Signatures 45,001-50,434

Number Name Comment
50001 John Gentry People r listening. U won me over
50002 Scott Walker Would love to see a Paul/Paul ticket
50003 Name not displayed
50004 Kevin Pittel
50005 Ricardo Calonge I’m confident that you will Educate us through demonstration
50006 Kage You got it, Ron!
50007 jason A.
50008 Liberty for Life Liberty is all ours for the taken…

I’ll take a bullet for you Dr. Paul to free us from these corrupted busybodies…
50009 deron knepp
50010 Aimee Williams Help us get our Liberty and freedom back,!
50011 Name not displayed
50012 Kyle Perkins please run!
50013 richard jones
50014 Jillian Calderon
50015 Adam Robertson As young people, you must understand that taking care of our liberties and envisioning a more peaceful world does not take a degree of any kind. This is common sense, so do NOT let demagoguery keep you from trusting yourself and your family & friends.
50016 Nicholas Cesar The size of our government and their resultant protrusion into not only our daily lives but foreign affairs is absolutely disgusting.
50017 Name not displayed My children need YOU to help us pave the road that needed to be paved so long ago. Stay true! We will support you the best we can!


Chris and family
50018 robert goins jr.
50019 erick head I imagine there is a lot of cognitive dissonance occurring within your mind Dr. Paul. Torn between the truth that is how terribly our once proud country has been massacred by the corruption of those we fought off in it’s infancy, the pressure being put on you to wear these burdens openly and in a presidential office, and the knowledge that even in that position, it may not be enough. There is a huge risk, with taking on that type of responsibility, or at least, that is what history has told us. I for one am proud, honored, and inspired by your courage to openly fight for the truth. I do wish to compel you, simply because it has become terribly obvious that Obama is a Corporate Democrat, and I truly worry, at such a rate, the consequences of another 4 years of his administration. The people love your honesty, and desire that type of open leadership. Well, I do at least. I hope that we can enact true change in this country, by returning to the principles that made us great to begin with.
50020 Name not displayed Support for Ron Paul from Germany.
50021 janet moran
50022 Randy Higgins I would love for Ron Paul to come to VA (maybe yorktown battlefield) and give a rally.Hes the only hope as a nation we have,and I hope he comes to the heart of revolution country! God Bless Ron Paul and the United States of America
50023 kiril arshinkoff mr. ron paul, you encourage legal immigration - the right for foreign skilled workers like me to come and contribute their skills to help usa’s economy. and the same time you punish the illegal immigrants who dont help usa in any way.

if i ever come i want you as president!

your speech on id cards was great!

and while i like you, your facebook secretery can go suck it for deleting my comment!
50024 Lou Colucci
50025 Gabriel J. Meave
50026 Name not displayed That guy makes sence! If you guys want to improve your foreign relations, he is your man!
50027 James Richardson Ron, are you going to let us sink? I think not, Mr. Paul….go win it!!!
50028 James R. Fullerton Save our Country
50029 Name not displayed Ron Paul, the only republican I respect.
50030 Thorstein Klingenberg
50031 Ty Penry You are our best option. Makes some headlines by suggesting that people be given access to their 401K money now before it is worthless. Suspend the 10% penality and require companies to allow for full 100% withdraws anytime without penalities. If you said this you would get a huge pop in the polls.
50032 Julia Graham I will vote for you Mr.Paul and I will campaign for you. What our leaders are doing is outrageous!! Please help end the wars on imperialism and foreign aid. You are the only candidate that actually cares about the United States and it is as obvious as the nose on our faces.
50033 Art Brown
50034 Name not displayed please save our country im tired of being used by this government they serve the people not themselves!!
50035 Name not displayed Let’s have the guts to face what’s really going on: Ron Paul is the only one in sight working to align the government with freedom and prosperity; whereas, others have agendas for hidden special interests or are working to use government to squash or regulate individual liberty and penalize prosperity and freedom with fountains of PR and nonsense to cover their true motives "employers" or employers and gain some imagined advantage over the average citizen.
50036 Julie just getting to know you and really like what I hear…thanks
50037 Anthony Phillip Mariani
50038 Blake Van Wagner Run for president and change our country ron!
50039 Nokhaiz I hope you don’t tend to be a 100%politician who loves to play with the words and make fools out of us but you are a practical person who thinks like any other ordinary american
50040 Lisa Walker
50041 Linda Watson Ron Paul is a true patriot of the people he should be president in 20012
50042 Rich Grise Dr. Paul., are you merely lying low until all the riff-raff get sorted out from the stable of potential candidates? Are you holding back from the public scene lately because you’re working on important legislation, like auditing the Fed, stopping Obamacare, reining in deficit spending, that sort of thing?

