Signatures 10,001-15,000

Number Name Comment
14001 Name not displayed Run please
14002 William F. Baker I think people have opened thier eyes.
14003 Brent Bjokne If you run I will campaign for you!
14004 Nathaniel Manning I beg you, RUN IN 2012!
14005 Robert Hunter  
14006 Daniel Leonard  
14007 John Okon Greetengs from supporters from Poland ;)

I think whole world need you, not only America.
14008 Name not displayed I will do everything i can to support you. Your our last hope.
14009 Name not displayed  
14010 Joshua Shaffer  
14011 Name not displayed Sir, if you run, it’ll be a one in a lifetime chance for America to renew itself as the Land of The Free and to once again lead the world by example.
14012 Name not displayed California is at your Side Ron Paul!
14013 Miguel Rojo  
14014 Cynthia Maiorino Get the Fed out my personal and financial life! Protect our constitution. No more illegal taxing on our income. Audit the Federal Reserve Bank. End the War on Drugs. Allow states law to rule. Legalize Industrial Hemp. Smaller Federal Government. IF the People say end the war, then END THE WAR. If the People say feed the world, then feed the world. If the People say Green our Government & Corporations then Green our Government & Corporations. Protect the Environment & Animals as you would a baby who has no voice. RUN FOR PRESIDENT! Please? I actually DO TRUST you! o:)
14015 Robert Do it!
14016 Markus I’m not even a citizen of the united states but even i would like to see a man, who has interest in the freedom, the survival and the well being of the people being in charge of the united states. We europeans support Ron Paul!
14017 TJ Pich  
14018 Name not displayed Go Ron Paul!
14019 William Wendell The world needs you.

- William from Finland
14020 Name not displayed Ron Paul 2012!!!!
14021 Daniel Silva you have to!
14022 Dan Krug  
14023 Jason Nemetz  
14024 Gilbert Please run Dr. Paul. WE THE PEOPLE need you now more than ever.
14025 Chris Sheridan  
14026 Stephen Loren  
14027 George Demas  
14028 Tom Money  
14029 Hunter Schaeffer  
14030 Cody Phelps Keep it real.
14031 Reid Campbell  
14032 Timothy Keating Please run again Congressman Paul. I’ve done more research since the last election. I NOW believe you would be the only logical choice for President. Thank You Sir
14033 sandralarkin  
14034 Vincent Baert this will be my first time voting for a president for the United States of America and it would be a pleasure to be able to vote for Ron Paul for our next president. Please run Dr. Ron Paul you have my vote. God bless Dr. Ron Paul
14035 Name not displayed Ron Paul is the only form of “”Hope and Change”" I can believe in anymore.
14036 Name not displayed For the future of the human race.
14037 Name not displayed  
14038 Kay Wosewick Ron, you are our only hope.
14039 Susie Burton Liberty Rocks! Ron Paul, the LOVE REVOLUTION CONTINUES 2012!!
14040 Allen Gerobski Ron Paul 2012!
14041 Alex Kinker I can listen to common sense all day, you’ve got my vote!
14042 Rob Rimes  
14043 gary hines  
14044 Name not displayed If he support the FairTax and he will have my vote. And I don’t mean just say he will sign it, but campaign on it, talk about it, endorse it.
14045 Name not displayed  
14046 shalene hansen Ron Paul for president! Woo hoo!
14047 Name not displayed It’s time to wake up America, before it’s too late. Ron Paul in office guarentees advocacy in the White House to return us to the country we are supposed to be… RON PAUL 2012!!!
14048 Jake Elsner America needs you!
14049 Cliff Maloney Jr. Dr. Paul, you’re the only one that holds a true vision for this country. A vision that the founders expected to last for centuries. America has lost it’s way. Help us move back towards the correct ways.
14050 Gary Griffith Thank you for being a leader among men.
14051 David Pluta we need you to run
14052 Name not displayed  
14053 Name not displayed  
14054 Name not displayed Ron Paul 2012!
14055 Wiley Live Thank you for speaking the Truth…
14056 Name not displayed  
14057 Jeffery A. Wheeler II Dr. Paul, you are the great new light that America needs if it is to regain its freedom. Your nation has asked much from you and your devotion to it shall not be forgotten, regardless of your choice.
14058 William Berggren As a liberal democrat that voted for Clinton and Obama, I would vote for Paul if he was in a diaper in a nursing home.
14059 Anthony Kubli  
14060 james and linda morris Please, Mr. paul, you must run! you are the voice of the Constitution.
14061 Name not displayed America… FUCK YEAH!!
14062 Name not displayed You had my vote in the last primary, and you’ll have it again!
14063 Azad S. Tayar You are the sane and very rational voice in politics and it must to be heard! Common sence needs to be common! Ron Paul for president 2012!!
14064 Name not displayed “”we need someone that respects The Constitution.”"
14065 Rich Lamp  
14066 Amanda Walsworth  
14067 Kelsey Lane  
14068 Name not displayed  
14069 Dan Kowalke  
14070 Jeremy Sims We need you Ron Paul 2012!!!
14071 Chris Wilshere Please run. Ron is the only candidate for me.
14072 Filip Hendrych Hope for real freedom!!!
14073 Kathryn Dougherty  
14074 Frank Middleton “”Peter Schiff or David Walker for Fed Chairman”"

Gerald Walpin to investigate obamas corruption.
14075 Andrew Case  
14076 Daniel Hana  
14077 Tiffany Castillo You had my vote in the last primary, and you will have it again.
14078 Name not displayed  
14079 Jason Klein Ron Paul !

