Signatures 1-5,000

Number Name Comment
4001 Lee Collins If not you Dr. Paul then who? This country needs someone who believes in the Constitution.
4002 Andrew Schmitt  
4003 Yvonne Battaglia you have my continued support…
4004 James Melo  
4005 William Mitchell  
4006 Richard Rehm We need You Dr. Paul
4007 Sandi Williams  
4008 G Jordan God bless America, God Save the Republic!
4009 Tony Beck I’d like to see your wisdom brought to the White House Rep. Paul.
4010 Ian Stuart  
4011 Tom Kenton Run…..Run……Run !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4012 Joshua Goines  
4013 Anthony Spangler  
4015 Bill Isom Hopefully, Mr Paul will take some of his valuable time to get to know and help Lt Col Allen West of Florida’s 22nd District. Our country really needs patriots like you and Mr. West.
4016 Brad Sydow  
4017 Kenneth Go get em Ron
4018 Eric Hutchison  
4019 David Demoise In Liberty
4020 Irwin Tyler As a candidate you will get more face time and air time to spread your message. The rest of the country needs to hear your message.
4021 Douglas Stroh  
4022 Robert Anthony Coleman Ron Paul will restore the Constitutional Republic that this nation was originally founded on. Through his wise counsel, we can restore justice, renew a gold backed currency, and take the right steps towards life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
4023 John Zupansic  
4025 Blake Donovan Let Freedom Reign.
4026 Beata Koc  
4027 Kevin Cornelius All the way! Before it’s too late!
4028 JOE KLAUSER please help
4029 John Matheson  
4030 Louis Barta Libertarian Hope for all
4031 Devin Licastro you rule bro.
4032 Nada Abuelenin  
4033 Kevin Yamaguchi I look forward to Ron explaining how he intends to encourage a free market in the face of the myriad abuses that arise in the wake of deregulation
4034 rod stone  
4035 Danielle  
4036 Jane L Murvin Thank you for your service to our Country. Your leadership is appreciated.
4037 Tim Nolan Editor GLOBAL PEACE
4038 Adrian Bernal  
4039 Chris Tobolka  
4040 Mike Krentz please
4041 John Clark  
4042 Alan Luehmann We need change,but it should be more than a
dime,nickel and a penny
4043 Nick Altebrando go for it …!!! I still have the 2008 poster in my yard
4044 Larry Scheidel  
4045 J. M.  
4046 Robert Silva Mr. Ron Paul you are the one to take this country in a new direction - away from the elite and towards the American people.
4047 Paul I am from Ireland and been following Ron Paul for 3 years. He is the only person for the job. What is good for America is good for the world!
4048 Sarah Vick  
4049 Vincent O’Rourke please run for president.
4050 Carrie Lynn Osgood-Millsap Help U.S.! Help Ourselves! Vote Ron Paul 2012!
4051 Joseph Mecca  
4052 Ross Webster Let us pursue liberty together.
4053 Jonathan Espinosa  
4054 alex lega 2nd amendment.
4055 Ryan Rudishauser  
4056 Suzi Lorraine I support Ron Paul and think he would be an excellent candidate for President in 2012.
4057 Rachel Rudishauser  
4058 Rod Morley The rest of the world needs to see the hope that Ron Paul could bring to America and the world.
4059 Jason Duncan You got my vote! Let’s take our country back!
4060 Chris Palombi As what is left of our country is slowly dying and being dismantled, just look at it this way, if you don’t, then God help us… WHO CAN AND WHO WILL?
4061 Tom Lamy Let’s continue this revolution.
4062 Annette Sanyurah  
4063 Sara Hastings  
4064 B.J. Maxwell  
4065 Wallace Lambert  
4066 Jeff Stiglitz  
4067 James Hastings  
4068 Ed C Sullivan Dr. Paul,
You are the only possible candidate that I would vote for this next election for President of the United States; otherwise why vote at all anymore? You must run, Sir!
4069 Josh Moresi  
4070 Mona Gore I admire Dr. Paul’s fiscal conservatism. Iwant to see our troops come home and let’s take care of America for a change. I want to see the feds audited!
4071 Robin Maddalone I am new to understanding Ron Paul. I will be a first time voter for him!!!!
4072 G. Nadelson You have my full support.
4073 Tony Stone  
4074 Dale Vrbas  
4075 Bryan Gomez  
4076 Tony Stone  
4077 Christopher Priest  
4078 Nancy Hawks If the media lets him be an active participant!
4079 Rick Thelen  
4080 Sandra Bienek Give it your best shot
4081 Roy Lamb Run Paul RUN!!!!!!!
4082 Kathy Hopper  
4083 Kenneth Fernandes  
4084 Alberto González I’m from Spain, a country devastated by several years of socialist government and a mild opposition. United States must lead the global economic recovery, and Ron Paul is one of the few man able to lead the USA and the whole world out of this huge mess.
4085 Jesse Ross  
4086 Joseph Ruiz I had all but given up on Washington until I heard Dr. Paul speak. My vote is with you Dr. Paul!
4087 David Hall Mr. Paul would you please lead America out of the mess that the last 8 Presidents have lead America and Americans into…. YOU know you are the man to do it… and most americans know this also…. dont let us (americans) fool ourselves again…….. Ron is the one and only that will lead us out of this nightmare….. God bless Ron and his son Rand…..
4088 Harry K. Withearl  
4089 brian rowland Please run….
4090 Drew  
4091 Phillip M. McKinney  
4092 Gregory Gallaway  
4093 Brad Lee Bauer  
4094 Jonathan Tobe  
4095 Feza K. Yusufzai  
4096 william wollmuth audit the fed, protect our borders, the 14th amendment does not guarantee that anchor babies are automatically American just because they are born in the USA, bring back manufacturing to the usa, be american, buy american, reduce the sales tax for items made in the usa! - reduce the power of; the EPA, the IRS, the dept of energy, dept of education, the ACLU, etc. abolish the rediculous-full-of-loop-holes-IRS tax code and go with a flat 10-15% tax or VATax, put the word GOD back into our American way of life, can the Obamacare boondoggle, make wall st pay back the bail out money with interest- that money should have gone instead to create jobs fixing our ailing infrastructure, The Christian religion should get an equal right to do and say just as much as Islam and all of the other religions which seem to get politically correct preferential treatment over Christianity - which isn’t right and neither is it fair, try barney frank, bernanke, and gaitner as traitors to the american people - and if found guilty execute them by either hanging or by firing squad on public TV to send a message - that if you fail to represent your constituents and instead sell them out, the same will happen to any elected official who abuses the power of their office and defames their position with graft riddled back alley deals, - I got a million of em…. but these are at the forefront of my mind and many of my friends and relatives think this way too!
4098 Karen Boone America needs a voice of reason. If Ron Paul decides he’s not up to running, let’s all hope he knows of someone else who stands for his (and our) ideals.
4099 Michael L. McNeely We need someone who really gives a damn about OUR country and not just votes!!!
4100 Chris Finder  
4101 cynthia dunham Run Ron Run
4102 Ryan Don’t let us down Ron!
4103 Mark James Ellis May God be with you and may you turn America in what it was before.! Love from all American People in Germany!
4104 Brent Fronczak For Liberty! The Revolution continues!
4105 Angela Minyard  
4106 walt weinbender we need you to run for president
4107 Jeffrey Crawford You are the only candidate who understands the root cause of our problems. You’ve repeated it so many times you’d think some of the others would catch on by now, but NOOOO … we need you more than ever Sir.
4108 Rand Eastwood  
4109 Norman L. Shafer I will gladly shout your name for presidency again!
4110 Jason Hilbert Chuck Baldwin would be an excellent running mate come on we need real men of honor in the White House.
4111 Yavor Stratev  
4112 curtis robinson ron paul american hero !
4113 Paul Mauk A man who understands the meaning of freedom and justice for all
4114 Brandon Runge You are the greatest and hopefully not last, TRUE, proud “”Public Servant”". I believe history will remember if you run or don’t run. I’m more concerned with you not ‘pulling the trigger’ (sorry for the metaphor) now that you can get those FED crumbumb traitors. You’ve worked you’re whole life for this. We believe in you and your ability to get us out of this bullshit money scam and don’t let the CFR pressure you. You need to run for President..Sir. I and all I can possibly bring will vote and make ruckus so everybody can wake up and hear your voice of pure reason, honesty, and truth———-real truth..not malleable statistics, subliminal bias, and other Tom-Foolery practiced by the wrestling team WWF-WCW demos and repos. I was born in Dallas, raised in New Orleans sir. I respect the long war you’ve fought. That’s why you cannot give up now!!!!!!.

You have me at a moments notice… for anything I might be able to help with..[political strategy, physical protection like an additional body-guard, campaign coordinator for Socal or certainly my native land New Orleans where I grew up. I GUARANTEE YOU I COULD GET YOU THAT STATE SIR. Like I said 'born in Dallas', but raised in New Orleans.]

