Signatures 10,001-15,000

Number Name Comment
11001 George W. Bush  
11002 Jackson McHugh Help Ron-Paul Kenobi, you’re our only hope
11003 Jordan Cole Rodenbiker America Needs You Ron Paul!
11004 Jared Fontenot Dr. Paul,

You have inspired me to become a positive person and a truth-seeker. The latest midterm elections have restored my hope and my faith in America and I feel it necessary to keep the momentum going in the next presidential elections. The only way I feel is for either you or Rand to run for president and represent our voices. Together we can make America better than it has ever been and restore faith to all the cynics and most of all restore our constitution. God bless you and God bless us all.
11005 Name not displayed  
11006 Nancy Woodruff  
11007 Braden Avant  
11008 Erika Ast I would really love to see someone running that would attempt to get the government spending in order. 14 trillon dollars in debt has more consequences than just leaving debt to our children, how can we keep functioning like this?
11009 DaLea Wilson  
11010 Name not displayed  
11011 Jake Brown  
11012 Darryl Payne Thank you for being my hero Ron. You’ve woken me up
11013 Name not displayed  
11014 Robert  
11015 Name not displayed  
11016 Name not displayed Keep America Free!
11017 Name not displayed  
11018 Marianne Sandy  
11019 Name not displayed  
11020 Joseph Marchio  
11021 Name not displayed  
11022 Name not displayed  
11023 Name not displayed  
11024 Gabriel Salomon Jr  
11025 Scott Kirkland  
11026 Perry Lowe We need a man like Ron Paul as our Commander in Chief. It is vital to our future as a country.
11027 Preston Cox  
11028 joshua voss I would help in anyway I can.
11029 Mary Tomlin  
11030 Name not displayed I will vote for you. :-D
11031 Leah George FREEDOM!
11032 Melissa Walker  
11033 Joe GO RON!!
11034 Giulio Zardo Even Canadians want you to run for president!
11035 Tyler Daws  
11036 Name not displayed You have my vote!
11037 Craig RON PAUL FOR 2012
11038 l bocchetti  
11039 John Politicians have so failed us, the ‘Not too big to fails’

Ron Paul is the only hope, for NOT destroying the job making middle class, in America!
11040 Mike Warren Only through Ron Paul can we achieve the true change needed in this nation and get on the right track towards fiscal responsibility, a balanced budget, a true monetary system, and true liberty. Ron Paul 2o12!
11041 Eugene Corno Jr  
11042 Luke Anderson  
11043 Curtis Bostic we need you !!!
11044 John McCash Good for it :)
11045 Rick Johnson  
11046 Collin Griffin  
11047 Name not displayed I will be voting for you next election!
11048 Name not displayed  
11049 Will Crocker I am 28 years old and have never been politically motivated as I often feel that politicians are corrupt and unjust. You give me hope that our country can be steered in the correct direction. Ron Paul for president 2012!!!!
11050 Paul Almendinger  
11051 R. LuAnn Placeres Somebody has to turn this country around.
11052 Name not displayed  
11054 Leo Buehler For Freedom, Liberty, and sustainable prosperity.
11055 mary ann oyanib we need ron paul for president, we dont need another idealogue like pres obama and other left wing socialist to run our country into communism.
11056 Richard O’cell Estes For freedom. Deo vindice!
11057 Matthew Smith  
11058 Name not displayed  
11059 Don Hill  
11060 Name not displayed run for president
11061 Name not displayed  
11062 paul bozardt  
11063 malcolm Brammer hope ron paul wins
11064 Hannah Davidson  
11065 Ryne Murphy  
11066 Richard Mossman America desperately needs an honest man who will follow the constitution, has economic sense, and the ability to be a leader. This man is Ron Paul.
11067 Andrew Dellinger  
11068 Sam McConnell  
11069 kurtfrerotte dear ron paul plesaese run and defeat obvama
11070 Peter Dialfonso RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
11071 Andrew Baptiste Let Sanity Reign
11072 Anna Janek We need you to run to save this country.
11073 Zac Stelter  
11074 Mark As a Progressive Libertarian, Mr. Paul is Truth to Power.
11075 Name not displayed Go Ron
11076 Name not displayed  
11077 John Ifantis  
11078 martini Michael  
11079 kevin staab  
11080 John Walker We need you Mr. Paul. We can’t let the country fall into the grip of the tea party.
11081 Mark Haley Ron the world needs you.
11082 Wes  
11083 Annonymous  
11084 Renee Boyd  
11085 Name not displayed Go 4 it Ronnie P!
11086 Stephen Moroney  
11087 April Meadows We need you!!
11088 Name not displayed  
11089 Name not displayed  
11090 Name not displayed  
11091 Tony We need u to save our country
11092 dan roussin we all need real hope,especially the youth of this country….
11093 Brian Vanhoy Thank you for being a voice for many of the principles that are not represented in DC.
11094 Name not displayed If we ever needed someone like you, the time is now.
11095 Michael C Smith For faith and freedom sir, please run for President!
11096 Alexi Halloway Ron Paul is the man…
11097 Name not displayed I’ll gladly donate to your campaign fund up to the maximum allowable by law.
11098 Name not displayed Please run for President Senator Paul! We need common sense, not to mention life experience, in the White House.
11099 Stephnie Casterline Go, Ron, go! We Libertarians need you now more than ever.
11100 Name not displayed It’s about courage with an open mind about Ron Paul’s philosophy. This guy is no crack pot! He’s done his homework.
11101 krys slaw  
11102 Sue Elley  
11103 jerry christen love to see you as prez and rand as vp.
11104 Name not displayed Ron Paul FTW!!!!!!
11105 aKakAcarppaf  
11106 spencer green  
11107 Name not displayed  
11108 Sara Hoff  
11109 Cheryl Larsen  
11110 janice hoke  
11111 Name not displayed RUNN!!!
11112 brian j scrocca Please save America!
11113 Jackie Sapiandante I have faith in you Mr. Paul. I believe that you would make better decisions than the other candidates.
11114 Robert Jellison  
11115 Joe Newstrom  
11116 Name not displayed  
11117 ryan hales  
11118 Nancy Ahle  
11119 Adam Starks  
11120 jonathan fewkes If not Ron, then who?
11121 Name not displayed Your awesome!
11122 Lonnie Collins  
11123 Nancy The country needs you. You are the same yesterday,today, and tomorrow! We are sliding into 3rd world status because we only think 2-4 years ahead. Getting elected comes before doing what needs to be done for the next 50-100 years!!!
11124 Matteo A Gruelle You are the only one who can stop our slide into a 3rd world country. I am invested and ready to hedge the coming fall. I really do not want to see the collapse of this country, let’s work togther and take our country back to the Constitution = NO EPA, FDA, USDA, IRS, TSA, FBI, CIA, NSA, ATF ect. My money is ready Dr. Paul all of the way!!!! Stick it to the Bankers!!!!
11125 Name not displayed  
11126 Jovita  
11127 Name not displayed  
11128 myron miller  
11129 Lisa McCaslin For the love of GOD and the USA, please run and give us our country back that is BIBLE based and is FOR the people BY the people!
11130 Lynda Ruiz We need REAL change in this country not the rhetoric that Obama has been spewing at the gullible people in this Country!
11131 Name not displayed  
11132 James Fain 2012!
11133 Olivia Knier  
11134 Olivia Freelong  
11135 Donna White  
11136 Erin A Sullivan MD The time is now!
11137 Brian H  
11138 Leeann Greer Ron, you are the only One in congress that Understands ‘Liberty’ and what it truely means. Please run in 2012. Life, Liberty and the persuit of happiness.
11139 Lane Stoltzfus You got my vote.
11140 Jacob Finney  
11141 Bernard J. Osburn  
11142 Name not displayed  
11143 Colleen Bury We need a real and honest change in this country. Some one who is not afraid to stand up to the corruption and the lobbyist. No corporate control. We need someone who is for the people and by the people.
11144 Name not displayed Its time America gets set straight. Lead us into the next generation.
11145 Ashley Gray  
11146 Name not displayed Peter Schiff for VP
11147 Name not displayed  
11148 Mickey Thompson  
11149 Peter Ballasiotes GO RON PAUL!!!
11150 Name not displayed It would mean very much to the USA. Please run.
11151 james lane we need 55 Rons
11152 Geoffrey Barrett  
11153 Peter Hendrickson  
11154 Doreen Hendrickson  
11155 Name not displayed  
11156 Antonio I’m voting for liberty and freedom in 2012. I’m voting to strengthen the dollar and the economy in 2012. I’m voting to end the wars overseas in 2012. I’m voting to restore the rule of law and our civil liberties in 2012. I’m voting for Ron Paul in 2012!
11157 Rachel Sedlacek  
11158 Name not displayed  
11159 Laney Efferson I support Ron Paul for President.
11160 Adam Byerly  
11161 Name not displayed  
11162 Samuel Freeze Please Dr. Paul!!!
11164 ralph kramden hadi har har har har
11165 Name not displayed  
11166 donna torres  
11167 Name not displayed Mr. Paul…you get me. :)
11168 ricci childers  
11169 Thomas Willcutts Go get ‘em Ron.
11170 Greg Ryman Vote in a Libertarian fashion and you can count on me to back you.
11171 Rob Horton Thank you for your effort
11172 Juan Ron Paul is easily the best candidate!
11173 Anne Twomey  
11174 Name not displayed  
11175 Gannon Willcutts  
11176 Charles Caldwell I know that you are the only candidate that I could honestly consider voting for!
11177 Willmon Freeman We need all the help we can get to get back on track
11178 Paul B. LoCicero Dear Dr. Paul,

