Signatures 10,001-15,000

Number Name Comment
10001 denise a jurkowski We need you desperately Please hear your call
10002 Timothy Slaughter  
10003 Name not displayed  
10004 Name not displayed We need someone who will speak the truth and stand for the constitution. Most importantly end the FED!
10005 Name not displayed  
10006 Name not displayed  
10007 Name not displayed Ron Paul,

In addition to running in 2012 for president, I am asking you to address some issues on the economy and find some solutions, such as state budget debts.

My opinion, please find someone or state that has been successful in combating their debit. please look into the success of North Dakota which turned out a surplus in their state budget recently. It seems that the state of North Dakota is doing something that is solving their economic problems.

Thank you,

10008 Larry Falzitto Roses are red, and violets may be blue. If we don’t get this country turned around, and soon, we’ll all be in a socialist stew!!!!
10009 Audie Dragon, Sr.  
10010 Z. Kennedy Be safe-
10011 Catherine Go Ron Paul!
10012 Name not displayed  
10013 Elizabeth Young We need you ;~)
10014 R.C. Taylor Get tough!
10015 Michael Elgart  
10016 Harriet Beebe Arrasmith  
10017 Stephan Graham We need you!
10018 Name not displayed  
10019 Name not displayed  
10020 Shirley Zitting  
10021 Name not displayed I admire your upright character. This country needs you!
10022 Christopher Jordan A decisive victory calls for a decisive man.
10023 Name not displayed Ron Paul for president.
10024 Name not displayed  
10025 Clint Brown  
10026 stuart bradman  
10027 richard pilat  
10028 Kerry T. Calvi Please run in 2012 Congressman Paul. With you as our President, America will have its strongest leader in nearly 200 years, and we are much overdue for your type of leadership!
10029 Kevin C. Aznoe Lets be FREE!!!
10030 John Livermore  
10031 Name not displayed  
10032 Name not displayed DO IT!
10033 william phillips Dr. Paul, your our only hope to restore our country. Please, run.
10034 travis foster please run dr.paul! your the only person in washington that has a chance to win and make a real change in america. i will be happy to help with your campaign here in arkansas
10035 Curtis J. Papproth Ron Paul will always have my vote.
10036 Justin Not only does this country need a person with principles that are defined by integrity, justice, honesty, and compassion, but a dying world needs it to. America is not the only nation on this planet. One of the greatest super powers in the world needs to be LEAD by a righteous person not ruled by corrupt criminals. What happens here matters all over the world. What I’m trying to say is you have to run for President in 2012. We WILL get you in because we are done with insanity and corruption. Bless you and we’ll see you in the oval office in 2012.
10037 Joseph Tracy Help us before it’s too late.
10038 Leslie Foss Let’s show folks what it means to be American!!!
10039 Jason Haley We need you!
10040 Name not displayed  
10041 Scott Bailey  
10042 James Koby  
10043 Trevor Lafond  
10044 Maria Vargas I really would like to see you run for president. I am tired of these figure head politicians and their fake promises&> we need someone who represents us the people.
10045 Todd Adams I love America!!!
10046 Jimmy Page  
10047 Kurt Bring sanity back to the states!
10048 Dennis Fouridis Love to see my Great Congressman be our next President!!
10049 Tim Iby We need Ron Paul,Jesse V.,etc.honest and trustworthy. We have been sold out by govt and big business cause of greed,money,power. No jobs cause manufacturing is gone anybody w/ commonsense can see that,like Ron and Jesse.we need to abolish fulltime politicians and let the people decide on matters that concern this great country of ours and not leave it in the hands of stale fat vote getters who care only of themselves !
10050 Linda Please run-We need you
10051 Chris Parfitt  
10052 Henryk Kowalski  
10053 Carolyn Nickols I support you whole heartedly!
10054 Rodney Blackbird I volted for you for president.

Just to say.
10055 Name not displayed  
10056 Kenneth Sheahan  
10059 Eric Madden God Bless you, Dr. Paul
10060 Gary Kump  
10061 Sarah Fowler Run Ron! Run! We need you to save our country.
10062 Charles Winfield Ron Paul for President 2012
10063 John Coyne Someone I can be proud to vote for instead of just having to vote for ‘the other guy’.
10064 Channing For once someone worth voting for!
10065 Sam Taylor  
10066 Vincent Pomarico  
10067 Mickey Glennan  
10068 Dr. Stan Gale  
10069 Thomas Heinowski RUN!
10070 Peter Klopsch the kind of austerity this country needs to bring

this country back from the brink can only be achieved by a leader willing to live as a man and not a king
10071 Elija Landwehr  
10072 Dale D. Whitehead Ron,

Please run in 2012, give America the REAL change it desperately needs!
10073 Jaime  
10074 Name not displayed All I can say is PLEASE!!! I BEG YOU!
10075 Andrew Radi  
10076 Michael Barefoot We need you Ron!
10077 Name not displayed The executive branch needs to be less glamorous, more business-like. We need a wise, moral (but not religious) individual to show us how to clean up the mess we’re in. You have my vote and the vote of everyone I can influence.
10078 Daniel Ron we need you to run for president more than ever! This time we need to see more ads on local TV. Especially in CA.
10079 W.T.Glidden This country was founded by people tired of being taxed to death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10080 Kerry Stultz  
10081 Florence Polverino In my lifetime I can’t remember when we can say

we desperately need a true blue American Citizen

such as Rob Paul. If you decide to run, there is nothing that will keep me from the voting booth

and I promise to root for you with relatives, friends and strangers!

Thank you for all your efforts!!!
10082 David S  
10083 John Rigter Please consider running in 2012. You are the only man with the depth of Knowledge, Expertise and Guts to face the Federal Reserve and force an audit of their dirty dealings. Washington needs more men and women like you.
10084 jason wiley  


10086 John Dolan  
10087 Sean Lee Freedom and Liberty
10088 Tsheej Vaaj America’s last chance as a nation…
10089 Walter B Gunby  
10090 Ken Mosbergen You are the only chance us Americans have to speak the truth and to regulate where we need it most! Please reconsider running for presidency if it’s the last thing you do! I have NO faith in anyone else to bring us back to where we use to be. God Bless us all!
10091 francine do it
10092 Joseph D Lareau II  
10093 Chris Macdonald The Founding Father’s would vote for you and so will I!
10094 noah harpham TU NE CEDE MALIS!
10095 Adam Spinks RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!
10096 Michael Penton thank you for serving us
10097 Brian Calla RP 2012 for liberty
10098 Joseph Schugt  
10099 Name not displayed we need a army of ron pauls
10100 Robert Clark Ron Paul is the only potential presidential candidate that I could confidently vote for.
10101 Bill Moresi We need you Dr. Paul.
10102 Justin Grzeszczak Please run Dr.Paul! Save our country! It was your books and speeches that got me and many of my colleagues at the University of Cincinnati interested in American politics.
10103 Robert B Dean I’m behind you 110%!
10104 Name not displayed  
10105 Karl Landegren  
10106 Name not displayed  
10107 Gregg Hansen  
10108 Name not displayed Keep America pumping red white and blue, thank you Dr. Ron Paul.
10109 Tim Bowden  
10110 Julian James 10115 get
10111 uncle ud Do good stuff.
10112 Lisa Tamulynas  
10113 Name not displayed  
10114 Name not displayed  
10115 Adam Ebel I hope for a better future with Ron Paul. I want peace and liberty.
10116 Shane Stevens You woke me up, Dr. Paul. Don’t give up on the American people. Your principles and adherence to the Constitution are our last best weapons against the global elite.
10117 Name not displayed  
10118 Audrey McKenzie Please run. You are the ONLY choice.
10119 steve field  
10120 Jay McKenzie Dr. Paul, you have my full support.
10121 Paul Nihart  
10122 Michael Beasley I will vote for you in 2012.
10123 Jesus Waldo we stood by you in 2008 lets do it again in 2012
10124 Anthony Adams Ron Paul is the only politician I trust, period.
10125 Michael Pagan Please, Ron, your country (people) needs you. We need sanity to manifest itself in this time of need. Government has gone bananas!
10126 john ogden  
10127 Phillip Slocum I have been doing some research on Ron Paul a agree with a lot of what he has to say. He has my vote. Mr. Paul for President 2012!
10128 Roger J Trudell Sr  
10129 robert stanley we need you
10130 thomas koehler AMERICA NEEDS RON PAUL…. dAmmit!
10131 dom diianni  
10132 Name not displayed  
10133 Dave Slater Thank you for keeping liberty alive by spreading the freedom message to a new generation. Please run again! We’re all (still) here (and growing) to support you.
10135 Jeremy Lally  
10136 Name not displayed Yall doNT want to hear my comments

Ill jsut say we have Not been ‘for the people by the people’ or the ‘land of “”free”"‘ nealry since teh beginning
10137 Andrew P Hunstiger Just win baby!
10138 james hall  
10139 Daniel Ferraioli The people of this country needs you. As a 24 year old combat veteran, i feel that you are the only person strong enough to turn this country around from its downward spiral, God bless you.
10140 Courtney Galasso The thought of you running for president again gives me butterflies…I can’t wait to get your message out to anyone who will listen!!!
10141 Candace Ron Paul = a better america
10142 Benjamin Bravo You got my 100% support Sir.

