Signatures 15,001-20,000

Number Name Comment
17001 Chaz Kerscher Ron Paul 2012!
17002 Janaki Greco Please run!!
17003 Tuure Hameri Please run!!
17004 Dr. Jerry Gillis Jr. You have already been the lone soldier in the mist for so long now; but please;;;;;;; do it one more time. At least give us hope that our vote could acually count for a free America.
17005 Edmond J. Chevalier No better candidate. However, please watch for and be aware of voting machine fraud.
17006 David Mehlman Run Ron Run!!!
17007 Christine Diaz PLEASE run in 2012! You are a true gem in American politics! You are literally the only politician with consistent policies, whether foreign or domestic.
17008 Amanda Heyward You are the best this country has to offer! Let’s get Ron Paul elected!
17009 Name not displayed GOP does not seem to have any courage. Rep. Lungren fully intends to extend even permanently the Patriot Act. In the past, he approved NAFTA and CAFTA. Some congresspersons do not seem to learn regardless of how long they remain in their Congressional seat. They just seem out of touch with reality and the corruption in the government that dictates to them what they can oversee even though they are supposed to have that oversight ability over all. Executive orders seem to be printed at an alarming speed but Congress does not challenge them regardless of the fact they usurp Congressional authority making the Congress and our Constitution irrelevant. I appreciate you seemingly tireless work. We need many more Congress and Senate members who remember the Constitution is the source of their own authority in our country. Thanks again.
17010 Name not displayed  
17011 Robert Valenta Our country needs someone who can give us our freedom back. You are the one.
17012 Name not displayed Please Mr. Paul. Please run and save this once great nation. There isn’t one Republican that is worth a damn to vote for. They are all crooks. You though sir, tell it like it is.
17013 Mark Matesich  
17014 Name not displayed  
17015 Name not displayed This country needs him
17016 Name not displayed Hi Ron, as an Australian I truly do hope that you run for president and are elected.

Not just as a politician, but as a person, you are someone I hold my highest respect towards.

Please do whatever it takes to be seen on the national stage - whether it be as a Republican or an Independent - as I believe no person can equal you in knowledge, integrity or true leadership. And hence, when everyone listens to you versus Obama, it will be no contest.

For anyone reading this living in the USA: start campaigning now. Go door knocking, have conversations with those who don’t know about Dr. Paul, hand-out fliers that give his positions and links to youtube videos. Do whatever you can because this is the last chance and greatest opportunity for you to have an uncorrupted politician who actually represents the people’s voice.
17017 Name not displayed  
17018 Roger Peterson I’ll work in Arizona to get you elected.
17019 Name not displayed Please! rEVOLution!
17020 John McMahon  
17021 Name not displayed  
17022 Stevie Swift  
17023 Joel Farrell Restore us Ron….. please.
17024 Sharon Ford common sense needed to bring our country back, you are our best hope for that.
17025 Name not displayed  
17026 Richard Cocco  
17027 Name not displayed  
17028 edgar estrada coming from the “”young crowd”" as you said paul, you definitely have our support and i hope we can work together fpr a brighter future.
17029 toni You are our only hope to get back to justice and fair democracy.
17030 Name not displayed Please run Ron Paul we need someone like you.
17031 Name not displayed  
17032 Justin Sawyer We need a true leader such as yourself. We need an honest man, not a politician. A true conservative or a true liberal, matters little. A true person is who we need and I believe you are the only one we have. Please give it another shot! If anything else you will pave the way for real people down the line!
17033 luis a beltran flores i believe that Ron Paul would make a great President and will stand for for the little guys.
17034 Sergei Movsesyan I will make a donation sometime soon for your campaign. I trully believe in eliminating taxes, free markets, and some of your other ideas. The only thing I don’t believe in is terminating the alliance with Israel by not supporting it’s economy. Israel has a huge value to the world, and especially to America.
17035 Name not displayed The college students and future leaders of a “”FREE”" republic are behind you. Ron Paul is just the beggining of a renewing of liberty that the young generation is CRYING out for.
17036 Jimmy Watson Thank you Mr Paul for all that you do for the people.
17038 Name not displayed  
17039 Shannon I will continue to learn about your motives, Ron Paul. Take care.
17040 Scott Buzzelli We need you to set things right Mr. Paul!
17041 Name not displayed  
17042 Name not displayed Ron Paul for 2012! Help us to move forward into freedom. Help us remove these bars that is our govenment and feds. Good Luck I Am Behind You!
17043 Nicholas Demaree  
17044 eric douglas  
17045 Name not displayed  
17046 Name not displayed Thank you for your dedication to our country. We need you.
17047 Nila Wittenburg  
17048 alii good
17049 Brian Oberoi Just letting you know that I come from a family of democrats.
17050 Name not displayed He definitely has my vote.
17051 Name not displayed  
17052 Benjamin Fil  
17053 Martin Busby I’ve been keeping an eye on you and I think you are the best candidate for getting us away from corruption.
17054 zachary bennett i dont put hope in any politicians but i feel that libertarianism might be the only hope for this country and if we dont get it we are screwed
17055 Peter Price It seems that you are the only person who stands for sanity in America anymore, dont let the people down run in 2012 you have my vote!
17056 Name not displayed there has never been a greater need for a statesman than now, im afraid that ron doesnt run, we are left with little hope
17057 kenny quick  
17058 Name not displayed God bless you Congressman Paul! You’re one of the few level headed politicians out there today.
17059 M. Gloria Yates  
17060 Bob Green  
17061 Isai Asenjo  
17062 Chelsea Langer  
17063 Christian Brown Ron Paul really seems to be our last hope at ridding ourselves of lines of bad presidents who don’t know what they’re doing. Ron Paul NEEDS to be run and be elected…I really hope he will…
17064 Walter Traxel  
17065 Name not displayed You’re the real deal… we support you Ron Paul!!
17066 Linda Carroll  
17067 Name not displayed It would be great to have someone like Ron there but the elite won’t let it happen
17068 Linda Carroll  
17069 Name not displayed  
17070 Name not displayed Ron Paul 2012… It is the only thing that makes sense.
17071 monica smith love your honesty, very refreshing in these hard times, thank you!
17072 Michael Thomas The only honest man in politics!
17073 mattina engel please reconsider to run for president
17074 alex mydosh Thanks for all you do..We the people need you!
17075 patricia jahner Thx u
17076 Name not displayed Open the windows & door of our government and let some fresh “”Tea Party”" air blow in! Go Ron! Go Sara! and all of our American Patroit’s.
17077 patricia jahner  
17078 Name not displayed  
17079 Name not displayed I want a real change. He can bring America back to its former glory.
17080 Tony woo hoo!
17081 Quinn  
17082 Evan A. Harper Keep your eye on the ball Ron and get it back in our court again! Good luck and Semper Fi
17083 Name not displayed  
17085 Hunter Code I love Ron Paul!
17086 Walter Bumbulis Save the USA - Ron Paul in 2012
17087 joseph slabaugh WE NEED YOU!
17088 Name not displayed Thank you so much Ron! We need you now more than ever.
17089 Leo Reice  
17090 Ambrosia Danu We need a genuine change, not a puppet with a secret agenda.
17091 Lee Gildemeester  
17092 clayton thomas  
17093 Name not displayed  
17094 Name not displayed  
17095 Roger West  
17096 Name not displayed  
17097 Keith Woods The other Republican candidates are all uniparty Republicrats.
17098 Tim Muto We need you…
17099 Eric Schmidt I’m scared for our future. We NEED Ron Paul in there!
17101 Michael E. Badgett Congressman Ron Paul is a breath of fresh air in the American sewer that is the United States Congress!
17102 Jeremy G. Defend the Constitution!
17103 Aaron Smith It is absolutely stunning to admit, but completely true, that out of the 308.7 Million people in this country, Congressman Ron Paul is the only person suited to run this country, at this time. A positively stunning list of achievements and perfect congressional voting record. We should be so honored to that a Statesman like Ron Paul would run for President. There is Hope yet.
17104 P. Schrock RON PAUL 2012 - Libertarians for Real Change!

Fishers, IN
17105 alejandro santa cruz 2012!!!
17106 Linda Arceneaux voted for you in 2008, been steadily posting stuff about you on my facebook wall since before the election….hope to have helped you. hoping to be able to put you where you belong in the white house! thank you for all you are doing for us!
17107 Ellen Ring Dear God,

If Ron Paul really is a good guy, please protect him and let him lead us back to safety.
17108 Sean Davidson He’s got my vote 120%.
17109 Calea House 2012 New Revolution!!!!!!
17110 Name not displayed Ron Paul is what America NEEDS! PLEASE
17111 Mike Branson Over the last four years, the many men and women who’s eyes you opened last time you ran, has now spread. Many have opened their mouths and talked about you Mr. Ron Paul. We have spoke about your legislation, and helped inform anyone willing to open their mind and lend an ear. Continue to do what you’re doing and we’ll continue to support you along the way. We are all one and we must stand up together.
17112 Name not displayed  
17113 Name not displayed Dr. Paul,

Please help us. You are truly our only hope.


The People
17114 Dan Johns Please run !
17115 Mathieu Bourguet  
17116 John Hall Please!!!
17117 Name not displayed Please run for office, it doesnt matter if you lose.

The subjects of which you bring up during presidential debates is eye opening.
17118 casey strait CHAMPION OF THE CONSTITUTION !!


17119 Tony Hernandez6 Please for liberty’s sake
17120 Ed Monahan Come on Ron, Do it for America
17121 Josh Reed Help us Ron Paul, you’re our only hope.
17122 Name not displayed  
17123 Robert McNeish  
17124 Amy G Brown Ron Paul - Our Only and Final Hope!

Down with the NWO
17125 Name not displayed Mr Paul. We need you to win this campaign. I have never been more afraid of our governments current power. I believe wholeheartedly in what you stand for and I back you 100 percent.

