Signatures 30,001-35,000

Number Name Comment
32001 Williz DeNarie please!
32002 Steven Nowicki
32003 Steve Covelens When will America wake up. Govt is by the people FOR the people. Wake up America, it’s time to take back OUR country. Ron Paul can make us that great counrty I once knew.
32004 Hayden La Grange
32005 Christopher Corrington Go get ‘em Ron!
32006 Name not displayed Stop the maddness
32007 Ronnie Perl I believe he could win handily over Obama.
32008 Name not displayed
32009 Mark Kollmorgen Please run! You sir are the only one for the job! The United States needs you!
32010 Sandy Fregin Just like "Obi Wan Kenobi" - you’re our only hope!
32011 Michael Levesque
32012 Name not displayed
32013 Name not displayed
32014 Kevin Ellis go for it we are with you
32015 frank preiss
32016 Name not displayed
32017 matt baldea please run Ron Paul. 2012 we are counting on you
32019 Jean t. Smolkovich
32020 Name not displayed
32021 Name not displayed "Help us Ron Paul; you’re our only hope."
32022 Kara Romano Run Ron Run…..have Rand as Vice Pres!!!!
32023 Kevin Romano
32024 David Hughes Run Ron Run!

Without a Ron in the White House, the Constitution faces a dim future.
32025 Mark D. Bolton Ronald Reagan once said “Government does not solve problems; it subsidizes them.” Mr. Paul the people of the United States no longer need protection from ourselves, we are ready to deal with our problems.
32026 Benjamin Roach Please, help take our country back!
32027 Kavinder Grewal Run Ron Run. Bring back the non-interventionist libertarian GOP
32028 Name not displayed
32029 Name not displayed
32030 Lindy Jensen Loved you the first time. Need you the second.
32031 Gary Devore
32032 michael Banasiak Lets make it happen!
32033 J Thank you
32034 Name not displayed
32035 Todd Miller Ron, we need your brand of leadership or I fear our country will be lost.
32036 Sean Corcoran Another vote for Liberty!
32037 Scott Verner
32038 Richard Blackburn
32039 Name not displayed God bless you and God bless freedom, liberty, compassion, goodwill and America
32040 Andrew Beall Dr. Paul, you are the only candidate I would actually go out and vote for on election day. You give me hope for America.
32041 Nick Henderson Your country needs you, sir!
32042 Eddie Dunne Dr. Ron Paul "The Champion of the Contistuiton" for President 2012!!!!!
32043 Michael T Balonek
32044 Name not displayed Please (:
32045 skylar
32046 Christine Rouselle We need you Ron Paul.
32047 Name not displayed
32048 Name not displayed Uphold our Constitution.
32049 Amanda Savage Dr. Paul… please run in 2012, we so very desperately need you!
32050 Ann Fields
32051 Victoria Smith
32052 Josh Cahoon do it.
32053 Name not displayed
32054 Eibi
32055 John Smith Jr Wall street doesn’t have a place in the government - they have weaseled their way in under the last 2 presidents - I would like to see a commitment to getting out of Washington anyone who is involved with, or has been involved with, any company that helped to directly or indirectly cause the economic crash of this age. I would also like to see them held accountable for those actions. Obama got elected by vowing to do these very things, and even now, when other world leaders are imposing regulations of their financial markets, Obama has done nothing. I will vote for you if you run, we need Change we can believe in, and Obama has proven he isn’t it.
32056 Dustin Schaeffer Rob Paul is the last hope for this nation. If he doesn’t make it into office, you can be rest assured that you are looking at the last days of the United States of America. Please run Dr. Paul!
32057 Name not displayed Dr. Paul please consider running for president as you are the only man to speak truth wherever you are.

God bless you and your family,

Cody Hausman-st cloud state university
32058 Nicole Hanes
32059 John Whittington I need someone I can vote FOR and your that man. Ron Paul 2012!
32060 joseph j spagnola jr
32061 Casey Holan Please run in 2012!! and put Judge Napolitano in the supreme court!!
32062 Jayme Nickens
32063 Erick Geiling The country needs you, Michigan needs you, I need you to run in 2012 to put are country back to the way our founding fathers dreamed it would be. It’s time to depend on our selfs not other countries. By making our own clothes, cars, technology, drilling our own oil lets put AMERICA back to work
32064 Name not displayed
32065 Name not displayed Our country is at the crossroads, the President has taken way off course, only a true American Patriot such as you can get us back to where we need to be, please run!
32066 Johnny Blankinship Hi Dr. Paul! You delivered me into this world in ’69! We LOVE YOU - PLEASE RUN!
32067 Jacob Schmidt
32068 Name not displayed
32069 Madiha I solute your courage and your efforts to fight against the tyranny and corruption in our government, and all over the world. I will vote for you next year, should you choose to run. God Bless You. I was terribly wrong about you in 2008.
32070 Eugene Lucas Dr. Paul, having you on the ballot would bring hope to us all.
32071 SHAWN MICHAEL ZARK Ron Paul, please please run for the 2012 presidental election i will gaurentee my vote as do serveral of us here from texas and know you speak the truth about our goverment… you are the face of people who all have the same issues with our goverment.. please run to get rid of beauricrats
32072 Patrick Canar RUN PAUL RUN!!!
32073 Iris Temple Please run. I’d like to vote for someone I believe in.
32074 Adam Kopp Run, Ron, run!
32075 Allan Abaunza We need a real president, its about time!
32076 Name not displayed Our country needs you!
32077 V.M.B.
32078 Erik Tripp
32079 James A. Mills
32080 Justin Jagielski Lets get him in this time!!
32081 Name not displayed America needs help, thank you and may God bless
32082 Timothy Tiner
32083 Cal H.
32084 Lance Marceau
32085 Name not displayed Ready and Willing to give you my vote.
32086 cynthia saavedra
32087 Name not displayed Please run for president. You were my choice in 2008 and you are my choice for 2012 and the future.
32088 Brandon LaVigne I want a Ron Paul 2010 bumper sticker!
32089 Lisa Tiedeman We need you now more than ever!
32090 Molly Robrecht
32091 Ray Monberg
32092 Lyles Carter
32093 Justin Benedict The work of the Republican party since regaining the House and many state governments has shown that we need a real voice in the White House. Your ideas can help save this nation from itself.
32094 Christopher Norton
32095 Cassandra Bullock Our country needs a man like you to lead us!!!
32096 Jesse Olesen Ron Paul I love you!!!!!!!!!!! Come on please run again your one of the only Republicans out there that I side with on almost everything!
32097 James Hopkins You remind me of a real-life Captain America. And that’s just what we need. Godspeed.
32098 Michael Hauser He is the only person worth voting for!
32099 Name not displayed
32100 Name not displayed
32101 Name not displayed Please keep your promises when you become president.
32102 A Montgomery I voted for Rand Paul in KY! I want Ron Paul for the USA!!!
32103 Steven Helms De Oppresso Liber!
32104 Name not displayed Please run!!! End the Fed, bring the troops back, end income taxes!!!
32105 David Spink Ron Paul speaks the truth.
32106 chris
32107 Liam Farrell Ron Paul,

How could we all be so stupid and not to elect you. Please Ron Paul run. Don’t give up the fight for everyone’s freedom and liberty. I live in NY and I would do anything to make people wake up and see whats really going on. But we are all sheep. I and many other people I know would back and help you win the 2012 election. You’re our only hope. What would Thomas Jefferson do? He die defending this countries liberty and freedom! So would I…

-Liam Farrell
32108 scott mantione Thank you and may God keep you safe Dr Ron Paul
32109 Paul Mann if 9/11 wasn’t an inside job…then why haven’t demolition techs taken to using planes to bring buildings down rather than "4,000 separate charges"…? just sayin
32110 Joshua Hawley W need America BACK!!! We need a leader like you! Vote Paul 2012!!!
32111 Marco Carbajal End militarism now!
32112 Keith V Ron Paul 2012!!!!!!!!!
32113 dennis forester It’s time we got back to the rules that this great country was founded on. Our forefathers would be ashamed at the way we are being goverened. Im all for you for president I truly believe in what you are trying to do.
32114 Name not displayed Paul on the prowl!!!!
32115 Name not displayed
32116 J E Holderman Please run, there is no real candidate besides you who can rally all real constitutionalists.
32117 ronald paul picard
32118 William Story
32120 Andy Glowacki You’ve got my vote!!!
32121 Joshua D Help us Ron Paul… Your our only hope.
32122 Name not displayed Please Run for the presidency! 2012 will be the year for you. we will not let the media ignore your message!
32123 Name not displayed Ron Paul 2012 - Vote for Common Sense
32124 Daniel Del Gaizo MD
32125 Name not displayed You have my, and my entire family’s, vote…..2012 is the right time for your leadership. This country needs a statesmanm not a professional politician
32126 Name not displayed Please run for President again in 2012. I believe Americans are even more receptive to your message than they were in 2007/2008. I will be writing your name on the ballot even if you are not on it, so please decide to run for President again in 2012. Peace, Love, and Liberty!
32127 Trace Beard
32128 Name not displayed
32129 Arash Najibfard My last hope.
32130 Name not displayed
32131 Name not displayed PLEASE RUN!
32132 Sean Parks Dr. Paul Sir, I would really like for you to run for office in 2012, You will definitely get my vote. But regardless whether you do or not, I will consider you my President anyway.
32133 Dane Larkin
32134 ricky may You inspire people to believe in America again. You encourage people to learn about government and the political process. It’s your duty to help in this way because you’re strong enough and smart enough to help in this way. Thank you.
32135 Millie Liebert You will have my vote !
32136 ethan domaingue it is my first presidential election, give me someone to vote for
32137 Name not displayed
32138 Jared Ackerman Those who have much, much is expected.