Ron Paul FTW !!!
10143 Frank E. Gallup  
10144 Jon Abrahamson  
10145 Name not displayed A wise and frugal government, which shall leave men free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned - this is the sum of good government. -Thomas Jefferson. Dr. Paul, as you know our principles are under attack. We need now more than ever a man with unflinching correct principles and a history of honest action. You have my full support as a 2012 presidential candidate. Please consider it.
10146 Patsy A. Gordon Thank you for your honesty.
10147 Name not displayed  
10148 James Dudas  
10149 Benjamin Bourne  
10150 Frank Prieto  
10151 Nicole VanBuskirk This country needs you to run for president! We NEED you to help us get back to where we belong.
10152 Justin Cruz  
10153 Name not displayed  
10154 Craig Dunn  
10155 David du Rées Just do it already!
10156 Name not displayed Ron Paul ROCKS!
10157 Carole May The People Are Ready……We will Prevail this Time!!
10158 Mike Casella please run in 2012
10159 Kevin Gallagher Thank you for sounding the alarm. I hate to ask for more from you, but this is our country’s our of need. We are behind you.
10160 Steven Power Love ya Ron, keep up the fight. sp
10161 Gennaro J. Calabrese Keep spreading the message
10162 John Thorpe We need you now more than ever!
10163 James Cline Go Ron Paul!
10164 Ross Vanderveer  
10165 DeAnna Kazakevicius  
10166 Jared Koehler Mr. Paul, You are the key to America’s redemption. Our country would be a much better, more free country if you became president. But even if you don’t become president you will lead (like you already have) to a movement of libertarianism and freedom in the United States. I pray you run for president, you have my vote Mr. Paul!
10167 manuel valera  
10168 Name not displayed Ron Paul is the Repulics last hope for liberty a free market and the Comstitution
10169 Name not displayed end the fed
10170 Lisa Bailey Way Dear Dr. Paul:

I have been a supporter of your principles since I first heard you speak in the 1980′s. I know of no other living person in the U.S.A. today who has forever stood by such principles even and especially when it is inconvenient and unpopular.

It brings tears to my eyes, when I think that a man of your unwavering stoutness of heart and dogged pursuit of liberty and political sanity has gone virtually unnoticed by the general population, as a result of being avoided by most of Congress and ignored by mainstream media. Nevertheless, all that ignorance is finally turning around- your works have steadily accumulated into an avalanche of Reason and Compassion, and forged alliances among peace and freedom loving Americans and citizens of the world, never to be broken again! Others may continue to ignore or minimize you, one man, but the impact of your efforts and works cannot be undone!

I am 45 years old and have never had the opportunity to vote for either of the mainstream parties’ Presidential nominees. In good conscience, I have voted for Libertarian, Natural Law and Constitution party candidates for President and Congress. I do not believe I’ve “”thrown away”" my votes. A vote for lesser evil is still a vote for evil. Please know that all of us, my friends here and everywhere, and I, will be standing with you for the duration!

We defer to your judgment on whether to make another run for Presidency. We know that you will stay where you believe you can get the most good done, No matter what! We Thank You, your wife and family and all who have supported you, for your lifetime of service to our beloved country, as a soldier, a doctor, a father, philosopher and statesman. Dr. Paul, in this lifetime, you are my greatest hero; and in that, for once, I know I am not alone!

May you and your family continue to be blessed with good health and prosperity, No matter what!

Your friend, in nurturing roots and shoring up foundations,

Lisa Bailey Way
10171 Joshua lievsay Dear Dr. Paul, I want you to know that wether you choose to run or decide to withdraw, you have been my political hero. I have only regained interest in politics due to the hope that has been given to me through your fight in congress. You represent the change I believe in. Thank you.
10172 Name not displayed  
10173 William Davidson  
10174 Michael Deans Do it for the sake of liberty Ron!
10175 Stan Grisham  
10176 deborah Miller Thank You
10177 Carlo Mottola Change the course of the world, by changing the course of America.
10178 Charles Ball Need someone to straighten this mess and you are the one.
10179 Vince thsu No politicians in the country like you having the couragement of providing solid proof to American voters that many of them have been blinded or misguided by governmental lies since 2001 regarding costly Fed’s monetary policy for building Ponzi wealth effect. You are the future hope of all Americans. Without your courageous presence at this critical juncture for rerunning 2012 presidential race, I’m affraid that all future generation of this land would fall into the slaves of China. Dr. Paul, please we need you, and no other candidates so far are better fit for the President position than you.
10180 Joseph Consolo  
10181 Jimmi Knoell  
10182 Brian K. Wass Judge Andrew Napolitano for v.p.
10183 gary bruce  
10184 Name not displayed I’m not from the U.S, but I’m sure you’re the best option for President from your country. It might be too late, with your debt and all. But you would take drastic measures and thats a good thing.
10185 Kristina Don’t disappoint us!!
10186 John H Roberts  
10187 Kristina We need you, you know what to do.
10188 Daniel macias  
10189 Daniel macias  
10190 Name not displayed  
10191 Chris Maul The only person that I have seen over the years that knows what the Fed , Greenspan, and others are doing to destroy the dollar is Ron Paul.He is the country’s only 1% chance to even begin to chip away at this monster of a problem.
10192 Adam i’m not an american so i can’t vote… Dr Ron Paul for President would change the world!
10193 Name not displayed  
10194 Taylor Metting  
10195 Mike Boenig  
10196 Rosemary Bruscato  
10197 Fredrick Acton  
10198 Name not displayed dear seantor take back america
10199 Dale Hankemeier If not you, Dr. Paul, who will we turn to? What other candidate besides you possess your knowledge of The Constitution, the very medicine which can make this Nation, this Republic, whole again!
10200 Charles Rittersdorf  
10201 jany chu Keep your current good work, Paul. No matter what your final decision is, we’ll always stand by you and support you totally forever.
10202 Justin Miller  
10203 Name not displayed He said are military should’nt be used to police the world, And are govorment is the thing that need policing . Amen brother !!
10204 Natalie DePriest  
10205 John Masters Please run for President, I’m ever so tired of the clowns picked by the bankers who just strip what little wealth we have left.
10206 stephane ferland M.Paul,You already put too much energy (the first 2 times)now it’s time to get what you really deserve:put your country back on track
10207 Name not displayed  
10208 Ryan Johnson  
10209 Tim Caron  
10210 Alex Reagan  
10211 Rick Arnaiz DC  
10212 Name not displayed  
10213 Phillip Swartz  
10215 Name not displayed  
10216 Name not displayed Ron Paul needs to be president of the United State so we can make our nation as it should be. Ron understands the freedom thats most of us stupidly take for granted.
10217 Name not displayed  
10218 Mike McLean  
10219 Alexander E. Paine WE NEED YOUR HELP
10220 Shane Dover “”One man with courage…”" You are that man. Thank you.
10221 Name not displayed  
10222 Brian Palmer You are the only person left in Washington that I trust. Please help us we need you now more than ever.
10223 Andrea Fatora  
10224 Name not displayed  
10225 James Dombrowski  
10226 Name not displayed Ron Paul is Mr. Constitution, the most important document ever written second only to the Bible. We must protect and live by it or there is no USA.
10227 Paul Vanukoff  
10228 Dan DiLeonardo Please run Ron, you’re our nations’ only hope! I won’t allow the major media networks to make a mockery of your campaign this time. We need you!
10229 Kyle Even an unsuccessful run would open more eyes.
10230 David Sullivan We need to stop the “”Dumb War!”" Go Ron Paul!
10231 Deven C. Lewis Please help us take America back.
10232 Name not displayed Thank you for your service.
10233 Michael Rosales  
10234 irene Ron Paul 2012!
10235 Mike Rosales  
10236 Lois Solis  
10237 Jesse I will be proud to call you president.
10238 Jason Run Ron Run!
10239 Robert Cameron  
10240 Ki Ritter Would you mind looking to groom Allen West as your VP???
10241 Shawn slack  
10242 Joshua DeJarlais Only ‘real’ politician that will keep his promise to the American people! Ron Paul revolution 2012!
10243 George Whitfield Libertarian Party member. Voted for Ron Paul for President in 1988. Want to do so again.
10244 James Richardson Run Ron, Run!
10245 Mark Ellis  
10246 James Mauldin  
10247 Kenneth Richey God is with us
10248 Name not displayed We the people need a voice not afraid to stand up to big government! Be that voice!
10249 Chris Hoffman  
10250 Kristen Whetstone Please run 2012. You are the only person in the correct position to help our great nation. We are at a turning point in our history and without the guidance from a strong, constitutional president I fear the future will not be bright.
10251 Scott Martin  
10252 Ken Go for it!
10253 Nickolas Grillone  
10254 Kristofer Wempa Reduce foreign presence and take care or our own problems wwith that money ! Ron Paul in 2012
10255 Sean Helenese Time for real change
10256 Ray S. Fostore  
10257 Mike Collins  
10258 Jim McCanna  
10259 Joe Ramos Ron Paul is my President!

