Signatures 1-5,000

Number Name Comment
1001 michelle kroll Im with you all the way! And so Is GOD!
1002 S J Bowlin Let US fix America, please help
1003 Whitey E Thompson Ron we all need you to step in and take the lead and help turn this country around. Your our only Hope.
1004 Stephane Nicholas Barakat end the fucking wars
1005 Dan Catron Repeal the whole government.
1006 Gavin Greer Dr. Paul,

Running for president will wake up millions more people in this country…properly educating the people is the most important part of this struggle!…your efforts will come back to you manyfold!

Head Chef
Los Angeles, CA

1007 Amy Hagerstrom  
1008 Nolan McNamee  
1009 Shawn McDonald  
1010 Jason Herron Go ron
1011 Shane Barker I am a registered democrat…If you run for president, I am ready to switch sides. Dr. Paul, you have my full support.
1012 Winston Hale  
1013 Stanley Carlson Prayer with action of that prayer, work for Ron Paul’s Presidency!
1014 John Kariyannis God Bless Ron Paul!
1015 John I Layton Jr Please run again. We need you! Our children need you! If you don’t do it, nobody will, then where will we be in another 50 years? Please, Ron, please.
1016 Adam Jackson  
1017 Eric GO RON PAUL GO!! SAVE US!!!
1018 Ted Prater We need you
1019 Jeffrey W. Ford Please run for President. I feel that you are the only one that will truly support and defend the constitution and and bring our troops back home for the unconstitutional wars. We need our troops home to defend our nation here. I also feel that you are the only one that can remove the Federal Reserve, IRS, UN and every other unconstitutional government agency. God Bless you and God Bless America.
1020 sharon PLEASE RUN FOR US
1021 Amos Kim This veteran is for you Mr. Ron Paul!!
1022 Derek Ehrmantraut  
1023 Frankie Tierney Most of my immediate family (around 10+ people) also wish for you to run but are not very technologically inclinded to sign an online petition. Just know that although you may get a bunch of online signatures, there are way more supporters out there not as vocal about your cause but do offer support for you come election time.

Thank you to all you have done and pushed for as your time as an elected official as well as being such a principled, humbled, logical, and open minded individual speaking for those of us not in any position of power to be heard ourselves.

1024 Justo Guillermo Montoya Those who believe in liberty do not willingly seek power but we need you to seek the presidency lest the republic fall once and for all. We have your back
1025 Bryan Rilinger The only time in my life i have actually even cared about politics was during the Paul ’08 campaign, save this country Dr. Paul!
1026 Dawn Slowan  
1027 Michael Keith  
1028 Jose Nino  
1029 Rachel England  
1030 jason fox  
1031 Louis C Rice Ron Paul for 2012…it’s now or never!
1032 Joseph H Need more media coverage this time around. Get on FOX and CNN debates and you’ll win! The people are behind you!
1033 John D’Alessandro Dr. Paul your the only one that can save us!
1034 Ryan Bodary Dr. Paul lead us out of this mess!
1035 Charles Russell You, Ron Paul, have my unwavering support as presidential candidate in 2010.
1036 Darryl Bradshaw Please run.
1037 Engin Bahce Please help save our Republic
1038 Daniel  
1039 John Ross  
1040 Xavier Lindsey You got my vote. (Seattle, WA)
1041 Jake Wiggins You’ve changed my entire outlook on life. I once considered myself a progressive liberal, but now I read Mises, Hayek, and Rothbard and am a passionate and vocal libertarian. Thank you for opening my eyes to the ideals of liberty and freedom. You are my hero.
1042 Kai Yan Chan Dear Dr. Paul, I am not American but the American presidency has such a great impact on the world that a responsible person must be placed in charge of the United States of America. I believe that you are the best person to do so. Go for it, Dr. Paul!
1043 A.J. Ellis I will campaign for Ron in Idaho. I’m a writer and occasional speaker and I’d be thrilled for Ron to run. Money and work will I pledge.
1044 Elizabeth Mundy I was there in 2008 and I’ll be here in 2011; nothing’s changed. Dr. Ron Paul is our last hope.
1045 Mark McLauchlan Stop the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the unlawful Patriot Act;
1046 Carl Neumann Kick ass Ron!
1047 Daniel Pavis  
1048 Jon Cyr  
1049 Sally Mabelle Go Ron - Bring back integrity!
1050 Amin Chang RP’s like Luke Skywalker…the last hope for the republic.
1051 Becky  
1052 benjamin dominach obi one you’re our only hope!!!!!i pray everyday that you will run Dr.Paul!!!!
1053 Gavin Wilson  
1054 Edward B. Silva As a Desert Storm Veteran…… I’d be HONORED if you ran for President!
1055 Daniel Eastman  
1056 Sean Wright Wish I had voted for Mr. Paul is 2008
1057 Patti Longsine  
1058 john patek  
1059 John Caliacatsos  
1060 Tom  
1061 Patricia L. Silva YES-YOU-CAN!!!!
1062 Janusz  
1063 Richard Sanders Please undergo this hardship once more…
1064 Dr. Adam Bell After all these years, year-after-year, Ron Paul continues to be one of the only consistent, sensible and well informed voices willing to subject himself to the indignity of politics.
1065 Mark Smaling If only I were a US citizen, this e-signature would count more, but the US is my second fave country. I want it liberated!
1066 Cody Murdock  
1067 Diana  
1068 John  
1069 Jessica Snelson  
1070 Samantha Broderick You have my full support, Dr. Paul! If you decide to run, the USF Young Americans for Liberty will work tirelessly to help you become elected.
1071 Thomas C Mayhew Judge Napolitano for VP!
1072 Ron Thompson We need a president that will bring the United States back to the free nation we use to have. Get us out of the U.N. and kick the FED out of this country. We need to go back to when Americans helped Americans, when we use to build things and grow things for Americans, back to the community, to a time when the U.S. wasn’t interested in empire building or war. If we want a safer place to live with a real constitution again, then Ron Paul is a good start for this change. I believe in what Mr. Paul is saying, we need a president that will hear us. Then we need to support this president 100% to accomplish this monumental task. Ron Paul is the best man for the job.
1073 Christina Moon  
1074 Bill Hendricks You are the last best hope for individual liberty in the USA
1075 Micah Dr. Paul, it’s largely because of you that I decided to educate myself in politics and history, and the more I learn, the more I truly believe you are the one to lead this country out of our current mess. Please, run again. I’ll be behind you, along with all the rest of your new supporters!
1076 Joel Rapose  
1077 harry ervin I like what your stand is and agree full heartedly
1078 T. Burkhart  
1079 Logan Richardson You’re our hope Mr.Paul, listening to you has made me feel for the first time patriotic and proud to be American. You’re what this country needs!
1080 Curtiss Boggs We need more signatures!
1081 Dave Aiello May Truth Prosper.
1082 Pedro Come on Ron Paul you’re Americas only hope!
1083 Howard Toller  
1084 P. Goodwin Ron needs to have 100% security at all times we cannot afford another J.F.K. incident
1085 Stacey Boggs  
1086 Martin  
1087 Hoyt Brown Our country is about to go toes up. It is not that we need Ron Paul to run we have got to have Ron Paul to run. We are running out of time.
1088 Matt Bowman Ron Paul 2012!
1089 Maria Newton God bless America!!!
1090 Sally Harrington We need you Dr. Paul. There is no one else like you.
1091 ryan d. kavich  
1092 Lana Shale  
1093 Michael S.  
1094 DeMarcus Sullivan You had my vote last election!
1095 Johnny Ron Paul 2012!
1096 remo paul I have, and will continue to vote for you. I believe that this year more than ever, most Americans are starting to wake up to the fact that 95% of what we are told is BS. We need a straight shooter such as yourself to lead us into a prosperous future where the dollar is a sought after commodity from other nations, as well as not being viewed as a country with less freedom than countries such as Romania which just recently obtained freedom. We are now having our freedoms taken away every day and people seem to be more concerned with who is going to win “”The Biggest Looser”". We need change, and WE NEED YOU!!!!!
1097 Jody Newman Please Ron run in 2012 you have our support and vote.
1098 Jesse  
1099 Nicholas Latoszek His presidency will only be the tip of the iceberg.
1100 Patrick Dowless Save America and our Christian roots, and end Lucifers Zionist-led global Empire.
1101 dr. Marcell Molnar Hungarians support Ron Paul’s run for President in 2012! We wish You the best!
1102 james stroud  
1103 Vincent Ginocchio  
1104 Bill Rattigan The future for mankind.
1105 Eric Holly  
1106 Andrew Sharp I fully support nothing our government is doing, our forefathers would be rolling in their graves. RP2012
1107 lan day  
1108 daniel cooper Please run ron paul. I voted republican last time because I was affraid that my vote woundn’t count. but I swear I will vote on what I truely belive in and that is to restore our faith in the constitution.
1109 Ramon Eduard Sandigan You’re a good man, and this country needs someone like you in office.
1110 bill otte Ron Paul is the “”Only One Who Constantly Practices the Constitution”"!! Words by congress are cheap at best! LOOK AT THE RESULTS AMERICA!!!!!!!!
1111 Michael Coombs (UK)  
1112 Bart Altman II If there was ever a need to beg for a candidate to run this is the time. So, please please please run for President!!!
1113 David Jesse Ventura or Jello Biafra for vice president!!!!
1114 G. Simcox, HI I haven’t voted, much less cared about for any of the members of my countries senior leadership for the last several years. My suspicion that it wouldn’t matter which party gets elected, it’s just going to be more or the same proves to be right. The thought of a Dr. Ron Paul Presidency has single-handedly brought me back into the debate. I want my constitution back, and I want it now. I don’t want to be hated abroad for policy that can’t be changed by me and my fellow American’s till 2012. I want to audit the Fed and while were at it, let’s audit the media for bias as I further demand fair and balanced reporting. I don’t have great hope for my country, without Dr. Paul, I have none. I am a honorably discharged veteran and I will support Dr. Paul by becoming a grassroots volunteer. I will give his proper election the attention it deserves because of the purpose it serves.
1115 Brian Curb unfortunately I was not a registered republican in CA so I couldnt vote for you in 2008. I have learned soo much since then and an in 100% of you. Thanks also for everything you have done
1116 cort tafoya I will work and write for him 4 free. I’m a journalist
1117 Ike Iremonger  
1118 Glenn Tuttle You are the only public official I trust
1119 Alan C Dr Ron Paul is one of the few people i consider as a Hero. The world will certainly be a better place if you be The President Of United States. Ron Paul Revolution!
1120 John Bibawy  
1121 Steven Nix RON PAUL 2012!!!
1122 Michael Hulsey A President can’t do it alone, but a man like Ron who can inspire the People to get behind him is a force to be reckoned with. I’m with Dr. Paul 100%
1123 Anthony Herman We thank God for you.
1124 William A. Pitsker The GOP, under its current leadership, will not support you. These Neo-cons need to be exposed for the internationalists they are.
1125 Steven G. Poyzer  
1126 Jason Reid you can do it!
1127 Michael West  
1128 Dylan Wood I’ll be “”writing in”" regardless
1129 Lacy Thompson Jr  
1130 Tara Wilkins Please End The Fed!
1131 Gerald Ron paul GET THE FED!
1132 Tyler Mayo  
1133 Bryan Lee the only person i’d vote for
1134 Douglas Hill  
1135 Larry Highlen  
1136 Philippe Briard  
1137 Susan Carter  
1138 Mario Joseph Trotta I am fortunate that I get to live in a country where I can still choose and vote for who I want to represent me. Thankfully, we are still a democracy because of people like Ron Paul. I am very concerned about the future of this country and as a college student, my future is yet to come. I was impacted my someone who can remind me what history teaches us. Ron, you have also made me have a new appreciation for American History and reminding me about what are countries principles were founded on. Dr Paul I give you my full support for President in 2012 because I feel optimistic that our country has a chance to elect a solid leader with the integrity to do what is right. I will be watching what history will teach us, as well as making me a bolder American. That is why I am supporting you Ron for President in 2012. Please represent me and as the people’s president. I believe people will support you Ron. Go for It!!
1139 R. Charsley Although I’m not an American citizen I hope Ron Paul becomes a pwerful force in the government of the U.S.A. his good sense is so needed.
1140 Jeff Meek We need to END THE FED!!! ELECT RON PAUL !!!
1141 Dave Camarca  
1142 kris p marin Dr. Paul, please give the public one last megadose of reason and sanity.
1143 dave mancin washington needs u.
the us needs u.
the world needs u.
1144 Andrew Gober Run! Dr. Paul, I will donate the max. allowed. We need you.
Do it for the Gipper.
1145 Ashfaq He is the right candidate for the next president of united states of America. He is our last hope.
1146 Blaik Cowhig Don’t give up.
1147 Maurice  
1148 Rob Motta  
1149 Norbert Buscha Dr. Paul,
You are the lone hope on the political landscape for several generations of American idealists that still believe that this country has a bright future if we make the necessary, often difficult changes, today, that should have been made decades ago. You are the only politician that I have ever believed in and the only person in Washington, that I have ever followed, who lived by his principles, exuded unshakable character, held steadfast to his beliefs and did not act based on political expediency. Please run and expose the American public to your message from the biggest and loudest pulpit in the land…the republican primary and the presidential race. I don’t believe there is a better way for your message to be heard by more people…especially those who normally do not display great interest in politics (or are disillusioned by it). Please give Americans an honest, principle driven alternative. You may not win, but your influence on party politics, your ability to focus the attention of the public on the issues that really matter, and the opportunity to expose America to another political ideology is priceless and will leave a legacy that will long outlive you as a man.
Respectfully and in deepest admiration,
Norbert Buscha
1150 george mendez  
1151 Michael Szabo  
1152 Jeremy Gottshall  
1153 Shoaib  
1154 Mike Wolter I believe that education is the first and foremost tool in the reclaimation of liberty.
1155 Phillip Phan Someones gotta bring the smart’s to Washington!
1156 William Haime  
1157 Ben Gibbons Jefferson never had a better representative, when he was alive or now. The whole world would be glad to see the work you would do to make the United States a great country once again.
1158 Omar Allah is Great.
1159 George A. Morgan  
1160 Iain Kidd You must run Dr Paul there is nobody else.
1161 Freedom4America Dr. Ron Paul 2012

