Signatures 30,001-35,000

Number Name Comment
34001 Kevin Harris
34002 Gabriela Martz
34003 Daniel McMenamy
34004 George Nickolas The United States needs fiscal conservatives soon or we will be broke
34005 Name not displayed
34006 Lowell Anderson
34007 Jamie Peeters
34008 Kenneth J Prince The Time Is Right For Your Ideas Dr Paul
34009 William P. Ferris America needs you now more than ever. Please give it another shot in 2012
34010 Terrell we need your help sir
34011 Warren Mitchell Blakemore Lead us in the Good Fight!
34012 Shaun Saville
34013 arthur picanco We need Ron Paul. Help save our country. please!! we are mad as hell and wont take it anymore.
34014 Ethan Strong Please do not give in to the bankers!
34015 Chris Stark
34016 Name not displayed
34017 shawn priest Ron paul you are our best shot at a better america.
34018 corwin harris ron the medical cannabis users need you. separate government from doctor and client privileges. america was founded on the freedom and rightness choice WE make not a government isn’t that the reason we left england. ty
34019 David Todd Kessler Please run in!
34020 Robert Hickey Jr.
34021 Minh Le
34022 Jenny Morrow RON PAUL 2012!
34023 Tyler Fairbank America needs rational voice. Im a U.S. soldier and many of us stand behind you. Run for President
34024 Carl Sundqvist We need you Paul! Enlighten the world.
34025 Robert Hise I support you and your efforts to take back our country for honest people!
34026 Pablo Velasco
34028 Ruth A. Lobs
34029 Brian True Please ron i know at your age this is a huge burden but america needs YOU!
34030 stephen constitution is number 1
34031 DW YEAH!!!!
34032 Gary Malachowski As a person who doesn’t trust goverment…I DO believe Ron Paul can bring this country back to normal…I DO want him to run!!
34033 Name not displayed Please run Paul, your country needs you.
34034 Name not displayed Yes, please run for President 2012 & restore our country.
34035 Name not displayed PLEASE RUN! I was devastated when you pulled out in the last round. We need a good man like you now, more than ever!
34036 Name not displayed
34037 kristopher clark paul 2012 !!! get the man a bullet proof jacket and keep him away from grassy knolls.
34038 Allie Friese You’re our only hope, Mr. Paul.
34039 Jordan Cunningham
34040 Name not displayed
34041 Paul "Gunny" Kaiser Dr. Paul, if for no other reason, your presence in the White House would bring statesmanship and honor to an Office much maligned. Nature abhors a vacuum and if WE the people do not have an experienced and knowledgeable statesman to lead our “leaders”, we will suffer even more. WE are not asking, We The People are demanding your leadership when our horizon has never been darker and hope dwindles.
34042 Russell McKinney Go for it - America needs your skill and expertise
34043 Name not displayed
34044 andrew kennedy I am british and live in england, and i agree stongly with Ron Pauls view on foreign policy, free markets and monetary systems. I only wish that we had someone of such honesty and integrity to support. Ron Paul must run, not just for the future of the U.S but for the world as a whole.
34045 Name not displayed
34046 Name not displayed
34047 Mary E. Riley
34048 Chris Noth Never again will I vote for the lesser of two evils. Ron Paul all the way.
34049 Name not displayed
34050 Name not displayed
34051 Robert Key Dr. Paul, You are one of a very few number of individuals in the U.S. government who understands the importance of individual liberty and the ramifications to that liberty when the government oversteps it’s Constitutional bounds. For this reason I am urging you to run for president in the upcoming election.
34052 Heather Longfellow Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely - and the Democrat and Republican parties have had absolute power (as in no alternate party in power) long enough.
34053 Paul Peterson In Ron I trust.
34054 John H Dr. Paul, your message is the only one that makes any sense if we hope to salvage America. Please Run!!
34055 Cynthia Anderson RUN!
34056 Name not displayed Put the power of the government back into the hands of the people.
34057 Randy Z Kundert Comlete change in our greedy government or revolution and oust all politicians
34058 Chuck Courtney Make us proud, and fight harder for us this coming election year.
34059 WILLIAM J. SAVICKAS John Adams said, " Public Business, my son, must always be done by somebody. It will be done by somebody or another. If wise men decline it, others will not; If honest men refuse it, others will not. "

Some of us have certain obligations in this life time because of the gifts granted to us by nature and by nurture. To not only be a good man, but to be a leader of good men. — William J. Savickas
34060 Ashley Cappo I feel like the more I learn the less I know. Sometimes I wish i was just a stupid ignorant person. Our country makes me sick and if it keeps on going this way who knows what will be left of it. Hopefully you can contribute to making the changes we need.
34061 Iva Kypson
34062 Susan Hart United we stand!!!
34063 Name not displayed If he runs again… I will campaign again for his PCC! 1988, 2008, 2012? Three is a charm!
34064 Penny J Kundert we need to knock the politicians off their pedistal or revolution is imminent
34065 Name not displayed Please Run.
34066 Michael Ledford You are the only viable option to the left right paridigm! Please continue the fight!
34067 James Kachler
34068 Andrew Kolberg Help bring this country back to sanity.
34069 Name not displayed Please get serious and win this election! Tell people what you WILL do…..not just what you feel needs to be done. Let’s get this whole mess fixed! Thank you.
34070 Matt Ulrich
34072 Mark W.
34073 Name not displayed I voted for Obama and his promise of change. I apologize. But you weren’t on the ballot. Please be there next time. You have my vote.
34074 James
34075 Richard
34076 Ken
34077 Joe
34078 Alex
34079 Denice Key I hope you run!
34080 Nathaniel R Pickles Is there really a question of running? Our country desperately needs Ron Paul.
34081 Randy Hurtado Please run in 2012 Mr. Paul. America’s future relies on it.
34082 Elizabeth Hidalgo
34083 Name not displayed
34084 Ahsan Daredia America needs you, please run and educate the masses and change this country’s dirty image around the world!
34085 Name not displayed
34086 Joey Connelly Run, Ron, RUN!
34087 James Hadnot
34088 Name not displayed Please Ron run for Pres.
34089 Indianapolis
34090 Ryan M. Lemay Thank you so much for having the courage to speak the truth and the steadfastness to stand by your convictions. I have NEVER endorsed ANY candidate or politician until now. Thank you for restoring some faith in the American government.
34091 ChristopherM. Rodriguez I wrote you in last time because I felt your stance was best for us as a counrty and I still do. You have my vote no matter what.
34092 jacob and annie milowski the country is in bad shape.. God help America
34093 Richard C Atkins
34094 Name not displayed Please guide our nation’s young people into a positive future!
34095 jacob andannie the country is in bad shape.. God help America
34096 Chris Teehan Few times in the history of our great nation have we needed a true patriot and liberty-lover in the Oval Office as much as we do today.
34097 Oliver Caspersen
34098 Kelli Edwards We The People, For The People, By The People, Not We The Bankers, Not We The Corporations, Not We The Elite! Every USA Citizens’ Patriotic Duty is to Defend and Protect The Constitution - The Law of The Land! Thanks RP for looking out for The People and to keep True Democracy alive! United We Stand or Divided We Fall…into Fascists Dictatorship/Communist governed Country! xoxo
34099 Daniel
34100 Mike L Everyone has something to gain from your presidency!
34101 Name not displayed America needs your courage more now than ever. We need you to educate America on how to get back on track! I will be voting RON PAUL 2012.
34102 Todd Zabel RonPaulRevolution2012
34103 Dahlia
34104 Aaron King Please save this country Ron!
34105 Amy King
34106 Name not displayed
34108 Mike Place What if he doesn’t run president? Nothing good.
34109 Kristen Hannigan
34110 Shae Jobe, AIA Make Galveston Proud!
34111 Adam Proctor Please convert the Corporate States of America in to the United States of America before hyperinflation destroys this great nation.
34112 Leah Robinson
34113 John Eckman Do the right thing beat Obama
34114 Dan Campbell
34115 Jeffrey S. Smith something must be done
34116 Name not displayed Rep. Paul, you have the vote of this young servicemember. Please run, I will offer all of my available time to volunteer in your campaign.
34117 Jason Messing Please run! I voted for you in the last election.
34118 Name not displayed
34119 John Buck
34120 Christopher Delamo ron Paul - run for President, Americans are ready for you messages of truth, we NEED a leader as knowledgeable and rational as you are. NOW is the time. YOU ARE THE ONLY candidate preaching the truth who also has a massive and EXTREMELY dedicated following. Run this year and I will personally place vinyl lettering ALL OVER MY CAR promoting your candidacy. In addition, it will be a daily dedication of mine to spread your message to everyone, literally knocking from door to door. RUN MAN! RUN!
34121 Name not displayed I voted for you once & I’ll do it again! It’s the only reason I’m still a Republican!
34122 Name not displayed
34123 Bradnon Ward Please run Dr. Paul, you are the only politician I can honestly say I agree with 100%.
34124 Sandra Ford
34125 Joe King
34126 Daniel A Moran
34127 Karla Nieves
34128 Jordan Warila The people need you Dr. Paul
34129 Travis Burns Ron Paul, you’re country needs you more than ever. Please run, you will win. You could really be the best president the united states has seen for a long time. God Bless.
34130 Peter Maglione
34131 Name not displayed
34132 James F Stop writing for AFP!
34133 Tom Patchin I have never seen anyone in government who is so capable of cutting through the fog of political rhetoric and bureaucratic red tape and telling it EXACTLY how it is. Please run for President. You would redeem the position.
34134 Charles Liner
34135 Name not displayed
34136 Hon. Timothy P. Comerford This New Hampshire State Representative supports liberty! Go Ron Paul in 2012!!
34137 James Cook Ron Paul will WIN!
34138 Name not displayed please run in 2012 the world needs you, not just America.
34139 chris sherry Save us
34140 Name not displayed
34141 Roy Breezee One… with courage makes a majority. ~ Andrew Jackson
34142 Name not displayed If for no other reason, it would be encouraging to have another election year where principled arguments are injected into the discussion.
34143 Robert Lockwood run you bastard
34144 Jason McDevitt
34145 Preston Berry
34146 Daniel O’Malley
34147 Clinton C We need a 3rd party voice!
34148 Stephanie Bramlett
34149 Matthew Hunter Run for the love of God and America. No other republican has a chance. Youre our only hope to stop socialism, and put us back on track for liberty!
34150 J.J. Smith
34151 Name not displayed I’m 17 years old and know that you may be our last hope in ridding the US government of their corporate agenda. please run for president Mr. Paul!
34152 Stephen Kohl Go Ron Go!
34153 Corey Farrell Ron Paul is the only voice of integrity left!
34154 Name not displayed
34155 Linda Kazakis
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34157 Jacky Mirth
34158 Name not displayed
34159 Name not displayed
34160 Scott Stehling I wrote you in last time, even though it didn’t count in Texas
34161 Liz Gerard
34162 Robert Brown We need you Ron Paul.
34163 Name not displayed Please. Please. You are our only hope this year…
34164 Donna S. Bradley HELP!!!
34165 Andrew Colchagoff
34166 John Simmons Paul 2012 !!!
34167 Dustin Metz
34168 Name not displayed I give my full support for Ron Paul and hope that he will be our new president in 2012.
34169 Phillip Bradbury
34170 Name not displayed
34171 Jeff Swanson We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal
34172 Dr Paul L MacKenzie, Jr This is your year
34173 Name not displayed Help us Ron, you’re our only hope.
34174 David Ron take down the fed
34175 Chiva Sincerely hoping you run. You can turn this country around as well as unite the people of the U.S.A!
34176 Name not displayed We need Change
34177 Name not displayed Ron Paul 2012!
34178 Name not displayed
34179 steve m. chrane please run
34180 A1C Shayne Trotter - USAF We need you.
34181 Raphael M Ron would be the change we need.
34182 Brandon Welsh
34183 Name not displayed
34184 Kristen
34185 Daniel Niehoff There is no one more capable of dealing with America’s problems than Ron Paul!!
34186 Corey C. One of the few who can put us back on the right path with the abolishment of corporate power and greed.

