Signatures 5,001-10,000

Number Name Comment
7001 John Harmon We need a man like Dr. Ron Paul as president… he is truly courageous… unlike our presidents of the past 50 years…
7002 Colleen Sonderberg  
7003 David Hage very few others as qualified - Ron should run!
7004 Mike Moore Go get ‘em Ron!
7005 Martin O. Bonham I am a democrat for Ron Paul because of his stance on foreign policy and legalization of drugs.
My address 18323 153rd Pl SE ,Renton Wa 98058
7006 Edward Burdeno Let the revolution rise
7007 Jamie Jerdee  
7008 Dale Piar Where were all of you in 2008?
7009 Ken Rhoades  
7010 Elizabeth Smith  
7011 Darrin Keeler  
7012 tim bellows Go for the end of overspending and too many army bases
around the world. All best luck!
7013 Joachim Bachstätter  
7014 Charlene Shumate We believe in your principles and America needs you.
7015 Aaron Reed  
7016 Jim Gearing  
7017 Brad Harris End the FED!!!
7018 mildred benintende You are our only hope “”OBI ONE”" !
7019 Daryl Maulfair  
7020 Matt Rowley It’s very had to argue against freedom!
7021 Tom Pauly Grand Duchy of Luxembourg votes for Ron Paul
7022 Troy  
7023 Christopher Sullivan  
7024 Rick Irvine  
7025 Joel Brown Boy, do we ever need you!!!!
7026 Tom Herschede Ohioans 4 Paul!
7027 Dustin  
7028 Christina  
7029 Roberto  
7030 Megan Jones  
7031 Joe Bailey  
7032 james lisiewski  
7033 Sean O’Brien  
7034 Brandon Bring back the gold standard please.
7035 victor regner Go 4 it ,we need you .
7036 Wm K. Howland Representative Paul,

Please run for the presidency in 2012. We need your honest, stright forward, and libertarian mind at work in the White House.

Bon Chance,

Major Howland
USA [Ret]

7037 Aaron Zachos  
7038 Sean Crawford Zeitgeist!
7039 Sharon Dunivin  
7040 Brad Trammell Pretty please!
7041 Brandon Schoonover  
7042 Neal Hardin End the welfare! End the warfare! End the Fed!
7043 Keith G  
7044 Joel Vidal Ron Paul for President, the only choice.
7045 Megan Skiba  
7046 Kristina Myers  
7047 Joseph Monaco  
7048 Caryn Cowin  
7049 clayton cromer RUN RON RUN !!! PLEASE !!!!
7050 Irek Reszka  
7051 Mark C  
7052 Andres Vialpando Please good sir, I beg you to run. Even if you are not elected, I believe the country will benefit in hearing your wisdom!
7053 Jonathan Zaffke  
7054 Mike  
7055 Dorre Coon  
7056 Megan O’Leary  
7057 Jeff Swanson End the FED…return the gold standard, and show America how the Federal Government is supposed to function!
7058 Randy Coleman Go Ron!
7059 tras I hope you are as legit as you seem.
7060 Clyde E. Young I think Dr. Paul is the right man for this generation to move forward.
7061 Erik B.  
7062 Abram, Portland OR I voted for you in 2008. Please allow me to vote for you again in 2012!
7063 Linda Vukovich  
7064 Linda Vukovich  
7065 Madalena A Skipper  
7066 Otto gebhardt  
7067 Shane P.  
7068 Scott Capehart  
7069 ross canning The true President
7070 Hugh Ryan Go Ron Go!
7071 Clive Stevens  
7072 Lindsay Kuck  
7073 L. Hunt  
7074 JB Webb Dr. Paul, you are the only, and I mean ONLY politician I would vote for because you, Sir, are a true statesman. The pieces are all in place now for 2012 and as you see, your revolutionaries await you!
7075 Matthew Trenkle Ron Paul may be the only hope we have for restoring our Republic.
7076 Matt Falter Run, even if you have to run as an independent! We need you! I’ll be donating my time and money.
7077 Jonathan Arthur Please run in 2012!
7078 Mark Funovits “”Run the race, fight the good fight Paul!”"
7079 angel camacho Dr. Ron Paul if it was not for your supporters I would of never heard of you, please run… it for them they deserve it…
7080 Pablo  
7081 Kaitlin Nicole Reith  
7082 JJ Selagy Ron Paul 2012
7083 Yvonne Woods RON PAUL REVOLUTION!
7084 Miles Andrews  
7085 Reed Miland I am sick of going to school to get a GI Bill just to survive, I know you will make the right decisions. We Need You!
7086 Chris Daniels  
7087 Carla Velner  
7088 Mark Woychik Ron you are truly the United States of Americas last hope. My dream team Ron Paul and Ralph Nader.
7089 Mark Houck Dr Paul - please consider running for president in 2012. You are a truly a godsend to our country and your message of Liberty has really begun to catch fire in this nation. We need you in 2010
7090 Ashley Newton  
7091 Ilya Launitz We need a sane, rational candidate for President, and I doubt we will find one other than you!
7092 Kyle P repeal the state!!
7093 Sarah Jacober Ron Paul 2012!
Let’s make it happen :)
7094 savo gajic  
7095 Damon Raiter I voted for you last time too
7096 Anthony Danzé You have your fans in France too!
7097 Ron Turner We need you to run!
7098 Stephani Lipps  
7099 Ray Beale III Keep on plugging!
7100 judy hughes  
7101 Mark Wesolek Our current policies are slowly ruining this country. We need new, sound ideas implemented and RP is the only one to do it.
7102 Sam Saliba Dr. Paul, America needs you to be our President!
7103 Brielle Ocot  
7104 Liane Franck  
7105 Jayne Cassidy  
7106 Jennifer Caires  
7107 Lyndra Payne In the fed
7108 Eric LaRue Go get them Ron. America needs the the TRUTH!!!!
7109 Annalisa Sand  
7110 Matthew Pflumm  
7111 Carl Boyd  
7112 James S. Johnson Let’s return the country to sanity, end political correctness, shrink the government, secure the borders, improve American competitiveness, and preserve civil liberties.
7113 Matt Cookson  
7114 Milos Draskovic Not between Obama&Bush…
Above O&B,above right&left,
third roud is ABOVE
R E V O L U T I O N ! ! !
7115 Ludmila Baker Thanks Dr. Paul for curing my apathy…
7116 Francois Smit The US needs to be saved for everyone to prosper. Ron Paul 2012! From South Africa
7117 Randy Hawk  
7118 Peter Rush There is no doubt that I am with you. The machine may block our way, but we must speak out. Go for it.
7119 Robert Marchione Vermont reporting in. I’l be sure to go campaign for you during the H primary. Sadly my state is to far gone to socialism.
7120 Michele B I voted for him before, I will vote everytime he runs.
7121 Brandon Wilkinson  
7122 Elizabeth We need someone honest in the White House
7123 Thierry JALLAS  
7124 markie story  
7125 wilton stone JR  
7126 Hassan Haji I will absuletly suport and vote for Ron Paul. Even I’m Democrats I like Ron Paul.
7127 Scott Cianci Ron Paul + Jesse Ventura 2012
7128 fernando urbina the FED is illegal vile and corrupt
7129 austin lee Lets save our country!! There is a time when silence is betrayal.
7130 Arthur H. Vote Ron Paul!
7131 Alden Wayne Dumas Someone who believes in the Constitution, I predict a landslide…………….
7132 Phil Ricci Totally believe in you and all that you do!
7133 Gregory A. Bovard Go Ron Paul!!!!
7134 Patricia A Armstrong Now is the time!
7135 dlkordus A true champion of the Constitution. America needs you now more then ever. Our Fore Fathers would be proud. Go Ron Paul.
7136 D. Ballinger Please run we need to return to normalcy in this country.
7137 Emma We need the old time values back! Help us Dr.paul with your revolution!
7138 Mark Olson  
7139 Ryan M. Richardson America badly needs you.
7140 Ruth Hawk  
7141 Robert Hughes  
7142 Terrie Nicholson  
7143 Shawn Perkins If not you, then who?
7144 Lauren Williamson  
7145 Michael  
7146 Erik Smith We need Ron Paul in office. We won’t have many more chances for anyone who is mildly independent.
7147 Dawn  
7148 Tony Varga You have my vote sir.
7149 Bjorn Johnson Hopefully we can usher in a new age of sound minded individuals and stability in a turbulent world
7150 William LeBus Go Ron!!
7151 Ryan Dubiel Run brother!!!!!!!
we need a revoltuion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
let’s take our country back!!!
7152 Michael Schneider Ron Paul 2012, My hope for America.
7153 Jason Luoto  
7154 Akitaka Matsui I support you. Please try your best.
7155 Derar Ahmad Deek  
7156 Michael J. Sayle Dr. Paul, it is imperative that you run for president! Our country needs someone to defend our constitution. I fear without a voice such as yours on our front lines our ever dwindling freedoms will vanish to nothing and we will be left with a socialist America that will eventually transform into a fascist America. I will gladly campaign your cause in the Mississippi Delta should you choose to run for president during our next election!
7157 gerald bailey every article i read about Ron Paul just reconfirms he is by far the best choice for fixing our very corrupt government
7158 D. Risbon  
7159 Daniel caroon May common sense,libertarianism and Austrian economics re-light our extinguished torch so that it may shine bright for us and our children.
7160 Ian Rogers Dr. Paul, you are one of few men of principle. A return to constituional government is what we need!
7161 T. Risbon  
7162 internet world news  
7163 Ashley Hamilton  
7164 Timothy Clawson We need someone who will make the hard choices and adhere to the only the powers granted the federal government by the constitution. As well as someone who will reduce out massive over extension of our military men & women around the world. We also need to end the federal reserve and put the united stated of America back on the gold standard.
7165 Gloria DeWitt Campaigned in the primaries in 5 states and would be more than happy to do it again. A noble, true patriot must lead us out of the dark.
7166 Joseph Clark”,24