We are with you 200% Dr. Paul we need you to run.

“”Only a Doctor Will Heal Our Country”"

1162 Mare’ Westin  
1163 Joseph Jennings  
1164 Rick Volkmer You’re our only chance Dr. Paul!
1165 Philip Hoard  
1166 Pravin Sheth Honorable Congressman Dr. Ron Paul:
I am a first generation native born Indian and immigrant to the United States since 1971. I have been an ultra liberal Democrate since long before I became a US citizen in 1977. However, I have seen you as the first legislator since Congressman Lewis T McFaden (R-PA) who is telling the truth to the people of America and I see you to be the frist President of United States since Kennedy assassination who will pursue from where President Kennedy left off. As G. Edward Griffin said, you have more courage in your little finger than any legislator in Washington, DC has in his/her entire body. You can count on my whole hearted support. So, stand-up and move forward.
Pravin Sheth
New York, NY
1167 James Huxtable Dr Ron you gotta run.
1168 Tony Dolz Obey and Protect the Constitution. I want a Small Limited Powers Republic.
1169 Kevin Brookes  
1170 Jason Tapia  
1171 Jan Zverina  
1172 Dale E. Massey Jr.  
1173 Benjamin Vander Jagt Your nation still needs you.
1174 Larry Yelton Let’s get it done ! America needs you !
1175 Virginia These past few years has taught me a lot about this country which I really wish I didn’t know. Now that I do know, I can’t go on pretending that I don’t, because that wouldn’t make me any better than the people who are destroying the country which I was once proud of. I haven’t truly believed in anyone in a long time, but I believe in you, Ron Paul. With you as president, I think I can believe in America once again.
1176 Ian Franck  
1177 Dan Brill  
1178 John baker Dr Ron Paul cured my apathy
1179 Justin Myers  
1180 Rich Arellano Ron Paul or no one in 2012
1181 Arron Thorn America needs you Dr. Paul!!!! I have been making countless videos on youtube and facebook for the last year to get your message out. I am willing to do whatever it takes to do my part!
1182 Lillian Bradley, RN Get us out of Afghanistan Dr. Paul, please.
1183 Marcello Mazzilli Please… We.. in Europe… need a US president like you. If FED stops BCE will stop. No more fiat money. No more US military bases in Europe!
1184 Michael Schimmel RON PAUL!!!
1185 Michael Condon Paul Revere’s Ride…great book…
1186 Krasimir Sabchev  
1187 Adam Keller  
1188 Niccolò Viviani Please Bring Liberty to America!
1189 Dennis Bamford Dr. Paul you going after the Fed. Is just the beginning to the things that you want to do. I’ve listened to you and know you want our Republic returned to it’s people and your the the guy to do it!
1190 Michael Maynard  
1191 Suzanne Westfall You have the courage, the virtue, the common sense, to bring America back to greatness.
1192 Craig Arsenicos You’re already my personal president, might as well make it official =D
1193 michael carpentier  
1194 Laurie I am a Democrat but I also believe in voting for the man. I hope you run in 2012
1195 Drew Ankney I believe.
1196 Ryan Lease  
1197 Brad Mears You are the leadership our country needs, before it’s too late.
1198 Aaron Richardson  
1199 Phil Holtz America’s freedoms need you!
1200 Brandon Ellis  
1201 Claudio Ottonello  
1202 william Prater  
1203 Josh Berger  
1204 Steve Ron Pual is the man
1205 Sebastian Neubau Germany for Ron Paul…
1206 Jean-Elie Uriel Charlemagne Ristance is victory!
1207 Roy we need you Dr. Paul
1208 sean carroll Please run in 2012…We must teach them a lesson!
1209 nada  
1210 Jamie M Wong  
1211 Roger A. Robinson I would love to see a man such as Ron Paul in the White House, a man that speaks the truth!!
1212 mike manfredonio  
1213 Jeff East Take the Judge with you as VP!
1214 Billy Boston Revolution now!
1215 Meghan J. Lee You’ve got my vote, sir!
1216 Peter Goswick  
1217 Damien Oliver Dr. Paul - your wisdom and leadership are needed in our country today. The example that you set through your integrity and principles can help rekindle the passion for liberty in our country again… Please run.
1218 Shane Conklin I wish to see you run for president of United States of America. I pray that you reclaim simple environement we americans had in the 50′s.
1219 Nat The country needs you Dr. Paul
1220 Ken Carter Liberty needs a leader.
1221 Mike Place  
1222 Grant Miller Ready for the rEVOLution
1223 Dmitry Nazarov  
1224 M. Kassnel  
1225 TY MIMBS  
1226 Dolly Angelette Ron Paul, please run again in 2010! We need you desperately!!!!!
1227 Frank Leonard  
1228 Morry Jaffe I’m signing despite the lame message above. “The next election will be the most crucial one in our history.” Isn’t that always true? What is “a sensible pro-America foreign policy”? The term, “free markets” has been construed by some to mean an almost entirely unregulated economic environment. I don’t Dr. Paul advocates that.
1229 Mikw Tax the churches.
1230 ruggero speranza go big Ron
1231 Dan Whittman Most Honorable Congressman Ron Paul:

All that it takes for the evil doers on this earth to dominate in tyranny is for a few good men, women and children to do nothing.
We all have something to lose by opposing those who are the willful government lap dogs that sell cheaply their dignity and moral principles. Then, of course, there are those who have NO dignity or personal morality. They are the ones who rationalize the brutality perpetrated on mankind and even rejoice in it. I don’t presume to know what forces are leaning on your life and against your family and personal safety but I image that they are.
To be honest, it has not been much of a picnic for any person who stands for freedom and against the demonic one world order that is moving rapidly toward world domination since the turn of the 18th century. There must be a list a mile long of political and religious martyrs thanks to those power hungry reptilians. So all I can say is may God be with you in your decision for 2012 and God bless you and your family and loved ones. A wise person once told me that as Jesus loves and intercedes to his and our father in heaven for us all so must we always love and forgive one another in his name.