Please run and win before it is simply to late.
17126 Name not displayed Let’s do this, Dr. Paul, it is time!!!
17127 Name not displayed  
17128 John Wu I made a mistake in 2008. Now I know what real change is. Please run again!
17129 Jen Le  
17130 Christopher Diamond Please do not extend the so-called PATRIOT ACT. Instead, why don’t we reinstate Habeas Corpus and BE the model of freedom that we claim to be!
17131 Joshua G. Tippitt God Bless your sir
17132 Name not displayed Save us Ron Paul
17133 Christopher Diamond Dr. Paul, like so many others you cured my apathy. The rampant destruction of our republic at the hands of the statists cannot continue, and no other voice for freedom carries your clout. I implore you, sir. Please, give us another chance in 2012!
17134 Ryoko Diamond END THE PATRIOT ACT AND THE FED!!!!
17135 Name not displayed Please Dr. Paul, run for president.
17136 Emilio  
17137 Monique Windham Love Ron Paul!!!
17138 jim davis Please Dr Paul we don’t care if you win or not. Your the platform we need to get the message out on A national platform. Thank You Dr Paul.
17139 Nate Jones If we don’t find a new path in the next election, we will become victims of our government and our bad choices. Help us make a new path.
17140 Eric  
17141 Brian Most logical politician in the US.
17142 Maranda Stevens I am so greatful to have come upon Ron Paul, a god fearing man, who actually acknowledges the REAL right from wrong! i pray 2 GOD that we can have him as our president!
17143 James Cutter We need you, sir.
17144 AJ Ron Paul and people like him are the only hope this country has of surviving as anything resembling what the founders intended. Please run for president Ron. I can’t think of anyone that is more deserving or who will serve the interests of the people of this country more.
17146 Jonathan I think Ron Paul is one of the last true politicians that truly cares about the average American. Not just the ones feeding his pockets like so many in Washington. His policies make since and I believe that he has what it takes to get America back on track.
17147 Steve Clarence Berecek IT’S TIME…
17148 bill Dowdell Do it!!!!!!!
17149 Michael Harper America needs their eyes opened. There is no one else but you who can make it happen. You’re movement has steadily been building momentum. Make it happen sir.
17150 Joel Bieber We need a candidate who isn’t afraid to stand up for the people, fight the media, bring justice to the powerfully corrupt, and bring back the positive values that this country has lost. The people need educated on a mass level by a person with respectable knowledge. The media is highly responsible for the election of poor leaders. We need a candidate to rise above their biased views and show this country what it can be with a good leader.
17151 Susan Ellison  
17152 Ray Swan America, more then ever needs patriots, not politicians. And you sir, are a patriot. Please run.
17154 Timothy Barreca Please run for president in 2012 america needs you!
17155 Yana Malashenko ~From Russia With Love~

You’re not just the only hope for America, you’re hope for the World!

Thank you so much for all you’ve done! We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors!
17156 Name not displayed  
17157 Name not displayed I fully supported you in 2008 and ready to serve in 2012
17158 Rafael Martinez  
17159 Justin Bateman  
17160 Aaron  
17161 Daniel Starr  
17162 Name not displayed HELL FUCKING YES RON!
17163 Name not displayed FOR THE SAKE OF MY CHILDREN RUN AND WIN IN 2012!!!!! RON PAUL!!!!!!
17164 Name not displayed IF you run, you will win! American people have awoken as 2010 midterm election shown. You have all the right stuffs to turn this boat around.
17165 dave Dave says run. Just do it.
17166 Michael A. Perkins WE, The People need you Ron.
17167 Name not displayed I hope that you can change this country and work for its people and not for the banks and invisible hands that have ruined it. I pledge to vote for you hoping you can bring the change that obama promised but did not deliver. If you pledged to end the federal reserve and restore our country I am sure that you would gain the support needed to win this electon. Educate the population and im am sure they will follow.
17168 Name not displayed Ron Paul youz mah nigga. Do it up son. 2012 Bitch!!!!!!
17169 David Kennison The Hon. Ron Paul:

What is more important to the prospects for liberty in American than the electoral outcome of the 2012 Presidential election is that an articulate candidate advance a consistent argument for Constitutional government throughout the campaign process. You, sir, are the only candidate we can trust to deliver that message untainted by compromises calculated to pander for votes. Your candidacy is essential to the future viability of the Constitution of the United States and consequently to the survival of the world’s best hope for the future of individual liberty and for the ultimate survival of the human race. Please run.
17170 John Mercier Ron, you are the fucking shit. I wish i was a male seahorse so i could have your babies. YOU ARE THE BITCH BRO
17171 Travis W  
17172 Rabah Rahil Finally someone who wants transparency in the government and wants to end America’s imperialistic foreign policy. You can’t have a domestic democracy and imperial foreign policy!
17173 Michael Lindberg SAVE THE US!!!
17174 Name not displayed Please run in 2012!
17175 Justin Manning”,2012

17176 Margaret Fisher  
17177 Kyle Hartfield  
17178 Name not displayed Integrity often falls by the wayside in politics, but it’s perhaps even more important than a candidate’s policies themselves. Ron Paul knows how to fix this country, but even better than that, we know that Dr. Paul can never be bought and never be bullied. This man has the experience, understands the economy and is the only prospective candidate to serve in the military. He’s an American, he’s a patriot and in 2012, let’s make him president.

Ladies and gentleman, now is the time. In 2008, Ron Paul seemed to win just about every online poll. Well, you know what? Elections aren’t decided on the internet. I challenge the supporters out there: It’s time that you get out from in front of our computer monitors and take this enthusiasm to this great country. Don’t let yourselves be marginalized. Don’t let yourselves be bullied. Ron Paul has stood up for this country for decades. It’s our turn to do the same.
17179 Name not displayed Splitting our vote against Obama is a HUGE MISTAKE. Between what they steal, pay for,coerce and the minority vote Obama has a hell of a head start.This is NOT good for our country. There is bad and there is evil. Vote for the nine thousand americans killed in two wars , fighting communism.If Obama gets a second term He will create chaos and declare martial law then eliminate term limits!
17180 jacob chemotti Your the only hope we have to turn america around. When I was a kid I remembed how proud people were. Ever since the patriot act we’ve been losing our freedom and I feel like its more common to talk about how currupt our country is rather then how free we are.
17181 Mike Fettes  
17182 Name not displayed We need you and others like you, Paul!
17183 james morrison Ron pls run for president im scottish and know that you winning will have a big effect overhear and for all supposedly free nations who’s governmaents have got to big for there boots and are putting our children into billions of pound debt america is the beacon of freedom yet only you seem to remember that. best wishes
17184 Chris Jones  
17185 Timothy Tripp End the Fed!
17186 Rev. Nagi Mato Yep, I’ll admit it. I got conned by Obama. I honestly feel that the only hope we have left rests in Mr. Ron Paul!
17187 Name not displayed  
17188 Colleen Pena Win, expose the traders and bring honor back to the presidency. I keep you in my prayers. God speed.
17189 Joseph Paul If you don’t save us, I don’t know who will. I fear for the lives of me and those close to me, as the government becomes more invasive and omnipotent, and we head towards a police state where the citizens live in fear of the government. Chills run down my back.
17190 Dustin L. Glass Ron Paul 2012!
17191 João Soares Gonçalves I’m not American, I’m Portuguese, but even so I’d like to send my support to a man who has always been honest and loyal to his values. Thank you for your ongoing service to the world.
17193 Michael Winchester RON PAUL 2012 HOPE FOR AMERICA!!
17194 Shirley Hill  
17195 jeff i wish to have a real president in the white house who will put the united states first,not first when,not first if,but first PERIOD !!!! its been 50yrs since we had a real united states president,i”"m sick of the talking heads giving lip service to the american people
17196 seejack hughes  
17197 Les Jordan P-P-P-Pllllllllleeeeeeeeaaaaaasssssssssseeeee Run for Pres in 2012
17198 thomas love u Ron
17200 Adam Empie I hold that governments are meant to be, and must remain, the servants of the citizen…

-John Adams

If you don’t run for president, what hope is there??
17201 Eddie Clearwater We need you.
17202 Kenneth Massey save us from more bloodshed ron!
17203 Rafael Freytes  
17204 Name not displayed  
17205 Amir Ali  
17206 Name not displayed Mr. Paul, Please run for President so American voters can be set free from candidate choices that are NO choice.
17207 Name not displayed Please run for President we need someone to stand up for the people since our government is not.
17208 Name not displayed Please run for President in 2012 to give us true Americans a voice in government again!
17209 Brian Rice You’re our countries solution I just hope that the american public stops voting in problems…
17210 Name not displayed I started a draft RonPaul facebook and have gotten a crazy amount of support…. We need you Dr. Paul.. More than ever.
17211 Name not displayed  
17213 Draven Please run for president and address the federal reserve issue, marijuana legalization as a controlled substance(no, ‘m not a smoker), encourage the use of hemp over trees(more sustainable/6 month harvest/more fiber production per harvest), and the real health crisis which the toxicity of our foods such as MSG the number one cause of diabetes and obesity, which in turn, is our #1 killer.

Politicians have been bought out for so long. It needs to stop. The FDA is controlled by chemical companies, the federal reserve is screwing us, and marijuana is not the gateway to drugs. It’s meeting a dope dealer to get it that is. We spend to much money fighting it, when it’s the safest drug on the planet to use. Why is alcohol legal, but marijuana isn’t? Legalize it, tax it, and use that money to pay debt. Tax chemical companies that poison our food, make us fat, cause cancer, so that they can profit from out sickness.

When is the us government going to be interested in the cure for sickness, rather than prolonging sickness for profits?
17214 Scott Anderson  
17215 David Pihlgren Keep america honest, Ron! Do it for me, and do it for the liberty of all the american people!
17216 Jennifer Lokken Please, run Ron Paul! WE THE PEOPLE NEED YOU!
17217 Michael Lokken  
17218 Duncan Hayes Please run Ron! We need you!
17219 lennon  
17220 Bryan Please run! You are the only politician that has their head on straight. Your views on government are in line with what the people want and need! Please help us.
17221 Name not displayed You are my hope for this country!
17222 Steven Kean Ron, thank you for bringing truth and reason to a world of lies and insanity. Now Run.
17223 Dan George Run! Run! Run!!!!!!!
17224 Daniel Brown When a large amount of our taxes goes to other countries and national defense pork while we are in debt does not make sence. As long as fear tactics run the goverment it will not change.
17225 Kelly McSorley  
17226 Donna Self  
17227 Stacy Thompson  
17228 Jessica deleskey  
17229 Chris Otten Hi Dr. Paul

I had brunch with your family in NH (Jan 2008). You may remember someone sitting with your family :)

It was great to campaign as part of the grassroots Operation Live Free or Die.

