Signatures 45,001-50,434

Number Name Comment
49001 william c beaver I am for limited goverment and am hoping to see Mr. Paul in the White House. Our government is out of control
49002 Name not displayed Ron Paul, you are the very last hope of this country. I feel as if the country I grew up to believe in is now a monster. I fear for my family, I fear for my neighbors, I fear for all those blind to what the United States has become and what is it becoming. I doubt you’ll ever see this Dr. Paul, but I feel I must say it. You MUST win. You MUST lead the Revolution against Terror that is our present Government. You MUST break the evil cycle! You are The People’s spark- a spark that will Ignite the Flame of Freedom and Liberty!!! This Flame will create an Beacon! A Beacon that Free Will and Justice is, and will be, Forever Present in this world! We must unite and organize- for Ron! For the Constitution! For our Country! For the People - our Families - And for Our Future!!! The future has been written in their eyes, but what has not come can be changed!!! Ron, you are the Voice of the True American Spirit. Let the Flame of America always writhe within you - within all of us great American People!
49003 Samantha Meister &<3 Ron Paul
49004 Name not displayed It feels like less and less people who want change are actually in a position to institute it. I am tired of being lied to, and place my full trust in your hands good sir, please run for president!
49005 Roland Valencia LET’S GO RONNIE!!!

49006 Michael Rigsby this country need you more than ever!!
49007 Name not displayed Ron Paul has exactly what America is supposed to be, what it used to be! FREEDOM! he is taking Government out of personnel lives and putting more power to the states!
49008 Amanuel A Woldekidan Liberty, Prosperity and Peace for 2012

Fight for Us Ron Paul!
49009 Thomas Martin
49010 Elyse Rukkila
49011 Tara Hart Ron Paul’s Republican nomination would be America’s saving grace. It is critical that entrenched Republicans do not compete with Mr. Paul and split the strength of the ticket. I fear for your life and the lives of all of us who stand by you but I stand by you all the same in the spirit of our Founding Fathers’ words that "anyone who trades freedom for security deserves neither and loses both." May God speed be with you in an exponential explosion of supporters who will show up to vote no matter what Obama, his Black panther thugs at the voting booth, or the media and Washington bureaucracy try to do to crush, frighten, or control us at the polls…I hope we all proudly carry the American flag with us to the polls like Clemson carries tiger tsils to the game and stand by Ron Paul no matter what may come. Stand up for America today or we may be the next ones being dragged off into the FEMA camps.
49012 Jack Romans Someone who understands the meaning of LIBERTY and that the Constitution is not a list of suggestions definitely has my vote. Best of luck, Dr. Paul!
49013 Name not displayed
49014 Caidian Johnson Go get ‘em Ron!
49015 robert murphy ron paul is the only hope for the world! not just the U.S
49016 Jorge Lares Even though I do not agree on every issue I think Paul would be a great president.
49017 infargeri
49018 Bonnita Baxter You have learned from America’s past mistakes that others refuse to acknowledge.
49019 conAtroni
49020 Name not displayed
49021 Name not displayed
49022 Antonio Sierra I think Ron Paul’s platform is solid gold. There is a wealth of prosperity to be had if the government is scaled back and needless moral policing is ended. the fed reserve and the IRS are groups of thieves that never had the right to take our money in the first place. It seems officials believe that we are nothing but sheep to be herded and sheared for everything we have. Ron Paul, please run again and claim victory. we don’t need change, we need evolution. we don’t need phony baloney approval stunts like killing bin laden, we need more money in our own pockets and less laws that are based on moral preferences. how can we confront our problems when we’re too busy trying to exploit our people and make money from their hardship.
49023 Kevin Dotson
49024 peter koski dear Dr. Ron Paul