End the corruption

34187 Name not displayed Dr. Paul, You are my inspiration as both a US citizen and a student of medicine. Run for President and we will carry you to victory!
34188 Jim Smith We need a statesman in office, not another political hack, and you definitely meet the description of a true statesman, and a person of the American people.
34189 Tom Resh Ron Paul, thank you for everything you have done for the American people!
34190 Donna Lamoureaux Ron Paul, a true Constitutionalist
34191 Name not displayed We need you Mr. Paul.
34192 Ann Smarpat
34193 Jose Fernandez
34194 Brady orvin
34195 Name not displayed I want someone who actually has read the constitution. make us proud!
34196 Dmitriy Markus Dr. Paul. Thank you for your contribution to our country. Please run again. Your message needs to be heard by more people
34197 Name not displayed
34198 Patrick Sudduth
34199 Name not displayed You have my vote in 2012!!!!!!!!
34200 David Conner
34201 Nick Woodward Dear God, please let this man be elected…
34202 Alex Millman America needs someone like Ron Paul
34203 Name not displayed Ron Paul, you need to go into this election as an Independent. RP 2012!!!
34204 Scott Jackson Ron Paul is honest and logical and we need him for 2012!
34205 Ian Smith Ron Paul has my vote.
34206 Gabriel Comeau
34207 Name not displayed
34208 Dillon Mount I’ve been following you for awhile. The Country needs you.
34209 J Prantl
34210 Michael Pawlega
34211 Michael Johnson
34212 Ryan Smith Ron Paul is the savior of america. I look up to this man so much. He gives me hope. If he doesnt run. If he doesnt try. I will loose a lot of respect for him. He knows he’s the only one who can save us. And if he doesn’t who will?
34213 Lisa Martin ""A government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take away everything you have."