Let’s make it official in 2012!
10260 Andrew Kozlowski  
10261 Mark Nayden America needs this to happen.
10262 stephen martin Please run! We need you. The cause of liberty needs you!
10263 Name not displayed  
10264 Name not displayed dear ron paul i hope you run for president to get rid of obama and stop his machine and not kill talk radio nomore of this crap it needs to stop now
10265 Vismaad Gondara Let there be 1 real president instead of puppets that have been selected for the past so many decades.
10266 Eileen Guza  
10267 Andrew Weems  
10268 Name not displayed We need someone that won’t disappoint. Serious matters like the dollar, trade laws, anti-trust laws, military spending etc. need attention that our current and future leaders, are ignoring and will ignore.
10269 Ryan Go Ron Paul!
10270 Name not displayed Even though you won’t win, you should run for the lulz.
10271 Peter Keller  
10272 Jason Frisk I can’t wait for the debates!
10273 Cody Griffith  
10274 Barbara Branch  
10275 elizabeth brockman We need local district leadership across this country if there is a hope of running a successful relationship. Please do this and RUN TO WIN IN 2012!!!!!!!!
10276 Philip G Restore THE Republic!
10277 Henry End the Fed! Save the Republic!
10278 Kevin Kunz Please, we need you.
10279 Sebastião Martins Non-interventionism is not new and neither is it ancient. Please run for President and restore values such as freedom and liberty for which we have come to love America.
10280 Name not displayed Don’t let us down Ron, We The People need you more than ever.
10281 John Smith Dr Paul, the common man is expecting you to run. Please don’t let us down.
10282 Eric Hancox This is your destiny.
10283 candance mahlendorf  
10284 Nag May God guide your path for you are a true statesman.
10285 Aaron Cipala Keep fighting for freedom!
10286 Andy Watkins  
10287 Joshua Powell  
10288 Bob Haller Get Bernanke! If you decide to run ‘get me’ as your live sound reinforcement engineer!
10289 hector i hope you do run by then it will probably be too late
10290 Shawn Bennett Voted and supported you in 2008, will do it again in 2012!
10291 Heather Bennett  
10292 Jenna Youngblood Please run!
10293 Name not displayed  
10294 tony  
10295 Brian Parker  
10296 Jonathan Davis Please Run in 2012. America needs an intelligent and truthful Guy like you Ron paul. You have my Vote.
10297 Denise Knight  
10298 Thomas Evertts You started the brushfire in my minds, but your work is not done yet!
10299 Dan Moreno  
10300 Name not displayed We need Ron’s leadership, sharp intellect and outstanding judgement!
10301 Lamont Kimberlin We haven’t had a true President since Reagan and before that Kennedy. America needs a Ron Paul!
10302 Name not displayed Your country needs you yet again!
10303 Orlando I LOVE RON PAUL!
10304 Name not displayed Hooah!
10305 Pak-Yin Li  
10306 Daniel J Magar  
10307 gregory k williams  
10308 John M Wrote you in in 2008, and will be voting for you in 2012!
10309 Justin  
10310 michael mcnally we need a flat tax
10311 Chris W. Really hope you run, Ron. We need to end the fed (and its crony banks and their practices) raise tariffs and cut defense spending.
10312 Matt Galletta Ron Paul is a example of a true modern day patriot and is reincarnation of our original forefathers and framers of the constitution…
10313 pierce conlon  
10314 Justin Dr. Paul, you are the only one left who cares about the people of this country. We need you now more than ever.
10315 jeremy weaver  
10316 Brett MacLean I’m Canadian and I wish we had a candidate like Dr. Paul. Not only a candidate who I agree with on the issues but also one I can trust.
10317 Terrence Griffard This is your calling.
10318 Ben Siemens Nice to have a candidate worth voting for.
10319 gina e. bowman We need a president like you.
10320 Catharine Patient Just now hearing what you have to say,and I agree. Thank you for your courage to stand against this insanity.
10321 William Mullen We need representatives of the people, not captains for industries.
10322 Jordan Willis  
10323 Michael Patient Thank you for being truthful with the matters at hand,and up holding the Constitution for it’s face value.
10324 Name not displayed  
10325 Name not displayed  
10326 Matt Tew  
10327 Aaron Gyde Freedom and common sense need a defender, a voice, your voice.
10328 Name not displayed  
10329 Tory Roney You’re awesome!
10330 Winston Edwards  
10331 Ruth Johnson  
10332 Derek Hilley  
10333 Name not displayed I will support you any way that I can. Go Ron !!!
10334 Dominic Badalamenti NWO…Martial law…Global elitists…..Bildeburg…. NO THANK YOU!! Bring on a true American For President…RON PAUL in 2012!!!!!!!
10335 Name not displayed  
10336 Pat Carmeli Let’s break the Republican/Democrat hold on US politics.
10337 Name not displayed Ron, you have been right on for a long time!
10338 daniel the best of luck for 2012, the system needs to change for the better.
10339 Francine Fox  
10340 Name not displayed Ron We NEED You Please RUN!!
10341 Matthew Haag Dr. Paul, I am a huge supporter and now more than ever THIS COUNTRY NEEDS YOU!!
10342 Teresa Slade  
10343 Charles Chopping  
10344 Catherine Vardeman Ron Paul has been my pick for president for years!!!! 2012, yay!!!
10345 Name not displayed  
10346 Rob Hanson  
10347 Josh Pressnell  
10348 Christy We need you!
10349 Name not displayed  
10350 Travis Howard  
10351 Oscar Milanez  
10352 Deborah Gordon  
10353 Brian Haupt  
10354 jung park It is too late for us but for my child and theirs, I will vote for you.
10355 Lee Crawford Please consider running for president ~ we do need you to help our country!
10356 Name not displayed Exceptionally brilliant man.
10357 Betsy Mabry You’ve got my vote. Please stay the course and give us hope for real change.
10358 Joe Schuchman  
10359 William Peters  
10360 rob  
10361 Ryan Brunson  
10362 Jack Lhasa  
10363 Name not displayed Run for President. We need you..
10364 Anthony Buck  
10365 James Pitcher Dr. Paul, I cannot say how much I admire you. You are a revolutionary.
10366 Name not displayed Please run for the presidency in 2012. You are the wisest choice for the office. The Republic desperately needs your common sense now, more than ever.
10367 Oscar Perea  
10368 Name not displayed Please give me a reason to vote.
10369 Judy David We need a real American, like you.
10370 Mary K. Swift  
10371 Mary H. Horan  
10372 Kevin P. Swift  
10373 Kathryn M. Swift  
10374 Jeanne Pauli We need you.
10375 Isaac Fischbein Dr. Paul this country needs you!
10376 Carol Young  
10377 Nicholas Ron Paul is my hero. Please fix this country!
10378 Guo Du Ron, if the US can have a president like you, it would be very good for the country the world once loved, and it would be conducive to the return of common sense to the world at large. Even if you don’t win, you’ll create the momentum necessary to keep your movement going, and opportunity for the next generation to be ready. Sincerely, Guo Du
10379 louis salinas i’m a strong supporter of your views on abolishing the federal reserve. you have my support!!
10380 Julia Hope  
10381 Alyssa Bailey  
10382 jason menke If you run I will support you with my vote and help to gather other votes.
10383 Robert Cundiff  
10384 Name not displayed Ron,

