Signatures 30,001-35,000

Number Name Comment
31001 Deirdre Haag Stop the NWO be the REAL change we need!!!
31002 Patrick I have never felt so duped, as I do now, knowing I cast my support and vote for Obama. I know I’m not alone.

This time…let’s vote Ron Paul!
31003 Name not displayed
31004 Matthew Brantley You are one of the last Republican patriots and it is imperative that you run to defend the constitution before it is lost.
31005 Nicholas Crowder
31006 Eric Zimmerman
31007 Jonelle A. Long
31008 samuel lautzenheiser
31009 Mike Rogers We need you to reinstate our constitution and its limiting federal powers.
31010 Name not displayed
31011 Joshua Campbell Ron Paul is the Man!
31012 Name not displayed Please send me a list and I will get signatures.
31013 R J Pecaro It’s time for this country to undo the changes that have been taking our Liberties away and restore freedom, Vote Ron Paul 2012
31014 Christina Marsala Dear Mr. Paul,

I am a particular young voter of 20 years old. When I first met you in television debates in 2008 I was thinking to myself that this guy has a lot of great concept and is wanting to help the government thrive. Since I live in Chicago (a predominately democrat area) I feel you have enough charisma to do well in a democrat area. May the best go to you and your family.
31015 Ty Smarpat
31016 Kathleen Zeleznik God has brought you up for a time such as this!
31017 Les Schroeppel
31018 adrian More representatives like you are needed. Thank you for sharing your message.
31019 Name not displayed
31020 Name not displayed what ever we may try. the people of the elite will abolish our ability to change what they have sought to accomplish. I have just recently read that they are deciding to abolish the campaign of 2012 due to economic shortage. But what they are really trying to do is bring war to American soil before sept 2012. This will allow Pres Barack Obama to stay in office during the times of war in America. For he will give a speech, a speech stating that there will be no interest in changing leaders at a time of crisis.

These are the events that will pass. And i will be the first to declare war not against the people of our Nations, but against the Leaders of our Nations. If you choose to die for these Leaders, than just sit there and do nothing. But if you choose to live FREE. Stand up against them! We know who they are, we see there names everywhere. Unite as one people and destroy the elite before they can destroy us.
31021 Serge Bukhman
31022 Beau Ron Paul is a man who doesn’t do what is best for himself, or for his family. Ron Paul does whats best for America and its people. He sees america the same was as so many others, as a corrupt and sinister entity, but he sees a future for america as being a great powerful country with morals, integrity, honesty, compassion for the human life. Voting for Ron Paul takes courage and guts. Any person who votes for Ron Paul is voting to save our country not from overseas, or 3rd world countreis but from ourselves, our government, our corrupt ways of running this country. Go Ron Paul!!!!
31023 Gasser Andy 2012 is time for the real exchange

all the best and thank you for your work
31024 Jamie Foster Do it for America, Ron Paul.
31025 Eric Hennings
31026 Katherine Ekhoff
31027 Tyler Stenzel
31028 Larry R Guerrero Thank you for all your endeavors for We The People.
31029 Chris Nelson
31030 Name not displayed Dr. Paul, run, if for no other reason than for the opportunity to educate Americans. We need to hear your message!
31031 Gerald R. Affholter
31032 Bill Lanza
31033 Macy Gaines
31034 Name not displayed
31035 Jonathan Kentros The only true patriot in the government. Thomas Jefferson would be proud of Ron Paul.
31036 AJ Maimbourg Dr. Paul, never before have we ever needed someone like you so badly. Please help us!
31037 Name not displayed Your Country needs you at this desperate hour.
31038 Sean Wyatt Dr. Paul - You are an inspiration to all freedom-loving people around the world.
31039 Robert W America and the world needs a voice of reason. All these wars where America is involved is horrorviing. America should be the land of hope and freedom in it’s true form. America is suffering under the yoke of fascism. Ron, we are watching out for you.

Greetz from Holland
31040 Joanna Jankowy Sir, in Europe we’re waiting for your presidency too.

God Bless You.
31041 Zia Khan PLEASE RUN!!!
31042 Alex Bertoli
31043 Steve Taul
31044 Andrew Knight
31045 Frankie Humes Change is needed now more than ever.
31046 Bonnie Humes Vetern for Ron Paul, we can win and actually make real change!
31047 Thomas Smith God’s Speed to you Dr. Paul
31048 Thomas Hyland It either you get elected in 2012 and legislate change or in the very near future a revolution will have to occur resulting in the deaths of millions.
31049 Joshua Wayne ST. Germain As in the words of George Humphrey " he is our last hope"
31050 Name not displayed heard alot of positive comments about Ron Paul from joe battalia, american advisor.
31051 Jimmy Krumm
31052 Ray Blackmore
31053 Christopher Knoll America NEEDS Change now, and This is IT!
31054 Neil G. Barrett
31055 Jake rutherford I’ll vote for you if you end the war in Afghanistan and use Tboone Pickens energy plan…Lower our taxes and stop spending MONEY!
31056 Name not displayed
31057 Name not displayed
31058 Name not displayed
31059 Name not displayed There is still true "hope".
31060 Name not displayed
31061 michael beyer love and light
31062 Aaron Carter You may not plan to run, Dr. Paul, but America needs you! Please help us bring down this two-party empire, Keynesian economic system and autocratic, draconian regime!
31063 Zachary Schertz He may be our last hope to avoid totalitarianism
31064 Eric Michael Bellah
31065 Kathleen Dedmon
31066 Name not displayed
31067 Kathryn Belanger
31068 Name not displayed We need you to save OUR Country!!
31069 mark golic hell yea i love this guy
31070 Nick Robertson
31071 Joe Connor
31072 Brittany Rue
31073 Denise Brown We need a bit of sanity…
31074 Name not displayed Sanity.
31075 Sergio Salomon USA need you…
31076 Steve Steele I was a precinct leader during the last election, and I will be again in 2012. I encourage those who aren’t sure how to help, to do the same.
31077 Name not displayed you got my vote
31078 Abigail Tracy I vote for Ron Paul! He is the political man needed for the country.
31079 Tim Bickford Lets get this country back to the basic principals on which it was founded. Help this nation regain some Honor and hold our criminal shadow influences accountable.
31080 David Amar
31081 Trevor Petersen Please continue to lead the way for our God given liberties.
31082 Kayla Paladino
31083 Name not displayed Go for it
31084 hiland
31085 Shawn Martel
31086 Name not displayed Do it!
31087 Name not displayed
31088 Jim Hughes Please run, Dr. Paul. We will support you!!
31089 Mark Urquidi Mr. Paul,

Please run in 2012. Our country needs you. Please help us.
31090 Kelley Vanderwerf
31091 Brighty Kelley
31092 Michael Sinclair Restore the constitution!
31093 Jeff Cottingham
31094 Leah Goodyear You are winner already in the hearts of millions!

I am one more ~smile~
31095 Jonathan Eric Hemingway Anything you can do that would bring this country back to following the Constitution would be greatly appreciated, both by those alive today and those who have yet to come.
31096 Name not displayed You are honest and the best chance we have as Americans please help us.
31097 Timothy T. Daugett I hope you are willing to fight for the people by fighting the powers that be. With what you have expressed in your many comments and speeches must be married with action in the most powerful office in our nation.
31098 Adam Baker
31099 eric crowder
31100 Aaron Hobba
31101 Rachel Badgett
31102 Marcus Feckley We need someone who tells us like it is, what needs to be done, and how he is going to do it. But most importantly actually does it. Ron Paul will be that guy.

"Ron Paul is the most honest politician I’ve ever met." -John McCain
31103 Marcus Feckley We need someone who tells us like it is, what needs to be done, and how he is going to do it. But most importantly actually does it. Ron Paul will be that guy.

"Ron Paul is the most honest politician I’ve ever met." -John McCain
31104 Jesse Frick Abolish the Federal Reserve!
31105 Name not displayed
31106 steve parco
31107 Kim Boeman
31108 Name not displayed Ron, you had my vote during the last race and you will have the second time around. We need you in and Obama out! This country is broke, we have limited jobs, too many homeless, etc. yet the government keeps bailing out other countries !
31109 charles bishop
31110 Stephen Curtis
31111 Richard Groves Let’s do it.
31112 Ginger Elmore This country desperately needs you!
31113 Jordan Arnold
31114 Name not displayed We need a president to get us back to where we are meant to be. One who believes in the constitution and lives by what it says WORD FOR WORD. Vote For RON PAUL!
31115 Lindsey Lewis Run!
31116 John Smith
31117 Jake
31118 Name not displayed
31119 Maxine Please for the good of the world run and win this.. We all need you.
31120 Trevor Williams
31121 Barbara Lowe Good luck Ron. I was with you before and I am with you now.
31122 Jered Campa
31123 john pettibone you get my 2012 vote if you run
31124 Matt Nagel
31125 Dan Watie
31126 Jake Vote Ron Paul to scale back the level of nonsense
31127 Jake Jares
31128 Dino Ciorra
31129 Alan Babcock You are the only one with the courage to put the DEA and their war on drugs campaign "out of business".
31130 Brandt Gustafson
31131 John Hodges I was with you in 2008 and im with you today, God bless Ron Paul.
31132 Mary Ellen Brooks Need you running in 2012!!!
31134 melissa waddell Ill vote for you even if your name isnt on the ballot! America need you Ron Paul!
31135 Name not displayed It wasn’t until recently that I started noticing some of the bad-assery that is Ron Paul. Everything he talks about is so true. He speaks the mind of the American PEOPLE, not the American government.
31136 Robert Smith RUN RON RUN
31137 Name not displayed We Love Ron Paul And We Pray That You Win!!!
31138 Calvin Li
31139 Name not displayed
31140 Ryan Cox Ron Paul for President and Dennis Kucinich for Vice President!
31141 Thomas VanderLaan Ron Paul, please save us from ourselves.
31142 Al Maige We are so sick of the same. Dennis Kucinich as VP just to add a twist!
31143 Jason Baldwin
31144 Grace O’Connor You know we need you to save our country, and I know last time you ran you said you wanted to get the message out, so I know that’s important to you, so just do it. Run! You have my vote.
31145 marc anderson
31146 Tyler Sanford
31147 Youngseung Jo
31148 Shannon Slewitzke
31149 William Kernozek Please consider running.
31150 James Silviano
31151 Korey Bartholomew
31152 mike allen
31153 Richard Yaskow
31154 Name not displayed
31155 neo dear Dr. Ron Paul,

