Signatures 40,001-45,000

Number Name Comment
42001 Brandon Jasionowski Please help lead us through this critical time in the history of America!

Wisdom 7:7

"Therefore I prayed, and prudence was given me; I pleaded and the spirit of Wisdom came to me.

I preferred her to scepter and throne, And deemed riches nothing in comparison with her…"
42002 Chris Koepp You sir, are the only person that I believe is this nations last hope to rid us americans from the most evil and corrupt government that we have all allowed it to become.. To once again take back what is ours. WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICAN DEMAND A MORE PERFECT UNION. Truly free and prosperous.
42003 Jared Brown
42004 Tyler Please Ron, run for president in 2012!!! This country desperetly needs freedom, and I feel you’re the only person that can give us that.
42005 Name not displayed Please run for president. We need you.
42006 seth Thank you Ron, for waking me up to the truth
42007 Daniel Lee Schindler II AMERICA IS WAKING UP!!!!!!!
42008 Steven C. Moon We the people need you, sir.
42009 Tara Orr
42010 Aaron Orr
42011 Gary Tackman, O.D.
42012 Gabe Adams
42013 Name not displayed
42014 Name not displayed We the People need you to help us restore the Republic!
42015 Name not displayed You have my vote Dr. Paul.
42016 Name not displayed
42017 Roy Shelton
42018 Name not displayed
42019 Jason Palmer The Time is Now
42020 Paul Kroes
42021 joshua hancock vets 4 ron paul
42022 Stephen Please run Dr. Paul this country needs you. I will support your campaign and spread the message of liberty to those in my area.
42023 Name not displayed
42024 xenya I support you Dr. Paul.
42025 cole barnes
42026 Name not displayed
42027 Name not displayed
42028 Phillip RIchardson Ron Paul is a true supporter of sound money and the Constitution. All of the problems we face today can be solved by looking back to the Constitution for answers.

End the Fed!!!
42029 Name not displayed America needs your services again good sir!
42030 Jacob Reichenauer Lez do it :)
42031 Richard Greco
42032 Ken daniels
42033 Seth. LaPlante Ron Paul you truly are last chance at restoring this great Republic!
42034 William H. Bukowski
42035 Nicholas
42036 Kevin McGee Run Dr.Paul… we need you now more than ever!
42037 matthew
42038 Christopher Hopkins Another presidential campaign provides us with a great opportunity to make a case for liberty, and grow the general understanding of this paramount principle. Let’s do it!
42039 Donald Burton
42040 Michael Shumway
42041 sandra flowers
42042 Name not displayed Always a fierce defender of our Constitution he understands that the sole responsibility is to keep us FREE!
42043 Miike Please run. You’re our only hope
42044 David C. Nelson
42045 CESAR NAVARRO Abolish the FED!
42046 Gina Hern Americans need to contact the RNC on your behalf to tell Mr. Priebus we want RON PAULfor the GOP candidate for 2012!!!!

Dr. Paul, please help us restore our Constitution. Your time is now. The totalitarian/authoritarian policies of this administration are destroying this country.

Thank you!
42047 Dave Brown Sound money, what a concept. I believe in you Dr Paul!!!
42048 Kevin Ray Please let me help you get petitions signed here in north side of Tampa
42049 Randy Here’s your REAL CHANGE America!

"Ron Paul 2012"
42050 Name not displayed
42051 Rebecca Humphries Please run!!
42052 A Patriot Here’s your REAL CHANGE America!

"Ron Paul 2012"
42053 Name not displayed
42054 Kevin Wang
42055 Jess Paul Let’s do it!
42056 Timothy Robinette
42057 Chris I’m with you heart and sole
42058 Paul Allen Nobody can carry the torch of liberty like Ron Paul can. That’s why you must run.
42059 Giles Turner even though i’m a democrat, Ron Paul appeals with common sense, and a logical approach. i agree with this man. Universal health should be a priority for a certain tax bracket, and i don’t mean free when i say universal,i mean affordable. i’m 22 years old and have a severe knee injury, but having it fixed would put me into at least 10-15 years of debt. this concept puts actualization to the expression " it’ll cost you an arm an a leg"
42060 Casey Cosper I hope you make it! I’ll definitely vote for you!
42061 Name not displayed Ron, please give us a viable option at the poles!
42062 Marcus Hurlbert
42063 Name not displayed
42064 Hannah Lucas
42065 Carl
42066 Elliot PLEASE RON!
42067 Name not displayed
42068 Name not displayed
42069 Ethan Perry Dr. Paul,

you are the only person I have found that has been successful in politics with the intellectual capacity, philosophical foundation, and personal integrity to carry this country back from a cliff. Please run in 2012! We(the USA) need you!
42070 Michelle We need you!!!!
42071 Christopher L Kloch Ron Paul 2012
42072 Chad Chilstrom
42073 Hunter Johnston Ron Paul, I know you can’t do everything, but, if we can get you and those like you elected, America will finally have the chance to see the overhaul it really needs. I’m with Adam Kokesh on this one: you are the only President I can respect.
42074 Name not displayed I believe in you!
42075 Alexander MacKenzie
42076 Jesse W Rutter III
42077 Name not displayed
42078 Michael Crowell Cherokee County NC GOP Chairman
42079 Eric Gatlin I have never pointed to a living person before and said he/she is my hero. You changed that. Thank you.
42080 Ryan Black How is it that someone cannot see the simple solutions this man brings for nothing but better. Its not for him its for us not just America but the world. My votes with Ron Paul
42081 Joshua Zehfus I’m voting for Ron Paul either way. If he isn’t the republican nominee then I’m going to write his name in. Just like four years ago.
42082 Mark Rock on Dr., get at it and lead our future.
42083 Sara Sampra
42084 Joe Stokes Ron Paul is the ONLY choice.
42085 Brien Poutry
42086 Rose H Averitte
42087 Jonathon Johnson
42088 Robert Bolender Wrote your name in in the 2008 election.
42089 Darin Andrew I have greatly enjoyed your commitment to a prosperous USA! Please run for presidency so I can have someone I want to vote for on the ballot.
42090 Name not displayed RON PAUL = NO NONSENSE
42091 Anthony Piccirilo Ron Paul 2012 why not!
42092 george katsimatides
42093 James Kang
42094 Treston Schilling I think your ideas Mr.Paul, are exactly what this country needs.
42095 DAVID VAN HEUVEN You got my vote!
42096 William Dieter I am a military guy. 28 years of service. If I have to lose my retirement to solve our nations problems I would gladly give it up. Your the only guy making sense. Please run for president. I have taken a job that may not let me vote but I will donate to get you elected.
42097 Miguel Angel Tellez Dr. Paul I voted for you in ’08 in the primary for Illinois. Only two months or so before I was elgible to vote. You to me are the leader this country needs. As a young person in this country I feel it a obligation to vote for you. Knowing you will do great things for the America I know.
42098 himanshu dohroo
42099 Dylan Roscover
42100 Conor O’Leary
42101 Ashley Webbe
42102 Vajira Kashyapa
42103 Jessie Chilstrom
42104 Dave
42105 Daniel Dailey
42106 Trey Triggs
42107 Esther Salas Ready for our REPUBLIC TO BE RESTORED!
42108 Václav Verím že Ron Paul uzdraví USA a následne i Evropu.Bude to asi težký a nebezpecný,ale doufám že prijde zmena..EU tady udelala pekný ekonomický kolotoc.? patné potraviny,kvalita všeho je pryc.Vše je Polska.Jsem toho plný,ale tady se rozepisovat nebudu.Hodne štestí Ron.

Venca P.

Czech Republic
42109 Kenneth Gardiner There should always be more to choose from than "red" or "blue". I want a moderate democrat, a moderate republican, a "demoblican" if you would.
42110 Jesse Starrick
42111 Aaron Lesperance Ron Paul Rocks!!
42112 Name not displayed I’m a disabled veteran and although I’m concerned about eliminating social security and medicare, I trust you have a plan on how to take care of the elderly and disabled Americans, who can’t take care of themselves anymore. Your other views are very sound and logical. For that, you have my vote.
42113 William Bracken
42114 Chris Estrada RUN RON RUN!!!!
42115 jonathan i think you can do it. we need to get Obama out of here. and i think your the man that can get the job done.

