Signatures 10,001-15,000

Number Name Comment
12001 William Wolf  
12002 david a dudenhoefer We are ready to work for you in Michigan
12003 Barry Holley  
12004 Name not displayed I’ve voted for you every chance I have gotten, and I will continue to support you should you choose to run in 2012. We really do need your help.
12005 Judith Lachat  
12006 Mark Roberts  
12007 Chad Stevens  
12008 Hunter Estrada  
12009 Ernest DeCoite  
12010 Steven D. Weiser  
12011 Name not displayed REVOLUTION!
12012 Joseph Gauthier Lets set another one-day fundraising record!
12013 Jordan Hart End The Fed
12014 kerry smith  
12015 Glenn C. Cassano Save America: Vote Ron Paul
12016 Ray Strickland would love to see it happen
12017 Ilene Brown The consistent courage you have displayed all these years, leads me to believe you will be the right candidate. I will vote for you and encourgage others to do the same.
12018 Name not displayed Please you are our only chance for true freedom. No other politician thinks like you!
12019 Name not displayed  
12020 Joel Wilkins Paul, you must run and expose the lie of central banking and the corruption and theft that exists therein. American and foreign bankers have been stealing American wealth through these bailouts and enriching themselves. You must shut them down for the good of ALL Americans.
12021 Martha Donahue  
12022 Will Nock Ron Paul 2012!!!
12023 bart james Run Ron Run!
12024 Name not displayed  
12025 Name not displayed  
12026 Ashley RUN RON RUN!
12027 Kenneth D. Hughes I support you and I support Rand.
12028 Brian Burke  
12029 marcus o’bryan  
12030 C Broadworth We need you in Canada too!
12031 drew dewitt help us ron, your our only hope!
12032 Harold Owen Ron Paul 2012!
12033 hayley monti It’s time for ‘we the people’ to have a president that’s ‘for the people’ and take our country back from this corporate serving government.
12034 Name not displayed  
12035 William I AM’ The Resurrection And The Life Of Americas Freedom In The Light
12036 Josiah Garber Ron,

Your running will continue the education of our country in the principles of liberty!

The level of support for you this time will be much higher.


12037 Rachael Malfer Vive la liberte!
12038 Alex Mullins He has my vote for 2012!
12039 Charles Barton Ron, you’re the only person who represents me in Congress. If you’re in the primaries this year you will give the message of freedom a greater audience than it’s had since I was born.

Thank you, sir.
12040 Name not displayed Thank you for waking me up
12041 Name not displayed Let the Ron Paul Evolution Begin!
12042 Tim Unger Behind Dr. Paul 110%!! For Liberty!
12043 Lindsey Hollister  
12044 Derek G. Please run Dr. Paul! We need you to be the voice of wisdom in 2012!!!
12045 Name not displayed Thank you for your hard work. If you run, I’ll wote for you!
12046 Nigel D’Souza America needs a champion of Liberty and Austrian Economics
12047 Name not displayed Kentucky checking in, we have your back (but your son probably told you that already, didn’t he?)
12048 Ron The Bigot I’d sign, but Ron is just so God awful.
12049 Patrick Henry Three cheers for Ron Paul, a latter-day Founding Father!
12050 Mark Lundgren  
12051 Name not displayed  
12052 Name not displayed  
12053 Name not displayed We need him now more than ever!
12054 Name not displayed  
12055 Rosemary Shiel Ron Paul….the harbinger or truth, wisdom and humility amidst wolves of deception.
12056 Gary Smith  
12057 Thomas Mark Funfsinn Tu ne cede malis
12058 jesse nye  
12059 emilio m VOTE FOR RON PAUL 2012! A true visionary
12060 Marie Couris  
12061 David  
12062 Victor D. Benavides At least consider the candidacy of a Vice President Paul! America’s moment to turn towards liberty is now, and the leadership of Ron Paul is critical.
12063 Name not displayed You have my vote!!
12064 Robbie W. Bowen Run Ron Run!
12065 Alfredo Marquez Don’t Tread on Me!
12066 Charlotte Thompson Run to WIN!!!
12067 Adrian Soriano United we stand agaisnt the globalists!
12068 Travis Millam We need Ron Paul! One of the true americans left in politics. You have the young crowd, and Its our future that’s in jeopardy. Fight Ron Paul, I am fully behind you!
12069 Name not displayed  
12070 Name not displayed  
12071 Joel Please run, I will waste a fortune for you! We all are already use to you losing, what do you have to lose?
12072 Scotty Boman We can do it this time!
12073 Molly Rogers Our country (and our world) needs you, Dr. Paul. Please fight for us in this election!
12074 Lee Trembley When we say Revolution, we say it with love.

‘The Revolution was effected before the War commenced. The Revolution was in the minds and hearts of the people; a change in their religious sentiments of their duties and obligations. This radical change in principles, opinions, sentiments, and affections of the people, was the real American Revolution.’

- President John Adams
12075 Andrew Fry  
12076 Name not displayed All the marvelous achievements of Western civilization are fruits grown on the tree of liberty.’ -Ludwig von Mises from The Theory of Money and Credit
12077 Anthony Rubio Dr. Paul We want our country back!!! and you are the man for the job dont let us down!!!!
12078 John Mitchell For Liberty!
12079 Lindsey McFarlin  
12080 sara kwekel  
12081 Pamela Webe If not you -who?

If not now-when?
12082 michael gabrell real hope
12083 watch the green hornet online Hey,

Thanks for sharing the link - but unfortunately it seems to be not working? Does anybody here at have a mirror or another source?


12084 Georgette Menster  
12085 Eric Cahoon He must run
12086 David Berlin Thank you for everything Dr. Paul.
12087 Name not displayed
12088 Name not displayed The Federal Government is broken beyond repair. We need to return to the principles of our founding fathers and follow the Constitution. We need to cut Government to its Constitutional levels, end the wars, bring our troops home, END THE FED & the IRS, return to sound money & a humble foreign policy. This is what the brave men and woman sacrificed their lives & treasure in forming THESE United States of America. This is what you have taught me. I believe you are the only individual with the knowledge, wisdom and integrity to overcome the political elite and monied interests and return America to THE PEOPLE. I will do my part. Thank you for awakening me. I will vote for you! Ron Paul 2012. Legalize the Constitution!
12089 Raleigh Witten We’re ready to answer the call…
12090 Dustin Reid  
12091 Byron Longworth As president of Young Americans for Liberty’s USF Chaper I of course want Ron Paul to run for president. He inspires me every day to keep being a liberty advocate.
12092 Name not displayed Everyone should get the chance! we neeed some hope.
12093 Michelle Bullock  
12094 Matthew Miller I hope Ron Paul will stop supporting taxpayer funded syringes for drug addicts and will stop making deals with the Republican Party to endorse pro-war, bailout-voting Republicans.
12095 Richard Farlow  
12097 Daniel Hopper In the Fed!!!!!!
12099 Name not displayed Dr.Paul, Please Run in 2012 We Need You
12100 JooHwang Chun For Freedom and Liberty, Forever!

May your mental acumen stay sharp, Health maintained strong, and may your Spirit be forever indefatigable.

Run Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul, Run!
12101 Scott M  
12102 Dr Anthony Cipolla RUN RON RUN
12103 Michael J. Stevens The Reminent is call on the Champion Of our Constitution to fulfill his destiny in the fight for liberty.

In every Revolution, there’s one man with a vision.

and that Man is RON PAUL.
12104 Russ Lemire Please run so we can work to end the Fed and restore our Constitution.
12105 Henry Thomas Heitman  
12106 Name not displayed Please run.
12107 Marina Smith  
12108 Name not displayed God bless!
12109 Melisa Hedman  
12110 Name not displayed I was a delegate at the 2008 Nevada Republican Convention where I cast my vote for Dr. Paul: who would have won the State if the Party leaders had not shut down the convention and left the building. I am a member of the Clark County Republican Party Central Committe, and you have my support!
12111 Name not displayed  
12112 keith keppner  
12113 Matthew Lock You are a true inspiration!! Been plastering RP signs since 2006 before you even declared!!!
12114 Carlos Jenkins Hopefully this time people will get it!
12115 James Bernheimer Go Ron, Go!
12116 Name not displayed  
12117 Josh Weaver Ron Paul is a very principled and honest man.
12118 Carlos Summers Combat veteran, blue collar, home owner.
12119 Dwight Who else can we look to?
12120 Name not displayed  
12121 Sigurd Pettersen  
12122 steve boron  
12123 Name not displayed Ron, We need someone who is really going to change this country, not someone who just says they will.
12124 Name not displayed  
12125 Dave Lamarand  
12126 Name not displayed  
12127 vincenzo bacarella  
12128 Dan Erickson Liberty needs you Dr. Paul!
12129 Michael Scallia  
12130 Stephen G. Smith, M.D. Please preserve the US Constituion.
12132 Name not displayed The momentum behind Ron Paul is strong, and the time couldn’t be more ripe. Ron Paul’s mission is very similar to President Andrew Jackson’s campanign slogan-’Kill the Bank!’
12133 Brian Casey  
12134 Name not displayed  
12135 Name not displayed RUN RON RUN.
12136 Frank Klimala I support Ron Paul 2012 and the rEVOLution
12137 Robert Mitrocsak We need a candidate like Ron Paul. He is the only one who raises REAL issues. People actually learn something new when he speaks. His influence is growing for the betterment of the civic process. His candadacy would be injurious to none, and may be indeed profitable to all!
12138 Name not displayed Kick some Gluteus, Ron!
12139 Name not displayed Isn’t it crazy that a strict constitutionalist and his followers are being watched by their own government because they’re extremists? End the irony… Ron Paul for President in 2012!
12140 Matthew Kuecker Sir,

