Signatures 45,001-50,434

Number Name Comment
46001 Douglas Adelmann Dr Paul. It is so refreshing to hear a true American! we all support your beliefs! We are tired of the nanny state this government has turned out to be. Thank you for your courage in standing up for America!!
46002 Julia Gordon-Espey I voted for you last time and will vote for you again. I believe in the Constitution and want to Stop the Fed.
46003 Stuart Gamblin Ron Paul 2012!
46004 Steven Jefferies my HERO!
46005 Melanie Willard
46006 Name not displayed
46007 Mathew Rice Please run again Dr. Paul, as princess Leia said "Save us Obi-Wan, you’re our only hope"
46008 Jennifer Thank you for what you do: stand up for true liberty.
46009 Andrew Dale Do your part to support America, educate your friends and family. No better time than now, no better place than here!
46010 Ben The number one issue facing our nation is the fact we have a private central bank that prints our money and charges us a fee plus interest for every worthless piece of paper they print! This is right out of the communist manifesto to have a central bank that "centrally" plans the economy by setting interest rates, etc..ending the fed and returning the power of printing and coining money back to the US treasury is and should be the number one issue and ron paul is the only one to do this! God bless America, and God bless ron paul’s run for the white house!
46011 Khaled Elkurd
46012 John Steitz
46013 Chris Nott We believe in you. Help us take this country back and lead us into the future.
46014 Ann Walls Ron Paul is teaching us the importance of liberty, something we’ve all forgotten. I want my grandchildren to learn about liberty, it doesn’t seem to be taught or even talked about. Thank you Ron Paul.
46015 chad folken We need a president that has sound values, and does what they say. You are the only one who can lead us out of this quagmire.
46016 Brian Snyder
46017 Matthew R Lee At least there is on good respectful man in congress and running for president thanks Ron Paul. You put a glimmer of hope in my eyes for this country.
46018 Bill McKracken
46019 Timur Rozenfeld
46020 Katherine Haynie PLEASE RUN!!!!! Your message is what we need!!!
46021 Mac Blanchard
46022 Tara Carrin Awesome! So glad that you’re running!
46023 Alexander S Zelinski Ron Paul 2012
46024 Kelly Matthews
46025 Name not displayed
46026 Cerise Ripps It’s unbelievable that my ultra-conservative 74-year-old former military stepfather and 48-year-old anti-military uber-liberal me actually agree on the same candidate for 2012! We both believe Ron Paul is the only hope to turn our nation around!
46027 Marcin Drozd We the people need a real American freedom-fighting, Constitution-loving patriot. Maximum freedom, minimum government.
46028 Name not displayed You have my vote Sir!
46029 Michael R. Longo Jr. We need a revolutionary man to step up to the FED and BIG PHARMA as well as the OIL TYRANTS and SAVE THE HUMAN RACE BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!
46030 kevin greene dr paul you have the votes and support of my entire family and i point everyone i work with to your web site and we will be campaining for you here in the carolinas. it will be a tough battle fighting the coruption from the fed and the media
46031 Name not displayed
46032 al burkett please keep up the good fight to help save our REPUBLIC. thx for all you do.
46033 Felice Debra Eliscu
46034 Name not displayed
46035 Corey Sterner We need you to stop the insanity in Washington.
46036 Name not displayed Ron Paul Needs To Run For President Ill Be Able To Help Vote Him In And Finally Change America Into The Beautiful Democracy That It Could Be
46037 Barbara Kay Bue I became actively involved with the Republican Party at age 6, blowing up balloons at GOP Headquarters in Jamestown North Dakota. "Victory Parties" were as exciting to me as Christmas. Throughout highschool and college I worked on many campaigns. I have been the President of the College Republicans at VCSC, a delegate to the state convention and was employed by the Party in 1984. I became disillusioned and apathetic and "retired" from politics at age 22. I didn’t think it possible…but with Ron Paul, I see hope for the future of America. I am excited to get back to work and help make this happen!
46038 jeremy
46039 Veazey, Christopher
46040 Kevin
46041 Name not displayed
46042 Name not displayed It is truly refreshing to bear witness of a politician that believes in what he/she says and isn’t afraid to speak openly on what he/she believes.
46043 Victoria Kubasta
46044 Name not displayed
46045 Charles J Kubasta
46046 Name not displayed
46047 James Harry Schaeffer The only candidate who supports liberty in all cases.
46048 Craig Drohan Ron Puaul is the only one who can beat our current President. Run Ron Paul !!!!!!!!
46049 Name not displayed Please run for president, we need a person in office that will make government what it is supposed to be which is of the people, for the people and by the people!!!!
46050 Name not displayed I am not a Republican, but I will defintely be willing to vote for a Libertarian. Obama is not a Democrat and Ron is the only way we can get out of our mess.
46051 Jessica Galaviz I have never registered to vote before. Never had faith in the system. But I am registering to vote for you, Ron Paul. It’s time for us to go back to the America I thought I was growing up in. Please don’t let us down!
46052 Name not displayed He is the ONLY candidate I will vote for unless Alan West gets in, but the rest are not going to help our country.
46053 Name not displayed
46054 Daniel M. Bennett Dr. Paul, I rejoice that your are a proponent of states’ rights and constitutionalism. I think that your ideas of limited, small government are closer not only to those of the Founding Fathers, but of this nation’s very laws.
46055 Name not displayed I have a feeling the Neocons will not let you win the Republican election because you will lessen government’s power… That being said, you should still run, gather more fans, and then take all those fans to the third (Libertarian) party by running as their candidate. The "2" party system obviously doesn’t work and we need to break the cycle of choosing the lesser of 2 evils!

Please run for president regardless of the republican primary outcome!
46056 Steve Neybert I’m not registered to vote at the moment, mainly because i don’t believe a candidate deserves my vote. However, if there is any hope of being united against big government, we need Ron Paul to lead us; I would gladly vote for him.
46057 Name not displayed I don’t agree with everything Ron Paul does or has to say, but I think he can lead this country back to success and stability.
46058 Name not displayed
46059 Jessica We need to fix this country now more than ever. Its effecting us all and we cant afford to have any more officials doing nothing about it! Please help!
46060 Justin Norman Beaudry I’m hoping to see some revolutionary change in the next few years. Propagated by you Mr. Paul or by "We the People". Hopefully this can be done peacefully.
46061 Name not displayed ron paul needs to expose herman cain about him connected with the federal reserve .he trys to be like paul,but just another fraud for big bankers and the elite
46062 callum crawford RP is the only chance america has.
46063 David Barker RON PAUL 2012 ONLY!
46064 Name not displayed
46065 Michael Craig Run Ron
46066 Jakub Gonciarczyk As much as I’d like for this to happen, I have a feeling just like last time, the media will be unfair in the amount of screen time he gets during debates and such.
46067 Ian Watson
46068 Name not displayed
46069 Jeremy Barancik Looking forward to having a United States that I can be proud of again!
46070 Name not displayed
46071 Edgar Mr. Paul I will be 18 in 2012. Many politicians for many years are ignoring issues that can severely hinder and destroy our future. Yet you continue to address those issues that are widely ignored. You have the solutions to our problems. Please run, and you have my support no matter what
46072 Brian Ross I have never voted for a Republican in a presidential election, but I have been disappointed over and over again when I thought I was voting for change, both by losses in elections and by more status quo in the past two years. Mr. Paul, I look forward to voting for you in the Republican primary and in the 2012 general election.
46073 Stewart Screpetis Please return the hope of a future both to the medical field and my entire generation!
46074 Stephen Loomis
46075 Name not displayed Help us.
46076 Jose lopez We need someone who actually cares about our country and someone who isnt control by the elites!
46077 Chris Ryan In previous elections, my vote always went to the candidate who I felt was the "least worse". Ron Paul has the integrity, honesty, and willingness to confront the difficult issues facing our nation head on. He is someone I can finally and confidently support as the BEST candidate!
46078 Matthew C. Henry we need liberty!
46079 Caitlin McElrath
46080 Name not displayed Thank you for standing for true freedom and liberty. We need you. We need to realize that war will never equal peace and borrowing money from other nations to support our incessant consumerism will never fix the economy.
46081 Emre Kazan Ron Paul, a man of and for . . .

*The United States Constitution




*Fiscal Discipline







*Pursuit of Happiness


p.s. I realized one of the words is misspelled, but I don’t know how to spell it correctly (feel free to fix that! Starts with an ‘S’ ;.) )
46082 Ronie We found a man that can put the interest of the nation above his own like the founding father of this country. That is you Ron!
46083 Matthew Shea Thank you for standing up for what is right and protecting America & Americans ONLY. It’s time for Washington to stop being politicians and start being PUBLIC SERVANTS.
46084 John Fotopoulos Ron Paul has always had my vote and I will continue to support the only person with common sense. Ron Paul 2012! Lets just hope the GOP doesn’t crush him
46085 Cody Graves I’m hoping Paul wins. No other candidate tells me "I don’t want to make your choices for you, financially or socially." And I really appreciate that.
46086 caiti please run for president I have lost my faith and i kinda need it back
46087 Amber The power of you having run for President in 08 is evidenced by the liberty movement that it created. Best case scenario you get elected… worst case, you get to return to the public eye after having made a bigger name for yourself over the past 4 years, and it will be like the 10 am winds that cause wildfires to take off with incredible momentum. If you run I’ll support your campaign as before… and help spread the word… remind America that "freedom is popular". Thank you for your continued efforts to restore liberty in America.
46088 james Berry Americas Last Chance

Ron Paul 2012
46089 Robert Powers
46090 Rob Lemieux We need you Dr. Paul!
46091 Pamela Goode
46092 Mike Clem We need you now!
46093 Joseph Blanchard I am very concerned of what the future holds for our country but i believe with you (Ron Paul) in office the power will be taken from the federal reverse and back to the people where it belongs. We are in very critical times these days where our public needs to be aware of the real problems that lies in from of us. You have my 100% backing and are honestly our last change besides if our REAL american citizens stand up for what is right not politically correct. God Bless You.
46094 Mark Wahlert Ron Paul is the only hope our country has.
46095 Kerri Morris
46096 Corey Jones
46097 Nicole Gibson You are the only real presidential candidate.
46098 Michael DiChiaro You’re the only politician I believe in! Please don’t let me down!
46099 Matt PLease run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
46100 James Vincent Please, for the sake of our future, run for President and spread your benevolent message.
46101 Anthony Vargas I agree with litmited government and civil liberties and I need you Ron Paul to represent me for my first presidential election. I will be old enough to vote next year and I would feel honored to vote for you as my first vote ever. Just voting for you will make me feel like I started off my voting on a turning point for this country, for the better. I think you and only you will help bring back the country to the way its supposed to be, based on freedom, liberty and the private pursuit of happiness. Please Mr. Ron Paul I need you along with the whole damn country.
46102 Casey Janke
46103 Roxana Orta Por favor corre para presidente
46104 Moises Romero We need a real American running for office.
46105 Name not displayed Both parties have sent the US on a sure path to economic ruin. I believe Ron Paul is one of very few who is willing to do what it takes to get us back on track.
46106 Derek martin
46107 Name not displayed
46108 Brandon Rohde Ron Paul’s plan for our country is what is needed. Tho I can see in the short term some negative impact to the policies he wants to put in place. Having said that, the long term could be amazing.
46109 Name not displayed Even though my vote didn’t get counted in Washington State in 2008 (do to requirements to be a registered write-in candidate) I was proud to voice my opinion. And I will do so again in 2012.
46110 Name not displayed I am a registered AZ voter and you have my vote if you run. Pakistani and American Politics are full of treacherous leeches that need to be removed with a struck match just like you would do to any Tick or Leach. End Foreign Aid and put a trade embargo in it’s place. You want to see their people rise up, take away the American jobs that have been outsourced over there and let no more students seek an education @ our Universities.
46111 Brandon Barr
46112 Andrew Mayhew Ron Paul for PRES
46113 Jade Riddle Dr. Paul,