I’d do anything to help your righteous cause sir.
At best!!!… sir…… me and all other Humans can transform this world..starting with American stabilization.

How else can we help others. Gotta fix the leaky boat before we start rescuing people or we all drown…right?

I’d love to see you usher in in an age of decency, stability, and care, like I know you’ve wanted to. Please contact me as I’m not a nutbar or anything. I’m actually 29 and starting back in school in a week to get an electronics degree 2-year with PhotoVoltaics-Solar Cells as the course or main jist in the end.

I have an entire notebook full of inventions and ideas of all kinds that could help mankind. HERE’S ONE IMPORTANT BUT SILLY ONE…
If we “”HAVE”" to send millions in aid to countries, and be sure to avoid an ADID-Somalia scenario,
{where a rutheless punk subjugates his own people to become a dictator through vile/evil use of our CHARITY}
then why not announce to all peoples of said country… 1 day before we drop the years’ supply of 20 million dollars or however much over major cities where the people could be there ready to collect the money. That would guarantee the power of said subjugated countrys’ people to “”OUTGROW THEIR OVERMASTERS”".


give me an e-mail.

Good Evening Sir.

4115 Phyllis Wilson Never wanted to send a petition as much as this one! Go Ron!
4116 steven martinez THE REVOLUTION CONTINUES RON PAUL 2012
4117 Dave Smith  
4118 lowell swett DO it for LIBERTY
4119 Richard C. Grace We desperately need someone with a common sense way of thinking and a strong belief in the Constitution.
4120 Steve Baysinger Dr. Paul, every morning I look myself in the mirror and ask myself this question: “”If not you, than who?”" So now I’m asking you regarding another run for president in 2012; liberty and freedom from tyranny: “”If not you, than who?”"

The one and only bumper sticker I display on my car states: “”Truth is treason in the empire of lies. -Ron Paul”" The republic is calling you, Dr. Paul. Will you answer her or turn away?

4121 christopher baiamonte vote yes for Dr. No!
4122 Laurann Pluta  
4123 Ruth Fauss  
4124 Dave Meyer I need Ron Paul so I can return to a Value adding concept in my neighborhood. It has been overrun with Illegals and the properties have been decimated. I live in Denver Colorado. In a neighborhood called ValVerde (green valley).
4125 Kane Scipioni  
4126 larry erickson  
4127 Patrick Williams  
4128 April Wonderham I do not want this nation to fall to ruins so I am signing this petition
4129 brad hoadey Keep up the great work Dr Paul we are behind you.
4130 Craig Fee It took me a while to figure out who and what you are about. Now that I know I hope you are there for me to vote for you.
4131 Thomas J. Strait  
4132 Hunter Laws  
4133 Derek Baer  
4134 Brian Shafer  
4135 Mark Mitchell Please Run in 2012!
4136 Luke D You’re the only one that can get us out of this mess Dr. Paul!!
4137 Robin K  
4138 Ray Go Ron Go!
4139 Jeff Saturday We can’t go another 4 years with a Neo-Con or a Democrat, please run!
4140 C.E. Surman We need a “”decent”" politician to run, let alone get elected. NOW IS THE TIME!
4141 Barbara Panzer  
4142 James Berg  
4143 Michael Griggs Out of the people who ran for president last time, Ron Paul is the only one that seemed to think on his own (didn’t just go for what is popular). I don’t know who else will be running in 2012, but Ron Paul should be there.
4144 David Ziegler  
4145 Simone Maures  
4146 Caleb Leslie I sure hope you run ron. Its becoming do or die for the country and there is no one more equipped than you to make things right. Please run.
4147 Jose Mora Go Ron Paul!!!
4148 w harrell  
4149 dion roth  
4150 Steven Spellman  
4151 Tim  
4152 Chase Bartlett  
4153 Sidni Saler We do need a leader who will stand up for the people and not continually take away our rights and try to kills and poisonous. Thank you for standing up in the midst of the pit of snakes.