32139 Andrew Goldberg Please Run for President in 2012! Dr. Paul - you are a living hero - and our country needs you. Please be our president.
32140 Dennis Alcorn
32141 Name not displayed please run, we need at least one option for an honest candidate.
32142 Henry Cross Vote for Paul because Democrats and Republicans have ruined this country.
32143 Mark Wilson
32144 Fallon Reynolds Please don’t give up…it is often when we feel like giving up and when we are in our darkest hour that the hand of the Lord moves and he shoes His power. Nothing is impossible for the Lord to accomplish. Your country needs you O’ Mighty man of God.
32145 John H Please run! My vote is yours. Change is needed more than ever
32146 D.J. Meachum America has been run by Tyrants for the last 50 YEARS! You will be the first great president to take the country to greatness in the midst of a national crisis since JFK. PLEASE run and lead with pride, and many, many citizens will look up to you in pride as well.
32147 Name not displayed
32148 Name not displayed Do work!
32149 Raymond Ibarra " It is Error alone that needs the support of govenment. Truth can stand by itself"

-Thomas Jefferson

You will not need to stand alone in this ever continuous battle for our liberty, the peoples voice will follow the light that walks into the darkness.

Its time to become producers again and not be forced to be the consumers.

Thank you Congressman Ron Paul for giveing me hope.
32150 Scot Shuman
32151 Name not displayed The masses call to you, Paul. You are a man of courage and it seems you appeal to not the group, but the individuals. Do what is right, as my faith is in your hands.
32152 Name not displayed
32153 Lucas Purciful
32154 Tonia Cox Ron Paul will help bring America back to what the Forefathers intended.
32155 Robert Sosa
32156 Jerry Ahwinona Thank you Rep. Paul for being a constitutionalist; We are a dieing breed sir, Please consider 2012.
32157 Avery Bellis Dr. Paul, You have much more support in this election than in 2008 and its still growing exponentially. Your chances of freeing the people of America have never been so great. I mean no disrespect but refusing to run for president in 2012 will crush the morale for those of us in the revolution. I am doing what ever I can do to spread the word, and if you did not run I would feel that all of my efforts had been in vain. We need change and we cannot wait another four years, from the bottom of my heart I ask that you run, do it not only for liberty, but for all of you supporters like me who are absolutely sure that we will succeed. Your supporters are painstakingly their job of spreading the word, we need you to do yours.
32158 Magdalena Ibarra
32159 Name not displayed I feel a change coming on.
32160 Jason Stephenson
32161 Name not displayed
32162 Zafar Khan Dear Dr. Paul. I am not a republican or democrat. I am an American. You are the only person in congress who understands the disasters of our foreign policy and our economic misfortunes including aid to Israel. We need to take America back from Israel and misadventurism abroad. Please run for president.

32163 Jason Tomitz Please run for America Mr Paul
32164 Bobby Bryant Jr. America needs Ron Paul! I don’t understand why most Americans continue with the madness of electing status quo politicians! Who does their thinking for them, Rush Limbaugh and NPR?
32165 Name not displayed
32166 Chris Bishop
32167 Name not displayed
32168 Matthew Cooper Roll Tide!
32169 Andrew Rodriguez We need you more than ever.
32170 Jon-Curtis Graney resurgam
32171 David Blakeley
32172 Renee White
32173 Victor Solender There is no thing as radical! different viewpoints is integral part of a healthy democracy, take Mr. Nader by hand and remove the criminal Fed RESERVE (We can debate the socialism/free market issues later!)
32174 Paul White For those of us who actually know what shape this country is in and where it’s headed we emphatically beg you Ron Paul to run for President again. You are the hope this country has before we are transformed into another third world slave nation by the growing tyranical world governing cabal.
32175 Corey Hagen
32176 joe suleiman
32177 De Wind Free America! I wish you strength, wisdom, endurance and victory over America;s surpressors.

Kind regards from the Netherlands.
32178 janet reese God bless men and woman like you out there who maintain sanity in an insane world.
32179 Kevin Foster
32180 Name not displayed
32181 steven libertore
32182 Andrea Laack
32183 Tara Trezona I value freedom!
32184 Jeanie Windsor
32185 Matt Caraway
32186 Michael A Jorden ::::ETETOHB:::: Extraterrestrials for the Ethical Treatment of Human Beings:::: thanks for running 2012
32187 Margo Greenwell I have liked Ron Paul and what he stands for - He will get my vote in 2012.
32188 Mr Bott Unlike the debates previous, talk slower and provide fact to back up what you are saying Ron.
32189 Name not displayed Just changed my party affiliation from independent to Republican in preparation for the primaries.

RON PAUL 2012!
32190 Name not displayed Just changed my part affiliation from independent to republican in preparation of the primary elections.

Ron Paul 2012!
32191 ray rauscher jr We Wnat YOU or RAND! or both Come on Paul! Save Us!
32192 Name not displayed Maybe you should run as an Independent, I understand your position that the Republican Party has to gain a popular voice, but it seems as they have lost their way.
32193 John Lemke No other potential candidate is able to apply the principles of freedom like Ron Paul.
32194 Cory Your Austrian inspired economic platform is exactly what this country needs!
32195 Name not displayed
32196 Matt Kita
32197 Name not displayed Give it another try Ron, you’re our only hope.
32198 Dustin K
32199 Bryan Braddy Ron Paul has opened my eyes. I believe in what he says and think that our country needs him.
32200 Christopher S. Wright Sr. If there is anything I can do to further your cause please feel free to contact me via e-mail. I live in Central Arkansas and this state could use a voice like yours. I love your school of thought and deeply apologize for not researching you sooner. I am a firm believer that when it comes to government and the governed thereof, the right hand is never aware of what the left is doing which has consequently led this country straight to fiscal, social, and moral Hell. Bare in mind, I am of multi-racial heritage, was raised with Southern Baptist (and no longer subscribe to any one particular theology due to the controversy and bloodshed related to theological principle), am disabled and have a criminal justice degree. Trust me when I say I love my government. I have even worked on various campaign committees and served in non-partisan civic action organizations. However, I am fed up as well are my wife and four children. Mr. Paul, I hope you are not only a man of principle, but of your word as well as I am willing to put my faith in the entire process once more by resting it at your feet. I hope you are the one to prove me and millions wrong and restore this government to what it reads well on paper but has yet to materialize since its conception, constitutionally based liberty and justice for all. Thank you and good luck!
32201 Name not displayed We need you!
32202 Mitchell J. Biela One more time, doctor.
32203 Name not displayed
32204 Isaac Jaramillo
32205 Alexander Jordan "Ron Paul is the only honest, plain-speaking, makes-sense candidate for President in 2012. He speaks the Truth". I’ll register as a Republican to vote for him in our State 2012 Primary too!
32206 Marshall Upton
32207 amber williams
32208 Austin Morris
32209 Amanda Worman
32210 Ryan Marshall In 2012 we will succeed.
32211 Chris Stone Ron Paul = Freedom, peace, Liberty
32212 Victoria Blanchard We appreciate you.
32213 Name not displayed
32214 Steve Dutner
32215 jeff holden god is at your side & all the people in America who want to be free.
32216 Greg Gillis Your our only hope in restoring America
32217 Dustin Hamabata Take down the fed!
32218 Dustin Cole Hamabata Take down the fed!!
32219 james burow please help us take our country back. thank you for your insight and courage.
32220 Justin
32221 Name not displayed
32222 Edward Pomicter Please, please run!
32223 Name not displayed Please run
32224 Name not displayed
32225 Paul D. Kaestner I’ll always remember your comments with regard to one of the biggest problems facing America during the Presidential debates, "It’s the Economy - Stupid" and the main-stream media along with the rest of the field of candidates dismissed your observations as folly. You were right! And, you were the only one who got it right! Please consider charging that windmill one more time. Your country really needs your leadership and clear understanding of what’s wrong with America and how to fix it.
32226 openyourhearti All Area Roofing and Restoration

32228 Name not displayed
32229 Emil Shakov This time Run To Win!!!
32230 Name not displayed
32231 Name not displayed USA needs a change. Take the federal reserve down! - From Australia
32232 Name not displayed
32233 Charles Whitwam You must is all I can say. Don’t hold back, get the message out.
32234 Name not displayed
32235 Nathaniel Stamper
32236 Courtney Stamper
32237 Roger Peterson Where do I send money for your as-yet-to-be-announced 2012 Presidential campaign? Oh, and you should pick Rand for VP.
32238 Thomas McCaffrey Go Ron!
32239 Name not displayed
32240 Name not displayed
32241 Name not displayed
32242 William Ashford
32243 Jason Sawmiller Paul/Johnson 2012
32244 Jim Pass the word on to everyone you know as quick as possible!!

