Signatures 30,001-35,000

Number Name Comment
33001 Bruce MAloomian
33002 Madison Hickman Your speeches and views have significantly changed not only MY life, but my entire family’s - this country needs a genuine leader who cares more about the people and works harder than anyone in power to keep peace, justice and stability! Please, Dr. Paul… help save us.
33003 Jacob Bales Run Paul Run!!
33004 Julie Delo
33005 Cynthia Stark Go Ron Paul!
33006 Name not displayed It is not about winning, it is about changing the way people THINK !
33007 Name not displayed END THE FED! freedom from being a lemming comes through education. America needs your voice more than ever.
33008 Ryan J. Fiske PAUL VENTURA ’12.
33009 Name not displayed Our country now more than ever needs a true American in the White House and a man who believes in the principles of the founding fathers.

Sadly the America I live in today is not the same America I was raised in as a child.

It hurts to think my children have only known war and recession in their life time to this point.

I support you,my family and friends support and the American people will support you.

We want our great country back !!!!
33010 Name not displayed
33011 Michael Smith Go Ron Go!
33012 Howard Cohen
33013 Name not displayed PLEASE run for office. We are desperate for balance in Washington and for someone who will do what they promise to do.
33014 Joseph Locke
33015 Kaleb Gagnon Mr. Paul, America is literally running itself into the ground, and our current leadership is doing NOTHING to change that, but rather it seems our two-party system is only serving to exacerbate the problem. We need someone who can see through the double-speak our politicians perpetrate to the American people every day. We need someone who stands up for what they believe in, but at the same time someone who isn’t a complete tool to Corporate America.
33016 Name not displayed We need a true Patriot in the White House
33017 Name not displayed
33018 Name not displayed
33019 Erik Romanyschyn
33020 julio ojeda
33021 Name not displayed
33022 robert enriquez
33023 andrea shea
33024 Name not displayed Last chance for this nation to make things right
33025 jonathon cahill
33026 Wayne Abrahamian
33027 Name not displayed Go Ron!!
33028 Mike Vitale Its way past time to throw the globalists/bankers/tyrants the hell out of this country. One way or the other.
33029 Katie Adams I want to be FREE
33030 Amanda Pease I just had a son in January, please run for his future. Mine has already been lost to the status quo.
33031 Carl Holden
33032 Eric M. Ogle let’s do this!!
33033 Name not displayed We need you badly right now. God bless and will be praying for your safety and success.
33034 joanie …run for us!!you are hope for our liberty!!peace be with you,Dr. Paul!
33035 James Robert Taylor Be Sure And Make Oklahoma put you on the Ballot!
33036 David B. plz run ron we need you now more than ever
33037 John R. Olney Dr. Paul, "WE THE PEOPLE" want, and need a president that isn’t bought and paid for by special interests, and will discontinue policies which only benefit the few.
33038 Josh Hicks You’re the only reasonable voice for the Constitution. Please run, even if it is as an Independent
33039 Derek S. Callicutt
33040 Deborah Mack Please run. Our country needs you and your honesty.
33041 Janet Shaw-Binns we need you!!
33042 eric pollitt run for president
33043 Alex P. Kelsey
33044 Name not displayed as entertaining as America Freedom of Fascism was it made some very valid points and really opened my eyes…if we don’t know our own laws how are we supposed know if we are being taken advantage of or not?
33045 Name not displayed
33046 Revo Liberate Revolt! We (us normal, everyday citizens) have had enough. No more Redouchebagican vs Democrap, they are so displaced from us. We will support the ones who support us. Period.
33047 Daniel Villalba AMERICA NEEDS RON PAUL!!!!
33048 Name not displayed
33049 Dr. Jordan S Gonzalez I cant imagine what more I can do, than to ask you sir, one of the only politicians who has the resounding wisdom of our forefathers in his words and action, to quash the corruption which lies at the very breast of this country. I would stand with you.
33050 Nicholas DeBenedetto
33051 Name not displayed
33052 Jeremy Davidson Billings, MT. I’m sick thinking who may run and possibly win. Ron Paul you must run and help save this great country. The ulterior motives are running rampant and the average citizen doesn’t stand a chance. Bring the power back to the people.
33053 Name not displayed We need you now!.. This is you time… Embrace it with power and courage…. We the army support you… You are our real commander In chief.
33054 Michael Strohman
33055 Charles J. Hambley
33056 Kayla M. Swan
33057 Kenny Cheek
33058 Name not displayed Please! We need leadership like this!
33059 Name not displayed WWJGD?
33060 Nicholas Brousseau Ron Paul is able to answer questions simply and straightforwardly, a technique not popular in the political arena. His Libertarian philosophy is something that brings hope to any sort of stable future in this country. It will become our choice, the citizens, to decide whether we will choose to become sustainable in a fiscal and ecological sense. The government will not change people, we must change ourselves! Ron Paul you got my support!
33061 Daniel Engerran
33062 Melissa Espinoza
33063 Tara Kelly
33064 Clara Flores
33065 steven scott gray finally someone who makes sense! he sounds to good to be true. end the federal reserve!
33066 Name not displayed Please run! I promise to help your campaign as I can.
33067 Name not displayed Please run one more time Ron! We need you bad!
33068 kurt knutson
33069 Melissa Espinoza
33070 Name not displayed
33071 Lawrence Matthews Please don’t let us down by not trying. Your country needs you.
33072 Ike
33073 William Merino If Ron Paul runs, I will offer my time for his campaign!
33074 Mike Stahl you’re the only politician i see who actually knows what their talking about. please run. you have my vote.
33075 robert hayes
33076 Christopher L. Miller The country needs you and your views!!!!!!!!!!!
33077 Alexander Schultz
33078 Name not displayed would be neat to see a ron paul/ chuck baldwin ticket in 2012.. oh how the world would be better if either of ya had gotten in there in the past.. mayhaps in 2012..
33079 Jake We need your message!
33080 Alicia Please run for president! We need you!
33081 Name not displayed We are lost without you, Ron. Please run!
33082 rebecca s. day Ron Paul for President
33083 Rick Hurdle
33084 Matt Meloy
33085 Name not displayed
33086 kevin a lasker
33087 Joshua Lester Our country’s last hope.
33088 Name not displayed please run you are the last hope this sad excuse of a government has.
33089 Sally Anne Randhawa
33090 Grant Herring
33091 Michael Reighn
33092 tomas Medina My hero!!!
33093 Joseph Kennedy We need you!
33094 betty diliegro please run for president you are the only common sense candidate. you and mark rubio would sweep the ticket
33095 Name not displayed
33096 Andrew Ypes This country is ours. It’s about time we took it back
33097 Chris Sheridan
33098 Name not displayed Please run.
33099 Name not displayed Dr. Paul, please run, and I assure you that you will be receiving my vote!
33100 Vladimir Osipov
33101 Ryan Stransky
33102 conner davila
33103 Name not displayed
33104 jesse gomez
33105 Jeremy Canary Help us restore our country to the way it should be. Let’s bring back the values of hard work, self reliance, and personal responsibility.
33106 Mark Bautista America is in a crisis. Neither party seems to know what will best serve the people. Republicans want to control you socially, and Democrats want to control you economically. We need you.
33107 Name not displayed For the sake of our country, please consider a run!
33108 Tom Meade This man’s face should be on Mt. Rushmore someday - I’d love to see that!
33109 Kenneth Rushing Simply put, thanks for trying.
33110 Marshall Culver Ron Paul, we need you for smart drug policy.
33111 kujtim
33112 George A. Wimble II We need a LEADER that "Is American","Will Fight For Americans" and "Will Listen To Americans"

Dr. Paul, Lead this Nation Back To Greatness!!
33113 Wesley Caskey Dear Mr. Paul, This country is in desperate need of your leadership and guidance. Please help protect the rights of future generations by restricting the role of "Big Government" by seeking election in 2012.
33114 Tina Lachapelle I am canadian but the states need a change this world needs change
33115 Kelly We need you to run and help Americans wake up before it’s too late!!!!!
33116 Bill Lindquist
33117 michael c. nerl
33118 Name not displayed Ron Paul for President, 2012! We can’t afford another 4 years of Obama.
33119 David Perez We have to take the steps necessary to bring our country back to "by the People" and "for the People"
33120 HALE D MacINTYRE Your the only guy i see telling the truth please RUN