You have been ahead of your time for many years. Now is YOUR time. Please run, for America.
10385 Name not displayed  
10386 Elizabeth Langley The US needs you right now! Serve for Christ and win the victory!
10387 Name not displayed  
10388 Name not displayed Please run for 2012. You are our hope to actually see a positive change in our double standard foreign policy. Thank you and God bless you.
10389 Roger Bran America needs you
10390 Name not displayed keep the revoltuion alive, brother
10391 Rita Livingston We need the changes you propose.
10392 Colin Ward Your dedication to liberty has given me inspiration, and hope for the future. Please run for President!
10393 Christopher James  
10394 Jeremy Stumpf  
10395 Ray burroughs  
10396 Name not displayed Our country has never needed your help more than now.
10397 Jennie Walsh  
10398 Brandon Will do everything I can to get Dr. Paul in
10399 Donald Lester Bennett The federal government needs to be audited!
10400 Name not displayed Please Run for President and stop the liberals.
10401 Kenneth Roberts  
10402 Bryan Cooper Please run Dr. Paul
10403 David olson Please be President in 2012
10404 clifford little  
10405 Stephen Sisk Whatever it takes, I will work until I am dead to get Ron Paul elected President of the United States in 2012 for he is America’s last hope for liberty.
10406 Elena Polanco We have faith in you Dr. Paul! We need you and more people like you in office.
10407 Brendon  
10408 João Marques de Oliveira Changing is good for America and the world.
10409 Christopher J. Coney Dr. Paul- You are a great and honest teacher. I cherish your wisdom and celebrate your ethics, morals, and common sense. You have helped me be more aware of how much a charade we have allowed human life to become through senseless wars, the evils of politics, the secrecy and growth-stiffling actions of “”our”" govt., and the ignorance we hold collectively of our TRUE rights as Americans- so, I must thank you and offer my support in helping the rest of us wake up! You, Sir, are a Legacy to me, and I want to know that I can help create an Amazing piece of history by placing you at top, as a great, courageous, noble, and EMPOWERING leader of a crumbling, desperate, and divided nation- If you need me as I need you, know I am here! Jesse- 29 Reno
10410 Matt Mascho Ron Please make a run in 2012, America is dying from all the corruption. We need someone like you, that believes so much in the constitution and who will truly bring Real Change . God bless you
10411 Deborah Calkins  
10412 Daniel Woods  
10413 Cheryl Johnson I would be honored if you would run for president. We need good people to turn this country around. You are a great man and I have great respect for you
10414 Sean Mullins  
10415 Brad Salzgeber My eyes have been open since 2008 Debates. Thank you Doctor Paul! End the Fed!
10416 Isaac Neri  
10417 ted gatto Please run in 2012
10418 Robert Curry “”Founding Father Material”"
10419 Randi Brown We need you!
10420 government grants I think one of your advertisements caused my internet browser to resize, you might want to put that on your blacklist.
10421 Brandon Oldenburg  
10422 jonathan quinn do it!
10423 Jeffery Smith  
10424 andrew pearson uk supporter, so my opinion probably does not count, but Ron if you can accomplish the demise of private central banking in America, hopefully it will have repercussions for England as well, i wish you luck and hope you stay safe.
10425 Konrad Schultz  
10426 Rudy Sosa Jr  
10427 Name not displayed America needs you Dr. Paul.
10428 Walt Maguire You are the best, please keep up the fight to save our country!
10429 Name not displayed  
10430 lydia kelly The country needs your voice of wisdom. Please run for president.
10431 Name not displayed  
10432 Name not displayed  
10433 George R. DeMint Jr I’ve voted(write in) for Ron the last two elections. I think the time is now for Ron Paul.
10434 Bertie Hopper We need you and more like you in Washington!!
10435 Hector Ramirez We truly want you to run for President!!
10436 Irene Harhaj  
10437 Name not displayed Go Ron Paul!
10438 Ryan  
10439 carrie sullivan  
10440 John Wiley  
10441 Gabriel Howard  
10442 Al Martinez Mr. Paul is the only believable voice in Congress. He is a true and tested leader, he needs to be President! The country needs him!
10443 Conor VanDemark  
10444 Scott Parkhurst If Ron doesn’t run then the establishment will think they have won and I fear that the movement for freedom will begin to slow. Ron is the face for liberty in this country…!
10445 John Davis  
10446 Margaret Cooke  
10447 Eric Lake We need you in the running, we need you to win!
10448 Ken Owens Run Ron Run!!!
10449 Name not displayed Ron- I supported you in both 1988 and 2008. What a much better country we have as a result of your increasing success and education of others.
10450 chris  
10451 jane clark  
10452 SHANE GARNEAU I know both Republicans and Democrats alike that will support Ron Paul in 2012 to restore America. Ron you are my hero!
10453 Jessina Sotomayor  
10454 james a mckendrick Go Ron, go!!!
10455 robert sesny Please run. America needs to be saved and there is no one better in this world to lead us and change us. Go Ron Paul.
10456 Kenneth Everett  
10457 Brandon Galloway I need someone to vote for.
10458 Sean Gravlin  
10459 Marty Dyck  
10460 Ronald Hughes We need a president who has read the constitution
10461 Marcus Latzel We need someone with your views to be president in 2012.
10462 Katie Please run for the 2012 presidential election!! Our country needs you!!!!
10463 George Edward Baker A.I.A. What can I do to help?
10464 Wayne Smith  
10465 Michelle Peterson  
10466 Eugene Tompkins  
10467 Larissa Gatto Let’s make it happen.
10468 AB  
10469 paul goulas  
10470 Name not displayed  
10471 Mike Haycraft  
10472 Leandro Pointis The World needs you Sir.
10473 Mitzi Green We need a candidate we can trust and that has a proven history of integrity. That person is you Dr. Paul. Thank you for all you do and for educating us on the Federal Reserve!
10474 Denise Manchester Please run for President!
10475 Paul Randazzo We need a true common sence thinker and someone who will stad up for the Constitution in the White House.
10476 Linda Our country must repent and return to God!
10477 Name not displayed Ron Paul can continue to enlighten the public about the “”Banksters”", and cheats who run our country.
10478 justin page Please run in 2012..!!!
10479 Virginia Heidorf Please run this country needs you.
10480 Cynthia Rampersaud You got their attention in the last election. You’ll get their vote in the next!
10481 Chris Belk If you feel you are up to doing everything in your constitutional power to fix this nation, you will have my vote. I look up to you.
10482 Name not displayed  
10483 Name not displayed I am feeling quite dismal on the direction our country is heading. I would like to help campaign for Ron Paul.
10484 Shannon Vaccaro  
10485 Dimitry Latushka  
10486 Lin Brightly  
10487 Robert Whiting We own the dome! Ron can win against Obama, we just have to convince the other voters that he can, he is the Thomas Jefferson of our time, we need him now more than ever, please do all you can to get this man elected, our republic depends upon it!
10488 Stuart Crow Don’t let the Democrats win.
10489 Spencer Rhodes Bangert Please Dr. Paul, our country needs you!
10490 Name not displayed Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin, Dennis Kucinich, Rand Paul…The last hope for America.
10491 Ed Reillo  
10492 Camilla Natalie Anne Peel Thank you for fighting for the true right of the American people. I see you as one of the last beacons of hope. If you can’t run for president again yourself, please PLEASE teach a younger group your ways so that they can carry on your legacy of trimming down our government. Thank you.
10493 PHILIP MOSBERGEN Ron brings attention to what other candidates will leave behind for the next president, he’s more concerned about what can be done rather then how his hair looks.
10494 Dave Fletcher  
10495 Michael Moore Ron, your 2008 campaign was the impetus for the recent tea party uprising. Given the percentage of people already awakened to action by your previous candidacy, I believe that a Ron Paul candidacy in 2012 will have an exponentially larger effect on the political mindset of the country. Thank you for your unwavering effort to educate and awaken Americans about the process for returning the republic to order.
10496 Name not displayed I believe!
10497 Andrzej Goryniak You Sir are the blow of fresh air for me and all my frands! I hope you will start in next elections to be the voice of freedom and normality not only for US but for entire world. All the best from Poland!
10498 Kyle Bruhn  
10499 Mike Zeek  
10500 Robert Paiva We need you to get this country back in the right direction.
10501 Frederick Pattison Mannino America must be saved from the status quo, for our children’s future; please run for office.
10502 Kevin Western MA is on your side! Even this State is ready for a change :)
10503 Douglas Ward I will not only sign but also pledge my support for your effort. The revolution has begun!
10504 George Lobos We need a conservative who will draw down our military footprint in the world. Mr. Paul is the only one who addresses this issue.
10505 Sally Grave  
10506 Richard Castaldo We do need you.
10507 Tom Spanos  
10508 Lisa Bayko  
10509 Christopher Johnson  
10510 D. Laarman Dr. Paul, I cannot bring myself to vote in 2012 if you are not on the ballot. The lesser of two evils is not good enough!
10511 Jeffrey C Jeffers Dr Paul is the only leader with the integrity, morality, honesty, modesty, knowledge and intelligence necessary to be president in 2012.
10512 Aaron Cucchetti  
10513 david Ron Paul is the man!
10514 Jeff Felt Dr. Paul, give us hope!
10515 Name not displayed  
10516 Karen A Greve We need YOU for president!!!!!
10517 Adam Taylor  
10518 Name not displayed  
10519 Amber Reevess  
10520 Christopher Ahrens  
10521 Name not displayed  
10522 Shannon Daily I supported you with contributions, my voice and my vote in 2008. I will do it again!
10523 Jay Bartlett There needs to be a candidate who is willing to pry open the US economy and really see whats going on. There needs to be a candidate that reminds Congress and the American People that this country was founded on the Constitution
10524 Name not displayed  
10525 Patricia Hall Go for it!
10526 David Robertson Ron paul is the last chance we have at keeping injustices from continuing to happen. If he runs and isn’t elected america will not make it, the constitution will not make it, the dollar will not make it. And I will be moving to another country to escape the now tyrannical U.S government.
10527 Name not displayed  
10528 Name not displayed End the FED!!!
10529 James Thomas Hope he runs, it be nice to have someone with integrity as the POTUS for a change.
10530 Christopher Simon As said by the thousands before me OUR country needs you sir.
10531 Jerry Help us Ron Paul! You’re our only hope!
10532 Glencora Leming  
10533 Manal Zayed  
10534 Ronald Burcham Dr. Paul is the only Republican I trust.
10535 susan quirarte  
10536 Stephen Dunn  
10537 Michael Monahan Ron Paul / Gary Johnson 2012!
10538 Eric Ward  
10539 Susan Lindsley  
10540 Jessica Novisky  
10541 Dr. Terrence Micheal  
10542 Dino Mulic You better be in this election.
10543 Name not displayed  
10544 Name not displayed  
10545 Kane Kopacek I am 23 years old, I have never voted, 2012 will be my first vote and what i would consider the most important vote of my life, People are fed up with the false left and right, the people want change and to reduce the size of government, Ron Paul is not an underdog he is the mainstream I cant go anywhere without hearing people talk about him the people want him, I want him, The people are ready for change! Ron Paul is our only hope to change this out of control military industrial complex of a government
10546 charles f. luttrell God bless you,Ron Paul and thank you for honest leadership with integrity.
10547 John Calvi America needs you more than ever!!!!!
10548 Colby Noe Consider the campaign slogan: Integrity
10549 Name not displayed  
10550 Kendra  
10551 Daniel Smith Go gettim
10552 sean vaughn vp suggestions: Andrew Napolitano (big on constitution), Jesse Ventura will stand strong with you, or maybe crossover and chose a somewhat popular conservative I have not mentioned
10553 Name not displayed You have our families vote!
10554 Dietrich Houston  
10555 John Cunningham Please Run our Nation Needs You
10556 Name not displayed America desperately needs a change and you are it!
10557 Name not displayed  
10558 Debra You are just the man to bring back this country from the brink of disaster. Please consider running for President.
10559 GEORGIA GUTIERREZ We desperately need someone like Ron Paul. I fear our country is headed disaster and we need someone that is there for the people.
10560 Name not displayed There’s no better person right now. Very smart man.
10561 William Chappell  
10562 guenther schmidt please run
10563 Wesley L Butler You have my vote!
10564 john anthony Jesus and ron paul are the men for cleaning out these financial terrorists (the worst kind of terrorists) out of our nation abolish the fed cia and a host of other worthless gov organizations and programs
10565 Matt Marrazzo Ron Paul - for a Republic that we CAN keep.
10566 Mark Smith Dr. Paul you are the only choice for 2012. America needs you.
10567 Matthew Hoff Dr. Paul, I think you are the only thing that could bring us back to our glory days. We would not need you to run if there were more of you, but there is not, so if you would either run for president, or get more of you in the congress, and house, then we would be good to go. Thank you for everything you have done for us and for the USA.
10568 William Campbell Douglass III MD, MS Looking forward to CPAC 2011!
10569 Joseph Angland You are the man who will really bring change.
10570 Name not displayed  
10571 jon moss  
10572 Morgan Johnstone PLease! Please! Only a Doctor with amazing constitutional fundamentals and the spirit of our lord with wisdom can get us back on track or at least going in the right direction! Arise! Now is the time you’ve been primed for. Blessings! I will be raising awarness in Central Oregon :) and alreard have a bumber sticker that states “”Ron Paul 2012-for the past 2 months now. People think I’m crazed but I just represent the very base of your followers. :)
10573 katherine hosmer  
10574 Joe Quinn Dr. Paul,