Ron Paul Day

April 15th!

Where All go to local? downtowns to rally for ron paul show him we are here to fight for him and he should run for president!!!!
32245 melinda schmidt
32246 Sara You truly are a genuine patriot & We The People need you to help us get this country back on track. We’ll do whatever it takes to get you into the White House where you belong (legally of course, let’s not forget that)! Ron Paul 2012!
32247 Name not displayed
32248 Jesus Perez Since reading many of your works such as End the Fed, The Revolution, and others I have chosen to be a Republican. My Family has always set Republicans are the worse of humans, because they hate non whites and the poor, but I realize that it is not true, other people have also inspire me to become Republican, but you are one of the greatest inspirations of young Republicans.
32249 Name not displayed Please stop the bankers. Lets be free again.
32250 Paul Carlson
32251 ryan e rauscher
32252 Carlos Mora Me and my entire family support you Ron Paul!!!!!!
32253 Shawn Ladue
32254 Name not displayed Keep speaking the truth!
32255 Name not displayed We need a true leader now, not a politician!!!
32256 Jeff Jones
32257 Name not displayed
32258 Name not displayed
32259 Name not displayed
32260 Jed Redeker Run, baby, run!
32261 lit Personal responsibility is individual liberty.

Mr. Paul,

You transcend the voice of reason to become inspiration.

Thank you.
32262 Felix Martinsson Freedom forever

From Sweden.
32263 Heather Coon
32264 Name not displayed Dr. Paul is the only candidate I would even consider bothering to vote for. Obama is GWB with a tan, and the GOP is an absolute wasteland. It’s Ron Paul or I stay home on election day..again.
32265 Chad Sturgill You have my vote Dr. Paul!
32266 Frank Schreiber
32267 Robert Pecoraro
32268 M K
32269 Name not displayed
32270 Sandy McGarry
32271 Name not displayed If we settle for nothing now, we’ll settle for nothing later!
32272 Mark Sullivan, Esq. Please help our country return to the limited constitutional representative republic it was intended to be. "In questions of power then, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution."

- Thomas Jefferson
32273 Benard D. Campomanes Time to put common sense back into the White House!
32274 Joe Dmytryck When the people fear their government you have tyranny, when the government fears its people you have liberty!
32275 Kyle
32276 Anthony Livshen Please, we need you. There really is no one else in the field.
32277 william mcgarry
32278 Name not displayed
32279 Kurt Miller Ron Paul is our last and only hope. This will be my first election I will ever vote in and I sure as hell hope that I can circle Ron Paul’s name on the ballot.
32280 Name not displayed If Ron Paul doesn’t run, my write-in vote goes to Jello Biafra… PLEASE RUN!!!!!
32281 Name not displayed
32282 Ashley Matherly
32283 Sheryl Proft
32284 Name not displayed Lead the charge Sir!
32285 Name not displayed
32286 Name not displayed
32287 Ethan Young Put an end to america’s corrupt ways!
32288 Stephen Raia I think Ron is our only chance for a shot at a decent future in America
32289 John White How about Ron Paul 2011.
32290 Michael Callion Please run for president again. I believe that you will bring the radical change that America desperately need.
32291 Justin R. McNutt Ron,

Our country is in deep trouble and you are the only one with the sense, rationale, and attitude who can pull America back to where she belongs.
32292 Chris Long Ron Paul the new hope for this GREAT NATION
32293 Heather Straub Ask not what your counrty can do for you but what you can do for your counrty
32294 Rex Dupea Thank you Ron!!
32295 Cody Ron Paul being elected would bring tears of joy to my eyes:,)
32296 Dwight Crocker Keep speaking the truth! God Bless You!
32297 Name not displayed
32298 Greg McCrea
32299 Hani Alsharif Ron Paul is an honorable politician and statesman. I would be proud to support him
32300 Name not displayed Ron Paul for President! 2012 will be the first election I am able to vote in (I missed the last one by a small margin), and I can only hope that this man will lead our country back to being great. Maybe even respected.
32301 Matt Blaha What’s the alternative of winning? We must refuse to lose.
32302 David Snedden 16 years of PAUL
32303 Name not displayed
32304 Andre Izsak
32305 Peter Kern
32306 Name not displayed
32307 Brian Ellender Now more than ever, we need him so stop our downward spiral.
32308 Name not displayed
32309 Name not displayed IMO, Your the closest to our founding fathers since I’ve started fallowing politics.
32310 Charles Bauman Dear Dr. Paul,

Your message and interpretation of government’s role is the most sound in politics I have encountered. As we approach a point of no return for our economy, government and political system, we need your voice to be heard so that it may inspire others to action. Please run for President and bring your message to those who have yet to hear it.

Best regards,

32311 Daniel Ulco
32312 Matthew James Schuster I support Ron Paul for president in 2012. Lets end these unnecessary, non-winnable wars and start focusing on the United States of America instead of the rest of the world for a change. Stop the fighting; keep the peace!
32313 Name not displayed I support your campaign in Miami Florida
32314 Jarod Witt You’re a voice of calm reason over a sea of short-sighted, arrogant emotion.
32315 Richard End the Fed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
32316 Name not displayed
32317 arlyss nutsch
32318 Joshua WE need you!
32319 peter macneil I will donate my time ,space and what little fiat money I have to get Ron Paul elected President. I am positive he is our only hope to pull us out of this nose dive into the economic ground. People here don’t even know who you are! We need to make known to every soul in this country the name Ron Paul and how he can help us to help ourselves back to the country our grandchildren deserve.
32320 Name not displayed
32321 Dana Giampaolo We’re behind you, Dr. Paul. We need more people like you in positions where we can really change this country for the benefit of ALL of its citizens. I believe you can do that.
32322 Name not displayed
32323 Alibrahimi You are our only hope Mr. Paul
32324 Michael B. Rautenberg Sr. It’s 2012. SOMETHING is going to break that year. Whether it’s the earth exploding, or a worldwide revolution, YOU ARE THE HOPE THIS COUNTRY NEEDS.
32325 Gene Albert
32326 Wayne Taylor "Dr. Paul, never before have we ever needed someone like you so badly. Please help us!""America and the world needs a voice of reason.

The only true patriot in the government. Thomas Jefferson would be proud of Ron Paul
32327 Brandon Shepherd Give me Ron or give me death!
32328 Name not displayed We all need a little Ron paul in our lifes.
32329 Name not displayed We need Ron now more than ever. Please inform yourself and have the courage to do what is right.
32330 Name not displayed You are a real Voice of the People.
32331 Lance J. Levish I’m registered as a democrat but no longer! Crossing the line to vote for Ron Paul in 2012 because our great country and its base values are being destoyed! It cannot go on any longer!!
32332 Ronald Barnabei JR Dr Paul, You are a true constitutionalist.Our founders wouid be proud of you.
32333 Name not displayed At this point, you may be our only hope.
32334 Jason God You have my vote. I will be your campaign manager if needed.
32335 Eryk Opasik Support from Polish libertharianism.
32336 Name not displayed
32337 buy here pay here fort worth dodge diesel You certainly have some agreeable opinions and views. Your blog provides a fresh look at the subject.
32338 John Estes Let’s defeat President Obama!
32339 Renee Broadwater "Your our only hope."
32340 Patrick Stewart Dont quit yet.
32342 Name not displayed Please Mr. Paul…..Please!
32343 Justin Williams Ron Paul I am fed up with my country and hope you will run (and win) during the next elections so we can take our country back.
32344 Chris McDonald Run Ron Run
32345 JimJoe Please enter the race. I am a tea party supporter. I do not trust the Republicans to do the right thing. Thanks JJ
32346 jay c. black
32347 Marc Sengebusch
32348 Name not displayed Please Ron, for the hope of mankind we need you more now than ever. Thank you!
32349 Name not displayed God bless you Dr. Paul.
32350 Jessica Kurtz You are what this country needs
32351 Name not displayed
32352 Name not displayed Win.
32353 Glen Kaylor
32354 Giacomino Gallazzo
32355 Ellen Ricci
32356 Jesse Gordon America is on a knife edge, it needs a visionary to set its course straight again.
32357 Alexander Diorio "The government solution to a problem is usually as bad as the problem"

-Milton Friedman
32358 Name not displayed Straight talking people like you and Rand are two of the very few things that keep me engaged in politics these days-Run in 2012!

Please don’t leave us to choose between the ‘evil’ of two ‘lessers’.
32359 Richard Cordova Bring back america please.
32360 Clint Schlatter
32361 Hunter Jefferson Dr. Paul, I am currently in highschool and I want you to know that you are a true inspiration to me. Your continual fight for liberty against both sides is just amazing and I hope that you deeply consider running for the presidency come this next election.
32362 Brandon Martin Our country needs a honest leader.
32363 Jim Whalen I appreciate the hard work you are doing on behalf of all Americans.

