Signatures 15,001-20,000

Number Name Comment
15001 Name not displayed  
15002 Name not displayed go ron paul!
15003 charles galarneau You are Americas best chance to fix our country
15004 Name not displayed I support Ron Paul for 2012. America still has true real hope!
15005 Eric Fink  
15006 J R Grand The greatest country in the history of the world needs a leader now more than ever !!

God Bless The U S A !!! the U S Constitution is our Guide.
15007 Name not displayed  
15008 Kevin McCance Ron Paul you are the savior. Please get in office and show America how the founding fathers would have done it.
15009 Name not displayed  
15010 Horácio Sousa  
15011 Vasco Lourenço  
15012 Name not displayed  
15013 Colin Jones  
15015 Name not displayed  
15016 Name not displayed  
15017 Name not displayed ROUT THEM OUT
15018 Brian Fields this country needs Ron Paul as its president
15019 Diane  
15020 Gregg McWilliams Run Ron run!
15021 robert andreen  
15022 sam i am You have my vote!
15023 william kirkpatrick  
15024 Beth Hanson I greatly appreciate Ron Paul’s endeavor to uphold & defend the U.S. Constitution! Thank YOU, Ron Paul!!
15025 Steve Brzdek  
15026 Name not displayed  
15027 Name not displayed Real hope for America.
15028 Susan Baldridge You are The ONLY common sense candidate!!

I pray people Really want to Stop the status Quo and Elect REAL CHANGE that would take us to a Working Republic!
15029 Name not displayed We need you, Dr. Paul!
15030 Ollie Grande  
15031 Mike Detrick  
15032 Miranda Baugher  
15033 Name not displayed WE NEED RON!!!
15034 Name not displayed wish ron paul wasnt considered as being brave…….wouldnt it be great to one day consider him to be the norm…..believe
15035 Gayle Brantly Your country needs you.
15036 Name not displayed We need you to run
15037 Victor Caligiuri  
15038 Name not displayed God bless you and keep you safe!
15039 Name not displayed  
15040 mary helms  
15041 Stephanie Olan Save our country from despair.
15042 Name not displayed  
15043 Matthew Cedar I first heard of Ron Paul in 2007, and at that time I was a college student in upstate NY. I thought I was the only republican who supported individual freedom and was opposed to war. I hope I have the opportunity to support him again.
15044 Joe The only man for the job! Go get ‘em Dr. Paul!
15045 Tony Allen Cromer  
15046 Charles Daniel “”The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.”"

— Plato
15047 Name not displayed  
15048 Name not displayed  
15049 Dave Cummings thank you sir for shining a big bright light in the face of america!
15050 Andrew Berg Dr. Paul you are the only voice I listen to anymore in Washington. America needs to be steered into the right direction and I can only think of one Congressman from Texas who can do it…
15051 Pamela Kurtz Love this Man and what he stands for.
15052 Name not displayed  
15053 Mark Matthews You have my vote.
15054 garrett waller  
15055 Name not displayed Please run for President. I would love for our country to be run by a cabinet that is for the people, and not laugh when citizens bring up important issues that are plaguing this nation.
15056 Daniel Roberts  
15057 jim evans run,run,run
15058 Name not displayed  
15059 cody dragon you seem to be the most noble candidate to consider election. good luck sir
15060 Garland Ballard  
15061 Eric I would gladly love to talk about many improvements we should do and help in any potential way possible.
15062 Wade Grisenthwaite the next “”George Washington”"
15063 Steven Berry … Or ditch the US and come to New Zealand!
15064 Daniel Roberts  
15065 Anglee Leviner  
15066 Name not displayed This is a man of the people and he’s just what we need. Ron Paul 2012!
15067 Eyad Abochale  
15068 Ryan Laniel  
15069 Marco Flammang  
15070 Name not displayed  
15071 Liam Warriner I support Ron Paul, and the freedom we enjoy.
15072 Donna Wolf America is ready for Ron Paul!
15073 chris pickens  
15074 Name not displayed Dr. Paul I supported you in 2008 and will support you again, if you choose to run in 2012!
15075 Justin Noel start the revolution! you have my full support, and give me high hopes for the future of the USA. thank you ron paul
15076 Name not displayed  
15077 Michael Seitzinger I dislike the media’s coverage of you in the last 08′ election. You deserve better representation. A voting record score card would prove just how great you are! Thank you Ron!
15078 Name not displayed  
15079 Richard Patnaude II  
15080 Shane Goolsby Run Ron Run!
15081 Matthew Gibson  
15082 Marty Phelan Run, Ron, Run!!!
15083 Name not displayed My life for you. RonPaul2012, My life for you. God bless America = President Ron Paul; God curses America=more of the same demons. Please teach us lead us to repentance. We pray for your safety and success in Jesus name.
15084 Brittany Cervantes  
15085 Robert Gonzalez  
15086 Name not displayed may GOD bless the TRUE United States Of America! lLand Of Our four Fathers
15087 Amanda Long  
15088 Jeremy Stewart  
15089 Alan Schilling why not stay in the congress AND be the president?
15090 Paul Papia run…win…sign the FairTax into law & put America back on course.
15091 Name not displayed  
15092 Name not displayed  
15093 Adam Harrell  
15094 Sigfredo Mendez Im so glad to have people like you defending out rights dont ever give up you give us hope!!!
15095 Jeff Slater “Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.”

- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
15096 Name not displayed  
15097 Alex Lecarpentier  
15098 Michael Millican  
15099 Aaron Griffith Ron Paul for President 2012!!!
15100 Stephen Run Ron Run. We need a candidate who is for the American people! God Bless the USA!
15101 Sebastian A Baj  
15102 eric redfield Whether he runs or not my vote goes to Ron Paul.
15103 Danea Mobley-Krist  
15104 stephanie powers  
15105 Quaitemes Williams  
15106 jordan pratley  
15107 christopher berger All I can say, Now is its time for change. The U.S. consitution is not being used for the purpose it was written for. The words are now twisted to benifit the ones who is in charge, “”we the people”" now means “”we in office”" you can change that.
15108 Cameron Kinch GO Dr. Paul, voted for you in 2008! Pledge my vote for 2012 as well.
15109 Martina Stroupe Ron Paul is a refreshing example of a politician who deeply care about his country and the people living in it.
15110 Name not displayed  
15111 Daron Ron, your country needs you. Don’t give up Brother.
15112 Matthew Porter  
15113 ellery samson ill do as much as i can if you will.
15114 tits mgee  
15115 Aaron Roberts  
15116 L. D.  
15117 Dan Farrell LIBERTY!!!
15118 Name not displayed They’re right… we do need you
15119 Grace Kelly  
15120 Robert Collingwood Hilarious Comedians 4 RP!!!111two111!
15121 Name not displayed We need Ron Paul to turn our country around!
15122 Spumoni You are our last hope!
15123 Michael Vaiana  
15124 Kim Iqbal  
15125 John Crum Either you run or I write you in. I would prefer you run. Ron Paul 2012!
15126 Laura Samson No voting for the “”lesser of two evils”"… Ron Paul ’12!
15127 Nick Dukes America need Ron Paul
15128 Brad G. I appreciate all that you stand for and what you do!
15129 Name not displayed  
15130 Colin McGowan Run Ron Run!
15131 Name not displayed Please run For 2012
15132 Matt Sellitto Legalize the Constitution!
15133 Rocky Manos Let’s Get BACK to the Original Intent of the Constitution
15134 Daren Bradley  
15135 mitchell lee  
15136 Bill Letson Great men do not seek power. They have power thrust upon them!
15137 Name not displayed PLEASE RUN PAUL RUN!! WE NEED YOU!!
15138 Travis Nobles  
15139 Name not displayed Please give me someone to genuinely vote for instead of having to settle for the lesser of two evils.
15140 joe  
15141 Name not displayed Do it!

