Signatures 5,001-10,000

Number Name Comment
6001 Joshua Fowler  
6002 Ralph Gertz Run as an independent, Ron. The major parties are two sides of the same coin!
6003 khalid  
6004 Hannah Brez I know you are better than most of those who serve, so if you decide to stay in the senate, we’ll need regardless. I just want someone to vote for. You’ll have my vote in 2012 regardless!
6005 Kyle Burroughs He IS the founding father of our lifetime. It would be an EPIC FAIL for him not to run in 2012! Finally, he has been given the mic and with that comes exposure and awareness to his CONSTITUTIONAL approach towards politics. I would literally cry if he did not run. I want to be involved in a big way. Anyone need help with anything concerning this man’s campaign please contact me! RON PAUL 2012 Americans Rise and Shine (Rise written in silver and shine written in gold).
6006 Savvas Savvinidis You’ve given us a reason to still believe in the process. You’re campaign is truly revolutionary. Let’s take our Republic back!
6007 Stephen L. Crispini  
6008 Alex Brown They will not force us,
They will stop degrading us,
They will not control us,
We will be victorious

-Uprising- Muse

Ron Paul 2012!!!

6009 Jennifer Welch  
6010 Christina magnano Ron is the only leader I can think of to save this great nation.
6011 Todd Chipman  
6012 Cameron Kanzenbach  
6013 Barbara Tracey  
6014 David Rice We met shortly this summer, Dr. Paul. I still support the idea of you running for President.
6015 D. Gribbons Run, Ronny, Run!!!
6016 Dave Riege  
6017 Ric Curp  
6018 susan cearley  
6019 Hyla Thompson You either need to run for President or train the ones who do run for office. Your insight and understanding is greatly needed!
6020 F Pinchasi  
6021 Fred Lawrence  
6022 Taylor B America needs leadership! Ron Paul you can do it!!!
6023 Heather Schultheiss This Country and We The People need you!!!
6024 David Throndsen You are one of the only true americans in politics.
6025 adam dutchak ron paul, please run for president 2012, this is the first year i will be able to vote and i want to vote for you!
6026 Lewis Gooch  
6027 Linda Cobb I feel honored to stand with everyone signing this petition and to stand by a man consistent in speaking truth to power.
6028 Robert Bassett  
6029 David Weilbacher  
6030 John Rivers Tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito

Do not give in to evil but proceed ever more boldly against it.

6031 Michael We all know that the revolution has started. Now we need the leadership to guide the way.
6032 Myra Curiel  
6033 Rudy Sosa Jr  
6034 Omer Rafi I did not put in as much time, energy or money into the 2008 campaign, but I will make sure that all of that and my heart will go into the 2012 campaign. We have everything to lose and so much to gain.
6035 Brandon N Curley You are our only hope!
6036 lyn  
6037 Donn Jeffrey Go Ron go
6038 Robert  
6039 ducatijeanne The R3VOLUTION Continues. Ron Paul IS my President.
6040 Adam Whetston  
6041 Bernie Brechtlein  
6042 Cynthia Ogg  
6043 Daniel Lee You said that real change is needed and its time to reduce to size and power of the fed well, its time to put up or shut up. We are giving you the chance to do it and that time is the next election so. if everyone wants you to run why not give it a shot? Let your voice be heard .
6044 Scott Vondy  
6045 Michael Meyer Dr Paul, we need you as president to fight the neocons and the statists in Washington!!!
6046 Lincoln germana I am a supporter if your efforts. The fact that you lead with such integrity is amazing. Please run. I will be 18 next year and I will vote for you as my leader. Best wishes and good Luck sir!
6047 Gary  
6048 Alan van der Woerd  
6049 Larry Bigelow Mr. Paul, please read the Old Testament Book of Ester; see how many similarities you can find in that ancient story and the times we now live. A man of your character and courage should find much encouragement therein. I simply ask you to consider the statement made to Ester by her uncle, Mordecai (and I ask you the same question on behalf of multiplied thousands of your supporters nationwide) found in the 4th chapter and the second half of the 14th verse: “”and who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this?”" Not since Robert Bork have we had the opportunity to see such a commitment to and understanding of the need for a Constitutional Government to be enacted and adhere to it’s primary document: the Constitution. While we know how Mr. Bork was treated nearly 30 years ago during the Supreme Court nomination proceedings, and although every effort will be made to belittle and stifle Mr. Paul’s voice in 2012, Mr. Paul has the undeniable testimony of honesty, integrity, and being a man who cannot be bought in Washington DC. It will truly be a miracle if he can become the nominee of a party that has been controlled behind the scenes since before the turn of the last century, but if there was ever a time for an Ester type deliverance for this nation, the time is now. Mr. Paul, if you believe you have been raised up for such a time as this, I have no doubt that you will rise to the occasion. Our prayers and fastings will accompany you; be blessed.
6050 Joseph Spence Dr. Know know’s best for our country! Run Ron run!!!
6051 Robyn Hamlin I will work harder for you this time than I did last time. We need to unite our country under our flag and I believe that you are the one who can do it.
6052 john smith  
6053 Miklos  
6054 glad hall  
6055 Randy Young You are the “”champion of the Constitution”"; no one else will defend her like you do!
6056 Richard Garnier  
6057 Rene Rosas Wish you the best Dr. Ron Paul from the Who Dat Nation!!! We can do this!!!!
6058 David A Ricks Go for it, Ron!
6059 howard dawson  
6060 MLisle  
6061 Brian Hopkins  
6062 William Henderson jr.  
6063 Cooley Butler  
6064 LSmith  
6065 Kyle Kalutkiewicz This has the potential to be an extremely prolific educational campaign, win or lose.
6066 Darren Bernier  
6067 Carmen Scherubel Our economy needs a doctor….Dr. Paul is the medicine for the future of this Country!
6068 William Klauberg Don’t give up the fight!
6069 m zuber  
6070 D. Joey Mertlich We need you to bring some reality to the presidential debate.
6071 Evan Prisock The only true politician who cares for the future of our
6072 Carrie Kosla  
6073 John S. Boyer We need our Country Back!
6074 john  
6075 John Barbati  
6076 Brando Christensen  
6077 Brad Runge  
6078 Patricio varela Restore The Republic!!!!!
6079 Hymie Payne It’s a sacrifice but it’s also the right thing to do.
6080 Zach Bender  
6081 Henry Haller  
6082 Cody L Mardis The Revolution rolls on. Time to rev our engines again for the cause of liberty.
6083 Lucas Wuebben  
6084 Jake Bender  
6085 Jay Dooly Please run Ron!
6086 Kevin R Daniels You need to run mister Paul. I have no faith that this GOP wave will produce any meaningful change, and I am still skeptical that congress has gotten the message. But if you run, whether or not you win, you will receive massive support across America. And once again it will send a message. I have never volunteered for a campaign, but I will for you if you run Mr. Paul.
6087 Andy Escobar The people need you Dr. Paul!
6088 Clara L. Ferguson We need you, rather than Sarah Palin, in the #1 spot. She cannot win against Obama and we need your experience and wisdom.
6089 Steven Sigmon You have lots of support. Best of luck Ron!
6090 T Thomas  
6091 Jacob Rosenzweig  
6092 Jeff We need a President that fights for us!
6093 Derek Battard  
6094 Robert Payne WE THE PEOPLE : Will only be true
with you Ron Paul
6095 Micheal Taylor  
6096 Jack Han  
6097 Myron Knoepfle  
6098 Clint Hershey “”If we do not act in concert with each other and ensure that the future becomes what we need it to be, then we will surely deserve whatever fate awaits us.”" ~William Cooper
6099 Denis naughton  
6100 Santos  
6101 Danielle Walker  
6102 Robert Campbell Do it for the country and the folks!
6103 Jennie Walsh The outrageously thieving criminal Federal Reserve and the IRS MUST be abolished. Ron Paul seems to be the only one in public office who realizes and supports this stand. God bless and protect him.
6104 Matthew Allen Ron Paul 2012!
6105 Truth Regimes Dr. Paul, the U.S. needs a leader such as yourself in 2012!
6106 David edmondson  
6107 Alex Wilkins  
6108 Leo Jacobs  
6109 Joe S.  
6110 Nathan Savoy  
6111 Schuyler I. Manuel  
6112 Christian Stappers  
6113 John You can do it!
6115 Thomas Timpone We need you
6116 Roshal Wanigasooriya Young Americans for Liberty University of Cincinnati Chapter | UC YAL

From everyone at the UC Chapter, PLEASE RUN RON! We aren’t depending solely on you, and understand this is a country in revolution. We will support you and Liberty to the end. We will hopefully be able to go to CPAC 2011 and vote in the straw poll for you. Thank you.