Dan of Sacramento

1232 David Lee O’Connor LET’S DO IT !
1233 Eric Lieber I support your change for America. Bring back the liberty that the constitution was intended for. I support that. The truth about monetary policy and freedom and liberty that were the foundation of the United States of America.
1234 Deborah Galarza  
1235 amanda larkins  
1236 Marty Bond Run we need you
1237 Julee America is the greatest country in the world. Please help us to keep it that way. It’s not a one man job, it takes all of us working together to bring back the foundations of what our country was built on. You Ron Paul, will be that catalyst.
1238 Tim Elmore Ron Paul/Jesse Ventura in 2012
1239 lawrence robinson America needs a leader who represents the people, not Goldman Sachs!
1240 Estelle Edwards Dr. Paul, I’m here if you’re looking for a VP. As a black woman who happens to be a libertarian, I’ve been in protests about eminent domain and other issues. I would be the perfect anti-Obama black candidate. A ticket such as ours would pull everyone into the tent and speed you to victory!
1241 Frank Michalski  
1242 Walter Wilt Sir:
You are one of the few who truly understand the Constitution and are dedicated to following it. We need those two qualities now.
1243 Ronald Wing  
1244 Catherinen Thompson  
1245 Travis Lee Ron Paul FTW!
1246 Brad Wojno Go Ron!
1248 Zack VanMeter America needs a leader like you, sir. Thomas Jefferson lives today as Ron Paul. Our Founding Fathers would be ashamed of America today, but you can make them proud and point us in the direction of Freedom once again. God Bless the United States of America
1249 Elliot Fogel  
1250 Caleb J. Lee  
1251 Paul Parnofiello  
1252 Bob Andrews  
1253 Karen Perrin This country needs you! Please run.
1254 Robert Koss JR We need to take back our country and the fight is long and hard, so we need Ron Paul.
1255 Janez Kalan Ron Paul.

Don’t forget about Glass Steagel. (or whatever). Good luck and thank you for sharing your wisdom.

1256 Dave Parks You are the voice of sanity in our flawed system.
1257 Rick Wallis You are our last hope.
1258 laurie adkins RON FOR PREZ!
1259 Timothy Binder Keep fighting for liberty and freedom!
1260 James Coleman  
1261 Maria Meadows  
1262 Chris May This country desperately needs a leader with the knowledge and experience you possess. Please run in 2012 and continue to spread the message of liberty.
1263 Brian Our Generation needs a Revolution
1264 Patrick Sulatisky Please Ron!!
1265 Jeff Baird He is needed now!
1266 Terry Colegate  
1267 Nikos the only sane thing to do
1268 Konny  
1269 Pavel Popela I would follow General Ron Paul in battle
1270 Chris Marcus I know it’s unfair in some ways, but I hope you realize that the survival of the country rests in your hands. We know what is going to happen otherwise, and you will have our strong support, but we need you to lead. God bless
1271 chris buckley Mr Paul, PLEASE!!!!RUN Will volunteer and help all I can
1272 richard You can save America, no doubt!, but can you win?Who would you run with?
1273 William Gunter You are perhaps the last hope that all true Americans have for any remaining liberity in our lives.
Please don’t let us down.
1274 Shelton Hall We need your integrity, leadership, compassion, and actual patriotism to return our country to it’s originial origins and greatness.
1275 Ana Haas  
1276 john mcmenimon  
1277 Gene Young  
1278 Nate Witte  
1279 louis henter  
1280 Ronald Knapke Ron Paul & Jessy Ventura 2012
Its time to take America back from the Aristocrates Queen of England & and the Bilderburg Group.Something to read Publication 6209 The Ultimate Delusion: by Stephen Ames

1281 Joe Cotterman  
1282 Alek Hyra Hail, Ron Paul, Live Forever!
1283 Michael Deely One of the few politicians able and willing to speak logically.
1284 Ronald Jones  
1285 Patrick Bilodeau  
1286 Timmy Koukoumis Leaders are not born…they are formed because they don’t confine to society’s rules.
1287 Christina Adams I am 100 percent behind you. Alabama and the USA need you!
1288 Fallon T Gordon Sr MD We need an honest, real Constitutionalist as President!
1289 Lewis Passman  
1290 Mark Pace May God Bless You
1291 Donovan Winterberg  
1292 duane spray  
1293 Chris Lohner We need true liberty!
1294 Wayne Kotaski  
1295 Nadya Hakkinen  
1296 James Klatt  
1297 Jorge Mendoza Live Free or Die!
1298 Honorio Taveras Dr. Paul! Let’s bring our constitutional rights back where they belong! In the hands of the educated American People! Lead us to revolve!
1299 stevie sloan Please , change the system .
1300 Robin Sandler  
1301 Leona Gonzalez If he doesn’t run I see no more hope for this Country!
1302 Robert Kuebler Our best chance at recovery and the elimination of further problems is Ron Paul. His idealogy allows us to bite the bullet before the larger caliber presents itself. Getting this country back in order is a prime directive and we need good guys in there willing to do the job. This problem is not far from getting out of hand with the debt ceiling trying to be raised. We aren’t far from default, so its definitely time to readjust this administration and The Feds way of thinking.
1303 Jim Demoret This time we win!!
1304 Jake Ellett  
1305 Casey Kaminski  
1306 Brooke Robinson  
1307 Bob Holbrook I truly believe that if someone doesn’t come forward to return this country to its core beliefs, all this great country stands for and holds true will be lost.
1308 Charles Page America needs you. Please run for president in 2012. Your message is catching on and your momentum will build quickly again this time around. You have my utmost support.
1309 Carol Quintana If there is any chance of America redeeming it’s self as a free and just republic YOU,Dr. Ron Paul are our best chance of survival. Please help save this great country. Carol Latty Quintana
1310 Braylon Cormier  
1311 Salvatore Abbadessa End the Fed and Neocons and Liberals will fade away
1312 Julie VerHage Please run, Congressman Paul!!!
1313 Dave Wood  
1314 Buck Holmes  
1315 Phil If for nothing else Ron, Its time for Educate America 2.0!
1316 Timothy Cregier I attended one of his speeches in Arizona the last election however he was not on the ballot so I was forced to vote for the Libertarian candidate in the election.
1317 Gail Richer  
1318 James Rush Ron Paul - President (The Man)
Jesse Ventura - Vice President (The Muscle)
*Together this would be an Unbeatable Combination. Strike while the iron is hot. We may not get another chance guys. Team up and we’ve all won. Dr. Paul, please ask Gov. Ventura to be your Running Mate.
1319 Etta Roberts Now is the time
1320 william deans End welfare
End illegals
Flat tax
Stronger property rights
1321 cheryl perry  
1322 Ross Duffield  
1323 David Elliott Quitters never win and winners never quit. Most of the best people were overlooked a few times before being appointed to something they wanted.
1324 Randy Fernatt Thank The Lord Your Running Again
1325 James Cleveland  
1326 samuel gely run for president
1327 Deb Parks We All Want Our Freedom. Why?

Across this great nation of ours voices that had been quiet in past years, are speaking out in protest. The silent majority has risen to the occasion. What has caused these silent citizens to finally speak out? The loss of freedoms, the violation of trusts, the invasion of liberties and the belief that our forefathers guaranteed us certain unalienable rights.

We all want our freedom. Why? Because that one fundamental right is at the core of what makes us all true Americans. Some may want to deprive us of this assured right, but as Americans, we can and will rise above this threat to our very livelihood.

We often hear “But, it is good for you, therefore it is right.”

I say, what gives our government the right to mandate our freedom of choice? The right to burden the American people with a debt that not even our great-great grandchildren will be able to overcome? The right for a tyrant
(def. In common usage, the word “”tyrant”" carries connotations of a harsh and cruel ruler who places his or her own interests or the interests of a small oligarchy over the best interests of the general population, which the tyrant governs or controls.)
to have the audacity to “mandate” that we become insured or be fined. Where, in this mandate, do freedom and liberty come into play? Nowhere. This mandate strips all semblances of these rights from the American people.

The very first case relating to mandating insurance using the commerce clause as an excuse to impose governmental duress over the citizens was Paul v Virginia. This case, circa 1869, occurred during the time when our courts still held true to the meaning and implications of the Constitution, In this case, the United States Supreme Court held that that a corporation is not a citizen within the meaning of the Privileges and Immunities Clause and that “”issuing a policy of insurance is not a transaction of commerce

” This ruling was later overturned in 1945 by United States v. South-Eastern Underwriters Association, which led to the passing the McCarran Act of 1945. If you haven’t heard of these cases, I urge you to read up on them.

With a passion not felt in many years, and forgotten by many people, I say, “Stand up for what you believe in. Let us retain possession of our freedom and never let government interference diminish its value.”

It is my belief, that in order to live life fully, there must be freedom; the inherent freedom of choice; the freedom to make mistakes and learn from them. The freedom to take care of myself and family, without the bonds of unreasonable, imposed restrictions.
Without these freedoms, what are we?
Oppressed, subjugated, enslaved.
In the beginning, there was a group of people who fled the tyranny of a country in order to begin a new life. A life they believed would provide stability, liberty and freedom. After time, they set to paper two documents that they believed would protect and provide this newfound freedom to ALL people and posterity. What were these documents?