; )
15142 Anthony H WE NEED YOU
15143 Name not displayed  
15144 Joshua Bloomquist Ron Paul shares my principles, and because Dr. Paul has proven himself to be 100% loyal to them, I fully support him.
15145 Johnathan Motz Please Run!!…..
15146 Richard Neckermann  
15147 Jessica Dirks “”Run Paul Run”"
15148 Liailiaimmipt Nice site ….)
15149 Melinda Brouse Dear Ron Paul, I know it seems like a losing battle. I know our country doesn’t deserve you. I know we are in a deep hole.

Please, keep shouting the truth about our Constitution, about laws of economics, about doing the right thing, and about all people being held accountable.

It hurts to hear it. I’ve even winced myself, but your stands are right on.

Please run for president.
15150 Brent Morgan Give us back our freedom!
15151 Jason  
15152 Name not displayed  
15153 Daniel Marquez You are our last peaceful hope
15154 Name not displayed You’re the only candidate who I would be proud to campaign for.
15155 Zac Gardner We want our freedom back!
15156 joanne lindsey  
15157 Name not displayed You are the key to unlock this government oppression and steer us towards freedom
15158 Jason A. Robertson (USN) Please run!
15159 Jessica Ann Doss  
15160 Michael Dohrmann Please bring sanity to Washington!
15162 Kathleen Burk  
15163 Judy Dohrmann  
15164 Name not displayed  
15165 Matt Hall  
15166 William Dohrmann  
15167 Joseph Bariatti help us fix our planet.
15168 Name not displayed  
15169 John W. Stogner II Sir, please run for President. Let’s get our country back from the folks selling us one piece at a time.
15170 Jeffrey Kerr  
15171 Name not displayed Save the USA, please!
15172 Name not displayed  
15173 Anthony With love from Russia
15174 Jose Castillo RUN RON RUN!
15175 Nicholas Oh  
15176 Gregory McGuire You’re about the only hope we’ve got.
15177 Darren Collins The world would be more prosperous, peaceful, and free if Ron Paul was the President of the United States of America.
15178 Sebastion Garcia You are the leader many generations have been hoping for.
15179 peter wuerpel ron paul is the last hope of our constitution
15180 kenneth j. hernandez thank you Dr. Paul
15181 Name not displayed  
15182 david peterson give’em hell Ron
15183 Mandy Eames  
15184 Kevin M Sargent Thank God / other mythical creature of your choice for Ron Paul
15185 Terri Cloud You show commom sense and economic understanding - we need you!
15186 Name not displayed !RON PAUL 2012!
15187 Ryan Walter  
15188 Matt Lowe  
15189 Eric Burlew You got my vote
15190 Linda Cobb  
15191 Frank John  
15192 Rocco Lucente  
15193 stick wars Thank you for taking the time to make that clearer.
15194 gabe logan  
15195 Michael Hill  
15196 Max J. Jennings Dr. Paul, we need you to bring true conservatism back to the country. We need you!
15197 Rowland Naye  
15198 Name not displayed  
15199 Christian Stamets  
15200 Name not displayed  
15201 Stéphane Lauzon  
15202 Michael Thomas  
15203 Michael Paulding Thomas  
15204 Brandon Wigington  
15205 Jason Black save us Ron
15206 billy ryals It is about time we had a President we could respect.
15207 Curtis Wright I had to write you in last election. Let’s get you on the ballot this time. Ron Paul or bust.
15208 Name not displayed Thank You for caring.
15209 Phillip Randazzo  
15210 Gilberto Victor Lopez Jr. We Need change now, We need Ron Paul.
15211 jeff golden if you dont run, Im moving to Panama! RUN PAUL RUN!!!!! You can save our country!
15212 Cory Fuller  
15213 Lasse Truth and liberty must prevail, and it won’t with the current scumbag POTUS who deliberately forces the population into slaves of the elite bankers!
15214 John Whinery  
15215 Daniel Todd Ron Paul has my support.
15216 Sarah Mayne  
15217 Name not displayed  
15218 Name not displayed real hope
15219 milen goins I never vote but I will definitly vote for Ron Paul!
15220 Name not displayed  
15221 Josh Desko  
15222 Name not displayed  
15223 Mike Lichtenwalter WE THE PEOPLE CAN!
15224 Brad Case Run Ron Run!!!
15225 Brad Case Run Ron Run!!!
15226 michael heston  
15227 Frances O’Toole  
15228 Anthony Ewers Please run Dr. Paul.
15229 Manuel Scardina Go Ron Go!!!!!
15230 Andrew Mastrocola root out the vipers
15231 Name not displayed  
15232 Larry Ron Paul 2012
15233 Larry Dunnington We need Paul to get this country under control.
15234 Ken Weaver Life, Liberty! Ron Paul 2012!
15235 Richard Miller Restore freedom to America!
15236 nick Bunker  
15237 Andy Collins  
15238 Paul Bopp  
15239 Name not displayed  
15240 Lynn Huntley  
15241 James Rankhorn  
15242 Kirk Fulton  
15243 Mila Kuchta  
15244 Cody Snyder Ron Paul has a very realistic chance of winning the second time around.
15245 Nicole Van Roekel  
15246 octavian aker how else can i help this cause?
15247 Dustin Tarditi  
15248 Kelly Urquhart  
15249 Jack Schuler Run Paul Run!
15250 Meghan Del Castillo  
15251 roxann g  
15252 Josh Johnson Give me liberty or give me debt.
15253 Steven Schmidt  
15254 Essa Gazaleh  
15255 Aaron McEvoy  
15256 ALex Garoff  
15257 Pete Carmichael END THE FED.
15258 patrick I voted for mccain only because I thought I would waste my vote. I’m SORRY MR. PAUL. I regret my vote and please run for pres or this country is over with. You alone, are the only hope for true conservitaves!!
15259 Name not displayed  
15260 Name not displayed  
15261 Name not displayed  
15262 Name not displayed  
15263 Name not displayed  
15264 Name not displayed  
15265 Name not displayed I’m sick of being owned by corporations! Bring back government for the PEOPLE.
15266 vrezh zatikyan the best times of my adult life were giving my heart and soul to ron paul’s 2008 presidentian campaingn (the love revolution, the love of freedom and liberty movement!). and now my sould craves more :)
15267 Name not displayed  
15268 Brian allen  
15269 Jane Borst  
15270 John Dennis  
15271 Name not displayed  
15272 Michelle Ramos  
15273 Name not displayed Knowing there is at least one rational person in government gives me hope. Thank you.
15274 Aimee Mendel I have always been a Paul supporter but this time around I think if he doesn’t win the presidency this country is doomed. I will help any way I can.
15275 Name not displayed  
15276 Name not displayed  
15277 Christopher Rich Even if you don’t run, thanks for all you have done Mr. Paul!
15278 Name not displayed  
15279 Name not displayed  
15280 Shirley Poe Please…America needs you!
15282 Name not displayed Ron Paul tells the truth unlike most others. He is opposed to the Military Industrial Complex just like President Eisenhower.

Ron Paul will be an epic President!
15283 Steven D. Kanovitz paging Dr. Paul, the people need you…STAT!
15284 Name not displayed  
15285 Alex Hand  
15286 William Cody Segraves  
15287 Roger Prather  
15288 Luigi scarfiotti  
15289 Chris Lee Williams  
15290 Seth Lawrence Farrington Do it for us.
15291 Name not displayed Lead us to freedom!
15292 John McCarthy  
15293 Greg Schuter Lets get this 2nd American Revolution into overdrive!
15294 Dustin Sinkey  
15295 Jordan Curtis Ron Paul… You’re our only hope…
15296 Name not displayed  
15297 Dominik Wegiel If not you? Who else before its too late?
15298 Sean McMullen Ron we need you!
15299 GSA Our Founding Father’s Constitution must persevere.
15300 Name not displayed  
15301 Name not displayed  
15302 G Tex Ball  
15303 Name not displayed America is finally opening their eyes and seeing how you were right about everything you’ve said this whole time. You can win in 2012!
15304 Gregg  
15305 Alan James The only person who would be on the side of real Americans.
15306 joshua Francy We need to save this country. I am starting to try to wake up my fellow collegians here in the State of Washington. Please help us save what was a grand nation.
15307 Mike Primeau NH wants Paul in 2012!
15308 laura beaty  
15309 Name not displayed one more shot to save our country
15310 Glenn Holzer Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedom!!!!!!!!!!!!
15311 Andi Parsons We the biggest country in the world need a leader like Ron Paul, every country in the western world needs a leader like Ron Paul!