Please run and remove the cancel of the gov. at least keep it as small as possible.
31156 michele imburgia
31157 Name not displayed Best Candidate
31158 Thileep Logan You are a good man Mr Paul.
31159 Nick Run!
31160 Lorenzo Najera Fellow Americans, It’s been long overdue, It’s time to take back our country from corporate influences. All Americans should stay active in Government/Political Issues by constantly searching for the Truth and stopping the lies of Corporate Interest. "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. " I am proud to be in the company of men (and women) who do something. Ron Paul 2012!
31161 Name not displayed I’ve always found your courage to speak the truth breath taking. I will support you as our next President as long as you can support equality between the LGBT community and same-sex marriage. Thank you!
31162 Name not displayed Ron Paul better run. we need a good option on the bill.
31163 Name not displayed power to ron paul
31164 Paul Neilon Ron Paul supporter in Australia. Redirect the ship please sir.
31165 Daniel I’m Polish. Our government here is a disaster. I really wouldn’t like to see the US becoming like us, a corrupted country, and if you (reader) haven’t decided yet, who to vote for, than don’t think a second longer. It’s true, that other politicians promise to do everything and smile nicely on the billboard, but thats where their capabilities end.

Ron Paul, I pray every day for your victory.
31166 Richard Russell
31167 Jacob Cooley
31168 Diane Marie LaBeau I think you are the only one who will even try to stop this.
31169 Jose Guia PLEASE Run for PRESIDENT
31170 Sandy Peterson I voted for you last time, I’ll vote for you again!
31171 Aonika Russell The only way to get things back on track is to have someone in there that is going to vote his conscience - not whoever is going to dole out the most money!
31172 Antonio Castaneda
31173 Name not displayed We need Ron Paul to be president in 2012 ! Wake up America !
31174 Trey Raiford If the Founding Fathers and Andrew Jackson would Vote for you so will I. Wake up America! - "End The Fed"
31175 John Bidwell We go to war to prevent war.

We spend money because we have none.

We take away freedoms to protect freedom.

Dr. Paul, we need you so dearly now.
31176 Name not displayed
31177 Name not displayed
31178 Name not displayed
31179 Grazyna Pinkowska The revolution begins with a great leader like Ron Paul. Protect America from NWO and Illuminati Agenda.
31180 Name not displayed "end the Federal Reserve, let’s get out of the UN and put our monetary system back on the gold standard!"
31181 Name not displayed
31182 Name not displayed Thank you! We need you Ron Paul!
31183 stacy chavers
31184 Name not displayed Please run
31185 Name not displayed Ill vote for you whether or not you run
31186 Brian Boeckl Dr. Paul, please do not wait for a dollar crisis to make your decision. If you run for the Constitution, for Liberty, and for Peace, we promise you our support and assistance in any ways we can provide.
31187 Richard Colvin
31188 mark owens The only Man Constitutionally fit to serve as President of the United States
31189 Eric D.Coleman
31190 Jonathan You have my vote
31191 Larry Richardson
31192 David Higgins rEOVLution
31193 Hannah Ball
31194 Joshua Stogden Ron Paul in 2012. Champion of Liberty.
31195 sara moore
31196 James Hershiser
31197 Name not displayed Please run, you have had the biggest impact on me and million of others. please !!!!
31198 Peter Simon
31199 Shane Walker
31200 Braden Smith RON PAUL 2012!
31201 Hunter Dougherty We need you this year, our country relies on you.
31202 Ross Berry Dear God, please Run Mr. Paul!
31203 Elizabeth Davidson
31204 Jason Morris
31205 Shanda Tuttle Thank you for not falling to wall street corruption!
31206 Eric Sell If your running I’m voting for you Ron.
31207 Teresa Santiago He is the best thinker in United States right now! For the people and to the people, as God intended.
31208 Name not displayed
31209 Lisa Laurence
31210 Brandon Diaz
31211 Name not displayed
31212 Zachary Hunt You sir are a true leader for the working man, and I feel as though you truly represent the next generation of change lead by generation and generations to come.
31213 j martinez
31214 Drew White I know that the run is exhausting and frustrating but we need RP more than ever. The timing is pretty good. Millions of Americans are frustrated and seemingly willing to listen to reason over partisanship.
31215 Artena McClendon
31216 Name not displayed
31217 John Crawford "I find you to be a glimmer of hope in the darkest of times"……………Please run…………it’s different now,……. much has occurred since 2008……….much of what you said would occur, did occur…………it’s simply time for real leadership, not the ponzi type. Those who are making the decisions today are laying out a future of indentured servitude for our children and their children, ………….sad and unacceptable!
31218 Derek Amaral
31219 Eric Horn ron paul has to run!
31220 Name not displayed in my opinion, Ron Paul is the logical choice for this day and age.
31221 Robert Costello You can do it
31222 Name not displayed
31223 vaughn Lawrence
31224 Justin Rangel
31225 Jason Haberl run paul run!
31226 Max.T Put an end to the war on drugs, end the madness.
31227 Launie Hansen You views are 100% in-line with mine. A potential Presidential Candidate has never met my view of exactly how this country should be run. Your views have achieved this. No matter how much the media tries to trip you up and twist your point, ignore them and speak out exactly your views. Do not allow them to interupt/censor you. If you run you will have my vote as well as all my family.
31228 dammy vermeersch
31229 Patrick Thomas Smith America may have a chance to right its wrongs if your elected. From exprienced people tend to say one thing and do another. Its hard to stay true to oneself, or is it?
31230 Jim Hendries
31231 Shane Kearney Restore the constitution!
31232 Name not displayed
31233 rory oconnor please run dr.paul
31234 Hillary Poe
31235 Name not displayed We believe in you Dr. Paul! Please help us see our dreams come true in this life! And THANK YOU for all that you do!
31236 Matt Graubart
31237 Brandon Filipowicz You are the only hope for this dying country and sincerely hope you run for President. You are in our prayers and if you run you have two votes from us. :D
31238 steven garcia I was watching tv and saw the stop government wasting commercial and i saw what i have been thinking for the past year or so. im afraid of our nation going under. our government keep spending and making money out of thin air. they keep inflating out currency until we have nothing left and were forced to fight for food and water. the american people are getting taxed for everything and its not fair to be directly taxed like the way we are. we have forgotten our principles that have mad us great. i am from new jersey and taxes are killing us really bad. ive woken up has anyone else?
31239 Name not displayed Go Ron! Bring back liberty and the Constitution!
31240 roger frantz
31241 Amber McAlpine You have my support!
31242 crystal hill Ron Paul for our next president is a must
31243 Dominic Mataczynski
31244 Name not displayed For the propagation of liberty!
31245 Name not displayed Ron Paul is the only one I would trust, Obama is a puppet, Bush a crook and a retard, Clinton , nice guy but bought and part of the "system" - Bilderburg style.
31246 Caleb Michael Duncan America needs Ron Paul….
31247 Juan please Run for love of the country
31248 Jesse Willoughby America is in a financial disaster and it’s been caused by greedy politicians and Wall Street. We need someone to speak up for the real Americans. Thanks for running!
31249 Keith Bean Ron Paul is the change this country needs.
31250 Julie Bean
31251 Bradley Lee Ron, I’m a democrate but I respect you more than any other candidate. I’m hoping very much that you run for 2012 and win! You could do so much for this country when we need it the most, Ron Paul is what this country needs, its a shame I can’t vote for you in the primarys if you do run, I do promise though that if you do run I’ll vote for no democrate in the primarys.
31252 Ben Hughes
31253 Zach St. Vincent Someone that uses their brain, instead of their wallet….you got my vote
31254 Name not displayed Save our Country! End the Fed!
31255 Name not displayed
31256 Carleton Cutler
31257 Name not displayed
31258 Frankie Morris
31259 Ronald Eastman Ron Paul is a man of consistency and has earned my vote.
31260 David Thomas
31261 Mike Shumake constitutional government -’nuff said.
31262 jacob gordon we are at a fork in the road as to how our nation will move forward…we need right thought, right action…
31263 Scott Forman
31264 Name not displayed
31265 Francis Reardon
31266 Shane Lee Please run for president, this will be the first year I actually vote I am a 21 year old, i’m from South Carolina, married and I have a daughter that is one year old and i’m really hoping you will run for president and make our country stronger and free once again!
31267 J.west PLease run…and win!
31268 Earl Books
31269 Name not displayed Your the man who can restore our beloved country to what our forefathers had invisioned. We need you to restore power to the people.
31270 Kent Harwell
31271 Depore Wood-Grenade
31272 Jimmie D. Hall If he isn’t elected, I fear the liberty of the American People will be lost for generations
31273 jack cayes it’s time to take the poppets out and put in a man that has no strings attached.
31274 Bill Hokenstad
31275 Daniel Coonen Dr. Paul we need you.
31276 Christopher Tait Please run. For the sake of Austrian economics and all that is right.
31277 Aneta Biesiadecka
31278 David Buckles Don’t give up on the message - I don’t care if you win or not, running is enough. Please run, lead us away from this destructive path. I hear the words of our forefathers in your opinions and ideas. I want the old America of the 1700-1800′s back when principles, innovation and hard work lead the way and self interest, power and greed wasn’t all that we could see. I will campaign for you even if you don’t run…but please run in 2012. If you embody what most Texans desire - I want to move to Texas and work for you.(Broadcaster/Filmmaker/Communications)
31279 Name not displayed Please run
31280 Name not displayed paul- cain 2012
31281 Daniel J. Simms
31282 Caleb
31283 Joseph Webb We need you bad. You’re the right man for the job.
31284 Fred Benjamin Balance the budget. Bring home the military. Go Ron
31285 Name not displayed
31286 Randall Nelson
31287 Bridgette Sharpe Please take our country in the right direction.
31288 Name not displayed Clear the air Ron. The public must know the difference between being a non-interventionalist and anti-Israel. There are too many ignorant people out there.
31289 Rafael Rodriguez The USA, the World needs a real Change, we need to get rid off the corporate America that we live on. I know that the Elite told you not to run for the presidency. Trust me, we (awaken people) know about how the system works. But, I know you probably wont read my message and probably is taken out of the website. I just want you to let you know that we need some change and not skin color change. REAL CHANGE. Freedom is what we need, at all COST!
31290 andrew down with crony capitalism! down with entitlements! down with this over-regulating mess we call a government! Get our country back mr paul!
31291 Devon plante The truth will set you free
31292 Josh Johnson I believe AMERICA is ready for Ron Paul. I know I am!!!!!!!
31293 gigi sharpe
31294 Ashley Graham
31295 Name not displayed We need a Political Party of Principle. A leader of Principle is Ron Paul
31296 gary
31297 Name not displayed
31298 jeff straight you have my vote
31299 dave fowler this country needs ron paul!
31300 Peter Smith
31301 john tranmer
31302 Mike Arnold Let’s restore our Republic
31303 Name not displayed
31304 Paula Villagomez
31305 cody brewer We NEED you!
31306 Matthew Zaikowski If you run in 2012 you will have my vote.
31307 Name not displayed If Ron Paul isn’t president next election I give up on Americans
31308 Brad Higgins
31309 Kevin McKinney If Ron Paul doesn’t run this country is finished…
31310 Nicholas Ruckman
31311 william manning its not just america that will benfite from real talk and fair decisions the people around the world actualy care about the 2012 elections only to see ur name ther to choose by the way im from england i hope u win sir good luck
31312 Name not displayed please run!
31313 Brian Sacramone we need you pal.
31314 Name not displayed
31315 Name not displayed When you are close, seem to be distant. (Sun Tzu)
31316 Name not displayed mr.paul god will make you president in 2012 if you have the guts to sign bill 11110 !
31317 William Gaston I am a political science major and would gladly offer my services to campaign for Ron Paul.
31318 FLO ZEZAI the country needs you sir!
31319 Alli Giertsen I am glad to see that someone still believes in our gun rights. thank you and i will tell others that feel the same way to support you!
31320 Name not displayed
31321 Name not displayed I appreciate that you always speak up for Constitutional principles. I know of no other candidate that has constantly done so. May the Lord Bless you through these trying times.
31322 Rob Tyre You’re the best thing this country has
31323 Jonas Jonasson Ron Paul for President 2012-NO MORE CORPORATE PUPPETS!!!!
31324 Name not displayed
31325 MICHAEL MUNTON ron is ace
31326 AJ Richardson The free market works, We need Ron in order to keep the dollar from crashing which it’s probably too late, but at least we’d restore with civil liberties quicker than any of these tyrants… Ron has got to go deep with his message fortunately it’s not too late otherwise he’d be getting arrest for speaking the truth about our current system of government! Ron muthafuccin Paul 2012!!! fo’sho’
31327 Name not displayed People need to hear what Ron Paul is saying and the election gives him a platform win or lose.
31328 For Freedom Go Ron Paul 2012!!!!
31329 Name not displayed This may be the last chace to turn things around and start america on a road to peace. If anyone can do it, it has to be Ron Paul. Things are getting far too dangerous.
31330 Name not displayed
31331 Name not displayed
31332 Russell Twiford
31333 Clint wilkerson
31334 Name not displayed
31335 Paul I voted for you as "write in" in 2008, I will probably vote for you again. You are the only person that makes any sort of sense in D.C…..Thank you Dr. Paul. If it wasnt for you I would have never even bothered to vote… Obama, McCain, Romney, Palin: All these people are jokes. I wouldnt vote for them to Manage a Donut shop.
31336 Name not displayed
31337 Kyle Duckert
31338 Donna Davey
31339 David Stewart Run Ronnie Run
31340 Name not displayed "…take our country back from the statists that are stealing our Liberty and shredding our Constitution."
31341 Name not displayed GO 4 IT Ron Paul.