Thanks for doing everything our national media hasn’t been able to do, Educate the public of the truth! I want to help bring down the Federal reserve,and put the money back in the peoples hands, It is just such a daunting task I don’t know where to start. I am aware I am awakened and I am an American, Thank you. JHK1976
14080 Geoffrey Smallwood  
14081 marty schaefer  
14082 Zachary Bruennig  
14083 Patrick Kelly  
14084 Name not displayed I was too young to vote for you last time, please let me help you.
14085 Adam The people need a voice, your voice. Not the voice of the UN, IMF, CFR,TC, BB, BG. Get the truth on every channel we’ll do the rest.
14086 Carma cumins America needs Ron Paul
14087 Mark Jones Supporting Ron Paul from the UK.
14088 Name not displayed You stand for the values that make America great! The Constitution!
14089 Name not displayed  
14090 Tristan Gregory Ron Paul, you inspire me and I’d be very upset if you weren’t running in 2012. This country needs a no nonsense man such as yourself to lead the way!
14091 Michael Anthony Deabenderfer, Jr. Please take on this challenge. This country needs a representative who embodies sanity as a leader.
14092 Name not displayed  
14093 James Hamblin  
14094 Name not displayed Dr. Paul, I implore you to reconsider your position in the upcoming election. I am sick and tired of the petty politics, party loyalties and favoring of interests. I see you as a firm opposition to the aforementioned, and I believe you represent not only my beliefs, but the beliefs of the youth today. Damn the biased media, you can win! Ron Paul 2012
14095 Corinne Martin Back on track in 2012
14096 Elijah Shepard It will be nice to have a real President for the first time in 30 years. You have my vote Ron Paul.
14097 Leslie Johnson A Congressman who abides by the Constitution, how refreshing. This democrat is swayed.
14098 joseph poremski ron paul for pres
14099 Joe Murphy  
14100 Name not displayed RUN!
14101 Bassil Alanbari Ron Paul is the only guy in politics that makes sense. This man and his supporters are the last hope for this country.
14102 Name not displayed The answer to 1984 is 1776!
14103 J Plante  
14104 Mike  
14105 Name not displayed  
14106 Jessica P Sheikh Good Luck!!!!!!! You have my vote 100%!
14107 Name not displayed  
14108 Name not displayed  
14109 Name not displayed  
14110 Debra L. Papapietro  
14111 Name not displayed  
14112 Robert Jarvis  
14113 Marilyn DeCoursin  
14114 Crystal Sargent HELP!!
14115 Robert McAdoo You have my vote if you run Ron Paul!
14116 Ellen Corke May the angels look over you!
14117 Robert Ron Paul 2012!!!!
14118 Name not displayed run ron run
14119 Lee McCorquodale Although I do not live in the USA, I believe what Ron Paul is trying to do will make the world a better place
14120 Name not displayed We need to restore America’s core values again. Ron Paul is the answer!
14121 Name not displayed Please help us ….
14122 David Lucas  
14123 Donald Benoit Because all voices should be heard.
14124 Name not displayed  
14125 Pieterjan Overzet Ron Paul! Change the world!
14126 Mark Pipkin I have never voted before. You are worth going to the poles for.
14127 Elisha Gist :-D
14128 Winston Baccus Give it one more go, Ron!
14129 Name not displayed We need someone who can fight for the rights of the American people.
14130 Matt Fritsch Let the EVOLUTION begin!!
14131 John DeZago  
14132 Name not displayed  
14133 chelsea eiben  
14134 Stephen T. Ash Ron Paul for President!
14135 Harris-Paul Williams  
14136 Minnie Myrick Run Paul Run!…there isn’t any other to consider!
14137 Leslie Bailey If you don’t run I will write you in!!
14138 Alexander Stachura We need you, Dr. Ron Paul, now more than ever.
14139 Kodi Carl I believe in you!
14140 Steven Taylor  
14141 Jake  
14142 Emily Cobb GO RON PAUL GO!!!
14143 Sal Tammaro  
14144 Julian Barker  
14145 Name not displayed  
14146 Nicholas Perricone Please help guide us in saving the Republic.
14147 Angela Stewart Ron Paul is my hero. :)
14148 Heidi Salmon  
14149 Kyle Walker Ron Paul is the last remaining face of rationality and hope that the American people can trust in the white house. Without him we are headed for a collision course with disaster, like the Roman Empire of old, this once great super-power is destroying itself in a way no foreign army or power ever could. Ron Paul is our last hope…
14150 Effie Rau-Stathakos  
14151 aaron matteson  
14152 Rupert D. “”Lane”" Bryant, Jr.  
14153 Todd Crump  
14154 Michael Morinitti  
14155 Phil Wolf  
14156 Name not displayed I voted in 2008 for Ron Paul and will vote again in 2012 Go Ron Paul!!!
14157 Name not displayed  
14158 Name not displayed  
14159 Samantha Coit you are the smartest man on the entire planet… we need you in office…. please run….. RON PAUL 2012!!!!!
14160 Name not displayed God Speed, Dr. Paul.
14161 Wade Coakley  
14162 John R Szabo  
14163 Dennis Bamford  
14164 Name not displayed  
14165 Ails Mitchell I want you to run for president of the USA Doctor Paul…..and I’m a Scot living in Scotland. Your country needs someone like you …badly!!
14166 Chris Jackson RON PAUL 2012!
14167 Joseph Olive Co founder, Delco for Liberty
14169 Name not displayed  
14170 steve tobin if not ron then rand or together!!! GO Paul’s!!
14171 Angel Peysen Donald Trump
14172 Aracely Galindo  
14173 Ryan Wuerthner  
14174 Joshua Freedman  
14175 Name not displayed RON PAUL 2012!
14176 Aaron Korn  
14177 ryan howell  
14178 Name not displayed I’m skeptical, so pair with Nader for my vote.
14179 Angela Skelton  
14180 Name not displayed  
14181 Name not displayed SAVE US
14182 Zackary J Odom Your only hope, we are at a complete loss when it comes to politicians that have any type of moral code whatsoever, and if things continue…possibly the last we’ll ever see. Please Dr. Paul.
14183 Austin PAUL 2012!
14185 Randy Burleson  
14186 Teri Kiger America needs a true leader!!
14187 Lucas Peters  
14188 Thomas Hughes  
14189 Danny Nelson  
14190 britt gudowski We need you Ron!
14191 Joseph Grey America needs you.
14192 Jill Hughes  
14193 Annie  
14194 Richard Briggs Help! Run! Win! Let us see the gold! Its our gold show it to us!
14195 HARVEY KLEE If Dr. Paul won’t run I would need a very like-minded alternative!
14196 Matthew Crowley  
14197 Sargon Sarkis You must win for this country. Failure leaves us with no options.
14198 chad castellanos you’re the only hope this country has Dr. Paul!
14199 mike orlando …all Senators should wear a jacket, blue in color. On the jackets should be patches. Patches of the lobbyist they fall prey too and the corporation or group they represent. Further more they should have a sign above their seat…listing any and all business they are invested in or support. This way we know what bastards to get rid of first !
14200 Name not displayed  
14201 Name not displayed  
14202 Deborah Gazaleh This is our year to make a change!! Let’s do it!!
14203 Scott GO RON PAUL!
14204 paul phoutthasinh  
14205 Russell Groover We need a champion of the Constitution in our corner.
14206 Name not displayed The time is now for a good President
14207 LeeAnne Hooper  
14208 Howard Howerton  
14209 Robert Hamilton You have helped open my eyes and for that I am eternally grateful… America needs someone like you at the helm!
14210 Kristen White  
14211 Stephen Viramontes RP 2012!!!
14212 Mark McAdams Jr Thank you for being you, God Bless!
14213 Name not displayed  
14214 Carmen Marchionda You are the reason I vote!
14215 Colten Chalker  
14216 Kevin Thompson Win Paul Win
14217 Darryl Rod  
14218 mary pearson  
14219 K  
14220 Charlotte Ling  
14221 Sybil Ling  
14222 matthew feravich  
14223 Heath Stillwell I was a strong supporter on the street and financially in 2008 Campaign and look forward to doing so again. Ron Paul 2012!
14224 Harvey Ling  
14225 Name not displayed  
14226 Erik James I canvassed my precinct last time around, and more than doubled the local percentage voting for Ron Paul. One hard working person in every precinct and we’ll be saying President Ron Paul.
14227 Adam C Our last hope!
14228 Patricia Farmer  
14229 Detlef A. Dilbeck & Judge Andrew P. Napolitano VP 2012
14230 Casey Jones Whether you run or not, you have full support from us all over the world. Good will prevail!!!
14231 Jed Martin There is a time for all men. Now is yours, Dr. Paul. We’re counting on you!
14232 Jonathan Firl  
14233 Mark Bolliger  
14234 John M. Zeller help us
14235 Name not displayed  
14236 William Gatton  
14237 Yassine  
14238 Colleen M. Curran American’s are waking up to the TRUTH and We Need You as our Leader NOW more than Ever!
14239 Shawn Plummer We need you!!!
14240 Name not displayed  
14241 joshmillhollan ron paul or bust
14242 MIchelle Anderson  
14243 Name not displayed God speed!
14244 Elizabeth Thorman  
14245 Name not displayed  
14246 Mary Corp  
14247 Daniel J Slater We The People of the Free World need Ron Paul, or someone very much like him, to be President of the United States. It is in all our interest that the USA has an honest and reasonable man or woman in the Executive Office…
14248 John Hansen Representative Paul, we need to demonstrate that the power of the non elite is real! That “”TRUTH “” is still the foundation of that reality.
14249 melissa burgess  
14250 Christopher Yacko The ONLY viable candidate.
14251 Adam Russ Ron Paul is Americas last hope.
14252 Chris Stevenson We want real hope and change and Ron Paul is the man to bring it…..
14253 Cristina Luna Well, it’s simple, Ron-as Leia said to Obi-Wan via R2-D2, Help us, you’re our only hope.
14254 jim kolettis  
14255 Robert Barnhart We will follow you until the end Mr. Paul!
14256 Zechariah Pierce  
14257 Mitch Go 4 it! You will win!!! Another 4 Paul!
14258 Name not displayed our last hope, for we haven’t much left to do…
14259 Name not displayed If he refuses to run, he will have my write in vote!!
14260 Brian Schoenfeldt “”Wisdom is a tyranny in world gone mad”" The Peoples Clearing House has awarded Ron Paul a check for freedom and democracy! Let’s cash it in! We’re all behind you!
14261 Ariel Viera Dr. Paul is one of the most honest, bright and intelligent politician in todays world. Ron is also a true friend of peace and an advocate for the common man.
14262 Name not displayed God bless you Dr. Paul. Thank you for all you do.
14263 james edinger  
14264 David Cabana  
14265 Name not displayed  
14266 Name not displayed I do hope that you do run for president next year. And I do wish you the best of luck/
14267 Aleksis12345 Unknown message
14268 wayne johnson end da fed
14269 Name not displayed  
14270 evan Run Ron Run!
14271 Cora Warren  
14272 Richard Althoff  
14273 Ryan Nilsson I am a Canadian, but I have a deep love and appreciation for the U.S. Constitution and its principles of freedom. America needs Ron Paul, and Canada needs his influence as well.
14274 Angela cocchi  
14275 Brian Hahn Go Ron Paul!
14276 Name not displayed ron paul is awesome!
14277 Tom Nash  
14278 Name not displayed  
14279 James Ron Paul, please run in 2012 we need you and you have our support!
14280 Name not displayed Please run Ron.. We are all behind you to push for liberty in the USA.
14281 JaneFansler What a wonderful idea! :)
14282 travis hiteshew you are our hero…………lead us to this revolution
14283 Joseph P Matusik I believe that our country has strayed from the vision of our forefathers for way too long and we need a strong leader who can bring us back on track. If you ran, I would make sure to get as many people as I can to come out on election day. I know that if you won… well you might not last the full term but if you are strong enough to lead, I would strong enough to follow.
14284 Shayla Groff  
14285 kim  
14286 Alicia Williams We need Ron Paul in the White House ASAP!
14287 Scott  
14288 charlotte  
14289 Name not displayed  
14290 Tory Johnson good luck
14292 Daniel Coxon  
14293 Stephen Woodard Please run for President!!! We need you and your principles and values in the White House.
14294 cheri  
14295 Robert Barron  
14296 Lora Mollohan  
14297 Knut Do what you feel is best Dr. Paul, but please know that you have supporters all over the world who are willing to work for your cause and eventual presidential campaign, and who sincerely believe that you are the right man at the right time to lead America back to its greatness. Up with Liberty, Prosperity and, above all, PEACE!