6117 Vince Andrisani  
6118 Cassandra Shoup  
6119 Walt Brothwell You’ll have my support, and that of my family!
6120 Sharon White I would vote for Ron Paul
6121 James K Smith  
6122 Jessica M. Mudgett Please run in 2012 Dr. Paul!! Help fix our flawed foreign policy and restore SANITY nationwide!
6123 Tim Casper It’s time to get the government back in the hands of the taxpaying public!
6124 ROBERT L. NAVROTSKI Ron Paul can win, he is the only canidate to bring us back from the abyss, he would need an alliance ,one from the other side, he would have to ask hillery to be vp, she would be his best bet from the other side, to garantee a win! I dont like comprimises but we are in the fight of our life for this country!
6125 Stephanie Stock Please Ron….You may be our last chance to save this country!!!!
6126 John Briner  
6127 Matt Reilly The best candidate for the job for as long as I’ve been alive.
6128 Doug Stock Bring us back to our roots Ron!!!!!!
6129 Elliott Perry I Love you
6130 Jason White  
6131 William & Wanda  
6132 Brenda Gandara RON PAUL 2012!!!!!
6133 Chad Marchand  
6134 Gary W Gipson  
6135 Steve Young You must run for President, Ron. The future of America and the destiny of the world is dismal without you at the helm. God bless you and America!
6136 Christine Rutkowski  
6137 Rod Palmer  
6138 Cary Bahora We NEED patriots like Dr. Paul. Help spread the word that corrupt politician’s time is limited! Free the people to let them rule themselves! If the dumb-fucks in DC don’t know what they are sowing then let them reap what they sow. WAKE UP DC; YOU WORK FOR US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6139 Revol Brasier  
6140 Pete Kontaxis I am behind you 100% Dr. Paul. We need some drastic changes in America and you are the only one that will take us in the right direction.I am ready and willing to set everything aside and assist you in anyway I can if you run for President.
6141 James Cutter I’m scared for our future. WE NEED YOU, SIR. Please do us this honor. We are behind you!
6142 Sarah Nixon  
6143 Tom Yeaw I mention his name to everyone I talk.
6144 Eric Pent I would ACTUALLY vote if you ran. proud to be part of the revolution!!
6145 Jeff Frank  
6146 Parker Smith the rattle snake always warns before it bites, Ron Paul 2012!
6147 JOE L. MILLER We can’t allow Palin to run against Obama and need need some intelligence in Office. “”For the People to Form (not reform) a more perfect Union”"
6148 Tom Novak  
6149 Danielle Redmon Ron Paul is the best thing congress has to offer! He tells it like it is! Go Ronnie Boy!
6150 Feizal Fakier  
6151 Adam Robertson  
6152 Dave Dunn Time to circle the wagons!!!
6153 DON W. Young, PhD  
6154 Melissa Alejandro  
6155 Curtisho Ron,
Please run. We need you bud.
6156 Bruce Schwab Mr. Paul,
Please be the voice of reason in the clamor of frantic idealogues. I think you’re the one who could do it!
6157 DeHerrera As the mouths of the majority of politicians open, only lies spew forth. America is desperate for an honest man, with integrity, intelligence and wisdom who owes no one, but acts because of his love and devotion to Individual Freedom and Liberty!
6158 greg gomez  
6159 joshua wright  
6160 Deborah Kaspar  
6161 Kevin Bruns no junkmail!!! GOOD LUCK!!!
6162 rita dear mr.paul you are our only/last hope to save our great country. please do it for our children please do it for AMERICA
6163 Angela Johnson I’m ready for a real revolution Dr. Paul! Please run for President in 2012, this country needs you and your ideas to get us back to where we should be!
6164 Devon Hall  
6165 Daniel Holzer The only way to stop Marxism is to defund it! The only way to defund it is to eliminate deficit spending. The only way to eliminate that is to abolish the federal reserve and make fractional reserve banking illegal!
6166 Jason Sylvester  
6167 Amy Chai Best of luck!
6168 Jeff Cameron  
6169 Robert Brown  
6170 Ruth Alvarez Dr. Paul, you are the only one who cares about our health freedom. Please run.
6171 Kimberly May  
6172 Thomas Tanner Thanks for being a true patriot and a true leader! America needs a real leader in the white house, and your the best man for the job!
6173 Carl Pearson  
6174 Pawel Drag Only one honest candidate
6175 Daniel Benjamin Please run for President! We need some sanity in our government.
6176 Joe Franco  
6177 Andrew G. One of the few great constitutionalists still representing the people (not just the mega industries); who can clearly and concisely explain his record, strategy, and a vision of our great country’s destiny. god bless Ron Paul
6178 Todd A. Carter Interesting that this site is hosted in Turkey.
6179 Gail Stang Please run in for 2012. You are the only one who represents me and the biblical role of government.
6180 Al Halfaker  
6181 David Cruickshank  
6182 Jeromy Schall ron paul for 2012
6183 Kelley Lauer We are grateful for the few people like you who serve. It gives us hope
6184 Keith  
6185 Dane Beam One last time…PLEASE?? One last push to solidify the revolution. Thanks for all you have done and for considering this one more huge sacrifice!
6186 todd tanis  
6187 brian sesny Sir please run..I will do whatever it takes to get you elected…ask Judge Napolitano to run with you too..A combination that cant be beat
6188 rich weiland  
6189 Juan Macy  
6190 mark weaver Ron Paul/Andrew Napolitano 2012!! Last hope!
6191 Sandra Rector Please run for President and bring back the respect for the Constitution of the US. The Constitution is a living document to narrow or expand as the United States grows.
6192 Roxanne You have my vote !!!!!!!!!!!
6193 Matthew If you believe you can make a difference I believe in you.
6194 Brent Sostak I agree, Freedom is popular.
6195 Jason Cracraft You’re the best representative of today’s American values. With the momentum of the tea party, you have a good chance of securing the peoples vote for the presidential ticket.
6196 Kelly Hood Anyone who understands where we are at as a country realizes that we need to band together and promote a true representative government of the people, for the people, and by the people.

Congressman Paul, we need your wisdom and vigilance to the Constitution to lead our country back to the basics that made us a great society and to lead us back there again.

It’s time to take back our country from the parasite bankers and their evil minions within government and the military industrial complex.

6197 Jarrett W. Go Ron Go!
6198 Rick Lutkus  
6199 Brandon James David Smith Where do I donate?
6200 Tony Aguilar  
6201 Cindy Hill We NEED YOU as our next president!!
6202 oliver dyer  
6203 Roy Waah  
6204 Mike DeVries Please run!
6205 Chris Griffith  
6206 Gary Tillery You are the ONLY one I would vote for!
6207 Ken Stuart We need the fair tax or the equalivent and do away with the IRS
6208 Boyd Thorburn Its not just America that needs you, its the whole world! Long live the revolution! Love from Australia
6209 Gary Radzat  
6210 Andrew Frauenfelder  
6211 Jeremy Parfitt There is no reason to vote unless someone like you runs, and you’ve got the best shot of any possible candidate with the views we need in order to survive the coming years! Please run! You’ve inspired me!
6212 Roger Sehorne Please Dr. Paul run for President. If you dont and all we have is Sarah Palin on the Republican ticket, we are doomed to another term of BAD CHANGE.
6213 Jason Gilfoil Run Ron Run!
6214 Dan Rose Freedom works… let’s not let the politically powerful decide who wins and loses anymore. Let’s get the power back where the founders intended - we the people.
6215 Daniel Milewski  
6216 Clif  
6217 Bruce T. Marr  
6218 hal underwood  
6219 Rusty Shakleford  
6220 Padraic Nelson For the sake of the republic, PLEASE!!!!!!!!
6221 Erik Trager I believe in you Dr. Paul. We need your no nonsense approach. Continue to be real and America will listen. Thanks. Erik
6222 Philip S. The TSA and the No Refusal DUI Checkpoint Blood Test issues are really offending me. Please stop them, and be pro civil liberties
6223 Micheal P Beckett  
6224 AJM If Ron Paul doesn’t win in 2012, I will lose all hope for America.
6225 Vincent D. Brown If not you (Dr. Paul), then who? If not now then when? We must act when it will serve us best!

I am an American of African decent and I voted for you before (not Obama) & I still stand with you now!

6226 Douglas Blythe … like never before
6227 Adrianna Gober  
6228 Trevor Sorensen  
6229 Onofre Gutierrez Jr It’s time to change “”business as usual in DC”"
6230 Bobby Perdue  
6232 Neal Johnson  
6233 Mike Greene  
6234 Jake Ross Ron Paul is the only politician, if he can be called that, who does not spend all day talking about themselves and can actually offer real world solutions to bringing back democracy and the constitution.
6235 William Kullander  
6236 Ellen Raffelson  
6237 RP Murray I can’t imagine anybody else winning. You’re the last hope for true “”CHANGE”".
6238 Substantia Erus End the wars, bring back sound money, reduce government size back down to 1900 in size!
6239 Carl Frimberger If you don’t run, our country will be lost forever.
6240 Michael Chin  
6241 Sarah Fulton If you run I want to volunteer to help with the campaign in any way that I can. The country needs you and people WILL support you… Everyone is tired of “”change”", we need to go back to the basics - the Constitution!
6242 Rene Burlet If it was easy , anyone could do it..
6243 Don Stockton We need some common sense in Washington.
6244 Patrick Stedman  
6245 Robby Richards I will commit to making Virginia’s 7th district just one of many to go to Ron Paul.
6246 Zebulon Rodriguez This country needs a president like you. This country just plain out needs you for our president. This country is going down because of the irresponsible, and corrupt politicians and the ones who follow them. Only you can bring this country back from the ashes. Ron Paul 2012
6247 Brian Patterson  
6248 Jeff provenzano Please save us from the terrorists in the white house
6249 Andrew Keenan Richardson Dr. Paul, the country needs your integrity and discipline more than anything right now.
6250 Harvey Klee I support you all the way…I look forward to meeting you one day. Your bumper stickers are on my truck and Snowboard.
6251 william taylor please run
6252 Scott Eckert We need the REVOLUTION (without blood).
Changing politics to principles.
God have mercy on our country.
6253 Jeffrey Brubaker  
6254 Donald Eaves III Dear Mr. Ron Paul,

Please reconsider running for President 2012. I would be honored to help campaign for you in the state of NC. As the day gets closer, I also believe people now are wanting to get back to what the Constitution says, and I think your just the man to do it.

