Signatures 5,001-10,000

Number Name Comment
8001 Brandon Lewis  
8002 Kevin Please Dr Paul, the USA needs you!
8003 Robert Mercer Keep Up the Good Fight!!!!!!!!!!!!
8004 rich b  
8005 Justin Corvino Please run again.
8006 Bastien Moyet French libertarians are with you Ron Paul. We were not able to save it there. You still have a chance in America !
8007 Jordan Litvenenko I’m not an american citizen but I recognize the worldwide influence america has and understand the need for a leader like Ron Paul.
8009 Kevin Randell Edwards I PLEASE RUN !!!!!
8010 richie rp ftw
8011 Rod Leland Good luck!
8012 michael a. puckett  
8013 Jennie Walker  
8014 Mike Overstreet  
8015 Mark Lawton  
8016 Michael Thomson America needs you !!! Ron Paul 2012!!!
8017 Torin Someone that actually makes SENSE and is reasonable for a change.
8018 vince blankenship  
8019 Gerard Esponda  
8020 Kirk McNutt”,1

8021 Kits  
8022 Adam Miller Now, this is change I can believe in!
8023 David Cook Please interject more grassroot ideas and movements to take our fed back. We all need be gainfully informed about what each & everyone of us can do, young & old! Lead the Way DR. Paul
8024 Cece Edwards  
8025 Jamie Jones  
8026 Billy Nolan  
8027 Thiago Leobons let’s do it!
8028 Evan Pennington Lets take this country back for the people!
8029 Edy Luchi PLEASE RUN! YOU are an inspiration to the youth of today.
8030 Mona Burt We need you! I’m a little concerned for your safety being anyone who’s ever taken on the FR hasn’t lived to tell about it! God bless and keep you.
8031 jeffrey guthrie  
8032 Charles LeMoine Jr I have been telling everyone interested, the US is finacially in the toilet and needs tough choices.
8033 Gary Allen the rEVOLution just got stronger! Ron Paul 2012
8034 kenny Ron Paul 2012, We need you to run to help local politics and reform the failed gop!!! Ron Paul vs obama republicans?? I choose Ron Paul 2012
8035 Brian Davis  
8036 Lynn Franklin Dr Ron Paul is my Persident!
8037 Mihail Mascov It would be nice to see a libertarian in the oval office.
8038 AJ Oatsvall We’re behind you, Dr. Paul! 120%!
8039 Derek Gray  
8040 Jonathan Waddell  
8041 Michael go RP!
8042 Cole The only logical conservative voices left in this country belong to Ron and Rand. Run Ron Run, and build on the momentum you established two years ago.
8043 Tom Boscher It’s time, way past time, America spent ONLY what is collected. Don’t increase taxes. Reduce spending. Start with cutting congressional pay by 50% as well as reducing staff pay by 50% and total staff members by 50%.
8044 emily woodward  
8045 Robert Sherwin We need a president who has common sense and is not strictly a party hack. Our country is a tinderbox right now awaiting a spark to ignite it. We need a true leader, such as Dr. Paul.
8046 Gene Newman Thanks Dr. Paul
8047 Daniel Lee We are responsible.
8048 Blaine Rindlisbacher  
8049 Afif Elias He is true american who truly care for us
8050 thomas  
8051 Eric Goodrich Dr. Paul, I want to have the first sign on my block! My bumper sticker could also use a replacement…
8052 Daniel Hallberg  
8053 John Micheler We need great changes to take place in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Ron Paul is the leader we need to start these changes. Ron Paul and the Constitution are the only saving grace for the USA. You have my support and vote.
8054 Gordon Dawson Help us Ron you are our only hope.
8055 L Norried  
8056 Jennifer Romano  
8057 Rebecca DiStasio  
8058 Joshua Denton We need you more than ever.
8059 Chad Kastle Ron Paul 2012 to save the nation
8060 James F. Lister Just do it!!! and have Judge Andrew Napolitano as a running mate!!!
8061 phil williams  
8062 Olin Darby  
8063 Brian Ogrisek We need your ideas and efforts in government. We need to take back this country.
8064 Michael Weaver “”What country can preserve its liberties if its rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance?”"-Thomas Jefferson
8065 cathy HIBBBARD  
8066 Andrea Ard  
8067 Jonathan Roberts  
8068 John-Paul Terranova Ron Paul, if you run for President in 2012, I will support you in every single way I possibly can. I will volunteer, donate, and work day and night to get you elected.
8069 Jason Hartman Your plain citizen wishing the best for our America
8070 Phil Champagne Your integrity to the people of the USA and to the constitution is unmatched by any other. You are the best man for the job! We love you. Thanks so much for even considering!
8071 Adam Benware Pick the right running mate and you can do it!
8072 Leonard (Stan) Ford Lets take our country back.
8073 Raymond Lady  
8074 Richard L. Godfrey Both political parties have been trashing America’s financial future (and present). Only Ron Paul has solutions that work.
8075 Roger Love  
8076 James Pelham  
8077 Debra VanSchaick  
8078 Chad Holt  
8079 Dallas Heilman Hosey Dr. Paul,
Your humility above all else is what qualifies you do serve our country. The Tree of Liberty needs you!
8080 Andrew Wadolny  
8081 Renee Yes, you have my vote!
8082 John The Obama Deception

