Signatures 10,001-15,000

Number Name Comment
13001 Name not displayed Free internet without government regulation.
13002 Dexter Lewis  
13003 Zack Mitchell Fuck yeah, Normalcy!
13004 John Fang Ron Paul for 2012!
13005 Steve Stephenson I’m okay with this.
13006 Pablo Du Openotti We love you, Mr Paul.
13007 Name not displayed  
13008 Name not displayed Sweden is backing Ron Paul.
13009 Perrouse  
13010 Mark Beasley  
13011 Name not displayed  
13012 Name not displayed  
13013 Martynas  
13014 Jonathon L. Erickson What more can be said? We need unmitigated change.
13015 George Johnson THE RIVERS WILL RUN RED!
13016 g price we need someone that respects The Constitution.
13017 brian grieashamer  
13018 Coen Koopmans Even as a Dutch citizen I recognize the importance of Dr. Paul running for office on 2012. With such a president the US will be more pleasurable to live in and to work together with for Europe. Please America, as a dear follower of your news, help Paul win!
13019 Heather Merrell  
13020 Name not displayed  
13021 Name not displayed You realy are the last hope for amaerica
13022 Name not displayed  
13023 Name not displayed  
13025 Anthony Pace  
13026 Name not displayed  
13027 Name not displayed I agree with most of your views and I think it’s time for some change, no, not Obama’s ‘change’, real change.

It’s up to you, Ron.
13028 Name not displayed Let’s take our country back!
13029 Name not displayed  
13030 Donald A. Thompson  
13031 Mike Anders  
13032 Name not displayed America needs somebody with your kind of mind.
13033 Daniel Baert  
13034 Mike Cater I am only thiry years of age and because of the status quo amongst other things, I have found myself unfortunately, cynical and unpatriotic! In the 2008 Republican primaries, I saw a man that stood alone, took a beating upon stage, and yet stood his ground. RON PAUL. My hope is that Dr. Paul will run and win against Obama in 2012. Many of us in LA will support Dr. Paul. I share many of the same views as Dr. Paul. I am no ‘genius boy’ but, Dr. Paul’s advisors need to base their campaign on the basics and simplicity.

Examples include, the U.S. constitution, anti-abortion, NRA support, PRO-Israel, Marriage between one man-one woman, middle class support(recognize the 3: lower, middle, and upper. There is a difference). And finally, tell the world that you are a Christian and that America is getting back to becoming a Christian nation. Dr. Paul could easily win the south which would put him in the White House.
13035 Jerry Verhelst Love to see this happen!
13036 lief larson God bless Ron Paul!
13037 Sandra Copeland  
13038 max saberon Peter Schiff for Fed Chairman
13039 Rebecca Warren  
13040 Nathan Evans  
13041 Name not displayed You are a hero Dr. Paul. A visionary and exactly the person we need to save us from the consequences of the direction we are heading. I curently live in another country and I go online and rally for you everyday. I don’t want to come home unless I can have you as my President. America is so far from what the leaders intended. I know that any small differences you can make will have lasting impact. I want to be proud to be an American again.
13042 Kenneth Ponton  
13043 Name not displayed  
13044 Arturas Simonaitis  
13045 Timothy Yarborough Dr. RP for Prez!!!
13046 Name not displayed  
13047 Ann Walls Ron Paul is the only politian I can believe in. Only Ron paul has any common sense.
13048 Name not displayed  
13049 davidpoole a insperation to us all thanks doc paul
13050 JAMES B. Obama can keep his change, we need someone who will change things for the better!
13051 joel villarreal  
13052 karina serratos  
13053 Name not displayed I’m not from America, but i do believe that America need you. It’s time for justice.
13054 Dwayne F Hayes  
13055 Name not displayed  
13056 Dereck Hernandez It’s to bad Mr Paul is smart enough to know he doesen’t want this job. But that is what would make him a great leader.
13057 Tscherry The United States of America needs a Men like you. God Bless you
13058 Tiffany Grieashamer  
13059 Name not displayed I love Rons’ view on the drug war. I think we need Ron as president to stop alot of the injustices we have today. Go Ron I’ll get as many people to vote for you I possibly could
13060 Name not displayed I love Rons’ view on the drug war. It’s about time to have some honest people running for president. No one really trust our government, but with Paul as president I believe he could restore the trust. Not to mention the USA is becomming more of a police state and hopefully we can get Ron Paul to limit use of swat teams to emergencies only. Go Ron 2012!!!!
13061 Chris Benskin  
13062 CBW 2012 not end of world but a new beginning
13063 Name not displayed Ron Paul is the only person i would be compelled to vote for
13064 Chase Williams I love you Ron Paul, make me proud!
13065 Mark Garcia We Are The Resistence
13066 Jerry Schlagheck  
13067 Robert Endsley  
13068 Name not displayed Thank you for standing up for what is logical, just and right. Your voice is needed and there are many who will stand beside you.
13069 Name not displayed Its to bad general society has become soft, and disassociated with the Constitution of the United States, along with our Bill Of Rights. I support your views Ron Paul, however if you turn out to be another politician with empty promises I can assure you, voters will vote independent and all trust will be lost.
13070 Daniel Foley You are the only hope this country has. Everyone else is a career political puppet. You understand what needs to be done to fix the current states we find ourselve in. Please run for president in 2012!
13071 scott wojciechowski God I hope you run and win for the country’s sake
13072 Eric Ward As a center-right libertarian i’m running out of people to vote for in my first election. America needs Ron Paul. Stop supporting the Fed, a corrupt Israeli government, Bailout, outrages taxes, and scandals in DC. Run for the GOP nomination. If not… run as an independent.
13073 DiacrornFence It is my great pleasure to look at your page and to enjoy your excellent posts, I appriciate it a lot. I know that you put much attention for those topics, as all of them make sense and are very useful.

Naked Girls
13074 scott graves  
13075 YongKo  
13076 Junart Sodoy  
13077 ryan rose fight the power
13078 Paul Barnes Help us wake up America to the rape that we are being subjected to by the Fed and offshore banks and their corporations, and the New World Order, We must act now to END THE FED and take back our Country and begin to control our own destiny and stop the rape of the US.
13079 Brian Islas We stand with you!
13080 J.I.K. Thank you for standing up for the citizens of the U.S.A!

Thanks for helping with the issue that DOT created; motorcycle only checkpoints, with grant money going to police squads that accepted the money… I wonder if Ray LaHood even responded to the letter?

