Signatures 1-5,000

Number Name Comment
3001 Brian Kotos Please run!
3002 Kevin McCashion  
3003 Manfred Lehmann  
3004 Louis B. McCaslin  
3005 Elaine Naclerio The middle class needs someone to help us and the country needs you to lead us out of this mess.
3006 Stanley Toncich All of the other likely republican candidates are totally acceptable. It’s either Ron Paul or another four years of the latest Marxist to occupy the Oval Office.
3007 sandra menkedick  
3008 Ralph Meima If you run, you will win.
3009 margo nelsen We need commen sense
3010 Carol Ross  
3011 Sheila Danish  
3012 Josh Waters  
3013 MaryLou Van Houten  
3014 Glen Freake  
3015 Joseph Buckley I voted for Dr. Paul in ’88 and in ’08… I’ll vote him everytime!
3016 Ronald A. Gustas  
3017 Mike Nixon  
3018 Billie-Jean Greene You have my support 100%!
3019 Russ Bouse  
3020 Mathias JH Stromberg  
3021 Tyler Neier  
3022 marilyn jones You are needed.
3023 Marc Labelle End American imperialism and war mongering.
3024 Stephen Grande It would be great to have Ron Paul as President.
3025 Cory Turner You can’t let us down when we need you most. Please run in 2012!
3026 Perry Seton  
3027 lance we need honest, intelligent, pull no punches men in the white for our next president. RON PAUL!! 2012
3028 Justin Ziolkowski Let’s bring liberty back to this country.
3029 Joe Sroufe  
3030 David Fernandez Ya have a way of reaching smart people, unfortunately phrases like “”yes we can”" ring well for the rest of them. Ya might win if you employ a similar tactic. In all honesty though, run again for president. You had my vote last time!
3031 Tony B WE need you
3032 Michael W. Read Ron, you’re a better man than pretty everyone!
3033 Ernest Paviour  
3034 J. Meigs  
3035 James Cotton  
3036 John F Manning IV  
3037 Tyler Morgan Paul - Kokesh 2012
3038 chris  
3039 Keith Toepfer  
3040 Thomas Gallagher America has one last chance to survive.
3041 matt scerpella Ron, you have to do it. I’m a believer, its your duty, and will do mine. Let it rip!
3042 Lynn Couck Only politician I believe in, the rest should be run out of town.
3043 Ken Eyring The country needs you!
3044 Wm. Luke Priest  
3045 Al Julian  
3046 John Hughes Don’t let the main stream media ignore you this time.
3047 James Beeson We need you to run for the Presidency.
3048 Duane F. Horton II I’ll be turning 18 in April of 2012, and if you do end up running for president in 2012, I will vote for you. So please run for president, America needs, you for the sake of our posterity. Oh and if you do run for president, I’m eager to help your campaign.
P.S. I’m also a member of Campaign for Liberty Students for Liberty and Young Americans for Liberty.
3049 Jodi Lewis Ron Paul! I hope you can bring in a force for good.
3050 John Miller We need leadership, we need Ron Paul.
3051 Joshua Mains I personally do not believe there is a presidential candidate other than Ron Paul that will help restore our country to a state where we are not intervening around the world and using large sums of money that our government collects out of a monetary system ruled by a private bank to use for control. I hope you do take it seriously that getting your perception to the people is important Ron because there aren’t many honest people in power that people will listen to. We need you to run for president in 2012, I think you will smash your opponents in debates with logic and actual reason instead of foolish charisma. We need someone who can ideally run a country without private interest so we are united, not enslaved. I will vote for you and I will advise my peers to as well. I’ve been waiting for you to run again since november, 2008. The real citizens of this country will vote for you, you had the most real votes last time too :) . looking forward to it.
3052 mike  
3053 Michael Julian Let the wise fix it, How True!
3054 milton f. umphrey  
3055 Jeff Longden We need you to replace the FDA with the CSPI and start banning cancer and disease causing foods with whole foods and ingredients- PS- I’m sick of paying my neighbor’s mortgage!
3056 sean cotter run ron run
3057 Joseph Granja  
3058 Sarah Matherly PLEASE RUN FOR PRESIDENT IN 2012… We NEED someone like you to get our country back on track!!! PLEASE run!
3059 Robert Heiney  
3060 Cody Stoltz  
3061 KAHON Ron Paul!!!
3062 James Hanna We need a leader like Ron Paul to steer this country out of the mess that it’s become. We need to abolish the Fed!!!
3063 Suzie Resnick  
3064 David Campbell I am worried for his safety if elected. The corruption in our corporation influinced government has no limits. A good would be to regain control of our major media and stop it’s brainwashing control it has over most Americans.
3065 James Masters We need someone in Office who is not tied to the Good Old Boys Network. I believe this is an Honest man, and It is hard to find that in a POLITICIAN.
3066 Baylee Sands  
3067 Herman Edward Lee /// Mr. Paul would help set this boat on it’s proper course if he ran for POTUS and won.
3068 Michael  
3069 Miguel Ron Paul 2012!
Tu Ne Cede Malis
3070 Ted Kinder  
3071 jon mcconnell lets get some real change
3072 Delores Ron Paul is our last hope to save our country from destruction
3073 Vera Sanborn You must run, Dr. Paul. We will be behind you.
3074 Mary - Nevada I love the new RON PAUL 2012 billboard saw it in my town of Las Vegas, NV off the 215 highway, wish it was on one where all the visitors coming in or leaving could see it off the I-15 going South maybe we can get some going. I would like to find a group out here to start the Ron Paul revolution even more, NOW is the time. America needs Ron Paul!!
3075 Rick Shelby For the sake of America, RUN!
3076 Wayne chieppa  
3077 mike doviak  
3078 Aaron Jones You got my vote!
3079 James S  
3080 Joel Getz Ron Paul lets go!!!!
3081 Ric Griffith-Read President Palin?
3082 Jaclyn Lee  
3083 neil van blaricom  
3084 Natalie Baca  
3085 JM Whitlock Please Sir don’t give up …look at how many times Abraham Lincoln ran for office….We need a leader that cares and isn’t in this for themselves.
3086 jose manzano thanks
3087 Grant  
3088 Kenneth Charles Barrett I trust you to do what is right for our country.
3089 Michael Morrow  
3090 Virginia Heidorf  
3091 Aimee Winterbauer  
3092 Jennifer I believe God has ordained you for this special moment in time.
3093 Jeffrey J. Wright  
3094 Kim Wiseman  
3095 J. Winchell End The Fed
3096 Sherry Woessner  
3097 Richard Keal  
3098 Jeff Bell Let’s get back to the Constitution. The Federal Government is trying to control too many things.
3099 Mik Kral We need a leader with integrity that understands fiscal responsibility. I choose Ron Paul. I know of no other with as consistent & proven a track record.
3100 Ives Russso Congressman, Ron Paul.

I ask you to please enter the 2012 Presidential election. You are the only hope to get our country in the right track. You have my vote, and my family’s as well.