- Regards from Scandinavia
14298 Michael Aaron Shepard Ron Paul 2012! You have my full support!
14299 Maria Fiorelli  
14300 charles o’malley  
14301 Hillary Hack RON PAUL 2012!!
14302 Alicia Lovejoy  
14303 Name not displayed  
14304 Aaron Kalb  
14305 Stan Barker  
14306 Name not displayed  
14307 Kevin Morrison do it!
14308 Matt J. McCullin  
14309 Stephen Krivy You are Not alone ! I support you as you Tell the truth to the world. God Bless America
14310 Name not displayed  
14311 Tres Wright I will work in any way possible in the Denver Area
14312 Matthew Oakley  
14313 Cory Ron Paul we need you
14314 Marjorie McKinney America needs you!
14315 Jose Ramirez You rock Dr. Paul!!! Please be honest and never lie too us
14316 Matt Parker You are the wisest man in politics. Run again!
14317 Garry E. Griswold  
14318 Christie Sharpe  
14319 Timothy P Diephouse Sir, yours was the first campaign I ever donated money to…PLEASE, run again. We need you.
14320 Name not displayed Our last hope, Ron Paul!
14321 Name not displayed  
14322 Name not displayed America needs you, Dr. Paul. We needed you last election, we need you more for the next
14323 Tim Walsh GO RON!
14324 srancisca please run for president. we need you.
14325 John Go Ron!
14326 L Acchione  
14327 kids mgmt Thank you for taking the time to make that clearer.
14328 Name not displayed  
14329 Name not displayed  
14330 the anon Please run!
14331 Jeremy Bauman  
14332 Allan dickson Dear sir i usualy dont sighn things online because of our crooked gov. but in this case i will chance it America needs you more than you know. we need a leader and like it or not you are it.please for all americans and the world save us from fachism
14333 Robert P. Richter You can do it, I believe in you!

The people need your leadership so they can understand what is really going on with money!
14334 Danny Willard This is my generation and if we want it to be free then we as people need to stand up and do whats right for the PEOPLE of the united states not whats good for the government! STOP THE FED! RON PAUL 2012!!!
14335 Chad Kinnett More campaigning in rual areas where gun rights and freedom means more to people the southwestern colorado, west virginia, oregon and nor cal
14336 Doug Sawyer  
14337 Jon Mayberry  
14338 Bob Pyle Hope for America
14339 Donald Duck End the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
14340 Ethan America needs You!!
14341 Name not displayed  
14342 Garrett Dugger  
14343 John Michael Porten Keep the grassroots efforts going!
14344 Richard Stevens Will help any way I can. Free to travel, too.
14345 Name not displayed  
14346 kevin wilson  
14347 Steven Dawson As a Canadian citizen I am but a spectator, however Ron Pauls platform and opinions are the closest thing to the way the Founding Fathers wanted America, he is perfect.
14348 Matthew Burks  
14349 Tim Carroll I’m a democrat (now former) in Central Illinois, let me know what I can do. I’m a 100% behind you, and it’s the first time I ever wanted to help Campaign. Constitution, constitution, constitution.
14350 Mike Swindle  
14351 Wade Pullman  
14352 Name not displayed  
14353 Donald Combs Thanks for what you have already done.
14354 Name not displayed  
14355 Mark Ron Paul 2012!
14356 Name not displayed Onward to Liberty gentlemen.
14357 Name not displayed  
14358 Name not displayed  
14359 Ernesto Jimenez The federal Reserve needs to be shut down.
14360 Paula Dickson Please run for president in 2012 we need you. You have more supporters then you think and that the media wants you to beleive.
14361 Name not displayed Please Run Sir, Our Country Needs You Now, More Than Ever!
14362 paul higley Please Congressman Paul. Please run.
14363 Name not displayed  
14364 Name not displayed  
14365 brandon edgmon lets hope he wins or im moving to china!
14366 Vince Truong  
14367 Quinn Pfender Ron Paul. Last Hope.
14368 Louis Carollo If the republicans knew what was good for this country they would make Ron Paul their number one elected official for the 2012 presidency candidature. Ron Paul 2012.
14369 Brody John Lancour We need a voice for america that understands the people and wants to bring back a free america, and stand up the federal reserve before they enslave america.
14370 Jonathan McCarty  
14371 Monica McCarty  
14372 Kristine Bowles It would be nice to have someone put in office by the people who actually worked for the people.
14373 Name not displayed we need somebody with intergrity and truth to restore this great country we live in. I have yet to here the sincerity from any politician than I hear from you. Thank you, please run !
14374 Name not displayed Go Ron Paul!!
14375 randy rush  
14376 Josh Hoover  
14377 Name not displayed Please Run
14378 John L Jennings III Go Ron Go!!
14379 Paige Hadley America needs a leader like you Ron Paul, please run for President in 2012.
14380 Anthony Ashley America really needs Jesus and men like him.
14381 Name not displayed  
14382 Meaghan Payne We need a real face not another puppet!
14383 Name not displayed The American people need the wisdom of Ron Paul, he will 100% have my vote if he will agree to run and lead this country.
14384 Jared Lindo  
14385 Larry Bohlken Jr for freedom and liberty the people are with you!
14386 Don Leigh Go Paul!
14387 matt fiore  
14388 Larry Bohlken Sr for freedom and liberty the people are with you!
14389 Richard Camacho Ron Paul, taking America back in 2012!
14390 Ed Becker Save us!
14391 Wendy Peebles Run! Run! Run!
14392 Name not displayed  
14393 Denna Myers  
14394 compare lcd tv a very inspiring sroties…great thanx to you and to all the people who develope this site. keep going and good luck.
14395 AJ  
14396 Joseph W. Lathus RON was RIGHT!
14397 Name not displayed Save our country!
14398 Joseph Haupt  
14399 Stephen Prewitt Hello

My first introduction to Ron Paul was a program that part of concerned The Federal Reserve System. I’m a finance grad with economic miner and taught The Federal Reserve ,was god, did everything in the best interest of the United States of America. I did not agree that some of their decision from the past were the best ones for the country and thin manipulating the interest rates in early 2000’s I lost all faith in the federal Reserve but there suppose to know best and being an ENTITY of this country have its wellbeing in the forefront.

The program pointed out the Federal Reserve System Is not an entity of this country at that point a great deal of dilemmas I had with the decisions made by the fed fell in to place. So I looked him up on the net and found.