John Stossel, Thomas Sowell and yourself have opened my eyes in so many ways. I thank you for your service to this country and wish you the best in the presidential run.
46114 Scott Mayhew If anyone can get the US back to sound money, Ron Paul can.
46116 jason stifel ron paul please beat obama in the race 2012!!!
46117 Christopher Brame RP 2012!!
46118 Name not displayed im not 18 so i cant vote but if hes elected he should FINALLY LEGALIZE WEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
46119 Ralph E. Warmack
46120 Jake Powers
46121 Kevin Sharp If you run, Dr. Paul, you have my vote. I wish you the best.
46122 Christopher DeGeorge Ron, You are one of the few who can right this country we stand united behind you!
46123 Name not displayed Dr. ,

America needs you!!!
46124 Will Drews Please run in 2012. You’re needed much more in the White House than most people could imagine.
46125 Richard P. Sasser We need you Ron!
46126 Name not displayed Ron and Rand Paul 2012
46127 Jason Cooper
46128 Adam H Enough of war mongering elites! You are an honest politician who genuinely cares about his people. God bless you
46129 Corey Chapman
46130 George Kibbe Its unfair to put this burden on you, but please lead us in saving our country
46131 Libby Brown
46132 matthew miller
46133 karl kooiker
46134 David Kesler If more people read your books they would know America needs Ron Paul for President (and a majority of Tea Partiers in both houses)!
46135 Name not displayed Run Ron, Run!
46136 A Martin
46137 Thomas D Burgess IV
46138 John Fleming Love Ron Paul!!!
46139 vincent putman You sir are the only man for the job too clean up this mess with our federal government
46140 Darragh Forrester RON PAUL SPEAKS THE TRUTH!
46141 Name not displayed
46142 Blaine Hardy You’re the best!!!! Please run.
46143 Reish Liberty.
46144 Ryan Spellman This is what we need, hope to see it happen.
46146 Name not displayed
46147 Name not displayed we need a real honest person in the white house who keeps there promises and will actually bring CHANGE
46148 Loren Moore
46149 Hector M. Pena Jr. I hope he wins and saves our country; and that he selects a running mate with similar views that can take his place afterwards.
46150 Levi Briles
46151 Name not displayed For the republic!
46152 Brian Blanchard
46153 Deborah Gladen "Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country" JFK Pretty much sums this one up. We need you to run for office so we can take back our constitutional form of government and regain personal freedoms. America is finally ready for a real "Statesman" who will listen and represent the people. We have enough "Politicians" full of bull & charm. You have my vote Congressman. God Bless
46154 Geoff Frankling Help us make the positive change we need!
46155 Michael Wiechmann
46156 Kelly Benton
46157 Name not displayed Please run we need you. I wanted you last time
46158 Abner garcia Let fight the dragon head on
46159 Josh edwards
46160 Name not displayed
46161 Michael A. Yeager
46162 Name not displayed If not you, who? Do it please!
46163 Seth Joseph Davis Dr. Ron Paul is the only politician I know that is willing to address all the issues that have been facing America for decades. Our system is broken and politicians and lobbyists have been trying their best to cover it up and make a profit while they can, well it is time fix our government, Ron Paul isn’t a miracle cure, but he’s the first step in the right direction.
46164 Name not displayed
46165 Samuel D Watson
46166 Zach jones run for president, we need a true american
46167 Kristen Jone
46168 Name not displayed
46169 Michael Wolfe I really think he has a good chance. He has an incredible ability to motive young people.
46170 Name not displayed
46171 Mark A Meyer
46172 Robert Kuth
46173 Name not displayed
46174 Name not displayed
46175 Mark Antonius It’s time for REAL change
46176 Name not displayed Please Run! Our country need you more than ever
46177 israel garcia you are the voice that willl allow us to overthrow the swine
46178 Name not displayed Please run. Thanks!
46179 Name not displayed
46180 Jon Bowles
46181 Kevin Wyatt
46182 Name not displayed
46183 nathan jones
46184 Oliver Hohman You are the only person running for president that I have confidence in. Keep up the excellent work.
46185 Thomas Delomas You have my vote!
46186 Radek Suchochleb venne visto vinto
46187 Dylan Maskill Go Ron Paul
46188 Name not displayed Please run, the country needs common sense in charge, not these senseless yes men running it. You are one of the mentally fittest politicians around who can actually think for himself and that is so desperately needed right now. I know it is all about money, so make a plea to those writing here, to help with campaign funds.

Ron Paul for America and oddly… for the world!
46189 Dave Bee This time! just needed those previous 4 years for more people to catch on…. takes a little longer without the support of mainstream media…
46190 Clay Howell I need liberty!!!!!!!! The Individual Americans need Liberty!!!
46191 Cameron Ashby I will vote, canvas and give $$ for you Dr. Ron Paul!! Good Luck
46192 Nick Hitcho
46193 urszula trudnos
46194 Name not displayed
46195 RF GILLUM Lead us out of senseless and unending war in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya.
46196 Name not displayed
46197 Name not displayed Hayek will prevail.
46198 Stuart Winkler, MD
46199 Name not displayed
46200 Jordan Lanning
46201 Evan T. Dont Tread on Me
46202 Name not displayed
46203 Name not displayed Please run for President. With your guidance the United States can become a great nation once again.
46204 James Gieschen Yes! You’ve got to get your name out there! Show the apathetic U.S. people that you are the real deal. Honestly, if everyone knew you’re policies, you’d have overwhelming support. Unfortunately, the only politics people understand are what they hear and see on commercials while they’re watching "How I Met Your Mother". (Not hating on the show, by the way.)
46205 Kyle Schaffer People with your conviction and integrity are this countries greatest hope.
46206 Travis White
46207 Name not displayed
46208 Justin Andersson GO GET EM!
46209 Matt B. Alan All I have to say is WE are the constitution, and WE THE PEOPLE NEED RON PAUL!!!!! For all your beliefs in Liberty and True Freedom Ron, WE CANNOT TRIUMPH WITHOUT YOU!!!!! Let’s END the FED and RESTORE PEACE, LIBERTY, AND FREEDOM TO AMERICA ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!!!! RON PAUL 2012!!!!!
46210 Barbara Adler We Need You Ron Paul and so do our children..Please Please Become our President!!
46211 Name not displayed I would like some signs and stickers to hand out for support. Thank You.
46212 Name not displayed Ron Paul all the way!
46213 Name not displayed Hell yeah, Ron Paul 2012.
46214 Miguel Mares GO RON PAUL!!!!
46215 Guy Floyd we the people
46216 Name not displayed Please run. Trump is a joke, as are Romney, Palin and Huckabee. Look at the polls, Ron. America is behind you.
46217 Staci Bailey
46218 Alex Harvey
46219 Steven Cramer your the only trustworthly politician left in america today. Everyone spread the word of liberty in the name Paul 2012
46220 Ryan Dr. Paul,

WE ARE in desperate need for a person with your intellect, passion for liberty, economic savvy, and principles. Please HELP to restore the liberties we have all complacently allowed to be taken away by choosing to LEAD OUR NATION back to the vision of our founders.
46221 Greg Oddo The Fed must be dissolved, the liberalism and christian conservatism has hijacked American politics. Please run, Mr. Paul..for the fiscally sane amongst us.
46222 Name not displayed If you do not run, I will not vote Republican, there is no one else in that party that I trust with the presidency.
46223 Brian Gottfried You are the only hope we have before the United States of America is no longer recognizable.
46224 Name not displayed
46225 Sherri Dubay
46226 Name not displayed
46227 Kane Let’s put an end to these financial terrorists! Ron Paul 2012!!
46228 Name not displayed
46229 Eric Huebner Go Ron!
46230 Sara A Fleming Come on Ron Paul!!
46231 Name not displayed
46232 Amber meyers Governmental agencies legislating common sense? When have they ever helped w that?
46233 Name not displayed
46234 Bill Lyons Dr. Paul is a voice of reason and common sense, He also has the courage to tell the truth!
46235 Kati Ginn Ron Paul is the only hope for this country. It will take more than him being elected, but if he is elected that will be one enormous step in the right direction for America.
46236 Ross beier
46237 Name not displayed He sticks to his policies, not everyone will agree with his policies, but at least he stays true to his ideals which 99.9% of politicians can’t say.
46238 Casiano Martinez Thank you Ron Paul for your service. Please help us take this country back. Run for President!!
46239 Brent Irwin
46240 Molly Duncan Ng get government out of marriage
46241 Name not displayed
46242 Name not displayed
46243 Toby Herndon Let’s Win This Thing Ron!
46244 Name not displayed
46245 Hazen Natzmer
46246 Aleksander Altberg RON PAUL FTW!
46247 Jeremy Lester
46248 Scott G. Please make Gary Johnson your running mate and take the country back. With your wisdom, and his position, anyone awake will vote you in! OK, Back to my human alarm clock status.
46249 Name not displayed We need a president who will protect the defend the constitution and LIVE by it, Bring the U.S. back for us Ron Paul. Be a true republican
46250 Name not displayed
46251 Caleb Grieme
46252 Name not displayed Dr. Paul,

In the best interest of our country, we need the ONLY honest man in Washington as president.( I believe by your record and the testimony of thousands who know you, it is you in whom I refer to.) The unfortunate reality is that most Americans do not know of your honesty and integrity. They also don’t understand the drastic steps we must take in order to get our country back on track. There is a huge awakening going on right now but far too many are still asleep, some are even dead to truth. The Republican party will do harm to themselves and to the country if they don’t stop the course they are on and return to their roots. They are still playing towards the Neo-Con mentality and this will split the party and weaken their decision for the 2012 candidate. There is no other proposed candidate in the running that will or can bring together the party in the current format they have stubbornly chosen to stick with. God forbid Obama get another term but if the party does not see the need to change course they will falter and our country will suffer untold loss and suffering. They need to listen to "the People" and the people say they would vote for you to beat Obama. I am a very solid christian and I would be considered very conservative in my christianity. Many christians struggle with your stance on drugs and homosexuality. I disagree with your stance on one of these and don’t know that your answer for the other is the best answer but I whole heartedly agree that as the constitution states, "We are endowed with certain unalienable rights", and that all men are created equal. This means that people that may choose a lifestyle in conflict with God’s law still were made by God to have choice. Others have the right also to disagree with them and have the right to openly declare their opinion as such. These rights are guaranteed us by the constitution and no matter what side of the fence we stand on we should cherish them and protect them. As far as choice to do things that harm ourselves that would also be our right to choose. However if those choices hurt others then we are obligated by the constitution to protect the innocent. I would suggest that you focus on bringing that point across crystal clear because the media loves to portray you as a heroin of the drug culture when your motive is to protect freedom and the constitution. Still yet, the media spins it and the public eats it. Please also, as another has posted here, consider the cost that you may pay for taking on the Fed and those who control it. The other presidents, Lincoln, Kennedy, and I think Hamilton paid the cost with their life when they took on the Fed and the bankers to take control back to the people.