i made my mistakes being brain-washed. Bush went for another term i voted against him, first time i voted ever, because i felt it was always controled no matter how i voted. to my Awakening i found it is was and has been a Rigged Game ( elections ) when it comes to voting or our system that is so corrupted we can’t get a fair shake.

how do WE THE PEOPLE clean up our run away Government ?.

one idea is to demand that when the elected officials, ( the first time they do not do as they said in there campaign propaganda or promise’s there out gone no if’s and’s or not but’s GONE from office including LYING THERE GONE ). one idea to put in the Election Oaths of office. get rid of the Patriot act Spying on Americans,Femma TSA, stop the Wars. Arrest the Banker Crooks. hold the mainstream media responsible for missleading or lying to the public. Clean up the Foods from GMO’s, Nuke power Plants, Health Care in America and so on….

i am for Real Changes not Slogans that mean nothing. stop letting Money Rule over what’s RIGHT AND WHAT’S WRONG,COMMON SENCE action’s. we need a ( Bill of Responability ) to our People and Children and the Planet. not a profit or bottom line in Dollars. but in Good Sence.

Thank you i could go on and on lol.

We Need Truth & Honesty in our Leaders more than ever ( Go 4 it Ron Paul ).

31342 Name not displayed
31343 Name not displayed
31344 Name not displayed
31345 Walter Shivers Some for America it about time
31346 Patrick Whaley Please Dr. Paul run for president your country needs you!
31347 Name not displayed Help us plz
31348 Karen Pham we need you!!!
31349 Karen Pham
31350 Thomas W. Ausborn Congressman Paul, you stand for the same values that our founders stood for. Liberty and personal responsibility. Please run for president in 2012. My fear is that, if you do not run, there will be no one else to stand for what is right. There will be no one left who truly holds to our Constitution and liberty.

Thank you for consistently standing for liberty.

Verily, you make me wish I were one of your constituents.


Thomas W. Ausborn
31351 Daniel Gott The last hope to save America and the constitution
31352 Joshua Caleb Smith Please run for President, we need a sane man holding that office for once.
31353 D king As a doctor and conservative libertarian i say Do it please
31354 M king Yeah, go for it
31355 Rosa Please run for president! i finely turn 18 and would be proud to vote you for are 2012 president!
31356 Kevin Ashcraft You are the only potential candidate I’ve seen that I can believe in. Please run! I will to work for your campaign.
31357 Jason Lewis Ron Paul for 2012. Obama supports war and didnt live up to his hope/change campaign
31358 Name not displayed You definitely need to run for president.
31359 Kent Patteson
31360 Jeff Kaczmarek If your names on that ballot, you’ve got my vote…
31361 B.J. Witelus It is time for real change.
31362 Addison Allen Rempe RON PAUL = CHANGE!!! Please end all the corruption and save our beloved country from the relentless strangle of corporate greed!!
31363 Andy Chapman Its time to help save the country-run Ron run
31364 Name not displayed you would be foolish not to run.
31365 Brenda B
31366 Name not displayed
31367 Timothy Patterson
31368 Aiden Hernandez
31369 Mark Weaver
31371 Name not displayed you are a patriot ron paul and i think the american public would be lucky to have you as president , just be careful , i think the people responsible for JFK’s assasination wouldnt want to see some one as honest and brave as yourself in office
31372 Carolyn Moss I want an honest government!
31373 Name not displayed
31374 Name not displayed Ron Paul we need you. We need a face, we need unity, we need credibility, you offer that to us. Run for office Dr. Paul, lead the way for us to follow.
31375 Lee Sparks We need the Fair Tax
31376 Weathers Ron, you are the person America needs!!
31377 Daniel Vincent
31378 David Knoop
31379 Name not displayed Paul has the ability to appeal to voters on all sides of the political spectrum. He is one of the few prominent politicians in the world who is both a social and economic libertarian.
31380 nick Varacalloi Our last hope!
31381 Boris Rajic Do not give up. We need you!
31382 William Larsen Please Mr. Paul, America needs you to run for president.
31383 Name not displayed
31384 Darla Seward-Halpern
31385 Joe Dobbs
31386 Jay Phillips I support Ron 100%
31387 charles j cook please run ron. everyone else stinks.
31388 Jacky Wright You are the only hope for the American people.
31389 denise jurkowski Wake up America if Dr.Paul doesn’t win it’s over for our country
31390 Matthew Gunnet Please run again. Despite your exit from the race in 2008, I wrote you in on my ballot. I will do so again if you do not run. Please do not allow me to waste my vote.
31391 tania self
31392 Name not displayed
31393 Name not displayed
31394 Stephen Bryant
31395 Raymond Hawkins
31396 Stefan America needs another great president after Kennedy.
31397 Joy Taylor America needs someone to lead us out of this hole!!!
31398 Gwen Urwin Dr.Paul,

Sir,I hesitate to ask you to go into the viper pit, but if our great nation ever needed a true American hero,it is now.