“The Declaration of Independence” (I will include the preamble)
“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights; that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

“The Constitution of the United States of America” (I will include the preamble)
“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

In these two documents, we were, by the very words set down by our forefathers, assured of our individual rights and liberties. These liberties are what make us “We the People”. They provide for the right to speak out against wrongs and have no doubt, we have been wronged. We are a great people. A nation built on trust and integrity. We cannot let our integrity be compromised; it defines us as the unique and extraordinary persons we are. We must stand up against this tyranny and fight for the liberties that are rightfully ours.

This is our country; the land of the free and the brave. The place where we live and breathe, care for our families, work to better ourselves and instill in our children the values of freedom. Values that were established some 234 years ago Values that are embedded and thrive within us all. To lose these values, is to lose our heritage, and this is unacceptable. I have always been thankful for the freedoms afforded me, and I refuse to stand by and let it be taken from me or any other American.

We must protect what is rightfully ours. Freedom and liberty are the very foundations this great nation was founded on. We will not stand by as our nation is divided by hate, race and irresponsibility; by a government that is sworn to serve and protect us, not dominate us. It is our responsibility, as Americans and free citizens, to demand this. We are The People, of the United States of America, and our voices deserve to be heard.

Deb Parks
Citizen and Patriot, United States of America

1328 Reese Smith We need YOU!!!!
1329 roberto  
1330 Christopher Dougherty  
1331 Elena Venanzi  
1332 oliver hintz  
1333 Jeffrey T Wolfe You helped start this revolution, Dr. Paul. Please help us finish it. Don’t be afraid to be a hero.
1334 jerab smith  
1335 Troy S. Okum Save our Republic.
1336 John Anderson Restore the Constitution.
1337 Alejandro Cruz Please Dr. Paul, help us restore the Republic to its former glory!!!
1338 Warren Westfall Please be our President Dr. Paul!
1339 mike hillier  
1340 Nickolas Grillone Lets give money material value!!! Go Ron Paul
1341 john brown Dear Congressman Paul,
I hope you decide to run, and I, and many others like me, will be with you all the way!
John M. Brown
Flatwoods, KY
1342 David Barker  
1343 Robert J. Passoni The Governments answer to the problems at hand is to raise taxes. Government has to be cut along with the waste. Give us back our freedom. Stop lobbying.
1344 Michael A Howe I hope we get all the support you need to make this happen and now more than ever may God bless America !!
1345 Albert Kasem We have been deceived by politicians too many times. The time for change is long overdue. Please help us end this reign of tyranny by running and winning this coming election and put an end to the Federal Reserve.

“”Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”" (B. Franklyn)

1346 Adam Schaeffer  
1347 Bryce Nolen  
1348 Robert Thompson I voted for you last election. America needs you NOW!
1349 Kevin Madden  
1350 Ross Perkins  
1351 Anonymous i think Ron Paul is a pretty cool guy. eh saves America and doesn’t afraid of anything.
1352 RD Edmiston  
1353 Dave Hartman legalize freedom
1354 Nick Ron Paul!!! ALL THE WAY!!!
1355 Anonymous i think Ron Paul is a pretty cool guy. eh saves America and doesn’t afraid of anything.
1356 Dr. Thomas P. Walker, Jr I feel we need more voices of reason @ the Federal Level. Please Ron, run. You have my vote. I will do what I can in my own area of Pennsylvania (Coal Region) to assist.
1357 Rich DuPree Go Ron!
1358 Brian McMinn  
1359 trevor bajus If you win, can you please start throwing out the spend-happy members of the GOP? It would be nice if the Republicans could get back to their actual principles-thrift and liberty.
1360 Joshua Hayden  
1361 kenneth lunsford Dear: Ron Paul please run for president , we need some one like you, that cares for the people in this country. You are a man of honor , integrity
1362 James M. Jones I HOPE and PRAY for a REAL CHANGE. - Smaller government that coins/prints it’s own currency back by gold and silver. Jim
1363 Elizabeth DeAngelis  
1364 Kenneth A Libby  
1365 Maggie Colburn We need a Ron Paul/Sarah Palin ticket
1366 Benjamin Robbins Don’t let this momentum thats building lose steam. Let’s take back this country from the corpratocracy! Know thyself, Dr. Paul! Do what you feel is right!

- Benjamin Robbins

1367 Zohair Naghmi Mr. Paul, Please run!!!
And start the campaign now in order to get more press coverage. There is a mass population that is just getting to know you - after 2008 elction.
1368 Todd Priest  
1369 Scott Run Ron Run!
1370 James Lamb  
1371 Elizabeth Behr You have common sense, Ron, and ethical standards. We the People need what you can bring to leadership of the USA.
1372 Stephanie Steckel Thank you Ron for your continued education and consistency of principles. I will gladly support and vote for you in 2012!
1373 Friedrich Helmreich Go for it Paul
1374 John Leed I’ll support, spread the word and donate (like 2008).
1375 Mary Ann Thomas  
1376 oswaldo portillo  
1377 Summer Francis  
1378 John Sladky Go Ron!!!
1379 jared t rogers We need you to run, No one else seems to really care about freedom!!
1380 leah baker I’m 53 years old and going to vote for the first time ever. I’m not really big on politics until i heard you on tv back in 2007 talking about a recession was coming and it sure came. I think i can count on you. wow, doesn’t that sound strange, you count on a politician. But you have my total support and i’m here to back you. I guess if you don’t run i’m not voting, i’ll wait for you to run for president. Go Ron Paul
1381 Derek Hummer We need someon to protect our freedom.
1382 Jerry Fetner II America has never needed a liberty loving patriot more than now.
1383 Glenn Hale  
1384 Bryan Cooper We need Ron Paul 2012~!
1385 tula najari  
1386 Rob Taylor We need to get our country back from the two parties that are leading us down a road to destruction.
1387 Joshua Hale Where will this country go without Ron Paul?
1388 Heather Wegner You, or someone like you (Rubio? Bachmann? DeMint) are our only hope. If you don’t run, will you vet the others out and help them? Thank you for all you do. You are one of the few.
1389 Paul Unkauf Time to elect a President that cares about the country instead of self interests.
1390 miguel turbay hey ron paul i know the war on drugs is a faliure
the brutal prohibition does not work and look at
brutal drug cartels had kill alot of people in mexico and the american cities too are crime
and violence in urban area so please end the
war on drugs to stop crime.
1391 Tiffany Redman  
1392 Romeo R  
1393 Steven Spielbauer  
1394 Michael Moon Never give up.
1395 Jesse Adkins  
1396 Joseph Norris You have my support and whatever available time I have on weekends
1397 Rev. Juan C. Rivera I pray that Dr. Paul will once again go on the Campaign trail and show Americans how all the OTHER CANDIDATES are actually NO DIFFERENT from each other. God bless the Republic!
1398 Michael Vanhooser  
1399 logan You are the last hope to reassert the peoples rights, and pin down the out of control government with the full power of the constitution. You have my vote!
1400 mason grant I can only hope! Please be our next president!
1401 Matthew Kadlec Our Country need’s you Ron Paul. Please run for President in 2012.
1402 Allen Doss I hate the word “”hope”" now - but Dr. Paul our “”last chance.”" Let’s finish what we started. Please.
1403 Betsy Beinert You are the only candidate that ever makes sense to me. We need you!
1404 Steven L Trubey  
1405 Cheryl Brown  
1406 Bryan Ron Paul has educated so many by his run in 2008. A run in 2012 will be a great awakening for sooooo many more. Ron must run and I and many others I know will be ready to do all they can to help his campaign when he does! The REVOLUTION continues…..STAY TUNED!
1407 Allan A Sabet You are the only one that can be trusted with all of the current lies and corruptions.
1408 Jamil Wyatt End the Fed!!!
1409 Daniel Schneider  
1410 KYLE RALSTON Ron Paul is the only chance we have to really turn things around. As much as like Sara Palin and Herman Cain, I don’t think they are a wise choice. Mr. Paul give’em hell!
1411 Frederick zimmermann Please Dr Paul … We the people need you.
1412 joe draego  
1413 Craig Simonson  
1414 James Middleton  
1415 Jennifer McKeithen  
1416 David Gawron  
1417 Sandra Norris Our family supports you and what you stand for please bring constitutional government back to the American people
1418 Dan Merithew Go for it Ron!!!
1419 Sally Lewing  
1420 Marin Dinca “”It is now or never!”"
1421 Ray Groth  
1422 david gibson save our nation, ron!
1423 Robt Kendall The media can’t ignore us forever!!
1424 Dan Jag Dear Dr. Paul,
I now realize what you stand for and regret not voting for you in the past. I will not repeat that mistake if you run for President again. Thank you for your service. End the Fed!!!
1425 Wayne Herrod We need you- America needs you, and may God bless and protect you.
1426 Lafi Abdeljaber  
1427 necole schutkowski Please! Please Run!
1428 David Treacy  
1429 Milo Holroyd  
1430 Bruce Carlson  
1431 Robert Firestone End the Fed and Welfare
1432 William B Stoner He may be our only hope!
1433 Martim Loureiro  
1434 Eugene Goeser Dear Dr. Paul,

This country needs you to run in 2012. You are one of the few politicians that still seriously cares about our nation’s future. I would love to work for your campaign. You are my idol! With you in the White House, all wrongs would be set right!