and God bless you if you do or dont

33121 Name not displayed
33122 Randy L Holland Please be a man of your word and do as you say and not as they do
33123 David We NEED Ron Paul in the White House!
33124 Dawn R.Davis
33125 Clint Snelten
33126 Tom Krotz
33127 Name not displayed The more I hear/read about Mr. Paul, the more I am inclined to support him…not the typical political want the lime light kind of fellow.
33128 Jim Grantz
33129 Hans Schmidt You are what America needs in this time of change!
33130 Wes Plummer
33131 Joshua Story Thank you so much for helping us realize the truth Ron!!! PLEASE help us take the next step and RUN!
33132 Name not displayed We need to repair our country, and their is going to things we might not like that has to be done, and I think Ron will do whats best for this country to get it back to the people it belongs too. Ron should get a chance to run.
33133 Jared Freudenberg We need you Dr. Paul!
33134 Brandy Hipps I think I’m officially on the Ron Paul bandwagon!
33135 Amy PLEASE reconsider your opinions on Medicare - don’t do away with it otherwise I am behind you 100 per cent!!!
33136 Charles PLEASE SAVE US
33137 Joseph Munley This country needs Ron Paul
33138 Suzanne Kennedy
33139 Name not displayed
33140 Susan Morgan Our country is in a terrible state. We need an independent thinker, an honest man, a man who can look at both sides of an issue and come down fair. We won’t agree on everything, but if we agree on the big things, that’s enough.
33141 CONNOR J and PLEASE come visit us up in Humboldt County, Calif. RUN OBAMA OUT OF OFFICE!!!
33143 Dana Drake
33144 Name not displayed Please run for president. America is a mess. We need you!
33145 Jacob McElroy
33146 Stephen Morton
33147 Ken Weeks RON PAUL 2012!!!!
33148 Eddie Moreno You got Brass balls sir! You got my vote 2012!
33149 Ben Germanio not because you want to, but because you have to
33150 Wam Huis in ‘t Veld
33151 Steve Wilson Come on man! Kick Obama’s communist ass!
33152 Name not displayed
33153 Brian Senecal
33154 joshua jackson
33155 Name not displayed You are one of the few that both have morals and are willing to stand up for them. This country needs that leadership
33156 Gordon M. Wiggin III Please run!!! Or get someone like you to run! Im sick of the popularity contest every four years
33157 Jared Baker Ron Paul, you speak TRUTH and make sense! In a country represented by a majority of liars and idiots; we NEED your leadership and solutions now more than ever!
33158 kristie manning I have never been politically involved, but I like what Ron Paul has to say.
33159 Darryl Van Kirk Run Ron Run. You are the only politician I trust. Well I do trust Rand also!
33160 Christina Powell
33162 John Run For It!
33163 Brian Barrett Ready to volunteer for the NJ campaign. Ron Paul is the only real ‘hope and change’ in either party.
33164 Aaron Mason
33165 Brian Senecal Please Ron! Do it for my new born daughter. you are the closes chance she has for a future
33166 David Drimmel Please run with Jesse Ventura! You have all of the support from the Alex Jones Show, and plenty of others who seek to bring truth during these great waves of change. Lets restore America and our God given freedom!
33167 Hank Pilot We need your common sense as leader.
33168 Name not displayed Next leader
33169 Matthew Herzl
33170 Sharon Huber Please run !
33171 Justin Moe The revolution is only delayed
33172 Ryan L. Watts
33173 Erick Richardson Before 2008, I considered myself a Democrat. I became knowledgeable of the information shared by Ron Paul and I voted for him in the 2008 Republican primary. Since he did not get the nomination, I voted for Barack Obama. There have been no real change made and have been additional wars started now. I am really hoping that Ron Paul will run in 2012 as an independent, if so, I will definitely vote for him and spread his message to everyone I know.
33174 Andrew Hoover
33175 Susan Barnett
33176 Nathan Bostrom
33177 Name not displayed
33178 Tanner Evensen RON PAUL 2012!
33179 chris barczak
33180 Barry Bostrom
33181 David Mammarella
33182 Philip Sommer
33183 Name not displayed Our country is in serious trouble. Help us please.
33184 James Jones
33185 Name not displayed Run Ron, Run. Get your voice out there! It’s Better to try!
33186 Samuel Link Honesty.
33187 christian villar
33188 Jennifer O’Quinn
33189 Adolfo Polanco
33190 Debra C Blaie
33191 jarrett
33192 Patrick Arbo Dulce et decorum est…
33193 Dan Breen Please do NOT run! You stand no chance and any chance you may have had was ruined by your tea-bagger son who is nuts.
33194 Tom Lynch The country needs a sovereign individual like Ron Paul to remind the people of these united States what it means to be an American!!!
33195 Rafayel Muradyan RON PAUL, PLEASE DON’T GIVE UP
33196 John Vasilko Start the new American Revelution!
33197 Name not displayed Ron, no one else seems inclined to change our corrupt and broken system. They just want to continue to profit from it. Who but you Ron, who?
33198 keanna Arnason
33200 Name not displayed I will vote for you. But you need to get the Republican Nomination. I think if you run independent, you will not win.
33201 Vickie McKinley It’s going to take a miracle to pull this country out of the debacle that every president since Kennedy has plummeted this country into. I’m sick to death of self serving politicians who care nothing for the American people and care only for their own agendas, egos and wealth. Our current SOCIALIST president who takes multi-million dollar trips as a slap in the face to Americans. What he is really saying is "I could care less about any of you," The majority of us have no time to think about anything except how we are going to pay the exhorborant bills that keep rising week by week and flood our mailbox everyday. Tax bills, insurance bills, utility bills, medical bills and these on top of spending over $10.00 for three gallons of gas. It has to stop or this country is going to go belly up and the banks will own the country (a way to control the population) and we can all be waving at each other from our tents and starving to death. If Ron Paul runs, he has my vote. At this point, I’m ready for every single current politician to be run out of Washington WITHOUT their elected benefits. They should all be tried for treason and thrown in prison. I believe US history is just about ready to repeat itself. Taxation without representation. A second Revolutionary War. It seems everyday, I get a phone call from a friend or relative who has lost their job because there is no work for them or can’t get a job because big companies have moved overseas or have no work because the construction industry has collapsed. I may not agree with everything Ron Paul says, but at least I know he’s a rebel and I believe he’s going to give the current Washington college educated imbeciles (lawyers) a very hard time. Watch your back Ron…the ones who buck the system have been known to disappear or worse.
33202 Name not displayed I’d love for you to have my first vote!
33203 Name not displayed
33204 Name not displayed
33205 Cherie Taylor The WORLD needs you to lead the USA Ron Paul.
33206 Name not displayed
33207 Name not displayed
33208 Name not displayed
33209 Erika Themaras
33210 joshua kornely
33211 Nathan Herschbach Please help us save America!!!
33212 Dave Moran
33213 Robert R. Snyder Give Me Liberty of Give Me Death
33214 George Turk
33215 Grant L. Reinhart Let’s make a difference and bring America back from the brink! God willing, it’s not too late!
33216 Eddie Wnorowski it really is great to see, that Ron Paul has a trait that no other politician has, HONESTY! Down with the Income tax!!!!
33217 Justin Haydu You are the only Politician in history with cognition. Don’t give up! We WILL NOT give up on you!!
33218 Darren Glenn
33219 Shannon Scott
33220 neil legalize it!
33221 Michael B. Whetstone Ron Paul, you are the ONLY politician who I can see me voting for in 2012. Please help America.
33222 Bryan Clyne please run, i cannot stand another 4 years of Obama, you have my full support Ron!
33223 Chris Kerr I think if ever the time were right for Ron Paul to run for President, it is NOW! The world is on fire, the economy is in the toilet, we need drastic reform to get the nation back on track. However, Ron will need a SERIOUS PR campaign to get his viewpoints out there to the general public who know little to nothing about him.
33224 Michael Bessette We need you!
33225 Name not displayed love the guy
33226 Name not displayed
33227 Randy Gaul
33228 Joe Rayesky I don’t want u to just run i want u to win!!!!!!!
33229 Shigeaki Schmidt Run for office, you are the only real republican left in our Government, please bring back the small Government back to America. If you dont run for office , I have no one to vote for, you speak the closet to the truth. Please Run for office.
33230 Kenneth Thomas
33231 Lonewolf Save us
33232 Heather Bennett We NEED you and BELIEVE in you!!!
33233 Craig Martin Dear Mr Paul

My name is Craig Phillip Martin. I have never voted because i have always felt no matter who we picked we are screwed. Last election when everyone voted and Obama won i would always say i hope he does bring about the change he speaks about. He has not. If you run for president not only will i vote for you but instead of wanting to leave active duty and not speak of it again because of whos interest are military currently fight for. I will be able to say proudly that i served this Nation.
33234 fred poe Please end Bernarke’s reign of terror
33236 Name not displayed If someone has the right mind set, it’s Ron Paul!
33237 Donald Tilley For the sake of the Constitution and to protect the legacy of our Founding Fathers, please consider running for the presidency in 2012. America needs to hear your compelling message!
33238 Michael prentice
33239 Randall Mason Ulmer I love you Ron Paul and please for the love of god, Save us!
33240 Ryan
33241 Robert Henley
33242 Jonathan Canfield I’m with you!
33243 Name not displayed
33244 Benny Mnich The country needs your help
33245 Michael D. America is not the same one I remember growing up, Ron Paul you may be it’s last hope..

Ron Paul for President 2012
33246 Brooklyn Cole Morton You got my vote. Thank you for telling the truth.
33247 Name not displayed end the fed.
33248 Michael F You can do it!
33249 Tony Bagg
33250 Blake Lowry
33251 Name not displayed
33252 Hal Blevins North Carolina Supports you RON ! , DRaFT Ron Paul 2012
33253 Ryan Burak please help this country get back to the principles which made it the best in the first place!
33254 Scott W. Rowan
33255 Blake Acton America needs some REAL change!
33256 Roy Vance
33257 Jeremy R Baker Please Run! Your Country Needs You!
33258 Name not displayed
33259 martin
33260 debra Thatcher I so honor your work you have been such a strong catalyst in unifying the people under one umbrella. Thank YOU. If you choose not to run… please suggest someone you would trust.
33261 Nathan Clemons Ron Paul is the Answer. Positive Change + Ron Paul = Paulsitive Change for America
33262 Name not displayed
33263 Name not displayed
33264 Christohper Vernon Wilson
33265 Peggy Hayzlett
33266 Celia Good
33267 Seth T
33268 William Ron Paul was my write in vote in the last election and will have my vote again.
33269 Name not displayed the usa affects the whole world, this guy will restore the world’s respect for america, because right now nobody likes how usa runs things.
33270 Lee West
33271 Paul Salow You make our forefathers proud. Please run in 2012 and bring America back to the country that it should be.
33272 Name not displayed "Truth stands, even if there be no public support. It is self-sustained."

Mohandas Gandhi
33273 Marvin Michalove Thank you in advance for your consideration in being my choice for President in 2012.
33274 Name not displayed "Truth stands, even if there be no public support. It is self-sustained."

Mohandas Gandhi
33275 Dave Fiore
33276 Name not displayed Please run, Dr. Paul! America NEEDS you. If you need any help in Vermont, I am here to volunteer in any way possible!
33277 devin strickler
33278 Name not displayed
33279 Name not displayed This world needs you! Even if I knew you wouldn’t win the election, I’d support you with every last ounce of energy in my soul because you are the only one who speaks the truth!
33280 Sam Flynn Americas last true hope.
33281 Jon Racanelli
33282 Name not displayed
33283 Name not displayed "They that can give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Benjamin Franklin
33284 Name not displayed
33285 Sean Dodaro It’s time for the paradigm shift.
33286 danny please run kick obama out of office
33287 Michael Perreault
33288 Gary N. Nettleton
33289 Mahesh Sir, you should be the next president otherwise there is no hope.
33290 C Hand Dr. Paul,

It looks now as if you will run and you are being asked a lot about whether you’ll run as a republican. I am not a fan of the two party system. I first followed you as a Libertarian, as I am still today. However, you have a most righteous chance to rid the world of neocons by pushing them to the fringe of the GOP. I have 20 other reasons I want you to run, but this might be the sneaky one that means the most to me. I can’t wait to campaign for "Republican Ron Paul". You’ll be reversing all of the dirty work from Kristol to Cheney. It’s the best present you could give America!!!
33291 Addison Kelly America needs you, Dr. Paul!
33292 Name not displayed The republican party needs you! You are the one who can unite the classical and TEA party republicans, without being chained to either!!!!