You have my vote! Enough with Obama!
13081 Jesse Martinez  
13082 Jimmy Hudson Ron Paul is one of the very few that has the ability to spread our message of freedom to the people! Keep it up Dr Paul and yes I will be working on your grass roots campaign again, had a blast last time educating both Nazi and Communist minded people!
13083 Philip Hingston Watching from Downunder with baited breath..It seems like Ron is you’re last real hope to wrest your country back from the brink. Come on Ron, it’s not just the USA, it’s the whole world at stake. What else would you be doing…retiring to Florida.? I doubt it.. If I could vote for you from here, I certainly would.. Give them the fight of their lives!! Please!!
13084 Susan Douglass  
13085 Rhonda  
13086 Cameron Storer Ron Paul 2012!
13087 Micheal Yates  
13088 Guy fanceschini  
13089 Josh Daugherty I was a foot soldier for the Ron Paul Revolution in 2008 and if you run in 2012 I will be a foot soldier once again! Liberty transcends mindless partisan politics!
13090 Andrew Hidalgo Ron Paul FTW!
13091 Spencer Austin  
13092 Justin English  
13093 James Rabun  
13094 john h. allard jr we have never needed you more than now. Republicrats or demopublicans will get us no where, just honor special interest groups and take our freedoms. Ron Paul 2012
13095 Scott E. Pond Ron Paul: the only one I trust
13096 Skip Long  
13097 Jason Cline  
13098 Donna Biederman  
13099 Name not displayed  
13100 Patrick Carroll Run, and we wont let the media ignore you this time.
13101 Mark Peralez  
13102 Christie Payne  
13103 Name not displayed  
13104 Terell Dunn Ron Paul 2012! Save our country!
13105 dennis carson the only candidate that truly stands for something!
13106 Name not displayed Give us our country back! Give us our freedom again! Give us all jobs! Give us our homes back!! Give it all back to us, we do not dserve to be treated as minority’s just because we’re Americans!! RunPaul, run but, not away from us!
13107 Chris Neunreiter I had found myself not inerested in polotics until i found you Dr. Paul. Now i cant get enough information. I just cant believe how destructive our current government can be, we need a true patriot and a true american as our president! Please Dr. Paul america needs you.
13108 David J. Flores I’ll vote for no one else. Period!
13109 Jim Fitzpatrick  
13110 luke seefeldt Ron spread the message far and wide!
13111 thomas m donovan  
13112 Stephanie Adams I worked really hard for ya last time. I’ll work even harder this time.
13113 Benjamin D Ford End the Fed.
13114 sheree hanley  
13115 Walt Brothwell You have the suport of my entire family.
13116 Name not displayed  
13117 Linda lee Muller We love you Ron… Please run!
13118 Craig Keatley Go Blue Devils!
13119 dave hammond Go Ron, we need some commen sense in Washington.
13120 steven ryan  
13121 Wade Krett  
13122 Tyler Binkley We need you!
13123 Name not displayed  
13124 Brianne Sweeney hell yeah! 2012 Ron Paul
13125 kevin astorga go ron..hell yeaho
13126 Joe McGuire Our Country needs someone like this.
13127 Dennis Shaw  
13128 Neal Raulerson He’s got my vote
13129 Name not displayed Dear Dr. Paul, I’m not sure I agree that this next Pres. election is the most crucial one in history, but I would love to see you run and win. I voted for you in the last election as a write-in candidate, and I would vote for you again. It’s simply the sane choice. The question is, can America really handle the change you would bring? I would love to see it. My best regards.
13130 Name not displayed  
13131 Steven H. Roberts Please Run We Need A real Leader
13132 Christopher  
13133 Charles Defrank I have had Ron Paul 2012 banners and lawn signs since November. They will be displayed when others start running. I will also vote him in even if he doesn’t run.
13134 Name not displayed God and Country! 2012 !
13135 Name not displayed  
13136 Name not displayed  
13137 Debbie Honeycutt  
13138 Erin Kuecker  
13139 Jason Allen  
13140 Name not displayed  
13141 Bryan Faucheaux  
13142 Name not displayed  
13143 Name not displayed  
13144 Rob Hinson I agree with the guy who said that you were the only one in Congress who represents us.
13145 ron wilfong  
13146 guinness book of world records One of the best present I could imagine Thanks a lot
13147 Paul McElroy The only way a Libertarian is going to win is if he’s well known and popular before the election cycle. So buddy, you’re it!
13148 Chris Vaow i put my real name because im not afraid im voting for ron paul in 2012 thank god ill be 19 when he runs ill be able to vote. destory these illuminati scumbags Ron Paul and wake up the people to the real truth in how they are all being lied to.i wont be surprised if you end up getting killed like J.F.K but i hope not but i know it will happen because you are on our side and a threat to theirs you sir are not an easily controlled puppet.the illuminati thought jfk was but guess he wasnt it was hard to control him.
13149 Name not displayed  
13150 Name not displayed  
13151 Carla Your vision and wisdom and character only can save this great country.We are begging you to run…God Bless:Carla
13152 Shereka Solomon I would like you to run for President. You have my vote!
13153 charles w dice  
13154 jenna  
13155 Chris Gibbons  
13156 Chris Choi I would be proud to be a voter in the Class of 2012 for a true American President.
13157 Jennifer Yuill Ron Paul for President!!!!
13158 Andres Martin-de-Nicolas Return our federal government to their rightful place, vote for candidates who votes for small government
13159 Name not displayed  
13160 Name not displayed  
13161 Name not displayed  
13162 Name not displayed  
13163 Jodi Whitney America needs you
13164 Eric Boye You might as well. I’ll write your name in anyway.
13165 Andrew Raymond Pick Alan Keyes for VP.
13166 william h. adams  
13167 Linda Beardsley Would love to see you run again, would be happy to do what ever I can to help here in Missouri. I’ve been driving for over 40 yrs, only bumper stickers I ever put on a car of mine are still there, proudly, Ron Paul for President 2010 and a Libertarian sticker…. Would love to add a run in 2012.. We need you Dr Paul, please hear our plea
13168 Name not displayed I vote for Freedom! I stand for Freedom of Speech! I vote for a Real Democracy, and not the Appearance of it.
13169 Jack McCambridge III  
13170 Joseph M Jordan As a Young Libertarian, I have seen the demise of personal liberty on a greater level than ever in American Politics. Dr. Paul, with you as the leader of the Nation, the definition of freedom as defined by Jefferson would prevail back into the American Conscience.
13171 Name not displayed We need a leader that honers life and liberty in the white house.
13172 Name not displayed Please Sir we need you to change the government or else their won’t be an America. Your Sir not only have the wisdom to be President but the Courage to fight for what this Country needs Liberty. Your Country needs you sir you are this generation’s Thomas Jefferson please run.
13173 Michael Privitera Dr. Paul, you helped cure my apathy and blind naivety towards D.C. You are one of the few who can help save this nation. PLEASE RUN!!
13174 Chase Wright  
13175 Kenneth Willey  
13176 Daniel America needs you!
13177 Ivan Espinosa PLEASE RUN! Let the revolution begin!
13178 Kristina Graham  
13179 Name not displayed  
13180 Name not displayed I’ve never voted before (I’m 50 years old). I’ve worked in business all my life and have always known the government was corporatist, not democratic. Corporations do not care about people. I know first hand. If Ron Paul runs, I’ll WILL vote for the first time in my life. More importantly, if Ron Paul runs, there’s a chance our grand children will be able to live their lives with dignity.
13181 carl inWis You’re our last hope, sir
13182 Stephen Please run for president Dr. Paul. You are exactly the person we need in the seat at the White House.
13183 Josh Simon Only politician that’s competent enough to fix the mess Obama and Bush created. If he doesn’t take office our fate as a nation is sealed.
13184 Kody Dougan I have looked at all other potential candidates and I believe that you are the man to lead our country back to prosperity and expand our freedoms.
13185 Justin Serio  
13186 Alexa Abrishamian I am eager to volunteer and work to make you, Ron Paul, our next President.
13187 Ben K  
13188 Name not displayed Please run in 2012.
13189 Thomas c. charles Please help US.
13190 thomas c charles Please help US.
13191 Name not displayed please, please, please run
13192 Matt Dion Ron Paul, you are a revolutionary and have changed my life by showing me the light. Please run for president so you can do this for everyone else. You will forever be known as the Grandfather of the grassroots movement, and it only seems fitting to have you run for president in 2012 to say enough is enough. Please help the people take their country back from our overgrown government control. I hope to at least become half the man you are today in my lifetime, and relay the messages of our founding fathers to the American people. PLEASE RUN IN 2012!! OUR COUNTRY NEEDS YOU!!!
13193 Alec Eckroth  
13194 Michael Kelly We need you more than anything please please run
13195 William E. Biven  
13196 Heather Hills  
13197 Name not displayed  
13198 Tim Johnson  
13199 Michael Yutesler Please run we(America) needs you.
13200 Name not displayed my generation needs you
13201 Vincent Spivey I am voting for Ron Paul for 2012!
13202 Dan.B please Dr.Paul you have to reconsider to run in 2012. this country needs you more then ever.
13203 Frank Dorian God bless America and God bless Ron Paul!!!
13204 Beau Gagne Mr. Paul, you have been an inspiration to me. I will NEVER forget the first time I saw you on television. You were doing an interview with Steven Colbert on the Colbert Report, and you were the FIRST politician I have ever seen answer every single question that was asked to you! I remember saying to my friend who was with me at the time that THIS was the man I was going to vote for.

I will do everything in my power to spread your influence here in New Hampshire, and I wish you the best of luck if you decide to run for President.

Our country NEEDS you!
13205 ryan skinner please save the nation
13206 Jonathan Huttsell Ron Paul,

You are the face of hope and freedom. Please run
13207 Name not displayed revolution
13208 Cathie Bell  
13209 Justin Patterson  
13210 Name not displayed I voted for Dr. Paul in Republican presidential candidacy primary in February 2008. I believe in Dr. Paul’s vision to restore America to the fundamentals of Old Republic as designed by the Framers and Founding Fathers. After the disastrous Bush and Obama administrations, it is time for America to consider Ron Paul and entrust him to be an effective president as THE leader to reverse the downward spiral of legislative & moral damages to liberty, irresponsible government spending & waste and protracted wars.
13211 Sean Patrick Run and restore…..
13212 Name not displayed Ron - you’re the only politician left (with the possible exception of your son and Tom McClintock), who has any integrity. Please run to save this country.
13213 Jesse Cole  
13214 Gilbert L Foster If you feel led of our Lord,you have my vote.
13215 Leszek Syski  
13216 Name not displayed Freedom and Truth will prevail.
13217 Name not displayed  
13218 Name not displayed  
13219 Jenna DeFelice Bring back humanity.
13220 Ann Marie Camp  
13221 Misti Rains Your the only one that gives me any hope… Please I’m begging you..
13222 Michael Brown you are a true visionary,stay with the fight…please
13223 Nathaniel Lee  
13224 Rebecca Lee  
13225 C. Evans Ron Paul 2012!
13226 Chris Boucher  
13227 Name not displayed  
13228 Name not displayed  
13229 Kimberly Osgood America needs you! lets clean house!
13230 William Frankland Our future is in our hands
13231 Lisa Alexander  
13232 Name not displayed I can’t wait to watch the debates, especially between you and Gary Johnson!
13233 Robert LaFleur We need you Ron!!!
13234 Name not displayed We need you!!!
13235 Kendall Madison RUN RON RUN!