To the Fed this is all out war and they are used to getting their way at all costs. I do not want to loose another great man to their evil schemes. Take serious the threat to your life,(if you get as far as the Republican candidate and hopefully President), that this would cause you to be in. We need you in office but to loose you to this end would be a great loss indeed. These battles you have chosen are noble and worth fighting for as the constitution mandates and I for one will stand by you to this end. This is the 2nd Revolution and you are the only candidate worth serving and fighting for. You by record have stood behind your word and that is just cause for me to stand behind you. We need courage back in our blood and courage will only stand with truth. You sir are the only person I see wielding truth in Washington. We as people that love our country must finally stand for what we know is right and honest. I encourage you to make this stand now and fight to win, nothing less. Be shrewd and plan well your course of actions and protect yourself from those who may wish to harm you both politically and physically. There are many that will be by your side to insure your safety and victory. Liberty must win!
46253 Name not displayed Help America please!!
46254 Bob McCullough
46255 Jeremy Swanson You are America’s best chance to restore liberty and true freedom! Please run, you have my vote!
46256 Tom Taylor
46257 David Hancockj
46258 Joe White the sheep are slowly starting to open their eyes. Now is the time for Ron Paul
46259 David Sadler, MD Real hope and change.
46260 Liz Stiteler
46261 Joseph merrick we have your back!
46262 Name not displayed
46263 Chris Tucker
46264 Name not displayed Great to see you in the debates! I think the key with running for you is to detail some of how you would go about revising the IRS and tax laws. Give some numbers and put it in laymen terms for the masses. As before, the mainstream media will continue to think of you as a joke, but hopefully more people are waking up!
46265 Jonathan Trimble Ron Paul, the only politician I will ever trust. I true believer of his principles.
46266 Gary Bender I voted for Obama, and am a registered, Dem. But as soon as the Bank bailout took place, I sadly realized this admin. is the same as the last 4. If Doctor Paul runs for President, I will reg. as Rep. and cast my vote for him in the primary. I’ve never voted in the primary before!!!
46267 Tiffany Hutcherson Dr. Paul, I feel that you truly have a chance to win this election and that chance grows more and more to a certainty every day. I know you can win and liberty can be restored. Please run for President of the Unites States.
46268 Levi garcia Your the man, only one who deserves the presidency.
46269 Joshua Riley Go get em!!
46270 Darrel Clemmons LOVE YA RON! FOR LIBERTY!
46271 Name not displayed
46272 Annette in Florida The USA needs a President like you in this time of economic crisis Dr. Paul. Pres Obama filled the youth with what they wanted to hear, rather than the truth! Ron Paul 2012!
46273 Sean conley
46274 zayd mashi
46275 Jake K. Ron go ahead and run. Now may be your shot. I can honestly say if you run I can personally guarantee my family and friends would support you. You have another couple dozen votes waiting for you from my family. Restore the republic. Run on ending the wars, restoring our dollar and economy through free markets, and returning our federal government to their rightful place under the Constitution.
46276 Ben R. We need your leadership ron paul i will make sure to share my support for you with my friends and let them know you are what america needs to survive
46277 Name not displayed the time is now
46278 John Smith We need our Freedoms.
46279 Name not displayed
46280 Name not displayed "Ron Paul" real change we can believe in!
46281 Michael A. Garman I think you stand a great chance against Obama. Not because he is a bad man, but because I think you are a better one.
46282 Name not displayed Everything he is saying make sense…its so simple to understand….Despite what the enemy has planned we need to stick together
46283 Kenneth R. Ron Paul 2012!!!
46284 James Knight Good Luck!
46285 Reggernald Floyd
46286 Mary Jane Fate
46287 Name not displayed I too fear for your life. The builderbergers are after anyone that gets in their way. Good luck to you Dr. Paul. I will vote for you if I have to write in your name. Good Bless and may he keep you safe from all harm.
46288 Wendy Poff Please help bring back a little common sense to America.
46289 Jonathan Taylor Dr. Paul, you are our only hope. You sir are the only tie we have today to our Founding Fathers. Please run, win, and keep your word.

Thank you, and God bless.
46290 Justin This country was formed by some of the greatest minds that have ever walked this planet - Jefferson, Madison, Adams, Washington, … Now it needs to be saved by those with the same philosophy today, even if it has been 230+ years. Dr. Paul you are one of those great minds in the 21st century to save this country and bring it back to the way it was meant to be.
46291 Rolando Ulises Parra
46292 Name not displayed Dr Ron Paul as president would be a dream come true and i’m not even from the U.S. He is the only true leader!
46293 ashley j priddy
46294 Mark HUghett Let’s get the government out of our wallets and our lives.
46295 Andrew Ling Please bring America back to the people.
46296 Tom Pearlman All we need is one good man who can and will do the right thing, as well as lead this country back to prosperity.
46297 Noel C Brown I haven’t voted for a republican presidential candidate since Ronald Reagen (and regret that). You can change that.
46298 Name not displayed go getem ron!
46299 Name not displayed
46300 Heather Myers
46301 Don Torelli I will support Ron Paul 2012. No more wars, restore the Republic.
46302 John Hawkins You have my vote. Give them hell Dr. Paul.
46303 Phillip Pennelll
46304 Deborah Scott We need to have you in the White House so badly. I want to know that my children are going to have a future and I want to be able to feel safe again in my own country and I don’t mean from the terrorists. Run for President Ron Paul and show them the right way to run this country! Our family supports you!
46305 jerome lewis
46306 Paul Doty It is up to us to stand up for liberty. Help us Ron. It is time.
46307 Alan O’Callaghan We need a realistic view of the world, where government serves the people, not the other way around!
46308 Nate Dray After all the rhetoric - you must do this for US, Dr. Paul. Please. :)
46309 Name not displayed Ron Paul - You are the only person CAPABLE of beating Obama. Though I have nothing against our current President, I truly feel that YOU are the man for the job. You understand the flaws of government and your not brainwashed by Reagan Conservatives. You are a TRUE CONSERVATIVE who understands what steps to take to help restore our nation. You are amazing!
46310 Name not displayed love
46311 Larry J. Damron
46312 Jeanne
46313 Benjamin Stear I LOVE YOUR MESSAGE!
46314 Name not displayed Please Run, you are the only truly liberal politician I have seen in western society. That is always a good thing in my books.
46315 Daniel Gedlinske Ron Paul 2012 = monumental victory
46316 John Hartley
46317 Name not displayed Good luck, Ron!
46318 Matt Price
46319 Catherine Randall
46320 Name not displayed if you run for president, i’ll register to vote
46321 Molly Miller You are such an inspiration, and I’m going to do everything I can to help you become elected.
46322 Eivind Storaas Good luck, you might manage to save the worlds greatest document and the country it was made in, the american constitution! Cheers from Norway.
46323 Name not displayed Dr. Paul, I don’t really care for politics only for the reason of all this corruption doesn’t really matter any more left or right, as we all know the elite fund both sides so doesn’t matter but as far as views I would consider myself more on the left or liberal but agree with some right or conservative issues. You interview with D.L. Hughley was great, and I agree with him about how he sees you in his eyes. But you sir regardless what you run as will have my vote! We need a leader like you, those out there who lean to the left, right, conservative, liberal, independent, or whatever any other party you are affiliated please take the time to hear what this man has to say. Just take 15-30 mins one day and youtube this man’s speeches, interviews, and debates, you will see what I am talking about. Good luck sir!
46324 Charles Williamson Dr. Paul, Please continue your fight to save our country. We are behind you fully, and will work to spread your wisdom to the mindless horde that follows mainstream media. GOD bless you sir for the great work you do.
46325 Clayton Remy
46326 lee rice legend
46327 Jeffrey Merold We need a real president that has not been bought by big business. A president who will stand up and do what is right for the majority of it’s citizens and the few rich and powerful. A president that will stop trying to terrorize it’s people and keep them in the dark. I feel you are America’s best chance for future that will make our founding fathers proud.
46328 keith A. starnes
46329 Name not displayed we need this ron paul!
46330 Name not displayed
46331 Edward Smith Ron Paul you absolutely HAVE to run for President. You are the most genuinely honest politician I’ve ever seen. I hate watching American politics as you see these corrupt and greedy "politicians" doing favours for the big oil companies and banks screwing everyone else over in the process. I hate to see these idiots running for president and the morons that run FOX news try and attack your character because you threaten their self centred, greedy ways! It’s a shame the political system is set up so that the big banks and major corporations are the ones who make the biggest campaign donations effectively eliminating anyone running for President who will make REAL change. I know you will be the most amazing President Ron, you simply have to run! Give America back to it’s people! I know you can do it! Best of luck!
46332 Name not displayed American desperately needs a man like you, sir. Please run!!!! After hearing your words and understanding where you stand on the issues I finally am starting to feel hope for the future of this country and my children. Please run!
46333 Chase Stites
46334 kevin j donegan The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.
46335 Julie C.
46336 James Doriety We as Americans need a man like Ron Paul! To the 25 and younger crowd please google Mr Paul and read what he stands for and what he voted for.
46337 Morgan Foster
46338 Wendy Firsching
46339 Jason Lawya America needs Ron Paul.
46340 Name not displayed
46341 William Please Ron, give America another chance to have a man as great as you be our leader!
46342 William Please Ron, give America another chance to have a man as great as you be our leader!
46343 Anthony Gomez
46344 Josiah Kreidler
46345 Name not displayed
46346 Name not displayed RON PAUL 2012!
46347 Aaron Brixey
46349 Carolyn Go Ron Paul!
46350 James Feigenbaum
46351 Corey Golden
46352 John Lasiter Dr. Paul without a true constitutional government the idea of living out in the wilderness away from society becomes a better idea everyday.
46353 J. Ryan Conley This country needs all the help it can get!
46354 Name not displayed GO GET ‘EM RON PAUL!
46355 Name not displayed No Wars!
46356 Jeremiah Hit Iowa hard
46357 Jack McCambridge III
46358 Andrea Miara
46359 Rick Jester
46360 Orlando Larez I supported Congressman Paul in 2008 and I’ll do it any day he steps on the podium. Dr. Paul is the most qualified man for the job, lets get him into the Oval Office!
46361 william davidson the government has become an enemy of the people, and i agree with your beliefs.
46362 Corey Booth Please run for President Mr. Paul!!! American is doomed otherwise. I will do whatever I can to help! If you dont run and dont win, I’m leaving this country.