Please Run!
33293 Forrest Perry We need a fresh start, I know i can rely on you to bring that vision into view.

You have the support of this new age intellectual.
33294 Christina Davis
33295 Name not displayed "I voted for change, and got short changed! You are the voice or real change. Please run for President in 2012. Thank you."
33296 Patrick T As a Christian citizen in the Kingdom of Sweden a beg you: Save the people in uSA from democraty! Americans still have a hope, you have a strong constitution that back you up. Please seek the good; Go back to your constitutional roots. Good luck, Ronald and all of america!
33297 Thomas Snow You have my vote!
33298 Name not displayed No person has ever stirred me so much politically. Ron Paul 2012

p.s. I don’t think Ventura is a great running mate.
33299 Mike Grady
33300 Name not displayed There aren’t any potential candidates whose ideas are as thoughtful, long-standing and consistent on how to keep America safe and sound. Out of all the crazy things going on now in the government, you are the lone common sense voice. You are of and for the people. If you don’t run, there will be no alternative to Obama who is an illegal President who is destroying America as quickly as he can, because he can. … Please run, people are waking up and are looking for you.
33301 Steven Thomas Contact me if you need a V.P. candidate to represent the average american! I am incorruptible! Destiny awaits us!
33302 Marc
33303 Nicholas Boydston
33304 David P. Leon Ron, I never new that the fed was a private bank. I am real mad now. We are being ripped off by a private bank that is charging us intrest on our money.Things now all fall into place,with what is happening to our country. Thank You Dr.Paul.
33305 Name not displayed In God we believe
33306 Dane Mr. Paul, PLEASE RUN FOR PRESIDENT IN 2012!!!
33307 Gunnar Standard Liberty or death.
33308 Name not displayed For Freedom
33309 Brandon Neal Dear Sir, I believe that it is my duty as an American citizen to urge you to step foward and lead this great nation. Though, I do not reside in your district, I would be proud to volunteer my time and money.
33310 jim holliman
33311 Ralph Richoux Help restore liberty and justice Dr. Paul.
33312 Dillon Lockwood There is no other option… not by a long shot. I would take a bullet for Ron Paul if it meant that he would be that much more inclined to run in 2012. I would do it for the future of my family, the people I love and their families. You have to run, Dr. Paul.
33313 Name not displayed I am an Australian approaching retirement. My retirement will be self-funded from a lifetime of saving. I dread the thought of inflation eating into my savings.

I applaud and endorse the efforts that Ron Paul continues to make to ensure the stability of money. I hope he has the strength and stamina to fulfill his promise in 2012 and beyond.
33314 ricardo
33315 John Nielsen Ron Paul PLEASE! RUN!
33316 Mark Pemble Ron Paul = TRUTH
33317 ReaderBuzz What a great web log. I spend hours on the net reading blogs, about tons of various subjects. I have to first of all give praise to whoever created your theme and second of all to you for writing what i can only describe as an fabulous article. I honestly believe there is a skill to writing articles that only very few posses and honestly you got it. The combining of demonstrative and upper-class content is by all odds super rare with the astronomic amount of blogs on the cyberspace.
33318 Dwayne Hoffman You have my vote! Please run!
33319 Yousef al-Khattab You have my vote!
33320 James You owe it to yourself and to us to run!
33321 Name not displayed RUN FOR PRESIDENT!!!
33322 Fernando rivera I hope you do run there are alot of things in Washington that haven’t added up for alongtime
33323 Name not displayed
33324 Name not displayed
33325 Stacy Hinkley
33326 Michael Scott LaRue
33327 Name not displayed Veteran of OIF and still on AD, we need some one in office to take get the US back on track!
33328 J Adams All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing
33329 Robert James Bennett Please for the sake of GOD and all that is GOOD, support Ron Paul in 2012
33330 Tom Mein
33331 Name not displayed
33332 Name not displayed Follow in Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, and John F. Kennedy’s footsteps: Kill the bank.
33333 Pauline Bernoski
33334 Adam Alexander
33335 Paul Washburn Help us Obie-Ron. You’re our only hope.
33336 Jeff Amundsen Please run in 2012! We cannot have another establishment Republican run.
33337 Name not displayed I have always had a distaste for American politicians. Being a 23 year old white male, hailing from the Empire State of New York, I am to the point where I am ashamed to be a ‘modern American’ because of the way our country has turned. I feel that "President Ron Paul" would change that, as I have never seen a head of the executive branch of The United States Of America genuinely look out for the well being of this country. The moment I see that you are running, you will have my vote.
33338 Name not displayed Please Run in 2012 Ron. America needs you!
33339 Jason Michael Patzke
33340 nick knight we need you
33341 Name not displayed Protect our constitution! Reduce our debt. Re-educate the misinformed on the TRUTH. God bless America .
33342 Jerry E. Thomas Please be the veteran that today’s rookies need to effectively direct the changes that are needed to save our country.
33343 Mike Nystrom Please, please, please…
33344 Name not displayed Please continue to fight for the sovereignty of the United States of America. I pray that people will wake up before it’s too late. Dear Lord have mercy on our nation. May God bless you, Mr. Paul.
33345 Shawn Fleck
33346 Yvonne Bachman You are exactly what this country has been needing for a very long time. Otherwise, we may actually consider voting for Donald Trump. Scary as hell.
33347 Andrew Run Ron Run!
33348 D Hugh Kean
33349 Ryan Samuel please help me give my children the America they deserve
33350 Clay Martin Dr. Paul, please run.
33351 Name not displayed
33352 Name not displayed Although I live in Canada, I believe change is needed and that the U.S.A should be the first to do it so that other counties can follow. I am afraid that the world will become a hostile place ruled by too few with too much power. Ron, please run in 2012.
33353 Joshua Lyle PAUL AND VENTURA 2012!!
33354 Mark Jansen Please run for President in 2012. I will support you as if I was running myself.
33355 Alex Scharfetter do it 2012
33356 Todd Rusch If Ron doesn’t take the Presidential seat in 2012 I fear our only recourse is Revolution.
33357 Name not displayed Seriously. Do it.
33358 ricky peterson Ron Paul you have a message that the world needs to hear please do not consider letting it go unheard
33359 Name not displayed
33360 Javier Ruiz Dear Ron Paul,

We are behind you. Please run for the presidency again. I will do my best to get the word out and contribute to your campaign.
33361 Name not displayed
33362 Lisa Ciarimboli Anything else I can do, hand out flyers, hang up posters, whatever, I’m there for you. We need you to stand up in the face of corruption. &<3
33363 jake M RUN RON RUN
33364 Name not displayed Go get ‘em, Dr. Paul!
33365 Name not displayed Please Ron Paul, we need you! America must be restored to FREEDOM!
33366 Robert L. Frogue we voted for "Change" in 2008….again in 2012!
33367 craig bageant You should run with Jesse Ventura together you guys will be unstoppable
33368 Name not displayed
33369 John Lochte Dr. Paul, you are our only hope, but only if you’re on the Republican ticket. That way you can debate the idiots that are just as big of a problem as the Dems.
33370 Albert Ascencio Ron Paul for President!!!!!!!1
33371 Rick I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. Ron Paul is the only candidate that can bring this country back to a republic and bring back the importance and use of the constitution. I will not vote for another election unless Ron Paul is running for President. There is no need. Ron Paul for President in 2012
33372 Name not displayed
33373 Name not displayed I voted for Obama in 2008, hoping he would begin to get us out these wars and stop the corporatist policies the nation is embracing. I have been very disappointed. There is no one out there but you who can begin to get this done. Please run.
33374 Curtis Crandall Down with the Reserve!
33375 Steven Kosciusko Mr. Paul, if Obama is elected we’ll have a member of the Bilderberg Group in his second term, which would strip the American voters of the only reason Obama has to care about what they think: their votes. In his second term, he will have no reason to care about public opinion, but the alternatives in the Republican party such as Mitt Romney or Donald Trump (god, forbid) are certainly worse. In an age where waging war without Congressional approval is acceptable, all major news organizations have become spreaders of propaganda, and ignorance of the real nature of our country’s actions has never been so wide spread, we need a new kind of President. We need a humanitarian president. You have a unique perspective on what this country needs that is so fundamental, necessary, and unknown by any other candidate I have yet to discover. The belief that war is possibly beneficial for our economy must die. Our prison system must be reformed so over half our prisoners aren’t non-violent, parole/probation is used more often, and actual behavioral or cognitive therapy should be implemented if they are to remain being called "correctional" facilities. In addition, marijuana should be legalized strictly for the economical benefits we desperately need. Grow houses, cannabis coffee shops, and pharmacies are a few examples of industries that would stimulate our economy and create jobs. These are obviously just small things that are part of a big picture, but I feel as if its the principle of the mindset that goes along with them. Mr. Paul, I truly feel as if your our country’s last hope. If you truly care about it, you must put forth your best efforts to attempt to eliminate all the aspects of plutocracy that make our capitalistic society go round and round and help the American people revolutionize our democracy.
33376 Name not displayed Please run. You are the only salvation for this country in its current state.
33377 Bill Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate for the next President of the United States. The reason I say that is because if he is not the next president, im am convinced that we are all doomed.
33378 Joseph P. McGraw Finally a sensible candidate for president! Maybe with you at the helm we can survive as a nation!
33379 Timothy Allan Azbill
33380 Peter Smith
33381 Debbie Sober America needs you!
33382 Name not displayed I would like to find out about helping campaign for you in the STL MO area.
33383 julian Libysen
33385 Mike DiMaggio Less Government, Less Waste, Less Problems!
33386 Name not displayed Please save us from the one-party / two-faction system in America. We must elect Ron Paul to help stand for freedom and liberty.
33387 Chris Eastman Libertarians for Ron Paul!
33388 Marcial Cruz I believe in you now more than ever. You tell the truths and the people around me need to wake up. I’m going to use Facebook to spread your word! Thank you for being persistent and diligent. The time is now.
33389 David Pascoe
33390 Scott Fischer if people from all over the world are, literally, begging you to run Sir please imagine how all of us at home feel !! America implores you to run for the office of President Sir.
33391 Kimberly Tricamo Please run for President of the United States of America in 2012. This is true, we need you now more then EVER. I know you won’t disappoint us.
33392 lindsay jach
33393 Michael Inskeep Thanks Mr. Paul, I look forward to your future leadership.
33394 Heather Tucker
33395 Myra Please tell me how I can get the movement started here in Georgia.
33396 Jason M. Adams
33397 William J Huffman To Whom it may concern,