7167 Craig Foucher We need Ron Paul in the White House!!!
7168 Alice-Annette Akerman I would personally love to see Ron Paul run for President.
7169 Linda Davis Run Ron, Run!!!!
7170 Brian Towles Go all the way.
7171 Luke Thompson With leadership like Dr. Paul’s we can get this country on the right track again.
7172 Melanie Willis Ron Paul 2012!
7173 Andrew Schuler Is it weird that I voted Nader but support Ron Paul?
7174 Drew Kelly  
7175 Thomas Gorrow  
7176 Jeremy Mullins Please run Dr Paul!
7178 Leo Desgroseilliers HOW can I help you WIN ?I am a retired Union Boilermaker,60 years old.I am willing to give you and my country 6 to 12 months of my time ,traveling all over the USA in my small trailer,promoting and supporting you.I will go anywhere, anytime-TEA parties,rallies,let me know where you need me I’ll be there. I will pay my own room and food,all I ask, (need) is gas money. You have to win this ,or I believe it’s the end of the great US of A. All the talk coming from the”" spelling bee champ”" will not fix our woes,your the only one with the courage ,character and intelligence necessary to “”maybe”"be able to fix this mess.
7179 Ado Stimamiglio Round 2. Lets do this.
7180 Mike Bonanno  
7181 walter  
7182 Andrew Sharp Ron Paul 2012!!!
7183 Lora Hoopes  
7184 Paul Wortman  
7185 Lawrence Toth  
7186 Richard Kho  
7187 Aaron F. I’ll give you $20 if you run, because I know it takes cash to compete with all the traitors and tea baggers.
7188 Deborah Coats  
7189 Steve Redlich  
7190 Michael Gerstmyer You have my vote, Dr. Paul.
7191 Jackie Farmer  
7192 Ronald Guillory  
7193 David Singhiser Run Paul Run!
7194 Andrew Pflueger  
7195 Jason One more time please.
it seems needed more than ever.
7196 Stephanie Perry  
7197 Chris Bouchie  
7198 Tanner  
7199 Gibhran Jimenez Your the leader the United States needs.
7200 Guy Davis Dr. Paul, you can continue the education you started during your 2008 run. It was then that I learned about Liberty. And this time around so many more will learn the truth. Please consider running in 2012.
7201 Joe Costa Constitution, constitution, constitution
7202 Gary Putz  
7203 Will Zilka Come on… announce already.
7204 Keith Hilliard Let’s take the revolution all the way to the oval office!
7205 Jeremy Holland We have to stop the globalist agenda. You are the leader to do this. This is your destiny.
7206 Brett Poff I cannot vote from Canada but I will do my part to spread the word.
7207 Domma Martin President Ron Paul 2012!!!
7208 Mike Schuler  
7209 Alex G  
7210 Philip Scott McDill The people of America need Dr. Paul to run for President. Unlike other candidates put before us who have big corporate backing Dr. Paul will put America first and never allow outside influence to affect his decisions. I’m not sure where we will end up without Dr. Paul leading us in this difficult time and the country truly needs him to help correct the path that other less patriotic presidents have put this country on. Less intrusion abroad and more focus on America can do nothing but help us recapture the self-respect we once had and to earn the respected of countries where it’s been lost. Please help us protect the sanctity of our constitution and to make the American agenda about Americans again. We need to do what right instead of what’s profitable. Sincerely, Philip Scott McDill – American!!!!
7211 Mike Vasovski The sooner the better. Please announce.
7213 Jaret Glenn We need you now more than ever!
7214 Rene Burlet  
7215 Christina Willson I am worried about my sons future and understand that Ron Pauls defense of our constitution is the best thing for his future.
7216 Nathan Brand  
7217 Brandi  
7218 Max Lyall  
7219 Noelle Ryan  
7220 Josh Broadhurst  
7221 derek gutekunst  
7222 Jonathan Aleman  
7223 Esther Lee We need a change!
7224 Mozelle We need someone who “”gets it”" in the top spot and you “”got it!”"
7225 Virginia Halstensgard We need a Constitutionalist for President!
7226 Westley Khan  
7227 John S Gallagher Its your time
America needs you more than ever
7228 James Blount  
7229 James Caruthers You are the only sanity left in politics. We need you as president Dr. Paul!
7230 Marty Erlandson For the love of America…you know what you need to do.
7231 Dave Fick If Ron Paul doesn’t run we have no hope. Who can match his record? We cannot trust anyone except Ron Paul.
7232 Conner Souin As a soldier in the United States Army, I feel like we could use a new Commander in Chief, especially a revolutionary!!
7233 Donna DeMoranville Ron Paul 2012
7234 Daniel Powell  
7235 Nathan Rice So far, there are NO decent republican frontrunners. If our choices are Palin, Romney, etc., Republicans in Iowa and SC will have a hard time not voting for Ron Paul!
7236 Tara Bradshaw  
7237 John R Szabo We Need To Get This Done…
Heads Need To Roll, and Justice Served!
7238 Christopher Anthony  
7239 Jacob Vote Ron Paul!
7240 Randall Greene Please, please, please run in 2012 Dr. Paul. You are our only hope!
7241 Sydney Mercer YES! PLEASE!
7242 Anthony Embry  
7243 John Hines  
7244 Terrance Surdukan Go Ron Paul ! Bring America back to it’s glory !
7245 Sean Meehan As a young person who will be able to vote in my first election in 2012, I feel as though I am setting the stage for my own future, and I hope that my future can be one of liberty and not government oppression.
7246 Bill Hawkins Please Ron-audit the fed, give us our Constitutional Republic back, small government, balanced budget, and all rights are from God, not government.
7247 Raoul Widman Still have my Ron Paul Hope for America sticker on my bumper !
7248 Travis Riedy  
7249 Janice Schocke Please run. Our country needs you now more than ever!
7250 Alfred Please Ron… we need you more than ever.
7251 Anthony R. Bivens  
7252 Jessi Gomez  
7253 Joe Browning I am optimistic that your values will start to sink in with the people, and you can spark the REVOLUTION that this country so desperately need. I look around the political spectrum and find nobody that can even come close to your capacity for change. I’m also aware that the power mongers will make your election extraordinarily difficult. They do not want you there, but we the people, we do.
7254 Daniel Suru  
7255 Nathaniel Privratsky America needs you Ron Paul, I’m praying we get you as President!
7256 Chris McGillivray  
7257 Chris Blacklock A true patriot.
7258 Michael Diffenderffer Go Ron Paul! I’ll vote for you.
7259 William Sharber Thank you for having morals, and leading by example. Please run for President so I will have someone to vote for instead of Donald Duck.
7260 Pamela Talmage Ron Paul is what the United States needs to turn this country around.
7261 Alex Martinez This is the change we need! Ron Paul 2012!!!
7262 john griset  
7263 tim curington jr end the fed an abolish the irs
7264 Travis Stair I voted for you in 2008, I will vote for you in 2012!
7265 Megan You are America’s only hope
7266 Kevin Bc Grath  
7267 Harris Kirk  
7268 Aurie P.  
7269 Shane Van Cleve Go Ron Paul!
7270 Cheryl Lackey  
7271 Carl M. Brandl-Salutz  
7272 K. Eric Geandin Please save are country from the banks Mr. Paul.
7273 Theresa Dollmann  
7274 michael Brooks  
7275 Chip Cameron  
7276 Mike Petersen  
7277 David Grothus I can not understand why any other candidate got votes in the last Presidential Election, it is just incomprehensible for such ignorance to be so prevalent today in many states. I certainly hope more educated individuals will gather the courage to apply themselves to the next election.
I think you were the only candidate who knew the Constitution and I am completely unable to figure out the great amount of stupidity prevalent across the United States.

No where in the Constitution does it give the responsiblity of the Government to give tax dollars to foreign governments or to citizens.

Work is a requirement for there to be value placed upon both the product and the worker.
When the link between work and the work ethic of the worker is such that those who do not earn money though honest toil can not be good role models.

I think you can be a great President in 2012.

It will only require the educated population to overcome the great amount of ignorance in the uneducated population, I think it can be done.