Corey Booth
46363 Name not displayed We need you more than ever!
46364 Dan Baumann I hard worked for Obama in 2008; I’ll work twice as hard for you in 2012!
46365 Kenny Newhouse RUN FOR PRESIDENT!!!
46366 Erik Imes
46367 Shawn Should Have BEEN in office already! Ron Paul I know you can do a lot for people. 2012 is your year!!
46368 Daniel Patrick Hall I listen to Human Action on as I surf the days and nights away learning more and more about freedom.
46369 Name not displayed He is the only Republican candidate that I would vote for.
46370 Name not displayed Do it!
46371 Shane Corcoran
46372 Eric Helton America is dieing for change Sen. Paul. Your message has remained the same even through all the scrutiny. The truth tends to do that. America is in trouble and needs a positive change. Your message is clear and tells us all what has to be done to save this country that me and my fellow americans love. Bring liberty back to it’s people and let the voice of the founders be heard!
46373 Rick Horn
46374 guy trudeau
46375 Jon Ledbetter You got my vote for liberty
46376 Name not displayed
46377 Carlos Hernandez
46378 Robert Pitas We need you Dr. Paul! Despite the media trying to marginalize you and making up reasons why you’re not a viable candidate even when you crush the other candidates in straw polls, there are a huge body of people in the US who believe you can make a difference!
46379 Name not displayed You have my vote for liberty.
46380 Name not displayed Please do run and I hope you get elected.. the world needs a real republican.. its time
46381 Ian Scott Wilson Dr No, you are the most amazing politician today, and it is VITAL that you become the president of our nation so that you can DESTROY all of the stupid government institutions not expressly permitted by out great Constitution.
46382 George Johnson Jr. Do you really want Obama to keep running things? Or - just as bad - one of these neo-con nutjobs (like Romney)? HELP US!
46383 Russ Lee Monchil
46384 Tony Rush Lets start a revolution!
46385 Anthony Green
46386 Cliff Herman It’s maddening that after the so-called debate (really an interview) the mainstream media were only talking about candidates who were not there. Thank GOD for Ron Paul and Fox!!
46387 Michael Rotch Please run! You will do the world a great service.
46388 Chris Wynn
46389 Name not displayed
46390 Name not displayed Two minutes into the presedential debate i was sold! i love and agree with all of your policies and will vote and promote if you decide to run!
46391 Name not displayed
46392 Joan County’s in shambles. We need a strong,

true blue American leader. With the right stuff.

Someone who will turn this thing around. & return us to our glorious roots. Amen.
46393 David M. Soule We need you NOW!!! Do right and fear no one!
46394 Hannah Smalley the united states needs a president like you!
46395 curtis Franks
46396 Fletch
46397 Daniel McKeown Thank you Ron for being here and doing what you do.
46398 Brian Mahaffey Ron Paul 2012
46399 Rachel Cates PLEASE!!! You are the greatest hope for my childrens future!!!
46400 Henry Clay DuQuesnay No one understands how to get where we need to go better than Ron Paul, period.
46401 Travis A true American citizen! Dr. Paul for President!
46402 Todd Green Please run, for the liberty of the people we need a freedom fighter, we need you!!!
46403 Austin Bartoszek
46404 Witold Piorun Dr. Paul. For years, you served the American People in the Congress. Now we beg you to help us in our struggle against the Empire. I regret that I am unable to present our request to you in person, but our country has fallen under bad times and I’m afraid our mission to bring you to The White House in 2008 has failed. We believe you have information vital to the survival of the United States. We will know how to retrieve it. You must run for election to the presidency in 2012. This is our most desperate hour. Help us, Obi-Ron Paul. You’re our only hope.
46405 Duane Bunch
46406 George Hahn Go Ron! We’re all behind you!
46407 Matthew Chamberlin
46408 Matthew Love Ron Paul
46409 Justin Goeman
46410 Teddy Su We need more people like you! You have my support!
46411 Luke Purpuri
46412 Name not displayed
46413 Robert Beecham, MD Neither the Democrats nor the other Republicans have shown they are willing to make the hard choices to solve our nation’s problems, especially the crushing federal debt that we are imposing upon our children. Mainstream politicians have failed. It is time for a fundamental political shift (similar to what occurred with Reagan’s election) to get the United States out of its current economic, military and geopolitical quagmire. America needs to wake up before it’s too late…if it isn’t already.
46414 Robert Bradshaw God Bless Ron Paul!
46415 william r wright II i gave up on the usa but you give me hope dont let me down.
46416 Sarah Melling Please help us wake up the sheeple before we loose all our rights as citizens.
46417 John Thomas
46418 Erica F I voted for you, Dr. Paul, NOT Obama! You can get us back from the brink of insanity Obama can not. Please run. You may not be able to completely fix this mess that we’re in but I believe you will honestly try. We need to get out of this "Give the government complete and total power. Give them our liberty for our "freedom" mindset they have drilled into our heads. We need someone to fight with us…I refuse to raise my children in a society like this. Good luck…
46419 Name not displayed The country needs you!
46420 Ryan Kelly I am inspired by Ron Paul’s efforts to reestablish the dignity of our government.
46421 Name not displayed This country needs Ron Paul and other men and women like him.
46422 Peter Gonzalez
46424 Ryan V. Hawkins Restore the Republic
46425 Matthew Gustafson 2012 The year of the Paul!
46426 Name not displayed
46427 Jeffrey D Farrell considering moving to uruguay if we cannot get a grip on reality and stop all the corruption that is turning this country into the crazy uncle that everybody knows to stay away from but you’ll still except that card with a check in it and unheartedly say thank you.
46428 Peggy I Burgess I have never ever felt so good and right about casting my vote as when I have the privilege to vote for Ron Paul. I thank God that there is Ron Paul. He knows more than all the legislators on Capital Hill combined, and he uses it selflessly to help us

all to restore this nations greatness. Our founding fathers would

be so proud! May God watch over and protect him as he attempts the (near) impossible!
46429 Kimberly D. Damm-Jones Every evening, I pray to God that He will avenge what has been done to America.

I pray for this last chance, I pray that the answer will be soon.

I sometimes wonder if Ronald Paul is the answer. I pray that if he is not the answer, there will be another who will hear the cry of our forefathers, and Paul will support him, and every American will support him, and our cause will be loved by all nations, as it was at the very beginning.

If you will be candidating, you have my vote, and my first vote after turning 18.

May the United States of America be the last nation on this earth to turn her face from Liberty and God!
46430 Name not displayed Dr. Paul, you are our only hope.
46431 Field
46432 Name not displayed
46433 Name not displayed
46434 Name not displayed You have my vote!
46435 Leonard B.
46436 Tyler J. Senior Please run for president. We need a truthful honest person who won’t back out on words, and not soil this country in chaos.
46437 Sam Towne Minimal Government!
46438 Brian Hill
46439 Name not displayed I’m British but i’m aware of world politics. I’m very worried about the direction the world is heading. I have lost faith with nearly all politicians and the ‘system’, but then i came across you! You have given me hope that there are good people fighting for the people!

I feel you may be the only hope, not just for the U.S. but the whole world!

Ron, be the light and show the world the way based on truth & liberty!

46440 Jonathan McConnell help save our country please! every other country has its roots embedded in ours and we need to be setting an example rather than destroying anyone who opposes us!
46441 Robert de Alcala In it to win it.
46442 Charles Blake Save the constitution. Restore the Republic.
46443 Dino Duet Your son would make a good VP I think. Pick Rand as your running mate for 2012!
46444 sherry juhasz
46445 Name not displayed the only person running for president who can actually make this country great again
46446 Megan Henderson I’ve never seen a conservative with the social views you have; this country needs someone who has the best of both worlds: the financial freedom of the conservatives, and the social freedom of the liberals. Ron Paul, 2012 will be the first year I get to vote; I hope I get to vote for you.
46447 Mary O’Day RON PAUL 2012!!!! protect my liberties and freedoms as a taxpaying hard workin american citizen!!!
46448 David Graham
46449 Name not displayed
46450 Jose Encarnacion
46451 Name not displayed Congressman Paul, your work toward freedom is an inspiration for all who long to live free.
46452 Katelyn Pribula
46453 Jeff Davis
46454 Name not displayed
46455 Name not displayed
46456 ashley medina The Revolution
46457 Steven Adams Not sure I can remain optimistic if you don’t run! Don’t let trump, trump our country.
46458 Angie Kveum I pledge to you my vote, my labor, my voice, and my money.
46459 Darcy De Anda
46460 Brandon Brown
46461 Name not displayed Do the most good.
46462 Name not displayed I have only recently been reading about you and what you stand for, and honestly I am very pleased that You are thinking about taking the stand as our President. We need a good hearted American for a Change and I really hope that You help America become America again.
46463 Name not displayed I can’t think of anyone better to be president for our country. We need to end the Fed and get rid of big government. We need someone extremely wise to do this. We need *you* Ron Paul.
46464 Richard Bavota Go Ron Go
46465 Name not displayed Please run! This country is dying. You can help get it back to where it needs to be! No one else has the guts!
46466 Harry R F
46467 Name not displayed
46468 Name not displayed You were born for a moment like this! If God is for us who can be against us!
46469 Stephen Richardson Ron Paul for president!
46470 Name not displayed
46471 Cole Schwarz
46472 Tyler Sisson Ron paul is perfect for presidency of 2012, keep the government out of personal and state issues.
46473 Name not displayed
46474 Aaron For the first time in my adult life, I actually agree with a Presidential hopeful.
46475 Michael Watson America needs Ron Paul !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
46476 Tino Woodburn Dr. Paul we need a man like you to lead this great country. You are right on time!
46477 Name not displayed
46478 Donovan Goble we need a president who is going to work for america, abide by the constitution, and work to better our country. why are we spending so much fixing other countries instead of our own?! RON PAUL the only valid candidate.
46479 Name not displayed I just turned 18, and although my family and friends voted for Obama, I’d vote for you.
46480 Andrew Sanicola I whole-heartedly support you.
46481 Name not displayed Dr. Paul For President!
46482 Shaun DeBow I voted for you in 2008 and I’ll vote for you in 2012 if you run. Make us a proud nation again.
46483 The Sus Mr. Obama is played out, we need you to do work dr. Paul
46484 Marcus Shirley Mr. Paul, We ned You now more than ever. Please bring my country back to its once great status.
46485 Adam Lee Linkous I hope Ron Paul exposes the truth of our deceptive government! End the Fed! 9/11 was an inside job! Revolution!
46486 michael nesbitt
46487 Dr. Joseph Lodespoto the US needs RP!!!!
46488 Adam W. Zwanziger
46489 Mary Brunst
46490 Deven Knerr
46491 Dale Burge
46492 Jerry Melendez
46493 Jay Tamez I’m relieved that Ron Paul is Running. We may have a chance to turn this country around!
46494 Name not displayed
46495 Lindomar Cortez
46496 Shawn McDonald Ron Paul…after you get DENIED the Republican nomination, PLEASE ask Jesse V. to be your Veep! What a duo! Now THAT would be ticket for the ages and one I could unequivocally vote for.
46497 Christina Spencer
46498 Name not displayed We have not had a president who cares about Americans in a long time. We need one now more than ever. We need YOU.
46499 Dan The trust you have in the American people is incomparable to any other politician. Thank you, and please represent the voice of patriots throughout this country
46500 Name not displayed Please run, we need someone with a vision for the people, not someone with a vision for an the agenda.
46501 Kirk
46502 Arpine Megrabyan
46503 Amelia Baxter
46504 Selah M. McConnell
46505 John Gomez
46506 Luana Cenotti Please run Congressman Paul, America needs you desperately!!
46507 Name not displayed We NEED you!
46508 Andre Pecht
46509 Fitzgerald McClellan You are a visionary.
46510 Robert Simon
46511 Name not displayed
46512 Name not displayed If there was ever a time to wake this country up, it’s now Mr. Paul…You can, most certainly, count on my vote…
46513 Kevin N. Carpenter
46514 Name not displayed Please help save our nation from these career politicians. We need your fierce dedication to the principles of our founders to help bring back the realization of the American Dream for all Americans. Bring our boys home!
46515 Don Cornell
46516 DANJEL DUGANDZIC The only one out of the candidates speaking to the people, how can one have functioning common sense and truth within themselves and not have faith in Ron Paul, impossible. I urge everyone to not just wait around, please try to get his message across to as many people as you can, we all have to be behind Mr. Paul this time and it has to be obvious or they will just do what they have been doing all along. Ron, You represent the truth for what it really is in all its glory, its not only mind-blowing to me in this day and age, but I also become aware that you are risking your life by trying to overthrow the corruption that spread across the globe like cancer eating our capabilities of functioning like a normal human being. I lost faith in the system and its ability to turn around from the crooked ways in which it functions, you have given me back belief that I carried for a long long time within me and this is coming from a legal alien, the belief that the U.S.A. will lead the world by example towards new step in the evolution of our species. Ron Paul REVOLUTION