- Student from Ohio
13236 George Božić ‘I am just absolutely convinced that the best formula for giving us peace and preserving the American way of life is freedom, limited government, and minding our own business overseas. ‘

- Ron Paul
13237 Bea Brugge Please run for President of the United States of America in 2012!
13238 Calvin Brancheau  
13239 Tim Mahaffey Wanted you in ’08
13240 Joseph Ron Paul is probably the only presidential candidate capable of restoring the old glory of America. But, Americans, being so engrossed in professional sports, TV reality shows and other TV distractions, Facebook/Twitter, internet, shopping etc. have no time to think about what is happening to their country. They would rather have the FOX channel or MSNBC channel tell them who they should vote for. They’ve become such good cheerleaders without even knowing who or what they are cheerleading for.
13241 Gabby Ron Paul for President
13242 pat hilty Ron Paul is the only government official that understands the US Constitution, a sound monetary system, and the free market system. Therefore, he is the only viable candidate for President of the United States of America.
13243 Name not displayed People of America finally see how bad our government is and know they need solutions for all.
13244 Erin Edlow  
13245 Lee Henry  
13246 A gold standard!!
13247 Name not displayed GO Ron Paul!
13248 Michelle Milligan  
13249 Amarsh legalize it
13250 Shucart Ron Paul with Chris Christie, Paul Ryan or Sarah Palin.
13251 Sandra Drews We need someone to work for we the people
13252 tammie I would be more then happy to vote for you . Please run again.
13253 Name not displayed I would much rather have you Ron Paul than I would Sarah Palin for President in 2012. She just seems phony to me while you speak the real deal.
13254 Edward Moran Ron Paul 2012!
13255 Brad T. Burns Please, do us all a favor and fix the economic system. I’ll stand right there and make sure no Illumaniti try to kill you for getting as back on the right track.
13256 Name not displayed We need you to save our country.
13257 Meghan Crossland Thank you for everything, Ron!
13258 Alexander Snitker I will work to make sure you win Hernando County in 2012 if you run.
13259 Kevin Danielson  
13260 Kieran Robins The only way to achieve change is through action. Your 2008 campaign, though not successful in its original intention, changed the way many people think of government, myself included. The only way to continue to create change is through the actions taken by yourself and those that follow your political guidance. Please run in 2012 and continue to change the way people think about government, not only in America but in the world.


Kieran Robins
13261 Karl Jordan David  
13262 Name not displayed Please run.
13263 Andrew S. Frazure Dr. Paul I have 2 young boys who’s future is very insecure please Run in 2012 for us…We need you!
13264 Cliff Let’s have real change; changing the system, abolishing the federal reserve, and stop printing money! Let’s remove the people from office who caused the mess were in the first place.
13265 Thiago Hoffmann RUN FOR PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!
13266 Aaron Taboada America needs Ron Paul! You are the only hope for the future of the country, Doctor.
13267 Mona R. Gudbranson Rosen ‘In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.’ -Martin Luther King Jr.

God Bless you and yours Ron Paul……..
13268 Name not displayed  
13269 Name not displayed  
13270 Brandon Law Please run again.
13271 Carla Cobb Please help our country….or else we won’t have a country!
13272 Name not displayed We need a president willing to stand up to the Federal Reserve just as JFK did. Ron Paul can restore this nation to glory.
13273 Name not displayed  
13274 Mark Erdmann Ron Paul is the real Captain America.
13275 Name not displayed I believe that Ron Paul is the only person who ‘gets it.’ He is the only presidential hopeful I can get behind, the only one I agree with, the only politician with dignity. I believe that if Ron Paul runs for president, there will be many out there who exercise their right to vote for the first time in their lives, as a trustworthy politician is a rare sight.
13276 Murray Ware  
13277 Arek Ron Paul 2012~!
13279 Name not displayed our best hope…we need him to at least run to get more ppl woken up…
13280 james buchanan because common sense isn’t so common anymore. If it ever was.
13281 Belinda Baker V for Victory
13282 Jordan G. Grassroots is real change, Ron Paul is grassroots through and through, and would be a great commander in chief.


13283 Timothy Johnson  
13284 joseph Ron Paul 2012 from UK.
13285 Katerina Papadhmhtriou Run Ron Run
13286 Paul Kerley  
13287 Zakariah luna Ron paul!
13288 Name not displayed  
13289 Dan For liberty!
13290 Name not displayed Situiation critical you are the one to bring the country back from insolvancy
13291 ed demelo Your our only hope
13292 Dennis Burdick  
13293 Name not displayed  
13294 robert inskeep  
13295 Chad We need you to run, Ron. This country needs you.
13296 D.R. Ron Paul is the leading advocate for restoring common sense. Go Ron!
13297 alan scott Go Paul
13298 james hydro Please run for pres. the country needs you.
13299 Russell Elliott  
13300 Name not displayed FUCK THE NEW WORLD ORDER
13301 Dutch Hanes You are the only person that can save this country from its apparent dismal end.
13302 Van Davenport  
13303 Name not displayed  
13304 Name not displayed  
13305 Michael Rutledge Jr please?
13306 david oberhansley  
13307 Ryan Archibald Please Ron, run. You are one of the few men I respect. America needs you.
13308 Name not displayed  
13309 Jimmy Blanco please run for president, i want freedom for myself and future generations, and i think you can make it happen
13310 Mark DiBiase  
13311 Phil Bradley  
13312 Vincent D. Fauci We need a honest man like you sir in thees dark times!!
13313 Name not displayed We need someone to give this government back to the people. Ron Paul for President !
13314 Name not displayed  
13315 Patrick Spreng  
13316 juan perez Ron Paul for PRESIDENT!!!
13317 Gerry Docherty  
13318 Jonathan A Herrera Take our back country!
13319 Denys C. Poyner  
13320 Name not displayed  
13321 Name not displayed  
13322 Mo H. Raza Just turned 18 and will be registering to vote for Ron Paul!! :)
13323 Jonathan Kyl  
13324 William Fatora, jr. Sir, I salute you.
13325 Daniel Jones  
13326 Name not displayed  
13327 Landon Ron paul is cool paul
13328 Name not displayed  
13329 Name not displayed I like to see our monetary system backed by gold, silver, or something of Real Value!
13330 William O’Brien  
13331 Rhonda God, Family, Ron Paul
13332 michael Mangano  
13333 Name not displayed  
13334 Curtis Mclaughlin RON PAUL 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

me and all my friends want to vote for you, run!!
13335 Name not displayed Thank God!
13336 Michael Julian Go Ron Paul!
13337 zac do it man….
13338 Elia Rivas Wake up democracy.
13339 Sheila  
13340 Andrew Sullivan Run. Ron. Run.
13341 Zachary Willand PLEASE run for president, you are the last statesman we have, the rest are just politicians working for the bankers!
13342 Name not displayed  
13343 Johnathan Allen I firmly believe that the only thing more useless than an online petition is signing an online petition.

However, I’m doing it anyway. I’m hoping that, despite all odds that the ‘signatures’ won’t count for much, he’ll look at them and it will help him to choose to run.
13344 Barbara I sent Mr Paul

Happy card with $1.00 in it to start campaign fund . Consider going that extra step so he knows how much our country NEEDS him. Thanks
13345 Michael St.Martin LIBERTY
13346 james tarrant  
13347 Stu As a Canadian, I wholeheartedly support Ron Paul to run for President in 2012. Within the past decade, you are the only worthy candidate for presidency, and you should have won back in ’08.
13348 Kyle DaCosta Go Ron!! We win no matter what happens!!!
13349 Tyler Harpole  
13350 Name not displayed  
13351 Nick Clements  
13352 killuminati  
13353 Name not displayed My family received asylum here in the US to escape communist rule in 1956; my father having fought in the resistance. The freedom/liberty granted by this country was all they had when they got here. Their story and those of many like my families would have made the founding fathers proud of what they put together for us. Sadly this is not that same country today. Ron, you are likely the only person who could right this ship and get us back to the fundaments of our constitution that made this country great. Please run.
13354 christian  
13355 E BRUCE  
13356 Marcus Weigel  
13357 jordan branscombe Change will come but the American people won’t like it.. but it HAS to happen.
13358 Edgar Julian Caballero You are our best hope!
13359 Shane Rone It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds.’-Samuel Adams
13360 Name not displayed Liberty must be restored
13361 Nico The only real answer for America
13362 Timothy Kabatra  
13363 Tina Kelley  
13364 Name not displayed you sir, are the one person i think really understands the problems with this country and had a good chance of winning, i urge you to run for president and god luck with whatever you choose
13365 Matthias Woodrum  
13366 Jan Verdonk Currently Ron Paul is the only one I would trust the precidenty with.
13367 Mike Ihnat We’re takin it back
13368 Thiago S. Silva I’m not american, but as an outsider I can see how bad america is doing. I’ve been wacthing a couple of Dr. Ron Paul’s speeches and I was amazed on the truths which have been said.

US needs someone like him
13369 chris nichols if you dont run all were left with is a bunch of McCains
13370 Søren Pretty please, Ron?
13371 Bridget Lewison  
13372 Name not displayed The world needs you to be President. It is your duty to run. Please do so. It will be a big disappointment if you don’t.
13373 LouAnne Updike Our nation need you in its darkest hour.
13374 James C Gordy I hope & pray daily that you seek the office of Presidency. The act of you running alone is a victory for liberty, and a free society.