As an American, I’m truly disgusted, I am a 28 year old father of 2 children and unemployed, i can barely put a well balanced meal on the table for my children and have been forced to skip eating meals myself so they will not go with out, in this econimic crisis caused by corrupted elected officials i have been forced to engage in illegal activiaty to help bring in some kind of income to help support my family (growing marijuana). In these troubled times, I believe Dr. Ron Paul is the only hope we Americans have to salvage this country back to its once proud greatness, we are the people, and Ron Paul is our voice, let us be heard. Thank you
33398 Brandon run Paul run
33399 Dan Miller ticket should be Paul / Paul … one for pres. other for vp.
33400 Cass Fuller
33401 Steven Tuzicka We the people demand that our inalienable rights remain so.
33402 Name not displayed Run Ron Run!
33404 Jon Ross
33405 Matt Renfrow Dr. Paul -

I am a conservative and your talks that I have seen on YouTube have won me over. Please run! -

33406 Sheila Martin I made a terrible mistake last time and did not support Ron. I actually believed Obama! I am sorry! It will never happen again! I am for Ron, 100%. He IS our only hope!
33407 Elizabeth Davis
33408 Jon B Please run! Please educate! Please fix this country! We need a leader for the people!
33409 Name not displayed America NEEDS you!!! If I wanted to live in Canada, or Europe and live under a moderate to extreme socialist ideal, I could and would… but I DON’T. Special interest lobby groups like the American Cancer Society, drug companies et al. scamming billions in taxfree profits pushing their agendas; how’s that for a place to start. America NEEDS you NOW!!
33410 mark cluckie
33411 Martin I am from Czech Republic, but please run and fight for liberty.
33412 Name not displayed As a mother of a 4 year old son, I am terrified on what the future holds for him. I watch as this country continues to go downhill and how our government betrays the American people over and over again. We need you, our children need you. Please run, this country needs a wake up call before it’s too late.
33413 Robert Hutcheson Can not send money at this time but would like to participate in a bid for your election as president.
33414 Name not displayed
33415 David Britt !
33416 Brandon Roush Dr. Paul - YOU are the change I can believe in!
33417 Trisha O’Leary
33418 Name not displayed If we cannot keep obama out of the White House for the next election - we are finished as an economic power in this world, this is a fact!
33419 Alex Alcocer
33420 Esther Campos Ron Paul,run! Run, Ron Paul! Ron Paul for President 2012. The people need you because we need a government of the peoble, by the people, for the people. Ron Paul, run! Thank you
33421 Name not displayed I know it’s difficault to get your name out there but if more people would here your name and read up on you I think you could do great things! Good Luck and I look forward to giving you my vote in the Primaries :)
33422 Alex Alcocer I am neither Republican nor Democrat. I am an American who loves his country and wants to elect someone who feels the same way.
33423 James J. Pastirak
33424 william hoover life,liberty,and the pursuit of happiness
33425 Khan World needs you!
33426 Christopher Pipkin Ron Paul is more honest than any other politition in Congress right now. We need leadership like him, not just in Congress, but also in the White House. Why not put Ron Paul in the President seat.
33427 Name not displayed
33428 Name not displayed get rid of barry, and let our votes be heard for once and dont let the elite place our president in office ever again..
33429 Anthony Pantelione Rock on man.
33430 Jen
33431 Name not displayed Mr. Paul, Please do what you can to make a run for President in 2012. The American people need to hear your messages on foreign policy and monetary policy. If your message is spread enough, eventually it will sink in and maybe my children and grandchildren will have a better America they can be proud of.
33432 Tony Larimer
33433 James Kehoe Dr. Paul, you’re our only hope!
33434 gabriel ferrara
33435 Nicholas Oliveri
33436 Catherine Prigge the real hope. the real change.
33437 Robert Marshall Please re-legalize industrial hemp it will save America and the world. I’m live on a hemp vegan diet, I should be able to grow what I EAT. We can buy it but can’t grow it, is criminal. This should be our top agenda, it solves all the other problems. We should have listen to our forefathers, then we wouldn’t be in this mess.
33438 David Pace The only United States Statesmen with integrity that believes in Liberty and Freedom
33439 J. Eisner
33440 Name not displayed We need you. The time is now.
33442 Edward de la Vega
33443 Sthefanie Welch Please save us from this corruption!!!
33444 Randy L. Shipley
33445 Name not displayed Dr. Paul. You have the support of the people of michigan. Everywhere I go recently I am seeing Ron Paul bumper stickers and shirts. Holly MI. says run ron run.
33446 Luke Heimlich Dr. Paul, please run for the sake of this corrupted institution formerly known as United States of America!
33447 Matt Boucher Dr. Paul, you are the most honest and straightforward politician I’ve ever seen. You are not afraid to address core issues and educate people on the truth. We need you now more than ever and the American public is ready to address our core issues, but we can only do this with your leadership. Please run for the Presidency.
33448 Jane
33449 Name not displayed Im really hoping Ron Paul runs its our only hope now i mean come on donald trump the world is crazy
33450 michael driver Ron: Stop this runaway train!
33451 William Cole
33452 Matt Soper For the lovers of true liberty!
33453 Name not displayed I am a Special Education Teacher with 17 year experience. I would love to seean overhaul of our Education System. Bring the power back to the local people and disolve NCLB
33454 Joanthan Kupkowski
33455 Donna Harvey After my study of the constitution, I believe that you have a good eyesite on what is happening.
33456 William Collignon
33457 Karl Brautigam I have not participated in election before. Now I will not only vote, I stand ready to volunteer for your campaign effort. Please run sir.
33458 Travis Scott Gosselin
33459 Victor Elia Please Save "US" Governor Paul !
33460 Name not displayed Dr. Paul, I have never worked for or donated to a campaign before. I stand ready to do what I can to help you. America needs your leadership. Americans need your message.
33461 Jamison Ashby We need economic Freedom. Paul Ryan for VP.
33462 Justin We need you!
33463 matt
33464 Charles Cole Help!
33465 Jakub Mikulasek
33466 Joseph T Tronoski Behind You 100%. Will have to change my affiliation from independent to Republican.
33467 Name not displayed
33468 Bernard
33469 Max Sander You The Man RON!!!
33470 kallahan kelly
33471 Randy Bent We need change. REALLY this time…
33472 Scott Hayes
33473 Kayla Please run, if someone smart like you doesn’t get elected, the US is going to continue going down the toilet. We need the things you are after, freedom of choice, the financial issues you talk about, etc. otherwise there isn’t any hope, and I’m sure Americans will end up Revolting. Things would turn ugly, don’t let that happen. You are the first sensible possible president that I have ever seen. I don’t want to see another terrible president enter office again.
33474 Theresa Shier
33475 douglas guiles
33476 Will Crutchfield You’re seriously one of the few people who I can enjoy listening to discuss political issues, I understand what’s being said because your goal is to educate, you actually seek real solutions instead of attempting to mask the symptoms of problems, and while practicing professionalism and courtesy are not afraid to call to question or point out who/ what is the way it is. It’s been a long time since we’ve managed to return the office of the Presidency to a reputation of true integrity, and true conscious leadership.
33477 Robert Richards III
33478 Michael Fischer We need you help Dr. Paul!!
33479 Name not displayed
33480 David Vanover American needs a common sense leader
33481 Name not displayed Kick Obama’s ass!
33482 Exiquio Cooper-Anderson
33483 Name not displayed
33484 Eric Monson Dr. Paul please run so that us in college will have some hope of a stable country when we graduate.
33485 Name not displayed
33486 Name not displayed This is a great post !
33487 Name not displayed
33488 Lea Lachowicz
33489 Name not displayed
33490 Name not displayed There have been times in history when the right person was in place to make the American people unite. We are at that opportune time to do the right thing again for America.
33491 Peter Crowell Please run for president. We need a swift sure hand to get this mess figured out. I switched parties to vote for you in the primary last time. I’ll do that again.

Please run. My 2 year old son and his unborn sibling both need you.
33492 Brian K Sir, I will vote for you with my life, you are the change we need in the world today for this nation. We need more brave and truthful people in the world like you. RON PAUL 2012 !
33493 joe benzi mr paul america needs you
33494 Ashton Miah RUN PLEASE!
33495 Maggie Brown
33496 Regina Hanson
33497 Name not displayed
33498 Name not displayed
33499 Name not displayed We need your strong leadership and ability to get the truth out so we regain our country.
33500 Robin Henricsson Greetings from Sweden! I truly hope that Dr Paul decides to run in 2012. He is such an inspiration and I agree with pretty much everything I’ve heard him say. You have all my best wishes!
33501 Gary Dorow
33502 Jose A. Preez Dr. Ron Paul, He is like "The voice of one crying in the wilderness" Mt. 3:3 partial passage. We really need to listen to him and get back to our "Constitution" and "Bill of Rights" I thought I fought for this country to keep it free; today I really want to accomplish that for my family. Let’s get him in office and Legalize Freedom again.