I believe in PAUL
46517 Tara Ron we need your vision, now more than any. I voted fro you 2008 and am wanting you to run in 2012. I promise you will have my vote.
46518 Name not displayed
46519 Douglas Berger
46520 Ronald Smith
46521 Laura Booth
46522 David Flores Would like it if you ran with Dennis Kucinich as your vice-president.
46523 Shaun Allen Fight the fight! Nothing less than the Freedom our forefather’s fought for is at stake!
46524 Nicole Brees Clean house, Ron Paul
46525 Sarah Thomas
46526 Chris Brazell
46527 Mario Simpson
46528 Bob Cerros
46529 David Williams
46530 Patrick Hook You are the only hope to restore america and bring back are freedom!
46531 Mark Ron, you are an inspiration. Please run.
46532 Johan Holmberg Don’t waste your time reading my words about Ron Paul, use it to listen to his.
46533 James Erick Dukes I promise You that I will do anything I can to help spread your message to everyone I can!
46535 Gregory Punzo if he runs you can guaranty a vote from me
46536 Tim Stanford There are so many that have lost faith in the leaders of this country. No matter which party you vote for, the end results are the same. I’m at the point that I don’t really care if I vote or not. I feel Ron Paul is our last hope for this country. It is time for a revolution.
46537 Jeremy Beecher You have my vote!
46538 Name not displayed I’m a soldier deployed to Iraq, my fellow soldiers and I support you!
46539 Brian Go Paul!
46540 Name not displayed No Sitting President of my lifetime has Inspired me,and seem to have spoken for me!The Individual,than you Sir..Please run..u have my Vote
46541 Julie Koolen
46542 Derek Smith we need someone to bring back liberty and justice FOR ALL. you have my vote!
46543 Name not displayed please, we need clear minded thinking.
46544 Chris Gentry
46545 Eric Bergemann
46546 Michael Heine There hasn’t been a true president for the last 30 years. Ronald Reagen started it, and it ends with Obama! Ron Paul is the only candidate that I can trust!
46547 Clint Kusch Not only will you be helping the american people, but you will be helping the world. Please run for presidency and i will vote for the very first time and I’m 25 !!!
46548 Name not displayed 2012 is the first year I will be old enough to vote. If Ron Paul doesn’t run I probably won’t be voting. ALL and I mean ALL of my friends say they would vote for Ron Paul in 2012. Let the youth opt out of social security and become independent Americans!!!
46549 Name not displayed
46550 Corey Gallant You are EXACTLY what the U.S.A. needs in 2012 Mr. Paul. You are a true patriot and an amazing crusader for freedom.
46551 Al Tomer
46552 Corey Gallant
46553 David Cubine Fuck yeah.
46554 Paul Brinkley We need you Dr. Paul
46555 Name not displayed
46556 Name not displayed
46557 Name not displayed The United States is at it’s darkest period ever. If we can’t wrest control back into the hands of We The People, then it will our children who ask us why we didn’t do anything while we still had a little time left. Don’t be fooled. We are facing the worst enemy ever because that enemy is operating from within our own government. And their agenda is nothing less than to destroy The United States as we now know it. Do we want our children to grow up in a tyrannical police state? Or do we want them to grow up living in a country where

Liberty and Justice still stand for something
46558 Joshua James Tressler FOR THE PEOPLE! BY THE PEOPLE!
46559 brandon delaney
46560 Sammy Zirkle
46561 Bryan Smith
46562 Tyler Matthew Scheidt Please, help this nation by opening the blind politicians’ eyes to what Liberty actually is. It has been too long, living under this haze of government controll and propaganda making us believe what is right and what is wrong. Now is the time. Restore The Peoples’ control over their own lives, and end the forced beliefs.
46563 Royce Edgington
46564 Tyler Groth This man is the only politician I don’t absolutely despise, If he runs for presidency he’s got my vote for sure.
46565 Todd Murphy As an American I appreciated everything Ron Paul has done. God bless you Ron Paul
46566 Zack Yancy
46567 Tony Hurd This country needs to get back to grassroots basics. It needs a patriot, rather than a politician now, more than ever! Ron Paul is that man! A man with America’s agenda at the forefront of his plans, not those of the lobbyists. The power needs to be taken away from government and given back to the people. America is desperate for change and Ron Paul is the man to lead the charge!
46568 Scott T. Michaud Please run….we need a return to the constitution
46569 Adam Taylor You stand by your word and don’t mince those words when confronted with questions that some POLITICIANS would stay middle road on because they want party support. You’re admirable and on the mark with your views and ideas.
46570 Van Fleener what we need now is drastic changes!
46571 Name not displayed Thanks for running Ron Paul. Don’t worry about those mean people putting you down. I still trust you.
46572 Aran Go Ron Paul! I know you’re the kind of person this country needs to get us in the right direction! Thank’s Dr. Paul for all your hard work!
46573 joshua Granados End The Fed, Ron Paul is our only hope for true freedom! Give the power back to the people.
46574 Ilyoung Bang
46575 ignacio
46576 Name not displayed GO RON PAUL!!!! KNOCK THESE CROOKS OUT OF OFFICE!! We need you.
46577 Name not displayed I hope you win.

For freedom.
46579 Kathryn Hirt
46580 Andrew Hallin We need a true conservative like Dr. Paul, a man of principal, who is willing to fight for our common interests. We also need a house cleaning with most of the phony Republicans in congress.
46581 Bryan Horn We need you now more than ever.
46582 Tessa Kavanagh You have my complete support. Best wishes.
46583 Bruce Barrett
46584 Bryan Jacobs
46585 Name not displayed
46586 Name not displayed Ron- we need to elect a man who will fight for liberty. You should get people to read a few Uncle Eric books and have them recommend it to friends. My exodus from the republican party to a man that stands for consistent principles gives me much satisfaction. Your election would give the country a second chance.
46587 Name not displayed No lip service? Honesty? He’s got my vote.
46588 Brian Heskin Ron Paul is the definition of Patriot!!!!
46589 Chris Horianopoulos
46590 Grayson Warbritton There never has been a time in this country’s history that we have needed a person of your caliber to bring us back from the brink and to the foundation of this Republic for which it was founded as written in the US Constitution, the Federalist Papers and George Washington’s Farewell address (which has become very prophetic in its warnings).
46591 Adam Ron Paul for president!
46592 Jean Felipe Douat I am from Brazil and live in Brazil, but after globalization took hold and US has being doing so much S***, we need a guy like him to make it stop. US have lready declared as the Amazon being theirs..nonsense. Stop interventionism!

Ron Paul for president 2012!
46593 Name not displayed This is the time for Ron Paul! Run hard and win 2012.
46594 Robert Mezzenga Please run for president for our country and bring the power back to its people!
46595 Name not displayed
46596 Name not displayed
46597 Name not displayed
46598 Kendrick Alltop I believe you are what the country needs, and now that I can vote you can bet I’ll vote for you.
46599 Wade Wilson
46600 Name not displayed
46601 Thomas Justice Lynch Dr. Paul, you are the truest American since George Washington. You are a light of truth and courage in the darkness of the American political machine and the youth of America, myself included, need you for inspiration in this era seemingly devoid of political integrity. It would be an honor to all of us if you would continue to lead the Revolution.
46602 Mark Herberholz I had always thought that America’s problems would never be able to be solved and the political process was rife with our elected officials contributing to bringing our nation to ruin to ensure their reelection. Ron Paul is a shining example of a politician who does not what is best for his reelection or what he thinks his constituents may be most pleased with but simply what in his opinion is best for the nation as a whole. He uses logic and reason to determine what is right or wrong and his only motivation is to create the America that the constitution intended to build. For all of that he would gladly get my vote and I truly hope that he makes the decision to run for president.
46603 John Martin
46604 Grant Osman
46605 Eric Brown This country is broken, the whole world can see it. Benjamin Franklin told us that we need a revolution every 200 years because governments become stale and corrupt. I don’t know where common sense has gone in this country but someone has to lead us to a better path…
46606 Nathan White Ron Paul is our best chance to save the future of this country. If Ron Paul wins our government will finally focus on what matters and quit spending our time and money on issues we the people should decide for ourselves. Small government equals freedom for all. "I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them."

Thomas Jefferson
46607 Jack Nance It’s amazing how qualities such as sensibility and reasonable are skimmed over as qualities of a man amaze me. The views and beliefs of Ron Paul ring so true to the state of affairs we all live in today. The current political landscape demands I be thoroughly supportive of the democratic party, I would however, am in full support of a Ron Paul led Executive Branch regardless of political affiliation. I look forward to voting Ron Paul in 2012!
46608 Stephens M. White IV
46610 John Farmer Ron Paul is the only candidate I can see myself voting for.
46611 Jeremy Heilman
46612 Bob Durham While Ron Paul would make an excellent president, I doubt he would win in a general election. The powers that be are too vested with the system as it stands. Big government Progressives come in both liberal and conservative stripes. While they disagree on some issues, they stand united to keep the status quo and would do what it takes to keep Obama or a carbon copy like Romney in the WH.

To Ron Paul, I ask, please help a State secede from the Imperialist Empire "Union." With the two major parties in collusion, Nullification and Secession are the ONLY checks against our tyrannical Federal government. After one State asserts itself, others will follow. Those Americans who seek libertarianism may go with and those who wish for an ever-growing Big Government can be free to relocate to places like CA, MA, NY, and IL.
46613 Sterling Holyoake
46614 eric coleman
46615 Canegialas
46616 Jeremiah Jordan
46617 Robert Stacey
46618 Marc You can do it Ron!!!
46619 David Endom Let’s get started with the hard decissions.
46620 Mac Stemberg
46621 adam
46622 Brian Kreuziger
46623 Antonio Gonzalez An inspiration, and real hope to all, the new Thomas Jefferson :) Good luck, You have America’s support.
46624 Name not displayed
46625 Harsh Garhwal YEAH!!
46626 david ron we are all pulling for you to run. it`s time, this country needs you and please don`t let big media hold you out of the debates this time and make sure that you demand the same amount of time to speak during every debate this time. go ron go, fight on……..
46627 greg brandt RON PAUL
46628 Name not displayed
46629 Eddie Live Free or Die!
46630 Gloria Cutrer
46631 Viktor S
46632 Name not displayed
46633 Anonymous
46634 Josh
46635 Name not displayed As a veteran of the war on terrorism I support Ron Paul and his decision to run for president. Veterans for Ron Paul!
46636 Adam Cortez Help us Obi-Ron-Kenobi, you’re our only hope!!!
46637 Name not displayed GO RON PAUL! :D
46638 Colin K Gallagher I hope you stay consistent… I hope you can do it… I’ve been a diehard democrat for decades… But you actually make sense… I’ll vote for you…
46639 Clayton Maxwell Dr.Paul,

If you are scared to run due to the fact the CIA might have you assassinated like JFK, me and all my friends will PERSONALLY stand side you for protection.