I turned 18 last year on July 24th. I will be waiting another two years just to see you become president! I registered as a Libertarian because I was sick of both parties not knowing which way to go! I know that you are a Conservative by definition, but you are a true Libertarian and Constitutionalist by heart! When I was 17 years old I became part of the USMC Delayed Entry Program in order to serve my country even though I disagree with both wars. I have a tattoo of The Bill of Rights on my back so that no person except God can tell me that what to do with my life! Dr. Paul……….you are an inspiration to me and I would like to see you as our 45th president to bring us back to the Constitutional size!
11179 Name not displayed  
11180 scott mcgimpsey please save our country
11181 Ashley Smith  
11182 Name not displayed Keep up the good work
11183 Eli Hamm  
11184 Jan Corriveau  
11185 Heather Fogarty  
11186 Name not displayed i feel so Strongly in Ron Pauls message …
11187 Name not displayed  
11188 James Cooke If GOP wants to elect a presidential nominee who will shrink the government, get our debt and spending under control, then the best person for that job is Ron Paul. When the special interest start screaming over the cuts, he will stand up to them.
11189 Ashley Colin  
11190 Name not displayed  
11191 Monika A Krot  
11192 Casey Simmons  
11193 Kimberley Kay  
11194 Name not displayed  
11195 Eman Ismail Ron Paul is the right choice
11196 Name not displayed  
11197 Chris Holden  
11198 Jack Lindner Canada needs you as much as your own country. You are the only hope. May God bless you and give you strength.
11199 Brian McWilliams If you don’t run, I’ll end up writing you in again anyway.
11200 Yuriria Chavez  
11201 Payam Chitsazan  
11202 Melanie Jones-Holden  
11203 Mark Weber If you run in 2012 i will register to vote for the first time ever. This country has gone to crap and needs your help.
11204 Brian Cambrola Dear Dr. Paul, let’s fight Obamunism.
11205 ryan staab Ron paul has inspired me, and with votes he can inspire our nation.
11206 Name not displayed Do it.
11207 Name not displayed The country needs you now more than ever.We will not stand for what passed for the 2008 republica debates. If they attempt to ignore you again, please run as an independent. Repblicans/Democrats are two sides of the same coin. We are on to their game………………
11208 Name not displayed  
11209 Kevin Burke  
11210 justin golden Go get em!
11211 Name not displayed  
11212 Priscilla Anderson  
11213 Joseph E. It’s time, Dr. Paul.
11214 Pamela Eden I believe & trust you can help us !!
11215 Kay-Marie Adkins  
11216 Name not displayed  
11217 Herman Travis  
11218 Nishanth Dass  
11219 Scott Dance  
11220 Tom Catino End the Fed!
11221 Name not displayed  
11222 Brian Brady  
11223 Name not displayed  
11224 Derek bromley  
11225 david You got my vote
11226 L. Weber  
11227 Name not displayed someone needs to deal with the aclu on it’d religous beliefs. i though we lived in a democracy where the majority ruled. some of our federal judges and the aclu has never read the constitution.
11228 Scott  
11229 Scott  
11230 Chris Tanton  
11231 Justin Moe Ron Paul 2012
11232 Aaron Surowiec  
11233 brian sheary  
11234 Andy Freedman Ron Paul needs to run for President we currently are in a war that has lasted a decade we were atttacked on 9/11 and we went to Afghanistan in self defense to defeat Al Queda but 10 years later after whole towns of American troops have been killed and the U.S. economy is in shambles we now have an American allied government in place over in Afghanistan which should keep us safe at home but we have no way to finish a conflict that is leading to death and economic instability

We have an allied government in place in Afghanistan,what more do we need to do to end the war?.Ron Paul can keep us safe at home while coming up with a way to finish the conflict in Afghanistan the rise in food prices is due to a dropping dollar which is due to a failure to end the war in Afghanistan

Here at home American citizens can’t drive or ride in a bus or car up to Canada and back without getting a passport from the U.S. State Department First.Americans need papers to leave there own country?Anyone want us Vodka from that store in Moscow?LOL

We could simply instead put more Homeland Security or Border Patrol on the border instead of passports for Americans who want to travel by bus or car.

There are the airport security scanners I feel there is a better way to secure our airports and keep everyone safe

And there has been a constant attempt to try and move America towards a society where people who have never been drafted by the military or convicted a crime can be forced to serve the state

In order to move us towards forced civilian service which is different then a draft (During World WarII and the Vietnam war anyone who wasn’t drafted by the military or convicted of a crime couldn’t be forced to do labor for the state)

Bill Clinton and George Bush Sr. this was a bi-partisian effort created a corporation for National Service the corporation right now encourages people to volunteer which isn’t unconstitutional and gives people money if they choose to join volunteer programs which isn’t Unconstitutional.

But the end game of the Corporation for National Service ever since those two ex-Presidents helped to create it is to eventually violate the Constitution by forcing American citizens who haven’t been drafted by the military or convicted of a crime to do service for the state

While some Americans support programs where people can choose to serve most people are normal so they haven’t been able to get forced service passed yet but because they keep coming closer to it and they are relentless about forced service both the Democratic Leadership Council and Republican William F.Buckley Jr. called for it there are people in both parties who want forced service.

Someone who is as opposed to mandatory service as Ron Paul is should be running for President Ron Paul is a Republican who will stand up to both Democrats and fellow Republicans who support this Unconstitutional idea

The idea of using programs that were designed to help people as a way to try and eventually get forced service out of innocent Americans(On the assumption that because people need government services they won’t complain) to me is mistreating the people government should care about so

