Signatures 1-5,000

Number Name Comment
2001 shad bowen Go team freedom!
2002 Anatol Krot Dear Ron Paul save America.Run,run for President.
2003 Robert Woodward Please run IF you can run as a Republican, but please don’t run as an independant because you will syphon off justconservative votes from the Republican candidate to allow a second term of an Obama Presidency which would likely finish off our country.
2004 S. Haag The country & people need you more than ever Ron. Let us all rise up & and defend our liberty.
2005 Renee Cormalis  
2006 Samuel Piña Jr  
2007 Eric Ohlsen Dear Dr. Paul,
You have already opened a lot of eyes and created a movement that has shookup this government. Please continue this mission by running for the office of president in 2012. I will do everything in my power to help as long as we continue to spread this fire of understanding, effectiveness, and peace.
Thank You for all you have done and all you are about to do!
Eric Ohlsen
2008 angelo  
2009 Ken Sieving I don’t always agree with Ron on all subjects but he is the best choice to combat socialism in the US. Do away with the Fed.
2010 Kevin Glueck REAL change that we can believe in!
2011 Jordan Ward  
2012 Michael Jarboe  
2013 Matthew Heeney”,2012

2014 Eddie Keating People are getting frustrated with the way things are. Now is the time to give them a better option for America.
2015 Anita Anderson God made you a Warrior, and it’s time to fight the good fight. Our Freedom depends on it. We need a stand up man.
2016 Andrew Delano I would like to see Dr. Paul continue to distance himself as much as possible from the current Republican Party and fight for the ideas of liberty.
2017 Alex Bremer Mr. Ron Paul please run for president in 2012
2018 Rebecca Story Thank you so much for standing up for the things you do and for educating me on such vital matters.
2019 David Walters Lets push the Revolution… End the Fed.
2020 Roger Bibeau Dr. Paul, At 57, I’ve been a 35+ year researcher into all things governmentally corrupt. I have been dealing with making people aware of what is actually going on, now, for over 20 years. I’m dedicating the rest of my life, full time to becoming a public speaker about the current state of affairs. A very difficult decision made at the urging of some of my dearest friends, because they tell me, I’m the man to do what I do best, communicating this horrific reality. There are millions, like me.

The governmental theft from the public, the bankers in control of every facet of our lives, the hidden technology that can transform our world, the control of global resources, our trillion dollar financed ‘secret’ government, and our imperialistic approach to foreign policy, are but a few things that make you, Sir, OUR man, desperately needed in these tragic times. There is NO ONE, BUT YOU, who is in more of an advantageous position to be our rescuer, our next leader. You have the support of millions of Americans who recognize what’s upon us, and WILL NOT tolerate anything , but the full return and full reclamation of our beautiful country, our freedoms, our rights, and our American dreams. Dreams of living a life inspired to achieve excellence, again.

You are the closet thing we have in out modern age, to one of our founding fathers. MORE knowledgeable than ANY public official I’ve seen in decades, maybe ever. Having lived through the optimism of the Kennedy presidency, until he was tragically taken away from us, YOU SIR, are the only politician today with the integrity and backbone to restore our glorious Constitution. So we have, again, one place on this earth where limitless opportunities abound, for anyone willing to apply themselves.

I want my country back, Sir! I voted for you in the last election. I will dedicate any and all efforts, for as long as it takes with YOU at our helm. PLEASE consider taking up command of our country so we have some chance of leaving a ‘Constitutionally based America’, to the AMERICAN generations to come. God bless you Dr. Paul. We’re at your back.

2021 Donald Gary Ron Paul needs to run. He’s the only legitimate, no BS candidate I’ve seen in the past 2 decades. He’s a rare breed of politician that America could use more of. I sincerely hope he runs for President.
2022 Jerome Miller  
2023 Nancy Rice  
2024 Nick For Liberty!
2025 Kathleen Rainey Even if you do not win, you will get your knowledge and ideas out to millions of people who would otherwise not receive the info.
2026 Tomas Estrada-Palma Please run in 2012. You are the last chance America has.
2027 Chris Cordella  
2029 Lisa Colver  
2030 Ken Palmer we still have our 08 sticker on our truck
2031 Phillip Logan This is your time for real change back to the Constituion.
2032 Michael Wilson  
2033 Olivia Harvey  
2034 Silvia  
2035 David Donaldson  
2036 michael potter You are unique, of the caliber of those patriots of ”76 .With the Lord’s help and guidance, you would lead the way back to liberty. God bless you and our republic!
2037 Scott Troogstad The only chance for REAL “”hope & change”"
2038 Jerry Noble Ron, we need you. More than the desert needs the rain. We need you!
2039 Elmer Whittaker Liberty and Justice for All
2040 John DiLiberto I may have missed the R3volution in ’08, but am fully on board for 2012!
2041 timothy torode  
2042 Justin Griffin PLEASE DR. PAUL save us from ourselves!!! RUN in 2012!!!
2043 Christopher Palino  
2044 Jose  
2045 Emmanuel Garza  
2046 Marron Cox  
2047 Richard Tiegs We need men in already in place who know and will speak the truth willing to stand (as we ALL should) for and with the people against the tyranny coming upon this country. Wasn’t it Ben Franklin who said “”A little revolution is good once in a while”"? This IS the TIME!
2048 Dale Iacovetta  
2049 Andrew Cialek  
2050 MICHAEL SHOWS America needs Ron paul please.
2051 George Moura I look forward to supporting you.
2052 Diana Gogan  
2053 Richard Osborne Please help return America to fiscal sanity and constitutional based government.
2054 Lucia  
2055 Kevin Young  
2056 Tim L. Barnes Please Ron…RUN!
2057 Daniel Brinkman  
2058 Michael N. Schulte  
2059 Tom Wright  
2060 Richard Pope We need Ron more than ever!
2061 Jeff Rifkin  
2062 David Sin Ron Paul seems to be the only Politician that hears our problems. We the middle class, recently graduated unemployed good hardworking American citizens are in despair, and RP is the only guy on capitol hill that gives a $h!t
2063 Jeremy Scott Come on Dr. Paul! We need you!!
2064 Lauren crump  
2065 David Velasquez Some men are born to greatness…other men have greatness thrust upon them..either way Ron..your country is calling you.
2066 Carmen Del Signore  
2067 Marc McCarthy  
2068 David Souther If not paul, who else?
2069 James Perrow WE THE PEOPLE need Ron.. Never let The American Die,, let the Revolution begain..
2070 AJ Nabi  
2071 Sean Hartsel  
2072 Pam Willson  
2073 Linda Sue Albracht  
2074 Tamara Ledkovsky God help you, Dr. Ron Paul! In Him all is possible.
2075 Kari Carlisle  
2076 Gary A. Wolfer Thanks for giving me this opportunity to help save our country.
2077 Elisa Wray Live free or die!!!!
2078 Coltron Go team
2079 Phil Stadler No, you do not owe it to your country. Your years of service have been greatly appreciated and have done more than most to help keep the country from an even worse condition. But we REALLY COULD use your character and your name recognition in 2012.
2080 Nathanael Urie Let’s make it happen.
2081 mike wachtel  
2082 Patricia A. Wolfer I need someone I can trust to do the right thing. I think Ron Paul is that man.
2083 Chris Hansen  
2084 raul Delgado  
2085 Polly Mastin I’ll support you if you run. You have the experience, common sense, and honestly to lead us out of this mess we, the people, have allowed to happen by being complacent and trusting of the thieves, liars, and greedy elite who are now running the country.
2086 Patricia Shaughnessy I know what a sacrifice it will be for you Mr. Paul but only someone with your morals and ideas can save this country from itself.
2088 Daniel Beers  
2089 Judd A. A. Wolfer I am a Graduating Business Student at Oregon State University and I support Ron Paul
2090 Nicolas Delgado  
2091 Kika Alcega  
2092 Jerry Atkinson Please save our Republic, the Constitution and The Bill of Rights! Be our President Dr. Paul! END THE FED! Save America!
2093 Chris Bake RUN RON RUN
2094 Jason Stewart Ron Paul you are what this country desperately needs. Please consider running for President in 2012 and again in 2016. I believe you may be the only one who is brave enough to audit the FED and maybe even get us on a new gold or silver standard.
2095 Les Furrow I feel your outlook on America’s future is what is needed to wake up the “”sheeple”". Thank you in Advance! End THE FED!!!!!
2096 Robert Seale Ron Paul 2012!!!
2097 Chad Clark for Liberty!
2098 Chris R. Whitener RP12 rEVOLution!!!!!!!!
2099 Mark D Run Man Run!!
2100 Angel Rodriguez Ron We Need Real Change…Not This Make Believe Stuff…I Served In The US Army From 2006-2010. During Career I Did One Tour In South Korea And Another In Afghanistan. The Direction This Country Is Headed In Make Me Truly Upset For Even Sacrificing What I Did In The Name Of Freedom. Please Ron You Got My Vote..Show The People What Our 4 Fathers Intended For This Wonderful Country Thank You
2101 Brian Lull  
2102 Doug and Patricia Schell Now more than ever, we need your principled Constitutional leadership.
2103 Ben Mellen Please fix this mess!
2104 Doug run Ron run
2105 Randal Stadler  
2106 Erik rodriguez Ron Paul!!!!
2107 Abe Dalis Dr. Paul, if you do not take the chance, we may never have a chance!
2108 Adam Coburn  
2109 Lech Albrecht “”America needs Ron Paul”"
2110 thai huynh  
2111 Brad Glazier  
2112 Dan Cotter Lets do this allready.
2113 John Robbins  
2114 Ray Culp I don’t agree with Dr. Paul on every issue, but there will be time enough to argue about those things AFTER we’ve taken back our country from the clutches of banks and the corporatocracy. Now is the time for people to put aside their petty, irrelevant differences and stand together! Unite! Ron Paul for president!
2115 Anthony Dominic Stoval  
2116 Barbara Stephenson Just do what you know will help our Country Thanks
2117 Jared America’s sick and needs a Dr., Dr. Paul 2012!!!
2118 Leon Palermo Let’s save America together!
2119 Cam Thomas  
2120 Ron Cafferky Keep up the momentum!
2121 Brian Stoffel  
2122 Giorgio Fidnato Go, Ron Paul, GO!!!
2123 Tara Congressman Paul..YOU KNOW I country needs you! This is our last chance to get you into the drivers seat. We WILL support, campaign and push you to the top.