3101 Susan Hefner You’d make a GREAT President!!!
3102 Katie A. Skrok  
3103 Jon Truskey Who Ya gonna call? Ron Paul !!!!
3104 Abraham Hafiz Rodriguez America needs you Ron Paul, as you genuinely appear to be one of the few honest congressmen who are really fighting to improve this country!
3105 Jose Leon You are the only one who could slow down or in the best case reverse what is coming your way USA
3106 Jonathan Gerrans  
3107 Kevin Brady The Time Has Come!
3108 Nicole Lerch I vote for Liberty and to restore the Gold Standard!
I vote for Ron Paul for President in 2012!
God Bless America!
3109 Lea Locey Been with ya for a long time Ron. Hang In There PLEASE!
3110 Sean-west central MN You are the only hope!!!
3111 Keith McCaully  
3112 Michael G. Barrett Please run. We need you!
3113 Larry Hauser We need you now more than ever!
3114 Travis Stevens If would be a crime against liberty to prevent this man from running our country.
3116 Garrett Gaston Our last and only hope
3117 scott morris Please run, America needs you.
3118 Ryan Jesse Ventura for VP
3119 Lauren Johnson  
3120 francis sharp go for it!
3121 Lizabeth Meadows  
3122 Robert Cabrera We need Ron and Rand Paul to be our Freedom Fighters for the World !……… Now !!!!
3123 John Nicolai There is only one man who can fit the shoes of president and that is you.
3124 Jeffrey Altzner Lets put America back in the hands of Patriots not Wall Street fat cats, and money counterfeiters.
3125 Pat Merl  
3126 Marjorie McEntee I hope you decide to run, and good.luck..God bless
3127 Patrick Warner  
3128 Zagros Sadjadi  
3129 Justin Wilson You surely have my vote if you do run for President, Congressman Paul. You are exactly what America needs.
3130 Jake Alford Liberty and justice for all
3131 Eric & Barbara Beckmann We need the boldness Ron Paul has shown to take America Back! We need the courage of a leader to stop the progressive movement once and for all!!
3132 Joe McCarthy RUN RON!
3133 Sherrie Gibson Ron Paul, America needs you! Thank you for all you do.
3134 Devin Talavera He needs to run, we need a change and he can deliver what the american people need.
3135 Nathan Drake You have my vote in 2012! Even if you do not run for President, please keep up your tremendous work fighting for liberty, civil rights, and privacy for the American people. I greatly appreciate, and greatly respect, you sacrificing so much time and effort on my and every other American’s behalf. If you do run, you will have my full support and effort behind your campaign!
3136 Pat McCallion  
3137 Robin Snow  
3138 Peter Robinson We need an honorable man for our president. Please run for President
3139 Rex McDowell Run Paul Run
Rand for VP
3140 andre morissette  
3141 Pat Eubank Abolish the Fed. Drill in Alaska now. Nullify any unconstitutional laws that have been passed. Follow the constitution, and pray, pray, pray. May God be with you as He was with our Founding Fathers.
3142 Jan  
3143 Cynthia Levy  
3144 Richard Kiefer  
3145 Arlene Vaa You go For it Ron
3146 Joseph Please run Ron! America needs a leader like you. Thelast thing we need is Palin or Obama again. P.S. I want Jesse Ventura as vice president :)
3147 Donna Mills Gee, I was so geared up to get on the campaign team, feeling that Ron Paul might be the Nation’s only hope for regaining our liberties and constitutional rights. It will be a great loss of hope for the nation if Ron Paul does not run for President in 2012.
3148 Jim Hudgins The bumper sticker is already in place!
3149 Kevin St. Pierre This, in every hour and every issue, is your basic moral choice: thinking or non-thinking, existence or non-existence, A or non-A, entity or zero.
3150 Louis Smith It was great meeting you on the campus of Indiana University.The Revolution Continues in 2012!
3151 Robert Harris FOR LIBERTY!
3152 Michigan Jay Sunde Who else is going to make the hard choices? Who else is even going to pretend to /want/ to make the hard choices? Palin won’t. You’re more electable now than you have ever been. Everyone knows you’re the voice of reason in this vortex of lunacy. Please run! PLEASE RUN.
3153 Jakob Rooney  
3154 Mike Hribar  
3156 larry taylor You have my support
3157 Zachary P Cefaratti  
3158 H. Schuenemann You are my leader whatever you decide, I will support you with all I can
3159 Barbara Overton  
3160 Resident SD Anything it takes to wake people up and change the system.
3161 kathryn king This would be the best news possible for the future of America!
3162 Matt Gorden - We need you Ron! More than ever! Everybody spread the word about this man. Tell your friends, family, and whoever you can.
3163 Theodore J Daily Dear god please run. We need you so badly.
3164 David Hage For the sake of our liberty, please consider running again in 2012!
3165 Matthew Shelden im in high school and paul is a beast
3166 Jay Lo Monaco  
3167 Bethany McCurry  
3168 Tom Culbertson  
3169 Laura Ames Dr. Paul, I really believe that you are our only hope for a better America. Please do not give up because victory is always possible for the person who refuses to stop fighting. Please continue the fight by running in 2012! &<3
3170 Opal Greer Diversity is the key to democracy. I’d like you to run even just so that people realize that we have more than two parties. I think you should run for other reasons too of course.
3171 Justin Skorupa  
3172 David Marks The world needs you to run Dr.Paul ! Best wishes from Australia
3173 Barry McCabe  
3174 Suzanne Blair  
3175 Pamela Small We need you now.
3176 Kevin  
3177 Karen Knowles  
3178 Joni Green We need a leader that will help take back this country to what it should be. Fair taxes, Get rid of the federal reserve. A sane monetary system. No more bills based and passed on behalf of special interests. No more costly wars.
3179 Robert Nelson Please run for President. I can no longer stand the republicans and democrats bickering over the destruction of this county.
3180 Nila Hulvey  
3181 Jason Bellamy The world needs Ron Paul to be our President for 2012. The U.S. govt has gotten way too bing and out of line. We NEED a non-interventionist, libertarian leader like RP to take center stage. Back to the old principles!!! GO RON PAUL!
3182 Darren S. W.  
3183 Zachery Carter FIGHT THE POWER!
3184 Joseph Jay Mellon GO RON GO!!!!