I’m committed to making 2012 even more effective in NH.

With gratitude,

17230 Name not displayed We need this.
17231 Adam Yates  
17232 Name not displayed America needs you!!
17233 Evan Carter In the future you will be remembered as the president that started to turn things around. You have the spirit and insight of many of the founding fathers.
17234 frank teti  
17235 Name not displayed  
17236 Joachim Durley I would love to see this happen an actual HOPE for America. Even though i know nothing will be solved immediatly he can stop things from getting worse.
17237 Name not displayed  
17238 samuel najar please run for president, i want america back
17240 medhane asefaw Gooo Ron!!!
17241 margaret najar i support my sons views and opinions
17242 Mark Anderson The country NEEDS Ron.
17243 Joe Eckhaus A chance to save this country !!!!
17244 Maria DeCarmine Bender Praying for you and our country. We need you!!!
17245 Name not displayed The only one left to clean things up. Ron Paul is the absolute LAST HOPE for America.
17246 John Thomas Loss  
17247 Name not displayed Getem Ron
17248 Konstantin Sinkevich Support legal immigration and bring talents from whole world to the USA.
17250 Brian Paul Go Ron!! Just read the book “”End the Fed”" Great book. And we share the same last name.
17251 Name not displayed  
17252 T Tibbetts You sir, are our one and only hope for sanity.
17253 Andre Louis Dr. Paul,

I am vice president of the libertarian student organization at the University of California, Berkeley, and the amount of support we’ve been able to garner even here in the heart of the Left Coast has been simply astonishing. We sincerely believe you have the ability to succeed in a 2012 bid for the presidency of the United States. The country needs you, Ron. Don’t let us down!
17254 Name not displayed  
17255 Pedro Kerstitzsch  
17256 Name not displayed  
17257 Name not displayed  
17258 Paul Bouchard We need more heroes like Ron Paul.
17259 Name not displayed  
17260 Ana Maria Moise  
17261 Joseph Diaco Ron Paul doesn’t wear flip-flops.
17262 ron moore I Will do anything in my power to help you all the way. Thank you.
17263 Dillon Van Auken Ron, you are our only hope left for 2012. You are the true change this country wishes to see.
17264 rick glaser  
17265 Kara Simon Dr. Paul, Keep up the awesome work!!!! You are truely appreciated!
17266 Matt Steffes We are going to need such a great free-thinking mind as Ron Paul for the coming years. I believe he is the only person to capable enough to intervene in government policy to bring give our future back to our forefathers.
17267 Name not displayed  
17268 Mr&Mrs Donald L Shoemaker  
17269 Osmar Bernardes Júnior Please, stop the Police State. We, foreign people, ask for it.
17270 Amanda Woodall  
17271 Dean Bunker help us o b 1 kenobi, you’re our only hope!

17273 Name not displayed  
17274 James G. Rowe  
17275 Edward Castellano I have no hope for America if you dont run.
17276 ray lawley  
17277 Name not displayed  
17278 Name not displayed Please Run!
17279 Lisa Terska  
17280 Randy Van Noort Dr. Paul,

We need a president who will look out for our best interests- not the best interests of the corporations/banks.

Our family is hoping that you will be our next President in 2012!!
17281 Name not displayed I am campaign for Ron Paul!
17282 Robert Arevalo  
17283 Andrew L. The only politician I can honestly trust to do whats right for the country.

Ron Paul 2012!
17284 Dennis We need a President that has steady principles and believes in the founding principles of the Republic. You are the only man I would ever consider trusting in the chair of the President’s office as you actually follow logic and have proven never to compromise your core beliefs. Time and time again have you voted down things that conservatives should all vote against while the rest of the Party happily accepts big government and the destruction of the Constitution.
17285 Lisa Sullivan  
17286 Ramon Ramirez Ron Paul would you please run for President in 2012

pledge my vote as well as my wifes
17287 John  
17288 Jorge Ramriez Please Ron Paul would you run for President of this United States in 2012 .
17289 David Laity Leadership is all about doing the right things….
17290 Jeremy Lichtman  
17291 Lucas Temple Ron Paul is one of the few hopes I have in politics.
17292 Dan Walsh Your arguments are sound and your reasoning logical. I like a man who speaks truth and has proper clarity and vision in an era of bias and ignorance.
17293 Scott Muir  
17294 Andy Lykens Supported Obama in 2008…What a mistake. We need Ron Paul to run and get us out of this mess our country is now facing!
17295 Name not displayed God bless you and your family Ron.
17296 Name not displayed ron paul is what this country needs
17297 Mark Koenig  
17298 Thomas McCarty  
17299 Eric alvey Let’s win
17300 Anthony Livshen Please Ron Paul, save us!
17301 Ryan Gregory You have my vote.
17302 Name not displayed  
17303 Leah Praytor  
17304 Name not displayed Do it!
17305 charles herrmann III i doubt theyll let you run, but give her a whirl we will do our best to promote you via the internet
17306 Joseph DO IT!!!
17307 Name not displayed  
17308 Name not displayed Get rid of: chemtrails, TSA, Patriot Act, GMO foods, CIA, NSA now!
17309 Bill Karr Even if you cannot win the presidency, we need to send the message that typical Democrats and Republicans are becoming less and less popular. You will have my vote.
17310 Terry Luster WE LOVE RON PAUL! 2012!
17311 Jason Kearns Save our Country.
17312 chris jenson  
17313 Craig Law  
17314 Cazz RON PAUL 2012!! He’s our only hope.
17315 Joseph Wilson Ron is the man to get the job done, he has gotten interested in the consititution like no other, he has inspired me to get involved in whats going on in our country, he is a voice of the people for the people, and has a love for this country that we should all have.. ~God Bless
17316 Name not displayed  
17317 Jonathan Ibarra  
17318 Jerome  
17319 alicia larez ron paul rocks!
17320 Jason Leatherman I love everything you stand for Mr. Paul. Dare to be different than the rest of the politicians, stay true to your course, and you will have my vote!
17321 Terry McClain The reason I wrote Willett Comb (17 songs 76 minutes).
17322 Mary Beth Loy Mr. Paul, you are the only President I want. No one can measure up. I’ve followed you for a few years. (SK2 Loy - find that note). If you don’t run - my heart is not in it. It will be the same as ever - the left same as the right. We need a constitutional President! With 5 X the bodyguards with severly checked backgrounds! Bless you in your decision!
17323 Jeffrey Porter For re-awakening the ideas of freedom.
17324 Jay Myers  
17325 Chad Best Republican candidate possible!
17326 Matthew Purnell Congressman Paul is the only person currently in office who makes any sense.
17327 chris acret  
17328 Genie O’Brien Run Ron Run
17329 James Goetz WE ARE COUNTING ON YOU!
17330 Wayne Curry In Ron we trust….
17331 David Hoffmann Jr.  
17332 Name not displayed  
17333 John Cross Without you Dr.Paul our cause could be set back another decade, please run.
17334 Name not displayed Ron or NO ONE ELSE.
17335 John Hannan GO RP!!!!
17336 Jeremy Walls  
17337 Name not displayed bring back peace and justice
17338 Name not displayed  
17339 Yuan Run for Senate also! =D
17340 Angela Immer Ron Paul is The Most Qualified for president. God Bless Ron Paul and his family.
17341 Travis Lance Alexander Dear Mr. Paul,

Put an end to political and corporate corruption. Honor and integrity starts at the top. Show America the way!
17342 Kurt Rieper R3VOLUTION
17343 Zackary Dane SAVE US!
17344 Name not displayed Ron, you are a person who has inspired me. I hope the you run again.
17345 Michael Aitchison Ron…Just do it
17346 Dustin Sink We need you now more than ever Ron. The Constitution is in danger!
17347 Eric B. Hoffman  
17348 Name not displayed Ron Paul Revolution! Yea, baby!
17349 Name not displayed  
17350 DAVID SIEGEL Dr. Paul we believe in the message and principles of Liberty, Freedom and Constitution. We need you to fan the flame one more time!!!
17351 Name not displayed run ron run!
17352 Max Henderson  
17353 Mia McCurdy I support you!!!
17354 James Adams  
17355 Justin Rash I have my donations ready for your campaign Ron!!!
17356 Amanda Flick  
17357 Travis Crank We campaigned for you vigorously in 2007-2008 & formed the largest Meetup group in the state of Kansas.

