Signatures 45,001-50,434

Number Name Comment
48001 Name not displayed Dear Mr. Ron Paul, please forgive me and I wish God will forgive me for not knowing about 2008 petition. Had I known about you running I would stamped your name with my ten fingers and my heart. God Bless you for defending our people hear in America and defending innocent people who were being killed in Iraq for NO reason whatsoever. God Bless you Dear Mr. Ron Paul
48002 Name not displayed You are our voice. We empower you as OUR representative to be heard, and to act on OUR behalf.
48003 Name not displayed RON 2012
48004 marie pettengill
48005 Name not displayed Thanks for being a delight to watch during the GOP debate. That is why I am here.
48006 Kyle
48007 Tiffany McAlister
48008 Richard P Paczynski, MD Let’s get out there and support patriots and big tent patriots
48009 dennis dooley please run,we really need u for this country!!! LET ME KNOW, HOW I CAN HELP IN CHICAGO LAND AREA?
48010 Annie GO RON!
48011 Tim Crackerboy Nation let’s get it done……
48012 James Wozniak
48013 Nino LaRocca
48014 Jake Hamel We love you Man.. Keep it up, and don’t change a thing..
48015 Phillip Loughrey
48016 Joey Carmack I’m Tired Of The USless goverment taking rights my father,grand father,Great grand father fought for.Obama is a disgrace and WEAK time after time he has proven him self to be little Jimmy Carter,four more years of the disgrace will collapse and follow in the foot steps of the Soviet Union. Wake up america. Bring Pride,Courage,World Super Power and Honorable Ron Paul (R) is the one to save our great nation.
48017 Terrence Kim I believe that Ron Paul is the epitome of the true and honest American.
48018 ricardo marcano-javier
48019 Name not displayed
48020 Name not displayed Dear Mr. Ron Paul, you are the American and the Iraqis hero for defending the truth. You alway speaks the truth. Iraqis people did not hit the Two Towers and they haven’t done America or the American no harm at all.. Bush knew that yet millions and millions of Iraqis were and still being killed for NO reason whatsoever. America and the Whole Wold would be not jus tbetter , but the Best when you bcome the President of USA.
48021 jason hall Indiana wants you. 2012 here we come.
48022 Name not displayed This country need someone like you before its to late.
48023 Name not displayed My family moved here from russia in 1993 and when I have to see american born citizen weep over the changes this country has gone through, I cant help but crave for the lighthouse in a sea of darkness, which America used to be. We need a leader that will return the nation to its once former glory. Run for presidency, defend our rights and freedom. Anyone who is able to change the world should, please dont stand idly by.
48024 Name not displayed
48025 Kirk H. Ross
48026 Name not displayed Dear Mr. Paul you are the World’s hero. You always told the truth. Iraqi people had nothing to do with the hitting of Trade Centers. We hope when you become the President of America you will completely and right away pull all the uAmerican Soldiers from Iraq. Thank you for being so trust worthy dear Sir.
48027 Daniel Shores
48028 Jeff Jones Vietnam veteran vote for Ron Paul
48029 Martin C Sinclair Please, shrink this monstrosity of a government and make good fiscal policy!
48030 anthony pusillo
48031 John W Run Ron Run, you da man
48032 Name not displayed Dear Dr. Paul , you are what the Whole World needs. You are the TRUTH itself. Please Save the rest of the Iraqi people from vanishing. they are the victoms of Condeleezza Rice , Bush, Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and the other.
48033 Nick Bach Go get it. We need you now more than ever.
48034 Name not displayed Dr. Ron Paul, the WORLD needs you as the President of America and the Savior of all these ugly wars. Save Iraqi people please. God Bless you.
48035 Name not displayed I always look for your name on the internet to read and hear and LISTEN to what you say Dear Sir. You are the best for the American and for the whole wide world. Please Save the Iraqi people and Iraq by keep speaking the truth as you did and as you are still telling the truth and doing it.. You are the one that the world needs and wants.
48036 GroovaBee We will Survive.
48037 Jayson WOOT! WOOT! RON PAUL!!!!!!!!
48038 Lonnie Rhyne You’ve got my vote!
48039 Name not displayed It is most important in this day and age of insanity to not go crazy, and to not forget what it means to be a person…If you don’t understand the Six Guidelines, then you’re simply running in lock-step with the rat-race of this mad age. As long as you flow with the tide of insanity, you’re just another madman, as crazy as the next person.—The Future Of Humankind
48040 Michael collazo Good luck sir, you got my vote
48041 Larry Ross, MD Ron, stop the insanity in Washington.
48042 joey bryan liberty for all
48043 Cory Lockhart
48044 Name not displayed You are the Best not just for and to the American people, but to the Whole Wide World and in paricularly to ALL THE MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF THE IRAQI PEOPLE. Millions and Millions of them were killed and still being killed for NO reason at all. Please Save the rest of them. They are people just like us in America. We need a President like you dear Sir.
48045 Josh Cleaver
48046 Name not displayed
48047 Kyle Walker Independent registering Republican to vote for Ron Paul in the primary!
48048 bret somers Ron Paul is a TRUE American. I’ll support you every way that I can!
48049 James Robert Thompson Ron i can only say one thing. I would take a bullet for you homie.
48050 David M The bumper sticker should read" Vote for REAL Change"
48051 Name not displayed
48052 Tracy Borer
48053 Name not displayed Ron Paul 2012, woot!
48054 Dan Frey Everyone should read "None Dare Call it Conspiracy" by Gary Allen. Recommended by an 8 yr member (Ezra Taft Benson) of Eisenhower’s cabinet. Explains why we have the Fed and endless wars.
48055 Chuck Please run and when you win please help this country get back to normal like before 9/11 normal we as a nation need to move on not forget but move on from that day. YOU GOT MY VOTE!!! oh yeah PS legalize Pot also and use the money to help the lower class and homeless but just in the US screw all the other country’s.
48056 Richard Stafford Someone needs to straighten out the mess America has fallen into. I hope that someone is you.
48057 Mark former Squid Ron has got to win or we are ruined as a nation.
48058 Kevin McClure A true constitutionalist
48059 christoph alfiero Cake Eaters for ron paul!
48060 Michael O’Ryan Thank you, good sir.
48061 Christopher Paul Hosek We can bring a new era to our nation. An era when the American People look at the monumental problems in our government, and say "We will Fix This. It’s our turn to rise to a challenge, as have many generations have done before our’s. This is our duty"
48062 bert d. zeitler was waiting for you to enter the race. was gonna vote for only you orrand for president
48063 Michael Cline I live in a very conservative city in MI. Midland, MI would be a great place for your presidential campaign, if you run, I will help here.
48064 Stephen Hilliard
48065 Jim Weinreich
48066 Stephen Noska 3 times is a charm!
48067 Jessica
48068 Rob
48069 Michelle
48070 Name not displayed I am so glad you’re running as a republican. It’s a shame that America has reduced itself to 2 parties though your success will help to start the change for more parties. I’ll be pulling for you, Ron.
48071 Jamie Lee Kimbrell Everything we need as a country is everything Ron Paul believes in.
48072 Brian Heroux I donated to your money bomb Congressman and we have quite a few people on your side here in Wisconsin! Good luck, and God Bless!
48073 Sid Calayag Restore America!
48074 Rachel Dovel I am a lesbian and I think you are the best candidate for the job. I agree with your stances on many issues and hope you decide to run for president in 2012. You will definitely have my vote. I am a proud American and would love to rally for you in LGBT community.
48075 Name not displayed I’m proud to support a man who will get rid of the Fed and restore our economy.
48076 Anthony Moten Americas Last hope of maintaining anything close to what we enjoy as a standard of living lies with this man.
48077 Adam
48078 JEREMIAH HUFF In Ron Paul we trust!
48079 Kristina Billmyer
48080 Kymberly M. McClure
48081 Name not displayed He has my vote.
48082 Name not displayed The United States does not need more of the same we will get from the Democrats and typical Republicans. It’s the old phrase about the insanity of doing the same thing and expecting a different result. I think Ron Paul is intelligent and pragmatic enough to be an effective president.
48083 Kevin Shoptaw Ron Paul if you can get us out of this mess, you deserve to be on a coin.
48084 Bill Brown I voted for you in 1988 and 2008. I look forward to your candidacy and hopefully your winning in 2012.
48085 Name not displayed
48086 Dean Go Ron Paul. From Hawaii.
48087 scott america fuck yeah!