Thank you
33503 billy bruns
33504 sharon yeh
33505 Name not displayed Please run, we must not give up hope!
33506 Taylor ross Ron Paul is the only politician who states his true beliefs despite the impact they may have on his parties overall views. We all need a man as honest and intelligent as Mr. PAul in office!
33507 ronald berry jr please runm you are the only sanity visible in the murky swamp
33508 Wm Milton Malone
33509 Ross Bird
33510 william hawkins
33511 Jason Mahakian
33512 Greg holloway
33513 Name not displayed I’ve been doing research and so far your the best candidate who is for the people. Will you help us out of the mess we’re in?
33514 Ellen Roche
33515 Name not displayed Dr. Paul,

There is much that is crippling this great nation. I hope that America will see you as a viable option and I look forward to supporting you if you elect to be elected! Thanks for all you’ve already done.
33516 Name not displayed
33517 Rita Jewett We need you. I hope I can work for your campaign this time.
33518 Name not displayed
33519 Andreas I am not from USA, but I followed your campaign 2008 and there MUST be someone who stopps the war AND who will stop that gangsters printing money and will stop participating only 10% of people in that economic system.
33520 Nathan Sutorius please save us.
33521 Jonathan Crank
33522 Nicholas Jozsa
33523 Wilkins Dipre Thank you.
33524 Barry Lynn Schriefer
33525 Name not displayed I would love for you to run again, if not, PLEASE endorse somebody! Our country needs you, NOW. You should run; even if the chances of winning are slim. Just educate these stupid politicians
33526 Nathan Murphy Mr. Paul…I emplore you to run for President in 2012 as an Independant with Mr. Ventura as your VP. I appreciate, and agree with many of your views and feel you are the guy to shake up the ultrapolitical environment that we find ourselves in.


Nathan Murphy
33527 Jason Anderson please!
33528 Name not displayed
33529 James Davis PLEASE RUN!! We need sanity and a strong voice for our country! I love my country but our current leaders are handing it to teh dogs for their own gain.

33530 Name not displayed Please run, the world needs you. Best wishes from Norway.
33531 Richie Reece
33532 Joseph Bujniewicz United States Army Veteran - 100% in support of Ron Paul running for President of the United States of America.
33533 Jeremy Morrison We need a leader who will inspire the nation to return to basic humanity and work to restore our liberty to where we were prior to 1913 and keep our spirit of freedom safe from those who have enslaved our nation in debit, you are our hope, god bless americia’s future again.
33534 Name not displayed
33535 Name not displayed U can do it Ron Paul.
33536 Jon Churchill End the Fed
33538 Mike Lauer
33539 Damien Rodriguez You have my vote and i will be supporting your campaign by educating people in Delaware of your causes. Go Ron Paul!
33540 Lisa Marie Cox Dr. Paul please save our country and enlighten people to the truthand what is right and fair. Please bring this country back to sanity!
33541 Michael Croasdale Obama said that he ran for change but what we really need to change is Obama vote Ron Paul!!
33542 James Thank you, Dr. Paul for all that youve done to restore and educate the republic!
33543 Jasmine Best of luck!
33544 Name not displayed I wold love to see you run… and WIN.
33545 Nathan Fausett
33546 Diego M. Morales Ron, as the most powerful man on earth, comes a huge responsibility. Don’t let greed poison your heart and mind. Run this country for the people, not for the politicians.
33547 Nick Varrone i hope to God he wins
33548 Aaron Williams gov. christie would make a fine running mate!
33549 Sean T Braun
33550 Ross Peterson RON PAUL 2012… PERIOD
33551 Tomás Costa Though not an American citizen, I’ve been following your political progress, your opinions and your interventions throughout the last few years. You are the best antidote for the plethora of ills that the United States currently displays. It would do good for both your country and the world to audit the Federal Reserve, to halt unnecessary and bureaucratic government spending, to retire America from its old Cold War role of world policeman, and to once again show that it can be the land of limited government and personal responsibility that attracted millions to its shores in the 19th century. This is a dream shared by millions, and you’re its man of the hour. The situation is as crucial and as ideal as it’s ever been: grab the chance!
33552 Ryan Miller
33553 Jennifer Anthony
33554 Randylee VanDerwarker We the people of the United States seek real CHANGE! Ron Paul 2012
33555 Kelly Trumbower Dr.Paul, this country needs a miracle that only someone with your integrity, wisdom, & experience can deliver. God bless you.
33556 Name not displayed Please run for president and save this country!
33557 Jordan Kelser Ron Paul 2012!
33558 John Ellzey MR Paul we need you
33559 Name not displayed
33560 Name not displayed
33561 Stephanie
33562 Steve Rietbergen Ron Paul is one of the few politicians who understand the issues and during the 2008 election he was the only candidate telling us of the coming financial disaster. We need an independent president who is not in the pocket of Wall Street like all the other previous presidents.
33563 Shawn Breshears You can count on me!
33564 Matison Keeney I really appreciate everything you stand for, Ron Paul. You are what it takes for this country to turn around. You speak of truth and shed light on what is dark and behind closed curtains. The American people need you!
33565 Felicia
33566 Billy Fulcher I was with you last time and I’ll be with you again. I’ll even help on the campaign in any way I can. I already had bumper stickers made up for 2012 in 2009…
33567 caralyn dale mcauley ron paul you must run because america has to be held accountable for having a real honest wise christian constitutionalist to vote in.
33568 Name not displayed If the american people open their eyes to what is really going on within our Government it will be a no-brainier that Ron Paul should run in 2012.
33569 Name not displayed Ron Paul, thank you for being intellectually honest!! You really do help America and thank you
33570 Ken McCoy Your support of the constitution and sound fiscal policies is unique and necessary. You can lead us back to sanity and freedom like no other.
33571 Wayne D’Angelo
33572 Name not displayed Thank you for your service to our nation, and I feel our country needs you now more than ever.
33573 Name not displayed 2012!!!
33574 Name not displayed Please run, and we will support you whole-heartedly.
33575 Cynthia Whitlatch
33576 Samuel Rose Go Ron Paul
33577 Michael DiGregorio You are the only chance we have of saving the Republic. I also understand it’s a rigged game. Our prayers are with you.
33578 Name not displayed I hope you run for president and set this country back on course. Thanks
33579 Jackie B Ron Paul can save America
33580 Kristin Reagan Our country needs you. God has a plan for each of us and if this is your calling dont miss the voice. Blessings.
33581 Tom Hayes Rep Paul, I supported your first run with my time and money and remain at the ready to do the same two fold. This nation needs a prinicpled leader. Consider Jesse Ventura and a run as an independent if you can get into the debates. The debates are where you can win. Inflation is hitting the people at the grocery store and the gas pump. The ability to export inflation is over. This is your time, this is time for a return to liberty!
33582 leslie garza stag
33583 marpessa
33584 Jake Brauer
33585 orlando cabrera America needs you.
33586 Daniel Eastman
33587 Nick twyman RUNNN!!!! YOU HAVE TO!!!!
33588 Alexander McKelvey " I do not agree with all of your stances, but this is not about me….it is about our counrty.
33589 Bruce Hartdegen Liberty for all, entangling alliances with none.
33590 Bennet George
33591 erin mitchell
33592 Katherine R
33593 Name not displayed We need a new leader that would lead this country to Liberty and less government control over the people.
33594 End the WAR on Drugs. Not because it is cool, but because what the government is doing now is not working.
33595 Name not displayed Yur The Only REAL Chnage
33596 Linday Johnsey
33597 Name not displayed
33598 Rick Gardner Real Hope and Real Change, …. Run, Ron, Run
33599 Name not displayed
33600 Name not displayed He is the only politician that I can actually relate to and believe in. His honesty won my vote.
33601 Nicholas Cahall Good Luck Sir.
33602 Name not displayed We need you
33603 Clint Austin Ron Paul + Jesse Ventura = Freedom
33604 Dustin Diamond Ron needs to run because America needs someone who is honest and sees the bigger picture.
33605 Name not displayed . I think that if you run as a republican you will not get nominated by the party so you have a better chance of winning if you run as an independent. I think it would be good for this nation if Jesse Ventura ran as your vice president which would only happen if you run as an independent.
33606 Scott Bufis
33607 David Green Let’s let sound fiscal policy help restore our nation.
33608 Harry B. Scheeler, Jr.
33609 Name not displayed I’ve research you for awhile Dr. Ron Paul and I see that you been fighting to get the message out more than a decade ago and warn the issue with spending and how the dollar is losing its value. Now that time is here and Inflation is here… We the American People needs you… Thank You. RON PAUL FOR 2012
33610 Name not displayed I am unable to publically endorse Ron Paul for fear of being added to a terrorist list by the totalitarian cowards that "occupy" positions in this nation’s government today. And it is precisely this reason which compels me to endorse Ron Paul !
33611 Name not displayed Obama has been a huge blunder, which somehow surprise folks. Republicans don’t have a candidate worth a damn. Ron Paul makes some friggin sense!
33612 michael van etten
33613 Daniel Linnen freedom
33614 Name not displayed You are a truly great man, and would make an excellent president. Never before have i had such faith in a politician.
33615 Brian Bufka
33616 Ben Dugdale Dr. Paul, Thank you for your many years of faithful service! How I wish you held a higher office!
33617 joshua p. ebbert
33619 Name not displayed Ventura, Napalitano or Kucinich. Run as libertarians, independents or constitutionalists.
33620 Paul B It’s time for a true patriot to take D.C’s top job. Run on the Independent ticket, so u can get Jesse Ventura as a running mate.
33621 Name not displayed
33622 Caroline E. Hoffman I’m sorry I didn’t write you in for the elections in 2008.
33623 Randy Moore This country can not afford to continue down the path we are on. We need true and honest leadership to survive.
33624 Name not displayed
33625 Nadine Merrill
33626 Name not displayed bring back America!!!
33627 Robert Cline Ron Paul for real change, not just empty campaign promises. END THE WARS!
33628 Name not displayed
33629 Larru P Gagauz We need to get the real United States back from the Devil!
33630 Amber Preslicka
33631 Vince Matocha
33632 Lisa M Kirk Thank you for taking a chance with what you do! I think if we can vote you in (assuming you will run), America will be saved! If we can just get enough people to wise up and quit listening to Bill O’Reilly and others like him who control the media. I really hope you run for the American people, for our country, Liberties, and Aaron Russo! =D
33633 Dustin Klang Dr. Paul has done this nation a great service in spreading the ideas of peace, liberty and the free market; His name was esoteric in 06 but by 08 it was alive and well in many households in this nation. Imagine what another run could do for the cause of liberty: Elected or not, a Ron Paul presidential run would be a win.
33634 David Alvarez Please bring all our brothers and sisters home from unnecessary wars. You are our only hope! Please run! Ron Paul 2012! rEVOLution!
33635 Kailon Shrum
33636 Maria Norbeck We need you sir, please announce your intention so we can get busy. Thanks!
33637 Cary Ann Burton Run Ron!
33638 Georg Retzlaff For peace, modesty, and self-sufficiency; for an America in harmony with nature, the international community, and itself!
33639 Jake West
33640 terri neideffer
33641 Name not displayed You, your worldview, and your politics give me REAL hope.
33642 Jake West We need you now more than ever, Dr. Paul!
33643 Name not displayed
33644 John Baldassarra
33645 Ryan Stauffer
33646 Rendall Moore IT’S TIME
33647 Aimee Blom I will continue to vote and support Ron Paul and what he and I believe in.
33648 Michael Cadigan Please Run, Thx
33649 Name not displayed
33650 Pascal Matheis
33651 david thompson I beleive that Ron Paul is the only uncorrupted man that can save America from certain disaster. I am a web developer and will soon post a website that will fully support him. I strongly back Ron Pauls initiative to Remove a corrupt federal resrever from power. If Americans hope to stop the banking oligopolys from controlling us, we must elect Ron Paul.
33652 William Collins You HAVE to run Dr. Paul. I’d even suggest Kucinich as a possible running mate so that you’d assume as many votes as possible from BOTH parties!
33653 Name not displayed
33654 ALLISON Our government is broken, we were wrong. You told us so in 2008 and we are all very sorry that we didn’t listen. We are Ready to now though, Please for the love of God be our president.
33655 Bryce Steinhoff
33656 Helene Jnane
33657 Name not displayed you already have my vote. peace and pot.
33658 Javier A. Nunez Let’s Do This! Ron Paul 2012! America’s Last Stand!
33659 Jay Smith
33660 Name not displayed This soldier supports you!
33661 Monroe Brooks I want elected officials that are both honest and educated. I know Ron Paul can deliver.
33662 Lewis Taylor I will be voting for you!!
33663 Brianna Eaton
33664 Alexander B. Parks "Hope WE THE PEOPLE get the good news soon that you will run in the 2012 election. You have my vote! It’s time to END THE FED, destroy the globalist and their agenda for a New World Order. The time is NOW let’s do this. This is not about Right/Left, Republican/Democrat this is about our freedom and liberty for all colors, races, and religions in the US and around the world. God Bless.
33665 Name not displayed We need you!!
33666 Name not displayed I use to think the U.S. was a free country with a limited government that doesn’t intrude on it’s citizens, however, as I get older I have come to realize that just isn’t the case. And it seems to be getting worse. Spending is out of control, as is bureaucracy and taxes!! America needs Ron Paul!!!
33667 Harold berkstresser The only sense in the 2008 debates came from RP
33668 Tim Cayer I would like to volunteer my time to your campaign in Maine.
33669 Name not displayed
33670 Phil Thomas You speak the truth in it’s most plain and simple form. Your clear understanding of the drivers behind our problems is what we need in our leadership. It’s very exciting to support someone who truthfully points out our problems and proposes logical solutions.
33671 J Skehan I look forward to casting my vote for you as President.
33672 David Saltijeral Ron Paul has my vote, because we need change for the better. The solutions are obvious, however our government has put us into an irrational spiral that will be the end of us if left unchecked. We need to change that, and it starts with you Ron.
33674 Name not displayed Ron Paul has my vote
33675 james johnson Please run and pick up ventura as a running mate. I pledge my support if you a run I will do all I can to help.
33676 Herbert Cueno
33677 Name not displayed
33678 Rober Hager End the FED!
33679 Hassan Khan After Obama’s deception, I have little faith left in politics save for the Ron Paul Revolution.
33680 Jessica Carter The Corruption must end. Thank you for being straight foreward and clear!
33681 Name not displayed
33682 Name not displayed
33683 Milan Radosavljevic Im not American but i watch what is happening in USA for some time now, i think i know where this globalists heading.