-Thomas Jefferson" Run, Ron!
34214 ron paul ron paul 2012!!!!!
34215 William Morici
34216 Michael Hatfield We need a real change and your the only person that has real answers. Ron Paul 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
34217 Name not displayed
34218 Brad A. Wright
34219 Jim emock
34220 Tracy Wells I would most like to see Ron Paul run for president, but not for the Republican Party nomination. Perhaps he could run as the Constitution Party candidate, or Libertarian.
34221 TurtleShroom
34222 carl cunningham
34223 natalie cunningham
34224 Justin We need you.
34225 Katheryn Demarest Ron Paul is the only sane politician in the U.S. government.
34226 Name not displayed
34227 John C. Brice
34228 David W Kelley I’ll work for you in Indiana.
34229 Name not displayed Please help us.
34230 Kaylee Rosales The only man i trust for the job!
34231 Christopher Salinas
34232 Ryan hazen
34233 Peter Steeves
34234 derek douin please run with jessy ventura as vp we need you both!
34235 christopher williams
34236 Daniel Wright
34237 Name not displayed
34238 Ignacio Castillo
34239 Brent Lynn I love your views and I would love smaller government and stability, and I am hoping you can accomplish this without stabbing us in the back!
34240 Name not displayed I pray to God that you win the 2012 election. Never give up.
34241 Name not displayed
34242 Adam Sajdak I voted for you in 2008, and I’ll probably do it in 2012, so you might as well run!
34243 Alex Hannah
34244 Jorge Please let earth alone. There’s a rule on universe motherfuckers. You will pay :)
34245 Name not displayed President Paul we need you now more than ever!!
34246 Name not displayed
34247 Randall L. Kleinman
34248 Peter A. Tariche For Liberty, for peace, for prosperity, Ron Paul must run!
34249 Brad Clark It’s time for a wolf not a sheep in sheep’s clothing.
34250 A.Flowers Dr. Ron Paul, America she needs you.
34252 kenny Im here to help any way i can
34253 Jason Kelley Ron Paul is who we need!!!someone who will stand up for America instead of elite washington
34254 Bethany Kimsey Ron Paul, your country needs you, this is the youth of America
34255 Name not displayed
34256 Name not displayed
34257 jason esposito run with ventura
34258 Roy Grubbs Jr
34259 Name not displayed I am afraid of where the future of my country is heading. Please help the simple working people take back there country!
34260 Abbie We need a true and strong leader, an economist, a liberty fighter and a businessman. Ron Paul posses all of these qualities.
34261 Name not displayed
34262 Andrey Rios He speaks the Truth.
34263 Chris Hetrick my first vote will be in 2012 and I hope that it will be for Ron Paul, so please Dr. Paul run for president in 2012
34264 david gonzalez
34265 Benjamin Roston VOTE RON PAUL 2012!! END THE FED!!! LIBERTY!!! SOVREIGNTY!!!
34266 Isaac Alonso
34267 Benjamin Hankemeier Repeal the 17th amendment. Fix fractional reserve banking. Stop persistant jet contrails. Agricultural genetics are public domain.
34268 Name not displayed
34269 Name not displayed Lead us to take back our country!!
34270 Brandon Myers
34271 Bo Shaffer Ron and Jesse!!!
34272 Name not displayed
34273 Klint Shriver
34274 Name not displayed Ron Paul & Ralph Nader 2012
34275 Name not displayed Combat Veterans for Ron Paul
34276 Name not displayed I think your the only one I could trust.
34277 corey diab select jesse ventura as your runing mate and run as an (i) you two are only hope in restoreing the american dream please save us from nwo your or only hope
34278 Joshua David Brechtel
34279 Nick Butler I won’t vote for Dr. Paul (not because I dislike him but because I choose not to give any moral legitimacy to a system based on the initiation of force), but I do believe it would be beneficial for him to run to educate the increasingly discontent, and ill informed masses.
34280 Gilbert
34281 Name not displayed You are one of the few truly intelligent politicians who has a thorough understanding of history.
34283 Name not displayed I voted for you in 2008. I liked you then and still like you now.
34284 steve clark
34285 Daniel Lindy
34287 David Saunders
34288 Carmine DeFalco
34289 Name not displayed
34290 Kaci Woodruff If we’ve ever needed you, it’s now!!
34291 Name not displayed Do it!
34292 Mark Tell 1 person a day to sign petition and stand for freedom liberty and the pursuit of happiness!!!!
34293 Name not displayed Dr. Paul I believe you can restore this great country! You have my vote!
34294 Steven Cote Ron Paul, you are awaking the masses. Its not just another election, it really has come to the point in the cross roads on which direction will we take. America needs you Paul, Please lead us to become the country we are capable of. WE NEED YOU!
34295 Nick Odell
34296 Louis Narcisi I love you Ron Paul!
34297 Name not displayed I am a firm believer that the Federal Reserve is doing business unfairly to the American people. I find it very interesting that Ron Paul is the only politician that really seems to notice this, at least in a public manner. I praise you for this, and will join your team since this issue is my top priority for America today. The banks are ripping us off!
34298 Name not displayed
34299 Matthew McKeen
34300 Jane Olding
34301 Name not displayed run
34302 Carole Osgood Your sacrifice in running for President would mean so much to our Nation. You’ve worked & won to awaken so many people to our Constitution. You are highly respected and well loved. We’d be proud and honored to have you as our President. Whatever you decide, you will always be our most respected "Freedom & Liberty Leader". Thank you very sincerely for what you’ve done and still continue to do. We support you completely.
34303 Rory Cherry
34304 Nathan Clemons Ron Paul is the Answer. Through Ron Paul this country will thrive. He is the only man that will bring this country back to its roots? and back to the glory days. Ron Paul 2012 because the change we need isn’t bigger government, it isn’t through regulation, no, real change is deregulation and belief in the individual. Positive change from Ron Paul, Paulsitive Change for American.
34305 Driss Omari Thank you for all your endeavors.
34306 Ryan Lantrip Lets go Ron!!
34307 Jeffrey C McIver Jr.
34308 Jeff Grubbs Ron Paul 2012
34309 Name not displayed
34310 Todd McGill I can only hope Ron Paul runs for president. Our country is in dire need of help and I believe he can help us.
34311 Jordan Jones
34312 Matthew Cardwell keep the dream alive man
34313 Name not displayed
34314 Nick Dellis
34315 Jeremy Robbins You will have my vote!
34316 Tomáš Listík Let’s go Ron!
34317 Joel Keaton Ron please run. I have never voted due to a jaded outlook on politics in general. But come 2012 you have my vote!
34318 Robin D. Vanderpool
34319 Peter Hatfield
34320 Russ Russell
34321 Jack Nickel You may not want to run Dr. Paul, but we all need you to…
34322 Name not displayed Dr. Paul, On 9/11/2001 I was abruptly awoken from my physical slumber by something that did not surprise me as much as it should, and I wish, it would have. Never-the-less what we all witnessed that day disgusted me tremendously and my heart bleeds for those in NYC still suffering from the after effects of that day. I had seen that exact process a 100 times at least on the discovery channel when it was time to put up a new casino. Just the fact that the first impact occurred without any jets being scrambled is enough to prove that entities within our political system ARE, at the very least partially, responsible and it’s every persons around the globe moral obligation to hold those responsible. It’s time to put an end to this blight they’re causing word wide. In the beginning I thought it was hopeless that anyone was in a position to stand up to this corruption and destruction of our planet and loss of life, along with determination to restore our inalienable rights as free-thinking spirits. That was until I learned of your political history in standing up to the corruption within our political system and read your book published in 2008. I knew then there was someone with the moral fortitude to take us in a positive direction. I lobbied for you then and I will be 100 times more active in this election. I beg you please Mr. President to hold true to your campaign promises and hold these gluttonous scum accountable for their crimes against humanity and all organisms of this world. I and the others of a like mind are sick and tired of being lied too every 2 years. I fear for our future as a nation, and the other people we share this planet with if we allow more of this behavior to go on unchecked. You’re our only hope of restoring order peacefully. Don’t let us down.
34323 Name not displayed Please run for presidency in 2012! I am not an American but your election would have wide impact on the whole world! Please, Mr. Paul, you are probably the last and the only chance to do something with the global politics!!!
34324 Name not displayed
34325 Mark Hamric It’s up to America to get your name out, for I feel you were tossed under the bus in last election. You are the only one who makes sense w/o avoiding questions! I beg you to run & show the world before we are owned by china
34326 Name not displayed
34327 Name not displayed
34328 Jonas Eriksson I am not from America. I am not an American. But the need for Americans to engage in sound politics is something the whole world needs.
34329 krystina breslin
34330 sascha w.
34331 Kim Ruell
34332 Name not displayed
34333 Mario Cifaldi go! go! go ! go!
34334 David Run Ron Run!!!
34335 Erika Wilson Ron Paul Revolution!!!!
34336 michael winkley
34337 marvin mitchell he must run we need him !
34338 Matthew Todd
34339 Jason baker
34340 Name not displayed paul/ventura 2012
34341 Name not displayed
34342 Michael Knox Please run as an independent.
34343 Steven Runkel
34344 Name not displayed U r our hope
34345 Dell Lawrence
34346 Tom Tyler I would like to vote in the election…
34347 Name not displayed You have my vote
34348 George Faulk It’s you or no one.
34349 David Spence
34350 Shawn Mendoza
34351 Kelly J. Blankenship We need a real defender of freedom to run for President. Hoping you see fit to run in 2012!
34352 Nick Escott I know you must be getting tired and ready to sit back and let someone else take the lead but you really are the strongest leader this movement has. I will stand by your side and millions more will join you. Keep fighting for the United States doc.
34353 Name not displayed Save the world, please. Thanks so much!
34354 Melissa Harmouche
34355 Dave Salvatore Dr. Ron Paul, your thoughtful consideration to run for president in the 2012 election would be so very much appreciated and an extraordinary service - not only to this country, but also to those all around the world - based on your righteous principles in regards to foreign policy. 2012 is YOUR YEAR! By the help among our grassroots organization and spreading the word around to get your name REALLY out there (I mean REALLY OUT THERE!) to those that are not quite familiar of you or not quite educated enough to fully understand the philosophical principles by which you, and we, the people - so boldly support in terms of what the role of our government should - and really, should not be. God bless you, Dr. Ron Paul. In Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, Dave Salvatore (LIBERTYville, Illinois)
34356 Name not displayed
34357 Ryan Eagleson Ron Paul would be ABSOLUTLEY THE BEST President we could EVER have. I pray you win Ron.
34358 N. Bed
34360 Jason ingles I voted for Obama in 2008 for radical change. Since we are not getting it with Obama I know Ron Paul is the solution!
34361 john okeefe the people need help
34362 Brandon Myers
34363 Kelmie Blake Spires Please run as an independent with Jesse Ventura!! I think people are finally ready for the revolution…
34364 Misha Checkovich GO RON PAUL!!
34365 Name not displayed Go Ron go!
34366 Name not displayed Please help us Ron Paul!!
34367 Ryan Daugherty Run Ron Run!!!!!!!!!!!!
34368 Theodore Reynolds
34369 Name not displayed
34370 Name not displayed end the fed
34371 Name not displayed end the fed, please
34372 Kimberly Gable Will work for liberty.
34373 Brad Freshour
34374 Brannon Schell Aptos, CA
34375 Name not displayed please Run! at least it will make american aware: freedom is not something last forever automatically without persistent defending.
34376 Stephen Federal government is too big and too powerful. We need sound money We need a Federal Government that lives within the confines of the Constitution!
34377 Tony Halter Your the first politician i ever heard speak that i did not think was full of it. please give us a chance to prove we want you and run. if you win you can be in a better position to restore the constitution and if you loose you can gain valuable public support to push the government to do its job right
34378 David Anderson
34379 Name not displayed
34380 maria mastorakos
34381 Name not displayed
34382 Ryan Crittenden Thank you for actually talking about the fundamental issues.
34383 angela powers
34384 Taylor
34385 Name not displayed
34386 Name not displayed I support you and I will help you in any way I can!