May the true Creator sheild you,and bless you.
31399 Aaron Harmon
31400 Chris Pignato
31401 Josh Longnecker Mr. Paul you are the breath of fresh air this country needs. We need someone to shatter the status quo before the status quo shatters this country.
31402 Logan Phegley The Thomas Jefferson of our time.
31403 Coulter Fleming
31404 Name not displayed
31405 Scott McCarron
31406 Name not displayed I usually vote liberal democrat. Im with RP now.
31407 Travis Brown ready to help however possible in WA
31408 Name not displayed Please run for president! As our debt grows and we enter into a third major war with likely more conflicts we will be sucked into on the horizon your economic and foreign policy leadership is greatly needed!

Semper Fidelis
31409 Name not displayed I really hope you run for president, you are the only one who truely understands and upholds the value of our constitution.
31410 Name not displayed we need you, not just in America but all around the world too.
31411 Ryan Breault
31412 Aaron Erpelding
31413 Hayden La Grange
31414 Timothy Barson
31415 fijan degiovanni
31416 Kim
31417 Yesenia Castaneda
31418 Milton Castaneda
31419 Michael YES WE CAN WITH DR. PAUL!!!!!!
31421 Anthony DeMartini
31422 Michael O’Leary Ron, please stop the insanity.
31423 Name not displayed please don’t let Obama get reelected
31424 Adam Ruplinger Even if Ron did not win, we need him running to keep the political conversation of the Contitution alive during the presidential debates. But quite frankly, I think enough people are starting to wake up after 24 years of having Progressive presidents, with the last 4 being the worst, that Ron has a legitimate chance to be our President and lead us in the quest to preserve the Constitution and save our Republic.
31425 Guy R Shanaberger
31426 Alyssa Ruplinger
31427 Brian Reichel Thank you for looking out for America!
31428 Name not displayed I enjoyed your time last night at NC State University.
31429 Drew Kocot Run Ron Run!
31430 Sean L. Hellems Go Ron Paul!!!
31431 Name not displayed
31432 Name not displayed
31433 Jeff Dameron Ron Paul for 2012 - our only hope
31434 Marcin You are the only one with answers. Please run for president, you have a lot more support than Obama, and you can actually put our nation on the right path. Please run!
31435 Diane Umaña
31436 Name not displayed DO NOT ALLOW THE FED CHARTER TO RENEW IN 2012/2013 !!!
31437 Dallas Hanson
31438 Taylor Hartness I agree with every single thing this man is trying to do.
31439 Nathan Shiffler
31441 jennifer Pickett
31442 Name not displayed the government should fear the people not the people fearing the government.
31443 Chris Reed Go RP
31444 Name not displayed
31445 Name not displayed
31446 Henry C.
31447 Leah Tye
31448 Tyler Carr Please run for President. This country needs a man like you.
31449 George Trent The Re-Founding Father
31450 Allison Aquino Please run!!!
31451 Sam Michalak No one should ever be able to tell which way their congressman will vote on an issue by looking at his/her corporate donor list. Run Dr. Paul.
31452 Name not displayed
31453 Danny Dulkin
31454 Sek Three We NEED a real leader who cares for the people not for the profit! May God Bless You SIR!
31455 Leah Schmidt
31456 Tanya Newgent
31457 Name not displayed Please Ron run for president we are here for you all the way!!!!
31458 Krystle Harris
31459 Name not displayed Our only hope.
31460 Name not displayed
31461 Name not displayed
31462 ken fors
31463 Tina Benintende This country needs you as President!!!
31464 carlos flowers please run..we need you..u are the last hope..RUN PAUL RUN!!!!
31465 Dominic Gonzales We need you, Sir!
31466 Glenn Luthy we need your help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
31467 Name not displayed
31468 Gary K. Ron Paul is a man who speaks truth. A rarity.
31469 ryan llewellyn
31470 Klayt Morfoot
31471 Patrick Feeney Champion of the Constitution, and common sense.
31472 Matthew Ramberg Even if you didn’t run, I’d write you in. There is no other person I see fit to hold the position of President of the United States. If I couldn’t write you in, I wouldn’t vote. I will not vote for the lesser of two evils; where we are today is the result of so many people doing just that. If I may be so bold to make one recommendation, though: run as an Independent. Run as a Libertarian. I believe that "R" next to your name, right or wrong, will prevent many Independents or Democrats from even considering you or listening to your message.
31473 Lisa Ousley
31474 Curt Hays People, don’t quote John McCain on here.
31475 Name not displayed
31476 Taylor Lincoln
31477 jason sejkora only guy so far that makes sense.. come on on ron!
31478 Michael Thorpe Real Change is our only hope!
31479 Name not displayed America Needs Ron Paul
31481 Lyndsey Higginbotham
31482 Jordan McEldowney
31483 Chad Marshall, RN I voted for change, and got short changed! You are the voice or real change. Please run for President in 2012. Thank you.
31484 Micah Abinadi Moses
31485 Name not displayed Thank you for your dedicated service!
31486 Name not displayed
31487 Name not displayed ron paul is the only person who ran last time that even knew what the true issues were. please run in 2012 congressman Paul
31488 Lindsay McEldowney
31489 Name not displayed
31490 Name not displayed The People are awkening to the grim fact our country was usurped by private banks close to a hundred years ago. Let’s begin to right this wrong by making Ron Paul prez!
31491 Eric Tither The other candidates in my lifetime aren’t worth the caloric effort required to pull a lever. I’d drive across the country to vote for Ron.
31492 Craig Thomson
31493 Name not displayed I’ll help out how ever I can !
31494 from Republic of Turkey Turkey’s believe in you
31495 from Republic of Turkey
31496 Name not displayed
31497 Joseph Brown
31498 James W. Anderson Ron Paul is one of the few people who haven’t lost touch with the American people. Turn off the printing press!!
31499 Brandon Raymus We need people like Ron Paul to help run this country
31500 Taylor You are the only sane man left in Washington.
31501 Name not displayed
31502 K O’Grady Do it sir.
31503 Kerry McEldowney
31504 Mark Henson Restore the Constitution-hope is not an option!
31505 Dustin I would be willing to donate money and provide other support that I could.
31506 jason hansen You have all of my support and my family’s
31507 Hiren patel It’s time for a change, Obama wasn’t the rite man for the job. Dr. Ron Paul for 2012
31508 Kortni Gehri You are a true hero, please run for president!
31509 Jack Beddingfield
31510 Name not displayed
31511 Andrew Godwin
31512 Connor Johnston
31513 Richard This election will determine whether or not I have any faith left in our current system. Please run.
31514 Brad
31515 Name not displayed Three of my children are in the military and I want their lives to be honored and protected. I also want to see relief for many poor in our Country which seems never to come. My children and their future children need a better America. Please run in 2012.
31516 Name not displayed I don’t agree with all of your ideals. But what is most important is the freedom and liberty of the American people, which is something that you believe in strongly. Please run for the 2012 Candidacy.
31517 Sophia Baloch
31518 Eric Roland Can’t wait to "waste" my vote. Go Ron!
31519 Name not displayed
31520 Name not displayed Please run run for president
31521 Name not displayed U.S is not the parent of the world when a country has a civil war that does not evlove us we have no buisness going in guns blazin
31522 Name not displayed
31523 Sam
31524 JirĂ­ Salaquarda
31525 Tim Bachmann
31526 Tim Bachmann
31527 Melissa
31528 Timothy Johnson
31530 theresa Anderson
31531 Hans c. Werner
31532 Name not displayed I Am Proud!!!
31533 Name not displayed Never give up! Never give in!

Rand will hopefully take up where you left off if necessary. I know you are proud of him, and you should be!
31534 Cory Coggins
31535 Name not displayed
31536 Shannon Sasseville
31537 Name not displayed Help us Ron Paul, you are our only hope. Please run.
31538 Brian William Hallsted I will do anything I can to help.
31539 Mike Fleming You are literally the only politician that can make a difference Dr. Paul. Sadly I suspect the vast majority of the American people haven’t a clue what is in store if they fail to realize this.