50043 Bruce Miller Our only hope.
50044 Jessica Altman
50045 James Altman
50046 Name not displayed
50047 David Brooks Dr. Paul is the only true, common sense and logic based candidate. All others are blind to these attributes or are being controlled by outside interests. If you want someone whose views will never change based on who financially supports their campaign, then this is your guy.
50048 Brian Smith Let’s do it Doc!
50049 Thomas Light IT"S TIME!!!!!
50050 Benjamin Day
50051 William Parker We need you now. You’re the only candidate that can make the 2012 campaign a true presidential debate. Obama has been a very true Democrat, let’s put him against a true Republican so we can finally gauge where this nation is going.
50052 Name not displayed Ron Paul is immune to The Game.
50053 Shawn Lewis You are absolutely 100% electable!!! The only presidential candidate who is telling the truth!
50054 Name not displayed
50055 Name not displayed Still behind him 100% after all these years!
50056 Name not displayed
50057 Fara Hargroder Ron Paul is our man!!
50058 Name not displayed
50059 Kendra Hebb
50060 Derrick Harvey
50061 Brandon Edwards
50062 Name not displayed Our last hope.
50063 wayne gregory Ron Paul 2012
50064 Victor S. Fernandez Finally, a politician that makes sense.
50065 Steven Nguyen
50066 Matthew layton
50067 george wolf
50068 William H. Moore
50069 Stephen Matheson
50070 Benjamin Abraham The last few years have proven every single word you have said over the years…. I think that we as Americans have to wake up now and heed the warnings… We have no choice. If we continue on the same road we are on… the end is bankruptcy, and we now need more then ever, a leader like you to take the call once again. Please run.
50071 Name not displayed
50072 Name not displayed Go Paul !
50073 Steve Johnston Thanks for the honesty, courage and desire to reclaim a once noble office. The rhetoric and outright lies from the highest office in the USA is a downright travesty that must be restored to its righful position. Thanx, RP
50074 beatsdre The workplace carries changed drammatical during the last few years what better way to foster a suitable learning surroundings and also encourage our employees according to take a greater duty designed for their very own learning. beats studio lamborghini
50075 Name not displayed How many times have you said, "Why r we sending that country Money?" Here is a concept, if we weren’t bailing the rest of the world out maybe we could bail our selves out of this mess?
50076 Anna Janek I will do what ever I can to elect Ron Paul to be our next president
50077 Austin Hembree
50078 Jeffrey Fissel
50079 Name not displayed VOTE RON PAUL!
50080 Vicky You have my vote!
50081 James Elder I want to work for you Honorable Ron Paul
50082 Macee Edmonds
50083 Angela Blass We need truth and strength and that’s what Ron Paul represents for me.
50084 Maegan fowler
50085 Name not displayed
50086 Name not displayed Please Sir! Run for President … we need you. I am in my 20′s and want you to know that now more than ever before I will participate and support you in all ways possible! I will inspire many!
50087 Suzanne Molnar
50088 Matthew Sojka I truly believe that Ron Paul is the only hope for this country’s future.
50089 Brad Ziegler You are America’s one remaining hope.
50090 Edgar Save us!!!!!!!
50091 Name not displayed
50092 Name not displayed
50093 Name not displayed I am Canadian and I support this.
50094 Austin Pancamo God Speed and Good Luck! We’re behind you Congressman.
50095 Steven Nance
50096 Matthew Warrington
50097 Jacob Good luck sir. I will do what i can in supporting your effort. We’ll get you in this time around.
50098 Name not displayed ron paul america needs you!!!
50099 Name not displayed Please save us from Tyrany and Police State Dr. Ron Paul.
50100 Erik Mackenna Run regardless.
50101 Jason Siefker Dr. Paul is telling the truth.
50102 Shane Greenberg If this gets me blacklisted, it was worth it. I have a voice.
50103 Name not displayed
50104 Name not displayed I will open my own web site, and spend whatever money I can to help spread the word of Jon Paul 2012. By any means nessisary! Save America!
50105 Ngan Kim Huynh
50106 Crystal Cheeks We need someone who will stand up for the constitution and put America first! Ron Paul 2012!!!
50107 Pedro Bonilla I never really followed politics much because it all seemed the same. All empty promises. No one seemed to speak sincerely. I just saw a doc yesterday and it made me actually want to vote! He was bashed by everyone on Fox and stood his ground! So, here is my signature!
50108 Name not displayed
50109 Trevor Godwin
50110 John Lilly The champion of the constitution Ron Paul 2012!
50111 Name not displayed I would like Ron Paul to become to the president of the United States because he would fix the economy, help us win the war against terrorists and make healthcare affordable for people who need it.
50112 Name not displayed
50113 Jerry Wible MD
50114 Vic Patel Finally someone without an extra enlarged nose
50115 Garret
50116 Joseph C. Allmond, III We need you.
50117 Allison Ron Paul 2012!!!
50118 Steven J Connly
50119 Joel Penick Thank you for being a patriot Ron, you have my deepest respect.
50120 Jon D.
50121 Stuart Ashley I met Ron Paul in Costa Rica in 1986. He is the real deal, in that he has stayed true to his beliefs through time. What you see is what you get. I hope he runs.