please run sir, your our ONLY chance
46640 Anthony Workman
46641 Laura Nelson REVOLUTION!
46642 Name not displayed
46643 Rufus america needs a change
46644 Name not displayed I was fired by a small business that couldnt afford to keep me…because i was fired, i dont qualify for unemployment benefits. I cant find a job and its been 6 months now…. I have no money, I beg for food from family and friends and all i want is to get a paycheck for a full day of work. I believe you can create jobs… hopefully i’ll have one soon but i know others are in my situation as well.
46645 Matthew Roes We need an honest politician. People are disenfranchised with the current system. Hail Ron Paul!
46646 Josh Brisby Sir, I am pleased by how many of my friends and family on both sides of the political spectrum really appreciate you. I think there is a strong possibility you could do it in 2012!!
46647 Maximilian W. J Congressman Ron Paul is the ONLY one to say:

1. Constitution is our SUPREME law to obey

2. SOUND money to be back once more

3. FED is illegal for nearly 100 years!!!

4. Tax code is a theft for us Americans

What else is to say about this great man to VOTE for him?
46648 Name not displayed
46649 Trevor We need you to get america back on its feet.
46650 James Please, Ron, run for president!!!
46651 Natalie Boles
46652 Joshua Price With you at the wheel, there could be true hope.
46653 Don Run Paul Run!
46654 Tyler Valdez
46655 Thomas Henry Tague
46656 Patrick McGraw Oppose the deceivers
46658 steve stretch Common sense would be welcome
46659 David J
46660 Name not displayed Ron Paul is a true American Patriot working for the real American people.
46662 Name not displayed Personal freedom is paramount we need a leader who does not treat us like children, we need a President who makes decisions based on what’s logical; no matter how it affects his image.
46663 Jerry Wojcik Ron Paul 2012
46664 sanjeeb saha RUN RON RUN
46665 Moses Folau
46666 anamika saha the world needs Ron Paul
46667 Edward C.Camp so don’t get killed
46668 Chris Help us Ron!
46669 Pam Vest
46670 Name not displayed
46671 mary lu
46672 Justin Stewart
46673 Justin
46674 Stephen Fuhry
46675 Malynda Schoppe-Fischer
46676 Eric W. Fischer
46677 Name not displayed Ron Paul is the last hope for this world!
46678 Raphael Nascimento Dr. Paul,

As the only candidate with a true understanding of liberty, we need you to run for President in 2012.
46679 Marcos Duarte I think if George Washington were alive today, he’d be disgusted at modern politicians; and concur with yourself.

You aren’t a corrupt imbecile, a simple conformist, and you make sense; and I like that.

I voted for you in 2008, and I want to vote for you again.

46680 Nassor Ade It’s time to make real change in AMERICA.. Please be President for all the PEOPLE of the USA and bring the troops home. End the FED.
46681 David Mezzanotte
46682 Bryan M. Proto This country needs Dr. Paul.
46683 Name not displayed As a country we are at the end of our rope. You can be the knot at the end that helps us hold on and then begin the climb back up again.
46684 Melissa Merritt
46685 Paul Stevens First hearing you in the 2008 debate I thought you were crazy. Hearing you again here in 2011 it’s starting to sink in and make sense. Every answer you have always comes from your vast knowledge of history and the constitution. I’m glad you switched parties so I could hear your message….please never stop running and don’t be discouraged!
46686 Steven
46687 Jason bell Time for a real change!!!
46688 Name not displayed
46689 Martin B. Lessans I am willing to work on your Maryland campaign
46690 Name not displayed
46691 Mary Kate B God Bless you and your family for standing up for what’s right for this country.
46692 Mark D. Ross Looking forward to voting for you in 2012 and making America great again!!
46693 Name not displayed We need you badly, especially to protect us seniors.
46694 Pete Mac PLEASE HELP!!!! They’re killing us!!!!!
46695 John HMoran
46696 Name not displayed Run to save the world Ron
46697 Barrett Smith GO RON!
46698 Name not displayed
46699 Daniel Millheim We need this man if we want any hope.
46700 Name not displayed Dr Paul is the most, perhaps the only, principled and honest politician that I know of in my lifetime, and certainly the only one that gives me any real hope for the future of the United States.
46701 Ian Romero I think that Ron Paul is the absolute best candidate that this country has recently seen. If anyone can straighten this country out, it’s him. America needs to give him a chance!
46702 Bruce Gordon You are an inspiration to all. A voice calling out of the wilderness that needs to be heard. By your running for President I can feel assured that our men and women will come home!
46703 Hunter Youth for Ron Paul!
46704 Austin Shuttlesworth
46705 Name not displayed
46706 Nick Syracuse
46707 Matt
46708 Scott Huffman Your the best man to run for Pres. I’m sick of loosing my liberties because of to much government. I have a small business and if I tried to run it any way like the government does I would have been bankrupt a long time ago. Please keep up Your good work . I am telling all my friends they need to find out more about You. No other candidate has my vote right now but You.
46709 Paul Whalen Actual change would be nice, he could lead this ncountry back in the direction it was intended….not the path we chose to go down or the corporate lap dogs brought us down.
46710 Paul Ron is the only ray of hope we have for returning our republic to that which the founding fathers designed. We need to help Ron beat the media storm that continually tries to tear him down with their falsehoods. God Bless Ron Paul!
46711 Name not displayed Please help save our counttrly
46712 Name not displayed Do it.
46713 Andrew Samuels Students for Ron Paul!!
46714 Lindsay Truempy I have a (soon to be) 4y/o grandson, and another grandchild on the way. I need Dr.Paul in office so they will grow up knowing FREEDOM
46715 Mike Marcinkowski Dear Mr. Paul,

I enjoyed watching you in the debate on May 5th, 2011. I’m not interested in party politics, but I understand the realities of presidential campaigning and I sincerely hope that the other stooges that you had to share the stage with do not win the nomination. I was appalled at the nation’s decision to re-elect Mr. Bush and have been stunned at Mr. Obama’s apparent continuation of these militarist, interventionist policies - not to mention Congressional blackmail on the financial bailout! I want a return to honest government. You epitomize this through your consistent position in defense of the Constitution. I thank you for your efforts thus far, and know that your supporters stand ready to take on the 2012 election.
46716 Joshua My brother and I are OIF/OEF vets, we support Ron Paul!
46717 Alex Wolf
46718 Jarod Mendez We need you Mr. Paul.
46719 Brian Baughman
46720 Scott Campbell America NEEDS YOU!
46721 Name not displayed
46722 Name not displayed Lets see what you got, fire it up one more time
46723 Name not displayed
46724 Kyle Thompson
46725 Duran Horning
46726 Long Pham Ron Paul is the only politician I can trust to uphold the Constitution. More and more, it seems that while our government isn’t being overtly malicious to the public it isn’t looking out for our best interests either. Most actions taking by the federal government is now taken for the benefit of corporations. You see this in war, banking, food, auto, health care, security, you name it. I just want to see government by the people again. I’m tired of government shills selling me stuff I don’t want on debt I don’t need.
46727 Alexis Robertson
46728 Rodrigo I´m brazilian and i want Ron Paul running for President in 2012.
46729 James Saxman The country needs you Ron Paul
46730 KAB All combat vets and active military I know would not stand for another "secret society" execution. Congressman Paul could put America on the right track. They murdered Senator Wellstone to prove a point and further their agenda. It will not be tolerated. I’d say, they better make sure Congressman Paul doesn’t even stub his toe by accident because there has never been a politician with so much military support.
46731 Name not displayed
46732 Name not displayed Keep fighting Dr. Paul!
46733 Name not displayed Dr. Paul, you have my support and vote. I hope that the rest of America is ready to wake up and truly embrace real change!
46734 Barbi Nielssen
46735 Christopher Weible
46736 Brian Sullivan Pick Rand Paul as Vice President
46737 Name not displayed
46738 Greg D If you run you will get my vote regardless of whether you have a chance to win or not. Doing nothing is what got us here and I am disgusted with how I voted in the past. No more will I idly sit by and vote for the lesser of two evils.

Heres to hoping you not only run (preferably as Independent) but win Ron, it will be a signal to Americans they don’t have to get stuck with just Republican and Democrat choices. America could end the two party system it’s become if we really wanted to this election.

Imagine the house and senate having to put issues first rather than party affiliation.
46739 Kris Harrison
46740 Kevin Ross
46741 Dalton nekich aww fuck yeah ron paul 2012
46742 Brad Hammond
46743 Name not displayed Thank you for all you do in the cause of liberty. We are praying for you… May God Almighty bless you and guide you Mr Paul.
46744 Patrick Batten
46745 Name not displayed
46746 Troy Weber Please end the war on drugs!
46747 regina darling ron paul revolution
46748 Name not displayed You’re the only hope for our country and I’ll be eligible to vote just in time for 2012 so please run!
46749 Joseph Sacco I’m Scared for this country. Almost seems too late.
46750 dean robinson They’re looking for the next Reagan. Ron Paul is Reagan on steriods.
46751 Derek Meyers Defend liberty!
46752 Anthony DeSalle
46753 Name not displayed Don’t believe the Polls. I was never polled and I vote.

I encourage others to Vote for Ron Paul.

I agree with everything he said.
46754 Hayden Mr. Paul, YOU are America’s future. Please, save America and run for President, you have my full support.
46755 Maryann Macaulay We need you, Mr. Paul!
46757 Ryan Healy Go Ron Paul!
46758 Jordan Gray You will have my vote 100%!
46759 Billie Calabro If we don’t do something now there will be no tomorrow for our children…
46760 Justin Smith
46761 Brandon Glover We need you. America needs you.
46762 Sean Worthington
46763 Name not displayed Dr. Paul, you are our only hope.
46764 Kevin T Please…oh please! we are your campaign!
46765 mark blankenship liberty and the country need you
46766 Cooper Cazedessus Run Ron, RUN! You had my UT write-in vote in ’08 and its yours again in ’12.
46767 Amanda Dr.Paul I have been following you since 2008, before that I was apathetic towards politics. You have opened my eyes true liberty is about, economics and politics. Many people are waking up especially my generation, and I hope for this revolution to continue. I am 24 and have never voted, but you better believe come in 2012 I will be voting for you. Please run to continue to educate the masses on liberty, the constitution, foreign policy and sound money. Your honesty and the fact that you stick to what you believe regardless of those that deem you looney astounds me. Keep up the fight.