fuck censorship!
48088 Marcel Daigneault America needs Ron Paul.
48089 John Tice GO Ron Paul
48090 Mike "We were behind you in 08′ and we’re still here, waiting for the greatest positive change in American history. Ron Paul 2012!
48091 Katie Valentine
48092 Kathleen Brenzel-Urbina Illegal immigration needs to stop, no amnesty, no anchor babies (they are not citizens, no more welfare fraud, no more medicare fraud….I’m tired of paying taxes to support people that can work but won’t. I’m tired of our elected officials ignoring the will of the people (especially the ones that play to the Hispanic vote). I feel like I’m living in Mexico….and what about the gangs? ENOUGH !!
48093 Todd Wildenberg God Bless you Ron Take our country back from these socialist heathens
48094 James Roberts We need a President who understands the Constitution and the People. Our Civil Liberties are gone no longer alive in America.
48095 Adam Parmer
48096 Joseph Tyszko
48097 Melissa Roberts Yes to Ron Paul in 2012, you have my vote. The country needs you now more than ever!
48098 Sergio You are the only reason why I still have faith in politicians
48099 Name not displayed due to health concerns, I don’t know how much I will be affected by anything, BUT, I fear for my children and most especially my grandchildren!! We desperately need someone like you as our President. Please consider running.
48100 Josh Davis Exactly what this country Needs!!!!! Veteran’s for Paul!
48101 Michael Little You are a great man!! We need you as president
48102 Name not displayed As an American Veteran and Christian I hope and pray you consider a run for President. God Bless you sir. Thank you for your service to our country.
48103 Riz Please run for the President. Being a great nation brings a lot of added responsibilities with it. The world needs a leader like you Mr Paul.
48104 Loi Huynh
48105 Kylee Nitschke
48106 Tim Maland
48107 justin oliver
48108 Joshua Hockett
48109 Ellie We need you.
48110 Wolfgang Unger Extreme tyranny disguised as altruism needs to be confronted!
48111 demetrius dacres
48112 Stephen Roskowski
48113 Name not displayed
48114 Lou Febbo Thank You
48115 greg hahn
48116 Rene stolp I hope it will not be to late by then,can we get him sooner!!!!!!
48117 Jessica Jones
48118 Sean Allison For liberty!
48119 Jade Roberts
48120 Robert Roberts
48121 tricia
48122 Geoff Liakos
48123 thomas north
48124 robert mahanna Thank you Ron, we the citizens of the U.S.A. need you and many more like you. Good luck and God bless!
48125 Derek Mitchell
48126 Tim Burns please send me info on how to help the campaign.
48127 Name not displayed You have given me hope. I have seen the government i fight for and love so much fall to a simple bickering match. Even almost letting our military who has given all ( If not in deployment or losses of friends and family, but the fact we have to deal with the cuts instituted in recent years while still dealing with the wars we are fighting) to the simple fact that we almost shut down. I am absolutely behind you and can not wait to help you in any way I can!
48128 Shelley Corrigan
48129 Elizabeth gilbertson
48130 bill
48131 Chris Martin My only regret is that I didn’t hear your message sooner, it’s amazing that you’ve been in public service for 12 years and I only learned of your existence about 2 years ago, you are a breath of fresh air, Sir.
48132 Vinayak K. Gore
48133 jo America needs you more then ever
48134 andrew
48135 Name not displayed
48136 Matthew Emery Freedom!
48137 Name not displayed Ron Paul 2012 - Time for change/revolution.
48138 Name not displayed Be in it to WIN it…..whatever it takes to stop the socialist muslim who currently occupies the White House.
48139 Amy Guyer
48140 David Weinberg Due to the media’s attempt to consistently distort your character, I strongly feel your best chance of winning would be to partner with a tech savvy young group who can help you bypass the mainstream media via Youtube, Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn, Twitter, Texts, etc. and build a viral grassroots campaign that can’t be stopped. This is one of the first times in history where you could connect with the masses outside of the mainstream media due to technological advances and social networking on the internet. This would be the key to your Presidential success. Personally, I feel the economy should be your main focus of your campaign message, but it should be done on simple terms that the average American can understand so you can connect well with the people. Best of luck to you!
48141 Name not displayed Be careful of Rep/Dem tactics intimidating Ross Perot
48142 chad
48143 Samantha Tighiouart As Jefferson Said, "When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty." Feel the Fear and embrace the Liberty!
48144 marshall McGrath after reading your book. END THE FED. you’ve got my VOTE.
48145 Mahmoud Tighiouart This week our county announced the closing of an elementary school to reduce the 4 million budget shortfall by 1 million. These young children will be added to already oversized classes and bused an extra hour per day all the while our Federal Government is giving billions to foreign countries. While we are a generous people, we should not sacrifice our own for other countries. If we could count on their generosity of other countries, we would not have these problems. We can help in times need, but we can’t support the world. It is not fair to our taxpayers or our future generations.
48146 Name not displayed I can’t wait to see what you bring to this country!
48147 Jacob Bieschke
48148 Tuan Charlie Thank you !!
48149 Cheburatorkr
48150 ken koch
48151 Steve Smith DO IT
48152 Jessy
48153 joanne brown I love ron paul for our president in 2012
48154 Justin BAsh Small government- Strong Economy!
48155 Kell Hogan I know you just announced you are running in 2012 but I’m signing anyway and want to say thank you. This country needs you NOW!
48156 Mike WE NEED YOU!
48157 Robert M Welch End the Fed
48158 Jeremy Please Ron Paul run in 2012! You have my fathers and my vote in 2012!
48159 Duane Hodges
48160 Dyann Murphy save us!!!
48161 Keith Barto
48162 Frank Last hope for USA! RUN IN 2012 YOU HAVE MY VOTE!!!!
48163 Jason Overstreet I will encourage anyone I speak with to vote for you. Stay true!
48164 Shon Mann If not you , who else?
48165 Name not displayed It’s time for the U.S. to return to form and BE the best country in the world!
48166 Sekou Sonko Boisclair
48167 Dawn Marquette The only presidential candidate in my lifetime worth voting for
48168 Name not displayed
48169 Name not displayed
48170 Jeremiah Marshall Revolution!
48171 Dinh Hung Phong I suppose that it’s not America need you to be as a President Raul, I need you too even I am vietnamese.
48172 Name not displayed The real life equivalent of Optimus Prime!
48173 Hassan Fadel Bring the world back!
48174 christopher
48175 becky
48176 David We need someone to help us in shrinking the government and end our unnecessary disputes with foreign countries, not to mention making our economy hold more firmly to the capitalistic ideals our country was founded on.
48177 Name not displayed
48178 William Grant Holden
48179 jenifer you have my vote lets do it
48180 Tanisha Mendieta Dr. Paul, you are one of the very few public servants out there who has the integrity, courage, vision, and conviction to protect our constitution and restore America to what our Founding Fathers intended.

I was fooled during the last presidential election and did not vote for you but my eyes are wide open this time. We need you, sir!
48181 drinkintov
48182 Name not displayed
48183 Name not displayed And deliver us from Evil !!! Ron Paul, your God sent.

Get back what belongs to the Americans, "We the People". Take back our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Take Back America, One Nation under God with Liberty and Justice for ALL. God be with you…….
48184 Gena Tomlinson Your consistently interrupted interview on CNN peaked my interest and after reading some of your no-nonsense economically brilliant stance of taxation (not to mention your ability to understand the need for diplomacy), you have my vote.
48185 Eric R Benson Stay Healthy Ron…we need you !!
48186 Ryan Gearhart I have never heard any politician sound more reasonable, more logical, and have a greater respect for freedom than Ron Paul.

Lets show the world how its done!
48187 Kenny Liu Bring back America
48188 Name not displayed Go Ron Go!
48189 Name not displayed
48190 Bourgeois
48191 Gregg Carter Only time ever in my life I added my name to anything that had to do with a politician & politics but as Ron Paul is the 1st politician that I believe isn’t a scumbag in it for a free lunch & his own personal agenda I’d sign twice if I could & if my pen ran out of ink I’d sign it in blood
48192 Name not displayed You are our only hope, please help us deliver ourselves from the pits of negligence we have cast ourselves into through lack of courage and willingness to do what is right while being oppressed by our military industrial complex. I will do all in my power to campaign for you.
48193 Randall Quade
48194 Randall Murphy The xountry desparately needs Ron Paul.
48195 Name not displayed Go for it! And if - in the event you need to hire a true American to push you for presidency in northeast Ohio please contact me! I’ve been doing my own battle for the past 2 years trying to get a job in the 2nd worse state in this country for employment. If I haven’t thrown in the towel - don’t you either! I will never give up on the belief this country can go back to "Proud to be an American".
48196 Name not displayed
48198 Gordon Morrison
48199 David Aragon Good luck, we need it.
48200 Blake Littlepage
48201 Name not displayed You have my vote. It is time to "Change" Obama out of the White House and to insure we place someone there with this Country and "WE THE PEOPLE" interests first and foremost.
48202 Lizann Horn
48203 George Curran "Go Run Ron Go"
48204 Tiffany Johnson GO DR. RON PAUL!
48205 Brian Stinson
48206 Name not displayed
48207 Name not displayed I have been US citizen for 16 years now and never had even slightest desire to vote for no one! Now I am registering to vote, thanks to Ron, I will finally become real American.
48208 Randy Cargill You already make me proud sir, but it would be an honor to have you as President of the United States.
48209 EuropeanAmerican Ron Paul all the way!
48210 John Kieras Let us stop this crazy Defence Spending and have a rational honest person become President.
48211 Rick McCarthy
48212 Paul Austin
48213 Name not displayed Sir, our country needs you, and as a former Infantryman of 6 years, our military needs it, our boys been at it too long, time to bring them home.
48214 Name not displayed
48215 Robert Herrity Could you please tell me where the nearest Ron Paul For President campaign headquarter near me? I live just nortwest of the Philadelphia,Pa. area. (My zip code is 19454, if that helps) Many thanks, Robert Herrity
48216 Name not displayed
48217 J.S For a safer world for our children.
48218 Kyle defeat this globalist empire Ron! You’re the only real candidate out there, hopefully when this economy turns to mush the people will finally wake up and see you as the true answer!
48219 James Hanny Thank You Ron Paul.
48220 Nancy J. Andriola All I’m going to say is you would be the breath of fresh air America is dying for. We are being choked, and soon it’ll be over. Bring us back Ron! We love you!
48221 David Blagojevic
48222 Name not displayed
48223 Dusty
48224 RJ Take to ‘em! Those lying, power-hungry, greedy, naive, narrow-sighted, spineless, wannabe-conservatives don’t stand a chance!
48225 Joe Hill
48226 Rob Archer Ron Paul for Prez! NWO needs to be annihilated. And that starts with taking back our country and civil liberties!
48227 Name not displayed
48228 Gabe Robles Man I believe in everything you preach. Just hope the system doesn’t change you once you get to the top. Ron Paul 2012!!!!
48229 Annie You speak the truth and they don’t like it. Worried they would assassinate you if you run.
48230 Name not displayed
48231 David Browne
48232 Name not displayed
48233 Name not displayed He is a good human being.
48234 Evan Griffiths Let’s do this!
48235 Paul Bliss Ron Paul for President!!
48236 Name not displayed support
48237 Brandon barger I supported you last time and will again. I’ve taken the years since the last election to introduce my friends and family to your views. We can do this!
48238 Andy Harris The system is broken.
48239 Matt Thomann
48240 Sean C I’m extremely excited to hear you will be running again in 2012, Dr. Paul! If the MSM will give you equal face-time as the other candidates, there is no way you can lose! Ron Paul 2012
48241 Dwayne Baker jr Ron Paul is the guy for President
48242 Name not displayed Please run Ron Paul! Save this country from turmoil. Your party is in the toilet.
48243 Name not displayed
48244 Name not displayed YOU CAN DO IT FOR US RON, DON’T LET US DOWN!!
48245 Tony Q. Please Dr. Paul, America needs another rEVOLution. Industrial- to better our lives: Check; Political- to better our country: Ron Paul’s nomination… You’ve go the support of the smartest voters in the country, we’re not letting you down because you continue to meet and exceed our expectations of what a politician should be! Thanks Dr. Paul!
48246 Christopher Salazar All my prayers are going out for this man and the movement that he has started. I still believe in "Change," and he is the man that will bring such that has not been seen in over a century!!!
48247 Blake Rosen Freedom to the people! We need a president to help keep the U.S. a free place, thank you Ron Paul, we need you.
48248 Name not displayed We need you to stop this evil power from gaining full control! You are my hero!
48249 pat kable You will be remembered as the man who changed the minds of the entire world leading to a new age of true prosperity.
48250 Name not displayed
48251 James Emmerich
48252 Orval Gilbertson
48253 Daniel G. Ovind Its about time!!!!
48254 Kevin America needs responsability in our fiscal policy, our foreign policy and our social agendas. Lead us into a bright, resposable and secure future that we can pass down to future generations without worry of bail-outs and unneccesary wars.
48255 Lenka Kollarova because he is the right one!
48256 Sebastian Your a big hero of mine keep on holding strong for us American’s. Please seriously consider Jesse Ventura as VP, you two would be a debating powerhouse
48257 Name not displayed
48258 Marc Massau It is time for all of us to sacrifice as much as we can so that this common sense approach might be possible give till it hurts
48259 Brian Tate You are our REAL Hope of Change!!