Run Ron it is you duty, the whole country is behind you!
15312 Charles Simington  
15313 Garrett Bollig uh huh
15314 Name not displayed In the name of all that is common sense…please run, Ron. Mitt Romney vs. Obama? No matter who wins, we all lose.
15315 Richard Acosta  
15316 Janet Campoverde  
15317 Ross Lloyd You’re the greatest. America needs you, I love this country and I want it to be great for my entire lifetime.
15318 Mike Detrick Sr  
15319 Name not displayed  
15320 Elliott Ron Paul 2012!
15321 J.Rowe  
15322 Name not displayed Rock on, Ron! :)
15323 Bill Perry Ron Paul is the ONLY congressman that cares more about the people than money. He could actually fix this country.
15324 Martin O’Neil Butler Dear Dr. Paul,

Please consider running. Someone must stand in the gap and rein in all of this spending. We will pay for it one way or another!
15325 Daniel Cabe  
15326 JRH Ron Paul is our only hope for the United States
15327 David Soltysik  
15328 David J Harkness Ron Paul, must god-willing run and win, we can no longer withstand the assault on our freedoms, a tipping point is occuring, God Bless the libertarians.
15329 RJH Ron Paul has to run for President. Our country needs him
15330 Raymond Thomas Pronk Peace and Prosperity for America
15331 Name not displayed  
15332 Patrick Gale  
15333 Michael Mulchaey The ‘Fed’ must go.
15334 Michelle Kinzel  
15335 Josef Marris Before i heard of Ron Paul, i didn’t even want to bother voting for a president, everyone running seamed like they would just screw this country even worse. This November I hope to see Ron Paul on the ballet for my first time voting.
15336 samsung f480 I completely agree with the above comment, the internet is with a doubt growing into the most important medium of communication across the globe and its due to sites like this that ideas are spreading so quickly.
15337 Philip James Smaldino Thank you Dr. Paul!
15338 Nicholas Egan please your our last hope for America
15339 Name not displayed I love your message and I love your stance on freedom. The country needs you Mr. Paul. If not you, who else is there? There’s nobody else. Please run!
15340 George baca I would like to lend my support to Ron Paul.
15341 Cliff Deforest Please run Ron.
15342 Aaron E. Arch Jr. Congressman Paul: Ever since I first seen you speak at the 2008 GOP Presidential debates I instantly became a loyal advocate of your school of thought. I have since then educated myself tirelessly with regards to the Libertarian Party and the Austrian School of Economics, and I’m a daily visitor of the Ludwig von Mises Institute and have purchased all of your books, as well as several books from the pioneers of classical liberalism and the Austrian School. Mises, Hayek, Hazlitt, and of course people such as yourself and Murray Rothbard. Dr. Paul, I genuinely believe with all of my heart that you are the LAST hope for an America that cherishes personal responsibility, individual liberty, and the U.S. Constitution. I am a testament to the level of which your philosophical, pragmatic, and consistency has spread. I am a 28 year old African-American Libertarian, as rare as a diamond in my community and background. I say this only to demonstrate that your leadership transcends all arbitrary boundaries such as party affiliation, race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. Because of what my ancestors went through in order to earn the right to vote, I almost always vote but if you don’t run for president, it will be the first time since I have been eligible to vote in a federal election but will choose not to. This means so much to me personally as I love America and what it stands for and can’t bear to watch liberals and conservatives drive it in to the ground any longer.
15343 Hank Steadman Dr. Paul is the most honest politician and the only person who could make some changes.
15344 Brian Sheets  
15345 Name not displayed  
15346 thomas doczi  
15347 Kingsley G. Morse jr.  
15348 Edward Gonzalez Zeitgeist: Moving Forward
15349 Jason Kunz  
15350 Name not displayed  
15351 Name not displayed I never had an interest in politics until Ron Paul showed up. Thank you.
15352 Name not displayed  
15353 Justin L. Howard I am new to Austin, TX and have a new found hope for America. Please understand that even with the economy strong here in this great city, the independence and freedom, pride and patriotism as a whole are slowly dwindling. We shall not be stagnant in these times of federal distraction. Run for president Mr. Ron Paul you will prevail.
15354 Ty Neatherlin Do it… it……
15355 Eric Porter Please for the love of god run Ron
15356 William S.  
15357 Julia Black  
15358 Justin Quintana Ron Paul 2012!!!
15359 Nathan Gill Sanity for 2012
15360 Name not displayed  
15361 Nick Huppert  
15362 Adam Linger We need you to ask the questions that no one else is asking, and hold those accountable that no one else will
15363 Jorge Arancivia Please!
15364 Pete Mackin “”Government is instituted for the common good; for the protection, safety, prosperity, and happiness of the people; and not for profit, honor, or private interest of any one man, family, or class of men; therefore, the people alone have an incontestable, unalienable, and indefeasible right to institute government; and to reform, alter, or totally change the same, when their protection, safety, prosperity, and happiness require it.”"

John Adams, Thoughts on Government, 1776
15365 Brent Palmen Dr. Ron Paul please run!!! even if u don’t think u stand a chance i think u will go very far and even if u come in second and don’t make it think about the amount of attention u will put on these hot topics and lay the foundation for the next election and possibly put enough pressure on the opposing candidates to start taking things the people want seriously.
15366 William Kenney Help us Ron Paul. You’re our only hope.
15367 JOHN KUNZ  
15368 Martin Kusz We need you. You have all my support.
15369 Dennis Alfonso  
15370 Timothy Parr  
15371 Stephen Christian  
15372 Ralph Lapinski  
15373 Dena Wilson  
15374 Matt Hovey  
15375 paul manchisi End THE FED FOREVER.
15376 Name not displayed God Bless the USA
15377 Craig Collet  
15378 Richard Kearns God Bless Ron Paul & God bless Ameica.
15379 George Kruchinina Do America a favor and fix it, Mr. Paul! We believe in you.
15380 Amanda Eiland  
15381 Name not displayed  
15382 John Busch  
15383 Name not displayed  
15384 Name not displayed Please run with pat buchanan we need you both.
15385 Name not displayed Please be our guy Dr. Paul.
15386 Dylan Locati END THE FED!
15387 steve wallace Dear Ron…Pls run in 2012 and when you are elected remove the corporations, banksters and wall streeters out of washington and replace them with the American people. We the People
15388 S Kolle  
15389 Name not displayed  
15390 Tim Theodore Run, Paul, Run
15391 Chuck I’ll take Ron Paul. The rest can keep the change.
15392 CJ Burkart Dr. Paul is our savior.
15393 Ally Sullivan Please run Mr. Ron Paul! You must help us fix all this mess… We absolutely need you and want you to run for our President!
15394 Jerry Neatherlin  
15395 Name not displayed  
15396 phillip ramminger  
15397 Name not displayed  
15398 Name not displayed  
15399 David Steele  
15400 Nelson Martinez Like the Four Fathers did at one point in history, ITS TIME TO TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK AGAIN-RON PAUL 2012 TO HAVE AMERICA BACK!!
15401 Name not displayed Please support constitutional law and restore industry,but above all put God first in the equation and realize once and for all that the monetary system has nothing tro do with economy and that the federal reserve is an absolute oligarch that super feeds a few and enslave the rest thru taxation and debt
15402 Name not displayed  
15403 Rebecca End the Fed! End the war! You’re our only hope!
15404 John von Roemer  
15405 Kreg  
15406 Arthur Duquette Your the only political figure that speaks the truth.
15407 Cynthia St John  
15408 Jason Annunziato Ron Paul for President. I’ll do anything I can to help if you call on me! :-)
15409 Ikoro Go RON!! 2012
15410 Zach West RPR
15411 layne riggs Liked you last time, love you this time.
15412 ADRIAN RON 2012!!!!
15413 Name not displayed  
15414 Name not displayed  
15415 Name not displayed Hi Dr. Paul;

You are the only reason I still have faith.