Ron Paul i hope you become next president, and i believe that you will try to do the right thing for the people, also i know that globalists will try to stop you in any way, so plz be careful but hit them hard.

P.S. There are many people in goverment now who actually should be in prison, when you become president do make sure that they pay for their wrong doing.
33684 Tim Bosker Stability > growth, peace > war and one day hero’s will be > villains again also in the US. Respect and all the best wishes from the Netherlands.
33685 Name not displayed
33686 Omar Amin I’m neither Democrat nor Republican or Libertarian. I don’t concern my self with such titles. I just want what’s best for the country. And that is you Ron Paul. You have my support.
33687 Anthony Rubio We the people need you now more than ever!!!
33688 Name not displayed Mr. Paul, we need a leader who uses common sense. You’re the only person in Washington that I’ve ever seen do that. Please run for President in 2012. I’m tired of voting for the "lesser of two evils".
33689 Robert Anderson Ron Paul . . . . the ONLY TRUE candidate for ‘We The People’ ! ! ! !
33690 marc stowell please run, I’m sick of having to try and vote for the lesser of two evils.
33691 Jessica Flom Please run! Our people need you!
33692 Marcelo
33693 Name not displayed Ron Paul’s campaign slogan should be "NO BULL". Because that’s exactly what he offers-NO BULL!
33694 Name not displayed I would vote for Ron Paul!
33695 allen light Father/Son Ticket?

Washington: Spend What You’ve Got, like the rest of us! If it isn’t balanced, it’s not a budget.
33696 Dustin Victory Ive never voted in my life…now the time has come for i fear whats about to become of our great nation..we need a miracle, we need you mr. paul
33697 Name not displayed
33698 Vince Ferro
33699 Siim Rospu a little support from Estonia !
33700 Ray Run for president. America needs you.
33701 Toby Perez
33702 Dennis Farris
33703 Alec Harper Mr. Paul resonates with me. He has courage, a sensible intellect, and sees the issues very, very clearly. I am 51, have grown-up abroad (at times behind the Iron Curtain and the Middle East) and finally… I breathe a sigh of relief that at least one Congressman understands. I intend to support your cause in 2012, Sir. You will have unbelievable support from a growing population, one weary of the status quo.
33705 Jennie Sellers
33706 Name not displayed I’m not an American, so I can’t vote for Ron. I’ll still be supporting him though…the Federal Reserve is out of control and it’s time it started serving the people, and serving the world instead of destroying it.
33707 Tom J. Jackson I personally believe in Ron Paul, and want him to do well in the next election. I hope everyone that can donates to his campaign, he is such a good man. He is the right choice for America.
33708 Dennis Morgan
33709 Joseph Breyne PLEASE HELP US!
33710 Derek Please run
33711 Name not displayed I believe you are our best hope in 2012. Please run.

33713 Name not displayed You are our LAST Hope! Please Run!
33714 Brandon Schwartz Please save us!
33715 C H The time has come for the tide to turn. We cannot continue on the course of spending what we do not have and enslaving ourselves to the state. A leader is needed to support those who support themselves. To inspire others locked in the prison of dependency on the state to pick themselves out of the mire and live in the vibrant liberty our forefathers envisioned and fought for. Dr. Paul, please support us by running for President.
33716 Sagar Manda Please do.
33717 Name not displayed Educate Americans on the danger of the Federal Reserve Bank
33718 Brandon Beardsley
33719 Bryan Moulton "Good Luck!!!"
33720 Name not displayed Please run sir.
33721 Name not displayed I’m a professor at a community college and I’m sickened by where our country is currently. Please run and get rid of "big government"
33722 George Ramsay
33723 Andrew Osterhoudt Please run for president. We need less liars in politics.
33724 Zach Boewer Ron Paul is the man to take the country back, RP 2012
33725 alfred grigg
33726 Name not displayed We can do it!
33727 Jake Jaquith
33728 Name not displayed
33729 John Norris
33730 Name not displayed
33731 Gia Le If you’re not running, I’m not voting.
33732 Christian Malouf We need to restore the sanity and the constitution in the United States. Only with Ron Paul can we do so.
33733 Name not displayed
33734 David Miner
33735 Jason Lefebvre Please run Ron, we need you to stand up for us! You are the only one left who actually cares about america and our constitution! I have been telling my friends and family about you and they all want you to run as well! You are a real leader, and thank you for your service in congress as well.
33736 Scott Colbath Go Ron, go!
33737 Shawn M Morgan Ron Paul is the last hope for America, With the looming financial crisis and out of control spending we are a ticking time bomb . Ron Paul is the only candidate with the vision the dedication to make a REAL change.
33738 Name not displayed Please stop the insanity in our Country Gov. Paul,