2124 Douglas Rogers Go get ‘em!
2125 Jill Capriccio PLEASE Obi Wan Paul….you are our ONLY hope!! And if you need ME for any help…please just let me know!! I’m there!
2126 Patricia Bonner Please run Dr. Paul ,the Country has never needed your help more.
2127 brent edwards  
2128 Eytan D. We love America, and we need you Dr. Paul. You get it like no other!
2129 Daniel Schipul Please run. He is the only candidate I would vote for, hands down. I do not want to choose the lesser of two evils again, I want the right man for the job!
2130 Benjamin Jaques You are the only politician that deserves the helm of this country. I will do everything in my power to help, if you run again.
2131 Nathan Hunt Ron Paul is the only possible candidate that can bring liberty back to America!
2132 Dan Bandekow Do it! Our only hope.
2133 Flo Hoffman Liberty must prevail.
2134 Cyndi Shisara Feigenbaum The victory is ours because ‘the Light Shines in the Darkness and Darkness cannot overcome it’! John 1:5!!!!!
2135 Randall Brown You are truely the only one who can make real change in Washington. Can’t wait to campaign for you !
2136 Max Stewart  
2137 Samuel Nutty  
2138 Alexander D. It’s time to take this country back to its roots. Liberty!
2139 Philip R. Snow Consideration: Phyllis Bennis for Secretary of State!
2140 Douglas Becker We need to start worry about our country, and stop worry about every other country. The problem with our government is they think everybody wants our form of government.
2141 Gary R. Paulish We need you more than ever!
2142 STEVE BRICKS I have came to the conclusion that We the People of These united states need to learn to make sure our politicians are upholding their oath to protect the constitution. WAKE UP!
2143 William Jones  
2144 Charles Speitel  
2145 Steven Barendregt The United States needs a hero like you as president.
2146 Robert J Davison  
2147 Nancy Marnocha  
2148 Doug Smith Go Ron!
2149 beverlee williams  
2150 Rodney E. Stafford I strongly believe in this man. Our time is running out rapidly, hopefully Ron Paul will play a large part in digging us out of economic disaster.


2151 Taylor Greenwood  
2152 Heather Thompson Freedom please?!
2153 Blake Greenberg On behalf of myself and my 3 yr. old son
2154 Greg Fielder  
2155 John M. Ege End the new world order now!
2156 Jennifer Perry  
2157 Cynthia Korenek We supported you in campaigning efforts in Nevada and Texas in 2007-2008. We will get behind you again!
2158 Patrick Bohach  
2159 Alan R. Miller The choice is clear - Ron Paul. The country desperately needs a change and he is the only “”change we can believe in”". Audit that Fed, Dr. Paul!
2160 Kelly Kammer Congressman Paul, please, we need your help!
2161 Paul Springer Now more than ever !
2162 Christopher Kennedy  
2163 Chris San Dr Paul not only laid out what is happening today, 20 years go. This foresight and honesty are what Americans as a nation should so boldly strive too!
2164 Richard E. Sternard  
2165 Joe F Would be the first time I voted since Ross Pero if he runs.
2166 russell toner Everyone keeps saying “”It’s time for a change”". I want to prove that I mean it, Vote Ron Paul.
2167 Chris I will be writing your name if it it’s not on the ballot; it’s the only vote I can make in good conscience.
2168 Larry Wilson  
2169 Doug Mathes  
2170 Bobby Angulski Our country needs Ron Paul to lead us in the direction we should be going in and we need his leadership to do away with bad things like the fed reserve etc.
2171 Jason Cosby You represent everything I fight for. The U.S. military needs you as badly as the population at large. We know you have already given more than most, but you are so needed. -SSG Cosby
2172 Robert Housholder  
2173 James Hinton Dr. Paul,

Help us Obi-wan, you are our only hope.

2174 Adrian Tanca I’m from Romania, and some of us here do know about Ron Paul. We also know that making the world right again starts with America. Go Dr. Paul
2175 Benjamin Searle Mr. Ron Paul, I want you to be the first President I vote for.
2176 Katie Black We need Ron Paul.
2177 josh shaughnessy  
2178 Vincent Meigs  
2179 jim miller Hi Ron,
We know the Fed and the banks are rotten, but, is Congress any better? What is the answer?
2180 Paul P. Marin Lead the way…..and may the Lord be with us…
2181 Chris Corrigan Mr. Paul, you are all we have left!
2182 Andrew Quimby  
2183 Diane Burkland We voted for you in 2008,write in, and we will vote for you in 2012 if you decide to run. You know what is best. If you decide that you can do more by
chairing the committee in the house we will back you all the way. We are praying for the Lord to guide you in your decisions.
2184 Keith Koss  
2185 Faith Bohlin  
2186 Julie Eldred We need you Ron Paul. America needs you!!
2187 David S. Albert  
2188 Mike Phenow Tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito
2189 David Jimenez We need you Ron!
2190 Robert Mendoza  
2191 Michelle Mooney  
2192 Gary Lee The only politician that is not owned by special interest.
2193 James Jaeger
2194 Zulfi Go ROn Paul!!!
2195 E Lysak  
2196 drew doran Ron Paul is our only true chance for liberty!!
2197 Andrew Lees Please.
2198 Benjamin Demarteau Ron Paul For President!
2199 D Hugh Kean Ron Paul may be the only person that can solve our problems politically.
2200 milton diaz  
2201 glenn krivik  
2202 Artie Hyde  
2203 Kenneth G. Koon Ron Paul is the man!
2204 Reywinson Blankas Ron Poul FTW!!!!!!!!! :D
2205 Troy Soares We are in need of a great president
2206 Robert Sardon Consider Dennis Kicinich as a running mate. He can run as an indepenedent, or vice versa.
2207 Wiliam Barraza Time for real change.
2208 Philip Roy  
2209 Susan Feret  
2210 Phillip Luchetta  
2211 derek massio audit the fed
2212 panagis alexatos  
2213 Klas Vestergren  
2214 scott  
2215 jay telegdi  
2216 Bruce H. Cook The United States of America needs your leadership. Please let me know what I can do to help get you elected President
2217 richard hensley  
2218 David Essig We need you to get this country back to reality. Fiscally, militarily, economically and internationally back reality.
2219 Walter L Oakey  
2220 David  
2221 Dilip  
2222 Donna Martinez End the Fed! Even the libs like that you are anti war!
2223 Susan Bonito  
2224 Karina Osen Aarsaether I’m not an American citizen myself, but I’m a citizen of a socialist country and I’m afraid the U.S. are heading in the same direction. The world is already failing enough, and the system will never have a chance at working. For the sake of every person on earth, Ron Paul, you have to run, and you have to win.
2225 Melicia Sissel  
2226 Donald Lavespere The man has Solid objectives and Goals
2227 Krieg Mueller Ron Paul 2012
2228 Vasco Lourenço  
2229 Bryan Lunsford  
2230 Corden C. Beyrer Go Ron Paul Go!!!!!!!
2231 Rick Brucker Our only hope.
2232 John Run for it, keep us free!
2233 Jeff He We need a person like Ron Paul in the office and get away from these globalist bankers and candidates that don’t care about the average Joe just the elitest
2234 rocky venti We the People of America need you!!
2235 Edward Renaltner We need someone in office with a plan for the country not for themselves.
2236 michael bazinet Ron Paul 2012!
2237 Linda Winkler  
2238 Eric Bonata  
2239 Anthony Ianozi  
2240 Robert Lovick jr We need a new direction in this country.Ron Paul is it.
2241 Damon I don’t vote since the system is a corporate asset - But I would get in line for Dr. Paul for real change.
2242 Donald Mueller We WILL win! PLEASE RUN!!
2243 Phillip J. Jones Dr. Paul, we need someone like you to lead this country now. For the sake of the oppressed and bullied people of this nation, PLEASE run in the 2012 election!
2244 Daniel napolitano You are our only hope!
My blog is long island freedom alliance - search on facebook / google
2245 Robert Scott Bain Jr. Under the grace & guidance of The Heavenly Father, it was YOU, Ron Paul, who stoked the fire of liberty in our hearts.