Good luck.
42116 Name not displayed my hero!
42117 Patricia My Hero !
42118 Tyler Nelson Need Independent to run for VP- Jessie Ventura!
42119 Rosemarie Lentine If only there was a way for us to be "we the people" in this once strong country!
42120 Ron Sanderson
42121 Casey M Lyons Your past record serving our country has been fantastic and I would vote for you with out question for 2012…please run for President again. I believe America is starting to wake up and you chances are better than they ever have been!
42122 Joseph W. Wright Please Mr. Paul YOU HAVE TO RUN…Your the only hope this country has of saving itself from its on destruction. The people need a true leader with ideas the country was built on.We have to get back our country and show the world we are a country for the people BY THE people.This country is ruled by thieves and liars and if 1 man can stand up against them the whole country could follow. Please lead the people to the true America!!
42123 David Hazelton
42124 Ryan Hendel Pt. Pleasant Beach, NJ
42125 Name not displayed
42126 Michael A. Privette
42127 Nancy Walsh
42128 Mario Rios Jr.
42129 Travis Pelley And give this guy the money to run
42130 Lee Redden Ron Paul is change we can believe in, change that will make a difference.
42131 Gena Peters
42132 Name not displayed
42133 Jason Welch
42134 Leigh Wooldridge
42135 Kristen Pruett You’re the best and a ray of light! We need you now more then ever. You have my vote!
42136 Sean Lucas Run for office, and I will be running right along side of you.
42137 Name not displayed Go Ron!
42138 Bryan ROof
42139 Susanne Fink
42140 Siggen
42141 Dennis
42142 dennis watkins
42143 Toby keep on keeping on, the work you do is incredible, thankyou..

42144 Name not displayed Please change this country to the way it was meant to be. Sound money, smart foreign policy, and individual liberty. We need you!
42145 Name not displayed It’s "We The People", not "They The Politicians"!
42146 Robert Worley Ron Paul for President!!!!!!
42147 Ron Gross I believe Ron Paul is our Country’s only hope. I believe Dr. Paul could win it this time.
42148 Name not displayed
42149 Matt We need you.. Pick a good running mate and lets do this!
42150 Brandon Weston
42151 Name not displayed End the Fed
42153 kevin tompkins I just want to thank you, Congressman Paul. America needs you.
42154 Don Lee Please run again. Obama needs to get out. We can’t keep this marxist in.
42155 Nicola Pallotta Save us from slavery Dr. Paul
42156 Thomas Ptaszek Your statements in the past have shown true. We need a leader to help those recently elected, with the same intentions, to achieve the goal of resecuring our country. Let’s roll.
42157 Name not displayed One of the only truly honest candidates I’ve seen thus far. Ron Paul fights for what he believes is right for the American people and is independent of the influence of special interests.
42158 Name not displayed
42159 Erik Jon Warila
42160 Jennifer E Case
42161 Todd W. Dupler Good luck! I hope you run and win! Perhaps Allen West could run with you?
42162 Name not displayed Good luck Congressman Paul
42163 Eddie
42164 Stacie Hubbard
42165 Brett Fowler I will actually vote this year in hopes that my vote is not thrown away on an independent party. I believe Ron Paul can win hands down with the support of intelligent voters.
42166 Appu Mathew Run Ron Run!! International Supporter here!
42167 Robert B. McDonald
42169 Beth Rogers
42170 Name not displayed go Dr. Paul, you will have my vote
42171 Michael S. Clayton Jr. Save this country!
42172 Whitney Lawlor
42173 Michael Wrobel Please run Mr.Paul we need YOU!!!
42174 Ron Wallingsford
42175 Victoria Suhoski We will bring the giants to their knees and you will witness our revolution!
42176 Name not displayed
42177 Justin Bradfield End the Fed!
42178 Vanessa Duve
42179 Pat Newman
42180 Gareth Knight Please run thats from the UK…
42181 Wayne Pelley While I cannot vote for you since I am Canadian, I believe you are needed as President in America. What happens in America affects Canada as well as the rest of the world. There appears to be no difference in the Democrats or the Republican parties. There is a difference in individuals however and I believe you are need for real change to occur.
42182 Name not displayed
42183 Name not displayed Finally, someone who stands for Principles - not a party!

More Liberty… less government.
42184 Mike Conley I pray that God will raise you up to lead our nation back to the Christian, moral and common sense values that once made us a great country
42185 Jeffrey S James
42186 Madeline Grieve
42187 Matthew Robbin RUN RON RUN!!!!!!
42188 Jennifer Scott
42189 Name not displayed Please help America reinvent itself. It is time for a change that is positive for the America People, not corportate America and the Oil Companies! Please help!!
42190 Denise Nicholas Like you, I believe the nation owes me nothing but freedom and safety. With those, along with personal responsibility, humans can go anywhere.
42191 Name not displayed
42192 Brady Rocker Our Founding Fathers understood the dangers of fiat currency. That is why they included in the Constitution "No State shall….make any thing but gold and silver coin a tender in payment of debts;.." (Article 1, Section 10).

Dr. Paul is our only hope to return this country to its former glory.
42193 alexander gariti Go Paul!
42194 george a smith jr
42195 scott obenhein
42196 Name not displayed
42197 mona danielson
42198 Dr Philip Irish, LTC, USAF (ret) Please don’t tire in your patriotism. Valley Forge was not easy for them either.
42199 Austin Griffith
42200 Andrew Velasco I am on active duty and stationed at Ft Hood TX. I will be deploying to Iraq soon. You have my full support for being our next President. Many of my fellow battle buddies and veterans feel the same way.

RON PAUL 2012!
42201 Name not displayed You are our only hope
42202 Name not displayed
42203 Kent
42205 Ryan Templeton
42206 Christine Dahlquist
42207 Cathy and Gregg We will both vote for you if you run, and we hope you do. Just tone down disbanding the dept of ed, etc, so you can get the votes you need to get things done. Like disbanding dept of ed, defense etc
42208 Jonathan Leisher
42209 Philip Ilagan Viva La Ron Paul Revolution!
42210 Name not displayed
42211 Miloslav Beran Enough of slick"we can";now we simply must.
42212 William Gallant Dr. Ron…I have loved, prayed, voted, and respected you since the Reagan years for your consistency, focus, wisdom; and for your fearless faithfulness to our Constitution and Bill of Rights in the face of a Leviathan out of control Government Dragon Hell bent on destroying our Nation! Please try again! We NEED your clear headed, fearless leadership! You are our only truly seasoned Statesman who we can trust to do what you say!
42213 Name not displayed
42214 Name not displayed
42215 David Wyatt America needs you to push them in the right direction!
42216 Name not displayed
42217 larry
42218 Morgan Torpey
42219 jonathon Ron Pauls ideas are good for the country.
42220 Name not displayed
42221 chris bourne
42222 Name not displayed Don’t bail out this time. I was all prepared to vote for you in ’08, but you dropped out (I wrote your name in anyway).
42223 Michael Bennett Please run
42224 Mike McMcMillan Run! We need to get back to our constitutional roots.
42225 Jody DuCharme
42226 Luke Kingsley I will be donating a lot and so will my girlfriend, father and even older brother. The pacific northwest of america loves you Ron! Keep up the message.
42227 Name not displayed The time is right, the man is right.
42228 Name not displayed
42229 Ian Russell
42230 Michael Schimmel I strongly suggest you stay on this talking point throughout the campaign:

"There’s a secret going on: One half of the congress likes to spend money for welfarism. The other half likes to spend it for militarism - and they pretend they disagree, but they really don’t." - Ron Paul
42231 Clint Stutts Pretty please!
42232 Kasper Biskup
42233 James D White
42234 Thomas Callens Go for it!!
42235 Joseph Nathaniel Newbry I wasnt even going to vote this election but with yours truly being a hopeful I say…….. GO RON PAUL!!!! you have my vote sir!
42236 Muagen
42237 William Elmore
42238 Name not displayed
42239 Dean Andrew
42240 Matthew Sommers You already have my vote. Please run.
42241 Alex Cantle Ron Paul, you are a gem!
42242 Junaid S. Ahmed Dr. Paul,

I think you have the answer for America’s future.
42243 Name not displayed You sir, have my vote. Please run and help this country!
42244 Name not displayed We need strong decisive leadership more than ever before. I believe Ron Paul is just the man to lead us through the current American crisis we find ourselves in today.
42245 Trevor Lynch I loe you, Ron Paul.