Keep being on time and keep quoting the Constitution,

Citizen, College Graduate 1988, American,

David Grothus

7278 Tyler You can do it!
7279 Doug Only election I registered during last 40 years was the day Bush invaded Iraq and later voted against him. I would register and vote you President in 2012. You came and spoke several times at our Cancun seminars and you have the “”right stuff”".
7280 Stephen Flory  
7281 Ellen You have my vote, i love what you stand for.
7282 Teresa Yeakey This next election I fear is America’s last chance. We need you!
7283 Cindy Lake Dear Dr. Paul, Please give our children some real hope! God bless you and your family.
7284 Carolyn Reiss I would vote for Ron Paul any day.
7285 Derrick G. Gingerich Please, Dr. Paul! One more time for Liberty!
7286 Lawrence Daniels /signed. I am all for it Dr. Paul. If you feel up to it, lead the way!
7287 Kevin Yeaux  
7288 Zachary Duncan Ron Paul is Americas only hope.
7289 Tom Modica II  
7290 Antonio H Intili I believe America may have reached a critical political boiling point. With regards to local corruption and lack of state government organization in my state alone, our entire system of beaurocracy does need a careful and precise overhaul. I have been following the policies and ideals of Ron Paul for over a year now, and I have faith that in 8 years he could restore our government back where it belongs: in the honest hands of the people; before our nation may face a political stalemate of reversed policies and party warfare
7291 Jane Kramer  
7292 Kenneth Norton  
7293 Corey Cunningham Ron Paul: Champion of the Constitution and the Thomas Jefferson of our day!
7294 Grimly Foret At least the founding fathers of our great nation would be proud of one congressman, Representative Ron Paul!
7295 susan volz  
7296 Tyler Henderson Will vote for you again, just like I did last time!
7297 Nicole Chartrand  
7298 Brandon j darling Dr.Paul is the ONLY presidential candidate that I will vote for. There are others out there that are more than worthy, but Ron is the one person who will start the spark that lights the fire under Americas rear and helps pave (even further still) the way for the others!
7299 Paul Kemp  
7300 Michael C. Thorogood Let’s do it again!
7301 brian siller the time is now…
7302 JD Rice I hav3 been an ardent fan and supporter of Dr. Paul for 20+ years. He has done so much to forward LIBERTY for Americans, particularly with his growing popularity during the last 3 years.
7303 Ryan Moon  
7304 Mark Althauser  
7305 Tess Roberts  
7306 Travis Faulk We need someone like him to change things.
7307 Clinton Silber RON PAUL, if you do not run this year, you may never have another chance to run again! WE ALL HAVE YOUR SUPPORT and run a very strong chance to be our next president. I know many many people personally who will have your vote! including mine…
7308 Justin Martin  
7309 Marlene Burkitt  
7310 Jaycee Renegado If you don’t run, America needs a Presidential candidate who emulates yours’ and the Founding Fathers’ ideas on a limited gov’t and balance and checks. Go Ron Paul!
7311 Adam H. Fulmer  
7312 Jaime Cavazos  
7313 Collin Tovey America needs to return to a constitutional government, and I think you as president would be the best hope for that to happen.
7314 Allen long  
7315 Debra Brown We will be there again for the 3rd time. Let’s do it!
7316 Lisa Gresham Regardless of whether you run or not, I will be voting for you in 2012. Thanks for all you do, and keep up the good work! Ron Paul Revolution!
7317 GISYERG Let’s not give up! Let’s make America a great country once again! Ron Paul ’02 — I’ll be a first time voter in 2012, and my only choice is Dr Paul!
7318 Marshall Richardson  
7319 William Henggeler  
7320 Johann Joseph It’ll be an even bigger and better campaign!! I can’t wait!
7321 Doug Hoyt  
7322 Robert Lingham Sr. for the Red White and Blue
7323 Jack Gibson Lets finally Elect Change
7324 Jake Finney Please Save America!!!!
7325 José Bayoán Santiago-Calderón I believe the US should stop doing so much harm to the world and its citizens. Priority should be given to security from need: education, health-care, economic stability and not in the name of a “”national security”" spit on the hard earned values the people have fought for. The USG will still be the same shameful government it has been since its foundation but progress can be made.
7326 Dominick M. Vellutini Ron Paul is the only politician I trust. Please run Ron, we need you and like minded people in the White House and congress. - Dominick M. Vellutini
7328 Bradley Harris You’re our only hope.
7329 chris  
7330 S Kolle  
7331 John Erwin Dr. Paul, America needs your clear thinking and leadership!
7332 Richard Allen Rhodes III  
7333 Alan E. Gegax II Too bad I’m registered non-partisan, or I’d vote for you in the primary.
7334 Douglas Derleth End the Fed!
7335 Michael johnston Your ideas are needed!
7336 Deanne Howie  
7337 Pete  
7338 Nicholas Rensing Let’s turn this country back around!
7339 Michael Brooks  
7340 Ruediger Richter Jr I am an engineer sir, and I have the utmost respect for your honesty and critical thinking skills. Please continue your quest for liberty and fiscal conservatism. Do not let fake politicians, from Alaska for instance, tarnish the freedom movement.
7341 chris demuth Please lets get in the trenches and win the war
7342 Matthew Grabe Our future needs you now.
7343 James Urban  
7344 Ryan Upchurch RON PAUL 2012!
7345 Billy Lackey You must run in 2012, you give so many hope that this country still has time to wake up and live with in our means, WE ARE OUT OF CREDIT!
7346 James Stephens  
7347 Tim Fife YEA!
7348 emily  
7349 adam  
7350 Eric Stevens I cast my vote for Ron Paul
7351 Meagan  
7352 Julian  
7353 Diane Robertson I’m a C4 L member too, ran a Ron Paul march on MLK Day 2008 with my family (even got on TV!), and have since your last run, been friends with many others who helped you in the beginning of this revolution!!!!
7354 Chris Prock Dr. Paul, you have to run, you are one of the few people that knows what the constitution says that ran for president. You have made a huge impact on politics; it is obvious since all politicians are repeating everything you have already talked about. Show everyone you don’t have to have the backing of main stream media, and huge corporations backing you to become president.
7355 Douglas W. Sullivan  
7356 Dwight Castimore  
7357 SD  
7358 jourdan wheeler we need you Ron
7359 Bart Lunn Ron Paul is the only real choice. Ron Paul 2012!!
7360 Joseph C.Creecy Sr.  
7361 Manny I have never once voted in my 45 yrs.
If Dr. Paul runs in 2012, I will be the first in line to vote for him!
7362 Charlie  
7363 Katrina weaber Please do this for we americans who need a voice to be heard..let yours be so loud it rocks the foundations of our country
7364 Phil God bless all of you who have opened your eyes to the tyranny of these evil men.
7365 Craig Collet  
7366 Richard Bouffard  
7367 Fuller, F. Sadly, I am afraid the majority of Americans are too stupid to elect Dr. Paul. But who knows?
7368 Fuller, F. Sadly, I am afraid the majority of Americans are too stupid to elect Dr. Paul. But who knows?
7369 Pascal Salin  
7370 Anna Teal  
7371 Josh Jordan Err:511
7372 Michael Collin Theis You are the only political leader I feel safe placing my faith in for the office of President. Please, sir, run for office in 2012 and right the wrongs that have afflicted our country fiscally, legally, and morally for so many years.

I truly believe in you.

Michael Collin Theis

7374 Holly  
7375 Asteriel Williams Restore the constitution and make sure elected officials sworn to uphold it-do just that. Now there’s hope and change I can believe in.
7376 Asteriel Williams Restore the constitution and make sure elected officials sworn to uphold it-do just that. Now there’s hope and change I can believe in.
7377 Trillobite Now our freedoms of speech will be in danger even on the Internet, they have stepped their bounds too far, this is our space, our free space, they shall not win. Ron Paul, if you run, it will be one hell of an adventure that none of us will forget, it is not about winning the election, it is about taking our freedoms back, but if you win Dr. then it truly was an adventure.
Now, Go, Run, AND WIN.
7378 Mike Ferrara  
7379 DeBbie Plymell  
7380 Rodger Abbink  
7381 Russell I’m from Australia and fully support Ron Paul. America’s debt and Federal Reserve are affecting the world and it needs to change!
7382 Daniel Reznicek Do this for America! I want to be able to raise a kid here!
7383 Julien Lamon Go Ron Paul Go !
7384 Michael Motes In nomimia patria, et filibus, et spiritus sancti, et Ron Paul, amen.
7385 Robert Wecker Real change?? I sure do hope so. Paul in 2012.
7386 Kenray Williams”,2012

7387 Mark Marquez  
7388 Alex Bleecka
7389 Kim West  
7390 brian brown  
7391 James Aragon I feel that this is the last opportunity for truth to prevail. Dr. Paul should not just run. He needs to win. Without the paradigm shift he brings, the America we imagine will no longer be.
7392 Paul Barros Dr. Ron Paul,

PLEASE HELP!! We need you to clean out our federal government! PLEASE run for the Presidency!!