6255 Michael MacNeil  
6256 jean pierre Ron Paul and Peter Schiff for 2012
6257 David and Janet Hoffman  
6258 Frank Thome We need you as evidence by your candor in an otherwise cloaked government bent on showing us the only ones that count are those with deep pockets. Please help save the USA
6259 gail connellee  
6260 Chase Rehn One more time, Ron.
6261 Colin Marston  
6262 James Damon  
6263 Kris Rande  
6264 Antonio Maiorana  
6265 Mario Yepez Ron, your country needs you!
6266 Brad Lewis I somehow didn’t even hear about you last election Ron. Maybe my head was in the sand. I support you 100%!
6267 Sylwester Maciejewski You have my vote Dr. Paul.
6268 Clover Greene Yes, Ron Paul for President!
6269 John Scrudato  
6270 John Long I would support a presidential run.
6271 Lori Ervin  
6272 Al Graham We need more people that will stand up for Liberty and the ideas and principle of out founding fathers!
6273 Daniel Flanigan  
6274 Travis Provin 2012 will be my first time voting for the President, I would like it to be for you Ron Paul!!!!
6275 W. H. Marriott  
6276 Ron Eldred  
6277 Dustin Munchel You are truly the only one I trust for this job. Please consider running for 2012.
6278 Will Joyce i am ready to give 2 years of my life to work in having you be my president
6279 Old Fultner  
6280 Jose Marquez Congressman Paul,

I just want to say thank you for help in educating the people, NEVER GIVE UP…! Behind you 150%. God Bless you Sir.

Jose Marquez

6281 C M No one comes close. Good Luck Ron Paul.
6282 Philip B. Lockerman Esq. One of the last truly honest men in Washington….compromise is not an option !
6283 Georgia Maiorana  
6284 Amy Hall I think you would make a good president, but if you think that you will be targeted for running, be wise and put yourself in the place where you will be best utilized!
6285 shawn snyder Run Ron Run!!!
6286 Marisol Rosas  
6287 Greg Visnick  
6288 Betty Mercado  
6289 Ammie Nelson Ron Paul is the choice for change. He will honor US! He is our revolution for our constitution!
6290 stacey decker I will always vote for you or your son. Either America is save or let the states or regions secede from this PC-Statist Bank-Nation
6291 Vinnie Corrales Love. It’s not a revolution, it’s common sense.
6292 Sherry I like what you stand for and that you stand strong. We need to produce our own products and a flat tax, drill our own oil, etc. We need you Ron Paul. Let’s do it!
6293 David Buchfink RON PAUL 2012!!!!
6294 Steve Austin Finally an honest man that wants to follow the constitution and do whats best for the USA and not take bribes and favors. I am behind Ron Paul and his his son 100%
6295 Klint Shriver There are many more informed people now than two years ago. We need a candidate like you to run in 2012. You are the best man for the job.
6296 Mickey Lee Johnston RON PAUL FOR PREZ!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!! GOD HELP US!!!!!
6297 Mark Hinkes  
6298 Robert Bertram Run!
6299 Freddie Vidales  
6300 Evan Anderson Love.
6301 Russell Shoemaker May God bless America and Dr. Ron Paul
6302 alexandre kral The country needs someone with integrity and who is not bought by special interest groups so that real freedom can return to America.
6303 Jack Freeze WE NEED YOU RON!
6304 Scott Barber Ron Paul has said that it is not him, it’s the message. Well, I’ve heard the “”message”" time and time again from politicians. Ron Paul is the ONLY Statesman that has walked the walk and he has done for 30 years. Yes Ron Paul, you have my support. PLEASE run for President in 2012.
6305 jung park i will atleast get ten more to vote for you.
6306 Brian Burke I normally do not answer any emails unless they are from friends or family, but I really believe Ron Paul is what America needs and I pray to see him become president of this country.
6307 Thomas Karrer Please run, Dr. Paul. Please.
6308 Dayna  
6309 Cindy Fuson Ron Paul is the only chance for the best future of saving America from ruin.
6310 Davis Bourne  
6311 Christopher Waliser  
6312 alex Please help us Obi Wan Kenobi!
6313 Kane Bailey  
6314 Pairote Jaroon This country needs Ron Paul
6315 Sherri White  
6316 Mikhael K  
6317 Brett Plumadore Lets see if the country is ready this time!
6318 Mark Canet  
6319 Terrance Ron Paul…what else !?
6320 Tim Bright Too few people were awake in 2008 to keep you in the running. Please run again, our country needs Ron. He will be the only real patriot running. And the only one who won’t be cowed by the Washington elites. Restoring Honor, Integrity, Freedom and the American way of Life!
6321 Brandon Pelton-Cox America needs Ron Paul!!
6322 Leah J. Pederson-Marsolek I am behind you 100% Dr. Paul! As a C4L member, and a proud patriotic liberty-minded conservative, I think you offer the best hope for this country that I love so dearly!
6323 Mark D. Widowski My vote is decided.
6324 Constance Holland  
6325 James Henley What the world needs now…
6326 Robert Power  
6327 M.Thomas  
6328 Tresa Veitia Do it for freedom, Dr. Paul! Your country needs you!
6329 Pan Mistwood  
6330 Josh We need RON PAUL!
6331 Brian Wasowski My hopes are riding on the only honest politician in Washington!! Gogo Ron Paul!!
6332 Jay Rush  
6333 Art Lopez  
6334 Izrael Rothenberg The horrors of revolution and civil war can be avoided if a disliked government can be smoothly dislodged at the next election.”" Ludwig von Mises
6335 Evan German Fix our country!
6336 Daniel M. Zeh {dmz} Ron, you are the only one in D.C. as ‘PRESIDENT’ who can change our government….. RON PAUL for [2012]
6337 Brandy Blankenship  
6339 Timothy McDade  
6340 Rebekah Hunt American MUST take back Our Constitutional Republic Our Founders intended or gargantuan Federal Govt MADNESS will destroy Our Heritage, OUR LIBERTY for generations to come. We make an appeal to YOU Our Representative Dr. Ron Paul to the one of very few in DC who KNOW what peril awaits us if we do not REVERSE OUR CALAMITY very very soon. WE MAKE AN APPEAL TO HEAVEN for Almighty God to be with us, and WE THE PEOPLE ONCE AGAIN WITH HIM TO RESTORE OUR GREAT NATION TO OUR FOUNDERS PLEDGE! EVER Vigilant till the end of time to keep watch against our enemies foreign & DOMESTIC who by our history & ongoing current events want only to usurp & destroy the Greatest Nation on God’s Earth! To forever be what we were born to be FREE CONSIDERATE OF ALL MANKIND PROSPEROUS & INDEPENDENT! LIBERTY & JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL! FOR America! May justice be done though the heavens fall !!!!!
6341 Michael J. Jones, Jr. Its your time.
6342 Kristy Reece  
6343 Amber Vance We need you Dr. Paul.
6344 Allyson Wilson  
6345 Jacquelyn Soniat  
6346 Erik Nielsen Go Baby Go!!!!!!!!!! I’m running too but not on the political format. Fight as I Fight!
6347 Benjamin Baxter I’ve wanted Ron Paul to be prez since 2004. It’s time to get him in.
6348 Tim Ruckman  
6349 Joanna K. Ralston  
6350 E. Maslo We need to get our Constitution back!!
6351 Byron Frayne  
6352 Dave Beard Jr  
6353 Tania DeFelice  
6354 Tania DeFelice  
6355 Darren Austin  
6356 Rosaleen Tillman  
6357 Jared Vyborny  
6358 Ryan Ferrill You’re the only man in Washington I would vote for. Our country needs you!
6359 Tom Folks  
6360 Ann Webster Go Paul
6361 Charles Manning  
6362 Cory Lineback  
6363 James S. Mundy I wrote your name in in 2008, I would love to see your name on the ballot in 2012. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness . . . . . Godspeed, Doctor Paul.
6364 Andrew LaBelle please run in 2012 ron paul, if you do not shit will hit the fan.
6365 Zachary V. Zander Help us restore our nation!
6366 Lydie Thomas  
6367 MARTA GOMEZ I goint to vote for Dr. Paul I would like to be a part of this change I belong to Hispanic community in Miami, Florida I can help to make ths happen. please contact me Marta Gomez but you can call me at 786-251-3837
6368 Warren Darnulc Even if Ron does not win, it will grow the liberty movement by leaps and bounds
6369 Kevin P O’Neill End the Fed and Save our Currency, you are my children’s only hope.
6370 Gilbert Davis It’s about time we had an HONEST person running. One who will back the constitution. We NEED you Dr. Paul!!!
6371 Karyn Nelson Hope for America…Ron Paul 2012
6372 John C Steketee Time for Real change , Restore the Republic !
6373 matt go ron go!
6374 Ivan D Vasin  
6375 Jason corbett  
6376 Brenton R Ogden III Please Ron,
We need you more then ever.
6377 Brian Thomas Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Mike Gravel, I love you guys!
6378 Winston Palmer Ron Paul is the best candidate for President the US has had since Andrew Jackson
6379 Jerry Williams We need to bring this government back within the guidelines of the constitution. I believe Ron Paul would work to that end.
6380 Michelle It would be a dream come true!
6381 John David Reno  
6382 Brian MacConaghy  
6383 Joseph Bernay I want my first vote for president to be for Ron Paul!
6384 Matthew Hogan If you don’t run I’ll only vote for whomever you endorse…
6385 Adam  
6386 Lavonne Breazeale Go Ron!!!!
6387 Don B Ron Paul is a patriot in every sense of the word. We would all be lucky to have him as our President.
6388 David Gaither Would have voted for you last time you got my vote this time
6389 matt becker please run for president!!!
6390 Susan Nevada  
6391 Adam janshego Ron Paul for president!!!
6392 Brandon Nerburn He is the key.. he is the next kennedy
6393 Holly Lingle I dearly hope he considers this.. We are in dire times and the critical point is now. I hope for the best. Peace to all
6394 daniel please save our government
6395 Aaron Miller I believe in you and your goals. Please fix our corrupt government. The congress, collectively, only works six months of the year. Our tax-on-existence, aka the new health care reforms, is a great injustice. Please run for president, you have my vote.
6396 Joshua Gurrera I would love for you to be our president.
6397 Gio Please…please please!!!! I beg of you!!!!
6398 Bill Jarett We need your honest, independent voice in the election. You were the only one to call attention to the coming finicial collapse. You are the only one who can focus attention on the true state of our finicial nightmare.
6399 Nelson Peterson You are our last hope!
6400 Ryan Ron Paul - End the Fed! I don’t want to be homeless because the fed robs us blind!
6401 Heather Myers  
6402 Gary Golan Dear Dr. Paul, You now morw then ever are needed to bring sanity back to this counrty. You may very well be the last hope for this country!
6403 Angela Williamson  
6404 Thiago Cortes  
6405 Brian Thomas  
6406 Matthew Alan Reeks The truth prevails.
6407 Warren Godone-Maresca Ron Paul: real change!
6408 April Zion I would be more than honored to have you as our president! A real change, a new beginning, a real President!
6409 Mayank Kumar  
6410 al change things for real please.
6411 Joe Munoz I’m available to volunteer for his campaign if needed. Please advise. Thanks
6412 Jaime  
6413 Rick Lyon-Vaiden  
6414 Brandon Hawthorne Save our great nation Dr. Paul.
6415 Jose Pimentel  
6416 Roy Champion Run Ron run I’ll follow you.
6417 Chris Alvarez  
6418 Alex Pottmeyer  
6419 Jordan Beer We need you Ron Paul!!!!! Start the revolution that will ultimately save America and another little thing called the U.S. dollar.
6420 Brandon Wiederholt Mr Paul - You are America’s last, best hope. If you don’t save America, my children (and myself for that matter) may never truly know the freedoms intended for us by our Founding Fathers. Godspeed!
6421 Randy Burleson  
6422 Dmitri V  
6423 E Karagianis If the Americans don’t want you! Come help Australia!
6424 Mike Cappa  
6425 Yadu Cervantes You are a true hero to our people, i will support you any way i can.
6426 Nancy Kallas  
6427 Vinny Patel RON PAUL 2012!!!!
6428 Michael Höhne I cannot vote for you, because I live in Germany, but be assured that we are closely watching US politics from outside the US as well.
Go for it Dr. Paul!
6429 Andrew Cortez  
6430 James Leahy  
6431 josh hayes end the fed!!!!! re-found this country!!!!
6432 Mary Kearns  
6433 William Patrick Lawrence III  
6434 Mereht Gibbons  
6435 Dennis Scott Give Em Hell Ron Go Man Go!!!
6436 Kathy Pitochelli Restore the constitution!
6437 L Norris  
6438 BOUTEBAL whitout M.Paul as president, this country will be lost..
6439 James Damon Boswell  
6440 Ryan  
6441 MH Kennedy  
6442 Ken Gibbs Your the Man Ron ! Take your rightful place in
helping us all to create a sane planet, in
this part of the Galaxy :)