I must tell you that America needs you now more than ever. I am a Captain in the Army and a recent veteran of Afghanistan. I won’t go into detain…I don’t need to. I will say only this; your comments on the absolute waste of both money and national treasure that pour into that country on a daily basis while we pursue an unrealistic and dangerous foreign policy are absolutely correct. You now have my vote…
12141 Jeff Semenas We need him to win
12142 James Keener Congressman Paul, our country is in deep trouble. I have no doubt in my mind that you have the knowledge to save us. We need you in the White House. The individuals running this country are doing their best to drag Americans into a hold that, if not stopped immediately, we will never be able to climb out of. Congressman Paul, please run for president in 2012. you have the support of millions of Americans who feel the same way that I do.
12143 david taylor  
12144 Name not displayed  
12145 Name not displayed  
12146 ivan castro End the Fed
12147 Charles Kovaleski Run Paul Run
12148 sheila raske Please, we need you at the helm of our country. You have my vote and prayers.
12149 Name not displayed  
12150 Curtis Campbell I voted for you in primary 2008 and would gladly do so again either in the primary or main election in 2012. Thank you for your efforts on our behalf.
12151 John M. Cartier I voted for Ron Paul the last 2 Presidential elections. Hopefully he will not be a write-in this coming election. I would really like to see him elected!
12152 David Cavada If you decide to run you will have my families’ vote. I also have banners and signs in the basement just waiting to be seen.
12153 Name not displayed It would be such a blessing for America to have such a dedicated Constitutionalist in that office!!
12154 William Brechlin  
12155 Scott Dudek  
12156 Michael Cort  
12157 Olga Jones My ‘Dream Ticket’ would be Ron Paul for President, Rand Paul for Vice President!
12158 Daniel Escobar Please run Ron Paul!
12159 John Callahan  
12160 Chelsea Moren  
12161 nastassia spaqi  
12162 Charles J Clark  
12163 Name not displayed  
12164 Elisabeth Constantine  
12165 Dudley Hansbarger  
12166 David Hijab  
12167 Laura Bonafede Cannot wait to be part of the next fund-raising record, seeing as how I missed out on the first one……plenty of us have awoken to the freedom message.
12168 Name not displayed Even just to spread serious ideas we need a true conservative and principled politician to stand for us
12169 Name not displayed go for it !
12170 Name not displayed You are the only person I have found that knows EXACTLY what needs to be done in Washington… please heed our call
12171 Stephen C. Pena We need your leadership in the white house.
12172 Chae Stewart We need you more than ever, and by you I mean an individual who is not scared of devious corporations like the Fed or corrupt politicians like…well, most of them! When I next see your name on a ballot, you have my whole-hearted vote!
12173 Chuck Dowling  
12174 Marc Spess If at first you don’t succeed, try try again? Please?
12175 Thomas Levins  
12176 peter suter We will follow your message; through the lies, slander, cheap political tricks and mass manipulation. We will stand strong and when the dust has settled, we the 15%, will be there with the same universal message of truth, freedom and love, that in the end, need no defending. Like all movements there must be those who stick the neck out, for those who can not be heard, and Ron Paul is the person!!!
12177 Kevin L Refounding Father…Ron Paul! Reconstitute!!!
12178 Jeremy Shelley End the FED
12179 Chuck Reid Our only hope for real change. Please run Dr Paul!
12180 Robert Reinhart Ron Paul is America’s best hope to get back to reality.
12181 Joe Ureneck  
12182 Todd W. Sobol  
12183 Kevin L Refounding Father…Ron Paul! Reconstitute!!!
12184 Name not displayed  
12185 Name not displayed Please help this country…run in 2012!
12186 Name not displayed we are ready this time
12187 Giovanni Carlo  
12188 James Baird  
12189 Tim Rockefeller  
12190 James Goodin Keep following the Constitution.
12191 Joanne Thibodeaux Dr. Paul, you have been the voice of reason for many years, and more people are learning about. We need your kind of honest approach to get this country back on the path to greatness again. Please run for President. Your country needs you.
12192 Name not displayed u rock! =o
12193 Lance Ripplinger I campaigned for Ron Paul during various GOP events and went door to door in my county. Will you step up and support him in 2012? Come on America!
12194 Name not displayed  
12195 Name not displayed It is the time!
12196 alec Ron please run
12197 Ty Phillips  
12198 Cameron Neale  
12199 Elizabeth Fannin  
12200 Bryant Albers  
12201 annette hardman Run Ron, RUN!
12202 David Pryor Optional Comment
12203 Paasch Family  
12204 Name not displayed  
12205 Andrew Pierson I went to the Ron Paul x-mas in Iowa in 2004 and would love to do it again in 2012.
12206 Jessica Wright I am very proud of the work you are doing. I hope you can run in 2010. I will be there to support you.
12207 Bible Believing American End the Fed, Dept of Ed
12208 Kerrick Robertson Reconstitutionalize America
12209 Sonja Robertson Your’e awsome!
12210 Scott Merrell Save America: Vote Ron Paul’
12211 Alex H I believe in a Revolution.
12212 Diane Robertson  
12213 Debra Hobbins  
12214 Douglas Furr  
12215 Frank Jaeckle  
12216 Jeff Austin  
12217 Frank Savasta  
12218 Kelly Savasta  
12219 Angela King  
12220 Alfredo Rios Ron Run Ron
12221 Anton Fraps  
12222 Ross Lingenfelder Legalize Freedom!
12223 JP Your the only man that can save this country from it’s self. You give me the hope Obama didn’t deliver to us. Please bring your rationality and want for liberty to the white house.
12224 Isabel Hermann  
12226 Gene Smith You have my vote!!
12227 Peter Kim  
12228 Cullen Ciran I will support you in your bid to run for President 2012! Thank you again for your courage in the face of so much adversity. My prayers are with you everyday and I hope you run!
12229 chris merrill Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
12230 Name not displayed  
12231 Misty Mulhall  
12232 Name not displayed Ron Paul is the man. When he speaks, wisdom is spoken. A rare treasure in U.S. politics.
12233 Name not displayed  
12234 Tim McMahon ‘Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other. ‘

Abraham Lincoln
12235 Stephen Foltmann We need sanity in the White House
12236 Name not displayed  
12237 Michael P. Boyle  
12238 Susan Mojica Hope for America
12239 Name not displayed Thank you for all you’ve done Dr. Paul. Please continue your fight for peace and freedom, our fight, to it’s logical course and run for president. Our country needs you, though some of the nation may not realize it yet. You have my vote and support.
12240 Robert V. Jeanna CT You the only man for this job…
12241 Scott McNeil We need a true leader who knows that the solution to fixing a broken nation does not include borrowing phantom money and continuing to try and police the world.
12242 Name not displayed  
12243 Name not displayed  
12244 Brie Waters  
12245 Todd warren Ron Paul is a rock star in my book massive respect.
12246 John Creighton  
12247 Shawn Dunning You have my vote for sure.
12248 Meng Chih Yu We need more intelligent and moral persons in the government and in private institutions. I hope Ron Paul tries again for the 2012 presidency. Win or lose, Ron Paul will spread a good message.
12249 Joe Robertson  
12250 John Hartleb PLEASE announce NOW!!!!!!!
12251 Matthew Edward Hayward  
12252 Name not displayed Ron, you are the beacon of hope that I as a 23 year old thought would never be possible. We need you.
12253 Name not displayed There is nobody in American politics today who is more deserving of the office of President than Dr. Ron Paul. Even in the case that he does not win, a 2012 will be a defining moment in politics for decades to come. As Dr. Paul said, ‘no one can stop and idea who’s time has come!’
12254 chris Hertzog For Liberty!
12255 gregory konder Been a backer of Rons ideals for years! This time we GOTTA GET HIM ELECTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12256 Jacob Rodefeld  
12257 ronald willetts please run you are our only hope ,one more time ,get us on the right path,god bless you
12258 Robert Eskenberry Ron Ron Ron!
12259 Marcus Weidauer It is your duty to run as president. I know you don’t want to, but you must.
12260 Name not displayed  
12261 Jerry Fair Save our country.
12262 Ryan Bailey Please, Ron Paul. Your our only hope.
12263 carl Jacobsen please help us
12264 Joshua Ryan Bring liberty and truth back to our country!
12265 Hailey Phillips We need the Champion of the Constitution to lead this Country!
12266 Name not displayed Let’s make Mr. Paul the President this time!!!
12267 michael spurling  
12268 Valerie I worked hard for you the last campaign, and will do the same again. I had lunch with you in Seattle, then a great Rally, got my book signed in Minneapolis for the Rally For The Republic and look forward to having another signed next time I see you! Let’s do it again in Seattle for a 2012 run!
12269 Michele St. Pierre  
12270 Trevor Petersen Please lead us to freedom
12271 J. Stevens Please run in 2012
12272 Michael Bartz Run Ron Run! Thanks for your inspiration. It has made a huge difference in my life and I will never stop fighting for liberty. TO THE REVOLUTION!!!!!!!!
12273 Ian Clardy  
12274 Isaac Valenzuela We’re counting on you sir, to lead the way to liberty!
12275 Jose Martinez Lets continue the Revolution!