15416 Christian Javier i hope someone i know sees my name on here
15417 Jose Tapia Ron Paul rocks
15418 Stephen Westfall  
15419 Lidia Dominguez  
15420 Marina  
15421 Name not displayed  
15422 Christopher Vocke  
15423 John O. McCoy Ron Paul: very intelligent, educated in economics, politics, the constitution, honest, hard working, inspirational, a very rare combination.
15424 Zachary Kubin For Liberty!
15425 Linda D. Sheaffer We the People need you. Someone that knows what the heck is going on.
15426 Cornelius i hope americans woke up and you`ll do all you can to change this world
15427 Anthony J. Gedwill  
15428 Jim McCullough It’s time for the Republican Party to act like true Republicans again.
15429 shanna Run for 2012
15430 Christopher Silk We can do this! You are my hope in the future of the US
15431 Laura Davies I will pound the pavement for you Congressmen Paul! Please run!
15432 Rod Rollison Come on Ronnie, gitter dun!!!!!!!!!
15433 Zachary Poole You have to run Ron. You are our only hope to turn this place around. PLEASE
15434 Name not displayed  
15435 Shane Farrar You will be my first vote for president.
15436 Paul Carey We the people shall control the supply of money.
15437 Name not displayed  
15438 James Will vote for you again. Time we change America alot.
15439 Brenda Leardi  
15440 Ric PRAY 1 day people will come to there senses until then i’ll keep on preaching the message

RON you are 1 of my gr8tst influences in life TY
15441 Matthew S. Moore Please helps us Save this Nation!!!!!!!!!
15442 Mary Holloway Love  
15443 stephen delong please congressman, you are a TRUE american who i respect and quite frankly are our only hope and getting OUR country back, one man can make a difference and i know there are millions behind you i pray that you run and get this tyrannical, lying thieving government out of its power trip, abolish the fed, get rid of the unconstitutional TSA aand give us back our country, i will volunteer 24/7 to promote you= we need you Dr Paul, run ron run
15445 Name not displayed  
15446 Houston Ron Paul is the leader we need to revolutionize this country, and restore its principals!
15447 Stephen Johnston RON PAUL 12!
15448 Alex Kasson  
15449 Joe Vickers  
15450 Seth Keesee  
15451 Name not displayed Our founding fathers would be proud. Your the last to truly uphold your oath to our great constitution. Give America real hope and change.
15452 Richard Jinkens Yes, but will you take off the gloves and create a third national bank? and outlaw GMO’s, and stand down our police state?
15453 Attila Rumy  
15454 gabe please run ron!! America needs your wisdom!
15455 Mr. Dana Addleman Never in the history of this Nation have our Liberties and Constitution been in greater danger. We need you now more than ever, Dr. Paul.
15456 Patrick Cammans  
15457 Name not displayed  
15458 joe schwartzmier  
15459 Name not displayed  
15460 Michael H Crist  
15461 Name not displayed GET THEM COWBOY!!
15462 joanie We need YOU,…you are hope,… God be with you
15463 Matt Wood Please run, you are the chosen one. You are the one who will save us from tyranny.
15464 Name not displayed  
15465 Carol L The much needed President
15466 Rion Gull The country needs your brains.
15467 Rich Boyd  
15468 Name not displayed  
15469 Morgan Downes  
15470 Name not displayed  
15471 Nareg Ploozian  
15472 Talmadge Clements, Jr.  
15473 Logan Pettyjohn  
15474 Name not displayed Run, Ron, run!
15475 Brent Mowery  
15476 Name not displayed  
15477 William Ross  
15478 william Campbell Please Run.
15479 Name not displayed  
15480 Mike Canada for Ron Paul, Ron Paul for America.
15481 Amy wilson Please run Ron
15482 Ryan S. I am only signing in hopes of seeing his motives towards the medical marijuana initiative and in hopes that he will sign a binding contract to end the war in Iraq before he leaves office. That, is it.
15483 Ngoc Vi  
15484 Daniel Kimery Audit the Fed. End the Wars.
15485 Connie Martin We need you , Sir, to save our Country. My family and I are behind you 1000%
15486 Damon Its time for honesty in washington dc…We need somebody who will listen to the people…and the constitution!!!
15487 Nicholas DeLisa  
15488 Pamela LaBrake Dr. Paul,

America need you !!! Please consider running for president in 2012.
15489 Eugene Mikhelson The truth shall rise.
15490 Jared Bennett  
15491 Name not displayed  
15492 Jesse Smith It was the first Ron Paul revolution that got me thinking about free markets for the first time in my life. Imagine the number of converts, even if don’t win?
15493 Mr. Smith Imagine the media covering all that free market philosophy? Run for the sake of ideas, not just for the sake of winning the office!
15494 Name not displayed I have never voted for a Republican, and even like Barack Obama, but I would vote for you if you ran. Hopefully with Jesse Ventura as your VP.
15495 rex martin  
15496 Justin Felder  
15497 Tony Trent This country will not survive without people like Ron Paul.
15498 Chris Carter  
15499 Scott Cavenaugh  
15500 Alexander Battle America needs a leader with a deep conviction. Ron Paul is that leader.
15501 Name not displayed If not now, when?
15502 Name not displayed  
15503 Jason R. McCormick Courage is what we need now.
15504 Ahmed Munye  
15505 David M Layell Another victory for liberty!
15506 Name not displayed  
15507 michael You will win!
15508 John Agopian If you don’t run, then our country will be lost for another 4 years…
15510 Brian Ramsey  
15511 James Weeks  
15512 Name not displayed  
15513 Duaine Frederick  
15514 Roger Rhodes  
15515 Steve Cole  
15516 Bill Nessats Mr. Paul, it’s about time that the White House gets filled with common sense strategies. Please run in 2012!

15517 Name not displayed Ron Paul=Real Hope….
15518 Nina Manfredi  
15519 Alan Manfredi  
15520 Jo Neace Krause Do It For Your Countrymen
15521 Kirk Herman  
15522 ken crouse  
15523 Patrick Fogerty Free Dixie.!! US Marines Vietnam 68-69