Bring it back! We’ll put you in the White House.
17358 Tracey L. Wells Run Dr. Paul, Run!
17359 Lee Jones  
17360 Name not displayed The one and Only man in politics that knows what he is talking about.
17361 Name not displayed please, please, please. You are our only hope to stop the madness. I will will whatever I can to help.
17362 Name not displayed  
17363 Name not displayed Ron, I we would be in good shape if most of congress were like you but they are not. You have the greatest logic of what government is about. We need you and ask you to pray about this seriously. God-speed!
17364 Name not displayed You’re our only hope, Ron!
17365 Name not displayed  
17366 Richard Welsh Go Dr. Paul, go!
17367 John Brandli  
17368 Name not displayed  
17369 Jeffrey M Cook  
17370 Daniel Browning It is due to people like you that I still hold onto a tiny shred of hope for the direction this country is going. When every other politician around you says what they think their constituents want to hear, you say what you believe. Whether you decide to run in 2012 or not, please keep fighting the good fight, sir, in whatever way you can.
17371 Name not displayed We need more people like you, that will stand up for our contitution, I also like your books
17372 Evan D Dr. Paul you have a rare voice that speaks for each individual citizen. That is the only special interest that matters!
17373 Norway Ron Paul is the right man to take America back too old Constetutionl goverment…..
17374 Vincent Hornbach You will have my vote in 2012. I voted for the wrong candidate in 2008, I won’t be making the same mistake twice.
17375 Name not displayed Get this done, I’m happy to help you in anyway I’m able. This country needs YOU. Thank you.
17376 Name not displayed Ron Paul!
17377 ivan mendez I’m begging that you run for president in 2012. i would literally get on my knees and kiss your feet so that you would. You are our last hope.
17378 christopher pounds Love Ron Pauls ideals and has opened my mind to politics a vote for him in any election.Please run!
17379 Gail Hall  
17380 Lori Stites  
17381 Albert T. Colon The greatest Hero I have ever conceived was always ‘Superman’ and yet, his greatest hero was ‘George Washington’. I believe that one of Washington’s greatest heroes would have been Ron Paul. If ever a true and honorable patriot who understands the important issues, defends the rights of the people and the concepts of the constitution deserved to be president, it would be Ron Paul.
17382 matthew zigeler  
17383 Christine Harris  
17384 Troy J Poretto  
17385 Name not displayed  
17386 Jesse Johnson  
17387 Name not displayed  
17388 Name not displayed  
17389 Name not displayed Ron Paul.. .you’re our last hope!!
17390 Name not displayed Go Ron!
17391 Name not displayed I am not an American Citizen, but i would like to say that Ron Paul is “”a good guy”". He always sspeaks the truth, advocates the principles of the Constitution and speaks out when it’s meaning is threatened. I for one feel Pres’ Ron Paul would be a force for good in the United States of America. Making the USA and (for me) the World a safer place with his foreign affairs outlook.

Though I don’t have a vote, I’d still support Ron “”the good guy”" Paul.

Best Regards,

Marcus, UK.
17392 Name not displayed  
17393 Nathan Jackson  
17394 Name not displayed As much of a personal sacrifice it may turn out to be, Mr. Paul, you’re service to the future of this country must take precedence.
17395 Tyler Young  
17396 James Clements  
17397 Tim The college kids who woke up a couple months too late last go ’round are ready this time! Time to drop some knowledge, Ron. Real Change: Ron Paul 2012.
17398 Josh Hart  
17399 Mikey Blount A few years ago when I first heard of Ron Paul, I brushed him off as a libertarian radical….boy was I wrong! IF ONLY we could elect him as our next president maybe we could save this great country that has been the greatest socio-political experiment in the history of mankind.
17400 tom lilovac short term gain long term lose…americas foreign policy in a few short world.hope you can change that when you become president in 2012
17401 Angie Nims We needed you, and now we desperately need you! My brother wrote your name on his ballot, with a check box, and voted for you. I did not vote because I didn’t have the freedom to vote for who I really wanted to elect as President… RON PAUL. The word has spread, the world has changed, and as a Florida Gulf Coast resident I beg you, please run for the Presidency of the US. You are our only hope for Americans, and the for the World! Revolution!!
17402 Patrick Lee Ron Paul opened my eyes, and I hope he will run again for President and challenge the status quo candidates!!
17403 David As a World We need you Ron Paul!
17404 Carm Lanza Vote for the one who’s not working for the bankers
17405 jameson gregory i wish u the best of luck sir you are a true American hero you speak the truth and think logically
17406 Massimo  
17407 Bernard Libby Ron Paul answer the call!
17408 Sue Porter We need someone who understands what our Forefathers truly wanted this Country to be!
17409 Matthew J. Walsh WHATEVER I CAN DO TO HELP DR. PAUL!!!
17410 Name not displayed He sure is working for the better.
17411 Tamary Pagan We need peace within
17412 Robert - Poland Please your probably the last chance for the western civilization!
17413 Name not displayed The rest of our senate and house should take notes from Paul and his son. They are true American patriots.
17414 Gary Pratt  
17415 Wayne Price We need you, Ron Paul.
17416 james davis  
17417 Shane Schmitz RUN PAUL RUN!!
17418 Name not displayed GO PAUL 2012!
17419 ryanshaunkelly NaderPaulKucinichGravelMcKinneyVentura
17420 Pete G Thanks Mr. Paul for standing up for freedom and privacy. The Patriot act is a horrible violation of privacy. I can’t believe in this country, “”the one I spent two years at war defending against Communisum allows this kind of monitoring it’s Citizens all the while allowing Illegal Aliens to roam free, “”and even be the President.”" I didn’t fight Communisum in another country to live under a Communist/Democrats/RINO rule here.”"

These Republicans who voted for this bill have convinced me to only vote only against encumbants. Regardless of party affiliation.

It’s sad when I have come to actually fear what I say in public, or on the Internet may be used against me.

I’m not a violent person and am not a threat to anyone.

I just say it like it is. People are afraid to say something negative about our “”illegal alien President.

So am I but I’ll do it anyway.
17421 Gary Doyle Money goes everywhere but no jobs for the people.
17422 Alex Carroll  
17423 Joshua T. Murphy If there’s anyone that wont be corrupted once they get into office it’s got to be you. It’s not a matter of IF you should run… It’s a matter of you NEED to run. For our sakes. And, we know one man can’t do it alone, so you have all of us to help you.
17424 Douglas Carter  
17425 Scott Alcock Go for it Dr. Paul !
17426 Name not displayed me and many of my friends will support you for the presidential position good luck fight the secret powers that will hinder you if not jfk you

be careful !

you are dealing with scum
17427 Elliot Let’s make this world a little bit better right now. This is one step further to what we can become. I am %100 for Ron Paul.
17428 Scott Roton  
17429 Bagus Putra His comments Bill Maher shows winning heart and mind. God Bless Mr. Paul
17430 Sergey Urakhchin You are the best!
17431 James E. Radican  
17432 Brien Poutry  
17433 Jason Roca Please run for President Mr. Paul, America and our future need you now more than ever! You truly are our last hope and the only one that can make a difference.
17434 Name not displayed Our country needs your mind
17435 Bernd The world needs you. Liberty needs you.
17436 Øyvind Andreassen RUN RON, RUN!
17437 Lawrence Fine  
17438 ben Ron Paul. Our hope, our Liberty.
17439 Ricardo I am Canadian and I love USA very much ! Things went wrong since the last 10 years with the U.S. gouverment… Mr. Paul please.. make things right again.
17440 Dawn Roberts  
17441 Name not displayed  
17442 Rachel Hollingsworth STOP DESTROYING OUR COUNTRY! Say No to the Patriot Act!
17443 Mateo We need Patriots like Ron Paul
17444 Katie Covello  
17445 Brett Guinee “”SAVE OUR CONSTITUTION”"
17446 paul j bednarski He is the only politician that makes any sense;from the past,to present and the future.
17447 Derek Page Dr. Paul, You are the only hope that America and our constitution has left. PLEASE RUN ONE MORE TIME! I will campaign for you like no one else. RUN RON RUN!
17448 Name not displayed  
17449 Derek Shorethose Ron we need you, please help us
17450 LEE H. KNOUFF  
17451 Margaret sorg  
17452 Mike Brown Fiscal responsibility before it’s too late!
17453 David Brewer Run Ron …RUN!!!
17454 Thomas Ashley Kinsey We need more senators and representatives like Mr. Paul. A true voice for the people.
17455 Lauren Lunt America needs a President who truly represents the will of the people and not corporate and/or foreign interests. America needs YOU, Dr. Paul!
17456 Name not displayed Ron Paul appears to be the only voice of reason in our government and I feel he has the best interests of Americans in mind. Go Ron Paul!!!
17457 Name not displayed Please run
17458 Brendan Silveira  
17459 Sam Dougherty America needs our constitutional value returned. long live the republic
17460 Cody Higginbotham Ron Paul, you have and will always have my VOTE!
17461 Clyde Davis Ron, you are the only candidate that can unseat Obama. If you are not the republican candidate, I just won’t vote.
17462 Daniel Edinger the United States of America needs you
17463 David J Chapman Run Ron, Run. This lawyer wants less power for federal law and more for the states. Kudos on the vote not to renew the Patriot Act-the most vile assault on liberty since the Alien and Sedition Act.
17464 Chelsea York  
17465 Joshua White A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take away everything you’ve got..
17466 timothy sanders  
17467 Rich Tyra II Ron Paul Ron Paul Ron Paul
17468 Sandra Can’t wait to get back to work . . . not so many people laughing this time!
17469 Richard Harris I’m a Canadian, and I support Ron Paul. Its not just America that needs him the whole world needs Ron Paul!
17470 J. D.  
17471 John  
17472 Rick  
17473 Gayle Miller It’s time we had a rightous man as President!
17474 Name not displayed  
17475 Jobe  
17476 Name not displayed America needs you
17477 Doug Leathers  
17478 johnnie lowe  
17479 Deborah A. Purcell  
17480 peter taylor Liberty, Justice and Grace for all!
17481 David Perry  
17482 john j charette  
17483 Mike Ermel Patriotic Americans need you now, more than ever before. We don’t just want your leadership, we need it.
17484 Aubrey Ford Your voice and perspective need to be part of the conversation.
17485 Javier S Jr. Mr. Paul sometimes correction does much, but encouragement always does more.
17486 Name not displayed GO RON PAUL!
17487 Jack Harrell I am a registered Democrat and have always voted that way. However, I have become disillusioned with politicians in general. I do not believe they (Democrat or Republican) represent We the People. Ron Paul be that Politician that represents WE THE PEOPLE and fight to restore our LIBERTY! May God Bless you.
17488 Name not displayed We need you, Ron Paul. You are the ONLY one who can guide this country in the right path!
17489 Ryan Matthew Dernick As Winston Churchill once said “”Never Never Never Give Up!!”". This was one of his many galvanizing statements to rally not only Britain but the world to thwart a tyrannical fascist dictatorship of the the thirties during WWI and WWII from the Nazi regime. The Constitution and The Bill of Rights will not have the ability to protect the people of the U.S. if this egregious piece of constitutionally oxymoronic legislation (Patriot Act) is not reversed. Ron Paul is the quintessence of what our forefathers convictions were akin to. I overwhelmingly support Ron Paul for a 2012 Presidential Candidacy in the upcoming elections to correct the tides of past malfeasance toward the American people.
17490 Andrew Mustain The most honest person in Washington.
17491 Benjamin Kruse A fortiori.
17492 Name not displayed  
17493 Thomas Dylan Harris Hope is not just for the hopeless! Show America what you can do.
17494 Jochem  
17495 Name not displayed I totally suppoprt your views on the Federal Reserve System. It should be abolished (like we did for the first two) and if not abolished, then audited. AND we should reinstated Kennedy’s executive order # 11110 which is still active I believe. But since Lyndon Johnson went back to the ‘worthless’ paper money from the FED, there is no ‘backing’ for the American Dollar - no gold, no silver, no assets. The Federal Reserve Banking system is the biggest ‘scam’ this country has had since its inception on Jekyll island back in 1913. (Along with the IRS taxes which was also created in the same year in order that the American public pay the ‘interest’ on the FED money through income taxes. The Federal Reserve Board should be abolished once and for all and the government (rather that a private enterprise like the Federal Reserve Bank) should be minting dollars (and backing it with gold/silver) like the Constitution requires and what John Kennedy wanted when he was President. I fully back your views on this subject and will definetly vote for you if you run for President (which you should do!). Thanks for listening.