Ron Paul 2012
46768 Andrew "America needs a president who will restore the Authority of the Constitution which is the authority of limited authority.
46769 Name not displayed
46770 Name not displayed
46771 Name not displayed
46772 Name not displayed you’d have my vote.
46773 Name not displayed Please consider speaking about diet and nutrition to save money: A healthy body of proper nutrients from organic raw foods reduces the need of medical care. Bill Clinton extended his life and increased his health by changing his eating habits.
46774 Ernesto Gomez
46775 Name not displayed Finally – Normal President.
46776 lukas
46777 John Keffler Get your plans ready now because we are going to send you to the White House!
46778 Louis Hyte
46779 Steve Slater
46780 Jessica DeLaney
46781 joseph marler
46782 Name not displayed Ron Paul FTW!!
46783 Diesel
46784 David Baruch Hutchison
46785 Michael Garrett "I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs." - T. Jefferson
46786 Jake Yu Focus the election on the legalization of drugs, especially marijuana and you will win. Drugs, sex, war, the only things the American Sheeple understand.
46787 Name not displayed
46788 Name not displayed
46789 Quentin Ron, you would be the best president our country has had since Kennedy.. Please, for the peoples sake, run.
46790 Matt Eastman If you make the ballot Ron, you have my vote all day!
46791 Name not displayed
46792 Roberto Gutierrez I believe in what you represent!
46793 Ivan Prince Ron Paul for The President of United States
46794 Name not displayed
46795 George G
46796 Michelle Miller I’ve been following your politics for years and you have always had my vote! And you will again!
46797 Don Davis I am a libertarian minded conservative, however even positions which I disagree with you I feel your credibility and sincerity allow me to support your candidacy.
46798 Tylor Felix
46799 Brian Strodtman Run Paul Run!
46800 Name not displayed Fight for our freedom Dr. Ron Paul. Hope to see you as president soon.
46801 Jacob Quinn I love your courage, passion and the way you think outside the box on unpopular issues. Keep doing what your doing!
46802 Ryan Schaefer
46803 Name not displayed You are a true voice in the fight to uphold our civil and personal liberties.
46804 Thomas Jefferson
46805 frances lynch Go for it!!!!
46806 James Walker
46807 Keiton You will save america.
46808 Micah Burrow
46809 michael cummo
46810 Name not displayed
46811 Name not displayed Please, you are our only hope!
46812 Rusty Bongard
46813 Name not displayed
46814 Clifford Peek Best of luck, Ron!
46815 Bradley Chandler You are what this county needs.
46816 Name not displayed Congressman Paul is a true defender of the constitution. He warned us of this economic collapse 8 years ago and unfortunately no one listened. 2012 may be our last chance, vote RON PAUL!
46817 Angel I Hope Desperately for Ron Paul to Run for President for 2012. I Believe Ron Paul is the Only Hope for USA. The World Is Waking up. You’ll be the only solution for Revolution!!! May God Make His Decision. Many Blessing’s and I VOTE FOR RON PAUL 2012!!!
46818 Name not displayed I like Ron Paul, he’s sincere, and an honest , and means what he says what he’s going to do, he does’nt hide an ything from the american people GeorgeCondon
46819 Anthont Tripple I’m a young Democrat and I hope you run!!!
46820 Name not displayed Congressman Paul, you have opened my eyes, as well as many of my generation, to the numerous problems created by our overbearing government. As I am in my early twenties, I feel incredibly hopeful that you will continue to address these issues and that others of my age will become increasingly concerned with our government’s bastardization of the Founding Fathers’ ideals for our country. It is of the utmost importance to shed light on these matters to my generation, as they will find themselves the mitigators of these problems in the decades to come. Because of this I plead to you to make another bid for the Oval Office in 2012. Regardless of whether or not you are victorious in your run, great strides could be made in American politics that could be felt much past your time.

When I was eighteen, a misguided youth, reluctantly enrolling in the local community college, I took a class in political rhetoric. This course coincided with your presidential bid in 2008. For one of the assignments, we were required to give a brief speech on one of the candidates. As I was living in Illinois at the time, everyone chose to give their presentations on the Senator Obama. Deciding to go against the grain, I chose you, Doctor Paul, knowing absolutely nothing about your political views. Needless to say, I fell in love with your stances on seemingly every issue. Your campaign in the 2008 election revived my long forgotten interest in American politics that has yet to fade since. Although you did not win the Republican nomination, one of the proudest moments of my life was being given the opportunity to fill in the bubble next to your name in the 2008 Illinois Primary as the first person I was ever able to vote for in any election.

Having voted in every single election and every office — municipal, sate or federal — since I was eighteen in 2008, no candidate has come anywhere even close to being able to earn my respect and appreciation. I retained many friends from the aforementioned political rhetoric class, all of whom were Obama supporters. After being so excited in that year’s elections, none of them remained interested in politics or government to any extent. To the contrary, I feel extremely compelled to be informed and vote in every election for a public office from Comptroller to Senator. To be honest Congressman Paul, I am quite scared at how easily I could have never discovered whom you are and what you stand for. I could have never went to college, I could have never enrolled in that class and I probably would have never discovered who you are. But that did not happen, and I cannot ignore the profound effects that your ideology had had on my life. I imagine that I am not the only one to posses these same feelings. However, I know that there are many out there in this nation that feel the same way that I do about your stances on the issues, but they don’t know it yet. You must run for President in 2012. For you, for me, for everyone else that supports you, but most importantly for those that remain in the shadows. Those that don’t know who you are or what you believe, but are every day affected by the breaches of liberty and freedom that plague the United States Government.

I wish I could simplify all of the reasons for which I urge you to run for President in 2012 into one sentence. I simply cannot. All I can say is that I have hope that you will. I hope that my generation, as well as all citizens of any age in this great country, will step to the plate. I feel that deep down, you are up to that task. I feel that you meet this great challenge with vigor and determination. I respect you, I envy you and, most of all, I thank you Congressman Paul. Good luck and good fortune in 2012!!
46821 Name not displayed
46822 John Kasprzak
46823 Joseph Malleck Please Run!
46824 Ronnie Scott Adams RUN!
46825 Name not displayed We need a change. We need a PRESIDENT that will actually represent the TAXPAYING AMERICANS.
46826 Name not displayed
46827 Sara Renkert
46828 Name not displayed Run Paul Run!!!!
46829 Name not displayed
46830 Sean Scallon
46831 Elliot Benitez We are with you sir!
46832 Lucas Bradley
46833 Paul Dantam You and your ideals are the best hope we have in the coming election. This country needs your guidance.
46834 Bruce Longfield
46835 Dan Seiler
46836 Name not displayed Please!
46837 Name not displayed
46838 Justin S.
46839 Lauren keep on keepin’ on!
46840 Garret Allard Time to set things trait!
46841 Name not displayed America is starting to wake up….Ron Paul makes perfect sense.
46842 Susan S. Hutchison
46843 maya i believe in you!
46844 jb Ron, you have served your country well, and have made a great mark for mankind. I understand if you don’t run, but would certianly apreciate it if you did run again.
46845 Lee C. Grimes Please run for president Dr. Paul!
46846 jerry s RON PAUL REVOLUTION!
46847 Rosario Householder
46848 Greg Nedland
46849 Jake
46850 Name not displayed
46851 Name not displayed
46852 David
46853 Name not displayed Tired of only option to vote is for the best of the worst. My Prayer goes out to you Mr. Ron Paul.
46854 Name not displayed
46855 Brandon C Goad Ron I’ve stood by you this whole time. I wish I had got to vote for you last election. I may have actually register to vote!! Im 26 and never voted before because I have never believed in the candidates that were running. You sir I believe in!!! Do this for the nation. Bring home the troops and focus on U.S.!!!!! Bless you and our nation.
46856 Sean Engineers for Ron Paul!
46857 Micah Kuhn I love you and everything you stand for. You’re a true hero to me sir.
46858 Name not displayed
46859 David A Spiers You’re a patriot, I am a voter. I won’t waste my votes on other candidates. Dr Paul, my vote is reserved only for you, Sir.
46860 Erick Vertrees Ron Paul is Spot On what America needs
46861 Levi Sikes Ron Paul is the one candidate that I forsee owning up to national problems and transparently working for America as an "inside-man." He has a fire in his belly and an uncompromising stance on honest government. He doesn’t kowtow to party allegiances and represents in practice and personality a revolutionary figure.

I am not very impassioned in the world of politics, but I am enamored with Dr. Paul. Always have been since I first learned about him a few years ago. He has my vote already.
46862 Jason thompson We support you!!
46863 Name not displayed
46864 Name not displayed Save us Ron!!!!
46865 David Gregory Hayes Let’s take back Washington.
46866 Tanner Williams
46867 Stephanie Holt RON PAUL 2012!!!
46868 Chris Gouryh
46869 Thomas Scalf
46870 Kim Brogan About time…I’m an Ed Clark libertarian from the good old days…glad to see you in the ring.
46871 Troy Schuler
46872 Serino Lopez You are very wise Mr Paul
46873 Name not displayed
46874 David Rodriguez
46875 Jose Aleman Lets get government the heck out peoples lives
46876 Ben Hiatt America needs a reality check and a return to being the great Repulic that it should be. Ron Paul can not do this on his own, find and support like minded canidates for other offices now! Ron Paul 2012
46877 Chad Grisamer Ron Paul You Rock!!! I believe you are a sincere person and I agree with all your views that I have heard. I am currently a college student and until the last few years I did not pay much attention to politics mainly because of all shady characters in it. After listening to your different views I know that you are just the person we need to fix this messed up country. I am 33 years old and although I am registered to vote I have never voted in my life. I would like for the first time that I ever cast a vote that it be for a man of such great integrity like you.

Best of Luck to You Mr. Paul!!!

P.S. If you decide to run I would be honored to help out in your campaign.
46878 Matthew Peeler
46879 Joshua Hackers for Ron Paul.
46880 Ryan Morgan LOVE
46881 Creighton Harrington Let Freedom Ring!
46882 donald lee Plz consider the people who have lost their voice.we are supposed to have a gov of the people by the people and for the people. Instead we have a gov for the minority. Plz make this a major shake up
46883 Name not displayed
46884 marybeth
46885 Brittney Kotrola
46886 Name not displayed
46887 mary
46888 Brittney Kotrola
46889 Name not displayed
46890 Devin Huffines To victory.
46891 Sara Lynn
46892 Mike C. Give me liberty or give me death.
46893 Adam
46894 Name not displayed Ron Paul all the way!
46895 James rank
46896 Paul Stokes
46897 Donn Wright We can either revert back to Government as allowed by the Constitution, or America as we know it will cease to exist, and soon. Dr. Paul, you are the only voice of reason left! Let’s try one more time to save this Country before we have resort to shooting our own soldiers to stop the madness.
46898 Ernesto Camacho Ron Paul is the only hope we got for the liberty of america!
46899 Gregg Norris I look forward to having someone who is interested in returning our nation to its values, ethics, and constitutional principles and you are the man to do it!
46900 Chad Hanak Libertarianism is a hard sell, but the more people are exposed to the ideas, the more the movement will grow. The presidential race is a big stage.
46901 Name not displayed
46902 Chuong Thai-Lazaro
46903 Thomas Hayes Paul/Cain 2012
46904 Name not displayed Your tireless pursuit of liberty has restored my faith in this country. Please run! You are our only hope!
46905 Philip Ambrutis
46906 Mike Buric Please run.

Even if only to push HR459 down their throats.

Audit the Fed!




