Ron Paul is running for President and we’re trying to find one million Ron Paul supporters by the end of the year. Join us in expressing our support for Ron Paul!

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  1. Zdravko Vobisec says:

    I was interested in finding out about getting involved to elect Ron Paul. Can you give me information about your organization?

    Thank You

  2. sean Ulrich says:

    Down with the new world order.

  3. Mitch Gerganous says:

    Ron Paul is the best thing that could ever happen to the USA, he is a true patriot that wants the constitution returned to it’s rightful place as the revered central law of the land. Any politition that expresses a lack of support for it (the Constitution) or makes claims that it’s no longer relevant, should be forced to step down. They swear an oath to preserve and defend it, we should vigorously hold them to that.

  4. Mark says:

    This is not rocket science this is about ALL of our freedoms and liberties… This de-facto government is out of control and needs a gentle yet firm reminder of who is the head and who the tail is!!! Remember if you do not claim your rights you do not have any!! Stand up with a shout of freedom, liberty and justice for all!!! It really is now or maybe never!!! and if not now, when? If not us who?

  5. Mark says:

    In one of his speeches in his initial statement he said ” I am a champion for the constitution of the United States of America” I thought…. sign me up!!

  6. Kerry says:

    I believe a stand against The Federal Reserve and large corporations is needed by the next president. I also feel that renewable energy, an updated infrastructure, and the education of the future citizens of our country are important stands. What are Ron Paul’s beliefs on those issues before I sign a ballot. Let’s see the complete package please.

    • Tara Hart says:

      You haven’t been paying attention—do your research and then get back here and sign the petition. While Ron Paul is on the Constitutional side of all issues it us game of the media and the current corrupt Washington power base to pretend the main focus should becthis or that issue. FORGET ISSUES BECAUSE THE MEDIA MISREPRESENTS and the OPPONENTS LIE. VOTE FOR PROVEN CHARACTER AND INTEGRITY & THE ISSUES WILL RESOLVE THEMSELVES. Character IS Destiny. This is true for both countries and candidates. Vote your old fashion constitutional American character and the destructive destiny Obama & the Rothschilds have in store for us will be turned on it’s head. Watch the animated movie A Bug’s Life and seize the line by the little hero “there’s more of us than there are of them” and “we don’t need them, they need us because we work hard enough to feed them and us both”. Then watch the animated movie The American Dream and wake up to the real truth. The “Red Shields” stands for the Rothschilds. THEN VOTE RON PAUL whether he’s on an independent of Republican ticket. Saving America means saving yourself. Aren’t you and your posterity worth it?

  7. james says:

    Ron paul is the kind of president america needs. Fighting for decent pharmacy drug prices for americans, stopping illegal immigration and securing our borders, stop giving other countries billions of dollars in foreign aid (while our country is in debt) and we get nothing in return and the list can go on. Go mr. Paul run in 2012.

  8. Nathaniel Repay says:

    I would be interested in interning for Ron Paul if he decides to run, I’m a college student at Drake University in Des Moines, any information you can give me on how to garner an internship?

  9. FreeME says:

    Ron Paul shouldn’t need us to petition him to save our/his country. I really hope he runs in 2012 regardless of how many petitions he gets here.

  10. Mogul says:

    I hope Ron Paul gets elected and gets rid of the IRS and other big goverment bs

  11. Chris says:

    I hate the republican party there backwards and dead wrong on all policies.That’s why I would love if Paul ran on an independent platform not a republican platform,the republicans oppose Paul on all issues with only a small minority of republicans supporting him.he needs to get to his base the independents.I would like to know his stand on the patriot act it is the single biggest assault on the constitution and needs to be adverted asap.
    Benjamin Franklin once said “That those who give up essential liberty to purchase temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety”

    Go Ron Paul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. South Dakota Sara says:

    The majority of our government, it doesn’t matter which side of the party they’re on, are distroying our laws, the Constitution, and every right to the American citizen. We NEED Ron Paul. We need someone that still believes in the Constitution, who believes in what is right and what is wrong, we need someone that will fight for every justice for all.

    Ron Paul is our only Hope. Please please Mr Paul, please run for President!!