Paul Chrones
17496 Steve Crago Ron Paul is THE ONLY change we can truly count on …. Please run for POTUS.
17497 Name not displayed Go Ron Paul, long live the constitution!!!
17498 Name not displayed  
17499 Name not displayed Most American Voters are a bunch of sheep being led to the slaughter. . Politically correct Spineless Chickens. Remember it was said “”We Will Bury You So Silently You Won’t Even Know You Are Dead”" Hope it’s NOT TOO LATE. Elect RON PAUL in 2012. Maybe he can save America.

17500 Robert L. Eytcheson END THE FED!!!
17501 Name not displayed Thanks for working for US Ron!
17502 Susan Marshall GO RON!
17503 Kyle Nuccilli In my friends prior vote for support he meant Early twentieth century, from 1914-mid 1940′s. Ron Paul is a torch of constitutional illumination that bodes a return to freedom and better transparency of government.
17504 Paul Perry keep bringing in the Light, Ron.
17505 Name not displayed  
17506 Joshua Cordia please bring back freedom and liberty to this country
17507 Daniel Spencer Griffiths “”Ron Paul is the only man in congress who continuously over the years has demonstrated his principles and veneration for the constitution. Unequivocally, he has proven himself uncorrupted by avarice, greed for power, or the influence of lobbyists. His allegiance to the people and to his principles is unwavering and second to none, regardless of what is popular within the political arena. It is my belief, if we ever stand a chance of preserving the American way of life as the founding fathers intended, then Ron Paul must be elected President of the United States of America. God save the USA!”"
17508 Andrew Wetzel  
17509 Name not displayed The world need him as much as the Americans
17510 sean williams  
17511 Name not displayed  
17512 Mike Watkins Most have no idea how the Fed is killing America. Hopefully Mr. Paul can begin an educational dialogue at the national level concerning our monetary policy and its role in our vanishing sovereignty.
17513 Johannes Serna If you want real change go with Ron Paul.
17514 Cory Ehrlinger  
17515 Jon Van Osdell  
17516 Colin Gabrielson our only hope
17517 Christian Matthies Germany for Ron Paul in 2012!
17518 Name not displayed go Ron Go!!!!!!!!
17519 Elton Robb Ron, we need someone who will:

* Eliminate the regulations on business.

* Eliminate the Housing Department.

* Eliminate part of the Energy Department.

* Eliminate the EPA

* Eliminate the Department of Commerce.

* Eliminate the Department of Transportation.

* Eliminate the Department of Education.

* Eliminate several other departments except the State Department, the Defense Department, and the police departments.

* We will need someone who would eliminate the Federal Reserve and the I.R.S.

* We will need someone who will stop the War on Drugs.

* We will need someone to take us out of Iraq and stop all foreign aid.

* We will need someone to stop the unnecessary taxes on Americans, and limit the term on Copyrights so that we can have full free enterprise for all Americans.

Ron Paul, if you aren’t that man then you are a step in the right direction. You are a good man who puts his Fellow Americans first before anything else.
17520 William Adams  
17521 Jordan Ransom America has received the change that Obama promised, not it’s time for the change we need.
17522 dawn desacia Ron Paul is our biggest hope.
17523 John J. Baeza  
17524 Keith Flick Get on the ticket and let’s turn this country around! Stay true to your philosophies and a weary America WILL elect you.
17525 Travis Craine I know more people will vote for you Ron! People are starting to listen so don’t give up!!!!
17526 Name not displayed end the fed, begin the Republic
17527 J.R. Salo  
17528 Name not displayed  
17529 Mike Muscatello REVOLUTION!!!
17530 Name not displayed We have to finally face the facts, the U.S.A. is overspent and in too much debt just like most people. We need to make the hard choices or our kids and grandkids will live in poverty.
17531 Filip Bendisz From Phoenix, AZ
17532 Joyce Morrell  
17533 Name not displayed  
17534 Name not displayed You have my vote!!
17535 Sonja I read your Revolution- A Manifesto and I strongly feel you best represent both conservative and liberal concerns. Your views bring our country together instead of creating division and we need a leader that will represent neither Far Left or Far Right, but the REAL MIDDLE, which is where most of us stand.

I will vote for you.
17536 Nikolai Puchlov If Ron runs I’ll advocate for him everyday right here in liberal Seattle, WA. Long live Ron Paul!
17537 Joe Sadoski  
17538 Brian Kirk  
17539 R Hofkamp I am European but my future lies in the last free country on earth, at least according to your Constitution. The only politician I know that can guarantee me a free future is Dr. Paul. Please mr. Paul, do it for the Constitution, do it for freedom, do it for the wellbeing of the American people and do it for the future of every person in the world that wants to live a free life. Ron Paul 2012!
17540 Joshua Primrose  
17541 Name not displayed Lets end the Fed,withdraw from the UN and lets get back to the James Monroe Doctrine.
17542 Name not displayed  
17543 Name not displayed Unfair Unbalanced Feaux News did not give you equal time during the debates.
17544 Anthony Palumbo We need a real traditional conservative to run for President. Establishment Republicans have run the Republican party for too long. These so called ‘compassionate conservatives’ have gone against the vision of the founding fathers by creating an American empire and by supporting large increases in government power domestically by passing programs like Medicare part D. Ron Paul for constitutionalism, freedom, and liberty!
17545 Greg Gray  
17546 Nathen Wellumson Please don’t make me vote libertarian, the reds have a future if they’ll stand with liberty.
17547 Name not displayed Ron Paul for a better world.
17548 Kevin Cruver  
17549 Gary Marcus You are the same logical dynamic person that I met in L.A. at the L.P.N. Convention.

I am with you.
17550 Adam Hoisington  
17551 jay kim  
17552 L E Huckleberry  
17553 Name not displayed  
17554 Maria Norbeck This country needs you, sir. Please run in 2012.
17555 Mike I we need to get back to the Constitution
17556 Drew Wight For Constitutional RIGHTS! PLEASE RON!
17557 Ron Boyd  
17558 Name not displayed Please run, Doctor Paul!!!
17559 Name not displayed Thank you Ron!
17560 patrick Long live the Republic!
17561 David Simpson Thank you
17562 Greg Meinholz  
17563 Wiley Anderson Please fix this mess!
17564 victor johnson for prez!
17565 Name not displayed  
17566 Name not displayed Ron Paul is the Champion of the Constitution. When sworn in, he is the only one who will truly serve, defend, and protect it in the last 100 years.
17567 Dustin Kilgore  
17568 Khaled Saraira best candidate in my opinion
17569 Paul Smith  
17570 Name not displayed  
17571 Name not displayed Ron Paul you are the perfect example of the American Patroit. Good luck and God Bless.
17572 Nick Petricka As a American and Texan I say you deserve it!
17573 Greg E. Barron The last chance for the Republic!
17574 monty  
17575 james boysen  
17576 MrEvang57 God bless you Dr. Paul. Lets also allow more minutes on the floor for VITAL dialogue.
17577 Name not displayed  
17578 Wallace Couch  
17579 Janey Edwards  
17580 Kyle Renfrew Ron Paul is one of the few that understand the principles on which this country was founded. We NEED Ron Paul as president before America permanently loses its true identity.
17581 William  
17582 Name not displayed  
17583 Name not displayed  
17584 Andre Only true president, after JFK
17585 Name not displayed  
17586 Alex Petrouske Please give it another shot, maybe other will listen this time :) Thanks for all your work
17587 Matt Neff  
17588 Shane Kingsley I hate modern day American politicians and swore never to vote. After discovering Ron Paul, I now have faith that at least one man with common sense has the possibility to be president. If he runs, I will vote for him.
17589 Dale Robinson you got my vote
17590 Debbie Muga We need Ron Paul
17591 Name not displayed Go for it.
17592 Charlene Munsell A leader to believe in.
17593 Name not displayed If your health will allow it, please run again! We need a true statesman like you in office and not another corrupt politician.
17594 Matthew D. G.  
17595 Ben Novak Dear Ron Paul:

You are the only candidate who will present a sensible course for America’s future. Please use this campaign opportunity to take your message to America.
17596 Name not displayed  
17597 Scott Nicholson  
17598 james gross good luck, we need it!
17599 Saied Beshir Can’t Wait
17600 William Drummond Run Mr. Paul, run-PLEASE RUN! Ready to do anything I can to help your campaign. A former member of Buchanan’s Brigades ready to work for you sir! Let’s send out the midnight cry: “”The Banksters are coming, the Banksters are coming!”" I’d rather clean toilets for the Ron Paul campaign than lick the boots of the police state that a GWB or BHO (aka BS), it seems, would have us serve.
17601 Dusky Ripley The government is best which governs least. Freedom has become only a state of mind these days; we need our freedom back!
17602 Trevor Smith I’m far from libertarian, and you and I have many differences in political ideology. Having said that, we have a lot in common. Most importantly, I believe you are a leader who speaks the truth even when the truth is unpopular, a rare breed. In debates I’ve seen you stand up to the loud, loaded rhetoric that so often wins the day and methodically shame your boisterous opponents with cool, untouchable logic. Even if you work towards some policies I don’t like, I believe you would lead with integrity and intelligence.
17603 Hannah Hess  
17604 Aneesh Chand  
17605 Scott Ochodnicky PLEASE RUN
17606 Tyler Harris  
17607 Joe Weidner I think you are exactly the kind of person we need to guide this country in the right path.
17608 Name not displayed  
17609 Name not displayed  
17610 Luis MaryJane Ent. Votes Ron Paul!
17611 Mary Anderson Please, Dr Paul…I have children. I don’t what good, sane person would ever *want* the problems a president would inherit today…but I’m begging you: Please help us!
17612 Derek Staroba I don’t always completely agree with you, but I know you would make a capable leader. There is not a better candidate. Thank you for your public service.
17613 Matthew Robbin Inject REAL issues in the debate just like in 2008! It was a huge win for the liberty movement in ’08 and now more people are awake to the banking takeover of this country. Its a win-win to run and force the bankers hands!
17614 Name not displayed  
17615 Viktor  
17616 Kristofer W. Russell  
17617 Anthony Sloan I will support you in every way that I can if you run Ron, God bless you, and thank you for all you stand for.