8083 Joe Grana We need you Mr. Paul!
8084 Daniel Morris  
8085 Rob Kutka Use the Constitution as your light and help lead an American Reformation to restore individual liberty and property rights, limit the size and scope of the federal government, and defend America’s sovereignty.
8086 Cindy Colbert  
8087 cory engebretson Ron Paul 2012!
8088 Melonie Isaac  
8089 Eryc Rosas Will support you like I did in 2008.
8090 David Schramm  
8091 Brett Bergner Run Ron Run!
8092 Mike Lechler  
8093 Alex Harper  
8094 david m shipley  
8095 Stacey Andrews  
8096 Matthew Juren  
8097 Dennis P. Sanchez End the FED!
8098 James PLEASE run Dr. Paul! We need your economic and views on personal liberty! We need a voice!
8099 Anthony Forde  
8100 David Renne Please end the unconstitutional Federal Reserve!
8101 marlena pomelow We need positive change!
8102 Remy Stendardo  
8103 robert lamb lets do it
8104 Mark Santos Get rid of the Federal Reserve - Our constitution does NOT authorize its existence; therefore it should be promptly dismantled, and its future functions should be performed by the Treasury Department.
8105 Kay R.Lash  
8106 Kyle Taylor Thank you for reminding us that we ARE a Republic? Let’s continue to rally for it.
8107 Daren  
8108 Rick Casterline  
8109 Karen  
8110 Richie Bagwell Ron, we need a fighter and your it!
8111 George  
8112 Chandra America needs people like you and you are the best among them.
8113 John Honrine RON PAUL IS #1
8114 Robert Aschenbrenner  
8115 Jesse Whether Ron Paul is part of the establishment or not it’s the IDEA that is so very powerful.. Our Countrys forign policy has been wicked; entering other nations such as Panama, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghan and also funding other wars such as the supposed Cold War threats like El Salvador. And we are being destroyed from within economically just as so many other nations have been throughout the years, partially due to corporatocracy that has controlled the U.S for so long and will continue untill We the People have been properly informed.. I’ve learned a lot from Dr. Paul thoughout the past few years and he has helped inform and better equip for life…….. PEACE my people
8116 William Bradshaw  
8117 Veronica McRay  
8118 Edith Corley  
8119 ziya polat see you all at cpac
8120 Richard Holbrook Please don’t let us down on this, one more time for LIBERTY. I’m pushin extra hard for you on this one.
8121 tom stanley the only two decent people in politics ever period
8122 Debbie Beverly WE (husband & wife) think the country now is ready for you!
8123 Alan Beverly We (husband & Wife) think the country now is definitely ready for you! …husband
8124 Noel Young We need real CHANGE in America
8125 Mollie Nelson  
8126 Edward Wollner  
8127 Jim Murr The Only Choice to save this ill nation
8128 Jason Koslow For Liberty!
8129 T.J. Lane Texas’ Favorite Son……Rand’s Proud Father……The Establishment’s Greatest Fear.
8130 Jeff Brinkerhoff Please run in 2012, I had hoped to vote for you in 2008. Instead was forced to grudgingly vote for Obama, as I could not vote for the abomination that was McCain/Palin, and I fell for the lies and hype surrounding Obama. If you run in 2012, I pledge my vote and full support.
8131 Nicholas J Palmisano RON PAUL 2012!
8132 andy I voted for you last time you ran.
8133 Manuel Crespo Revolution! God Bless
8134 Lisa Couden  
8135 Michael Ebert  
8136 Cindy Holley  
8137 Keith W. Johnson I applaud your strong conviction for strict adherence to the fundamentals of the Constitution. I will vote for you again in 2012.
8138 Rico Boudreau As of January 12 2011, I believe in Liberty
8139 Brian Gansz  
8140 Mark Anthony Jones Thank you for your remarkable service to our country in the interest of liberty. We need character, principles, authenticity and guts in our president. You are the man! The impact from 2008 is still being rippled across the globe. May God bless America again with one more run for president from you!!
8141 Chris Dugan We can do this, the time is now!
8142 Trevor We need a man of frankness and openness to listen to the people and argue for the common sense and reaon. Go for it.
8143 Marsha Doll We need an honest man to be our president and that would be you, hope to see your name on the ballot.
8144 Dave Matlock  
8145 John Nielsen You have my vote!
8146 Adrian Villarreal Millions laugh at what Ron Paul has to say. Why are people so closed-minded?
8147 Christopher Loewen  
8148 Steve Swank Please we need you Dr. Paul as our president. I also like Gary Johnson as well!
8149 Ron  
8150 Michael Moore Go For It
8151 Ben Martin I will not vote for anyone but Ron Paul in 2012!
8152 Alan  
8153 Tonya Kopp I support the absolute abolishment of the federal reserve.
8154 David Scibek PLEASE run!!
8155 don evans  
8156 Tangelia Filipe  
8157 Mary Bronzich Please help America.
8158 Ted Karas Jr Ron - our country needs patriots like you to lead the fight against big government and tyranny.
8159 Alton Moreno  
8160 Cory You are our only hope. Be careful
8161 Harold Bemis It’s time for common sense and reason! Go for it!
8162 Taaylor Maneri GO RON!
8163 Taylor Sterling Run for President. You will have my vote!
8164 Christian K. Corn  
8165 l bocchetti if not you who will bring about the change that will make us the GREAT nation that we once were???????
8166 John P. Petroski Please run even if you do not win the primary. We need your voice in the debate, and a vote for any other candidate than you is a vote thrown away.
8167 Aaron Frankel  
8168 Marcus Arieta  
8169 Frank DeAndino We need you.
8170 Levon Adams Ron Paul 2012!!!
8171 Alfred Triefus This country needs you
8172 Jack Mastrodicasa please please please run… you are the only chance of restoring order, peace and that which is right and just.
8173 Charles D. Leal We support you! If you need any FREE web development help don’t hesitate to contact me!
8174 Matthew Guerin Ron Paul is one of the few we can trust.
8175 sam g  
8176 JB Preston  
8177 james Hall I would vote for Ron Paul
8178 Ralph Mazza  
8179 carl  
8180 Davi Graham please?
8181 Harrison Watson Ron, even if you don’t win the Presidency your voice in the election has to be heard to wake up millions of Americans. You are our beacon of hope and I pray that you run for President of the United States.
8182 Brent Yergensen Ron,
You gotta run. Win or lose, Americans lose their freedoms when a federal government turns from a service to the people, to a blanket that continually develops massive policies, and ultimately becomes a blanket that then smothers everyone. It is brave to speak of corruption in high places. Who else is doing that? Its an important statement to have you running.
8183 Brian Willcutts Would be excited to volunteer my time to a Ron Paul campaign in Virginia
8184 John thompson  
8185 John Kendall  
8186 Arseniy Kushnir You are the only hope for a better and safer tomorrow!
8187 Jeff Hoagland  
8188 Brett Cooley  
8189 Chad Clewis Go Ron Paul & Jesse Ventura!!!!
8190 tom  
8191 Richard l. Hetrick  
8192 A. BUK RP in ’12 - Finally!!
8193 Marron Cox  
8194 Lonni Clarke  
8195 Noel Lucas The USA needs you Ron. We need you.
8196 Bobbie McLaughlin This is your time Dr Paul. Please go for it!
8197 Michael Moesch Ron Paul, please run for president in 2012!
8198 Steven Peters  
8199 Richard Kuryk  
8200 Bill Hameier  
8201 Thomas Vergote  
8202 Doris Powell  
8203 Brian Buzarde  
8204 devon hope if you don’t run, you should be tried for TREASON
8205 Terin Albritton Your speech you gave about wikileaks and our government was impressive
8206 Donald McDonald  
8208 Mark Spudich  
8209 Lou Lippincott We need to convince registered Democrats (in closed primary states) to change their party to Republican and vote for Ron Paul.
8210 Cary Smith Please run Mr. Paul. We need less government and less spending and regulations.
8211 Caitlin McElrath  
8212 Migel Delgado  
8213 Sharon Crow  
8214 Raymond Budd Keep the momentum of liberty moving forward!
8215 Rick J. Cote Ron, the American population needs a leader that will take on the challenges that are in front of us. You need to make an attempt … you must win… don’t give up hope!
8216 Mark Elafros  
8217 Kenton Sem  
8218 Darren Arnone You are our only hope!
8219 jon brija  
8220 Jason Salamone I’m not, but people are concerned about the age factor, so figure out round-about way to convey. Also, I feel that Ron Paul is personally more socially conservative than his policies, which is a good thing.
8221 Steven  
8222 roman skakun  
8223 William Sutherland  
8224 Ron Gawthorp I volunteer to help Ron Paul
8225 SC  
8226 Vicky Eads  
8227 Matthew Straub I’m a new Ron Paul supporter and I keep trying to spread the word. We need Ron Paul in office!
8228 Benjamin Kelly Ron, right now your ideas are the only hope for America’s financial problems. Please at least run for the Presidency to make your issues center stage for what is sure to be a brutal campaign.
8229 Bryan Kane  
8230 David Every election is the perfect election to restore sanity to politics, economics, and legislation in America.
8231 Chris Hoover  
8232 Adrian McMullan  
8233 Rao Please run for President.
8234 Jason Frisk  
8235 Ron Simpson This is real change & hope
8236 Lelan Callaway  
8237 Shaun Adkins PLEASE run. We the people need you.
8238 Tiffany YOU CAN DO IT! DO OR DO NOT THERE IS NO TRY! lol! :)
8239 Mark  
8240 J Burdette  
8241 Edward Hull  
8242 Courtney Rogalski  
8243 Connor Gleason  
8244 Brooke Warner  
8245 Vicky Parsons Do us a favor please, Ron. We’re with you.
8246 John Andrew  
8247 Philip Kivett Now, more than ever, America needs you.
8248 Steve Paduchowski Liberty is my homie!!
8249 Sameet Master  
8250 Ron Young  
8251 edward sammak  
8252 Todd Sapio Please… please!! Run!!!
8253 Tyler McClurg Ron Paul For President!!!!!!
8254 Aaron Miller PLEASE run, we need at least one voice of reason!
8255 Ariana Lloyd Ron Paul, I definitely think that people are waking up to the reality we all have ignored so quite some time. If you’re going to run, you need to be strong and not allow the sharks to run over you.

I know America is more inclined to run for the flashy fast talker, but hopefully we can win them over with hard facts, and general awareness.

I wasn’t old enough to vote before in the prior election, but if I could I would have written you in, every time.