May the Lord Bless you Ron Paul.
12276 Name not displayed Most qualified to be president. Period.
12277 Name not displayed We need focused Constitutional leadership in the Whitehouse
12279 Name not displayed WE MUST STAND UP AND WAKE UP!!!
12280 Name not displayed Helps us Ron Paul your our only hope!
12281 Diane Hunt Ron Paul 2012. President forever
12282 Name not displayed  
12283 Karen Zinn Ron Paul - THANK YOU!!
12284 Delia Reed Keep the courage.
12285 Name not displayed  
12286 Shalynn A. Stough  
12287 Skip Gill I am very greatful that you awaken myself and so many other people around the world. Thankyou
12288 James Pasto  
12289 David Searles  
12290 Scott Cooper  
12291 Jason Riddle  
12292 CBW ron paul for prez duh
12293 Name not displayed Please, please, please make the run Mr. Paul! This country needs you!
12294 Zach Kurtz Yes, I want you to run; I haven’t completely decided if I’d actually want you to win.
12295 Paul Brouillette Thanks
12296 Clairice Bolthouse Obama sucks
12297 James L. Please run, after America, there is no place else to go…
12298 Jeff Kanter Liberty needs a little kick in the pants again!
12299 Name not displayed  
12300 Matthew Walden We need a miracle.
12301 Hank Fodor RON PAUL!
12302 judy tunila  
12303 David Bell Ron Paul in 2012. All the way. Ron, Go for it!
12304 Ryan Treat  
12305 Name not displayed Paul/Johnson 2012!
12306 Derek Wilkerson Everything’s coming to a head Ron and we need you to run one more time.
12307 anna cabe  
12308 Name not displayed  
12309 Roland A. Evans  
12310 James Riddle Dr. Paul, our country has been undergoing a silent coup for the past 100 years. To say that we are a constitutional republic is now ludicrous. You are one of the few who offer hope that this country can once again become the free nation our founding fathers intended it to be. Win or lose, you must run to keep hope alive.
12311 Dave Flowers  
12312 Frank Flores Ron Paul has my vote for President in 2012
12313 Michael Everett We desperately need your help. Now that you are finally getting the recognition that you deserve by most of the media, we would love to see you in the debates in 2012.
12314 Jenny Everett  
12315 Justin Sands RON PAUL 2012!!!
12316 Matt Hartley  
12317 Rhonda Patterson  
12318 Name not displayed  
12319 Name not displayed  
12320 Sue Russell  
12321 Dave Im from uk but would vote for you if I could, please run, if America can start the revolution hopefully we can follow…
12322 Andrew B. Bunch Liberty
12323 Sheila E. Cormier The only reason I will ever enter a voting booth again is if Dr. Ron Paul is on the ballot.
12324 Ryan M You have my vote again Ron
12325 Kendall Sanders I wrote his name in in the last election. I’ll do it again.
12326 Name not displayed  
12327 John Williams  
12328 charley amborn run ron run
12329 Name not displayed I wrote Ron Paul in in ’08 and I’ll vote for him or write him in again, if he runs in 2012.

PLEASE Dr. Paul, PLEASE Lead our Country Back Home to LIBERTY!!!
12330 Pete Lindberg This would most likely be the only reason I’d vote anyway. Sick of wasting my time on the bought and sold candidates because p-ditty said if i didn’t vote i’d die.
12331 Scott Hamilton Please, for the sake of our nation, please run for the 2012 presidential primary. Win, lose or draw, you can make a big differnce and grow the movement. I will do whatever I can to help the cause including joining the state RNC (holding nose). God Bless You.
12332 Name not displayed  
12333 Charles we need you, Ron
12334 Cliff Messina When, and where do we start sending our money?
12335 LeeAnn O’Neil  
12336 Name not displayed I supported you in 08, voted for Barr out of principle, and now have real hopes for you to WIN in 2012. Consider including The Fair Tax in your platform!
12337 TC Croes We need you more than ever, Ron!
12338 Marilu  
12339 Sylvia Ball  
12340 John Rankin Voted for you in 2008 and will gladly do so again..
12341 Name not displayed Are you alone in your drive?
12342 Anthony Coladangelo You have to run Ron, and we need to help you get your word out! You are the right man. The Only one who can heal this country.
12343 Name not displayed Please run for President. You definitely have my vote!
12344 Susan Carter Looking forward to Ron running and WINNING!
12345 Matthew Jimenez  
12346 Joy Stamm  
12347 Nick McNabb  
12348 Sammy L. Stamm  
12349 Benjamin Moyes  
12350 Name not displayed Ron Paul: The Last genuine American patriot that my eyes can see 2012 for Ron Paul or for self!
12351 Name not displayed  
12352 Judy Anderson You BET I want Ron Paul to run in 2012!!! He’s the ONLY one capable of getting rid of the IRS, the EPA, and the NEA!!!
12353 Christina Dambra The last time was well worth it because there was some awakening. Now, with the impending financial/dollar crisis, he can make a real impact and hopefully take it home! Ron Paul will always be my president.
12354 Name not displayed  
12355 Jon Jay  
12356 Jeff DeBoer  
12357 Daniel Potter Something’s got to give or we are truly on the road to ruin.
12358 Name not displayed Please Ron Paul,Run 4 2012.The World needs you now!
12359 James Cook I know so many more people who will defintely support you this election year of 2012. Fox cannot kick you out of the debates this year, its too public now. Let’s just win.
12360 Carol Calabrese  
12361 Marcus Adams I had voted for Dr. Paul in ’08 and I can’t wait to vote for him in 2012!
12362 Sandy Thomas  
12363 Brandon Fisher Bring back integrity to this great country of ours.
12364 Joseph Ecklund  
12365 bion kapoulas Let’s pull together for truth and accountability. Vote Paul!
12366 Brennan Walker  
12367 Lars Johnson Lets take our country back!
12368 Name not displayed  
12369 Louis Narcisi The only honest Republican, with a Liberatarian and Independent foundation!

This is the only man in the White House who is worth your vote in 2012. He is the only man telling the truth. The only man since John F. Kennedy to vote to audit and destroy the EVIL FEDERAL RESERVE! VOTE RON PAUL, secure America’s future!
12370 Jean Pearson  
12371 Brandi Lefeber Ron,

You have educated me and inspired me to run for local village board, and I will find out tonight at the caucus if I make the ballot.

Please continue to educate the sleeping giant that is America and run for President.

We need you!
12372 Dane Thompson I was very active in the 2008 primaries in support of Ron Paul and will do so again if he runs!
12373 Marco Almeida WE NEED YOU RON!
12374 Harry Oliveto Dear Dr. Paul:

I am an old canadian (80) and my advice is:

Be extremely careful as the Roschild´s et al are closely watching you. Your early demise would be heartly welcome and soon forgotten. Federal Reserve is like AIDS: hard to eradicate .

Once established in 1913, this banker´s ‘maffia’ is going to continue bleeding the great USA for the foreseeable future, not matter how many PAUL´s they have to eliminate.

Best wishes to you, the Senator and both families.

Harry Oliveto
12375 James Peek  
12376 Name not displayed Screw the Federal Reserve!
12377 Oscar NO more WAR, FED , IRS, FEMA’
12378 Name not displayed Liberty for all!!!
12379 Ty Westbrook Please run in 2012. You have my vote and support.
12380 Stephen Lindsey Be more vocal, and don’t let the media try to pass you off as ’3rd tier’ this time. You have the best platform. People who actually hear about you will love you.
12381 Jason Tauriainen I appreciate you speaking out for freedoms and the constitution.
12382 Max Shapiro  
12383 megan orme  
12384 Thomas Harper  
12385 Sharon Yearwood I have been a republican for over 10 years , but never again …please run and I will work to make sure you are elected
12386 Richard Esparza  
12387 Loren Shumway We need change so badly. I think Dr. Ron Paul would be the right person to start change.
12388 nancy a. marshall If I can help in any way please let me know I am so sad about our country and why people do not stop the gov. from breaking america they want to talk but no action Why not audit the feds?? What are they hiding??? They control the media and try to brainwash the people and so far they are doing a good job of it. Honestly I believed Obama that he believed in change and after bush and his crzy side kick I was wrong. who reallytook down the twin towers in New York? As Bush once said some call u the elite I call you my base. Also r we now going to war with yemin whats up there? why has bush not been impeached? I really ready for change. Hey whats up with the fema camps and coffins?
12389 Sara Young  
12390 Michael Kobzina Ron, I helped lead your campaign in Colorado, at the county, and attended a couple of State events on your behalf. Running for President again will help catalyze Americans once again. Americans are SLOWLY waking-up that the EVIL that has fallen upon the land — THE NEW WORLD ORDER, with the Federal Reserve at its heart is RUINING OUR NATION. OUR MESSAGE IS CONTINUING TO SPREAD, and YOU WILL CONTINUE TO GET THE MESSAGE of liberty out there. Yes, Ideas are POWERFUL. Your sacrifice is GREAT, but with purpose in lock-step with the Founding-Fathers. God Bless the Constitution - God Bless America, and God Bless you, Dr. Paul. RUN, RON, RUN!
12391 Name not displayed  
12392 Jason Scruggs Please Run you will be doing the world a favor. Keep up the great work.
12393 bogdan toader you have to do it !!!!
12394 Richard Grey Its about time someone with sense and brass b*^#s stood up for the middle class and truly represented the people who have been carrying this great country square on its shoulders. God Bless You Sir. You got my wife and my vote for 2012.
12395 Kevin Strawser  
12396 Mike Birkhead If he don’t run, I’ll still campaign for him. This will be the year of ‘Write in Ron Paul’
12397 Name not displayed Ron Paul has my vote - I am a former Obama supporter. I support his push to end the Fed and the WTO. He is the one to take a stand on behalf of the people and working class Americans and end worker competition with the despotic Chinese regime.
12398 Eileen Marie Doherty  
12399 Joe Waters I was good for about $1500 during the ’08 campaign.