Thank you for your service!
34387 Greg Malone GO RON!!
34388 Amber Stoller
34389 Harry Nakos Please save this country from the Fed!
34390 Martin Sparks Lets put in place government representatives to manage our tax dollars like we the people are expected to manage our household dollars.
34391 Brian Assli Educate and inform the whole mass of the people… They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.

Thomas Jefferson
34392 rhonda de gregorio Good luck, from down-under. The American people are certainly going to need it.
34393 Chris Burfield If our government had 1,000 Ron Paul’s in it, we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in now.
34394 Nathan Wirebaugh
34395 Name not displayed Keep Jesus Christ and Almighty God over our land.
34396 Stavros Mihaletos
34397 Name not displayed
34398 Ashley Krueger, a fellow Constitutionalist America is in desperate need for the REAL "change". You can bring us that!
34399 Charles Keene
34400 Victor E. Holtz Save the world, good sir.
34401 Stephanie Patterson
34402 Manoj Duggirala please abolish stupidity
34403 Ashley You’re our only chance!
34404 David Taylor I may not agree with you on every matter, but you are extremely consistent and have interesting, challenging ideas. I would vote for you in an instant in 2012.
34405 Tom Larkin
34406 Kevin Please!!!!
34407 Timothy Smythe
34408 Gerald Streeks we need a strong leader in these desperate times
34409 Name not displayed I believe in America but we need your help!
34410 Patrick Bertschy
34411 Amy Voet
34412 Name not displayed This country needs you
34413 Zachary Pettigrew
34414 ND Newman
34415 William Grubaugh Ron Paul, the honesty and truth we’ve been missing in American politics.
34416 Name not displayed please run Ron. please.
34417 joe michaels
34418 Michael D. Raulerson I would like to see Dr. Paul run for president as an independent. The Republican party is controlled by the globalist and will make it hard for him to get the party nomination. The American people are starting to wake up and see what is really going on. I believe Dr. Paul has great chance to win in the next election. If he decides to run as a Republican, I will still support him.
34419 Name not displayed
34420 Name not displayed
34421 Name not displayed i want american back and her freedom back… no more goverment control. i want the freedom of speech w/out being called a bible nut or racist. i want a president who is a true american and loves his country.and will do what is right for america.i don’t want anymore controling goverment i want my country back.with all freedom. i do not want one world order period. it doesn’t work. i don’t want our young people to be brain washed any longer.i want america to stand tall and proud.. again.we the people need to fight for our land and our freedomin all that we once had… the goverment needs to work for the people again… we should not have to fear our leaders.and i fear america is so brain washed they won’t vote right but thank God their are those left that will and know the truth as i still know. god bless and with much prayer and God’s help we can get a man as ron paul
34422 chad gray I would stand behind this man any day of the week. I want him to do whatever he has to do or say to get elected… Then he can stand up for the people and make things right.
34423 Marc LeMay
34424 Wolfgang P. May Two star General John Priddy, from the US National Air Security Operations Center, confirmed that he wants to use "predator drone surveillance over America" Has he gone mad, or is this Obama’s idiot proposal?
34425 Name not displayed
34426 Greg Martin Though I am a Canadian citizen I lived in the U.S. as a child and love our American friends to the south. What happens in the US affects not only Canada but the entire world. The world need Ron Paul as President of the United States of America.
34427 Chris Slocum
34428 Peter Richard Crolla Long Live Liberty!
34429 Mike Probst
34430 Luke Hackbarth Thanks for all of the hard work you’re doing on the hill Dr. Paul. You’ve brought light to a dark situation for many!
34431 Name not displayed
34432 aubrey ward
34433 Name not displayed Let’s get some freedom around here!!!
34434 Jim Hughes america rises or falls on what happens in 2012
34435 Melissa Futreal
34436 Tom Cassella Dear Dr. Ron Paul, You and I both know that you are the last chance this country has to be saved by the evils of the Federal Reserve. Please save our country and run for the Presidency of the United States and save our country!!!!!!
34437 Zuhara Hughes
34438 Brody Lancour
34439 Name not displayed Dr. Paul, this country needs a president like you more than ever. Things are going from bad to worse, we need a revolution, we need you sir.
34440 Paul Corney Look I am a UK citizen and I am asking that Ron Paul run for President.
34441 chris celentano congressmen we need u
34442 Name not displayed
34443 Cristo Vasquez We the people choose Ron Paul! America needs you
34444 John We need a person like you with moral economic sanity.
34445 Randy May want to consider Congressman West as a VP running mate
34446 Name not displayed
34447 kevin jaynes Please run, your message is to important not to use the presidential stage to get it out. This is the time for a revolution!
34448 Name not displayed Here’s hoping you’re not lying to us too (like the rest of our politicians in America)
34449 Tabitha Mcpeak Ron Paul, you are the best.
34450 Jason Parks You have an obligation as a constitutionalist to run. People need to hear your message. Wake us up.
34451 Name not displayed
34452 Jeremy Brinkerhoff
34453 Brandon Ballard
34454 Name not displayed
34455 Sharon Ron Paul already is my President!
34456 Christopher Connelley
34457 Jessica Connelley
34458 terry francis
34459 William Trumpler
34460 Kori
34461 Joseph Arellanes
34462 Jeremiah J Pedro Please make my vote worth the trip to the polls.
34463 Vladimir Pacheco
34464 Juan J Alvarez-Marquez
34465 Tyler Underwood I have 3 kids and I support Ron Paul because he is there only hope for future in this country!!!
34466 Anthony Irizarry We need you, Ron! Stop the Fed!
34467 Michael Please do not allow them to do this to us any further! The people are not meant to be slaves to bankers. It is our God given right to live as free men and we need someone like you to remind them of that. Please run.

P.S. I wrote you in for November of 2008!
34468 Garrett Vance Please, I beg of you, run.
34469 Name not displayed All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.