An American willing to speak out about the way this country is being DRAWN DOWN the wrong road through the influence of the fed and others not concerned about the well being of the country. An American willing to Paint a true picture of the bad influences of this country that some are trying very hard to hide/deny

THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is being fleeced and if it continues?
14400 Name not displayed Let freedom ring!
14401 Karl Yocher  
14402 Susan Davis  
14403 Justin Brown Do it. Even if we lose it still pushes the message!!!
14404 william babiarz  
14405 Karen Gallagher Audit and END the FED!!!
14406 sharla foster  
14407 James F. Huston My father once gave you 1 oz of gold as a contribution to your campaign, I plan to do the same.
14408 Deb culkin  
14409 Name not displayed  
14410 thomas We really need you Ron, a true Comander in shief with Integrity and Honesty tourch the American people.
14411 Carissa He just makes sense! Long term and short term economic recovery. He is honest!!!
14412 Name not displayed Please give me a reason to vote in 2012.
14413 Rafael maldonado Freedom forever!!!
14414 larry brooks (weather they like it or not they better learn to love it you are the best thing going today whew:) the peoples champion the great ron paul
14415 Thomas Long America needs to take care of itself,let the rest of the world defend itself and prosper from our example.
14416 Bob Watson Do it Ronny baby, and take Ralph Nader along with you !
14417 Brandon Gregory Iraq War Veteran, with all my support for you. Please run in 2012…America needs true “”change”",America needs you.
14418 paul karcher  
14419 Name not displayed  
14420 Name not displayed  
14421 Katrina Singletary We need you!!
14422 matt poireir  
14423 Kyle Pommer  
14424 Name not displayed Please run in 2012
14425 Coleman Langham  
14426 Michael Renna  
14427 frank palermo God Bless you Ron
14428 Ryan Yinger  
14429 megan sessions please please please.
14430 Matthew Moore End the Fed!
14431 Timothy Clark We need YOU Ron !!!
14432 Jentietaffoto Poker zasady
14433 Patrick Q FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
14434 cheryl madison  
14435 Frankie Morris  
14436 Name not displayed Open your eyes America, we got to pull together for liberty. Just like the old days!!
14437 Morgan Dr. Paul, you are the only presidential candidate I would vote for. Please run, if for no other reason than to open more eyes, like you did for me.
14438 Name not displayed  
14439 Michael Campisi Mr. Paul seems to have his head on straight. I wish him luck.
14440 Tara B WOOT
14441 Ryan Colpitts The Federal reserve must pay dearly for what they have done. It’s good to see more people are opening their eyes after being in denial for so long. Your influence is growing stronger by the days and the people need you. It’s time that the lobbyists payed the price for their selfishness, greed and cruelty to the society.
14442 William Richter Jr  
14443 Name not displayed  
14444 morgan cockrell Please save america! pinnochi-obama is ruining america! i can proudly say i NEVER fell for his LIES!
14445 Name not displayed  
14446 james salley  
14447 Name not displayed  
14448 David Martinez Go Paul!
14449 Name not displayed  
14450 alex martz Please dude
14451 Lee J.M Viva La Revolucion Mi Gente!! Ron Paul 2012!!
14452 Mark Lambert Intelligent Libertarians will back you!! Thank You
14453 Gert Visser  
14454 Name not displayed  
14455 Austin Wheeler freedom isn’t free
14456 Rajiv Kumar  
14457 Janis Rice  
14458 brad sousa  
14459 Name not displayed You’ve inspired me an a young generation,2012 let’s restore the republic together.
14460 Name not displayed We need you Congressman Paul!! America needs you!!
14461 j 41 shoes Wow this was doubtlessly one of the most effective posts I’ve had the chance to view on the subject so far. I do not know where you gather up all your info but up! I’m gong to send a few folks your way to take a look at this post.
14462 Matt Wynn Legalize the Constitution!
14463 Mark Reski  
14464 Name not displayed  
14465 Name not displayed Dr. Ron stays true to his word and speaks the truth. He does not follow political winds but votes for what is right and just. He stands for liberty, free markets, and protecting the United States Constitution. If Dr. Paul runs again I will absolutely vote for him again.
14466 John Kenney  
14467 Name not displayed Hope for Real Change RP2012
14468 Paul Stovall  
14469 Steve Dubovik ITS ON
14470 Jacob Peterson Ron you are the best advocate for freedom, reason and real hope and change for america. To bring truth to power by ending the fed, All of the fruitless wars and bring all of are troops home from all over the globe. I think you would be the best person to be president in 2012!!!
14471 Lane Trent Run Please!
14472 Devin Harkins  
14473 Drew Pickett  
14474 Cameron Horton I was 17 on election day, 2008. I knew next to nothing of politics, and mindlessly followed the neo-cons. I watched Obama’s election, perplexed with how so many people could be decieved. I asked, “”Why?”" That day led to a two year long enlightenment of our history, our government, and our constitution. I woke up.
14475 Rigby Core  
14476 John truth
14477 Jonathan Koop Dr. Paul,

Please move forward and RUN for president in 2012! I believe that if we can have both you AND Gary Johnson speaking the message of freedom in the primaries will give much needed face time to our ever-growing view points. Thanks for all that you have done and will continue to do in the name of freedom!
14478 Emanuel Hedanek  
14479 Katie Crammer I had completely lost faith in all politicians until I discovered you. I hope to have the chance to vote for you in 2012!
14480 Kent Long  
14481 Joseph schlanger Let us be free again!!
14482 rhace gelo help us
14483 Name not displayed  
14484 Name not displayed Time to kick some offshore Banker’s butt!
14485 James  
14486 Name not displayed  
14487 Laura Valencia  
14488 Name not displayed Do what you think is best. I’m exhausted by the rhetoric & appreciate your clear and to the point thinking. No BS for political gain.
14489 Brian Sawyer  
14490 Jesse Ngapeka WE THE PEOPLE of the WORLD need you!! Save us from world TYRANNY
14491 christian calderin  
14492 Name not displayed When Mr. Paul speaks,

I usually like what I hear!
14493 Kevin Keen Dr. Paul, we need someone to break into the third party category and you could be that man. We, the people, are sick of party politics. Sick of senators and representatives arguing over spending when really, they share the same ideologies when it comes to spending and that ideology is: SPEND A LOT. You cannot have a surplus when you are running the well dry. In the great words of John Paul Jones “”I have not yet begun to fight!”"

The American people know that you have not started to fight yet. We urge you to dust off your best suit and ready for next year.
14494 Theodore Paulsen  
14495 wayne llewellyn  
14496 Name not displayed  
14497 Joan Harris  
14498 Name not displayed  
14499 Joseph A Gibbs  
14500 Aaron Amick Our country needs a leader, one with the knowledge of our founding fathers mission and the back bone to see it through.
14501 Name not displayed  
14502 Name not displayed Time to make history; support Congressman Ron Paul for President of the United States of America. Let us regain our lost pride and elect a real American to our most sacred of offices.
14503 Name not displayed  
14504 Paul Coppock Until recently, I knew very little about the Federal Reserve or many other key components in the U.S. government systems. As I began to study warnings as far back as the 1940′s, listening to truth tellers like Peter Schiff, and watching videos about your message on youtube, I can say with confidence that the Constitutional banner you carry inspires in me a form of hope I had thought impossible.
14505 Name not displayed  
14506 Jonathatn Holmes Our country is dying. Without a honorable, up-standing leader who will take this country back from the greed of large government and corrupt special intrest it WILL die. No people are immune to the lessons of history.
14507 Name not displayed Let the Lord lead you. Thank you for your commitments to educating us! I will support you.
14508 Randee Schoensiegel Dear Lord, Please give our nation the strength to rise up against to tyranny that we face in America today. Please help us to open our hearts and minds so that we may be courageous.

14509 Jeena Lim Hope you run, Dr. Paul. You’ve opened my eyes to how the Constitution is still relevant to our lives today, and have given me hope that we, as a nation, can still make our government work.
14510 cyd show you said everyone has a moral obligation to spread the message, now its your moral obligation to help your country in the best way possible which is to be a candidate in 2012. thank you ron paul
14511 Name not displayed WE THE PEOPLE CHOOSE YOU!
14512 Rebecca Lawson Run, Ron, run!
14513 Michael Fanaro My Pledge to the Republic: I Pledge Allegiance to the Constitution of the United States of America, And to the Republic for which It stands; One Sovereign Nation, Fifty Sovereign States, With Liberty and Justice For All.
14514 James I failed to support you back in 2008, I will not make that same mistake twice! I will actively campaign for you at my University and around my community. RON PAUL 2012! FEEL IT! KNOW IT! BELIEVE IT!
14515 mohamed ali even if u dont win you well shake up the republicans and democrats. You should run every 4 years just to kick their butts in debates.
14516 Theodorus Laurman Dr. Paul, I have never had so much faith in the concept of change, and being able to make a difference than when I have seen your hard work and endless toil for liberty. I cannot thank you enough, and I ask that you continue your selfless work and run in 2012.
14517 Desiree Warwick  
14518 Bob Naprava You’ll miss 100% of the time if you don’t take the shot
14519 Name not displayed  
14520 Name not displayed Please represent us as president… as the patriot you are. Keep fighting for us.
14521 Aaron Stillabower  
14522 Name not displayed  
14523 Clint Hutchison Do as you will Ron Paul. But if you do decide to run you have our undieing support.
14524 Jamal Gazaleh Ron Paul will win in 2012…he must go one more round!
14525 kate hansworth not only does america need you but also the world

you are the only hope i have left

greetings from australia
14526 Name not displayed WAKE UP PEOPLE!
14527 Joseph Funches  
14528 KS Huffman Run for Senate or run for President, or do whatever will deal the best blow to the gut of the monster.
14529 Daniel F. Moreno You offer hope.