4154 Moneytha Burns Ron, I am willing to sacrifice everything to make a move to New Hampshire for the Free State Project. Please, please we need your help and only your help in this country run by thieves and murderers. You know you can’t live with this country the way it is now and continuing to get even worse. How will you be able to not run for President and not given it your best shot? Even if you don’t win, at least you’ll know you gave it your best shot! Peace be with you.
4155 Mitchell Cowan  
4156 tom crane  
4157 William B Tierney Audit the Fed now!
4158 Mark McSpadden It’s an opportunity to continue this vitally important education of those Americans who have a desire to restore and preserve liberty and our nation’s sovereignty. Without this education or divine intervention, our odds for success are not good.
4159 george stevens we need a real leader and not another puppet. lets do it in 2012!
4160 Francis Tanseco  
4161 don’t run America doesn’t need more conspiracy theories and hateful rhetoric. Please stay in your well-fortified bunker and leave the sane people alone.
4162 Patrick Rogan PLEASE RUN for President Dr. Paul, don’t let us down and we won’t let you down. This country NEEDS you now more than ever.
4163 enrico azor  
4164 Nathan Gilling Dr. Paul having studied your books and recommendations, and after seeing the reality of the truths you have helped me to see; I would like to say that I know of no other American who with such true integrity could lead our country.
4165 Robert Webb  
4166 Daphne Delores I pray that the newly restored Republic(s) of the united States of America elects you as President within the year!!!
4167 Malcolm Ovenden Ron Paul is the ONLY politician I trust for president in 2012! I won’t be voting for ANYONE else!
4168 Chris  
4169 D. McWilliams  
4170 Sean Sisco  
4171 Eric Morris  
4172 Brandon  
4173 Andrew K Thank you Ron Paul for giving us an alternative.
4174 Brad Coleman Ron Paul you have my full support! I was unable to vote for you in 2008, now I’m 18 and you’ll have my vote!!!
4175 Heather Cox  
4176 Chris Rittenhouse  
4177 Damian Siniakowicz Do it.
4178 Michael Anzelini  
4179 nate meek  
4180 Gavin Mehl  
4181 roger mcannally  
4182 Jason Bouska  
4183 Jacob Kon You’re the only one who can keep his word, and act sensibly when proven wrong (which I’ve only seen once).
4184 James P Guillory I trust Ron Paul!
4185 Gloria Kennickell  
4186 Michael Fowler Please step in and salvage what is left of our precious country.
4187 Cleve Randolph The voice of reality that needs to be heard
4188 Ronald Kanna I really wish there will be some way we could get Ron Paul elected??!! The problem is that THEY don’t want someone of Ron Paul’s thinking to be in such a position of power!
4189 Michael Haberecht America needs to return to what we were supposed to be!
4190 Jack Erickson  
4191 Peter Croce  
4192 William Ricucci  
4193 Albert M De Luca  
4194 Scott Balster  
4195 Virgil Barnes  
4196 Brian Woodburn  
4197 Ken Zeier Ron Paul is a thinking man’s candidate.
Not sure if America is ready for that as
evidenced by its electing the “”oily salesman”"
Obama. I am for eliminating taxes on private homes. Only property that is used for
profit should be considered for taxation. No more
abortion. No more perversion of marriage.
The system is broken. It would be immensely difficult for even well intentioned Ron Paul to fix it, but at least we know that he is Constitution
oriented and won’t desire to drive the bus off the cliff—like the “”OILY SALESMAN.”"
The public school system is broken and has no
coherent philosophy. It’s not a matter of money.
The schools will never be clever enough to figure out how to be efficient—it’s not their desire.
Government is being destroyed by special interests and socialistic thinking.
The most important thing for the country is
to return to the Bible, and for man to exercise
dominion over the earth as intended. He is supposed to subdue the earth. Stop the environmental madness which looks at man as
just another “”animal.”" Man was created in the image of God. He is special and has special rights.
Wealth creation is more important than cutting spending. It’s like eating. Eat what satifies, but make sure you are working hard and exercising-that’ll keep off the fat. There is a lot of focus on cutting taxes and spending. There needs to be more talk about wealth creation. Wealth is created when a crop is harvested, when a mineral is mined, when a product is manufactured, when ideas are generated, when art is produced, when cattle are fattened on a thousand hills, when fish are caught, when trees are harvested and put to use, when well constructed houses are created and when man is involved in a thousand other creative efforts.
To God be the glory.
4198 Abe Jensen  
4199 Andreas Bunen We need people like Dr. Ron Paul to show what kind of world the people really wish for, because what we have now is a lobby-based system and it against humanity.
4200 Douglas Millard Sir WE need you to lead this country with integrity, honor, common sense, and wisdom. You have displayed integrity in all of your arguments and in your voting record for the continuance of freedom and liberty in our land, I know you will continue with such diligence in the office of president for which you will set a bar to measure successors. Please heed the call of the leaderless and save this wonderful land from further decay and demise. Be the turn of the tide, with us.
4201 Lanetra Lewis Ron Paul 2012!!!!!
4202 Daryl Schwartz  
4203 Brian Schuliger  
4204 Jacob Cox  
4205 Skip E. Mayfield I’m for you!
4206 Johnny Day Please run, Dr. Paul - for what may truly be the last chance at retaining what liberty we have left and, dare I say, restore what liberty we have lost.
Let’s show the world how America was -meant- to be.
4207 Levi Hansen America needs you!
4208 chris le blanc i never voted till the last presidential election. then i wrote you in on the ballot. we need a real president
4209 Lou Geiger It’s time to act against tyranny.
4210 steve meyer Do it Mr Paul
4211 Eric Gaspser  
4212 Bill Lambert Ron Paul in 2012 or Bust
4213 Phil  
4214 Slawomir Gózdz  
4215 Karen Roselle  
4216 J. D. Helm  
4217 Chris Garza I don’t think that this election will be more crucial than the elections of 1800 or of 1860 but only time will tell. Please run Dr. Paul!
4218 David Erickson  
4219 Chuck Dublois  
4220 Jeremy Paul Butte We’ll give them a run for their money like they have never seen. The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time.
4221 Anna Janek Dr. Paul:
Please only you can save our Republic,I will campaign for you.
4222 Vince Coghlan let’s keep things interesting
4223 Jeffrey J DeChristopher do it!
4224 Martin I’ll vote for ya.
4225 Jeanetta Helmick  
4226 Joshua Kopac  
4227 Philip Haddad Ron Paul is the only federal politician that follows his oath of office & will take on the federal reserve.
4228 Jean Vergara You are the only one willing to fight for our individual liberties please run and may God help you on the campaign trail.
4229 KC Smith Ron Paul, we LOVE your stance for freedom and the constitution! If you run, we are voting!!
4230 John Boucher  
4231 Jery Erwin  
4232 Frank  
4233 Matthew Claro Save this country please!
4234 Eric Reinhold  
4235 Christine  
4236 Ryan McPherson Proud supporter, Dr. Paul is the best representative in Washington!
4237 TW Mayhew Go Ron Paul!
4238 Robert DeCarlo This country needs a leader like you
4239 Robert Ferrell  
4240 mary ann oyanib I will vote for Ron Paul anytime he is the only answer to our ailing country and we need to restore america. God bless him that one he will be our president.
4241 Jessica R. Armstrong  
4242 Danielle Hall You are the true integrity of this nation!
4243 Chris Take our country back.
4244 Andrew Contreras Ron is 4 the people!
4245 Brian Phelps  
4246 Michael Young  
4247 eliel starbright Yes i want you to run!
4248 Colin Scholefield Because you are the future’s only hope
4249 Greg Scott  
4250 Joe Russom  
4251 william warren, jr  
4252 Timothy W Humphries You ROCK!!
4253 Gautam Sampathkumar  
4254 marcus This country has alotta potential and obama doesn’t seem to be doing his part in making that a reality and im convinced that ron paul will lead this country and we the people to that long sought goal.
4255 Anthony Imbesi  
4256 w. rajsic  
4257 michael geuthe  
4258 Rebecca Zimmerman Please take a chance for the people and run… I don’t know if votes really count anymore, but if you run, you will have mine.
4259 Sterling D. Allan I helped launch a petition in 2004 to have Ron Paul run back then.
4260 augustine pizano  
4261 Patricia Dohring  
4262 Daniel Quitschau Your country needs you. Together, we can be successful.
4263 Diane Knox have confidence in you - whatever decision you make.
4264 william  
4265 Anne Robertson  
4266 Matthew V. Rossi Only do this if you really want to, Dr. Paul. Don’t ever live for another person. With that said: you would be a phenomenal President.
4267 James Dunigan I am fully prepared to help campaign for Ron Paul in NJ and make his platforms our reality!!
4268 Robert A. Fitzgerald With your needed leadership, let’s try to wake up all American’s to the Truth and become the America that the world used to look up to and admire, God willing.
4269 David Woolley  
4270 Tyson Hayter  
4271 June S.  
4272 Scott ReVeal We need you Dr. Paul! You tell it like it REALLY is, regardless of what the political machine(s) may think. Who else can we depend on to give us the REAL truth? Look around! In this time of the Tea Parties, there a REAL hunger for the truth, and a REAL desire to make things right. People want to be able to TRUST their government again. I’m thinkin’ you would be a real cornerstone to making things right again. We can’t let these arrogant bastards destroy our country! As our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan say, “”Let’s GIT SOME!”"
PS- “”END THE FED!!!”"
4273 Jose Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
4274 Brian Sawyer We The People need you Dr. Paul
4275 DJ Schmutz  
4276 Mary Lou  
4277 Thomas R Mayfield We need you Dr. NO!
4278 LILAH MAURA I pray you will have your Transparency Bill submitted to Congress and passed very soon.
4279 Dawn  
4280 Laurel Sullivan  
4281 Michael Waters  
4282 Mohammad Suhail Jahangir V for Victory
4283 Gerald Asher  
4284 Lauren Lagasi I would love to rid the US of the Federal Reserve but I am scared to death of the govt take over. The govt does not know what it is doing …..
4285 john Schmidt You are the person for the job…period!
4286 Douglas Anderson Please, sir!

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you,
then they fight you, then we win.” - Gandhi