Cheers! Stu.
50122 Trevor Frye
50123 Samuel Turner
50124 Shane G. Cooper
50125 Name not displayed
50126 Name not displayed got my vote, first time voter here
50127 Name not displayed
50128 Mete Ahmet Dennis Kucinich should have won in 08′ now its time for this man to step up and try slap some sense into the american public. Peace.
50129 Name not displayed We need a voice that speaks for the people first and foremost not for corporations. Corpations are here to serve the people NOT vise-versa. We are being lead down a bad and dangerous path. YOU Dr. Ron Paul seems to be the only person in government that sees this. Help us, be our Champion. NOTE: don’t let the corporate media do to you what they did to Ross Perot. NOTE: As far as running mates Al Gore might be the wise choice.
50130 bauer nast legalize the weed! it should be freed!
50131 Kyle Frye Save America. I want my freedom and medicine to live a good life.
50132 Name not displayed Quit being selfish and do what will benefit everybody - Run for and win the seat of Presidency in the year 2012!
50133 Ryan Brett Wagner We’re in your corner Paul.
50134 Eric Labath He’s got my vote!
50135 nectariosb Hack again?!
50136 Jeff B Please run for President, the future needs you more than ever!!!
50137 Bruce Bohrmann We need you more than ever. You are our last hope for national survival.
50138 Mark Dombrowski
50139 Beprest
50140 Ryan Greene Thank you Dr. Paul for your courage and honesty! I know that you are our only hope in restoring our nations integrity and economy! Your views on foreign policy is what impresses me the most! Stay out of other countries business! We are not responsible for others and we have no right to have military bases all over the world. The world supports you as well I have friends from all over surprising me with their tremendous interest in you and your policies! Keep it up because people are coming around and it is time for REAL change!
50141 Ray A. McKinnon Without Ron Paul As President in 2012, America Will Become A Police State Where The People Will Be Enslaved By The Banks And Corporations.

Prison Camps For Those Who Don’t Become Slaves And Even Death For Those Who Talk-Out Against The Evil Police State. May God Have Mercy Upon Our Souls.
50142 Name not displayed
50143 Rhiannon I know no safe depository of the ultimate powers of the society but the people themselves; and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise their control with a wholesome discretion, the remedy is not to take it from them, but to inform their discretion by education. This is the true corrective of abuses of constitutional power.

Thomas Jefferson
50144 Omar Hashwi Even when no one is there to listen, Ron Paul speaks the truth.
50145 Timothy G. Baker
50146 Gabrielle Bailes Please run! I will vote for you!
50147 Jason Sutton End The Fed
50148 Name not displayed I ? Ron Paul!!!
50149 Tommy Todd tenney
50150 Name not displayed We need a government who supports the ones which support them.
50151 Joe shields This country needs your leadership!!

50152 Name not displayed RON PAUL is America’s last HOPE!
50153 Eugene Koneski America needs a great president, we certainly can’t go on like this much longer
50154 ELiot Slavik i know that the GOP will not let you get to the top because you are too smart but keep trying you are a great hope for america
50155 Name not displayed Even ross perot had a few ideas that were good and I’m thinking Ron Paul isn’t a bad guy BUT HE IS TOO OLD FOR THE JOB!
50156 Name not displayed Please Run. There’s no one else up to the tough task of being honest.
50157 Christopher Burtraw

50159 Name not displayed Ron Paul 2012 full support from The Netherlands!
50160 Joey Arthas Makvelli I support Paul.
50161 Edsel Gonzalez WE NEED A PATRIOT LIKE YOU SIR!
50162 Tracy K. Wilson
50163 Name not displayed
50164 Mark
50165 Johny Richards I am counting on you to fulfill your campaign promises. It is a sad tradition in this failing country that candidates become pawns of big oil, drug and other special interests once they have been elected. If they are not wealthy before taking office, they are within a short time afterwards. The most single important and immediate issue to me is an immediate end to the various illegal police actions with which this country has been involved and to remain nuetral on other sovereign country’s problems. Our troops must be brought home now and, to the extent necessary, placed on the Southern border of this country- where the real war is occurring. I reluctantly support any candidate this year because of the track record of those I have supported in the past. I shall hope that you are a man of your word who will keep his hands in his own pockets and out of those of mjaor corporate interests.
50166 Steven Aguilar Ron Paul, I’m trusting you don’t screw it up
50167 Name not displayed
50168 Name not displayed
50169 Name not displayed
50170 Shelley Reynolds
50171 Name not displayed Wake up America, choose freedom over Tyranny. Its time to take our Freedom back, Ron Paul 2012!
50173 Tren
50174 Jennifer Cousins
50175 Heronenda
50176 Name not displayed
50177 Name not displayed
50178 Name not displayed Please Ron Paul help America against racism!!
50179 Name not displayed
50180 Name not displayed I dearly hope that in spite of my better judgement, signing this petition does not increase my fusion center footprint, but I feel it is essential that in these, the last moments of the closing hold of corporations on our government, that we stand united, fearless, and with great hope that our countries honor can be restored. Thank you for all your hard work, and for your gentle but insistent nature which fights for America’s honor.
50181 Name not displayed
50182 Angelo Romero Great for America=Ron Paul
50183 Larry Watson His stand on the Department of Education should be a issue for any candidate. State officials estimate 45,000 students a year are socially promoted in Tennessee. At an average cost of $10,000 a year to educate a child, it would cost Tennessee $450 million to retain them.
50184 Name not displayed Need to change this country for the better.
50185 Gerhard Reuvekamp
50186 aroftPabrinia
50187 Richard D Osborn I’m ready to help in any way I can to support you. How can I help? If you decide not to run, I’ll not be voting this next election. The democrats and republicans are a joke, no offense sir.
50188 dani Ron paul is a symbol for possibility of fulfilment, of the American people and a change of the governing estate.