- Mr. Sloan

5th Grade teacher

17618 Scott Lunde Please don’t settle for being the greatest president we’ll never have. Run in 2012 and we will make a stand for the constitution alongside you.
17619 Glenn Gallagher Go Ron Go! you are the only defender of our constitution left!
17620 Jessica  
17621 Name not displayed  
17622 Dan johnson  
17623 Name not displayed End the FIAT money system.
17624 Jeffrey Flannery Didn’t hear enough about Him in the last election, many of us didn’t of us didn’t. Too Bad
17625 Harry Fraser All my support from the UK.
17626 Name not displayed We need more like you
17627 Name not displayed Mr. Paul, if you are all in, I am all in. We need someone with your vision, candor & integrity. We do not need more puppets of lobbyists and special interests. We need someone for the people; for America’s interests.
17628 Stephnie Kohs  
17629 Chris Brown The Ron Paul Revolution has not died. It is stronger than ever.
17630 Dave Garro  
17631 Name not displayed We need peace not war. Please run for presidency of U.S in 2012.
17632 Philip Bosler Yay!
17634 charles perez America needs Dr. Paul !
17635 William J. Anderson Jr.  
17636 David Seaton  
17637 Fernando Menezes  
17638 Name not displayed It would be a great blessing to have you for President!
17639 Steven O’Brien  
17640 eddy kawaguchi  
17641 G. E. Choffin  
17642 Travis Dean  
17643 Name not displayed  
17644 Micah Stott Keep it up!
17645 Name not displayed  
17646 zacarias reed  
17647 Andrew Ron Paul’s main attraction is his uncanning spot on idea of Freedom.
17648 William Ellis Dr. Ron, PLEASE Run for our President in 2012 your our last hope to save the Republic. I Voted for you once and I will do it again! :)
17649 Luanne Nicholson We need you!!! You make so much sense. Please consider running for president to fix our broken economy. THANK YOU!!! &<3
17650 pavel People, please advertise. Use facebook, placards, friends network etc to spread the message. Ron is the only hope for people who care about this country.
17651 Jay Mabe Run Ron Run! you have too much support from the grassroots this time around for the media to shut you up
17652 deborah miller unconstitutional patriot act finally -never should have even suggested it, let alone actually passed
17653 Name not displayed  
17654 Andre’ Esparza  
17655 Michael Gorzka Even if you don’t decide to run, God bless you and thank you for everything!
17656 Name not displayed  
17657 John Rodriguez Please run Ron Paul, this country needs you.
17658 Name not displayed Im 27 years old and i have never had faith or been interested in politics until i herd you speak. God bless you Dr. Paul, I wish to see you as president of the United States in my life time. This country needs you. We know the special interest in Washington will fight till there last breath to not see you succeed, but we will fight too, for you!
17659 Joshua Garcia Dear Dr. Paul;

Recent High School grad, support you 100%
17660 Kevin Moore Go Paul!
17661 Edgar Rene Romero Cruz RON PAUL RULES!!!!

17662 Name not displayed In 2008 I volunteered at a local Ron Paul campaign office in Chicago, and I’m more than ready to do it again.
17663 Brett Hillier  
17664 Anthony Stuhldreher I say no to big government and yes to you. Long live the Original Idea of America!
17665 Timothy w kidd We the American people need a true leader
17666 Isaac Teller  
17667 Thomas Kilmon RESPECT
17668 Name not displayed  
17669 Name not displayed Dr. Paul, please save America!!
17670 Matt Fleener thank you for standing up for honesty and the pursuit of happiness, we still believe in this country
17671 Alberto Yeverino  
17672 Justin Please run and help save this country. This country and Constitution NEED you!
17673 Vanessa Stockemer Please run!

17674 Name not displayed  
17675 Randall L. Gorman ,jr. America cannot afford to live without you!
17676 James Pelfrey PLEASE!!! We need a man like you these days!
17677 Mark we need ron paul. or america will collapse like the roman empire
17678 Sparsh Parimoo Lead by example. Again.

Run Ron Run.
17679 Rich I want to raise my children here. I want to fly an American flag on the front of a house built with American materials by Americans.
17680 Shahed K  
17681 steve c. sundt  
17682 Tyler Feeney Dr. Paul, you are our only chance!!! Step it up, man!!!
17683 Name not displayed You the man Ron.
17684 John Hancock We need to make the peaceful revolution happen … let the world see how Americans flush the globalist thieves away and indict the criminals under fair quality American Justice.
17685 Name not displayed  
17686 Kim Ellis  
17687 Name not displayed  
17688 Dawn Gilroy You’re the only politician with integrity. Please run. I wanted you as President before anyone even knew who Obama was. :-(
17689 Name not displayed PLEASE DO IT AGAIN!!!
17690 Name not displayed  
17691 Kevin Bowker  
17692 Dan Johnson  
17693 Lonnie Benson  
17694 Mike Martin Run, Ron, RUN!!!
17695 Brian Fuchs RON PAUL or it doesn’t matter
17696 Bruce Drake Just keep up the good work.
17697 Name not displayed  
17698 Name not displayed I am a Canadian and i really do hope you do become President.
17699 Wiliiam Mitchell We need Ron Paul as president . It will probably be our last chance to regain America’s freedom back from the out of control IRS and Federal Reserve . If Ron Paul doesn’t become president 2012 then what?, a Civil Revolutionary war II .
17700 Mike Tomasso We need a REAL change.
17701 Michael Harbin PLEASE make a run!!!
17702 Name not displayed You are practically the only one in politics I would still trust enough to vote for (perhap Kucinich). If you don’t run, I will be writing in “”NOBODY”" for President!
17703 Rossen Kostov RON PAUL! 2012!!
17704 Stephen This country needs you!
17705 Name not displayed We need you more than ever!
17706 Sam Heatley  
17707 Christopher McIntosh  
17708 Giovanni Nicodemo  
17709 Cesar Moreno  
17710 Name not displayed Don’t let freedom die at the hands of our corrupt government!!
17711 Name not displayed  
17712 Jeremy Hawk  
17713 Name not displayed  
17714 Name not displayed Please run for president, the country needs you.
17715 Stephen Warren  
17716 jacinda white  
17717 Philip Reese I am grateful for your track record and your message. It works for me. I hope you’ll run!
17718 Teresa F. Gargano Love Ron Paul.
17719 Olivia Cucco  
17720 Devin they should have put Ron Paul in for real change instead of this Obama Idiot.
17721 Name not displayed  
17722 Name not displayed Enough is enough..Stop wasting our money and the Government needs to remeber they work for us.
17723 Name not displayed Just waiting for the official word Dr. Paul… lead on true Patriot of the Republic! God bless… and God bless American Libertad!
17724 Liam brennan  
17725 Simon Landenberger “”He who gives up freedom for safety deserves neither”"
17726 Robert Ralphs Please run in 2012! You are amazing!
17727 Name not displayed You HAVE to run…its time for a revolution.
17728 Ron Warfield  
17729 David Heiple Run Ron Run! Hoping for Change in 2012.
17730 Michael Toth Everything he said in 2008 has come true. We didn’t get it last time so let’s not blow it this time. Get people to listen to him. They’ll see what we all know, We Need Ron Paul!
17731 Jessica Peters Mr. Paul…. our country needs you! My children’s future needs you =) Please run for president!
17732 David Rozefort You’re the only person that actually talks about what is going on with any measure of honesty and common sense. Please run for Presidency again… Four years under your leadership are better than 20 of the previous administration’s.
17733 Jon Dansie I wrote you in as my vote for president during the 2008 election.
17734 Stefan Bartl  
17735 Name not displayed Ron Paul for President!
17736 regis godfrey  
17737 Name not displayed Thank you, Dr. Paul for all you have already done for our Republic. We need you desperately. You have my vote for 2012!!! Please run!!!
17738 Tim Koller You Must Run For The Presidency!!!
17739 russell aycock  
17740 Jo Khalifa Sir WE NEED YOU PLEASE run for President 2012. Respects & Solidarity
17741 Richard Watson We need a logical voice of reason and action so we can have true change, not just the appearance of it!!! I am joining my military forces in hopes to establish that change when I can. Thank you Ron Paul for all you are doing!!
17742 Daniel Del Valle  
17743 Evan Minuskin  
17744 Thomas L Creaser I feel you have want young American’s like myself want and understand the value of freedom and how its slowly being taken away from us.
17745 Chris Miller  
17746 Name not displayed  
17747 Denise Neubauer  
17749 Stanley R Farmer Jr I dream of a country that is run by real men that tell the truth and do not lie and steal from the people that do all the work!
17750 sandip desai the new world order needs to be stopped. how can we do that without some help from good politicians? please run….thank you
17751 Name not displayed  
17752 Jesse Kramer  
17753 Name not displayed I’m ready to hit the ground and work tirelessly to get the word out, if you’re willing to make a run for the Presidency. It’s a simple as that.
17754 Name not displayed  
17755 Kim Franzese WE NEED Y-O-U!!! RUN RON RUN!!!
17756 Jason G. Conrad Please restore my faith in our government.
17757 Name not displayed  
17758 matthew we need ron paul as president.
17759 Name not displayed Push for “”tea party roots”" - smaller gov., equality in taxing, Christian based moral concepts, enforcement of existing “”emigration laws”"

get congressional term limits - stop the “”wars”" that only drag down our economy -

and you will win support.