I want you to be our next President
33739 jesse t
33740 Name not displayed i believe that you are the only one next to very few whom i feel in the history of the United States, that can respectfully and and genuinly and truthfully in retrospect have the capability to ballance teamwork and equal standing with citizens of this nation to stand together equally as one unit, and also be the leader of this nation that our country will be proud to support. I know alot of people have not gotten the point of where this country is heading because they have been spoiled into blindness, but with much work we who are awake to what we need to take back to have this great country working again just has to put in the effort for all freedoms in this world do not come without hard work, and i will work to keep my freedoms and my nation together united for liberty by communicating with others and giving them the information they need to see how we all need to care and stand for truth, justice, and the American Way.
33741 Diane Langella
33742 Name not displayed Ron Paul has my vote. I would also vote for him if Jesse Ventura was his running mate.
33743 Delana M Ash Exactly who we need to lift this country back up and rebuild financially. We need our rights back. I would love to see Ron Paul in the next Presidential election. I want to vote for someone I believe in not because they are a lesser evil than the other option.
33744 George Sacre Let’s end the fed and get this country back
33745 Gene Dodaro Support is growing in our GOP clubs. As a conserrvative talk-show host, I’d be delighted to interview you at the most effective time.
33746 Mary Brooke Weber You’d have my vote.
33747 Matt DeLora Your Our Only Hope! We NEED someone with a CONSCIENCE for once!
33748 Karen A. DeMayo I believe that you are the only one next to very few whom i feel in the history of the United States, that can respectfully and genuinely and truthfully in retrospect have the capability to balance teamwork and equal standing with citizens of this nation to stand together equally as one unit, and also be the leader of this nation that our country will be proud to support. I know a lot of people have not gotten the point of where this country is heading because they have been spoiled into blindness, but with much work we who are awake to what we need to take back to have this great country working again just has to put in the effort for all freedoms in this world do not come without hard work, and i will work to keep my freedoms and my nation together united for liberty by communicating with others and giving them the information they need to see how we all need to care and stand for truth, justice, and the American Way. We need a future for our children, we need a sencible man who will make sensible decisions, who cares for family, future, development, truth, and most importantly the freedoms and independancy under The Bill Of Rights and The Constitution that give all people the true principles to be self sufficient and hard working productive, family oriented, community building individuals that we were all born to humanly have granted to us under the providence of God. i want to thank you for all of what you and your son Rand Paul, Senator of Kentucky has done for this country, regardless of what others have done in the past to throw walls in your way. Both of you are loved and well respected, and I am only a single mother struggling to make ends meet only on my working wages which i am very proud to be a strong individual to have the freedoms i do to become the human being I have become today so that I can even have this opportunity to in this day and age of turmoils around the world to support one of the greatest spirited people of our time that i can not in this lifetime imagine anyone else more built for the job as our President of The United States.
33749 Gary Mccue Our country needs you, please Run!
33750 Corey Bolton Thank you for your honesty and strong will. Our voters should be honored to have you run for them! Thank you!
33751 Kent Emerick The United States needs your conservatism and strict Constitutionalism to recover.
33752 Name not displayed
33753 Daniel Arbitrary We need a good, strong, constitutional candidate out there in 2012. Ron Paul, please consider running for President.
33754 Cindy lefebvre Please run lets save our country
33755 Samuel Allen With all do respect sir: Get it done.
33756 William H. LeFils America needs to hear your message
33757 Bryan Dixon
33758 Tauseef Hisbani Please run and educate not just Americans but also the whole world. One of you well wisher from Pakistan
33759 Heather Rogers
33760 Name not displayed
33761 David ahnen Hopefully America opens her eyes this time Ron. We need a man like yourself at the helm!!!!!!!
33762 Sandra Martineau Dear Dr. Paul,

Please consider running for President of the United States of America. We need you and your sensible approach to bring some much needed sanity to Washington. We need YOU! We are so incredibly far in debt, nothing is being done about the ‘Afghanistan’ on our southern border and unemployment is better? Really? Not where I live! Please, please consider becoming our President.
33763 April Unangst
33764 Brett Emerson Weiss
33765 Name not displayed
33766 Name not displayed
33767 will endorse Ron Paul for President as soon as he becomes an official candidate.
33768 ryan h We need you and we need for the rest of america to be woke up. There’s an invisible force that needs to be exposed.
33769 Gerardo Genaro Cerecedes Jr. we need you Dr.Paul. The koolaids in our water.
33770 Nick Decide already it makes you look bad holding out waiting.
33771 Larry Bavry Run Paul, run. You are the only candidate who can save the country from the ruin of hyperinflation.
33772 carissa scarbrough We desperately need a change and I believe you are the right person to help us make that change.
33773 Name not displayed
33774 Name not displayed
33775 sarah vazquez
33776 Name not displayed
33777 Ralph Hagarman
33778 Name not displayed It’s time
33779 Daniel A. Moffitt Sir, you have been an intelligent voice in a cesspool of corruption for a very long time. For years, I have tried to keep well informed of our nation’s politics and the problems that we face. The situation has become worse every single year. I am 28 now. During the first election in which I was able to cast my vote (2000), I chose Gore. I thought he most closely matched the political ideology for that time period in my life. In 2004, I chose Kerry. This was mainly because of my disagreement with a plethora of policy decisions made by the Bush administration. Since that time, my own political philosophies have matured to the extent that I see a very toxic environment in Washington, D.C. In 2008, I didn’t even vote. I saw no point. Both sides would usher in policies that would only serve as a means to a similar goal. I see tent cities getting larger and no real change being promulgated to the vast majority of the population. I see citizens speaking up in Wisconsin and many other states while few politicians in Washington, D.C. are running to help. I see countries in the E.U. in debt to the same banks that have forced our own people into homelessness. I have nearly lost all hope that our system even works. We need intellectual debate to confront the issues that we face. We need honest Americans that are willing to stand up and not be silenced by the mess media during elections. We need the people, as a whole, to stand up and realize that they DO still have the power to change this country’s future for the better. So, now I ask you: Will you, please, run for President? I have no reason to vote in this toxic environment unless I have a candidate who is presenting ideas for change that actually step away from the status quo which has crippled our political system for decades. Can you give me someone to vote for again?
33780 Brian
33781 Name not displayed
33782 stevens magloire
33783 Nixon Vicci
33784 Rick Oats
33785 christina
33786 Name not displayed
33787 Michael Sergi We need our Country back - Your Constitutional philosophy is the only way!
33788 Pete Ekstam I voted for Obama in 2012. I would STRONGLY consider switching to Republican if you ran. You’re the only sane republican that doesn’t appear to have his pockets and agenda lined with outside cash. I would LOVE to see Obama vs. Paul in 2012. I would then actually have to choose between two strong candidates.
33789 Jaime D You have my vote already!
33790 Name not displayed Please run in 2012. We need you more than ever. I’ll do all that I can to help.
33791 Name not displayed
33792 Name not displayed We need a politician in office looking out for the people’s rights, not the government’s.
33793 Ian Johnson
33794 Erica Rodriguez America needs a man like you!
33795 Damon Hill I am 33 years old, married, with a 2 year old daughter. I have never contributed to a politician’s campaign. I work hard for my money and am tired of those unwilling to work as hard as I am complaining that they deserve more than they have. Our government has grown like a virus, spreading and consuming this nation’s tax dollars exponentially. At the same time this government regulates more and more of our lives instead of leaving power in the hands of the people, and the leaving the states to govern their people.

Mr. Paul, I pray that you run for President of the United States of America in 2012. As tight as finances are for my family at the moment, I give you my word that I will contribute to your campaign in whatever manner I can. I will spread your message to friends and others in my community. And I assure you that I am not alone in my support or dedication. There is a rising surge of Americans that refuse to accept the usual smoke and mirrors and demand true leadership and change. I had all but given up on government until I heard your words at CPAC 2011. You sparked a fire that I thought had been extinguished. Many of my more progressive friends who I typically butt heads with have discussed voting for you. You are a unifying force in an otherwise bipartisan political world. On behalf of America, I urge you to announce your entry into the 2012 Presidential race.
33796 Brandon Creps I need to know there will be at least ONE candidate that I can vote for in good conscience.
33797 Kenneth E. Groner
33798 tomsyco
33799 Walter Acevedo We need a real leader
33800 Robert West Ron Paul, PLEASE HELP US!
33801 William Davis
33802 Evan Johanson Dr. Paul you have cured my Political Apathy!
33803 Thomas Hernandez
33804 Alyssa Brumbaugh We definitely need a president like you for once in our history books.
33805 Mark Mallett I am willing to help in the Seattle area if I may be of service to Mr. Paul. We are in the moment of our nations history where if we choose to do nothing, we are doomed to be run by the corporate elite and bankers for a very long time. I do not wish this for my children or theirs.

Thank you
33806 William T. Gardner I hope you run. I think it would be good for the country.
33807 Christian Fiveash RON PAUL 2012! we need someone to put our government in the right direction. ron paul can do it!!!!
33808 Steve Anderson Ron, With you, we have hopes of being nearly as free as some other nations around the world. The hard working Ustatsians have been been trampled on by the corporate government long enough. Paul/ Ventura 2012!!
33809 Name not displayed
33810 Name not displayed
33811 Mr. & Mrs. Emanuel Medeirso If God be for us, who can be against us? Rom 8:31

We give from what we have been given. You have been given much, we pray for your strength to enlarge.
33812 Name not displayed
33813 Name not displayed please run future President Ron Paul!!!
33814 Danny
33815 Name not displayed Please run for president, not just for Americas sake but for the sake of the entire world.

Even your election campaign would bring more media attention to your ideas and resolutions for the current situation.
33816 Deb Armstrong I’ve voted for Ron Paul every time I had a chance for several years now!
33817 Tommy Fothergill Dr. Paul, please run for president in 2012. The United States and her people NEED you now more than ever.
33818 Taylor Mignault The People need a leader again. Audit, and expose the monetary takeover of America by Special Interests. Uphold the Constitution. Everyone out here is ready for a government FOR AND BY the People.
33819 Name not displayed We need a leader like you. Please consider running.
33820 Charlton Ward Ron Paul!
33821 Michael Stafford
33822 Alissa Phillips Good luck to you in your political endeavors…which hopefully include a presidential running in 2012!
33823 johnny Ron Paul is not a yes man…… We need a solid person.
33824 Riley Miner RON PAUL!!!!
33825 Steve Morrow
33826 ed estes
33827 Alexander Locke I can’t think of a better man to sit in that office to represent the ideals of true liberalism. Liberalism that defends social freedoms and economic freedoms alike. Run for President of the United States Dr. Paul!
33828 Bonnie Baker "We the People" need you Ron Paul!
33829 Colleen Sullivan Down with the NWO global enslavement of the world. Ron Paul will fight for our freedom!!! We will not be deceived anymore under the 2 party dictatorship.
33830 Scott Malone Please don’t give up on the American people Mr Paul.
33831 Name not displayed
33832 Kevin McKinnon
33833 Kelly Lewis Your time has finally come, and it is time to end the Fed!!
33834 Name not displayed
33835 Cameron ater Supporting you from your Congressional district, Danbury TX
33836 Dana humphries Please run you are all we have to save the U.S.A.true patriot.
33837 Michael Holbrook Help us save our country Dr.Paul. America needs you , My children need you. All I am is Me and all I want is to be FREE!!!!!!!!!
33838 Name not displayed Go Ron Paul
33839 Monica Sherwood
33840 Robert Higgins
33841 Greg Hill is my homepage. Ron Paul gives me tears of joy.
33842 Name not displayed
33843 Robbie Ennis Please Dr. Paul. We need you.
33844 nick ron paul 2012!!!!!!! please stay true!!!!!
33845 Justin Foulk You rock Ron Paul. I hope you decide to run and with Jesse Ventura on your side. You two could fix America!!
33846 chelsea buffington
33847 Julie Smith
33848 kory walker Our only hope! Run to win!
33849 Slater Bass
33850 George I believe you can save our country and the future of our unborn american brothers.
33851 Lindsey Shoemake
33852 Lisa Downer
33853 Bodhi Downer
33854 Name not displayed Finally someone I am proud to vote for!
33855 Justin Dalrymple
33856 Erik Kursetgjerde We want you to run!
33857 Name not displayed please run!!!!!!!!
33858 dan get em ron
33859 Name not displayed Congressman Paul,