This revolution is liberty defined.
50189 levon avakian
50190 Edward Bilbo
50191 primo mendez
50192 liza lopez
50193 Name not displayed It’s always the same story - smart people never get elected but Ron Paul has my vote
50194 carmelo muscat RON PAUL 2012
50195 Claudia Martinez Please God let him run and win and may he stop the sale of American land to foreign nationals like for instance China buying up land rights in Idaho. If Ron Paul is not the next President I think I will go lay down somewhere and die. God knows I will be poor enough and oppressed enough. The rest who will run for President are just too much not what they ought to be. I want tried and true methods accomplished not the sale of American land to foreign nationals who do not have our best interests at heart. We have never nor ever will be a balance for China, India maybe but not the US. We had no business doing big business with them. There population verses our population we are ants under their shoes. The products they are selling to us have a 25% crap mandate on them and God knows I have bought enough of it to know. The insanity needs to stop! Bring our troops home and their labor which is paid for daily should repair our infrastructure and defend our homeland right here right now. Free land for those willing to farm God knows we have the water now and we have the land too. Before it’s sold to China it should be offered to me and Monsanto can move to China for all I care and stay there. I think Ron you are the only candidate for me. Thanks!
50196 Sunwyn Ravenwood President Obama is too weak and conciliatory to do what needs to be done and the other Republicans have no agenda except to unseat Obama. You are the only one who seems to care for the country.
50197 JH Ron "tells it like it is" Paul.
50198 Katrina
50199 RP Wernig
50200 Jacob ryan Gresham You seem to be one of our only hopes.
50201 Frank Voris Ron Paul, he supports the constitution unlike too many others.
50202 Gianni Perano You are probably the only real hope for America! If you run, you will surely have my vote!
50203 Name not displayed
50204 gebuhrden Hack again?!
50205 Paul Ortiz
50206 Name not displayed
50207 William Hardcastle I will vote and send money
50208 John Daniel Harding Jr
50209 Robert Barshinger I’m behind you all the way here in PA.
50210 Erin
50211 Brian Kettler Ron Paul is the best Candidate for the Republican Party for 2012. Because he "Gets It" The Republican Party Leadeship has gotten to far to the Right and off course. Its time to Wake Up America !!!
50212 Heath Puckett
50213 John Learned God Bless you!
50214 Name not displayed Stop trying to go into the last few countries that do not agree on Central Banking. End the Fed. Impeach Obama for unconstitutional war crimes and also non-natural citizen running the country.
50215 Rob Westphal
50216 Jon Bellamy Jon Bellamy here, I didn’t read the above, but do you realize how much support you have for being pro-legalization of you know what? I am tired of America getting drunk when I have so much potential and so little risk when I smoke a bit of herb. When I’m in a bad mood, I smoke, and I am nice to everyone. If I need to drive somewhere, and I have a headache, I honestly drive fine if not better, definitely more relaxed, after taking a little puff, and I drive better than a lot of other idiots out here (in Colorado). Well, Ron Paul… you are awesome!
50217 Jeremy I’ve never been more sure of my vote than now. If Ron Paul runs he has my vote 100%
50218 Russell Ruhland Go Ron
50219 Larry Olaughlin
50220 peppek I’m from Poland and 1 wish you good luck in 2012
50221 Name not displayed
50222 Name not displayed
50223 Clint Stitser
50224 Greg Gant Ron Paul will change America for the better and as originally intended by the Founders.
50225 Michael Unfortunately, only now are taking Ron Paul seriously. It is only when America is in dire straits, when we get to the point of a national crisis, does Ron Paul’s warnings bear any credence and the mainstream are finally coming around and listening.
50226 Marla We rely on you to end this unconstitutional war on Libya once elected, and in the meantime put Obama on notice.
50227 Mike Rotert
50228 Name not displayed
50229 Patrick Irwin Finally, a ray of hope and reason
50230 Name not displayed Do it! Not only for the United States, do it for a better world. Greetings from germany
50231 Name not displayed
50232 Name not displayed
50233 Stephen Swiber
50234 carolyn Ron Paul may be the only candidate that will end these stupid, endless, expensive, wasteful wars.
50235 Name not displayed
50236 Billy Batson RED?



50237 Name not displayed Ron Paul tells it how it REALLY is in Congress. He is there for the people, cares for the people, and would make a phenomenal president!
50238 Julie weiss
50239 Brett Weiss
50240 Name not displayed
50241 Loyd Black
50242 Andrew Morton We need Ron Paul before it’s too late. I will consider moving out of the country if Ron Paul doesn’t win.
50243 sebastian perez
50244 Name not displayed AMERICA NEEDS YOU RON!!!!
50245 Brian Williams Keep on trucking you have a new first time voter Mr. Paul. I am confident together we can save America :)
50246 John Wallace
50247 Name not displayed
50248 Ben Dillard
50249 guenther schmidt
50250 Stephen Rossi
50251 Name not displayed
50252 Name not displayed We need real people with real solutions to step into our government and fix what both the Democratic and Republican parties have been breaking for years. It’s time to bring real conservative values back into the White House, not the made-up conservative values of just being against liberals. The Tea Party movement is the only movement that seems to be moving in the proper direction for this country. Let’s see if we can spread their message to everyone else so that we can get this country back on the right track.
50253 Chris Wilson
50254 Name not displayed
50255 Harley
50256 Estelle Oliansky
50257 Name not displayed Throw out the FED!!
50258 Steven Hoffman The only candidate that isn’t just more of the same.
50259 Name not displayed
50260 Joseph Cirillo
50261 Name not displayed
50262 Name not displayed
50263 Ivan DelValle yes
50264 Mike Hardie Ron, I voted for you in ’88 and would love the opportunity to vote for you in 2012. Too often the real issues are obscured by the media; welfare, health care, added coverages for all - the real issues are smaller government and our shrinking liberty. We do not need senseless wars to help out other countries, but should have strong boarders! Ron, we need you!
50265 Vikrama I am not a US citizen but I cannot ignore the dignity with which the truth about the state of the nation, economy and the ever pervading influence of govt and corporations is having on our individual lives..