Hopefully you will make the decision to lead us.
14530 Name not displayed For our children, please run!
14531 Jenna  
14532 Jacob Volz “”All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.”"

-Thomas Jefferson
14533 jason fee please run!
14534 Marsha Bejian  
14535 Robin Ingersoll  
14536 Name not displayed  
14537 Matt Martin  
14538 Alex  
14539 David Zaustowicz Republicans for Ron Paul.
14540 Name not displayed Pls pls get our country back on track
14541 Karen Dowdy  
14542 Glen McNiel We are routing for you Ron
14543 Name not displayed Please run Dr. Paul. Hoping support for you gains ground over the spectrum of party affiliations. I am an Independent voter and am hopeful that the 2012 elections will bring back balance, logical fiscal management and respect for our constitution and the people by our government.
14544 Steven Berry  
14545 Michael Paladino Our Country Needs You!
14546 william g. holt  
14547 Paul Kelly Our values as human beings are disappearing. I’d like to inherit my sons a world for them to enjoy a system of economic stability, healthcare, nutrition, education, space exploration, quantum physics, metaphysical (real understanding of the human being), good politics, great artists with freedom of expression, end the oppression, turn it around by expressing love, compassion to one another. Stop the “”Marketing”" that’s messing up with our subconscious and addictions. Provide moral support to our families, to couples before and after getting married, we need kids growing up with their parents. We need as society to embrace our soldiers after going through the nightmares of war. We are corroding from the very core, we need CHANGE! You can be one of our guides!! If we help people wake up, then WE ARE ALL ALREADY BLESSED!!
14548 James B. Hixson  
14549 Joseph Gaudino  
14550 CBW”,2012

14551 Name not displayed  
14552 Eric Wong please run in 2012
14553 Name not displayed RUR PAUL RUN GIVE IT YOUR BEST THANKS
14554 Name not displayed WE NEED RON PAUL FOR OUR FUTURE
14555 Name not displayed You made more realistic picture as to the State of our great nation than lip server in the State of the Union address.
14556 Yousef Safa Mr. Paul is a breath of fresh air! He is what America needs…
14557 Herbie Zampini  
14558 Andrew You must run Dr Paul!
14559 Joel Surber Its a shame that Ron Paul isn’t the leading Democrat or Republican candidate because in almost any election despite how many names may be on a ballot, those are the only two which end up mattering. If he does run, he has my vote and support no matter the outcome.
14560 Name not displayed  
14561 schuyler pryor  
14562 Name not displayed  
14563 Howard Toller The whole world needs to hear you preach about the freedom we have lost not just america. We the people are ready for a change
14564 Chris Coyle You have my vote. Run baby run if not for President then the open senate seat.
14565 Rebecca Goss  
14566 alva j graber be there for us ron paul
14567 Matt Brooks America and everything its supposed to stand for needs you!
14568 Dan Newsome Please run!!!
14569 Joan Frisina Mr. Paul has a genuine new direction. It is inline with what we should have been doing all along. It may be our only hope.
14570 Matt Shoemaker  
14571 Name not displayed  
14572 Adriel Sotelo I’m ready to support!!!!
14573 Carmen D’Agostino  
14574 Name not displayed End the Fed for the good of America
14575 Name not displayed  
14576 Rachel Berlin Help us get back on track!
14577 John Henrichsen You speak the truth, defend the Constitution, and are fiscally responsible and understand monetary policy. You have to run in 2012!
14578 John Henrichsen You speak the truth, defend the Constitution, and are fiscally responsible and understand monetary policy. You have to run in 2012!
14579 david smith thanks to your help people are becoming more aware!!
14580 Matthew Oliver Go Ron Paul! You’ll have my vote!
14581 David Alan Conway II  
14582 Name not displayed I WANT MY FREEDOM BACK
14583 Jared Goodyear Get us out of NAFTA, WTO, UN, NATO, and End the Fed and End the Wars!
14584 Name not displayed Please run
14585 Greg Combs We need a leader with common sense!!!!!
14586 John Lee American Needs You!!!
14587 Name not displayed  
14588 Ron Acton The Tea Party can make Ron Paul a Write in Candidate. The Internet is more powerful than any other media. You don’t need $80 million to get elected. The Lame Stream Media can’t control it.
14589 Name not displayed We need you to run for president in 2012. We need to save the country for all future generations of our family’s .
14590 Carl O’Bier You have my vote.
14591 Dennis Wen You have my full support!
14592 [email protected]  
14593 Joe Peterson Enough of the BS. its time for the RP!

You have my vote on 2012.
14594 Jordan Wayne Stephens America needs your philosophically consistent belief system and uncompromising actions.
14595 Eric Smestad  
14596 Frank Bailey The only person with the common sense and care to bring our country into a better future!
14597 Alan Dorman  
14598 richard brown  
14599 shaune daniel We need you now more than ever before.
14600 Name not displayed Ron Paul is a true American Patriot, not a selfish and power hungry politician. May he run for office and annihilate the rest of these liars.
14601 Name not displayed  
14602 Name not displayed Ron Paul is the only chance we have to march forward, stand strong and to make a change!

Ron Paul 2012
14603 Name not displayed Ron Paul you’re the man, if you can’t do it, no one can! Thank you Ron! ~Heidi
14604 Danielle Eiler  
14605 Name not displayed I hope Ron runs and has Jesse Ventura as a running mate.
14606 Name not displayed  
14607 Name not displayed  
14608 Name not displayed Please save us from this socialist hell!
14609 Miles Bergeron  
14610 Greg Coley  
14612 Crystal Hinkle  
14613 Name not displayed  
14614 Chris Simo-Kinzer Please, for the love of this country and ALL of our liberty (and sanity), run in 2012.
14615 Name not displayed  
14616 Joseph Watts GO RON! 2012 !
14617 Name not displayed  
14618 Jonny Voy Dr. Paul is a revolution, i say in with the new out with the old. I’m tired of this crap this country needs to rise, and Dr. Ron Paul is the man to do it
14619 Scott Breon I’m Canadian, but I sign this, anything to get rid of the traditional corporate shill regimes that have plagued the world for years. I wish we had a Ron Paul here
14620 Name not displayed “”Help us, Obi-Ron, you’re our only hope.”"
14621 Michael Lowrie Im 29 and he will be the first president I will have voted for, if he runs!
14622 Jonathan Rejholec I also mocked you in ’08, but I have found liberty and today’s Tomas Jefferson. Run, Ron, Run!
14623 Name not displayed Will we ever have another white President?
14624 Name not displayed One Nation, Under God
14625 Theresa DePalmer  
14626 Deborah Medley  
14627 Paul Hashemian I hope to see you run and win the presidency for 2012. I have always supported you and continue to do so as long as you are in office. Good luck.
14628 william hamilton please run
14629 Peter Guzman  
14630 Rebecca Allen  
14631 Harold Ward For the future of America
14632 Dan Bizub  
14633 Valerie Lumley  
14634 Gregory Behan  
14635 Zachary O’Drobinak  
14636 Name not displayed While it is impossible for one man to undo the damage done to our system over the last 100 years, it is imperative that we take a step in the right direction immediately.
14637 Name not displayed  
14638 Heather Run Paul Run!
14639 Jeremy Buller You will have my vote in 2012 if you run. America doesn’t need an extreme on ANY side. I feel you are an intelligent, moderate libertarian. Good Luck, Sir.
14640 Name not displayed  
14641 Name not displayed I want YOU as the leader of the new American Revolution!
14642 David Please good sir, Run in 2012. You are a true American.
14643 Sidney Whateley I agree with everything you propose but healthcare Ron Paul. Please run for President. I would vote for you.
14644 Name not displayed  
14645 Mario Medina save our country!!
14646 Jesse O’Brien Please do so! Bring us back our honor and integrity. America needs someone with sense like you.
14647 Michael Ramler  
14648 Edward Arbuthnot  
14649 Nathan Piper  
14650 Adrian Salsgiver America needs Ron Paul. We need to end the Fed and bring the troops home. We need to identify the real terrorists, like the TSA, the Terrorists of Sexual Abuse. Resist tyranny! Resist the New World Order Conspiracy!
14651 desirae snyder We need a LEADER who’s not afraid to sp speak the truth! !
14652 Andrew Littrell You are on of the few politicians that display common sense and integrity. You have my vote.
14653 Elizabeth Fox  
14654 Anthony Fazone  
14655 Patrick H The True American
14656 Name not displayed  
14657 Michael Alan Jones Dr. Paul, please consider running, the country needs you!
14658 Ron Konrad Wish you the best, do what you think is right!
14659 Name not displayed  
14660 Jay Nozdryn But seriously, the whole world REALLY does need you!!! (from Canada)
14661 Mary Tomlin You woke a lot of people up in 2008. It would be a shame not to harvest the momentum you began back then. Even citizens of foreign nations are urging you to run. Our country is a symbol of freedom to the people of the world, so they also have an interest in our freedoms being restored and preserved. I firmly believe that you are the man to do just that. We need you to lead us to liberty!!
14662 gaby  
14663 Name not displayed  
14664 Jennifer Pope  
14665 Tom Devonport Restore humanity to the world.
14666 Aaron Porche We need you
14667 Name not displayed i believe your the only person who can save the world from the nwo.
14668 Austin Cords  
14669 David Mark Gordon You are the only voice of reason in Washington.
14670 A. Jacob W. Reinhardt Limited Government will be better for everyone and more glorifying to God and my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I will support your efforts to run for president as I did in 2008.
14671 Ryan Streeter This country needs you more than ever.
14672 Brian Ellender Now more than ever, as we near the financial tipping point…
14673 Richard Meeks God Bless AMERICA!
14674 Name not displayed  
14675 Joel Gray  
14676 Scott Reynolds  
14677 Jim Harris I will do everything in my power to get you to the White House! America needs a REAL president.
14678 Matthew G. Sproat You are the first politician that I believe enough in to make me want to vote. All others before you, that I have seen, all have the same fatal flaw, greed.
14679 Joseph Re Who is John Galt?
14680 Destiny S. Mubita I vote for you every election and am a long time supporter from your own district.
14681 Tim Sexton PLEASE!! We need better government and sensible policies!
14682 Naji Filali For the sake of the country, please!
14683 K.S.S. Ron Paul, you look like Gandalf. PLEASE RUN!
14684 Name not displayed I voted for you in 2008 and educated individuals to see the value in liberty and they came on board. You are a political hero to many. With the times we are in, your voice speaks the truth and true foundation of freedom. Please carry on the faith of a true republic and run in 2012.
14685 Name not displayed  
14686 Robert Anthony Coleman  
14687 Name not displayed keep up the good work Dr. Paul
14688 Nicholas S. Carlson You should do it Sir.
14689 Name not displayed I rooted for you in ’08 and expect to root for you in 2012. I hope that you are able to be on the ballet and actually get some sort of pull from the public.