Thomas Jefferson
34470 Joshua A. Watson
34471 Marco Orsimarsi
34472 Brandon Thompson
34473 John Kane you know what is happening is wrong, you can change it, you have more on your shoulders than you can even begin to imagine, you know you must run
34474 Bryan Lewis
34475 Name not displayed Dr. Paul, I truly believe you may be the last remaining patriot in Congress. I urge you to run, but i pray you remain safe. If our Republic founders, the would-be rulers will become desperate.
34476 Gina Culp run!
34477 Name not displayed Please run for president! End the expensive "American Empire"
34478 serkan erdem Ron you are the only person i see who actually gives a shit rather trying to sell the idea of giving a shit. were all behind u! and if u mess up then its clearly the end of humanity lol
34479 jeff watkins
34480 Name not displayed Go Ron!
34481 Name not displayed Dr.Paul, America needs you!
34482 Heidi Howland You have the guts and the courage to say what is on your mind and what we need to hear. Please run in 2012
34483 Michael W. Whitehead
34484 clayton proffitt You are truly inspiring!
34485 Holly Bell
34486 Kenneth Crawley Mission, Texas
34487 Name not displayed
34488 Chris We need you Ron Paul!
34489 Name not displayed
34490 Shawn M. Hauck
34491 Name not displayed
34492 Name not displayed
34493 Name not displayed
34494 Cristian ceron
34495 Name not displayed We need an honest president for the first time since JFK. VOTE RON PAUL.
34496 Maddy Pomicter
34497 Christopher Olson Obi-Ron, you’re our only hope!
34498 Mark Wickenhauser I now know more about what government should be due to your influence. Much thanks!!
34499 Name not displayed HELP!
34500 Joshua Gronostalski America needs a real change.
34501 Ryan Treat
34502 Name not displayed I need someone to believe in this time…please run
34503 Luke Morrison
34504 Name not displayed
34505 Name not displayed Ron Paul for President!
34506 Nicholas Beaudu Its time for the New World Order to fall and crumble. I for one am sick of being enslaved, poverty stricken and jobless. The battle lines have been drawn, and I stand on the side of Liberty and Freedom. Ron Paul has already secured my vote.
34507 BJ DILLON Ron Paul for prez!!!!
34508 Grant Alexander From all the youth of America, WE NEED YOU!!!
34509 andrea coffey Our founding fathers anticipated events in the future and advised on how to take back our country. ; )
34510 Beau Armistead Please! You’ve got my vote again!
34511 Michael Elmore
34512 Sheri Musslewhite Paul Ventura
34513 paddy Do it please, I will be old enough to vote :)
34514 Conor Fudge
34515 Gayle Sessions
34516 Zane Stephens
34517 Cynthia Phillips Paging Dr. Paul! We need you to run!:)
34518 Paul Rademacher
34519 Janna Rancifer
34520 rehan motiwala please save this country.
34521 Dustin Evans I support Ron Paul. Why? Because I’m ready to see a true American assume the helm of leadership.
34522 Name not displayed
34523 Name not displayed
34524 Kris Erickson
34525 Arni Jonsson
34526 Jonathan I’m so damn happy that you’re running again Ron Paul. I’m from Texas and in the military and I would love to have you as a President. I’ve been a bit ashamed of our country, but I think if you were President I’d be proud to be an American once again.
34527 Name not displayed
34528 Kyle Young The time is now for America to be reminded of the idea of FREEDOM, we seemed to have forgotten the true meaning.
34529 Kristin Roman We need you Ron! Three times the charm!
34530 Name not displayed You have the guts and honor of being a real true American! Modern day George Washington.
34531 Jeremy Roman We need you Ron Paul!
34532 Steven R* Kill - Iluminati

Revolution !!!
34533 Cara Drinkwine Take the government down Ron Paul!
34534 Justin Kelly Ron Paul and Jesse Ventura for 2012!
34535 Megan Nickel
34536 Jilda Davenport You are the only politician I have seen or heard in a long time who seems to care about the Real Issues that need to be dealt with. Please run for President. Bring America back!!
34537 Denny Johnson
34538 Name not displayed
34539 Darrell Martin Ron Paul 2012!
34540 Patrick Hyle
34541 John Friedrich
34542 Daniel Jacob Shain fuck the system
34543 Joe Vezzani
34544 Name not displayed GO PAUL! The only voice that seems to not have fallen with the corrupt! 2012!
34545 michelle s
34546 Casey De Young The country needs a change in direction before it’s too late. I believe in you.
34547 Tim GO RON
34548 Margaret O’Connor
34549 Bobbie Sokira
34550 Christopher Garner We NEED you! I am going to do everything I can here in southern Oregon to raise awareness and support! You seem to be the only one talking about the issues that matter to we, the people, and you are set to be one of the most important candidates of our Country’s history! Please run for President!!
34551 Tim Corcoran
34552 Devon Key
34553 Mark Smith Ron Paul is the only one in the GOP who can sway enough independent votes to beat Obama.
34554 Shawn Marasso
34555 Todd Lynch lets take the country back
34556 iulian b I’m not american, but I like Ron Paul and he must be the next US president!
34557 Name not displayed
34558 Gary Dettmer
34559 Name not displayed Please help save America - ONLY YOU CAN MR PAUL!
34560 Steve Lee Mr. Paul, please help save America. We, the people need you. Please run and win. God Bless You!
34561 g.christopher acton help stop the run away gov.
34562 Linda French For the sake of our country!!!!
34564 Zayne Ron Paul, the only true American.
34565 shawn canaday
34566 Name not displayed
34567 Nick
34568 panna jones
34569 Austin Reed
34570 Kelli Jenkins
34571 Name not displayed
34572 James Spence
34573 Isaac Curren
34574 jamie e
34575 Cheree Biggs
34576 Name not displayed You make so much sense!
34577 Melissa Giddings
34578 billie bayer Tell me more.
34579 justin shenk
34580 Bruce Collins
34581 Stephanie Soza
34582 Erin Martin I need a chance to vote for a President I can trust, please run
34583 Name not displayed Please run for President! I will volunteer. We need a change, and not just talk!!!!
34584 Kimberley Carlisle Please run, even if you don’t get the 100,000! We need a president like you to lead this country out of the financial crisis we are facing!
34585 Name not displayed
34586 Name not displayed
34587 Jeremy Buckingham
34588 Steven Manley Only with Ron Paul can we make a real difference.
34589 Allen Johnson
34590 Joseph Lambert
34591 Name not displayed As i grow older i see a world that i no longer trust, I now have two daughters of my own and only want the best for them in life. I want them to prosper not pay for someone elses debt and lifestyle. Ron Paul I believe you are the type of leader this country needs, end corruption, and overcome the government of wolves that our policies have produced.
34592 Corey Hulbert
34593 Name not displayed
34594 William Shea Its time to show America what a real president can do!
34595 Holly Bell
34596 cody hammond you can do it!!!
34597 Name not displayed Please restore some sanity in this country.
34598 michael savoie
34599 Michael Burzynski Best of luck! I hope you pull this off!
34600 Mike Fox Please consider Mr. Jesse Ventura as your running mate.
34601 Michael Nielson
34602 David H Schramm
34603 Name not displayed
34604 Derek Andrew Nelson WE NEED YOU!!!!!!
34605 Kathy Reese Please restore sanity to our country by leading as our new president.
34606 Claude McDermott Dr. Paul,

Never before in the history of our great country has there been a greater need for a patriot of your high caliber. Our founding fathers would be proud!
34607 #gnnitrck[llTGXG] windows media player download
34608 Paulette Goltz
34609 Dianne MacKay
34610 Toby Mize
34611 Scott MacKay
34612 Dominique de Graaf Thank you for being brave enough to advocate less government control.
34613 Emilio Romacho From Spain we also request for a real change in USA. A change that serves as an exemple for european’s politicians
34614 John Carl
34615 Cale
34616 Robert Morris
34617 Name not displayed
34618 Name not displayed
34619 Liz Cancino
34620 Ryan Christopher Ford
34621 Roman Gomez
34622 Mohammed Babur
34623 Name not displayed The united states of America needs stronger state sovereignty
34624 S Lam Ron Paul knows what he is doing. Let’s bring back the gold standard and end the Fed!
34625 Rick Meyers Our only hope for constitutional government. What we have in this country now is corporate rule, with a puppet congress, a puppet president, and a puppet supreme court. In other words, fascism. If there is any hope for the survival of the USA, it is Ron Paul as president.
34626 Name not displayed
34627 Name not displayed
34628 Name not displayed Please run Ron Paul 2012
34629 Admiral Ackbar Don’t fall for the trap!
34630 Kevin Castellanos We need you!
34631 Eli Finkelstein MD Please run for president and bring sanity to our foreign policy. As you point out, we have been led into wars based on lies, deceptions, and a foreign policy based on empire. It is you, and not Obama who deserves the Nobel Peace prize.
34632 Eric Rodriguez Please, please.
34633 Joel Lets roll, you time has come.
34634 Kevin Castillo Help us please
34635 Karren Chancey Please run!!! America needs common sense and fiscal responsibility brought back to government!
34636 Sunny Chan Run Mr.Paul you have more than a chance
34637 Kenny Scharffenberg Ron you are the real deal, Sarah won’t vote for her, Trump is too much of an insider, and your son doesn’t have your track record, if you don’t run I am writing your name in anyway.
34638 Name not displayed
34639 Shauna
34640 Jason Blair
34641 Craig Lathrop
34642 Lorraine Swenson
34643 Keaton Jones
34644 Tim Summey If you give up, I will too.
34645 Name not displayed
34646 Katarzyna Dobaczewska
34647 Richard Nuss
34648 Name not displayed
34649 Name not displayed
34650 Brandon McKee Dear Ron,

Your vision is true, your words are wise, but I’m afraid presently ignorance runs rampant throughout our government and you may appear as an extremist. This government is not what was intended, this is not the way it’s supposed to be. America should be the greatest nation in the world and currently it seems we are more of a joke to the world than the leader we call ourselves.