I’ll do better this time - I promise.
12400 Robert Mercer  
12401 William C.  
12402 nancy benrubi  
12403 Name not displayed The debt has to be paid down and education has to be a top priority!
12404 Thomas B. Mr. Paul, 2012 is perhaps the best shot we have had in the last 100 years, to see a restoration of our traditional values, and dignity. The media hype surrounding your prospective Republican opposition will be nowhere as big this time around. There is confusion…and doubt, nobody has a favorite. Make one last run. Your time is now.
12405 Roman R Brzozowski For Liberty!
12406 Jason Northrup I really enjoyed and recommend reading ‘End the Fed’, ‘The Revolution: A Manifesto’ and all Ron Paul’s other books.
12407 Name not displayed  
12408 Stephanie Bodene  
12409 Thomas Merrick Who would George Washington vote for?

12410 Randolph A. Fox  
12411 Irina Saldicco Dr. Paul, please consider running. We need you.
12412 Kathy J Nelson We need our country back… Hope lies with Ron Paul.
12413 Russ  
12414 Herman Anyangwe PLEASE RUN PLEASE!
12415 Susan Stafford  
12416 Ghaith Hasan  
12417 Edward J Donlon Please consider running in 2012, Dr. Paul. You are the only person in Washington that I have seen face the unvarnished truth about the state of corruption.

I guess DHS will be knocking on my door for supporting you.
12418 Sean Gill Please Dr. Paul, continue fighting injustice in our beloved country..
12419 Christopher Byrnside  
12420 eric rascon  
12421 Zachary Pope  
12422 Andrew M Namee We’re ready for true liberty, and who better to lead us there than Dr. Paul?
12423 Name not displayed  
12425 Tyler Durden TAKE DOWN THE FED!!
12426 Nik GO RON!
12427 Name not displayed  
12428 Chris Chaudoir  
12429 Jerry Hauer  
12430 Name not displayed  
12431 Art Garner HELP!
12432 Danea  
12433 Mike  
12434 Richard Beck Go Ron Paul
12435 Linda & Darcy Sheaffer Your the man that is going to stop the insanity in our nation. Please run, we all need you.
12436 Name not displayed  
12437 Name not displayed I will understand if you don’t want to go through that crap again, Dr. Paul. Thanks for curing my apathy!
12438 Christe Langdeau  
12439 Josh RUN RON RUN!
12440 Glenn A Krol We need you before the dollar collapses and everyone is starving!
12441 Name not displayed  
12442 Michaela Dickerson  
12443 Wendy Sharpe my POTUS shall you be!
12444 Name not displayed  
12445 Doug Hughes Dr Paul is a hero.
12446 James Showin some love from Utah !
12447 Kelly Havlik  
12448 Ryan T. Tew  
12449 Ricardo Valle  
12450 Christopher Fox RON PAUL 2012!!!!
12451 david bohn  
12452 Name not displayed We need ron paul as president. my vote 100%
12453 Julia Strohmeyer  
12454 Name not displayed  
12455 Deborah Canale  
12456 L. Smith  
12457 Darren Barry Please continue to end the fed and run for President!
12458 paras go ron paul run
12459 Mike Holden Making Ron Paul President is the most important issue in 2012.
12460 Name not displayed Please
12461 sherri vazquez  
12462 William T Hundley  
12463 Name not displayed You are the man that got me interested in politics, and I believe our country needs someone like you at the helm.
12464 David Kodelya Go Ron Go
12465 Shawn McCullough I’ve always maintained an attitude to stay out of politics as a whole. Seeing what this county has become, and hearing your visionary ideals has convinced me to register to vote in anticipation of you running in 2012. This country needs you, Ron Paul.
12466 Josh  
12467 Name not displayed  
12468 Ian Luft  
12469 Name not displayed  
12470 maryan barnett  
12471 harold orebaugh  
12472 Terry Rose  
12473 Francisco Olvera  
12474 Name not displayed  
12475 Philip Davis I’ve read 4 of your books. You’re the best man for the job and have been for decades. Please run.
12476 Carlos Ramirez Dr.Paul has my vote

Our last true statesman
12477 Nichole Allen  
12478 Stuart Ellard The powers that be are not going to let him win. However, He’ll be a much bigger factor in 2012, than 08. The issues that the Neo-Cons neglect, will be championed again by the Constitution’s best friend, Ron Paul
12479 Richard Grey  
12480 Name not displayed  
12481 Jared Garcia Ron Paul can save the United States of America
12482 Dennis McMillan Run Ron Run! Dr. Paul, you are what this country needs! You have my vote for sure. God bless you in whatever you choose, either way you have been a blessing to us all!
12483 Name not displayed  
12484 William Lanning We need me to change this disaster! God bless..
12485 jean-paul paulson Please run for president! OUR time and this country needs an honest compassionate person to uphold the constitution and help us help ourselves.
12486 Joe readeau  
12487 Kermit Johnson  
12488 Name not displayed  
12489 Name not displayed Your running for President will have a greater impact on people’s mind’s than any other. Even if you lose you will win!!
12490 sandie r. burns  
12491 Matthew Lachance I am Canadian and Canada’s Economy greatly depends on USA’s Economy, if it goes down, we also go down, I support Ron Paul, Ron Paul for President 2012!
12492 Nate Harman Ronnie, the USA needs you.
12493 Name not displayed Dr. Ron Paul , you are our George Washington for this generation and we thank God for you as our President in 2012!!!
12494 Don Campbell I am so glad you are on the horizon, please keep

coming forth no matter what.
12495 Robban A. Sica, MD Imagine Ron Paul as President!!!! What a wonderful event for our country!
12496 Name not displayed We need someone who can put our country first.
12497 Paul Swanson PLEASE run for President. You may be our ONLY hope.
12498 Name not displayed I support this man and will campaign for him again.
12500 Josh Go Ron Paul. Keep preachin it Brother. You’re an amazing man and no more than this time right now is your leadership so desperately needed. You the true conservative.
12501 Erik Tangen Ron Paul is the only only politician who isn’t afraid to mention that the source of own problems is us
12502 Sam Kennedy  
12503 Name not displayed Let the ROnPaul Volution Begin, we need a solution.
12504 Matthew Joyce Run.
12505 Name not displayed Ron Paul for president in 2012!!
12506 heather raschke  
12507 Dennis Alexander We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of security to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this constitution for the United states of America.
12508 paul rohback I want to volunteer my services to your 2012 campaign !!!!!!!!
12509 Joseph Cerino  
12510 Nola Horner I have never felt I could live with a presidential candidate that ran, so I never voted. Sir, if you ran, I would actually register & vote!
12511 Matthew Slife  
12512 Bonnie Kelley Sarah Palin is my second choice
12513 Name not displayed Dr. Paul, The future of our country is in your hands. You are the only hope to restore our Constitution and the Republic. May God Bless you on that quest.