I would "Never" vote republican but I am behind YOU all the way!!
48260 Zachary Moreno Thanks for standing up for the people. YOU HAVE MY VOTE
48261 Nicholas Smith
48262 Townley
48263 dan tritten
48264 Alson Taylor Please tell America that you will donate back your salary, not hire a private chef, drive a mini-van, and seek to rent out the White House while you live in a mobile home. We cannot afford an expensive inaugural party or First Ladies who travel with their husbands. Please make presidential thrift your hallmark.
48265 steve landry Fix this mess that barack has created .shrink this damn oppression machine . And fix gas prices
48266 matt stewart Run for president, Paul!
48267 Michael Mears You should be a shoe in….instead it will be a fight. OK, lets go.
48268 Name not displayed I’m tired of being lied to by our government. All I ask is for transparency, it’s hard for a government to be dirty while everyone knows the truth. And you, Sir, are a grand representative of that logic and I support you. Please run to lead this country to true liberty. I am a veteran who has deployed and I know that what we are doing over there is illegal.
48269 Craig Chandler Go Ron Paul - WOOT!
48270 Name not displayed Support individualism and Ron Paul.
48271 Clay
48272 Craig End the Fed!
48273 Bryce M. Liwosz Ron Paul, you are the only candidate that should even be running, the only one who seems to truely value the constitution and the personal rights and freedoms of the American citizens. Please help us through these dark days.
48274 John Bernardy I would help educate other voters in Maine should he decide to run!!! It is time to address issues that most politicians avoid. God Bless You Ron.
48275 Name not displayed I am 40yrs old and I have never voted, if you run I will do it for the first time just to vote for you.
48276 Eric 21st century prophet! keep on keepin on
48277 Nina Abul-Husn
48278 Name not displayed
48279 Benjamin Thompson
48280 James MacQueen We need Ron Paul as our leader !!!
48281 Ken Hall
48282 Dee Dreyer
48283 skye stewart
48284 John Echo I would love to work for Congressman Paul, am willling to display lawn signs, bumper stickers, or do anything else I can to ensure that his campaign receives the utmost publicity. He is the only candidate who speaks honestly about America’s problems and will at least make an effort, within the constitutional limitations he will invariably face, to resolve them. He is truly America’s wake up call. Win Ron Win!
48285 Name not displayed Ron Paul speaks the truth and most American’s would rather believe the lies from the President and party leaders. We need to kick them out in 2012.
48286 Tyler Francisco This country needs to go back to it’s roots. Ron Paul is the only one who has the right ideas to do that. Ron Paul 2012.
48287 Jacob Weakley
48288 DUANE PALMITER SR. Please let me know how I can help on a grassroots basis!
48289 Jake Mr Paul, should you get the presidential nomination, will be the first movement to a true free society. Even if none of your proposed legislation makes it though, it will just go to show that good people can exist in the presidency even in the 21st century, and can try to make a difference.
48290 Name not displayed We don’t want Obama to win again!
48291 Nat Rasico
48292 Name not displayed
48293 Vorcoargo
48294 Petey Puckett Please make your campaign song "Freedom" by the late great Jimi Hendrix. You got my vote!
48295 Name not displayed
48296 Craig Paris
48297 Rosa I’m behind you all the way!
48298 David wood jr we need the stock market to turn around and send the army back home
48299 PAClarke Our country needs your leadership now.
48300 Dave Martin
48301 Rob
48302 Anthony Zayas I believe in humanity!
48303 Name not displayed
48304 Irina Day
48305 Name not displayed YOU NEED TO RUN, WE NEED YOU
48306 Name not displayed
48307 Name not displayed
48308 Name not displayed
48309 Jeanet Crimmins This is the person america needs to help restore this country. Ron Paul revolution!
48310 jason
48311 Name not displayed end the fed, and fire every person on wall street.
48312 Sebastian Frohm I may not agree with everything you say, we share the ideal that America will rise soon, with your guidance.
48313 Michael Martin
48314 David Cane I watched the Republican debate on Fox the other night. Although I do not agree with all the specifics of your position, one detail stood out: Of all the candidates only Ron Paul seemed to stand for the literal intent of the Constitution. We need to return to that literal reading of the best document ever developed in the Western World (and second only to the Bible).
48315 Christian Jimenez You’re always being underestimated by war loving people

peace is what is needed
48316 Nick Lundberg Now more than ever !
48317 James Stronach Run Ron, run. Liberty for all!
48318 Name not displayed
48319 adam
48320 Name not displayed WE NEED YOU!!!
48321 Name not displayed We need you Ron!
48322 jon USMC VET FOR Ron Paul 2012
48323 Name not displayed Go Hemp.
48324 Kevin Please end the wars before we destroy ourselves and possibly the rest of the world. Our foreign policy is the most important issue facing us. Our wars are the cause of most of our economic woes and we can not sustain them. Please before we go the way of Rome, Germany and the Soviet Union.
48325 Name not displayed Go Ron Paul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
48326 Sam Bronstein Finally someone who will get us out of the Middle East
48327 Jason Myers Dr. Paul, you are incredible! Thank you.
48328 Name not displayed Dear Ron;

At this juncture, you have annonced that you will run. I am glad you did. I have never felt so energized about a candidate as I am about yours. God speed, there are lots of us out here who support and believe in what you stand for.
48329 kevin monaghan the policies of corruption of and militarism the u.s. has implemented to drain the people can no longer continue. both sides of the imaginary parties are not only doing nothing, they are supporting this destruction of rights and our country, while spending our money infinatly putting us at even more of a disadvange. please for the sake of this countrry and the world vote ron paul 2012. it may not be enough but its leaps and bounds compared to where things are going. down with the fed.
48331 Cameron
48332 David Park More people need to listen to what Ron Paul has to say!
48333 Name not displayed I’m Canadian
48334 Ida votemyrace let this man be pres..
48335 C. Kirkland "Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy."

— Ron Paul
48336 Name not displayed i’m more than happy to help in anyway ,by signing

this hopefully will bring freedom back!!!!
48337 Kevin Southern A flamin’ Liberal for Ron Paul. In all the hustle and bustle that Dems (my registered party affiliation) use to try to push legislation that spends tax money on social welfare, they have forgotten to tackle the much bigger burden on the American taxpayer: this ridiculous and endless War on Terror. I like what you say about coming home now that Osama’s dead. I have been saying this since 2001. End War! End the drug prohibition! And make it so that if we are going to pay for social welfare, at least it should be a streamlined system not full of bureaucrats, paperwork, and time, time time! I am eager to be a part of this campaign, Dr. Paul. I believe that you can win.
48338 Julian Ross We need to you bring America back!
48339 elise pettis ron paul 2012
48340 Sam Eisenberg Fiscal Conservative! Anti Abortion! Pro Second Amendment! Anti UN and overseas intervention! Willing to cross party lines! If he only would be pro Marijuana legalization…We would agree on 100 percent of issues!
48341 D. Howard Its official, he announced his candidacy!! There is actually hope now…. Not much, but at least there’s hope.
48342 Rick Combs Jr. Dr.Paul your in my prayers every night ,my family can only hope you get ellected.If not, NWO is on the way ,revelations will be played out. Your our only hope .God Bless All..!
48343 Lance Brown Choose your son, Rand, to be your running mate! :O)

LIBERTY or TYRANNY. We decide.
48344 David Schweppe Let’s make this happen! Go Ron!
48345 James Alsante I appreciate your common sense most, I think. You know what NEEDS doing…
48346 Mark Donegan
48347 Austin
48348 Gayle Dixon
48349 Brett Desarro With the Federal Reserve controlling and guiding our nation’s strings toowards a Bank World Order.. there is no hope for a better future. The future needs a Revolution.
48350 joan stukes Our time is now. Set course to steer the USA for the 21st Century.
48351 David Please get Obama out!!!!!!!!!!!!
48352 Glen A. Kotten restore the constitution and the order of law and get back to the principles of individual liberty and freedom
48353 ernest Beaumont
48354 Name not displayed
48355 Name not displayed Please, we need someone like you in office.
48356 Sara Coffey
48357 Celeste Herrera
48358 M. Drinnon LOBBY = Let-Our-Business-Bribe-You… This is what decades of elected officials have allowed……

Bribed politicians & the laws they pass dont represent the many, they represent the few (with money)
48359 Jason Lovelace RUN RON RUN
48360 Zack LETS GO RON!
48361 Name not displayed Ron Paul gives me hope at a very dark time in America.
48362 Brian You Run Ron Paul you will win me and the other people who want a real change support you and us people who want you to win will make sure it happens take care may God Bless you good luck Ron
48363 Andrew J Sanchez we need someone who will enforce the constitution of the united states and abolish the patriot act. lets bring our troops home and stop spending/giving

billions of dollars to other countries when it is needed here in the homeland.the time is now, lets get it done.
48364 Shannon Friddle Ron Paul 2012!
48365 Robin chernak
48366 Ray Bahma Jr. Dr. Paul you are America’s last hope!
48367 Tim Chernak
48368 Jim Campbell
48369 Jamie campbell
48370 Name not displayed
48371 Igor Leonov RON PAUL 2012, greatest man alive!!!!
48373 Ryan WE LOVE YOU!!!
48374 Name not displayed Ron Pauls perseverance and courage to stand up to and take on the the corrupt mega monalithic octopustic tentacles stretching into everything govemental fingers in every bodys pie !incoperated industrialized supra structure !

is an event of Historical porportions!

it is a great time to be alive and witnes this incredible david verses Goliath battell ! my friends and country men the sleeple have AWAKEN! RP 2012
48375 Jim Barnett Ron Paul is the REAL DEAL
48376 William Anderson Jr. I think that alot of candidates have forgotton what a true Republican is. You, Sir, are not one of them.
48377 Preston Landis Please be our next President!!!! AMERICA NEEDS YOU!
48378 Sean Campbell An experiment in democracy? No! We, The People, have worked hard to make America what she is today. Grow forward on credit or STOP and rethink how and why we spend our neighbor’s money. Non intervention is not isolationism. We respect you Dr. Paul and support you all the way. You have my vote sir.
48379 Susan Wagner-Sanders
48380 Torsten Thorne Ron Paul we need you as our President.
48381 ashley blair I voted for him in the last election. I have heard him talk, and he is one hell of a man. He will turn this country around.
48382 Eddie Mesaros
48383 amy johnson your going to win!!
48384 Bob M. Blankenship YOU HAVE MY VOTE IN 2012
48385 Nathaniel Lambeth
48386 Name not displayed
48387 Jonathon Jordan Mr. Paul,