A concerned Canadian
31540 Travis Ramlow got my vote and the whole town i live in
31541 James Bogue I stand with you.
31542 Tara Vargas RON PAUL 2012! END THE FED RON!
31544 bobby meadows jr you will always have my vote
31545 Timothy Pugh
31546 Bill Boll
31547 Name not displayed
31548 Lisa Jester We need someone strong to oust the dictator. You can debate him without fear. We need you.
31549 Dee Rajwani You have my vote.
31550 Casey Orth "A government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take away everything you have."

-Thomas Jefferson
31551 Jonathan Pratt We need someone who isn’t afraid to use their voice to represent the people that elect them & I think Mr. Paul is that man & that voice.
31552 Kerri Pasquerella We love you RON!!
31553 Name not displayed
31554 Name not displayed Ron Paul is what America should be, Ron Paul is what died in america, but NEEDS to be brought back. End of discussion.
31555 Christopher Dale
31556 Name not displayed FREE AMERICA
31557 Caleb Pero From one Believer to another, I implore you to ask the Lord if this may be His will for you and this Country. Thank you
31558 Name not displayed RON PAUL IS A GREAT MAN! WINNING!
31559 Mari Carroll I live in Manassas, VA. How do I connect with other Ron Paul supporters and also are there opportunities to volunteer?
31560 Bobby Bajwa
31561 Jon Fairbanks
31562 Sam Swafford
31563 Bruce Alan HELP !!! We need a ‘Ron Paul’ in California…
31564 Colt JESSE VENTURA VP!! RON PAUL is on americans people side, so how could you go againts yourself?!!!!
31565 Jason Carlson We’re all for you Ron… Go for it!
31566 shaun jenkins
31567 Brittany As a wild teenage liberal girl/model from LA, I have always rooted for liberals (especially Obama). I thought that when I reach voting age, I would always vote democratic because they would do better overall and all the republicans are so self-centered. All my friends are also liberal and during the 2008 election we were making fun of republicans (we never heard of you. They always show McCain, Romney, etc.). When Obama won, I yelled OBAMA BABY OBAMA OBAMA. What is even more sad is that we celebrated at my friends pad and there is this guy that yelled "Ron Paul" and everybody (including me) was booing and we were making fun of him and you. And I didn’t care if people criticized him "UNTIL YESTERDAY". I was driving around Rodeo to do some shopping and what do you know, there was a guy holding a Ron Paul sign saying (with extreme passion) that he would restore our nation. I ignored him thinking he was a crazy. BUT then my conscience suddenly came to me for some reason and out of curiosity/boredom, I looked you up on youtube. And when I heard you talk I became …"SHOCKED" and …"AWED". I have never heard in my lifetime a politician SO INTELLIGENT and SO SANE and SO LOGICAL. You dead TRUTH and HONESTY about the government and Obama have made the my jaw drop (really). I never heard so much of those from a politician EVER And now I really regret how happy and stupid I was to root for Obama. You definitely woke me up and sparkled a light bulb in my head. Since then, I started to watch more videos about you. You have made me learned and UNDERSTAND what America was really all about. This will be the first time I will lean towards republican because of you. I will tell all my friends to do the same.
31568 Luke Williams what can you even say, so much common sense from someone who could actually lead the country. I’d love to see the day
31569 Hopkin Williams I will volunteer to help if there is a campaign
31570 Name not displayed
31572 Name not displayed Ron Paul is one of the only people in the government who is honest and who cares for this country rather than the purchasing power of lobbyists. We need that now more than ever. Please run in 2012 Dr. Paul, this country needs you.
31573 chris close WE NEED YOU! The time before was premature because the sheeple would not listen. Now they have no choice. Your philosophies and ideologies are corroborated in the mainstream media more and more frequently. You were once thought as a conspiracy theorist and now we all know what you have been disclosing is the factual truth. You have the credibility now to make that change Obama promised. Please run!
31574 Kevin Crouch
31575 Patrick Mitchell
31576 Jacob Hughes West Point Candidate - Non-interventionist
31577 Name not displayed I’ve always read about inspirational presidents in high school.

Paragraphs alone detailing how their leadership and courage swept the nation and led it to victory.

Ron Paul gives me that sense.
31578 Jackson As of right now you would have my vote
31579 john beard The ONLY common sense politician on the national horizon.
31580 George Horsey Mr Paul, It’s not just America that needs you….It’s the world aswel. This world needs someone like you in power to make a difference and so does humanity. This world is in crisis, so i and many thousands of others call uppon you, to run for president in the 2012 elections. Set an example not just to America and the American people but to the world. Show the people how to stand up for their rights and to take back their individual power and personal sovereignty. Surround yourself with people you can trust. Mr Ron Paul i know that if you run for president in 2012 it’s not just going to be Americans that will stand behind you….. but the whole world aswel. I send my love to you Mr Paul. With you as the president of America, humanity mighnt just have a chance. Deliver America back to the free country that it was meant to be. The Founders would be counting on you.
31581 Wendy Christine Brooks Jones
31582 Josh Garwick
31583 Corey Close
31584 Robert E Hudson Mary Mother of God, please save us.
31585 Roisin Cassidy
31586 Chris Pankiewicz
31587 Darris You are the only one that makes sense and has a chance. Please run.
31588 Sean Bring down this empire! Live within your means, America!
31589 Kevin T. Hannah
31590 Brian Wammack
31591 Name not displayed
31592 SidewinderFF Give me liberty or give me death!!!
31593 Brian K. King I will vote for you if you run for president. However, I disagree on your position about taxation, especially in regards to high income individuals. Although I dislike the government having too much power and control over things they should have no business with, taxation is a necessary part of keeping a country functional and strong. The government should provide a safe and nurturing place for its citizens to prosper and grow, changing itself to meet the needs and will of the people. This costs money and I believe your view on taxation does not realistically provide enough funding for a government to fulfill their role. I believe on a moral level that people who earn large amounts of money (over a million dollars a year) should pay a higher percentage in taxes, because they most likely earn that money from the work of others that earn far less than them and the infrastructure and safety the government provides . I cannot think of one person or job that works hard enough to earn that kind of money. I think that paying our debts and avoiding national bankruptcy/inflation is impossible without a combination of taxes and decreased spending. I do think that anyone making less than 100k should be in the lowest tax bracket (which should be a small amount taxed from you), but people making large amounts of money should be taxed greatly (49% of their income).

If you read this, I will be very astonished. Please write back and good luck with your campaign. We need an alternative to the two party system.
31594 Douglas Allan Joy Please…some common sense!!
31595 Sapphik Go and vote for Ron Paul!!
31596 Kenneth Nersten I support creative thinkers, truthsayers, independents and underdogs.
31597 Michael Roberts
31598 Cathy Macias I pray that Ron Paul can be our next president in 2012. He is exactly what our country needs.
31599 Kevin Shipley
31600 Maxwell Cook
31601 James Line We need radical change, since every single party that has held office in my lifetime has had the same economic outcome.
31602 Timothy G. LeBlanc It’s time, we as Americans, wake up and start paying more attention! We can’t take our ‘FREEDOMS’ for grant-it…

We all need to vote!!!

Ron Paul
31603 tim We need you. Not only the USA… but the world needs you!
31604 Liam Brennan For liberty and courage
31605 Roman Moravec I´m from the Czech Republic so I can´t vote in the US. But I hope for your election. It´s not only hope for the US but for the hole World.
31606 Marek Mollin Although I am not an American Citizen,

I would support campaign with freedom spirit and dontation.
31607 Enrico Cordisco Don’t think that your vote for Ron Paul will help someone else. EVERYONE should vote for the man and we’ll get what we want FINALLY!
31608 Andrew Flores Hopefully more Americans are intelligent enough to sign this petition and vote for you in 2012!
31609 Barbara Fleming We need you right where you are. Keep flushing out the truth, and we will be set free!!
31610 Name not displayed
31611 Name not displayed you got dis
31612 Name not displayed Best of luck and I hope I get to vote for you on the ticket here in Madisonville, KY!!
31613 Tommy Gourzis End The fighting
31614 Name not displayed I believe.
31615 Allan Hall Rand is a great ally, but he does not have the political clout that Ron Paul has to run for president. Ron Paul has a much greater chance at this stage.
31616 Massimo You’re the only hope of this country..please Sir,we’re all with you!
31617 Dave Stearns Ron Paul 2012!
31618 Brian Harkness
31619 Daniel Donza It more about getting your message out again then winning..however better chance then ever!
31620 Pax Tielman Enough is Enough. We cannot tolerate this RAPE and BETRAYAL anymore.
31621 Gary Lovisn
31622 Rex Yocum
31623 Name not displayed
31624 Name not displayed Ron Paul, you are needed, now more than ever. I had giving up after these last few years when Obama did a 180 on everything he said. You make sense, we all need to see more of you on the TV, so the masses that are waking up can fully understand the truth and have someone to have some faith in,, which is so hard to do when being continously lied to. you have my vote and the vote of all 23 people in my family. Lets make this happen
31625 Brandon Sinclair
31626 Name not displayed
31627 Tim Gerrish If I have time I would help Ron Paul in Florida during the primaries. I am a law student, and would dedicate considerable time during my 3L (next school year) to help!
31628 Name not displayed Go Ron you can do it
31629 Leonard Stebbins
31630 John Richards The voting process is normally like asking us to decide would we rather eat garbage for lunch, or trash for dinner. I have given up on presidential voting, because for every ONE educated intellegent human being, there are FIFTY who know more about American Idol and Jersey Shore than they do about their own nation. Those people will always vote for the guy who gives them the best bullcrap speech.