A 29 year old from Dallas Texas.

Brandon McKee
34651 Name not displayed no business can run on a deficit and no business would keep a program that does not work no business should hire illegal immigrants all businesses maintain control of all programs
34652 Bjorn Baldvinsson I am liberal and realistic and i have not heard anyone speak the truth like Ron. I thought i would NEVER vote for a republican but i would vote for Ron.

34653 Name not displayed
34654 Name not displayed We want Ron, not Enron!
34655 Grant Kenworthy
34656 Matthew Joyner Please Ron. Please.
34657 ROBERT GRIFFITH There is no one better qualified to lead us in the

defense of our Republic and its Constitution!
34658 Name not displayed The country needs Ron Paul, not the other way around.
34659 Name not displayed
34660 Bruce Grove I believe in what you stand for… There are others that will also when we get the message out… Educate and inform the whole mass of the people… They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.

~Thomas Jefferson
34661 Name not displayed
34662 Mary Bratcher Run Ron, Run!
34663 Name not displayed America’s future needs you Dr. Paul.
34664 Blake Roehl As a Constitutionalist…..This is a must. It is treason if you don’t….the American people need this.
34665 Name not displayed Its this or the fall of our great nation.
34666 Matt
34667 Neil Maglaya We need a real civil servant and leader more than ever!
34668 shannon fowler
34669 Name not displayed We need someone who will stand for the republic and

get America back on track!! We need Ron Paul!!
34670 Henry Chelune Jr as a OEF Vet and a concerned citizen please run for President 2012!
34671 Wayne Schonmeier Finally! Someone like you.
34672 chris boldt
34673 Nigel Sharp Keep up the good fight, America needs you for 2012!
34674 Carrie Sue Clarke
34675 Anita Sullivan Honorable Congressman Ron Paul,

Your years of Dedication to the American People clearly demonstrates your Leadership Abilities. You have not compromised the best interest of the American People in your years of service, and for this; I am truly grateful to you. I believe you can lead our Nation back to a Free and Prosperous Society once again.

Your sound principles for a Smaller Government (with less spending), Lower Taxes, Economic Job growth,

Secure Borders, Preserving Peoples Rights, and restoring our once great Nation to what it was; is more than enough reason to vote for you as President in 2012. I want to thank you for your Courage and Persistence, in the face of insurmountable odds; while you continue to fight for the American people, and what is in the best interest of the People and the Nation. America needs a Presidential leader like you in 2012! You have my vote!


Anita Sullivan
34676 Name not displayed
34677 Sam Chick The most sensible man in politics today.
34678 Richard McDaniel I regret not voting for you in 2008! Please give me a chance to fix my mistake!
34679 Name not displayed There are few men in politics with integrity, Ron Paul is one of them.
34680 Steven Prindle God bless you on your journey and with our trust.
34681 Blake We are born brother of thee other america! Please help save this country with your wisdom!

Thank you!
34682 Michael McCray Regardless of whether Mr. Paul formally runs, I’m voting for him. I’m tired of more of the same! Let’s restore our Constitutional Republic!
34683 John Ryder America needs an American . Please run again
34684 Nicolas Muyres
34686 Name not displayed
34687 Aaron Champion
34688 Scarlett Norris
34689 Brandon Cantarella Ron Paul Jesse Ventura 2012!!
34690 wiley
34691 Marc Negrin
34692 Eric Chambers Please Mr.Paul, we need a man of your stature to run this Country. Also please take Gov.Ventura’s statement seriously and please remove yourself from these snakes. You two would be the best together!
34693 Jonathan Holmgren
34694 Suzanne Costa Ron Paul is the most honest candidate with a unique grassroots movement. He deserves to be on every news media channel for every presidential debate to come for 2012.
34695 Name not displayed
34696 Daniel RON PAUL 2012! Legalize!
34697 Logan McCulloch I have not volunteered for a federal election in years. I would volunteer for your campaign. The idea that was once America must be resurrected and only an honest man can lead.
34698 Rich Smotzer
34699 Ramon Nunez III We need you, Dr. Paul!
34700 Name not displayed America is counting on you to run. You have my full support.
34701 Leigh Harvey
34702 WAYNE
34703 Name not displayed Our country needs you!!
34704 Kyle joyner
34705 Parth Desai
34706 Ryan Petrocco Go Ron Paul for 2012!!
34707 Name not displayed
34708 Keny franquero Ron, please run for president! We need someone who actually cares about America and will expose the people who are turning this in to a communist country!
34709 Malia Thain We want to help Ron Paul get elected. We are very serious about helping. What can we do???
34710 Eric Honest money, now!!
34711 SSgt Leonard Kelley America needs you Dr Paul. Your voice and message needs to be heard.
34712 AJ Bhandary Good luck to you sir
34713 Steven Jordan Run Ron run, see Ron Run!
34714 Kelly Sans
34715 Name not displayed
34716 Jerry mclallen Time to give America back to Americans
34717 Name not displayed
34718 frank sisco we need an honest leader that we’ll work for the people of the US
34719 Eric Summers
34720 Chad Porterfield Thank you for being a true patriot.
34721 Jerry Strausburg
34722 Holley Davis
34723 Noah Hermann You one of the only hopes.
34724 Christopher Cyr I believed in you in 2008 and with all that has happened since, I only believe in you more. We WILL do it this time!
34725 Jim Smith
34726 Olena Chard
34727 Sara Griffin
34728 Brandon Griffin
34729 Timothy Hackworth
34730 Ryan Ray Lemieur Not only do we need Dr. Paul, we need people to organize and implement The Revolution!!!
34731 Evan Black
34732 Gus Cantavero Jr. Run Ron Run!
34733 Brian Good I am an American Buddhist who looks up to two very noble and truly humble men in the public eye, the Dalai Lama and Ron Paul.
34734 Shaun Hileski
34735 Aron Mares I have just turned 18 and really believe in you. If you run for president for 2012 i will vote for you. and im not one to get out and vote but i like the way you think
34736 john mckillip My God give you the conviction to fight for our country. God bless you Dr Paul.
34737 Aron
34738 robert
34739 Christopher Dewulf
34740 Chrissy Murphy PLEASE run in 2012!! We NEED YOU!!!!
34741 raymond williams go Ron go!
34742 Neggro Dumass
34743 Ray Mazzeo Time to turn We the Corporation BACK INTO

"We the People"
34744 Tracy Ron Paul 2012 !!
34745 David Wegley I saw your video supporting Don’t ask, Don’t Tell. You are an UNamerican Bigot. I support FRPUTA (Fuck Ron Paul Up The Ass) like the little bitch nigger he is.
34746 Brent King Run the race Ron! Our country needs a real leader…
34747 Drew America needs change!
34748 Coreen Baumann
34749 Nicholas Militarescu
34750 Brandon B.
34751 Name not displayed
34752 Name not displayed
34753 Keri-Anne Slate "By the way, when I say cut taxes, I don’t mean fiddle with the code. I mean abolish the income tax and the IRS, and replace them with nothing." -Ron Paul
34754 James Garrett
34755 Emmanuel Ruvalcaba
34756 Katie Parker
34757 Ross Kaplowitz Ron Paul will be the greatest president since FDR. He knows what must be done to increase the quality of living for everyone and to get this country out of debt and out of the people’s wallets.
34758 Richard Scogin
34759 Kayla Leong I’m hoping to see you do good.
34760 Adam Lauramore
34761 Zachary Clark Thank you you for all you have done!
34762 Paul Stone I am only of 15 so I don’t know if I qualify because of my age. Though I am in school politics in the form of Secretary and actually am an intern for a Democratic State Politician, I love politics and if I could vote as an Independent I would vote Ron Paul!
34763 Alan Baumann
34764 Jesse Wisdom
34765 Name not displayed Serenity now!
34766 Christopher Renfro
34767 Michael Morey
34768 Name not displayed
34769 Name not displayed
34770 Brian Hoskinson
34771 Jan Driessen
34772 Name not displayed
34773 dave robbins Ron Paul Jessie Ventura 2012 independent ticket
34774 Chad Bassett Please run in 2012, america needs you ron paul.
34775 Alan Hilton He is the only politician that I know of that has written a book about something meaningful, not an autobiographist. He fully understands the current plight of true liberty and has ideas on how to secure liberty for future generations. If he runs, he has my vote!
34776 vafa faez free education from government control.
34777 Jean-Daniel Roussel
34778 Rebecca Spivey II love what this letter says at the very end.