The United States of America is no longer a great republic; a republic that was founded on the fundamentals of freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We The People need you to be the President of The United States. The people have waken up to the criminal offshore banks that have essentially hijacked the U.S. We need to restore constitutional government; With you as President, America will be the envy of the world again, Freedom will be restored. I AM HELPING THE CAMPAIGN!!! I BELIEVE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE CHOOSE YOU, Mr. Ron Paul.
48388 richard waldron America should be the role model of liberty for other nations.
48389 Adam Salem YO GOOOO RP!
48390 John Murphy
48391 Douglas Morton Ron Paul, I have always wanted to tell you something very important to me. Over the past couple years, I gradually went from considering you too weird for serious consideration (and actually voting for Obama) to now a supporter who sees you as the only politician who actually cares about personal liberty and keeping the government off my back and out of my personal affairs that do no harm to others. However, there is one thing that gives me CONSIDERABLE pause about voting for you instead of a Democrat (I say Democrat because I won’t vote for any "Republican" besides you). The issue is the environment. I think I understand your solution of property rights protection to this problem. And I agree with you on this, but it seems that your ideas focus on point sources of pollution directly on someone’s property. What about nonpoint source pollution, and on nonprivate property? Even though air is not private property, my body is. So, I hope that you would agree that one should not be able to pollute the air that I breath, thus negatively affecting my health. And I hope you consider complex-path environmental problems that affect my private property (my health). Example: humans introduce mercury into air (mainly via coal combustion) that deposits everywhere in the world, gradually builds up in organic tissue through bioaccumulation in the food chain, and then mercury toxicity is now of serious concern when eating aquatic food. When this happens, a large collection of polluters have harmed my health. I hope you agree they have no right to do this. Lastly, all Republicans (including you) seem to think they know more about climate science than climatologists. I know that you guys supposedly have "evidence" and "real science" about sun cycles and past mini-ice ages that show it’s actually a hoax, but seriously, 98% of active climatologists agree that humans are causing it. So, as a man in the medical field, shouldn’t you agree that experts in a given field are the best suited to address a technical/scientific question of that particular field? In summary, I will certainly vote for you if you agree that a polluter (or large collection of small polluters) has no right to introduce a pollutant into the environment (even public common property) that later (even through complex pathways) harms my private property (including my body/health). Of course, there are acceptable levels of pollutants, so scientists would be consulted on what the "cap" should be. This anti-pollution stance, I believe, is not contrary to libertarianism, since all I’m saying is that a person or persons should not have the right to harm my property.
48392 derek kittredge You fucking rule. Im a U.S. ARMY Sniper and I 100% agree with your views. I don’t really think that the system can be changed without armed struggle, but I think you would be a step in the right direction.
48393 Josh Norris
48394 Justin Geronsin I served in the USMC. I have never once voted, because I have never identified with or fully trusted anyone running for president in my 28 years on earth. I identify with and trust Congressmen Paul, and I will for the first time in my life register to vote for him.
48395 Michael Lioy I’m all in
48396 Ragaxobia
48397 matt No more puppet presidents please. Vote Ron Paul
48398 Edward Mayhew Be One.
48399 Bobo M By running you give true values a chance. Things are really simple, but when we take into account that politicians are humans like you and me we understand how complicated it can get. After all we are selfcentered, egoistic, greedy and so on. Please give people a chance to believe in humanity again. Many of us in Europe follow the election and we really want, no, need you to win and inject the system with some common sense. I would happily do anything to help you become the next president of the US.
48400 Name not displayed
48401 Boris Greetings from Serbia. I hope people from USA would finally understand how much they really need to vote for you.
48402 Kim Nielsen Ron Paul for President 2012!
48403 Name not displayed This can Happen
48404 Name not displayed You are our only hope. I am furious at the media blackout I am witnessing!
48405 Mac Too many vote with lead party horses, riding the ebb and flow of insanity. I vote Ron Paul, to take positive steps to restore our country.
48406 Hailey Zislis
48407 Andrea Cordiner Sponsoring and sustaining Dr. Paul from abroad, the only politician on Earth working for people liberty. Paul for USA and for the whole World!
48408 B. Dunnigan Ron Paul is the real deal.
48409 Name not displayed It is not too late America, we can still save our nation. Ron Paul is the answer. We must abolish the illegal Federal Reserve, outlaw lobbying, and have publicly funded campaigns. Protect our heritage at the borders and stop funding Isreal militarily. Encourage the rest of the world to raise their standard of living. This business of a few people having all the money does not work. Let’s get to work.
48410 Roxy We need a LEADER, not a president and that man is RON PAUL!!
48411 Zophoklez Dominus Dear Dr. Paul,

The sooner you are President, the sooner there will be a return to the justice that cannot be bought! Then, JUSTICE WOULD BE NEITHER BLIND NOR MYOPIC, BUT FARSIGHTED, and if we do not maintain this Justice, Justice will not maintain us!

P.S: I wish you could make time to read all our ‘petitions’; they contain a deep, sincere message to you and all readers.

Zophoklez Dominus
48412 Daniel Potts I am a veteran and I support Congressman Paul!
48413 Raymond W. Jones
48414 Pedro We need to rediscover and return back to the founding principles of this country USA!

"The American heritage was one of individual liberty, personal responsibility and freedom from government Unfortunately … that heritage has been lost. Americans no longer have the freedom to direct their own lives … Today, it is the government that is free – free to do whatever it wants. There is no subject, no issue, no matter … that is not subject to legislation." – Harry Browne
48415 Bonner McCraw As a die hard conservative, I feel your stand on personal liberties crosses party lines, and will bring us all together. Yours is the only voice in Washington that speaks the truth. So you have my vote Mr. Paul
48416 Jim Londergan Stay strong, you’ll win!
48417 Paul Rowe
48418 Delaquan Cobbins
48419 Name not displayed issues 1 - foreign policy
48420 derick schatz
48421 Name not displayed social sec + welfare dont work
48422 Name not displayed The only choice for personal liberty, to set the citizen free from a tyrannical goverment once again.
48423 Jason paynter Dr. Paul, I am currently in the Army on active duty. I love my country, and that’s why I am here to protect it. But there are somethings I dont agree on with who we fight. I believe we should only be sent to fight those who directly threaten our soil, and that we shouldn’t go and fight other country’s wars or other country’s problems. We have enough of our own here, and especially now with our budget issues, we cant afford this! When the government is struggling to even pay us military personnel, how can it afford fighting other’s problems? And I believe we need to finish fighting the war on terror soon. Too many of my fellow soldiers have gone over there, and returned in a box. Especially being stationed at Ft. Drum, ( home of the 10th Mountain Division) we are the large force in Afghanistan right now. Please support my beliefs and I will support you as my Commander-in-Chief.
48424 Angela Sapp Go Ron you have my vote just like last time!
48425 Brian Green
48426 deb schatz free market, only way to create jobs at this point
48427 Jon Adrian Good luck from Norway! We all need you!
48428 samuel a mall Lets get it!legalize.
48429 Scott Talbott
48430 Name not displayed
48431 Name not displayed
48432 arvid danielson III You are the only logical choice for my children to have an america they can live in.
48433 Alexander Huffington Thank you Dr. Paul for running again.
48434 Kevin Cormack
48435 aDm I have long said that we needed a doctor in the white house; someone who understands the ethics of things such as abortion and drug use and who understands what both patients and medical professionals need. You have my support for the campaign in 2012 and I’m glad that I will be able to vote for you during my first time voting for president.
48436 Name not displayed
48437 Phillip Clarke FOR FREEDOM
48438 Name not displayed
48439 Keith Baty
48440 Name not displayed
48441 Name not displayed We need common sense in the White House and a man who will make the changes needed to restore America to greatness!
48442 Name not displayed
48444 Billy Hart Ron Paul, you are the only man who has ever even talked about running for president who I believe has the capability to convince the united states of America that this totalitarian government is our nation’s biggest problem, and get us to live in a liberty based environment. I love you Ron Paul, from one Christian to another, and I hope God blesses you with the grace to become America’s next president.
48445 Michael-Francis:Hicks Ron Paul The next President of the United States of America
48446 Mario Passera Already planning on voting for you, even if I have to write your name in.
48447 Name not displayed With over 330 co-sponsors of both parties how did H.R. 1207 Audit The Fed get shot down? Not my Ponsie scheme government!
48448 Name not displayed
48449 Rob Anderson
48450 Name not displayed What America needs is a Ron Paul - Gary Johnson ticket. That’s change we can believe in!
48451 Robert Simmet let’s all pray for Dr. Paul’s success.
48452 Bradford Upp
48453 Name not displayed
48454 Josh Campana
48455 mike lutner
48456 Kiel Torfin
48457 taylor
48458 Tina Abeyta Dr. Paul, I wrote you in when I voted in 2008, you are the only man for the job. Your views on this govt’s absurd foreign policy, defacing our American dollar to the rest of the world by overspending and it’s peoples’ dependence on
48459 Name not displayed
48460 Name not displayed
48461 STEVEN H PADNICK have admired Dr. Paul for years. now is the time to take the lead.
48462 Michael Doto
48463 Wesley Masterson
48464 Name not displayed Ron Paul is the best candidate.
48465 Name not displayed
48466 Debbie Potts
48467 Lynne Plahanski
48468 Ben Ree Please Run and Win!
48469 Marc Huard America needs you Ron Paul!!! Please run. You have my vote!
48470 Jesse Myer think about Alex Jones for Vice President… that would be great for us Americans to gain some of our freedoms back. And to move the United States back in the right direction.
48471 Jonathan Conrad
48472 Name not displayed Strong integrity…Constitutional beliefs…Go Paul 2012
48473 James Romeo I want to be proud to be an american again.
48474 Stephanie Reis I support Ron Paul!
48475 Chris Ron Paul is our last hope.
48476 kaylen spooner I know he has already decided to run. I just wanted to ad my name to his list of supporters.
48477 Name not displayed America needs Ron Paul!
48478 Cory Finally someone who has a plan and it makes sense!
48479 George Ron Paul is the only hope for America.
48480 jeremy jurvelin Liberty
48481 Name not displayed
48482 Name not displayed
48483 Jeffrey Fredricksen I am a 27 year old veteran attending college. I have no idea what I want to do with my life and I feel lost, but I do know I want to have a future and that is not with our current system. RUN!
48484 Zubair i really really really hope u get elected, im 17 and i will vote for mi first president, only if u run please we need u ron
48485 Benjamin
48486 Name not displayed
48487 Mike Klepacz We love you Paul, we need you. Veterans need you. America needs you.
48488 Name not displayed Ron Paul !
48489 Russel T. Ron Paul 2012!
48490 jason schrecengost i am looking forward to the revolution that is to come with you as president.. there will not be a better day then the day that the REAL change starts happening.. ron paul 2012!!! god that sounds good.
48491 Michael Woodall
48492 Stephen Waverka We need a change for the better!!!!!
48493 lara kelley Legalize Freedom!
48494 r. eggold
48495 Name not displayed Although I am sixteen years old and, therefore, unable to vote, you still have my total support in your 2012 campaign. I will do my best to persuade my parents and grandparents to vote for you in the Texas primary and the actual election. I realize our drastic need to stop socialism, which has slowly crept in to America and, in spite of the Constitution, is now the party platform of the Democratic Party, as well as government restriction of personal freedom. I firmly believe that one of the biggest injustices in American history is the prohibition of cannabis. I know that you do everything in your power to help make these issues right, as well as many others. I also agree with your views on gays being allowed into the military. There is not a single issue that I disagree with you on. I wish you good luck in your Presidential race, and I want you to know that I will be praying for you.
48496 Gerald Redd Ron, please run!
48497 George Finally. A chanhge we CAN believe in.
48498 Dax Cole
48499 Name not displayed Character counts. Ron Paul 2012!!
48500 David Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, Sharing, Giving, Caring, Celebrating Life, Together.
48501 rebecca I’m ready to fight for my kids freedom as a republic. The rloveution is growing, Thank You
48502 RICHARD SANTANA Best choice for the future. A man who can see through the BS of the current establishment
48503 Anthony America needs you and we are behind you to win this thing in 2012 and to continue this revolution, Grassroots started it, now lets get that last touchdown and finish it.
48504 Ron Diaz You have my vote!
48505 Katieanne Gazak
48506 Rob Goods You will save us all
48507 Rylan Mims
48508 Danny Canales Please Save Us before it’s to late. Even though I’m pretty sure it’s too late already
48509 Forrest Run Ron, Run!!
48510 Loretta Buckley
48511 Dan Canales Please save us before it’s too late. Even though I’m starting to think were already past the point of no return. L
48512 Name not displayed Go Ron! You make such sense to me!
48513 Ashley Halladay the United States needs a president that is willing to work for the people
48514 Thomas Borger
48515 Name not displayed It is the reasonable candidate who stands for the common American.
48516 Name not displayed
48517 Name not displayed PLEASE RUN
48518 Butch Vee Go man!!!!!
48519 William Smith You sound perfect for the job
48520 Billy Ouzts Good man
48521 kyle kauffung leglize medical marijuana!
48522 Michael Drennon The US is becoming what our forefathers fled to escape!! Only this time, there’s nowhere to run…

