Victory! Ron Paul Wins CPAC Straw Poll With 30%

The results of this year’s CPAC straw poll of potential presidential candidates are in. For the second year in a row, the winner is Ron Paul, with 30% of the vote. Mitt Romney came in second with 23%. Gary Johnson was third with 6%.

Ron Paul: 30%, Mitt Romney: 23%, Gary Johnson: 6%, Chris Christie: 6%, Newt Gingrich: 5%, Tim Pawlenty: 4%, Michele Bachmann: 4%, Mitch Daniels: 4%, Sarah Palin: 3%, Herman Cain: 2%, Mike Huckabee: 2%, Rick Santorum: 2%, John Thune: 2%, Jon Huntsman: 2%, Haley Barbour: 1%, Other: 5%, Undecided: 1%

Total votes: 3,742

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8 Responses to Victory! Ron Paul Wins CPAC Straw Poll With 30%

  1. Edward Thornton says:

    Mr. Ron Paul,

    Dear Mr. Paul,
    I have been involved in activism regarding ALIPAC agaisnt the many illegals in this country or legals in this country against Americans such as the manager at the Dunkin Donuts 6390 Amboy Road, Pleasant Plains, Staten Island Bourough, New York although prior to learning of them last April I made my own governmental contacts and organising. As of Wednesday the 23rd of February due to the federal police at the passport office 346 Hudson street Manhattan Bourough New York, I stand to loose my citizenship, be federally imprissioned for up to 25 years, and fined of unstated amount for having unofficially changed my name in 1997 (I had no legal or moral issues prior to that point that I can recall except the various assaults and attacks on my life and character/ social status, questioning of the death of my Grand Father, and the murder of my father by Richard Trapp covered-up as an accidental death) after a telephone conversation with my sister Julie.
    I would like to say I am going to be Edward Thornton (they took my state ID and said they were going to force me back to Wisconsin and the former name which is worse than opening up a can of bad worms) and be able to be alive, and active in getting you into office, but I need the immediate help to favorably resolve this issue to my benefit. I had written to you on more occasions presuming my e-mails and calls actually made it to you versus some type of electronic synthesising of a call but was afraid to reveal my information over the phone and have been blocked financially from getting out to you. I also wrote and called to other offices and private organisations including the Justice Department, former President Bush, VP Chenny, various states Representatives or Senators, as well as private organisations and companies indirectly or directly spilling my guts and requesting sponsorship to come back to the United States for the greater fear that I would become forever held under in Deutschland by imbittered Deutsch in menial jobs and never being viewed as more as an Americaner no matter how hard I worked or successful I could be(thank all the good spirits and persons who were not like that) well as since no less than 2004 in Innsbruck Austria directly from my cell phone and subsequenlty from Gerhard Trenkwalder’s laptop.

    I beleive apart of the assaults are coming from Pharmaceutical corporations after being a human gineau pig and refusing to lie about the results of dangerous events. The nypd police have been harassing me since December 2007 when I was haunted with the death of a Frank Olson for two days after seeing the rerun of the enactment of his alleged suicide which I said was a murder after strugeling against his assailants whereby he was thrown out of the window. I was slam dunked from the Navy by a Brian Connely for speaking up for American defense and against Karl Marx at that time against the hypothetical Russian invading our territorial waters and to blow their gluteus out of our waters. The navy then stated that it would take me before mast, down graded to dihonorable, but I fought to get to a General Discharge but with a bad coding destgroying my career in the Military. Subsequent attakcs via poisioning my food, running into me in the intersection and while driving with an employer, homosexual mischaracterisation, stabbing me in the neck with a flip, and theft of intellectual property correlate to the Navy and its oppression of Americans to be Independent especially against the socialist/ communist anti- functional, drugged-out agenda, and sexualising the world((not witstanding a misconstruing from other factions the content is despised)). The alleged British, registered Alien at NASA in Langley Nasa center approximately 1989 while volunteering at the visitor center setting me up saying I left the facility doors open upon closing which seemed to have started after mental imagery before one of the display cases for the rockets and examing the manned capsul for one of the orbits.
    I want to participate in your campaign and OTHER endeavors but I need just a teeny bit of help… BIG HELP!!!! to keep going now.
    Edward Thornton

  2. john harvey says:

    Mr. Paul please help this man.

  3. Joseph Franks says:

    The political machine doesn’t want this guy in office. He is the only president to ever speak so openly, candidly, and honestly about the issues. He takes a real life approach, and calls the government on their bullsh*t openly. Anyone with any degree of intellegence would vote for this guy without a second thought, but sadly America is full of idiots. Most people never take enough time away from “American Idol” and “Jersey Shore” to seek out the truth.

    Sadly, marijuana is still illegal, and our country is run by coorporations, financed by war, and educated by propaganda. We’re the big bullies of the world, and most people are submissive slaves….just so long as no one steps on “Their” peice of the grass.

  4. Dave C says:

    Do you think the establishment is planting nut cases like Mr Thorton in the Ron Paul supporter ranks?

  5. John Harlan says:

    The honorable Dr. Ron Paul:
    Please expose the distortions, disinformation, misinformation, statistics and other lies the Democrats (and Republicans when necessary) are espousing daily. We need a spokesman for the people to refute these lies on a daily basis. It will be a full time job.
    John Harlan

  6. karen noel says:

    I live in Texas and today it was on the internet that our governor Rick Perry was thinking about possibly running for president. Next to the article was a survey on who would you select for the Repubican nominee. It showed all the photos of the numerous candidates and at the very bottom the last photo was yours. Heck they even showed Rick Perry’s photo before yours! I clicked your photo as my choice. I feel the powerful people who control this country think they get to select our president-not us. They like to tell us who does and does not have a chance to win to influence our vote. I can tell these same people really do not like you and that makes me like you even more. I will be voting for you and I think they under estimate the number of folks who will also be voting for you. God willing you will be our next president.

  7. David says:

    Mr. Paul I want you to keep something in your mind at all times no matter how difficult things may seem or may get, “The Truth Is On Your Side” and it is no fairy tail that the truth will prevail. God said so. Amen. Now go kick some ass!

  8. Mike Li says:

    Ron Paul have good chance!

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