Ron Paul is a strong opponent of Mandatory State Service,Forced Passports,and an advocate of using a method other then airport security scanners to secure our airports
11235 imy khan  
11236 Iriana Shiyan  
11237 Name not displayed I would strongly encourage Congressman Ron Paul to run for the President! I would have liked it even more if he runs as an independent as both Democratic and Republican parties are completely corrupt with Wall Street
11238 Thomas M. Utterback We need Rep. Paul to run. It may not be the time he wins, but it must be the time he runs.
11239 Name not displayed  
11240 Wayne Powell Please do run and win in 2012. We so badly need a true leader with both insight and foresight. Thank you in advance.
11241 Name not displayed  
11242 Name not displayed  
11243 Walter Warren The math of the budget is pretty plain; the ownership of the collateral is not. I would rather RP direct us through this upcoming new order than anyone else.
11244 Britt Renner  
11245 Name not displayed  
11246 K. M. Parks, Sr. Come on Dr. Paul, this is important!
11247 Jared  
11248 steven fuller  
11249 Name not displayed I’m glad I was able to learn from you when I was a page back in 97 :)
11250 Name not displayed I will vote for you!
11251 Aaron Yeargan A Democrat for Ron Paul!
11252 Kevin Bensink This Country needs you
11253 Justin  
11254 Name not displayed  
11255 Name not displayed  
11256 Gary  
11257 Scott Laney  
11258 Jon Hodges  
11259 luis  
11260 Kaylee  
11261 peg malloy voting for RP in the straw poll at CPAC, hoping he will run in 2012
11262 Michael Heise watching you in 2008 (when I was 18), single handedly got me into watching politics and watching the seedy things the government does. You have my vote!
11263 Alida Rodriguez  
11264 Adam Crowther Thanks for signing my hat In Elko while you were passing through. It was an honor to delegate for you in Reno and I would love to do it again.
11265 Name not displayed  
11266 Ron Bedell  
11267 Sam Do it!
11268 Name not displayed  
11269 Name not displayed Stay honest. Stay committed to the Founders’ principles. God bless America. Defend the Constitution!
11270 Name not displayed  
11271 charles langworthy please run you are the modern day Thomas Jefferson we need the constitution. we need 1 more executive order 1 to void all previous executive orders. please save our REPUBLIC
11272 John Redden We need Conservtive Leadership. Ron Paul for President 2012.
11273 Jenn Lackey  
11274 Name not displayed  
11275 Raz we need right honest leader he is the one!
11276 Bill Hinkle Change we can use !!
11277 Tony Huff  
11278 Name not displayed Hoping to vote for real change in 2012 (AGAIN!)
11279 Clay Hutnyak  
11280 Christopher Lopez - 2012 -
11281 Joanna Hutnyak  
11282 JD Go Ron Paul!
11283 Devin Ron Paul can literally fix this country! 2012 BELONGS TO RON PAUL!
11284 Name not displayed  
11285 Lisa L. Stroud Yes! Let’s take our country back!
11286 matthew zigeler  
11287 Celia Joslyn  
11288 Jason Baker  
11289 Name not displayed  
11290 Michael Dane Petersen Ron Paul for the Long Haul!
11291 Bonita Honhorst Even though we know that the powers that be will not let you win, we still need to wake more people up Dr. Paul. This is a revolution of ideas as you say.
11292 Andrew Woods  
11293 Name not displayed  
11294 Name not displayed  
11295 william ridenour you must run-if for no other reason than to keep the republicans in check—win or lose you’d have a tremendously positive effect on the outcome.
11296 Raven McMillin  
11297 Name not displayed  
11298 Robert Mercer Help us, Help us, Please we are drowning and all of those lies and the theft that is going on from the local, state, and federal governments is at the worst time in our history period!!!!!!!!

Robert Mercer
11299 Clint Ames  
11300 Name not displayed  
11301 Jason Turner  
11302 Jonathan Bernard If you run I will go out and campaign in the streets until the day you get elected.
11303 Tamara L. Sheffler  
11304 David Roberts This is what out country needs..
11305 Name not displayed Please help save this country!
11306 Heather Boyd  
11307 Shahin Ron Paul = Freedom. -
11308 misty d phillips  
11309 Penny Pullen We need honest, compassionate people in authority and Ron Paul is one of those valuable people.
11310 Ezekiel Johnson  
11311 Ed Harkins  
11312 scott schrader This time there will be no ignoring the truths you bring to the table. Let ‘em have it Dr. Paul!
11313 Borko Zugan Exceptional rarity as a politician makes common sense.
11314 Thomas Baldridge  
11315 Chris I would vote for you, i agree with most of what you stand for. However i had SSI taken from my frigging pay checks. now that im legally blind. what do you want me to do? Just get the fuc out of eye range of the elites as not too remind the people of another broken promise my by our gov. to the poorest of the money pool. What you say to that? what do i do? hopefully you’ll address the issues

of the repercussions of your beliefs . I’m still very hopeful. Before 2012 please include the downtrodden fools in you dreams.
11316 Judith Rosenstiel Please run for president because we need an honest, reliable voice in opposition to the Federal Reserve System. There is no one else who has reached your level… yet.
11317 Jose Geronimo  
11318 Armando Lopez Ron Paul 2012′
11319 sovereign citizen
11320 Name not displayed baba bouey
11321 Name not displayed For a better America
11322 Rick Kneupper Strength and Honor.
11323 Charles Waldbaum  
11324 John Long never say never
11325 Joe the Taxpayer… The rEVOLution continues…’
11326 William Marden In these dark times for liberty worldwide, a Paul presidential run and victory is badly needed.
11327 Name not displayed You have my vote Dr.Paul!
11328 monica salazar hello ron this me deaf i want vote you in president on 2012 i been sick lots and pray vote u best
11329 Charlieray We are legion
11330 Cristabel Gonzales Turner  
11331 Name not displayed i hope u could do it
11332 jacob turner ron pul 2012
11333 Veda Flick Ron Paul for 2012…. This Country would not be in the Mess it is floundering in now , IF You had been elected President. Prez Obama; I felt, had joined the Silent Society that has been managing this country for the past hundred years….when he preceeded to further surround his Office with Even More Zionists. He Had to have Known exactly where That was heading us ( The Citizens. ) YOU were Aware…And tho you would have had would have Stayed IN Control. Yes, WE Do need a man of your Caliber to take over the reins of Government and Begin turning our ? Country Around. YOU Have my Vote. And everyone else I know Feels the Dedication You have for THE People. Please… Tho I am aware Of what a momentous Job you would be taking on…We Need You. Thank you.. VGF
11334 Magnus Tibell Freedom in 2012!
11335 Clara Wright  
11336 David Schneck  
11337 Karen Oliveri  
11338 Kai Sapper We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission; which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history, the stage of rule by brute force.

-Ayn Rand
11339 james newcomb  
11340 Name not displayed Vote common sense! Vote Ron Paul!
11341 Name not displayed  
11342 Name not displayed Hope for the U.S., hope for the rest of the world! Thanks for your support for people and liberties. Please go for it and stay yourself!

someone from germany
11343 Name not displayed  
11344 Name not displayed  
11345 John Purcell  
11346 Name not displayed  
11347 Name not displayed You really need to find Allies in Congress to get any of your initiatives implemented.
11348 Name not displayed GREAT!
11349 Name not displayed It’s now or never to take back our country. May Ron Paul step in and help us rebirth the constitution and restore free life and liberty to every man.
11350 Name not displayed thanks for fighting for the constitution, and you can do so much more to defend it when you run and become president..
11351 Maxine Walker  
11352 David McLeod  
11353 Paolo ramirez  
11354 james redmond  
11356 Jeff Saroz  
11357 Name not displayed  
11358 Name not displayed It’s time to bring prosperity and health back to our republic.
11359 Logan Klem  
11360 Marc J. Custer  
11361 Jeff Maday So many people woke up as a result of you running in 2008. That will continue with a 2012 campaign.
11362 Kristopher Tice I don’t know how much diffrence Ron Paul will be able to make in office this late in the game, but Anything is better than someone who rows with the river of tyranny, where as Dr. Ron Paul will attempt to turn the boat around and save us all. I stand behind him full force. God Bless
11363 Name not displayed It’s not about the R or the D its about making this country great again.
11364 Jaime please help our country out and run for president
11365 Name not displayed  
11366 Carrie Dikken  
11367 Name not displayed  
11368 Dan Tetttaton Ron Paul is our only hope.
11369 Mike from FL Myself, along with everyone I know, will be voting for Ron Paul 2012!!!!!!!!
11370 Rodney Evans The masses are ready for change they can count on.
11371 Jeff Just for the sake of open and meaningful debate, please Paul, enter into the race. While you may not have a strong chance at a win, your presence will do more for the election at large than any candidate.