America needs your common sense now more than ever - before it’s too late.
10575 Shannon Meaux  
10576 James Myers I would definitly vote for you, and so would nearly all of my family and friends.
10577 Tyson Tittlemier  
10578 Viviana Prieur  
10579 Justin Mallery  
10580 John Madigan Integrity, honesty and America first would be a great change in Washington!
10581 Micki D’Avy We need you in the White House!
10582 Robert Pena No one is better qualified to lead our nation.
10583 Elizabeth Zeek  
10584 tom stanley our government is so evil and corrupted i dont know if one man,other than god can change things ! after he does become our next prez would suggest putting god back in government public places first
10585 Carl J. Miller Jr. Run for president 2012. Use the internet. Use youtube. Use us the people who believe in you to campaign. If FOX news wants to leave you out we will make sure your voice is heard, and we will yell it over the voices of the people who would shut us up.
10586 Adam Skilbeck  
10587 Nick Graveline  
10588 Name not displayed Fight the fed!
10589 Amy Whitson  
10590 Scott Dimmick Please run for president in 2012! We need u!!
10591 Name not displayed  
10592 Patrick Golladay We are so tired of flip flop politicians we need someone who won’t steer us wrong!
10593 Name not displayed After the mid-term election America has the potential to change for the best, lets keep the momentum going Dr. Paul.
10594 Daniel Turner looking for fiscal responsibility and transparency from the government
10595 Richard It’s time for real conservatism.
10596 Adam Brown  
10597 Donna Yes a real president for a real change!!!~!
10598 Jashwon Tyrone YEAH KIIID
10599 Tim Lindsay  
10600 Steven J Galli If I cant vote for Ron Paul im not voting for anybody
10601 Name not displayed  
10602 Name not displayed  
10603 Blaz Lipovec  
10604 Dennis Ball An honorable, competent man for a formerly honorable position. Please consider running again Dr. Paul.
10605 Clark Gordon as a Independent, not to run the two party dictatership
10606 Steven Bellew lets all win together….go ron paul 2012
10607 Name not displayed tired of republocrats
10608 Jesus  
10609 Parker Thomas You are a man of your word in every aspect, we need someone with a strict interpretation of the constitution. I am behind you for president 110%. Let me know if you need a like minded running mate.
10610 Name not displayed You’re a true champion of freedom. For the good of the country, nay, for the good of the world, please run for President.
10611 Name not displayed  
10612 Steven D. Garza Paul 2012!
10613 Luke Stanek We need you, Ron Paul!
10614 Del meyer Want your program to win for theunity of our nation1 God bless and keep you!
10615 Virginia Rivera  
10616 Name not displayed you have my vote
10617 Harley Carter  
10618 debbie hesterman We need Ron Paul to run. He’s the only hope we got, and a very honest man and up front.
10619 jim bradford  
10620 Josiah Keller  
10621 judy pecoraro Please run in 2012, this country needs you.
10622 Leo RON PAUL 2012. Let’s do this.
10623 Trond Ruud We are many over here in Europe, who hope the USA will regain its role as the beacon for individual freedom and human rights in the wold. And the one person who inspires the most hope of that in the USA today, is Ron Paul. So alhough this is an altogether domestic American issue, we are many outside the USA who hope for Ron Paul in the next presidency.
10624 john coffee  
10625 mike  
10626 Name not displayed Ron Paul represents true hope for the future of America
10627 Thomas A. Collette Jr.  
10628 Name not displayed  
10629 Chelsea Moore I would vote for you in a heartbeat Dr. Paul. You’re honestly my last hope for freedom in this twisted and confused country.
10630 Sean Caparros There is nothing that we need more than a real change. This run needs to be firm and get to as many people as possible. Last run everyone that gave me an ear saw that Ron Paul is what most related to them. The problem was lack of publicity. I know that is a part of the philosophy, to be grass roots, which I’m completely on board with for most things but not a preasidential run. To be a great leader you have to bring your message to the masses, once they hear it they will understand how much we need Ron Paul.
10631 Name not displayed  
10632 Tamra Woodward Suppot Ron Paul all the way! 2012
10633 Clark D Snow run
10634 Kevin Brock our country needs you badly, Dr. Paul. best wishes
10636 Vance Woodward Ron Paul 2012
10637 Joseph Prasad Code Red. Code Red. Dr. Paul, you are needed in the White House. Outbreak of Banker Fat Cats!
10638 Name not displayed We all need you to run in2012
10639 Name not displayed  
10640 Bill Wright Ron Paul for President 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10641 Leland Bauck God bless those people who research the track record and qualifications of those candidates who run for President and vote accordingly. I am a registered Republican and I urge you Ron to run for President in 2012. You have my support!
10642 Name not displayed I proudly sport Ron Paul 2012 bumper stickers on my car and am a member of the Constitution Party. If you are stiffed by the RNC in 2012, please consider running as the Constitution Party candidate.
10643 Name not displayed It’s now Think or Sink. - Liberty or fascism.