8256 Jake E It’s time for a president with fiscal responsibility, know-how, and vision. It’s time for you, Dr. Paul.
8257 David C. Smith Please run, we need you!
8258 Courtney Chapman I believe Ron Paul is our last remaining hope to salvage America.
8259 Kendra Payton Run Ron Run!
8260 Ron Veilleux  
8261 Douglas J. King III Ron Paul is the only person I’d vote for.
8262 Janice LaFountaine You may be America’s last hope of living in a democracy. Please run in 2012!
8263 Michael P. Hayes, PLS  
8264 Darryl Berg We must fight!
8265 Khalid Jubara America needs you Dr.Paul!
8266 James Robert Kingman Who is Ron Paul?
-Harvard Law ’12
8267 Joe Curry  
8268 Scott Dolan Count me in for $100.00 when he starting running
8269 Daniel Clayton We need you Ron. You’re the best man for the job.
8270 Marcus Sanders Ron Paul for the win! Let’s get every audit we can from the Fed!!!
8271 David Please!!!!!
8272 Phillip Driscoll  
8273 Evan Shelline Thank you
8274 Ross  
8275 Matthew Smeltz I would take a BULLET for Ron Paul. E-mail me if you need help Paul.
8276 Lawrence Stephens  
8277 Rodney Whiddon End the fed. Get our country back from the robber baron bankers.
8278 jimmy abbott  
8279 Joe Cerisano  
8280 Lawrence Bish  
8281 Michail Adzhiashvili Mr.Paul please run! Every other candidate is just a big government lackey who just wants to take more money and more freedom away from us.
8282 Priscilla Forward  
8283 Sara Please
8284 Rich Moore Ron Paul the only honest politician in America
8285 Yuancao Cui Always support Ron Paul!
8286 chad kasten  
8287 Melanie Waters  
8288 Michael Dahms If he runs for President, I will run to the polls.
8289 Quiven Britton  
8290 Dylan Petersson Absolutely, without a doubt, Ron Paul is exactly what the United States of America needs, and sooner rather than later!
8291 ryan roach Give us Ron Paul or give us death
8292 Amy K The government probably put this site together to monitor those of us who think like Ron Paul
8293 ray williams  
8294 James Molnar 2008 was a test run…. You’re now a household name, and more recognizable than in 2007.
8295 Daniel Lynch We need your ideas on tax reform NOW, but I’m willing to wait until the 2012 election to get them started! Please run so we can help you put your ideas into action!
8296 Robert Combis Go Ron!
8297 Christopher Prester  
8298 Dan Lowrey  
8299 Joe end the FED!!!
8300 Michael McGee  
8301 Jessca Yuksel  
8302 Manuel I Velez  
8303 john kennedy iohqdw
8304 Josh Trowbridge  
8305 Clint Kranz  
8306 Joel Beemer  
8307 Randy Rosales Dr. Paul. I pray you and your family have the strength to run for this office. Our entire world needs to hear the ideas you have been spreading! Good luck! The prayers of many, many people are with you and yours always!
8308 Cody Please, Dr. Paul…WE NEED YOU!!
8309 Randy Brooks We need a man of principle ( Dr. Paul) in the office of President.
8310 Russell Childers  
8311 Dan Johnson We needed you before and we still need you now. Please show the US what a great President would be like.
8312 Josh Abolish the Federal Reserve.
Abolish the IRS.
Pass the Fair Tax!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8313 John Patrick Hansen Dear Mr Paul: you are our man. Please run for President in 2012. I have a Ron Paul for President Bumper Sticker on my the rear window of my car and lots of people are commenting very positively about it and indicate to me they would vote for you. Go for it and Go with God, John Hansen
8314 Dave Clevenger I’ve already have a bumper sticker on my car “”Ron Paul President 2012″”, so see you really don’t have a choice but to run. Thanks for all you do!
8316 Rolla Holland  
8317 Nate Johnson It’s time for a real change! Fiscal responsibility and limited government.
8318 Chantal  
8319 keith murstig Your commitment to liberty, the constitution and the founders ideals is desperately needed in the executive branch of our democratic republic.
8320 Andrew Grover Even if you do not run for president i do suspect that quite a few people will still write you in on the ballot vs. voting for someone that says what needs to be said to get into office.
8321 Grant Scaife In these times, we need someone like Ron Paul for this country
8322 Patrick Leary As one of the few voices of reason willing to work in government, please run for President again.
8323 Alfred Montaner  
8324 Jason L. Midkiff Please Run!!
8325 Marcus Burkett  
8327 Brian Nole I am already working to help your cause for liberty through my college radio show, and more!
8328 Michael Skaggs Please run. We need anything but the typical candidates of the inept Republican/Democratic parties.
8329 Christopher Robinson We need you now, more than ever, Dr. Paul!
8330 nancy  
8331 Caustic Casey  
8332 Paul Wiggins Good luck Mr Paul
8333 brett smith Dr. Paul, please give our country hope and a better future to all of us younger patriots!
8334 J.J. Vargas We need Ron in the Oval Office. No other politician is speaking the people’s language in Washington.
8335 Paul DiGiacomo  
8336 Jay Laurent  
8337 Rick Johnson  
8338 Skylar Hartman We need you Mr. Paul
8339 MICHAEL D RUCKER In the end, I may not vote for you, but I want to see you run and allow me to make a decision based on good debate.
8340 Charles Mayes  
8341 Jeff Baker You have my support. I don’t see any other good options.
8342 Brett Duncan We need you now more than ever Ron!!!
8343 Steve Drummond  
8344 A Lak Ron Paul, please give my generation (I’m 27) and my future children’s real hope, not the nonsense that’s floating around today, joke. The US needs you!
8345 Clifford cradier  
8346 Nathan Hoffman There is nothing America needs more than a president like you in office. Please run. Your country needs you.
8347 Jason Bennett We need you!
8348 Sarah Spencer  
8349 Marshall Prichard  
8350 Aruña Chong Quiroga  
8351 Luke Rose run for pres!!!!!!
8352 Barbara stanley I believe in you and what you can do for or country. It is time for someone to stand up for what is right. I voted for yo the last time and I will vote for you again. Please don’t give up on this nation for our childrens sake.
8353 Erin Morris I saved my signs from last campaign. Just need a few tweaks to be ready!
8354 Tim Lovick  
8355 Tyler Tedesco  
8356 Nick Rattermann Liberty for citizens!!!! RON PAUL 2012!!!
8357 Joseph Calmer Thank you for your work. I wish all politicians were as responsible, logical, and accountable as you.
8358 Andrew Huffman A modern day Thomas Jefferson; my second favorite president.
8359 Sandy Huber  
8360 Brian Hamlin Go for it Ron Paul!
8361 Michael Himko Ron Paul 2012!!!
8362 Joshua Miller We cannot trust a government that does not follow it’s own laws. Please run for president and put the electoral branch back in it’s place and the Constitution back in its place, at the forefront of political thought.
8363 john leonard get it done! GID
8364 Travis McBride  
8365 Clark D. Padgett Please take us back to the principles this great country was founded upon!
8366 Andrew Schneider He’s the second coming of the messiah!
8367 Antoinette Rivers  
8368 MR.RICHARD J AGNUSICH Ron speaks For the Common Sense man in America. Not the Big Corporations Or Zionist’s.
8369 ericka heath  
8370 Susan  
8371 Eric Coplen No candidate has built a following like you did in 2008 that continues to grow to this day. Your are a Patriot with a household name. We need you to represent us!
8372 Troy Jones Got a call from an automated republican poll and it gave me names of republicans and asked if I would support them for President in 2012. When I chose “”other”" I expected to be asked the question of whom I would vote for, but instead it just hung up on me! How typical of the left / right paradigm!
8373 sebastian czarnota YOUR A HERO!
8374 kevin shick The country needs you more now than ever before,my vote is assured!
8375 Debbie Lovick  
8376 michael wisler  
8377 Christian Danielsen  
8378 Ron Moss The only congressman that has understood the solution to the real problem, “”Mafia Bankers stealing the fruits of our endeavors”" FIRE THEM
8379 Marla Criss No one can articulate the message of freedom and the necessity of respecting the U. S. Constitution to maintain those freedoms like Ron Paul. His candidacy is the best way to move our cause forward!
8380 /s/ George Altgelt End the Federal Reserve Debt Machine
8381 ken I can think of noone more qualified to get our nation out of this mess we’re in. Please run for President.
8382 Andrew Wargo  
8383 Troy Holbrook Mr. Ron Paul, The American public is sick and tired of our elected officials turning a deaf ear when we voice our desires and opinions. We need leader that can covet and carry out the vision of our forefathers. Please consider this a run for President.
8384 paul zozem You’ve got my vote!
8385 caralyn dale mcauley ron paul is the only sane choice for president. he alone has proven constitutional integrity in all things, at all times, under all circumstances. we need a george washington…ron paul. Alone exhibits this kind of tenacious purity. we need to hold our nation accountable for their wilful use of choice. we must educate and call every citizen to accountability. paul curtman a representative of missouri would make a vice president of perfect and pure integrity.
8386 Tony Giordano We need someone to trust and Dr. Paul is the one and always has been. We need him running our country and straightening out the multiple messes we’re in.
8387 michael broderius  
8388 Barry Johnson  
8389 Samuel Gilley  
8390 Peter Terav  
8391 Daniel Riggs Please bring America back to the people!
8392 Yvonne Baker  
8393 anton He must run - we need him
8394 cookieface yo ma frind sed dat dis cat wud legalize weed man! vote fo dis guy!
8395 Amit Kaushal  
8396 Daniel Mast We need someone who values our true American heritage. Please Dr. Paul. Run for President once again.
8397 Peter Emerson  
8398 Marlon Ron, I love what you’re doing and we need you now more than ever! I am 100% behind you!
8399 Jared Szaroleta You are the man America needs. All you have to do is get in front of us and we’ll follow you to the grave.
8400 Lou Terrell From where I stand Ron Paul is the only hope we have. He must run!
8401 Mark wells  
8402 Michael Bellotte You and your son may be our last chance. Just Win!
8403 Kathryn Mansfield  
8404 Vivien Higgins  
8405 Luke Mansfield  
8406 Christopher-James: of santarose  
8407 Rick run, ron, run!
8408 David W Landes  
8409 Chelsey Irwin Audit the fed!
8410 Kevin McGrath please run.
8411 Guillermo Quinones  
8412 Tim ramsey  
8413 John Fleming  
8414 Aaron If he doesnt run… I will write him in AGAIN anyway!
8415 Thomas Scappini This is for liberty.
8416 Nick Xifaras  
8417 Michael Wheeler  
8418 Anne Marshall Yes, America is waking up to big brother and we need you now.
8419 Craig DiBias Ron
8420 Tom Hauer  
8421 Tommy Kosub  
8422 Penelope Xanthakis I’ve read all of your books and know you’re 100% on-track for a plan to economic recovery for our nation. With your guidance, American may have a chance to regain so much of what it’s lost in social, spiritual and economic value in the past 200+ years. If Americans care at all about their standard of living and that of their children, if they care about the future of liberty as it applies to a more civilized functioning society and all the benefits it brings to its people, then you’re the leader that will pave the way to a renewed respect for our U.S. Constitution and the principles on which it was founded. If ever there was an opportunity to restore the principles of Liberty to America and envision the national leader in a “”Commander in Chief”" as a public servant once again, Ron Paul can do it in spades. I will commit as much time and energy as is humanly possible this next election cycle to support the election of such a noble American and I invite and emplore all freedom and liberty-loving Americans to do the same. RON PAUL for President of the United States of America in 2012!
In Liberty!
8423 Andrew good luck!
8424 Marilyn More  
8425 Pratik Talole Ron, pls run for President.
8426 Tera Kelly  
8427 Ray Nechvatal  
8428 eileen kelly trim government pensions, salaries etc.—————————-
8429 Kisang Lee  
8430 Michael Zaborskis  
8431 Rob Johnson  
8432 Jonas Ellison Run!!!!
8433 rob skance Ron save us from corporatocricy!
8434 Dustin Ferguson Let’s go Ron Paul!
8435 Katharine P Darling  
8436 Joe Kapel I’ll vote for you.
8437 Harbhajan Khalsa Despite the fact that I generally vote for Democrats, I am one of the biggest Ron Paul supporters. My hope is that reason and logic determine the next presidential election, not a popularity contest. On that note, Ron Paul is best presidential candidates we have seen for decades.
8438 Dave Narby If not Ron… Then Rand!