When I speak to my friends and neighbors they are enthusiastic about your run for office and you will be surprised by the additional support and the distance your message has spread.

Please, RUN RON RUN! if you don’t run who will we have to support who is going to speak for liberty and the constitution?
13375 Luis Rayas  
13376 Christian L E Sheils Im in the UK and though i cannot vote my message to Dr Paul is this.Cometh the moment cometh the man.This is about all our futures now,we are both fathers and if i had to sacrifice 4 years to protect my sons future i have inside u the light to free the world from the ever present and coming darkness.Use the gift the Lord gave you in one last effort for us all.Bring forth the most important child in your life ,Freedom.Please run for president,all my prayers are with You.
13377 Lindsey V Cameron  
13378 Zoe W Cameron  
13379 Terry S  
13380 Gotilda A Cameron  
13381 Name not displayed Thank you for all that you’ve done!
13382 Brett Darcy Paul/Paul 2012
13383 Ben Osborne  
13384 Sally Klitzke I can’t think of a better person for the job. If you can Dr. Paul, please endorse him so we know. Thank you sir :-)
13385 Name not displayed This man is our last hope. There is no other.
13386 Joseph Cassidy  
13387 Name not displayed Doing the same thing over and over, and expecting something is insanity. I want to try something different.
13388 Joseph  
13389 Name not displayed  
13390 Name not displayed  
13391 Sherri Van Noort We really need you, Dr. Paul. You are THE ONLY candidate that could make a difference in this country!!!
13392 Name not displayed Run Ron Run!!!
13393 Casie  
13394 robert burnup  
13395 Name not displayed Dr. Paul I would just like to let you know that because of you I now understand that the Federal Reserve is the largest most dangerous enemy we face as a nation.. Please run for president.. You have my support.. I will spread the word.. As will my friends.. God bless you and your family sir.. You shall stay in my prayers.
13396 Name not displayed Email this website to your friends
13397 jeremy martin  
13398 Name not displayed  
13399 Daniel Petaccio  
13400 Dylan Cobb  
13401 Luc Lamotte RON PAUL ALL THE WAY!
13402 Robert Jung Let the revolution continue!!
13403 David Parker Go Ron Go!
13404 Ryan Russo Ron Paul please run for president we need you now more than ever. Your our last hope. You must run. You have to. You’ve come so far - go the distance!
13405 Name not displayed Something needs to be done before the Tree of Liberty gets refreshed…
13406 Jason Beter  
13407 Name not displayed Ron it is your destiny and a huge amount of hard work, My kids need for you to get this done!
13408 Chris Bignell A supporter who followed you all the way in 2008. Still believe in you -
13409 Name not displayed It would be nice to think of America as the purveyor of freedom and peace that it once was. I respect you Ron, and you should listen to your heart and make your own choice. I do hope that Liberty is something that will never be lost to our children.
13410 Bob  
13411 Name not displayed  
13412 Jim  
13413 Name not displayed Let’s get back to respecting the Constitution and keeping ourselves safe with it! Thank you Dr. Paul
13414 Name not displayed  
13415 Name not displayed Ron - You MUST run. You are the only hope our country has. You are the true hero of the American people.

If you don’t run again, the people of this country will be forced to vote for the lesser of two evils once again.

Please do so.
13416 Mahie PLEASE RUN DOC PAUL!!!
13417 Name not displayed CHANGE THE WORLD !
13418 Lennie R Cloud We need you Sir
13419 Raj  
13420 Name not displayed  
13421 Eric Alexnder  
13422 Carl Schulz Dr. Paul, your country needs you. Please run in 2012.
13423 Travis Peterson  
13424 Name not displayed Yes. Finally a true truthseaker
13425 Alex Libman Politics is bunk, but Ron Paul did a lot to educate people about freedom and capitalism in 2008, so even a repeat of the same in 2012 would be a good thing.
13426 Name not displayed  
13427 Name not displayed As a Socialist, I agree with many of the same issues as Ron Paul, and would support him in his run for president.
13428 Angela Hall  
13429 Name not displayed Ron Paul is America’s last option
13430 Christopher Kinney I reside in Olympia, Wa in the 3rd Congressional and 20th Legislative Districts in Precinct 184 in witch I was recently elected as PCO (Precinct Committee Officer). I speak for most that reside in my precinct in saying that you have our support.
13431 Matthew a. Wetta Paul/Palin ’12 ~Let’s do it.
13432 Name not displayed  
13433 Ross Save are Republic
13434 Bobby grant give me liberty or give me death’
13435 Alyssa Eddinger  
13436 Ross Tripi  
13437 charles Lang Jr.  
13438 John J. Callahan Please, Please run in 2012. We need you.
13439 Russell Snow Help save us Dr. Paul!
13440 Petri B. The only true Statesman on the Hill.
13441 Pieper Pyott Ron Paul this country needs you!!!
13442 Arya Bagherpour Please, Dr. Paul, America needs you. Run for President.
13443 Matt Murphy Please run for POTUS Representative Paul. Our economy is sick and it needs a Doctor.
13444 randy sikes i supported you in 2007, we are still awaiting your victory
13445 Kecia Robinson-Moore  
13446 Casey Weber Californians support your push to enforce the Constitution!
13447 mark People like ron paul are the only way to destroy the oligarcy that hangs over the country!
13448 Name not displayed  
13449 Jonathan Alem  
13450 Michael Liberatore  
13451 Tim Hunt Run Ron Run! It is you duty to spread the message of liberty! I found liberty after 2008, help wake up more people for 2012!
13452 Name not displayed When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.’
13453 Name not displayed Please run for the Presidency, you are our best hope for a better economy.
13454 Jesse Hummel Please run this country is in dire need.
13455 William Guinter I will be sure to vote for and promote you if you will run again! You have so much support these days and you’re not just some great speech writer, you speak what you believe and I believe in what you say!
13456 Barry Ritchey II My family and I are itching to get to work for you.
13457 Name not displayed we need a president like you to take america back to what it was.
13458 Vincent Hydro Jr.  
13459 jeff smith  
13460 Name not displayed  
13461 Angela Ripple  
13462 grant  
13463 Paul Castle Please run Ron! America needs you.
13464 Scott Beech I would vote for Ron Paul if he were 100 years old.. And I would vote for Ron Paul if he were 140 years old.
13465 Adam Resare He’s the only person who belive that can really help America for the greater good!
13466 Matt Bergman One giant step in the right direction!
13467 Name not displayed  
13468 Name not displayed Run Ron, Run!!!!
13469 Betsy Solon  
13470 Name not displayed I see a great union between yourself and Mr. Nader. That duo would make for one of the best campaigns a ‘third party’ could hope for.
13471 Ron Turnage Please run so we as a union of states will have a chance to change this country. We are in nee of a man that cannot be $$$$
13472 Samantha Mills  
13473 skye kilbury Please run !!!
13474 John Jacob Anderson  
13475 Name not displayed Help save this country!
13476 Rob Marchant  
13477 Scottie Hinchee Keep doing what you’re doing and run. The ideas you espouse are powerful because they are reasoned. Thank you for your fulfilling your constitutional oath in such a principled way
13478 Jonathan Shemansky RUN PAUL RUN
13479 James Newby Break the stranglehold of Tax and Spend UNION Democrats and Religous War Machine Republicans!
13480 Mark blatterfein  
13481 Scott Estes I’m on board for the revolution!
13482 Kenny With your positions, & all that you’ve said. How can you NOT run?
13483 John Blanchard  
13484 Megan Dayhoff  
13485 Name not displayed We need you. Our country needs you.In truth comes justice.
13486 Tommy Forster This country needs REAL change and Ron Paul is the only candidate capable of doing this.
13487 Name not displayed  
13488 David Buchanan we need someone that will stand up for what is right and ron paul has proven that he is that person that will do that. he did it alone for many years, now we the people stand with you PLEASE be our president of our country
13489 Name not displayed  
13490 Josiah I’m turning 18 this year, I want my first vote to be on you!
13491 Jeremy Lemmen There’s a lot of amazing people hoping to fully support Dr. Ron Paul for President. You are the only one with a quality track record to represent the voice of the Libertarians. Remember George Washington and Joshua Chamberlain! It wasn’t ideal for them, but they knew what they had to do. We will not let you down in getting you elected!
13492 Cody Vickroy 2012, will be my first year I get to vote, and It would be my honor, to give it to you. I’m not voting for Obama or Palin.
13493 Scott Handley END THE FED!
13494 Name not displayed I will only vote if Ron Paul runs.
13495 Name not displayed  
13496 Tim T  
13497 Kathleen Eutsler  
13498 Andrew Hylton You are the one current politician I know who I have seen be continually honest and forthright. I respect who you seem to be and I would be very happy to give you my vote again in 2012. Please allow me the opportunity to do so. Thank you.
13499 Name not displayed  
13500 Jason Kipp  
13501 Ashley Lusk  
13502 Name not displayed We need you Ron! I have faith in you!
13503 Dave Mason Wrote him in last time. Let’s go all the way. Why does Romney have a higher %. RP2012
13504 John Taylor  
13505 Name not displayed Ron paul you are americas last hope at stopping the fascism. If you don’t run in 2012 then we have no hope other than violent means of revolution.
13506 Name not displayed Unfortunately you were already mathematically eliminated in 2008 by the time I could vote in my state’s primary.