Clan Campbell Scotland

St Louis Mo DIXIE
15524 Name not displayed  
15525 Albert  
15526 Name not displayed  
15527 Heather Danielowski  
15528 Heather Manthey  
15529 Name not displayed  
15530 Name not displayed  
15531 Steven Lloyd McMichael  
15532 Tom Aube  
15533 Blake Brandenburg This Country needs a Leader. This we do not have. Please provide us with your leadrship!
15534 Glenn Mendoza I will pray for you Dr. Paul!
15535 Ben Meyer Mr. Paul keep up the fight we need you!
15536 Roger Von Braun For you, I would.
15537 Riddickerr Ron Paul supporters from Poland: We are hoping here in this country, that Ron Paul will run for it!
15538 Nathan Robnett  
15539 Jon Ron Paul is a true patriot
15540 Crystal Pascarella-King  
15541 Rachel King  
15542 sherri king  
15543 Daniel James Robson Our country needs you Ron. My children need you, my parents need you. You are an inspiration to me and many of my peers. Please bring back honor to the oval office. Please run for President of the United States of America.
15544 emilio cannuscio  
15545 John Rebman My family will stand behind you in the days to come.
15546 anthony sullivan get rid of obama and bring paul in
15547 Nicole Calabrese  
15548 Name not displayed ron paul is exactly what we need to straighten up america and to help fight against the global elite who are draing our economy.
15549 john silva Ron never before has the usa needed your guidence this country needs war on drugs ended and all drugs leagalized
15550 Kristen Wass  
15551 Cathy Wing People need the truth. They won’t read your books if you don’t run!
15552 Name not displayed  
15553 Dennis Miller  
15554 Vasco Lourenço  
15555 Dianne McDevitt  
15556 Name not displayed  
15557 Eric Taylor God Bless you Ron Paul!
15558 Name not displayed A Constitutionist and independent fot the American people. Our only hope.
15559 Steve Theodorou  
15560 Jonathan A. Taylor  
15561 Matias Marin Ron Paul’s pro liberty stance and thorough understanding of economics proves he has credible understanding of how to help start bringing America back into a safer place
15562 Ethel R Ferris I tend to vote democratic, but I have voted for this man and will do again!
15563 Joe Giel  
15564 Bill Swadley I would hope the movement, libertarian, will garner the numbers to force change within the Republican Party. I hope the movement will work within the system to force change. I hope the libertarian movement does not try to leave the Republican Party, this would not work at this time. Keep the movement going and work hard to garner more support within. It will take time, but keep focused and change will occur if we are patient. I support the libertarian movement.
15565 richard baldan  
15566 Danny Jump  
15567 edward SOLIDARNOSC!
15568 Alexander Ferrier I can only imagine the amount of good you would do for this country. GO RON PAUL
15569 BJ Arias … we are out of time… change one way or another will come.
15570 William Hudnall I promise to make up for my many years of ignorance in the next 2 years if you run Ron. PLEASE we need you. America needs another chance for Liberty
15571 Name not displayed get after it Mr. Paul, we need you
15572 John Simons  
15573 Ryan Lott It’s time for the American government to stop serving the interests of big banks and corporations and get back to serving the people!
15574 Ramon Juarez  
15575 Anastasia Johnson  
15576 Charles Steibe Run prsident Ron Paul, you’re our only hope.
15577 Nicholas Roman  
15578 Logan Leavitt I want to personally let you know that you have my full support in the upcoming election for 2012. Never before in our history have we needed a constitution-loving, principled, fearless president more and no one is more suited for the job and no one else will more positively impact the new american revolution. Even if you don’t win (and i believe you will and must) the educational impact will do so much for our cause. Please run because I will vote for you whether you do or not. Thank you and God bless. Long live the Republic, long live the Constitution, and long live Liberty!
15579 Jo Anne Zito  
15580 Name not displayed A leap in the right direction!
15581 Michael Spitaletto  
15582 J.Davis I love my country for what it stands for, not what is has become.
15583 [email protected] We are slaves to The Federal Reserve. The crimes are extensive and it’s pure negligence to allow this to continue.
15584 callum President of the people
15585 Brian Fink  
15586 Joseph Latorre II FOR LIBERTY END THE FED
15587 Michael Rodden  
15588 George H Wolf  
15589 Name not displayed  
15590 Martyn Baker Ron you are the only one with enough common sense to stabilize this country.
15591 Mike M.  
15592 Cameron lancaster Dr Paul, If you do not run and win in 2012. I will loose all hope in the US.
15593 Name not displayed I support Dr. Ron Paul in 2012, he’s already done a fantastic job, can’t wait to see what he can do when he is president.
15594 Name not displayed I dont believe in a god or government, I believe in ron paul and a revolution of technology and people coming together as a world, move past government
15595 Dustin Reid Gary Johnson won’t have the support you can get.
15596 Timothy Goss  
15597 Brandon Roa Please save us
15598 Ron Hipner V
15599 Heather I love you!
15600 Name not displayed  
15601 Name not displayed Congressman Paul, you are our country’s only hope.
15602 Name not displayed  
15603 Name not displayed Fix us please.
15604 Joseph Ostrosky Dear ron paul i have followed you ever since you ran for president, the last term. I beg of you to re run in 2012 because we need some one like you to bring back the republican party back to its roots. Short and sweet…. “”foreign influence is one of the most baneful foes of Republican Government”"
15605 Stacy Wilson  
15606 Eric W  
15607 Bradley Johnson  
15608 jim sloane Time for a new revolution!
15609 Jesse Ron is the man!
15610 Jack G. Scott We need you Ron
15611 Michael Forian  
15612 Erik krogstad End the fed
15613 Charles Fuchser I have followed Ron Paul for many years and know that he truly loves America and always supports the principles of our Constitution.
15614 Derek Chernault  
15615 Shelley Fuchser Me and my husband will always support Ron Paul because he always supports the Constitution.
15616 Ryan Fuchser  
15617 Name not displayed  
15618 Andrew David Wilson  
15619 jerid mckibben Judge Napalatano for VP!
15620 William ruiz Run Paul run
15621 Name not displayed  
15622 Curtis L. Howard  
15623 Antoine Thomas Please run Dr. Paul! If there is even the slightest chance you can win you have to take it! You are more popular than ever and your very voice gives me (us) hope. Your Countrymen needs you. Please answer our call!
15624 Name not displayed  
15625 Stacy Hopkins Our country needs a man like you.
15627 Virginia Sims Ron Paul cured my apathy in 2007, the more I learn about him the more respect I have for him. He is a principled statesman who follows the law of the land… the Constitution to a “”T”"
15628 Matthew Colby Sain Ron Paul is a Boss!
15629 Josh Sayre  
15630 Name not displayed  
15631 David Mckinley God Help Us!
15632 Scott Graves Please run!!!
15633 Name not displayed paul-nader 2012!!!!!
15634 Chad E V is for Victory Ron paul 2012
15635 Robert Malnburg One of the most Honest politician/American we have in Government today……….
15636 Name not displayed Ron…I have supported your campaign and stood in the crowds of your rallies, in 2008 donated the “”Liberty Baby”" poster drawn with inspiration by my daughter Leah. I will continue to donate resources to you and your campaigns in hope that you will continue to inspire millions of citizens to help restore constitutional liberty for the people our great nation. Please take the step forward again to run for president in 2012 and this time around the revolution that started in 2007 will be heard around the world.
15638 Name not displayed Ron/Rand 2012!
15639 Jimbo Jones  
15640 Name not displayed  
15641 Joshua Johnson  
15642 Name not displayed  
15643 Name not displayed I trust in you Ron Paul! Your the hope we need for the future.
15644 Rebecca Pickens Please run Dr. Paul. We are long over due for a man with honesty and integrity to sit in the white house. God be with you through this journey.
15645 Stephanie Pendleton please. just please.
15646 Dimitry Ishenko  
15647 Name not displayed  
15648 Name not displayed  
15649 Fred M Ruiz  
15650 Lawrence Commans I just keep voting for this guy, nobody else it telling us the truth.
15651 Russell Stephens  
15652 Name not displayed SAVE US PLEASE!
15653 Antonio Renteria You’re our last chance before we learn our lesson the hard way Dr. Paul. Win or Lose you’re efforts will not go unappreciated by those who understand what liberty truly means. You sir are a true patriot.
15654 Joshua Hamilton  
15655 Name not displayed  
15656 Dan Deuel  
15657 Name not displayed I am a Democrat, and you are the only person in the Republican Party that makes any sense to me. You would be the best person for the Republican Nominee, and if you did, there is no doubt in my mind that you would win the Presidency.
15658 Bill Get the tide rolling Ron. We’re waiting to back you!
15660 Tyler Kosmen America needs you Ron Paul, run for president in 2012. You already have my vote.
15661 Gabe Wilson Run Ron Run
15662 msn weather I don’t usually reply to posts but I will in this case. WoW
15663 Name not displayed A true common sense American Patriot that reminds me of the type people that designed the Original Constitution.
15664 Name not displayed  
15665 John Rose  
15666 Dwayne Davis  
15667 Frank Frivilous Run Ron Run, and please reeducate your son.
15668 Name not displayed  
15669 Josh Griep  
15670 Name not displayed  
15671 michael johns  
15672 Cheryl Morris Help Save USA and us little people. We need jobs!
15673 Brien Boyd  
15674 Carrie Allison I didn’t vote for you in 2008, but I was wrong. Ron Paul for Real Change 2012.
15675 Name not displayed  
15676 Name not displayed Ron Paul, keep up the work on convincing congress to have access to the FED! WE NEED U!
15677 Roy S Gillinson M.D  
15678 Emily Schumacher You are the president we all need.
15679 Eric Smith We have the right situation for the american people to listen and respond to your message!
15680 James Luck Jr This country needs a major kick in the butt! Ron Paul can provide that.
15681 Name not displayed We need honest government and sound economic policies to get us out of this mess. Ron Paul, we believe in you. We need you.
15682 Eric Majeski  
15683 deirdre p. Dr. Paul - continue your honesty and sincerity all the way to the White House and thereafter !
15684 Name not displayed You’re our only hope.
15685 William and Donna Hufford  
15686 Kyler Carlisle Ron Paul/Chuck Baldwin 2012
15687 Brent Marti pls, Dr. Paul this is out of control. pls. END THE FED!!!
15688 Douglas Baker spread the word!
15689 Shane M. White Stand up for me.
15690 Name not displayed Ron Paul speaks the truth, a true representative of democracy.
15691 Jenna Jehlicka  
15692 Rozina Barkman Save our country…..Please.
15693 Tyler Wright Please Mr. Paul,