11372 Primo Something you possess is missing in politics today….among other things, i would say ‘honesty’ and ‘virtue’ come to mind.
11373 Jim Hollingsworth If not Ron Paul, who else would you recommend?
11374 Robin Burness Or get in as VP
11375 Seth Dr. Paul, you are nearly a lone voice in capital hill. You are a are best hope for maintaining liberty.
11376 Name not displayed  
11377 Constance Herbstritt  
11378 Steven A  
11379 Name not displayed Vote Ron Paul!
11380 david raneri  
11381 Name not displayed  
11382 Name not displayed  
11383 Dr. Chad Anderson  
11384 Name not displayed  
11385 Sue Barreras  
11386 Sim Tudor You ask the questions no one dares ask.
11387 surendettement  
11388 Susan Olsen  
11389 Eunice Hess  
11390 Clete Randolph Take Back OUR Government!!!!!
11391 Kathy  
11392 Tana Thompson  
11393 Legaly Matters Just beat this Illuminati, Bilderberg, Obama etc. of out this Earth
11394 James Cox You’re the Man for the Job….
11395 Name not displayed  
11396 Frank Hlavna We the People
11397 FREEDOM!!! Ron Paul For Our Children!
11398 Sean McCarthy  
11399 Peder Humlen-Ahearn  
11400 Dave Egbert You have my vote.
11401 Jeff Henderson  
11402 Mark Keller  
11403 Dorothy Cone  
11404 Rhonda Farris  
11405 Matthew Nuttycombe  
11406 julie samarin  
11407 Cheryl Mogensen  
11408 Lawrence Herzman Go Ron Go!!!
11409 joshua zambrano I’m a Latino American please get are rights as

American thank you
11410 Ed The message is what’s important, but you are the man with the message!
11411 Paul Buchignani America needs Ron Paul now!
11412 Martin Kleinpeter  
11413 Leonardo Velez De Villa  
11414 Karl Yanofsky I have watched you on CSPAN and the various cable ‘News’ channels for the last three years and find it startling that there is a politician who has such a clear understanding of the Constitution and of free market economics. Your campaign would continue to bring these vital insights to the very ignorant public.
11415 Bethany Johnston  
11416 Barry Eckers You’ve got my vote!
11417 albert aceves  
11418 Maureen O’Neill  
11419 Brian Cone  
11420 Dave Caccavella  
11421 Sunny  
11422 Name not displayed  
11423 Name not displayed RUN RON RUN!!!!!
11424 Robert Benson President Ron Paul 2012.’
11425 Jeff Noland The country needs you!
11426 Name not displayed Hoping Ron can help us move back toward a Constitutional America!
11427 Name not displayed I will only vote for the Liberty candidates!
11428 Jason Osgerby Assuming that the Federal Government still exists in 2012, or martial law isn’t imposed… then why would you not run? Politicians can’t change much, but at least you’d have the balls to end the Fed. And that, at least, would be a huge step forwards.
11429 Name not displayed Go RON!!!
11430 Elouise Chapman  
11431 Name not displayed Ron, We need you to lead the US.
11432 Robbie Brounscheidel Ron Paul For President Now!
11433 Joshua Lallement I do support THE FAIRTAX as the first step to get back to Constitutional government.
11434 Donald Dienst Revolution Rising

Ron Paul

2012 the time is NOW.
11435 Adnan Hassan Go Ron. It is better to die trying rather than die waiting……..
11436 Andrew Gober I will donate the max.
11437 Paul Rogers We need you more now than ever!
11438 Marcie Biddison  
11439 Name not displayed Please Run!
11440 Name not displayed  
11441 Robert D’Anis We’ve had Democrats. We’ve had Replublicans.

We’ve gotten nowhere! Lets try something different!
11442 Ichiro Aoki  
11443 Lindsay Chapman  
11444 Mike Toles I supported Ron Paul in 2008 and I’ll do the same in 2012. If there is anyone we truly need as President right now, it is Dr. Ron Paul!
11445 Richard Linchitz  
11446 Daniel W.  
11447 Julia King  
11448 chris roman  
11449 Name not displayed  
11450 Name not displayed you will have my vote!
11451 Sean Irwin  
11452 Jon McGrath  
11453 Lorin McCann We need a person who understands the constitution
11454 Kara Petersen  
11456 Caio Gubel  
11457 Name not displayed RON PAUL 2012
11458 Name not displayed Do it!
11459 Name not displayed  
11460 William Van Pelt I not only will vote for Dr. Paul but will aid in the campaign in anyway that is needed..Donated quite a few times in 08
11461 Sarah Robertson  
11462 Name not displayed  
11463 David Eldridge  
11464 Lisa Eldridge  
11465 Name not displayed  
11466 Gary Gayler Let’s get ‘er done this time.
11467 chris smith  
11468 Seth T America needs you!
11469 Name not displayed Go Ron Paul!
11470 Andrew L Messenger  
11471 Name not displayed  
11472 Dean Curcio I will support your campaign efforts to the best of my ability if you elect to run for President. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is in dire peril . The citizens of this nation will soon be living under a totalitarian regime, run by multinational corporations and the Federal Reserve banking cartel if we don’t do something about it immediately.
11473 Name not displayed We need your common sense and know you are not a sell out…hear our plea…please.
11474 Rick Solomon  
11475 Adam Furlough  
11476 Name not displayed PLEEEASE!


11477 Wesley Travis Let’s take back the white house!!!
11478 Name not displayed  
11479 Name not displayed Dear Ron,

Please take my country back from these lying thieves.


11480 Tanya Thorne I believe you are the only serious candidate who understands what the role of government should be in our lives. I would love to see Chuck Baldwin as you running mate-another man who really gets it about where our nation is headed.
11481 John Juanis c’mon. deep down you truly want to be president.
11482 Herbert K. McKirgan We need you, Dr. Paul! The US is teetering on the edge of the abyss.
11483 C. Renee White This county needs your leadership and common sense more than ever!
11484 Travis Aaron You’ve got my vote!
11485 Kurt Criss  
11486 Kevin Turner  
11487 Christine Spidell  
11488 Jacob Herbold Last election I thought my only options were John Mccain or Barak Obama. Now I know better! We need a leader who will lead within the bounds of the constitution. We need Americans to consider freedom!
11489 Name not displayed  
11490 Millie Harvey  
11491 Lizabeth Tavormina  
11492 Name not displayed  
11493 Jerry Titus  
11494 Ben Belcher  
11495 Renee Camille Just the chance to campaign for you again and talk about the message of liberty for an entire campaign season appeals to me greatly; there is no other candidate out there who has your understanding of the principles of liberty, economics and compassionate charity. I would not campaign for any other candidate the way I did and would for you. And I don’t even think federal government is solvent at this point, Obama and congress destroyed what chance was left within the first year of his administration, but, it would be so good for this nation to hear your actual message, Congressman Paul, now that the media isn’t dismissing you anymore - it will not be like the last campaign at all. I think about the number of people who say each day ‘I really should have voted for that guy…’ - and I know many in politics who say ‘We should have listened to Ron Paul.’ Your peaceful and logical foreign policy, most of all, is something the people of this nation need to hear again; they elected Obama to do what you actually were saying we (and congress) should do - Obama ran on your platform in some interviews and at some rallies, but then, like so many politicians, did the exact opposite of what he promised. Please, please, please run for the oval office, if only to get the facts straight and to educate people and the media pundits on this very crucial topic of foreign policy. You really are the only one who inspires people to give it their all - and as big and great as it was in 2007 and 2008 … it will be even BIGGER and BETTER this time around, of that I have no doubt - signs are at the ready, and so are shirts, and people haven’t stopped reading, learning and listening - they’ve used this time to hone their skills and knowledge. So many are at the ready, just waiting for that ‘Yes. Okay. Let’s do this.’ Give us the chance; we won’t let you down! You won’t even have to campaign as much, because we’ll be doing it for you - your base has grown even larger than it was. Give the clearance for liftoff, we are ready to fly with this! Love, Renee of Northwood
11496 Greg Naylor  
11497 Brandon Ward  
11498 Name not displayed  
11499 Laura Larmour This US needs some major changes! The poor keep getting poorer! Low income families are struggling to stay afloat wk to wk …. US citizens having to choose between food or medicine or heat - that’s reality, and it’s pathetic! We NEED DRASTIC CHANGE and it can’t come soon enough!
11500 Christopher Key I voted for you before and I will again - Maybe in 2012 insted of the end, we can have a new beginning - Get out there and RUN!
11501 Bryan Stevens Me and my Brother and Parents and friends and co-workers are ready, were pumped focused determined stedfast and pissed off.

Let the Ron Paul Revolution rise to the fore front of American Justice for ALL.

Dr Paul the Country is on fire for you to run for OUR President.

We will not falter, we will not sacrafice our Freedoms for Security.

The Country is ripe for a true leader.

We will support to the likes you have never seen, we will come by the Millions.

The time is now to launch the Campaign for Liberty and let it sweep thje nation in a title wave of Freedom and Liberty and rights for all men and woman.

God Bless and let’s get this party started.

11502 Name not displayed We need your vision my friend. Our country needs change. There is a storm looming on the near horizon.

Neither democrat, nor republican parties (working toward the same agenda anyways…or perhaps answer to a much higher power) will pull us out of this. We need to do something different. You spoke of not doing the same thing to change this country’s financial situation…or even other situations.