America needs you, and we, your supporters, pledge that we’ll assist you in every way we can.

Paul/ Ventura 2012!
34779 john we need you Mr. paul
34780 Name not displayed America needs you!
34781 Joseph Ron Paul is the only candidate who’s first priority is the American people and not winning the election.
34782 Name not displayed Please help us all.
34783 Name not displayed
34784 Anthony Appel we can only hope
34785 Mark Montellano
34786 rodney short This country needs you Ron Paul,we need you like a fish needs water…
34787 leah END THE FED!!! GO RON PAUL!!!
34788 josh mcbride You have to go for it! You are our last hope!!
34789 Kyle Sechrest
34790 Daniel
34791 Name not displayed Run, Paul, run!
34792 durell Please
34793 Mike Veschi We need Ron Paul in the Debate,, this is a travesty of freedom and rights if he is not allowed
34794 Denis Loginowski For the first time in my life, I would put a bumper sticker on my car…
34795 Ray Anderson Go Ron
34796 Nick Tokarz
34797 Anselmo Grillo Ron Paul 100% has my vote in 2012.

I am doing my best to spread the word.
34798 Denny Colt Together We Can Win !!!
34799 Ms. LaNell Babbage-Torres Please come to the Freedom Jambree in Kansas City, Ks. Sept.28-Oct.2 . We need you there, help us SAVE America!
34800 Rafael Rodriguez You have earned my trust
34802 Mark Prentice
34803 Alex Newman
34804 Alex Newman
34805 Tony Be the solution!

Ron Paul revolution!
34806 Jesse bittle
34807 Cyndie Kalina
34808 David R Gevorkian Please help us! We really need someone like you!
34809 John S. Burke
34810 Andrew Peat Ron Paul please run, we need you…we have been long due for a REAL president. you have my vote, my family, and i promise to spread the word.
34811 Cric Catalyst
34812 Name not displayed You are a true patriot and we need you to take our country back
34813 Name not displayed Might be wise of Ron to mentor a young protege with some charisma damnit - cause he’s gettin old and he just doesn’t have it - and thats the reason people seem to vote one way or another. & No… Rand Paul does not have much in the charisma dept so that is not a solution. Love Ron Paul…peace
34814 Name not displayed
34815 john Francis Kramer V
34816 Cody Armstrong Please run! The country needs your logic and stability!
34817 luis Carreon All these lies have blinded people from the only truth, people have been deceived into believing a lie, lets take a look behind the scenes and understand how hey are using fear to get obedience from the civilians. Now I comprehend why things are the way they are and why the people of America have not elected correctly, it is because of the bought out media that is polarizing each individual and this polar side is the side of self-destruction and self-imprisonment. The violation of The Constitution brings chills to my spine and is eating away on the image of humanity. Ron Paul with his wisdom and truth has shaken off the blindness and fear mentality. I see were i was blind and ignorant but it is a mistake to correct and avoid an error. lets educate and share the knowledge. Lets hear the words of wisdom and truth of Ron Paul for the next election in 2012 !
34818 Matthew Holeman Run Paul dont ever quit
34819 Name not displayed
34820 Michelle Matthews Please RUN!
34821 Donovan Smith Bring honor back to our country’s leadership! Run!
34822 Adam Sparano PLEASE RUN I’M YOUR BIGGEST SUPPORTER!!! … we have no other chance at freedom!!
34823 Name not displayed PLEASE PLEASE RUN FOR PRESIDENT

34824 Joshua Levy
34825 Abe Sakalov
34826 Steve Thompson power corrupts. Stay true Ron
34827 Name not displayed
34828 Christopher Lee
34829 Bart Walters Ron Paul, America needs your leadership
34830 Brenda Kelly My hubby & I voted for you last time & will do it again!
34831 joe lafrance
34832 Rajpurohit Vinay
34833 Eric Lodge
34834 Susan Fish
34835 Mollie Kirwin We need a REAL AMERICAN THAT LOVES AMERICA..
34836 Brett A. Tiedeken We need you now more than ever before.

God help us.
34837 bryan fay I really hope you become president; I would be flabbergasted.
34838 Michael Wray Not much time left.
34839 bryan fay I really hope you become president; I would be flabbergasted.
34840 kms please, please, please, stay strong on course, and show your knowledge and strength, and you will win and turn our great country around. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for being wise and strong
34841 ursula curtiss
34842 Name not displayed Obama, you need to leave. Noone wants you here.
34843 Josh Ramirez Please, beat the Bankers that are holding this country hostage!
34844 Zachary Danielson Do it for the People…
34845 Robert Ehlinger if i’m to suffer in the future for previous admin’s agenda’s then at least i can put a thorn in it’s side with you as president to hell with shady over spending gov’nt i support you 200%
34846 Gerard I’m a Canadian and I want Ron Paul for the U.S. President… If the U.S. pulls out of these wars Canada will follow.
34847 Name not displayed
34848 Andrew Day
34849 Shane Holden
34850 Christian Hall
34851 Chase Holden
34852 Name not displayed Ron Paul would save the people of the world.
34853 Name not displayed
34854 Name not displayed Give ‘em hell, Ron.
34855 Buren Please drop the republican party and run as an independent!
34856 Dave Anderson
34857 Name not displayed i think you should run because even if you don’t win you will do good by helping to frame the argument in an honest manner. as a lifelong liberal, even I would vote for you. it’s a funny thing about libertarians, when people are sick enough of all the lies, both social/environmentally focused liberals like myself and religiously retractive neoconservatives will both turn to libertarians for their honesty. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
34858 Tina Kelley
34859 Janet Mckee Please bring some sanity to this country. We need you.
34860 Vito Montana
34861 Joe Prewitt Go for it!!
34862 Thomas O’Brien
34863 Michael ostrander
34864 Name not displayed
34865 Brent Hollars Ron Paul is our last hope .
34866 Jim Kallenberger Your tenacity, courage and integrity inspire me.
34867 Name not displayed Please Run Ron.
34868 Parker Joyner
34869 mary legnetti
34870 Name not displayed Please Run
34871 Reane P It’s time! NESARA NOW irreguardless if it was passed or not!
34872 Name not displayed
34873 Linda Deaver Please be my voice for our country! God Bless
34874 Ron Seiter I hate politics.
34875 Brandon
34876 Name not displayed
34877 Cassie Carlon
34878 Name not displayed Dr. Paul we need your voice and wisdom to bring the country back to the people. It would an honor to call you Mr. President.
34879 Michael Paul Rodriguez Out of anybody who even has a slight chance to help put this country back on the right track the founders originally intended for us, my opinion, Ron Paul is the best choice in waking up the American people to fight against this corporatist beast that resides within key elements of the infrastructure of our government. This military industrial complex, of which it’s heart resides within the Federal Reserve must be taken out before it’s too late. Dr. Paul… have my full support in taking this beast, that has ravaged our country for far too long, down.
34880 Brian Shade
34881 Vickie Lynn Alfonso-Gutierrez America & the World need You!!
34882 Michael McQueen If even you don’t win, you must run.
34883 Ryan Donovan Ron Paul, please take heed to knowing that I’d much rather have you to guide us through an economic depression / the upcoming crisis rather than Obama. We need you to restore liberties to American democracy.
34884 Caleb Cochran
34885 Name not displayed At the very least Americans need to hear your voice. Paul for 2012
34887 Name not displayed Run Ron Run!
34888 Armando Myers Ron Paul 2012!!!
34889 Thomas L Floyd Your courage to stand up against poor judgment regardless of party affiliation is critical.
34890 Nicholas Vaughan It will not happen today or tomorrow but I worry for my grandchildren. I want them to see national parks and enjoy their back yard if they desire- run for 2012 and we will help you stop the NWO and the stripping of our constitution and country.
34891 Anthony J Sclafani
34892 matt bardelli
34893 Stephan B Greetings from Germany.
34894 Name not displayed
34895 Jake Lucas "The evils of tyranny are rarely seen but by him who resists it." — John Hay, 1872