America is not ready for an honest politician like Ron Paul. People would prefer to be told how to live, what to do, and how to do it-and as long as they have beer on Sunday and nobody directly steps on THIER particular lawn…..the general attitude of America is "Screw everyone else."

Ron Paul is simply too revolutionary, and too realistic for America. People don’t want truth and liberty.

But here’s my signature anyway….hoping on a pipe dream :)
31631 Name not displayed Get Rid Of The Federal Reserve.
31632 Joseph Story
31633 bardzochudyy I can’t wait for more articles! When will you update your interesting website?

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31634 Name not displayed You may be our only hope! Please run for president, we need you desperately to turn this around before it’s too late!
31635 Garrett R. Kusmack
31636 Charles Oceguera
31637 Grace Lowe
31638 Christopher R. Hudson, Jr. It’s not that I agree with you on every issue, it’s that I know that you’ll stand up for freedom even when it makes you the most hated man in America. God bless you.
31639 Xavier Zavala Our last bastion of hope for our nation, and our nation’s economy lies with you sir. Help the people of this country learn to help themselves!
31640 l stewart
31641 Patrick Proffit Do it, i’m ready to vote!
31642 Name not displayed
31643 Name not displayed GO RON RAUL PLEASE RUN FOR PRESIDENT IN 2012.
31644 Name not displayed "It either you get elected in 2012 and legislate change or in the very near future a revolution will have to occur resulting in the deaths of millions."

I second that.
31645 Name not displayed
31646 Name not displayed
31647 Morgan Erskine If everyone could see a one-on-one presidential debate between ron paul and obama…. i think it would be pretty clear what needs to be done… RON PAUL 2012
31648 Greg
31649 john wilhite
31650 Ben Malcom I believe he can save us from a new world order and take us back to just being the USA again
31651 Ryan Roberts
31652 Name not displayed
31653 Joshua Heffner Please save our country.
31654 Sara Haugen Dear Ron:

Please run for President! Our government has sold us out and you’re our savior! I believe in you, please run for President 2012!
31655 Dylan Johnson We need ron paul to strengthen our nation!
31656 Gabriel Gnall The citizens need better options to choose from. Please run.
31657 Name not displayed
31658 Blake Mellencamp
31659 Deane Knott
31660 Name not displayed Patriotism at its finest!
31661 Hunter Lane Good luck! You have my vote! :)
31662 Name not displayed
31663 Kyle Riggs Investigate the FED!
31664 Jean Malcom We do need you to run and make needed changes.
31665 Dave Levesque
31666 Chad Shelton PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A real person who can make real changes!!
31667 Stephen Williams There will never be another JFK - but there is Ron Paul. Vote for change!
31668 John Alexander Christian II Rand for VP
31669 Name not displayed
31670 Corey Brumbaugh
31671 Name not displayed Please run in 2012. With your help the nation can be great again.
31672 Heidi Daniels
31673 Roger D.Boren I dont own a firearm, but enjoy fact that i can.

31674 Name not displayed
31675 keith kim
31676 Luigi Ruiz
31677 Robert Urschel
31678 Troy
31680 Bart Stojowski
31681 Walter
31682 Michael Winslow the only political mind i have ever believed in. Ron Paul
31683 Gina Copeland
31684 Name not displayed Real Change you can believe in!
31685 patrick mcmullin
31686 Patrick R. Tracey
31687 Lauren H Taylor
31688 Name not displayed Please elect someone who knows constitutions, free trade, lower tax, a truely smaller government — yeah, that’s your Dr. Ron Paul! Please RUN!
31689 Name not displayed Just Do It!
31690 christina crews
31691 Name not displayed Please run, we must stop the insanity in our government.
31692 Will S. Ron Paul is neither a Republican or a Democrat by today’s standard. He’s a patriot.
31693 Marcia Hope
31694 Steve Sninsky Dr. Paul, please run in 2012. You are the only one who is capable of leading this country on the road to recovery. You have my vote.
31695 Keith Richards Cheers to the only other person I know that clings to the Constitution!
31696 Joseph McDevitt We need you more now then ever. With the incoming collapse of the dollar, your the only person in government that still has there head on there shoulders. Our civil liberties are gone!.
31697 Dan Rowe we MUST go back to a SILVER & GOLD Standard with our currency. The FIRST country that does-HAS THE POWER !!
31698 Ryan M. Tarter Run… we need you!
31699 Brian M. Leiva I back Ron Paul 100% I believe his message is beneficial to all Americans Proud Patriot for Ron Paul not the fake Freemasonic police establishment it has become. It is our responsibility to stand up and take back our government
31700 Name not displayed After reading End the Fed my mind has been changed in several ways. This coutry needs liberterian ideals to reach the decision makers federally and locally.
31701 Jani Lahtinen
31703 Alan Heer Is Obama the One we need? I think not. My vote is for the one who most closely resembles our forefatrhers. In this case, Ron Paul, you have my vote if you run.
31704 Lindsey
31705 David C. Run, please. We can do it!
31706 Name not displayed All it takes for evil to prevail in this world is for a few good people to do nothing. Evil is prevailing and its time for the good of this world to stand up against the evil globalist trying to strip us od everything. Ron Paul is the man to lead the fight. RON PAUL 2012!!!!!!
31707 Name not displayed
31709 Sarah Laskoski I won’t vote for anyone else, even if it comes to writing his name in again.
31710 Ann Adams
31711 Michael J. Koteles, Jr. We need you to run! We need the truth to be heard and our rights returned to us as citizens of this great country.
31712 Waylon Levins Mr. Paul… In all seriousness, you had better not fuck this up, we are approaching the the inevitable terminus of the obliteration of this nation. Godspeed my friend.
31713 Name not displayed I was raised on the right, then drifted left; frustrated and unable to find pragmatic leadership on either side, I’ve now found Mr. Ron Paul. The most rational leader our country has to offer. Please step forward Mr. Paul.
31714 Jim Smith
31715 Braedon Wilkerson Ron, me and a my college buddies are die hard supporters! our political philosophy is categorized: "Ron Paul" on facebook. As my circle of peers would say, you just gotta "Row, Row, Fight the Powah!"

Congressman Paul, you just gotta row, row.
31716 brian baker I’m sorry I voted for the republican last election. That being said don’t drag anything squeamish from the party, consider Rand. Thanks
31717 Jeffery McKinney
31718 Chester Fuller God bless you for All you do
31719 Name not displayed
31720 Phillip Wilson A sincere and steadfast co-operation in promoting such a reconstruction of our political system as would provide for the permanent liberty and happiness of the United States.

James Madison
31721 Matthew Hinojosa
31722 Apac Ron Paul: sincere and level-headed!
31723 Madisen Daviau i think it would be great if Ron became

President. Being a canadian citizen , i feel we need to be able to trust our neighbours leader, and theres noone more i could trust than Ron Paul
31724 Kim Ruiz
31725 Daniel Greenhill Please, we need you!
31726 Josh people really need to listen ron paul’s wisdom and words they are what started america
31727 Name not displayed I’m not even American but I’d rather have Ron Paul running your country than the ceasless array of puppets that the current two-party system spews out.
31728 Name not displayed
31729 Chernor Barrie I wish well, Mr. Paul
31730 Name not displayed
31731 Peter
31732 Alex Campbell Please run! You’re the reason I got out and voted in ’08. I won’t have a reason to vote in ’12 if you don’t run. Some of us refuse to give in to the "lesser of two evils" tyranny.
31733 Mitchell liberty is not a given. Liberty is what you fight for and liberty is what you die for
31734 ryan sardoni make us proud to be Americans again.
31735 Brian B Wolcott Keep your coins I want change.
31736 Ed LaVoie Why doesn’t this make sense to Americans. You should run again
31737 Name not displayed
31738 Name not displayed
31739 911truthwillprevail IF YOU RUN YOU WILL WIN…. WE WILL MAKE SURE OF IT…

31740 Name not displayed
31741 Andrew LaBelle Love you Ron sent you a Christmas card hope you got it.
31742 Jason Mitchell GO RON!
31743 Kirill Not only the USA needs you but the whole world. We all are fed up with these socialist interventionists and would really appreciate if you, Mr. Paul, decided to put in for.
31744 Vita
31745 John Christensen We need a true President to secure the liberty and freedom of the people
31746 Name not displayed please do NOT share my information.
31747 derek j horton
31748 Ryan Lee
31749 J. Bibonne
31750 Name not displayed We need you Ron Paul god bless you for your courage you are a true hero please continue to do what you do we support you
31751 Mario Castro So how do you all like you’re hope an change?
31752 Ari Herbert This country was founded to establish and preserve freedom, and in this dark time when freedoms are quickly being usurped from the individual’s authority, Ron Paul 2012 can put us back on the right track
31753 Ian Z. I like you, and I hope you and the LibertyPAC make low-cost good-quality commercials and get them on the air. If people don’t know you exist them you won’t get elected! Needs more than just facebook, needs a good plan/strategy!
31754 Mickey We need you Ron!!!!
31755 Name not displayed
31756 John
31757 john foster
31758 Gerald Ruell
31759 Name not displayed Please run in 2012 !!!
31760 Name not displayed Please, if not for me, for my daughter and everyone else that wants a future for their children. Run, I would if I could.
31761 Raymond Young I think now, especially after our short sighted involvement in Libya, the American people need and will embrace Ron Pauls’ message. We need him now more than ever.
31762 Terrance King "We Want Ron Paul"
31763 Jeremy Ruzanski
31764 sportsbookonline I read your posts everyday, you have talent in writing, waiting for more updates


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31765 Scott Urschel
31766 Roscoe C. Witham We need you.. this country needs you
31767 John Not It’s 2011 and Change is NOT happening. We’re still in Iraq, Afghanistan and NOW Libya! Please, RON PAUL stop this madness, bring the troops home and close the military bases around the world. We are not the world’s police force. We need Dr. Paul to tell the world to look after itself, and to let America look after itself. RonPaul2012
31768 Adam Ron Paul you’re the first to make logical sense and ask the questions many won’t. You show understanding to how our economy works.