We need someone with a head on their shoulders and Ron Paul has that.
14690 Brian Buzzell we need a real leader!
14691 nigel pendley i implore you to make a presidential run. i would love to try my hand at working for a campaign, the problem is i refuse to work on any other campaign but yours. so give me a job to do and run. thank you for your work and wisdom. nigel
14692 Tor Olof Ron Paul will Fix USA!

allow him to be our president and

we will live in a peaceful world
14693 Matthew Hatch  
14694 Nathan Peters God and Prosperity
14695 Shawn Bass  
14696 Name not displayed End the Fed.
14697 Name not displayed  
14698 M. Wyss  
14699 William Whitehurst  
14700 Edward Breimann  
14701 Vincent V. Versurah, Jr. Please run. I had to write you in the last presidential election in Florida.
14702 mark ludlow Please consider Col. Allen West as your V.P. choice. That would be a power house team.
14703 Jennifer Cartwright RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT!
14704 Tom Flanagan  
14705 Jen Flanagan  
14706 Name not displayed Ron Paul rules!
14707 Name not displayed You’re the best and only candidate, sir.
14708 jasden elfeky  
14709 Name not displayed  
14710 Leon Lin  
14711 G John Slagle There seems to be only one sane voice in the capitol. Yours.
14712 Thomas Henderson You are our only hope!
14713 John D. RON PAUL 2012!!
14714 Name not displayed running mate suggestions, Jan Brewer, Jesse Ventura, or Alex Jones.
14715 Adam Palmer Congressman Ron Paul you have inspired me to hopefully one day run for office. Your wisdom and transparency speaks tremendously of your character. I believe in you.
14716 Steven Swenson  
14717 brenda miner  
14718 Joyce Tasker  
14720 Name not displayed  
14721 Bryon L. Adams Your the man!
14722 Seth Yellin Vote for much better!!!
14723 Matthew Gilliland  
14724 Name not displayed  
14725 Roy Ohrberg  
14726 Name not displayed  
14727 mike mcmahon I will vote for Ron Paul 2012
14728 Brad Desjardins  
14729 Jack Stearns Jr. Go Ron Go! I was there for you in 2008 cheering you on at the primaries in tampa voting for you and i know the grass roots movement for liberty is much more powerful. Go for it!
14730 Lorrie Bryant  
14731 Michael Davis Dr. Paul, I hope you’ll realize you’re the best hope for the return of America’s real greatness: the America built of Freedom, by Freedom, for Freedom. Even if you don’t win, what will we do without a true defender of Liberty and the Constitution standing on the front line?
14732 David DeSimone I fell in love the first time I stumbled upon one of the tv debates. Before that, I couldn’t stomach watching a bunch of politicians.
14733 Jonathan Jordan How can I help?
14734 Name not displayed We need you again, as always
14735 Name not displayed  
14736 Lawrence Mercier Your speech was upfront. You and the republicans are going to have your hands full for obama gave us lip service last night. he still wants to spend under the word invest. I am backing you 100 percent.
14737 George Kubica  
14738 ty petty eye of the tiger, bro
14739 dean clark ron ,you get um …..i got your back over here got the heart and voice that america needs….run my friend you will be president in 2012…..i will speak it and it will happen but you must run….i saw your debate in 2008 ,,and i want you in the white house you sir are the hope that obama spoke of….run and you will be the president of the united states of america! I AM DEAN…..and i have powers unseen run i say run!
14740 Patrick Joseph Brinzo Dr. Paul

Sir, we are in dire times and you are our only chance. I am close to tears as I think about what my future holds for me. We are nearing the end of this great nation, but not all is lost, at least not yet… This is our last chance to do something great. You have my support no matter what, but more importantly, you sir have my vote.
14741 casey grijalva  
14742 Rusty Jordan I was asleep, but now I am awake! God Bless you, Ron
14743 Paul Bohnenstiehl “”Get the Fed out my personal and financial life! Protect our constitution. No more illegal taxing on our income. Audit the Federal Reserve Bank. End the War on Drugs. Allow states law to rule. Legalize Industrial Hemp. Smaller Federal Government. IF the People say end the war, then END THE WAR. If the People say feed the world, then feed the world. If the People say Green our Government & Corporations then Green our Government & Corporations. Protect the Environment & Animals as you would a baby who has no voice. RUN FOR PRESIDENT! Please?
14744 James W. Roberts I am 27 an never voted in any previous election. I WILL vote for Ron Paul if he runs for 2012.
14745 Name not displayed Austrian economics and libertarianism, a match made in heaven.
14746 John Sambdman Please run for President again. Yours is the only sane voice in government I have heard in 30 years.
14747 Ben Wilkinson Ron Paul cured my apathy!!
14748 Thomas Sambdman Dr. Paul, Our country needs you now! Please run for President in 2012. I voted for you in the primaries in 2008. Since then I have learned so much and am willing to back you with my time, talent, and treasure.
14749 Jeffrey Evans You are the ONLY voice of common sense I’ve heard that could actually win the election. Please go for it!
14750 Name not displayed We need to bring our troops home, end the drug war, and audit the federal reserve!!!
14751 Name not displayed  
14752 Derek White The timing couldn’t be better
14753 Ryan Ron Paul 2012!!!!
14754 Name not displayed I am trying to establish a ‘movement’ to elect ron paul 2012 but i need guidance and help…this is my first time getting so involved.
14755 Ethan Fleckenstein Run for president and YOU WILL get elected.