The choice is ours.

The sea is the people.

Needed is a purge, a detox of the imperialist poisonous elements that shock and awe the world, wipes out versatility only to bring about

their uniform corporate power hungry global one world presidency rule.

A raising of consiousness means rising See Levels.

Dr. Paul is sharpening our vison.

Let us replace endless lying plutocracy, and obsessive compulsive practices with true communityism.

Doctor Paul has delivered many a time during his long career as obstetrician.

Let us chose the light of life over the satanic dark forces of the New World Disorder.

Run , Dr. Paul, run. - All boats will rise with you.
10644 Ryan Cunningham Our only hope.
10645 Willis F Wolfe Jr  
10646 Brian You are the Constitution Warrior… I am ready 4 the Second American Revolution
10647 charlie hendrix I voted for Ron Paul in ’08 as a write in candidate. I feel he is our only hope to regain our country.
10648 Name not displayed Please run Ron. You are truly a great man.
10649 lawrence Brackett  
10650 Travis Flickinger its so hard to come by a politician who you can both trust to do what is right, and seem to know what they’re doing, and Ron Paul is one of them
10651 Markus Lang  
10652 August Brunken  
10653 Kevin R. Terrill Help us Help you.
10654 jim farmer We need someone who will do what is right for Americans and not feed their own greed, head trip or pocketbook.
10655 Gloria Dillard Give ‘em hell Dr. Paul!
10656 Rick Mathis Unfortunately it’s too late to save our nation but I am willing to vote for Ron Paul’s ideas.
10657 David Shimko  
10658 Name not displayed Please run, Sir. You would be the only candidate I would vote for.
10659 Mark Zaharis the time is now to take back our country from the globalist !!!!!!!!!!
10660 Jonathan Isai Davila Please, please run Mr. Paul. I pledge all my spare time for a 2012 campaign.
10661 Philip Francis Our country and the world needs you… Please run in 2012!!:)
10662 Sharon Spurgeon Repeal healthcare and patriot act. Audit the Federal Reserve banks.
10663 tommy  
10664 Mell James  
10665 ray chinappi  
10666 darrin bjornson we need someone with integrity in the white house, and you’re it
10667 david laing  
10668 Timothy Perilloux Stop the errosion of our freedoms Ron Paul!!
10669 bridget omara god bless you.
10670 betsy  
10671 Name not displayed It is your time!
10672 Name not displayed  
10673 Scott Bellew Please run, and don’t drop out early!
10674 John A. McDaniel We need a leader of your statue today
10675 Michael Simon Dr. Paul, I am so enamored of your courage and commitment to limited government and fiscal responsibility, based on the gold standard, repeal of the federal income tax and stopping all federal spending, whether for domestic or foreign purposes. You have truly converted me from being a right-of-center conservative to a Constitution-loving libertarian. Thanks to you, I now understand that real government is a contract of individuals coming together to protect life (including that of the unborn), liberty and property. You have truly awakened a new love in me and I wish to profoundly thank you! In addition, I beseech you to run for the Office of the Presidency in 2012! May God bless you and America and restore the Republic!
10676 richard schwagel  
10677 kellyhaywood  
10678 Carol K. Bell Peace, Love, Ron Paul
10680 Jennifer Erwin Paul Kucinich 2012. Its got to me both of them.. no alternatives. Its what we need. Peace
10681 Aaron Mayovsky Wake up America
10682 Theresa Priest I didn’t know who Ron Paul was just a few short years ago … now, I really hope he runs again … or can help other libertarian … the Ds and Rs aren’t going to change …
10683 Ghassan  
10684 Josh Smith  
10685 Joseph Sellitto Go Ron Paul
10686 Colin Chandler  
10687 Joby John END THE FED.


10688 James Lowe America needs you, Ron!
10689 timothy brinegar come on ron paul we need you in there and on top END THE FED!!!!!!!!
10690 Jordan Travis We need you Dr. Paul.
10691 Rebekah Travis  
10692 Name not displayed  
10693 David Morales  
10694 J. C. Neuendorff  
10695 Name not displayed  
10696 J Loepke Thank you Ron Paul
10697 Caleb Cunningham  
10698 ronald blake I really hope that he runs, as we need some one to clean up these damn mess that the nuts in the government have do ne to U.S.A.
10699 Jeremy L Eagle Congressman Paul,

We need a man of your talents and values to come forth and guide our executive branch. We know you are committed to uphold our fore fathers constitutional values and for this, we the people, believe you are the right person to lead our nation away from bipartisanship rhetoric that leads to no progress and colossal debt load that continues to be created by excessive and unnecessary government spending. Congressman, you have my vote.
10700 jake travis the time is now
10701 John Ridgley  
10702 Edward Lavizzo I like the way you think.
10703 John Simms Good luck Dr Paul. I hope you can bring an end to the crooked Federal Reserve System and restore the Constitutional rights of the American people.
10704 Name not displayed  
10705 Name not displayed  
10707 Andrew Greisen  
10708 Steve Schaaf Dr. Paul, I support you for President. During the 2008 election, I questioned some of your policies. Now, I have been awakened. Please run for President, you have mine and 30 of mine friends and families votes here from California.
10709 Name not displayed We need real political courage to do what is right, not what is expedient
10710 Christina It would be nice to vote for someone who actually knows what needs to be done in Washington… again. :) I wrote your name in last time.
10711 Name not displayed  
10712 ronnie dissler I will vote ron paul
10713 Justin  
10714 Name not displayed  
10715 Name not displayed  
10716 Paul L. Gross  
10717 Justin Alino Please run Dr. Paul!!!
10718 Philip Foster Ron Paul 2012!!! We need you, Ron!
10719 Weslee Wireball  
10720 Emily  
10721 Name not displayed  
10722 Gary L Guttormson We need your logic and reason
10723 Michael Herrera  
10724 Casey Salt  
10725 Kristopher Pitchford We need you Ron.
10726 Zach Don’t be a pussy, and end the Goldman Sach’s rein of terror.
10727 Alice Abellanida  
10728 Name not displayed We need someone that isn’t afraid to tell us what we need to hear!! The country is broken. You’re the only person i’ve seen that actually has interest in fixing it!
10729 david Go Ron Paul!
10730 lian  
10731 Jim Fox Only if Sarah Palin runs as VP. She can target anyone opposing them. Ron is obviously beyond shooting his gun.
10732 Andre Page  
10733 Nelissa I love you, Ron. Keep fighting the good fight, & please run for president!
10734 detta please, please vote for this man!!!
10735 Name not displayed  
10736 Hayley Boe  
10737 Name not displayed  
10738 Name not displayed The people need you.
10739 Kyle Gotliebson Dear Congressman Paul,