- Alex
12514 Name not displayed  
12515 John  
12516 Ramon Avila  
12517 Name not displayed Take care of us, the retired and disabled VETS. I’m afraid of loosing my social security and VA disability compensation. And please NO national ID card.
12518 Name not displayed Its TIME for TRUE Change.
12519 Paul Mozina  
12520 DominickDougherty Hey at least he was born in America, that’s a step up from the current president
12521 Dorian Thomas  
12523 Name not displayed Just do it!
12524 Name not displayed  
12525 dale pinney  
12526 Name not displayed This country needs a great leader, a great speaker, and a great believer to bring us as a people to realize we do have great power as a republic. That we do not need to be told what we need but to be able to vote for what we want unimposed by some higher officials greed and control. Your vision and convictions have become my dream for a future I want to live in. Down with the IRS. You have my vote.
12527 Joseph Behrmann  
12528 Alex Holzbach  
12529 Mike Get on a ticket, 3rd party won’t cut it ;(
12530 Richard Ibarra Will you?
12531 Stephon Smith Dr. Paul, you encapsulate the truth with great integrity. Thank you for showing me through a maze of corruption and lies to discover the reality of the current political landscape. I would be honored to have you as my president.
12532 Troy Lewis  
12533 Name not displayed consider the campaign as the greatest opportunity to educate the populace about the true nature of the state and the wisdom of the austrian economic theories. the time is ripe for a new renaissance and folks like you are at the front line of the revolution!
12534 Christopher Ferlita Liberty Now!
12535 Name not displayed  
12536 Name not displayed  
12537 Trevor S. Benson Please Ron Paul, just once more!
12538 Ronald Baert I’m ready to go, I still have a Ron Paul bumper sticker on my car.
12539 Patrick C. Rowe  
12540 Brandt wamsley  
12541 Kenneth Clark We need someone like you that loves this country and supports the constitution Ron for 2012
12542 Name not displayed Ron Paul 2012!
12543 Jose Diaz End The Fed!
12544 Kevin Mullins our government needs to get rid of corporate ties and it should start with you. please run!!!
12545 billy turner  
12546 Rachel Delgado  
12547 Steve D. Dr. Paul, hope you run. It is refreshing to hear a voice of reason and truth. Thank you!
12548 Jeffrey Ulrich  
12549 Alice E. Dodds eliminate the Fed. Right on.
12550 Name not displayed You’re the only one who can do it correctly!
12551 Teresa Ortega I think Mr Ron Paul is the right person to make things change.
12552 christmas songs lyrics I don’t usually reply to posts but I will in this case. WoW
12553 Fausto I would vote in the presidential Elections, when Finally a person who respects our constitution is a candidate.
12554 Name not displayed  
12555 Michael Tornes Please consider Ralph Nader as Vice President, consolidating the polarization of politics. Common sense will win the day…in the long run.
12556 Kris Love  
12557 Isaac Ruiz Dr. Paul, I really hope you run for president. You are my number one pick even though I disagree with you on several issues. I will vote for you though because you are always the most consistent person in Washington who sticks to the Constitution.
12558 Jeff Williams Dr. Paul…this country NEEDS you.
12559 Name not displayed  
12560 Steve Jung  
12561 Teresa McGonigal The people are starting to wake up. It is becoming very clear that this nation is in deep trouble. We need someone like you to lead us out of this mess. God bless you and keep you.
12562 Name not displayed Time to set sh!t straight!
12563 joe smith The only politician being honest
12564 John Bland  
12565 jonathan  
12566 Tiffany Fox  
12567 albert hougland  
12568 al  
12569 chris manly  
12570 barry sharpless please we need you
12571 Christopher Thomas  
12572 Michael  
12573 Megan Sifford We need you, the modern day Thomas Jefferson, now more than ever.
12574 Sarah Schock  
12575 Eric Tijerina Ron Paul is the greatest hope for America. Please run in 2012. America NEEDS you. We need to stop printing money, stop spending money we don’t have, and downsize this massive government that is running this great country into the ground.
12576 Darren Murphy I support Ron Paul 2012 and the rEVOLution!
12577 Sarah Grant  
12578 Jeremy Stotz  
12579 Ashley Hayes Please for the sake of America, run in 2012!
12580 Robert Wise  
12581 Pamela Balliet  
12582 Monique Balmer Wise  
12583 Name not displayed  
12584 James Howe  
12585 Name not displayed  
12586 Name not displayed Ron Paul
12587 M Villarreal  
12588 Kyle Hillinger How about we prove that America isn’t as stupid as we seem.

12589 Tony We need you now more than ever Ron. Please stick in there for all of us. This country depends on you more than you can ever realize. Thank you
12590 Miguel R. Yrivarren We’re gonna win this time! Get whomever you know. Regardless of whether or not you believe in his ideas, all you have to know about the man is that he has always stuck to his principles. Need we say more. Ron Paul/Gary Johnson 2012!!
12591 Name not displayed  
12592 Marina Dedes  
12593 Name not displayed Ron, I appreciate all of your efforts. I was never really involved in politics until I heard your views and beliefs and they were aligned in what I would like to see our Nation become.
12594 Jason Please run for president! Your a beacon of hope in a dark world!
12595 Name not displayed  
12596 Michael Hunter I will support Congressman Paul for President in 2012. He is the only one in DC who has consistantly protected and defended the Constitution in my lifetime.
12597 Brent Michael Wagner Please run before the dollar quits working. Marc Faber is the man! I want my (god given) liberty back!
12598 Trevor Phipps Marc Faber is my brother!
12599 Aleksandra von Seckendorff Ron Paul and Ralph Nader - ’2012 dream ticket’ for all people who can think critically on their own
12600 Adam Pezoldt I will write in Ron Paul if I have to.
12601 Angela Fisher People say they want the things you represent until they get to the polls. We need to find a way to break that 2 party mindset. Maybe we need to stop advertising in the polls (aka eliminate the party designations and just have names and office) so people vote their conscience not their party. But I know nothing will change without someone with your real understanding of what America has and should be - someone like you in office.
12602 diario extra I really liked your article.Thanks Again. Awesome.
12603 john m. walsh  
12604 Name not displayed  
12605 Andrew Wiggins We need you Dr. Paul.
12606 sam sofos  
12607 Robert Swinehart You have already done so much, made so many sacrificies, for our country…no one could fault you for not running this time. But you are uniquely positioned to speak for constitutional government and individual freedom when more and more people are ready to listen. Please go for it again!
12608 Paul Boysza Please, I beseech you!
12609 Name not displayed  
12610 Name not displayed  
12611 Larry Solomon Please run for President 2012
12612 Name not displayed  
12613 Robert Vaughn I was the Los Angeles Coordinator for the 2008 campaign and now one of the state coordinators for California C4L

Dr Paul Please run we need your help
12614 Al Benson Jr. I supported you in 2008 and would again in 2012. You would be the only honest man running in either party.
12615 Elizabeth Elsky  
12616 Jerrod Sifford  
12617 Russell Romine  
12618 Laurence  
12619 sharili brown  
12620 John Brewster It’s now or never…
12621 Name not displayed  
12622 Claeys Jeremy  
12623 Name not displayed  
12624 Tyler McMillan Ron Paul for president in 2012! With your help we can restore America back to it’s constitutional background! America has never been in such need of a great man as Ron Paul is.
12625 Greg Sheeler The only man who can turn our country around in the right direction.
12626 Karissa Brothers Run!! We need someone like you!
12627 jake martin  
12628 Name not displayed  
12629 Alex Green  
12630 David Ecklund Truth shall set us free.
12631 Name not displayed We need Ron Paul in office, only then will he have the power and oversight to start ridding our government of these sleezebags that rob us more and more every day.
12632 Gerry Cisneros  
12633 kelly wright  
12634 Victor RON PAUL 2012
12635 keith sanderlin  
12636 Name not displayed  
12637 David Please RUN IN 2012 YOU ARE AMERICAS LAST HOPE!
12638 Bridget Baert With many prayers the good Lord will restore our country. Vote Ron Paul as President 2012
12639 Name not displayed  
12640 Thomas Strider How about asking Krauthammer (aka Mr Brain) to run as your running mate?
12641 Name not displayed  
12642 Vincent Baert This will be my first time voting for a president. I would proudly vote for Ron Paul as the next President in 2012.
12643 anthony evans  
12644 Jeffrey D End the FED. Liquidate TARP. Forgive debts (pop out of social security)
12645 William Grace We need someone who is willing to address the real issues that perpetuate the problems we have here, not more puppet presidents who just try to fix the problems caused by the real issues. Without someone who is willing to get their hands dirty cutting off the roots of our problems - they will just keep growing back. Ron Paul is that man.
12646 Name not displayed Dr Paul,

Please run for president again. It would be such an honor to vote for you once more.
12647 Name not displayed Run Dr. Paul Run 2012!!!!!!!!!!
12648 Brian Ratledge  
12649 Jason Garber WOOOO!
12650 Ryan F Ron Paul Revolution 2012, to restore our liberty and our economy!!! I have voted for Ron Paul before and I will again if he runs.
12651 Nathan Gish You have my vote whether you run or not
12652 Name not displayed You are our only viable option. I just hope & pray that enough Americans remember your predictions from your last campaign.
12653 Edward Silva Thank you, Dr. Paul!
12654 Linda Lee Smith Dr. Paul it is your time and your place to be US President, by bring America back to our Constitution!
12655 Ted Godleski  
12656 Name not displayed Please Ron, help put an end to the tyrannical American Empire and restore our God-given right to freedom!
12657 Bruce A. Daitz RUN!
12658 jason bennett Lets do this. Together we can.
12659 vickie ogle You woke me up to what is going on in this mad world.Some of the things that I have learned are so appalling. You are a light in this darkness that surrounds us all,without you there would be no hope.I just want to thank you for all the hard work you do. God Bless you.
12660 Jason White Run Paul Run!
12661 Luis Alfredo Posada Soto End the Fed! With you all the way!
12662 Karl Walser Please run! We need your help!
12663 jason a gearhart please run for president for us we the people & for freedom & liberty i think you will win God Bless America
12664 Leslie Varney  
12665 Name not displayed Run!
12666 Mark Beddingfield  
12667 Name not displayed  
12668 Melissa Delaine  
12669 Chad Hindal  
12670 Name not displayed You are supported
12671 Jason Osborn we need someone that truly understands liberty and freedom to run for president. Ron Paul, you’re that man.
12672 Name not displayed Are you kidding? There isn’t any one else to vote for!