I hope that you will make a bid and I look forward to being actively involved in your election team here in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

In Liberty,

33860 Blake Morris
33861 James Byers Dear Dr. Paul,

Your economic and social ideas are exactly what this country needs right now. Not since Jackson defeated the National Bank have we had a candidate that is so knowledgeable on in interrelatedness of economics and personal liberty. You MUST run in 2012 and with the grassroots support you can generate I believe we would have a chance to see real and meaningful change come from Washington.
33862 Name not displayed Paging Dr. Paul.. Paging Dr. Paul.. You’re needed in the oval office.. America has slipped into a coma.
33863 Kimberly Baugh
33864 Mat Please run!
33865 Name not displayed
33866 Name not displayed have faith that people will wake up and make the right choice

we need to go to the popular vote winner in elections

we need You, Sir.
33867 Stefan Bust Cut Gov. Remember the Founding Father always
33868 Alexander A. Poderys Dr.Paul is the only candidate who does what he says and says what he means. He is one of the few politicians left in this country who have not sold their souls to special interests and exemplifies what a good leader should be.
33869 Name not displayed
33870 Name not displayed Mr.Paul please seriously consider running, you are our only hope as a country and we can’t do it without you!
33871 Melissa Falkner Dr. Paul me and thousands of people would love for you to run for president…me and all of America NEED you to run for president.
33872 athena hollis
33873 Ben Click If you don’t run, then I pray that Rand Paul will.
33874 Nicholas D Garza
33875 Name not displayed
33876 Anthony Peltier In 2012, At 20 years of age my first ever presidential vote will be for you.
33877 Ryan Chiasson
33878 carl stjohn i vote for ron paul all the way
33879 shane ryan
33880 Aaron Soule Go Paul in 2012! Fix this country, we know you can!
33881 Oscar
33882 Patrick O’Hern
33883 Gabriel Christensen You got this my dude !
33884 Evan Schmeits do not send me emails
33885 Nick Cesarz Let’s go Ron Paul 2012!!!
33886 Scott Montgomery
33887 Chris Fontes American’s need to be educated on how this country is SUPPOSED to be ran!
33888 Rachelle Chandler
33889 Rodger vibert We need to take back our country.
33890 Name not displayed
33891 Eugene Dodaro III Please run and preserve the freedoms I and other vets fought dearly for.
33892 megan orme
33893 Zach Go Ron!
33894 Dmitriy Dr.Paul please run !!!
33895 Giovan Montanaro Go RP!!!!!
33896 James Blankenship PLEASE Ron, we need you.
33897 Jennifer Core
33898 Gary A. Robinson
33899 Derek Knittle
33900 Katherine Dye
33901 Andy Gray Please run! America seriously needs someone like you!
33902 Hayden Merkle
33903 Christopher Centanni PLEASE!!!
33904 J. Sourbier
33905 Judy Heramb, CO We’re pulling for you!!! Let’s take back America!!
33906 Douglas Stehlar Jr
33907 Name not displayed Go Paul I only wish that the rest of America will have the guts to vote for you.
33908 Kirk Reynolds
33909 Name not displayed Ron Paul knows best!
33910 Christopher M. Young
33911 Alycia Please run in 2012. we will be backing you up all the way!
33912 Kristiana Hobgood
33913 Name not displayed
33914 Name not displayed We need political leaders like Ron Paul who are honest, and use something you call, LOGIC
33915 Name not displayed
33916 Nick Grafton
33917 Jan Sugalski
33918 Maxwell Ensminger We the People are responsible for this country Thank You Ron Paul
33919 M.K. Novgrod
33920 Curt Ownby
33921 Scott K London Mr. Paul we all need you!
33922 Aleksey Valuev
33923 Matthew A. Jovic As an young American, I’m only nineteen, I am afraid of where this country is going. The decisions made by our government are not only going to affect my generation, but generations to come. Please run Dr. Paul, you are the only person that can save our great country.
33924 Ryan Farrell
33925 vicki wentz
33926 Name not displayed
33927 Nelson D. Beverly Do it.
33928 busyniemcy Your www is incredible, can’t wait for more updates

busy do niemczech
33929 Michael Angelos Your country needs you!
33930 Name not displayed Ron Paul we need you. You are a good man.
33931 Name not displayed
33933 Kevin Cathcart As Obama says "We need a change" LOL
33934 Kelvin Rosario I proudly support this man.
33935 Rolf Lindgren Vote for Ron!
33936 Jamie cornett Ron Paul 2012!
33937 Name not displayed
33938 Fred Brundige
33939 WB Stanger
33940 james dzur
33941 Branon Maxwell
33942 Andrew Miller
33943 Christopher Tscherne We need someone to fill the integrity void of the last 20 plus years in the White House! Please give us an option.
33944 Justin Losh
33945 RODNEY BENNAGE Power to the people and your our only help
33946 Name not displayed
33947 Amy Trice
33948 Anne Wong
33949 Name not displayed Stop the Globalist President Paul!
33950 kevin wee the us people really need you .

Obama isn’t doing this country justice .

I am seriously gonna go crazy .

I am a teen and I am not sure if a 14 year old should be worried about the future of the US and the economy.

if I could vote I would but right now I am just a helpless bystander. please hear the crosscut the US people. THANK YOU
33951 Mark Mason Let’s take it back Ron!
33952 Name not displayed
33953 Jeremy McCullough
33954 Dan Marin Dr Paul I got very interested in you in 2008, but you now have my full and financial support as much as I can. I dont have much because I have a family to feed. However, I will give till it hurts BECAUSE I have a family to support. Please run this country needs you.
33955 John Nelson
33956 Zachary Bettis
33957 Name not displayed
33958 Tim Strand "Thank you for all your endeavors for We The People."
33959 Name not displayed Please for my son and Baby on the way.
33960 Wayne Smith This is the year!
33961 Jatin Grover
33962 Christian Z. Valencia Thank you for everything you’ve done for this country Dr. Paul, after a combined 19 years of Clinton, Bush, and Obama, we really need some change in this country, to go back to the principles this country was founded on, and I believe you can bring that.

God bless
33963 James Getman Run Ron, Run
33964 John White Dr. Paul, you would have an awesome Founding Father in this country. However, I’m glad you weren’t, because we need you now. Ron Paul 2012!
33965 Kevin Huguley You got my household’s vote in 2008, and you will get it again… (even if you don’t run.) :-)
33966 Zachary Ryan Go get em Ron!
33967 Christi Ron Paul "2012"
33968 Tammy Mohn Dream team Ron Paul & Dennis
33969 Steven Cipres What other choice is there.
33970 josh amos
33971 Aaron Howard Ron Paul, the smartest man in the room…any room
33972 Leon Zawicki Please run to help our country.
33973 Marjorie McKito We need an honest president who understands what freedom and Liberty really mean.
33974 Name not displayed I voted for you before and I will do it again.
33975 Dustin This country needs you Dr. Paul.
33976 Tomas Molinari I have full faith in Ron Paul, and I believe he is the best we have for Presidency in 2012. I’m not even a citizen of this country, but I love it, and it’s free form, and will do everything in my power to protect it.
33977 Name not displayed
33978 carlos esteves
33979 Stephen Wigfall
33980 Jennifer Andelin
33981 Name not displayed
33982 Name not displayed Our nation need your voice!
33983 Peter Beck You are the only candidate with the backbone to put American interests before Israeli interests!
33984 JJ GO! Dr. Ron Paul GO!
33985 Allen Woodard II
33986 Alden Wayne Dumas I support Ron Paul 1000%
33987 Name not displayed please throw us a line
33988 Tyler Porter Save our country! go Ron Paul!
33989 Sean Campbell Please figure out how to get everyone to hear you.
33990 Michael J. Fischer Dr. Paul, please run in 2012 this country needs a leader. I myself have considered to stop voting until I visited your web site. This country needs you!!!!!!
33991 John Lynch In a time of crisis, the American people need someone who is less corrupt to steer our sinking ship. Someone who’s values do not coddle the 1% of people who make 25% of the nations income. So far the best men for the job seem to be Ron Paul and Ralph Nader. Ron Paul has a better chance.
33992 Logan Farley
33993 Edward Sampson Please, our country desperately needs you. We need a strong person that can stand up for the Constitution.
33994 Aaron Patterson You’ve done your part in the Legislative branch and now it’s time to show us what you can do in the Executive. Paul for Pres in 2012!
33995 Name not displayed You have my vote!!!
33996 Kevin Robben
33997 Name not displayed Ron Paul for president 2012!!!
33998 Walter Hartje IV Ron.

I’m 30 years old. I’ve always been interested in politics, but I have never felt strong enough to really really support a politician until now. I am like most of the Americans waking up and seeing the broken system and what’s great about today is the hope I have in our culture being ripe for a politician that actually believes in the Constitution and will back it up. Thank you thank you thank you for being persistent and true. Please run again. I will learn how to become political persuasive and help people vote for you.

Wally Hartje IV
33999 Michael Meldrem Please run, Ron! You have my vote and my SUPPORT!
34000 Luke Bessey I will do anything to help Dr. Paul. God help us.

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  1. List Builder says:

    How often have you wondered if the money is in a list, the money is actually in a responsive list.

  2. patriciap says:

    Ron Paul has my vote in 2012..Champion for The Constitution! Real Help For America! Peace, Prosperity,Peace..Amen!

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