It was YOU, who banished our apathy, and sent cold chills, down the spines of evil men, at the thought of an awakened, coordinated public.

You echoe the words, of the founders of this great nation, a nation under GOD,

And so, I ask the Holy Spirit of the Almighty, to move you, to run for President, and help us reclaim our Republic, founded in HIS name.

May our Lord Jesus Christ continue to guide and bless us all, in this time of uncertainty.

2246 Craig Ron Paup for 2012,our last hope !
2247 Timothy Trapanese  
2248 Dave James  
2249 Matthew R. Mitlo  
2250 Elizabeth Eljdid  
2251 JD PINKUS i have so much respect for Ron Paul and everything he stands for.
2252 Matthew Barrow I really enjoyed reading End the Fed
2253 Geoffrey Plouffe I know we are asking alot from someone who has done so much, Thankyou for your public service.
2254 Bruce A. Hignight Ron Paul you can win. The country needs your leadership. You have my vote.
2255 Magnus Tomelthy Eide  
2256 Colin Giacomini pleases run Dr. Paul your the last hope for America
2257 James Benner  
2258 Chris Han You’ve completely changed my views for what a real American should be.
2259 Stephen Eller  
2260 Jason Verdon  
2261 Ryan Magnusson  
2262 Gregg Back All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.
Thomas Jefferson
2263 Bonnie Foulois  
2264 Joshua Narwold  
2265 Jason Chan Looking forwards to voting for Dr. Paul
2266 Chuck  
2267 Barbara Coleman  
2268 Brian S Henry DC get rid of the fed so we can get our money under control again. its the single most powerful weapon for changing this country into what we want it to be.
2269 Kenneth Zeitler Dear Congressman Paul,

As one of your young people it has become my duty to make sure that you are in the White House in 2012. We have already started spreading the word on our college campus and we will line up in droves to support you in any way feasible. You have captured the hearts, souls and minds of my generation and once the message spreads, there will be nothing stopping you.