7393 Anthony Gibson  
7394 Robert Gillooly  
7395 Mike Desjarlais  
7396 Amanda Rastocky you have my support…and many more…
7397 Larry J Dawson  
7398 kevin stamper if this past state elections has shown us anything its that this country is ready for you and waiting for you Dr.Paul
7399 Allen Watkins To hell with being president Ron, We want you as a dictator, so we never have to wonder what s next till you pass!
7400 Evan Ward  
7401 Ron Witkowski  
7402 Bruce Hartdegen For Liberty…
7403 Shawn Santspree Go Ron!!!
7404 Julie Kempson Come on, Dr. Paul. YOU are hope for America!!
7405 Jeremy Richter You’re the last best hope for America. Please run in 2012!!!
7406 Connie Packard You’ve done so much already, it hardly seems fair to ask you to bear the torch again, but we ask you to do so. You are our champion, and we stand in unity behind you. The remnant is growing daily.
7407 Marc Ross Dr. Paul,
we need a man like you in those dire straits. one who will make our country the engine for liberty and progress once again. who governs by those shinning principals”"that government is best which governs least”" only a man of your format and who respects the constituion can restore our lost republic.
you are the answer to 1984!!
7408 Sandy Catalano save us from ourselves!!! run for pres, 2012!
7409 John Now is the time
7410 Jim Wall Ron Paul, the only honest candidate!
7411 Pondo Sinatra  
7412 David Lari Pick Jesse Ventura as VP & you got my vote.
7413 Nicholas Ryan Neal for a consistent ethic of life.
7414 Thomas Heinis Les libéraux de France comptent sur vous !
7415 Shiela Yes!
7416 Rachel Jolliffe  
7417 Paul Keller Good Luck
7418 Charles Woodward  
7419 H. Richard Shock  
7420 Christina Shoffner I wrote Ron Paul in on my ballot in 2008. I thought he’d make a great President then and I still do today.
7421 Jason Voluntaryist Cockrell  
7422 Jason Yandow I support your efforts to remove the banking cartel and bring in competing currencies. Bring back the new deal rules and give us a free market back Mr. Paul, we’re behind you.
7423 Mitch  
7424 Barrett Reynolds Dr. Paul changed my heart and mind from that of a well-meaning but economically ignorant Democratic Socialist to a fully-fledged Austrian School Libertarian. If his impassioned appeals for human peace, freedom, and non-aggression can strike a chord with me, I just know they could strike a chord with thousands, if not *millions* of people across this country and the world at large. Run, Ron, run!
7425 Dan Moxley  
7426 Jose Rosario  
7427 Tyler Tierson  
7428 Eric Valdes Let’s get it right this time around!
7429 Paul Matto Please, for the sake of this country….
7430 Jason Feigles America needs you!
7431 Jonathan Dickson Go for it!
7432 Quinton S. Reed I’ll be able to vote for the first time in 2012, so please, Ron Paul, let my first vote make a difference.
7433 Freida Van Allen Please run as Unaffiliated or Libertarian. Our Country is in a bad way and needs a fresh alternative to the parties currently in power.
7434 Matthew Benn  
7435 R Fredriksson Go Ron!
7436 Michael Moser RON 4 President, wake up people and go for Revolution !!!
7437 Robin Nair Keep spreading the message of liberty Dr. Paul!
7438 Eric Shegog Hello Mr. Paul i have been a long time supporter of you and your son rand paul, you guys are what i call true AMERICANS. so please sir for the love of GOD run for the white house. you have my vote. let’s save the Republic..
7439 Wayne Griswold Ron Paul’s record is perfect. He is the only possible candidate. There is no one else with a proven record. Over and over again I hear “”Ron Paul was right, I wish I had voted for him.”" Please give the people a second chance.
7440 Frank Rigney Pleeeeeease
7441 Al C.  
7442 Jeremiah Spradlin Go Ron Paul! w00w00!
7443 Edward A Chapman  
7444 Devroy Queen You’re single handedly the most bad ass politician I know. Also you’re one of the few who knows anything about economics apparently
7445 Joel  
7446 Robert Larsson I may not be an American citizen, but I’ve been a Ron Paul-fan for a very long time now, and if there’s one thing that I truly believe is a good thing not only for America, but also the world, it’s seeing Ron Paul as the President of the USA. I wish you good luck, sir!
7447 Raymond Dee We need this fearless truth=-teller in the White house!
7448 B Hinker The staus quo isn’t working! This is not what our forefathers envisioned for our nation. We need you Dr. Paul!
7449 ross romero  
7450 Marek Wojcik Mr. Paul,
You are one of the few politicians that speaks plainly and with an intelligence that stuns everyone who listens into awe. It’s time American embraced knowledge, education, and a love for understanding. That’s not something outside the grasp of any American. It just takes hard work, something Americans are very capable of when a clear vision of the future is presented.