14756 Jeffrey Blackwell  
14757 Connor Foley Shambrook I get to vote for the first time in the upcoming election in 2012, and I see that Ron Paul is the ONLY option if we want our country to return to its former glorious state.
14758 Kalvin You know it and we know it, we need you in office Dr.
14759 Carmine Please run for president.
14760 Fred You might as well run, Dr. Paul. We’re all writing you in anyway.
14761 Troy LeGare This country needs you in the President’s seat!
14762 Name not displayed  
14763 Todd Schuller C4L
14764 Name not displayed I have always felt that the choice at the poll was the lesser of two evils. I have never voted for any candidate that I felt great about, not even good. If you run for President, I will finally have the opportunity to vote for who I want to be the President. Please run…we are looking for you in 2012!
14765 Name not displayed Run Ron, run!
14766 Brent Sams  
14767 Stan Rojek At least run to keep the RINO’s more honest. It really was the most startling part of the last campaign when everyone on the stage for the republican debate wanted to smite all of the radical muslims without a solution and you had an actual diagnosis for the issue. Leagues apart between yourself and the suits.
14768 Stephen A. Martineau  
14769 Name not displayed RON PAUL WE NEED YOU
14770 Name not displayed America needs a President Ron Paul!
14771 David Suess Thanks for the voice of liberty.
14772 Scott Elledge Illinois supports you Mr. Paul!
14773 Matthew Rosabal We need you Dr. Paul! America needs you…
14774 Ed/Carol Mitrani We’re on your team. Go for it. You’re a breath f fresh air. May God smile on your efforts.
14775 nick francis  
14776 Name not displayed You have my full support Doctor!
14777 Jason Boone  
14778 Nancy Gulotta You inspire us!
14779 Name not displayed Dr. Paul, this country needs your wisdom and character to truly change the tone of leadership and liberty in this country - please run again!
14780 Name not displayed when looking at the options for the next presidential elections, there really isn’t much choice. there is only few that can be considered and you, Dr. Ron Paul is the best choice for the presidency. If you run and win, you will go far with the backing of the american people. We need our country back and you can help us do this. I ask that you run and help us build a better tomorrow.
14781 Mason B. Kinkopf Use the new shock-and-awe resource of internet advertisement to bring us final victory over the tyrannical hold of large government.
14782 edward  
14783 Name not displayed We need someone as intelligent as you in office Dr. Paul. Please run!! 2012
14784 Rich DeCamp How does Ron feel about oil and commodity speculation?
14785 Clarke Bosch Get em Ron
14786 Stig Aaron Maehlum I’m Norwegian, and I would very much like to see Ron Paul in office. Our countries are tightly connected as democracies, through history and heritage. Personally I see Ron Paul, as I have been following for some years now, as the last hope for America. A unhealthy USA will reflect in a wider world, specially in Europe and all other democratic and peace loving countries!

With Dr. Ron Paul in office I would sleep better at night, and knowing that the Truth is back in the Administration.

Ron Paul has given me hope, and actually the drive to stand up for liberty - in my own country!

But first and foremost - good luck with Your campaign. Best of luck! Let the change and revolution commence in 2012!!!!!!!!!

Support from Norway for Ron Paul 2012. Victory for Freedom, Liberty and Truth! God bless!
14787 Name not displayed  
14788 Name not displayed Dr. Ron Paul…please…run for the presidency of the United States in 2012.
14789 Lincoln Evrard !!!
14790 Dave Davis You’re the man, Ron.
14791 Matthew Bruce  
14792 jeff anderson  
14793 Tanner Ballard Much respect Ron! You have my vote for 2012!
14794 Gilbert Velasquez Please run for president. As a former democrat turned independent, you are the only true real politician that is in office.
14795 rOBERT hARDING  
14796 Name not displayed You are the only politician America can trust!
14797 Daniel Blanchette You seem like a most worthy candidate. My friend made sure I know this. I would really enjoy seeing what you can do.
14798 Peter Snelgrove I hope that you run! I will vote for you and will rally my friends and co-workers to support you as well!!!
14799 Jim Wright As a Young 20 year old, i agree with you that the war on drugs is a failure and waste of money. 50 billion dollars a year. Legalize is wise Ron you have my vote and millions of other young peoples vote i promise you that! We need you a True American!
14800 Larry Miller  
14801 Name not displayed  
14802 Andrew Becker  
14803 Aaron D. Boyer  
14804 Chris Barber Down with the omnipotent state and the secular, corporate religion of scientific management! Let liberty and justice guide our nation!
14805 Name not displayed I vote for the constitution.
14806 Steve Kersey  
14807 Daniel Armer  
14808 Name not displayed RUN RON RUN! ! !
14809 Name not displayed  
14810 Michael Summaria  
14811 Name not displayed  
14812 Emanuele Pistone For freedom..
14813 Kerry H. Boles  
14814 Nicola Holden  
14815 Billy Moore  
14816 Michael We the people ask you to run for president and will support you in any way possible.
14817 Mendoza Yes! Please run for president.
14818 spy camera  
14819 Ashley D. Bird  
14820 Sorin Done  
14821 Name not displayed Dear Mr. Ron Paul, you have been such a dear beacon of hope to me and some of my fellow colleges. Ron Paul you must understand, we need you. I am pleading as a fellow defender of the constitution, as a strong supporter of liberty… I am pleading you, please run Dr. Ron Paul. You are the only hope. We must end tyranny before all is lost. The new police state and economic ruin may destroy America… you are one of the only few we can trust… please Ron Paul… please…
14822 Vladimir Ron Paul for President, please! The Western world needs someone with a good head on his shoulders to run stuff. Need to change things for the better.
14823 paul kazee  
14824 randy starkey run ron run
14825 Monica Lucas Ron Paul, thank you for your dedication to our freedome. As a libertarian, I fully support you.

Although unlike my fellow supporters of the Libertarian Party, I believe that it is important in this generation to raise taxes, at least voluntarily. If you have any connection to a fund where concerned citizens can donate money to help reduce the deficit, or to bennifit the farmers and small business owners who are suffering, I’d love to see more about that.

Thank you again!

all my support in 2012

Monica Lucas
14826 Mark S Smith  
14827 James M. Young We really need to restore and return to being the United States of America and maintain our Constitution
14828 Jose Cuervo FUCK THE ILLUMINATI.
14829 Shannon Pleas  
14830 John Terrero you are our only hope
14831 alex  
14832 Neal Chaudhari  
14833 Jake Nelson Win this fight! You can do it!
14834 Chris Gilmore Thumbs up for the Austrian School of Economics!
14835 Nathan Winters Ron Paul or if not then Gary Johnson.
14836 Chason Archuleta Dr. Paul is a modern-day Founding Father and my hero.
14837 Name not displayed  
14838 Matthew Fox I trust ur judgement on whether u decide to run or not. If u dont please make it clear early on, who u support.
14839 Justin Smith Please run
14840 Mike Lawens Ive been hopeing this would become a posibility, Ron Paul for President !!
14841 Alberto Ron must be the next president in USA. Best Regards from SPAIN.
14842 Name not displayed  
14843 john stenford RUN FOR PRESIDENT!
14844 James Gordon  
14845 Robert A Stites Thank you for all you have done. I Loved your book on ending the Fed.
14846 Blackii Whyte Hey Ron. . .See if you can pry your son loose from the grip of McMitch. . .and make him run with you as VP. . .on a completely ‘non-party’ basis. . .and make him “”mind”" you. . .and if not, whoop his ‘Texas’ ass. . .
14847 James Bilinski GO RON! GO! AMERICA NEEDS YOU!
14848 Name not displayed Please please please run! America wants and needs it!
14849 Barbara Kates  
14851 Stephen Monchak Run Ron Run!
14852 Name not displayed Expose Barry Soetoro
14853 Name not displayed  
14854 Joan Wiersma Still the most HONEST man in our government, and the SMARTEST too! Americans have to make sure he doesn’t get ‘railroaded’ again like the GOP did the last time! Make elections HONEST!
14855 Erik Kritter  
14856 Name not displayed you must run and get equal media attention, if you do, you will win. we need our country back!
14857 Ryan Kenward America needs a leader who understands the way forward to prosperity, and is above appeasing with flawed and fiscally irresponsible gimmicks. Without a strong turn in the opposite direction, the fall of t he American empire is imminent.
14858 Oscar Villasenor Ron Paul is our only hope
14859 Name not displayed  
14860 Casey Reagan Irwin I will absolutely actively campaign for you if you choose to run. Hope you do.
14861 Name not displayed  
14862 Jonathan Blackwell  
14863 Name not displayed  
14864 Kenneth N. Hanson  
14865 Name not displayed  
14866 Warwick Greetings from England.

Please run in 2012, the whole world needs you.