32364 Brian Abington I’ve got your back Ron. I will do anything I can do to help your campaign in Washington State.
32365 David DeCourcey ron paul 2012
32366 Name not displayed
32367 Name not displayed
32368 Name not displayed It is time for a real change.
32369 Marcus Perez Your amazing. Period.
32370 james losi
32371 james losi
32372 Name not displayed Ron Paul is our only hope…. LITERALLY our only hope.
32373 chad rochester
32374 Patricia Rochester
32375 Name not displayed Our country is in dire straights never in our history has the need been greater we need you please
32376 Matt Biondi
32377 William C. Wilkinson JOIN THE REVOLUTION. Thank you Dr. Paul.
32378 Matthew Wach
32379 Philip Durso What else are you going to do Dr. Paul…play the fiddle?
32380 Jason Hope this doesn’t get me on a special list, Hope he does whats he says, Hope he Wins the fixed elections via mass media telling the sheep how to vote for Pre-selected candidate #1 or #2 all the same. Run 2012 I will support to the fullest!
32381 Nick Nelson Americans need you Ron.
32382 Thomas C Dudley
32383 Name not displayed
32384 Chad VanDyke
32386 Kenneth Dudley
32387 Temitope S
32388 Name not displayed please run. when donald trump, bachmann and palin are getting serious consideration I believe you’re common sense will shine brighter than ever in the field.
32389 Peter
32390 Will Quegg RONNIE P
32391 Joshua McGowan
32392 Nate Peterson Ron Paul is exactly what America needs to get us out of the mess that Republicans and Democrats have gotten us into over the past 20 years!
32393 Matt Mellinger Do it!
32394 Sheldon if elected TELL THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES THE TRUTH! we all need it! we can handle the TRUTH and we want the TRUTH about all the secrets!
32395 Joshua Weidner You are the most rational candidate I have seen in a long time. Personal Freedom and Economic Liberty? Yes, Please.
32396 Alexander Woolf The best of luck in 2012 Congressman
32397 Joe America’s only hope.
32398 Jeff Bean We need logic in America and Ron seems to be that logic.
32399 Jeffrey Stenroos Rep. Paul, please consider using your committee chair position to educate the people of this country on the origins of the fed and how fractional reserve banking works.
32400 Jared McClure While I don’t agree with you about everything, you will certainly have my vote if you go up against Owebama.
32401 Hamin You’re the only one stating the truth.
32402 Nick Riggs
32403 Name not displayed Our last chance to save America
32404 Name not displayed Ron, if you run, I may be able to vote Republican again. Please do this. You may be the only one who can stop a violent revolution.
32405 Austin E Get some,Ron Paul!!
32406 C.J. Coffield
32407 Shara Gray Please run! I would be excited about voting for once in my life!
32408 Jackie We want justice, respect life, no more attacking other countries - cut military expenses, true peace: this is truly patriotic and world peace. God will help you Paul!
32409 Caine Osm Although I’m a european, I want Ron Paul to run for the elections with all my heart. It will be a humanitarian act to vote for him! I just wish i could get a U.S citizenship and vote for him !
32410 Christine L. You have 100% of my support, sir.
32411 Stoker Adkins
32412 Ron Maxim
32413 Name not displayed Ron

I am one of many not drinking the kool aid when "They" tell us you cannot win. Depsite all the media efforts to discredit you, you are the ONLY one who tells the truth and makes sense - I agree with 99% of what you have to say - please run and save the U.S. !
32414 TC Ryan With Ron Paul running in 2012, there will truly be, hope for America.
32415 shubo shah A true freedom man
32416 Cody Granger Please use very Large amplifiers, Dr Paul! The Truth is sinking in now! You have all my support for any campaign.
32417 Wanda Piety Ron Paul has my vote if he runs for President in 2012!
32418 Name not displayed I believe you are the only person that will standup and do what is needed for America and not be persuaded by lobbyists.America really needs you Dr.Paul.
32419 Name not displayed Please.
32420 Stephen Griffin You have my support and this country needs you now more than ever.Please run in 2012
32421 Name not displayed Ron Paul-> Your excellence is only exceeded by your brilliance… Please run!!! I will run you NEPA HQ if needed….
32422 Name not displayed i just heard about you like 20 minutes ago and i love your patriotism i wish i could do more but i live in saudi arabia
32423 Ed Kunkel
32424 Name not displayed
32425 Name not displayed
32426 Sandor Pal Yes we should legislate back the CONSTITUTION and you are the right person Ron Paul.
32427 Ehsan Abdullah You are the only hope left for mankind and civilization in general sir… May God Bless you and civilization.
32428 Clayton Ellis
32429 Jessica Parker I will vote for you because I support your knowledge and courage. I voted for you in the primary and refused to vote for the other candidates in the general. Please run again!
32430 David Trask
32431 Name not displayed
32432 John Murphy You are one of a very few politicians who actually speak the truth! The rest vote, speak and act only for themselves, for their careers. Reps and Dems are joke, a mirage. Like 2 children, they simply point the finger at the other, solving nothing, digging us further in debt while The People are ignored! Please run and be the honorable leader this nation so desperately needs!
32433 wesley ashley You will have my vote.
32434 Evan Todd
32435 Craig Rynbeck
32436 Name not displayed Were do I send the money?
32437 Name not displayed With Ron Paul as President, US would be again the example of freedom for the entire world. Respecting the world US would regain the respect from the people of the earth
32438 Theodore francisco
32439 Name not displayed
32440 William Bauman
32441 Timothy Korn
32442 Matthew Wyman
32443 Darryl McFarland
32444 Name not displayed please ron paul run for president and undo what the international banking elite did.
32445 Robert Leni Please Run!!!
32446 Craig Sanders The wisest man to walk the earth, King Solomon, had this to say about Ron Paul: "Gray hair is a crown of glory; it is gained in a righteous life."
32447 Carol Anderson You may be our only hope to save this great nation.
32448 Alan Dunleavy
32449 Jason Douglas Brown
32450 Kevin J. Rayford wheres a list of rallies that i can join?

i want to participate
32451 William R Carver II WE THE PEOPLE want our voice back and for OUR government to actually be held accountable; after all, we’re the ones paying for all the stupidity.
32452 Jeffrey Konicek
32453 Name not displayed GO Ron Paul.
32454 Garrett Histed
32455 Name not displayed
32456 Lorraine Martinez
32457 Rob Wood Just do it!
32458 Cissy amelio
32459 Brian McBreen
32460 Name not displayed Don’t give up for us. Keep it going. We need you for 2012 and beyond.
32461 Louis Robertson Man is born free. Government has no place in our personal lives.
32462 Name not displayed Legalize Marijuana and keep it Secular!
32463 Name not displayed
32464 Michael Zuber i voted for you in 2008 and will work hard for you in 2012! Run, Dr Paul, RUN!
32465 Name not displayed
32466 John Daly You can count on John Daly
32467 Name not displayed Ron Paul for President
32468 Name not displayed please end the fed please!!!!!!!!!!
32469 Larry anderson
32470 Michael R. McFarland
32471 Jon Lebsack Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom.
32472 Bradley Perry I am a soldier and a two-time veteran of Iraq. I would be more proud to serve under you than anyone else sir.
32473 Kyle Maretz
32474 Derek Bazell
32475 Michael E. Wallace II We love you in the Palmetto Republic!
32476 Mike Lopez Mike from Midland Texas, Infowars listener, wearer of the Draft Ron Paul 2012 T shirt
32477 Sharon Moak
32478 Tim Stafford do it big
32479 Name not displayed “If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy”- James Madison

Ron Paul 2012 help his vision spread it is the only choice we have of reclaiming whats rightfully ours.
32480 Barak Wangler We are doomed without you running. PLEASE RUN
32481 Name not displayed
32482 Name not displayed
32483 Kyle Mozingo Thank you for fighting for our liberty now and for our future generations!
32484 jacob
32485 Gregory Werner
32486 Henry Vaughn Though I have far left tendencies, I feel that you would be the greatest leader for our country. We need guidance, a visionary. We need Ron Paul.
32487 Name not displayed I’ll only register to vote if Ron Paul decides to run.
32488 Tim
32489 Mike Cook
32490 john carrier Go Ron ! Go!
32491 Name not displayed
32492 Deniz Ok
32493 Stephen Monaghan For Liberty!
32494 Starr Moore the Constitution is written on illegal Hemp paper. How did we get here.
32495 Patrick "Pat" Riot You have my support! Help us end leftist tyranny in Washington!!!
32496 Jim Steichen
32497 Name not displayed yes, please..we need you more than ever…
32498 Name not displayed Please Run!
32499 Ariano Abbasi
32500 Rebecca Run Paul!
32501 Name not displayed Censoring Dr. Ron Paul is un-American.
32502 William Arneson Please run, Dr. Paul. America needs you. 8′-(
32503 mark kensey
32504 Marc LeMaster "Live free or die, death is not the worst of evils." General John Stark, Revolutionary War hero
32505 McCabe Jamrosz
32506 Name not displayed the constitution is the supreeme law of the land. any law that goes against the constitution should be null and void. we need to keep the right to own guns for self defense against invasion or domestic threats. stop all wars ,the american people pay for war while corporations and bankers get richer.
32507 Gary Watson This is the time for reason and honesty in our nation. Please run in 2012 and I will personally make it my mission to get as much support for you as humanly possible
32508 Micah H A true American as Ron Paul is our only hope.
32509 Raven T. Please run, America needs you!! It’s been asleep for far too long, it’s time it wakes up!!
32510 Long B. Thomas Jefferson stated, "If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered."