46907 James Pniewski GO RON GO!
46908 john rovira Thanks for running in 2012
46909 Name not displayed
46910 Name not displayed Let the Revolution begin!
46911 Rita and darcy Dickson i voted for in 2008 and I support you 150% this time.
46912 Chrisy Hochhalter I think Ron Paul is just the person we need to set this country straight. God Bless!
46913 Peter Berrios
46914 Name not displayed Dr. Paul I am reading your books. You have my vote.
46915 TL Normal People for Ron Paul!
46916 Russ Ron Paul for 2012 save our great nation! Save the constitution ! You have to run, you have always stood up against this take over, this year we stomp out all who oppose Americans & our beleifs!
46917 bart wallen
46918 William Vega You’re the one!!!
46919 Adrian ray
46920 Tiffany
46921 Chris Schumacher Please run for us in 2012&< I wanted you to defend us in 2008 but strings were pulled so corporate america wouldn't allow it. I don't beleive the Bilderburgs are on your side and thats what we really need right now! No more N.W.O back to our "ROOTS" Thanks for your courage, honesty, and Patronage. Long live the constitution of the U.S.A and you!!
46922 Christine Olson
46923 zach ames Do it! come on… it!!
46924 Paul Irvine
46925 Name not displayed
46926 Aaron Nicholson
46927 Name not displayed for liberty
46928 Mike
46929 Derek Laws
46930 john garritson it is time we have reclaimed liberty and actually followed the constitution. Ron Paul America needs you. us college students need you
46931 Nathaniel Sliffe Dr. Paul please run! You are by far the most balanced, intelligent and consistent man in this field of potential candidates… Exactly what our nation needs at this time.
46932 john garritson Mr. hopefully next President of this country aka Ron Paul, America needs you and us college students need you so please run for president
46933 Ryan Parks
46934 Jean Bender We need a good man to defend our libertys Ron Paul you are that man!
46935 Name not displayed
46936 Alexander BoyScout for ron paul
46937 Joseph Haywood
46938 Name not displayed Congressman Paul, America needs you NOW!
46939 Truth Detective This is it!!! Your our last hope
46940 Evan You can win! Young people love you and thats what will count in this [internet] age.
46941 Kevin Lee
46942 AJ Chan You got my support
46943 Name not displayed
46944 Sabrina
46945 Chris Keep up the good work, Dr. Paul
46946 Name not displayed
46947 Britney Logan Pretty please. With sugar on top.
46948 Paul Puckett
46949 Gregory Our country needs a new pair of glasses in which to view the world. People like Ron Paul and Nigel Farage represent a strong arm needed to overthrow off the handcuffs of political oppression. As it stands a world government is emerging. How long will Americans passively regard important issues like immigration and the federal reserve eating our capital.As to how I feel about our countries leaders not listening to the vast majority to polls,As a quote from Nigel Farage, "Just who the hell do you think you are". Like our friend in the UK, Ron Paul stands for American severity. It doesn’t take a doctorate to understand that big government is sufficating the rights of citizens. It is my plea to the hearts of Americans to look at our policies and take back our rights.
46950 Max Mitschke
46951 Name not displayed
46952 robert
46953 Fred Reiutz we love your libertarianism and patriotism.
46954 Name not displayed
46955 Timothy Hefton WE THE PEOPLE! And you, Dr. Paul. Let’s do this!
46956 Samantha Run, Dr. Paul run!
46957 Tri Dr. Paul. If you run, win or lose, you will keep America spirit alive!
46958 Name not displayed RON PAUL 2012!!!!
46959 Joseph Sawyer Audit the fed
46960 Name not displayed
46961 Brennan
46962 peter bergquist Kucinich for running mate.
46963 Doug Ruth RUN RON RUN!!!
46964 West Hubbard
46965 Jose Maria Our last hope.
46966 Jake Help us Ron Paul Kenobi, you’re our only hope.

One thing I love about you is your decisions are based off of logic, not the highest bidder.
46967 Doris Ann Torres Please run for President, Congressman.

Your nation needs you.
46968 Kevin Fry
46969 Name not displayed Give us a ticket worth voting for!
46970 Caleb Petersen
46971 Maria de Guzman yes for Ron Paul!
46972 I love my Country USA Can you imagine feeling like in 2011 I would be somewhat fearful to say this without someone making light or making us divided…..well, divide and conquer…. we did THIS before, never again AMERICA land of the FREE (yes I am Christian!)
46973 Andrew brown Dr. Paul I believe you are our only hope for the future of this country. We need you as our president
46974 C Cline
46975 Name not displayed
46976 Name not displayed HELP!
46977 Name not displayed
46978 Name not displayed Run Paul Run
46979 dave moore
46980 Christopher Turner
46981 Name not displayed
46982 John Brown Towers of virtue yet stand in America.
46983 Name not displayed
46984 Martin The time has come.
46985 Ramunas By far most honest american politician. Elect this man U.S!
46986 Name not displayed
46987 brian lewis Dr. Paul, I have faith in your ability and intentions. You are a beacon of light in the dark world of corruption in Washington. RON PAUL 2012!!
46988 Name not displayed
46989 Ryan Groce Fellow Airman…do it for the sake of the country!!!
46990 amatXkam
46991 Angie MR. RON PAUL!! WE NEED YOU!!







RON PAUL 2012!!!!!!!!!!
46992 Name not displayed I am confident that with your intellect and revolutionary ideas, you will win the 2012 election. Your popularity has never been greater, this country needs you as president.
46993 Chris smith
46994 Name not displayed Freedom is the greatest thing the world has ever seen, its about time we get it back.
46995 Mathieu Gasc Dear Mr. Paul,

As I am a foreigner, you might wonder why i sign this petition. The U.S.A are not the notion i learned to be as a kid in the 80′s, tho already then, decline was palpable.

Your country and its leader, their impunity and condescending arrogance have bleached onto the people and the state of the world. You used to lead the world, now you’re dragging it down to the abyss.

You ought to yourself, your country and the rest of the world to run in 2012, and attempt to do your best at this turning point in human history. Long live the U.S.A that leads by example, by compassion and by brilliance not only in economy or technology but also in cultural vastness and wisdom.

Where are the U.S of old?

Where Ron Paul stands
46996 Christopher Engel
46997 Tyrone Ross
46998 Donna Arthur
46999 Todd Cheney Please, run as a true Libertarian. The idea that a leader must be affiliated with one of two parties has devastating effects on our political system and has divided our country. We need a 3rd party President.
47000 Name not displayed We need you as president for a smaller, more common sense government ! You have my vote.

32 Responses to Signatures 45,001-50,434

  1. Johnathon D Smith says:

    Help us remember what makes us great!

  2. David Weber says:

    Let’s do this! Our time is now!

  3. Jim G. says:

    Thank you in advance for once again answering the call of your countrymen and staying true to the principles of our Founding Fathers. I believe your are the right man at the right time to return the country back to it’s heirs.
    I salute you and “the Republic for which it stands…!”

  4. dylon says:

    i live in the uk so i cant vote, but ron is the guy for the job, he’s what the usa and the world needs ! :)

  5. Donald Noehre says:

    Continue to work to put gold as backing our money. I liked you in 08 and I will vote for you in 2012. Ron you are what this country needs at this time.

  6. Lisa Alvarado says:

    WE LOVE YOU RON PAUL! Finally we a have hero!

  7. Paul MAJORS says:

    Dr. Paul, I’m a supporter and believe in everything you say but how do I address people who have fears of losing social security and medicare?

  8. Gracyn says:

    I tohhgut finding this would be so arduous but it’s a breeze!

  9. Eric Cooper says:

    We need you to take out the Trash in Washington..

  10. Rao says:

    Persistence is the key. Unfortunately the media doesn’t like to give you the attention you deserve because they are more interested in the puppets that are linked to the media heads. With the puppets continuing to mess things up and you gaining more and more popularity you can make it one day or at least inspire others to follow in your footsteps. It’s time for a CHANGE!!!!

  11. Jonathan Le says:

    Now’s your chance Ron Paul.Lets make a big change for America and get rid of the Patriot Act,Bring the troops home,bring free trade,end the fed,fix the economy,make sure that all of the people are unemployed and they can be able to get jobs a lot easier.oh yea make sure that the money avoids inflation.This is our last chance for America.Ron Paul for President in 2012.

  12. Greg Brown says:

    Get us back on the Gold Standard! Get this once great counrty back to the Constitution.

  13. scott bisbee sr says:

    If Dr, Paul doesn’t win? Kiss your ass goodby,or work the rest of your life making the rich richer while you make min.wage Wake up people

  14. Alex Graham says:

    Ron Paul may very well be our last hope. He has got to win!

  15. Luis H Pires says:

    I’m a huge supporter of Dr. Paul, a student of the Austrian Economics and an advocate of the Libertarian movement!

  16. mike says:

    hope you can stand working under bush thay run this place N W O HATE THOSE GUYS RON GO GET SOME for us all thank you so mush mike

  17. Johnson 527 says:

    Ron Paul 2012!! rEVOLution!!! Make some noise America!!! Let’s bring him in!!!

  18. mike sass says:

    we need a goverment tht protects our rights, my group is how to do tht, please look at it

  19. Joseph Smith says:

    We need someone with COMMON SENSE like Ron Paul to be our President.

  20. Stephen Craig says:

    How could you not vote for someone who defends our Constitution so fearlessly. God bless Dr. Ron Paul, a true American Patriot.

  21. Roy Tyndall says:

    His time has come! Enough of the status quo! Time to get America fixed and back on track and be an honorable nation throughout the world!

  22. Eric Froebel says:

    I agree on all Ron’s issues !! He makes to much sense. Big business is scared of this guy. Good Luck Mr. Paul

  23. Kirsti says:

    Hope is a word with meaning again… not hollowed out by false promises. This is real, true, honest to goodness hope. I have hope that Ron Paul will be our next President for many years to come!

  24. Kris R says:

    I am 21 years old attending a highly liberal, Jesuit university in Seattle. In 2008 (my first opportunity to vote) I fully supported your candidacy. While I do not condone the one political party, excuse me I mean two political parties, I understand the logic behind running under one of the major two (those who run outside never win). I voted for Bob Barr when you lost the nomination in 2008, and will not be casting my vote for Republicans in the upcoming election (unless, of course, it is Ron Paul). You have an extensive knowledge of every issue you discuss, you are a gentleman during interviews and debates, you actually present your views rather than dodge questions and tell people what they want to hear. In essence, you are the opposite of most politicians; this is exactly why I support you. On a funny side note, my liberal, Democratic friends (of which there are many in Seattle, but also for my age demographic in general) hold similar views to your own, but are either too afraid or too closed-minded to even look and listen to you for themselves. It is quite sad, but I’ll work on exposing your words to them, rather than allowing them to be satisfied by second and third parties trying to “interpret” your words for you. The media more recently has taken notice of you, and I could not be happier. It is obvious that they are scared of you, which is why they try to humiliate you and manipulate videos (I’m referring to FOX and CNN here). Your voting record and political philosophy, as well as your daily words are inspiring. Might you consider speaking at my university, as I know this is something you are accustomed to doing. While this message will no doubt get lost in the mess of emails or support, I just wanted to thank you for being you and running again in 2012.

  25. Andrzej Sekula says:


  26. dolphin says:

    Why are you people not signed up on the FaceBook page for the “BLACK OUT MONEY BOMB” Yet?

    Wednesday, October 19 at 12:00am - October 20 at 12:00am

    The Ron Paul Money Bomb to Surpass all other Moneybombs!

    The media has ignored, blacked out, downplayed and outright lied about Ron Paul and we are sick of it!

    Let’s give the media something they cannot ignore, the largest one day online fundraiser in political history!!/event.php?eid=181997088537471

    Please Spread The Word Far and Wide.

    There is an option on the FaceBook page where you can select your individual friends on FaceBook to receive an invitation.

  27. Dave says:

    For a honest trustworthy man as the U.S. President!

  28. okaasia says:

    Nice blog right here! Additionally your web site lots up very fast! What host are you using? Can I get your affiliate link in your host? I wish my website loaded up as quickly as yours lol

  29. Daniel says:

    Ron, you have my support and i will be voting for you. Your only true candidate right now that believes in the constitution, no more wars, a stable economy, freedom and much more. You have had my vote since 2008 and you will have my vote now. Ron Paul 2012!!

  30. pat massari says:

    You are the one. We the people are behind you.

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