The others have failed due to their
slave-like PLUS enslaving tendencies - U
don’t have that weakness !

Run next time, Wonder Ron !

* * *

6443 Cheryl Paterson We need you Ron Paul!!!
6444 Luis Galvez Don’t give up now!!!…”"THE PEOPLE”" is just getting to know you!!! and for what I can see you have the qualities of a President.
Integrity, Common Sense, and Love for your Country
6445 Shawn Ron save us!
6446 k felmley  
6447 Mazen Gaber The rest of the world are watching you americans, we have faith in you, dont let us down
6448 joe eddy The reason you need to be president is because i am afraid to sign this.
End the treason, the watch lists, we should not fear our government.
6449 Nicholas Sorbara The only politician that doesn’t make me shake my head when he speaks.
6450 thomas de herdt  
6451 Marc Clair Please run. The opportunity to advance liberty has never been greater, or more necessary.
6452 Alex Pease  
6453 Paul Krane It’s about time we had a good president.
6454 Thomas Aiwohi Ron Paul - For U.S all.
6455 Richard Blauvelt  
6456 Corey Bocanegra A modern day patriot that isn’t afraid to stand up against what some many others ignore. Thank you for truly attempting to make this country better for all.
6457 Killian Connolly Best of luck
6458 Kevin Redifer We really do need you as our president. I think I speak for all of us when I say I’ll do absolutely all that I can to help you get elected.
6459 Ken Hudson Dr. Paul we need you now more than ever.
6460 Donaldson Bueler Ron,
You may be our greatest hope for this fractured world
6461 Steven Streets Rep. Paul should concentrate on the two, two, (2) legal tender mandate of Article One section 8. Because it is an indictment of any monopoly or single source legal tender. It prohibits even a gold standard because it is a monopoly. It mandates elected officials of the States be held accountable for legal tender where all economy is local. That is an indictment against the unelected unaccountable guvnors of the illicit national monopoly money. Beware the flaky stuff like auditing the Fed (we already know they’re crooks) that discredits this most serious endeavor to return to Constitutional legal tenders before we lose more than another Vietnam. The weakness of fiat specie in asymmetric war is what the enemy has tailored their strategy against US with brilliant malice and why they are prevailing in THEIR war. We haven’t begun to fight with a desire to win. Until we do, we never will. Yes we can.
Leave abortion rights alone if you want to win the pocketbook vote. If you want to win at all. I want Victory for the Constitution and the US.
From a Navy orphan, Air Force Brat, and Army Vet. Semper Veritas
6462 Dillon Enarson  
6463 Barbara Plante We need you Ron Paul
6464 Cody W. I’ve never even registered to vote, but I will for you Mr. Paul
6465 Dennis Nieuwenhuis  
6466 James Bitner I will back Dr. Paul again.
6467 Arthur Hartunian We’ve all been forced to sell our cows and our chickens to buy milk and eggs. Please help us get them back and restore manufacturing in the US.
6468 Bjorn Inge Johansen Pls get him alected so i can go back to Arizona and mend my 40 acre property without beeing afraid i will be jailed without trail for life
6469 Jeffrey C. Blunt I’m ready to campaign again for Dr. Paul!
6470 beesting Nothing Can Stop Us Now !
6471 Falanika M You are my hero, please run !
6472 Shane Murray  
6473 David Villarrubia  
6474 John T. Landers  
6475 Kasia  
6476 Corey Brown  
6477 Benjamin Harnwell Don’t let the American Experiment end like this.
6478 Jeff  
6479 Jeffrey  
6480 Me. I learned all the personal liberty stuff from watching your first run - and I believe your ’08 bid is responsible for the Tea Party and the newfound popularity of Constitutional Principles - who knows what will happen if you juice it all up again with another run! If you’re up to it please KICK SOME TAIL ON THE DEBATE TRAIL!

The other candidates laughed at you when you spoke of free markets and sound money - I guarantee that won’t be happening this time around. I can’t wait.