32511 Roger Williams
32512 Lewis
32513 Bart I am from Europe but I hope my American fellow humans help this person into the oval office, its your last chance.

He’s the only republican I could ever vote for… although I can’t vote anyway, haha.

Best of luck Ron and godspeed!

Greetings from holland!
32514 Name not displayed see it through
32515 dawn lucker
32516 Name not displayed Ron Paul is one of the most competent politicians out there.
32517 Leisa Wolff George Washington:My policy has been & will continue to be … friendly terms with, but independent of, all nations on earth. To share in the broils of none. To supply their wants, and be carriers for them all; being thoroughly convinced that it is our policy and interest to do so; and that nothing short of self-resp…
32518 James Wehner your slogan can be "Change it Back!" to what the forefathers designed. Fight the good fight Mr. Paul, America NEEDS someone just like you to prevail.
32519 Name not displayed Not just America, but the entire world, needs you.
32520 Name not displayed You just gotta do it!
32521 Billy W. Mitchell Ron Paul can save us!!
32522 Michael Neill Ron, you are the only potential candidate that has the message that can give the nation a chance to survive as the Land of the Free.
32523 Heath Wigginton It is so obvious that you are what’s best for America. Ron "The Patriot" Paul, Please run!
32524 amy
32525 starit OK ron paul supporters as you could tell last year the gop,i dont know why,does not like band together,and though she is who she is but her tacktic worked,so do like lisa murkauski did in alaska,write him in write him in,all you how like to rite mickey mouse,this man is worth your vote to.
32526 Zeb Wright
32527 Name not displayed Run Paul Run!
32528 Brian Storie Live free or die
32529 Name not displayed
32530 Gus Tsesmeloglou
32531 Rivka Markowitz I would like to spend time helping my family, friends and neighbors to register and use our privledge of US citizens living overseas to VOTE FOR YOU on absentee ballots. I will work hard to do this, but would only do it if YOU, RON PAUL will be running for President. May G-d be with you.
32532 Blake Segal
32533 Name not displayed
32534 Joseph Piarulli
32535 Matthew Holt If you don’t run I’m just going to give up. Mitt Romney, Obama, Trump?.. A bunch of wishy washy nuts! Please run!!!
32536 Name not displayed
32537 Christopher Hancock PLEASE, Ron Paul, restore this country back to its original glory!
32538 Name not displayed Dear Mr Paul, ..if you do not run for president, there will be no hope for this country. I beg you, …please run for office. Our country NEEDS you!!
32539 Justin Burrow
32540 Jack Ron, you are an inspiration to everyone that dreams of a world in which liberty can survive!
32541 Casey Terwilliger god help america.. high fuel costs hurt driving to work, can’t enjoy a warm house. Yeah.. the economey is doing "well" and unemployment is down… yeah what about those who don’t qualify for unemployment any longer were doomed…
32542 Jack Ron, you are an inspiration to everyone that dreams of a world in which liberty can survive!
32543 Name not displayed Wow….
32544 Lizzie De Santis
32545 Henry Dixon Please run America needs you
32546 seth davies
32547 Name not displayed
32548 Name not displayed We need REAL change, not just lip service!
32549 Vince Azinger We need new government. DO NOT let us down
32550 Name not displayed Ron Paul 4 President! America needs Ron Paul!
32551 Name not displayed
32552 Joel Durr I’m a student at central michigan studying economics and political science. I see the direction our country is headed and it scares me for the future. I can only do so much to help change things and I will do what I can but you have power I do not. You have the power to bring to the front lines issues that American’s have become complaisant with. I know a campaign is hard and brutal but not only do you have a real opportunity but a duty to the Americans who believe as you believe. Who love our country as much as you do and who are just as apprehensive about the future if things remain unchanged. Please congress man, give a voice to people like me for without you we wont have a voice in the 2012 election. Run on the principles you ran on in 2008 and I know great things will happen. Thank you sincerely,

Joel Durr
32553 Darrell Himmelsapch America is on a precipice, if someone does not bring us back to the principals that made us great the Great Experiment will be a failure.
32554 Eric Alverson I voted for you in the primary in 2008, and would love to be able to show my support for you again in 2012. Please run, America needs you.
32555 John Peterson Greetings from Sweden
32556 Name not displayed
32557 Josh Augustin
32558 Nicholas Halcomb
32559 Paul Madison Best Hope since RFK
32560 Justin Cordova
32561 Matthew Keener
32562 Justin H. Holmes This country needs someone who will stand up and tell the truth and turn us in the right direction. I believe to my very core that the only person for that job is Ron Paul. He represents a larger portion of the people then he realizes. He represents What America should be and can be If we have the right person in the White House.
32564 David Ray Mullins
32565 Debrah St Germain I would be proud to display "Ron Paul for President 2012, right next to the "Ron Paul for President 2008. This time please under any circumstance get the "Paid Media" to pay attention.
32566 Daniel J. Graves One of the few that can save this country from total, disgusting collapse.
32567 Name not displayed
32568 veljko milenkovic The man to save the U.S. from the brink of poverty
32569 Raymond Cannon Veteran for Ron Paul, and a real change for our country.
32570 Sean Schmidt Please run, for the sake of our children & our country’s future
32571 Robert Cullop America needs some one to stand up to teh system and the Status Quo. We need someone who want to restore America to it’s founding principles. Please run!
32572 Johnny Carroll
32573 Johnny Carroll
32574 kenneth s caudill This family is 100% behind DR. RON PAUL
32575 John Gibson We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government….
32576 Kenneth D. Brazell A small glimmer of light at an otherwise very cold and dark tunnel. I typically vote democrat but should you decide to run in 2012, you have my vote and my support.
32577 Dennis H Newsome Dear sir.

You are one of the first in Washington to make sense of where to cut the budget. It should not be by cutting Social Security and our medicare.

Those people don’t give a dam about us and we could not get a penny from them. They have not paid a penny to social security and medicare, however the dam DEMOBRATS want to take it from those who pay into the system
32578 Clinton R Word
32579 Meredith Gleason Meet me in the Gulch, Ron Paul!
32580 Hank Cao Please bring GOD back to America again.
32581 Laura Cole
32582 Name not displayed I voted for that lier Obama and I have looked into things and I believe Ron Paul best person to be the next president of the that Iserved for 10 years in the military and these wars need to stop.
32583 Claude Moore go for it!
32584 Maria Rodriguez
32585 Nathan Carter
32586 Sandra Wright
32587 Name not displayed Go Dr. Paul!
32588 Name not displayed
32589 Brian McQuay With Obama announcing is bid for president in 2012, what better way to respond than to sign your petition.
32590 Name not displayed
32591 Paul Schwartz Dr. Paul, you are OUR BEST HOPE for returning America to its roots. We desperately need you to run for President in 2012. You have my complete support, no matter what political party label you run on. May God Bless America!
32592 Dustin McPhate
32593 Sean DeForest Fix our deficit, stop printing money. Small government.
32594 Laura
32595 Name not displayed For common sense in politics and economy
32596 Jonathan Rodebaugh You are the only candidate that i would consider for 2012.
32597 Name not displayed I am glad we still have quality people That can take the helm
32598 Name not displayed
32599 chris keller
32600 john mills we need a real american in office, one who will look after our interests first and the international intrests second. we need a leader who will clean up washington and and not treat it as wall streets personal bank. someone who will actually admit that our defficit is an out of control problem that can’t be fixed with a few bandaids or by continuing to print money like it is an endless resource. for these reasons and many more, we need ron paul to run for president. any more of the washington business as usual antics are going to lead to the downfall of this once great nation. wake up people, get up from your televisions and look around we are a nation headed towards a rapid decline!
32601 Name not displayed
32602 Name not displayed
32603 Name not displayed Ron Paul has my support; 2012 is the year for real change that will benefit all American’s!
32604 Rick Melbye We need truth and common sense in the White House now.
32605 Name not displayed You CAN win!
32606 Jason Hoag Go RON!
32607 Jesper Ericsson
32608 Trevor Ryan
32609 alexandra
32610 Leo Chow Obama said we needed change and all we got was a stupid t-shirt. Change is about Revolution and there is no one else that I have heard speak that understands that. Please listen to the people.
32611 Name not displayed Please run for Independent Prez. with Jesse!!
32612 Clark Prinster
32613 Marcus A Howell
32614 Corey Sheely
32615 Name not displayed Ron…the world needs you!
32616 Amber oler
32617 Jocelin Bibonne Long live Ron Paul. Good luck from France
32618 Tawna Euler
32619 Name not displayed HELP!
32620 Jason Olinger
32621 Name not displayed Yes, Please run & Win.
32622 Josh Glessner One of the last true believers in the Constitution!
32623 John Farris Please run! I’ll be helping campaign efforts at the university I’ll be working for.
32624 Michael Lee Nielson
32625 Jay Gremore
32626 William Schmidt Mr. Paul,