3185 Nicole Fahnestock My family and I are supporters.
3186 ralph roberts Please repeal the federal reserve act………Ron Paul your are our hope…..keep up the good work
3187 Nash Mourad  
3188 Ron Dixon Mr. Paul is one of the EXTREMELY few honest people in government.
3189 Christina Crook Congressman Paul, I am convinced that you are the man for 2012. You have my vote, if you decide to run for office of the president in 2012. You are the only one who truly understands what America wants and needs in its next leader. God bless.
3190 Wayne Dial We are making progress Ron, run run.
3191 Rick Baskett  
3192 Teddy Your presence is needed, if only for the record books. Good luck!
3193 Erich Auerswald We need someone with your ideas and commitment to run. It may stop Shara from running, last thing we need is her to win and leave in the middle of a crisis.
3194 Gabriel horn  
3195 Katy Hall It rocked to see you at the Irish Lion.
3196 Timothy Ortiz  
3197 A.M. If people don’t wake up to a true constitutionalist, conservative, republican by now, then this country is really going to go to hell &>: I
3198 r roberts Get rid of the federal reserve; they are killing our great country
3199 William Poulin He’s got my vote!!!
3200 Keith Rafter  
3201 allen blaine There has never been a time in recent history that a statesman like Ron Paul is needed more now than ever before.
3202 Mike Phillips I value your integrity, honesty, and forthrightness. I also happen to agree with your politics. I would love to have you as president. Thank-you.
3203 John Makowski  
3204 Lupton Avery  
3205 Dennis  
3206 Daniel Rowe Support an honest man, For once, actually vote for REAL CHANGE
3207 Christopher M Marsh  
3208 Nick I feel your are only hope
3209 Virginia Tschanz There is no other national figure who embodies the principles of our founding fathers as well as you do. On the sound money issue it is imperative that we move to restore trust in the dollar, but how can that be done? I fear for our country!
3210 Eduardo von der Heyde Audit the “”Fed”" ~ We need Ron Paul :)
3211 Duane Wilson We need men like you more than ever before and there are so few. Please run in 2012.
3212 Sean Sweeney My folks would vote for him too.
3213 Larry Schiller  
3214 Jessica Egan  
3215 Richard Channing PLEASE………PRAY FOR HIS SAFETY!!!!!!!!!!!!
3216 James F. Quaid I suggest Dr. Paul run for President in 2006. I stand by that decision. Dr. Paul is was the only candidate that could spell “”Constitution”".
3217 john help me proud to be an american
3218 Drew Aadland For Freedom!
3219 vida clay i am for the things you stand for , we need our constitution, and you have been with america, also you have been against the fed, i am also, you have been against the u n take over of america, i am also. thank you for standing with we the people.
3220 Mark Kincaid  
3221 Earl T. Hackett, Jr. Please run. We need an alternative to the usual bunch of politicians.
3222 Mary Mak  
3223 Stephen Baughman Dr. Paul should be president or else retire and lead a citizens grass roots revolution coordinating direct, large scale engagement of government as is our duty as citizens.
3224 Richard  
3225 nick bruns I’d love to see you get the republican nomination as you are one of the few republicans there! I’d be proud to help campaign for you should you decide to run.
3226 John David Van Hove You’re the only voice of reason in Congress. We need you to lead.
3227 john knox  
3229 Jeff Fisher A sound monetary system is the only assurance for freedom and liberty
3230 Michael Malone  
3231 Jonathan Torres Ron Paul you MUST run! You’re the only one who can really make a change!
3232 Ty Twist Please Run! cheers Ty
3233 todd arnette  
3234 David Del Porto Zip code 02459
3235 Nicholas Geremia ger Ron, you MUST run
3236 Anthony Gargano  
3237 Richard W Hoffner  
3238 Eric Einert Never stop fighting for FREEDOM!!
3239 Deborah McCully Our Country needs you
3241 scott dane  
3242 Bonnie Please, please, Ron-you’re the only honest person in politics. Do it for us and I’ll support you.
3243 Jeffery D. Skinner I hope you will run Dr. Paul! We need your kind of leadership in the White House!
3244 Randy OBrien  
3245 Erik Sturm Go Ron Paul!
3246 Andre Demers  
3247 Dennis Zip 23168
3248 Barbara Disbrow  
3249 John Hurley I’m 75 in a few days, like you, I want my grandchildren to live in a free, sustainable world, with their own health choices.
Go Ron, Go
Good Luck
John Hurley
3250 Michael Jallon  
3251 Daniel Colgan  
3252 Judy Caldwell There’s no other candidate I would vote for!
3253 Steve Durfee It will be a tough job, but you got to do it. You da Man!
3254 Mike Thompson While I admire and appreciate Dr/Congressman Paul’s thinking and approach to fix our broken, fickle, wasteful government, we might be better off with a different figurehead candidate who champions the Paul Philosophy.
3255 Katrina Dane Our only HOPE!
3256 Sylvia Delagarza America needs Ron Paul for President!
3257 Patty Moore  
3258 Marty  
3259 Kim Hoff Need Ron Paul’s leadership to fix the country, no other candidate has the right vision.
3260 jim branley ron paul 2012
3261 Lou Webber Give em Hell Ron !
3262 Kyle Miller  
3263 George M Kemp Veritas NOW
3264 Jerry Hummel IV  
3265 Giselle Whitwell  
3266 shannon morrow Ron Paul was the only candidate with scruples last time around.
3267 Louise Lacey You are the only political figure who can honorably run for president. Please decide to do that. Otherwise, there is no point in voting.
3268 Carter Remember the past, change the future. RON PAUL 2012
3269 Minh Mai  
3270 Dart “”Go get em”" I believe in you!
3271 jon  
3272 George Lennon  
3273 Major Nick Constantine Would love to see you run is no difference between the Democrats and Republicans both are corrupt
3274 Daniel Arcuicci  
3275 Philip Gruenwald I’ve been a believer of your blissfully simple political policy since reading your book, Revolution. Please bring common sense back to the American government so college students like me have a bright and debt-free future to look forward to.
3276 George Washburn Ron Paul is the only major candidate who closely represents my values and beliefs. He’s got to run!!!
3277 Stacie Cox) VOTE PAUL and NO BANKS!
3278 Jeff Dion  
3279 David Shapiro you’ve gotta run or the US will end up like Nero’s Rome…..BURNING
3280 Cameron Nesper  
3281 Alan Slaughenhoupt  
3282 wigglesvonrushaven God bless Ron Paul ! Bring America back.
3283 Barbara Stricker I have voted for you before and will again….West Coast of Florida resident
3284 Ron Paul voted for Homosexuals in the military and supports homosexual marriage/rights.
3285 Shawn King we need you more than ever you have to run
3286 T. Newcomer  
3287 David McBride Ron, You’re our only hope…inside the political system. How do you remain corruption free?
3288 Dave Erpenbeck We are behind you Dr. Paul!
3289 David E. Duke You are needed to help preserve free enterprise and freedom.
3290 Amy Craft  
3291 Judy Bryson  
3292 Mary Reidt  
3293 steve hanisch de opresso libre
3294 Daniel Bailey  
3295 geddes dowling  
3296 Christopher J Bosner  
3297 wesley burnett  
3298 Kris Paape Ron Paul: The Change We Wanted
3299 James Thurme We desperately need real statesman in all branches of government if we’re ever to get the country back on the right track. Ron Paul has proven himself to be a true public servant that actually understands the American capitalist free-market system and the Constitution that’s the basis of our way of life. Clearly, the majority of our representative do not…and it’s obvious we have a confirmed marxist in the White House…that must change.
3300 Heath Long  
3301 Daniel Morrow We love and appreciate you Dr. Paul. Please run in 2012!
3302 Rulon P. Jeffs Please Lets provide a First Quality security so he does not get Killed by the International Banksters!!
3303 Ben Atkinson I have faith in your ability to lead our country!
3304 Steve Golembiewski Ron Paul/Peter Schiff 2012
3305 Matt Wantland  
3306 Enzo Macchiavello Bruno END THE FED! - 9/11 TRUTH = DEAD OF THE NWO.
3307 David Seaton My Opinion,Ron Paul is the only man fit for Commander and Chief
3308 Kristen Linn  
3309 G Reed  
3310 Patty Reynlds We want the treasonous unconstitutional, controlling turkeys that are really controlling this country since 1913 OUT, with jail terms for their bankrupting of this country. Then they can pay us reparations for having done so ; you are the man to prove it, and restore our country and our currency, either as committee head or as president. Get us out of the UN and all its entanglements, as well as the world financial cartel ( G3 ,G5& Thank you for waking the people up on this subject.
3311 Terry Wagner  
3312 David Barry We need a president like Ron Paul that stands for real truth and justice
3313 Doug Gilmore  
3314 Nick Tompkins  
3315 Roger Huff  
3316 Chris Doty Need your leadership, passion, understanding of economics, and fiscal intelligence to right the left
3317 Bill Cole We’re behind you Dr. Ron Paul!
3318 Lisa  
3319 alan reisinger  
3320 Logan Reed  
3321 William Coughlan  
3322 Denise Stutts  
3323 Chris Peek I’m a supporter of Obama, but I would vote for you if you ran for President. Otherwise, if you don’t get the nomination or you choose not to run, I will vote Deomcrat since most Repubs are the same except they want to invade every country or use religion as a high horse.
3324 Jerry Ciolino Even though you did not win last time you woke a lot of people up including me, if you win we will have you back Dr. Paul.
3325 Maria Brzazgon  
3326 Christopher Gannon Ron Paul our country needs youto run for president
3327 Holly D You’re the candidate with the best chance of beating Obama. We desperately need you to lead our Republic back to its constitutional principles. I’ll do whatever I can to support you. As a 70 year old conservative and libertarian, our country is in grave danger.
3328 Andrew Flighty  
3329 M.S. If you end up needing a secret service agent/bodyguard I will volunteer. Dr. Paul, sir, I would take a bullet protecting you and your message of truth.
3330 carol hoszowski  
3331 Jerry Rogers End the Fed!
3332 Scott Simon I grew up in Lake Jackson, TX. You were my mom’s doctor Ron! Best wishes.
3333 W.D. Hutchison Smaller gov. less taxes, more jobs and prosperity.
Run, run, run!
3334 R White south GA standing by
3335 Chris  
3336 Larisa Ray & Jeffrey L. Ray, AIA  
3337 Jimmy Distler Fix our country… please
3338 T. McCann  
3339 Tara Merchant  
3340 Roy Heinecke  
3341 Michael Stevens  
3342 andy joros  
3343 Dan Skapinsky We are behind you!
3344 Dan Rivaldo End the Fed. If we pay the debt, take away the interest or just don’t pay it at all and reinstitute the power to coin and regulate money back in Congress not a private for profit Bank that is ruling the world with their wickedness.
3345 Chelsie Scott  
3346 Barry Boyd  
3347 Kevin Pauley  
3348 Linda Bux Dr Paul, We need you to speak for us and help us regain our rights. We can’t let corruption, political pandering and corporations destroy any more of our liberties and lives. Let freedom ring and save our Constitution.
3349 Darren Cech  
3350 bart heflin please save the country or find someone who can!
3351 Amanda Murphy  
3352 brad marshall  
3353 celeste albert  
3354 David L Echard  
3355 Connor Joseph Sprayberry Sutton  
3356 john savino  
3357 John Adrian Panhuise IV Ron Paul / Jesse Ventura 2012 = PLZ 4 THE LOVE OF HUMANITY!! Last time was a test run - and now everyone sees that their left/right political pundits are not useful for national policy - you are the only one that can correct the mess. PLZ! Aloha and may peace be with you : )
3358 Chris Geise I’m in….Let’s do this!
3359 Kaitlin Trott I trust you.
3360 Michael Costello  
3361 robert bradley  
3362 Terry Fitzgerald  
3363 Michael thees  
3364 Lamar Torres  
3365 Jana Rodriquez Your Our Only Hope! Please help US
3366 Jeffrey C. Adams  
3367 jill shenlund  
3368 Gary O. Johnson Let’s take back our country sir!
3369 Sarah Marchbanks I’ll vote for Ron Paul
3370 Wolfgang Unger We need an antacid like Ron Paul to counteract the acid of Obama!
3371 Dustin Krieger  
3372 sean  
3373 Michael lavine You have my support
3374 Diane Skapinsky We need you at the helm Ron!
3375 Nicolas Riley I wish you the best of luck in the election. Please draw back the veil between the people and their
representatives in DC
3376 Steve Austin Please run for president again, Ron.
We need to completely destroy the New World Order!
Best Regards & Bright Blessings,
Steve Austin
3377 Thad Beversdorf  
3378 Derrek Dew  
3379 Ewell Culbertson  
3380 elaineatch I will vote for the person who challenges Obama eligibity for sake of Constitution, Lt Col Lakin, other military and american people.
3381 Gary W. Jue Jr Dr Paul… Our nations last hope..
3382 Joe Neill  
3383 John Hadricky Dr. Paul, it won’t be easy fighting the special interests, the banksters who control the Fed, nor the never ending war machine but lets do this and take our country back. I’m all in.
3384 Michael Gurecki RUN RON RUN!!!!!!!!
3385 Dan Wilder  
3386 Jim Leitte  
3387 gene ackert  
3388 Jon Kataoka  
3389 Anford Miller We need your help
3390 Elizabeth Caldwell  
3391 Mark R. Cermak Run, Ron, that we may “”vote in pursuit of nothing other than freedom, and the prosperity it naturally brings
3392 dan poley Go Ron Paul!!!
3393 mark m mccullough To a tired, old friend:
I didn’t think I had heroes anymore, but you’re mine.
Maybe this country is finally ready for you.
Come’on Ron, you’ve got one more run in ya!
3394 richard chase run ron run. Do run ron, the do run ron!
3395 Charles W. Simmons Sr.  
3396 Andre Bishay let’s roll!
3397 Jennifer Mueller  
3398 Stephen Hines  
3399 Clayton Hill Dr. Paul: I am a New Zealander and have lived in the U.S. for over ten years. I realized how crucial to the country’s (and the entire world’s!) future the 2012 election is going to be. I therefore applied for citizenship in September 2010 and passed my citizenship interview last week, so that I can vote in the 2012 election. I don’t see anybody else on the horizon (save your son, but it may be a bit soon for him) with the commitment and courage to make the politically unpopular decisions that need to be made, coupled with the financial acumen to identify them. No pressure, but, Dr. Paul, you may be our only hope!
3400 Chase L. Monson  
3401 Stephanie Cole  
3402 Brad Gladstone We need a liberty-beacon, and you are it!
3403 Luke Weber Dr. Paul, the globalists will run away with all of it if men like you don’t rise to the occasion. If we’re going down, let’s not go down without a fight!
3404 Brian Graz I support you for President, but if you choose not to run, I also respect your judgement as to positioning yourself where you can do the most good.
3405 Charles M. Kwiatkowski As an MS Patient and Medical Marijuana user of Native American Descent I support my Freedoms and Ron is the man to show my support.