6481 derrick mazzocchi  
6482 Brian Toole  
6483 Frank Perretty  
6484 Eric Posch  
6485 Jared Johnson This country needs a leader not another puppet.
6486 Michael Buchanan From NJ… In 2008, I didn’t know who Ron Paul was, so I didn’t vote for him. The mainstream news only talked about the other Republican candidates. Through YouTube, I learned more about all of them. When Ron Paul speaks, I trust what he says is the truth. I embrace his foreign policy and many other visions. I hope Ron Paul runs for President in 2012. If he does, not only will I vote for him, I would like to help his campaign. I have never desired to help in a presendential campaign, but I will help with Ron Paul 2012. Thank you Ron Paul.
6487 Joseph Burgess Now, is the right time. Please run again Dr. Paul!
6488 Dave Durell  
6489 Adam A revolution has begun.
6490 L. Alverson lets do it….
6491 Linda Morrow Sir, I regret that I did not know more about you in ’07/’08; I would have supported you, if I had. I believe you have a much better chance if you run next time because so many more people know what you stand for and they are passionate in their promotion of you-many young people and Democrats, too. Constitutionalists, Libertarians and Conservatives, needless to say, are heartily behind you. We think that having you and others like you in the Executive and Legislative branches may be our last chance to save this country.
6492 Steven Whitican  
6493 mike lets take back our America! Ron Paul for President! Ron Paul, The voice of the Constitution
6494 Thomas Ablin Go for it Ron..
6495 Jeffrey Bakken There is only ONE person who can turn this country around, and Ron Paul is this person. Everybody I talk to thinks this country has gone down the tubes. I liken Ron Paul as being the great white hope.
6496 Brennan It is your destiny!
6497 Adam McCoy Your honesty, integrity, and understanding of liberty and economics place you head and shoulders above the rest. I would not hesitate to support you. God bless you in whatever you decide to do. Thanks for impacting my life so much.
6498 Micheal west We need you Mr. Paul
6499 Mike Han  
6500 Dann Szymanski Let America have a voice, not a socialistic take over!
6501 Thad Gassman You are a patriot and great man. Your message is vital and the country needs your leadership. Please run for President in 2012.
6502 Aziz Krich  
6503 study abroad scholarship My partner and I really enjoyed reading this blog post, I was just itching to know do you trade featured posts? I am always trying to find someone to make trades with and merely thought I would ask.
6504 Michal Brodowski  
6505 M. Carter Just because it’s the right thing to do.
6506 Andrew Smeal  
6507 Khalid i want a president who believe in justice not just talk about it and i believe on u Ron cause u respect all muslims and all muslims respect u too
and u can do the justice too between muslims and jewish in palestine
god bless u and save u
6508 Tom Staley Dr. Paul,
If you decide to run I will join your campaign and work 24/7 to get you elected.
6509 Jeff Bearden  
6510 George Naratadam RON PAUL
6511 Jason Swartzentruber  
6512 jimmy gipson we need you dr.paul……
6513 Tony E. Wilder The true American people need your help.
6514 Josh Gregory We need Ron Paul more than ever!!!
6515 Mark Mansour  
6516 Craig Drohan Please run for President!?!
6517 Ken Parnell Please run !
6518 Bill Rinkenberger  
6519 Sadie Coffer I love freedom!
6520 Stu Gardiner Rep. Paul, we need a lasso from Texas to corral the Fed-please consider running in 2012
6521 Justin Martin Legalize the constitution!
6522 Jeff Hallacy Back to 1776!
6523 Jose Luis Perales RON PAUL for President in 2012
6524 Russell Davis Though I think he might be happier if he were V.P. with the understanding that he would be specifically tasked with achieving the results he has been right about for so many years. If “”Constitutional Reset”" is invoked by the obligatory application of Virginia Law, Then Va. Gov. Bob McDonnell might be the tickets POTUS candidate and Va. A.G. Ken Cuccinelli would be US A.G. to do the heavy lifting for the team.
6525 Jeffrey Bitler  
6526 John Dudas  
6527 James Foster PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6528 Sean Gallaway I pray that we get a 2nd chance to recover from this abomination that is our government. Please Ron Paul dont give up!
6529 Michael Broach Our country needs a leader who will lead with the principles of personal libery, sound monetary policy, and decision making that passes constitutional muster.
6530 Alexandra Greif  
6531 Amanda Davison Ron Paul 2012!
6532 Darrel Clemmons End the deceitful usury fraudsters. End the fraudulent banks. End the Federal Reserve. End the wars.
6533 Amanda Davison Ron Paul 2012!
6534 Logan Hertz Your campaign in 2008 sparked a grassroots movement - running in 2012 (even if you don’t win) could bring many more people to the cause of liberty.
6535 Kenny Carcaterra  
6536 Charles Franklin  
6537 Chris McRae  
6538 Dr. Randy Heath  
6539 Matt Milburn  
6540 Jim You’re exactly what America needs! Please run for president in 2012.
6541 Mike Sullivan  
6542 Brian Szontagh  
6543 Kris Street we need a principled induvidual like yourself who will display integrity in doing the righth thing and not let the good of the people be compromised by partisan politics and lobbyists.
6544 William Dr. Paul. I am literally begging you to run for President. EXPOSE/ABOLISH the FED and free the people!
6545 Ted & Felice Fleury We are in full agreement with your statement.
We also need to put God back into this country and not allow the dark forces to overtake our religious
and spiritual freedom to honor God first and foremost as our forefathers did, who based their
values and principles on God’s Word and blessings.
We need Godly men to run this country and lead it
according to God’s Will and Purpose for this great Nation. This nation has fallen into sin with corruption and passing laws which are an abomination to His Laws. God bless America.
6546 Rob You are the only candidate that I would actually volunteer to work for. And from now on I am not voting unless you or someone like you runs for president. I refuse to support the status quo. Remember, George Washington. He was ready to retire until the country called on him and he didnt want to be president, the country needed him and he served. I hope you will heed your country calling you to do this because we really need you NOW.
6547 James H Burkhardt Jr I support Ron Paul’s candidacy for office of President of the United States in the 2012 election.
6548 Al Goodniss  
6549 Jeremy B.  
6550 Michael Sherwood This would be the best way to get the government back on the right course.
6551 Tracey Klem  
6552 Neal Fox  
6553 J Hillman  
6554 Joshua Crosby Please run, Ron. Give me someone to vote for so my family won’t crush me for giving up voting.
6555 Jim Volz  
6556 Roger  
6557 Kelly Foster Ron, you’re the only reason I have any faith left in politics……please give me a rational person to vote for!
6558 John corallo  
6559 Robert McNeish  
6560 drew devoursney END THE FED
6561 Keith Crider  
6562 Ed Meaux  
6563 James Pintauro  
6564 Christina Nieber  
6565 Kristopher D Chelette  
6566 Kirk Wills  
6567 Bryan Pawlowski Save America and don’t become a puppet!
6568 Jonathan Eric Pinto Dr. Paul, your country needs you. I would gladly work on your campaign staff, if you need help.
6569 Gary Callihan You woke many of us up and you and your team started the Tea Party movement and now we are reaching out to you to hang in there and lead us back to a Constitutional America and a future for our Children, which is very much at risk today. God Bless you Dr Paul!
6570 Josh Edwards !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6571 Brett Chance We need a sound voice…. For our children’s future!
6572 William M. Buvinghausen Let’s Row!
6573 gary lynch  
6574 Edgar  
6575 nick hanna MD time for real change!
6576 George Viamontes  
6577 Michael Fiorelli  
6578 J. Shane Newcombe 2012 - A Time for Americans to Take America BACK!
6579 Lance Scott Take back the Republic! Ron Paul for 2012!
6580 Rob McPherson We’ll raise BIG money this time.
6581 Adam Stadelmann I have voted for you in the past and will vote for you in the future.
6582 earl swann  
6583 Brent Greskowiak  
6584 Joseph Kasenchak  
6585 Patricia Basile  
6586 David W Rogers Damn the globalists, full speed ahead!
6587 Tom Fleck Now, more than ever, fiscal responsibility has to drive an election. Bank “”Re-regulation”" is sorely needed.
6588 SGT Thomas Chaudoir The US Army is behind you!
6589 Randy Boyd HELP!
6590 William Long You are the only candidate worth voting for
6591 Peter Zwegat Ron Paul, get U.S.A. back in order!!!!!!
6592 Jamie Starks  
6593 Ryan Russell  
6594 John Pickerill I know of no one else in the nation that has a better chance at implementing the true changes necessary to restore us to a Constitutional republic.
6595 forrest jehlik “”We fight, get beat, rise, and fight again.”" -Nathaniel Green, George Washington’s favorite officer.
6596 Keith Hinton End the Fed..Restore America to Americans
6597 lisa mars Ron Paul, we NEED you!!!
6598 Daniel Key I believe in you! We can right this ship!
6599 Jeremy Shirk  
6600 tom kelly i like ron paul, good decent common sense man, thank you for allowing me show my support for him
6601 Jamie Key I wrote Ron Paul in during the Obama vs. McCain election, He was the only one who made sense to me.
6602 steve schaffer  
6603 Jason DeDonato  
6604 Mark Henry  
6605 Daniel Kinsman 2012 is gonna be the year!
6606 Suzette Davis You are what American needs….NOW
6607 Tracy Ries  
6608 Rex Radloff  
6609 Jonathan Peterson Thank You Dr. Paul for all the knowledge you have given us. Keep the Good Fight alive!
6610 Rex Radloff  
6611 Gerard A. Selby, Jr Ron Paul in 2012!
6612 Christen  
6613 Morgan Walker It is my sincerest hope that you and no one else becomes president Congressman Dr. Ron Paul. No one else in office is more deserving of the position and no one else in office is more intelligent and patriotic. America needs a shock.
6614 Nicholas Solimo  
6615 David Wilburn  
6616 J.C. Bowman I have always admired your courage and common sense. I live in Kentucky and I am a active supporter of Rand Paul. I’m ready to help whenever you are ready to run. God bless you. Now lets all get out there and make it happen.
6617 John Schleusener  
6618 Francisco DeMarco  
6619 cindy james  
6620 Tom Galia  
6621 Bradford R. Glaser  
6622 Garth Darrach Finally!!! :)
6623 John May  
6624 Randal Tucker Thirty years work, saying the same thing…people are listening now.
We desperately need you to step forward and lead this nation.
6625 T Smith Dear Dr. Paul:

You have no idea how big this movement is. Or perhaps you do, or shall soon find out if you decide to run. The establishment media can no longer stop this juggernaut. Please run!