Logical and unbiased and promote liberties when our liberties have been removed over time.
31769 Name not displayed Run Ron, Run!
31770 Luke Smith
31771 kurt humberson your the only hope for this country, and the future of our children
31772 Eric Yost
31773 Wayne Cornell
31774 Benjamin Brixey I hope my curbside recycling business makes me enough money to make it on the council as a future libertarian. The future has been bread by you believe it or not. I am not as critical of Obama and i think we do need regulation in energy but if you run; you have my loyal support for 8 years.
31775 Ross Williams Ron Paul Revolution! You have my vote
31776 Michael Roach
31777 Jacob Davis
31778 steve w miller
31779 Maria Stella
31780 Kenneth Smith
31781 Shey Bland
31782 Name not displayed
31783 Name not displayed
31784 William knowlton Help up Ron Paul. Your our only hope
31786 Kerry Yankowy The ravenous greed of the federal gov’t and big business must be bridled, or better yet, STOPPED!
31787 Chad Webb
31788 K Edwards
31789 john carter You and are the voice of liberty
31790 frank gillette
31791 Zach White
31792 Eddie w Lackey Thank you Mr Paul, for always stating the truth without fear of any administration and media attacks. Your hard work in congress on the Unconstitutional bills passed in the last 10yrs has been amazing and for that I thank you. We need you in 2012!
31793 Christopher Abrams This is simply the truth.
31794 Cody Ford
31795 Adam Herman
31796 Josh Kobza let the revolution begin
31797 Carl Elder 2012
31798 Jeremy Burick
31799 Nicole Benson
31800 Jaye Caroline Comer It’s time to give America back to the people and you are just the man to lead the way! God bless….
31801 Brandon Komar We need you Ron. I can feel it inside me. Heat is pumping through my veins. Each beat getting stronger. My body hell bent on what is to come. Ready for destruction. Ready to push each muscle to its max. Ready to feel the burn of the cold air inflating my lungs resulting in the giant exhale of hot air. The product of pushing yourself beyond all measures. The product of satisfaction knowing what Ron Paul is ready to do for our country. Knowing he will unify and work harder then anyone can imagine to bring America to greatness.

Its time for a president who fights for America. Who listens to his people. Who serves his people and is a face for the faceless. Its time for Ron Paul 2012.
31802 Heidi Maxwell
31803 joe america needs you ron and the rest of the world
31804 Jimmy Meetze Run Paul Run! Save us from our Government….
31805 jenna williams
31806 MICHAEL CARTER Long live the republic!!!1
31807 David Nichols We need men like you with real intellegence and the courage for the right course of action in due time.
31808 Kimberly Wells We need you!
31809 Matthew Severance
31810 john fisher This matt lactmhommedieu is a phoney vet check

out pow/phonies web site. john fisher usmc/vietnam
31811 Luther James You are one of the few true common sense voices out there
31812 Erik Setzer
31813 Tyler Wagnon Please run sir this will be the first year i can vote and id like to vote for you if you dont run ill probly just write your name in.
31814 David Priebe Run!
31815 Name not displayed Finally, a political figure who gives an honest, straightforward answer.
31816 Name not displayed
31817 Dave Crocco Win or not, Ron Paul would add to the debate and wake people up.
31818 kathryn Brady
31819 Alex Hoder Please run! Our country needs someone like you more than ever!
31820 Name not displayed It’s better than drugs from pharmacies
31821 Name not displayed Dr. Paul,

The day I heard you debating against the other Republican candidates for the last election, I hoped and dreamed that an honest man who believes in everything we as Americans hold dear would become the President, and start our ascent out of the mire we have found this nation in for the past 90 or so years.

Please, for all of us, do not stop your fight for liberty, we, all of us true red white and blue American citizens, of this Republic we hold so dear, are behind you.

31822 David M. Curtis Ron Paul, is the only Presidential candidate alive that our Founding Fathers would vote for! You have my vote Ron. God Bless you!
31823 Name not displayed save our country from the international banking cartel!
31824 Name not displayed Ron Paul needs to emphasize on voters looking at candidates voting records, not what the candidates campaign on. Every election i have witnessed has been won on a campaign full of lies, or as the liar politicians would call it, a campaign full of misleads. LOL.
31825 Michael Martin Trust your gut. Put your money where your sick and tired mouth is.
31826 Kyle Bedard
31827 Name not displayed
31828 adam Run Ron Run!!
31829 bob End The Fed!!
31830 Name not displayed I don’t agree with everything but your currently one of the sanest men in congress. We need a leader with balls … no offense to feminists.
31831 Luke Stuerke Come on Ron, You still got one left in ya!
31832 Name not displayed
31833 Name not displayed
31834 Andrew Curtis Your country needs you Dr. Paul.
31835 Nuno Luis Run Mr. Paul, Run…
31836 Name not displayed
31837 Jesse Garris it may seem impossible, but what in politics doesn’t?
31838 Eric Pelezo Ron Paul is not only the BEST choice for President of the U.S…in my humble opinion..HE IS THE ONLY CHOICE!! I LOVE YOU RON!! Whatever your decision is for 2012, YOU WILL ALWAYS BE MY PRESIDENT! AND MY BUMPERSTICKER SAYS SO!!
31839 Meredith M Stewart
31840 Name not displayed Although I don’t live in the U.S we here in Australia I would have to say is very Americanized & I kind of resent that the governments of your country has dragged my country into your mess & that we HAD no part of it until the Bush government decided to step into Iraq & took us with him & I totally agree with you Mr Ron Paul as it is their fight & not yours !

I have a lot of respect for our neighboring country of New Zealand as they don’t back either the U.S or Mid East & pretty much stay to themselves (as we here in Australia call them the Switzerland of the South Pacific) ! But hey keep up the good work & if I was an American citizen, you’d get my vote mate !
31841 D.C. Burkland Please,please, run again in 2012. We all need you, and a good

cabinet of honest men. We are watching to see who you endorse.
31842 Ryan Felch PLEASE RUN!!! I didn’t vote last time because you didn’t get the nomination. This time you will with all of your supporters and fans!
31843 Name not displayed go on
31844 R.K. Burkland Please run. Wrote you in last election, I will do it again this election if you don’t run.
31845 Name not displayed
31846 Shawn H Berry Best pitch for president I have heard so far. Just made me a Republican.
31847 Will Barnwell Go Ron!!!
31848 debra barrieault
31849 Scott Grainger Run & Win 2012l!
31850 d quinn
31851 Zachary Sommer You can do it Dr. Paul. I don’t doubt your chances its up to you!
31852 Billy Yoder WIN IN 2012!!!
31853 Lyle Jamison
31854 Christopher Jones Advertise this more if you truly want 100,000 + signatures! ;o)
31855 Jesse Gulledge
31856 Tim Dowty
31857 Donald J. Millar I, all of my family members, and all of my friends are supportive of Senator Paul and a 2012 presidential bid.
31858 Andrew A. Fernandez Ron


31859 Name not displayed I’ll be a first time voter and I want it to be for someone I believe in.
31860 Matthew Griffin
31861 nancy schick What a day it would be to have Ron Paul as President.
31862 Name not displayed
31863 Name not displayed Run please!
31864 joe berry
31865 Reverend Samuel T Transue End the Fed!
31866 Andrew Zanotelli
31867 Andrew america needs something new.He can being it.
31869 Michael Canart
31870 Matthew We need to alter our course from destruction. You are the only one principled enough to do that. The truth resonates out of your mouth and that’s what separates you from everyone else.
31871 Michael Downs
31872 Michelle
31873 Gtham Do It!
31874 mike l. shields
31875 Conrad Gottlieb For America Ron!!!!!

Run and Win
31876 Jorge Undurraga As far as i am from your country ( South America, Chile), first time i heard words of this kind from a politician. Is sad that we are so surprised when a person try to talk with truth. This kind of man, should and must be part of the lider ones.
31877 Darren Rufer
31878 michael w hope Ron Paul is the closest we will get to a Thomas Jefferson in modern times. Dr. Paul is a true defender of liberty. We need him in the oval office now more than ever.
31879 Name not displayed
31880 Name not displayed
31881 Name not displayed good luck!
31882 oliverio v carbajal some one that has not just a crtain group of people intrest at hand

but to see how eveyone can get something out of it
31883 John Carew
31884 Name not displayed Please Mr. Ron Paul, countless families are depending on the kind of change you would seek to bring to our nation. We don’t just need a leader to usher in change, we need someone trustworthy for us to stand behind as we re-declare our independence. I for one am completely confident in my ability to live without the governments entitlements programs. RON PAUL 2012!
31885 Name not displayed
31886 Larry Malace III Please Run, Our Country Needs You.
31887 Daniel smith
31888 Name not displayed I am praying that Rep. Paul runs in 2012. This foolishness must stop! Right now he is the only option. Every day we lose more of our freedoms, what is next? I shudder to think.
31889 Erik Gensler You are one of the very few politicians who is looking out for the American people. If you do not get elected in 2012, then I fear America will be no more. I will personally campaign for you in 2012. Please Run!!! We need you!
31890 Jacob Pohlman real change for 2012!
31891 Chris Hilash
31892 Name not displayed If you’re elected, please don’t f us over.
31893 Jeff Pizanti
31894 Cleveland Wheeler The U.S. Government is out of control and out of touch.