God Bless the Whole World

7451 Mark T. Fiedler 2nd  
7452 Ricardo This nations only hope is you Dr. Paul. Please run and show this administration and all administrations since Lyndon B. Johnson how a country is really ran. We haven’t had a real president since Kennedy. Its about time that the people take back control of what is rightfully ours. Enough is enough. We need you Dr. Ron “”The Truth”" Paul. GOD BLESS!!!!
7453 Jonathan Lessen  
7454 John  
7455 Janice Garrett It is opportunity knocking at the door, please answer it for America.
7456 Vince O’Connor Lets do this this time.
7457 benjamin shafer  
7458 Ryan Spires Stop the fed, the war mongers, the hate, and the illegal government!
7459 Scott Kumamoto The country needs you.
7460 Richard Hurt I have read your book End the Fed and I am encouraged to find someone with common sense, finally! Please run, Congressman Paul
7461 Emilio Dr. Paul, The road ahead will be hard, but in your heart you know you must run. You are our only hope to restore the founding principles of the United States and our freedoms.
7462 kentucky fanning  
7463 William P Sullivan  
7464 Leslie Lauman  
7465 Alexander Campbell Mr. Paul, we need you now more than ever. Please run.
7466 Richard Phillip Lewis  
7467 Mr M.Smith-Bey We need you goddamit like cereal needs milk
7468 Terry Threadgill Time to shake things up!
7469 Brian Rubino  
7470 R. de Graaf The World is counting on you in support of the restoration of sound US monetary policy.
7471 Jason Scoppettuolo Run, Ron, Run!
7472 Paul Platko Take the power back
7473 Joanne Nelson We need honest government devoted to the protection of our rights.
7474 Dennis If we can get him in, he can do it.. The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.
7475 Kiel Zinter It would be great to have you back in the race this time around, but please leave your son at home.
7476 phillipp young we need someone who will stand up for us in washington.if not you, then who?
7477 James E. Bunn I’m a converted neocon. I know anyone can be.
7478 Joseph W. Curley  
7479 Tammy Mangum  
7480 Al F. RUN RON RUN!
7481 Jeff Hoyer thank-you for doing what you do
7482 Sandra Murphy Pretty Please!
7483 Nicholas Claunch Run for president Mr. Paul. Help us end the rampant government waste, over spending, and entitlement.
7484 Christopher Mercer  
7485 Michael Murphy It’s time the people choose the president
7486 Lane A. Scott We need someone who understands the government that the drafters of our constitution gave us and who believes it is his duty before God to submit to that authority. Ron Paul is one of a kind.
7487 Richard DeWitt  
7488 Kyle Hunnicutt  
7489 Jeff Sorrell  
7490 Kira Dalrymple Ron Paul 2012!!!
7491 Katherine Berry  
7492 Guy Medik  
7493 William F Salzmann America needs you, the people need you, our children need you, please run for president i am sure this time you will win.
7494 Shaylynn Cutshaw  
7495 Rodney Caston End SSDD… Elect Ron Paul.
7496 Carol Chandler  
7497 Ruben Corona  
7498 Yuki Miyahira  
7499 Kevin Mark  
7500 Anima Redemption! Redemption for America!
7501 Carla R. Gerber  
7502 Kyle Walker  
7503 Scott  
7504 marie powers Please, the citizens need you more everyday.
7505 Skylar Galt Paul / Napalitano 2012
7506 Christopher A. Armand  
7507 Nathan Deviney Run Paul Run!!
7508 D. E. Brister Another unhappy and disillusioned American who hopes one man can make a difference. I love the people of the US. Please give me a reason to trust our government and help get our honor back.
7509 eric hamblen if you don’t run the election will again amount to nothing more then a choice between two evils
7510 Jane Ellen Miller I have faith in you and your abilities to help turn our country back to what the founding fathers meant for it to be.
7511 Cassie Fowley I am so pleased to see a trustworthy politician and I support you!
7512 Rich & Lisa Phillips We need you Ron!
7513 Jay Pretty please!?
7514 Andrew McKee  
7515 paul ireland my hero
7516 Jeffrey Davis RUN RON! RUN!
7517 David Morris  
7518 valerie shaffer If Ron Paul runs, I am more than willing to do more than sign a petition I am ready help in the campaign efforts.
7519 D. Vinci  
7520 Jacob Motter Lets take back liberty!!
7521 Nina Ortega  
7522 Tim  
7523 William K  
7524 John J. Bothwell  
7525 Taylor Brandt He’s a sensible man and knows a thing or two about economics, and as long as we continue to vote in lawyer types we will continue to dig ourselves a bigger hole. Economics 101 should really be a requirement to run a nation.
7526 George Johnson The only choice for President of the United States in 2012. Go Ron Go!!! :)
7527 Brooks Wilson  
7528 Greg Pritchard Ron Paul you are one of the few rational politicians left.
7529 Korey Snodgrass Open Competition of Currencies and the FED will disappear as if by magic. Ron Paul 2012!
7530 Rich Althardt  
7531 Armenda Cordell Please please please!!
7532 Spencer Stang  
7533 Gary Wile Wish Ron would run. The conversation will be limited to the same old lies if he doesn’t.
7534 risom ermiyas one hand cant club
america need to stop saing &doing only me me meeeeeeeeeeeee
at the end of theday all of us we goingnbe finish
pleas america * WE IS BETER THAN I*
be a man of the world sir
7535 Jacquelyn Nash PLEASE run!
7536 Juliet Help us to let them hear our voice!
7537 Carol Dean I voted for Ron Paul in the last election anyway because I believe in voting for the best person to get the job done, and that person IS Ron Paul!
7538 daniel reddish All reform awaits monetary reform!!!!!
7539 John Chaney  
7540 Jeremiah Gerdin I am willing to do what I can to help you secure a victory in WI
7541 Blaine I hope for victory.
7542 Chris Williams  
7543 Paula Devlin Choose your running mate carefully. Integrity, honor, intelligence supporting the Constitution and Rule of Law. No globalists, CFR’s, Bilderbergers, Kissinger kissers, etc. !
7544 Justin Lewis This man is our last hope to save America.
7545 Xon Hostetter For liberty!
7546 Peter E. Johnson We need a real leader for a change.
7547 Ricardo Segura It’s time…Why wait till 2012? Impeach the powers that be today.
7548 Ricardo Segura It’s time..Why wait till 2012..Impeach the powers that be now!!
7549 HS It’s time the world is reminded of the libertarian philosophy and who is better qualified than you to do it. Hope you will not disappoint.
7550 Tiffany Martin Run, Ron, Run!
7551 Melissa Sharp  
7552 Patricia Schneider  
7553 Jason Eades Ron Paul FTW
7554 Tom Campbell We need you!
7555 Phillip Hibbard  
7556 Corey Halland  
7557 Richard Witte  
7558 Steven Nichols You need to.
7559 Nick Johnson  
7560 Pierre-Yves Novalet  
7561 Todd McKissick Have been supporting the good Doctor for years now and he’s inspired me to be 100% directed in my career towards helping fix the problems we face today.
7562 Reggie Sutherland  
7563 Joe Jordan We need a politician in power that will support smaller, more efficient Government and personal freedoms!
7564 Joshua Winn  
7565 Robin L. Hinson, Jr. I have watched and admired you for decades, so I trust your judgement on whether or not the presidency in 2012 is right for you. Whatever you decide, I am confident that neither your time nor our money will be wasted. I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done.
7566 Marianne Stebbins  
7567 KELSEY SCALES Ron is the only person i trust at this point that has even a slight chance to win, and i trust he will not flip his ideals when in office
7568 Frances Bear I voted for you in ’08 and I will vote for you again in 2012.
7569 Cindy Grow  
7570 Daniel  
7571 Peter Pascente Go for it, Ron. My generation needs a kick start to get their act together and start giving a shit.
7572 Jeremy Ron! If you run in 2012, I’ll volunteer for your campaign!
7573 Chad Hampton  
7574 Rachel Cates  
7575 Joseph Quilantang Ron Paul 2012 Has my vote!
7576 Jason Bennett This country needs a reality to check and a return to good education and common sense book keeping.
7577 Tim Burke  
7578 Tim Tiernan  
7579 Donna Nelson  
7580 Jeffrey Kujath  
7581 Clinton R. Cox GO RON PAUL!!!!!!!
7582 Patricia Schmidt I support you 100%
7583 Brent T. Give me someone to vote for.
7584 Mark E Kent  
7585 Kent  
7586 Todd Schulberger  
7587 Jason Himarios  
7588 Frank Mancuso Your time has come sir, We The People need you more than ever.
7589 Duane Schaub The government needs a cleanup - as does the Fed and the Patent System. I am tired of the gov’t trying to cover up all of the dirty little secrets. Even the FDA food pyramid is just a ruse to sell more commodities. - Is there ANYTHING truthful anymore?
7590 james connolly we need real leadership who believe in
the Constitution and people!!
7591 David Charles Staver Finally someone who is truly libertarian, I can trust him to be president because of his voting record and nothing else!
7592 Stephen Spencer  
7593 Nikolay Nachev I am from Bulgaria, but the whole world needs to fallow the values of freedom you entertain!
7594 Rex Davis  
7595 Chris Sorensen #1 candidate
7596 Jackie Spencer  
7597 Amy Lanae Cole Ron Paul, my prayers and support are with you
7598 Albert Lopez I am honor to have someone like you whom to give my support 100%.
7599 Suzanne - AL  
7600 Anja Daniel Ron Paul is the best!!!!
we need change….fast
no more wars
no more power of the greedy and the military industrial copmplex
we need independant wise elders in power
Please Ron Paul run for president
this country needs you!!!!
7601 Russell Swader  
7602 Tina  
7603 Jason Walters We nwwd some one who can make tough decissions. Not just change for the sake of change. We need someone who can make the hard decissions that will be required to see this country through it’s economic hardships.
7604 Ann Withers It is truly frightening what has happened to our liberties and rights. If you find yourself in the sights of any agency from federal to city or corporate attempting to get even more money out of you or exhibit more control over you, you have NO RIGHTS. The beast must be fed. Forget logic and honesty in dealing with bureaucratic greed. It only delays the inevitable and will drive one to the brink of poverty and apathy. I used to be an optimist and felt that eventually hard work & integrity prevail and now I feel like a sap – a sap with high blood pressure and very little hope left. (Supporting story left out for the sake of brevity.) The foundation of this entire country has become incredibly fragile and our liberties slyly usurped. The cynic I have become says it’s no use – the beast has become too large and self-serving. However, the optimist in me that refuses to give up recognizes what a difference it would make to have a man of your intellect, values, integrity and foresight at the helm. Please keep our hopes alive and run for President. Your leadership will have a ripple affect throughout our country and the world. You have our support and votes, again.
7605 John O’Brien  
7606 melvin fletcher  
7607 Matt Kolarik  
7608 Michael Powis Constitution is the only thing government should consider sacred.
7609 Todd Smith There are many of us participating in the republican party to generally bring about positive change and specifically to support your presidential bid. Good Luck! I also (as I’m sure many others do) represent 5-10 people who will not be on here for a variety of reasons.
7610 Weston Hale Congressman Paul, please run for President in 2012. You’ve said it yourself, people this year have taken a step in the right direction with regards to freedom in this country. Why should that stop with 2010? We have at least some evidence of people starting to turn back toward libertarianism with the recent elections. If you don’t stand for freedom in the 2012 election, who will? A Republican? Don’t make me laugh. A Democrat? Please. This is the time to take back our Country and our Constitution. It may look bleak, even for 2012 right now, but that doesn’t mean we can or should let up. This year, the percentage of votes cast for the libertarian candidate for the House in my state increased by almost 75%. He was still unsuccessful, of course, but I take that as an amazing vote of confidence. Things will only get better as time goes on. People are starting to want freedom again. This opportunity is unlike any other and we cannot squander it.
7611 Austin Berg  
7612 David Alan Robison I truly and deeply fear what may happen to this country if you do not run and get elected in 2012. If it doesn’t happen this time around I’m convinced that it will mean decades of waiting for another candidate that both; has a chance to win, and actually cares about the constitution and citizen’s rights.

Good luck and keep up the good work, no matter what you decide to do for 2012.