You have my unwaivering support and vote!
32627 Chris Payton
32628 Name not displayed We need to get rid of all progressives in our government.
32629 Alex Slaven Don’t run for me Ron. Run for my kids, and theirs.
32630 Christopher I’ll write you in nonetheless.
32631 Adam Profitt I would vote for you. Obama hasn’t done anything for this country except ride the gravy train courtesy of us tax payers.
32632 Mike Lohse We need Ron
32633 Name not displayed
32634 Name not displayed End the madness!
32636 Austin Wheeler You have my vote, sir.
32637 Name not displayed May God Bless You
32638 Tommy B.
32639 Ricky Willis
32640 Mark Driscoll
32641 Allison Irby RON PAUL FOR 2012!
32642 lance williams
32643 Amy Mikalauskas
32644 Leanne Purdy Please run! You can count on my vote! Even if you don’t run, I will write you in!
32645 richard kilgore
32646 Michael Tibbs Jr. America needs you, Ron Paul! Please run in 2012!
32647 Ysais A Martinez Run for president, Dr. Paul, run for president! We need you!
32648 Andrew Bylicki
32649 Timothy Thibault I feel very strongly that Ron Paul is the last great hope for this nation. Please Dr. Paul, the people of this nation need you! For my daughter’s sake, and all of us who have children, help free us from the international bankers shackles. Help us restore the Republic!
32650 Benjamin Rohacs Go for it…
32651 Amy Lynn
32652 Name not displayed If you don’t run I won’t vote at all.
32653 Lawrence Stubbs I am a Staff Sergeant in the USAF. I have been directly involved in operations in Ecuador and Curacao, operations in Iraq and Afghanistan in a NATO unit, and now I am writing this from Sicily as my NATO unit has been drug into operation in Libya. Our military is completely out of control and serves the military industrial complex FIRST, with the country way down the priority list behind even personal career and financial ambitions for the majority of my colleagues. We, Americans, are in a grave, very grave situation. This madness must stop. We desperately need leadership with the american citizens’ interest first in their heart and intentions. Please get out there Dr. Paul, I beg of you not to let the mainstream media marginalize you. I look everywhere I can and see no one else bringing truth and candor to the discussions of the day’s issues.
32654 Calum Mackenzie Dr Paul, the world is a scary place. As an 18 year old male I have grown up to witness the world descend into hysteria and poverty. Your country and the world need a man like you to lead and set an example. If only I was American.
32655 Justin Souto
32656 Russell L. Hunter
32657 Chad Cornell Please run as an Independent-PLEASE accept former governor Jesse Ventura’s offer !! AMERICA NEEDS TWO PEOPLE SUCH AS YOURSELVES TO LEAD THE COUNTRY !!!!!
32658 Henry Bellew Please accept the mantle of the presidency in 2012.
32659 Brock Owens A second chance to get it right!!
32660 Name not displayed Help us change this reality, Dr. Paul!
32661 Kara Demetropoulos Ron Paul means change.
32662 mark canant
32663 Sean Clerc Please save this country and bring sanity back!!!
32664 Sammy Maina Please run for pres in 2012!!!
32665 Brian Albrecht END THE FED
32666 Eddie Oseguera
32667 Larry Hammer
32668 Herb Schaffler
32669 Jerry Atkinson Thank you Ron Paul, END THE FED, restore our country to WE THE PEOPLE, and the CONSTITUTION of our forefathers.
32670 keith introligator
32671 Name not displayed Consider Jesse Ventura as your running mate. The two of you would be the dream tream for truth in America.
32672 Name not displayed
32673 Julie Lazorishchak
32674 Myra Money I am praying HARD for you Ron!!! We need a strong ethical leader!!
32675 Franke Wollin I believe that Ron Paul would lead to the great change that the Mayans predicted to occur in 2012. I hope he does run, America needs REAL leadership and fiscal responsibility. He is clearly the right choice for this country and most likely to reinforce its best interests. God Bless America!
32676 Thomas Smith We need you.
32677 Danielle Guillen
32678 Name not displayed We need to re-classify marijuana and recognize it’s medicinal benefits. It does not deserve to be a schedule 1 drug. Marijuana prohibition needs to end, and we should be focusing on renewable resources like HEMP! We need to stop relying on finite resources such as oil. We need to stop the war on drugs (marijuana) and focus on the real problems in this country!
32679 Name not displayed
32680 Pavel Balada The actions of American Presidents are directly and indirectly affecting millions of people outside of the USA. For that reason, here’s a best of luck from the Czech Republic.
32681 Name not displayed
32682 jeff douglas Less Government, more leadership please
32683 Norma
32684 Jonatan Sleiers Greetings from Sweden Dr. Paul!

I sincerely hope you will run for president 2012. The world need a libertarian leader. I’m rooting for you man!
32685 Scott
32686 Name not displayed But as an Independent, not a Republican, thank you very much!
32687 Chris
32688 Name not displayed Please Run.
32689 Christin Clevenger Ron Paul is my only hope. Ron Paul is one of the last true Republicans.
32690 Gregg Williams
32691 Ben Hitt
32692 Name not displayed The only politician I truly believe will put this country’s and citizens interests first.
32693 Iriah Whittington If he is elected I would recommend extending his term limit and giving him broader emergency powers as he would need all of that and some to finish cleaning Washington of all the self serving bureaucrats.
32694 Steve Henderson Americans need a true American patriot someone who honors and lives by the constitution that is you we need you to lead us out of the hole Obama has lead us into!!
32695 Richard Brown
32696 Dave Campbell JUST DO IT!
32697 shilo hurdle Ron Paul i hope your the george washington we’ve desperatly needed i had some bad breaks in my life some mistakes i’ve made myself some from no fault of my own. but i beleive that we have not been free since before i was born. maybe further back but i just want to be free to live an create what ever life that i might choose. free to work where we want free from discrimmination no matter what it might be free to just live.
32698 Taylor Manuel Save our country.
32699 Name not displayed
32700 David Baker Ron, We need you now more than ever!
32701 Tyler Scott Ron Paul America needs you to run for President!
32702 Charles Bouton
32703 Herman Gill please run, your the only one who understands that the govt. exists for the ppl
32704 Ned Smith Run Ron, run!
32705 Ted C Ballinger Best candidate in years!
32706 christopher bojorquez RUN WE NEED A HERO
32707 Larry Green
32708 Blake
32709 Mike Mattingly
32710 Erin Wright America needed you when most were bewitched with Obama’s empty promises! Please run to put this country back to how our fore-fathers intended it to be, not the greedy money hoarders we have in power today have made it. America needs you more than ever Ron Paul.
32711 Justin May Please Ron Paul. We all need you.
32712 Jonathan
32713 Marc Resnick GO RON!
32714 Name not displayed Please save me from having to waste a vote on a lesser nominee. You are needed, your time is now.
32715 Matthew Sergeant
32716 Keith Hickey
32717 Chris Rodriguez END THE FED!
32718 Jill Marie Evans The only worthy candidate.
32719 Sam Evans
32720 Name not displayed
32721 Elizabeth Zimick
32722 matthew f
32723 David Baron I am a 17 year old Democrat, but in 2012 I will be 18 just before the presidential elections. I hope you win even though you are a republican because I share most of your views. If you do choose to run as Independent that would be great. I guess im more of an Independent than Democrat.
32724 David Dalton
32725 John Caraway Ron Paul! Please run for president 2012, real hope for America.
32726 Name not displayed Ron Paul! We need a revolution! Run for president!
32727 mark a brownfield jr
32728 Terrence Pryor
32729 Kenny Owens
32730 L. James McClure Jr We need a "roll-up our sleeves & really go to work" in the White House. And Jesse Ventura would make an excellent running mate…
32731 Keith F. Smith Please Ron, Run as a independent!
32732 Yvette Gutierrez
32733 Aaron Morris
32734 Paul File Please come speak at the Georgia Tech campus. I’d love to hear a live speech from you. Your thoughts on how to run the government are so logical and make so much sense. I feel as if you are the ONLY real candidate out there who would follow through and bring change to a nation in despair. Please consider running. I think you have what it takes and will get the support you need to win. If you end up running again, I guarantee I will do my best to see to it that you end up in the White House. Whatever it takes. We NEED change…change for the better.
32735 kenneth hayes ron paul & jesse ventura= dream team
32736 Blaine
32737 Evan Crawford Dear Mr. Paul,

I served our great country for five years and an Army Ranger and it truly is the greatest country in the world. That being said though I worry about where we are heading with the current status quo in Washington. You are a genuine voice of reason and I urge you to run as I feel the American people will respect and support what you have to say. It is clear when listening to you speak that you aren’t just another phony politician trying to push his parties political agenda or make himself into a celebrity figure, but instead a man who loves this country and simply wants to do what is best for it and the people living in it. Please run for President in 2012!
32738 Name not displayed
32739 Howell Powe
32740 Christian stoddart
32741 Name not displayed
32742 Name not displayed
32743 Adam Ashton
32744 Christopher Harris
32745 Zach Mamrol
32746 Al May
32747 Matthew Dean
32748 Name not displayed
32749 Matthew Schroeder Paul and Ventura 2012.
32750 Name not displayed Voting for Ron Paul in 2012, like I did last time you ran! I even had the bumper sticker!
32751 J. Poncini
32752 Tomas Valdez During the four years that I proudly serve my country, I will be honored to have you as my Commander in Chief, knowing that any military action will not be for the profit of the elite within our country, but for the defense of the proud citizens of this country who I know will make the right decision by 2012.
32753 Name not displayed
32754 Name not displayed
32755 David Langone The right man for the job !!
32756 Name not displayed
32757 Name not displayed Dr. Paul,