You will have my vote my friend. You will have my trust.
11503 Name not displayed  
11504 Name not displayed  
11505 Kenneth Lockhart  
11506 Name not displayed You are my HERO! Under the word integrity in the dictionary is a picture of Ron Paul.
11507 Name not displayed  
11508 Hazel Miller  
11509 Brian Skinner I fear that too many people in government have forgotten that they swore an oath to uphold the Constitution. They have instead become out of touch with the constituants they represent or corrupt with power. We need people like you in key governement rolls to provide transparancy, return the faith of the American People to government, and to bring everything back in line with the Constitution
11510 Paul C. hansen Please help our country.
11511 Name not displayed  
11512 Name not displayed Please Paul we need you! Ask your self if This is what God would have you to do
11513 Joe Bennett We need you now more than ever!
11514 Name not displayed  
11515 Dan Seilheimer Bring sound money back to our economy! Eliminate the federal reserve! Bring transparency to our government spending!
11516 Jamie  
11517 Ryan Reed  
11518 David Carlson You are our greatest hope, Dr. Paul!
11519 Jeff Barnes I can only pray
11520 Matthew Cheatham Go!
11521 Name not displayed  
11522 Sean P. Campbell Please allow Ron Paul to run for President of the United States in 2012.
11523 Victor Strauss  
11524 Michael S. Niswander  
11525 Steven Montez  
11526 Name not displayed Run for President
11527 Dave Dawson Run Paul, RUN!
11528 Brian Wish we could keep you on an independant ticket
11529 Jonathan A. Mitchell  
11530 Jean Hutnyak  
11531 Lisa Salinas End the Fed!! Vote Ron Paul!!
11532 Jessica Smith  
11533 Frank Altomnodo  
11534 Peter Mansen  
11535 Name not displayed We need you to remind the rest of ‘US’ that the constitution is alive and not an ‘out-dated’ document.
11536 Name not displayed Ron… We need you.
11537 W.P.  
11538 Name not displayed i will support this freedom movement!
11539 Derrick There’s only one guy i trust at this point.That would be Ron Paul
11540 Ryan Melander  
11541 Dan Pope Please Run For President. America Is In Dire Need Of At Least One Elected Official That Will Tell The Truth. I Will Vote For You.
11542 Name not displayed  
11543 Klaas Tuininga You got this train started, please don’t be the brakeman and stop it. Run in 2012 for President.
11544 Name not displayed I believe Ron Paul is one of the last ‘best’ hopes for the U.S. and its future
11545 Matthew Ball  
11546 Matt Pluta  
11547 Name not displayed  
11548 Name not displayed  
11549 Name not displayed  
11550 Jerry B Fight the good fight And don,t give in like last time i voted for you then and would this time so don,t let me down!
11551 Name not displayed You rock! Kick the Fed’s ass.
11552 Matthew Garcia All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
11553 p.Riggo  
11554 Andrei Shedlovskiy We need you in the white House!!!
11555 Nathan Raynor  
11556 Daniel C. Fisher  
11557 Mitchell Robinson You have opened my eyes to the truth about our monetary system, our foreign policy, and the threat to our civil liberties. Your message has been embraced by many and will be heard by many more. America needs to wake up and learn about what the country was founded upon and all the warnings our founders left us. I will campaign and vote for you. Thank you Ron Paul.
11558 janemartin  
11559 Name not displayed ron paul 2012!
11560 Willis Kreiser My son introduced me to you and I have become a supporter ever since. Let’s make the united States of America great once again and lead by example and not at the barrel of a gun.
11561 John Cox  
11562 Domenic Sidoti  
11563 DeEtta Kreiser Ron Paul 2012 for the good of our country and the world.
11564 Gary Rummel I will vote for you!
11565 Name not displayed  
11566 Doug Higgins Do it Ron, the people need you.
11567 Joel Boehm Ron Paul is my Hero!
11568 Edward Schulte  
11569 Thomas McCarthy WHO IS RON PAUL? Now we know! ‘Hope for America’ I’ve saved my signs for round two
11570 Ben Tingle  
11571 Bryce Jones I’ve never felt more that the world needed my vote.
11572 Name not displayed As an anarchist, you are the only politician I will ever vote for… Ron Paul 2012, FTW!
11573 Kurt Bucy  
11574 Beverly Baiardi I pray God blesses America with you.
11575 Daniel Need someone to take a stand against one of the most corrupt institution in history, the federal reserve. What a scam!
11576 Matt Put the gloves on and get back in the ring.
11577 Name not displayed In the name of liberty!!!!!!!
11578 Name not displayed I supported you last time and will again. If you run please be more forceful and less gentlemanly during debates. Present the truth about what’s gone wrong and what we must do and people will follow.
11579 SciFi Chick We need a sane voice in this insane world
11580 Jamal Washington You’ve got this
11581 Name not displayed I voted for Ron in the primaries, I will vote again!

Please run Dr. Paul!
11582 Carol Diane Johnson Hoping praying Dr. Paul will run in 2012-our nation needs an honest, liberty-minded statesman in office.
11583 Fernando Galvan  
11584 Justin Geronsin Bring diversity and social revolution by freeing us from the grips of all this corporate and government hysteria. Bring us back to a nation of small towns where friends and neighbors rely on each other for their goods and services.
11585 brian siller  
11586 Name not displayed  
11587 John Osborne I never vote simply for the lack of a real choice but i will vote for you if you run.
11588 J.B. Brown  
11589 JR ward  
11590 Name not displayed  
11591 Eric Staab Ron Paul defines hope
11592 Rob (N.J.) It Perfect Timing. America needs you. You WILL have the support of the people for 2010!
11593 Ben Staab debt = slavery

Ron Paul = Genius
11594 Name not displayed Ron Paul!
11595 Bill McKinney  
11596 Sue shultz  
11597 spencer deneen  
11598 martin biribakken I live in Norway and i have paid attention to your speaches on the internett. You have made my thoughts on austrian economics more clear. please save america.
11599 Andrew Hendrox  
11600 Ben Butcher  
11601 Name not displayed  
11602 Jason Gavin Go Ron Paul!!! You seem to be the only person with rational thoughts in Washington. Please run for President.
11603 Erika Mitchell I don’t know of anyone else I could wholeheartedly support
11604 jonny ox Stop the bleeding, Doctor.
11605 Paul Lewis  
11606 Kim Lewis  
11607 Dustin The United States our forefathers wanted for us has been stolen. I want you to do your best to get it back for us!

We Love You Ron Paul. … You truly are our hope for America.
11608 michael shuba you Need to run Mr. Ron Paul thankyou and God bless
11609 Name not displayed  
11610 Name not displayed  
11611 Carmen Cook  
11612 Dustin Keep strong in whats right, I’ll be looking forward to seeing you.
11613 Kelly J Buell  
11614 Frank Stockwicz  
11615 Name not displayed Please run for president in 2012 Dr. Paul. America needs you!
11616 Name not displayed  
11617 Name not displayed I’m a lawful permanent resident of this country and I can’t wait to become a citizen so I can vote for you. Save us Ron you are our only hope.
11618 Jeremy J. Thompson  
11619 Amy Guynn  
11620 Marc Hermann GO RON PAUL!!!
11621 Joe Nocella You seem to be one of the few politicians who talks sense anymore. I try to keep myself from trusting any politician, but if you really are all about what you say you’re about(and it seems like you are) then you’ll be the one I vote for in 2012, the first election I get to participate in.
11622 Troy Peterson  
11623 Ann Geer  
11624 Name not displayed  
11625 Greg Lawrence do it.
11626 Dave Better track record than any politician in office.
11627 Sarah Langley  
11628 Nathan Cosgrove You have my support!
11629 Name not displayed  
11630 Avery C. Mac Cracken When God calls us to serve, worldly doubts and concerns melt into their true illusionary nature. Our country, it’s people and children need Ron Paul as President.
11631 Randolph Roberts I think you are currently our best hope to lead our country out of a seemingly unending nightmare of political ignorance, apathy, and corruption. However, I do think you stand a chance to win the republican primary, even with Tea Party enthusiasm, as you have too much integrity and intelligence for the primary environment. I would love to see you run as a viable independent candidate. If the republicans primaries produce a Palin or a Romney, and the only other choice is Obama, then 2012 will be a prime opportunity for an independent candidate.
11632 Robert Montgomery Ron,Please run for president and don’t stick with the republican establisment this time.Run independent and we can get you elected.We need you now.
11633 Sandy Smith Only You!!!
11634 Name not displayed good luck!
11635 Erin McMurrough  
11636 Gary Giunta I Backed you in 2008, and I will happily back you again. God Bless The Republic.
11637 Name not displayed Go Ron
11638 Fred Dunne  
11639 James Evans  
11640 Name not displayed America need an honest man like you!!!
11641 Stephen D. Spafford  
11642 jeff Ron Paul…Ron Pau…..Ron Paul
11643 David LeMaster  
11644 Jaime Álvaro Burbano Cuellar Let’s get it DONE!
11645 Mel Dommer Go Ron Paul!
11646 julie a allen Ron Paul is inspiring, not a crook, and with his history of serving the public, deserves the WH. RP for president!
11647 Name not displayed  
11648 Name not displayed good luck
11649 Name not displayed will vote for you
11650 Trevor Palmiere Wish him the best of luck
11651 Patti LaFleur  
11652 Gerard J. Levins  
11653 Name not displayed Want our country back to its people.
11654 Jeremy D.G. Olson It would be refreshing to the soul if our wait, since 1913, to return the government to the people would be over.
11655 Travis  
11656 Name not displayed I met Dr. Ron Paul years ago at two of Burt Blummet’s seminars and thought you should be running for the presidency then.
11657 Name not displayed  
11658 Name not displayed  
11659 kenneth parent  
11660 Francis Trueman Only you can save us, Ron.
11661 Cynthia M. Perez  
11662 Mark Hanses  
11663 Name not displayed  
11664 Jerry Redwine  
11665 Matthew Albert Fransis Bohler Dont give up Ron, we will knock on doors and spend our money we will never surrender to globalism and evil!