I want to help
42246 Michael
42247 Daniel Arbiter Congressman Paul,

I read and loved your book "End the Fed" and I have been following (and agreeing with) your views for years now. Please run for President in 2012! You will have my vote and I also hope to campaign for you in Texas!
42248 Dallas Lammert
42249 Name not displayed The fact that Mr. Paul announced his interest in potentially running for President this week, and it was IGNORED by every major news media outlet in this country (perhaps no money left over after trailing around after Donald Trump like a bunch of lackeys?) tells me the financially elite on either side of the aisle will align to prevent Paul’s message from reaching the American public at large. All the more reason to pay close attention to what the man has to say, as far as I’m concerned. I don’t know that I’ll ultimately vote for him, but I do know that I liked what I heard last time. I’d like to hear more this time around. I’ve long suspected that if the financial crisis of 2008 had been the financial crisis of 2007, we’d be talking about President Ron Paul RIGHT NOW. On the off chance that you see this, Dr. Paul, best wishes to you in this endeavor.
42250 William Laskorski We need a Constitutional government now! Ron Paul has the right idea! You’ll have my vote, Ron!
42251 Jason Wynne I wrote Ron Paul in on my ballot in ’08. The only politician I have ever donated money to is Ron Paul. I will gladly do so again this time around.
42252 jake anderson we need you sir
42253 Mark Diehl Voted for you last primary… The US needs you more than ever, now
42254 Ted Romig
42255 Gina Please run!
42256 Bill D Do it
42257 Name not displayed Liberty 2012!
42258 Lovepreet Singh
42259 Name not displayed
42260 Ray burroughs
42261 Name not displayed
42262 Billy Brophy
42263 Dennis Collier
42264 John L
42265 Andrew Fornes I will vote and work on your campaign. Yours would be the first campaign I’d even consider working for.
42266 Beto Medina Ron Paul 2012!!!!
42267 Nicholas John Cagle I have been following you since before i could vote, you gladly have my vote for presidency.
42268 Casey fox
42269 Rachel Frazure I want my children to grow up being proud of being from America…please please run!
42270 Name not displayed
42271 James English Let’s not mess around this time, Doctor. Our nation turns its lonely eyes to you.
42272 Donna Sidloski
42273 Kalyn Robbins Our country needs you!
42274 Jason Scharbrough Go, Dr. Paul!!! We support you!! Let’s fix this broken nation!
42275 Will and Dana Reed
42276 Amanda Newman
42277 Name not displayed
42278 anthony creaney
42279 Name not displayed You will always have my vote.
42280 Ryan Simons The last election I did not waste my vote and voted with my heart. I penciled in; Ron Paul - GOP. Keep up the good fight, and God bless you, Ron.
42281 Jordan Cote I 19 years old and have hated politics my entire life, but if Ron Paul was able to change my attitude after only learning about his views for about 5 minutes, who is to say it can’t happen to others. No one man has all the answers, but Ron Paul is not your ordinary man. Ron Paul 2012!
42282 ivan estrada Keep informing the people about the fallacies of Keynesian economic theory
42283 Melissa Wilson I have just finished you most recent book, and would love for more honesty, and values in Washington. Please run and hopefully we will do it this year, thank you for protecting our liberties
42284 Rob
42285 Name not displayed
42286 Rob
42287 george marshall
42288 Paul J Carrin IV Hope
42289 james scott
42290 Daniel Tanure I’m not even American nor do I live or have ever been to the US, but I recognize the worldwide benefits of a true Libertarian as the president of the US.
42291 Linda Tapley
42292 Paul Georgacakes
42293 Name not displayed
42294 Name not displayed Registered voter in Calif. supports you. Sound money, restore the Bill of Rights, abolish the Anti-Patriot Act, abolish TSA and Homeland Insecurity, close foreign military bases, bring our troops home from corporate wars of profit, end the Fed and fractional reserve bank counterfeiting.

You are the only one with integrity on all these issues Dr. Paul. We urge you to run in 2012. We further urge you to be wary of corporate owned Republicans putting (Jeb) Bushs on your ticket. Remember what happened to Reagen 81 days after election with a Bush on his ticket. Consider an independent run if necessary. Citizens need a patriot to rally around. Your candidacy would provide a huge response of support from The People.
42295 mark gaines Americas last hope to undo decades of destruction.

Nobody wanted to listen, now look around.
42296 Jessica Hall
42297 Name not displayed
42298 John I just read "End the Fed". People need to wake up. Thank you for speaking the truth!
42299 Brian
42300 Name not displayed
42301 Name not displayed The US doesnt deserve Ron Paul. Let them drown in their sea of debt.
42302 Mark Pratt You’re our last hope.
42303 Michael Espy
42304 robert hecht
42305 Name not displayed
42306 lisa mcdonald
42307 Name not displayed You are spot on. You have to keep in mind the old unfortunate truth. You don’t get elected by the common man by telling what is the truth. You get elected by explaining how what you are going to do is going to do something for them. In a restaurant, people order the steak because they hear the sizzle as it passes through the room. Sell the sizzle not the steak. Also, if you want to hear about a program that will change the us transit system and dependency on oil, reduce greenhouse gases, make the ecologists happy, and lead the world again, have someone contact me. I have a complete plan that will change our world and it doesn’t require any more technology or money than we already have.
42308 Name not displayed
42309 melody reynolds
42310 james reynolds
42311 Brandon Cooper go paul!
42312 Karen M
42313 Drew Higgins
42314 Name not displayed This may be our last hope for the America I grew up in.
42315 Sherri Waldrop
42316 Name not displayed
42317 Name not displayed Go Ron Paul….2012
42318 Daniel Warnock
42319 Ryan W
42320 Morgan Johnson Dr. Paul is the only person I will vote for President.
42321 Tareque
42322 Name not displayed
42323 Adlai Cly u got my support. Sergeant from U.S. Army
42324 Chad Carter
42325 Barbara Slack It’s now or never for the future of the Republic and it’s a lot to put on the back of one man, but there is truly only one man who will do it. He needs our prayers, our money, our time and energy and our security, because the threat he poses to the elites will send them into a frenzy.
42326 Victor Martinez Go for it man!!
42327 Name not displayed
42328 Rob Shimmin Honest, informed, intelligent and the best choice for the USA
42329 Daniel Hutson
42330 Adam Tullo
42331 alex roth
42332 Name not displayed
42333 Debbie Thor Dr. Paul is a true patriot. I believe the very best is yet to come. Please consider another run at the Presidency. God Bless you and your family.
42334 Ryan Tai
42335 Daniel Lawlis
42336 Steve Ritter America it’s time to wake up! I would have voted for Ron Paul last election but he wasn’t "allowed" in the primary, he ran though & gave great debates & touched on great issues others are scared to talk about or deflect the subject all together. He shoots straight from the hip Ron does & in my opinion is the best candidate we’ve had in our generations history. Honest…maybe too much so, is that what D.C. is So scared of? somebody who doesn’t want to rip-off the American tax payers & throw smoke bombs @ us while lining the pockets full of hard earned American Tax-Payers $Cash, & leading us down a path of destruction? Really? Wake Up PEOPLE! It’s time for a REAL CHANGE ~ VOTE RON PAUL IN 2012, Before were all on our asses & saying "Oh yes ah sir" to the leaders of China!
42337 Name not displayed I will vote for you & Jessie Vwentura.
42338 Pol Pot I approve of Ron Paul
42339 Name not displayed
42340 Roy Blackburn Ron Paul is the best choice for president!
42341 Lars Nystron
42342 Michael The banksters & other cartels ‘really-in-charge’ will never let this happen.. If by miracle, he was elected (because the voting results werent faked) they’d just have him killed.. He’s a man who wouldn’t give into their threats/bribes.. Those of you who saw that defeated dead look in Obama’s eyes during his 1st week know exactly what I mean. Dont blame Obama, most people choose life over morality. I truly believe Ron Paul would stand up to them, he’d probably die, but at least then.. just maybe the people would wake up.
42343 Ryland Watts
42344 Wesley Richardson Even without a victory, we really need these ideas to get noticed and have a voice. Please step up and let these ideas be heard!
42345 Name not displayed
42346 Name not displayed
42347 Daniel Krug RON PAUL 2012!!!!!!!
42348 Amy Day Go Ron Paul 2012 for real leadership!
42349 Name not displayed
42351 Name not displayed
42352 Phillip Mauafua Once again I’m asked to help with the cause of Liberty & Freedom, I will put my shoulder to the wheel once again.