Here’s to hoping that don’t happen in 2012.
13507 charles  
13508 Christopher Ulrich LET FREEDOM RING!
13509 Alex I think your time is coming :)
13510 Matt Frick Probably the only politician whom is truly ‘for the people’. You have my vote, and my word to inform as many people as I can of the truth.
13511 Name not displayed  
13512 Name not displayed Since the Ron Paul candidacy of 2008, recognition of the proper, Austrian-school economic solutions to our decades long central economic planning have multiplied many times over. As well, the morally consistent, anti-war, anti-welfare libertarian position has been clarified and carried to many young people, including myself.

Now is not the time to stop the pressure, and the work is far from over. If not Ron Paul, who will stand up for the principles of freedom and the free market in 2012? No one has been as clear and consistent on the issues of liberty, and for the movement to grow and flourish, Ron should take up the call.
13513 James R McDonough Restore the U.S. Constitution!
13514 Dennis Mcminn  
13515 Ron Emerick No one knows America or it’s economy any better in Washington!
13516 William Moore You are todays Johnny Appleseed. We need you as our leader. Even if you don’t win your message will live forever.
13517 Name not displayed I know you cant save our country from the depression but we need you for our Renaissance.
13518 Vincent Rangel Right on! The world needs this one
13519 travis kellogg  
13520 Name not displayed  
13521 Antonio Suarez You can count on my support Ron Paul, you are the most transparent and goodhearted politician I have heard, your knowledge and goodwill will bring humankind greater awareness. Thank You, for all the work you are doing and for all the work you will continue to do!
13522 Nathan Smith  
13523 Robert  
13524 Name not displayed Ron Paul 2012!!!
13525 Brian Centy Dennis Kucinich as a running mate! ‘Vote for a Pair of Honest Politicians…’
13526 Name not displayed you got my vote
13527 zoe Lets END the wars! END the FED! END taxes! END big government! Let America lead the world once again!
13528 Jay Strz Like freedom ring! LOL
13529 Austin G You have my support from Canada! Ron Paul for President 2012!
13530 Connie Ayers I was there with you last time and will be fully behind you again.
13531 Kornel Jan UL Dear Ron Paul, as young sociology major and , you should run, why, because our government is out of control, and being irresponsible. please Ron run!!!!! run!!!! i’ll vote for you !!!! oh and do something on the war on drugs :D
13532 Brandon Please run in 2012!
13533 Name not displayed states’ rights!!!
13534 Name not displayed Run Ron!!! Run!!!
13535 Dale Dugard  
13536 Rob Eppley My children’s futures are in jeopardy. We need Ron Paul in the White House. I served this country proud in the Marine Corps and would hate to leave it. You will receive my vote once again.
13537 Name not displayed Ron Paul - the REAL CHANGE for our future!
13538 Name not displayed  
13539 Corey  
13540 Name not displayed  
13541 Daniel m U.S. Needs you Dr.Paul
13542 Scott Ruane You have my support.
13543 Jeremy Scott  
13544 Dustin Elkins Run, Ron, run!
13545 Ryan Newman Ron Paul 2012!!!
13546 Patrick Duffy  
13547 Yousef We need someone to reverse all federal take over happening.
13548 Gabriela  
13549 John Bradley Pasto  
13550 Eric Dietrich I’m voting for you, whether you run, or not.
13551 Mike Bessette If you are not on the ballot, I will be writing you in. You are my only choice in 2012. Anything else is like picking up a turd, by it’s clean end.
13552 Name not displayed The delegates are already organizing.
13553 Name not displayed Please run in 2012.
13554 Randall Dalton  
13555 Jim Tate Ron Paul 2012!!
13556 Name not displayed The only one fit to serve as President right now, you’d have my vote. Also, I’d convince people I know to vote for you. Not try, do.
13558 Name not displayed You’re our only hope.
13559 Name not displayed  
13560 Mary Weeks Please help us restore our country to its constitutional foundation.
13561 Braden Baxley Dear Mr. Paul,

We have faith in you sir. We know in our hearts what is right, and what is good. Please do us the honor of representing us. We’re with you.
13562 Alicia Steele  
13563 Keith Kolekofski  
13564 Name not displayed Ron Paul you are the 1st candidate who I ever donated money to, painted 12′ x 9′ sign, and did multiple sign waves for . Please run if just for the educational effect you will have. : ) : ) : ) : ) ; )
13565 Name not displayed Your wisdom and insight has shown itself in our time. Please run if nothing else for the further education of a foolish and misinformed nation.
13566 Name not displayed Go for it. I am no Republican, but I heard a mouthful of truth coming out of this man on the floor. I’ll vote for him.
13567 Name not displayed Our whole household would vote for you again!
13568 Lars Sojni Larsen Ron Paul has my vote. (If it where not that i was a Dane living in Germany).

Ah well then at least he has my support.
13569 Hannah RIP Aaron Russo, lets turn this country around :)
13570 Amy Denev  
13571 Doug Dixon  
13572 Aaron Watkins  
13573 Tom Mazzurco  
13574 tim wagner  
13575 david bitner  
13576 Amber VanLier  
13577 Brian Eastman  
13578 Burton Kinney  
13579 Name not displayed  
13580 Chris Martineau  
13581 Jadranko Brkic We need a fresh new inspiration to take the fight for liberty in Bosnia and Herzegovina to a new level, Ron Paul 2012 announcement will renew the enthusiasm and bring that energy! Ron Paul simply must run.
13582 Thomas Davey While I did admire you as a presidential candidate in ’08, my views remained in favor of government until I listened to your plea of thoroughly reading the constitution. It was then when I fully realized the true meaning of the 10th Ammendment & the proper role of government. Ever since then I have studied, listened, and found love in the ideals of Liberty.

A run for the presidency in 2012 would do a lot of good in terms of getting more people educated about the important issues of our time. And so I strongly encorage you to run for the Presidency in 2012, so that more people will gain the realizations I was able to find.
13583 Name not displayed If you run in 2012 you also got My VOTE
13584 Frank West  
13585 Adam Ron, its up to you man, fix up America for us, deal? Sincerely from your friend, Canada.
13586 Brian Compton Ron Paul is the last hope for America and perhaps even the world. How desperately we need him and his vision of freedom in these times of ever increasing government corruption and tyranny.
13587 Edwin Dabao I wrote your name on the ballot during the Presidential Elections of 2008. I will go door to door and campaign for you in my district if you run for President again.
13588 Aaron Schellenberg No one delivers the message better than Ron Paul!
13589 William Bryan I would like you to run because you are a constitutionalists something both parties lack.
13590 Brett Meador RUN RON RUN!!!
13591 Matthew Ron Paul is truly an inspirational politician, one we can stand behind.
13592 Eric Nordstrom Learn em Ron!
13593 Paul Stevens  
13594 Kyle please, you will have my vote
13595 Name not displayed I voted for Ron Paul in the N.H. Primary in 2008. I hope the great Dr. Paul will consider another run for the highest office in America.
13596 garry  
13597 Name not displayed You have my vote 100%.
13598 Miguel Richards the answer to 1984 is 1776…
13599 Veronica Deevers For God & Country because Liberty is everything! Ron Paul in 2012! (Michael Badnarik would make a GREAT running mate, btw)
13600 matt ronpaul2012
13601 Casey Courtright  
13602 Name not displayed Truth
13603 John C. Novy Jr. You are the answer!!!!! You are the USA’s only hope!!!! I will do my best to get our message out!!!
13604 Name not displayed Use your best judgment Sir; be wherever you can make the most significant changes we need; you are my choice if you should decide to run ;)
13605 Vincent Michienzi America needs you!
13606 Robert Gangewer WAKE UP
13607 Christian Caiafa Freedom Fighter from New York, and I’m educating my countrymen on the dollar. RON PAUL 2012
13608 Matt Higbee Mr Paul, You are one of the few true patriots.
13609 Julian Ciarella ron paul 2012!
13610 Name not displayed  
13611 Mick Grossman Americas only hope!
13612 Name not displayed Your more well known now than you were in 2008 campaign, 2012 will be a victory for sure because the people will have a true and honest candidate to rely on.
13613 John L. Jones I heard Dr. Paul during the 2008 election cycle and I’ve been a 24/7 advocate for individual liberty ever since. I’ll be there every step of the way to promote a 2012 Ron Paul candidacy.
13614 Calvin Salter  
13615 Name not displayed  
13616 Omar Abusheikh Revive us…
13617 Enrique Tomando  
13618 PrafitBeats Ron Paul 2012
13619 Kevin K long live the revolution
13620 Debbie You need to run for presidency in 2012 to save this great nation of ours! You have my vote.
13621 Dan Yarger Run with Jesse Ventura as Vice president. Only you two can save this country!
13622 Ryan Valiente RON PAUL 2012


Legalize the Constitution
13623 Roman Boranek  
13624 Paul Boeker  
13625 Stephanie Torres Mr. Ron Paul, you are honestly America’s last hope. If you run for president, i guarantee you my vote.
13626 Mike Koffenberger  
13627 Sebastian Auer I am from Austria, yet i still wish you would run for president again. There just aren’t enough politicians like you in this world !