1435 Ray Harney  
1436 Jeanne Tofts  
1437 Wayne Green With me as an advisor he can easily win, and make America great again—see
1438 James E. Gomer  
1439 Catherine Young I would like you to define exactly all that you mean about word liberty in your agenda in writing. Thank you.
1440 Patrick F. Petsche  
1441 Christopher Jump  
1442 Wesley Smith You are already my President!!
1443 Robin R. Svoboda Ron, Please run!!! You give me hope for this country’s future.
1444 Sharon Noullet  
1445 Giles Mirkovic  
1446 Mickey  
1447 Francis J Hodal “”If the American people ever allow private banks
to control the issue of their money,
first by inflation and then by deflation,
the banks and corporations that will
grow up around them (around the banks),
will deprive the people of their property
until their children will wake up homeless
on the continent their fathers conquered.”"
1448 MARK DANIELS Although I disagree with Ron Paul’s positions concerning social justice, I believe he is the only person who can END THE FED.
1449 Corey Creasey  
1450 Jamie Hodal  
1451 neoCONslayer Ron Paul 2012
1452 Cameron Elliott  
1453 Anthony Kelley 110% behind Ron Paul
1454 Michael Houdart Run,Ron,Run
1455 wayne please
1456 sandee  
1457 gary norman Ron I think alot of people see where they went wrong when you ran before.I think you have a great shot at it Gary
1458 sie shanks IV we need a real candidate for presidency here, please run
1459 David Joseph Mack  
1460 Mathew Winn  
1461 Catharine D.  
1462 Larry Armstrong Even though you weren’t entered, I voted for you at the last election. Please run again. We need someone up there who will get things done.
1463 Rocco D. Nocera  
1464 william gibson  
1465 Brenda Bishop  
1466 Joyce I have no money to help with, but I have time and desire to help you get elected!!
1467 Linda Longobardi  
1468 Michael B. Rautenberg Sr. The reincarnate of all our Founding Fathers.
1469 Winston Berzas We beed change
1470 Susan L. Greene “”Uncle Stanley”"
1471 GERARD MARK FORD God Bless Ron Paul. And, God Bless America. The best blessing America could receive is Dr. Ron Paul in the White House. In Jesus Name I Pray… Amen.
1472 Bronson Katz Let’s go Ron Paul!!
1473 Jerry Sherrell  
1474 Nick Stiles This is Americas last chance! We need you Ron!
1475 Alex Bernal I’m not sure if this petition is legitimate, but if it is, I hope it convinces you to try running. America needs you.
1476 Luke Bahry Ron Paul is the only politician that is truly a leader.
1477 Margaret Percival We desperately need you - this country needs you. Please run.
1478 Nicholas Hoffpauer  
1479 Terrence A Gilbert Dr. Ron Paul and his associates are the only ones who have articulated the real issues, studied and analyzed the underlying factors and have a viable plan for our return to sanity, free markets and the truest form of democracy possible.

“”Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.”"
- Ronald Reagan

1480 Robert Lovick  
1481 patrick brice Ron, you are the best for our country! Please run.
1482 T.O  
1483 John Restore the Constitution and Liberty (End The Fed)
1484 bruce davy Ron Paul is our only hope to save our country
1485 Vince peterson  
1486 Kele Biggs  
1487 Mike Schaefer  
1488 E. W. Lancaster I scratched out Obama and McCain last time and wrote in Ron Paul!
1489 Martha Johnston  
1490 Herta Weiss The years of effort that you have put in to audit the Fed and to vote strictly according to our Constitution and all the other work should finally be rewarded, even though the job is horrendous.
1491 jennifer sabo  
1492 kinsey barnard If we don’t get someone in the White House with Mr. Paul’s values and ethics this country is doomed.
1493 Christopher Windt No other American leader will ever end our nation’s empire building foreign policy, except for you. We need you to lead us out of America’s financial and moral decline. Please run for President Mr. Paul!
1494 Jeremy Peterson Ron Paul you are the only beacon of real hope and change for 2012!
1495 Michael Elgart I am ready to join the revolution!
1496 Kyle Wunnenberg  
1497 Dr. Daniel Coleman Go Paul Go
1498 Lou Ellen Hatchett U. S. Representative Ron Paul has fought hard for many years in the House to return our country back to WE THE PEOPLE - back to our Godly heritage, back to a limited government. He has initiated many actions to remove certain agencies that destroy our American sovereignty, American Independence, American strengths such as in our manufacturing American products and services. He exposes shocking spending. This is the right time for his strong and open leadership.
1499 Jeff Conte  
1500 Barbara Ramirez Dear Mr Paul,
There is truly noone else whom I would consider worthy of the office of president. You have mine and my families’ votes!!
1501 Kevin Heaney Run Dr. Paul you have my support.
1502 Rachel Heinrichs I sure hope you run, Ron Paul! We need a good leader like you!
1503 Francis A. Nalazek, 3rd. Together - We can make this possible… I am personally doing my part:
1504 Sal Pundini I’m a ‘Paul’ Bearer
1505 Nathan Crawford  
1506 Sherrie Mitchell Our country has become absurd and needs a leader of your integrity.
1507 Vicki Peters Sen. Paul PLEASE run for President and STOP the FLEECING of Americans and the elimination of our civil liberties. Only your wisdom, common sense, and most importantly your integrity stand between the America we remember and complete disaster. If you don’t run for President all hope is lost - at least for me.
1508 Steven Hanna Our country needs you.
1509 Randy Webster  
1510 JR Please run Ron Paul, I pray you choose wisely your VP.
1511 alan lavine  
1512 JohnEGodfrey Ron are founding father would approve!
1513 Kevin Franta The Republic has never needed your vision more. We can do it this time.
1514 Patricia L. Boros Ron Paul is our country’s only hope…please take care of him!!
1515 Daniel Well if you do not run i will not waist my gas to vote for any of these slimballs in DC… so i guess we are back to my vote dont count?
1516 Patrick George You’ve got to run. For America!!!
1517 David Swift  
1518 Jane Von Asten we need him!!!!
1519 Joshua A. Dodd  
1520 Steve Ron Paul……YOU MUST RUN FOR PRESIDENT!!!!!! The hope of this country is depending upon it!! Thank you!!!
1521 Thomas Molitor Ron is an important voice to be heard.
1522 Chris Shery Dr Paul, please help us restore our Republic to its ideals of liberty, sound money and prosperity!!!
1523 Roozi Ehtaramian  
1524 Darrell Taylor God Bless you Dr Paul.
1525 Mason Alexander Cobb I support everything Ron Paul stands for. It’s time America cut the fat and asked for someone who will get what needs to be done, done. We can’t sit around and wait for the world to fall apart all around us. We have the power to do something about the greed and bull that’s been going on for so long. Ron Paul is definitely one who will go in there and get it all done! It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it!
1526 Don Cox You will have my vote, do something about the war on people in the US and around the world. Peace
1527 Bill Reeves Ron Paul, cut from the same cloth as our revered Founding Fathers, is our best hope in leadership in the restoration of our endangered Constitutional Republic. The American experiment has traveled too long, too far, down the road of self-destruction at the hands of leaders who have “”known best”" and chose to circumvent the Constitution. Your country needs you at the top more than ever, Dr. Paul.
1528 Todd Cosma In what is most likely the final hope for the American dream….

I Love you Ron……

1529 Sarah Burnham We need smaller government. We need freedom. We need personal responsibility.

You are the strongest person we have to promote these ideals. Thank you for your unyeilding service to this country.

1530 Brad Winslow Let’s restore the Constitutional balance of power - “”State’s Rights”"
1531 Sean Barron There will bo no other like you in my life time. Please try to save what’s left of this great nation.
1532 Kevin Meyler Ron Paul was my write-in vote for president in 2008 and he will be again in 2012.
1533 Antonio R. Hernandez I’m fired up and ready to volunteer! End the Fed!
1534 Nancy Manubens  
1535 E. Andrew Jaramillo Ron,

You were close in 2008 in straw polls, but I HONESTLY believe that 2012 is your year. America is truly fed up, and your name is everywhere.

Please, please, please, reconsider running in 2012. This nation needs you, this world needs you.