We are behind you.

We need you.
11666 tracy gil Praying for our Country to become Great again and to be Safe !!!!
11667 Name not displayed  
11668 Name not displayed please help restore stability to this country and make this country run like it use to be like it needs to be for the people.
11669 Laura Matthews  
11670 Name not displayed America needs a REAL President.
11671 Salvador Rodriguez  
11672 Mary Jo Feeney Gebhardt  
11673 Name not displayed  
11674 James Gragg I campaigned for you in 2007-08, shook your hand three times. You woke me up.
11675 Name not displayed you got my vote big pimpin!
11676 aberevense  
11677 Luke McManamon I will not vote for anyone else. No more lessor of two evils.
11678 Tim Kauffman The r3VOLution continues…
11679 Thelma M. Homer  
11680 Name not displayed  
11681 Jake I am 32 years old and the only time I have ever voted was when I turned 28. I would register to vote for Mr. Paul though for President.
11682 Tom Wertz We need change for the sake of every living thing!
11683 Name not displayed  
11684 Name not displayed  
11685 Fernando I hope Dr. Ron Paul, as future Pres.; he virtually can try to eliminate poison spreads all over — to give to the majority of americans a clear 3rd. eye to see the truth of conspiracies of a single eye of elity group with sin actions.
11686 Name not displayed Go Ron Paul!
11687 Peter Dirks  
11688 Name not displayed You have my vote
11689 Brennan Ron Paul your our only hope!
11690 John Winters Fellow Patriot,

You know within your soul that it is the right thing to do to run for president and try to bind the government by the chains of the Constitution. You have done much, but WE THE PEOPLE need you to press on and continue our work. Dont rest in the attempt to revive our republic and restore our Constitution. Please help us to bring about the revolution peacefully.
11691 Jacob Crawford Ron Paul is an inspiration. We need his courage now more than ever.
11692 Al Serna  
11693 Erin J. McCauley  
11694 Kenan welshons If for no other reason the platform provided through a primary and/or presidential election is far to important to ignore. The message is powerful enough on its own merit, yet to hear it live in contrast to the puppets rhetoric greatly magnifies it. We need you more than ever. Sir, you have my heart, my mind and my wallet:) for a 2012 campaign.
11695 jeannie rivera we need real change. not this.
11696 Name not displayed I am a Canadian citizen with a degree in Political Science. I absolutely love this man because he talks nothing but sense and is not afraid to speak the truth. We need this man leading the country south of me.
11697 Andrew kuncel  
11698 John Rodgers You’ve got my vote!
11699 Name not displayed  
11700 Name not displayed We need you to stop the new world order.
11701 barry smith the world needs you and your son
11702 Devon M. Vert I am spreading the word as far as possible, as I’m sure many others are doing. If worst comes to worst do your best to please pass your knowledge to us, so this revolution will never end until we have succeeded! The movement moves on…
11703 John C You ARE the figure head. Not Palin, and the for the most part misguided Tea Party. This country needs to be slapped in to the harsh reality. That reality is we are looked at as wage slaves ,and not the beams of light we as human beings truly are . Put down the video game controllers and PAY ATTENTION!

RP in 2012!!
11704 Name not displayed I will give my undying support to Ron Paul unto my death, for I feel he deserves to be the President Of The United States for many years unto his death. I however caution the man that if he does not have the papers ready to audit and end the monopoly of the Federal Reserve waiting to be signed 5 minutes after his inauguration, he may never get the chance to do so. You don’t go up against an institution that makes it’s own rules and prints it’s own money and expect them to not be as cunning and cut-throat and fantasticly self-preserving as the best benevolent criminals out there.
11705 Steve Rhein I like what you have to say.
11706 Manar Abdalla I’m a 24 year old male and I’m tired of seeing our citizens manipulated and brain washed. Our country is being drug in the dirt and quite frankly, I’m tired of it. We have to take back our country. These politicians only care for themselves and worry only about lining their pockets. I love my country and want someone like you who truly cares about America and our citizens. We must stop worrying about others, and we must start looking after America and it’s citizens. The days of wasteful spending are over. We must abolish our 14 trillion deficit. The sad thing is we did it to ourselves and we still have time to change. Mr. Paul you are a true American you have my vote in 2012.
11707 Name not displayed I dont know how we can reverse the robbery, but atleast people will acknowledge that we’ve been robbed.
11708 Jim Smolenski If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary. The great difficulty lies in this: you must first enable the government to control the governed; and in the next place oblige it to control itself. ps-end the FED!
11709 Name not displayed  
11710 Chiraag  
11711 Michael E riggs the soldiers of america are behind you mr.paul
11712 Name not displayed our return to to rationality and reconstruction is on the rise. indeed it is the time to take our power back and rebuild our system. our people’s minds are ripe to evolve our society. america can change the world, and we believe you may be able to change amaerica. we beg of you to run, and in the event of success, to not be cut off at the knees and wrists by the morbid philosophies of our current establishment!
11713 Name not displayed  

11715 Ari I’m moving AWAY from Marxist New Zealand in 6 months; you can count on my vote!
11716 Bill Chilton The right side of the debate inline with the simple facts of history.
11717 Stephen Pomanti Ron, you were the only candidate out there for presidency that truly got me excited and inspired about politics. To me, you are the only one that understands true freedom. This was my first time voting in a presidential election in my life ( being 20 at the time) and I was there voting for you in the PA primaries. You were the only one with a stable and sensical head on their shoulders that was speaking the truth and not feeding America’s desire for political drama by trying to get them to focus on ridiculous issues. You have my

vote every single time you run. You’re a

brilliant man because of the sensical nature you seem to possess, whereas others get stuck on ridiculous right and left issues. Freedom is what the people want and it is their right. They are being denied this right in many ways right now and you’re the only one that understands. A truly down to earth leader.

All the best,

Stephen Pomanti

11718 nolvadex(Tamoxifen) There’s many a slip ‘twixt cup and lip
11719 Name not displayed Go Ron Paul!!!
11720 sheena felece spearman Dr. Paul, please consider running to help bring our republic back to its founding principles. I realize that what we are asking is a huge sacrifice, but we would be honored. I believe you are out modern day Thomas Jefferson. God bless you!
11721 Brian Six Don’t ever threaten to destroy the social safety nets and you can win!
11722 Corey So Ron Paul for the long haul!
11723 Heidi Daniels  
11724 provides access Looks awesome! I do welcome the tabs placed on the top!
11725 Nicole Hale  
11726 Name not displayed you are one of the last intelligent people in office. we need ya
11727 Kurt Horn  
11728 Paul Favata We need true leadership and a return to an energetic and efficient government according to what the founders structured. You are the only person in Washington who gets it!
11729 cynthia dunham Get rid of the fed reserve
11730 Rodney Price  
11731 Jim Campasano  
11732 Name not displayed Dr. Paul you have our support and our prayers. Now lets finish the REVOLUTION!
11733 Gaylyn Anderson  
11734 Name not displayed  
11735 Neal Fox  
11736 Name not displayed  
11737 Joe Parrillo There is absolutely no other candidate on either side that will truly govern according to the Constitution, and that’s what is desperately needed in a nation that has strayed far from its biblical and Constitutional moorings.
11738 Demosthenes Regas  
11739 R K  
11740 Crystal DeJarlais My son is a Ron Paul advocate. And, after he has educated me in some of the ideals…I agree and would vote for Ron Paul. I’m tired of Politics as usual.
11741 Christopher Cook  
11742 Michael Imbrogno Keep the libertarian dream alive!
11743 Ronda E. Dare We need Ron Paul as pres. Please please run.
11744 Kathleen Stilwell  
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11746 Mike Browne  
11748 Name not displayed  
11749 Dennis Aho  
11750 Name not displayed  
11751 Heather Soto  
11752 Ian Johnston I will only vote if you run for president.
11753 Matthew  
11754 Jeremy Soto Go Ron!! You got my vote!!
11755 Adam Cohen  
11756 Laura  
11757 Tammy Dee Liles-Henry  
11758 Geoffrey Thimons I wrote in your name for the 2008 elections and will campaign with a new intensity if you run in for 2012.