4287 Ryan Fox  
4288 Ryan Remai Ron Paul just HAS to run! Please save this country.
4289 Valerie Busby  
4290 s.ruffin Your book, “”End The Fed”" should be read by everyone
4291 Tim Ogle America won’t ever make the right decisions if we don’t hear them every four years.
4292 Sunny Glasebrook  
4293 Diane Marie Vinnicombe A run for presidency would be quite a campaign for liberty, Dr. Paul, and with liberty being so at stake these days, America needs an unwavering honest, dependable, knowledgeable, man, such as yourself, to lead the nation. Good luck, and Godspeed.
4294 Dennis Elliott Get the bankers and the elites out of our government.
4295 Cynthia Toledo  
4296 Robert Vetter This country needs someone with honesty and intergity to lead this country for the people. This country can’t afford another puppet for the bankers and wall street.
4297 Charles Crocco Jr  
4298 Steve Rowe  
4299 Nick Siwek  
4300 Steve Nelson END THE FED
4301 William L. Kelley Liberty or Death. Without the former the latter is preferred.
4302 Chad Sheets Semper Fi!
4303 Sherry Susuras I believe you can save this country!
4304 Manuel Otis Please run Dr.Paul!
4305 Nick O’Neal Ron Paul 2012!!!
4306 Phil Omo  
4307 Jon Bachelor Audit The FED!! Have a PLAN for Economic Recovery and rebuilding mutual respect for sovereign nations. Create mutual alliances for health/energy research with China and Iran, to avoid a need for a one-world global control to achieve what we can do together. Foreign Ownership of America is NOT acceptable. Neither Pure-Isolationism or World Banking will solve our problems, but mutual agreements on productivity. If America forgave world debt after WW1 and the value of Lend-Lease left America holding the bag, why can’t America and the World agree on a Fresh Start? China would be slave to Imp.-Japan if not for the USA and Russia could Not have resisted Germany…Let us All make a fair Fresh Start without bias and let ALL future actions be judged for what they are with transparency in finance and politics.
Name ommitted…I’m simply One of WE THE PEOPLE.
4308 Theo Susuras You can do it Dr. Paul!
4309 Marc  
4310 Josh Foskett You have my vote.
4311 Olga Adashunas We need a man to think of this country’s citizens, that vote him in, as a sincere representative of us and not to get to Washington to fill his bank account overflowing with funds & benefits. All we are getting today is self-interest representatives and ruled by the extremely wealthy.
4312 Randy Thompson GOD and Ron Paul can save whats left of the Constitution and Bill of rights.
GOD Bless America!!!
4313 Scott Hansen This country need your leadership
4314 Savana Winterbauer  
4315 francis puckett please run!
4316 Michael Arnold We need real change, and so far all I have seen is business as usual. The FED still runs the government, and corporations still buys laws by means of lobbyist. I’m ready and willing to cast my vote for Dr. Ron Paul…
4317 Thomas H Ward  
4318 Allan Michael Herrera  
4319 tj hopson  
4320 Terry Winterbauer  
4321 Jack Brennan  
4322 Ed Hubbard  
4323 Judy Sherfey How I would love to vote for Ron Paul!!!!
4324 Jennifer Martinez Lets get a real man into office
4325 Michael C Lee You have my support.
4326 Jason Firkins  
4327 J Harwood  
4328 Jing Xue  
4329 Adam Polson  
4331 Rachelle Ottosen  
4332 Justin Torres Let’s Do This Together!!!!
4333 Ed Olejniczak A voice of reason and hope that is sorely lacking in DC.
4334 LeRoy Mason Liberty!
4335 Jamie Hornbeak  
4336 Jim Foster  
4337 brian  
4338 L Wheeler I see you as the President that will lead us into the next enlightened age. Do it for your family, your fellow Americans, your fellow humans.
4339 danijel okilj Ron Save US
4340 Wesley Ashcraft  
4341 Ben Hoffman You may be our last hope.
4342 Karen Brown  
4343 Ron Ganus You will get my vote!
4344 Ted Lankay  
4345 Veny Cordova Ron Paul for president!!!!!
4346 Henry Hunt Just give it one more shot.
4347 Alexandra Wright We want YOU for President of the United States of America, Dr. Ron Paul!!! I voted for you in the 2008 primaries. I wrote your name in on my 2008 ticket. I campaigned for you then and I would do it again!! RON PAUL 2012!!!!!!!
4348 Jeana Routh We all know Dr Paul won’t get elected, but we NEED someone running at that level to put rational policies into the public debate (such as it is…). If Dr Paul is too tired to do it, I can understand, but he’ll always have my blessing in any political endeavor. God Bless Ron Paul.
4349 dave peterson do it!!
4350 Shelley Fagiola  
4351 Faye Nieuwendorp I support Ron Paul for President.
4352 david riley  
4353 Thomas Therriault  
4354 Terry Peterson  
4355 Harriet Lane  
4356 Nicolas  
4357 Don C. Pejsa Please run &< Ive voted for you three times already by write in !! Get on the ballot ,lets get it on the road !!
4358 Eric Hurst Ron Paul is the only REAL solution!
4359 Edward Grennan We need you Ron..
The time is right to successfully get a candidate in office that has integrity; a belief in sound money; free markets; is non interventionist; and actually uses logic to make decisions. 2012 is the year!
I will be fully committed to your campaign.
4360 Jonathan Cheaney  
4361 gil cameron  
4362 Jennifer Scouras  
4363 dave Restore the American Dignity! Ron, in 2012, you should be working in the White House to lead us!
4364 Bridget H  
4365 Nicholas J. Mills The world needs you Dr. Paul.
4366 Linda Laumann  
4367 Seth Snowden We need this!
4368 dmitry slavin You might be the last hope. Go for it!!!
4369 John Weber Come on Ron. We need a fiscal conservative who isn’t a bible thumping moron…you’re our man!!!
4370 John Syts Please run, win and get ust back to the Constitution, getting rid of the FED, IRS, and the controling International banks that have caused so much harm to the people of the USA, and much of the world.
4371 Allen Pumphrey  
4372 Beverley McLamb Mr. Paul is the only congressman who voted 100% for the constitution.
4373 Michelle D Kalhorn America needs you Dr. Paul!
4374 Brandon Sanford Dr. Paul, please save our republic!
4375 Dee Burgess As we watch our God-given freedoms and Constitutional rights be legislated out of existance…there is hope in your candidacy Dr. Paul. Please run in 2012.
4376 Yuri Lamarche  
4377 Richard Hodges  
4378 Larry Hart  
4379 Jason Black  
4380 Gary Adams Got my vote!
4381 Tara McBride  
4382 jonathan goodman I would like to work for your 2012 campaign. Count me in.
4383 Ryan Don’t steal, the government hates competition!!
4384 James Campo Sir, we need a person we can trust in the White House. You have educated us, you have enlightened us, and you have inspired us. It would give us great comfort, and courage to see you elected to the presidency. Please consider it. I can not imagine anyone else who could fill your shoes so completely. May God bless and strengthen you as you consider this monumental decision.
4385 Frank Bachman  
4386 Tessa Lammers  
4387 Douglass McCary  
4388 Angel Villanueva Jr. Please run, Ron Paul! You cured my apathy, indeed.
4389 Veronica Rhodes Potts  
4390 Bryan Masche  
4391 Bruce Caswell  
4392 Frank Gonzalez Ron Paul 2012 is the only rational and logical solution to our problems.
4393 Brad Aefsky Thank you for helping wake America up. I think you should run with Judge Napolitano or Peter Schiff. Both have strong followings and will be able to contribute to your message. Thanks for listening.
4394 Tim Burns Dr. Paul was the reason I registered to vote after 20 years of not caring who won or lost. We need him more than ever.
4395 Shane Bryant  
4396 Jeremy Stamp  
4398 Mike  
4399 Jeff Bartol I voted for you in 2008 and will do the same in 2012. As a fellow fiscally conservative Libertarian, I trust YOU to make the right decision for America. If you are the right guy, please run. If not, please advise. You have my confidence, my support, and my vote.
4400 david Keep singing the good song
4401 Paridhi Patel  
4402 dave einhaus  
4403 Wayne Price Go Ron. I am with you all the way.
4404 frank modesto  
4405 Lyle R. Page  
4406 Cody London Come on Dr. Paul, America needs you! Declare ASAP so we can mobilize and organize!! Viva la rEVOLution!!!
4407 Victor E. Hetey Please run sir, we will be with you all the way.
4408 SHANNON CARRIGAN Please Run!! You have inspired me to vote again and how I have HOPE and CONFIDENCE you will be the next President in 2012!!!!
4409 Elias Soto I recommend people read, “”Pawns in the game”" along with, “”The creature of Jekyll inland”".
4410 Heather America needs you
4411 james polidoro Dr. Paul, You have my support 110%
4412 Daniel Cimring You have supporters all over the world. We can’t vote for you directly but you give us hope that America and the world can and should be a better place.
4413 Mark S 2012!
4414 Carol Young  
4415 Arrian Delabahan  
4416 andrew spielberg  
4417 Randy Bormann  
4418 Charles Hatfield I was a supporter in 2008, and so i shall be in 2012
4419 Darrell Edwards  
4420 Andrew The Time has come to End the Financial Pyramid Scheme, the War Mongering and to reclaim some Sanity and Dignity for The United States! Ron Paul Can Lead US There!
4421 John  
4422 Natalie Rodgers It’s time.
4423 David Pratt Please run Dr. Paul. Our country needs you!
4424 Ken Christensen thank you for your service
4425 Chris Varva Let the teachings and messages of Dr. Paul resonate throughout this great country! Please run in 2012.
4426 Will Van Noppen America needs you, as do each and every one of countries around the world who have been victimized by our war-mongering, exploitative policies
4427 Patrick Ferguson  
4428 Chris Trentham  
4429 Roz Smith It appears you are our only hope to save this country
4430 JoEllen Hall  
4431 Nate This country has been infiltrated in all fasets of society by power hungry and anti American groups. The sanctity of our civilization is absolutely dependent on what we do in the next four years. If we are unable to succsessfully push back the attacks on our great land then we are doomed to an oblivion. Ad it stands, we the American people are limited in our ability to fight. A leader must stand to assist us in out plight and that leader is you.