A common man is at the mercy of people/entities who set rules, guidelines and laws leading to a loss of fundamental liberty.

A part of the world’s problems (economy, climate, international relations, lack of innovation and mediocrity of human resources) is due to the irresponsibility excercised by the US in per capita consumption of resources, interventionist foreign policy, budgetary allocation on destruction than on creative research and infusing "commodotized" (not educated) literates into the system.

I only wish that the collective US population at large do not fear the revolution and vote for Dr. Paul. It is already a shame that this forward looking leader has been mistreated at the ballot twice.

Wake up and smell the coffee, America!!!
50266 Name not displayed
50267 Ed We can make this happen!
50268 Name not displayed Godspeed Ron
50269 Name not displayed Dr. Paul:

You are inspiration for every American, young and old. You stand by the Constitution as a true defender of liberty and your tireless convictions to the truth about the policies that are driving our country into debt and crisis management. Thank you for running for President in 2012! You have my support 150%.
50270 Evan F.
50271 GaMeOvEr
50272 Name not displayed Ron Paul is the only candidate that I will voluntarily support in 2012.
50273 Name not displayed you got my vote
50274 Gerald Phillips We need politicans that love their country and promote policies good for the country and not themselves. Please run. you have my support
50275 Jessica Coldiron
50276 Daisy Zarazua He is the only presidential candidate running for the PEOPLE. I love you, Ron Paul!
50277 Habib Khan As a proud American who chose to make this great land my adopted home,I feel strongly about the erosion of civil liberties and our Constitutional freedoms,which it appears,have been taken away from us through a well orchestrated and pre-planned agenda.We are following a foreign policy which seems suited not to our best national interests,but for the interest of some group of people,who are manipulating the media with a massive campaign of disinformation.It is becoming increasingly difficult to speak the truth in an attmosphere charged with Orwellian oversight.

Fortunately for America, Ron Paul has the conviction and courage to stand up against the sell-out of the office of President,and defend the true interests and principles of the USA.