Ron Paul is the last hope for America.
11759 Marshall Picard We need a real change. I think you are our best hope. Please run and bring sanity back to the government.
11760 A.K.W.  
11761 Jeremy Caplan  
11762 Kevin Young  
11763 Jake Sonne We need you buddy!
11764 Name not displayed Help take back our country
11765 advatolla Happy New Year, one! :)
11766 Brian Lampkin  
11767 William B Stoecker  
11768 Steven DuPont  
11769 Brian j Hewlett We have had a billboard size ‘Ron Paul For President 2012′ on our barn since 2008. If Ron Paul runs in 2012, he will win. If Palin, Romney, or Huckabee is our frontrunner we will hand Obama 4 more years. Its now or never.
11770 Stevie Carchano GO RON!!
11771 John Howe  
11772 Name not displayed  
11773 painter 11 Wish you best luck for the current and next year!There’s always room for more thing.
11774 Philip J. Bullock  
11776 Anthony Greer  
11777 Name not displayed  
11778 Donn Bryant Run Ron, we need you!
11779 Nick Ron Paul 2012!
11780 CBW Truth always come to the light. Paul you are the light stay blessed.
11781 Joseph Evensen  
11782 Tonya I am hoping for a brighter tomarrow
11784 Donna Kane  
11785 Clayton B. Gorden I consider Dr. Paul the only candidate worth going to the polls for.
11786 A  
11787 Michael I like what your saying!
11788 Allan Nepomuceno we need you in office!!
11789 Name not displayed You will have my vote and I will educate and inspire those around me to listen closely to you as I know with that action they will, too, vote for you in 2012! We need you!
11790 Rob Simpson Go Ron Paul. Love your son too. I hope to see big changes in KY.
11791 Name not displayed I will finally be 18 in 2012, and I want to vote for someone I am confident in!
11792 Shad Hutnyak  
11793 Debbie Perkins We will vote for you!
11794 Marc Cary 2012 all the way
11795 Steve Nuehring We will not have any true options without him.
11796 Jeanette  
11797 Name not displayed I helped cause a Rand Slide!!! It’s my turn to help with a bigger and better cause! This country is more accepting than ever of your TRUTH!!! We need RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT
11798 Carson Konow We need you to do this for the future of our country Ron. Thanks
11799 Joan Pollard  
11800 Name not displayed  
11801 Rob Richert Dr. Paul represents a growing idea. Not of his own, but the very idea that was created the day this nation declared independence. I can think of none better to represent this idea, this nation and it’s people.
11802 shawn fender  
11803 Name not displayed you’ve got my vote
11804 Name not displayed  
11805 Samuel Marinov  
11806 Michael Nystrom Go Ron Paul 2012! Daily Paul will be there every step of the way.
11807 Matt Steiner  
11808 Name not displayed  
11809 Name not displayed  
11810 James Morton I love your policies and what you stand for
11811 Juan David Londono I will only vote for you, or a candidate you endorse! I’d rather it be you though sir!
11812 Lukas N Schmith  
11813 Kirk McCord  
11814 April England  
11815 Sean Dickson Keep speaking the truth Dr. Paul!!!!!
11816 Name not displayed  
11817 Daniel Rockwell  
11818 Name not displayed Lets try again America…
11819 Burt Penchansky It’ not like there’s any viable alternative to the good Doctor
11820 Charles Roman  
11821 Jenn Anderson  
11822 Mark Comstock  
11823 Charles B. Petzold IV The left/right paradigm is dead…. lets get our country back! You are the man to do it!
11824 Wayne Williams run Ron run
11825 Logan Bauer Dr. Paul is the only congressman that is true to every single Americans best interest. We need, and we must get a president in office that knows what’s wrong, and most importantly HOW to fix it. Dr. Paul is that future president, and we MUST nominate him. Our country was once the greatest in the world, but we’ve become incompetent and ignorant to the unpleasant truths. Dr. Paul is willing to speak the truth, and although it’s not what we want to hear it’s the only way we can become the great nation we once were.
11826 jesse anderson already working to raise support whether you run or not
11827 Ava Rogers We could use some honesty & integrity in the White House….Run Ron, Run!!!!
11828 Keith Smith You are a true statesman that speaks the truth no matter how hard it is to hear and that is refreshing.
11829 Thomas Q Owens I like your view of matters and I certainly don’t see anyone from either of the main parties ready to step up to adequately represent and lead the citizens of the United States. We need a leader that can inspire and lead us in managing all of our domestic issues that we may thrive and even set a positive example for the rest of the world instead of trying to remold the rest of the world by force. We must restore our country to a state of being grass roots free-enterprise friendly.
11830 Zack Royall Restore Liberty!!!
11831 Mike Zimmardi  
11832 Rod Jacobsen We need you Ron to run for President
11833 Mr. Gordon Caie The stars have lined up for us, Dr. Paul.

Our time has come.

All eyes will be on you, from around the world.

They are waiting for America to wake up and hear her call. We know you have been waiting for the masses to call upon you and we are here and we are calling.

No one else will do.
11834 Name not displayed we need to return to a lawful, dejure, constitutionally restrained form of government. we need to have Ron Paul as president.
11835 The Dizzle The time is now!
11836 kristofeR Passaggio Ron Paul 2012 - this time even Bigger & Better!
11837 Johnny Liberty WTF: Where’s The Freedom?
11838 Name not displayed  
11839 Name not displayed  
11840 Steven Miller  
11841 Kevin Anthony I will vote for Ron Paul
11842 Christopher Ainsley  
11843 Jeromy Rose Run Mr. Paul!!!
11844 Mitch K  
11845 Judy Robinson  
11846 Robert Fernandes  
11847 Name not displayed  
11848 Name not displayed PLEASE!!
11849 Mark Horton Freedom will prevail
11850 Chari Dean  
11851 James W and Dalene Whitford  
11852 Kevin Stritzinger ‘In the beginning of a change, the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated, and scorned. When his cause succeeds, however, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.’

Mark Twain

Time to wake up the ‘Timid’ !!!
11853 Holly DeHaven We need you Dr. Paul!
11854 Michelle Ciotta  
11855 Name not displayed  
11856 Harry McGraw run ron!
11857 John Reynolds  
11858 jake merrill The fear is gone
11859 Travis Baccene  
11860 Name not displayed You’re not getting my email address so you can spam me or resell it. Ron Paul 2012!
11861 Name not displayed  
11862 Joshua Biddle  
11863 Name not displayed Good Luck, Dr.Paul
11864 James Lynch Run.
11865 Name not displayed  
11866 Name not displayed While I don’t necessarily support the idea of a president in general, I believe you could accomplish a lot by bringing the ideals of liberty into the presidential spotlight.
11867 Name not displayed  
11868 Adam Prasch You are the leader in the liberty movement. We need you Dr. Paul to help lead this revolution of ideals.
11869 Andrea Pisani I will change my voter registration from independant to republican just so I can vote for you in the NYS primaries.
11870 Dusty Smith  
11871 Name not displayed Run Ron … just spread your message one more time!
11872 Mr. Keller Without truth and freedom, we have nothing. Let our voices be heard! As MLK said ‘Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.’