2270 Johnson its time
2271 Herman Aparicio  
2272 J Mintzmyer  
2273 Victoria Leca The Ron Paul Revolution continues!~
2274 Steven Hoffman  
2275 L Keh For freedom.
2276 ken kanoza We need Ron more than ever !
2277 Tricia Grashaw  
2278 Joe Martino Help save your country and sign this petition, if we don’t do it this time it won’t get done !
2279 jon roberts everyone, help save America VOTE RON PAUL
2280 Gary Horton  
2281 Denis Herman We need a person with fresh ideas in the White House. Someone who is capable of making decision against opposition. A person with innovative plans for the future of America and the people therein.
2282 noel amell please run! save us!
2283 Charles Harris Lets go Ron
2284 Roy Woodruff I hope and pray he can make it 2 the White House
2285 Jason Cooper  
2286 Wayne King  
2287 noah ray  
2288 Widar Nord  
2289 Patricia J. Hoff we needRonPaul DEFINITELY!!!!!
2290 jamey hull Ron Paul real hope and change
2291 Sarah Varnerin I wrote your name in last election. And regardless of you running, I will write you in again because there is no one in my mind that can lead this nation back to sanity. You are by far the smartest, most honest, and EFFECTIVE politician in Congress. Please lead America back to liberty and justice for all.
2292 Don Myers Intelligence, Integrity, and Morality. just 3 of many reasons to support Ron Paul. A thought, while, “” yes we can “” , was a popular, yet empty political slogan, “” YES WE WILL “”, is much more indicitive of the strength of the people of the united states.
[email protected] president . c-m
2293 Donna Hammond  
2294 Jeff Burchell I look forward to having such a man serve as my President. RON will make a difference!
2295 Judy Weintraub win or lose, it will help by expanding the debate and putting more ideas into the not so free marketplace. And it’s an unusual and refreshing voice of genuineness. Agree or disagree with the views of Ron Paul, it’s so healthy to hear someone who says what he means, clearly, who lays it on the table. So rare. Help!
2296 Serena Rees  
2297 Zane Walter  
2298 Ricardo Acevedo Dr. Paul its time to steer our country in the right direction!!!
2299 Eric Cole Our last best hope to reestablish the gold standard and save our great country from the follies of the Federal Reserve an International Money Interest!
2300 Chad Stallberg  
2301 Jeffrey Linden Help us end the fed! Let’s use the billion$ here at home instead of greasing the Israel skid! End our military-industrial adventurism!
2302 Michelle Maguire  
2303 Teresa Irwin  
2304 Michael Hendrick  
2305 Dylan McDowell REVOLUTION!
2306 James Taylor  
2307 Nathaniel Graessle, CPA Keep up the great work Dr. Paul. No more immoral wars! I’m praying for you and your family.
2308 carol bellis  
2309 David W. Florio We need a knight in shining armor to rid Washington of the thugs and miscreants destroying our country. Abolish the Federal Reserve Bank now!
2310 chris evensen  
2311 Phillip Emerson We need you now before it’s too Late!
2312 Katrin Volkmer  
2313 travis brown Go Ron!
2314 Victoria Parker  
2315 Ken Rich  
2316 Dave Frost  
2317 barbara gall your country needs you, please run.
2318 James Strouse  
2319 Anthony Strazzulla  
2320 Terri Lawson  
2321 Benjamin Hanson We Need You! Our freedom is being stripped away, the US Govt is overreaching not to mention overly corrupt, the banking/corporate elite have too much influence, and the people need someone to wake them up. You can be that man. Please help us.
2322 Nathan Rezac  
2323 JP Althiser Vote Ron Paul!
2324 Gary Bryant Yes!!!!
2325 Iris velazquez Laissez-faire!
2326 Adrienne Dumas  
2327 Rayma Meyers I worked hard for you in the last Presidential Primary and will do the same in this one and again in the General Election!!
2328 David Prichard We need a good Libertarian candidate!
2329 Mark Compton I very much respect Ron Paul’s positions and integrity. We certainly need a leader with integrity and understanding of our founders’ wisdom, such as Ron. He is one of few who really understands and is facing our countries great issues.
2330 Virginia Mueller We need someone who doesn’t cave in or compromise his principles.
2331 Rolando Reboiro Jr.  
2332 Barry Sargeant Although I am not an American citizen I do support totally Ron Paul to run for presidency of the USA. May I wish him the very best and all who are behind him.
2333 Vikram Ranade  
2334 Michael Gruen  
2335 Bill This seems like a very hard task considering the people who really control our government! Anyone coming into office is bullied from our government/gangster lead bunch of thugs!!! I would have to say if Ron would to run he would not win… this is because its what the people need and not what our corrupt government wants. Our Government is so corrupt it would need a revolution to change it. THE PEOPLE NEED TO CHANGE IT! I think its best for Ron to keep doing what he’s doing and stay alive… God Bless America…
2336 darcy oresky  
2337 Pam Swoner We need someone that understands global finances to straighten out this wall street mess and start creating jobs before it’s too late. Please run!
2338 cavin malley  
2339 Steven Blaqart  
2340 Mark Paynter Restore USA to being a light in a dark world
2341 Cynthia Burchell Now more than ever!!!
2343 John Holcombe End the Fed!!!
End the American Empire-bring our soldiers home!
2344 Patrick Sweeney  
2345 ivan assenov Let’s finish what we started 2006. I know it is hard on you and your family but with our help we would pull it out. Thank you in advance.
2346 David Lloyd We are losing our liberty. Please help.
2347 daryl Honesty and integrity are divine qualities the Paul’s have at least both
2348 John Somdecerff  
2349 Bekir Ko  
2350 Harry Oliveto Honesty, good old time american integrity is what he represents.
2351 Debbie Drechsel  
2352 Wallace Long It’s time for a POSITIVE change for a change Go Dr. Paul!
2353 Susa Glenn  
2354 Evelyn Pasko  
2355 Aaron Hausman  
2356 Todd Sprong  
2357 Lindsey Hausman  
2358 Lee Sutterfield  
2359 james armstrong Please run for office of the president
2360 gene corpus the revolution begins with us and you mr. Paul..once your elected…throw the bums out…lets see heads roll..
2361 Lindsey Limbaugh  
2362 carmela nuzzi Good Luck!
2363 Jordan Cash  
2364 Andrew Please run Ron Paul. You are our last hope!
2365 Michael Wood  
2366 Scott Parkin We need your strong voice for liberty.
2367 Colt Roan God Bless
2368 Shannon Dearinger  
2369 Carla Kirk  
2370 Elaine VanGelder  
2371 Aaron Carpenter If you’re not running, it’s not even worth it to vote. Seriously.
2372 Jacob
2373 Lawrence Williams  
2374 Kelly Robinson  
2375 Jeff Schofield Ron Paul is the only man who makes sense in Washington.We have not had a president in 45 years,we desperately need one.
2376 Joseph Almonte Do it Dr.Paul!
2377 Arthur Prelle  
2378 Michaela Meade We are all counting on you to help fix the mess we are in! You are the PERFECT man for the job. God Bless!
2379 Mary E. Greer Let’s restore morality, good character, integrity, and respect for our Constitution! Let’s support Ron Paul in the 2012 presidential election…that will be a change we really CAN believe in!!!!
2380 terry holt 20012 baby
2381 Addison Rivera Ron Paul is exactly what America needs. A president for the people who doesn’t bend his morals and sticks to his principles. Ron Paul 2012!
2382 James D. Narwold  
2383 Ryan Ekvall You can do it!
2384 Bill Paci I voted for Obama. But unlike Obama, I’m actually a liberal. But the way I see it, Ron Paul reflects my outlook more than any Democrat, Republican, or the faux conservatives and faux liberals in government today. If the election were today, and it were between Paul and Obama, I’d vote for Ron Paul.
Go Ron!
2385 Robert Williams  
2386 Stephen Wescott I’ve turned republican from being a democrat just to fully support Ron Paul.. I really and truely think he’s our last hope to reviving this country that we’re currently losing to other nationals financially.
2387 Bob Thayer It’s time. You’re way ahead of the rest.
2388 Brendan  
2389 Steven  
2390 Tim Key The last good hope for the country as we know it.
2391 James Harris Audit the Federal Reserve and show America the FRAUD of this private bank.
2392 Bill Flusek We need a leader who will get the government back under control.
2393 William Hong REAL Change!
2394 Lora Malen  
2395 Feral McElreavy Revolution
2396 Shigal Hammoud You… Are… GODDD!!!
2397 George Harrison Go Ron. We need you now more than ever!
2398 Jenny Hamer  
2399 Matthew Penco  
2400 Matt Ron Paul !!
2401 Brian Watts  
2402 Alex Ostgaard  
2404 Matthew Isbell  
2405 Travis Wilson Please run. Our country needs a leader who follows the constitution.
2406 Alex Kelly  
2407 Rochard Ray Ron Paul please get more of the Congress players to clean-up this country I help protect from 1999-2003
2408 Chuck Schmidt  
2409 Jeremy Heesch  
2410 Shane Gaddy Let’s show America we won’t sit down and take it anymore! Ron Paul 2012!
2411 Jim Karger  
2412 Rev. Fr. Charles T Brusca America has no one with a better understanding of its government and economic system!
2413 Shawn Sheppard  
2414 Doug Crawford  
2415 jack l eich please run for pres. mr paul. we need honesty and integrity in america for a change
2416 James Metzler I would vote for Ron Paul if he runs for president!
2417 Killian Beeler  
2418 Louie Morris Hudson I’m 63 and tired of this mess! Let’s Fix it and Thanks!
2419 Vincent A. Roberts Thank You Ron for everything! Please run! This country and the world NEED a leader like you!!
2421 Laura St. Peter  
2422 h c johnson If he is known as the “”term limits for congress”" candidate, he will win. Tea Party is well motivated and criticle but I’m not sure they are well directed. Congress sold out this country to generate re-election money. That’s how wall street and banks wrecked our economy. Read Charles Gasparino’s book…
2423 David Turner  
2424 Art Wheat So grateful for your continued service to our country. You give hope to so many that we might turn our country around. You have my full support. I truly hope you will consider another run for President of the United States of America. It would be an honor to work for your campaign to should you decide to run.
2425 Levi I have a stack of Ron Paul 2012 door hangars ready to go… Run for America’s sake.
2426 Chris Fugnitti  
2427 Mike Day Not just the US, but the world needs Ron Paul to become president.
2428 Art Wheat So grateful for your continued service to our country. You give hope to so many that we might turn our country around. You have my full support. I truly hope you will consider another run for President of the United States of America. It would be an honor to work for your campaign to should you decide to run.
2429 Letitia Meade America needs your leadership desperately, please run for us. Both you and your son Rand will be just what we need. God-Bless-You.
2430 Anna Memmer I like Ron Paul’s ideas for my country.
2431 Dawn Longuil  
2432 Jacqueline Crow Siegelman  
2433 Matt Juszczak  
2434 Christopher Adkins Ron Paul 2012!!!
2435 Preston J. Williams  
2436 Jeffrey Monheit Please do something to eradicate the Orwellian society we’re stuck with now. Get some kind of bill presented to get the surveillance cameras off our streets and highways. I deserve a reasonable amount of privacy to not have my image recorded when on public property.
2437 Omar Lita Kick their ASS Ronny!!!!!!! F the FED!
2439 adrian barona  
2440 Kevin Amundson Ron Paul 2012!
2441 Antonio jackson Your literally the only person I would ever give my vote to.
2442 Tom Griffing Run, Ron, run!
2443 Thomas Michael, Jr.  
2444 Denise  
2445 Stanley Clarkson  
2446 josephh wisniewski Why can’t we all just get along.
2447 Cortney  
2448 alf I want to eat your cat
2449 Chas Landon Be the first to announce, support will come out of the woodwork.
2450 Linda Joy Adams We need your voice in the debate of the issues! Otherwise, there may be no debate!
2451 JJRiz Dr. Paul we need you to start the revolution!
2452 Sean W. Beech  
2453 Lisa Trainor Thank you, Ron Paul, for defending the principles of the Constitution, for standing on the side of the individual, and for keeping the flame of liberty ignited!
2454 Heather Dyson  
2455 James Berry  
2456 Jason Kountz Americas future truly depends on your decision. Your our last hope Dr. Paul. Please make the right choice. Thankyou in advance.
2457 Kristopher Malling The time is ripe now more than ever. There is no question the defining issue in this up coming presidential election will be the state of the economy. As you have said time and time again, in this crisis we are at a critical place where we can adopt a philosophy of more government and economic interventionism or move towards liberty. There is no one i can think of that has the eloquence and knowledge to espouse the philosophy of liberty. You have a vast grass roots network ready to spring into action as soon as you announce your candidacy. I hope you will carry the torch of liberty once more at this most critical time. Thank you.
2458 Lauren Alvater DO IT PAUL, DO IT!
2459 sage Going to be the first year I can vote-really want to make it worth it by voting for Ron Paul!
2460 Kevin Birge Let’s go.
2461 monroe sanders our country needs clear thinking and positive action.
2462 Mark Jones  
2463 Fred C. Wright III We need to protect our freedom from the government’s continuous encroachment.
2464 Cory I will support anyone who will support the U.S. Constitution. . .God bless you Ron : )
2465 Heather Hamilton  
2466 Thomas Ikins III  
2467 Wilson Hatchl He has my vote.
2468 Jeff  
2469 Robert Curley Jacobs The way things are going, AS OF NOW, all you have to do is make it through the primary Dr. Paul and you are then President. I think whoever wins the primary is going to shred Obama in the general election.
2470 Sean Brown  
2471 Jeremy Watson Ron Paul for president!
2472 Keith P Olsson  
2473 Virginia Jasper  
2474 Bill Saunders  
2475 Willard Fulton We have a responsibillity to Freedom and Liberty. Please take that hold of that responsibillity with us by running for president in 2012. The people need you!
2476 John Campise Thanks for your integrity.
2477 W. Jason King The God of this Universe and The U.S. Constitution are essential in a moral and honest government . . . of the people, by the people and for the people. I believe Ron Paul is our best hope at this point.
2478 Travis Jeffries Mr. Paul, you have my support 100% please run in 2012!
2479 Evan Orlowsky  
2480 Michael Moir We are SERIOUSLY HURTING if he doesn’t run!!
2481 Rob Senko The perfect storm is here, it’s time for your persistency to pay off!!! The youth movement is behind you!
2482 PHilip Jacob  
2483 William Bowman You have my vote.
2484 Mike Whitaker Ron Paul – my hat is of to you. I’ve voted a democratic ticket all my adult years but that will change if you run in 2012. Of all the candidates for president you and YOU only had the guts to go against the fear and negativity that was used to try to persuade the populace in the debates. In my mind that was the mentality of our countries founding fathers who had the courage of their beliefs even at the risk of the tortures available to the king of England at the time and which would have most certainly been used if they had been captured
2485 Delisa Schooler You have my vote as a grass root supporter, I hope and pray that you run for President. I am a targeted individual in the United States as an American I have heard of only one more Senator who have brought the subject of American citizens being terrorized on their own soil to light, every since I saw the article on the Examiner, I decided to support you as President and do what I could for others to do as well. I believe you are a good man and good luck!
2486 Meg Kypena The US is doomed without Ron Paul as president
2489 kenny I pledge my vote to RON PAUL we need you please run in 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2490 Nicholas Rager  
2491 Joe Delisle Must fight on! Never give up!
2492 Kathleen Gibb  
2493 ed guzman America must withhold the globalization for the sake of its sitizens
2494 Fay Gjester Give voters a chance to choose some one who will really pursue “”change we can believe in”"!
Please keep safe!
2495 George Rogers  
2497 bill munson Lets Change Washington for the people.
2498 U.S. Constitution I hate Atheist Liberal scurvy roaches!!! Declare our colors Mr. Paul and hit em’ with a broad side shot of “”Delcarationism.”"
2499 Lisa Favara  
2500 LLP Love ya Ron but, You are a FAR better cheerleader than a candidate for that terrible job. KEEP ON LEADING THE CHEER TO BE RID OF THE THIEVES AT THE FED… Thank you Ron for everyting
2501 Sarah Perry  
2502 Daniel Bill Ill be there on poll day, you have my vote,support,and my money
2503 Thomas Roy Bither jr. We need a man like yourself for the next 8 years in office, lets do this Dr. Pual!
2504 Alex Grant One Nation under God!
2505 Lois Klotz No more Dems. or Rep. for me .It’s time for a change and a different party that will do more for our country and the people in it.
2506 mark eckhoff Go Ron GO!!!!!!!!
2507 Gia Maisch  
2508 Massimo  
2509 Josh Counts  
2510 John Hauser Your predictions continue to be spot on.
2511 David A Hollingsworth Liberty will reign in America.
2512 John W. Price Ron we need you more than ever to stop the ruination of our country
2513 David Kelley  
2514 Ryan Perry  
2515 Eric Benson You would bring back integrity to the Presidency. Please give this a chance!
2517 Derek Satterfield  
2518 Jack enen  
2519 Karli Hedstrom  
2520 Ken Nair  
2521 Dez (UK) The UK also needs YOU. Get the power back into the hands of the people not commercial power maniacs!!
2523 scott dangelo lets do this dr paul
2524 Dr Ron Paul ~ An Inspiration to a once great nation, and a hope for the whole world.