You’re the only hope we have left. Someone who cares for their Country and the future interests of all Americans.
15694 Shannon Tucker  
15695 matthew Go!Go!Go!
15696 Name not displayed End the Fed
15697 Charles Knight True statesmen needed, not more self indulgent fools. Thank you Mr. Paul for standing always on the side of Liberty!
15698 Name not displayed  
15699 Name not displayed  
15700 Phil Gaughf  
15701 Spencer Jergins  
15702 Name not displayed  
15703 Stephen Sierzega I support Ron Paul!!! Reform Marijuana laws!
15704 ken Richter  
15705 Tyge RONPAUL2012
15706 Derek  
15707 Jonathan Perry We need you to run!
15708 Alex Martin  
15709 Name not displayed  
15710 Name not displayed  
15711 Name not displayed We need you now more than ever.
15712 Lavern Swartzentruber  
15713 Ryan Nathaniel Winter In 2012 we want Truth, Responsibility and Integrity: Ron Paul has been our federal government’s only individual who stood firmly on these principles and even more so on the ideals of Peace and Liberty for all.
15714 Cameron Bethuram  
15715 Sean Turconi  
15716 Karl Tenckhoff Ron Paul is a shining example of both a politician and a doctor. Ron Paul 2012
15717 greg topper RUN Ron
15718 Name not displayed We need Ron Paul now more than ever!
15719 Callie Ingram  
15720 Rose Detrick  
15721 Bryan Whitmore  
15722 Name not displayed You’ve got my Vote!
15723 Michael Daneau Dr. Paul, I support you 100%. This nation needs you once more. Go get ‘em.
15724 Shane Waldsmith Thank God for Ron Paul!
15725 Dustin Jones  
15726 Melissa Jones  
15727 Name not displayed Ron Paul 2012!!
15728 Brad Hollister  
15729 Jon Henry  
15730 jonathan m. graham Ron Paul, I’m what i thought it was to be an exceptional citizen of the United States of America and now I’m not so sure. I say this because I believe in our human rights, our bill of rights, and I no longer believe that is what our government wants. I believe the few wish to enslave the masses and i believe they work against us for their own profit. Ron Paul i believe in you and i can only hope for a light in this darkness, a day when we stand together and redeclare our nation is free, and the freedoms we have been loosing for a false sense of security, will be ours once again. Run for president!!! You have our vote.
15731 Name not displayed  
15732 Tre’ Peterson We need a “”true”" change, not the status quo. We need Ron Paul.

Ron Paul 2012-2020.
15733 Tom Lindley  
15734 Stephen Barrett From the free state of New Hanpshire, live free or die!
15735 Anthony Raczek Ron with our current economical situation and the democrats and republicans spending money like its nothing we need someone like yourself in the white house. America is slowly started to wake up and your the man in front of the line. Keep it up and we all hope you run again for 2012.
15736 Ian Excellent! Thanks the heavens your work!
15737 Sam Pierce I believe that some of us who dismissed you in 2008 (partially because of the actions of your fervent supporters) have come to understand that we were wrong. Call it growing up.
15738 Name not displayed I’ll tell everyone I know to vote for Ron Paul in 2012
15739 Hardwicke Benthow You are the president we need.
15740 Natalie Blakley What if? Thank you Ron paul.
15741 Name not displayed Thank you Mr. Paul for seeing the light. You can count my vote! Also, bring in Jesse Ventura as your running mate!
15742 Denny R. Moss, M.A., MFT The country needs you, Dr.Paul ~

Please Go For It !!!
15743 alexander groce  
15744 marcus matthews thank you for standing up for the people
15745 Name not displayed Ron Paul 2012!
15746 Patricia Burnam gooooood luck!
15747 bj smith  
15748 Marc Quagliara Run Ron Run!
15749 Jeff Miller  
15750 Richard Gilbert  
15751 Gordon Kelts  
15752 robert smith  
15753 Ron Vollstedt He is the only candidate I back completely
15754 K. Tanner Barfield Go RON!
15755 Tim Mcfadden Mr. Paul, YOU are the last hope for the USA and the world. Bring home victory for us, V for Victory!!
15756 Richard Stevenson  
15757 Robert Schubiger Please run we need a common sense and liberties campaign
15758 Anne Cuskley  
15759 Dan Boyd  
15760 Mike Palmieri Waitin on you Ron!

Let’s Get It Done!!
15761 Jennifer Jonker  
15762 Byron Brunskill Ron, we need you like never before. This will probably be your last time to run. You are against preventative wars of agression, non constitutional programs for the feds, ending departments of education, HUD, Fannie May and Freddie Mac, etc., and a simple non invasive income tax system.
15763 Name not displayed  
15764 Tyler Maw GO RON PAUL
15765 Ryan Cox Mr. Paul you actually understand economics and history. You have every qualification.
15766 Tomas Fletcher Please run for office Dr. Paul. Our Nation needs a real Leader that can make the right decisions. I believe that your values transcend party lines and focus on the good of the country over the re-election of a party.