Noone besides Ron seems to even care; this goes for politicians, voters, and non-voters as well…

Wake up people, before your ablity to affect any change is irradicated (their ultimate goal).
48523 Name not displayed
48524 Dwayne Lejeune You have our votes.
48525 larry webb
48526 Name not displayed Thank you Ron Paul for giving me a voice. My congressman Norm Dicks does not represent me.
48527 gahken Everyone should be peaceful! Free to be peaceful!
48528 Doctor Frank L. Wiseburn I want to work for Ron Paul’s Presidential election
48529 Debi Wake up people!!! This is your opportunity to have a positive future…not the negative one the Illuminati hope for
48530 Name not displayed

48532 Name not displayed
48533 Ryan Arthur
48534 Andrew Farkas
48535 Matthew Sussis The only consistent candidate-small government whether the issue is social, military, or fiscal.
48536 Charles A. Yonce
48537 Alexei Stolboushkin
48538 fred j. hoffman GO RON PAUL! WE ARE BEHIND YOU 100%
48539 kevin l murray we can take care of ourselves!
48540 Russell Tapley Finally, a politician to represent the peoples rights, not just the ones who own banks & corporations.

IF there is any hope for real change, it is certainly with Ron Paul.. I just hope its not too late..

Wake up people, & stop letting them indebt our children before they’re even born.
48541 Name not displayed You know everything that is corrupt and you must cleanse.
48542 liana thomas
48543 Name not displayed
48544 John Donaldson you have our full support
48545 Name not displayed we need something
48546 randy pratt
48547 D.K.Yang I’m a big fan of yours
48548 Larry J Give me liberty, or Give me death !
48549 Name not displayed I hope America has matured enough during the obama regime to understand that Liberty must prevail.
48550 Nick Smerek From Canada!! Ive been listening to you for a long time and the United States wouldnt be in its current position if you were heard by more people!

Run for President Ron Paul!
48551 Rakesh Srivastava Mr Paul

I have especially liked your policies about reducing expenditure, paying down debt, no international policing (non-intervention), education and health care. I would like you to run for president…even if it means that you run as an independant.
48552 Paul Schaffer Ron America needs you now!!
48553 Trapper Boeser you are a true patriot keep up the good work. you are the voice of the free america. thanks
48554 Kenneth Edward Duvak He is the only viable candidate to restore our Republic. He is the only true "Republican" left.
48556 adric
48557 steven coleman "If you vote for me all of your wildest dreams will come true!"
48558 Name not displayed
48559 Bradley Kendall
48560 Dan Griffin 100,000? There should be 300,000,000 signatures on here for every American who wants and deserves to have their constitutionally protected personal liberties restored. Good luck Rep. Paul
48561 ryan thomas
48562 Aaron Dwyer
48563 Tyler Spencer For Liberty!!!
48564 Bert God bless the Republic and give us strenght for the battle that lies ahead of us.
48565 Kim M Ron Paul understands how The Fed has destroyed our America. Let’s fight back with Ron Paul!
48566 Shawn Emra
48567 rodger barnes
48568 Dan Gray Mr. Paul we need your help.
48569 Todd You have my vote sir.
48570 Cynthia Dumas
48571 Jean Lapointe Ron Paul 2012
48572 CP Lee Dear Mr Ron Paul,

I’m from the other side of the world - Malaysia - and following your keen re-establishment of LEBERTY in the US.

As a world community, i am supporting you from this side…

"END THE FED" … and keep stacking up !! (silver)
48573 daniel kwok god bless you Mr Paul,wish u great health.
48574 Name not displayed I totally agree with your views regarding an end to the war, bringing our troops home and foreign policy. I would support you and these views at the polls.
48575 Samuel Howell
48576 Piotr Kaminski
48577 james upton keep up good work
48578 Mike Weyer
48579 Michael Svercl Hey today has become a really good day! Ron Paul is running for president!
48580 Name not displayed
48581 Ray Sebestyen When I heard Dr, Paul say " I am a champion of the constitution." without hesitation, standing tall and proud. It gave me goosebumps. Did more research on him and I have made an "EDUCATED" decision to vote this devoted American as the next president of the United States of America.
48582 Sean Robinson Please Dr. Paul run for president and help bring this country back down the path it was intended to follow!
48583 Chris Tuti
48584 Travis Sanders Ron Paul is going to win.
48585 John Purdue Ron Paul is needed now more than ever as our once great nation is now run by criminals. Ron’s likely our last hope…

Please make a contribution to support his run.
48586 Jason Holstein get all drugs legal, then put the money we save on social programs.
48587 Alberto Namnum Save us!
48588 Name not displayed
48589 Chris Kallmes
48590 Andrew Walsh
48591 Lawrence Eagerton GIVE ME LIBERTY or GIVE ME DEATH
48592 Name not displayed
48593 Name not displayed
48594 Jonathan Cran You’re the only republican candidate i’ve seen that has a compelling point of view.
48595 Chris Ron is the first candidate in my lifetime I have felt I can trust. No matter where he is speaking he speaks the truth.
48596 Kevin Lafferty
48597 Vito Perilli America, or the World rather, is at a crossroads where it can either save itself or allow the corruption to consume it. We deserve whichever path we eventually travel.
48598 Luc Ron Paul has my vote!
48599 Jonathan Lewis
48600 nick manganiello i will be voting for Ron Paul 2012
48601 Name not displayed We NEED this guy, the single beacon of hope. Pax Americana must and will continue.
48602 Oleg Panfilov There are few sane people in politics and Dr. Paul is one of them. I am Christian Libertarian and if I would be citizen of USA in 2012, I would vote for you. You know the right way.
48603 Name not displayed
48604 Name not displayed
48605 John Brai Delivery us from E-V-I-L
48606 David McMinn I support Ron Paul in the 2012 elections
48607 SPC Priscilla Blues America needs a man like you!
48608 Harrison Marley RON PAUL 2012 from AUSTRALIA!!
48609 Nathan Chetrit
48610 Charlie Parsons America needs you
48611 Daren Williams
48612 Devon You’re our next Ronald Reagan and we need you badly!!!! The media might not support you. But we do….!!! We the people will back you Mr. Paul……Please run for president……
48613 REN GO RP
48614 Name not displayed Thank you, Ron Paul!
48615 Robert Forest Mr. Paul, you’re the only one who’s told the truth in a very long time. Please help us get back to

"Freedom and Justice for All", and end the abuses of power that have caused us to fear our own government. Please run for President of the United States, and help us take back our Liberty.
48616 Eric Pierce
48617 Name not displayed
48618 andrew deneweth
48619 Wesley From The Netherlands, good luck in 2012 and hopefully you’ll become President. It’ll surely put the United States in a positive light again, instead of the thought we have now. Now we think the U.S.A. itself is the Axis of Evil, but with Ron Paul i am sure that thought will shift soon. :)
48620 Bilal Mawaz
48621 Name not displayed
48622 Amanda McKenzie I will be praying for you, Dr. Paul!
48623 Leonard Khotimsky Ron Paul is the only one who is honest about real things
48624 Name not displayed Not yust America, but also us in Europe, as the whole economy is based on the stability of the Dollar. It’s time to give the banks back to the people, instead of pumping tax money into a private coörporation, who in return takes away all land and starts expanding in a low-cost country
48625 Eric Summers
48626 kimberly mendoza
48627 Barry Wicker I live in North Carolina and I am voting Ron Paul for President. Please send me an e-mail letting me know when you will be here in my state so I can come out to show support.

Thank you
48628 Mary Moore Please help the People of the United Sates!! Thank you for upholding The Constitution….
48629 Nathan Meaux I put faith in your integrity Ron Paul. Your ideas could reshape this world, good luck and thank you.
48630 Name not displayed
48631 Marvin Granville Wilson III
48632 Name not displayed
48633 Name not displayed Dr. Paul,

Thank you for addressing the real issues.

God Speed
48634 Konstantin Matokhin
48635 Name not displayed
48636 Name not displayed RON PAUL 2012. WE NEED YOU.
48637 Giliane Vander Heide One of the few reasonable, intelligent, and honest Republicans.
48638 Cameron Albert
48639 Name not displayed
48640 james snedeker Please get us out of this. We need someone with your core values to run for pres.
48641 Name not displayed
48642 claudia t farr i listen to your weekly "texas straight talk". you are one of the only people i truly trust to speak the truth. thank you for your honesty in telling us what we all so desperately need to know.
48643 mike
48644 Carolyn Atkins
48645 Name not displayed
48646 Name not displayed One more vote here.
48647 Name not displayed go paul go…freedom is burning
48648 Tom Long shot, but I like your message.
48649 Name not displayed Fat, lazy and obsessed with safety win no fight!