Term limit be damned - We have our man,
Ron Paul for president in 2012 and beyond !

(Please also help another true patriot ~ Dennis Kucinich)

2525 Nancy Nair  
2526 Mike PLease
2527 Ammar Halawa You are the best republican I ever saw
2528 Travis Moebes It is time for the country to take a new directopn.
2529 Thomas Driscoll Absolutely the best man for the job.
2530 Jamie Raney WE NEED YOU! I know it will be a struggle due to the corrupt media, but together we can get you on the ballot and in the White House. God Bless You, Ron Paul!
2531 Cherie Tamai You are a politician who’s got the balls to speak the truth. How rare!
2532 J Crowder “”One man with courage makes a majority.”" Go. Get ‘em Dr Paul. You’ve got my loud mouth, homemade banners, and monetary support. Let’s take it to Uncle Sam and score one for Lady Liberty.
2533 Kevin Even thought I am not quite old enough to vote, I am definitely old enough to educate myself. Dr. Paul has helped me to do that. Dr. Paul, you inspired me, and you inspired a country, we can do this. This could be your last hor-ah.
2534 jake vanausdall  
2535 Scott F Dr. Paul,

In an age of never ending disparity you are what our country so desperately needs. Yo encourage people to change the system with their votes…and many, MANY people across our great country are humbly asking you to run for the office of President. Please Dr Paul… lets bring inegrity back to this great nation and restore it to it’s former glory.

2536 William Bedard  
2537 Alan Watts  
2538 Delpuech I’m French and I need your candidature in 2012 in order to have the choice between Mr Sarkozy and you. So go go Ron!
2539 Sue Hubbard  
2540 Lynn Parks  
2541 David Barrial The conservative movement, which hopefully lives in the Republican party, needs credible, responsible presidential candidates that follow the “”Reagan”" philosophy of smaller government, fiscal and social conservative views. I will vote for a candidate that stands by these principles based on our great Constitution.
We need a “”stand out”" candidate.
Dave Barrial
2542 Maxwell Attwood RON PAUL! The world needs some new thinkers.
2543 Sam  
2544 elizabeth benson Dr Ron Paul you are our biggest hope. Please run for President.
2545 Roussos K. Skarvelakis  
2546 Nick Pucci We need you Dr. Paul!
2547 James Malone  
2548 Jeremy Bundy If someone doesn’t take matters into their own hands and offer the people the real change they need, the people themselves will…. and it will not be without bloodshed.
2549 George J Udovich  
2550 Andy Chisholm  
2551 Amador Ontiveros  
2552 Philip Lester The country needs you!!
2553 Roger Hynes  
2554 Matthew L. Isaacks We need more leaders like you Ron!
2555 Sami Safadi God bless.
2556 Brian Messman I would consider voting for Ron Paul, but please. Whatever you do, do not pick Sarah Palin as your vp nominee…
2557 shane cash  
2558 Yembur Ahmad I WANT YOU!
2559 David Houghtaling  
2560 Mona  
2561 Emina Dedic It’s up to you and Herman Cain to turn things around! You two are the only men I have confidence in!
2562 Chad Stewart Ad augusta per angusta
2563 Sean Mclee America needs you Ron Paul! Right now you are America’s only hope to Restore our Constitutional Republic. Please run for President!
2564 Joy For so many years, Ron has preached to restore the constitution and how the government is taking our freedom and liberty bit by bit. Finally, after about 40 years people are understanding him. This is his time to bring America back to the Americans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2565 Rory Tippit  
2566 Jacob Matthew Cook  
2567 John Sedensky Ron - Consider runningbecause you are the only one that has a realistic view of what is really going on with our country and what others choose to ignore!
You have my full support,
John Sedensky
2568 Nathan  
2569 Sheila Neary  
2570 Fawn Please run!
2571 Ryan R. Okonski Never in my young adult life have I ever found a politician that I truly believe in, until I discovered you. For the first presidential election in which I am eligible to vote, my only wish is for you to run Dr. Paul!
2572 katie davis  
2573 Randy W. Hamby We need your voice in the mix - a true Constitutionalist, not just all those neo-con talking heads!
2574 John Krabbe  
2575 Gary Chisholm What a concept- A republic by the people and for the people. I would prefer that over an oligarchy by the global elite and for the global elite to make us their slaves. It’s time for the revolution. The world needs your energy, Ron. Please run.
2576 ryder Keep up the good work!
2577 GR8GRMPA I had a large Ron Paul Meetup Group in Palm Springs CA. Will do it again.
2578 Cari Reiche  
2579 Jason Dukes  
2580 josh desroche please run ron and save our country!!!!!!!!!!
2581 Paul Buch  
2582 Micah Pilcher  
2583 Roland Wilhelm Jr We need a president who will stand up and defend the constitution
2584 Joseph R. Aceves Dr. Paul, for the love of our Great Country, please do run for the Love of God & Country, Thanks.
2585 Randall Palmer  
2586 Jason Howard God bless you for all you do and all you stand for! Give them hell and give us liberty!
2587 John S. Cialek  
2588 Justin Smith  
2589 Jibran Martinez Power to the people not corporate ogliarchs.
2590 Kyle Sablosky  
2591 Cecil R Miller  
2592 Max Osterhaus I already have my bumper sticker on!
2593 James Caraher You seem to be the best man for the task at hand.
Your financial prowess is impressive. I hope you are not weak on our “”National Defense”". I heard you want to start decommissioning aircraft carriers. I don’t think this is a good time to do that. Do not forget China. Our Fleet is almost at the same place it was in 1940, we all know how that worked out…not good. I’m sure there are areas the military can cut, I don’t think carriers are one of them. We have many “”One World Government”" folks that want China to be the new superpower….I’m not likin that much. Other than the defense issue, I’m all for you.
2594 Thomas M Johnson If we start early, you can win…you can defeat all Republican challengers and defeat The Resident.
If not, please endorse someone early…Governor JOhnson perhaps?
2595 Edward Huk  
2596 Greg Zalaskus We need a course correction Ron! I believe you can get us back on course. You will have my vote.
2597 matthew schoech no king but King Jesus
2598 Eric Naal Let’s Start now so we have 2 years to complete this next step.
Push hard and and fix this problem!
It is Time!!
2599 Jason Renau the future is bright with great examples. i support you ron
2600 Luis Lopez  
2601 marcus trise Run, when need to do some thing different
2602 Kate Raplinger  
2603 Carter Duncan Dr. Paul is one of the few representative on Capitol Hill who follows the Constitution. In fact, I’m not sure any other representatives even remember it exists.
2604 Chad Rhyner Dr. Paul,

I really wish that you were in charge of this country. The policies that you would enact would be a huge step in the right direction for this country!