Thank you,
David A. Robison

7613 Kevin Abbott  
7614 James Genotte America needs a leader like you, Mr. Paul.
7615 ross muir  
7616 Robert Barnhart Ron Paul, never give up the good fight sir. We the People will support you!
7617 Robert Justice We’re tired of our voice not being heard!
7618 Jacques Peter  
7619 Richard Zering  
7620 Joseph Jones  
7621 Rodney Jones  
7622 James Steel  
7623 Jeffrey D. Cline If he does not make it through the primaries again I hope to petition for a Declaration of Write-In Candidacy for Ron Paul in 2012!
7624 Adam Moschette Please run!
7625 Mihai Boitor  
7626 Juli Mills Please find a way to get more media attention… your ideas seem so great!
7627 Joe Moore You go Rom
7628 Josh Grimes Your 2008 campaign seemed more like it was to set the stage for a later run. That stage is set.
7629 Jeff cruz I will not vote for anyone unless it is Ron Paul. Please allow us the option of selecting and electing a true voice for the people who are actually sane.
7630 Shay Vickers Keeping the faith alive
7631 Joshua Lake, PATRIOT RUN RON RUN 2012
and May Godspeed your Journey . . .
7632 Andrew Beck  
7633 Jeffrey A. Fowler  
7634 Patrick Bailey Do it! We have your back Ron!
7635 Marcia Scott Voted for you last time-will do it again!
7636 Gary Binkley  
7637 Marsha Ross  
7638 Angelica Schnyder We need you Ron Paul! Please RUN! :)
7639 Matt Murphy  
7640 Daniel Ahearn  
7641 Joyce Troxel The country needs YOU!
7642 Lynn Boden  
7643 Durand Boru Morton Feeney I believe in you Ron Paul.
7644 Adem Rekanovic America will die if you don´t save it!
7645 Charles Diefenderfer I have spoken to both Democrats and Republicas who are fed up with the way Washington has been doing business and want to see Dr. Paul as our next president. It’s not too late for us to turn this county around.
7646 Britt R. Go get ‘em, Ron!
7647 Justin Shultis  
7648 Bailey Cunning We need as many choices as we can get, please don’t let the Tea Party be a viable option!
7649 Franz Froschl I do wish against all odds that Ron Paul has some integrity and is not just another lobby controlled politician giving us lip-service.
Someone has got to stand up to the frat-boys in washington.
7650 Luke black Run. Amerika is failing. Please inspire liberty.
7651 Patrick Trenholm  
7652 chris ryan who else?
7653 James R. Dvorak In April of 2010, I told Dr. Paul in person that if he successfully ran for president in 2012 I would enlist in the armed forces on his inauguration day. I am still holding myself to that commitment.
7654 Hasan Pejcinovic we need you Ron Paul please run in 2012
7655 keith aune  
7656 David B. Conner We need Constitutionalist Conservatives like you, with your foreign policy vision of non-foreign occupations like Iraq and Afghanistan.
7657 Richard Brown  
7658 William Eggington Apathy cured, disgust at current monetary system ingrained. . . lets do this revolution thing again.
7659 Mary Cox Most of our leaders DO Not Get It, YOU DO!
7660 Susanne Simms For many years evil and lesser evil were our choices. Dr. Paul would be the light and will fully support this effort.
7661 brandon ashurst it is always refreshing to hear ron paul’s words might be heard on a national level.
7662 Lance Laughlin Please save our country.
7663 Paul Unger “Americans used to roar like lions for liberty; now we bleat like sheep for security.”
Norman Vincent Peale (1898–1993)
Time for TRUE change
7664 Jørn Kyle Finnesand A real choice in real tough times
7665 Ross Kuenzle Please Run Dr. Paul
7666 Pablo Ramon Sarralde I deeply believe that in the far future Hitler will be the person-idea-system that will be linked with the 20th century. I just hope that in the 21st, we create-develop something new, something great and right just because it’s great and right. We’re young and have a lot to learn, and fail. I think Ron Paul is key for this to happen. I really trust you Ron, I believe you will do what you really think is best. You have done a lot of for Freedom, and I’m really thankful. But this is something that cannot be stopped. I’ll be better-easier if you help us, and succeed with us; but be sure that we will not bend, I will not bend….. alea iacta est
7667 Tara Reader PLEASE!!
7668 Jim Thompson jr Now is the time Americans. Like Cincinnatus of old, The Republic needs him to come to its aid. The only one that doesn’t feel worthy enough to lead must be the one.
7669 Susan Gallagher  
7670 john axsom  
7671 Anthony Delcourt  
7672 Brian Ron Paul because he should be the first person I ever vote for
7673 Tom Dear Ron, please run!
7674 john bingham  
7675 Russell Foster  
7676 Dan Anderson The Time Is Now
7677 Rick Dumas  
7678 Brian Kyle Johnson  
7679 Chris Chappell  
7680 Nick Rakich Liberty or Death!
7681 Michael R. Solberg When you said Freedom is Popular, they scoffed at you. Now we see that the libertarian movement is growing. John Stossel and Judge Andrew Napolitano both have their own popular shows on FBN. And now it’s time to show them what freedom really means.
7682 Tanya Kessler Lets get America back and be proud of what we stand for!!
7683 Patricia Farmer Please, our country is in dire need of you. You have the intelligence, and common sense that will save the United States of America.
7684 Andrew Weit RUN PLEASE! ^_^
7685 Brian Owen Please Please Please run for President. Stick to the issues and you can do this!!
7686 Clara You are the last (and only) hope for America!
7687 Chad Potts  
7688 Luigi Coletta This country NEEDS you to bring ideas on the table…and the Presidential campaign is a perfect platform…the typical democrat/republican won’t make a difference! If/when more people give you an honest chance (hopefully in the primary) they will understand that you have strong ideas/solutions for this country, unlike what we’ve had in the past century!
7689 Chad Williams I pledge my support!!! (more so than in 2008!)
7690 Clint  
7691 sylvia danz  
7692 Carolyn Shaffer We need his foreign policy right now.
7693 Julie Bugaj America needs you Dr. Paul!!!
7694 Troy L Honaker Thank you Ron Paul for standing up for what’s right. We need more people in the government like you.
7695 Trudi Rosson  
7696 Jason Roussin Ron, you’re the only politician that makes sense. Please be the voice of America. Set us on a path of fiscal responsibility.
7697 Luke Westberg  
7698 Michael Lenox When you were in the republican debates in 2007-08, you were the only “”politician”" that weren’t speaking double talk! You were the only candidate there who made sense. You were the first to plant the seed of Liberty in my heart, and I would love to see you in the white house! I now believe that every citizen should live this motto, “”Live free or die”". Please, run in 2012, it may be our last chance to revive our beloved republic!
7699 Brian Fairall  
7700 Russ Lemley  
7701 Martin Reguli I’m not an American citizen but I still see you as one of the only hopes for the values of freedom, limited government and free market in the world. It’s not just the USA. The whole world needs you to get away from the path to serfdom. Please hear us out.
7702 Jose U Rodriguez  
7703 kevin beck  
7704 Eric Grant The people need you!
7705 Eduardo Sanín Help us fix this mess!!
7706 Melissa Jenkins I will volunteer time @ local RP headquarters and donate finances as able.
7707 Nathan B. Lively  
7708 Joseph Roethig You have my vote, and the vote of friends and family.
7709 Becca Hudson Run Dr. Paul! Run!
7710 Bill Craig  
7711 Andrew Ready Never have we needed a liberty candidate more.
7712 A. M. You are likely our only hope Mr. Paul. Thank you for your decades of conscientious service to our republic and for speaking the truth even in the face of great power.
7713 Elizabeth Spears Please help Americans persecuted by corrupt international entities.
7714 John Clem  
7715 Rick Steffens Ron Paul stands for integrity so please give us the opportunity to vote for integrity and what seems to be forgotten Ideals . Lets put the brakes on this out of control spending machine!!!
7716 Aaron Priddy Respect
7717 Robb Stark Ron Paul WILL win.
7718 Paul Lopa This is my first time ever carring about a president vote…
7719 Spencer please get rid of the fed……
7720 Taylor  
7721 Douglas John T.  
7722 A.Lecarpentier  
7723 Karen Dallas Hartig Dear Mr. Paul,

Wasn’t it something how the reading of the Constitution-it’s about time (!!!)-was the first order of business in the House, as its elected new members began their representation of their constituents (us), having made the House, again, into a Republican majority?

Mr. Paul, now people know who you are and the principles that have kept you in the House. Now it is time for you to run for our next president and to take the oath of office.

The people know that you have consistently, for so many terms, acted only in the name of the people, who in essence ARE the government, and that you follow only the Constitution, that great, shining, very best document ever written for governance when you make a vote.

The people-I as one of them too-yearn for the righteous principles of the Constitution to bring all of us, the citizens of this great land, together as one people, undivided, indivisible, in order to make our nation whole again, to make it-again-the best country to live in on all of this planet, and to make it a great one again, a productive one, a wealthy one, a generous and helpful one due to its wealth, and a vibrant one, where freedom rings and where there is justice for all.

Should you doubt your health, Mr. Paul, why don’t you run as the Republican candidate (not any of the four already projected have the magic to take the vote) with your son, Rand Paul, US Senator, as your running mate? Mr. Obama only sat as US Senator from Illinois for two years prior to being elected to the seat of the President.

As you can see, Mr. Paul, we, the people, are beginning to be drowned in the muck and mire and complexity of what the federal government has become. We need you to be our president to help put it back into the order intended by the founding fathers.

The Constitution never was meant to be a living, evolving document, but to be the one guiding and solid force behind this nation. We need the president to make decisions and run policy in the White House with the guidance only of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

We Americans are afraid of losing more of our liberties because of the people in the government that do not act out of the principles contained in the Constitution. They are career politicians for the most part, and we know that you are not like them. We are even more afraid of losing the American way of life. We fear what will happen should our way of life get twisted to the point whereby we will watch the fall of the republic of the United States, much like the fall of the Roman empire. You do know what I mean.

The time is right this time, Mr. Paul, and we will, in number, get you elected!

