Republican Leadership Conference (RLC) Straw Poll: Ron Paul Wins Big with 40% of the Vote

Ron Paul crushed the competition at the 2011 RLC Presidential Straw Poll in New Orleans, gaining 612 (39.69%) of a total of 1542 votes. Jon Huntsman came in second with 382 votes (24.77%), Michele Bachmann was third with 191 votes (12.39%), while last year’s winner Mitt Romney disintegrated and slipped to fifth with a disappointing 74 votes (4.80%).

Name Percentage Votes
Ron Paul 39.69% 612
Jon Huntsman 24.77% 382
Michele Bachmann 12.39% 191
Herman Cain 6.74% 104
Mitt Romney 4.80% 74
Newt Gingrich 4.47% 69
Sarah Palin 2.66% 41
Rick Santorum 1.95% 30
Tim Pawlenty 1.17% 18
Gary Johnson 0.65% 10
Buddy Roemer 0.58% 9
Thad McCotter 0.13% 2
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13 Responses to Republican Leadership Conference (RLC) Straw Poll: Ron Paul Wins Big with 40% of the Vote

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  2. nader paul kucinich gravel mckinney baldwin says:

    7 Nation Army couldn’t hold Ron Paul back

  3. Bruce Adams says:

    Ron Paul is a modern day Thomas Jefferson ! It’s about time somebody stood up and told the truth !

  4. Presidential Candidates Ron Paul, Mitt Romney and Former Governor Sarah Palin plus Texas Governor Rick Perry has Endorsed Billy Wayne Engle Jr who is a Republican who wants to stop Big Government and Government Spending and give it back to the People
    and do more Tax Cuts for Middle Class Americans and Poor Americans plus Veterans
    on and off the Streets. he is a Washington Outsider who will go there to fight for the People
    if the People in his District Votes for him in these Counties in the 31st District of Texas
    as Write in Candidate, Robertson County, Williamson County, Bell County, Coryell County, Erath County, Milam County, Hamilton County, Falls County. do you want a Congressman who takes over $40 Million Dollars in nine years and plus he is Co-Chairman of House Army
    Caucus that Voted to keep the Troops in Afghanistan if Billy was there he would voted no
    and would fight to send troops home instead, three years ago he had a chance at being a
    Texas State Representative step he wasn’t Corrupt like Congressman Carter is that is way he is better Candidate and better man plus he will truly fight for you because he care just like me. don’t forget he is Bipartisan working with both Democrats and follow Republicans to get things done just like him being Elected to his fifth term as President of the Crestview Drive
    Subdivision Council and being former Chairman of National Honest Candidates Association of America and plus being a person who was youngest to work for me. do you want your Government back you need to vote Billy Engle Jr on 2012 General Election Ballot as Write in

    • william vannurden says:

      So your saying he wants to do everything Ron Paul is already doing only doesnt have the support of Dr. Paul. Well then if those are the issues you desire why not just vote for Ron Paul and not split the vote? Its quite obvious isnt it?

  5. Jesus says:

    I endorse Dr. Paul

  6. God says:

    And on the 9,369,561,107,782,462,310,432,765th day I created Ron Paul, and saw that it was good

  7. Steven McGinley says:

    Way to go Ron Paul, you have my vote!!!! I am spreading your message!

  8. Jackie Hennick says:

    Way to go Dr. Paul!!! You are the only hope for this country!!

  9. roger majkowski says:

    Dr Paul,as you have my vote in 2012,and amid all ignored email requests from you,I want to address the problem with politicians,and solutions I pose. 1. Make lobbyism a federal crime. 2. Reduce all governent saliries to 20k…no salary if they can’t comprimise on a budget. 3. Impose a 125 to 300% tax on imports 4. Any American company who employs only documented Americans gets a tax free season for 5 years. 5. Stop tax free status for immagrants sorry for my bad spelling

  10. Chip Tippmann says:

    Bring back the troops, end the fed, restore freedom. When Americans find out where Dr. Paul stands he will WIN!

  11. Mitch Hennick says:

    Ron Paul is an idiot with no chance of ever winning. Come on people!!

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