Better yet… Rand as vice president! The first dynasty of Liberty!

Let’s make history!

8439 Jay Sullivan Ron and Ran for Pres an
d Vice. We don’t need checks and balance- we need true change.
8440 Edith  
8441 Judd spodek  
8442 Shayne Voris Dr. Paul you are the last true American Statesman. You bring something very rare to U.S. Government; honesty, and integrity. Working togeather I believe we can save America. Ron Paul 2012!!
8443 Antoine Bitan  
8444 Shaun Matthews  
8445 Anton C. Petrash, M.D. Your time has come, Sir!
8446 Jmoney WE NEED YOU!
8447 Erin Mitchell  
8448 Dr. G. William Walster, Ph. D.  
8449 R D LIDDELL Thanks for standing up for the People against the disgustingly corrupt Federal Reserve.
8450 John Bonelli America needs you as our President.
8451 Todd Kneller Our Country needs new leadership, and someone with Dr. Paul’s common sense and intelligence is what folks are turning to.
8452 Ross Smith Dr. Paul I fell as thepresident of this grest country. Your leadership will lead it into the next centery on solid ground
8453 Sam Hassan  
8454 Kyle Lynch your message is needed!
8455 Rod Ferguson Go Ron!
8456 wayne alexander mcauley i don’t know another man so well verse on everything constititional in the original intent and purity of the founders of this once great nation. please consider paul curtman a r rep of missouri for vice president.
8457 Michael Gailey  
8458 Brian Dabrowski  
8459 Ryan Cooper  
8460 Josh Ron Paul rocks! Down with the Fed!
8461 phil mcmillan With You Ron Paul this country has a chance again. Please run you have my vote.
8462 Steven Ralston Ron Paul 2012! America’s last hope!
8463 nick miller  
8464 Jeffrey Drakos  
8465 james nahra  
8468 Stephen Sebastian  
8469 Stephen Gilewski  
8470 Sarah Sisson If he does not run, I probably will not vote for president at all…You are our last hope!
8471 Zakk Hicks  
8472 Gary Sieck  
8473 kelly zongaro  
8474 Joseph Gilpin  
8475 Don Hammond  
8476 JoAnn Kennedy I am under attack from Wells Fargo, for 14 months. Initially predatory lending, told me (and I have the email not to make my payments) and then have had night mare after night mare since. Please do something about these horrible banks.
8477 Desmond Hayes Someone needs to bring some sense to Washington.
8478 Joseph Remington Dr. Paul; I want to Thank You so much for the great work you’ve already done and your consideration in this very important matter.
8479 Reyna Martin  
8480 Eileen Souris You might be our only hope.
8481 Matt Petersen Please run!!!!
8482 scott james  
8483 Isaac Schlabach  
8484 chuck stump Please give us LIBERTY
8485 John Schutza Go get ‘em!!
8486 Janet R Fisher  
8487 Mona Aragon  
8488 John Scanlan You’ve been right all along…now the rest of the conservative Americans deserve to recognize you have had the fiscal answers for our country for years!
8489 Jamie Milligan We still need you more then ever.
8490 Justin Schaller Run Ron Run!!!
8491 Karellen Stephens Please run or I will have no one to vote for!
8492 Stephanie Andersen  
8493 Steven DiVirgilio Lets put the Constitution back in place!
8494 Jacob Vann  
8495 Ronald Knapke  
8496 josh GO DR. PAUL!
8497 Aaron Rapier  
8498 Bruce Retzsch Dr. Paul, never has our country needed you more than now. It is a huge sacrifice to run and much more so to serve. Thank you for your consideration.
8499 Matt Gilbert  
8500 Parker Graves We need someone with libratarian values, and who knows what economy is all about in office.
8501 Maggie Marbry Dear Dr. Paul,
Our country must have an true American as President. Please consider running and help us preserve what our great great grandparents endured to come to this country and make it what it is and what we are struggling to leave for our children.
8502 Katleen Cronan I am an Independent, but I would vote for Ron Paul.
8503 Michael Parrish End the Fed and the IRS.
8504 kelley howe congradulations to your son
8505 Scott Spencer  
8506 Joe D Key Dr. Paul and his son Rand make me proud to be an American. Of course I would vote for him. Tea Party members I know, will back him also.
8507 Holly Lyon If there is any hope for our country, it is you.
8508 Dan Galindo  
8509 Jay Stooksberry Dear Dr. Paul, You are the ONLY political figure who I would actively volunteer and contribute toward their candidacy. You would have my full on support!
8510 Monica Coleman Please consider, thanks.
8511 Bradley Swenson Ron Paul 2012!!!! God Bless the Ron Paul family.
8512 Jim Karger Freedom, what’s left it, depends on you.
8513 dayana hunter God bless you Ron Paul!
8514 Nicholas Martinez  
8515 edward baptiste I want to help coordinate his efforts in running for the Presidency in Massachusetts.
8516 Kristian Y. We want you—no substitutes!
8517 jeffrey coop  
8518 Joshua Edwards DO IT!!!
8519 chris hoke  
8520 Ryan Naylor Keep up the good work!
8521 Earl Larsen I am only interested in finding a better person to run our government.
8522 Earl Ron, You Gotta Run..There Is No One Else !!
8523 Cari Smith  
8524 Dennis DeMartelaere Ron Paul to save the nation from the Non-American born
fake President!
8525 Dacia  
8526 Teresa Luetkenhaus  
8527 Joseph Hein  
8528 Theodore Radamaker  
8529 Kyle Powers Please run. You’re the only one in government who makes any sense (not counting your son), and our country’s best hope. You’ve got my vote.
8530 Mike Chase  
8531 Joshua Patrick He’s not a perfect option but he’s definitely the best.
8532 Brian Murphy  
8533 Brian Bengali  
8534 Jerry Kaufman  
8535 Katrina H.  
8536 Matthew Blackmon I run a Young Americans for Liberty Chapter at East Carolina University. Be assured that if you run for President, my group will be a shining beacon of liberty in Eastern North Carolina to support your run!
8537 Dan Wierck  
8538 scott converse please run
8539 kyle thompson  
8540 Shana N. Stanford  
8541 Gianluca Cavaleri  
8542 Heather Jordan  
8543 Yasir bhuiyan I’m sixteen years old right now. Please, Dr. Paul, be the first one I vote for for president.
8544 Jason Baier  
8545 Anthony Melton  
8546 paul nelson  
8547 Morgan Be President, Fix America….YOU CAN DO IT :)
8548 Kasey Trotter Please get rid of all this horrible government waste! Food Stamps and Medicaide have gotta go -able bodied people can get a job! I am all for helping the elderly and the disabled and certainly the veterans but we have a booming population of people, especially here in Texas, that are milking the government and thus the American tax payer for all we are worth, please do something, people will stand with you if you just tell us what to do!
8549 Devin Pultorak I’ll vote for you in 2012!!! We need you!!
8550 Dwain Reeves  
8551 Harevey Bassoff We need a person of your character, integrity, courage and knowledge of the issues.
8552 Rushe Hudson Ron, we have know other voices of reason to speak for us. Please consider having another go at it.
8553 steve dittmar  
8554 Joshua Holmes I not only will vote for Ron Paul but I am more then willing to give aid in any manner of web development or custom programming needed.
8555 Meredith Aurora Moyer  
8556 Layton Johns  
8557 Greg Williamson The revolution is on. If we don’t say “”no”" to this orwellian agenda we will be totally enslaved.
8558 Curtis R Bostic I watched all your speeches and interviews and I’m very impressed with your views.PLEASE RUN!!!We need you now more than ever!
8559 Andrew Witmer Do it Ron! America needs a President who isn’t bought.
8560 Kyle Ebersole END THE FED!
8561 Larry I will vote for you as long as you stay focused on the constitution
8562 scott d. elliott  
8563 andres garcia jr  
8564 hussein hammoud You are our last hope Dr. Paul
8565 Joseph Merlino  
8566 clay long RON PAUL 2012!
8567 Fred DiVittorio Only you have the cojones to save us now.
8568 Jennifer Rainey  
8569 Nathan Marsh Ron, you are a gleaming beacon for Liberty and the Constitution. Ron Paul 2012
8570 Jean Fuentes Only non-government solutions will help bring back prosperity!
8571 E. M. Stehlin  
8572 Helen  
8573 Brian Hall  
8574 Zachary Dean Now more than ever, the US and the World NEEDS Dr. Ron Paul in the Oval Office.
8576 Jeff Spencer  
8577 Paul Hardy  
8578 Jason Lightfoot VIVA PAUL
8579 Richard L’Amore Let’s go Dr. Paul
8580 Tom Foley  
8581 Herm E. Oberholzer  
8583 Blanca Perales  
8584 Ken Corcran  
8585 can’t trust them I wonder how he would deal with the AIPAC…
8586 Terie Jean Carney In God we trust, and this time trust in God, see it through all the way to the end when the ballots are counted! We need you in the Presidency this time around! No one else will do! It’s Ron Paul! That’s all! For 2012 if our country is to live to be three hudred years old. Tricenntial 2076! PLEASE!!!!!
8587 Mark Spitzer The republic needs you!
8588 Michael V Curley  
8589 Karen Jeffery  
8590 Shawn J Warwick  
8591 Anthony Librera If not this time, when? This has to be our last stand against globalist bankers, Ron Paul is the face of our campaign for presidency to have the greatest possible impact.
8592 Chris Starrett What needs changing is to no longer have government owned and operated by corporations.
8593 Alexander von Pinoci  
8594 BOBBY “”BRUMBY”" JUDKINS Ya take Jesse Ventura and Sarah Palin with you as part of your cabinet and whomever else…start now…break the mold…in fact make all your pics tentatively up front let the public know…