America needs leadership that represents the best interest of the American people and makes decisions based on founding guidelines and common sense.
31895 Andrew Taylor Help to wake up the world as evil, God Bless You

Great and wise a solid person for justice.
31896 Sam Al-mausawi Save white America I love you
31897 shawn Ron Paul for Freedom’s sake!
31898 John VanSpronsen I am so happy Ron Paul is running I can’t even explain it. I have been waiting years, only voting once, because I have never felt good about any possible candidates. Now we have Ron Paul, a man who can look at a problem with an open mind, and see endless possibilities for the Unites States. Thank you Ron! You can count on a lot of votes from everyone I know, trust me!
31899 Name not displayed
31900 Joe Czarnecki
31901 Quintin Hopkins Paul we need you
31903 Ryan Tigner Hoping for a government with a more balanced budget and less war.
31904 John Hutchinson We need real change in Washington!
31905 Jamie Jordan
31906 Derrick Wise
31907 Kevi n D. Lewis If Ron Paul runs we better back him up. If your broke then send him two dollars and pass out bumper stickers! We need a statesman instead of all these crooks. Is it too late?
31908 Camille Sanchez Ron Paul rocks!
31909 Name not displayed Support the revolution…. Peace
31910 Johnathan Rutkowski
31911 Steven Coward
31912 M. Smith Will be voting for you, no matter what. Wrote you in, in 2008. Ready to do it again!
31913 Aaron Dishon, Esq. Stay true to your values.
31914 Name not displayed I wish more people would wake up and realize that your political ideology and agenda is the fairest, most common sense, and strongest way to preserve and protect the individual…people > the gov’t
31915 Jeffrey M. Bell Your message is out, and your country implores you to finish what needs to be done. I learned of the Federal Reserve’s wrong-doings in college from my american government professor, just to let you know how far your ideas have traveled and how much hope there really is. You can save this country, everyone on this website believes with conviction that you can turn it around. Ron Paul 2012!! Champion of the Constitution!!!
31916 chris moates Give me a third, honest option Mr. Paul.
31918 Patrick Smith Finally a Man who speaks the Truth!!!
31919 Deane Endo Go Ron Paul !!!
31920 Nathan We need you in 2012 Ron
31922 Name not displayed the world needs to hear a reasonable voice!!
31923 Name not displayed
31924 Terraill Oliver
31925 Joshua
31926 Josh Its time for some REAL change
31927 Kelly Miller
31928 Christina Alvarez I am now 19 and I have believed in you since I was 16- before I was able to vote. Please keep trying, and know that many of us believe in you.
31929 Mitch Dr.Paul,

Please don’t give up on your fight for freedom. I beg you.

31930 Name not displayed
31931 Jon Gilrain Ron Paul. . . "Change we can refer to in the Constitution."
31932 John P We need a REAL president. Someone to lead us in the right direction. We need someone who will stand up to corporations, lobbyists, and big money and tell them to back down. Someone who will make choices to cut back on the CRAP our country is spending its money on. Someone who WILL pull out from ALL foreign wars and instead focus on making our nation a PRODUCTIVE nation again. A nation where people can innovate and lead the way with technology. A country where people can enjoy their jobs and not feel like slaves to a system that is taking us through the grind and stealing all our money. RON PAUL may be our hope!
31933 Richard Caetano Kill the federal reserve
31934 Name not displayed
31935 Marianne Cook Please give us what we long for, leadership
31936 Callum Stringer America has been marred by corruption and incompetence from the oval office for decades now and it’s time that truly changes. I am not an American citizen but if I was I would vote Ron Paul as he has shown that he is a man with integrity, morals and the courage to do what’s right in the heart not on the plains of political power struggles. I predict that WHEN Ron Paul wins the elections he will be remembered as one of the greatest presidents of all time if not the greatest and an example to people all over the world. God bless Ron Paul
31937 playpoker You should improve blog graphics

play poker online
31938 George P. Williams Jr
31940 Cole Fernandez The only man who obeys the Constitution in our Government. Ron, you are my hero!
31941 Name not displayed Time for REAL CHANGE!
31942 Richard Riggs Sir, we desperately need a principled supporter of the Constitution as head of the executive branch as opposed to a globalist, CFR, imperialist. Please, allow us a real choice in 2012.
31943 Kasaundra Beckner Please Ron Paul Run for president, you are our only hope!!
31944 Norma Wages
31945 Tom Burditt Vt. State Representative The Vermont State Legislature is a challenging place with the principles we have.
31946 Frank Driggers Please seriously consider running again in 2012 for the good of our Republic. We all know you are the right man for the job Dr. Paul.
31947 Ryan Rapp
31948 Name not displayed Keep up the Good Fight!!!!
31949 Jason Dunkle Dr. Paul you are the only hope to save America.
31950 Charles Faurot The Endgame is near. Thank you Dr. Paul for standing for our sovrienty.
31951 Shane Hoffman
31952 Name not displayed The only hope America has is Ron Paul.
31953 Kari Gill
31954 Name not displayed Dear Mr. Paul,

Our country is ready for you. We NEED a president that will actually listen to the AMERICAN people and do what’s right for OUR country.

You have my vote!
31955 Natalee Ziebro PLEEEEASE run for President. You give me hope!
31956 Justin R. Banks Sir, we need you, BAD. When it is within a mans ability to prevent unwarranted harm to his fellow man, it becomes his moral obligation to act within reason to protect his fellow man. We need you.
31957 Name not displayed please run
31958 Matthew Allen
31959 Heather Prentice
31960 Kayla Kozak You have to run, you are this country’s only hope.
31961 Brock Pennie Please run Ron Paul to save the US.
31962 Bobbie Today Paul/Paul has a nice ring to it. This country needs some Healing, Dr. Paul.
31963 Name not displayed Thank you for all you have done so far to preserve our country. But we need you to continue your efforts, please run for president 2012.
31964 Brian P. Gavin You’re a true patriot, sir. Please accept the challenge of leading America back to its roots of independence and integrity. I view roughly 95% of the executive and legislative branches as puppets for the globalist, corporate crooks that will eventually destroy America and all she stands for. Of the 5% I still have faith in, you’re the only one with a viable chance to win. Lead us. You must!
31965 christopher browning
31966 rachel fehr
31967 Malcolm Patterson The efforts of Dr. Paul have woken many people up to reality as far as the state of our country these days, and for that I’m grateful. America could really benefit from this great patriot running for president.
31968 Linda S Vulovic You bring intelligent dialogue, moral integrity & credible leadership to ‘the table’…PLEASE RUN!
31969 Ernie Fowlke The loss of freedom has come to a head. People are more aware and now identify with the principles you’ve been standing by for so many years.
31970 Name not displayed So badly wish you had been in the whitehouse these last few years.
31971 Charlie Cossman
31972 monique balmer
31974 Michael silva
31975 Aaron R Rice Looking forward to working in the trenches to help shift us back to sanity in this country!
31976 nicholas nann-johnson 24yr boston bricklayer for ron 2012 dear ron plz run so we can return faith in our leaders, and have leaders that really lead… My faith is in you ron.
31977 Daniel Mason This country cannot survive an additional four years with yet another puppet dictator.
31978 Name not displayed Please run for President of the United States Of America. I am wishing that James Janos (aka Jessee Ventura) would be your running mate. We are so busy making a living in order to survive and 90% ? of us I’ll bet don’t know what’s going on in this country. I have learned a lot since I have retired. My college degree isn’t enough knowledge. Thanks for listening Ron.
31980 Jason Brown
31981 Kyle Herron Run Paul Run
31982 Edward J O’Brien We need you Ron!
31983 Name not displayed
31984 Ruth Dinsmore We desperately need an honest man in the Whitehouse. Go Ron!!
31985 Wayde Morgan
31986 Alicina Memar
31987 Brianna Sterwart I put you in as a write in last election.
31988 dinsdale
31989 James Gatewood
31990 Kenneth Morrow We want to be free!
31991 Andria Larsen
31992 Pat Please aggressively restore our constitution and country!!!!
31993 Brian Larsen
31994 Name not displayed PLEASE RUN!
31995 Martin G. Goodrich Jr. The US needs you Mr Paul.
31996 Maureen Hill We need you!
31997 JP
31998 Name not displayed We need a man like you to fix our government!!!!
31999 Emmalee Kalb If our country is to survive, we need you to lead it. You are the only person who can help get our country back on track. If you don’t run then I don’t think our country will ever get better.
32000 fuck face

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  1. List Builder says:

    How often have you wondered if the money is in a list, the money is actually in a responsive list.

  2. patriciap says:

    Ron Paul has my vote in 2012..Champion for The Constitution! Real Help For America! Peace, Prosperity,Peace..Amen!

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