Thank you and god bless

4432 Dr. Lyndon Taylor A President needs vision, intelligence, and courage; you have all of these traits and will put the interests of our Country above self.
4433 Patrick Alan Swigart The good doctor!
4434 Annika S  
4435 James Bridgeforth  
4436 Joshua Baxley  
4437 Arash Aalam Ron Paul 2012. END THE FED!
4438 joey lentz C’mon, run already Dr. Paul!
4439 frank cimino Ron Paul is the only person i will vote for
4440 Osman Guner It is about time…
4441 Priscilla Munoz I’ll put in as much $$ as I can and do what is possible in grassroots. May our Almighty God bless you and your teams efforts!!
4442 Ben Watson Dr. Ron Paul is the perfect person with the correct ideals we need to fix this country and help pull us out of the nation destroying debt we are in.
4443 Russell Childress  
4444 John W. Mohr III Sound Money, Limited Government, Foreign non-interventionism!
4445 frank bodenmiller please run for president our conistition and our country needs you
4446 Gregory K Carcerano I will vote Ron Paul for sure in 2012! I have a lot of other friends that will be Ron Paul supporters too……Kyle, San Diego
4447 Gary Grant Daniels If not you than who, if not now than when.
4448 Rc Johnson You’d have my vote in a heartbeat.
4449 Seth Winetrout  
4450 bubby throw the bums out. check out my site, just trying to help youtube/bubbyslife2 channel
4451 Hilda Garrett  
4452 John Benson People are dying needlessly! Values could use a boost!
4453 nicole mills  
4454 Frances Gregoriou  
4455 Ed Waggoner Sr.  
4456 Andrew Youngs  
4457 William C. Collier Run, Ron,run
4458 Andre Smith Ron Paul 2012!
4459 Sharon Wood  
4460 michael johnson evil prevails when good men do nothing.
4461 Alex Salsman I promise to do my part and spread the word….
4462 Robert W. Pelfrey Dr. Paul, I cannot explain the profound impact you have had on my life since your campaign in 2008. I helped lead the Jackson, MI meet-up group in sign making and passing out literature. I’ve always been into F.A. Hayek, and Mises. Then, I discovered you. You give me hope that America can stop being Britain jr., and once again be America.
4463 Gil Garcia  
4464 Chad Gray I believe that your ideas, Representative Paul, embody the sort of liberty that has been neglected by our past leaders. I have great faith in them and in you, sir.
4465 sean stuart  
4466 Darla Willey  
4467 Bruce c Tomaszewski Help us Ron Paul, your our only hope.
4468 Raul Zayas Now is the moment Dr. Paul to step up to the plate and do what you have to do for us and your country. Do it!
4469 Jason Bowyer Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Jesse Ventura, Alex Jones and the PEOPLE are this country’s only hope! LONG LIVE THE REPUBLIC!
4470 Matthew Gosa  
4471 Alan Decato  
4472 ilok mok Follow your heart, Dr. Paul. We love and support you.
4473 Andrew Goldberg Congressman Paul - You are a living hero - 2012 is your year - a return to restoring American’s individual liberties. And please don’t let Palin try and take over the TEA Party. Dr. Ron Paul for President!
4474 Joshua Plymell Vote Ron Paul or not at all!
4475 Jason Sidhu  
4476 Jon Antoine  
4477 Rickey L Beam  
4478 Suzanne Costa Dr. Paul! We need you! Please please please run for presidency. :(
4479 Clark Leach  
4480 James B We learned our lesson after obama, please run for POTUS!
4481 Theresa Alcantar America needs you Ron Paul! I say YES, to Liberty, I say Yes, to Ron Paul!
4482 Kevin Krusiewicz Thank you for your leadership. Let’s do this!
4483 Robert H Hill Congressman Paul, I ask that you run for president in 2012. You are what this nation needs. You are a voice of reason and a man of integrity. We need you desperately.
4484 Rich DAcquisto I support Dr.Paul 110% America needs him to fix the mess we now have,please run Dr.Paul.
4485 Scott Wruck Behind him all the way until he passes the torch!!!

EVERYBODY get on MISES.ORG and learn….and contribute if you can!

4486 James Meehan would like to meet you this year sometime
4487 cody woodall Ron paul 2012!!!!
4488 Christian Sass It happens from the bottom up, not the top down, but this still the only man that allows me to vote my conscience
4489 Roberto Bardelli Caro Paul, e’ il mondo che ha bisogno di Lei, forza e coraggio ! Dall’ Italia con affetto e stima…..
4490 Betsey Stephens Lets make this happen!
4491 Asa Simmons I fully back the sentiment of the partion
4492 Eric Blust Keep up the fight against the globalsists.
4493 Courtney Conley Truth reigns all.
4494 Frank Ralston  
4495 Byron Gibson  
4496 Anuenue Anuenue  
4497 Jad Ron Paul is the true face of humanity.
4498 Lyndon Olson Dr. Paul: Obviously none of us is in a position to know all the factors you must take into account to make the wisest decision about this, but I hope we can present a profound and ever-growing display of support for you and your principles that will inspire you to continue to be at the forefront of the efforts for freedom in our time. At this point, it’s hard for me to imagine anyone being better suited to be President of the United States than yourself, and as events unfold, the number of people sharing this sentiment may grow beyond the wildest expectations of any of us. Please keep your options open; with God, all things are possible!
4499 Kevin Nelson  
4500 Patrick Slyman “”Be the change you want to see in the world”" -Gandhi
4501 Chris  
4502 Chuck Yegian  
4503 Caleb Pizzolato Freedom!!!!!!!!!!!
4504 Jeb Stuart  
4505 Bruce Pitts Ron Paul, the Thomas Jefferson of today
4506 Petra Marshall  
4507 Kimberly Doll President of the United States of America Ron Paul .
4508 james craig If Ron Paul does not run in 2012, I am moving into the woods:/
4509 Simon Tristan Papel End the FED and bring the troops home!
4510 Michael C. Keaton Dr. Paul, you are the only thing that has kept me from giving up on politicians. You are my hero. America needs you.
4511 Denise Drake  
4512 Deb Niedzwiecki  
4513 james blake  
4514 Dwight Run Ron run!!!
4515 alfred walters  
4516 A. Helwig  
4517 Dean I will vote for Ron Paul!
4518 David A. Johnson  
4519 Robert Botts We need to clean House, and Senate!
4521 f maureen scanlon  
4522 Nick Sessler Congressman Paul,

PLEASE make a run for president in 2012! We need you now more than ever!