With Love

14867 Name not displayed  
14868 EJ  
14869 Heather I want to vote for Ron Paul again and again in 2012.

Ron Paul is America’s hero!
14870 Steve Kearney We the people need you Dr. Paul. It is important that you not only run, but win. Save us Obie One, you are our only hope.
14871 Allyson Thomas Ron Paul for President 2012
14872 Bjorn Thommesen  
14873 Daniel sandoval Run Ron Paul don’t let these scum threaten you to not run your our true hope for a better future save America the founding fathers would be proud of you
14874 Joseph Earnhardt Thank you for saying the things that need to be said, but that are not always “”the easy way out”", we need more, louder voices like yours.
14875 Brad Reigel reurn sanity and compassion to the senate….
14876 Mark Packard  
14877 Anand Tekriwal Please come to UPenn and give a talk Dr. Paul.
14878 Greg Huston Ron Pauls ideas and policies are the only Ones that make sense
14879 Name not displayed  
14880 Eric Giardina Please run for president in 2012 Congressman Paul! We all have a big job ahead of us. I’m 100% commited. The world needs someone of your integrity in the white house. It would be the first time since Thomas Jefferson. God bless you!
14881 Name not displayed The World needs to adapt before its to late
14882 Tonya Usher  
14883 Name not displayed  
14884 Name not displayed Change we can believe in.
14885 Name not displayed  
14886 Julie Paquette  
14887 Rui Madeira  
14888 Ovidijus I would vote for him 2012 we need good U.S.A President.
14889 Name not displayed It’s very hard to explain to my children how politics “”used to be”" we need to have a government that we can count ont that will do right by future generations.
14890 brandon a filipowicz Down with the bankers tryin to eliminate our sovereignty . Power to the people.
14891 Name not displayed You need to at least try…the rest of the country needs to know you’re out there.
14892 Dan Yates Go Ron Paul!
14893 Angelo Giraulo We love you RON!
14894 justin chesbro we need u now more than ever. your an true american hero keep up the fight . thank u for everything.
14895 Name not displayed RUN!!!
14896 Lindsay Giraulo Good luck!!!!
14897 Shawn Crabb  
14898 Diana Miller Ron Paul is the ONLY option left before USA collapses.
14899 Odali Noda  
14900 John White I voted for Obama, and I am not what most would consider a conservative. It’s not just Tea Partiers and uber-conservatives who see the sense in what Ron Paul is saying. America needs his common sense.
14901 Sarah Tracey  
14902 Phillip Clapp If these are your true values, we desperately need you.
14903 Tyler  
14904 Kyle E. Sullivan  
14905 Donna MB Ross You have my VOTE, Ron!
14906 Name not displayed Run with another big ticket name right in the beginning so you guys have a chance against the corrupt politicians.
14907 Les Murphy Run Ron Run!
14908 Name not displayed  
14909 Richard Lacerda I have never voted before due to the fact that i was born with common sense.You are the first candidate whose utter honesty has earned my vote and total support.Please give america a chance to come to its senses,and a person to vote for with that newfound knowledge.
14910 Jose Aguilar  
14911 Leo  
14912 S.H.  
14913 Luke Holbach It is worth a try, please run again!
14914 Scott Deike  
14915 Sean Miller Privatize everything.
14916 Jason J. McLean  
14917 Timothy Clancy I hope you will consider running. You are the only guy in Washington with a working brain! And I know how you fight for us now. Thank you!
14918 Name not displayed  
14919 Name not displayed  
14920 Robin Stevenson  
14921 Raymond Hanson Real Hope and Change for America!
14922 Drayson I would love to see Ron Paul for president in 2012! Long time overdue
14923 Arthur Gelinas Dear Mr Paul,

Being born into this great nation 21 years ago i have been unable to see our former Great Nation. I have grown up into oppression and heartache. I look to you as a savior to this great nation and its principles. To get our country back on track so maybe my children can grow up in a better place than i have. I have awoken due to just listening to you speak. I have watched nearly every interview with you in it and that dates back to the 80′s when you first tried to run. Who knows what world of opportunities i would of been born into with you in office. I have shared your wisdom with my entire family (they have awoken also) and i discuss your motives and wisdom with my customers at my pizza business. I will campaign my heart out for you via signs at my business, bumper stickers, shirts, rallies… you name it. Please Ron Paul you are the Saint that the US needs.
14924 Name not displayed  
14925 Name not displayed  
14926 Jennifer Peterson Ron Paul 2012 ~ I will vote for freedom!
14927 David Hall Ron Paul is a man of character and integrity. With that said, we can trust his words will always translate into Truth and Action.
14928 Name not displayed  
14929 Mark Nguyen Please lead us to the promise land, I’m tired of being stuck in the Promised land.
14930 Stephen C. Thomas I admire, respect and love this man of integrity.
14931 Name not displayed  
14932 Name not displayed  
14933 Name not displayed For liberty.
14934 Benjamin Musser  
14935 James  
14936 shawn Ive been watching you since your Presidential run against Obama. Im not a Tea Partier. Im not Christian, or a republican or left or right. Im an American kid from the heartland who now lives on the East coast. I want to vote for you again. Its your destiny to run. No one else can handle the mission. You are like Froto, Ron. In Lord of the Rings. The ring bearer. You’re the only one. I know you will do the right thing, no matter what your decision is. I respect it. Wishing you and yours the very Brightest Blessings. (A lot of people who dont like to admit they admire you are watching too.) They’re coming around. Because they have to. Because you are the only one. =)
14937 SPC Southerland, Michael, R America needs a true leader. America needs President Ron Paul.
14939 Joshua Cords America needs you.
14940 anonymous get the nigger out!
14941 Lou Schneider  
14942 Hugh J. Fitzpatrick, III  
14943 Brian F Williams  
14944 Sean Pascucci You are America’s last hope. Whatever it costs to run, the benefits will far exceed that if you win.
14945 Jose Vela You’re our only hope to bring this country back to shape.
14946 Brian Graziaplena  
14947 Brett Charap Win or Lose matters not. Fighting against the forces of evil is all that matters. FIGHT, RON!!!
14948 Zeeko Strick Support from Germany!
14949 Timothy Freemon  
14950 Diane Cornish Ron Paul!!! This is his time!!! Just as we the people are ready to revolt!!!!
14951 Name not displayed You’re our only hope Dr. Paul!
14952 Name not displayed You have the support of myself and my family!
14953 Sam Graham I truly believe that you are the only shining light in our decaying government.
14954 Betty-Rose Bryant  
14955 Name not displayed  
14956 Name not displayed  
14957 Joshua R. Ray U.S. Army Vet  
14958 Name not displayed Decriminalizing/legallizing marijuana would help a great deal
14959 James Fitzwater  
14960 Name not displayed  
14961 Michael Stocko  
14962 Name not displayed Dr. Paul, you are the only possible candidate that truly has America’s best interests at heart. You love this nation as much as we do and we know that you are the only man who can lead the revolution to change our government. Without you, we will endure more of the same from the left and the right. Please have the courage to stand up for all of us.
14963 Kevin M. Wunn  
14964 Josh Janeway  
14965 steve gritchen ron you will win for sure this time so run run run !
14966 Aaron Knapp Protect the constitution!!! We need your help!!
14967 Name not displayed End the Federal Reserve.
14968 Name not displayed  
14969 Corey Gordnier Makes us remember what being a Republican is all about!
14970 Daniel Lee Dr. Ron Paul For Liberty!
14971 John Layton  
14972 Name not displayed We really need a change and a man that doesn’t follow hidden powers.
14973 Matthew Kane  
14974 Name not displayed  
14975 Blair Manasse This is the man to lead our country.
14976 Name not displayed  
14977 Jamie Booth  
14978 jennifer bennetts yes! please run for president that would be awesome :)
14979 joshua bennetts i would actually look forward to this next presidental election.
14980 Name not displayed your my man, go and show the world what your made from, a good and respectable man
14981 Bob Blackburn  
14982 Adam Trahim Standing behind this movement I have no fears, only courage.
14983 Paul Niblock You are the man!!! I’ll do everything in my power too help if you choose to run.
14984 Name not displayed  
14985 John Goff  
14986 Rodney Blackburn  
14987 Name not displayed  
14988 Andrew Please run for president in 2012 Mr. Paul. You have the charisma and courage to help our country follow the constitution again.
14989 Name not displayed  
14990 Paige Keaton  
14991 Micah James Crowl We Need You Ron!!!!
14992 Amanda Crowl  
14993 delbert elbrader  
14994 Name not displayed  
14995 Kaylor Meade  
14996 Daniel McAdams  
14997 Jack Wiedie Run Paul Run
14998 Name not displayed  
14999 Alan D. Walrath  
15000 Alex Martinez  

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