Thank you

3406 Matthew Ron for President. he will inspire the masses to Greatness
3407 Matt Flynn  
3408 John Williams  
3409 Bardhyl Salihu He’s the person I agree most with on many issues and the only person that can fight against the tragic growth of government that is leaving Americans worse off.
3410 Chris Stearns  
3411 Suzanne Riesen We need you Ron!
3412 A. Melville  
3413 frank bua Give me autonomy or give me death.
3414 James Reider  
3415 David Rarely does Duty and Responsabilty come at our convienance and Desire, your country needs you sir more than ever.
3416 Abby Cullington  
3417 Alvin H. Greenwood Hopefully our wait is finally over.
3418 Dylan Go ron paul!!! Save us!!!
3419 Mary Archer Don’t make me vote for anybody else - you are the only one that can truly save us.
3420 Mark Cevallos There is only one man who can bring down the invisible powers that destroy humanity- Ron Paul
3421 Brian Wittenberg We Need You!
3422 Kristin Spiers-Maxwell  
3423 Austin Kintner  
3424 Jeffrey Cochran We need Ron Paul!
3425 Issac Trotts  
3426 Ken Groeling lets take our overbloated government back
3427 Ethan Blose Dr. PLEASE RUN! We need you to help to keep the momentum of the liberty movement going and the Revolution alive. You’ve said in the past how surprised you have been at the response to the message, well just wait till you announce your candidacy this time. I think you will be SHOCKED!
3428 Michael P. Melotti  
3429 Michael Lennon For the country!
3430 Nicholas Kettle RI State Senator district 21 republican
3431 jerry zaski  
3432 Jackie  
3433 Patti Gmeiner We need you.
3434 Chris Caulfield  
3435 CL Bryson  
3436 Margaret Frick  
3437 rmharper I am a true believer in Mr. Ron Paul. I would be more than willing to work actively on his campaign.
3438 Steven Robin Go for it Ron. You are the best candidate for the job and we trust you.
3439 Patrick W Hammon Ron Paul 2012 or bust. You are the only honest man in the spotlight right now. As far I’m concerned there is no second choice, not any I trust that also have a legitimate chance of winning. But please don’t quit just because you lose the republican primary. Run independent and we’ll all continue to support you.
3440 Romy Schneider Thank you for running for Pres.
God bless yoU!
3441 C. Rado  
3442 David Please run!!!
3443 rob oleary  
3444 Wendy Farland  
3445 Bill Seals  
3446 W. M. C. Jr. “”Burn the Boats”"
3447 Charles Earp I heard you are pro-FED and for bailouts. So, I’m in.
3448 Thomas J. Galia  
3449 mark poindexter Down with the Progressive Dems!
3450 Jeff Brazier  
3451 Gordon V. Ackland  
3452 James Gammons I own a very small WISP, and i have followed you for years. This country needs a man like you to take control.
3453 Kay Lynn Culp  
3454 Larry Schermerhorn  
3455 Drew If u run, I’ll donate 2000 more dollars.
Less FTC. Less IRS. Less big government.
3456 William Francis  
3457 Dusty berke You have my support!
3458 Charles Catalfio  
3459 David McElroy One more time, Ron Paul!
3460 Susan Stavis  
3461 ALFRED CRANE ron,
we are all behind you..lets bring back the america we once new…….we need your help!
3464 Matthew Anderson Shut down the Fed! Stop the corruption!
3465 Ryan Davies  
3466 Bob Bachtold  
3467 Billy Pettijohn  
3468 Ken Heiden  
3470 Jennifer Pantermuehl I can only imagine how tough it will be. But you are the Best!
3471 John Corie  
3472 paul dillard go, Ron, go!
3473 Immad Eltaieb If Ron Paul does run, I will end up being apolitical for life
3474 Juan Mary Walston  
3476 Eleanore Dunn We need more open minded people like Ron Paul in the government.
3477 Matt Ellenberger  
3478 Peter Linn  
3479 Richard Paul  
3480 John S. I would vote for Dr. No!
3481 G Roberts  
3482 Mike please run!
3483 Christian Fanelli Lets do this Ron!
3484 Robert Cox  
3485 Charles Biggerstaff  
3486 Yuen Kong  
3487 Joe Stout Both the democrats and the republicans take turns ruining our country. It’s time for a third party to take charge. I don’t think the government should continue to grow at a lightning pace along with our national debt. Ron Paul should be our next president.
3488 Eric Edge  
3489 marc milman Come on Ron We all need you!!
3490 David Day Mr. Paul, please give consideration to running for President. We need you.
3491 Madeline Tavani  
3492 Jim Pope You are what this Country needs. You are the answer the People need and have been looking for!
3493 abby armstrong  
3494 Brant Fitzsimmons Let’s get back to the Constitution!
3495 Christopher Gioeli  
3496 Gary Wahoff  
3497 Christopher Reichert Ron Paul was my write in.
3498 Hollan Holmes Dr. Paul, your country needs you more than ever. You are are a radiant beacon of hope among a very dark group of individuals. You have my spiritual, political and financial support! May God bless us with your leadership and the freedom restored by your lifetime of effort to do what is right.
3499 Kirk L Hemelberg With you as president & Ventura or Judge Andrew Napolitano as V.P. America has hope.

With Obama we’ve got “”nope”"

“”truth is treason in the empire of lies”"

Rock on Ron!