2605 steve kuritz  
2606 Gary Brunsman  
2607 Bryan Wright Full Force!!!
2608 frances daniels  
2609 Matt Laffredo [email protected]
2611 Hannah Brunet Ron Paul 2012!
2612 Charles R Stoner  
2613 Laura McCue  
2614 Mark Casson  
2615 juan de leon we all really need him!!!!
Ron paul 2012!!!
2616 Jake Mott  
2617 Evan M Kuhn If he doesn’t run, there won’t be anything worth voting for!
2618 Jennifer Righter Since 2008, Ron Paul’s message has only gained in popularity. Many people who were duped in 2008 will not be duped in 2012. America needs the Ron Paul Revolution!
2619 Michael Weatherly God Bless you Ron Paul and you have my vote!!!
2620 Heidi Artz  
2621 Gabe F. End the Fed!!! Ron Paul Revolution!!!
2622 Elizabeth McLendon Please run again! So many people since 2000 (including myself)
have discovered that you are our best hope to get the message out
that our freedoms are being eroded in the name of so-called security.
2623 Phillip Webb Jr. Dr. Paul, God Bless You for all that you have done. Please consider running in the presidential election in 2012. Thank you!
2624 Russell oconnell If not rand Paul for vp how about Tom McClintock. Please please run for president. You can count on this household to support you in anyway we can.
2625 Paula Tucker Dr. Paul - whatever you decide thanks for fighting the good fight! My husband and I stand ready to fight with you!
2626 Chuck Comstock  
2627 Eli Alafogianis One of the few politicians that actually exemplify dignity and character.
2628 Dawn Comstock  
2629 Kristen McCall  
2630 Brittney Van Swearingen As a mother of young children, I look forward to sharing with my kiddos how I did everything I could to advance the cause of liberty! Please run for president in 2012, Dr. Paul!
2631 Alan Wright  
2632 john marble Lets go Ron!
2633 Cole Brown help us ron paul. your our only political hope
2634 William Reynolds  
2635 Warren Dickens I wrote you in last election!
2636 Jim Billings Our nation is on the edge of the abyss. There is very little, if any, time left. You represent the ideal of what is is to be American. One Texan to another; Dr. Paul; please take up the banner and lead!
2637 Terry Gilman  
2638 Stephen Jones Please run. I’m 16, and we need someone to set American on the right path.
2640 scott como  
2641 Philip B Dennery  
2642 Tyler Thomas Havens  
2643 Anthony J. Hellenbrand You are probably America’s last chance. I will be voting for you as a republican, independent, libertarian, or write-in, so you might as well run!
2644 nancy burr  
2645 Daniel Scott  
2646 Robert Crane please run
I didn’t even know about you last year, but that was last year, more and more know or are learning the truth now.
2647 Justin  
2648 Jacqueline Destro Please!!!!!!
2649 Daniel Uptain  
2650 Philip J. Palmeri I have promoted and supported Dr. Paul for years now. I hope and I commit my service to help him become our next President should he and Mrs. Paul decided that this great, honest, dedicated, intelligent, knowledgeable, learned man announces his candidacy.
Ron Paul 2012 - What a difference he would make for many years to come if he were the President.
2651 Janet Cativiela I wish you had made a bigger noise in 07 for I would have voted for you then. Go for it now because we need you,.
2652 Anna Pavlovic, Ph.D. If Ron Paul will run for the president in 2012, I will help to promote his candidacy among Slavic Americans in Illinois and Utah. In fact, I will promote him to as many of my friends as only would be willing to listen. You are the only candidate I am willing to vote on, Dr. Paul! The United States needs you, we need you. So, let’s do it, Dr. Paul.
2653 Harry Prittie  
2654 Devin Garcia Even if the election is not won, the spreading of the Constitutional message is the most important. There is no better way to reach more people through media than Ron Paul being back in those televised debates.
2655 Marguerite A. Santa Maria Please Run!
2656 Stan Tofil  
2657 John Boissy Freedom is popular.
2658 Don Cianelli  
2659 D Neff  
2660 Joy Stubbs I live in Canada, but it is clear to me that anyone in the whole world would want you for President, you may be the only man that can save us.
2661 Dylan Locati END THE FED!
2662 James Beck Ron Paul is exactly what the USA needs now to defeat the intrusive Big Govt. Agenda. You have my time and $$ support should you decide to
campaign. JB.
2663 David King Dr. Paul,

I did not notice you in 2007/2008 and I’m quite ashamed of myself now. If you run, you’ll have my vote as a new supporter.

2664 Jamie Williams Let the “”Revolution”" begin! Ron Paul 2012!
2665 James H Stephenson, Jr Life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness—and getting govt. out of our pockets
2666 Benjamin Sweet We need you. You are the only honest polition in Washington with any experience at all.
2667 Leticia Esquivel YOU’VE GOT MY VOTE!!!
2668 Brandon Dr. Paul…Please run! I really feel that many other grassroots potential candidates are not true in what they are saying but are saying it because it is the “”hot ticket”" right now. You have been on these matters of a smaller Federal Government for years. Give a 24 year old man hope once again.
2669 Travis D. Hughes And please take Gov. Jesse Ventura with you on your journey
2670 Robert Jellison  
2671 RICHARD PAUL MILLET I believe Ron Paul can defeat Obama Easily in 2012. And, I will do My best to get all of My friends to follow My lead and VOTE for Him.
Richard Paul Millet
2672 chris salerno  
2673 Jesse Wilson We need a man like Ron Paul to get this country back on track and heading in the right direction.
2674 Lucy Muller We need him!
2675 Esmeralda Bring our Morals and Values Back for a Strong America
2676 Chris Busby  
2677 Tyler Turner  
2678 Alex Mich I need you to run for president. I need you to be president. We all need you to be president.
2679 Juliano Rosada  
2680 Fianna M Adams Please Run
2681 Susan Furmanek  
2682 Joseph R. Best GO Ron Paul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2683 Grant Ward  
2684 Rick Radde  
2685 Mildred M. Palemr Ron, just DO IT this time! You are the closest to Amercian Values (i.e., free markets and maxium civil liberites). We are behind you because we are sick and tired of the ‘status quo’ in Washington, DC! Just must run as a duty to your country. Our duty is to vote for YOU!
2686 Diana Nickel I hope you will consider becoming our next president. You may be our only hope to take back our country and rectify our present crisis.
2687 Milos Leubner need to hatch many more Ron Pauls during the campaing
2688 Mattie Richardson I am finally going to be old enough to vote in 2012. Please run Ron Paul!! I will do all I can to help.
2689 Andrew Hernandez Ron Paul For President 2012!!!
2690 Pat Carmack The ideals of freedom need an authentic spokesman to this generation, one not a shill for Wall Street. We also need a sincere champion of life and defending the innocent. Winning the election itself is secondary to upholding those truths. Running for President provides the best forum for those purposes - Ron Paul provides their best, most articulate spokesman.
2691 Timothy Wenzel Welfare + Warfare = Broke & Broken
2692 Charlie Murray  
2693 Meg Hobbs I would be thrilled. This would solve so many of our government problems. No more BS!
2694 Keith Miller Love your books and insight! Thank you.
2695 Daniel W. Marsh  
2696 Jacob Nall This will be the first election I can vote in, please give me the option to vote for a person and not a politician.
2697 Nancy  
2698 Diana Berklich You are our last hope! Please run.
2699 Bertie Hopper  
2700 Kristina Smith You’re our only hope!
2701 Austin Bales We need peace and love on this earth more than ever right now. I will campaign all over western NC.
2702 Greg Lauritzen Please run for President in 2012
2703 Justin Smith Ron Paul: the new age founding father.
2704 Brian M. Ramsey End the Fed
2705 Kyler Steger Right now, the citizens of the United States are searching endlessly for hope. With your name, Dr. Paul, on the Presidential ballet of 2012, I believe that many Americans will finally find that hope!
2706 Patricia Ventre  
2707 margaret tobin-strick dr. paul-i will campaign for you-you are our last hope-margaret tobin-strick r.n.
2708 Jason Kennedy You are the world’s only hope Paul.Please.
2709 Kolton Fredrickson  
2710 Terry R McDonald We Need action If something doesn’t happen soon our children will be the ones who truly suffer
2711 Randeep  
2712 Theodore C. Sayle, Sr. We need Ron Paul more than ever
2713 Scott McIntyre  
2714 Matt Neithercott  
2715 Michael Saffell Ron’s this country’s only hope.
2716 rosa guerrero Mr.Ron Paul I believe in you. Run in 2012 please!!!!
2717 James J Elrod  
2718 Adam Rothra  
2719 ashley atwood  
2720 gareth lloyd ron paul == neo (the one).
2721 Roy Rost JUST DO IT!
2723 Matt Warholak One of the few competent American politicians. There is no one more qualified, or more deserving of President of the United States of America, than Ron Paul.
2724 sam collier  
2725 Omar Ali Please do it for the sake of freedom. We are right behind you because you speak the truth.
2726 kennethlarson we need people of your vitrue. we need to end the fed. and its fiat currency
2727 Steven M. Hamlin  
2728 Anthony Hale  
2729 Robert Eichenberger We Support you! Lets take our government Back!
2730 James W Leach  
2731 Kaycee Kelly  
2732 Roger Wakeman I’m writing you in anyway.
2733 Emily Lundgren  
2734 Kaycee Kelly  
2735 John Leonard Ron Paul is the single best candidate to run for the public servant office of President of the U.S.A in my life time if only for his respect for the U.S. Constitution and his recognition that the two major parties are both corrupt.
2736 Logan Simpson  
2737 Jason Coffee  
2738 Michel Leter In the name of Edouard Laboulaye and Auguste Bartholdi, fathers of the Statue of Liberty, we support Ron Paul in Paris et we want him to run in 2012. The world needs him to end the Fed and all central banks like the ECB !
2739 Edward Sellars  
2740 Peter B. Bultman America needs Ron Paul. No one else on the left or right will end the military industrial complex.
2741 Dave we must defeat Obama in 12 and protect our country before they start using those fema camps on us
2742 Neil Timmins Stop the FED = Save our country.
2743 Kristy McClendon  
2744 Stephen Pittman Please lead the way America by electing a man of rare vision and clarity.
2745 Phil Weeks Keep up the fantastic work. God bless you.
2746 Jesse Boone  
2747 Bilal Shadeed  
2748 Jacob Turner Please Mr. Paul! You are the only hope we have against the fascists who are currently in power.
2749 Jason Finger  
2750 tom he’s got my vote
2751 Patricia Heath Ron Paul. You are our modern day Thomas Jefferson. You are wise, intelligent, and honest. Please run for President. I promise I will tell everybody I know. Thank you Ron Paul for never giving up on our country. You can’t give up now.
2752 Michael Liberatore Your the only true hope for America and Freedom
2753 William R Foster  
2754 Dianna Sue Bart Mr Ron Paul, We need a patriot Who will listen to the people of this great nation, The United States of America.
2755 Ellen Katoll Please run, Sen. Paul, we need a fine leader like you.
2756 Tim Galloway We need someone like Dr Paul who sees things for what they are.
2757 Derek Hachey  
2758 David Brooke We got ‘em where we want ‘em, now let’s strike!
2759 thomas mitchell  
2760 Nathan Johns  
2761 Anna Feldt Please run in 2012! I’m with you 100%
2762 Chad evans  
2763 Michael Fisher  
2764 Evan D. Renaud  
2765 John Maxwell  
2766 Levi Saunderson I Vote For Ron Paul, Or I am Just Not Voting
2767 natalie qadir i want ron paul to run for president 2010
2768 Jon Ogle Help us RP12, you’re our only hope!!
2769 Germain Martinez We support you Ron Paul.
2770 rachel h  
2771 Robert Diamante  
2772 Michael  
2773 Cynthia Sharp Ron Paul 2012!
2774 Jim Bulgier  
2775 Rosemary Parkinson We here in Wash. state already have our signs modified for 2012….you are our country’s only statesman….Ron Paul 2012!!!
2776 Robert McMillan  
2777 Eric Antisell I am 18 years old. I have all my life to live, but we only have so much time to right our country from the path we’re on now to ensure that. Please run, especially for my generation. We had no part in creating this monster that threatens our liberty and future.
2778 Robert McMillan For liberty Dr Paul!
2779 Jonathan Morales  
2780 Anvar Radjabi Ron Paul, you are a historic figure whose principled, firm stand for humanity’s