Common we need some honesty, integrity and fidelity and courage in thare…(&

"de oppreso liber"
Bobby Lee Judkins

8595 Robert Edwards Ron, You have been blessed with a clear mind, fortitude and several other virtues that a true leader requires. I have observed you for a while and you are a rare and clear choice. Please run for President in 2012.
8596 Maria Radloff Go Ron! We need you!
8597 Tripp Miller  
8598 Scott Jones  
8599 Paul Darlage  
8600 Jennifer Olson  
8601 Keith Smith  
8602 Douglas Meliodon Dr. Paul
Please run in 2012. We need you change course and turn our country around on the right path!
8603 Matt Cagle  
8604 Fred Harris Ron, I don’t know if you can change things but at least you understand the problems. I hope that you run! Fred Harris
8605 Rebecca Gordon I’ll vote only for you. Even if I have to write in a vote.
8607 Le Tuan End the Fed!
8608 jim hill last chance
8609 Jeff Williams Let’s take control of our monetary matters and regain our freedom. Audit the Fed and take their strangehold from around our necks. We need government to serve the people, not rule every nuance of their life.
8611 Damon Intrabartolo Dr. Paul, YOU epitomize ‘Change We Can Believe In’ YOU epitomize ‘Straight Talk’. YOU epitomize ‘HOPE’. Your intelligence and constitutional sensibilities translate into compassion and love for America and all of her citizens. I’m sure you look at the messy two party system and go “”Dear God, how could I possibly make this work?”" If for no other reason, running would show future generations that there is another way - a way that makes the federal government smaller, less invasive both here and abroad. A way that promotes and inspires goodness in everyone, not just the financially elite or purveyors of the cause du jour. Please Dr. Paul, please consider our plea.
8612 Grantham Spencer  
8613 W. Davie Parrish  
8614 william parrish  
8615 Jesse Abbott  
8616 Steven Porter Loved you in 2008, I want to vote for you in 2012.
8617 Jeffrey Harding  
8618 Ian Wathen  
8619 Michael Costa Ron, you know what this government is capable of without someone like you. You know what HAS TO be done. I hate to put this burden on your shoulders but mankind as a whole needs you, with the help of everyone behind you. Please run Ron.
8620 Zach Hornsby Let’s make this happen!
8621 Jerry Windle  
8622 Brian Long We need you Dr. Paul!
8623 Jon Bowman  
8624 hughjeshua Lumba i hope this includes a paul/nader…paul/gravel….paul/webb ticket
8625 Amy Ashcraft  
8626 gary wnittaker  
8627 Paul Petrik  
8628 Eduardo Gonzalez  
8629 Patty Ryan You have to run for the American people!
8630 Raymond Galaza  
8631 Eric Plasters  
8632 Marilyn Parker Dr. Paul, you among the political few have complete grasp of the peril that awaits us. You also can unite Democrats with Republicans with the Libertarians thrown in. Marilyn Parker/Louisville Grassroots TEA
8633 ian penedos America needs Ron Paul
8634 Robin Stewart  
8635 Kathlene Azevedo  
8636 Gary Reinecke  
8637 Leslie Ragan Aloha Dr. Paul,
Please do not take this as hysterics, all of us desperately need to you to run and be a true representative of the people. You are the only one that will lead from our Constitution which is exactly what we need.
With Aloha,
Leslie Ragan
8638 Tom Turner Run Ron Run! We need a marginalized hard ass to set the tone.
8639 Joe  
8640 chris wright  
8641 cricket  
8642 Matthew Stanford I completely understand if you aren’t up for such a daunting task; nevertheless, you have my full support if you choose to run.
8643 Richard Kendall  
8644 Ed Mitzelfelt  
8645 Deborah Klemin  
8646 victor we need him, change the world strategies, i ll apreciate that change
8647 J Kula  
8648 L. Rankins  
8649 Emile Joe Couturier After reading your manifesto, I am convinced that you are our last best hope to save America. The return of our military from all these bases around the world and the willholding of all foreign aid speaks volumes for every American.
8650 jimmy yerby  
8651 Esteban Magallon  
8652 Nick Hammond RUN!!!!
8653 Stephen A. Brown Ron Paul is one of a kind, the very kind that our country sorely needs!
8654 Emily Wussow  
8655 shaun hall Go Ron Paul!!
8656 Larry Calhoun Also add: Luise Calhoun
2909 Mulberry Ln.
Pasadena, TX 77502
8657 Ashly Bratchie RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT 2012!
He is our only hope for liberty!
8658 chad curley All I can think about is my daughters future
8659 ed millr  
8660 Kim DuBois  
8661 Richard Vitellaro  
8662 Nicolas Begley  
8663 William Reed  
8664 Adolf Kotlik If Ron Paul does not run, we will probaly get to choose only from candidates who are controled by Bilderbergers, Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission. The destruction of the USA will continue.
8665 Dave Ron, I was recently fired from my job as a Network Security Engineer for local govt because I could not adjust to the business culture of ___ County. I read your book, ‘End the Fed’ and agree completely. You are so different from every other politician. I will help in any way you want me to in 2012 and beyond. Please include me.
8666 Kevin Martin Thank you for being a champion for liberty.
8667 Dan Clark We need a political change.
8668 Shawn Cyran We need you Ron!!!
8669 Paula Johnstun We believe you are the only person in Washington that can turn the country around and save the future of our children.
8670 Jay Morris  
8671 Simon Kim  
8672 Richard Patton God bless the American States and Ron Paul !
8673 richard long you got my vote
8674 Mike Stovall God Bless you. My wife and I voted for you the last time you ran and we will again. I will send a contribution as soon as I can as I have been out of work for 20 months.
Please consider Jesse Ventura in your cabinet as he is fearless as you are. I will help with your campaign here in California. Sign me up.
8675 Shane Please run!
8676 Roy Benedict  
8677 William Scott Please run in 2012, if you don’t, you let the crooks keep winning.
Don’t quit on America, because we’ll never quit on you.
8678 James Please run !!!
8679 David Provost  
8680 Judith S Christian  
8681 Steve W Wells Millions of Americans are crying out for some real change, and an end to destructive government policies. Evil prospers when good men do nothing, you must run!
8682 Joshua Anderson  
8683 john galinis A voice of reason and sanity please
8684 Joshua Singleton  
8685 Shane Speake Audit the fed!!!!!
8686 Jerry Taft  
8687 Richard Klotsche We need less lawyers and more doctors in Washington. I feel strongly about one thing… that is please ,somehow break up the Jewish/ Zionist …how do they say it ( Cabul) They group together like gypsies and serve only one God- money. They are 1% of population but 99% of Washington - Jews / can you introduce some act that weeds out collaboration from this distructive Jewish / zionist sector…They are taking over…..just as in movie industry where they introduce paranoa into population and always push the limits. My Texas oil friend says they start a oil well sin TX or elsewhere and then immediately shut them down… We have huge reserves in Alaska, Montana and elsewhere, get them pumping…and off of Saudi oil.
We went to war in Iraq just so a oil pipeline could be run to Israel so they could sell to China. What gives.. Why are they Israel not in these stupid wars troup wise…they instigated the whole thing including the twin tower thermite jobs…Building 7 was not hit and it came straight down as well.
Keep up the good work and keep an eye on Cheney…..
8688 Jon Cotton Please help us save our country. There is no other viable candidate who understands how that must be done.
8689 Cole Ron Paul is the true image of America and we all need to follow his example.
8690 Jason M Dr. Ron Paul, you are an inspiration and I really do hope you run in 2012. Our country needs your leadership!
8691 Daniel Perrine  
8692 Chris Vote Ron Paul.
8693 Debbie Straughn  
8694 Ronald J Timcoe You have to run.
You are the only worthy candidate.
8695 Rob Pyles If you run, I’ll be thrilled.
8696 Walter Yarbrough  
8697 Carolyn L Timcoe Please run !!!!!!!!!!
8698 W. Walker Robinson Jr  
8699 Andrew Hunter  
8700 brenden oliva  
8701 Virginia Kral What other choice could there possibly be but Mr. Paul who continues to fight for our Liberties!
8702 Richard Hyde I strongly recommend that you run for President of the United States of America! I have vowed to never again vote for either major party!
8703 jeff frost  
8704 Helena  
8705 Dustin Let’s get back to the constitution!
8706 James F. Southerly  
8707 John Fedel  
8709 Ralph Miller We will stand behind you all we can
8710 Joseph Navarra 1. We need a real change in the USA, small Government, Strong Defense (we are close to be number 2 in the world, especially with China’s military and economy might), and legislatures to stop spending money that we don’t have.
2. Reform Welfare as temporary limited time help.
3. Funding for education should never be cut and should be adequately funded.
4. Jobs, let’s have incentive for manufacturers to manufacture in the USA and make our County industrialized once again and quit depending on imports.
5. Unions Bosses have no business to be in the government civil worker realm. Unions are just a bunch of Socialists trying to cripple our Goverment, businesses, and economy.
8711 Robert Waldron  
8712 Paula Kavanagh Please run for President in 2012.
8713 Gerge P. McArdle You are our last hope, Stay the course.
8714 Deanna HEsford Too bad I didn’t research RPaul’s ideas sooner…would have switched my vote in ’08
8715 Andrew Drabbs The time is ripe for a real leader to step forward
8716 Kristopher Derentz The only choice for 2012
8717 Vincent Valadez Ron, wecan solicit grass root contributions and contrubute these funds to your campaign.Please run.