Yes you better (run for pres)
12673 Name not displayed Please Ron Paul run for President in 2012
12674 Mike Hanson In the name of liberty!
12675 William Pierce Dear Dr. Ron Paul

Please run for President. You are the american people’s only chance of taking back the USA. You would be the Andrew Jackson or JFK of our time and generation.
12676 Jason Todt  
12677 Aleks Lange  
12678 Simon  
12679 Ingrid Sorum Ron Paul is The only man with morality and conviction to confront the corruption of the Federal Reserve Bank and uphold human ethics, Democracy and THE CONSTITUTION. Without these basic qualities of sincerity the whole world is collapsing into darkness.
12680 Aaron Seals  
12681 Ben Rodda  
12682 Michael Clouser i will support Ron Paul for President in 2012
12683 Name not displayed I support this petition. Hurray for peace!
12684 Nicole Walls  
12685 Roland Paquette We need a Real patriot like yourself to be our voice to stop the conversion of our government to a totalitarian rule. Please run for pres.
12686 Gloria Chivers Truth must come out on all fronts, and I feel that you are the warrior for truth and justice, the man with a loyal and a clean heart to open the eyes of the American people, the man who can lead us to a new beginning in our history. Let the light of God shine over you!
12687 Marilyn J Novy-Schroeder  
12688 Name not displayed  
12689 Name not displayed We need you and more people like you.
12690 Anthony Kowalski Why vote Ron Paul? visit his wiki, read the bills he has written, watch him on Youtube, and recognize a man who truly stands for the people’s interests.
12691 Victor Your the only one i trust in the political system now.
12692 Name not displayed  
12693 Name not displayed our last hope…
12694 william  
12695 Niko Tzoumas Run for President and give the corporatist shills hell.

Come on people let’s be people now, Ron Paul people now people now!
12696 Nathaniel Hogan  
12697 Alan hill Help us Ron Paul! Please
12698 Elaine McClaren Run Ron Run! You have done it twice before. IF there was EVER a time it is NOW. Your country needs you.
12699 Robin Crossland  
12700 Patricia Dixon In the beautiful picture of the Pyeatt family (in the Ron Paul Family Holiday Cookbook) 13 family members are wearing Ron Paul 12 red and white tee shirts. Does this mean that you are willing to take on this challenge once again? If you are, we will work along side you, helping in every way possible.
12701 Name not displayed  
12702 Charles Hunter We are ready for a change!
12703 Cody Warren We need you!
12704 Name not displayed  
12705 Name not displayed  
12706 Name not displayed  
12707 Name not displayed  
12708 Thomas Manning Thank you for being so influential in my life.
12709 Harlan Dietrich 2012 evolve or perish….
12710 Annie Cassity You were so completely and entirely effective in the 2008 election that the ‘Republitards’ and their pet show hosts QUICKLY COOPed everything you and the Awesome folks of the Revolution have ever uttered. They are liars and theives. You are the ONLY honest man in office. That IS why 2012 is the year that RON PAUL wins by the WILL OF THE COUNTRY. Amen brother.
12711 Josh Fedora  
12712 Will Binkley Run Ron Run
12713 Name not displayed You tell it how it is. I do think of you as courageous for thinking outside of the box and willing to disembark from your party lines to do what is usually the right thing.
12714 Inti Villalobos You are America’s last hope. May God give you wisdom in the coming elections reminding Americans what Americanism is all about. If you cannot convince Congress and make all 3 branches of government aware of the problems you have fought against, our country will suffer fatally financially, morally, and our culture throughout, and all is lost. God Bless You
12715 Jason Tanis Ron Paul 2012. Real hope for america.
12716 Milton Diaz  
12717 Ronald R Parlamento WE THE PEOPLE need Ron Paul to run for president in 2012, so once in office he will run all the special interest minded cronies out of Washington!
12718 Nick Melms  
12719 Douglas E. Ninneman  
12720 Brandon Bassett Let freedom ring from sea to shining sea! 1776!
12721 Gerald Wojcik The country needs you Dr. Paul !!!
12722 William J Gaines Live Free or Die fighting Tyranny
12723 Name not displayed Let’s get this Revolution moving! Go Ron Paul!
12724 David Andrew Johnson You’ve got my vote and you’ve got my local advertisement, please don’t give up. Norfolk, VA
12725 Mary Susan Roman My Son Derek Roman red every book on Ron Paul..been to his campaigns.. he was robbed and shot in the head and died in Charlotte North Carolina over a month ago..Nov 19, 2011. I miss him terribly. Thank you!!!
12726 Joel Ramirez keep uP the good work and we hope you will run for presidency thank you so much.
12727 Name not displayed Dear Mr. Paul, I request you to run for president. Maybe a running mate of Ralph Nadder, Mike Gravel, Dennis Kucinich? But please run. I don’t wanna be stuck voting for another corporate politician.
12728 Evagelia Zarganas  
12729 Tyson Butler  
12730 Gregory Miller  
12731 David Schrader Signing all the way from Australia. Dr. Paul, your message is truly inspiring! I see you as the only hope for America and the cure for my apathy. Please run in 2012!
12732 John W. Keating  
12733 specialist jarod ray port Your the man that america needs to bring it back into the shining beacon of hope and liberty it once was, vote Ron Paul 2012!
12734 Ian Katzman Not only do you have the best philosophy of economics, Austrian, but your not in this race for the money, or even for yourself but actually as a man who understands a majority of the US population. You got my vote 2012.
12735 Kenneth Liskey  
12736 John Michael Brendel Pro-life libertarian
12737 Greg Vanderboegh Your time has come to lead this country out of big government and back fiscal responsibility as define in the US Constitution.
12738 steelyn inoue  
12739 Tim Baert  
12740 Kayla Bitner ron paul 2012 smart choice!
12741 Darren Please run for President, you will have my vote.
12742 Name not displayed Congressman Paul,

I am 13 years old and you have inspired me; I shared the same beliefs as my parents until I saw you and your supporters, and I have strayed from what I was taught to follow what I have found is right; Dr. Paul please run for president; if you get the word out, and get people to your positions you will certainly survive the primary, and then once that is accomplished it will be easy to win the election. We need REAL change and you are it sir. Thank you
12743 donny hardrick ron paul 2012!
12744 Jared Walden God Bless Ron Paul, a real American Statesmen!!!!
12745 dustin hayes  
12746 Bradley Ray King  
12747 Name not displayed  
12748 Ricardo Carrillo We need an American President that has a backbone.
12749 Name not displayed the only candidate with REAL change
12750 Mike Abbinante  
12751 Name not displayed  
12752 Josh Reeves Mr. Paul, we need you now more than ever.
12753 Christine  
12754 John Barsotti PLEASE RUN!! Your message is more relavant than EVER!!!!!!!!
12755 Ken McGovern Fight the good fight! The hour is late.
12756 Donna Mosher  
12757 Miles Faught I love you ron. If you dont run in 2012 all hope is gone
12758 Lis Anna  
12759 Patrick Nelson Godspeed
12760 david rhymes If Ron Paul runs , I’ll vote for him.
12761 Samantha Puch I would love nothing more than to cast my vote for Dr.Paul in the first presidential election I’ll be old enough to vote for. Dr. Paul gives me hope!!
12762 Sammy LaPoint  
12763 kat swansey  
12764 zachary houser  
12765 Name not displayed  
12766 Dianne Monahan  
12767 Diane Marie LaBeau Please, I am in the street passing out the Declaration of Independence! I AM BEHIND YOU!!!! GOD BLESS AND STAY SAFE!
12768 Phil Purdy our eyes are open now that ‘change’ became a lie. show the people that truth will set us free and we will follow you into the future
12769 max nayden  
12770 Matthew Cunningham  
12771 robert hall please run god willing he can help you turn this country around
12772 Thomas Santon We need to end the corruption in D.C….Period!
12773 Michael Phillips Dr. Paul, you are one of the most amazing, forthright, and brilliant people I’ve had the pleasure to discover. What a great loss to the US if we don’t have you as our leader. I support you 100%, and I do hope you will consider running again!!
12774 Name not displayed Might be too late to save the dollar (and our economy) but you are the man to try and lead us.

12776 Jennifer Reuter Liberty and Justice for ALL!!!!
12777 Louis Gruber  
12778 Jim Dillon  
12779 Matthew Hester 100,000 looks pretty far away……good luck
12780 Name not displayed  
12781 Name not displayed  
12782 Name not displayed  
12783 Michael Mackulin Ron Paul 2012
12784 sean ulrich
12785 Adam olson  
12786 Dan DeChambeau  
12787 brian oettli The only true fighter for America.
12788 Tatiana Agnew Dear Ron Paul, I know a man who thinks you’re the bees knees, and I think he’s a fox, so nice job!!
12789 Jessica Monroe  
12790 Peter Wilkins God Bless Dr Paul
12791 Tom Third time is the charm! The hour is late, but you must take courage and restore our nation. If you do we will be Free at last, we are free at last!

‘All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men do nothing.’

‘America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.’ - Abraham Lincoln
12792 Name not displayed Mr. Paul,

Please consider running for the Presidency in 2012

We the People need real Hope in Washington.