  13. merrill says:

    Look Mr Ron Paul seems to be an Ultra Conservative, yet More on some of the lines of A true Republican. He gives a new Meaning to Republican, I think the Roots set will run deeper in America, Because he speaks to the Realist and Knows how to call the rats out of their Holes!!! I love Mr Paul, he speaks to Both sides of the fence… He could Reunite a majority of Americans . I believe from who he is, he Could quite possibly save our Constitution!!!
    He agrees with issues as controversial as Gay Marriage, Doing away with Federal control of Drugs, and so on he is quite a breath of Realism and Liberty Id bet he even is respectful to our American Flag!!! He wont be posting Cuban Flags, on the walls of his Campaign Offices… Go Paul go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Donny says:

    People, if we want this wonderful and common sense loving man to run for president of our country, please get the word out as soon as possible and to as many people as you can! But the most important thing is making sure he has adequate fund raising. Be prepared to donate to Ron Paul for 2012!

  15. Bob Durham says:

    While Ron Paul would make an excellent president, I doubt he would win in a general election. The powers that be are too vested with the system as it stands. Big government Progressives come in both liberal and conservative stripes. While they disagree on some issues, they stand united to keep the status quo and would do what it takes to keep Obama or a carbon copy like Romney in the WH.

    To Ron Paul, I ask, please help a State secede from the Imperialist Empire “Union.” With the two major parties in collusion, Nullification and Secession are the ONLY checks against our tyrannical Federal government. After one State asserts itself, others will follow. Those Americans who seek libertarianism may go with and those who wish for an ever-growing Big Government can be free to relocate to places like CA, MA, NY, and IL.

  16. Tara Hart says:

    The Founding Fathers did not need the Constitution because they were alive and well and living their dream. They wrote for the day they would be driven by freedom stealers into defending our founding principles. Obama is committing treason when he serves on the governing bodies of other nations, denies the relevancy of the Constitution and Bill Of Rights, seeks to destroy, even kill, our heroes who are protected by the Whistleblowers Act (I.e. The young military man & the Wikileaks founder to name only 2) apologizes for our Country, bows to Muslim leaders (but not to England’s Queen), when he and the media make a mockery of the need for a non-forged both certificate that proves legal eligibility for his otherwise foreign takeover of our country, renders Congress impotent by abusing the Patriot Act as a basis to bypass Congressional approval in a myriad of areas thus eliminating our Founding Fathers “redundancies by design” which they foresaw as necessary protections to sustain their amazing vision. Last but mist important, he commits treason when he calls our Constitution irrelevant to modern times. The Constitution was irrelevant in the Founding Fathers lifetimes because, I repeat, they were living the dream. They wrote the Constitution for a time exactly such as this because they were visionaries who foresaw the future abuse by governmentof what would grow into a powerful nation and they wrote the Constitution to prevent the very harm our government is now inflicting upon us because they were not only fleeing similarly abusive governments but they were students o history and men of unified vision for our great land. Let every American who wants Ron Paul to be our next President to post United States flags on their websites, facebook, blogs, carry them with you, raise them in your front yards or apartment balconies, or tie them to your gas tank or antenna or other auto apparatus like Clemson fans tie tiger tails to their cars for the big game. Take up an American Flag as a unified symbol that you want Ron Paul and carry it from now until you step into voting polls. Ad for the Black Panthers Obama is likely to allow to carry clubs and weapons to the polls as they did in 2008—SCREW THEM. I will gladly be beaten to vote for Ron Paul and I am a 55 year old grandmother. America-Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, Native American and a others….won’t you join me in the mantra “Ron Paul for President “?