I wish you and your family all the best
13628 Phillip C. My Hero, the champion of the constitution, the true voice of wisdom and discernment, *RON PAUL* -the founders would be proud!
13629 Name not displayed You are needed!!
13630 Name not displayed  
13631 james . m kowalski  
13632 Taylor Holbrook  
13633 Name not displayed  
13634 Alex Petkus I will volunteer my time where I can (poor college student, graduating this December). I am the weird guy that told you he loves you at University of Michigan-Dearborn (If you remember that moment) before your debate where Giuliani opined that we had no part in 9/11. We need to replay those debates to show how correct you were. We need you, we are ready for you. Please save this sinking ship. We need a return to capitalism and sound monetary policy. Your foreign policy alone (non-intervention) will pay off our debt within two decades (closing all foreign military bases, no more unconstitutional wars). You have my vote, and I know many more who will not hesitate to vote for you, the time is now.
13635 Sam A REAL American hero!
13636 Sam A REAL American hero!
13637 Daniel J Swanson I will campaign for you in the Lansing MI area until I am in pain.
13638 Deborah Hill 2012 is the time.
13639 Name not displayed COME ON RON!!
13640 Todd Hayes  
13641 Matt Dickey  
13642 Daniel Shepherd  
13643 Name not displayed You’re our only voice of reasoning.

Ron Paul 2012
13644 Name not displayed Ron Paul goin up…

International Corps goin down…
13645 Mohamed Baccar We need Ron Paul desperately, please run in 2012!
13646 Clayton Adams Show ‘em how it’s done.
13647 Geneva Goodsell Please , we need you !
13648 Bruno F. Rivera Dr. Paul, Please run for President 2012, but I am one of many supporters that believe if you cannot run for President and it’s going to be difficult. Then I want you to rest up & continue spreading in the Congress floor. The rest of us will do our part to expand our Libertarian/individualistic ideas to the masses.
13649 Name not displayed Ron Paul or bust
13650 Vladimir Vlahovic The Ron Paul Libertarian movement just got going during 2008. It was all about the first black or the first Woman President, and someone who represented a Anti-Bush message. Ron Paul didn’t fit that mold.

2012 could be his year, the energy for Ron Paul is growing, even young Obama supporters are hearing about Ron Paul and starting to jump ship. Pro-Marijuana supporters are starting to look into him. Anti-War people are giving up on so called Liberal Democrats to bring the troops home and are starting to listen to Ron Paul’s message.

Ron Paul 2012
13651 Mike Please run, Dr. Paul!
13652 Joy Your NEEDED, Dr. Paul!!! We stand 1000% behind you.
13653 Kristopher Smith America needs this man in office. If you don’t know who this man is, please take the time to watch videos, read articles, and learn about him. Please vote for Ron Paul in 2012!!!!!
13654 Name not displayed  
13655 Muhuyadin Mohamed please do it
13656 Jim Decker If Ron Paul were to win the presidency, it would rally the Nation into a new era of enlightenment. It would not solve everything, but it would be the largest single step the nation has ever seen towards Liberty.
13657 Name not displayed Return America to the people Dr. Paul
13658 Jason Parent  
13659 Malcolm You are a great man and I respect your decision whatever it may be.
13660 Name not displayed  
13661 Name not displayed Ron Paul for President 2012!! End the Fed!!
13662 Holly Canfield Keeping my fingers crossed!
13663 gabriela trevino  
13664 Troy L Honaker We need you, or someone who has the same passion as you, and you can put the stamp of approval on.
13665 Sherri Scudder Ron Paul I have prayed for this for over one decade now. I will support you! What a novel idea, an honest president who truly cares for We The People!
13666 David Steward you are the only honest man in national politics, please run so that I can actually be proud of my vote.
13667 Manuel Rodriguez The country NEEDS you Dr. Paul.
13668 Brett Schneiderman The only level-headed “”politician”" our country has seen. I honestly think it’s an insult to your character to call you a politician. RON PAUL 2012!
13669 jonathan backlund  
13670 Name not displayed If you run, I WILL vote for you.
13671 Ryan End The Fed
13672 Jeffrey W Day LIBERTY WILL PREVAIL!!!!
13673 Name not displayed The only one worth voting for !!
13674 james f mitchell jr  
13675 Stanley D Ross Jr If you get in the White House Ron Paul just keep your promise about doing the right thing! You have my VOTE!
13676 Chris Ingrassia The Dynamic Duo this will be, for sure!!! Ron and Ralph for the ticket in 2012….please, please, please. I’ve supported you both from day one, and this will get me even more excited. Defeat corporatism, bring home our troops, end the military complex, protect our civil liberties, secure the Dollar, and secure the damned borders! This $hit is common sense, and you’re the only person advocating all of it. If Ralph isn’t on the ticket with you, I will be!!
13677 Name not displayed America needs to wake up and realize this man is speaking the truth, no longer can we sit by and pretend every things okay. Ron Paul 2012 my vote is yours!
13678 Name not displayed WINNER 2012!!!!
13679 Name not displayed Voted for you when I lived in Texas and unfortunately I can’t now being a citizen of Colorado. God bless you sir and I pray that you run for the Presidency in 2012!
13680 Richard Harrison  
13681 Calen Curley Please run in 2012 Dr. Paul, you are our last great hope!
13682 Terrance A Help!
13683 Bill  
13684 Ben Nixon My hero please run again
13685 Ian Mitchell Kostman Although I vehemently disagree with Dr. Paul’s stand regarding abortion, I thoroughly admire and support virtually every other aspect of his political perceptions. During this time of absolute crisis, Dr. Paul’s sage leadership and strong constitutional standings is the best hope our country has of moving into a successful and viable future.
13686 David Williams  
13687 Joshua Vasquez  
13688 Glenn Kremer  
13689 Jesus  
13690 ROGER CRAIG BLACK II Ron Paul 2012!!
13691 Sergio Rodriguez  
13692 Gary Maxwell Townsend III Ron Paul has my vote!!!!!
13693 Ian Kose RON PAUL!!!!
13694 alan popa Help us Obi Ron Kenobi. You´re our only hope.
13695 Ryan Bitler US Army Soldier currently deployed in Bagram, Afghanistan for RON PAUL!
13696 Jordy Chantarumporn If Dr. Paul runs in 2012 I would feel that someone is speaking for me. He is the leader we need!
13697 james now is your time
13698 Bruce Guthrie I contributed the maximum of $2,300 to your campaign in 2008. I will do the same if you run in 2012.
13700 Peter Smith MY VOTE BELONGS TO YOU!
13701 Brent Baldwin Go for it!
13702 Jeremy if you don’t run for president, can you at least convince Judge Andrew Napolitano to?
13703 Name not displayed Dear Mr Paul,

PLEASE run in 2012, I turned 18 and was excited at the prospect of finally being able to vote but with the candidates we were given I just couldn’t bring myself to vote for either. I have been losing faith in this country and it’s leaders and you seem to be the only one that seems to be fighting for our freedoms and acknowledging our constitutional rights. I believe that if we had just 4 years with you in office we would be in much greater shape. Should you decide to run in 2012, I promise that you will have my vote. Have a great day sir!
13704 Joseph Bussey  
13705 Blaine Bond  
13706 bartosz Kurzeja  
13707 Slavic Mikowski If anyone love Liberty and Freedom I urge to vote for Ron Paul. Do not let this country fall.Love,peace,happiness.
13708 kelvin you are the only men that can save our country now, ron paul 2012
13709 James Weaver  
13710 jonathan bruce The Ninth Wave, “”For politicians there is the “”platform”" and then the real platform.”" For Ron Paul there is just one platform which is articulated vividly and without waver. He has my vote with his decision.
13711 Michael J. Van Roy  
13712 Adam Go Ron Paul! Beat the neo-cons!
13713 Name not displayed Let’s get this thing rolling..
13714 Yevgeny Nadykto It is my great hope that Ron Paul runs for president and i will do everything i can to promote him and educate people on the great good he stands for.
13715 Ben Harris Run for president so you can get rid of the IRS, the FED, and all the other unconstitutional bureaus the federal government has created.
13716 John matt  
13717 Name not displayed yall already kno waz crackin wid ron paul…get em boi 2012
13718 nathan you are our last hope… there will be no america left for any of us to fight for… we need you… please…
13719 Choow Kid Lin I’m not American, but I really hoped you would win the presidential election in 2008.