Sincerely, Richard Click, North Carolina
17760 Elizabeth DeDoming We need more politicians like Ron Paul. He knows the TRUTH and is not afraid to say it. Ron Paul IS the PEOPLES’ POLITICIAN!
17761 Jeremiah R. Beber  
17762 Name not displayed  
17763 Zachary Fonseca Please Run!
17764 Ryan McConnell Keep up the good work.
17765 Name not displayed  
17766 Stanley R Farmer Jr  
17767 Name not displayed  
17768 Name not displayed  
17769 Edward Smith Our country needs you now more than ever Doctor.
17770 Stan  
17771 Name not displayed  
17772 Eric Please run in 2012 so I have someone to root for.
17773 Matt  
17774 Chloe Rosenblatt I am going to CPAC tomorrow for the sole purpose of listening to you talk. America needs a President who understands and respects the Constitution as it was intended to be by the Founding Fathers, and you are seemingly the only man who does that nowadays. Please, for the sake of our country, run in 2012. There is still hope for this country. America’s youth will support you.

Thank you,

Chloe Rosenblatt
17775 Name not displayed I do believe you are the best man for the job!
17776 Name not displayed  
17777 Veronica Hallisey  
17778 Jake Robichaux  
17779 Name not displayed  
17780 Micah Nicholson  
17781 Doug B Ron Paul, please run in 2012. You are an inspiration to all freedom loving Americans.
17782 Charles Patton We need someone new to fill the job. Not re-elect a criminal again. anyone who spends millions of dollars to hide his birth information and other aspects of his past HAS TO BE A CRIMINAL!! if he wasn’t why the extra money and effort to hide it. And the lawyers that helped should be disbarred as well.
17783 Name not displayed  
17784 Name not displayed  
17785 Aaron Peterson Please Dr. Paul, your country needs you now more than ever.
17786 Name not displayed  
17787 Name not displayed Last Chance!
17788 Name not displayed  
17789 Chris I believe Ron Paul will save our country. I will do what I’ve never done and go educate people and help Ron get the presidency. I am afraid that if he doesnt win. This nation will be a socialism similar to Germany in WW2.
17790 Matt Durben End the wars! Bring our troops home where they belong.
17791 Bruce A Inman  
17792 Andy Campbell This country needs a true President badly!
17793 Name not displayed  
17794 Robert Hanley We need to shake up the career politicians enough to either change or leave!
17795 Mauricio Gamboa America is in desperate need of a man like Ron Paul to lead her and right this ship…..enough of the NWO in America.
17796 Thomas Franzese  
17797 Michael leighton Ron with protect our rights and lower government control over the people go Ron
17798 Jeffrey Shackelford Thank you for your generosity and the time you have given us, but we must implore you to sacrifice once more and run in 2012!
17799 Scott Fulton America needs to have someone of intelligence and intellect running the country, Mr Paul is by far and away the best candidate.
17800 Name not displayed I support you and hope that we can share in a victory night in 2012 as you will be the next president!!
17801 Jacob Dunty  
17802 Thomas Cure Run for Liberty. More eyes need to be opened. I voted for you in 2008 and I will vote for you 2012.
17803 Joe Dork  
17804 Name not displayed  
17805 Joe “”Be not afraid of greatness; some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them.”" William Shakespeare

Please run in 2012! This country needs you desperately!
17806 Name not displayed  
17807 Michael Viva la revolution

If you lead, others will follow, to make this world a better place

I want you to make one speech, one speech that every American citizen can hear. Put it on the radio, on tv, on the internet on youtube, on the intercom in walmart, everywhere. Say all the things you believe in and a plan of action, and I guarantee you, specially with the way the economy is now, the American people will follow you.
17808 joe gavin i would say that more people are behind you this year than ever before!
17809 Andrew Llaneza You are the only politician standing up for the Constitution in the U.S. - You are truly consistent and the only person I trust to run this country in the future. Please run!!! we will support you.
17810 Kyle Gervelis You have my full support!
17811 Name not displayed  
17812 Joel Campbell Run Ron Run!
17813 Name not displayed RON PAUL&>&>WOOOOO
17814 Robert Jake Smith America desperately needs you!
17815 Brandon Reisman  
17816 Bradley Ron Paul 2012! Run Ron! We need you to clean of this mess we have been in for years now!
17817 Name not displayed not only america, but the entire world needs you ron.

good luck from canada
17818 Timohty Shane Hess  
17819 Name not displayed We need an honest man in Whashington. Ron, you are that man.
17820 Danielle Dymon It’s time for someone to get in these politicians’ faces and tell them to “”Get UP, Grow UP or Go Home!!!”"”"
17821 Jacob McDaniel  
17822 Stephen Skacall  
17823 Name not displayed  
17824 Name not displayed Mr. Paul:

17825 Name not displayed Go Ron!
17826 David Sterling  
17827 Brian Please win this election I am starting website up to support you and I have never voted before but this is the first time I have ever voted and you have my vote I believe you will stand with us american people and in 2012 we take back our country with your help
17828 Casscade Williams PLEEEAAASSE RUN!
17829 Chris Rose  
17830 Name not displayed  
17831 William Leo Diceglie I hope you choose to run in 2012. America has been a great country because in our most dire times our greatest leaders have emerged. We Need you now Congressman Paul.
17832 Micah Nicholson  
17833 Name not displayed Excited to see you run. I talk about you to my high school friends everyday and I’ll be registered to vote for the first time 2012
17834 Patrick M I support you but I don’t think you can fix this broken fraudulent system. Please prove me wrong.
17835 Name not displayed  
17836 Daniel Lestinsky  
17837 Chase Dr. Paul is the last possible candidate with any charisma or promise. It would be excellent to actually see a brilliant mind at the executive seat who has loyalty to the people. Dr. Paul, you have my vote and about 50 others i know.
17838 MILO TOWNSEND America has never needed you more, Dr. Paul. You are by far the most qualified conservative candidate considering a run this election; PLEASE RUN!!
17839 John Baker If the donald doesnt like you it must be good. Quit outsourcing our jobs and no Illegal immigration. GO Ron Paul!
17840 Name not displayed  
17841 Timothy Stockwell I was with you last time and I’m with you again. Together we can all fight the new world order and hope to end the federal reserve.
17842 Name not displayed  
17843 Lee Smith I am impressed with many of your logical arguments, esp on immigration, and the Federal Reserve. We need a strong voice and someone who isn’t afraid to speak up…i wish you could run on the REpublican ticket BECAUSE IT’S STARTING TO LOOK LIKE THEY ARE GOING TO SCREW UP AGAIN WITH A misMATCH THAT WILL HAND THE ELECTION bacK TO OBAMA.
17844 Bryce  
17845 Andrew America’s Republic needs a principled leader to retake the reins of this country.
17846 Joseph J Yochum  
17847 J Purdom Its time for a REAL change… Not just with words but with actions to those words.

I support Ron Paul 100% in 2012
17848 Chance Mcdonald ron paul 2012, 2016
17849 Tim Rosendahl I will admit than when I first saw Ron Paul in the 2008 debate, I thought he was a little crazy. Now I realize I was the crazy one for not understanding the true principles of this nation that keep us free and prosperous. Now I understand!

17850 Arthur Please defend and save our Constitution.
17851 Bryan Smith sure hope he puts his name in the hat, the country needs him now more than ever as we continue to slide into tyranny.
17852 tom lewis help us keep our freedoms ron. west virginia is with you.
17853 Robin Koklys  
17854 Name not displayed  
17855 Name not displayed  
17856 Larry N Maggard I would really like to be a citizen of a country not a commodity of a corporation.
17857 shannon cobb  
17858 Name not displayed You’re our only hope Rep. Paul!
17859 Melissa Seelbinder  
17861 Corey McCAuley Ron paul is the absolute last hope for protecting our freedoms
17862 Name not displayed  
17863 Todd Clark  
17864 Name not displayed  
17865 lowell thompson”,2012

17866 Casey Eckles  
17867 Koby Boman  
17868 Bill Spencer  
17869 Name not displayed  
17870 fat joe  
17871 Russell Lowry  
17872 Sean P. Bergan God’s Speed
17873 AF For the first time in my adult life I am afraid of where this country is headed…help us!!!
17874 Name not displayed You have my vote if you run in 2012…

17876 Hillary Clevenger  
17877 Anna Lowry  
17878 Nick Ehret  
17879 Jennifer M Lombard  
17880 Ron Gorvett  
17881 Logan Anderson Two time Iraqi War Vet
17882 Michael R. Zerby  
17883 S. Hanson  
17884 Joey Galloway Keep up the hard work. Eventually America will wake up and see what they’re doing to us as a Country. After watching all your debates, it’s pretty easy to see all the bull and ignorant crap politians try and feed us. I’ll forever support your views of freedom, so please run for president. And let’s make America not above the influence, but above the ignorance.
17885 Todd H. Enderby Ron Paul for President or Bust!
17886 Adam Love  
17887 Robert Allen  
17888 Name not displayed Go Ron Paul!!
17889 Name not displayed  
17890 Jerret Condon Please Sir, we need you. Your clarity, reason, vision and voice can carry us back toward greatness. I pledge to work for you in Maine, and beyond. You are our hope to save the American dream!!!
17891 Michael Carter Republican, Independent or write in. Ignore the corporate media puppets. Demand Ron Paul!
17892 Jed Pluto Please run for president in 2012. It’s time for real change.
17893 Laurie JEer  
17894 kevin dove I have never had any interest in voting until recently. If ron paul isn’t on the ballot I probably won’t vote again.
17895 Name not displayed  
17896 Name not displayed Your a very smart man Mr Paul !!
17897 Nathan Price  
17898 Alberto J. Gilsamaniego Presidents are swear to the best of my Ability, to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. I”"m 24 and in all my life I never heard any candidate at least promise to do so before taking office, and Ron Paul has. I feel honored that perhaps one day my vote for Ron Paul will make a difference. Thanks Paul, and lots of love and luck buddy.
17899 Name not displayed The change I wanted two years ago.. still do
17900 Nga Gagnon  
17901 Michael Carter Republican, Independent, write in. Ignore the corporate media puppets. Demand Ron Paul !
17902 John Gomez please run,,, your country is calling.
17903 Matt Nelson Please open the Fed to public scrutiny and convert us back to the gold standard. The fed has caused so many more problems than has helped.
17904 Jim Nushi Ron paul for 2012!
17905 Tangee Arde Please run for President in 2012 we need you! Help take back our republic!
17906 richard neal  
17907 Benjamin W. Frey If not you, who?
17908 chad You are Americas last hope, I fear what this country has become. You are needed! Please run. 26 male.
17909 Marty Gross  
17910 Jessica Schwartz Dr. Paul,

I am a 27-year-old graduate student living in Waco, Texas. Before your presidential campaign in 2008, I had an apathetic attitude toward politics and did not feel a personal investment in the affairs of our government. It seemed that no politician was able to offer substantive solutions for the seemingly intractable problems of our country. I was not educated about the underlying issues to many of our problems (monetary policy, for example), and did not know where to go for sound information.