1536 Justin Rowland  
1537 John Davis  
1538 stuart bradman We need you to run for president sir, the world needs you to shine your light of hope and truth
1539 Sandy Smith We need someone who is not drinking the cool-aide. You, Doctor Paul have a sound mind. Ron Paul 2012!!!
1540 Megan Larsen  
1541 Carmen Costanza Business as usual, if you don’t run. Which means no business. Please get behind the Fair Tax. Something like that is the only thing that is going to save this country. Then we could stop all of the talk about whether or not to raise taxes.
1542 Eliana Serini End the FED!!!
1543 KK Please destruct ridculous financial system
1544 David Hall  
1545 joey henderson America needs you.
1546 Karen Stevens We must kill the worst provisions of the fake “”food safety bill”", especially, the part regarding codex! Big agribiz, esp. Monsanto, is being allowed to destroy our food, farmlands, nature and our health. We need to stop unelected bureaucrats in governmental agencies, such as the FDA, TSA, FTC, USDA, from destroying our Constitutional Republic. Time is running out for our personal liberties and choices! The NWO/depopulation agenda is very obvious now!
1547 Jon Freedom, Truth, Unity
1548 roger chou I have 3 high traffic area, if you want to put 2012 ron paul sign, i’m in san diego ca.
1549 Ariel hernandez You are our last hope please donth let us down
1550 Larry Thomas To paraphrase from Forrest Gump:
“”Run, Ron, Run”"
1551 Mike Allen We need more people like you
1552 Doug Burton  
1553 Lorraine Layne This country needs you now more than ever Dr. Paul.
1554 Donna Niven  
1555 Anthony Pace  
1556 Matt Stein Please run.
1557 S. MORIN  
1558 michael tragesser  
1559 william jackson i have faith yul get the this time
1560 Jonathan Payton  
1561 Jamie Puckett Ron Paul is the man we need to lead us out of the Government takeover of our lives, no one else has the willpower to stop it.
1562 Timothy K. Meehan We need help!
1563 Zachary Baughman  
1564 Daniel Macom  
1565 karen allred There is more unrest and disillusioned citizens than could possible be realized, if its not too late please help save us from ourselves!
1566 G.Forsyth Viva La rEVOLution!!
Ron Paul 2012!!
1568 jacqueline Graziano WE NEED YOU!!!!!!!!
1569 Christopher Hinkle Only with your leadership, will America find it’s way back to prosperity.
1570 Jessica Flaherty Please run, Dr. Paul! The country needs you!
“”My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government. “”
Thomas Jefferson
1571 Ernest Little You have my vote!
1572 Rose Mary Abbott Ron Paul is the ONLY person with the understanding, vision and ability to bring our country back to rightness. You have got my vote and my friends’ vote too!
1573 Robert M. Haney We need men like Ron Paul in Washington.
1574 Mark ron paul is a REAL conservative!!!!!!!
1575 Justin Kendall Or Mitt Romney would be great too.
1576 Ken Putt He may be the only honest congressman left.
1578 Donna Mason You are the hope for Amreica.
1579 Chris Sutton  
1580 Karen Wolfe Please give me someone I believe in to vote for!
1581 Roger Jackson It would do wonders for this nation if you should become president. Even running would be of benefit. I will help all I can to get you going.
1582 gene manning our own nat’l security depends on stopping these endless foreign interventions
1583 Dorothy Whitman Our country can’t be saved overnight, but we must start somewhere and your the man.
1584 Taras Stets  
1585 Alisa Williams We need you!
1586 Scott Jones  
1587 James Wetzig You can save this country, do it please.
1588 Jaime Flynn No one else has the guts to save our country from the overreaching political class. You can count on me to help in any way I can.
1589 Matt lyons I appreciate your efforts to champion Liberty
1590 Robbie Kelsay If you become president, I would hope you continue your investigations of the fed.
1591 Dean Brannon We’ll get you in this time!
1592 Paul Brookhouse Ron Paul would bring this country back to being the greatest country in the world. We are falling fast. Help Mr. Paul!
1593 Caleb Rhodes  
1594 K. Coulson  
1595 Dwight R McGhee  
1596 James Perry Dr. Paul, I’m an 18 year old college student and I plan on voting in the next election. I will do whatever I can to spread your message. Please run in 2012, you are the only candidate in either party who will make ACTUAL change in Washington. Save our constitution. Save our country.
1597 James E. Leveroni  
1598 Kim Hudson We need a leader who is true.
1599 Phil Bennington Only those who have already stood up and spoke out against the machine can be trusted in 2012
1600 mark smith  
1601 Shannon “”Everyone lets make this petition Count!!
We all know what we needs to be done in times like these,
It just takes some one like Ron to plant that seed!!!!
And sit back and watch it grow!!
1602 Olga Kaczmarczyk Go RON!
1603 glen waters we,the people. revolution
1604 James Taylor Help us Obi-Ron Kenobi; you’re our only hope.
1605 Jef Fernley it’s time to try something dramatically different. Let’s try Ron’s way!
1606 John Nolfi  
1607 Kalim Kassam  
1608 Lynn Goldhammer Save us! It will be nice to have a presidential candidate I truly believe in and support.
1609 Lorna Stalcup Throw the Bums out
1610 Suzanne You are the only one who can save this country and one of the very few that is talking sense.
1611 Scott Engel One of the last politicians that actually makes sense!
1612 Dan Henry Boehler America need your honest leadership right now, and you know it! The Constitution is basically calling your name!
1613 Blake Shatto Ron Paul 2012
1614 Robert Brown  
1615 Robert Black Get rid of the FED and prosecute the banksters for the criminal fraud they have done and the damage to this country they have caused!
1616 Michael C.  
1617 Jeffrey K Judd  
1618 Kelsey Albanese  
1619 Barbara McAllister Please Dr . Paul, run for President. America needs your vision
and intelligence to become the Republic that we were meant to be.
1620 Tony Albanese  
1621 Karl Walser  
1622 dale harp Ron Paul, the country needs you. We the people,will vote you into office. Thanks for all you have done for America.
1623 Charles Sarkioglu Thank you for continuing to fight for our personal liberty and dignity.
1624 Jennifer Baker  
1625 Mindy Maucelli  
1626 Craig M. Hermanson We need a voice for the people not the corporation.
1627 millie Dr. Ron Paul, you are a true man of character!
When I listen to your speak, I can’t help but smile and say I love this man! The world needs more people like you!
1628 Adam Riva  
1629 Tyler White I would love for someone who actually cares for the over all well being of the American people and the future of America to run for president in 2012. That person is Ron Paul!
1630 Christopher Petraglia  
1631 Albert Hussman We need a President who puts America ahead of Party!
1632 Brek Ritzema  
1633 Chris Kuminkoski  
1634 Daniel DeBruin  
1635 Teo Ferreira  
1636 Melissa Stamps Ron Paul is a Genius, Avatar and visionary. I would love to see him run for and become President in 2012.
Being a true Libertarian- I would only want this if Ron Paul wants to run. I have been a huge supporter and advocate of his positions on
the Constitution,Bill of Rights, free markets and limited government.
He is very bright star in a vast cosmos!!!!
1637 Jonathan Narwold While it’s true that we ought not rely on a single man (and others need to step in and carry the banner), I can’t help but think that another run by you would help to carry on the momentum that was built up the last time around. We need more and more people to start considering the real solutions that you have advocated. More importantly, however, we need people to start to see the source of all true prosperity, which is God and HIS solutions. As a man of God that’s truly seeking to honor Him (I have read your statement of faith) and also has brains in his head (not by and large influenced by modern political correctness), I would trust you to be FAR more qualified than most that would attempt to do the same job. Keep up the good work!
1638 Lynne Knightstep Ron Paul, America needs you to be our next President. Please run, we will elect you!
1639 Matt Taylor  
1640 jewell livers I am sure both parties are trolling this.. Gotta keep an eye on the Paul..People might be ready for some liberties..
1641 Valerie Murphy  
1642 Bill Purks Run, Ron, Run!
1643 Donna Wolf The country is ready for an honest, congruent and consistent leader who leads by example! That leader is Ron Paul in 2012!
1644 Bob Hamden We need you to loead this nation back to greatness…
1645 orlo mundorf  
1647 Jacob Jorgensen For the people
1648 james he is a genius. america will not survive if fed reserve is there.its the high time it goes away or we will suffer. let the institution be audit
1649 R. Craig Grounds You’re our only hope for the Presidency is 2012 Dr. Paul!
1650 Ken Quattlebaum From Obama’s actions I have finally seen the true power of the President. I believe the majority of Americans are ready to “”do without”" to get our deficit and debt back in line with the principles of our Forefathers. We need your conservative leadership to get that accomplished. I also support ending the Fed and most everything else in your platform.
1651 Dave Lovett  
1652 jai parekh  
1653 Scott McGee  
1654 Steven Baird I would much prefer someone who still believes in what being American is. I have lost faith in the D and R. It is time to bring back common sense to America……end the Fed and any other bureaucratic stuff that goes with todays political and economic system.
1655 Carol Rossignol Thank you Ron and others like him; time to revolt, end the Central Banking System’s control, support the US Constitution and take back America!
1656 Dave&Kim Slack Let us know if there is anything else we can do to help now or during the election. Thanks
1657 Susan Baker God Bless you
1658 Adam McIsaac  
1659 Paige Peters We need in you in the White House
1660 Fred Speyer  
1661 Steven Ross He is one of the few that can’t be bought. We now more than ever need Ron Paul as President.
1662 Vince Portera Ron Paul you are overdue to be our President to fight the left wing, atheist, globalist, NWO takeover.
1663 Fred Skellenger I will support Ron Paul this time around, he is the only man to help us out of this mess!
1664 sherri isaac  
1665 Eric Knutson  
1666 Steven Shavlik  
1667 James McAllister  
1668 Edwin Brabant Please Dr. Paul run for President and save us from our doom.
1669 Christopher Geroulo If the America public truly knew what was really going on, Ron Paul would be President !
1670 Greg Ball Dr Paul, we the people are calling on you to lead America in the right direction. You are the only candidate I trust. I will my part in my community to support your campaign for President.
1671 ruslan Guryanov  
1672 chris jablonski “”I am just absolutely convinced that the best formula for giving us peace and preserving the American way of life is freedom, limited government, and minding our own business overseas. “”
1673 Josep Zapater It’s now or never
1674 kt nicholson don’t let us down
1675 Ralph Hughes American voters need to hear your principles of government
1676 Thomas Dahl  
1677 Jayme Taylor  
1678 Jeff Sisler lets continue our revolution forward, not theirs. The people will rise.
1679 Kyle Glew  
1680 Kaya Pace Thank you for your example of integrity and fiscal responsibility.
1681 Drew Walsh The only hope WE have left.
1682 Chad Wahlquist Save America
1683 Susanna Martin  
1684 Alberto Knight My children need you.
1685 Ashley Stratton-Lauritzen  
1686 David Milan Landholm  
1687 Joe Royce  
1688 Brent  
1689 Bob Pace Saw Mr. Paul in Bloomington, IN it was great to see him in person.
1690 Dianna Sturm  
1691 Robert Wallis Das Ende der Fed bedeutet auch…
1692 Jason Eaton  
1693 barbara vinyard Stop the Federal Reserve.This entity is creating the inflation!!!
1694 Candice Someone please help us.
1695 Lawrence W. Krall  
1696 Mike Jackson  
1697 Steve Smith I am not an American, but I fully support your views. I would love to see you run for the betterment of the world.
1698 Elizabeth Partington  
1699 Aiza Ikhaanahoyo  
1700 TG Rees Dr. Paul, thank you for your tireless, courageous service to America. We will work for and support you in 2012 in every way possible.
1701 Allen Grippo  
1702 Stepheny Frazier  
1703 Joseph Gardner Please run Dr. Paul, after all these years we need an honest man in the Whitehouse
1704 Robert Caron  
1705 Robert DeMott  
1706 Nathan Kranz Ron Paul now more than ever
1707 Terry Palmer  
1708 Nicholas Dolinger Ron Paul has the competency to save America. Also, Democrats kind of like him, so he has pretty good odds.
1709 friedrich a. wenzel end the fed
1710 Marin Holmes  
1711 David Platter Go for it! The country is ready for someone with brains.
1712 Shirley Starling Please give US another chance Dr. Paul. I have my bumper stickers, pocket constitutions, yard signs and I’m READY!!
1713 Ronald Mellema  
1714 Randy Verham “” Now more than ever, our Country needs you”"
1715 Brenda Guthrie You have my vote. Brenda Guthure
1717 Frank Knopers Ron Paul for sound economic policy and less war!
1718 Jo McCarthy  
1719 Matt Leahy  
1720 Bill Wright We need our country now!
1721 Stuart  
1722 Judy Singer Go for it, Ron Paul! WE NEED MEN
LIKE YOU to turn this nation around!
1723 Joshua Dutson I voted for Dr. Paul in 2008 and I’m gonna vote for him again in 2012!
1724 Robert Clewell You’re our LAST hope !! RON PAUL 2012 !!
1725 qi wang Dear Ron Paul,

You are the only saver of USA.
Please stand out and unite us into the final victory.