3500 Wendi Farmer You will have a voice in West Virginia Dr. Paul. I will do all I can to make your revolution happen. Thank you so much for all you do and for consistently staying true to the principles of a free society.
3501 Carmen We need you Dr. Paul, it’s time to take control and your the only man that I can see is the right man for the job. This country needs you. Please run for the presidency of the United States in 2012. What a great moment that would be, I can feel it now. The inauguration of Dr. Paul, music to many ears. Dr Paul a great man indeed.
3502 Carolyn Strong  
3503 Fred Page World-wide support for a TRUE American!
3504 Michael Friend Go Ron Go!
3505 Milton J Peralta We need an honest candidate with a vision and true passion for change, Dr Ron Paul is the only true peoples choice
3506 Jerry Lanier Jr.  
3507 Elizabeth A. Berra  
3508 Alberta Trafficante Government for the people….
3509 Timothy W. Collins  
3510 Ethan Beauregard  
3511 W M Ditzhazy The debt and the budget must be dealt with and Ron looks like the only one out there willing to fix both. Trouble is, I see a lot of spineless pols (won’t even read the whole Constitution) so we need to send more than Ron Paul to Washington.
3512 Bill Sabin  
3513 Rhonda Hicken We Need Ron Paul !
3514 Sergey Vartanov Go Ron Paul!!! Go!!! We need you!!!
3515 David M. Adams Ron Paul, is the major voice in Questioning the wisdom of the Fed. Bernanke’s inflationary policy during the last 3 years, created Industrial and Retail consolidation causing millions of Americans to lose their jobs and stimulated more foreclosure, triggering more home deflation.
We need some retail and fuel price deflation and home values to go up. Bernanke got it backwords, by draining the liquidity out of Main Street borrowers.
3516 Chris Strong Feed the revolution of a free humanity!
3517 Dawn Bickerstaffe  
3518 George Clarke We need an option. Both parties are for endless war, increasing debt and spending.
3519 Keith Linn  
3520 Timothy R. Scott  
3521 Michael Bowen Our country is in trouble. We need your leadership.
3522 Robert Jansen Let’s do this…
3523 mark sedar we need you
3524 Alison Morrow We need you, Dr. Paul!!!!
3525 Amanda Dziuk  
3526 George Regas Im telling everyone i can about you Ron. Go for it!
3527 David R. Kinnard  
3528 Todd Fairbanks Help us save America !!!!
Go Ron Paul !!!!
3529 Jolene R. Brown Ron Paul is brilliant!
3530 Edward Ashby I emailed my Congressman and told him, “”when wondering a correct vote, do as Ron Paul does!”"
3531 Simon Ginsberg  
3532 Greg Duerr  
3533 William Smith You are the type of true conservative we need. Please pledge to the American peopl that you have not given up the good fight.
3534 Carolyn Hawks If not you, then Rand, with you as VP. Anything but another robot like what we have now!
3535 James Gilland  
3536 Jonathan Mezzadri  
3537 Donna Bracey You seem to be the only one that knows what is going on!
3538 Cathy Hickok  
3539 Gage Love  
3540 jose Ron Paul please never stop!You are my hero!!
3541 Zoe Vaughter Dear Dr Paul,
If you can get rid of the IRS and clean up or eliminate the Federal Reserve, you’ve got my vote. The actions of the IRS or Fed towards citizens of the United States would be considered terroristic if they weren’t part of the US government.
Thank you!
3542 R. Wesley Mason  
3543 Peter J Morrey  
3544 victor hernandez i wish win ron paul change need it
3545 Chris E Ron Paul - is a must or the one world evil govt will move in and we will never get out of it. RON PAUL IS OUR LAST POLITICAL CHANCE TO FIX THIS DAMN MESS &>&>&> Anyone that doesnt vote or support his is either 1.Stupid 2. manipulated 3. Racist (goes more than one way) OR 4.OUR ENEMY!!!
Its about our rights !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3546 Alvin Smith Your country needs you!
3547 Owen McNally  
3548 Gary Cody Ron Paul is one of a handfull of honest politicians in the district of corruption. We desperately need the leadership of an honest, pro-Constitution, pro-free market, pro-American after we suffer through islamobama and his band of communist thugs.
3549 George Harrington you must form a very wide coalition of all tea party members. Also start at the local precinct level where candidates are rigged
3550 Eliana R. God Bless America. We, the people, are behind you Dr. Paul.
3551 Heather Allen  
3552 Tim Smith We need someone with an economic understanding and not beholden to engrained interests.
3553 Pete Micken Run & Win!
3554 Kim Invergo  
3555 Jason nance  
3556 Anthony P. Viveros  
3557 Greg Grosser We need (but have not had for a while) leadership with clear, honest and transparent intentions. Ron Paul is our best possible option.
3558 Scott Montgomery  
3559 Jeff pyatt Please help America.
3560 TIM LYONS  
3561 Kenny Ellington  
3562 Teresa  
3563 Frances Johnson Outstanding! You should be credited with getting the Tea Party going! Mr. Paul, you are what we need and want! Thank you for everything you have done for all of us! We are behind you 100%! Thank you!
3564 Bonnie J. Stewart Help us regain our country and its freedoms! Audit the Fed!!!
3565 Terry Ferguson  
3566 Linda  
3567 John Car Please run for president Dr. Paul Please Please the country needs you!
3568 Aaron Ferguson The Constitution — Nothing More. Nothing Less. Nothing Else.
3569 Brian Kelly We need you more than ever
3570 Frank Hinchman Thoughts, support, and prayers are with you!


3571 Cheryl Ide  
3572 Ben Logan GO FOR IT DR PAUL!!!
3573 Adam Chong  
3574 Charles W Hecht CHANGE; not just rhetoric
3575 Wes Wolfe Go for it Dr. Paul. Remember though , there are some very dark forces worldwide that would do anything to stop you from winning. Be very careful!
3576 donald r. lowery watch your back
3577 Betty Anne McGonagle RonVolution……2012
3578 Mark Ott  
3579 Paul Stevenson  
3580 Richard ANATONE the fact that Dr. Paul has defeated Mitt Romney in the CPAC, and won other CPAC Straw Polls, but the media STILL won’t even discuss this man or his ideas is more than enough evidence to show that the establishment is frightened of the Liberty Movement because it reduces their power over us. Please run for President.
3581 Scott Christian Pulver I’m not sure in the history of the United States that we’ve seen a moment in the history as important as is this next presidential election. We’re at a turning point. Senator Ron Paul brings to the table not only his experience as a politician but also a practical approach to problem solving which in today’s world has apparantly become a rare quality. Even if he doesn’t actually win the election itself … his views add tremendous value to the dialog and conversation that is the election process. I would love it though if he won and became “”My President”".
3582 Dan  
3583 Chelsea Sobolewski Att: Dr. Paul
Thank you for your continued patriotism, dedication and for inspiring Americans such as myself to keep up the fight for independence, freedom, and liberty. The Constitution will never be outdated in my book; it is a sacred testament to American history and our progress as a nation.
3584 Jared allen  
3585 P.D. Oliveira  
3586 Rhett Heeb Pretty pretty please run for President Dr. Paul! We love you!
3587 Wilfed Broussard Jr  
3588 Toni Covello America needs leaders like you! Run Ron, run!
3589 John Riggs  
3590 richard sauer This country needs an honest man for President. Dr. Paul, you are the only one who can and will move us forward in the right direction.
3591 HardRock America is Freedoms last hope… Ron Paul may be America’s last hope.
3592 Brandon Wolfe It’ll be my first time voting in a Presidential race. I’d love to see Dr. Paul on the list!
3593 Paul Schnake Please debate with a commanding presence.
3594 Sarah Summers  
3595 Ray Stratton  
3596 John Maglinte America needs a real leader. There is no better choice. He said he’d run if there was a financial crisis. Unfortunately, I believe that’s coming. End the Fed, the wars, and return to sound money starting with H.R. 4248 and phase out the Fed. Ron Paul is my only hope for America. I only fear he may end up like the last real president we had - - JFK. God bless and protect Ron Paul.
3597 Michael Invergo  
3598 Heather Glenn Hope for America!
3599 Jason Zabeli  
3600 David K. Ford  
3601 Kelly Uganski  
3602 Evan Comeaux We can’t miss this opportunity!
3603 Nikol We need a great man like you to lead us!!!
3604 Robert C Ardizzoni I am with you Ron.
3605 Fred S Brown  
3606 Michael W Schleter A Christian who knows the Constitution.
3607 Dick Ross  
3608 Janet O’Connor  
3609 Greg machala  
3610 Evan Doukas The only revolutionist out there right now! By far!
3611 |Rick Hoffman  
3612 Tony Tedder Revive Our Constitution!!! END THE FED!!! If you don’t run I’ll Write you in!!!!
3613 Ashley Falvey  
3614 Marshall DeRosa No turning back!
3615 kevin rodgers We I really need you to run in 2012. Even tho most people are’nt smart enough to know what we need in a president, there are a select few of us who do. Me and my family are supporting you. Please help get this country back on track by running in 2012.
3616 Dallas Williams You have our support…Run Ron, Run….
3617 forrest jehlik  
3618 Timothy Brownlee  
3619 shon wall  
3620 barb gillette Please run for president!!! Please.
3621 Judy Nelson No one would make as good a president as you!
3622 Richard sandoval  
3624 K. Bower  
3625 zach armstrong we know what were up against but lets do’re the only hope for a true republic of america.get rid of the fed!
3626 Brian Cooper Let’s turn back the tyranny!
3627 David Santucci I voted for Obama but if you run this time Ron, you have my vote!!!!! We need you!
3628 Tony Sitko Run Ron Run
3629 Mark Schiavo  
3630 Robin Parker We Need You!
3631 Olati Odahcam  
3632 Jeremiah McConnell Ron Paul: Change we can believe in….really.
3633 Daniel J Stoll Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.