I supported you back then and I will continue to support you if you run in 2012.
13720 Jason Kriss  
13721 Mike Deas  
13722 Marty Payne RUN RON RUN!!!!
13723 Andy The fate of our country is in your hands.
13724 Name not displayed Please restore America!
13725 Bob Porrazzo  
13726 Name not displayed Long live the Constitution! - Alaska
13727 Eric Rawls  
13728 Mike Sears Dr. Paul, this nation needs you more than ever. If there was a time to win, it is now.
13729 Brad Please run!!!!!
13730 Tim Howell  
13731 bob johanson we need ron paul!!!! if the election is not fixed we can do this!!!!
13732 Name not displayed You have my vote.
13733 Alex Golden For Liberty!
13734 Joe Thibodeaux  
13735 Universal Energy  
13736 Matthew Brigham  
13737 matt derosier I agree with you. I think your an honest politician. I like that you vote the same way for 30 years, you don’t go against your word.
13738 Mary Andrews  
13739 Name not displayed Thank you for all you do Dr. Paul!
13740 Name not displayed  
13741 Wayne Kummet Ron Paul is the only candidate I trust. He is not a liar or politician,but a true statesman.America needs Ron Paul and this may be our last chance to get him.WAKE UP AMERICA!
13742 Jonathan Connor Life, liberty, and property.
13743 Ryan Blevens We shall overcome! - V -
13744 Derek Lima  
13745 Jacob Ewing Liberty - Sine Qua Non
13746 Jason W Campbell Dr. Paul this nation needs you!! Please allow us to show you we can get it done this time.
13747 Brenden B Run Ron Run!
13748 Name not displayed  
13749 Bo Dean we needed him in past elections, and we need him even more now…
13750 John I’ll vote for you every time your name is on the ballot and add it when it is not.
13751 Name not displayed  
13752 Name not displayed  
13753 malaya Bautista Dr. Paul You’re only hope to this country first run for this 2012 ,IF you don’t we lose hope for our kids future too. We love you Dr Paul as we love this country
13754 Valerie Little  
13755 Beverly Brubaker  
13756 Steven D. Miller Elect Ron Paul to (truly) restore American sanity!
13757 Charlie  
13758 Scott Egan RUN RON RUN!
13759 Pat Glass Hope you run again Dr. Paul
13760 Name not displayed The only true candidate with the brains to know what he’s doing and how to do it without small illegible text at the bottom.
13761 Will Carter GO RON!
13762 Scott L. Liechti  
13763 Name not displayed  
13764 Sandy Tillery You’re the only Republican I’ve ever respected, please run for President!
13765 Gabe Higgins Our only hope for true freedom!
13766 Gary Keorkunian  
13767 Name not displayed  
13768 Adam  
13769 David Ryon  
13770 Frank Atherton Run Ron Run!
13771 Paul Wooldridge Ron Paul is Beast!
13772 Justin Lackey Please run for prez in 2012, ron paul. And then end the fed.
13773 Name not displayed  
13774 Stephen A McGrath Please Dr Paul, as a fed up Australian with this current and past’s time for some real change and Sir you are the greatest ray of light to shine across all political systems that i’ve witnessed in my 55 years of life.To be blunt, the world needs you…an honest man with some real bloody backbone…Please Run..
13775 J. Scott Forrester Paul Palin 2012 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
13776 Robert Hopkin  
13777 tim sanborn i’d register to vote if there was a candidate like you.
13778 Alex Banchitta 2012 would be nothing like 2008.
13779 Name not displayed  
13780 Name not displayed I think Ron is Possibly Our Last Best Hope.
13781 Kala Barratt  
13782 Name not displayed  
13783 Michael Eisenhauer Ron Paul for 2012! you can count on me sending this out right now for more support and continue to support you and getting much needed votes when you run of course.
13784 Brian Tunink  
13785 Timothy Wenners  
13786 Name not displayed  
13787 Jason I am Canadian, but I support you Dr Paul.

Please run in 2012.
13788 Daniel Ferguson  
13789 Kimberly Gowac I voted for Ron Paul in 2008 and would be thrilled to support him in 2012.
13790 William Torrey Ron Paul 2012!
13791 Name not displayed South Carolina supports you, Ron Paul.
13792 Gerhard Schlegl You’re the only living important person whom I would like to shake hands and meet with…. don’t let the US slip down further the roid to ruin
13793 Vaughan Alexander Please run!!!!
13794 mark

13795 Peter Martinson Why is it so hard to get people to vote for freedom?
13796 Name not displayed  
13797 Casandra Kluber  
13798 Steven R Drury please end the fed and bring back lawful money 2ed end the income tax and unemployment tax 3ed end the war on marijuana
13799 Roberta Sarah J. Desgranges Thank you for interjecting REAL issues!
13800 Matthew Stella All the way from Perth, Australia, I’m hoping you won’t let down your supporters WORLDWIDE by not running for president in 2012. Behind you 100%.
13801 David Randal Reynolds  
13802 Larry L. Williamson Go for it
13803 William C. Rule  
13804 Jason  
13805 Katie McGowan Your plans for America are the only sustainable plans any politician has expressed. You WILL have my vote.
13806 Name not displayed Signed.
13807 Dianne Gifford  
13808 cheyne cegielski  
13809 Amber whitehead  
13810 John E Thomas We should be so fortunate!
13811 Larry C. Watkins  
13812 Name not displayed  
13813 Matthew T Duda  
13814 ezizen Please bring dignity back to America. You will FOREVER remembered as one of the Greatest political figures ever!
13815 Jessica Billings  
13816 Bret Bays  
13817 Name not displayed Hopefully people have remembered their mistakes from four years ago when they let you get undercut. The time is now, even more so than it was then.
13818 Almedin The people are angry at Obama

This is your Chance Ron Paul

We all want to take it
13819 mike voss please run.
13820 Brandy  
13821 Kevin McIntosh Real “”Change”" in 2012!
13822 Name not displayed  
13823 George Please Run!!
13824 Tyler Durden Please run. Your are only hope we have left. You have mine and many others votes. You’ll also have my funds.
13825 Jeremiah Johnson America needs you more than ever
13826 Name not displayed Ron Paul for 2012!
13827 Jeanette Stolle The sooner, the better.
13828 Larry Hughes anyone who won’t uphold everything in the constitution isn’y worthy to hold public office.
13829 Name not displayed Ron paul has the best outlook for our country. He really knows what he is talking about. Ron paul 2012!
13830 Name not displayed WAKE UP AMERICA!!!
13831 Name not displayed We need Ron Paul in the the White House. From California, you got my “”VOTE”"…
13833 Joseph R. Peresan Help us O-bi-Ron! You’re are only hope!
13834 Name not displayed  
13835 Name not displayed Please help save our country. Hopefully America will wake up and elect you to lead us!
13836 Name not displayed God save our American States
13837 Justin I. Leffert  
13838 Name not displayed Now is the time for a revolution back to economic freedom!!!
13839 Brandon M. Wagner Young America needs you.
13840 Kyle Norton In the spirit of The Revolution, how could Ron Paul not run?
13841 Name not displayed RON PAUL for 2012