Keep the true american spirit. Keep United States lean, fit and strong to withstand the rising competition.
48650 Anthony,Tenner get rid of obama
48651 Justin Walgamuth
48652 Yevhen Zolotukhin
48653 Matt Waston Mr. Paul has my support as no other candidate has had in the past. We all need to get involved will this campaign.
48654 Eric Moore
48655 Mike Nelson
48656 Name not displayed
48657 Name not displayed Please run!!!!!!!!!!! You’ve got my vote.
48658 Name not displayed
48659 Marcus Pettit
48660 Kenneth Milcetich Ron Paul 2012!
48661 Spencer Gibbs What we needed 4 years, as well as, right now!
48662 Matthew Rupert
48663 oseph ditommaso Be safe Ron
48664 Mary Ward You are our only Hope
48665 Name not displayed You can beat Obama, Dr Paul.
48666 Name not displayed
48667 Jeff Monroe
48668 Russell Hines
48669 Name not displayed No worries Ron Paul. You’ve already won the 2012 Presidential election.
48670 Ryan
48671 Name not displayed
48672 Chris Time to change our current government. Less government.
48673 Name not displayed
48674 scott moore Go for it!!!
48675 Name not displayed
48676 Kevin DiFiLippo I’m with you Mr. Paul!!!
48677 Leona Bruns You have my vote!
48678 Adam Ron Paul is one of few that is saying what the rest of the world thinks about america. If you dont hear what he’s saying, then you’re probably a victim of the propaganda that your goverment is running.
48679 Name not displayed
48680 Tom We need someone to get this country back on track, we need YOU Ron Paul!!!!!
48681 Angel Ryan
48682 John Willard
48683 Chris Parr RON PAUL 2012!
48684 Rhonda M Nelson The only pro-America, pro-American citizens candidate out there!
48685 Joseph Fowler
48686 Nicolas Laurent
48687 Jim Gomez, MD I vote for Andrew Napolitano for VP



48688 Sandra Miller Ron Paul for President !!
48689 JoAnn R. Morris
48690 Zachery Olson Your right on Ron when it comes to economic issues.
48691 Name not displayed tyrany is bad and anarchy is bad….BUT we need to also remember the CONSTITUTION was allowed to be ignored and it will be harder now that we have been crammed with liberal and media distractions and WE the PEOPLE is US and THEY is US remember to stay aware and VOTE and do WHAT is in your GUT INSTINCTS! Religious FREEDOM does NOT mean the same thing as TYRANY and ANARCHY…..where is the PATRIOTIC AMERICANS WE ARE CLAIMING TO BE where do we say ENOUGH, THE JIG IS UP!!!! give me my COUNTRY, NOT yours….take your OWN people and FIX your OWN CRAP, we are indebted to those WHO HAVE VIOLATED OUR LAWS AND AMNESTY DOESN’T FIX POVERTY, IT SPREADS IT…..CULTURES DON’T MASH, THEY CLASH!
48692 Charlie Liberty
48693 Name not displayed Ron Paul - Who Obama wishes he was.
48694 Name not displayed
48695 Christopher DeNoble Soldiers for Ron Paul, im currently in the middle east serving my country and if i can sign this petition from here then anyone can.. Dr. Ron Paul 2012!!!
48696 Name not displayed We want a simpler society. We want our laws to apply to everyone under this nation. We want freedom, liberty, success and the failure that comes with it. We want our Republic restored and for the tyranny to end.

Please continue to speak and educate people on the principles this country was founded on.
48697 Name not displayed
48698 Brian Landers
48699 Name not displayed We need America to wake up. Please help!
48700 Maddison
48701 Maddison
48702 Name not displayed
48703 Eric Smithson
48704 Name not displayed love you, love your show
48705 Arthur Haswell Ron Paul needs to be president ASAP.
48708 Name not displayed
48709 John Altenbach
48710 Name not displayed Good luck Ron Paul. You have my vote.
48712 Name not displayed
48713 Name not displayed
48714 Name not displayed
48715 Name not displayed
48716 neil murdoch So far our only hope
48717 Julianna Stevens
48718 Brad
48719 Name not displayed
48720 Kevin Kent
48721 Name not displayed
48722 Rebecca Surratt Homeschooler for Ron Paul!
48723 Jannice Burke Help us preserve the Constitution!
48724 bennett RON PAUL FUCK YEA
48725 Name not displayed
48726 Ron Paul Thank you all for the support.
48727 Name not displayed
48728 Seth I didn’t vote for Ron Paul in 2008 - a decision I dearly regret. Bringing our troops home, and restoring liberty are two of many important issues to this 23 yr. old. Couldn’t be happier to sign the petition.
48729 Name not displayed WE NEED REAL CHANGE.
48730 Dustin Hicks I hope America will listen this time and vote for the true change we need… Ron Paul 2012!
48731 Noah Foster Go Ron Paul!
48732 Adrian Alonzo Keep doing what you’re doing, Dr. Paul. I believe in you.
48733 Steve I have never been so moved by a man that cares about its country’s freedoms and rights! As a Canadian I hope Canadian’s can finally say we have a brother-nation instead of a greedy coward.
48734 Roy Butler How can I help Ron Paul get elected?
48735 Name not displayed For some reason, I feel from they they way you talk and face things that you are a resourceful and smart person. you have my vote
48736 Nick Ellerbeck
48737 P.Nompleggi Ron Paul has my family’s support 2012 thanks again "Dr.Ron Paul" America Needs you..
48738 ali RON PAUL is the best option for america
48739 Name not displayed Ron Paul for President!
48740 Jacob Parsons To Liberty and to the free people of the world!
48741 Name not displayed If you will commit to stop the "legalized plunder" (as Bastiat put it) of the American people, you have my vote and my support. Be bold and don’t hold back.
48742 Ireneusz Pawlowski
48743 Name not displayed
48744 Gary Vargas "…I am committed against everything which, in my judgement, may weaken, endanger, or destroy [the Constitution]… and especially against all extension of Executive power; and I am committed against any attempt to rule the free people of this country by the power and the patronage of the government itself…."

-Daniel Webster
48745 Name not displayed
48746 e.thomas kassick jr
48747 Juan Cabrera Dr. Paul is the only honest politician left, we need him as our President.
48748 carrie d. kassick
48749 Tyler Brockett America truly needs Ron Paul. Save this corrupt country.
48750 Charlotte Cain
48751 Jonathan Cain
48752 Name not displayed
48753 Brent Delhamer Ron you inspire what drives and makes this country great - hard work, dedication, and a never say die attitude!
48754 Kevin White The time is right for you, Congressman. More people are "awake" to the obliteration of our Constitutional liberties than at any other time in our nation’s history. Because of this, you stand a much better chance of winning in 2012 than you did in 2008.

Please do the right thing for America and stand for election in 2012. No other candidate will support the Constitution to the degree that you will.
48755 Zachary Schaefer Please Run!!!!!!
48756 Kenneth Winter Ron Paul for President… Period.
48757 Louie Petrocci
48758 Andrew Howard Rootin’ for you, big guy. Go get ‘em!
48759 Tim Urben we need you.
48760 Harry Tsui Yes, we finally can have a man of integrity standing up and be counted. Dr. Ron Paul, thank you for running. (Hong Kong)
48761 Marvin Buck
48763 Name not displayed You are this country’s only hope Ron Paul. YOU HAVE MY VOTE. Would have in 2008 too, don’t know what happened there, you disappeared from the ballet. WE NEED YOU RON!!!!!!!!!!!
48764 Name not displayed
48765 Name not displayed "First they laugh at you, then they fight you, and then you win…."
48766 Name not displayed
48767 Jacques fournier
48769 Name not displayed A third war! unacceptable! over 110 missiles of only ONE type launched cost over a million a pair! Have mercy on the tax payers!
48770 rudy garcia
48771 Ryan Weisgerber End The FED!!!!!
48772 Derek Nelson Dr. Paul 2012!!
48773 Cain For once, a leader not in the pocketbooks of the bankers and warmongers.
48774 Name not displayed
48775 Jonathan Klemm End the federal reserve, power to the people. My only complaint is the fence on the border, but thats just a small social issue compared to the rest of your political standings.
48776 Stephanie Alanis
48777 Chip Harker for all your elantra coupe needs.
48778 Brandon Caldwell Working Americans need a leader
48779 Name not displayed End the Fed
48780 James Carr I hope he can win.
48781 Name not displayed
48782 Jimmy D Burkholder
48783 Salar kalantari
48784 Tom You have my support.
48785 Name not displayed
48786 Wesley Hartman Dr. Ron Paul (the Philosopher),