6626 Paul Zila Mr. Paul, we may not topple the 2 party system this term or in either of our lifetimes, but we need you to keep the pressure on. Thank you for all that you do.
6627 Carey Nemecek We need someone who believes in as little government as possible!
6628 Abe Kingsley You are the only voice of Truth with a career record of fighting for the truth, of standing on actual principles, of financial integrity… WE NEED YOU Ron Paul!
6629 Daniel  
6630 Stopa Last hope not only for America.
6631 Bryan Rosander Ron Paul 2008 was what made me become a libertarian. The movement has exploded since then. Please run again!
6632 Kevin Picknick You have my full support Dr. Ron Paul.
6633 Stephen Bartell  
6634 rasheen smallwood Stop the fedaral reserve
6635 Russell W Bradd III If not you…who? If not now…when?
6636 Curtis Hendrickson  
6637 Christine Bressler Thank you!
6638 Chris Murphy People need to hear your message. This is as close as it gets to a winnable election, let’s go for it!
6639 Laura  
6640 Sam Townsend Ron Paul - Free Men, Free Minds, Free Markets! 2012
6641 Walter Smithson Please run Dr. Paul. You are the only hope America has for real change.
6642 Nick Nemecek Thanks for embracing freedom. You’re the only true conservative I’ve seen run for this office. We’re behind you 100%. Down with the redcoats!
6643 John  
6644 James Mundell losing my rights :-(
6645 GERALD GRAY we need you
6646 Matt Wolf Keep the light of liberty shining bright.
6647 Nancy Simms Your name on my last election ballot was the only one that mattered and I only got to mark it once. Let’s change that this time so that we can embrace a stronger and brighter future. I am here to offer whatever service and support I can through prayer or meditation or however the universe guides me.
6648 Laurie Bennett  
6649 Pete McCann I willing to help
6650 Steven Dague I would love to see you and Rand run as a ticket in 2012. It is what this country needs! I hope you run for President, no matter what your VP is.
6651 Mark Valentine Let’s use our last vestige of civility to get this country back on a constitutional basis-before it is too late.
“”Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”"
6652 Dan roberts  
6653 darrell swearengin  
6654 Tarun Sadana Keep your promise to Audit and End the Fed. People are fed up of falese promises..
6655 Gerald Martinez  
6656 Kvin Wuertz  
6657 Suzanne E. Yeager  
6658 Anders Norremo  
6659 Hal Hodges The Washington “”elitism”" has gone on FAR too long!
6660 Joel Eckert It’s going to be an interesting year.
6661 Dana Lowrie  
6662 William Cruz God help US!
6663 Thomas McCoy  
6664 Doug Ingalls RON PAUL 2012!!!!
6665 Isaiah Nelson  
6666 Micah Strube  
6667 R Schiaffo  
6668 Joe Prewitt Go for it!!
6669 Patricia Peoples  
6670 Jeff Tropeano  
6671 Tony Sacco  
6672 Dale Lowry If there’s ever a time we need a leader in office like you it’s Now!!!
6673 Gordon Bateman America needs you Dr. Paul,Run and God Bless you.
6674 Joe Cohen Since November of 1992 the office of the President of the United States has slowly eroded and been degraded as each successive person to take office has been less qualified than the ones before. We as Americans need to take back this nation and get back to the way we were when people were accountable for their actions. We need you blow all the smoke away and smash all the mirrors that Obama has used as well as the likes of Romney and Palin. If the Republican party throws somebody like Huckabee, Romney, or Palin at Obama all it is going to be is a repeat of 1996, this is why we need you to pull the wheels off the establishments wagon.
6675 DF Worth  
6676 Clinton Johnson  
6677 Virginia Creyer May God bless you and your family with the strength & health to lead our country.
6678 Douglas Hutchison  
6679 Dan J. I was clueless about true Liberty and the role of our Constitution and Gov. in our Republic until being introduced to your message Ron. I was awakened to late to help much the last time, but I am awake now and ready to kick some neocon @$$!
6680 Matt Kicinski If he runs, thousands will volunteer
6681 Ben Jones  
6682 Jason Mitchell I would have voted for him in 2008, but…..
6683 Scot Morgan I will support you if you run, financially and otherwise. Please do what you can. Thank you for all you have done thusfar.
6684 Dakota Mills Lets bring power back to the Constitution of The United States of America
6685 Jim Labadie Please bring common sense back.
Get rid of the corruption.
6686 Gino Dos Santos  
6687 Jeremy Claeson  
6688 Bret Savino  
6689 Ryan Makol  
6690 Sash Let’s do this already!
6691 Kyle God has put you at this time and place, discern it with love, Dr. Paul.
6692 Marcy LaRont  
6693 A Hayes Looking forward to the revolution again!
6694 Jesse Dahlk  
6695 Lance Rowley I believe strongly on what Ron Paul is trying to accomplish with the fight against the FED
6696 Clayton Halbrook Don’t ever give up.
6697 John Sharp Go Ron Paul!
6698 Victoria Colbert I urge you to run Mr. Paul. Our country needs a man like you as it’s leader. Men like you are far and few between and much needed!

Vickie Coblert

6699 Rob Pohlman  
6700 Micah Barrington You are the only poli-tick I have faith in!
6701 Ashley Montero  
6702 matthew bone  
6703 Eric Grosskopf Just tell us what you need to get the job done. RON PAUL 2012!!!
6704 Alexander Borisevich  
6705 Melinda Carter We need you now more than ever!
6706 Alex Ron Paul is a true American hero!
6707 Daniel Hartman Get the Fed out of my life, please.
6708 Nicholas J Nicastro thank you for being reasonable and open minded!
6709 Greg Proctor  
6710 Heidi Huff  
6711 Robert Ball  
6712 David Baker-Austin We need real change to get this country moving in the direction of freedom and lower taxes!!
6713 zarek weeks 100% Ron Paul
6714 LucSarah Lamby You are our hope!! The modern day Thomas Jefferson we desperately need to bring the US back to it’s foundations!
6715 Jacy Shelton  
6716 Tori Hernandez Had to write you in last election; would be nice to see you on the ballot!!
6717 Vincent Wright “”Through courage, through persistence, through desire of the free will and mind, Mr. Paul Its My Obligation To Fight For the Good Of mankind So should you We Stand Behind You 100%”"
6718 Troy Dennis  
6719 Mike DeGraf  
6720 Joe Freedom Liberty or Death!
6721 Noe A. Fraijo  
6722 Tracy McLean  
6723 Marty Phelan  
6724 Chuck Butts  
6725 Jacqueline Anderson Please run. We need you as President when the economy officially tanks-!
6726 Jimmy Barge You are by far the best leader I have seen in my life in this country - please run for president in 2012
6727 Jake  
6728 Joseph W. Gordon The truth about the Fed and its impact on our economic condition must continue to be told.
6729 Dave Kamps Save our country!
6730 Matthew Heiser  
6731 Deanna Dominguez If you run for president, you have my vote already. If you choose not to, I will vote for who you endorse and recommend.
6732 Alan Lemon It is in truth not for glory, nor riches, nor honours that we are fighting, but for freedom — for that alone, which no honest man gives up but with life itself.
-From The Declaration of Arbroath 1320
Ron Paul 2012!
6733 Robert Lupinek You are one of the few possible candidates that I believe will bring America’s focus back to Americans!
6734 CJ Lets take back our Country!
6735 Stuart Els Run Ron Run! Someone needs “”exercise”" The Federal Reserve. We know Keynesian’s Barry Soteoro, and the Neo-Cons won’t stand up for sound money
6736 James Stewart  
6737 Robert Dawson You will most certainly have the military and the veteran vote as well as all freedom and liberty minded peoples.
6738 James C. Hoffman We need level headed, smart individuals to get this country back on track! We need YOU!
6739 Lawanda Kress If you do not run I will write you in, even if it does no good. It eases my conscience! ;)
6740 Greg Letourneau  
6741 Michael Peery Ron is the best choice for America. I have believed this ever since watching the documentary “”America: Freedom to Fascism”"
6742 Lisa Tyndall  
6743 Rich Heimann  
6745 Larry Watson I’ve already placed my “”Ron Paul Hope for America”" bumper sticker on my work van, and my friends did the same. I haven’t stopped promoting Ron Paul since 2007.
6746 Stephen Bernard We really need Ron Paul in the white house. New Hampshire wants Ron Paul in 2012!
6747 Mark Tittle I believe in you, and what you stand for!!
6748 Jack Schylling  
6749 Jacob Gall You are our only hope.
6750 michael sarg ron, now more then ever we need you, i beleive that the country is ripe for a strong 3rd party, otherwise it may be too late to save us…the “”powers”" are smashing us and have stolen all of our money…ron, it is time to take our country back.
6751 Margaret Rose Dr. Paul, you are our last hope. Please consider this run.
6752 Brenndan McTague Liberty or Death. Ron Paul 2012!!!!
6753 David Penninger Mr. Paul’s the only hope for America. I mean that sincerely. I also think the pain associated with ‘doing the right thing’ may be so painful that it ushers in a new age facism….but not doing the right thing will only further guarantee the demise of this once great nation.

Count me in.