freedom against tyrants, without doubt and by Almighty God’s Grace, will draw

power from freedom lovers of humanity’s past heroes including Andrew Jackson,

George Washington, Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, Jesus Christ Himself;

of humanity’s present, living, hard-working, freedom-loving, god-fearing people

who will support you financially and morally and by peaceful as well as armed (if

necessary) protest in huge numbers (hundred of thousands and millions); and of

humanity’s future generations, inside whose hearts will burn this never-

extinguishable individual freedom Brushfire of Liberty, this burning brushfire

which is God’s immortal Spirit itself. You will draw power and support from every

man of old age and young, every man of humanity’s past, present and future who

sees no other choice but to stand and to defend his individual humanity, his

family, and his Honor at all costs including loss of fortune and earthly life.

Your soul has joined and will add to the amplitude of this rippling human energy

wave that resonates throughout the entire fabric of humanity’s history (past,

present and future), and these rippling individual waves, constructively joining

their crests and adding their amplitudinal energy force that will defeat and crush

once and for all Him who Deceives the world. You have very clearly made the

decision to join your energies’ crest on the side of humanity, one last decision

to make is just to what magnitude of power will you turn-up its amplitude - its

your Free Will. God bless.

2781 Rene Go for it!
2782 Christin Clevenger  
2783 Joshua Biedebach  
2784 J. Mathew President Ron Paul 2012!!!
2785 Tim DiBlasi Go Ron Go!!!!
2786 BeckaBugBaby.Etsy.Com  
2787 Keith Billieux I vote libertarian.
2788 gary hamilton You’ve got alot of support Ron,much more than in 2008.I feel you are our only hope for a better America,and above all a better world.Millions will be crushed to see you not run,there’s no words for howmuch i admire you.You truly are a great man,you alone have opened my eyes to somuch,and i thank you.You inspire somany around the world to be a better person.God Speed to you Mr.Paul,nomatter who is in office you will always be my president.
2789 Enrique Baza We need Real Change, please don’t give up on us
2790 Darrel Johnston Dr. Paul, you are the only Congressman who has tirelessly fought to the abolish the Federal Reserve. Your courage and honesty are impeccable. You are the ONLY Presidential candidate I would vote for.
2791 robert bumpus  
2792 Mark I am pulling for you Dr. Paul!
2793 Danielle Crosby  
2794 Clint  
2795 Todd Theel Ron you got your name out there in 2008 and that was half the battle in 2012 you will have more support than you could ever dream. It’s like you said more and more people are starting to wake up. Gerald Celente said one of the trends for 2011 is the youth will come together and I believe that it will be in your name
2796 Andrew We need you Ron.
2797 Cory Bass  
2798 Mindy Johnson  
2799 Pat Glazener It would be an honor to vote for you.
2800 Bill Faust If you cannot end the Fed then at least Control the Fed!!
2801 Derek Delgado  
2802 Jacquline Musgrave Dr. Paul, you are the only man who can bring the Fed to its knees- we need you as Pres. to tell “”special interest groups”" no! And take the teeth away from FEMA. Americans don’t deserve their plans!
2803 Albert Bennett, III A ray of hope!
2804 Patrick Mitchell  
2805 Charles French Save our country, stop the war-mongering, secure our borders, get rid of the IRS, flat tax. Stop giving away my hard-earned tax dollars to all the bogus SSI recipients.
2806 Tyler Sutter It would be greatly appreciated if you ran Ron.
2807 Nick Geist  
2808 M Jadis You are the reason I became politically active.
Ron Paul 2012!!
2809 richard stuber  
2810 John Olson America for Americans please please run!
2811 syed hussain america needs Mr paul
2812 Dylan Etienne  
2813 Ahmed B Go RP! I trust in you!
2814 Mike Wozny Ron Paul is my homeboy !
2815 Terri Wise  
2816 fadi aqel  
2817 Robert McDonell America needs to hear your voice my friend!
2818 Steven Kok You’re the best choice for American freedom, Dr. Paul.
2819 dave bowser we need honest people in government who dont bow to special interests and lobbiests
2820 Jean Jacoby  
2821 Patricia Tiegs  
2822 Stacey Vitale You can count on my vote.
2823 Correne Craig  
2824 Scott Kalvinek Dr. Paul can’t wait for you to help straiten our over zelous government out with your executive powers.
2825 Geoff M Thomas We need you to stop these globalists and banksters!
2826 Evan Shupp Do what you say you’ll do Ron.
2827 Genesis 1-29 For real health care freedom, cure your self, watch “”run from the cure”" by Rick Simpson on youtube
2828 Rojeh Band Socialism must die in America. We want America back the way it use to be and more… Prosperous and boundless freedom!

I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences of too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it.
Thomas Jefferson (1791)