For Liberty & Freedom.
42353 Eric Pierson
42355 Name not displayed
42356 Thomas duffy
42357 Nicole Zamora We are the ones that we’ve been waiting for!
42358 Michael We need change and the time is now. We must now allow voter fraud this year to happen! VOTE RON PAUL AND JESSE VENTURA!
42359 Mike Wolter
42360 Nick Furka
42361 Young please run!!!!
42362 Roger Kobleske I am a free American. I want to continue to be a free American. I want my children and grandchildren to be free Americans. Help us!
42363 Joseph Rooney I love Ron Paul and wish I had someone like him in Ireland that I could vote for - - -keep fighting the good fight Ron :)
42364 bob lumpkins
42365 William Taylor Paul/West. 2012!
42366 Name not displayed GO RON GO
42367 Michael Julian RAWN PAWL!!!!!
42368 Jason Carrier
42369 Bradley Erdbruegger
42370 Name not displayed
42371 scott feuer
42372 Kirk Ron Paul is Americas last chance
42373 edward l underwood time to end the american empire and rebuild america
42374 doug starnes
42375 Johnathan Givens Thanks Ron! Lets go get it!!
42376 Nick Tucker
42377 Wurch 2012 Ron Paul-Please do it !
42378 Allison Land
42379 Hunter Fite
42380 Name not displayed We need the sanity of your leadership to restore America, Ron!
42381 Derek Walker You are America’s last hope!!!
42382 Name not displayed
42383 jake evans you had my vote in 08 and sure to get it in 2012
42384 Ovidio naranjo I hope these plea of sincere need will not be ignored. Many have lost hope for their future due to it being spit on by obama. Oh yeah on legalize cannabis its long overdue!
42385 jonathan haynes save our country
42386 Sheldon
42387 Dave Whitaker Ron Paul 2012!!!!! The last hope for America!
42388 John Maas I voted for you in the last primary in Michigan
42389 Jack Doctor Paul has the cure!!!!!
42390 Dustin Johnson
42391 Name not displayed
42392 Name not displayed
42393 Name not displayed Please run, you have my vtote and support
42394 Matthew Mueller You’re are only chance.
42395 Tom Herschede
42396 Juan Ramos I know Ron Paul can’t win back our freedom on his own. We thank you Dr. Paul for everything you have done however it is now time for the American people who believe in liberty to do their part just as Ron Paul has done for so many years. I will do my part, if you run again Dr. Paul I promise I will do my part and do my best to support you and Liberty. To a Free AMERICA!! RON PAUL 2012!!!!!
42397 Joseph Hursey Ron Paul is the only hope.
42398 Jonathan Talbot I will vote Ron Paul whether I have to write it in, or vote Republican.
42399 Name not displayed
42400 Dakota Davis I swore an oath to protect the Constitution of The United States of America. Ron Paul is the Champion of The Constitution, so I am bound by oath to vote for him and do everything within my power to make sure he becomes president.
42401 Name not displayed Ron Paul 2012 !! You have got my vote.
42402 Corinne
42403 David Taylor
42404 shawn wilson
42405 Sally Shultz The People need a leader who will represent the People. I hope you will run for president in 2012.
42406 Donald Helton
42407 Adam Moller We need Ron Paul in the White House. Also read "Re-Made in the USA" by Todd Lipscomb to see what else we need to turn our situation around. We are a nation characterized by ingenuity and vision, and we need someone representing us who possesses these virtues. You have our support Congressman Paul.
42408 Nathan mcMurray Kick Ass!!
42410 Tripp shaw rp cured my apathy. thank you
42411 Peter Reck Ron Paul. Perhaps, the LAST Hope for America.
42412 Teresita Villasenor I am with you all the way!!!!
42413 Michael Higgins Tyranny has taken over our Governmental System. As generations pass more and more of our Constitution is trampled upon by office holders who do the bidding of the elite lobbyists who funded their campaigns with unimaginable amounts of capitol. We, as a People, deserve a better government. We as a People deserve a real standard of living that is not diluted by a Central Banks motives. We need men like Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson who built and understood our Constitution and carried out their oath to protect and serve it solemnly. Ron Paul is the only man in his party willing to bring back the rights of the People and the rights of America. I ask for him to run for the U.S. Executive Office so he may carry out the tasks of decreasing our national debt by cutting off the heads of the Central Bank monster, following economic principles of Adam Smith, to let Federalism run its coarse, and to end the unconstitutional wars that have been waged by the will of elitists for their sole profit while the common people are the ones paying and dying for this cause. I ask that you select a just Vice-President whom will hold these same policies evident in his word. Such men as Governor Kucinich or former Governor Ventura. Good luck Sir, you have my best wishes. Ron Paul Revolution!!!! Set us for Freedom Sir.
42414 Lyle Reene Ron, I am proud to say that I voted for you in the last election, and I would be proud to vote for you again if you will run.
42415 Prianjoni Villaflor Ron Paul, you may be the answer to the corruption in the United States. God Bless you.
42416 Name not displayed Dear Ron Paul,

I am an Arab American (Saudi origin, born in California 1984). I am in full support of you and your views. Please run for president in 2012, you have my vote.
42417 Name not displayed Ron Paul WILL WIN!!!!!
42418 Justin Elander Our last best hope!
42419 John P Bitondo
42420 Jason D. Carter
42421 Name not displayed
42422 Name not displayed
42423 Hank Highsmith
42424 Robert this is our last choice to save what it is left 2 save from this world.
42425 Amy Day Go Ron Paul 2012 for real leadership!
42426 Name not displayed We are sick of the internal corruption it’s everywhere from wallstreet to every corporation.Long live Ron Paul.
42427 Name not displayed
42428 Nicholas Shea
42429 Derek Sagner
42430 Brian Lutz
42431 Name not displayed
42432 Christine
42433 Joel mitchell I’m a liberal green democrat and would vote for you because my party does no represent my positions as much as you. Thanks for running!
42434 Eric Paul Streff Ron for life. Stop Trump from turning our nation into a potty mouthed corperation!
42435 Robert Vasquez June is to late. Announce now and set the bar for anyone else thinking about a run.
42436 Nick You can do it!
42437 Name not displayed
42438 Zane R Ramirez
42439 Shannon Whorton
42440 Jonathan Rejholec
42441 Matthew I LOVE YOU RON PAUL!
42442 Melody Rejholec For Freedom!
42443 Jason Debski
42444 Paul Overstrom
42445 Name not displayed Dr. Paul, I may be only sixteen years old, but I know a great leader when I see one. My peers and I look at you as the only trustworthy politician left- one who puts the will of the people before his own gains. The world is scary right now, and we need a man like you to keep our rights safe lest they be taken away before we have the right to choose for ourselves. We look at the world that follows high school and college and many are shocked to find that what was supposed to be our age of freedom and independence…just wasn’t meant to be. We want it back. We need you. Please. Without you, our future may very well be lost.
42446 Kelly Cook
42447 Joel
42448 Leslie Webb
42449 Scott Harris
42450 Nathan R. Keener Jr.
42451 Raymond Lady
42452 Todd Harris Voted for you in 1988. Voted for you in 2008 (primary). And excited to vote for you again in 2012.
42453 Angel Yaklin As much as I hate it, I’ve been forced to attend every Republican Convention since you ran for President in 2008. There is just no way I can sit around and let these guys take over when there is hope in sight! That hope is YOU, Dr. Paul! Please run for President!
42454 Daniel Spartz please run you are the only one left with sense in politics
42455 Jeff Green "Our safety, our liberty, depends upon preserving the Constitution of the United States as our fathers made it inviolate. The people of the United States are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution. " — Abraham Lincoln
42456 David H. Go get ‘em Mr. Paul!!!!!
42457 Vanessa Keys We need you. Please run for President.
42458 Christopher Zimny I don’t know if I necessarily agree with non-interventionist policy, but individual liberty and upholding the Constitution are my principles. No other candidate truly wants to do these seemingly simple things, but Ron Paul does. For that, he will have my vote.
42459 Name not displayed
42460 Donnie Carathers
42461 Name not displayed I would be happy to help you in whatever way that i could.
42462 Don Zuhlke the only man in Washington sharing my views and speaking the truth! the only one with the leadership and knowledge to guide us. if the Republicans won’t support you run as an Independant. I will support you either way. it’s time Mister Paul America needs you. it’s now or never.
42463 Brandon A. Black I am a libertarian and (almost) always vote for the libertarian candidate on the ballot, but I would vote for you if you run, whether as a Republican or Independent.
42464 Brandie Dufrene
42465 Irwin Burroughs Government governs best that governs least.
42466 Mel Coutant
42467 Ryan Willis You’d have my vote, 100%.
42468 Jenna Brobst I would be devastated if Ron did not run in 2012. I voted for him last election and I will vote for him again. America needs Ron Paul!
42469 James Hamilton
42470 Name not displayed
42471 Danch Ron Is The Man..Tired of Puppets..I like Freedom & Liberty
42472 William Elder
42473 Name not displayed America needs someone like you!
42474 David Tanner
42476 Name not displayed
42477 Name not displayed
42478 Name not displayed
42479 David Johnson
42480 Drew
42481 Stephen Paunovski
42482 Name not displayed
42483 analia stephens
42484 Mykola Kozak Run Ron - You will win because there is a massive amount of people ready to give their most and hundreds of hours to help you become President.
42485 Dustin Murphy Dr. Paul, I am an Iraqi War Veteran attending Marshall University in Huntington, WV and I can tell you that you have my full support. We need to go back to the U.S. Constitution so we can enjoy our personal liberties. I am can tell you that I am not willing to let our government take them away. Dr. Paul you have my vote! I am the President of the Marshall University Libertarians and I would be more than honored to have you speak at Marshall University.
42486 Bosco Warden
42487 Name not displayed I pray that you run, Dr. Paul. You are the only person that I will vote for, and I will write your name in, if that is the only way I can. The only vote that I would give to the other candidates, is a yes vote, to charge them all with treason, for selling us out to the highest bidder.
42488 Name not displayed
42489 Ashlin Wellam "Dear Congressman Paul. Please, PLEASE run again. America needs your direction."
42491 Name not displayed please run, we can do it this time!
42492 Name not displayed End the Fed!
42493 Michael D.
42494 jeff I have a high traffic large front yard…if someone is willing to help with materials and construction, would be a great spot for a large sign…4 x 8 double sided in the air and visible. im in richmond va in eric cantor’s district…although most here are ready for an improvement….tea party candidate wasnt much help last year. jeff 804-426-6248
42495 Name not displayed
42496 Ronnie Mcdonal
42497 Name not displayed Liberty in 2012!
42498 Name not displayed
42499 Name not displayed Yeaahhhhhhhh!!!!!! real!!! something real
42500 Robert E. Wager Ron Paul is literally the only sensible option for president in 2012. I am fast losing faith in any chance of progress without an approach such as his. To quote Henry David Thoreau, "Is it not possible to take a step further towards recognizing and organizing the rights of man?" May Ron Paul run for Presidentand usher in a new era of prosperity for our great nation once more.
42501 Name not displayed
42502 Joseph Galasso IV
42503 Name not displayed
42504 Name not displayed
42505 Dustin Schmidt This Canadian loves Ron Paul.
42506 Name not displayed Please run again in 2012. There are a lot of people who didn’t vote for you last time who have woken up and realized that you were right!
42507 Name not displayed
42508 Jordan Bate
42510 Name not displayed The Venus Project
42511 Colin Ron Paul 2012 or REVOLUTION!
42512 Justin James
42513 Peter J. Manfra Ron, Please run for president, we cannot afford another mistake in the office. You have the best chance now to get your message out then ever before. Run Ron Run!
42514 abraham west I’m on campaign for liberty please let us know how we can help you!
42515 Name not displayed Decide to live in Liberty and Freedom, not part of a new Empire.
42516 Tom Clayson America still holds a great deal of influence over the world, and needs live by example. Ron Paul is the only politician I can trust to realize this.
42517 Nancy
42518 Name not displayed
42519 Dan Cutting I would like to see a top to bottom review of the federal government, and all programs deemed unconstitutional ended.
42520 Jennifer Murphy
42521 Name not displayed People told me in 2008 I was wasting my vote. Now look at the mess were still in. I will vote agian for Ron Paul in 2012!
42522 william H Morris one candidate who is not afraid to speak what he believes. Not intimidated by the right either.
42523 Kyle Wunnenberg
42524 Manuel Borbely Single and best choice for the US at this time and any time.
42525 Lance L. DeVaul We Americans feel like you may be the last hope we have for our country and the only possible solution if you don’t run for President and win like i know you can would be a revolution. Because America is on the brink of breaking and your our last hope for freedom that we no longer have in this country.
42526 Name not displayed
42527 TJ ron paul we need you to run to have a real canadate unlike obama re running and donald trump which is a joke
42528 Mathew Orullian
42529 Name not displayed
42530 David Keat Thank you sir for everything that you have done.
42531 Robert Eddowes Ron Paul & Jesse Ventura Inde. In 2012!!!!