You’ve been ahead of your time for so many years it’s obvious why your past bids were not wildly successful. The country simply was not ready for you. I believe the Tea Party is simply the awakening of the slumbering middle, no longer content to sit around and let the left and right ruin our country. I believe your time is now. Won’t you please lead us in 2012?
10740 Elliott Bath  
10741 Adam Holbrook  
10742 Name not displayed  
10743 John Smith It’s time.
10744 Douglas Craig We do need you!
10745 Dylan Taylor  
10746 Larry Shaw  
10747 Roger H. Bohlen  
10748 Name not displayed  
10749 Name not displayed Ask Bernie Sanders to VP. Think about it?
10750 Robert Keiper  
10751 Erich Winterton  
10752 Michael Allard Run Ron Run!
10753 Mark Corbett Let Ron have a chance to show what he can do for our country.
10754 Name not displayed  
10755 Name not displayed We all know the our societies collapse is inevitable. Please once again do the right thing. we are with you.
10756 Name not displayed Ron Paul for President 2012!
10757 keith steiner  
10758 CB Get Mr. Smith!
10759 Name not displayed  
10760 Name not displayed  
10761 Derek Kube Ron Paul we need you on the throne. And no man will lead more righteously.
10762 Marty Barton  
10763 Paul Burian  
10764 Benjamin Smith  
10765 Michael Davis This is the man for my country.

He has served faithfully for years and years, with incomparable devotion to America, and he is the rightful President.
10766 Christine Phillips  
10767 Vincent S. Krivacsy Jr GO RON PAUL!
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10769 Sara McHenry  
10770 Francis W. Wilson Please run Dr. Paul. More and more people are gravitating toward the ideas of liberty thanks to your educational campaign and unwavering stance on the issues at hand. You have my vote if you run. (A great chance you’ll have it as a write in even if you choose not to.)
10771 Nancy Zverev It is so much to ask ……. but we do need you. God bless you and be safe.
10772 Robert Miller Our country needs your leadership
10773 Michael Pata Please run
10774 Name not displayed please run we need you.thanks god bless.
10775 Chris Brand You are the only one I would trust to run this country.
10776 Joshua B Miller  
10777 Lee Gordon Seebach  
10778 Clayton Holt  
10779 Seth Wallace I wholeheartedly support Ron Paul’s run for Presidency in 2012, but as a third party candidate.
10780 Ted O’Connor End this countries inverted totalitarianism! Ron Paul 2012!
10781 Peter Beeman  
10782 Justin Jagielski I would love nothing more than for Dr. Paul to run for President in the upcoming election in 2012.
10783 john zamito please consider, we need you!
10784 Ashley Wise  
10785 shaohui ji Audit the FED
10786 Kacie Griffith  
10787 John Your the best candidate.
10788 Patricia N  
10789 alvin willingham President Ron Paul to save our country
10790 Jeffrey A. Charles  
10791 Bonnie K. Charles  
10792 Todd Lovette  
10793 Carolyn Landry Please run for President. We need you!
10794 Martha Smith  
10795 Patrick Walters  
10796 Theresa White  
10797 Nick Jolliff  
10798 Summer Vick  
10799 Name not displayed  
10800 mookie  
10801 Name not displayed  
10802 Jeff Morris RON PAUL 2012
10803 Joshua Studebaker  
10804 Mallory A Searcy PLEASE RUN RON PAUL!!! People need you!!! Sure, some other candidate may slow the growth of statist government but you are the ONLY ONE who will actually SHRINK the statism and undo the damage….run run run this country needs you. I’m in a Libertarian club at my college, and we are all rooting for you to run!!!!
10805 Rick Roscoe  
10806 Peter and Leah Merriman  
10807 Name not displayed  
10808 Matthew A Varner Please don’t give up on us. Our once great nation needs you now more than ever.
10809 Ryan Guerin  
10810 Name not displayed  
10811 Name not displayed  
10812 Name not displayed  
10813 Robert Benson Start the Countdown to Liberty!
10814 Jeanine Peters Ron Paul—You are the hope and inspiration of many for returning this democracy to a Republic. For God and Country. jeanine
10815 William Wake  
10816 David Hunsley  
10817 Bratislav Jovanovic We need you desperately Please hear your call
10818 thelma atwood I worked for him 30 years ago. He was my Rep. when he covered Alvin, Tx.
10819 John J Lazarz We need you!
10820 Name not displayed  
10821 C. Knight  
10822 Name not displayed  
10823 Name not displayed I think this time around, the US will realize you were the right man for the job all along.
10824 Adriane Richards Blessings from our Creator to you and your family!
Thank you for everything you do for this country everyday. I pray that more people will open their eyes to the wisdom you possess. I was on the Capital Hill lawn to see you speak in July of ’08 & was heart broken that more people were not there. In comparison to the attendance of the last Inauguration, we’re vastly out numbered. Those of us that are awake need a leader and you are the most qualified individual for that posistion.
10825 maria hoffman  
10826 Tom Brenner Dr. Paul is the only hope this nation has. A politician that tells it as it as, finally. This nation needs someone with his experience to help audit the Federal Reserve. Everyone register as a republican (because Ron Paul is a true conservative) and vote for Ron Paul in the primaries.
10827 philipp Ron Paul stands for a return to fiscal sanity, personal freedoms, a non aggressive foreign policy and a government with limitations.

In my humble opinion that’s what America needs.

So, I’m in for Ron Paul 2012!
10828 Daniel Elder  
10829 Mo maghari Ron Paul is the only politician I believe in. He is brave ( or insane) enough to tell the truth
10830 Mark Pilling No one has a better track record than Ron Paul.
10831 Laurie Bluedorn  
10832 Michael Smith  
10833 Name not displayed  
10834 Veroncia McKay  
10835 Keith Ericson no one else seems to want to do the right thing
10836 James Prestifilippo Sir, we need your help and vision. These are difficult times for many Americans. A simple solution will only temporarily solve our fiscal and social problems. The American family needs you to spread your message of liberty, personal responsibility, and freedom. Please answer our pleas.
10837 Mark West Progressives on the Left. Progressives on the Right.

Both shred the constitution in the dead of night.

We need a patriot to water Jefferson’s tree,

Save us from the wolves and restore liberty.
10838 Todd Nesler  
10839 Lea Ann Garfias  
10840 Joe Perello Run Paul Run!
10841 Jenny You are what this country needs.
10842 Name not displayed  
10843 Name not displayed Help us! Unless Ventura runs your the ONLY person who has a chance of saving us from our tyrannical govt!
10844 Alex Swift  
10845 Edwardo Ramirez  
10846 Kathleen Wong We must restore our foundation!
10847 Frank Quinn  
10849 JulieBeth Lamb Voted for Ron Paul in the primaries last election
10850 Name not displayed Appreciate your Constitutional viewpoints, which