7724 Bridget Foreman Last presidential election my husband and I wrote him in. We felt we couldn’t morally vote for anyone else.
7725 Sandy S Zazulak  
7726 Gary Brown  
7727 Billie Watkins Jr. We can change this, we need your help, Dr. Paul.
7728 Michael Malone  
7729 Julien Jalageas Because i want my freedom back.
7730 Kurt Lewis  
7731 Lorne  
7732 Andrew Neville  
7733 Jean-Pierre Lordier  
7734 Florence Wofford Our Gov’t needs some common sense decisions made and reform in so many ways, too numerous to mention.
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7736 James Fisher  
7737 Nick Scimeca  
7739 Reier R. Ringstad  
7740 Juan Hernandez  
7741 Jesse Pozgay  
7742 casey strait YOUR OUR ONLY HOPE…
7743 Mitchell We need help, and the only person who can cure our problems is Dr. Ron Paul!!!!
7744 Tom Allen  
7745 Terence P.  
7746 jason derstine For liberty!!!!
7747 Marcia Knight What about Gary Johnson? We need Ron where he is, frankly, and it looks like Johnson will run.
7748 nelson marah  
7749 jeremy menegay  
7750 dave good job, i have written 2200 petitions to leaders,since 1994 to get out of this stinking 1 world government
7751 Patrick Brian Dorr  
7752 Nick Spread the word
7753 KRISTOFFER P KERCE Ron Paul 2012
7754 Gloria Johnson  
7755 Tom Candelaria We need Ron Paul more than ever!
7756 Max Wahoske  
7757 Lawrence Palomo Stop Obama. Decentralize the federal government and create jobs in the process!
7758 J Sun RUN
7759 Craig & Cher Coyner Bless Jehovah Creator God America
7760 Dylan  
7761 anthony shakoor You have my vote!!
7762 Chuck Ullery  
7763 Nicholas Stone We need our champion of the constitution to help us keep our civil liberties!
7764 Theodore Osborne Please run Dr. Paul. If you don’t I will write you in anyway because it is your duty.
7765 Kylleen  
7766 Dimi Chakalov I am from Bulgaria, and I will be more than happy if you agree to run for the presidency of the United States in 2012. God bless you.
7767 Jack McNey Run, run, run!!!
7768 Ashley Wilkinson  
7769 Nimesh Perera Dr. Paul, one of the fewpeople that make sense
7770 Walter J. Ard  
7771 John Schorr We need a leader that understands the dangers of our current unsustainable economic system and speaks for the people in bringing about its demise.
7772 Bonnie Hooray!! Lets enter RP in the race…
7773 Sondra Stanley  
7774 Christyn “”We the people of the United States . . . “”
7775 joe hess  
7776 george r. cook  
7778 charles kendall  
7779 Peter Nguyen  
7780 Debbie Higley  
7781 Ben Casey  
7782 Patrick Beagle  
7783 Creve  
7784 w.c. krening We need your Constitutional thought
7785 Troy Walls  
7787 Ben Jones Don’t make us choose between Obama and Palin.
7788 Chuck  
7789 brandon jackson END THE FED!!!
7790 Shannon Bradford Ron, without you and your efforts, what would America look like today? I shudder at just the thought of it! Please, Ron, run for President in 2012! You are our reall hope for real change!
7791 Chris Gutierrez  
7792 Scott Becker  
7793 Isaac Rodriguez I am going to write you in anyways…
7794 Nancy Andriola We need you. Bottom line.
7795 Kurt Coffin You’re the only shot we got Dr. Paul. Thank you for your dilligent decades of service. Please consider continuing the fight. God Bless !
7796 Keith Crawford “”Third time is the charm.”"
7797 Randall Ryan Ron Paul 2012!!!!!!!!!!!
7798 James C. Shedd  
7799 Mary Augustine  
7800 Tyler Ayers America Deserves and Needs Ron Paul
7801 steve haydu get your name out there, so many people i have talked to have no idea who you are.
7802 Phil Wolf Ron Paul meetup #8 is ready to rock, again.
7803 Micahel Hudson Your are the greatest American hero and we have never needed you more then we do now.
7804 ilche  
7805 Paul Fortunato We need your common sense Ron, we need your inqiuring attitude, and we need truth. You can deliver it all. Let’s make it happen!
7806 Brian Smith No one compares to Ron Paul’s track record. Look it up.
7807 Carter Hughes “”I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.”" Thomas Jefferson. make it happen!
7808 Michael Mentges DO it for the people!
7809 john a werneken i’m not conservative, not even libertarian. but governing is about choices, Mr Paul stands for making choices and not for blaming circumstances fotr a failure vto make choices.
7810 Hannah Moxley  
7811 Charlie United, we will continue to fight
7812 Jessica Ayers  
7813 Brian Donius Give me liberty or give me death.
Patrick Henry

However, in nation that is unwilling recognize Ron Paul as the last true bastion of that virtue that our fore fathers espoused above all others “liberty” do we deserve less than what Patrick Henry was so willing to give?

7814 Dakota Locke If Mr. Paul is elected then freedom shall truly ring free across the land.
7815 Rudy Bernal  
7816 Megan Jones  
7817 Joel E. Stewart End the Fed!
7818 Robert Davis I voted for you last time and got this!!!! I will vote for you again, and keep voting for you and anyone else who thinks along your lines, as my great country seems to be slowly disassembed by itself, while giving huge sums of money to “”friends”", to secure their border (along Afghanistan perhaps), while all the while leaving the gaping hole in our borders, then wanting to grant everyone who is here, citizenship so we can then register them to vote for those who let them in. Get em Ron, you got my vote sir.
7819 Allen Lambe  
7820 jared brieske  
7821 floyd Durfey  
7822 Jeanne Hall  
7823 Basia Seaman Ron Paul, you’re our only hope!
7824 Justin Ladd Ron Paul 2012
7825 john ritenour this country needs your help. we will have no future or rights to give to our children thank you for the hopes you have already givin us and the desire to be informed
7826 Jaclyn J. Narwold  
7828 Oscar Martinez  
7829 Alex Harkins  
7830 Michael C. Puisis  
7831 Michael Brumagin Please run. America needs your wisdom in this hour of need.
7832 D M Tipping RUN Paul, RUN!
7834 Whitney Paugh  
7835 Jacob Menick The New Anti-Federalist Youth
7836 Fletcher K. Eastham  
7837 Deva Winblood I voted for you before. I will do so again, gladly.
7838 Dan Lieberum  
7839 Craig Nelson Ron Paul 2012
7840 AC Go Ron Go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7841 Rich P. Finally a candidate to be excited about!! Best of luck in 2012!!
7842 bob boyd  
7843 Wade Weaver Do it for Liberty Dr. Paul.
7844 Tamar Graham  
7845 Matt C  
7846 Valerie MacNeil I feel like you are this country’s only hope! You have to run. Our country has never been in such bad shape from the last 2 presidents and it is only the beginning! We desperately need what you stand for and believe in. We need a Revolution! You give us all hope!
7847 Omar Urena  
7848 Ron  
7849 wendy forward Rock on, Dr. Paul-you are awesome.
7850 lynn i would vote for ron paul…
7851 Frank Anderson Please run again Ron! WE NEED YOU AND YOUR LEADERSHIP!!!
7852 Sue Astacio  
7853 Richard Greenwade Mr. Paul, If you decide to run for president of this great country, please know that WE THE PEOPLE are behind you every step of the way and with us you and this country can not and will not fail!
7854 Adrian P I am a 16 year old student that is highly involved in politics. I have studied our constitution and the people that lead this country. I will be able to vote in the 2012 election. I will do everything in my power to put this country back on track. Dr Paul we need your leadership and great Ideas. You are what they call “”Modern Day Founding Father”". We have been struggling for few years and my parents are unemployed. I hope you will run in 2012. My vote will go to you. Your the only one that could make this work.
7855 Tyler Gulledge  
7856 Kurt Johnson  
7857 Zach Aubrecht Cut military spending, Senator.
7858 Margaret Kuklok  
7859 Perry You have my sword.
7860 Molly  
7861 Bob  
7862 John A. Mitchell  
7863 Nick Makarenco Dear Friends of Liberty:
!!! Null and Void All Non Constitutional Fraudulent Bureaucratic Statist Legislation From the Time of The Declaration of Independence in 1776 to the Present Time !!!
7864 Shane Gavin  
7865 Ryan  
7866 Bill Boyer  
7867 Kyle H Knock ‘em out of the park Ron Paul!
7868 John Pickard If not you then who?
7869 Sang Sin If our politicians were honestly aware of the right decisions to make for the citizens of this nation, nobody would want to be a politician. Thank you for your courage.
7870 Mark Kennedy  
7871 Samantha Evans  
7872 Thom Gleason I support your efforts!
7873 Matthew Holladay “”Dr. Paul, We desperately need the knowledge of not only American history but world government history you bring to the table. So many have long forgot the past, help us move forward, Lead Us in the RIGHT direction Dr. Paul.”"
7874 Timothy J. Madden Dr. Paul, I live in Pennsylvania, if you decide to run I will travel the state and do whatever is within my capacity to to bring your name and the freedom message to light. I will do my best to single handedly bring enough awareness to the people of my state for you to carry it all the way. Please Dr. Paul, give us one more chance, we won’t let you down.
7875 William G. Thompson, Jr.  
7876 Dale OwenAlexander Help! It may be to late for US but maybe We can give our youth a fighting chance to live as a Free People in a Free Country.
7877 Michael Margello  
7878 Gary Flam  
7879 Paul M Whitman please stick up for our constitution!
7880 Vala Withrow  
7881 Sreedhar Jayaraman I am yet to see another politician as dedicated to returning our country to it’s humble constitutional roots. I was introduced to Austrian Economics and the Libertarian philosophy when I was 13 and I’ve been learning more and more everyday. Ron Paul, we need a president as stubborn in his defense of the constitution and personal liberties as you!
7882 Stephen Carney Go Ron Go!
7883 Aaron Saye We as a nation stand at one minute from midnight thanks to the willingness of uninformed people for an entire system of government based upon reckless insanity. Please Dr. Paul, take our last minute and turn it into our first REAL stance against tyranny. Become our, MY, avatar of freedom.
7884 Chris Martinez  
7885 J.P. Smith Ron Paul is the one person I trust to usher in needed changes, I consider him a peer to our great founding fathers.
7886 Andrew Lincowski  
7887 Kristen Mitchell I support the Constitution.
7888 bonnie allen yes what we the people of God needs,is a man in office like you…
7889 Sean King Thank you for everything you’ve done for this country.
7890 Dean Nowaczyk In Ron Paul we trust.
7891 Michael  
7892 Stephen We need you Dr. Paul!
7893 mike ramoni Mr. Paul you are the best hope we have for opening many more people’s eyes with your message to help us restore our bill of rights and end our insane, senseless, and violent foreign policy.
7894 Stephen Daniel I would contribute $ to see you elected, I won’t bother to vote again until there is an independent candidate I can respect
7895 Brian  
7896 Rodney Boyd  
7897 Taylor Atkinson You’re our last hope! We need you!
7898 Jeremiah Hawley I voted for you in the Massachusetts Republican Primary in 2008, and would gladly do so again.
7899 Kelly Cannon Ron Paul Is Hope
7900 Brad Swartout  
7901 martin arreola  
7902 Dennis Rottmann  
7903 Mary MacMaster Ron Paul truly believes in upholding every nuance of our U.S. Constitution, which is our country’s Rule of Law.
7904 Zachary Martin He’s our only hope.
7905 Dean Kennedy I hope you can do some good — guys like you are few and far between/However, I don’t hold out much hope for the future of America w/o divine intervention — greed is too rampant/evil abounds. Good luck.
7906 Mark Tomkiewicz  
7907 Ryan Nash Good luck
7908 roberto please run we need you 2012
7909 Mike Siudym  
7910 Ivan You need us, Ron Paul!
7911 malik asian muslim here. i support ron paul mainly for the fact that only ron paul trully support the ending of massacre and torture in middle east
7912 Warren Stewart A leader of the people, For the people.
7913 Cleo Luff  
7914 Eric Clarke  
7915 Lynn McKinley  
7916 Aaron Solt I’ll donate $50 if I see Ron Paul in the primaries. And if not, I’ll write his name in on the general ballot. I don’t like any of the candidates of either party.
7917 Charles Jackson Vote for Ron Paul 2012!!! America needs change…
7918 Alvaro Love Love Love.
Thats all we need.
for a free world. Ron paul for president.
7919 John Kissinger You have my support. (Bring the JUDGE)
7920 Juston Wall  
7921 paemxia I’ll do everything in my power.
7922 Michael Curta  
7923 Brandy Taylor Dr. Paul, you are our only hope.. Let’s make it happen!
7924 James Thomaston you tell’em RON!!!
7925 Dylan Elderkin Congressman Paul, I cannot stress enough the urgency in needing you to run for president in 2012 and announcing your candidacy as soon as possible. People need to know who you are and what you stand for. I actually hope that you do not want the office but you’ll take it anyway. America needs a President who doesn’t want to be President. It seems that everyone who runs for president only does so for the political nature of it, not to better America. I hope that you will take the office knowing that it’s best for America, not that it’s best for you.
7926 John Reed Yes, please run for PResident and win and get in your security very good so you can do something like you talk about and don’t get assassinated. Please help!!!
7927 David Simpson  
7928 Josclyn West  
7929 Darwin Hardy  
7930 Andrew West  
7931 Nate K Read and educate yourself on the fundamental principles that Ron Paul believes in. There’s no greater time than now to learn and influence others through that; don’t become complacent in your search for answers.
7932 Jim Waddell Run, Ron, Run!!
7933 Daniel M. Weston  
7934 Chase Sullivan-Doyle  
7935 Christopher B.  
7936 Wojciech Bielaszka Lets fight against an enslavement !!!
7937 Kyle Williams  
7938 Jose Cruz  
7939 Jose Valencia End The FED
7940 Jacob Fortner Go big or go home!
7941 Steve Digilio  
7942 Geoffrey Planke Lets DO it this time guys. We owe to our forefathers and the sacrifices they made!
7943 Nick Please run and let us know where to donate
7944 Celia Scheer  
7945 osmel Lugo  
7946 Alexander Volkov  
7947 John Harrocks  
7948 Daniel McCarthy  
7949 Sean Head Dr. Paul, I would like you to know that you have been a great beacon of hope for those of us that have lost faith in our government, and are tired of this futile back and forth bickering that goes on there. I would emphatically implore you to reconsider not running for president in 2012, you are the only worthy person for the job.