8718 Raymond Doby  
8719 matan morag You are literally the last chance WE THE PEOPLE have…our liberties have been stripped and gov is way too big and still increasing spending and taxes. We need more farm and real goods production/labor, major cut in service/legal labor, cut fed spending dramatically, cut corporate taxes, abolish the unconstitutional federal income tax, and return to a gold/silver currency or standard backing otherwise we are doomed. Bottom line: America and/or no other person can defy the laws of phyics. Also, no ordinary person can start a business today and if he can he will have no life and all stress due to the overregulated, mafia style gov and rediculous paperwork that comes with it. Its all a shame and you, my friend, Dr. Paul, know it best. God bless this country and whats left of our constitutional rights. WE MUST TAKE BACK THIS COUNTRY. We MUST wake The People up. They have been completely disillusioned and no longer have any common sense or faith to protect them from this transformed radical country. I am sick and tired of the radicals and nonsense and will gladly put a line in the sand and defend you at all costs because we are so deep in the crapper we can no longer afford to compromise. George Orwell said it best: “”In a world of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”" This is YOU, the truth, and may god be with us all. Godspeed!
8720 Peter D. Smith Ron and Rand Paul 2012
8721 donna spicer ASAP is not soon enough!!!
8722 US Tax payer We control congress, we control the media, we control show biz, and we control everything in America. In America you can criticize God, but you can’t criticize Israel.”" Israeli spokeswoman, Tzipora Menache 2009
8723 jenny jay  
8724 Grant Duncan  
8725 Samantha Lockwood “”Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.”" This is not just a typing test. Ron Paul 2012
8726 Heather Moran You’d have my vote, Sir!
8727 Ken Hutchins  
8728 Joe Episcopo Looking forward to having Mr. Paul as President
8729 Mary Shanahan We need to do put our country (USA) back on track to clean up corruption in our government, especially the President, the First Lady & her staff, Supreme Court, D.O.J., I cannot believe with all the evidence that B.H.O. has paid two million+ to hide that the Courts would not hear the case against B.H.O. Very concerning about the level of corruption in our Highest Courts. Two Justices should recluse themselves from the case since they were appointed by the person of interest!!!!!!!!!
all the radical czars
8730 Esteban I threw away my vote in 08′ ….. It’s time we have a real choice in in 12′!
8731 john toomey  
8732 kurt mosteller  
8733 Jay  
8734 Vanessa Visket Save us!
8735 S. Page Sparks III  
8736 Paul D. Kelsey Paul for President in 2012!!
8737 Philip Zaroo  
8738 Paul You’re our last chance to turn America around. We need you!
8739 Anthony Luna I am not old enough to vote, but I am old enough to see that your policies are the best for our country. I will fully support you in 2012 when I will be old enough to vote, and until then I will tell everyone else that I know to do the same. I hope that your personal integrity matches the honest, straight-forward way you present yourself. America could use some integrity in office right about now…
8740 Marvin Meeks this could be your last chance, lets make something happen.
8741 Keryn  
8742 Windy hartzell  
8743 Dave Leeders End the Fed
8744 Daniel This country has strayed so far from its original concept. I only hope you will make the choice to run for president, it’s time for the Ron Paul Revolution
8745 Greg R. My whole family will vote 4 you PLEASE RUN!!!
8746 Gary Montano End the Fed - take back our country by using The Constitution..make wallstreet accountable!!
8747 andrew filipanszisz  
8748 Frank Zondlo Please run!!
8749 Hal Werner  
8750 Vito Ramos Ron Paul is the only politician I truly believe. Please believe in us too. I want you for President, and I want our country back from the hands of the criminals running it now.
8751 Micheal George  
8752 Bradley William English Contact me for any assistance in rally support. I have an unprecedented level of charisma and determination locked deep within me, as do we all. Good luck brothers and sisters, let’s make a future we can live with.
8753 Thomas Rosenberger Please run for Prefsident.
8754 Thomas K Curley  
8755 Dan Hensley  
8756 William Onisko  
8757 R.E. Workman  
8758 jonathan kopp  
8759 Nicholas M. Macleod I will definitely vote for Mr. Paul for president if he decides to run. I would be glad to help in his campaign in any way I can.
8760 Taylor Rogers  
8761 Kevin Heaney I am voting for Ron Paul. He is the most intelligent candidate for president. He is a true statesman and sticks to the constitution.
8762 Tracy Hanson  
8763 Rob Cashman, Attorney  
8764 Christopher Kinney  
8765 Steve Simmons I think your son should run for president
8766 Jeff Piepho Liberty!
8767 Alyssa End the monetary system Mr. Paul!! We have faith that you can do it!
8768 Richard Phillips  
8769 Mike Moreno  
8770 Randy Stanford You are our only hope with the coming pres. election. Ron Paul 2012
8771 J. Gardner  
8772 Andrew  
8773 Richard Borean So long as nobody like Sarah Palin is his running mate.
8774 Lucinda Sheth We the People are hungry for liberty and freedom….Run, Dr. Paul, run!
8775 Ben We need someone like you, who understands the constitution and fundamental principles of our government. Please run, you have my vote!
8776 Paul Sztorc  
8777 Glenn Riccio  
8778 Greg Finch  
8779 Greg I am a new supporter this round…I wish I saw the light in 2008.
8780 Jared Faylor  
8781 Candyce Gearhart  
8782 Stan Hatfield  
8783 Robert Mulrey  
8784 Nien Hsieh  
8785 Kenneth E Knight  
8786 Karen Bailey I’ve voted for you before & I’d vote for you again.
You are a wonderful man.
8787 roberta salafie Go for it Ron! We need an honest statesman again
8788 Susan Junell I will donate $500 or 16 oz of silver.
8789 Henry Spath This country needs a man or women of integrity with moral character and a back bone to stand. An individual that will put America and Americans first. An individual that will honor their oath of office and govern according to the Constitution. An individual that will protect our borders, send illegal aliens of all nationallity’s home instead of playing politics and circumventing laws already on the books for votes. The electorate no longer trusts it’s government and it is the governments fault.
8790 eric v grote Ret 20 +years mil vet enlisted and later retired as capt from the USAF. Saw ron paul speak in mason city iowa. you got smarts and while we (My wife and I, she is turkish and a moslem) disagree on a few points in your agenda We found it to be inspirational and most sounds. Ike said in one of his speeches he truly feared the mil/industrial complex in the US, the question should not be whether you or someone like you should run for 2012 prez, but rather would the powers that be allow that individual to change the mil/industrailist vision of what the future of our nation should be. Hope you run currently residing part time in Turkey, amazingly they still love Americans here. Most however believe US is playing a very dangerous game in the Middle East with botched jobs in iraq and really don’t seem to be winning afghanistan. Strikes into Pakistan don’t help matters and with possible misadventures coming up for Iran I really wonder why we are still friendly nations. Just a few thoughts would love to see you run and you will certainly have my vote. Please consider a few items. Why not consider your son as a running mate to my knowledge there has never been a father and son team like that in the white house. If not him please consider a very smart effective woman candidate. Why exclude over 1/2 of our population in such a consideration. I know many intelligent ones myself. I believe that since a woman is now in charge in Australia and former prime minister in GB, it may well be time to put a woman at least into a powerful position like VP.
eric grote and suna caglayan. ps wife cant vote for you but would be willing to help with you campaign. thanks keep up the good fight!
8791 John Mayew Please run for President. I wrote in your name for 2008
8792 Joshua Scott You give my generation a hope for change that Obama promised and did not deliver. We believe in you. My age group may have swung the election for Obama but I believe we have a bitter taste in our mouths and he turned out to be just another President looking out for big corporate interests and is preparing the way for an invasion of Iran. Please, we plead you, give us a candidate we can really believe in.
8793 Christina  
8795 Jesse Clock Yes! Absolutely!
8796 Timbo Sage Civil Conservation Corps
8798 Dustin E. McCune Your’e one of the few that puts our Country first.
8799 Eric Wagner  
8800 Dena Bisbee  
8801 Rosario Osorio Simply, is amazing what Ron Paul is doing to improve american lives doing a real hard work on politic; even a lot of people is disagree with his labor.
8802 John Foley  
8803 paul ison we need you
8804 jim house  
8805 Robert D Hurt, DDS The ULTIMATE “”ticket”":
8806 Steven Jordan RunRonRun!!!
8807 Riyad Abu-Taha He’s the only one that makes sense to me.
He is the most intelligent, informed and courageous guy in Washington and the U. S.
I am a Democrat and I love Ron Paul.
Would love to meet him in person at one point
8808 Tim Schukar Thank you.
8809 Anthony Corda  
8811 bobby g hunt  
8812 Nicholas Andrew Harris America needs you!
8813 Alain Riviere  
8814 mabel vassar  
8815 Frank  
8816 Brian Lyons  
8817 Jim Quinn  
8818 broo johnson run ron run!!!
8819 Mike Robinson  
8821 Nathaniel Fisher You have my vote!