Please consider a run for the 2012 presidency. This country needs your vision and leadership before it ends up broke and vulnerable.
32758 Name not displayed
32759 Name not displayed
32760 Name not displayed
32761 Name not displayed
32762 Kent Smith You’re the only honest one in Washington D.C. and we need you as President!
32763 Nick You’re gonna have to run one hell of a campaign just to win the nomination. But if you win the nomination, you can beat that Communist freak in office.
32764 Helen Butler We need a President who is going to do what they say With you all the way Ron Paul
32765 Name not displayed Ron Paul is the only person that can fix this country. Avoid all the phony republicans that are being propped up: Caine, Bachman, Pawlenty etc. None of them WILL not address the issues that Ron Paul will tackle such as the fed, the gold standard, the deficit. All they will do is play the blame game and yack about taxes. PLEASE PLEASE Run for the white-house, I’m ready to put up a sign with your name on it. Also please run as a Republican because if you’re an independent you’re going to get less coverage than what you received in the 2008 elections. Ron Paul/ Peter Schiff! Show them what a true REPUBLICAN is! The REVOLUTION HAS BEGUN!
32766 Name not displayed
32767 Name not displayed
32768 Doug Vaughan Do it Ron. Please Do It.
32769 Brian
32770 Name not displayed Ron Paul I have a son in the National Guard and he absolutely loves you and what you stand for. I’m plenty sick of the wars and the country being in massive debt. My sons have told me all about you. I didn’t vote for Obama and I never once trusted him and I had a terrible feeling in my stomach to watch half the country vote him in office. Everything that he does doesn’t work. I want a real Republican in office that loves this country and our people. Thank you and God Bless!
32771 Donna Nelson Go Ron Paul! let’s restore our Republic and get on with the buizzness of living life!
32772 Name not displayed Dr. Paul…The need for your guidance reaches beyond just the boundaries of America.
32773 nomar palomino
32774 Jason
32775 Michael Lohse
32776 ulisses great mind. great man. can’t rule alone, but great ideas start somewhere, and he’s a fresh start.
32777 Mario DeLorenzo Jr Help Save this Republic
32778 Erik Turgeon
32779 Janet Purdy I will write you in if you don’t run!
32780 Michael Pertzborn
32781 Viktor Homolka
32782 Dan DePriest
32783 Terry Svejda Please Run!
32784 Ricky Huff We need someone who understands the value of a dollar and working for that dollar.
32785 Eric H
32786 Grant Marcroft Ron Paul, You are a hero amoungst theives. President to-be 2012!
32787 Name not displayed Please, for the sake of America’s future. Run for president, I beg you.
32788 Robert Gonzalez
32789 Name not displayed We will thank you.
32790 Name not displayed
32791 Clayton You are not consumed by greed and lust like other politicians.
32792 John Reeves III Probably our last hope!!!!!!!
32793 Craig Go for it, we all appreciate your standing beside the constitution.
32794 Cathy Bergeron Thank You.
32795 jake salome please please pick jesse for you running mate!!!
32796 tomi lee mcjimsey we love you!!! pick jesse for your running mate!
32797 Esther Salas
32798 John Barker We need your help
32799 Name not displayed THESE United States need you now more than ever
32800 Name not displayed WE (the world) needs you!!!!
32801 Simms It is so refreshing to see at least one man in Washington not parading around as a puppet for corporate America. Ron Paul, you have my support. ‘End the Fed’ and allow us to break the tyrannical chains binding us today
32802 coty Please run ron, you are only hope
32803 Michael Crawford Get the greed out of corporations!!!!!!!!!
32804 Joshua T. Lewis African American, student athlete(football) majoring in Philosophy and Minoring in Political Science and History with aspirations of graduating with a B.A. in two years, having a career in the navy and then a career in politics afterwards. I am for Ron Paul
32805 jack billson please pick jesse
32806 Ted Jackson
32807 Brett Dunbar Get government out of healthcare.
32808 Name not displayed Unite us
32809 Name not displayed
32810 Jennifer Holstien
32811 Name not displayed
32812 Name not displayed
32813 Michael Edlebeck
32814 Jeff Marley RON PAUL (P) and JESSE VENTURA (VP) 2012!
32815 Michael Hodge
32816 Name not displayed We need sanity in our government. We need someone to stand upon the constitution.
32817 sam regam If you, Dr Paul, can impement your political platform it will help most americans. However I personally think you need to quit GOP and run as independent. You will never be allowed to get nominated as a GOP presidential candidate by GOP establishment.
32819 Amelia Wolthers RON PAUL! RON PAUL! RON PAUL! RON PAUL!!!
32820 Name not displayed
32821 Vic R. Plourde
32822 Name not displayed
32823 thomas bouton
32824 Jon Free the people!!!
32825 Colleen Pena God Speed Ron. Jessie Ventura would make a good vice president. We would never have to guess as to what our leaders were thinking or guess as to where they wanted to lead.
32826 Jorge L. Espinoza
32827 David Massaglia Ron, please run and restore fiscal sanity to the US! And please restore freedom!
32828 shelby l deutsch
32829 Drew Lamprecht
32830 Name not displayed There aren’t many politicians like Ron Paul, but he is not completely alone. Rand Paul, Connie Mack, Jeff Flake, Paul Ryan, Gary Johnson, Mitch Daniels, Tom McClintock, William Weld, Mike Gravel and a handful of others seem to be unified around basic libertarian principles. They should work together and endorse the one from among their ranks who is most likely to get the nomination.
32831 Name not displayed
32832 Lynn Picciano I am in agreement with all those who commented so all there’s left to say is: Everything they said:) with added bill Maher comment : You’re our Hero!
32833 Damon Runyon Please mr. paul. i just had a son i dont want him harmed by the globalist agenda
32834 Name not displayed
32835 Chad Losier
32836 Keith Lockwood We need Ron Paul in 2012
32837 Rose Sexton
32838 Name not displayed Please run, Dr. Paul. So many of is will be right behind you.
32839 Andrew J Taylor Thank you for fighting for Liberty. May God bless this fight.
32840 simon bitz
32841 Name not displayed We need more people like you in congress. People that take the time to think through things and want what is best for our country. You would be great as the leader of this country.
32842 Name not displayed Go Ron! Go Jesse!
32843 Chase Ron paul is america’s call to action!
32844 Chase Ron paul is america’s call to action!
32845 james Krull
32846 Lissie Krull
32847 Name not displayed America needs you.
32848 jochebed tan
32849 Name not displayed Ron Paul’s 30+ years of public service speak for him. I am behind his candidacy for President 100%!
32850 james dinkins
32851 Name not displayed
32852 Name not displayed Ron, Please run for Pres. Our country needs YOU to help us. I have never believed in anyone more than you for president! Please consider running.
32853 Paul Abernathy Please run!
32854 Lenny Please run Ron Paul, we need you.
32855 Joshua Poston Ron Paul is the only politicain I’ve ever come across that deserves my support.
32856 Adam Hobson
32857 Name not displayed
32858 Name not displayed
32859 Starla Johnson
32860 Name not displayed 2012!!!
32861 Brandon Hopkins Ron Paul is the boss!!!
32862 Mark Cook
32863 Kenny Alligood The country needs you to steer us away from the elitists that have controlled this country for years, saddled us with multiple wars of aggression, unyielding debt and unconditional support of israeli genocide. We need you!!
32864 Scott Garrett
32865 Name not displayed
32866 Name not displayed Ron Paul 2012!
32867 Erica
32868 Name not displayed
32869 Name not displayed You are the only one who can save this country. If the people stand together for liberty and pressure the main stream media to fairly represent you as a candidate, you will win.
32870 Name not displayed I believe Ron Paul to be the only true American Candidate we have left. A vote for Ron Paul would be a vote for freedom. We have lost so much, so fast, it’s incomprehensible. He may be our last chance.
32871 C. Rojas
32872 Nichole Anderson Ron Paul should run as an independent and get Jesse Ventura to run as his partner. Hell Yeah! He has my vote.
32873 Allante Williams Ron Paul knows the truth behind secret societies and so does Jesse Ventura, which is why he’d want to be his running mate. You have the support of over 41% of the American vote. If voting counted, that is. #Killuminati
32874 Miracle Manyfield
32875 Nathan LeSueur 110% Behind you re-running! Help clean up this horrible mess!
32876 Dallas D. Dubke We need honest God fearing men in the White House.
32877 Eoin McGrotty The country needs to return to its core values and principles. Ron Paul is are only hope.
32878 Rob Keller
32879 Gina Takaoka Please run.
32880 Ramsey Gordon Belcadhi I don’t believe in Obama’s change anymore. RON PAUL 2012
32881 Ryan Bloomfield I would elect you president of the world if I could
32882 Robert Bollinger
32883 SGT Charles Pruett Dr. Paul, Please help us! You are our only hope of ending this tyrannical government!!
32884 Andrew Smith Does Sarah Palin, Donald Trump, Mike Huckabee, Newt Gingrich, or Mitt Romney have this much support to run for president? The people have spoken, and we want Ron Paul for president for 2012.
32885 Chad Yost Please, I’ll run banners. I’ll work weeks on end to get you elected. America is at a pivotal point and we need your help to get it back on track.
32886 mohammed Almahbashi
32887 Name not displayed
32888 Mark Robinson
32889 Nathan You go Ron! Please run for President.
32890 Sean Mack Save our country!
32891 Tarra Ross RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT 2012!!!
32892 Ariana Haloulakos
32893 Brian Abbott For once, there is someone who thinks like me! He will have my vote again!
32894 jim madden
32895 Name not displayed Sadly the only sane man in our government.
32896 Stephen Ryan Mr. Congressman,

