCune  
5984 Secia  
5985 Michael Ray  
5986 Robert Crosby  
5987 Steve Lunder  
5988 Jeremy Ezell Run Ron Run!
5989 James Williams  
5990 Catherine Sheridan  
5991 Tom Davis Ron we are in alot of trouble. Please save us.
5992 Melissa Hogue U do I vote for ya!
5993 peter sisca GO RON PAUL!! THIS COULD BE OUR TIME!
5994 Paul Farris Mr. Paul
I had lost faith in all politians untill I read your book. We need some one not worried about padding their pocket and making the hard choices America needs. I love this country and dont want to see it run into the ground. You have my support sir in 2012 and in 2016.
5995 Will Abbitt  
5996 Edwin Ombac i heard that Ron Paul was the number one choice for president by the military, i think its because they know he would save american lives by getting us out of places we shouldnt be in the first place, if they would stand by him then i think so will all americans, i will for sure, Ron Paul for president 2012!!!
5997 Michael Brinks We are faced with crushing debt due to an out of control welfare-warfare state and a Federal Reserve system that enables this immoral and soul-crushing regime. No other politician understands these issues as well as Ron Paul. No one is even close.
5998 Tyler Pearson WE NEED YOU
5999 Tomasz Dorosz Please run and God Bless you for all the good work.
6000 John Penkala  

3 Responses to Signatures 5,001-10,000

  1. time is running out we need you for all of us i want peace in this
    world and we could we wanna work very peacefuy to support our
    family and enjoy others to stop the government to invade our privacy
    and property and we could what ever want its our buisness and thats
    a libertarian or indepedent is all about and ron paul this is your last to
    run for president and i convince you to do it. a proud libertarian 100%

  2. Siga Kisielius says:

    America needs you!

  3. Sammy says:

    Not just for America,but for the world Good luck to Dr Paul,Sammy from Flanders

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