We need someone like you in office. I sincerely hope you run.

8822 Danny Duvall  
8823 Ryan Jacobson please run for president
8824 Tiffany Pierce We needed you long ago, and we will always need Ron Paul’s. You have my vote indeed.
8825 John Kariyannis Even if he does not run, the fact that he continues to inspire, educate, and promote liberty is all that we can ask for. Go Ron Paul!
8826 Garland Jones I am truly tired of holding my nose and voting, please run, Dr. Paul.
8827 Joseph M Garcia Please help to restore our nation.
8828 Spencer Ezell  
8829 Ronald H Bartlett Economic freedom is critical to the retention of all the other freedoms guaranteed by our Creator.
8830 Josh Beck Lets do it! we’re behind you
8831 Chris Worthy  
8832 geoffrey webster  
8833 Robert & Judith Eaker  
8834 Ted Koerick  
8835 Joe Hayden  
8836 Dan Felt  
8837 Glenn Warshaw  
8838 William Warner  
8839 Mark run ron ron, dadorunrondadorunrun
8840 louise hersey  
8841 Robert Dallago I’d vote for you in a heartbeat!
8842 John Walters  
8843 James P. Cummings  
8844 justin carmody  
8846 Vicki A Timney Thanks for offering Americans someone decent to vote for.
8847 Scott Noble Let’s be a Republic again. Put Jesus Christ First.
8848 Ryan Helms RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT!!!!!!
8849 Bruce Borchardt  
8850 karen bagdasarian  
8851 Vincent Roberts Please Run!! We need you!
8852 Mary Frances  
8853 Shannon Gamache  
8854 Kevin Drury  
8855 Stephanie  
8856 marshall Ron Paul represents the people alone without assistance do not quit on us we need you as the president of our free Republic the United States of America.
8857 Nader K Hamideh Dear Sir,
your time has come to make a real difference in the education of Americans at the very least. RUN sir, please. Your country requires you, the people await you and more importantly The Constitution NEEDS you to save it.