All he needs is to assemble a talented team of speechwriters.The people are ready to hear his message,and vote for him in 2012.
50278 Jason Dovel I beg of you…we need your help. You are the only politician I have ever trusted and I don’t even live in Texas. I would also like to thank you again for coming to Idaho and giving that speech at BSU Morrison Center. I was one that yelled "run for President"
50279 william perkins
50280 Anthony Tullio
50281 Name not displayed break your conditioning
50282 Mitchell Cameron Colver
50283 Name not displayed We need to bring this country back to be respected, and to take care of Americans first. To respect the Constitution, and guarantee, All citizens of this country, the rights to the first and second amendment. Our right to make sure that our representatives, STOP abusing their powers in Washington D.C.
50284 Sandeep Singh need an honest and bold man for President like Ron Paul..
50285 Jean Pierre Agostini Go for it Mr. Paul. America has awoken. ´08 wasn´t your time. ´12 it is.
50286 Norman Andrews Dr. Paul, thank you for investing so much of your life in ideas and activities to help maximize our liberties.
50287 Name not displayed The government does not care about us as individuals, they spin webs of lies and deception, and in this day and age they have gotten better at using various tools such as; television, cell phones, and even music to distract, as well as, draw away our attention from what is truly going on in the world around us. Ron Paul cares about the people and we desperately need someone in office that will represent the people, as well as, what should really be happening with the United States. At the same time, I am torn, the system is corrupt and they most certainly see Ron Paul as a threat, I would feel dishonest if I did not say that I would fear for your well-being and ultimately your life if you were to run again, but I do have faith, I support you full heartedly, I see you.
50288 Joseph S. Warakomski
50289 Anthony Doyle
50290 Name not displayed
50291 alex mac cubbin
50292 Name not displayed
50293 Brandon Todder
50294 kamstarme
50295 parker mcevoy
50296 Name not displayed
50297 Name not displayed I agree with 35410 and do be very cautious and start taking additional security measures. By the way when you win the nomination-who will be your choice for VP?
50298 James Graves Let TRUE democracy begin.
50299 sdeercoume
50300 Name not displayed
50301 Name not displayed Lets GO!!! Impeach the Dictator now..Nullify the mandates, not even laws..WAKE UP..
50302 Michael J.
50303 Name not displayed Ron Paul 4 Life
50304 joe moreira enough is enough!!!
50305 Name not displayed
50306 Dennis C Bauer Jr After Voting Democrat my entire life my eyes were open by a close personal friend and i found that i was more of a libertarian/conservative than a democrat but after listening to ron paul my eyes opened even further so thank you ron paul and to all americans keep fighting the good fight we will bring back prosperity to america with ron pauls help
50307 Name not displayed
50308 Rachael Fisher We need Ron Paul!
50309 Charles Kirby Go Ron Paul 2012!!!! You are the only hope we have to save this country! I am ready to rally behind you and take to the streets to help you win.
50310 Name not displayed where can I buy a bumper sticker or two
50311 Name not displayed Please tell congress that the Global Commission’s report is NOT misguided but spot on!
50312 Kwame Knowles Dr.Paul i just started to looking at your views and i have to say i am beyond moved, as a 19 year old teen just finshing school you should be a role model to all young people that don’t know what our constustion is all about. I pledge with you Dr.Paul help us find the way we lost and end this Goverment era
50313 Daniel J Cowdrey I would love one day to see a regular persons vote really mean something,help us achieve that .
50314 Rhonda J Cowdrey
50315 Philip York Audit the Federal Reserve Undo what was done in 1913
50316 Name not displayed
50317 John cooley Run Paul run.
50318 Name not displayed
50319 Robert Moore We need a president that cares about the constitutuion. Go Ron Paul
50320 Welthy Silva I am 100% libertarian!
50321 Larry Mulalley
50322 Leo Croes We need a real change…one that will leave some change in our pockets, not one that will take every last penny in my piggy bank
50323 Jaime Harris
50324 Name not displayed
50325 Name not displayed I think the rest of these signatures speak loud enough… We need you up there doing what’s right for us.
50326 Name not displayed
50327 Lane Schroeder Let’s Do This R.P..!
50328 Matt Schwarz
50329 Kris Kersey
50330 David Goldman I hope and pray that you’ll win and be able to turn things around in this great country of ours. I like what I’ve read and heard about you and your views. Time to make it reality!
50331 Andrew Hacker We the people need you. AMERICA, she needs you as well.
50332 Chase L. Smith "Commerce with all nations, alliance with none, should be our motto" Thomas Jefferson
50333 Name not displayed
50334 Mark Bazikian Save my country.
50335 Name not displayed Ron Paul you are truly a gentlemen and a scholar.
50336 Name not displayed I am praying that this country sees the type of revolution that you speak about. 100% behind you.
50337 Marie Gerardi
50338 Stephen Headland
50339 James Rayford
50340 Name not displayed
50341 Name not displayed he is a great American who is just like Billy Wayne Engle Jr who is trying to run for Congress from 31st District of Texas in 2012 Election to fix the Corruption and stop Congressman John Carter who always works for wrong People.
50342 Pat Paquet Ron, you need to be a serious contender this year. No more playing second or third fiddle. If you think you can or you think you can’t,…, you’re right. So, think you can! We need credibility and common sense which I believe you are gifted with. So surround yourself with the right people, get into office and then make the necessary changes to your inner circle and get the job done.
50343 Amber
50344 Cindy Cardinal Listened to your interview with Candy Crawly on CNN. Was very impressed that your position has never wavered. You were very tactful when asked about other candidates, which indicates you have integrity. Your positions are well defended and well past due. I will vote for you if you run.
50345 John Gonzalez Every presidential debate, you mr. Paul. Are the only one who speaks with passion, with a voice of a generation, un bound by mainstream bullshit and personal agenda.
50346 Name not displayed I totally supported Ron Paul in the last election and will continue to do so in the upcoming election. He is the only one who is strictly in line with the Constitution.
50347 Adam L. Humphreys Ron Paul may not be able to mow the entire overgrown lawn of big government and bureaucracy, especially in one term, but at least he’d put a dent in it and educate the American people what it meant to be an American.
50348 Jason Althaus
50349 Ralph Stamm No more RINOs we need a true fiscal conservative like Ron Paul! Love ya Dr.
50350 Matt Ferguson We NEED you!!!
50351 brennan dalecki Run Ron!
50352 Kelly Shaw
50353 Name not displayed You give me reason to hope for a better future.
50354 Name not displayed
50355 William Friley I voted for Ron Paul in 2008 and I will again in 2012. We need Ron Paul!
50356 George R. DeMint Jr I’ve voted for Ron Paul in several of the last elections. One day people will wake up and realize that Ron is the ONLY candidate who follows the constitution.
50357 mike beizer jr
50358 Name not displayed
50359 Name not displayed We need someone like you to protect our constitutional rights
50360 Name not displayed Bring back manufcturing to this country, let the Chinese take care of themselves. Did we ever trade with the Soviets? Why do are polticians and our buisiness leaders sell us out to the cheaper labor? It’s obvious, they do not want to pay American wages. I am 49 years old and I make 11 dollars an hour. I am what the military used to call the backbone of the Army. The back bone has fallen behind the times. Bring back manufacturing to this Country. And I’ll be glad to spend 4.00 dollars a gallon for gasoline. And bring all of our troops home now…..!
50361 Virginia Hahn Donated to Money Bomb yesterday. Please fight on!!!!
50362 Tenzin Ron Paul: our last chance for democracy
50363 luke dunbar Draft Ron Paul 2012!
50364 Name not displayed Dont let us down!
50365 Joshua N. I can’t thank you enough Congressman Paul.
50366 Brian R Burrows getter done!
50367 Wil Booker Go Paul!!!!
50368 victor reyes We need ron paul to win in order to save this country.
50369 damien stokes America needs a doctor and its Dr. Paul!!!! long live the revolution!
50370 Aaron Gunn Enough is enough. No more war and welfare. Time for peace and freedom!
50371 George E. Trembulak Our country needs you now more then ever.
50372 Name not displayed get us back on track…
50373 Cameron Not to make you an idol or anything but……you’re a hero to every person in this world who believes in freedom.
50374 Guy
50375 Name not displayed I want to help in anyway to get Ron Paul Elected
50376 robert murphy
50377 Delone Ron Paul 2012
50378 Name not displayed
50379 Susann Zanwood Dear Congressman Dr.Ron Paul, American’s are in trouble and we’re all crying out for HELP. WE NEED YOU TO RUN AND HELP SAVE AMERICA! I WISH FOR YOU THE 2012 PRESIDENTIAL WIN!!!!! Doesn’t have a good ring to it… President Ron Paul for 2012!!!!
50380 Michael Meyers We need a bold, honest president again to stand up for what is right. Ron Paul in Jesus’s name I have faith in you sir. Liberty for America!!!
50381 Michelle Paolino You got what it takes to lead America to a brighter horizon. God bless you Ron Paul.
50382 Mike God bless you Ron Paul. The American people need a bold leader with good morals, not to mention you have a thorough understanding of what this country needs. Your our man.
50383 Name not displayed
50384 Name not displayed
50385 David Fileger Please dissolve the relationship the United States has with the private bank known as the Federal Reserve.
50386 Name not displayed Please focus on the Constitution, bring the beauty of this magnificent governing document into the public forum, and help Americans of every strip understand the fundamental founding principles of our country and why they are the why’s of freedom, -vs- the disillusionment of dependency, which always morphs into tyranny.