4523 John Ebelhare You set the moral & political standard the country needs to follow
4524 Clifford Georges I believe that people have the inalienable right to a life free of coercion. Currently, Ron Paul has the best chance of communicating most of my beliefs most effectively to the largest population. To me, voluntarism is not about winning a presidency, it’s about changing the world for the better. Go Ron Paul Go.
4525 Ryan Amelio Ron, please run for President! We need you now more than ever.
4526 Craig Gardiner  
4527 Vinny Giglio  
4528 Kevin Orr  
4529 Ed Ness Your a breath of fresh air amongst corrupt, special interest polititions
4530 Daniel Durham Audit the fed
4531 juan carlos herrera  
4532 Pamela Moore Aux armes, citoyens… but without bloodshed.
4533 Jean-Pierre Randazzo I am a Dutch citizen and I admire your strenght and vision. I think a world power like the US need an honest person in charge!
4534 Mark Thompson So goes America, so goes the world.
4535 Jeff Groby America needs you.
4536 Beverley Collins Ron Paul has more integrity than all the rest in government put together.
4537 William Wilson  
4538 charles coriell if we elect a republican president better paul than these outher clowns
4539 Paula Morningstar Go Ron Go!!!!!
4540 Rod Morris  
4541 Lee Regner Let’s have honest government and honest money.
4542 Mary Katherine Mason  
4543 Victoria Carter “”These are the time that try men’s souls [...] Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.”" - Mr.
Paine, Common Sense
4544 Daniel Amadro youre the man ron paul
4545 Emanuele Montanari  
4546 Anthony Stone I voted for you in 2008. You’re probably the only candidate I will vote for in 2012. If you’re not on the ballot in 2012, I will probably put your name as write-in again.
4547 Jean-Marc Guindon Dr Paul cured my apathy. I know another run for President would help educate millions more!
4549 Phil Errup  
4550 ballerand  
4551 Loren Cramer Dear Dr. Paul, I want to live in a free society.
4552 bert trim From a Northern brother:
For everyone’s future and your Constitution. Please run in the next election. We also need you.
4553 Jeremiah Jones  
4554 Gerry St. Onge  
4555 Steve Wunnenberg  
4556 Justin Stephenson Ron Paul is the ONLY one who can save our country from going down the tubes.
4557 Colin stuart  
4558 Danny You can do it
4559 Troy Garwood  
4560 Jennifer Santolla You have to run! Maybe this time the people will listen to what REAL change is!
4561 John Montes Thankfully my hopes and dreams haven’t been regulated; give em hell Dr Paul
4562 Ronald H Levine Wining is a matter of work. More work can be done by starting early and more volunteers will be multiplying that by getting them involved early, so please announce your candidacy early because doing even more work by starting early will be worth it as that will make the victory difference. I’m ready and will work hard. Please make that effective by announcing your candidacy early. We will “”surprise”" you further by our efforts of individual initiative. No other candidate has this and people seeing that this time will overcome media bias which is now more evident than ever. Don’t stop! I’ve been your supporter since 1980 when I lived in Texas.
4563 Gennifer Johnson  
4564 Chris Fields Ya gotta run for president in 2012 sir.
4565 Dwight M. Galarrita Yes… Go for it.
4566 dan smith  
4567 Michael Thomas May the force be with you.
4568 Dean Wiseman Godspeed
4569 Jack Piccard Ron is our only hope at this juncture in time.
4570 David D. Baker  
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4572 Allen Hager Go for it.
4573 James Summers  
4574 Joey  
4575 David We need to make America “”America”" again!
4576 Walter D Roland  
4577 Andrew Osborne You will inspire millions to driver out big government just by running.
4578 james and joan thomas We need more constitutionality in our government. Too many politicians think it is nothing more than a piece of paper.
4579 edmond ron,
best wishes!
i hope that you find the passion to do the right thing
4580 Julian James  
4581 Blake Williams Ron Paul, we need you as our president!
4582 Bruce Layman  
4583 Jerry Hlava This will be the best thing for America. We need leader not a pupet.
4584 Krishna Priya  
4585 Christian Pasternak  
4586 Chuck Ikerd  
4587 Joseph David Chase II Voted for him last fraudulent “”(s)elections”".
4588 Octavian This world needs more folk like you. Please consider running, if not to win, then to focus some media attention on what really matters for a change.
4589 Renato Ron Paul Revolution Forever!!!!!
4590 Kevin Bennett  
4591 Dawnie Delgado he MUST run for President. It is our only hope.
4592 Jordan C. McCutcheon GO RON PAUL!
4593 Ricky Garrison  
4594 Carole Sturgis  
4595 Chris  
4596 Dues Ron Paul is the only hope for Republican in 2012.
4597 Rune Jon Ron Paul will have my support from Norway.
4599 Angie Valinth  
4600 Justin Risley  
4601 Karen Meyers  
4602 caroline nye  
4603 Eirik Ringstad  
4604 pressley freeze  
4605 Sean P. Gordon  
4606 Malcolm Stagg Even though I’m Canadian and can’t vote, I would love to see President Ron Paul in 2012!!!
4607 Anton  
4608 Dan Holsopple Can anyone get the Banksters off our backs?
4609 David A Leslie God bless Ron Paul and God bless America !!!
4610 Richard Reynolds  
4611 kristopher sauls Go, brother. Run no matter what. Your voice is making a difference.
4612 Robert Patterson What are you waiting for??? Lets ge it going!
4613 Sandu Milea Lucian  
4614 Donald Zelmer Keep up the good work.
4615 Sarah We need you!!
4616 Dave Goedde This Country will certanly go to the dogs if Obama is elected for another term. So lets not turn this country into an Obamanation, instead lets return to a republic and elect Dr. Ron Paul!
4617 Michael Ribera  
4618 Howard brummett  
4619 Sandra Burkhart We need Ron Paul
4620 James B Lowden  
4621 Christopher Binkowski I hope that whole country unite in support of Ron Paul. Our only true candidate.
4622 John R. Hanson America needs you Mr. Paul!
4623 John R. Hanson America needs you Mr. Paul!
4624 Fred Horboychuk Doctor Paul, Before you are elected president, do the ( world a favor) and shut down that den of thieves called the FED.
4625 John Messsina II  
4626 Billy Sigler  
4627 Hans van de Breevaart  
4628 Daniel C. Truax I waiting to know so I can convince others to vote for you too.
4629 Danny Frankus  
4631 David Olesen The sooner you announce you are running, the sooner more Americans will hear the Truth.
The media will cover this time!!
4632 Gene Stracciolini  
4633 Daniel Marder Please run, Dr. Paul. You are our best hope for Liberty. Your honesty and bravery inspire the whole world.
4634 Robert Harris  
4635 Elena Harris  
4636 Dennis McAtamney  
4637 Lowell Hatfield  
4638 Aaron Berger Our Country Needs You
4639 Ezekiel Blackbear If our country survives this foreign bankster invasion, Dr Ron Paul will go down in history as the crusader who delivered us from evil. My money is on Gary Johnson (former governor of New Mexico) for VP
4640 Lisa Harrison  
4641 Jacob R. O’Neil Thank you Ron. You are a voice of reason within a system gone awry.
4642 Bryan Summers Please run in 2012 and WIN
4643 Terry Kelley Please run for liberty’s sake
4644 David Hunter  
4645 James Thomas I will vote for Ron Paul again
4646 Ralph Oster  
4647 Craig George  
4648 Kim Cornelius  
4649 Bear Tidmore  
4650 Daniel Schultz It’s long past due time to reign in an out-of-control federal government. Please run……
4651 Clay Reges I would love to see the day you get in office, it would be second to the return of Christ!
4652 David Batig  
4653 Marie Alexander Please run. We need you
4654 Syvilla M Hewitt I have heard your views often and I do agree with them,.
4655 marilyn j montorio good luck
4656 Ricardo Allen We need you to run Dr. Paul I think this time you might just have a chance to win. People are really waking up now. Everything you have been saying all these years has come true. You speak the truth and that’s what’s matters. Good luck!
4657 Sonja Buhlman  
4658 Michelle Moor WE NEED YOU!
4659 Philip Lambert  
4660 Bruce Cooper America, not the United States Govt., Needs You Ron.
4661 J.Patrick Hickey I also want to see the FED terminated, and you’re the one to do it.
4662 Jason J Previous delegate. Dr Paul you have my support fund raising phone bank door knocker lets take this bull by the horns.
4663 Hope Cook Your the man for the Job. Let’s do this.
4664 Donald K Auld  
4665 Edward Bilgrei TRUTH MUST PREVAIL!
4666 Lewis Culley  
4667 Brian Zimmer  
4668 Anthony Glaser  
4669 David Ahlborn  
4670 Ara Kantardjian Ron Rules!
4671 David McPherson  
4672 Jim Rice Please talk with Judge Napalitano to be your VP!
4673 Shawn Stucker The people really need you Dr. Paul!!!
4674 Dejay I will def. vote for you.
4675 Joseph Sanelle Government has the obligation to the people for fiscal responsibility.
4676 Kyle Pfouts  
4677 Andrew  
4679 Ellen Davis  
4680 Khair Mash  
4681 G Tex Ball  
4682 Dan Field  
4683 Mike Farris Please bring good sense to government. Please leave the Republican Party.
4684 Emilio Socci Sr. Ron Paul help us to help ourselves!
4685 Joseph L. Aragon Ron One of the TRUE AMERICANS that will give control back to the people. People should not fear the goverment, but the goverment should fear the people. It’s time for all of us to be Americans and what we stand for. Power to the PEOPLE!
4686 Robert Duke There’s nobody else.
4687 Rob T. in Afton,VA Only one person can put together a video of ALL past comments and be proved right: That person is Ron Paul. God Bless You Dr. Paul.
4688 Patricia Parker  
4689 Brian For Liberty!
4690 Donald Werner III  
4691 Ben McLennan  
4692 Tim Severinsen Long Live the Revolution!
4693 Bruce Graves  
4694 Jane Yoder  
4695 Theresa Ciotoli One can only hope the people have opened thier eyes and vote for the people - Ron Paul.
4696 Jerry Alred Persist!
4697 Scott Laube  
4698 Cliff Treadway  
4699 craig kupper Dump the Fed.
4700 Tim Smith Ron we need you more then ever
4701 Jon Schaffer Sound money is the answer, and I think you are the only guy in politics that gets it and has educated people so well concerning this serious issue. Please run!!
4702 ROBERT  
4703 Diane Mickelson We need you now more than ever!
4704 Alex Peckinpaugh  
4705 w marshall  
4706 Dan Flanders Keep up the good fight Ron.
4707 Jim Haynes Don’t let age be a deterrent in your quest for presidency.
4708 Daniel W. Howe You have my vote, and my wife’s, my father’s, my mother’s, and my four children of voting age. Go for it!
4709 Antonio Ruiz  
4710 Steve Pattrick  
4711 James Patterson  
4712 bill fitzgerald  
4713 Gene I very much would like to see Mr. Paul run in the next election -true change and direction for this country.
4714 Joseph Dawson Hopefully it’s not too late
4715 dave noakes  
4716 jeff mattox I’ll work hard here in SC for you! Please run!
4717 richard caudill run ron run!!
4718 Danny Whittaker  
4719 Jeff Roark  
4720 Stan Jakubek Time to change Washington
4721 Juan Gillette Dr Paul, you would be a real people President like JFK! Ron Paul 2012! You are the only real hope for us!
4722 Lydia Terry Dominelli  
4723 Michael B. Mangini  
4724 Heather MacTaggart  
4725 Kathelijne Janssens  
4726 Charles E. Christopher Please run for president Dr. Paul, you are Americas last hope for TRUE FREEDOM you are my hero, NOW BE AMERICAS HERO and take the reigns. if you decide to run i will wrap my my car in vote for ronpaul in 2012.i will knock on peoples doors make phone calls, do whatever it takes to make sure that everyone knows your name. GOD BLESS YOU RON PAUL
4727 Mark Parrott  
4728 Janine R. Paradis  
4729 John Douvillier Dump the DEMs and RINOs in 2012! Let’s take our Country back!!!
4730 john sampiere  
4731 Jarred McNeal  
4732 Laurens-Jan de Kroon In The Netherlands we tend to do what the Americans do. I really hope that you will bring Western civilization back on the right track.
4733 Shannon McCarthy  
4734 Scott Sterba  
4735 John Hallman  
4736 Terry Schlittgen  
4737 Magda Aguila  
4738 Gregg French  
4739 Tim Peterson You’ve got my vote!
4740 Andrew J Taylor  
4741 Racquel Chiarella Run!
4742 Arno Bertens I wish i could vote for someone like Ron Paul.
4743 Rick Michael  
4744 Roger Otano True conservatives for Ron Paul !!!
4745 Barbara Connolly Uphold strict adherence to US Constitution!
4746 Lynda Delutee Murray Rothbard believed that the State and it’s institutions was robbery writ large. You learned this from him. Today, as you are aware, half the people in this country are consigned as nothing more than mere slaves to support the criminal cartel of theft and murder by some people against others, consigning their lives to nothing more than a beast of burden for the beasts of prey, from cradle to grave. This is true not only of America but the world at large, where the State and it’s mob will always support themselves more largesse off the backs of others. The sanctity of life entails the right of every individual to own his own life and NO other. He is responsibility for his own life and entitled to the fruits of his own labor and choosing to dispense with that fruit as he sees fit. Not the state. Not the mob. There are men and women all over this world that understand Rothbard’s message which you have brought to them. They too need a man of courage, a man of action and not mere words. You have walked this walk in the past. Please consider walking again and in doing so know that you do it for all men wherever they reside. They too cherish their children’s future as much as any American regardless of the God they pray to, the color of their skin or the native tongue they speak. Freedom from slavery must exist for all or it cannot exist all. TU NE CEDE MALIS, Dr. Paul. Never forget this.