Thankfully, all that changed for me when you ran for president! I heard a call for the return to our founding principles of liberty and limited government, and realized that (although I hadn’t known it) THIS is what I had been waiting for! Finally, a political position of substance that offered real solutions.

Since that time, I have been an avid fan and was able to see you speak in Killeen, Texas. I have read both your books and become much more educated, especially about economics and monetary policy. I am an advocate in my small community for liberty and limited government.

If you run for president in 2012, you will have my support! Either way, I want to thank you for your public example and your tireless efforts - it has made all the difference for me and so many other Americans. I can only hope that, as our country faces increasingly grave realities about our economy and the national debt, that more citizens will begin turning to liberty and limited government as a solution.

Thank goodness for you!


Jessica Schwartz
17911 Name not displayed Ron Paul Revolution 2012!!!
17912 Darryl M. Christy  
17913 Christopher Durkee  
17914 Larry Fleming I would love to see a Paul - Paul ticket!!!
17915 Mark Dumka I’m sorry if being Canadian disqualies me from adding my name to the petition and wasting your time, but I wanted to lend my support to Ron Paul’s potential candidacy.
17916 Name not displayed Give’m hell Ron, from the great state of Texas.

CJS =)
17917 Tammy Chevrette  
17918 Trevor Hodges Austrailian’s understand the Importance of Ron Paul’s Liberty and Freedom ideas. The US must elect this man as President. Whatever happens in the US happens here down under.
17919 Dustin Keene Ron Paul for President!!!!!
17920 Tom Brick  
17921 Gary Mankus  
17922 Name not displayed Please run for President in 2012
17923 hughjeshua lumba  
17924 Name not displayed  
17925 Jamie Lee Tracy May God be on your side who ever that is for you.
17926 Rob DeCamp  
17927 Mindi Buck I hope to see the current administration. And their policies both foreign an domestic fail, an be seen for what they have done to our great country. A more constitutional approach, and an end to the Fed an the inflation they bring is what is needed to stabilize our economy. I sincerely hope we can get you for president to get this nation headed in the right direction.
17928 Name not displayed Ron Paul, Hope you are the Real Deal
17929 Joe Toth Dr. Paul,

I and my family have supported you since before the 2008 election. Your values and principles are a find in politician these days. I would understand if you decide to not run for the presidency, but seeing your name on the ballot would bring more joy to peoples’ hearts than you could ever imagine. There is no other person more fitting for the job. Here’s hoping you’ll give it a chance!

All the best to you and your family.
17930 Name not displayed I did not vote in 2008 even though I was 18. I wanted Obama to win over MCcain and he did. However now I see I have been deceived. Mr. Paul, if you are reading this, please run, you must, why wouldn’t you? I don’t understand your hesitation. Please sir, unless you’re not truly what you seem you are, run and the people ala the mob will control once again. We The People. Rich are getting richer. Poor is getting more poor. Ron Paul is finally getting deeserbed attention. Should have voted for you in 2004! And 2000! Forgive us all we were young but nowness the time !!!
17931 Drew Ron Paul: the last american patriot. We need you Dr. Paul, please run in 2012
17932 Name not displayed  
17933 Javier Diaz Jr.  
17934 Daniel Stebbins Look forward to seeing you in 2012 Mr Paul. We are behind you!!
17935 Name not displayed PLEASE RUN!!!!!!!!!!!
17936 Name not displayed  
17937 Alex Mayer  
17938 jim But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security
17939 David Vazquez Your the best hope for real change in America. We need politicians in Washington like you to turn this country around and bring the wealth and prosperity it deserves for the American people.
17940 Kristen  
17941 Rudy F  
17942 Name not displayed Dr. Paul, Please continue to educate the voting public by running for the perceived “”highest office in the land”". Your campaign is the major “”enlightening”" focal point and platform for ALL voters to see!
17943 marcus smith  
17944 Laurel Fredericksen  
17945 Erika Richie  
17946 Name not displayed  
17947 Pam Kirk  
17948 Steve Chvala I think we need someone that is more concerned about the state of goverment than personal gain. I think Ron Paul is the man for the job!!!
17949 Gerald Burris  
17950 Name not displayed We need you!We need to save our constitution!
17951 Name not displayed You need to get Dennis Kucinich as your VP. No I’m not being funny here. Go get em.
17952 Wayne Kummet Ron Paul is the only person to run for president who is worthy to lead this country. we are on the precipice of destruction . bankruptcy,illegal immigration, no manufacturing base[everything made in China, no jobs,perpetual war,and best of all loss of constitutional rights.I think Ron Paul is the only candidate who could sit down with our founding fathers and understand what they were talking about.The rest of these buffoons, should go home,study the constitution,study economics,then maybe read some of the unconstitutional laws and bills they have passed and stay out of politics forever. We dont need their leadership because they have none.Ron Paul ,the man not afraid to speak the truth.
17953 Joseph Please run in 2012. We need a good president, who presides over Congress, but doesn’t run Congress. If you run to get rid of all these 13,000+ executive orders, you’ve got my vote. If you plan to get rid of our military bases around the world, and put them on the Mexican border, I support you. If you plan to get rid of the military draft, I support you. Run in 2012 Ron Paul. My four family members support you.
17954 Michael Mendoza When I see people like Ron Paul do the work he does…I remember there are good people in this world. Keep up the good work. I believe in you.
17955 Ruth Taylor Dear Dr. Paul, More than ever, American needs a person with your values and wisdom. Yes, your last run was difficult, but this time we are more prepared to stand up against the lies and deceipt that kept you from being fairly elected. I grew up in the same PA area as you and have all the faith that you are our answer to getting America back.
17956 free sex videos wow gotta love that
17957 Keaton MD Williams RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT!!!!
17958 Robert Eslick  
17959 Name not displayed We need Dr Paul , a real leader for the people to lead this country.
17960 Robert Priegel Jr. Would love to see you run again! Even if you don’t win the message you deliver during the campaign serves to educate many.
17961 Ryan Moore For Liberty and Justice for all
17962 Erika Howards  
17963 Curry Searle Keep fighting the good fight. We appreciate it!
17964 Damian Frometa  
17965 Tyler Hunt  
17966 Ronald Ireland Jr I voted for Ron Paul last time and will do it again
17967 jeffrey kennedy Come on Dr Paul, RUN in 2012. You can do it!
17968 Arianna Do what needs to be done, please help this country
17969 Taylor Wilsie If you run I will put my life on hold and do anything I can to help you win.
17970 Name not displayed We need the Federal Reserve audited
17971 Richard Wei Ron Paul, voice of the people.
17972 Name not displayed Please, sir, prayerfully consider this and seek the Lord about this position. If He has prepared this time and place for you, then He would equip you for this position. “”For such a time as this”" Queen Esther had a place where she saved her whole nation…
17973 Name not displayed  
17974 Wally Urbanavage run Ron run
17975 Colin McClory  
17976 Lawrence Sadler America needs you Dr. Paul.
17977 Carlos Fernandez  
17978 Name not displayed  
17979 Name not displayed  
17980 Jared Pace What we the people need is a sensible man with the same views and values to represent us in the White House. This man, Congressman Paul, is YOU
17981 Zigmas Kisielius Hope you get the spot. It’s high time someone puts an end to the corruption.

RUN ! RON ! RUN !!!
17982 Setu Sharma Ron Paul - Not only America but even the rest of the world needs you. If you become president of US not only would conditions improve in US but the rest of the world too as it is soo much dependent on US in soo many ways!
17983 Name not displayed  
17984 Name not displayed thank you for all your hard work fighting for us
17985 Sven Bender Ron Paul 2012. For America. For the American People.

Best wishes from Switzerland.
17986 Radu  
17987 Nicholas Echols  
17988 Pierre D. Chambers  
17989 Clifford R. White Please, Please, Please, Please, Please Run for Pres.

your nation need’s you badly
17990 Justin Rupert It’ your time.
17991 Dustin Christensen I appreciate all the speeches, all the work, all the money, all your time you have committed and invested in throughout your life to better our country Dr. Paul. You are the constitution. Thank you.
17992 Chris Haselden Atlanta, GA Dr. Paul,

Please run in 2012. You are the last true conservative Republican following the constitution. Revive the party. Run in 2012
17993 eric I’ve voted for bush and obama big mistake. you are the only one that is consistant and has been for years. you have my vote in 2012 and beyond…
17994 Name not displayed  
17995 Name not displayed  
17996 Jesse Coy You are the only one on Capital Hill that has any sense!!!!! We need you to bring “”We the People”" back from the Obamanation!
17997 Matthew Worrick Never give up Dr. Paul
17998 Tim It’s plain common sense.
17999 Bill Ward Dr. Paul you’re the great hope for Americans who want a responsible, ethical government.
18000 Kevin Runyon  

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