2829 Waldemar We need you Ron Paul for 2012!
2830 Shane Whaley  
2831 Ivan Our country depends on it!
2832 Dustin Schilter  
2833 Max Robin Mr. Paul, the country needs you know more than ever, don’t be discouraged by past failures, as more and more Americans wake up to reality, hopefully they will realize you have been telling it how it is for years. We all see your patriotism, please keep it up!!!
2834 Bob Cox You are one of our countries finest congressmen to carry the mantle of freedom. My hero.
2835 JARED  
2836 james mobbs go baby go!!!!!!!
2837 Ken Virgins  
2838 Marc We need a true leader and you are it, Ron. We can not afford to wait any longer. Lead us on the right path, so we can reclaim the Republic and secure our Liberties and Freedoms.
2839 Michael Boches  
2840 Daniel DeLeon I believe,you can really make a difference, and let’s audit that Federal Reserve, show them and expose them for what they really are
2841 jay kim please teach and spread the Liberty!
2842 Tyler Blank  
2843 Craig Burton PLEASE run. PLEASE.
2844 F. Dubrulle Go on Ron, you’re the only one to kick their ass off!
2845 Bill Bulgier Let me know the best way to help, let’s get ‘er done!
2846 Mark Davis  
2847 tracy clevenger Put a Doctor in the House
2848 George Speliotes II The Revolution continues with you Dr. Paul! Please run.
2849 mr & mrs john peters I think he has to get the word out immediately. I belong to an organization called the CSA and I will forward this link to them. Good luck and God Bless Ron Paul.
2850 Truman Dean Congressman Paul, We need your talents and vision for America now more than ever. Please consider running for President.
2851 Jim Willeke Please!
2852 J. Oven  
2853 Steven Palmieri Ron Paul: Hope for America
2854 Gary Tupa Please run, Paul. This country needs you.
2855 Elizabeth Myers Ready to work on your campaign, Dr. Paul. You’ve sacrificed so much for your country, our liberty and we’re asking you to sacrifice more. Thank you and viva la R3VOLution!
2856 Justin We need good people in power…not the tyrants we currently have.
2857 Jack Greene RUN RON RUN!!!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!!!
2858 Erick Arocha Paul 2012
2859 Brian Oke  
2860 Daniel Wickham Dr. Ron Paul is one of the entirely too few true American patriots in congress today. A true American Revolution is far past due and Dr. Paul is the key driving force behind such a revolution. I for one support the Constitutional Ron Paul Revolution with everything that I am or will ever be. LEGALIZE FREEDOM!!! RON PAUL 2012!!!
2861 Thomas Kinder Run Ron Ron.
2862 Greta Langhenry  
2863 Lilia Weber  
2864 Andrew Karabon  
2865 Sarilea J. Bailey I’ll vote for him if he runs.
2866 Lsvern Swartzentruber  
2867 Tom and Mary Nierlich  
2868 Jesse Dameron Ron Paul for 2012!
2869 Chris Alvord I’ve never considered myself a democrat or republican, simply someone who tries to vote for the best candidate given even if their not the best candidate. Ron’s views I feel are what the country needs right now to get us not only back on track, but to head into a new direction that is more inline with the 21 century.
2870 Cory Bailey  
2871 Victor Heddins  
2872 Ed Blanchard  
2873 Matt Gerhart  
2874 Paul Wolfing  
2875 Trinidad Silva Jr.  
2876 Paula Weinstein  
2877 Rebekah Day  
2878 Yvonne Dees  
2879 Vincent Morin  
2880 Suzanne  
2881 Christopher T. Cayes Please save our country Ron!
2882 jason kirby Thank you.
2883 Rick Hart “”The only way tyranny wins is when good men stand back and do nothing…”"
2884 Marian Alexander We need someone who will represent what few devout Christian/patriotic Americans there are left.
2885 Clint santiago dahl  
2886 Emile Broussard, M.D.  
2887 sharon r yeh  
2888 ty never voted, will vote for ron paul only
2889 Caston Dr. Paul, you are a great American. I’d love to see you in the White House and a return of this Nation to greatness.
2890 Crystal Please help! Kill the Fed!
2891 David L. Goetz  
2892 Sean Ryan You’re my hero, Dr. Paul!
2893 John Cox We ALL need a gentleman like this in OUR whitehouse, we ALL need too make change that has substance and not just talk, we ALL need OUR country back before it gets sold off completely. Let’s do this Sen. Paul
2894 Ted D Mielke A new vote for you….for liberty
2895 Winston Watkins  
2896 Thai-Duong Nguyen We need Paul’s honesty.
2897 Roderick  
2898 vincent domino Make our founding fathers proud Dr. Paul !
2899 Ty Neatherlin Texas has your back! Ron Paul 2012!!!
2900 Rudyard Murdough  
2901 Zane Whitehead Mr. Paul, please, for the good of this country and our future, run for President. We need a strong voice, with aspirations of liberty maintenance and freedom’s growth in his heart, as our leader.
Please run for 2012, sir!
2902 Stephen Peirce We need someone to get our Constitution back,and do away with the conspiritors.
2903 thomas r watts  
2904 Doug Keller Please recruit John Dean as a running mate.
2905 Prince Jeffries  
2906 Rev. Timothy Walker …you are in my thoughts and prayers, as is our nation and its’ current leadership…
2907 Sean Vermillion  
2908 Matthew Shearman  
2909 Robert Mitchell  
2910 Jeremy McCoy Our country needs Ron Paul.
2911 Thomas Wilson I supported you in 2008, but I didn’t agree with your support of the GZ Mosque
2912 Sean Rosenthal Please continue the Revolution.
2913 Shawn Cravens  
2914 B. Christoffersen  
2915 Adam Wise  
2916 Tony Stroup Paul - Ventura Ticket
2917 Teresa Fauvell Please help—-America needs you!
2918 Shelley Moen  
2919 Shayne Mason Vincent you are the first and only politician that I have ever believed and trusted
2920 Jacob Heintz Please go for it!
2921 Dennis Whitworth Ron Paul 2012. NOW MORE THAN EVER!
2922 James cox We need to stop the INSANITY in DC
2923 CWC Ron Paul in 2012 or sooner!

No one can lead this Country in the right direction like Dr. Ron Paul!

2924 Tim french  
2925 Eric de Boer From Canada… Please, Dr Paul! The world needs you…. Literally.
2926 John Cozens I am behind you all the way.
Ron Paul 2012 the real hope for America
2927 Renee Sinclair  
2928 Michael Johnson  
2929 Karen Norman  
2930 Russell Henson  
2931 Richard Crutchfield You will. Have my vote
2932 Robert Mainger  
2933 Edgardo Peregrino “”You’re Bernanke’s worst nightmare.”"
2934 Rev. M. Sweeney Never give up the fight!
2935 Richard Fleming  
2936 stephen mcguire  
2937 Dennis Hartman PLEASE RUN!!!!! We need to get our country back!!!!!
2938 Michael Anderson  
2939 T. Mitchell America can use some clear vision in this hour!
2940 William mcallum  
2941 Rebekah &<3 Ron Paul !
2942 Ben Killen  
2943 Thomas Pickert  
2944 Valerie Woodard  
2945 Rev. Sweeney Never give up. Losers give up.
2946 Rick Roorda Ron Paul…Walter Williams…slam dunk…save this country! Use radio ads in the Paul Harvey format “”Now you know the rest of the story”" on unitended consequences of government intervention.
2947 Greg Marsh  
2948 Nicholas A. Coscia Please help us get out of these crises. I back you 100 per cent.
2949 Ben Ron Paul Presidency 2012.
2950 Pat Jorgensen Please go for the presidency, you have much more support than you think, there are millions of Americans who need your sanity and wisdom to lead us back to the great country we were under the Constitution and Christianity.
2951 Travis Ron Paul is greater than any president we ever had. Can you imagine the expansion of individual Freedom and Libertys if he was in the White House..His leadership would make this country great again. I have never voted in my life but would do so for Ron Paul….Lets kick the Socialist Obama out in 2012..
2952 Dominick Grande Dr. Paul, you are the only politician I trust.
2953 Jeffrey Oswald  
2954 Jason Howell  
2955 Jennifer Welch N.D.  
2956 greg gardner end the fed, bro
2957 Ryan Wess  
2958 Bill Och Ron You HAVE to run
2959 Stephan Strasser  
2960 LJ Keeling The country needs you and your common sense philopsophy for sound government.
2961 Timothy Steurer  
2962 Thomas W Schafer  
2963 Paul Bailey We need super positive publicity Angie the media to stop criticizing his policy and putting him in a negative light!
2964 Robert Morton  
2965 Michelle Steurer  
2966 Judy Morris Run Ron run and make Jesse Ventura your running mate.
2967 Frank Munoz  
2968 Carla Jordan Please help us Mr. Paul
2969 Michael Godspeed
2970 George Klaskin Pleas help us!
2971 Name withheld I’m fed up with liberal congress, Supreme court and the socialist who claims the presidency. We need to go back to the constitution and excise all that is not authorized, the fed, the IRS, and shrink government. You’re probably the only potential candidate for 2012 that understands this. And hopefully has the internal fortitude to follow through. Just do it!!!
2972 Robert Cable  
2973 George Georgiades I hope and believe.
2974 Michael Brady Run Paul Run
2975 John You Have to Win Dr Paul!
2976 Shannon Thrasher  
2977 RoyWitty Run Ron, run
2978 Christopher Negrón  
2979 Mark Holcomb Go Ron
2980 Toni Poole Please run for President in 2012
2981 Laurie L Peifer Please save our country!!!
2982 Anthony and Janelle Cooper We think you would make a great president.
2983 Matt Simmons America definitely needs you, Dr. Paul. Please don’t let us down!
2984 Doug  
2985 Rebecca Meyer Please Run - Stop the madness in Washington!
2986 Dean Torres If he runs, it would be the first time in my life that I will vote dispite my religious beliefs……..
2987 Najat Madry Ron Paul is the man!
2988 Robert Pfountz  
2989 Mike Markarian  
2990 Tristan J. Dahl I think everything Dr. Ron Paul stands for is the American way. I hate what our country has become and think he is the only chance we have to keep the American way. We need not only less government but less corporations controlling our government. I would die for the country I learned about in grade school, but the corporation we have become I would rather die than be a part of.
2991 Dr. Mark Carducci See 50 foot billboard “”RON PAUL 2012″” in Las Vegas on Interstate 215 and Durango up since 1/2/11, photo sent by me thru Kirk Shelley.
2992 roger beck please run
2993 Chris Ron Paul is the man the USA needs…..
2994 Tony Vonier This is the cycle!!!!! Go for it!!!!:):)
2995 Matthew Nowacki  
2996 Matt Bagot  
2997 Alicia Cary  
2998 Nancy Calafati Please!
2999 Matthew Hollingsworth For the sake of the United States and our future! Please run!
3000 Heidi Amerson I will vote for you!

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