Thank You
12793 John Vara help us
12794 Name not displayed I believe you speak truth and listen to the people. We need you! Please run for the sake of our country. God bless, amy stokes
12795 Lukas Reimann  
12796 ian Run!
12797 Lukas Reimann  
12798 bob brydon ron paul and the judge
12799 Michael Lineman 2012 Start of The New and Better Government

A Must Mr. Paul
12800 Name not displayed Restore the Nation to it’s roots.
12801 Name not displayed  
12802 Name not displayed  
12803 Grady Adams  
12804 Ryan Gibson Dr. Paul,

This is your calling. You’ve said it yourself, the people are starting to wake up. No more hitting the snooze button, wake the U.S. up!
12805 Name not displayed  
12806 Gergana Georgieva  
12807 Paul Schecklman  
12808 Jeff Jones May the revolution continue!
12809 Name not displayed  
12810 Hayden Tremper  
12811 Lisa Murphy You will help our country so much if you run. Please run, and this time, please have a great time just knowing that the truth is being heard by millions. Next time around I believe the whole world will be listening with respect.
12812 lance  
12813 Jon  
12814 Tim Giltner I’m a die hard progressive liberal and disagree with Paul on ALOT of the issues. That being said I can respect him because he tells the truth. When he says the free market he means a free market(again disagree) unlike the rest of the GOP who would never give up their precious subsides. When he says cut spending he means cut spending includinf the Pentagon’s budget. I will vote for Paul if he runs because our current president lied and is not an FDR he is another Cliton. We need politicians that stick to their principles even if we disagree with them.
12815 Daniel T. Dietz N.W.O. is trying to take over. The beginning of a positive restoration of our government and freedom starts with RON PAUL!
12816 Brandon Thompson Dr. Paul, you would perhaps be the perfect solution to our countries problems. You support the constitution unlike any other politician I have ever seen.
12817 Brian Colarussso Please Mr.Paul run for President. The USA is being destroyed and the way of life my grandparents left Italy with all their savings and sailed to these shores! I beg you to step up to your destiny! Thank you for service
12818 Name not displayed Ron Paul is the Man for TRUTH and HONOR for the Sake of the People of America

God Bless Him
12819 Name not displayed RUN ..Ron for President & Rand for V.P.
12820 Scott Go!! END THE FED
12821 lewis GO Ron Paul
12823 Name not displayed  
12824 Kenneth Beaulieu  
12825 bryan schoell America needs you!!
12826 Name not displayed Now is the time, Ron will win!
12827 Bill Thompson The American people will turn very ugly in the very near future if government is not brought under control. Please run America needs you now.
12828 Name not displayed We need more Ron Paul’s in government and less of EVERYONE else!
12829 Name not displayed  
12830 Courtney Lynn Stoltman ♥
12831 Barbara Vaughan  
12832 Name not displayed Put ethics back in to politics.
12833 Joe Dino Ron Paul is restoring faith in America!
12834 Name not displayed  
12835 Ben Pease  
12836 Nathan Dahlvik This man is one of the few good politicians
12837 Lane Garlock You’re fucking awesome.
12838 Dawn Kronk Please Restore The Republic.
12839 Jack Sansum  
12840 Name not displayed This man is our only hope for a bright future for our children and our country. He is by far the brightest, most qualified candidate. He will do the RIGHT thing regardless of outside political interests.
12841 Jason Hunter Dr. Paul: You are the most articulate exponent of the philosophy of liberty this nation has seen since Thomas Jefferson. I implore you to run for President in 2012 as our nation stands on the precipice of total collapse. For even if political victory eludes us, history ultimately will be decided among the battlefields of ideas, waged through persuasion, intellect, and peace. And concerning such conflicts as these, you sir, are my commander-in-chief, and I will struggle beside you until the beast of government is once more hewn down by the constitution which defines its proper limits…
12842 Name not displayed Go RP!!!!
12843 Jody Murdough  
12844 Name not displayed  
12845 Robert Lowery  
12846 Neal Gist RP 2012!!!!!!
12847 Jeremy Lee Dr Ron Paul is one of the few people who can help put this nation back on track. We need a Commander-in-chief who has their nation’s best interest as the forefront of their agenda.
12848 Nathan Brown I wish our countrymen would take you seriously…
12849 Name not displayed  
12850 Diane  
12851 Matthew Purnell  
12852 Michelle Walters We need you now more than ever!!!!!
12853 Name not displayed He has good ideas
12854 Name not displayed  
12855 Clifton Myers  
12856 Name not displayed  
12857 Name not displayed  
12858 Name not displayed You’re the only hope for American ….’
12859 Peter McCann  
12860 hank One Nation Under One God is what we demand
12861 Neil R Davis  
12862 Daniel Ashby  
12863 Matthew Berndt  
12864 gene lerner awesome! you bring common sense and practicality to a complicated world!
12865 Name not displayed Dear Mr. Paul,

You got my attention during the 2008 elections. Having been a lifelong Democrat, I bought into the Hope & Change preached by Obama in the 2008 elections . Now the hope is gone and ‘Change’ is an empty promise.

I believe that America needs to drastic change and I am with you as I have changed to an Independent; and I am with you in 2012.
12866 Name not displayed Please run for president . Your our only hope
12867 Robert Corwin  
12868 Sadie Ryatt  
12869 Mark Scott help educate the masses
12870 Amanda White 12on Paul!!!
12871 mike  
12872 Melissa stone  
12873 Nicole Forbes He would make an excellent and sensable leader.
12874 Casey Pennington The time is right.
12875 Eric Clark Thank you Ron Paul for all you do.

America’s last chance.
12876 Timothy Trimble I support you all the way Congressman Paul! Please make this country a better place!
12877 Hector Rivera  
12878 patrick mcmullin  
12879 Tony Warner Ron Paul in 2012!!!! Now IS the time!
12880 Name not displayed Ron’s making a lot of sense.
12881 Vishnu Sharma Come on Ron Paul, you can be the real one to make a change.
12882 Steven Navarro  
12883 John Findlay  
12884 Michael Ponticello  
12885 Name not displayed i completely and wholeheartedly support ron paul for president.
12886 Name not displayed  
12887 Caspar Although I do not currently live in America, nor has been raised up in America, I still believe that America is the greatest nation on Earth. Why? Because, as Ronald Reagan said, ‘Freedom and the dignity of the individual have been more available and assured here than in any other place on earth’. Ron Paul is currently the most important and influential person when it comes to ensuring personal liberty and reducing the size of the Government. He therefore have my full support and I hope that every American realize that ‘liberty is just one generation away fron extinction’ (Reagan) and I assure it, you do not want America to become like the countries in Europe. Please protect freedom, please vote Ron Paul in the 2012 election.
12888 Scottie MacGregor Knight An enlightened high school student interested in protecting the nation, it’s people and their freedoms. Sic Semper Tyannis Obama & Hu Jintao, death to the red dragon.
12889 Name not displayed As you know, even outside the U.S. you have the support and we will follow a possible run for 2012 with excitement!
12890 William Dickison I see a need for Dr. Paul’s leadership in the United States.
12891 Michael Hight When I get to Congress we can work together to take back the country and adhear to our Constitution.
12892 Garrett Reynolds One man can’t change this country, but someone with common sense is a start. Lets do this thing and end uncertainty.
12893 Kyle Snow petty officer united states navy Ron Paul and Jesse Ventura should run in 2012. everyone is sick to death of the bull that is going on in our county our constitution is being destroyed i belive these men give the last glimps of hope
12894 Name not displayed We support you, Ron
12895 Justin Sherrard Dr. Paul, you are the only person in government that has a clue about our rights and how our founding father wanted us to live and govern ourselves (except for Rand of course). I was a main-stream sheep believing everything I was told. I have been awake now for a few months and researched you and love what you stand for…us! If we dont put an end to this out of control government we will be telling the next generation what the old America was like…when we wre free. I have been hard at work letting people everywhere about what is going on right now and have woken many people up. The revolution is getting huge Dr. Paul and we need someone of your character to lead the people towards refounding this country into the great principles it once was based on. Please Dr. Paul, for the sake of our country, our freedoms, our children and those yet to be born, run for president and give us REAL change we can believe in, following the consitution! I have hope in this country still because we have you. Stay safe Dr. Paul we need you!!!
12896 Chris Prieto  
12897 Norman Strauss RON PAUL #1
12898 Alanna Jenkins  
12899 Bill Snyder  
12900 Name not displayed Truman commented that there isn’t a nickel’s worth of difference between the Republicans and Democrats…Give’em a good fight Ron and let the citizens realize what Liberty ‘is’!
12901 Billy Batson I don’t believe in politics or Politicians, I can careless about either party.

Red or Blue = Bull$hit to me .

I never exercised my right to vote.

2012 that all changes, Ron Paul is OUR last hope of fending off this Globalist take over and kicking out their World Banking Enslavement Institution better Known As The Federal Reserve.

