Ron Paul Wins the Republican Debate in New Hampshire

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6 Responses to Ron Paul Wins the Republican Debate in New Hampshire

  1. Candice Pizzini Cantu says:

    Ron Paul is the only person standing in that line that even vaguely resembles a HUMAN and not a sleazy politician (AKA, hooker)…. God Bless Ron Paul and may everyone that reads this pray for him daily. He has the ability to unite this country against those who would destroy her. Anyone with a shred of common sense in their brain can see that he is the ONLY option for this country.

  2. Addam Cortez says:

    Go Dr. Paul!!! They don’t stand a chance!

  3. Roald Morell says:

    Even though i’m from Denmark i know that Ron Paul, is the only hope for a change in America and in the world… We need the truth to come out… Ron Paul you bring hope to the world!!!

  4. Did he really won the debate??? I hope he did! From what I know Mitt Romney’s still on top of the GOP poll. Now I’m confused.

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