People are blind and we need someone who can open their eyes. You are the only candidate who stands for true freedom any longer. We need you.
34896 Eugene R.Edwards Bring Our troops Home,Clean up The Federal Reserve Mess.Fair trade Deals
34897 Roger Hess
34898 Lucas Cuny I think you may be the only one to understand the words of John Adams, "to be a nation of laws, not of men."
34899 Name not displayed
34900 Justin Jesselli
34901 Richard Leston Jr 2012 is the 1776 of our time.
34902 Daniel Labunski Please!
34903 Name not displayed
34904 Diana Anderson
34905 Name not displayed
34906 Billy Nanez We need Ron Paul in 2012!
34907 Nathan BenAmoz last chance is here, hopefully not too late in the game, but if we are to have any chance at all to fix this corruption i hope that you will find a way to help this nation
34908 Parker Hayes
34909 Ameen
34910 Kellen Browning
34911 Leif MacDonald Listen to Alex Mr. Paul you Have to run we need You.
34912 Brian Elmore Even though you don’t know who I am, I need you. This country needs you.
34913 Joseph Dobbins I supported Ron Paul in 2008 and attended (and video taped) rallies. I hope that he runs in the 2012 election and has Mr. Ventura as his running mate.
34914 Markelle Harden As soon as I hear you are running, I am interested in helping you earn the primary nomination, I will volunteer for your headquarters in the Charlotte, NC area.
34915 Daryl
34916 Jeremy Mix Truth Wins.
34917 Ali Minaian You have our backs! Lets end this fucking one world government once and for all!!
34918 Stefan Papp you must save america from itself. without you taking drastic measures USA will eventually fall
34919 Name not displayed We can tell you love THIS country.
34920 James
34921 bruce williams
34922 Name not displayed North America Needs You Now More Than Ever.
34923 Christina Lopez
34924 Coby Robinson
34925 Andy Ferenchak Run Dr. Paul. Us soldiers, airmen, sailors and marines need a real American to help us turn this country around.
34926 Jennifer Holden
34927 Name not displayed
34928 Name not displayed
34929 Robert Nixon Dr. Paul,

I realize your chance of election is small, considering the media bias. But please at least declare your intent to run because any chance is better than none. Your running means something to the young men and women in this country who have two brain cells to rub together along with many other. You are the best chance I have to a life of prosperity and joy besides myself.
34930 Jack Redinger We need a true "Statesman" to be elected as the President of the United States. Our country appears to be in a "death spiral" similar to that of the Roman Empire. Our government has become too corrupted by special interests and self serving politicians.
34931 John Giordano GO RON
34932 Michael Biancardi We need a voice for true freedom in the Whitehouse. Ron Paul 2012
34933 Christopher A. Parker
34934 Michael Ron, I’m a simple Economics and Computer Engineering student from Georgia Tech. Let’s take back the government in support of business, innovation, fiscal responsibility, and above all, liberty.
34935 Barry Run!
34936 Steven Strom
34937 Kelsey MacDougall
34938 Evan Massey
34939 Cameron Peterson Let’s win America back and return to the Constitution!
34940 Name not displayed Dr. Paul, America needs wisdom and guidance. Who better than you to show the way.
34941 Sam Koch
34942 Brian Lackey
34943 Jeff Glessner BALANCE OUR BUDGET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
34944 John Hutchins
34945 Mixhael Comerford RUNNNNN save america.
34946 Name not displayed
34947 06MZmalvina amateur blow jobs videos your amateur porn
34948 Bradley Davis I only did this cause Steven Strom did
34949 Name not displayed Please run 2012!! What’s wrong with Americans why can’t they listen to Ron Paul and realize that almost every one in this government is a knucklehead. You are a Rock Star!
34950 Elizabeth Kim America needs you, Ron Paul! PLEASE run! You’ll win!
34951 David Spain You are the only candidate that can wake the sleeping giant (responsible, hard working Americans. Thanks!
34952 TAYLOR PETERSON He is our only hope. People constantly attack him and try to put "crazy" words in his mouth. Giuliani tried to get him to say America was asking for 911 to happen. He speaks so much truth, and it scares those that have something to hide…
34953 Joshua Dalton You are doing a really good job in congress. I also believe the fed. reserve needs to be abolished. It it at least needs to be audited. We need to keep our bill of rights, our declaration of indepenance, and we need to uphold the constitution of the United States of America. I believe there are those in the white house that have interest in there own personal gain and not the interest of the people, or the saverienty
34954 John Powers You are the beam of lucidity in the infinite pandemonium which is the state of our current political system.
34955 Petey Trolley Help us end the nonsense. rEVOLution!!
34956 Robert Bass Please run
34957 Robert Bass Please run
34958 Name not displayed USA needs help!
34959 john clayton We need ron not these yes men like romney!
34960 Chris Trentham I would love it if you ran and I will vote for you, but I would understand if you choose not to.
34961 Lucas Ewing RON PAUL 2012
34962 David Walsh I believe in you, and I believe you’re going to make history
34963 Jordan Miles
34964 robert buhl
34965 Ben Phillips
34966 Bilal Sherif " im 24, and i cant remember when a dollar was a dollar"
34967 Joe oliver Please run I’m a father fighting the socialist children and youth regime who only let me see my children 1 hour a week without just cause. You are a step in the right direction
34968 Mark Frabl
34969 jon keen PLEASE RUN!
34970 Joseph Ron Paul is the most practical and intelligent possible candidate for president since Ronald Reagan.
34971 daniel summers
34972 Kevin Farmer
34973 Name not displayed Down with the money changers!!!!
34974 joy graham
34975 Theora Cozart PLEASE…..
34976 Name not displayed
34977 Name not displayed
34978 Antonio Quinones
34979 Name not displayed
34980 Dr. Valentina Kiselev Not only my whole family supports you, but we would like to explore what can be done in an immigrant communities to support you. Please, run.
34981 Name not displayed
34982 John Butler Paul 2012
34983 James Dolan We have no right to ask you for anything more, but we hope you’ll say "Yes" in your typically humble and understated manner!
34984 michael bergbauer I am from vienna austria, you are one of the greates ‘sons’ auf the austrian school
34985 Jen Kemling
34986 charles s. lang
34987 Name not displayed
34988 Chase Ron Paul understands that printing the difference is a dangerous road, a simple concept most politicians refuse to accept.
34989 Name not displayed
34990 Name not displayed no parties…We The People NOT We The Corporations!
34991 Rick Garvia
34992 Jason Yu
34993 Name not displayed
34994 Name not displayed American needs Ron Paul as an option in 2012 more than it has needed anyone since the founding fathers.
34995 Hayley
34996 Jacob Cox PLEASE Dr. Paul RUN!!!!!!!

I’ll turn 18 in 2012, and you have my vote.

Maybe Rand could be your VP?
34997 Christopher Marriott
34998 Matt Jhones I am ready to empy all my bank accounts. I am prepared to do whatever it takes. I want my country back! I just hope its not too late
34999 Name not displayed
35000 Todd Crews Ron Paul 2012!

2 Responses to Signatures 30,001-35,000

  1. List Builder says:

    How often have you wondered if the money is in a list, the money is actually in a responsive list.

  2. patriciap says:

    Ron Paul has my vote in 2012..Champion for The Constitution! Real Help For America! Peace, Prosperity,Peace..Amen!

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