I respect and agree with all your views on Human rights and our personal liberty. We need some major Tweaks in our individual mindsets and congress’ unsuccessful rituals. You are my hero! Ron Paul 2012!"
48787 Nicholas Boone Lets get this right for once, Hooa?
48788 Name not displayed God willing…you will be our next President of the United States…we need someone for the people…not against!!!
48789 kharisma thomas im scared of the future but i know as you as president i think we would have more of a chance for ourselves our children, the future of the nation and the future of the planet
48790 victor i believe in you ron paul! this shits got to go!
48791 Name not displayed
48792 Maddy Us young people need you Ron Paul! Rand Paul is great too
48793 Name not displayed
48794 Name not displayed I am a registered democrat, very unhappy with the current administration. They [Democrats] bailed out their friends [banks] but not their family [Americans]. We need a man with dignity to stand up for The People, not the crooks that stole retirement funds. Ron Paul is genuine and honorable and I believe he should be the next President of The United States. If the GOP makes him their nominee, I will gladly register as a republican voter.
48795 Jane Golden America, we need to get serious and end this fiasco in Congress! I believe the only solution is Ron Paul who puts action where his mouth is! Please visit Ron’s website at to see where he is on issues and you will see what I am talking about! He CAN be elected if we all pull together!
48796 heather kindrick Ron Paul 2012……
48797 tommy lindley
48798 Jack A. Kellum Enough of the same ol’ same ol’, We need a straight talker, who does what he says. Even if you don’t agree, at least you know where he stands!!!!
48799 Name not displayed
48800 Suzanne Pearman
48801 Name not displayed Go Ron ,save US;freedoom to americans and death to FED and obama!!!
48802 Abiee
48803 Mark Pevzner I support most of what Ron Paul says
48804 Name not displayed I am committed to doing all I can to get this man into the White House. He has the only consistent, sound, principle-based plan for this country. He has a record of staying true to what he professes. He will not "rule" by executive order, but will stay within the confines of the Constitution. GO RON PAUL!!!!
48805 Daniel Wickham Ron Paul 2012!!
48806 Barry Hughes You had my vote last time Ron…….This time finish the race for us Americans and WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
48807 Ryan Hill We need someone to speak truth to power. Who better than Ron Paul?
48808 Name not displayed Ron Paul is the common sense candidate.
48809 Name not displayed I hope you get better media coverage than I’ve seen so far. It’s an uphill battle.
48810 Christina Esposito
48811 Travis Fears How about a father and son ticket… What do you say Rand?
48812 justin colby
48813 Kirk Johnson When you campaign opens up I will be glad to help in any way I can.The window maybe closing if do not take this opportunity to regain control of our government.
48814 Dacota
48815 Name not displayed
48816 Matthew Brunton Please watch Zeitgeist Moving Forward
48817 Joy Burnett I’ve always appreciated what Ron Paul had to say, but thought his solutions were unrealistic. However, the "realistic" solutions are driving our nation over a cliff. I am now a supporter of Ron Paul and hope that he can get the nomination.
48818 Name not displayed Ron Paul for liperty and freedom!!!!
48819 john grove
48820 Peter Bongiovanni The time has come for a libertarian voice in the executive branch of the U.S. government.
48821 William E. Minar The only man that can put our country back in the right direction.
48822 Name not displayed
48823 jason stucky We will vote for you in our home
48824 craig barker
48825 Sam Judd I think he would be a leader, not a politician.
48826 Name not displayed run Ron run!I will be here in philly pushing for ya.
48827 boubaeroste
48828 Ben L Tyson Jr
48829 Rene Morales Ron Paul would make a great President
48830 Timothy McCormick An honest politician is what we need! Run Ron Run!
48831 Jeremy
48832 chris tidd
48833 Benjamin Blake
48834 Name not displayed This election needs to happen now
48835 steve kline
48836 Name not displayed
48837 Raymond Iurilli
48838 Sarah Payne Ron Paul is the future that America needs..
48839 Jared LeSage We need a leader who’s interests are in serving the people, not corporate interests! End the Fed!
48840 Mary
48841 Sarah Janzow You are the ONLY candidate who stands for liberty and truth. America needs you. God bless you and your family.
48842 Shane Freeman America needs a doctor, please save this dying nation!
48843 Name not displayed RESTORE THE REPUBLIC!!!
48844 Tyrail Cottrell Ron Paul is the only politician that I have ever really agreed with on 90 percent of the issues. It would be nice to vote FOR a candidate for once, rather than agianst another.
48845 M Drinnon Im sooo disgusted of hearing Democrat or Republican, like theres actually some kind of a difference.

It’s no wonder were in this predicament, voters simply refuse to wake up to this very simple truth..

The system is corrupt, lobbyist bribe politicians to pass laws that repesent the few, not the many.

The many are starving, unemployed, homeless, or dead because a few bank owners, etc, got too greedy.

Those few, by the way, who produce nothing (other than poverty) by lending their money to the many.

When their monopoly of loaning money didnt make them rich enough, they created their shadow market.

Obviously, their faked pumped-up land & bldg prices would eventually be discovered & cause a crash.

Then, as expected (& attempted overnight), bribed politicians again came running to their rescue…

The few have now been bailed-out by the many (including children who arent even paying taxes yet)..

Yet all of the recession CAUSES remain intact, the too-big-to-fails are even bigger & growing daily

Company profits are rewarded for sending job overseas, credit default swaps remain unregulated, etc

Dont expect anything to change without someone like Ron Paul… Its not going to happen.
48846 Tomasz Numrych
48847 Jeremiah Swee Thank you Dr. Paul! I will be happy to help in any way.
48848 Blake Masterman
48849 Daniel Szaro Ron as one of the youth having to grow up in the country and really have to walk threw the ashes of the generation before me, it saddens me to think the current system would continue to ignore this vulgar and ruthless corporatism that has eaten threw our values and way of life like an acid. When I hear you talk at times, I cant help but imagine you right there with the founding fathers. Your respect for the Constitutional values they left for us is not only welcome but a beacon of light against us who feel our voice will not be heard no matter hard we yell. You have my vote, and my support.
48850 Vai Peterson
48851 Krzysztof JUST WIN !
48852 Shannon Rhodes
48853 Colleen Canfield
48854 Rolf Go Ron! We also support you in the Netherlands
48855 Dennis Hamilton For a healing of the economy, abolishing of the Fed, Emphasis on civil rights, and a logical foreign policy, I chose Ron Paul for 2012!!!
48856 Name not displayed
48857 Name not displayed
48858 Name not displayed
48859 Kristin McErlaine YEAH RON PAUL! WOOOO
48860 Name not displayed
48861 Stephen Collins Your like obei wan.. Your our last hope.
48862 Name not displayed
48863 Angela M Remeeus
48864 david bumgardner the media will try to marginalize Dr Paul . its up to us to make sure they don,t
48865 David Plageman 23 year military veteran…
48866 Max Kelly
48867 Robert Gilliam RON PAUL OR BUST
48868 Name not displayed
48869 Name not displayed
48870 Alan Redmon The time of corruption and arrogance of Washington must come to an end. Dr Paul I believe you can return our country to the American people. You have my support.
48871 Timothy Stakland I am one more person for principle-centered government. Count on me for support.
48872 Michael Bishton
48873 Robert Turner
48874 Phillip Waldner
48875 Essa Gazaleh I would like to be a delegate or representative of Ron Paul in Florida.
48876 chris I am from canada but i would vote for him if I could!!!
48877 Name not displayed GO RON
48878 Monte Emerson yay he’s already running!
48879 R. Douglas Welch Please run, Mr. Paul !!!!!!!!

America needs you now!
48880 Michael Healy
48881 Ben Mitchell rEVOLution!
48882 mark page stanford
48883 Name not displayed
48884 J Attleboro
48885 Lisa M
48886 Paul Edwards Lets fix our own country before worrying about others.
48887 Name not displayed
48888 John K I absolutely love your stance on "personal freedoms" (ie: drugs, gay marriage, etc). You’re absolutely right, if someone is allowed to choose how they practice faith they should also be allowed to choose how they live their own life.

I also agree with your stance on foreign policies. The USA should NOT be policing the world, all these wars do is cost money & (more importantly) lives.

I believe you will actually change things for the better, and allow the USA to become the wonderful "free" country that everyone thinks it already is.
48889 Name not displayed You are what our country needs to get us back on track to a prosperous future, A strong Conservative leader who cares about his country and his countrymen.
48890 Brendon I like how Ron goes by what the constitution says rather than trying to bypass it for what he deems necessary
48891 Brandon Muise Respect.
48892 Colee Barley
48893 Mox Teddy I’m in, lets do this!
48894 Robert Waiting to hear announcement of district caucass. I’m a Ron Paul delegate.
48895 Name not displayed AMERICA NEEDS YOU!
48896 Anthony
48897 Guy Schlachter I really have faith in Ron Paul.
48898 Elizabeth Conley Ron Paul is the only politician in D.C. who is interested in preserving and protecting the U.S. Constitution. For this reason, he is the only politician qualified for the presidency.
48899 alan schmidt Strong supporter of you in 08. its interesting now that many who knew i was a supporter you in 08 are now telling me how great you are. we just mite have a chance.
48900 Zack Many I am a butterfly like Ron
48901 Ben LETS DO THIS
48902 narcisse brown
48903 Name not displayed We Need You Ron…
48904 Name not displayed
48905 Michael Joel Hyland I have faith that Ron Paul can defeat the establishment.
48906 Edward Mr. Paul, I believe you have what it takes to be the next leader of our great nation. We need someone like you, who cares for us all. You have my vote, 100%.
48907 Jacob Owen DePreist
48908 Richard Bay
48909 Gary Hale Ron Paul 2012. If you are tired of the same old politics and ready for real sensible change then Ron Paul is the only choice for America.
48910 James Wilde
48911 empariestep
48912 John Deery
48913 Name not displayed The only politician that has stood by his principles for as long as he has. If we truly want the power of government back in the hands of the people he is the only man who can do this. If you doubt me, rewatch some of his debates from the 1980s. Many of his predictions and warnings have come true and we would be wise to listen.
48914 Name not displayed The only politician that has stood by his principles for as long as he has. If we truly want the power of government back in the hands of the people he is the only man who can do this. If you doubt me, rewatch some of his debates from the 1980s. Many of his predictions and warnings have come true and we would be wise to listen.
48915 Robert Donnelly
48916 Amber Smith Ron Paul for President!
48917 matt aaron Go get ‘em Ron
48918 Name not displayed Ron Paul is right on the money with so many issues. He knows what’s going on with all the lies, the corruption and takeover from the big (evil) banks at the top that want to control everything and want a one world government. Ron Paul is a good, honest and decent man, the kind of man that we are supposed to have in office as our President, instead we have just the opposite and sadly we have nothing but liars and decievers as Presidents the last several years. It would be such a blessing and a truly honest good change for America, if Ron Paul were to be elected as our next President. Unfortunately in this sick, twisted world that we live in and that’s all thanks to the elitist (the very rich big bankers that sit at the top who are evil and twisted) they have been and will continue to destroy and ruin our beautiful country, even though they all want us to think they are doing things for our own good, and always blaming the so called "terrorist". These big bankers at the top that are destroying America and the whole word are the terrorist. As far as Ron Paul…America needs a miracle and we need a good honest man…and that would be Ron Paul!!!!!!
48919 Name not displayed
48920 WillIam S McCaine VI Dear Dr. Paul… You give us strength for ourselves. Show the world your strength, so that the rest may believe in their own.
48921 Charles R. Spencer Climate change and ocean acidification are real threats! They’re the only wars we should be in!
48922 James Kobus
48923 James Mr. Paul. Please.
48924 Name not displayed Run Ron Run - You may be our only hope !
48925 David Smith
48926 Terry Anderson Ron Paul 2012! Legalize Freedom!
48927 G. Tate Dr. soon to be President Paul, May your leadership shine brightly throughout our nation.

Even if you don’t agree with them, if they invite you to speak, do so. Every American needs to hear your name and know what you are about.

Way too many are misinformed and misguided by the mainstream media. Your message NEEDS to reach every single one of us.

People need to be convinced of the need of your leadership. God Bless you and your Family. Stay strong and continue to fight the good fight!
48928 Name not displayed Please run. America needs you
48929 Name not displayed Dr. Ron Paul speaks the truth!!! We need a someone of truth and honesty and who is really for the people of America, not someone like the past several Presidents who are all about doing the dirty corrupted work for the big wealthy corrupt bankers who want world domination…We need a good sensible man…and that is Ron Paul!! The good Americans need to rise and fight back with getting the word out!! Ron Paul is the answer for us to regain our America and to get back our freedom and liberties. We need to stand and rise up against the ones at the top, who want to take all that away from us. "RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT" This man is our answer…it is crucial that we all stand tall and help to take action…we are in very bad times… RON PAUL ALL THE WAY!!!! May GOD BLESS RON PAUL AND MAY GOD BLESS AND KEEP AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
48930 George Washington I know You are already running this 2012 so thank You from the bottom of my heart. God Bless the Constitution, God Bless America, and God Speed to you Mr. Paul!
48931 Tim Stumo
48932 Name not displayed Ron has my vote!
48933 Sam Honesty under critisism
48934 Michael Gammage
48935 Ron Drummond Ron has my vote because of how the media is trying to portray him.