Also 9/11 was a inside job
13842 Name not displayed “”Ron Paul 2012″”
13843 Chris Drummond PLEASE!!!
13844 Name not displayed  
13845 rocket kirchner there are many of us on the Left that need a man of integrity like you to run for president .
13846 Deborah Sandberg Bernanke and Geithner must be removed-then, End the Fed.
13847 Martijn Berkelaar  
13848 Jeroen Berkelaar  
13849 Nancy E. Whidden  
13850 John Rohrs  
13851 Name not displayed Mr. Paul, Health Care is the most important issue to me. I believe that you, sir, are the only person I have seen that genuinely has the right ideas on how to set this country (and its people) back on the course for a better future regarding this issue. If you run for president, Mr. Paul, you have my vote. Hands down.
13852 Randy M  
13853 Joel L. Dale Please, Dr. Paul.
13854 Name not displayed Ron Paul 2012!!!!
13855 Name not displayed Ron Paul for President!!!
13857 Steven Terry Ron Paul is the ONLY possible candidate for liberty and the Constitution.
13858 Trina Coles  
13859 Name not displayed  
13860 Daniel Morrissey  
13861 Name not displayed If you run I’ll vote for you again, just like I did for 2008.
13862 Courtland A. Kramer You are a true national hero!
13863 byron maczynski I Feel like you our last hope we need to run for president and i will try everything to promote your views. You are a true patriot.
13864 Brandon We need you. If you run I will Do all I can in my town to get the message out!
13865 Jason Frye  
13866 Proud From Wisconsin I am aware that to take back this country and get it on the right track, that the people need to do this from all towns and cities across America themselves. But I believe 100% that Ron Paul is the best leader for us. His views are what this country needs and his principles are a breath of fresh air. Ron, Please run and I will pray that there will be a fair race.
13867 Name not displayed We need real hope for America!
13868 john  
13869 Chance McKinnon  
13870 Brad Dwyer  
13871 Alexander Novick For AMERICA!!!!!!!
13872 Ray  
13873 Monte Emerson I love you Dr. Paul!
13874 Name not displayed You had my vote once, and will have it again.
13875 Name not displayed RON PAUL FOR 2012!!!
13876 Forrest G. Barnwell-Hagemeyer After all, Ron Paul is a popular thing!
13877 Joe Perez  
13878 Breona Darr  
13879 John Adams Restore honor to the office!
13880 Name not displayed Ill actually go and vote since there will be someone worth voting for. Spread the word everyone, we need this man.
13881 Name not displayed Please run for the Presidency! You have inspired me to pursue a lifelong study of liberty and austrian economics. Ron Paul 20120 has my support 100%
13882 Nick Skursky Penn State University will see an abundance of Ron Paul 2012 campaign signs.
13883 Name not displayed  
13884 Valerie Doane Go Ron!
13885 Name not displayed  
13886 Michael Moossa Please MR. Paul I am 61 yrs old please try one more time we need your voice. I beg you, promis to work hard for you.
13887 john riganati We need you Mr. PAUL
13888 Moises Medrano Jr. My vote is all for Paul. Please run for President Ron Paul. Bring the people peace better lives for the children now and in the future. You would undoubtedly leave the biggest impact in US history.
13889 Name not displayed  
13890 George Conklin  
13891 Anna Monterrey If there is anything that I can do aside from signing, please contact me via email. Thank you Ron Paul for all you do and keep up the good work!
13892 Jacob Martin  
13893 Peter Grandahl  
13894 Name not displayed Please run Ron
13895 Chris  
13896 Name not displayed  
13897 Carli skinner America needs you.. You have my full support!!
13898 Joshua Lee Mata You’ll get my vote.
13899 Aaron Coats STOP the FED!
13900 Jeanne Carpenter  
13901 Patrick Maloney  
13902 Name not displayed  
13903 Name not displayed I hope that you will run and restore america to what it once was. Thanks to alex jones and Jesse venture people of the USA have started asking questions and the government obviously does not like that i feel that should you run that corruption would halt or be slowed down with someone who is for the people of the USA(and not for international bankers, the FED, ect) that America would be brought back to which it was meant to be
13904 T. Martin-Wong  
13905 Beau Winters  
13906 Name not displayed  
13907 john steel ron paul you are my hero
13908 Name not displayed  
13909 Shane Sheehe You are our only hope. Only you we will trust. Only you have it in you to make the world free again. Others may be great, but We have chosen You. Lead us, and we will follow.
13910 Name not displayed  
13911 Name not displayed  
13912 John Van Engelen last time I put my money where my mouth was; willing to do it again!!! To be able to do it again you need to run again!! RON PAUL 2012
13913 Douglas Mc Clurg Please run to convince me there Is A Jesus
13914 Name not displayed Once in a while there’s someone that comes to the front that can make a real change in our lives. Let’s not lose this chance to help him in any way that we can. For the sake of our future and that of our children (I hope that you’ll RUN) We need you NOW more than ever.
13915 Name not displayed Please run, Dr. Paul!
13916 Shilo Martin May God bless you, protect you, and guide you during this journey Ron Paul… we need you to take back our great Country and help us to become the One Nation Under God, For Liberty, and Justice For All… America is behind you.
13917 Name not displayed  
13918 Name not displayed Only you can end the senseless wars.
13919 koko REVOLUTION
13920 Larry Gibson  
13921 Name not displayed go for it man-we need you
13922 heather staples  
13923 Abdel B. i’ll volonteer for you from here, canada!
13924 Name not displayed  
13925 Name not displayed America NEEDS you!
13926 Name not displayed  
13927 Matt Kroelinger For the first time in my adult life, I am proud to endorse a politician who actually cares about limited constitutional government. Ron Paul is our hero, please run for President so we can send a message to all politicians in Washington!
13928 Name not displayed The only hope for America.
13929 Justin King Your vision is inspiring. I’ve never before seen a man of such integrity.
13930 Jeff Nice reinforcements have arrived
13931 Eddie Culpeper  
13932 Nikola Ivica  
13933 Cara Miller Please, Please, Please!!! PAUL VS. the Obamanation!
13934 Jack Gibson  
13935 Eli Pejoski “”PLEASE RUN AND END THE FED”"
13936 Name not displayed  
13937 Zach Bohannon WE NEED YOU!!!
13938 Name not displayed  
13939 Pete Wakeland The political system is losing sight of its purpose based on our constitution, you provide the American citizens with some sense of hope. God Bless and please run for 2012, the time is now.
13940 Name not displayed DR. Ron please run for 2012, america is waking up and you are the only true sincere non-puppet candidate.
13941 Name not displayed  
13942 Jon Jeffries  
13943 Dan Beaulieu You’ll get 10 times the votes this time easy!
13944 Fabiola Rivera The only individual in congress I completely admire, Ron Paul.
13945 Name not displayed Please run for President.
13946 Tyler P.  
13947 Anthony Dew Dr. Paul, please help take our country back! I just don’t see it happening without you in the debates.
13948 Steven Orrange  
13949 Kathleen Pierce  
13950 johnathan farris please run paul. please run.
13951 Joshua Smith  
13952 Tad Stanberry  
13953 Noah Worthy Mitchem ron paul you got this man. Everyone believes in You! the only problem is i feel like obama’s election will be rigged 2012 so the new world order will fully takeover. But this is a revolution! Im all in
13954 Nino LaRocca  
13955 Name not displayed  
13956 Donald Cimaglia Jr. It’s now or never, our country can’t wait.
13957 Name not displayed Dr. Paul, May God continue to Bless you, and your family. May he strengthen and protect you. Please keep fighting for America. Thank you for everything you do. Bless You Dr. Ron Paul ( and Dr. Rand too :)
13958 Tyler James Winn  
13959 Michele Robertson Vote Ron Paul For LIBERTY and JUSTICE FOR ALL!
13960 Jonathan Dunz Please Run for President
13961 Steven Palmieri Ron Paul 2012
13962 Amy Coughlin  
13963 Steve Coughlin  
13964 Name not displayed If you run in 2012, you’ll have my vote. If you don’t, God help us all!
13965 Renee Dunz Please Please run for president
13966 Tyler ron paul we need you sir!! please give it a shot!! you got my vote
13967 Name not displayed Ron Paul, last hope, in most dangerous moment
13968 Bruce Goguen  
13969 Paula Louise Sterling  
13970 Name not displayed I will be your running mate.
13971 Ardalan Rashidi Ron Paul your the only one fit to run this country. I praise you and your ideals. You know what this country was intended to stand for and that is liberty. Please run for president you will have lots of support from liberals and conservatives.
13972 Chris Ludwig Please Dr Paul, we are in dire need of you!
13973 Leland Wagner In Ron Paul we trust! End the Fed!!
13974 Name not displayed  
13975 Alexander J. Proffitt  
13976 Morgan Smith I voted for Ron Paul, via a “”write-in”", in 2008. I plan on doing the same in 2012!
13977 timothy oleary pretty pleez w\sovereignty on it?!!!!!
13978 Scott J Visit my Ron Paul Revolution blog @
13979 Michael Powell Ron Paul, He is the “”change”" we need.
13980 patrick madden  
13981 Name not displayed Mr Paul. I would love to see you be president. Please run!
13982 Mike Chobot I have not yet voted in any election. I refuse to vote for a person who I either don’t trust or don’t agree with. If you run, I will register and vote for you. I don’t agree with you on everything, but the things that matter most to me, you are right on target.

Two first names for Freedom!
13984 Name not displayed Ron Paul,

You are a breath of fresh air in the cattle yard of Congress.

However… I would like to know how you would go about implementing the ideals that you describe. It is one thing to be “”a voice crying in the wilderness
” and to take a stand on righteous behavior, but it would be quite another thing altogether if you were president and had to personally do battle with the sinister entities in the shadows who actually run this country. Obama has had ideals also, but he was obviously told to “”keep his hands off the military’s turf ” and so the “”defense”" budget is totally out of his control.

What, specifically, would you do to reign in the warmongers?
13985 Nicholas Allen I would like to help your campaign in NJ and PA
13986 Aaron Morgan As a former soldier I can’t tell you how much our country needs a man with your view in a leadership position like the Presidency! I’ll make sure you carry Arizona!
13987 Brock Spread every video you know of Ron. Through facebook youtube etc. Everyone do your part and EDUCATE your fellow man with Ron Paul’s words.

Truth will always win.

Iowa Farm Boy
13988 Marcus Smith  
13989 Stephen Beard Win for America!
13990 Name not displayed  
13991 John Michaud  
13992 Enrique C. Collazo  
13993 Shawn Helms Please save our country!
13994 Name not displayed You have my 110% support
13995 Nino Frkanec One more try Ron!
13996 Sam Morgan cheers from Australia!!!
13997 Vincent Stefani WE THE PEOPLE of the United States of America NEED YOU!
13998 Roberty John Fini Do what you feel is right!
13999 Titus Landegent I mocked you in 2008, what a fool I was. If you run again, you will have my vote and anyone else’s that I can convince!
14000 Kevin Horne Thank you for everything you do Dr. Paul.

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