Anti-state, Anti-war, Anti-Welfare, Abolish the Federal Reserve

4747 Mike Lutman  
4748 Michele Magnan  
4749 Rick Michael America’s only chance to turn it around.
4750 Harald van Zoelen  
4751 david strait A true american
4752 Steven R Penney  
4753 robert peronne  
4754 Carl Baron God Bless America ……..Ron Paul 2012
4755 Tomas Simon Ron is what a Statesman should be. A man with a moral compass but not perfect, a man that stands unwavering by his beliefs and is not corruptible, a man who’s rhetoric matches his voting record. I am wholeheartedly against cloning but the one thing that I would allow to be cloned is Ron Paul. Pray from him and his son Rand folks because we with functional brains know what happens to those who go against the machine, JFK comes to mind. To quote Star Wars “Help us Ron Paul you are our only hope.” Ron Paul for President 2012, may God bless and restore America.
4756 Todd Gilbert  
4757 Cathy Banks I was with you before—will be with you again!!!!
4758 Stephen Murgan How about a Paul/Paul ticket?
4759 Mark Mueller  
4760 r austin this is a man with integrity and finger on the pulse of common sense
for what is needed to prevent our country from the denoument of
most civilizations that have ended. we would be fools to by pass him.
4761 c weller  
4762 david gibbs  
4763 Jerry DiGiacomo  
4764 verma staley  
4765 Rocco Castellano  
4766 alan Kossoff Go Ron
4767 Matthew Vaught Lets take our Country back!
4768 Gary Davis  
4769 Max Andronichuk Dr. Paul if you run… I will fly to the states from the United Kingdom to campaign for you!
4770 Dana Croy  
4771 George McCarthy Ron Paul, we truly need you in 2012.
4772 Nicholas Rosatelli  
4773 Anton Nygård Kill the Creature!
4774 Wendy Lineweaver Restore the Republic!
4775 Ryan Adams Mr. Paul I know the chances of winning in such a controlled affair as presidential elections are slim, but you must try!! You are americas last hope sir, we need you to reform the monetiery system and stop the corrupt Federal Reserve, stop plans of New World Orders, keep americas soverienty. Return the focus of Government to the peoples prosperity and rights as an intelligent conscious being of this planet, instead of the greedfilled global asperations that we’ve sold ourselves to in the past 150 years. The Youth and the Truth is behind you Mr. Paul.
4776 Eric Fernandes  
4777 William Beck  
4778 David Forde You go for it!America needs an honest concerned,and educated Man
4779 Ron in NC Indeed NOW is the time! The momentum of traditional American values is stronger than ever - please help us keep it rolling!!
4780 Bern Witkavitch “”Yes”" is the most beautiful word in the english language … & “”Go Get ‘Em”" is the greatest command … God’s Speed !
4781 Kenneth Brown  
4782 Marko Novak  
4783 Jason King For God’s sake, don’t make me decide between Palin and Obama.
4784 Thomas Chowattukunnel Jr. Ron Paul has been a consistent voice for freedom and transparency in government since the 1980′s & his voting record exemplifies that. He’s the only one with a proven track record that can help right the wrongs of corruption of both establishment politicians in the Republican & Democratic parties and shift the power back to the people by eleminating the Federal Reserve Banking system. The people want sound money and freedom; Ron Paul has to back this up by running for President.
4785 David Campbell Go for it Ron!!!!!
4786 Manny  
4787 Don Crouch  
4788 Monte Cook Let the revolution continue!!
4789 Darryl Hanus Is there a doctor in the house? The White House. There needs to be because America is sick.

“”From whence shall we expect the approach of danger? Shall some trans-Atlantic military giant step the earth and crush us at a blow? Never. All the armies of Europe and Asia…could not by force take a drink from the Ohio River or make a track on the Blue Ridge in the trial of a thousand years. No, if destruction be our lot we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of free men we will live forever or die by suicide.”"

Abraham Lincoln

4790 Mary Gorman  
4791 Carl Baldwin  
4792 Kathleen Malin  
4793 Gregory Statham  
4794 Sven Veddeler Not a US citizen as well but I wish you the best from Germany. I wish you’d run in 2012, the political system as we know it has to face change only people like you can bring about.
4795 Brian Fogg  
4796 jim sharron I made a big mistake the last election. This time I vote for Ron Paul!
4797 F J Murphy Jr  
4798 Brian Gregor  
4799 John E Lockett  
4800 Nicol Walters  
4801 Graham Hill Ron Paul - Americans Need You.
4802 jerald taylor  
4803 Dan Kowaleski  
4804 Delilah Dear Ron Paul, this is America’s Greatest Hour of Need for somebody with integrity and the ONLY one to show who America’s REAL enemy is: The Federal Reserve! We desperately need you. PLEASE consider running for the 2012 presidency. MORE and more Americans are becoming aware of SOUND MONEY and the FEDERAL RESERVE and want our country’s roots and foundations back! Thank you and may God lead and guide you!
4805 sean carpen Go ron go
4806 peter blumenauer We need you Dr. Paul. Help us to take our country back!!
4807 Roger Toutant Freedom, Property Rights, Sound Money! Go Ron, Go!!
4808 Daniel Edward Griffin Declaration signed! Its the waiting on this decrepit nationalized media driven political democratic system thats killer.
4809 Maureen Whittington  
4810 Colby Shirk  
4811 Karen Keys  
4812 Matthew Mastrogiovanni Please save us Dr. Paul!
4813 John Caudell What do we have to lose? The other two choices have failed us repeatedly!
4814 Virginia Edwards  
4815 Thomas Milner  
4816 Keith Rubino Let’s make the establishment, the elite, quake in their boots!
4817 Matthew Zornes  
4818 Joshua Firm Please for the love of America, END THE FED!!
4819 Steven Smith Please run! You are our only hope.
4820 David Lynch God bless and keep up the good work.
4821 illia kornea Please run
4822 Chris Romero Ron Paul and Judge Napolitano 2012
4823 Eric Andersen  
4824 Vincent F Seibold  
4825 Christian Duncan  
4826 Craig Hanson  
4827 Patti Brooks We need you Ron Paul
4828 Ryan Koch Truth is Powerful!
4829 Richard and Sandra Oldham Now that it looks like Americans are finally “”getting it”" give the run for president another try.
4830 bernard rohde THE REPUBLIC NEEDS YOU
4831 Tim Goodwin  
4832 Ryan Carlson  
4833 Tom Pfendler  
4834 Dack Phillips Dr. Paul,

Please run! We need a Republican candidate with some actual principles, who will be a true fiscal conservative and fight for Austrian economic principles, sound money, a non-interventionist foreign policy that our founding fathers envisioned, and a call to personal liberty coupled with individual responsibility instead of the do-gooder nanny-statists that run our government today.