Thank you Dr. Paul for standing up for the people instead of the corporations!
11873 Angela Dugan We really need someone who is looking out for the best interest of our country.
11874 Sean Keltsch We need a real president in the White House, not a phony sock puppet. Ron Paul, and people taking back their local government may be the only way to save this republic!
11875 Joshua Story GO RON GO!!!!
11876 Thomas Taylor Truth is popular. I am ready to work for you!
11877 Mark Quindlen I see people finally embracing the ideals of Libertarianism. Now’s your time!
11878 RenLai Merrill Run Ronny run
11879 Justin Lorraine I’m with ya all the way Ron!
11880 Rick Shelton Godspeed Dr. Paul
11881 Nathan Johnson We need someone like you to really represent our interests.
11882 alex Let freedom ring
11883 Name not displayed  
11884 Charles Warburton  
11885 Robert Eich  
11886 D A Pullella Jr  
11887 Joseph T. Czernik Mr.Paul, Please don’t give up. We haven’t given up.
11888 Paul Figge I don’t believe that main stream media will be able to block out and distort your run like 08 run. Go for it!
11890 Meko Pearson  
11891 Name not displayed  
11892 glenn lemons Ron Paul 2012
11893 Earl C. Nagle  
11894 Sue Hudson God Bless you and God Bless America!
11895 Name not displayed Ron sir, you are, i believe, the only this nation has to recover and reinstate the constitution.
11896 Briana Reed  
11897 Steve Sawatske  
11898 William Gerry  
11899 Name not displayed I gave my hard earned money for your last run and I will do it again in a heart beat. We need you to run Dr. Paul!
11900 Name not displayed It’s not just America that needs Ron Paul. If he wins it would make a worldwide difference.
11901 Name not displayed Please run, EVERYBODY needS to heard what you have to say!!!!!!!!!!!!
11902 Amanda Pellegrin he should b able to ruun for presednet as long as he has the right credentuals …. this is america aint it ????? he cant do no worse than wuts allready been done
11903 Marion Helmer  
11904 Carlo de Cocq America needs you!
11905 Bill Boone  
11906 Raymond Granda We need real leadership!
11907 Name not displayed  
11908 Gabrielle  
11909 Wayne Lovely  
11910 Jason Smith We need a real leader in Washington that will Bring the people together Under one voice saying ‘We are taking our country back with force and there is nothing you can say or do that’s going to stop us’ It’s time for the old Revolution in this country to be reborn into a new. Lets Restore the Republic that out founding Fathers had planned for this country from day one.
11911 Michael Mills Go Ron!
11912 Patricia Hedden Neither major party is committed to real change. Only Ron Paul has the vision and courage to downsize the federal behemoth and restore prosperity by reducing our deficit.
11913 stevenson howard run Ron run!
11914 Russ Hartman Freedom is not the ability to do as we please, but rather the power to do what is right.
11915 Name not displayed 100% support.
11916 Zach Coletta yup
11917 Name not displayed  
11918 Steven Revolt… Breakfree…
11919 Hootan Hemati Ron Paul 2012!
11920 Dan Welby  
11921 Name not displayed  
11922 Will Stewart Run Ron Run!
11923 Roy Vigneri I will vote for Ron Paul in 2012!!!
11924 Name not displayed  
11925 Gary Rumsey  
11926 Andrew James Byrne  
11927 daniel birch  
11928 Benjamin B. Ward Help us Ron Paul. You’re our only hope.
11929 Jacob Vandenbark  
11930 Benjamin Anderson  
11931 Evan Mazur Ron Paul 2012? The Stars are Finally in Alignment:
11932 Ted E Thompson we need a real leader like you now more than ever before
11933 Fabian Portilla I was a fool for supporting Romney in ’08. I now have my entire family rooting for Ron Paul.
11934 Chris Klingler I will do my darndest to see you win!
11935 Mike King On with the rEVOLution!!!!
11936 Paul Christenson Long-standing record of voting with principle in mind.
11937 Andrew The Republic needs you…. my support is pledged.
11938 Willard Davis Run Ron run!
11939 Michael S. Powell I will vote for you, again.
11940 Mandy Kellogg  
11941 Name not displayed  
11942 James P. Johnson  
11943 Jasmine Nelson  
11944 Sanford S. Vance  
11945 Marshall O For Liberty!
11946 Dave Bowman Freedom, Prosperity & Peace!!!
11947 Name not displayed  
11948 Name not displayed Ron Paul 2012!!!!!!!!!!!
11949 Jeff Trembley -o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-

“I get to my god through Christ. Christ to me is a man of peace. He is for peace, he’s not for war. He doesn’t justify preemptive, undeclared war. I strongly believe that there is a Christian doctrine of just war and I believe this nation has drifted from that, no matter what the rationales are.

Christ came here for spiritual reasons, not secular war and boundaries and geography. And yet we are now dedicating so much of our aggressive activity in the name of God, but Christ, he is the Prince of Peace that is what I see in my God through Christ. I vote for peace.”

-o-o-o-o-RON PAUL-o-o-o-o-o-
11950 Kelsey B  
11951 Terry Spady  
11952 Name not displayed  
11953 JC Leyba I would vote for you in a heart beat.
11954 Robert Page Only way to start a revolution is to go 3rd party!
11955 Andrew Lane  
11956 Jonathan Davis Freedom is popular
11957 Irene King There are so few people with backbone out there who are willing to make the hard decisions that it will take to stop the stupidity. Ron Paul is one of those people who has no problem taking on the idiots. I think America is ready to listen to him.
11958 Matthew Salomon  
11959 Nevin D. Hansbarger  
11960 Shane D. Newsom  
11961 Dustin Kern My hero is Ron Paul!!
11962 Henry  
11963 Jessica Gebhardt We need a strong voice to stand for our true rights as Americans! Please consider a run!
11964 Stavros Efthimiou You are the only politician I am aware of who is not bought and owned by anyone , but your own conscience.I only wish I lived in the USA so I could vote for you,because the future of America affects us all.
11965 Harry Kalsted  
11966 Jimmy L. Bishop Jr. There is noone else with the knowledge or record that can enter the 2012 race and carry the philosophy of liberty as Dr. Ron Paul. Even if he doesn’t win the presidency, the debate that he inspires benefits every American.
11967 Tyler Kovalesky  
11968 Dariusz Damski RON please Run and change the WORLD!!
11969 Roger Rossmeisl Help us Obi-Ron . . . you’re our only hope!
11970 Lou Park I’m telling ya, he’s catching on!
11971 Jake Bateman Small Government is the best government
11972 Name not displayed  
11973 Daniel Kassar America needs you Ron Paul!
11974 Claire Christensen You are in my prayers
11975 Name not displayed Please help to free us! All of us.
11976 Jared Rowley Please run! We need you. If nothing else your campaigns add strength to the movement of freedom.
11977 William Field  
11978 Name not displayed LETS DO THIS!
11979 Name not displayed  
11980 James Summers  
11981 Steven Jackson  
11982 Chris Gray  
11983 lance Dr Paul if you are going to run please run 3rd party.We more people need you then just in the republican party. Please Ron run but run 3rd party.
11984 Name not displayed If there were ever a time that America needed Ron Paul, it’s in 2012
11985 Andrew Wajda From no other person have I experienced the most pure enunciation of Truth.
11986 Name not displayed RON PAUL 2012!
11987 Don Its Time To take our Country Bake
11988 Name not displayed We support you 100%! Get em Dr. Paul!
11989 Rick Funderburk Ron Paul…. You are without a doubt the most bad ass dude i’ve never met! The children of america depend on you!
11990 Laura Huapaya  
11991 Yolla DeRose We need a Man such as your self to run to help All Americans save out United States of AMERICA. Please run for President, You have my vote. God Bless you Ron Paul
11992 Rick Honer I voted for Dr. Paul in ’88 and have written in his name a couple more times after that. There is no else better qualified to President.
11993 Brad Huckabee  
11994 Name not displayed I am poised to become a GOP county chair and have served for the past 2 years on my county executive committee. I am also the chair of my precinct. I have followed your instructions to take the GOP back to it’s roots by promoting and espousing true conservatism. We’re more prepared than last time. What ‘cha think, Dr.? Shall we go for it? I’m in.
11995 Nicholas Taylor  
11996 Name not displayed we act now
11997 Grant Matthew Grobbel  
11998 John Vendetti  
11999 Ryan Trees I cannot wait for the presidency to finally have a visionary Dr.Paul
12000 Matt Leeth Run Ron Run!

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