Thank You.
15767 Justin Mckay 2008 Whatcom County Ron Paul organizer
15768 Kosyak Good luck, Ron!
15769 James Christopher Giles Remember the four FATHERS, everything they said not to do we are doing, SAVE OUR COUNTRY AND ARE WAY OF LIFE
15770 Name not displayed  
15771 Kristin Davis  
15772 james craig Ron Paul 2012 or im moving into the woods!
15773 Christopher Burns  
15774 Name not displayed  
15775 Toni Smarr  
15776 Name not displayed  
15777 Heath Robretson Reduce the size of our government so we may resume a free society based on individual liberty.
15778 FAU Supporter You can be assured that there is support for you in my Area
15779 Kelly Wes Kirkconnell get some very wise security, have un predictable routs, have FARADAY CAGES around your living and working spaces.
15780 Erich Hinchman  
15781 Name not displayed  
15782 Dave stephan  
15783 Mike Holt  
15784 Name not displayed  
15785 Andrew Jordan Ron Paul, you have inspired me to follow your message and one day run for President of the United States with the message, ideals, and prospects you follow that can help our nation immensely and get us back on top.
15786 Amanda Hobbs  
15787 Nick Please run Dr. Paul. Your country needs you. The people are ready for REAL change to take place and I feel that you are the only potential candidate that actual values our freedoms as American citizens. We need people like you in all branches of government. Thank you for all that you have done and are continuing to do!
15788 Clayton Maddux  
15789 legally blonde Hey I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed reading your blog. You have good views, Keep up the good informative info :)
15790 Patrick Cross It only takes 1 person to make a difference. Lets all make this presidential election happen for the betterment of one country and therefore a betterment of mankind.
15791 Name not displayed  
15792 Les Shultz Ron, you speak the truth. WE THE PEOPLE are beside you!
15793 Eric Culver We need you Ron!!!
15794 Amanda Boyd  
15795 Ian Huyett Run Ron Run.
15796 Name not displayed  
15797 tom larsen Please run!
15798 Name not displayed Go Ron Go !!
15799 Blair Johnson You are the only politician I’ve ever truly believed in :)
15800 Cepelak STOP FED, we are angry!
15801 Eriv Christiansen Ron, don`t let the lame-stream media decide who is running for election, the people should decide!!!
15802 Stuart Malec  
15803 Andy Wesolowski  
15804 Monika Kulas  
15805 Daniel Durocher  
15806 nathan ott Go RON PAUL!!!!!!!!!!!
15807 Brian O’Connor  
15808 Juli King I believed in change in 2008, but in 2012 I want to vote for the real deal. No matter the party, republican or democrat, your the only one thats actually there for the right reason.
15809 Joe Benzi Paul for America! LIBERTY For All!
15810 ricky dean jensen  
15811 david i will support you ron
15812 Craig Boswell Thank you Ron Paul, for exposing the truth for all to see, Thank you Ron, thank you very much.
15813 Edward Bucci So far your the Best hope we have to curb the special interest and big lobbying corporations that bend congress to there will at the peoples expense. Help this country before we have our own rEvolution of poor vs rich class warfare.
15814 Omar Arrieta We need REAL change and someone who stands for the constitution! PLEASE!
15815 Doug Heaton supporter from last presidential election-All the way this time!
15816 Neal Bannister I served for the ideals you still uphold Dr. Paul. I thank you for that.
15817 juan vasquez  
15818 Name not displayed Ron Paul 2012!
15819 Matt Hendrickson Can’t wait to support your run again… You helped create a small awakening in the general public, and another run can only open the flood gates even further..
15820 Christopher D’Agostino Your the last hope!
15821 Patrick A. Kane  
15822 patrick cummins  
15823 stephen gade Power To The People!
15824 Curtis Nickerson Love your monetary ideas! You got my vote if you run in 2010!
15825 Name not displayed we are with you Ron Paul
15826 Name not displayed I don’t necessarily agree with every sentiment from the letter, but I do want to give my “”electronic signature”" for Mr. Ron Paul to run for U.S. President in 2012. I feel he has the best plan for America.
15827 Joseph Robert Dapper Ron Paul is just about the only hope the non-governmental non-union people have left in this country. RUN, GOOD SIR, RUN!
15828 Robert  
15829 Name not displayed Ever since 2007, the Ron Paul campaign has inspired me to be active in politics.
15830 Nathan Lindley This man need our attention
15831 Greg French  
15832 Name not displayed  
15833 dale hayworth  
15834 Chris Ghent God bless you, Dr. Paul.
15835 John Watson Our country needs Ron Paul to run for president.
15836 Brittany Chinigo  
15837 Kim Formeller  
15838 Jason Harlow Ron Paul 2012- Audit the Fed & Bring our Troops Home!
15839 Name not displayed  
15840 Allen  
15841 Name not displayed  
15842 Wes Collins Run Ron Run
15843 Colin Kingston  
15844 Nicholas Sherman  
15845 Name not displayed  
15846 carlos marti ron paul should run for president he has a great vision for america and he will turn america around
15847 Geoffrey Farmer Dr. Paul,

I’m not going to vote for “”the lesser of two evils”" again. If you run, I’ll vote for you. If not, I’m still voting for you.

God bless you, and God bless America.
15848 Olga Ayau  
15849 mike moreland  
15850 Richard Kopel Ron Paul is the only choice we have to save our nation from the corrupt forces that be. The best presidential candidate this nation has ever had by far. Hopefully the lamestream media will not succeed with a blackout this time around. They (including FOX) have lost all credibility and if they try to blackout RP again, it will be the last nail in their coffin.
15851 Carter Wells We need you Ron
15852 Robert B Howlett  
15853 Name not displayed If not you, who?
15854 Name not displayed R.P. we need you to run!
15855 Gregory James Simone I will actively be recruiting signatures for this petition. I am 17 years of age and to me it is clearer than ever that this country needs a radical change of direction.
15856 Robert Simpson  
15857 Marcus J. Newson  
15858 Name not displayed please Dr Paul!
15859 DEBORAH SCHINZEL-MITCHELL WE LOVE YOU RON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
15860 Jackie von Vital  
15861 julie  
15862 Kevin Stanley Ron,

You said you would run if your country needed you. We the People need you, Ron. Save us.
15863 Carie Kendrick  
15864 Andy Crouse We need you to run for president!
15865 Melanie Rogers Rand can be your V.P.!
15866 Josie Ramirez  
15867 Jorge Saenz Need to audit the FEDERAL RESERVE. Must make everyone accountable in Washington. NO ONE and I mean NO ONE is ABOVE the LAW. That includes the PRESIDENT.He/She is just a citizen who we have picked.
15868 Robert Alan Sprague Imagine this: Ron Paul/Tom Woods in 2012…

an Austrian Economics victory that would drastically shape the Government in freedom’s direction.
15869 Kate Cartwright  
15870 Josh Mounce  
15871 Name not displayed  
15872 Name not displayed  
15873 Bonnie Dear Mr. Paul,

You truly are the Thomas Jefferson of our day! Thank you for staying true to the Constitution and liberty! You are a man of great principle and integrity. Please run for president. You are our country’s hope. The media should be ashamed of how they treat you. You speak the truth and they can’t stand it. Thank you for your dedicated service, if only we had more politicians of your caliber and heart!
15874 Zachary Johnson  
15875 Trish Carroll  
15876 gerald dabbs  
15877 Christina Kopel  
15878 Edward Salem Dignify the office once again,please!
15879 Dawid Lacki  
15880 Dennis James Gaffney A hero steps out of the crowd and marches to the beat of a different drummer. “”He that would surrender a bit of liberty for a little more security , deserves neither and will lose both”" Benjamin Franklin
15881 Spyros Chrysochoidis A greek admirer, go mr. Paul! Athens supports Paul, Paul and nothing but Paul!
15882 Kyle McCalmon  
15883 Julio  
15884 Julianne Nelsen GO RON
15885 Cody Johnson a man with sense and will take action and what’s best for this country’s people
15886 Dan Elmore I have never voted for a President because America deserves better than what we have been forced to make a Decision Between in recent years..I will Vote Ron Paul in 2012
15887 Anna Teal  
15888 Bradley Hankins Alabama will be behind you. I guarantee it.
15889 Alex Davis Please run for President Mr. Paul! We believe in you and your views for this country!
15890 ryan RON PAUL2012
15891 Anthony Brooks  
15892 Name not displayed  
15893 Name not displayed We beg of you man, you got the ‘right’ knowledge and intentions that this country needs.
15894 Sean Johnson  
15895 susan brady  
15896 Name not displayed Thanks for helping to restore sanity to American politics
15897 Jase Fewins Dr. Paul you are possibly the last hope for this failing country. Please continue to promote the constitutional rights of the citizens and make a run for the 2012 presidency. You are inspiring Americans all over this country and giving them hope of what America should be. Without a doubt you are the true leader of the free world and you are the one who can make a difference.
15898 hoyts cinemas I’ve bookmarked this because I found it interesting. I would be very interested to hear more news on this. Thanks!
15899 Kristin Kline You are a fiery yet level-headed leader who we respect and will follow . . . will emulate. We support you %100. Run for president in 2012 — you have an enormous amount of backing.
15900 Tracy Powers Hopefully if he doesn’t get the nomination he will run as an indepedent and NOT let us down this time.
15901 Leda The White House needs an Enema and the American people behind Ron Paul while he does it!
15902 Emily Johnson  
15903 Name not displayed  
15904 Darcy Tubb I believe you’re our only hope.
15905 Name not displayed  
15906 Anthony Ortegon  
15907 Carolyn Tubb American need’s a President that cares about