you ably support.
10851 Joe R. Anaya You are one of the few, if not only person fighting for our rights.
10852 raul verdú Ron Paul the Best!
10853 Michael Olmstead Ron Paul needs to run. Because he gives me and the nation hope for a better future.
10854 Corey B. Stever  
10855 Carlos Cruz End the Fed
10856 Daniel  
10857 Name not displayed  
10858 Kyle Victor  
10859 Name not displayed  
10860 Name not displayed  
10862 mark villarreal Mr.Paul this country need a leader like you a man who speaks the truth and will take this overbloated government and shrink it back down to size
10863 dave butler  
10864 colleen carter I pledge to support your nomination
10865 Name not displayed  
10866 vida clay  
10867 Name not displayed  
10868 Name not displayed  
10869 Robert Szeles The only man capable of winning that isn’t a prisoner of either party and the present corrupt system.
10870 James S. Rhodes  
10871 Name not displayed “Be the change you want to see in the world.”
10872 Name not displayed Besta ting sinsa sliced-a breada!
10873 Name not displayed  
10874 Slade Miller Ron we need you!
10875 Name not displayed Ron Paul rocks.
10876 Wanita Mascho It is time for a Radical change in government, time to get someone in office that is actually for the people and not a puppet.
10877 michael umberger ready to answer the call!!
10878 Name not displayed  
10879 Ben Wooten We need a clear vision of where we need to be as a nation and free people of this great nation being made aware of that clear vision and the means to arrive at the defined postion by clear minded leadership like Ron Paul
10880 Joseph Rogers  
10881 Randall Johnson The country needs Ron Paul to run.
10882 diane price  
10883 Benjamin Beaver II Fight the tyranny…. for our founders..
10884 Name not displayed  
10885 John LaTona  
10886 Merritt B Teddlie  
10887 Nicolette Crone  
10888 Cliff Treadway  
10889 Cassie Crone  
10890 Name not displayed  
10891 Andrew Savage  
10892 Patricia Taddei  
10893 Samantha Neuman  
10894 brian moran  
10895 Roger Jackson  
10896 A Canadian  
10897 Darren Lets get ur done ron.
10898 Mike Reynolds Please Run in 2012 Mr. Paul I believe you are the only hope for this once great nation that has been pillaged by these neocon thieves.
10899 robert zielinski We need a politician that is sincerely interested in what is best for the nation’s future and not the immediate crisis.
10900 Ron Eckert  
10901 James Claycomb Dr. Paul - the seeds of liberty planted in the 2008 campaign have yielded a crop whose time to harvest is at hand. Your messages can now be heard from the many mouths of your primary opponents. However, only you have the expertise to assemble a cabinet, make appointments and implement policies that will get this nation back on the track of fiscal responsibility and restore the American Experiment.
10902 Tom Johnson Will loan my semi tractor & trailer as a rolling bill board with Ron Paul for President on the side of the trailer.
10903 Joe Corbin I will do everything possible to spread the liberty message, and work for your campaign here in IOWA!
10904 Destry Hall I’m a brand new supporter. America needs Ron Paul in 2012.
10905 Randolph G Hammond  
10906 Daniel M. Jones Ron Paul 2012
10907 wesley parr  
10908 Jenifer Parr  
10909 walter durden a proud and true american
10910 daniel solon  
10911 Brooke bida Ron Paull: You are the only person I’ve ever seen lead a Christian life out publicly. The way you’ve stood by your morals for over 30 years, I can’t think of anyone in the world that has done that. You don’t need to advertise your faith (like some) you live it. And it is a priveleage to watch you. Your my Hero. Thank you for being you! Carol is the best wife ever (love the cookbook) Wish I lived in District 14, but send another son up to District 30 in TX soon….please. You must run for President Dr. PAul!! You were born to be our president & it will be the best day ever (not if) WHEN you get elected! You are the youngest 72 year old to ever exist. You have more energy and desire and strength than any candidate younger than you. Your like 35 in my eyes. Now is the time! Run Ron 2012!
10912 Mercury Starcruiser First, Ron! Later, Rand!
10913 Rhonda F. Ingram  
10914 Louis Morin Your leadership is most desired.
10915 Steven W. Charles  
10916 crager doiron go for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
10917 Lukas Breen  
10918 margot sheehan We in America all love Ron Paul and have done so for thirty years. We wish him to deliver our babies.
10919 jason give them hell!
10920 Josh Byrd  
10921 Name not displayed Please run for president… We need a leader with realistic views/ideas.
10922 Christopher Sandoval  
10923 Joel Christian  
10924 Brandon S. Gale  
10925 Marc John Ellison Ron Paul we need you to be the next President of the United States!!!
10926 Derek A Isaia  
10927 Cody Bobe America needs you more than ever!
10928 Ivan Cantarero  
10929 Lucinda Mazzetta I am in my early twenties, and for the first time, I have found a key figure who is speaks with reason, sincerity and intellect. I respect and agree with all the ideas, opinions and prposals you have articulated so well and at times quite poignantly. Dr. Paul, it would be a pleasure to support 2012 campaign under your name.
10930 Daniela M. Ron is the only one who can save this country.
10931 Matthew Holstein Please Mr. Paul. Help guide our nation back to what we were meant to be, before the people have to take it back.
10932 ronnie barnes  
10933 Andrew  
10934 Name not displayed  
10935 Justin Gehm Please sir, your views on America are pure common sense and this country needs you.
10936 kristen grajales I hope you run in 2012 you got my vote i will let everyone know why you should run this country
10937 Joe Sheehan Only a matter of time!
10938 Skyler B. McCreary  
10939 Michael Svecz Ron Paul, he just gets it.
10940 Name not displayed Ron U would make an excellent president
10941 Name not displayed  
10942 Daniel M. Novak We need someone who cares about the people and will stand up to the government and demand the truth. Please help this country get back on track and run for President in 2012.
10943 Matthew S Brown The USA is being run by Tyrants. The Government is making the citizens dependent of them to prevent a revolution. The want to take our guns so we can not stand up against them. They promote terrorism to keep citizens scared. They are slowly removing our rights and liberties in the name of security. Lets Take Our Country Back!!!!
10944 Darrell Young For starters I am on 25 years old. Ever since I’d learned about the great Doctor in 2006 I’ve been with him ever since. Every day of my life I tried to educated the people about whats going on and try to let people know their right. Dr Ron Paul as well as my wife made me change my way of thinking as well as my life. Due to Dr Paul and his views I am more of a positive person and I thank him for that. As a black man I love the fact that we have a Black President. Unfortunately he is not the one for me I would have voted Cynthia Mckinney. But that’s another story. Dr Paul please Run again we need REAL CHANGE. You are truly America’s Last Hope Sir!
10945 charlesbenson  
10946 Name not displayed  
10947 Name not displayed We’re with you. Be with us.
10948 Joseph Edward Lerma It’s humbling to think that a man who doesn’t talk as much as his peers, a member of congress for a state I’ve never been to, and a Third Party candidate is responsible for as much inspirational, constructive and forward thinking speeches, articles and literature as you are.

When you win the election in 2012, you will open an insurmountable number of minds.

You give many hope. Run in 2012, and you’ll reach so many more.
10949 Dave Hollinger U have my Vote Sir.
10950 Suzanna Price Bryant  
10951 Marek Glapiak God be with you
10952 ivan perry we need you
10953 Mike Oberlin This country needs to be turned around and headed in the right direction!!!
10954 Name not displayed  
10955 Name not displayed This country badly needs to go back to the basic pricipals of a Republic. Get the People involved with their government, not the special interest lobbies.
10956 ed norgmann  
10957 margie borgmann  
10958 rena borgmann  
10959 tammy bartolomei  
10960 Name not displayed  
10961 sara zimmerman  
10962 Jerry Luzier  
10963 Marcia Fitzgerald  
10964 Joseph Zenner I heard the tea party campaign slogan will be “”Palin 2012: the worlds ending anyway.”". We can do this Ron!!!
10965 Name not displayed  
10966 Nate Brown Ron Paul is the only man fit for the oval office who has a real shot at getting in there
10967 john talieh Dr. Paul is the best conservative candidate we have for President
10968 Matthew Woodruff End the Fed
10970 allyson turner  
10971 Robin Farrow  
10972 Jon MacDonald  
10973 william and jen hulbert  
10974 Joel glenny Come on do it!!!!!!
10975 Chris French  
10976 Brad Penoyer  
10977 Katie French  
10978 Steve Jensen  
10979 Name not displayed  
10980 Lorene Thompson AMERICA! F’ YEAH!!!! :O
10981 Zach Watson  
10982 Justin Derek Nichols Please run. Please save us. We need you and we’re behind you. I know I am. My sweat and time and strength are yours, should you need me.
10983 Betty and Roy Hicks Please run for President we need a good man one who believes in out country and so far you are the only one who has stepped up to the bat so please go for it.We need so much in this country and fair and honest government has gone away, it has become a nation of men not a nation the constitution envisioned and fought for.
10984 jonathan youngman Restore our freedom doc, your the only one who can
10985 Linda Snyder Ron Paul for President.
10986 Dana Lenaghen Ron Paul and a few other politicians are the only politicians who really care for America’s well being. Unfortunately, the other politicians, including presidents, have take back door deals from large corporations and banks that I don’t know if the republic can be save without going through a financial depression first.
10987 Rachele Wilkinson  
10988 Name not displayed  
10989 Benjamin Lott  
10990 Sunny Ranck  
10991 Mark Anderson Only a return to the Constituion will save the Republic.
10992 edward berlovin Help us!!!!!!!! We are drowning!!
10993 Rune Smith God Bless
10994 Matthew Wignall  
10995 Name not displayed  
10996 Bryan Du Vall I will vote for you!
10997 Lars Ove Jarnes  
10998 Miguel Vieira Our country is in deep trouble and I believe you are the only one who can help it. You are our last hope if you don’t run. The unfair trade acts will decimate everything we have.
10999 Jonathan Ragus Ron Paul is the only hope for the country!
11000 Name not displayed Our country has dug itself a hole too great to climb out of… We need your help.

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