There has never been a communist country in the history of the world, in a matter of months they always convert into brutal totalitarian regimes. (Quote from my Father)
50387 robert brydon ronpaul in 2012
50388 Jonathon Kamph
50389 Joel Embry Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!!!
50390 Tony Langston Please save us from the fascist society that we are becoming…..
50391 Rebecca Smith
50392 Raphael Gessenharter He stands for the America, people around the world used to be looking up to!
50393 Gail Hughes The country needs you more than ever before.
50394 Justin Chuck Please run for presidency and stop the hyperinflation that is happening now. We need a completely different perspective to bring about positive changes for America.
50395 Steven McIntosh
50396 Name not displayed PLEASE. Lower the drinking age. At 18 you are an adult. You can die for your country, and are allowed to vote, and are viewed as an adult in every sense of legality- except for the drinking age. Remove the highway discount clause and the states will decide to move the age to 18. Talk about an easy way to decrease the deficit- the states will profit from the new group of customers contributing to the economy.
50397 Name not displayed For the win!
50398 Name not displayed Go Ron Paul!
50399 Keith Hartranft
50400 Bob Nakib
50401 Brian Stoll HELP US!!!! You have my full support.
50402 R. K. Russell
50403 Daniel Charles Please run for presidency. The World Needs You!
50404 Luigi Suriano
50405 Name not displayed
50406 Manuel Redondo Finally someone to turn the switch off for policing other countries problems and switch on to solving ,

the retrievable disparity within our country, The

United States of America……remember!
50407 Douglas Laney LIBERTY
50408 Amber C Our forefather’s are turning in their graves of what their United States of America has turned into. Help us turn the tides and restore America her once prosperous and prideful land where she truly was, "For the people, By the people" !
50409 Name not displayed
50410 Harman Singh ron paul for prez
50411 Name not displayed
50412 James R Austin III
50413 Hunter Young You are the only statesman left, please run for 2012!
50414 Michael Ormiston I don’t forsee the ignorant masses voting for the best choice, this electrion season. But, I keep praying for a miracle, I keep praying for Ron Paul’s victory.
50415 anders ericsson There’s a world outside of US also. We need someone with the head screwed on the right way that actually goes against American warfare mentality and who cares about personal integrity. It is not just an American matter. Please run.
50416 Adam Dehlinger We need Ron. America needs to return to its roots. The Constitution is the way this country was founded. But it has gone by the wayside. Ron will bring it back to the forefront. Run Ron Run.
50417 Name not displayed
50418 Anthony DeBello "People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people."
50419 Shane A. Shutt
50420 russell dehaut RON PAUL REVOLUTION
50421 John Mann
50422 Melissa Pixley
50423 Rytis Run Ron Run!
50424 frank savino
50425 Name not displayed
50426 ROGER L MORGAN a vote for Ron Paul , is a vote for " a better AMERICA "
50427 Gail Joyan
50428 Name not displayed
50429 Tap Although I totally disagree with him on his views on abortion (I support pro-choice), I like his foreign policy and I truly believe that he will make our country and the world a safer place.
50430 Chris Crump Your the only person that makes sense
50431 Name not displayed
50432 Juan Puentes
50433 Mason
50434 Chrisitan Let Ron Paul lead The US back to its original liberty that it lost a long time ago!

32 Responses to Signatures 45,001-50,434

  1. Johnathon D Smith says:

    Help us remember what makes us great!

  2. David Weber says:

    Let’s do this! Our time is now!

  3. Jim G. says:

    Thank you in advance for once again answering the call of your countrymen and staying true to the principles of our Founding Fathers. I believe your are the right man at the right time to return the country back to it’s heirs.
    I salute you and “the Republic for which it stands…!”

  4. dylon says:

    i live in the uk so i cant vote, but ron is the guy for the job, he’s what the usa and the world needs ! :)

  5. Donald Noehre says:

    Continue to work to put gold as backing our money. I liked you in 08 and I will vote for you in 2012. Ron you are what this country needs at this time.