- Ron Paul for President 2012

May GOD BLESS and Forgive AMERICA and bring OUR Troops Home.
12902 Name not displayed  
12903 Stephen M. Shaw, Jr. Please save us from the psychopaths running us into the gutter while China and Iran plan our destruction!
12904 Name not displayed  
12905 Name not displayed  
12906 James Pollock  
12907 Name not displayed Please run for President! America needs you.
12908 Vince Meyer You’re the only one that has things straight. Our Constitution is hanging by a tread, and you are the doctor who can fix it. Dont give up, fight til the end!
12909 Name not displayed We need to remove every politician from office. End Lifetime Congressional Pensions after 1 or 2 terms. We need complete transparency. Close the Federal Reserve. Stop being the worlds police force. Stop exporting jobs. Close our boarders. No amnesty-get in line just like everyone that is trying to become a citizen the lawfull way. Politicians, what part of illegal don’t you understand? Politicians do not want the citizens to have guns because they are afraid of becomming targets. The nut case in AZ only helps the liberal’s case. Bottom line: Wake up America.
12910 Eric Shepherd It may be too late already in 2012 but RP is the man to get things turned around
12911 Drew Clayton Please run on an Independent or Libertarian (probably independent) platform. The powers that reside over the neocon republican party will never allow you to win enough primaries, as witnessed by the fact in 2008 you won 4 of 5 debates but no primaries. As in independent I believe you would siphon off at least 50% of republican voters another 45 to 60% of democrats who are fed up with the constant war and patriot act, and most of the independent. I truly believe as I talk to everyone I know that running as an independent you will not only be a force, but probably the favorite, please dont run a republican for ‘educational’ purposes. We NEED you, or Ron Johnson, in the white house to begin to repeal most of what has been done since FDR. I belive most of America is ready for the message and in a 3 way race, I believe you will get the majority.
12912 Josh Parris Please run as an independent, it is what you are. The neo-conservative establishment will never let you win the Republican nomination. And thank you, for everything, if it was not for you, the internet, and whats left of the 2nd amendment, we’d all be wearing chains.
12913 Jesus This man must be president in 2012 or I am moving to Canada.
12914 Diana  
12915 eric t van hoff i have never voted in my life im 30 years old if your running for president i will gather all my friends and family to vote for you
12916 Name not displayed hey cutie ;)
12917 Sterling Passinghma  
12918 Karen Nilson  
12919 Billy Morris  
12920 Paul Karcher  
12921 Leah D Warren  
12922 Annemarie Burkhart If Ron Paul runs again, I will actually register to vote!!
12923 Stephen Horst  
12924 Sleepless in Virginia I formally un-registered with my 10th district Virginia election board in 2009. If Ron Paul runs for 2012 I will volunteer AND re-register. Why not a Ron Paul/Rand Paul ticket? Why not?
12925 Michael Edwards The only man fit to run this country the way is SHOULD be run!
12926 Todd Whitaker I supported Ron Paul in 2008 and I will support him again in 2012. America needs nothing short of a fundamental change in how we perceive governmental powers and functionality. The United States are perhaps the world’s last hope for true liberty. Dr. Paul is the anti-politician that freedom lovers need.
12927 Sloan Hill You are my hero. And the man to turn around our country
12928 johnny sorensen RON PAUL 2012,,, Please Please,
12929 Name not displayed I registered to vote in 2008 for the purpose of voting for the only individual that I know in my heart that can and will repair America to it’s proper and former glory. Please run for election again in 2012 and you will always get my vote for President Of The United States of America.
12930 Jakub Skorepa  
12931 Stephen S Peirce You have gotten it correct, all the way,and we need you. THANKS
12932 Dennis Volkland I voted for Ron Paul for President in 2008 and David Walker (former Comptroller General of the GAO) for Vice-President. That would make one heck of a ticket right there.
12933 taylor roberts  
12934 Name not displayed  
12935 Eileen Richardson  
12936 Name not displayed Please run, your word is getting out! We The People need you now more than ever!!
12937 benjamin kelso you’v got my vote!
12938 Adam S. Troutt  
12939 Name not displayed  
12940 Bob Vondruska America needs a President that everyone will respect and admire. Someone with the type of Qualities and Principles that we find in Dr. Ron Paul. The neocons may have been able to hold him back in 2008, but not in 2012. He was right 30 years ago when he talked about the problems that would eventually come our way, and he had solutions to those problems back then, but they wouldn’t listen. Ron Paul is the only person in the 2012 Presidential race (if he runs) who has an unblemished record of doing things for the right reasons, and doing so in a consistent manner. America needs a President that we have not seen since the days of Thomas Jefferson. America needs Ron Paul!
12941 Michael Hutchinson  
12942 Gabe Wilson Ron Paul America needs you!
12943 Tarun John Please run
12944 Morgan W. Moen Ron Paul is the best candidate to establish government control of our monetary system.
12945 Robert E Mergy Sr I have been a supporter of Dr. Ron Paul for many years as a Texan. We need you and Micheal Badnarik on a ticket to bring America back to being a Constitutional Government.
12946 julie We need you RON PAUL! Your our only home for freedom!
12947 Allybe RON PAUL 2012! Goodbye Obummer and hello constitution!
12948 Name not displayed If Julian Assange is accused of treason that must make him an American Citizen even though he is an Australian citizen, so I must be able to sign this
12949 David Souza  
12950 Kelsey Davis  
12951 Pauline Voges Go, Ron, Go!!!!!
12952 Pawel Hardej Mr. Paul you are inspiring. Please run.
12953 tom kucharski he should be king at least for awile
12954 JV  
12955 Jordan Peterson  
12956 Storm Thompson  
12957 Owens  
12958 Michael William Cuskley  
12959 Name not displayed  
12960 Name not displayed Ron Paul All The Way!!
12961 Phil Hingston Good Luck Americans!!
12962 Name not displayed We need our country back for the people.He’s the man to do it!!!
12963 David Guthrie Please run for president Ron!!!!. I supported you in 2008, and America needs you more than ever. I will work day and night to help you become elected. Also I first saw the woman that is now my Wife at one of your meetups. If it wasn’t for you we might not be married today. God Bless you Congressman Paul
12964 T. Blake Poulter Dr. Paul please run, this country is literally SCREWED!! if you do not. Will you literally let Mitt Romney, Huckabee, Palin lead the pack??? WE NEED YOU MORE THAN EVER!!!!!
12965 akasha bhairava sir, please please take this burden for us
12966 Jessie Sumpter  
12967 Ginny Sumpter  
12968 Name not displayed Please, for the love of God, run for President! abolish the federal reserve, help get rid of the Patriot Act and other anti-constitutional legislation, end the drug war, and put a halt to the endless tyranny that our government is committing against our people and the constitution! you and your family are the only true patriots left. You should probably run as a Republican candidate because the mainstream masses, as you know, are locked into either voting democrat or republican, they do not have the intellectual capacity to begin to understand the concepts of libertarianism (or the way the founding fathers and majority of politicians over the centuries believed the United States is supposed to be governed). They are too busy watching American Idol…
12969 Diana Hengerer It is asking a LOT of Ron Paul to run again, the poor man must be tired of having to say the same damn thing over and over, but there is really no one else to fill his shoes at this time, as far as I can see. I pledge to work tirelessly for

his campaign if he is willing to run!!! I voted for you in ’88 and would love to have the privilege of doing it again!
12970 Dean Pillarella  
12971 James Head You inspire hope and well beings for all American’s!
12972 Robert Stacey  
12973 Rochelle Updike I would be thrilled to assist with your Iowa campaign!
12974 Ronald Rushing You can win!
12975 kyle smith please run for the stake of this country we need someone like you in the white house besides all these people who care about money instead of protecting the constitution
12976 John Carpenter There is still hope. Ron Paul for president 2012! Please run for president in 2012, America needs you:(
12977 Name not displayed  
12978 kat jackson  
12979 Gigi H. First off I’d like to say I wish I was American just so I could vote for you. You are intelligent,wise , highly charasmatic , and truly seek change. I love hearing you speak I’m sure the more people hear of you they will love you too. Your truth is refreshing among the lies and America is lucky to have you. I’m a lebanese canadian girl and both my dad and I love you!!
12980 Name not displayed  
12981 Patrick Fight for liberty Dr. Paul
12982 Gabe Wilson We need real change, I believe 100% Ron Paul can deliver the change we need as Americans!!!!
12983 Aaron  
12984 thomas york Mister Ron Paul you may be this great country’s only hope. Mr. Paul please keep fighting for us and run in 2012 thank you.
12985 Brett Robinson ron paul has cured my political apathy, im glad to be a young person who gets to see this great man champion civil liberties and the constitution in my lifetime
12986 lev mikhaylov Like Ron said, we need to lead by example not by force. If we want a democracy around the world we need to show the full potential of a democratic society, which it definately is not now. This can only be done with Ron Pauls ideas, which arent new ideas but are lost ideas.

The Russian community supports you.
12987 Dale Maxim  
12988 James I am not an American but I believe that this politician is for the people and would never fall to corruption. He knows that Obama won’t repeal his own healthcare laws but as long as people support Ron Paul they will be able to show that there is a strength in numbers and that they are against the forces in charge of this current system.
12989 Mark Evans Ron Paul, I will vote for you! Now is the time to hold to our principles, and you align with my principles. Please run.
12990 Ivan Lopez  
12991 Name not displayed  
12992 Donald Case If you run in 2012, you WILL have my vote.
12993 Name not displayed The only true candidate!
12994 Diana Robinette You can count on a lot of support from Minnesota!
12995 Timo Raita Not only America needs Ron Paul, the whole world does!

/Timo in Sweden
12996 Eric Simpson  
12997 Name not displayed  
12998 Mike Savage Ron Paul, all I can say to you pal, i not only love your expression of good faith and solid morals, I love you as a person, as a man, as a wanderful leader, and I wish you the absolute best of luck!
12999 Daniel Eddy RON PAUL!
13000 Name not displayed 2012!!!

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