God Bless You

8858 James Rash  
8859 Stephen jones We can turn this around if we stay true and do our best to inform others.
8860 Peter Christie  
8861 Justin tinker  
8862 Forrest Haverin Ron Paul’s message is desparately needed at the very least to shape the dialogue of the Republican primary. Our nation needs him as President, but his participation as a candidate is a necessity - now is his time, and this time it will be more than just the youth supporting his candidacy. Dr. Paul is the only one who truly gets it, and has the spine to stand up and do what is right by the Law.
8863 Dan List Will do anything to get you elected!
8864 Maraianne Ernhart Too Old??? I’ll be 80 in June and could take it on.
Don’t let that stop you!!
8865 gary schmalz Thank you Ron for caring and being brave enough to even consider this choice.
8866 J Ron Paul is our only hope of restoring sanity our corrupt system of Government!
8867 John W. Sebring  
8868 Ken Kupis  
8869 Mitchell  
8870 diane gilbert YOU are the best! If you don’t run I will move to Singapore!
8871 Myles i wrote you in on the last election, run again please..
8872 Tasha Stout We need you now more than ever before. Our country is in disarray.
8873 Jasmine Richard I wrote you in last election! I believe in this country and what it is SUPPOSED to stand for. I can’t run for presidency but you can! Help us fight for America!
8874 steve green Ron Paul is the only man who can save America.
8875 Rachel Taylor Go for it! We need you.
8876 Ziya  
8877 Kevin Rasciner  
8878 Justin D Britt I don’t think i would vote for anyone else
8879 Rick Donovan Ron Paul is truly my only hope for saving our Constitution (Rand still has to prove himself :-)
8880 Timothy Proto Dr. Paul will already be regarded in the pages of history with Jefferson and Franklin, as a great defender of liberty, and hopefully also a President who did his duty to restore the constitution and spearhead this peaceful revolution in which we find ourselves.
8881 Joe H.  
8882 Mary Eastman If you run in 2012, you will have my vote.
Thank you Sir!
Ms. Eastman
8883 Jean Morris  
8884 carson daniel james  
8885 Kenji Lee We need people like Ron Paul in Congress who represent the ideology of the founding father and our constitution.
8886 Cyril Divoul  
8887 Christopher Berry  
8888 Kathy Carey  
8889 Brooks Place Your the only person Iwould like to see a President.
8890 Jason Barber If you announce your candidacy I will start working IMMEDIATELY! I will go door to door, write the newspaper, talk to friends and family, become a delegate and anything else I can do. I promise I will work even harder than 2008!
8891 Elizabeth Ridpath  
8892 Michael J. We need you not only to run…We need you to win !!!
8893 stephanie mccall  
8894 alvin hiitola  
8895 cynthia nutter Please
8896 Tony  
8897 Martha Borchardt I hope he will run!
8898 Brice Wilson  
8899 Michael Riblett  
8900 Eric I usually don’t vote in national elections. I just feel that local governments are better equipped to make real change. However, I did vote for you in 2008′s primary, and I would eagerly vote for you again in 2012. I know many people who feel the same way.
8901 candice wang  
8902 Patrick Trewitt  
8903 Kent Leemis END THE FED!
8904 Geoff Lewington Ron Paul or no-one: both friends of Liberty.
8905 Phillip Befus  
8906 Tom Pace  
8907 Stephen Marshall Ron Paul is a real leader and, talks straight not ‘pollie talk’
8908 Samuel I will Vote for you Ron again!! Go for It. Our country badly needs it
8909 Martin Sorrells  
8910 Justin Regnier We need someone like you to run! Who else is going to be as straight forward as to what this country needs. Eliminate the unconstitutional waste Ron we need you!
8911 Kenneth Greenwood RUN we need integrity in the government
8912 Adrian Torrington Ron Paul is the man.
8913 Joshua Havig We need common sense in Washington!!!
8914 Lisa DeFinis  
8915 Parker Dunbar Please run, Ron. You are the truth.
8916 Adele Keller Thomas Jefferson:
“”And what country can preserve it’s liberties if its rulers are not warned from time to time that this people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms.”"
8917 Ryan Vest Help us Obiron kenobi, you’re our only hope.
8918 JOHN H BRIGNALL Mr. Paul, I believe your political thinking about what changes must occur in the future within Goverment is the only solution for the deficit correction.
8919 Brandon Youngs  
8920 David Muehlberger  
8921 William Gilbert Audit the Fed and Fort Knox.
Support Instant Run-off Voting to give you a fair chance
8922 Steven Poe  
8923 Ed Ness Ron Paul offers a platform no other candidate will offer:
A candidate not under the control of special interest groups.
A transparent Federal Reserve Board, not operating under a cloak of secrecy & corruption.
A candidate that return democracy back to the country
A candidate that will balance the budget
A candidate that will re-navigate the country from a jingoistic aggressor that is despised throughout the world back to a true leader that is respected & emulated throughout the world.
8924 george apple we need some one with some common sense in the white house
8925 Matt Taylor  
8926 matthew langford Mr paul please run for president your such a wonderful person, and I look up to you. You have made me a believer that there are still some honest people left that care about our country.
8927 Dwayne Hall Both Dr’s Paul should run as President and Vice President, at least they represent a known quality. We would know that our government will be ran Constitutionally for 4 years.
8928 Brandon Penning  
8929 Mike Maltese  
8930 Jon P  
8931 Wayne  
8932 Tony Zametin  
8933 Thomas Hohenstein  
8934 Rodger Woods I voted for Ron Paul last time and hope to again!
8935 Rob Relf I think if Thomas Jefferson were alive today, he would cast his vote for Ron Paul.
8936 Jason Bacchus  
8937 Curtis L. Howard My thoughts and Prayers are with you.
8938 Taylor End the Fed
8939 Joan Chase  
8941 Kristin Stickney  
8942 Kathryn Earley  
8943 Stephen Twomey  
8944 Kristyn Smith  
8945 Jaime Nail  
8946 William Guthrie Your candidacy would be greatly well received.
8947 Michael C. Poulsen All hail Ron Paul!! If there is a God in Heaven Ron Paul will run in 2012!
8948 Alexander Grebenschikov  
8949 Brent A. Robbins Please run! The country needs you, hopefully we can have better accounting this go around from those Diebold voting machines. I know what happened in New Hampshire last Republican Primary!
8950 kim rees  
8951 Mark Nilsen  
8952 gary westfall go ron go
8953 Daniel J Beauvoir  
8954 David C. Wagner  
8955 Timothy J. Smith “”End the Fed”" go Ron! Stop the looting and start prosecuting.
8956 ROBERT, Philippe Rule America !
8957 Todd G. Hicks  
8958 sarah miller  
8959 Martien Houtkooper  
8960 Eric Alley  
8961 John Mansour-Dumas  
8962 Jen  
8963 Donna Bristol  
8964 Dr. Thomas C LaMar With Dr. Paul, we have a chance to rid America of the immoral idea of money created as debt !
8965 Simon Edwards  
8966 Tom Torregrossa Hang in there!!!!
8967 John Graham Save our country!
8968 Harry Cone  
8969 amy burnell  
8970 Brian Moore  
8971 Joe Glass It’s time to stand for something!
8972 Tina Syphers Need change for the better for sure.
8973 Levi Yourchuck  
8974 Jason Haag  
8975 Angela Conrad  
8976 Makoto Umezawa  
8977 stewart smith  
8978 Donna Lambert  
8979 Doug McDowell  
8980 Heather York-Pray  
8981 James Murphy  
8982 Peter Taddeo Jr As a Christian Conservative you have my full support.
8983 Travis Lantz  
8984 jeff  
8985 Lauren Roser  
8986 Steven A. Rosile Yes Dr. Paul, America needs you to run for President and win! Thank you and God bless and be with you!
8987 Dennis Riling  
8988 John McGaughy If Ron won’t run…… Go Rand!
8989 Matthew R. Couse Freedom comes at a price
8990 Evan Sila  
8991 Pablo Torres  
8992 Andrea Drongoski I will work for your campaign Ron!!!
8993 Joshua T. Murphy Stop the taking of our freedoms and liberty. Fed is just one of the problems I hope Ron Paul can help with. He’ll need good people to help him too. One man can’t do it alone. Go Ron!
8994 Gene and Mindy Link  
8995 Kathie Vitanza  
8996 Don Melden God bless you and the campaign for liberty.
8997 Micheal Lockwood  
8998 Tommy Holder Keep up the good fight!
8999 Kelly A. Russo  
9000 Ray  

2 Responses to Signatures 5,001-10,000

  1. time is running out we need you for all of us i want peace in this
    world and we could we wanna work very peacefuy to support our
    family and enjoy others to stop the government to invade our privacy
    and property and we could what ever want its our buisness and thats
    a libertarian or indepedent is all about and ron paul this is your last to
    run for president and i convince you to do it. a proud libertarian 100%

  2. Siga Kisielius says:

    America needs you!

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