George Washington

3634 Dillon Whitney Change we CAN believe in!
3635 Ken Adler NOT running is NOT an option. You must ride the voter revolt / Tea Party revolution.
3636 Carl Perrone Please run for President!!
3637 Allen Suslow  
3638 Roger Hope  
3639 Donald Ekhoff I understand both sides of this question. My question is: If not Ron, WHO?
3640 Ryan Paradis  
3641 Joshua Dalgarn America needs a leader like you at the helm.
3642 Wayne Kirkpatrick I want to move this country back to limited constitutional republic; I want the government to strictly follow the Constitution.
3643 brett  
3644 David L Let’s take back our country!
3645 Eric Paradis Keep the revolution alive !!
3646 Joseph Garruba AUDIT THE FED FIRST!!!
3647 Ryan Cleniuk More people are waking up to the current crises that exists. Please run for President, you’re our only hope.
3648 Jonas Oblouk Run or not, win or lose… Dr. Paul, you have already taught America what real freedom means and you are a shining beacon for those of us seeking a lost ideal.
3649 Dave Boggs End The Fed!!!!!!!!
3650 Leeann Greer  
3651 John Carman You’re the only person in Washington who can affect “”true change”" and I strongly encourage you run for President, restore our liberties, and return us to a currency backed by gold and silver.
3652 Nic Anderson You got my support and a constant nag to my friends and family to vote for you.
3653 Todd Rothenberger I really don’t think there will be an election in 2012 the way things are turning out lately
3654 Gerald Fuller You will at least inch a bit closer to the goal in another run and wake up more to the need of the revolution.
3655 patricia riolo  
3656 B Bitondo  
3657 Thomas Mazzurco Please run
3658 Albert Stern  
3659 Juscelino M. Acevedo Definitely support Ron Paul for President.
3660 Patti please help us take our country back!
3661 mack mcleod If you run I will send your campaign some money.
3662 Kristin Arntzen We need your face of Liberty shining throughout America. We NEED your example to lead this nation back to its roots. Please run for presidency. Dr. Paul you represent an America I’ve not gotten to experience. I hope and pray 2012 brings about the prosperity of freedom throughout this once great land. You are one of few who have the heart to promote our inalienable rights and a government that is fiscally responsible and Constitutionally compliant.
3663 Nikku Sarinasu It would be nice to see a change in the government
3664 john riolo  
3665 Daniel Sisneros Together Dr. Paul, we can change America!
3666 Joshua Keenan  
3667 Ryan D Hoskin My greatest hope for this nation is to have Ron Paul for president. I will give whatever it takes to help him win in 2012. RH
3668 Tracy Austin  
3669 Heather Wittaniemi-Shaler  
3670 charles f schaffstall  
3671 greg meyer run you are the only one that understands liberty the constitution and sound money
3672 Peter McGinley  
3673 Jennifer Howard  
3674 JP Samson  
3675 Schuyler Pryor  
3677 Jeff Cash You are an inspiration to me sir and all who desire a return to liberty in our lifetime. Thank you.
3678 Dustin Smith Ron Paul is my President!
3679 Tomas Borkowski  
3680 keith thomason You are our only real hope.
3681 MAria Dea  
3682 J-F Houle America needs a real American working for Americans
3683 Jim Wallace Please do not put me on a list.
3684 Nate r&<3ution
3685 Jason Lewelling  
3686 Michael Pendleton  
3687 Walt Milem Offer citizenship to illegals (if they want it)who would pick up arms against the drug cartels under US training.
3688 Cynthia Johnson  
3689 Margot Morris You are amazing.
3690 Jeffrey Brewington Jr  
3691 Cameron Groen  
3692 Peter Tauch We need you Ron!
3693 Susan Clardy  
3694 Carol Rung  
3695 Jon  
3696 Dan Meier RUN RON RUN!!!
3697 Jon Farmer  
3698 Nick ROSSICCI Ron Paul we need you……Take over and fix the MESSSSS!!!!!!
3699 Michael Crain  
3700 mike just dont go tbagger on us.
3701 Rob  
3702 Darcy Bristol I will go to bat in my area for Ron Paul!!! RP 2012!!!
3703 Vance Cummings  
3704 Gregg  
3705 Joey Rozwadowski  
3706 tania vangeli  
3707 Ryan McCormick  
3708 Dustin Vote for RON!
3709 Dr. Christian Palma, DPT Dr. Ron Paul, Our constitutional rights are being besieged, right in front of Our eyes, like We’ve never imagined. The time is ripe for authentic ministers of The Constitution to reinstitute the precepts that Our Founding Fathers subscribed to, ergo restoring the Constitutional Republic that We were intended to be, & saving Our Great Nation from perilous decline.
3710 Diane Caffyn  
3711 Chester Teetor Please stay focaused on what we the people need now! Energy relief(DRILL DRILL DRILL, jobs, the health plan unfunded then disolved, border security espicially the state of AZ. 2012 you have my vote.
3712 Mark Engelen  
3713 Art Miller  
3714 Daman Singh You truly are America’s last hope. PLEASE run for PRESIDENT.
3715 james k. dolan  
3716 Alex Lakovetsky Ron Paul is America’s last hope.
3717 James Gortner  
3718 Scott Zinzer  
3719 Linda Swain Please seriously consider a run for the presidency in 2012.
3720 Chris Kiser  
3721 fred hague iii i voted for paul / marrou ticket in 1988 and i would sure love to be able to vote paul / venturi ticket in 2912
3722 bridget omara  
3723 Neal Bannister  
3724 chuck  
3725 Hilda We need a patriot like you as president to halt the socialism that is destroying our country.
3726 Steve Fontaine Congressman Paul. Please watch that devil, Ben Bernanke. He thinks he is so smart that he can finesse the economy and replace sound monetary management. He will destroy us even before Barack Obama.
3727 Rick Ulrich  
3728 Paul Truskey Vote Ron Paul to restore America to its former status as a nation of freedom, wealth and independence.
3729 L. Carlos Lara The Austrians need you. Please run.
3730 Danny Black There is no one I would rather have as my president than you Mr. Paul
3731 Chris Sianis Please repeal The Federal Reserve Act, and Title 26. Please issue an Executive Order (similar to what JFK did) to help return us to sound money.
3732 E Ann Dion I believe the Paul’s can help change this country!
3733 cathleen quinn  
3734 Phillip Randazzo  
3735 David McClellan DO it!
3736 Allen  
3737 Justin Bristol The time is now!! People are becoming more aware of the importance of having a patriot that adheres to the principles of the constitution, in office. I have been a supporter since 2008. I will do whatever is needed to get the word out.
3738 Paul Matsumoto  
3739 Vincent J Morgillo They finally at least read the constitution in congress, now we need someone to make them govern by it.
3740 Andrew Dubas  
3741 Elaine Havens Ron, Our country needs you!!!!!!
3742 Todd Ballard We need you, Mr. President.
3743 Chloe Zaffini  
3744 ralph miele run ron run
3745 Dale Overstreet Dr. Paul, you have awakened way too many people to stop now….
3746 Adney, casey I will never vote for a democrat and Ron Paul is probably the only republican I would vote for… And with today’s voters he’s the only republican who has a chance to win.
3747 Allison Ballard We are praying for you! Make it happen Ron Paul!
3748 Bonnie Marling  
3749 adam famulary Pleeeeease?
3750 brian carinder  
3751 Nicholas Halverson I pray that Ron Paul will run for President in 2012. We need a REAL President who will truly represent the people and not another puppet for the Banking cartel and Wall Street. Ron Paul is America’s last hope for monetary reform along with bringing America back to what our founding forefather’s intended. A nation for the people, run by the people and represented by individuals whose concerns are for our nation and its citizens. America must stop trying to police the entire world, it simply cannot be done and we will fail as well as bankrupting our entire nation in trying to do so.
3752 Radu Petroianu  
3753 Lora Albachten  
3754 Gregory Parret I know lots of my friends and family here in Alaska that want you to run.
3755 Tyler Zink  
3756 Richard Morgan SEMPER FI…

Buy gold and silver….