  6. Lisa Alvarado says:

    WE LOVE YOU RON PAUL! Finally we a have hero!

  7. Paul MAJORS says:

    Dr. Paul, I’m a supporter and believe in everything you say but how do I address people who have fears of losing social security and medicare?

  8. Gracyn says:

    I tohhgut finding this would be so arduous but it’s a breeze!

  9. Eric Cooper says:

    We need you to take out the Trash in Washington..

  10. Rao says:

    Persistence is the key. Unfortunately the media doesn’t like to give you the attention you deserve because they are more interested in the puppets that are linked to the media heads. With the puppets continuing to mess things up and you gaining more and more popularity you can make it one day or at least inspire others to follow in your footsteps. It’s time for a CHANGE!!!!

  11. Jonathan Le says:

    Now’s your chance Ron Paul.Lets make a big change for America and get rid of the Patriot Act,Bring the troops home,bring free trade,end the fed,fix the economy,make sure that all of the people are unemployed and they can be able to get jobs a lot easier.oh yea make sure that the money avoids inflation.This is our last chance for America.Ron Paul for President in 2012.

  12. Greg Brown says:

    Get us back on the Gold Standard! Get this once great counrty back to the Constitution.

  13. scott bisbee sr says:

    If Dr, Paul doesn’t win? Kiss your ass goodby,or work the rest of your life making the rich richer while you make min.wage Wake up people

  14. Alex Graham says:

    Ron Paul may very well be our last hope. He has got to win!

  15. Luis H Pires says:

    I’m a huge supporter of Dr. Paul, a student of the Austrian Economics and an advocate of the Libertarian movement!

  16. mike says:

    hope you can stand working under bush thay run this place N W O HATE THOSE GUYS RON GO GET SOME for us all thank you so mush mike

  17. Johnson 527 says:

    Ron Paul 2012!! rEVOLution!!! Make some noise America!!! Let’s bring him in!!!

  18. mike sass says:

    we need a goverment tht protects our rights, my group is how to do tht, please look at it

  19. Joseph Smith says:

    We need someone with COMMON SENSE like Ron Paul to be our President.

  20. Stephen Craig says:

    How could you not vote for someone who defends our Constitution so fearlessly. God bless Dr. Ron Paul, a true American Patriot.

  21. Roy Tyndall says:

    His time has come! Enough of the status quo! Time to get America fixed and back on track and be an honorable nation throughout the world!

  22. Eric Froebel says:

    I agree on all Ron’s issues !! He makes to much sense. Big business is scared of this guy. Good Luck Mr. Paul

  23. Kirsti says:

    Hope is a word with meaning again… not hollowed out by false promises. This is real, true, honest to goodness hope. I have hope that Ron Paul will be our next President for many years to come!

  24. Kris R says:

    I am 21 years old attending a highly liberal, Jesuit university in Seattle. In 2008 (my first opportunity to vote) I fully supported your candidacy. While I do not condone the one political party, excuse me I mean two political parties, I understand the logic behind running under one of the major two (those who run outside never win). I voted for Bob Barr when you lost the nomination in 2008, and will not be casting my vote for Republicans in the upcoming election (unless, of course, it is Ron Paul). You have an extensive knowledge of every issue you discuss, you are a gentleman during interviews and debates, you actually present your views rather than dodge questions and tell people what they want to hear. In essence, you are the opposite of most politicians; this is exactly why I support you. On a funny side note, my liberal, Democratic friends (of which there are many in Seattle, but also for my age demographic in general) hold similar views to your own, but are either too afraid or too closed-minded to even look and listen to you for themselves. It is quite sad, but I’ll work on exposing your words to them, rather than allowing them to be satisfied by second and third parties trying to “interpret” your words for you. The media more recently has taken notice of you, and I could not be happier. It is obvious that they are scared of you, which is why they try to humiliate you and manipulate videos (I’m referring to FOX and CNN here). Your voting record and political philosophy, as well as your daily words are inspiring. Might you consider speaking at my university, as I know this is something you are accustomed to doing. While this message will no doubt get lost in the mess of emails or support, I just wanted to thank you for being you and running again in 2012.

  25. Andrzej Sekula says:


  26. dolphin says:

    Why are you people not signed up on the FaceBook page for the “BLACK OUT MONEY BOMB” Yet?

    Wednesday, October 19 at 12:00am - October 20 at 12:00am

    The Ron Paul Money Bomb to Surpass all other Moneybombs!

    The media has ignored, blacked out, downplayed and outright lied about Ron Paul and we are sick of it!

    Let’s give the media something they cannot ignore, the largest one day online fundraiser in political history!!/event.php?eid=181997088537471

    Please Spread The Word Far and Wide.

    There is an option on the FaceBook page where you can select your individual friends on FaceBook to receive an invitation.

  27. Dave says:

    For a honest trustworthy man as the U.S. President!

  28. okaasia says:

    Nice blog right here! Additionally your web site lots up very fast! What host are you using? Can I get your affiliate link in your host? I wish my website loaded up as quickly as yours lol

  29. Daniel says:

    Ron, you have my support and i will be voting for you. Your only true candidate right now that believes in the constitution, no more wars, a stable economy, freedom and much more. You have had my vote since 2008 and you will have my vote now. Ron Paul 2012!!

  30. pat massari says:

    You are the one. We the people are behind you.

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