6755 Kyle Kleman The only true politician who can stick to what he believes in.
6756 Jeff and Grace Yoshimoto Go for it! Where God Guides, He provides.
6757 J. Edward Gates  
6758 Glyn Taylor  
6759 Megan Caywood We need your kind in our leadership. Please represent the real Americans and turn our country around.
6760 John Rogers “”Believe me, the next step is a currency crisis because there will be a rejection of the dollar, the rejection of the dollar is a big, big event, and then your personal liberties are going to be severely threatened.”" - Ron Paul.
6761 Russell McDougal  
6762 Jeff Larson We need a man like Ron Paul to turn this country in the right direction.
6763 A. J. Brent  
6764 Bob Jones We need an honest man who loves liberty and stands up for freedom
6765 Sean Fessenden  
6766 Jared Deane “”Restore the Republic”" is a better tagline than “”Liberty for America”"
6767 samantha gaytan  
6768 David Baty Ron Paul rocks
6769 Charles Tuohy  
6770 pete cramer  
6771 Ken Winterholt  
6772 Joseph Ponikvar END THE IRS!
6773 stephanie cramer  
6774 Michael LaHatte Get rid of Fed Reserve!
6775 Brad Newman  
6776 Leon Winfield Manley III Dr. Paul,
Please lead us into the new era. I’m ordering shirts and bumper stickers and spreading the word. I’ll work for your campaign. Just send me an email. I’m not afraid of standing up for what I believe in.
6777 Debbie Jantzen  
6778 Jacob McClendon  
6779 Justin Buist  
6780 Francis Maggio We need someone who cares about doing the right thing and not purely personal political ambition.
6781 Warsun If you want to run ill support you for now. However there are issues i want addressed immediately. If you even reading this.Ill vote for you if you remove Aspartame,Fructose,Fluoride,Sodium Nitrate,rBST(HGH),and Heavy Metals from our food water and State by putting a ban on them.If you even give a damn about your countrymen like me.You will do this first in your own state.Then i will vote for you.
6782 Tom Harsanyi Go for it Ron
6783 Shea Mastison Dr. Paul, we need a candidate for liberty. If it requires that you fight for the GOP nomination, or even run third-party, please run.
6784 Mark Sanders  
6785 Raza Abbas  
6786 Daniel Raymond Please , PLEASE run for president in 2012 , Ron Paul is our only hope of ever restoring the country to a Constitutional Republic . I pledge my time and efforts to help in any way possible and I am already a member of C4L .
6787 Alexander Robbins I support a change of government.
6788 David J. Diaz  
6789 Monica Statham You have my vote but then again you had it last time you ran also.
6790 John Matteo  
6791 Bill Howard  
6792 Dianne  
6793 Mark Adam Lollar Help us Obi-wan Kenobi, you’re our only hope.
6794 Marilyn G End the Fed.
6795 Justin Gager You are my hero Dr. Paul. We need you.
6796 Paul Stoufer End the wars - let our troops protect the USA at home !
6797 Urveeka  
6798 Joseph Strader Intelligence is obviously relative in our world these days, and so is foresight. We need both right now, and that’s what you’re doing, putting an end to the silly American notion of quick fixes. Thanks!
6799 zahem louis I’m French but I known that international liberty
will begin by liberty of america.
6800 Larry P. Syner Mr Paul I have little faith left in our government; however, I do have faith that you will do what is necessary and to continue to serve the people. Please run for the president’s office. I understanding that running for president is a major undertaking to say the least, but your effort rebuilds my faith and the countless thousands of others when you continue to fight on our behalf.

I am with you,
Larry P. Syner

6801 Serge Sibirsky  
6802 Lori L McGrath Please Congressman Ron Paul run again in 2012 you have my 110% support!!! Our country needs your wise and truthful leadership!!
6803 Vincent Consentino  
6804 Tom Sell  
6805 philip lovesee  
6806 Ron Johnson Ron,
Thirty years in the political wilderness, always being true to yourself, have made you the man of the hour.
6807 Mark  
6808 Matt Maly Please, please, PLEASE!!! I want to be able to say that Dr. Paul is the first person I ever voted for!
6809 Mimeo C Soriano Jr. Ron Paul for President!!! Save this Country!!!
6810 Erica  
6811 Dr. Peter Howard The need is the call, Dr. Paul. This country needs someone of your integrity and Christian moral principles to lead this country back to its founding principles. You will be supported by many, many prayers. God bless you and guide you.
6812 anthony kowalczyk It is time to have u exposed, the media wants u to lose but they know u have the ability to sweep the nation. U must get noticed more, red or blue u will pull votes from both sides and stop this tyranny in our country. Term Limits, secure the border, lower taxes, repeal healthcare, pull out of Afghanistan, and abolish MANY government organizations. Tsa, homeland security, department of education, and cut ALL funding to these communist UNIONS! Please run and WIN in 2012.
6813 Neil Moore  
6814 jim henn The people need someone to get behind. Please help us to fix this outdated system of rule and reign in out-of-control spending. Thank you!
6815 peter washington  
6816 Ben Schmidt Freedom for the People!
6817 Bob Liberty to America and World END the New World Order and the Bilderbergers
6818 Mario Baltodano Dr. Paul: “”You are the only one with the truth in your words”", “”You are the only one who can make a difference for all of us”", “”We need you”".
6819 sharon  
6820 Jose C. Alvarado It is time. America has witnessed the worse case scenarios on both ends, America is ready for Ron Paul.
6821 mike I finally sale my dad on you and your not going to run? Come on man.
6822 Amanda Scott  
6823 Trent C Walker Since you are the only one who is in touch with reality your are the logical choice. You have my respect and my vote
6824 Christopher Daniels  
6825 Jackie Olson  
6826 schuyler pryor  
6827 Kelly Leonard  
6828 Tyler Day Ron, you have my support!
6829 William Marquardt  
6830 Adam R. Henson  
6831 Marc J. Ellison Ron Paul, you are my hero!!!
6832 Anthony Ferlito This temporary rise in libertarianism in the US is the best chance we have of having one in the White House. Congressman Paul, you are the only chance we have.
6833 Jesse Steeves This the only truly American option!
6834 B. Rhoades While it is naive to expect “”salvation”" through the political process…nor any one politician, Ron P has an important message that needs to be heard.
6835 Adrienne Owen Please run for president Ron Paul. Our country needs you and finally the people know it! We can do this. You have my support 100%.
6836 Thomas E. Tuck Run Ron Run. If you only accomplish 1/2 of what was won in the 2009 race, it will be worth the effort. We stand behind you and will work even harder this time.
6837 Patricia Steketee My son has convinced us , you are the onw who will bring sanity back
6838 Garrett Guidinger Ron Paul is the only eligible candidate for 2012, no one comes near to what this country means and what he means to this country. The young people have clearly spoken, as I, and among other age groups that it is time to restore the Constitution and bring back our United States of America our forefathers founded to be. Lets ring 1776 in 2012. Ron Paul for the 45th President…
6839 Christopher Wakin Bring sensability back to Washington!
6840 Marianne Hoffman WE NEED YOU!
6841 Fares Albitar Dear Congressman, even if you don’t get elected if you run for president, you are sending a message, and this message is growing. I think if you care about americans, you will be running with a stronger message this time….
6842 Kenneth E. Johnson Entering the 2012 race will keep our issues closer to the fore front
6843 Jason Mahakian You are the REAL Change we need!
6844 Ricky Brown  
6845 Janice L Williams  
6846 Dustin Jones  
6847 Sharon Erickson  
6848 kent carter  
6849 carrie dixon  
6850 Ryan Caruthers  
6851 April O’Brien Ron Paul, you are a much needed breath of fresh air. Thank you for remembering The People.
6852 L. ROPER  
6853 Kory Lee Mullins Ron Paul, you seem like a man with a plan. Someone who posses more than an ounce of common sense. I more than support you to run for the 2012 election. Do what you can to retain and bring back the personal liberties this nation was founded for.
6854 D Scott End the Fed!
6855 Lyle Noorlun Good work…….
6856 Carol Collins PS: I think Judge Andrew Napolitano would make a GREAT VP! RUN RON RUN!!
6857 Matt Shannon Please run again Dr. Paul. Peace, Liberty and sound economic policies need another National Speaking Tour and you are the most qualified and best person to represent my family and I.

Thank you for your dedication to your principles. Please continue to be our rep in the Nation’s Capital.

Here’s to VICTORY in 2012!