3757 Steven fandrei Run PAul run
3758 Rob Shepherd  
3759 Tom Hamilton The Spirit of America needs a leader!!!
3760 Todd Jeppesen  
3761 Holly Herriott-McEvoy Run, Ron, Run!
3762 F Nettles Dr. Paul, your integrity and your expertise in the matters of America is totally what our country needs in these uncertain times. 2012 could possibly be the greatest opportunity for the kind of change we need in America, with you as our President. Thank you for all your hard work and your unwavering ideals for a strong, independent and freedom loving America.
3763 L.H. Palletti Go for it, Doctor! We need you.
3764 Ken Cooper If not Ron Paul, then who I ask?
3765 Monte Ron Paul 2012
3766 michael smathers Our last Great Chance to save this Country.
3767 Dustin Smith Ron Paul is my President!!
3768 Redgie Green  
3769 Mike  
3770 Mike Messink Dr. Paul, I will campaign for you everyday of the week. Our country needs a true American Patriot.
3771 JACK E COOK  
3772 Sean Koopmans Let us help Ron Paul overcome the establishment and get in as president!
3773 Hilary Palmer  
3774 Katherine Cottrell Ron Paul a True Statesman.
3775 David McMaster  
3776 Alex Fraser  
3777 Christopher M. Henderson Let’s talk about the Fed! =)
3778 Gypsy Brokenwings We need you! As a paralegal student, I clearly see how far we have strayed.
3780 Jim B Although your party will NOT let you have any stage time just like in ’08, you’ve got my vote AGAIN Ron!
3781 Mike Wallace Go Paul!
3782 Corey Shaw You are our only hope!
3783 Collin Combs  
3784 Shellie Evans You got our vote.
3785 Bill Mullen We need someone who is interested in acting in support of the people of this great country.
3786 Tim Estep  
3787 Antonio Buehler I will never repeat the mistakes of the 2008 election. I will never again vote for the lesser of two evils. I will only vote for liberty and integrity from here on out. And Ron Paul is the only one that will get my vote in 2012.
3788 John S Sefton Absolutely, Go for it!!!
3789 Patsy letten  
3790 Carl D Lang  
3791 Gregory Cetton  
3792 Nick Smith  
3793 Brian Robinson  
3794 Kimberly Ritchey  
3795 Scott Cox The Democratic and Republican Parties are equally corrupt. VOTE THEM OUT !!!!!
3796 Cynthia Johnson Now more than ever, America needs Ron Paul and his common sense!!
3797 Varun  
3798 Greg Balensiefer Ron …I voted for you even when you were not on the ballot …I wrote you in …then I called the lady responsible for puting the names on the ballot and let her know how I felt about it!!
3799 Collin  
3800 Zachary Basler  
3801 Frederick Snyder Only a true statesman can turn America around. I have seen your leadership on bringing the Federal Reserve under more scrutiny. Can we count on you now Mr. Paul to help right the ship of state?
3802 Cheryl  
3803 Clayton Sheets  
3804 Bill McDonald  
3805 Christopher Burkland  
3806 Michael Mattingly Let us hope the principles of Dr. Ron Paul can be utilized with him as President of the United States.
3807 fred chu  
3808 Attila Csanyi  
3809 David Childers  
3810 David A Long I’m ready to pledge my life and fortune for the U.S. Constutional government.
3811 Bryan lets force a change here Ron
3812 Tom Malin  
3813 Devlon Duree  
3814 Brad Wise It’s a lot to ask, but we need your resoluteness!
3815 Kyle Leckey do it to spread the freedom message
3816 Ray Sells  
3817 Robert Zalanka Bring the Austrian perspective to the white house!
3818 Warren Blair Dr. Paul,
The country needs you now!
3819 Scott I would consider voting if you were allowed a chance in the finals
3820 Bruce L. Davies When money is debt, it is time to End the FED
3821 Nicole Quinn We’re ready to work even harder this time Dr Paul!
3822 Kohleen Liddell  
3823 Joshua Vallejos Ron Paul or bust!
3824 Lawrence Potter  
3825 ross hassett The rest of the world needs you at the helm every bit as America Dr. Paul!
3826 Summer Lightner You are my voice of reason, the hope for my future, the hope for my child’s future, the hope for freedom, and the reason I care about politics.

Because of you I have a new faith in the world and a inspired outlook despite undesirable scenarios. You speak the truth without worry of judgment.

You are already my president. I learn from you, I trust you, I respect you, and I am thankful for you. Even though I do not see you wining due to the special interests, you prolong “”our”" America just a little longer. We can not do this with out you. You are our republic.

This is not just about you being president, this is about you continuing to stand up for our constitution the way only you can. Your presidential run will give the publicity that is needed now more than ever to the issues that our destroying our great nation.

I have so much to thank you for as you give me and my daughter the best role model we have ever seen in our lifetime’s. Thank you for your courage. Thank you for obeying your oath. Thank you for your morals. Thank you not selling out. Thank you for believing in our founding fathers. Thank you for addressing the real issues that others chose to overlook.

My promise to you is that run for president, I will put myself 100 percent into supporting you. I will round up every moment of my time, every person I can recruit and we will have a Ron Paul Revolution! God Bless you for all you have done and for all that you do!

3827 Rob Franklin  
3828 Kevin Chenault These are exciting times!! We all hope you run Mr. Paul.
3829 Karen Blaho Ron Paul, Please run for POTUS in 2012!
3830 Richard Shilkus  
3831 Dan Stanglein  
3832 Aaron Lieto  
3833 Fredrick s. Moriguchi If you want real change vote Ron Paul
3834 Keith Exel  
3835 Rasul Davis We need someone who really understands and stands by the constitution.
3836 Krister Anderson Ron Paul is the only current politician I’ll go out of my way to support. Coincidentally, he’s also the only politician I know who appears to believe that power isn’t best in the hands of the governing elite.
3837 Norma Zaleski  
3838 Scott Barbour Go Ron. Though I don’t always agree with you, I now accept the belief that the only way to get half of what I want is to vote for you and forgo our differences. The things we agree on are in my opinion, vital to our remaining strong.
3839 Harold Baker We need you , Mr. Paul.
3840 Caesar Alarcon A time has com
3841 James Hopkins We need someone who will represent the people rather than the corporations.
3842 Dave Roberts Standard debates are not working for Ron Paul.
He needs to get on TV on a regular basis and PROVE to the American people just how out of control the current Federal Govt is.
3843 Linda Lifsey  
3844 Martin Nitschke Sign waving and internet voting won’t elect Ron Paul. If you want him to run, please help by contacting VOTERS about him.
3845 Donald Barsell If you decide to run Dr. Paul, I’ve got my support. God speed.
3846 Michael Weststyen Ron Paul! For Liberty!
3847 Frances Gettys  
3848 Eugene Be there for us, and we will help you!
3849 Evan Brander-McCaffrey America needs a doctor! We are ready to throw our collective resources behind you Dr. Paul!
3850 Coleen Sears  
3851 Dan Leonard Sir, The Republic needs you more than ever! Please take the reins!
3852 Marcus Vee Hinder Ron Paul for President 2012. America’s only Hope.
3853 Steven M. Ashmore, Ph.D. We need real leadership. Please run.
3854 Todd Chapman  
3855 Ricardo R. Barron Ron Paul 2012 - End the Fed!
3856 Martin E Palagonia I beg of you sir, common sense and fiscal responsibility have become an illusion and the Constitution loving public need you to stand…NOW!
I am willing to assist you in any and all ways you deem necessary to accomplish this goal!!!
3857 Princebena  
3858 Jeremy Sachs Alex Jones as your Vice President!!!
3859 Kujawa It’s sad we forgot what our fore fathers learned
3860 Cynthia Seitz We need someone to make the government accountable for their actions. Please be the voice that the people have had quieted for to long.
3861 Bradley H. Ballinger I feel this is our last opportunity to reclaim our country. RonPaul 2011
3862 Adam Marks Dr. Paul, I urge you to run for president in 2012 to restore the Republic.
3864 Belinda Miller \If you run, it will be the first time I will ever be willing to donate my own time and money to a campaign. We need your help and brilliant insight to save our country from those who have been at the helm for too long, and have brought our country to the verge of collapse.
3865 Jonathan A. Mitchell  
3866 G. Davis End reckless spending and save lives as only you can.
3867 James R Palmer End the FED
3868 Kevin Gregory The country needs you.
3869 Jeff & Debbie Mann Let’s get the US back!!
3870 Christian Bagley  
3871 Joan Lagasi we need honorable, trustworthy men in government therefor I sign for Ron Paul
3872 MH Greene  
3873 Melonie Jorgensen  
3874 David Watson  
3875 brian evans  
3876 Matt Cornejo  
3877 Humberto Fumagalli Liberty, liberty, liberty!
3878 J pear Paul 2012.
3879 Henry Paul Pierce  
3880 Cole Rodrigues  
3881 Greg Myers Good men should stand shoulder to shoulder in the fight against teranny
3882 Patricia McDaniel  
3883 Don Fowlerc  
3884 Lee E Levenson Jr Run Paul!!! You America’s e
3885 dale f. bossons  
3886 Douglas Austin America needs you now!!
3887 matt muller please?
3888 Cindi Robinson It would be wonderful to see integrity in the Whitehouse for a change. Long over due!
3889 Janet Brown  
3890 R D Jennings we need an honest president that can restore the USA
3891 ken landingham get us back on track andkreign in the gov. spending good luck in 2012
3892 Jason  
3893 Nicolet Nelson Please run Dear Ron,America and real Americans are need you!Please!!!!
3894 John Chimbor  
3895 Brian Vinson  
3896 Paul Strelski Dr. Ron Paul, we need you!
3897 Barbara Szczypiorski-Hovious  
3898 Beverly Beurskens  
3899 Kim Shaffer America needs you now more than ever!
3900 Robert Callahan  
3901 Mike Prettyman Ron, we need you.
3902 Brandon  
3903 jerry christen do away with the federal reserve
3904 Damien A. Chakwin we need you now Ron, The constitution needs you
3905 Dale Goodwin So when’s the next revolution March?!
3906 Frank Champ  
3907 Chris New I really hope he runs, however for me it doesn’t really matter. I wrote him in last time and I’ll write him in again. He’s the only vote I’ve cast I felt proud of. Grab the Judge as VP and let’s get this thing started!
3908 Steve Ron,
Please run. Help us straighten the most corrupt government in the world.
3909 Trey Hampton  
3910 Chris We need you to save this country from the filth that run it from behind the scenes. I’m afraid no one else has what it takes. Please do not let us down you are all we have.
3912 Christian Fairchild even if you don’t win, it gets your name out there, which is what you ultimately need
3913 Chris Camp Our grandkids need a future free from social democracy.
3914 John M. Theriot  
3915 Tony Grese Ron Paul will tear down that wall!
3916 Garry Wood Dear Ron Paul,