1726 Gene Harriman Go getum Ron!!!
1727 william reischour  
1728 Joanne Miller Go Ron Paul, I wish you had won last time, we would not be in the mess we are today !!!
1729 marion epps we need Ron Paul
1730 Paris J. Fox “”Long live the true Republic”"
1731 Ken Berzas Please help save this country!
1732 john myser You are a beacon of light in the darkness, Run!
1733 Jack Craft  
1734 Linda Sanders Ron Paul seems to be the only public official who understands the gross erosion of personal rights currently happening in our country under the guise of “”security”". He has my committed vote today and in 2012.
1735 Rebecca Pettit  
1736 D Silva You are what American needs.
1737 Robert R Cooke III  
1738 Eric Fiebig Its time
1739 Matt Chapman  
1740 tom edmondson  
1741 timothy meyer  
1742 Mark Potts We must restore Constitutional government now before the Republic is lost.
1743 mary smith we need someone that hs some common sense and i believe you do.
1744 Robert F. Blumberg The only person in the U.S. Congress who makes any consistent sense.
1745 dh  
1746 Tommy Siri Ron, you have been trying your hardest to tell th American people about the economic downfall since the 60s. Now is the time to fight back. We already have taken over congress, and I think many Americans are waking up. Please run for president.
1747 Stuart R Cox Ron Paul for pres & Herman Kane for VIP. GO!
1748 Michael Crossland  
1749 Baron Babineaux you may be the strongest and best voice out there capable of succeeding.
1750 John Lee Bonner, II  
1751 Bill Mikulas Audit the Fed!
1752 Ryan Mowers God bless you Dr. Paul!
1753 E. Laverd With God nothing is impossible!
1754 Joshua Victor Thurman  
1755 Todd Prohaska  
1756 Grover Havens  
1757 kemper  
1758 William Pointer  
1759 kristy coontz  
1760 Carl Hazenberg Finnally a candidate who represents the original intent and wisdom of our founding fathers
1761 Jay Armstrong We desperately need your leadership and are behind you, Ron! PAUL IN 2012!!
1762 Dan List Will do anything to support your run for President of Our United States.
1763 Nathan Erdelt  
1764 Randel B. Dawes Only TAX Payers can vote.
1765 Anthony J. DeMartini For liberty, please run our voice will be heard
1766 Robert Moorman Please try to become a little more main stream to get more support. I do like your conservative ideas. You also need to get the main stream media more familiar with you. Go 2012!
1767 Mike Iacampo  
1768 Leslie Prohaska It is time that our nation see’s the truth. We need real change not a sheep in wolves clothing. We need to get this country back on track and I believe you can help us do just that! Here’s to the truth!!!
1769 Catherine Cardoni You truly are the only one that can save our country. Please follow your heart.
1770 john doran The only “”legislators”" we need are those to protect the constitution, American’s civil liberties and freedoms to speak, print, speak out and assemble without fear of oppression. Repeal the PATRIOT act and dissolve HOMELAND SECURITY. We are moving towards a corporate authoritarian autocracy, ruled by multi-nationals from abroad !.

We need massive regulations on industry and corporations to protect the environment, our financial security and consumer freedom from USURY. Lets write laws to empower the people and to curb the power of the corporate dictators.

1771 Randolph Hager  
1772 Bob Tessitore Our country needs you sir.
1773 Grace Boatright  
1774 Mark Krueger  
1775 Sean Ron Paul is the modern day Jefferson.
1776 Anne Baker  
1777 Ron Funkhouser The only Candidate with the Intelligence and Knowledge this Country back!!!!
1778 Randall Megathlin Go Ron!
1779 Alan Smith  
1780 Courtney Harris  
1781 Nicholas Steinbach Please run!
1782 Brian & Karen Railey You are of good character, hold high standards, and will do what is really in the best interest of our country. Help us put America back on track.
1783 Keith Rudner  
1784 John Vicars I know running for president is a very difficult task. But I know of no one that would better reset the direction of our country. You’ve proven over time that you are not swayed by DC influence peddlers and you have the proper vision for our country. I’ll do everything in my power to help. Please run for President Dr. Paul.
1785 Pam Mallen  
1786 John Wood  
1787 Olav Di If you do it, Ron, I’ll go to the U.S. to support you. The world needs you! They are in desperate need of an example.
1788 Jeffrey Easterwood  
1789 Tom Higgins Legalize Industrial Hemp for Americas farmers! Defund “”Alphabet”" agencies EPA,DEA etc……., Remove ALL “”Czars”" This is the U.S.A. !
1790 David Reese Dr Paul, our country you needs you more than ever.
Americans are waking up to the atrocities perpetuated upon us by the establishment criminals. You have many, many supporters. God Bless you and your family. I sincerely hope you will accept the challenge, we will support you vehemently….
1791 Dustin Underwood  
1792 Pete Johnson  
1793 Sam Ron Paul, your country NEEDS you!
1794 phillip Hubbard Most bad government has grown out of too much government.-Thomas Jefferson
1795 Warren Wilson For God and Country.
1796 Jonathan D Cook  
1797 Paul WIN.
1798 John Schneider  
1799 Janine Brunell Looker I would like to hear Ron Paul as part of the important discussion of US war and economics. What ticket would he run under?
1800 ranall lane  
1801 Michael M  
1802 jim bjork i signed the first one but here it is again
1803 Wayne Cloud  
1804 Christopher Luckenbach  
1805 Stephen White  
1806 Richard Lowe For life, liberty & property.
1807 Grant Sasek I made the wrong decision in 2008. Give me the chance to make the right decision in 2012. Please run!
1808 Stephen Graffam  
1809 Christopher Wixom Support freedom, support Ron Paul for 2012.
1810 Don Stewart End the Fed
1811 Curtis Dettmann I think you were ahead of the times. Many more Americans are politically active and concerned about the Federal Government these days. We’re ready to shrink the Fed and restore more personal liberties.
1812 Adam Lenhart  
1813 James Schump Sr. Dr. Paul for President!!!
1814 David Z. I would like to see his running mate Judge
Andrew Napolitano and Peter David Schiff as chief economic adviser . Their combined power, influence, philosophy, and expertise will insure a victory and stabilization of our nation.
1815 Jason Allen With peak oil running out and this nation collapsing even Ron Paul might not be able to stop this runaway train. But he is the best option in 2012.
1816 Graham Simmons  
1817 Jesse Green  
1818 Guy we have to take back our govt
1819 Thom DiGirolamo  
1820 Mark Lets get it done!!
1821 Diane LaBeau I believe that Ron Paul is dedicated to the truth and to us , THE PEOPLE!! He has my vote. It’s time for someone with a spine to be President!
1822 Jeff Baker America needs a President that we can be proud of. And the Republican party needs a Libertarian influence.
1823 Mike Nielson The time is now! Let’s get America back on track!
1824 Richard  
1825 David Smith Please run! We need you. Please fix our goverment so it runs the way our founders intended.
1826 Josh Bednarsky I would like to see you run for President. :-)
1827 Thomas Stieritz Mr Paul - Your sound conservative principles are what our country needs. You are a patriot and a politician that actually gives politicians a good name. Thank you for representing the American peoples’ will.
1828 Martin  
1829 Ron Funkhouser END the FED!
1830 Michael For Our Freedom and Our Country!
1831 Zena Mobley So many people are standing behind you Dr. Paul. You are opening eyes, ears, and hearts. Even if you are not able to win, you will inspire so many thousands more to the philosophy of Liberty.
1832 Bella Gorelik  
1833 Ron Marmura  
1834 Maria Guzman  
1835 Tyson W Lambert  
1836 Gordon Tipton And we Truck on a head
1837 Jeffrey Paddock  
1838 Georgia You are the most trusted & capable by americans than any other candidate that plans on running for office[Palin,Beck,Obama].
1839 Jim Zimmerman Mr. Paul - You didn’t win in 2008, but you were heard and people followed you in the creation of the tea party movement. You are no longer a representative of your district in Texas alone - on a much more important level, you are the representative of the United States. Your education campaign has been superb but we need you to take it to a whole new level. Please don’t ignore your call.