4835 Trent Dorflinger Ron, we need you more now than ever. Please run in 2012
4836 Lindsey Galluzzi  
4837 george mauro  
4838 Marc Sengebusch  
4839 Tammy Saluto End the Fed
4840 Andrew Southard We need you!
4841 Marcia Sliger Please, Dr. Paul. Lead us into the revolution that once made this country great.
4842 John A. Kimes  
4843 Heath D Wenzel  
4844 April Moser Let’s get our counrty back!
4845 Craig K Even if you don’t win, the political scene is a much different place. You’ll have far more of a positive influence and much better chance in 2012. We need you in the race, we need you to win!
4846 James Rensenhouse  
4847 Dan Trudo Please Run!
4848 Chris Washington  
4849 David Brownell  
4850 Hunter Melville Give ‘em hell, Ronnie!
4851 Randall Gordon  
4852 Marjorie Knapp You have opened my eyes, and I can’t thank you enough.
4853 Chip Darby  
4854 Susan Willoughby  
4855 Ray Mileur “”Remember the Constitution!”"
4856 Melissa Buroker I would have voted for him this election if they would have let him on our ballet. He is who this country needs to get back on track.
4857 scott steele Evil prevails when good men do nothing.
I SUPPORT YOU including Financially
4858 Joe Perrotta  
4859 Thomas Finnegan Ron Paul you are our only hope.
4860 Marcello Tedeschi  
4861 louis Morelli & fam. He will not be elected. You know the rewson why!
He is to close to the people’s interest and not the money men…..
4862 fred in PA Dr. paul, we the people need you as our next president!
4863 R MUSICH  
4864 david Last chance!
4865 Ron Wolfe As Ron Paul says the government is so far out of control it is a very serious problem. Restore constitutional government.
4866 James Stanton Dr. Paul, it’s time to finish what you’ve started!
4867 James Porter I feel Ron Paul is the only Congressman that understands the Constitution and most likely won’t vote if he doesn’t run.
4868 Michael Southward I am ready to campaign for a real and honest candidate.
4869 Ken MacMillan Paul/Napolitano in 2012!
4870 Jonathan  
4871 Jason Helfer  
4872 Jacob Grider  
4873 Julee Zornes  
4874 Lyle Van Meter We Need a person who still vaules and understands what our forfathers wanted for this coundtry and warned us about goverment. Who still belives you must earn what you get and give to those deserving of your efforts. Never ask a man to give more than he is willing to give if you never asked.
4875 tony  
4876 Ingo Gabriel  
4877 t wasileski  
4878 clarence I belive in what you stand for and I know it will be an up hill fight, not only the Dems and the GOP but you will be hit hard by the Media. May God bless, Thanks Clarence Elley
4879 David T. Germak  
4880 Hank Wagner  
4881 Deborah Powell I voted for Ron Paul last time & would again. America has become an obomination, I will be fasting & praying for America. We desperately need Godly Leaders before it is too late.
4882 Jack Davis  
4883 Marcus Little  
4884 Terry M Weber  
4885 John W. Rybinski, Sr.  
4886 Robert Postage If you build it…. they will come!
4887 Paul Emerson Doc Paul, you’re going to need to roar, or have someone to roar for you, so get a voice coach. We NEED you in the office desperately, but if your heart is only half in it, you will not win.
4888 Jared Craig  
4889 Jonathan Harrison We need you, sir.
4890 Joseph Dering  
4891 George Garcia  
4892 Roseanne Sparano  
4893 Eve Marie Run, Ron, Run! I was still a Fox News zombie in ’08, and am sad to say I wasn’t on “”Team Paul”" at that time but now I am awake and am working on helping to awaken the masses! YOU, Ron Paul, are my greatest hope!
4894 Stefan Spath  
4895 James Sparke We need some good old fashioned horse sense in the White House.
4896 Scott Curtis  
4897 Ofelia Bryan  
4898 Daniel AND Delores Champ We would have voted for you last election if you’d allowed your name to remain on ballot.
4899 Fr Richard  
4900 Jeff Otten You’re the only hope for America, I know the power of the president can’t do much but you will sure give the establishment a run for their money. You will be the new start of the refounding of America
4901 Nick Davis  
4902 D. Christopher Ron - you are America’s, and the worlds, best chance at true peace and prosperity. Do us the honour of running for President - nobody deserves the title more than you!
4903 Fereshteh Derakhshani Dear Dr. Paul, we are behind you all the way!
4904 Donna Boyer You, Dr. Paul, and Michell Bachman as your vice, The Dream Team!
4905 Lance Clements  
4906 Jacob Kerr  
4907 Don Vellani Please run Dr. Paul,I believe you have more support than ever.We need to restore liberty and reason to this nation…
4908 James Waldrop  
4909 Mark Marasciullo  
4910 Kevin L. Eaves  
4911 Ben Burchett Liberty!!!
4912 Kevin Schmidt  
4913 Nicholas Price  
4914 dan wilson we need sum 1 in there that will do right!!!!!!!
4915 Richard Lawrence Audit the FED
4916 Kevin Mervine  
4917 Brian Vanderheyden  
4918 Hong  
4919 John Freiling Do it!!!
4920 Tyler Alexander  
4921 Michael J. Melton  
4922 Brian Dupras We need you now, more than ever, Dr. Paul.
4923 Tony Greyshock  
4924 Jack Grant Ron Paul, you must run for President in 2012.
4925 James Prickett Let’s get it this time around. It’s time to elect someone for this job who really wants to do things the right way.
4926 Bekki Dupras Run, Ron, Run
4927 David Strickland Get that schmuck in there now, OUT!
4928 Zack S. Dr Paul, I suspect that most people, including yourself, don’t realize just how much the movement has grown, even since the Rally for the republic in 2008. If you run, it’s assured that everyone will see, and you should prepare to be shocked.
4929 kulbir rangi sons of liberty RISE UP!
4930 Jeanine Jennings  
4931 josie  
4932 Steve Zombek  
4933 Darrell Teddick Ron Paul For President 2012
4934 Jordan Graen  
4935 Jeffrey Doyle You have all of our prayers with you.
4936 James Battista  
4937 Dustin Ash  
4938 Luke Risbon We have to try Ron! I don’t know if we can make it, but at least there’s a chance. Spread the word!
4939 Karen Young  
4940 Ronald Alexander Maglio I regret not knowing who Ron Paul was in 2008.
4941 Tijn Erkamp Dutch and although I do not agree with most of his economic policies, he is key on foreign relations. And for the perpetuation of the United States of America, this is The most important priority
4942 Diana Please run for president. Please keep the Fed issue in front of the public.
4943 Juan A. Llorens  
4944 Scott Albright Go Ron!
4945 Randal Morris Please save the Republic!
4946 Thomas Bunetta It is time for “”We the People”" to return to the Constitutionally legal Republic we were designed to be!
4947 John Medeiros  
4948 Eon G. Cooper  
4949 Tracy Ashcroft We need honest representation and not criminal corruption!
4950 Jake Vaughn RON PAUL 2012!!!
4951 Sjohn Watson  
4952 Patricia Guerrero No one else makes any sense. Just running for election gives the people of America a greater chance to hear Dr. Paul’s no nonesense, voice of wisdom. Go for it!
4953 John Gepford Run Ron, Run!
4954 Edward Patterson  
4955 John L. Bokus  
4956 Nansye Lee  
4958 Steve Kiefer “”Iowan for Ron Paul”"
4959 James Coleman  
4960 James Wernecke Please run at least to further the conversation and bring our issues to the front.
4961 Ezio Romano I’m an Italian and I have not the right to vote.
I’ve signed for enouragement
4962 Craig Jones He appears to be a sensible man. But, then again, I believed Obama was sensible in his campaign and look how that turned out! Appearances and utterances can be deceiving!
4963 Eric Schuessler  
4964 Steve  
4965 Joanne Snow  
4966 Ernie Diaz Truth, Light, and Ron Paul!!
4967 Maria Jannetto  
4968 Jason Fuerst  
4969 Daniel McGonigle  
4970 Mike Kuizin  
4971 Sharon Adams Wishing you the best always
4972 Wenona McCormick  
4973 Charles DePuy Please run!
4974 Jason Hicks  
4975 Ryan Judice In the past year, Ron Paul has opened my eyes to what freedom really is, and he is the only hope for America!
4976 Daniel A. Rickert  
4977 Andrew Ron Paul 2012! Will work for President!
4978 Megan We’re in this for you to win it & bring the country back to the great place it once was.
4979 Bryan Friedman Ron you’ve got to run. You are the only politician I feel like I can really trust!
4980 Renea Nelson Please, please, please run for president in 2012.
America needs YOU!
4981 Nancy Harrel  
4982 Sofia Ferenburg  
4983 Frank Guerra I agree with the sentiments already expressed. In addition, we need a representative who is not in the pocket of the lobbyists, and on this front, I am sure you can be trusted.
4984 Mike George You are the only real and worthy candidate I would ever consider voting for with confidence.
4985 Robert Trumpfheller  
4986 Michael Colyer If we do not face reality now….then when?
4987 John Tobelmann  
4988 Sean McAdams  
4989 Ian McColorado Ron please run again. I never even knew who you were until after the 2008 presidential election. It would be a shame to have such a staunch supporter who has never voted for you.
4990 David L. Merrill  
4991 Faith Harmony  
4992 mark olinger Don`t stop now!
4993 Jasper McDonald I look forward to voting for ron in the next primary
4994 Terry Wilson  
4995 Skykkfj If Ron Paul is not elected, the fate of America is the same as the fate of Rome. I’ve seen it coming for a long time. I will move out of the country when given the chance (I’m only 14) have Mr. Paul not run.
4996 Antony Reed We haven’t gone away. We are here, many and powerful!
4997 Brandon Davis Go Ron!!! Rand for VP!!!
4998 ted stuntebeck  
4999 Elaine Babauta YOU are my HERO, Ron Paul. Our country and its citizens need you more than ever in the history of this great nation.
5000 duane r mazeska  

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