people. and i belive that Ron Paul
15908 Roger Fox A True American Hero
15909 albert smit The people from the USA need a honest man like Ron Paul, but rather seem to like dombo,s like Bush and actors like Obama.I am from the Netherlands and wish that you americans will be wiser next time.
15910 Michael Stoffel Sir, I did not know of you when you ran for president in 2008, I know who you are now and you have my vote. The media tried to hide you then and did a good job of it but the internet, like you has grown and you are now known by me and everyone I know. If you choose to run for President I pray you can find a running mate that has your iron back bone, your caliber of ethics and common sense and is not afraid to tell the people the truth.
15911 Eric Pacy -A recovering cynic
15912 Name not displayed  
15913 Nicholas Kohli  
15914 Robert Moore Li-ber-ty! Li-ber-ty! Li-ber-ty!
15915 Name not displayed  
15916 Charlie Peters Audit the fed, support HR459Paul
15917 Trevor Capps  
15918 Tom Hume  
15919 Name not displayed  
15920 Jeff RON PAUL 2012!!
15921 Jessica Barreira Ron Paul…i’m 18, my generation and all future generations need you! I will be vigorously campaigning for you’re revolution, America’s revolution! You are truly a modern-day founding father, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
15922 edward baptiste THE Man in DC concerned with the Constitution and the integrity of the $.
15923 Charles W. Hudnall I’ll vote for Ron Paul. God save America.
15924 Name not displayed Mr. Paul, while I do not agree with your view on EVERY issue facing America today, I DO agree with MOST of your views.

I STRONGLY encourage you to PLEASE run for President in 2012!

Sir, I believe you have proven that your ideals closely match those of our founding fathers. WE NEED someone that will FINALLY stand up for the average American. It is high time the USA takes care of it’s OWN and leave the rest of the world to their OWN devices.

It is ALSO high time that our representatives JOIN our Social Security program and eliminate THEIR high priced guaranteed retirement plan from the US government.

15925 Kathleen Ioanno What clear vision!! Just saw you on Fox, yes, we need to quit trying to buy friends (affections of other nations). It has never worked yet. We are bankrupt, ourselves.
15926 Name not displayed Dr. Paul you are already my president.
15927 Name not displayed  
15928 Dan Stang  
15929 nicholas lhommedieu We need you.
15930 joshua mchoes run fo president and win!
15931 Lars Hellestrae  
15932 Courtney  
15933 Chad M. Jacobson  
15934 Barbara Cady  
15935 Name not displayed  
15936 Forest W. Daniels Please run for president. You are one of the most level headed people in politics. I see you as a republican/libertarian and on things both parties (left or right) are wrong on, you call them out.
15937 Isaiah i agree with mr. smith. your philosophy should be heard during debates and news, and then other candidates would be forced to address these issues directly.
15938 Chris  
15939 Name not displayed I am a student in Boston and would love to help!
15940 david hungerford we are all one
15941 R. Henning I cannot give any reasons better than the ones you gave during 2008 on why you you should be President. Please run again in 2012.
15942 Name not displayed  
15943 Kim Logan  
15944 Name not displayed Please run for President in 2012!
15945 Darryl Pate We need Dr Paul and the principles he stands for!!!
15946 Tiffonie Simonson  
15947 Christopher G.  
15948 karl reim Mr. Paul, I truly believe, you are the only one that

knows what the main problem with our country is:

15949 john williamson Please!
15950 Name not displayed RUN RON, RUN!
15951 Bhimal Naraine  
15952 Abriam Tyler Chapman  
15953 Mitchell Ryan Charles Kramb The time for the ideas you represent is now.

We believe in you.

We will fund you.

God bless you!
15954 Donald America Needs Ron Paul as President!
15955 Brandon Bullock Never in my life voted for a Republican, but if you ran I would reconsider that position. If you do become POTUS, hopefully you will continue to stick by your beliefs and call it like it is, no matter the size of the isle your on.
15956 Name not displayed Free America.
15957 Sandra Brosious You made a difference across this nation by running for presidency. You woke up the American people. You have become an American hero for such a time as this! Please consider to run again and keep the momentum going. America needs YOU!!!
15958 Jared Aquilina We don’t need change, we need to find what we used to be.
15959 jim sheets Ron please run I have been supporting you since 1988. America need a honest person like you, that you can believe in what they stand for.Time is running out and our freedoms and rights our being taken away each and every day Dr.Ron Paul has a great game plan for America good health and it start with you electing DR.RON Paul as the next President of the United States of America .
15960 Ron Hahn  
15961 Name not displayed  
15962 Name not displayed  
15963 Name not displayed I voted for Ron Paul in the last election. I would vote for Ron Paul in 2012.
15964 john williams We need you!!!!!!!
15965 T.H. Brister Jr.  
15966 Name not displayed This country is going to collapse without change. Obama isn’t about change. Ron Paul has proven that he is well aware of our problems and genuinely wants to fix them.
15967 a supporter  
15968 Jared Bell Ron Paul and Jesse Ventura 2012? That would be a good combination. If not, well, Ron Paul alone would be awesome.
15969 Zach Nichols Please run, Dr. Ron Paul - America needs you.
15970 Name not displayed It’s way past time to audit the Federal Reserve. There is no reason why unless they are trying to hide from the American Public what they are afraid to show, we have no right to know what they are doing with our tax dollars. This is still America…isn’t it?
15971 Name not displayed Thank you!
15972 Name not displayed  
15973 Name not displayed One of the few men in Congress who I have seen consistently speak the truth regardless of how hard it may be to hear. Congressman, your message has grown but there is still much left to do. Your country needs you to spread your message of liberty and responsibility. God bless you sir. Please run again in 2012.
15974 Gene Newman  
15975 Antonios Bogos  
15976 Name not displayed  
15977 leia please get that man out of the white house before he takes us all down
15978 David E. Smith Do what’s right for you and your family Dr. Paul. I will be in your corner and know with strong prayer the answer will come to you.
15979 Name not displayed Ron Paul has 3 of our votes
15980 Darek Demianczuk  
15981 Name not displayed Even if you’re afraid of losing, please just run for the sake of spreading the idea of liberty. Our country needs it now more than it did in 1774.
15982 Patrick Smith RON PAUL 2012!
15983 Butt Wild ron for president paul ron!!
15984 Eddie Tencza  
15985 White H. Marriott I can’t remember if I’ve already signed this, or not.
15986 Krzysztof Grabowski  
15987 Daniel Lahr  
15988 Erik Karabin Help put an end to statism.
15989 Jennifer Mertz  
15990 Melia Kahahane-Barker If people shared your visions of America on youtube, facebook, twitter, etc… you would become even more popular. I lived in Hawaii home of Obama and I don’t remember ever seeing a thing about who and what you really stood for. Please run for presidency there are more Americans aware now including myself and there would be no stopping you.
15991 Perry Auch I think you are the ONLY figure to unite a large and diverse group of Americans who are willing to act to reshape this nation. The problem is that if you remove Ron Paul, this diverse group fades back into the background hiss. No Ron Paul, no mass revolution, only mass discontent.
15992 Audrey Betancourt Please run in 2012! I pledge to do my part in using every medium possible to get your message to everyone. Thank you for you!
15993 Name not displayed  
15994 Luis Crespo Come on people! Let’s make this happen this year! Ron Paul is the man.
15995 Aaron Bylund  
15996 Elizabeth Mitchell PLEASE RUN! The American people desperately need you!
15997 Name not displayed  
15998 John Baxter  
15999 Monica Ciano  
16000 Justin Martin  

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