The answer to 1985 is 1776! Live free, vote Ron Paul!
42532 Leo Haapalainen
42533 Name not displayed Run, run, run
42534 Name not displayed
42535 Gašper Rajšek
42536 David Spear
42537 Aaron Jones
42538 Valerie J. Brown Who is John Galt?
42539 Name not displayed God Speed
42540 Name not displayed
42541 Shannon Mercer
42542 Joe Sestak RON PAUL 2012!
42543 Name not displayed common sense must prevail…
42544 Name not displayed
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42546 Mark Brush It was an honor to meet you at the Rally for the Republic in Minnesota, Dr. Paul.
42547 Eli Jones
42548 Yngve Horneland
42549 Name not displayed
42550 Lloyd Sparks Ron Paul 2012!!!!!!! Give America back to her people!!!
42551 Eric Ahlstrom Ready to support your campaign.
42552 Glenn McGuire While sometimes the debate is who could win the Primaries or who could win the General election. If I could pick who was next, no-one is higher on my list than Ron Paul.
42553 Roger Eddy
42554 Pat Riot PLEASE HELP US!
42555 Kayra Dillon I just joined the Republican party for the first time in my life so I can vote for YOU!
42556 Name not displayed Bring home the troops!
42557 Deborah McKnight Dear Mr Paul, express your Christian love for Israel and cool those voices who misinterpret cutting off foreign aid to all countries as antisemitic. Christians love Israel and will always support Israel, we need the federal government trimmed, the states can send money to Israel if they want, chop the federal government down.
42558 Name not displayed Help us take our freedom back!
42559 Vinson Hughes Ron Paul in 2008 I did not vote. I could not bring myself to vote for either JOKERS. I will give you my vote as well as my voice.

Ron Paul 2012 Revolution
42560 Andrew Moran Educate the public once again.
42561 Brenda Ross Sir, the country needs your leadership.
42562 Mike W You’ve got to run. Impereitive for this country.
42563 Joe Napier
42564 Eduard Ender Please put back the Constitution
42565 Kalvin Save us Dr. Paul, we need medical attention or I fear for the worst.
42566 Mike S. We need you now more than ever.
42567 Ben Pontius Go team!
42568 Kirill We need you Dr. Paul!
42569 lacey dunmire
42570 Name not displayed I will be at the booth for you!
42571 Name not displayed Down with the Fed!!!!!! Ron Paul for President!!!
42572 Joe Larson We need to make America the shining beacon of hope for which the world flocks to. Make this country great again.
42573 Andrew J. Polascak III For Liberty!
42574 Mark Gardner I voted for you in the last election and I will again!
42575 Name not displayed
42576 Jeff Peterson II You are the reason I am passionate about politics and liberty
42577 valerie sanborn I voted for you in the primary in 2008 and I will vote for you if you run in 2012. Please run again!!
42578 Elizabeth
42579 Mitchell Mergler Lets get these new world order globalists out of our country once and for all. You have America behind you now Dr Paul. Take em out.
42580 Paul J. Moretti Sr. Keep telling it like it is Ron!
42581 Name not displayed Ron Paul in 2012….he’s our only hope
42582 Name not displayed RUN for PRESIDENT! YOU WILL WIN!
42583 armando esquivel our nation needs a true leader
42584 Brandice Senecal
42585 Name not displayed
42586 Sara Breden Will help campaign in my area of Southern Illinois as much as Possible. We need your help to get our nation back to what it is supposed to be and what it should be! RON PAUL 2012!!
42587 Jason Pickett
42588 Robert
42589 Name not displayed
42590 S. A Not just the United States but The world need’s you Dr. Paul, thank you for all you’ve done and sacrificed for the cause for liberty, freedom, justice peace, reason, morality and humanity.
42591 Chris Hodges
42592 Name not displayed Ron Paul is this country’s last and best hope.
42593 Warren You have my families vote!
42594 Austin Brister
42595 Jackson Longan
42596 Ross x Belsito you are the only hope for america
42597 Symin Charpentier Dr. Paul,