  17. Jack D says:

    I live in western Pennsylvania, or Nascar country to put it another way. I’m surrounded by people that to this day still have Bush/Cheney stickers on the back of their trucks. From 2007 to 2009 I drove around with an Obama sticker on the back of my car in that environment. I thought finally here is a President that is openly saying that there is something wrong with our government and that major changes needed to happen. I was so on board with him because after everything that happened in the eight years under Bush rule I was starting to lose hope that things would ever get better and Obama promised hope and change. I have learned a lot in the past three years about what really is going on in ‘our’ government. From 9/11 to the bailouts to checkpoints within our borders to the continuation of wars to billions of dollars in aid to foreign governments that share none of our ideals (Israel, Egypt, Pakistan) to the ever-increasing REAL threat of the New World Order. So I took the Obama sticker off and officially lost hope. But now I feel like I have it again after listening to Ron Paul’s speech at CPAC. While I’m afraid for him (see JFK, Lincoln, etc…) I’m also in awe of his courage and pure conviction.
    So a few months ago, before I discovered Ron Paul, I designed my own bumper sticker and put it on my car. It’s a red oval with an elephant in the middle and it says “SUPPORT THE ULTRA WEALTHY, VOTE REPUBLICAN”. I have it on the left side of my hatchback and I receive quite a few angry looks but also some smiles too. Then I started thinking about how to get the message out that I wasn’t exactly pro-democrat anymore and I really think that they are just two heads of the same beast. So, I designed another sticker yesterday that is identical to the first but is blue and has a donkey in the middle that says “SUPPORT THE ULTRA WEALTHY, VOTE DEMOCRAT”. I’m going to put it directly across from the other one. I’m looking forward to seeing the reactions of people around here. I’m going to drive around like that for a few months and then I’m going to put a Ron Paul sticker between the two that says something to the affect of “IF YOU WANT REAL CHANGE, VOTE FOR RON PAUL” or “TIRED OF THE SAME OLD CHANGE, VOTE RON PAUL”.
    I just wanted to share that. I feel that the revolution is now only beginning when a few months ago I thought it was officially dead. God bless Ron Paul.

    • Candice Cantu says:

      Here here, my American brother! I too recently figured out that our 2-party system is nothing more than 2 flavors of the same kool-aid, but as Alex Jones says, “both with Cyanide.” Congratulations on being awake! Too many of our brethren are still asleep -caught in the daze of the New World Order inflicted trance. I always took pride in calling myself a Republican Conservative, and of knowing the true definition (as it was began by the Founding Fathers) of such a title, I actually thought Conservatives represented financial conservativism… what a laugh! Now we are being run into the ground by the Federal Reserve who are about as federally oriented as the local grocery store. Now, I see that those of us who used to be on separate sides of the aisle can and SHOULD stand together. We need to come together FOR Ron Paul, FOR liberty, FOR the Constitution and AGAINST the NEW WORLD ORDER and its lackeys like Barack Obama…I’m sorry, Barry Soetoro. For all of you who are awake: http://www.infowars.com; http://www.waynemadsenreport.com; http://www.larouchepac.com; http://www.drudge.com; http://www.youtube.com/user/TheAlexJonesChannel.com. Let us all stand together because, We Are the Resistance! Long Live Ron Paul!

  18. cody says:

    ron is r only hope 2 end the war on pot

  19. Candice Cantu says:

    Ron Paul is our only salvation from certain doom which lies ahead at the hands of the global elite. If you are reading this post and on this website than you realize that there is truly a war on for your mind and I encourage you to ditch the mainstream (lamestream) dinosaur media and check out http://www.infowars.com and daily podcasts from Alex Jones Channel on You tube. These sites have CHANGED MY LIFE and will change yours too!!! Down with the New World Order and long live liberty and the American way! God Bless Ron Paul!!!

  20. tammy barrau says:


  21. randy says:

    Ron Paul , just in the nick of time, lets make the united states great again.

  22. artie nye says:

    i’m a federal retiree….my friend george works at my former federal shipyard….george and i both plan to vote for ron paul……every shipyarder george has spoken to plans to vote for ron paul….i believe there will be a huge surprise in washington next yr…..

  23. Patti says:

    I will never allow the media to decide for me who I will vote for, for president. I voted for Ron Paul in the last election, and I will vote for him in 2012. When I realized the media was nothing but a pack of liars, I stopped watching the news and reading the newspapers. I voted for Mickey Mouse for president for many years (my protest), because there were simply no candidates that deserved to be president. Now, there is a candidate who is worthy of the office, Ron Paul. If I need to, once again I will hand write-in his name on the ballot. I think that Americans are smarter than they are given credit for. I think we know what is right and wrong for our country, families, and our future generations. Ron Paul is that impetus to carry us through to a better future for our country and our lives.

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