For the truth, just listen to his words.
48936 Name not displayed Legalize FREEDOM! 2012!!
48937 Ron Drummond The corporate-owned medias are definitely against Ron Paul, can you blame them ??

They’ve spent alot of money lobbying (bribing) for laws that favor their profits.

They’re not about to give all that up with someone like Ron Paul.
48938 Name not displayed
48939 Asha My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government

-Thomas Jefferson

Senator Paul this quote reminds me of you. I hope you run again this time ill be old enough to vote.
48940 Tarence Rutherford Go Ron Paul !!
48941 Travis Adams
48942 Tarence Rutherford You have my vote!
48943 Name not displayed I will register to vote because of you Ron !!
48944 Name not displayed Thank you for running Ron !!
48945 Stan Edwards
48946 L Marion Finally, there is hope!
48947 James Aitken
48948 Charles H
48949 J Kerrington
48950 Alex Garcia We need you sir, help us restore this country.
48951 Melanie Carlson WE NEED YOU! Ron Paul 2012
48952 Name not displayed Save America from fascism!
48953 Robert Waters
48954 Name not displayed PLEASE run for president — your the best thing we’ve had since G. Washington.

PLEASE run!!!
48955 Robert Arter At last, an honest candidate! I didn’t think there were any left.
48956 Name not displayed Ron Paul 2012!!!!!!
48957 John Watrous
48958 james Oakley He was on the right side of everything last election. Now I’m a believer. Go Ron , go!
48959 Name not displayed
48960 Stoffer Schmitt The situation has become dire and this nation must be delivered from the invisable hand of EVIL that has had it in a strangle hold for well over two generations…

Dr. Ron Paul is clearly our sole (and quite possibly last) chance to return our wonderful country back to the GOOD and honest men, women and children of substance and character who’s innate instinct to do GOOD unto mankind and rightous spirit founded this nation and fostered the state of mind embodied by the words of our constitution…If any civilization ever needed a "by the book" leader it’s at this exact moment in time..We must all be willing to sacrifice lesser political beliefs and party loyalty in’ order to served the greater GOOD..We must also recognize and further identify our current leadership as the extremely EVIL and highly dangerous men that they are..Let us present a united voice and use it to exercise the EVIL demons that now possess our homeland..

48961 James Casteel I want to say that I admire your personal convictions.
48962 Name not displayed ron paul for 2010.

THE TRUTH!! we all strongly advise you to be careful in the system. if something were to happen to you that would lead to your death, it would be only because of scrutiny and corruption
48963 luke grassroots where it’s at !! lots of it up here.. we just need a prairie wind to carry the seed and spread the word..
48964 Name not displayed The US and the Muks need you fine sir.
48965 Name not displayed
48966 Dean Grimes
48967 Christopher Grimes
48968 Emily Your "Imagine" speech was heartfelt, moving, and above all, absolutely true. I am registering to vote tomorrow as I am finally 18, and you have my vote in 2012.
48969 James M We need to take our liberty back period!!!
48970 Name not displayed
48971 Chris Lovato Ron Paul is who the PEOPLE want!!
48972 Daniel C Shelton You have my wife and my vote. I am a 62 year old on disability.2012 will be the most important election that I can remember. You have both our votes. It’s about time.
48973 Miranda J. Orsted
48974 Jonathan Kahl Thank you Mr. Paul.
48975 Name not displayed I have a question for you…There are industries that seem to buy up technologies in order to keep them on the patent drawing boards.. in order to prevent their development and decline in the profitability of their main product… and in a odd way create a kind of monopoly… If elected, would or could you consider providing a means of limiting large companies from buying up and owning all the alternative "Competitive" methods to their business. I know you hate regulations.. here is kind of an example.. company "A" sells trucks, so they buy up all the car tech,, in effect…stop allowing people to make cars.. all we have left is trucks…. you might have all sorts of trucks to chose from, and maybe a few companies or brands to buy from, but no more cars…. To me, big oil companies are the ones selling trucks.. and they bought out all the cheaper cleaner methods for possible cheap and clean.. possibly close to "free" energy.. What would you do to limit this purchasing of competitive technologies…. Could a limit to how much tech a company can own, but not use because it will decrease the profitability of its main product.. flood the market with many new methods and be better gauge at what the people might want, instead of being stuck with what we have?
48976 Nicholas Leinberger
48977 Name not displayed He’s the only one who can do the job!
48978 shawn luzmoor give em hell, Ron
48979 Name not displayed
48980 Vincent Liberty Please Ron Paul,

During your debates and your speeches you give in your pursuit of the white house office make sure the people of America know that you will give them the truth because they have been lied to and misled countless times. Let them know that you’re not a rhetorician unlike any other candidate. You’re the only one that speaks in terms of facts while others feed America bulllshit. Please remember that you are playing a game. Certain things you say will scare these brainwashed sheep.

I will quit my job to make sure you are elected. Let me know if you need me.


Vincent Liberty II
48981 Calvin S, and Tiny N. Steele What is your position, Congressman Paul, on removing illegal aliens from America?
48982 Dave Gobin
48983 Elizabeth Gobin
48984 Name not displayed
48985 Name not displayed
48986 Name not displayed Ron Paul for 2012 President!
48987 Dean
48988 Luke
48989 Name not displayed
48990 Andrea Lane RonPaul no Bank
48991 Roger
48992 Name not displayed Please run, don’t let us be the generation that finally has to pay while the instigators march off to warmer climes.
48993 Clint Jones
48994 Scott Dr. Ron Paul "cured" my apathy.
48995 Ellis Thurman Jr. Lets take our beautiful country back and make a better future and like for our country-men.
48996 carl mangrum
48998 Name not displayed I really hope you win the election, Ron. Turn this country around.
48999 arthur tepichin
49000 Gary

26 Responses to Signatures 45,001-50,434

  1. Johnathon D Smith says:

    Help us remember what makes us great!

  2. David Weber says:

    Let’s do this! Our time is now!

  3. Jim G. says:

    Thank you in advance for once again answering the call of your countrymen and staying true to the principles of our Founding Fathers. I believe your are the right man at the right time to return the country back to it’s heirs.
    I salute you and “the Republic for which it stands…!”

  4. dylon says:

    i live in the uk so i cant vote, but ron is the guy for the job, he’s what the usa and the world needs ! :)

  5. Donald Noehre says:

    Continue to work to put gold as backing our money. I liked you in 08 and I will vote for you in 2012. Ron you are what this country needs at this time.

  6. Lisa Alvarado says:

    WE LOVE YOU RON PAUL! Finally we a have hero!

  7. Paul MAJORS says:

    Dr. Paul, I’m a supporter and believe in everything you say but how do I address people who have fears of losing social security and medicare?

  8. Gracyn says:

    I tohhgut finding this would be so arduous but it’s a breeze!

  9. Eric Cooper says:

    We need you to take out the Trash in Washington..

  10. Rao says:

    Persistence is the key. Unfortunately the media doesn’t like to give you the attention you deserve because they are more interested in the puppets that are linked to the media heads. With the puppets continuing to mess things up and you gaining more and more popularity you can make it one day or at least inspire others to follow in your footsteps. It’s time for a CHANGE!!!!

  11. Jonathan Le says:

    Now’s your chance Ron Paul.Lets make a big change for America and get rid of the Patriot Act,Bring the troops home,bring free trade,end the fed,fix the economy,make sure that all of the people are unemployed and they can be able to get jobs a lot easier.oh yea make sure that the money avoids inflation.This is our last chance for America.Ron Paul for President in 2012.

  12. Greg Brown says:

    Get us back on the Gold Standard! Get this once great counrty back to the Constitution.

  13. scott bisbee sr says:

    If Dr, Paul doesn’t win? Kiss your ass goodby,or work the rest of your life making the rich richer while you make min.wage Wake up people

  14. Alex Graham says:

    Ron Paul may very well be our last hope. He has got to win!

  15. Luis H Pires says:

    I’m a huge supporter of Dr. Paul, a student of the Austrian Economics and an advocate of the Libertarian movement!

  16. mike says:

    hope you can stand working under bush thay run this place N W O HATE THOSE GUYS RON GO GET SOME for us all thank you so mush mike

  17. Johnson 527 says:

    Ron Paul 2012!! rEVOLution!!! Make some noise America!!! Let’s bring him in!!!

  18. mike sass says:

    we need a goverment tht protects our rights, my group is how to do tht, please look at it

  19. Joseph Smith says:

    We need someone with COMMON SENSE like Ron Paul to be our President.

  20. Stephen Craig says:

    How could you not vote for someone who defends our Constitution so fearlessly. God bless Dr. Ron Paul, a true American Patriot.

  21. Roy Tyndall says:

    His time has come! Enough of the status quo! Time to get America fixed and back on track and be an honorable nation throughout the world!

  22. Eric Froebel says:

    I agree on all Ron’s issues !! He makes to much sense. Big business is scared of this guy. Good Luck Mr. Paul

  23. Kirsti says:

    Hope is a word with meaning again… not hollowed out by false promises. This is real, true, honest to goodness hope. I have hope that Ron Paul will be our next President for many years to come!

  24. Kris R says:

    I am 21 years old attending a highly liberal, Jesuit university in Seattle. In 2008 (my first opportunity to vote) I fully supported your candidacy. While I do not condone the one political party, excuse me I mean two political parties, I understand the logic behind running under one of the major two (those who run outside never win). I voted for Bob Barr when you lost the nomination in 2008, and will not be casting my vote for Republicans in the upcoming election (unless, of course, it is Ron Paul). You have an extensive knowledge of every issue you discuss, you are a gentleman during interviews and debates, you actually present your views rather than dodge questions and tell people what they want to hear. In essence, you are the opposite of most politicians; this is exactly why I support you. On a funny side note, my liberal, Democratic friends (of which there are many in Seattle, but also for my age demographic in general) hold similar views to your own, but are either too afraid or too closed-minded to even look and listen to you for themselves. It is quite sad, but I’ll work on exposing your words to them, rather than allowing them to be satisfied by second and third parties trying to “interpret” your words for you. The media more recently has taken notice of you, and I could not be happier. It is obvious that they are scared of you, which is why they try to humiliate you and manipulate videos (I’m referring to FOX and CNN here). Your voting record and political philosophy, as well as your daily words are inspiring. Might you consider speaking at my university, as I know this is something you are accustomed to doing. While this message will no doubt get lost in the mess of emails or support, I just wanted to thank you for being you and running again in 2012.

  25. Andrzej Sekula says:


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