Please run!
42598 Doug Hill
42599 Name not displayed I’ve never voted. I don’t believe in this Government. If you run for president I will vote for you just so that I can give my child a better world!! Go get’em Ron!
42600 Name not displayed End the Welfare/Warfare state!
42601 Name not displayed
42602 Name not displayed You can do this, Ron.
42603 Paul Watkins
42604 Kevin Olson He reflects the staunch conservative ideals that are the pathwayto a sound government and to it’s current recovery, in my opinion.
42605 Name not displayed
42606 Name not displayed please, america needs someone like you more than ever.
42607 Heather Augustine
42608 Krista Gifford
42609 Name not displayed Please Run! America needs you!
42610 Name not displayed Ron you gotta do it man!!!
42611 Hunter RON PAUL 2012.
42612 Carrie Shaw
42613 Name not displayed
42614 Name not displayed
42615 Micheal Martin
42616 Kyle Hooks
42617 Richard Smith Ron Paul is the most principled and humble leader in congress
42618 Julieanne Dous Our country needs you so please run again! You have my vote, tea party participation, and little bit of donation money I have to spare!
42619 mark If we still insist on having a government, which is an insane and out-dated idea, then Paul is our best hope.
42620 Cameron William Hyde
42621 Diane Rowley Hyde
42622 Stuart Hinton
42623 Name not displayed Good luck
42624 Nate Damm
42625 Nicolas Puga
42626 Austin Marks Ron Paul 2012!
42627 Roman Verdugo Please run.
42628 Tammy Rittenhouse Ron Paul 2012! :)
42629 Edward Nutt Ron Paul is the first Candidate in my lifetime I actively support.
42630 Paul Lamont
42631 Zane Rayner
42632 Name not displayed
42633 Dustin Lacewell Don’t screw this up America! VOTE for Ron Paul. Actually GO and VOTE for Ron Paul. Plan it out and make it a date!
42634 Name not displayed
42635 Miodrag Kopusar We cant win if we dont fight.
42636 Name not displayed
42637 Lyle Parsons
42638 John S
42639 Name not displayed You are our only hope to return to the principles of limited government and personal freedom. I will be praying for you!
42640 Rebecca Middleton
42641 Name not displayed
42642 Lewis C I promise I will register to vote if he runs in 2012.
42643 J Demetrey Last hope America, dont let our children down. They deserve so much better than the scraps being offered.
42644 Name not displayed
42645 Jack Black Go Ron Paul!
42646 Christopher James Harris I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. At this time you would be the only canidate worth considering. I dedicate my life to liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I pledge to live free or die. Help us help ourselves please.
42647 Name not displayed
42648 anton caplar
42649 Name not displayed
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42652 Rico Imondi Our Only Hope!
42653 megan pladsen from central california- your honesty about whats been going on in our country in the past, and still today, (and that your the only congressman I have ever heard actually talk about these facts) tells me you are the only chance we have. OUR NATION NEEDS YOU! I for 1, am ready to campaign for you
42654 Michael Klear I will only support your 2012 campaign if it does not a pose a risk to your health. You are a symbol for our kind, too important to lose. That being said… If you can, we need you on the campaign trail. If Trump sits in the oval office I will lost the little trust still have for our executive branch.
42655 John Bermudez
42656 Ben Warburton
42657 David Badeaux
42658 Name not displayed I plan to change my party affiliation strictly so I can vote for this man in Republican Primary.
42659 Kevin Brain The only REAL Republican
42660 jason stout
42661 linda carey
42662 Sonny Pezzella
42663 scott jordan
42664 geoffrey bates jr Run ron run
42665 Stacie McCombs
42666 Name not displayed
42667 Denis Dumas America needs a real change
42668 R. Justin Staha
42669 Name not displayed I can’t thank you enough for what you have done thus far Dr. Paul. You have given me hope in government! America has been blessed with you tireless work and I submit my support in your potential 2012 presidential race.
42670 Name not displayed
42671 jimmy Dr Paul, Please run for president and bring some sense back to this country.
42672 Roy Perlmutter like no other…Ron Paul has the track record
42673 Name not displayed Why do the Republican and Democratic parties hate the American people so much? Thank you for caring about us Dr. Paul
42674 Elvis Sakalauskas Ron Paul for president!!!
42675 Martin Ericson
42676 thouston
42677 Kevin restore the REPUBLIC
42678 Walter L. Burke III
42679 Tom Please run, Ron. You are our last hope. You have my vote, the first vote I will ever make, and the votes of countless others I hope to make your message known to.
42680 Sean Henry GO RON! We trust in you!
42681 Tom Please run, Ron. You are our last hope. You have my vote, the first vote I will ever cast, and the votes of the countless others I hope to make your message known to.
42682 Cliff Hall Ron Paul: 2012.
42683 Jacob Eckert Liberty!!! Change the US needs back
42684 Jeroen Eynikel I am European so I can not vote in the US elections, but I wish we had someone like you over here.
42685 Paul Kraus You bring me hope that sanity can return to the nation. You speak truth.
42686 John J Mutter III Fellow voters, please have conversations with those you know regarding Rep. Paul’s ideals. Ask them to watch his interviews and speeches which can easily be found online. Have them check out his official website. They may realize that he is THE legitimate candidate for the office of President of the United States of America.
42687 Thomas R. Eddlem
42688 Bill Ehnstrom
42689 Name not displayed
42690 Philip Grant Blakley 2012, The year america wakes up!
42691 Grzegorz Podgorski I am a foreigner but as a boyfriend of my American girlfriend, Ron Paul represents a vision of America that I could see us living in (I don’t see us living in America of today - and we don’t)
42692 Robert Maxwell RP 2012!! ONLY THREAT TO THE ESTAB
42693 Bic White Drop the Money Bomb on May 5th!
42694 Sherrie Livingston We need you Dr. Paul to protect our freedom and rights!!!!!!!!!!
42695 Name not displayed I support your vision.
42696 Samuel Sheedy you are our only hope to defeat the tyranny that stands before us
42697 Joe
42698 Brian Mausser Thanks for making us happy again!
42699 Joe Henry We have to make this happen or we shall surley perish as a nation.
42700 Joshua Jones You converted me!! Thank you for standing up for liberty!
42701 Richard Fay Jr Thank you for your service. You are a blessing to our country good sir. You have my vote for sure.
42702 Name not displayed
42703 Brandy
42704 John Palys Run Ron Run!! You are our only hope!
42705 John Wesley The time for the truth to be recognized by the people is NOW!!! The reality you were able to recognize years ago can no longer be hidden from the public at large. The power mongers who pacified the people by stealing from their future are finally going to be held accountable for their hollow promises. If there is still time for our great nation to preserve it’s promise of liberty to our posterity, it will need a smart, bold and frank leader to align the minds and hearts of all patriots to lift ourselves out of financial hole we’ve dug for ourselves. Please consider a run for the highest office and have faith in us the people. With your ability to see farther down the path than any one else in our government can or is willing to admit to I believe you are our last TRUE hope for government redemption.
42706 JAMES DAUBERT Run fast, run hard, you will win.
42707 Scott Morningstar Lets get our country back on the right path. You have my vote.
42708 Zach Willand Dr. Paul, you and your son are the last hope for our country. PLEASE run!
42709 K Devine Dear Congressman Paul. You’ve got my vote in 2012!
42710 tad langehaug We need Ron Paul
42711 Russ Tom
42712 Tomas Johansson
42713 gene broom I would like to volenteer for your campaign, I would like to learn about PACs, campaigning and elections while dooing this. GO RON!!
42714 Greg Tavares Go Ron. Take back our country, my man!
42715 Richard Please run! Which out a decent runner trump or Obama will get back in! Stop both of them and run against them!
42716 Sara Kanatzar You are our last hope for peaceful revolution
42717 Zachary Sheline
42718 Name not displayed You are my hope for my sons future
42719 Richard Kuenstler
42720 Joseph Smith As a new voter, turning 18 this september, I am proud to support Ron Paul.
42721 John Sprague Your the one that can bring The America back that we all love.
42722 Name not displayed Ron Paul is a genius.
42723 Max Gibson Please run Dr. Paul. We need the revolution.
42724 Tyler Springer
42725 Angela Dugan Please run. You are the only one that can get us out of this mess.
42726 Kristopher Knittel Restore the Republic RP!!!! You have my vote!
42727 Michael Cozzi In the name of freedom, liberty, and justice.
42728 Christopher Snead Ron Paul is exactly what we need.
42729 Name not displayed Please Mr. Paul. I have no one left to defend me in government. You are my last hope. In Washington State they are forcing patients and givers of Medical Cannabis 20 years to life when trying to provide for their patients, with the threat once they get us there is nothing we will be able to do to get out of it. My family is scared for their lives because of the threats going on around in our state and for people like me who are going through treatment for MS like symptoms (Still going through the diagnosis) it is basically killing us slowly. Not all of us can grow our own medication. So now I have to go back to the black market, put myself at risk as a 35 year old tax paying citizen just to keep alive.