Yours truly,

Jim Zimmerman

1840 James Jackson Dr. Paul is the only chance America has left.
1841 Michael Lane Lets shake the pillars of the hell called DC!
1842 Michael Allen Lehman Please run for the future of our children and grandchildren.
1843 Cory Jensen Some restored rationality and reverence for the Constitution would be greatly appreciated within the walls of the White House.
1844 Jordan Hess  
1845 Phyllis Hopefully we’ll have a Congress to back you up!!
1846 Robert Ingve Please run we need you
1847 Carl  
1848 richard crisalli Ron Paul we need you now more than ever,each day we become closer and closer to insolvency
1849 Carl Wisniewski  
1850 Kansei Umeno Please save America
1851 Alicia Hodges  
1852 David Greer  
1853 David Duncan There will be nobody worth voting for if you don’t run!
1854 Celeste Thorson I believe in your ability to build a stronger America for the citizens not just corporations.
1855 Ian O’Brien  
1856 Curtis Bostic America needs you desperately! You’re our hope for the future.I saw every speech you made and was almost crying!!
1857 John Smith We the people….
1858 Sadie O’Brien  
1859 Michael Flores  
1860 ray grden  
1861 Chaplain John S. Woods  
1862 Oli Cundale Rp for president!!
1863 Jon Schneider  
1864 Ronnie McGill  
1865 D.J.Mac I’ll do what i can to help America Re-achieve her former greatness!
1866 Stephen Pilling There couldn’t be a better person for president. Without good leadership soon I’m afraid we will crash as a nation and recovering from that will be very draconian, certainly by American standards. If Ron Paul can help save us from this, it would be the best thing that could happen to our nation this century. Please lead us to victory for freedom. Thank you.
1867 John Austin  
1868 aaron hall It’s time for integrity to return to the government of the people.
1869 Andrew Weeraratne You should take the government out of healthcare that is bankrupting the USA and also eliminate the health industry cartel so that people can have affordable healthcare.
1870 domingo isip Time for a vigorous start in changing the political and economic direction of this country.
1871 Renjie Abraham  
1872 Joe Swam  
1873 Jane Simon-Audas please run!! and when you win, please end the fed!!!
1874 Etta Cook  
1875 christopher walters Ron Paul appears to be the only one that understands what a financial mess we’re in and how to really solve it instead of some short term bandaid BS
1876 Dawn Butz  
1877 W.v.Schwarzbek Dr.Paul please help this country in th hour of great need!!!!!!!!!!!!
1878 Mark Audas  
1879 Darío Petrollini  
1880 robert baker try to bring some real conservative programs
back into our government.
1881 Jeff Morrow JW what a mess the U.S. is in clean up will require “”moving some things”"
1882 Neal remmers  
1883 Duane K. Johnson end the
1884 Matt Robinson  
1885 James Kelly  
1886 David Parke  
1887 Dan Moreno It is in the interest of The Greater Good that you run in 2012.
1888 Roger A Glas I support you 100%! 2012!!
1889 SJO  
1890 Eric Anderson The world needs you Dr. Paul.
1891 mark stephens  
1892 Kevin E. McCall Dr. Paul, everyone is not computer savvy. I have many family, friends and co workers who will undoubtedly vote for you if you run for President. Please run.
1893 Giuseppe Brancato The world need one President of United States like Ron Paul !!!! please done !!!!
1894 Eleanor ‘Cissy’ Abruzzese Dr. Paul is our hope!
1895 Chih-Hung King  
1896 Randy  
1897 Tera McBurney please help us by running
1898 Robert Prouty  
1899 Edward Wineland  
1900 Marc Price  
1901 Steven Matlak  
1902 Alan Childers American needs you now more than ever.
1903 Craig Geron Please run in order to restrain our out of control governmental bureaucracy running roughshod over all Americans
1904 steven burden  
1905 Shawn mcgibney  
1906 tom help us get control of our govt
1907 Derek J.R. Welsch Who else??
1908 Jose Muratalla  
1909 Anita Nicole Carr  
1910 Kenny Gately  
1911 David King Thanks for being the man you are and standing up for Americans against corrupt big gov’t/corp.
1912 Bart Elens  
1913 Craig Barrett Dr. Paul you may be the only hope for the USofA.
1914 Lucia Duncan you are my only choice for President.
1915 William McCann may inspiration move you brightly Mr. Paul
1916 George & Susan Vitetta Ron, {lease run either as a Republican or Independent. We need you more than ever.
1917 Ronald Stovall Get rid of the Fed. Res.
1918 E.J. Todd  
1919 Doug Dixon Anything worth doing is woryh doing right
1920 Nicholas albano I want true and lasting change.
1921 Ralph DeMarco  
1922 Shawn Reynolds  
1923 John P. Davidovich LOL trying to get the powers in charge to back a non puppet candidate!
1924 Robert Olivieri  
1925 michael ehorn please run
1926 Karel Spil One of the handfull of politicians that really wants the best for its people.
1927 valter melo “…… the stock of the bank is held by foreigners who are more dangerous than the military power of an enemy.” — Andrew Jackson
1928 Brian Tipton Go Ron Paul
1929 William Allen We have the government we deserve. America needs Statesmen like Ron Paul.
1930 Paul Fisher Love ya man, do it for your country. Our country needs a real hero, the wisdom to know and the spine to do.
1931 karen noel  
1932 Jerry A Moore II You’re the only major candidate that I believe properly represents my views politically. I have one suggestion that could be a game changer for you. Run as a concensus candidate. IOW, don’t focus on your right wing views and implementing them in their entirely but focus on getting the houses to vote on what they all can agree on. That doesn’t mean we compromise our principles and it doesn’t mean we hide from our positions. It means we have an understanding that some people have different views and until there is a concensus nationally, we won’t move to the extreme either one way or the other but we will always focus on what we can agree on. Let me give you an example of what I mean. Abortion - I think it’s always wrong. The left thinks that it is often acceptable but almost everyone can agree that we should try to limit them. So it would be completely consistent with my views to vote for something that limited abortion while not completely banning it. There will always be a need to be clearly state our “”ideal”" state but then preface that with the fact that until the rest of the country votes in people who agree with that position, that we will have to settle for a step in the right direction (progress not perfection). I think the candidate that does that and uses that as their primary differentiator, will impress the independents that they’ll get something done and limit the political games that get played while at the same time staying true to their character and ideologies. Be our libertarian concensus candidate and I think you have a shot at winning.
1933 Anthony Austin I’m ready for a real America.
1934 Timothy Lewellen I believe in you because you believe in the Constitution.
1935 joe Bright Yes!
1936 John Robinson Jr.  
1937 Joey Johnson “”Dr. Paul’s presence in the debate provides a necessary, libertarian voice that will otherwise be missing from the larger political spectrum of the presidential election.”"
1938 Gideon Dominguez We need a president who will do things right! Nerves of steele, I see Ron Paul as a re encarnation of Andrew Jackson. I want him to run, I will sure vote for him.
1939 William Updike  
1940 Tom LeValley This is THE only chance our country has to survive
1941 Mark Gogan Ron Paul in 2012!!
1942 Deborah Reynolds Give us a little something to look forward too in 2012!!!
1943 Mary  
1944 Matthew K Bryan The time is now or never!
1945 Darin Dalida  
1946 Stephen M Schon America needs you. You are the very best!!!
1947 Mariana Y  
1948 Wida Egan  
1949 Daniel Free Energy!!
1950 Isabel Vigil Ron you are my hero
1951 Nathan D. Watson  
1952 David Kurtz  
1953 joseph stern  
1954 Robb Wells Please run, we can carry you to presidency. I am 21 years old from North Carolina.
1955 Joe Pernice End the Fed, end the wars Ron.
1956 Jeremy Rivera It wouldn’t be a bad idea for him to run for president.
1957 G. John Granath I was his precinct captain in ’08 and was terribly disappointed when he reneged on his promise, after loosing nomination, to stay on the ballot IF he had continued support. The next day WE supporters put in many thousands of $ only to have him withdraw a few days later. I probably will not vote FOR R.P. as he, as a member of 111th Congress, did not question Obama’s eligibility — because his FATHER WAS A BRITISH subject and he, Jr., was also, by birth!
1958 Travis stoker Not a single other potential canidate I would vote for over Ron Paul
1959 Robert Darrah  
1961 Mike Kotyk Please run. We need someone to restore the Constitution.
1962 Michael Berzas  
1963 Terry Staub  
1964 Ron Blake  
1965 Ellen Hoffman  
1966 Clint Herrmann  
1967 Emily Paape  
1968 gary gray Ron will enentually run but leave him alone for now so the big powers the now exist will not try to trash him so far in advance that he will have no credibility befor he decides to run. Lets just put together facts that he has done his job well and that we are willing to stand behind him in a big way, when he decides what he wants to do. If he strongly feels it is the will of the people you know he will do what is best to serve his country. I am an active Tea Partier and as most Tea Partiers, will not endorse anyone, but will always give the pros and cons of his worthlyness to run..At this present time, I personally love the guy and have not yet found anything strongly negative against him..
1969 m pollard Get the Bankers Ron!
1970 Kyle Quigley We are in dyier need of a people’s President. Not a idealist who thinks they can make change! please run we need you to stop these wars!
1971 Kenneth Keith Dr. Paul, if you don’t run, I’ll write you in anyway! =)
1972 j burke  
1973 Joseph M. Stahlman Citizens=United States, not Government or Corporations
1974 JERRY C. GRIFFIN please Run! we all must do whatever we can to save this country from socialism.
1975 ray trozzo  
1976 Andy Jonsson RP 2011
1977 Mick Carter You have my vote!
1978 Alex Shelton  
1979 Jim Robertson  
1980 derek quick Please ron paul run for president you would help fix a lot of things
1981 sandra  
1982 James Croyle Expose them for what they are! It worked for Rand I honestly believe it will work for you.
1983 Asbjorn Boyesen  
1984 Randy Burnam We need change. Our lives depend on it!!
1985 Susan Goodman Please run for president!! We need you.
1986 Arturas Simonaitis Lets start the real change!!!
1987 Robert Pyle We need your wisdom to restore the american dream.
1988 Meghan Lauhoff  
1989 Larry  
1990 TODD S BOCKWOLDT We need to return to Government that follows the Constitution and abolish the unconstitutional fiat monetary system controlled by the private federal reserve banks.
1991 Richard I look forward to getting our Constitution back to our country and get rid of the Federal Reserve.
1992 adrian May be the most critical presidential election of THE 21ST century
1993 Perri Zukowski Thank you.
1994 George Aja We could all benefit from Ron’s leadership and vision.
1995 Evan Bourne Let’s get Ron Paul’s ideas out in the public forum so people can realize how screwed up the big picture is and how dramatic change is necessary
1996 Daniel Vigil You are a great man Ron.
1997 Chelses Venkadathu The Best Presidential Candidate for 2012!
1998 Jess  
1999 Man Wong America needs Dr. Ron Paul as a leader!
2000 angelina brown  

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