You are the only viable person that I have any interest in voting for in 2012. You are truly the voice of reason in Washington D.C.. You have my vote and I promise to work for your election if you will just give it one more try. There has never been a better time to bring this country together than now!

3917 tom pallotta  
3918 Josh Hansen  
3919 don bosch  
3920 John Root For the sake of preserving liberty and driving our country’s return to prosperity, please consider the country’s most influential position.
3921 Ronald Keeton  
3922 Steven Bowers  
3923 Jack E. Reinhard I support Dr. Paul’s view of constitutional and limited central government.
3924 Bill Butler Dr. Paul, what ever you think about your chances of winning, your running will bring attention to the real issues: The republic, liberty, states rights, the fed, foreign “”entanglements”", etc.
3925 lydia tomkovich We need to get our country back. We need you!
3926 Marina America needs you!
3927 Raymond S Perez  
3928 Buryl G.  
3929 Florence Leppert We need a true conservative!
3930 Dave Kosla Dr. Paul, we need you. YOU HAVE MY VOTE.
3931 Ron Bassett  
3932 Michael D. Seymour “”We, the people, are the rightful masters of both congress and the courts - not to overthrow the constitution, but to overthrow men who pervert the constitution. “”- Abe Lincoln
3933 Dr. Tom Haggerty  
3934 Howard Brooks  
3935 w.stover get it on !!!!!!!!!!
3936 Justin Lee  
3937 Robert Kovach “”Ron Paul 2012!”"
3938 David Dearie  
3939 Jake Middaugh  
3940 Robert H Eagar Ron Paul was right!
3941 tracy bondelier we’re doomed without you!
3942 Joseph Priest Go Ron Paul. Defend this nation and our freedom!
3943 Eric Thompson  
3944 Robert Hall  
3945 Brian J Okum  
3946 Shane  
3947 RONALD JABLONSKI You may be our last hope. Ican see no one else I would consider voting for.
3948 Chuck Palsa  
3949 Chris Kjeldsen  
3950 Dorothy Parker THE COUNTRY NEEDS YOU RON…………….
3952 Derek L. Wentz Best wishes, whatever you decide.
3953 tomasz walma  
3954 Carolyn Yount Just who we NEED, Mr. CONSTITUTION :)
3955 Roger Wilson Start a new party.Republicans are not going to change.
3956 Lou Dr. Paul, you are the man. Make us proud!
3957 Newell May The VOTES are waiting for you.
Bring our troops home, End the FED, restore Liberty and The US Constitution.
3958 Aaron Burhoe End the Fed!
3959 Damon Bean  
3960 Patrick Watts Ron Paul! You are a great human that loves freedom and the Constitution! I pray you run for president in 2012. If you choose to run I will be willing to join your campaign team and do anything I can to get people to know about you! Thank you for everything you do and being true to your word!
3961 RICHARD POWERS Last time, I wrote you in! This time, I want to see your name on the ballot. Run for the republic!
3962 William Bauer, Ph.D., Ph.D. Hell yes.
3963 eric  
3964 Joe Dwyer Audit the Fed
3965 Kevyn  
3966 Charles Lucas You have my Vote, America needs you.
3967 Matthew MacFarlane We need someone who can beat Palin in terms of grassroots enthusiasm
3968 Dr. Thomas Horn  
3969 Steve Boyer  
3970 Monte Reed  
3971 Craig Mare  
3972 Doug Burlison Dr. Paul, your committee chairmanship can be taken away by the whims of the Republican House Leadership. If we the people install you as the President, only God or impeachment can take that office away from you. Please consider this.
3973 Simon Pongratz It looks like it’s going to be Mr. Romney, but having your voice on that stage is refreshing.
3974 Nathan Charles Perry Please run for President and save this country.
3975 J. Sandberg  
3976 leonard holtmeier send the crooks and socialists home
3977 Jay Chaffe  
3978 Justin Johnson  
3979 Jared  
3980 Laura Phares-Wilson Could you please get the “”Whore of Babylon”" (aka Statue of Liberty) away from and off of all Ron Paul Campaign Materials. It is not necessary for ANY religious symbols to be associated with Ron Paul (especially occult/illumnati symbols) and I really do not care if the lot of you agree or not that the “”Whore of Babylon”" symbol is an occult symbol - it certainly is (why do you think that Hollywood disaster films always show that wretched statue getting destroyed? So the ignorant will get emotional and offended that the “”Whore”" is destroyed - because they LOVE her). It’s time to get real and come out of our DisneyLand Fantasy World. A Lot of people have awakened to the fact that evil abounds in America and there are sinister groups behind the evil. Ron Paul only needs to keep his banners simple and pleasing to the eye. Occult symbolism is Evil and he does not need evil in order to win the Presidency.
3981 Dorothy Tucker  
3982 Rhett F. Hepa hepa pow pow
3983 Ariel Please, we need someone who BELIEVES in, and will uphold our constitution.
3984 J Hall Let’s get the revolution started
3985 Richard Crana If you do declare I will be more than happy to give what I can to help finance your run for the presidency.
3986 Edward Goetz Dr. Paul, You are a becon of hope for Liberty
loving people in America. Please RUN.
3987 Debilyn Gardner  
3988 Wedge Plissken “”They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”"-Benjamin Franklin, written shortly before Feb. 17, 1775, as part of his notes for a proposition at the Pennsylvania Assembly.
3989 Maxi kerr Make a difference.
3990 William Murawski  
3991 Connie Theoharis We need integrity
3992 Fred Michelsen Go for it Dr. Paul! But, please run as Republican not independent. Don’t want to repeat 1992 Perot fiasco.
3993 Kyle Perry I kind of like to see you run with Mike Huckabee!
3994 Moy Paterson Please find the strength to stand. We need to combat global corruption.
3995 Lynn Ranney Woolsey  
3996 Harry Thomas God help us if we can’t get honest exemplary leaders like Ron Paul!!
3997 Christy Rogers You have ALL of my support Mr. Paul!!!!
3998 Regina Goddard Please run! I will campaign for you and I’ve never been willing to do that!
3999 Kurt Connelly You can do it Ron!
4000 Ian Burke A candidate worth voting for!

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