Please save our country Ron. I will do whatever it takes. I will sign petitions, I will work for your party in WA. I don’t care. I need your help before the only situation left is to take my own life, or die slowly because of the governments involvement in my medical issues.
42730 Clint Roig
42731 Name not displayed
42732 Katherine Barker You will have my vote as well as the vote of EVERYONE I talk with about the 2012 election. This country NEEDS you, Dr. Ron! GOD BLESS AMERICA AND GOD BLESS YOU!
42733 Regina Wieland
42734 Mike McIntyre Get rid of the FED!!!
42735 David Blummer
42736 Slawomir tylutki Bring the real changes!!
42737 Tyrin Price
42738 Name not displayed We need to end the corporate monopilies and circles of corporate govermnent control.
42739 Chad I hope you pick someone aggressive to run your campaign.
42740 Brittany
42741 george axtell liberty
42742 Barry Girky
42743 Name not displayed level-headed, sincere, and free
42744 Judith E. Palmer Ron Paul, you are an inspiration and hope for the future of the America that I believe in. I voted for you in the last election and would do so again. You continue to stand strong in a wobbly world. Thank you.
42745 Brian Butti Please vote for Ron Paul everyone……in my opinion this gentleman is our last hope for our future.
42746 julia hollingsworth I hope to work with a local campaign chapter, or START ONE here in DURANGO, COLORADO!
42747 Name not displayed america needs ron paul!
42748 Aaron Musick Please run. I have been a republican my whole life until 2008 when I voted for Obama. Now I see that none of the important things are changing. The country is heading toward extensive poverty and decline. The conservatives are scrambling to push all of the wealth and power into the hands of the rich while gutting the very programs that built this county. Meantime, the Democrats are spending too much and caving in to the republicans on everything else. Enough is enough. Please run.
42749 Name not displayed Work on getting the Unions out of the government.
42750 Name not displayed
42751 Name not displayed Please go for it Ron, we need you
42752 Name not displayed I want to see America restored to what the founding fathers had envisioned. I don’t want to have to be pro war in order to be pro America, somewhere along the way we have lost sight of what is right, and we are being led by the blind. We need someone like Ron Paul who has an excellent sense of how the government should function and stands by our constitution. It was never put into place to control the people it governs. Ron Paul for President 2012!!
42754 Michael B Eskew r3VOLution!
42755 Brandy Wazelle
42756 Belinda Baker I think Ron Paul is an honest man…
42757 Jonathan S Please Ron, give us something to vote for, something to hope for. Anything besides these lying, arrogant, self-serving politicians of today. Like trained parrots, their words hold no meaning. We need someone who will speak with actions, not words. Its really sad how many people with my sentiment simply refuse to vote. Please Ron, give them a reason to vote once more.
42758 Name not displayed You will have my vote!
42759 Robert Boyet Ron knows what is wrong and what to do about it.
42760 Name not displayed RUN RON!
42761 Name not displayed
42762 Anthony J. Bruno Dr. Paul, Please run for President. We need you now more than ever in this very important year. We are at a crossroads and we all want you to lead us down the road not taken.
42763 tom martin Run paul. Run
42764 Michael Howland We Need you!!
42765 Ross Williams
42766 Greg Madden
42767 Jeannie Ramberg Hope to see you run. You have my vote and confidence to make America great again. Thank you for your work and dedication.
42768 SH Ron Paul, you are the only real candidate left amongst both parties. Please run for president
42769 Name not displayed
42770 Heather G. Derusha
42771 Name not displayed go get em.. bring back Liberty and our Constitutional rights! you have the right idea, but them to our use soon.. before it is too late and can never be fixed for our children
42772 Name not displayed Do it!
42773 Andrew Shaw
42774 RIchard Price Dr. Paul, America Needs You!
42776 Nicholas Dillon You will have my vote and all the financial support that I can muster!
42777 Name not displayed
42778 You Even though it the President is nothing more than a scapegoat, it might as well be a bearable one.
42780 Name not displayed We really need you now more than ever Dr. Paul. Please run in 2012!
42781 Jason Wright
42782 Name not displayed We need Liberty to mean something in this country again!
42783 Craig Ford Even though he did not win the Republican nomination, I wrote in Dr. Paul in the 2008 election, and he will get my vote again if he decides to run.
42784 Marie R Amaile GO FOR IT
42785 Anthony Nardi We need to end the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya. We need to end the Federal Reserve. I believe Ron Paul is the perfect presidential candidate to persuade the American people why we need serious economic reform.
42786 Sarah Hardage We’ve already started preparing for your campaign here in Reno, NV and I know that many of us are rearing to go. This round has a lot more going for it and many people are disenchanted with the empty promises of the left and right. We need someone who is willing to do as much as they can to change things, and that person is you, sir.
42787 Lee
42788 VIctoria Verney
42789 Allison Peltier You are our hope for the future. I am one of the many people that you have cured of apathy. Please don’t let the time and money (50K) that I’ve put into grad school be for nothing. I want the nation back that I was born into and that our founding fathers intended. I am ready to do the hard work to get this country back on track. I could not respect you anymore than I do now. You have my full support.
42790 David Powell
42791 Name not displayed shortcut to hell
42792 Jay Lefler
42793 Emily Richards
42794 Name not displayed
42795 Spencer
42796 Name not displayed In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act. -George Orwell-
42797 roxeann rouse
42798 Sam Stockham I have followed Ron Paul since the early 70′s and he has NEVER changed his message of Freedom and Liberty.
42799 richard baumann
42800 christopher samples
42801 Carlos Botelho
42802 Carol Bonfiglio
42803 lin chun ting
42804 Name not displayed
42805 Eric Sexton Great stuff! Alex Jones should help fuel this man to become the next GREAT president.
42806 jerome vivirito hello Ron we need some real change in the white house stand up and fight for that place so you can make a change
42807 Name not displayed
42808 Name not displayed WE Salute you! WE NEED YOU!
42809 Name not displayed You have our support Ron! Thank you for all that you have done so far.
42810 cheryl taylor
42811 Raoul Widman
42812 eric taylor PAUL / VENTURA 2012
42813 Jay Carlton
42814 Peter I Staker
42815 Angela Moon The only politician that makes any kind of sense consistently.
42816 Mark Devliegher Please find a way onto the ballot.. I wish i could have voted for you in 2008. This is an issue, and people feel that writing it in is a wasted vote. So if you can address this at all that would be great!!!
42817 Name not displayed
42818 Chris Tanton
42819 Name not displayed go ron
42820 Maria S. Weaver-Lien
42821 Name not displayed A vote for Dr. Paul is a vote for yourself
42822 Eric
42823 Jacob Erickson
42824 Billy Singleton Please sir, you’re an inspiring statesman.
42825 Name not displayed
42826 Lee Best
42827 Jason Martin I am a life long republican who finds myself arguing with republicans over countless issues. I honestly feel social issues like abortion, gay rights, immigration, minority’s glass ceilings, and many others get too much if not all the attention while real issues are dismissed. I am saddened at societies growing need to depend on less than 1% of our population to make decisions and provide programs for the other 99% of the people. I’ve even heard republicans plead that government should step in a regulate oil companies to achieve lower gas pump prices! I am amazed at the size of our government, and its lack of efficiency. I fear that history is about to make America repeat the cycle that many super power countries have already faced through the centuries.

In 2008 there where no good options in which I could vote on the presidential ballot. Now, in 2012, we again have the richest Americans trying to buy their place in history. I deeply question the conscience, drive, motive, and foundation that these new candidates bring with them. I have not yet made my decision, there is plenty of time left, but I write today because I am interested in your voice Ron Paul, and I am encouraged to hear more.
42828 Name not displayed
42829 Name not displayed
42830 Ada Cole
42831 Mark Tennant
42832 Nicholas S. Reed IMPEACH OBAMA
42833 austin zaruba I want to help support here in Wichita, Kansas. I started a facebook page "Kansans for Ron Paul 2012" today to help spread support. What else can I do to help from Wichita? What groups are there here I can join?

Thank you!

Austin Zaruba
42834 Matthew Allen Fisher The very little power I currently have is yours Ron Paul, I hope you take another chance at running for Presidency and I will do all I can to support you before and during your terms in office.
42835 Andrew Mathias
42836 Name not displayed Let’s Do it!
42837 Jeff Sneed Dont let them win
42838 Sally Ray Reeves I’ve voted for you every time you have run.
42839 Name not displayed Thank you Ron Paul for your exceptional service and tireless commitment to our country. We the people of America need you for president in 2012! We need you to restore dignity to the White House, honor to our Constitution, and sovereignty back to our country." The American Dream is dying under the Obama regime, and we need you to bring this nation back to it’s state of grace.
42840 Jesse
42841 Tyler Heinrich
42842 Steve D
42843 shawn hinkle ron paul for president 2012
42844 Teddy Shinozuka Please run. We need a constitutionalist more than ever.
42845 Don C. Barber You were the only candidate capable of fulfilling in 2008.

Maybe the Grand Ol Party will make the right choice this time. I will pray for them. Rock On Ron
42846 Name not displayed I support Ron Paul
42847 Natalie Cuzmenco
42848 Adam Skillitzi Although I am an Australian citizen and cannot vote in America I believe in your ideas which have world wide appeal for all freedom loving people. We Australians also need to return to protecting our constitutional democracy, free liberties, sound money and withdrawing from overseas conflicts just like Americans. Ron Paul and libertarian ideas would be a welcome change for USA politics but also to inspire libertarians all around the world.
42849 Name not displayed
42850 William R. Burns We need you Ron Paul To save our children from CPS, No respect for family unit only money pretending to protect children when most of the harm to children comes from CPS.and our Country from a fake government only interested in control of all american’s to take and keep their money through false protection acts to take away our freedom while becoming a prison of control.
42851 Name not displayed if u dont run, God help us.
42853 Dillon Pruett
42854 Robert Skelton I Saw talk on the Stossel show and found someone who spoke the truth. I felt instantly connected. Thank You, You have my unwavering support.
42855 tanya silvab
42856 heero yuy Ron Paul, be the hero that you are.
42857 Corwin Pederson I have always placed my trust in Dr. Paul. He has never given me a reason not to.
42858 David O’Hare Ron Paul is my champion of the constitution!
42859 Reed Anderson
42860 Bill Loflin
42861 Exodia Me and others like me have been working hard since the last election myself alone have told thousands of soldiers during my time in the army since than and as many civys as well since i been out. Don’t let millions down who will support you with their heart because people have been waiting for a man like you and there you fucking are.
42862 Jerry O. Maguire Blessing to Ron Paul! May The Father bring relief to America through this man.
42863 ed RON PAUL "every generation needs a revolution". Say the word and I will campaign for you. RevolUTION 2012
42864 Keaton Hasty Do it Ron!!
42866 Sara Kaiser Ron We have many people who are going as a group to vote for you, if you don’t run we aren’t voting. This will be my first time voting and if you don’t run Ron i fear that i may never have the chance to do so freely again.
42867 Jordan Aasen Please Senator Paul RUN FOR PRESIDENT!!!! We need someone with guts and brains who can steer us in the right direction! You can do it!
42868 Robert Aho Go for it!
42869 Andrew
42870 Name not displayed The American President is important to all…I’d vote Ron Paul…
42871 Trung Banh End the tyranny
42872 Name not displayed Ron,

Ever since I saw your first interview on YouTube, I have become an avid fan of yours. Finally, we have some one who has the gumption to say the truth - no matter how bitter it may be.