Please save the nation I love, my fear for this republic grows daily. I see leaders in Washington that disregard everything our forefathers laid down and do whatever is in their means to expedite the goals of their military-industrial complex. I have begun taking serious measures to ex patriot myself to the far east, I do not want to live in an America wrought with the hyper inflation of Mugabe’s Zimbabwe, and I certainly could not imagine raising children here if that happens. I am young now, but I fear for the future America of my old age and with the way things are forecasting now, cannot see myself be a part of this. Money has to stand for something it cannot just be printed out of thin air, we need you to save America Mr. Paul.
32897 Name not displayed I have never herd from anybody that Ron Paul wuold be a bad canidate my consevative friends or my libral friends so I think or the best no Mike Huckabbe and Sarah Palin are not the voice of a true conservative only Ron Paul will do.
32898 Brady Fleming
32899 John Solberger You are the only person who is adequate to do the job. All other politicians are running solely for the celebrity status and feeling of control.
32901 Clayton Burger Our country needs a leader that truly understands what the United States of America stands for. Not the minority opinion of the wealthy and powerful, but the morals and values that are at the core of the populace. God Bless Ron Paul and God Bless the United States of America!
32902 Shawn Rzepa “Every generation needs a new revolution.”-Thomas Jefferson….. And every revolution needs a leader.
32903 Hussain Alseddiq
32904 Derek R
32905 Name not displayed
32906 James Peterson
32907 Name not displayed RUN!!!!
32908 Danny Copper I think this country is heading towards a bad place. We need honest people with good principles to do what’s right and necessary for the citizens of this country.
32909 Name not displayed Help our people, our Earth and our World!
32910 Kyle Culkin I have never been so afraid for the future of our country. You may this nations only hope!
32911 Charles Singley This is the one. Let’s get back to common sence.
32912 Lisa Cody THE LAND OF THE FREE
32913 vanchau nguyen please dont give up.. there aren’t many like you and the country needs you
32914 Name not displayed
32915 Adrian Ojeda How can we fix the worlds problems if we can’t fix our own.

If not you Congressman Paul, then who?
32916 Jeff Jordan Please continue to educate the masses on sound economics! We NEED you!
32917 Name not displayed
32918 Name not displayed i hope in 2012 election we have a good speaker that talks about the difference between hemp and marijuana and how versatile they are to our bodies and our earth

this is what we need, free the God given weed, hemp seeds as well. let’s make better clothing, and many other products, look it up, you’ll be amazed. Oh yea, cannabis is good medicine too! No more crude oil in pharmaceuticals as well as many other products.
32919 Esram Krueger Please run!
32920 Cherie Kuebler
32921 Larry Jaquess I would not vote for anyone that runs but you! I will also actively support you as I have never done for any candidate in my lifetime. We love you Dr. Paul.
32922 David McGovern
32923 Name not displayed
32924 Erik
32925 Ben Stewart
32926 Name not displayed We need a man in the White House who will make sure we follow the Constitution. I just hope it’s not too late when you get there!
32927 Tyler Braaten Ron Paul 2012!!!
32928 David Rogers Hunt A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largess from the public treasury. From that time on the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship.

- Alexander Fraser Tytler

18th century Historian and Jurist

I wish men to be free, as much from mobs as kings,-from you as me.

Lord Byron, 1788-1824

The dearest ambition of a slave is not liberty, but to have a slave of his own.

Sir Richard Burton
32929 Name not displayed
32930 Matt Hyme Mr. Paul

I am a young family man who is proud to be an american. I am only proud to say that with the belief that i am proud to call myself the same name as the great men who have came before me.

This country is in a lot of trouble all across the board and nobody wants to talk about unless it is election time. We need a reasonable, intelligent, involved, committed, proven and brave man to lead this country back to its once proud reputation/
32931 Adam Klem
32932 Nick Calamaro
32933 George O. Another gay conservative fan of Ron!
32934 Matthew Crisp
32935 Brock Cheshier
32936 Jordan Pineiro Run! Our country is being destroyed from the inside. We need your help!
32937 Duane Dyer
32938 Name not displayed I’m not even from the USA, but I still really want you to run. The whole world needs it!
32939 Ryan Meyer
32940 Keith Run with Jesse Ventura!!!!!!!!!
32941 Name not displayed Please run! ! ! ! Our country needs you desperately! ! !
32942 Rob
32943 obstawiajsport Good work, it is pleasure to read your interesting posts. Waiting for more

platne typy bukmacherskie
32944 Jason Drew I Endorse Ron Paul for President in 2012.

Lets actually SEE change for starters by sticking to what we say in our campaign!
32945 Chris Helmes
32946 Name not displayed Pretty Please!!!
32947 Mike Franklin Need you badly!
32948 J Michael Ridings
32949 michael mcclenaghan we want disclosure and i bet your the man for the job =)
32950 Ryan Heneise
32951 John Robert Haselbauer You are the only politician I trust
32952 Name not displayed
32953 Name not displayed
32954 Brandon RUN FOR PRESIDENT! We need you
32955 Dawn M. Skoblicki Thank you for all you do….
32956 Kenny Link POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!
32957 Ricardo MuniZ I want my freedom back.
32958 Mack Hampton We need a sane leader in office that realizes the status quo on federal spending MUST be changed. We’re bankrupting this Nation.
32959 Name not displayed ty
32960 Name not displayed It is time for you and american values to win again. it is time for the founding fathers principles to come back
32961 James Gilheany Please bring back our Rights
32962 James Smith for the LOVE of GOD.. we NEED Drastic change
32963 Name not displayed Because both parties are ganging up to fleece us.
32964 luis garcia This man is a true american.
32965 Tim Betz RON PAUL 2012!
32966 Name not displayed PLEASE RUN>>WE NEED YOU RON!!!
32967 Danielle Rigali You’re the BEST!
32968 Name not displayed Ron Paul is probably our last and only hope. Please make this happen.
32969 Name not displayed
32970 Name not displayed Run Dr. Paul Run! The more of your writtings I read the more I agree with your logic and the need America has for a person of your understanding and conviction.
32971 Name not displayed RUN RON RUN!!!!
32972 Mitchell Baker
32973 robero alocea please save our country…get ridnof the patriot act, get lobbyists out of washington get back to the constitution
32974 Robert Lavasse please Run for office of the President of the United states. We need a leader that is for the people not corporations or the Fed. It is time to take care of America and not the World NAFTA is a Failure and we need to go back to the Gold standerd.
32975 Name not displayed
32976 michael olson
32977 Name not displayed Ron Paul, Please help us end the unfair two party system. We need you Dr. Paul. Ron Paul for 2012
32978 Danny Yang Ron Paul is one of the only REAL heroes in the US government today! Jesse Ventura for VP!!
32979 Name not displayed I think you are right on everything you say. This country had gone to far.
32980 Name not displayed
32981 Robert Morey Please restore this great country
32982 Brandon Wickham
32983 Michael J White We need a Libertarian president!
32984 Name not displayed I support you, with Jesse Ventura as VP.
32985 Name not displayed
32986 Name not displayed
32987 Fred R. Mitchell This nation needs many of the ideas that you seem to support or recommend for policy changes.
32988 Name not displayed WE NEED YOU!!
32989 Paul Matto
32990 Brian Robischeau We need a choice, a real choice!
32991 daniel siefman come to the univeristy of florida!
32992 Name not displayed Help us put this country back on the right track!
32993 Name not displayed
32994 Name not displayed
32995 Name not displayed Ron your politics are our only hope for a sane future.
32996 Name not displayed
32997 Name not displayed
32998 Name not displayed I was a delegate in Minnesota for you last time. I will support you more even now!
32999 Name not displayed
33000 Chris Williams We need real change, experience, and intelligence in office.

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  1. List Builder says:

    How often have you wondered if the money is in a list, the money is actually in a responsive list.

  2. patriciap says:

    Ron Paul has my vote in 2012..Champion for The Constitution! Real Help For America! Peace, Prosperity,Peace..Amen!

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