6858 Aaron talmage RON PAUL PLEASE HEAR OUR CALL! America needs you
6859 Timothy J. Wulff Mr. Paul should do what is best in his own judgment, but the unchecked power of government and the growth of fascist inter-cooperation is truly frightening.
6860 Merav Yaakov Now is the time. Please run.
6861 tom hansen restore the republic
6862 Matthew Hepler Please run. We need your focus and influence.
6863 Michael Burkhart  
6864 Robert L Williams  
6865 mitch willis we need to stop the destruction of this country by the government. Stop the spending reduce the size and scope of government.
6866 Austin Pettigrew Run Ron Run!
6867 Paul Stufel  
6868 Jared Schneiderman Ron Paul, the only real candidate for Liberty!
6869 Jared Troemner The fact that he doesn’t want to be President make him an even better canidate. Ron Paul 2012!
6870 James Reynolds  
6871 Marshall Ballard I believe in the cause!!
6872 Eric Steele  
6873 Doug  
6874 Peter Nantz  
6875 Derek DiPasquale Ron Paul is the voice of reason in Washington!
6876 David J. Statz Jr.  
6877 SPC Christopher Black I am a U.S. Soldier and I approve of Ron Paul 100%
6878 Adam J. Macry With the success we have had and support that went through the roof, I am opting to endorse ron paul for president in the upcoming 2012 election.
6879 Thomas Scholts We need change from the top down Ron. Please run.
6880 Daniel  
6881 Tracy Darling  
6882 chelsea eiben only politician i trust!
6883 Lou Miller If you have it in you to run again please do! Count me in, this time starting at the beginning and doing everything I can to help. You are the only good choice for the country.
6884 Brendan O’Rourke You are the only sensible man for this job.
6885 david giordano  
6886 Lai Leung  
6887 Joanne Feaster  
6888 Michael Bojarski  
6889 Ryan FOR LIBERTY!!!!
6890 Aristidis Hatzidimitriadis  
6891 Gwen Uhlig Please lead this country back to a common sense path.
6892 Pascal Elzinga  
6893 Geoffrey Fischer Ron Paul for president. We need Ron Paul now more than ever!
6894 Zachary Carlson You bring light to a dark government. Lets put things back the way they were meant to be. Ron Paul 2012!
6895 Dylan Travis I was raised a democrat, and believe in many democratic ideals but the federal reserve needs transparency and I believe that is the most evil secret of this country.
6896 Mike Dorcy  
6897 Josh Swedberg  
6898 Christopher R. Jones  
6899 Jacob Runge GO RON!
6900 Matthew Meloy  
6901 MTMulligan  
6902 Dionne Deschenne We NEED a real leader, with integrity and strength and independence from the puppetmasters. Please run!
6903 Patricia Armstrong I think a lot will depend on your running mate Ron!
6904 Jeff Walker We need your leadership to take back our country.
6905 Trent Badon Cmon Dr. Paul lets go get it and turn this ship around
6906 Truman Reid PhD Let’s get the word out to folks in other states. The media did a number on Dr. Paul with one liners and lies. He will need all of us to talk to friends and relatives in other states.
6907 J C Gordon  
6908 George Schoenheider  
6909 Justin Weber Please run !!!! This country will not last much longer.
6910 John Sackfield  
6911 Jonathan Boys I wrote you in, in Nov 2008. Would love to campaign for you again!
6912 Miguel Guardado It’s your time even the hood knows about you now. Lemme know if you need any help in the Mexican community!

Miguel Guardado
Social Worker

6913 Lewis Peregrim  
6914 Tamara Sego Please Run Ron America needs you
6915 Chuck Rogers I’ve studied the many issues the people of our country face, and there’s not many people in government who have a good handle on what it means to protect the constitution of the United States, and actually have the people of this country in mind. Ron Paul is the only politician I’ve seen recently who uses common sense and a intelligence to look at a situation as it is, not as a lobbyist wants him to see it.
6916 James Maji Unfortunately, I don’t believe anyone can save our country now. Our economic situation is passed repair. Wished Ron was President 10 years ago and then we may have had a chance to fix things. Damn those selfish, greedy prima donnas in Washington.
6917 Pawel Debski Zycze sukcesu! I wish you victory! :)
6918 Thomas Creamer end the fed
6919 nathan edge  
6920 Jim Haas  
6921 mark  
6922 Shane Halpern If you can clinch the Republican nomination, you WILL win the general. Life long Democrat who would be happy to vote for this Republican.
6923 Jeff Brogan It’s time!
6924 Allen D. Frankel  
6925 Helm Lehmann  
6926 Joan Reinbold  
6927 Yarko Thomas That’s a “”revolution”" of once again having true statesmen in Washington.
6928 Russ Survance Run - Run - Run - America is in deep need of true change and the recent election shows that! Don’t do it for us - do it for the future generation! They need someone to speak on their behalf and save us from our own doing.
6929 michael nesbitt  
6930 Robert Laing  
6931 Charles Kaiser III We need someone who stays true to their beliefs. Intelligence is always a plus too.
6932 Ashley Clark Go Ron Paul!
6933 Jim Beaudoin  
6934 Travis Tesarek Liberty!
6935 John Hembree As much as I can understand Ron Paul not wanting to run, he’s the only intelligent and sensible candidate that should be running our country.
6936 Alan Williams Does this mean I’m on NSA’s watch list now? lol Dr. Paul: stop wimping-out when you are directly asked if you are going to “”really end the FED.”"
6937 Adam Drozdz Run on the Libertarian and Constitution Parties if you have to but just run. I’m sure both parties will back you 100%.
6938 Michael Foster  
6939 Mark Irby Jr.  
6940 Matthew I’ll do everything I can to support you, Ron! Let Liberty ring!
6941 Karissa Hardison  
6942 Ken Adams America has gone horribly off track. We need your fiscal intelligence now, more than ever. Your message needs to be heard.
6943 Steve Morgan  
6944 Tracey Marteeny  
6945 Mike Garcia “”Restore Liberty!”"
6946 Todd Peterson  
6947 Noell B  
6948 Ian D Edwards I live in the UK but am wholeheartedly in support of Ron as the next president of the USA. We need a Ron here too by the way. Ron the world needs you.
6949 Bob Altough i regard myself as being a libertarian socialist i’ll put my faith into you, Ron Paul
6950 Richard Rogers 2012!
6951 michael Sita  
6952 Alyse Azevedo  
6953 tom west your the one that the country needs!
6954 Scott Donnelly  
6955 Tim Mills Please run for president in 2012. We need you more than ever!!!!
6956 william nolan Ron Paul for All
6957 Alex Spiteri The importance of Ron Paul being elected as president of the US is of global relevance. America always managed to inspire the whole world politically, and having a libertarian like Ron Paul at the helm of the world’s greatest nation will spark a worldwide revolution to adopt such ideology throughout all western democracies!
6958 Jared L. Ohlinger I figured I’d sign so the progressieve can add me to their “”No Fly List ” again.
6959 john beahm i hope you will run.need you to keep the repubs and democrats in line!thank you come on 2012
6960 James Craven  
6961 Angela K. Mehaffie  
6962 Ryan Boydstun Go Ron!
6963 Tamara Yahley  
6964 Rebecca Wilson  
6965 Joshua Schaefer  
6966 Gaylord Z. Crozier  
6967 Michael (Mike) Grimes Dr. Paul, If we ever needed you it is now! The nation continues to wake up; please help us to see it through.
6968 Thor Thorson DDS Go for it.
6969 Johnny T We are gaining on them!
6970 Matthew Bussey You have my vote Mr. Paul.
6971 Bruce Ahlstrom  
6972 Zachary Miller Ron Paul for 2012, save America
6973 Oliver de Bono  
6974 Wayne Topping  
6975 Igor Gembitsky You are the only politician I have ever voted for without compromising my ideals, and the most influential and sober voice of reason on the political stage. It would be of immeasurable value to the prosperity of all people to have you represent the case for liberty in the 2012 presidential campaign.
6976 Matt Noles PLEASE RUN!!! You are the man!!!!
6977 Peter Abrahamson  
6978 Brooks Blanchard Yes, we need you Dr Paul
6979 Jonathan Woods PLEASE RUN! PLEASE RUN! I know you’re smarter and more even-minded than the GOONS in DC!!!
6980 Paul Marzetti  
6981 John Fontana  
6982 Lisa R. Becker Your country needs you Dr. Paul.
6983 Gary Pate I very much hope he will consider running except for the fact I don’t think such a great man, who is probably the epitome of a chronological error, should receive the punishment of presidency, but I believe he is more up to the challenge than anyone else.
6984 Adriano Spiteri I support Ron Paul’s rationale.
America doesn’t need him, Americans do.
The mission of each and every true knight is duty.
6985 Roger Tilleux  
6986 Denise Beahm-Langkam We need a REAL person to be our commander in chief. Someone who cares about the people and the constitution. Ron Paul for President 2012!!!!
6987 Thomas Valentine Ron Paul is the only candidate with national recognition, who is advocating a direction of real fiscal responsibility and has the backbone to see the country move in a sustainable direction dispite the pain that will be required.
6988 Ben Qualiana help us Ron Paul your are only hope
6989 Daniel Kucharski  
6990 peter bethea would truly love to see you president!!
6991 Michele Ash Ron Paul in 2012- America needs you
6992 Adam Miller Dr. Paul, we needd you because the Constitution matters!!
6993 Derek Easton  
6994 Eric Go Ron Paul!!!!
6995 Aaron S. I voted Paul last time, I will vote Paul this time.
6996 Joanthan Bethea This is our future, if this is Gods will. Let’s be good citizens and stand up for what is Right!
6997 Abdi Ahmed You Inspire True Liberty!
6998 John Emslie  
7000 Randy Revoyr  

2 Responses to Signatures 5,001-10,000

  1. time is running out we need you for all of us i want peace in this
    world and we could we wanna work very peacefuy to support our
    family and enjoy others to stop the government to invade our privacy
    and property and we could what ever want its our buisness and thats
    a libertarian or indepedent is all about and ron paul this is your last to
    run for president and i convince you to do it. a proud libertarian 100%

  2. Siga Kisielius says:

    America needs you!

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