My vote will definitely go to you. We need someone like you in the White House - not some of the jokers who have been its recent occupants.
42873 Jones Mr Ron Paul..I’m in Afghanistan right now, you have a lot of strong followers who beleive in you unlike the others who have bandwagon supporters..You didn’t win last time but you informed the people, you were a spark of hope..your followers the fuel and I believe if you run again you will ignite that spark. You running last time was a great victory for America, it got Americans thinking again…Win or loose it was a victory and if you run again it will be an even larger victory. get peoples hope alive..We have thousands of troops fighting overseas; I’m in one of the most kenitic areas in Afghanistan, we are fighting for you..We need someone fighting for us back home..They won the battle last election but they haven’t seen the war!
42874 Nick Providakis
42875 Name not displayed Dr. Paul: You are one of the most sane, forthright and courageous politicians (if you’ll excuse the label) I’ve ever heard in our era. As president, you would make me proud to call myself an American again.
42876 Elton Windsor Dr. paul is the only person I have ever voted for.
42877 James Griffith There is hope.
42878 Grant Codak
42879 Michael Birkenstock Wish you all a peaceful day,

um well ..

Where love grows, life prospers - where hatred arises setting threatens.

(Mahatma Gandhi)

In the words of (Pink Floyd):


and now loud..YES WE CAN, WE ARE ONE..*wispers*..but I like my music loud :D
42880 Brandon Vail I feel like I’m ratifying the Constitution by telling you that you most definitely have my vote and I will try to get more people to seek you out.
42881 Name not displayed
42882 kelley funderburg
42883 Charlie Pugh I keep hoping more Americans will wake up and realize elections are not a horse race and we are not to vote for who we think will will but for who we think is best.
42884 Trudy Johnson Keep up the great work!
42885 Adam Babica
42886 Anthony Give me Liberty!
42887 Heather Bortle
42888 Janssen Henry Talingdan President Ron Paul / VP Ventura :)
42889 Michon Horton
42890 Shawn Carney america’s last chance before its to late
42891 Jack
42892 Dustin Fadler
42893 Ryan Dawson Ron Paul 2012
42894 Jodi Hlady
42895 Filipe Support from Portugal
42896 Name not displayed
42897 Name not displayed
42898 Jennifer Brackett
42899 Stephen Stefanini
42900 Michael J. A. Robb, M.D. Texas Rep. Dr. Ron Paul has been educating our country with his common sense, sound economic theory and policy, and unwavering commitment to U.S. constitutional principles for 35 years. His voting record is grade A and consistent. He is a pro-life obstetrician and gynecologist who understands the sanctity of life. He is a scholar of the Austrian school of Economics and the wisdom documented in his many speeches and essays is of great practical import now more than ever before. Ron Paul is trustworthy and his intellect is brilliant. It is crucial our country’s leaders listen to Dr. Paul now. Ignore Dr. Congressman Paul at your own peril. The country has had at least two opportunities to elect Dr. Paul as President. It is now crucial to our country’s integrity and liberty that we elect Rep. Ron Paul in 2012. Thank you Dr. Paul for all of your brilliant writings and the courageous fight you have led to keep our country free and prosperous.
42901 William J Leach Jr I hope it is not too late to restore fiscal responsibility to the government!
42902 nestor
42903 charles jones love his gold standard gurrency
42904 shawn cunliffe
42905 Name not displayed run for president your our only hope
42906 Justin Brewer End the wars overseas, kick out the imperialists running the Federal government, make the Fed accountable to the taxpayers, CUT THE DEFICIT!!

Ron Paul 2012!!
42907 Name not displayed
42908 Scott Williams The Honorable Dr. Ron Paul may very well be the last great hope of our nation.
42909 george Georgiou greetings from Cyprus
42910 Bill Dowdell
42911 Christina Wagner
42912 Name not displayed HELP!!!!!
42913 Pamela
42914 Bill Sweet RUN!
42915 Name not displayed
42916 Steven Fleming
42917 Name not displayed Please keep doing what you are doing!
42918 Ryan Sheeler
42919 Name not displayed
42920 Amanda Bohnarczyk If you do not fight for our Liberty, who will? Campaign and Win Dr. Paul. We will support you and tell others about you all the way.
42921 Mark E. Arena Make it happen!
42922 Irvin Go for it.
42923 Name not displayed
42924 Name not displayed Please fix the economy and the American imperialism, you are the Republican only hope for common sense.
42925 Daniel Davis The constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government- lest it come to dominate our lives and our interests." Patrick Henry
42926 Name not displayed
42927 Name not displayed
42928 Matthew Katz
42929 Eric Anderson
42930 Taylor Sanderson PLEASE, PLEASE RUN FOR PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!
42931 Natt Augustus Hall III Ron Paul save us!!
42932 Name not displayed
42933 gary cuch
42934 Kevin Ron for president he’s earned it!
42935 Joslyn Lowman
42936 Name not displayed
42937 Name not displayed
42938 Kurt Stallings The past was more than prologue: it proves every point of a Ron Paul campaign. Now the time to renew the promise of liberty.
42939 Collin You are da man!
42940 Ramin Seddiq
42941 Name not displayed
42942 Eric Loop Yours has been a consistent voice in the political spectrum. This country needs to hear your message of limited government and personal liberty. The time is now!
42943 Name not displayed The "PEOPLE" NEED YOU!!! You have OUR FULL SUPPORT. Come speak in Lubbock, TX….we’ll show ya our support!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!
42944 Cindy Allen May God bless you and the USA!
42945 Jeremy Cole
42946 Name not displayed I have given up on politics until you run for President. Every other politician is a puppet for corporate America and a waste of my vote. We need real change, not empty promises.
42947 Brittany Dr. Paul, please run! This country needs our liberty restored!
42948 Name not displayed support our country , support our Constitution , support Ron Paul!
42949 Cory Larmour Please run. You’re our only hope.
42950 Name not displayed
42951 Matt battice we need a peaceful revalution to altar the course of history, and stop the new world order from destroying the sovereignty of our nation, and you are the leader we need to accomplish those goals, thank you sir for everything you’ve done for our country and our freedom.
42952 Adam Luhring We need a viable candidate against Obama, and even if we didn’t, Ron Paul is one of the few people who really stands up for the freedom and limited government.
42953 Name not displayed
42954 Kevin Thompson
42955 Lindsey Ryan
42956 Name not displayed
42957 robert gilkey
42958 John M Short Jr
42959 Name not displayed
42960 John C the only hope
42961 Bruce Buckley
42962 Name not displayed
42963 manny mendoza Please save America for my children’s generation. We need a leader for the people, not an Imperialist puppet..Dr. Paul, you are our only hope. Please help the people of the United States. The citizens and patriots are suffering from ineffective and ridiculous policies.
42964 Adam Ford Run Ron Run! Thanks for your decades of service to our country. My 11 and 13 year old children understand your principles. We all support you in 2012.
42965 Christopher Guidarelli
42967 Kambiz Janati Ron Paul! Time to take back America!
42968 Keagan M Representative Paul, we the people, need you and your common sense and God given liberty understanding, mind to run for president in 2012.
42969 Eric Zane; [Palmerton]
42970 Beverly Bond
42971 David Bond
42972 Peter Celentano
42973 Name not displayed
42974 Juan Gaspard please run for president,if you dont we might become the dissoluted states of europia
42975 sheila mcclanahan
42976 Kelsey Eaton Please run again, you will have my vote.
42977 Kevin Donoughe
42978 Name not displayed We need you! I supported you in the 08 primaries and I’d do it again!
42979 Carmen D’Agostino
42980 Name not displayed Ron Paul - Just what the Founding Fathers ordered!
42981 Charles Jones RON PAUL!
42982 andrew ron paul is real. the others are fake.
42983 Anthony
42984 Benjamin Smith
42985 Donald Henenlotter just go for it
42986 Jessica Bond
42987 Jordan Becher
42988 Dana Copeland Anything’s better than Bush and Obama!
42989 Kathryn Fisher
42990 Name not displayed Ron Paul rocks! Get us back on track, Ron!
42991 Edward Estrada
42992 Stephen Harris Ron Paul is one of the last voices for liberty, constitutionality, and reason in the United States government today. I would actually experience hope for this country if Ron Paul became president. I would say already, that he IS my president.
42993 Kenneth Fairchild
42994 Dawn Marie Clark Run Ron Run!
42995 Name not displayed
42996 Name not displayed
42997 Name not displayed
42998 Thomas Lawrie
42999 Clayton Ternes You are the only man I will proudly call my president.
43000 Name not displayed

One Response to Signatures 40,001-45,000

  1. jose angel zuniga says:

    Vote for Ron Paul. Don’t conform to the crumbs the gov and corporations are giving you. WE DESERVE BETTER !!!

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