“”There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come.”" - Victor Hugo

7950 Dan Ron Paul is one of few sane politicians.
7951 Michael Cain  
7952 anthony oliverio  
7953 henry  
7954 craig townsend  
7955 jonathan newbury  
7956 Thomas Bogadi You had my move last time (write in) and you will have it again. I only wish that Rep. Paul would speak up more and assert himself more, the American people are hard headed sometimes and his message and view point is too important to be ignored.
7957 Rodney Martin  
7958 T M Cornell Still the best choice!
7959 Matt Tyree Consistent views, consistent principles and common sense is what we need in 2012!
7960 Robert E. Arbogast Please run we need someone that thinks and act like a TRUE AMERICAN
7961 Fait Grantham Mr. Ron Paul, You could be our only hope, for all of us who believe in the real America. You have the vision, the ideas and the character to put us on the right path to secure our integrity as a free country and to keep us ecomonically viable part of FOREVER CHANGING WORLD. Do not stop what you know is needed for this country and its people. We need you, so please set the charge and let’s go forward together. My Prayers My Trust and My Support shall stand with you…..
7962 Dan Smith Come on Ron! RUN!!!
7963 Robert Rogers RUN RON RUN!!!!
7964 Marguerite-Marie Ostro We need to act now and I will campaign hard for you!!
7965 Amar Kumar Moolayil RUN RON RUN!
7966 T.J. Swyers  
7967 Waler Tabaczyk Please finish what you have started.
7968 Sheila Ron Paul For President!
7969 Doug Youngman  
7970 Geoff Lewis  
7971 Linda L. Boehme  
7972 Eugene Chang A lone voice of reason in a sea of madness
7973 bryce heaney  
7974 Nick Reeves  
7975 Mathew Malin  
7976 Robert Cowdell You have my money and my support.
7977 Mark Stephen Bodet Jr. Prior to discovering Dr. Paul, I could only describe myself as politicallly apathetic. You have given me hope that our once great nation can prosper again. I look forward to voting for the first time in 2012 for Ron Paul.
7978 Ray P. Kenderdine I hope that Ron Paul can succeed in the 2 most crucial areas needed to save the country and the world: Ending the Fed and abolishing lobbyists ability to buy government votes
7979 Crystal Lyke  
7980 Russell Townsend Run Ron Run
7981 Kyle Alanis  
7982 Mike Phillips  
7983 Randy Vittorini We’re much more prepared and knowledgeable about the election process and how to convert people to our side now, and with the added fact that he has much more support than last time, he’ll become a very serious contender this go around. Ron Paul 2012!
7984 Christy Lane  
7985 Jesse Johnson Only Ron Paul can inspire the thinkers of the world to unite.
7986 Brian Six Keep up the good Work!
7987 todd dinoff even tho im a democrat Ron Paul makes me believe and he knows what he is talking about he is a true conservative
7988 Steve We need someone with strong morals and convictions.A straight shooter who will put this country first.Someone the people can truly trust and believe in.That someone Mr.Paul,is you !!!
7989 Josh Harris  
7990 Nick Alexander Ron Paul &> all
7991 Virginia Cannon Our Country needs you Dr. Paul! Pleeeeeeeze consider running for President in 2012! If you do, you definately have my vote!
7992 Lee Smith God Bless you Ron Paul.
7993 Brett Ron Paul please consider running for President in 2012, I believe that you are America’s only hope. There is no other candidate from either party that shares your views on liberty and limited government. I voted for you in 2008(I even wrote in your name that November). The corrupted mainstream media hasn’t stopped me from being you’re follower. I’ll die supporting you even if I’m the only one left.
7994 Patrick Putkowski To Beauty!
7995 Andy Smith  
7996 Matthew Lloyd Krueger It’s pretty bad when one of the four candidates in all of United States government that I support. Damn right I’ll vote for you.
7997 Mario Abril  
7998 Matt B  
7999 Nick Salsman  
8000 Joseph Pinzanti  

2 Responses to Signatures 5,001-10,000

  1. time is running out we need you for all of us i want peace in this
    world and we could we wanna work very peacefuy to support our
    family and enjoy others to stop the government to invade our privacy
    and property and we could what ever want its our buisness and thats
    a libertarian or indepedent is all about and ron paul this is your last to
    run for president and i convince you to do it. a proud libertarian 100%

  2. Siga Kisielius says:

    America needs you!

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