thank you for curing my apathy. You are the only true candidate running for President of The United States of America. Greetings from Montana!
49025 Justin Yourison Insurance Agents for Ron Paul!! R3volution!
49026 Linda Desperate times call for Ron Paul
49027 Antoinette Hartung
49028 Kevin Conway
49029 Ted Adams Contact our homeschool family and we will put the word out
49030 Name not displayed
49031 David Ruehling
49032 Amelia Bresani RP 2012!!!
49033 Name not displayed Please save our country. End The FED!
49034 Jodi Rumph Time for some real change.
49035 Jacob Timmons
49036 Dawn Spiering We need more people like Ron Paul
49037 Jose Ron Paul for 2012!!
49038 Nick Borgers I disagree with some of your policies, but I trust you. To the ends of the Earth for our country.
49039 Jacob I don’t agree with everything you adhere to but you’re better than anyone else out there (except Kucinich)!
49040 Alan Brind As Nike says, "Just Do It"….we need you Dr. Paul to stop this insanity…the Unelected Establishment are running this country into the ground. It needs to be stopped before it’s too late. You are the only person who consistently tells it like it is. The other presidential contenders are not worth even contemplating.
49041 Phil Tsouridis
49042 Karen W. This huge goverment is dug in like a 100 year old tree stump with deep roots. How you will dig it out is a mystery to me. We need to dump a lot of goverment out of our lives or this nation will no longer be free before long.
49043 Dan Inskeep Ron Paul has a realistic message that Americans need to hear. Now is the time to take back our country. Let us change our collective perception of what our government’s role should be in each of our lives. Shift toward thinking about what we can achieve on an individual level versus what we can buy. Create more, consume less! I love the USA!
49044 Jeremy Hiemke
49045 Erika
49046 Deanna Bruce
49047 Name not displayed IT’S ABOUT TIME!
49048 Fabio Santos
49049 Rachel Powell
49050 Matthew Bader RON PAUL 2012!!!!
49051 Jonathan Thompson Our country is in serious trouble. US foreign policy, economic policy, taxation, government intrusion, all these things need to be TRULY changed…not just painted a different color. Please run and win.
49052 Brock simmons Ron Paul may not be a revolutionist but he sure influences the people into just that. And that’s exactly what america is all about.
49053 Rebecca Meyer
49054 Name not displayed Bring back the country that made us great!
49055 Name not displayed
49056 PlaystFreak Ron Paul doesn’t act like a politician, which is why he is the best politician.
49057 Name not displayed Probably the only republican I’d trust with my country.
49058 John I’m from the UK and wish we had someone like you.

Good Luck!
49059 Name not displayed
49060 dave
49061 Name not displayed Your name has become synonymous with integrity. Thank you.
49062 R. Duffy Ron they are taking away our fourth amendment!!!!!!!! HELP US PLEASE!!!!!
49063 Justin Hendrix A true person with real knowledge on how to take their role seriously and get it done right.
49064 Name not displayed Ron Paul for PRESIDENT!
49065 Tausenti
49066 Brad Yes! Down with the Fed, shrink the government, and let me keep more of MY money (so I can choose who to give it to).
49067 samuel jones
49068 Steven. Scalia Do you guys have any Ron Paul 2012 signs that you’re getting out.
49069 Name not displayed
49070 rick piva I want Ron Paul as President and Jesse Ventura as VP or Vice-versa- either way we need truth in America and 911 was an INSIDE JOB!
49071 Bruce
49072 Sheree Sepulveda A dedicated statesman who represents truth and honor to serve our Republic. I am behind him all the way!
49073 William Jackson Regardless of political party, there is only a few policies that matter in 2012 - Ending the Fed, Getting out of the oil wars, and stopping the bailouts. America needs to put aside the sideshow of all the other political issues which will not be important if the economy and dollar completely collapse and America loses what is left of it’s sovereignty.
49074 Mike Cater Dr. Paul, there is a trillion barrels of oil in the northwest just waiting for we Americans to use. Build two refineries, cut of OPEC and foreign oil and you’ve created many many jobs and of course China starts getting paid back some money. Tell America to get back to the BIBLE, and support Israel(NO to a Palestian state). GOD will bless us greatly. Do away with abortion and porn!!! Put prayer back in schools.
49075 Tyler Fighting FREEDOM!
49076 Name not displayed Ron Paul for president
49077 houston I feel as though ron paul is the only one who can save this nation, i feel as if obama or someone else is president things are going to keep going downwards until we hit rock bottom! RON PAUL IS A REAL AMERICAN!
49078 Claudia Ron Paul is the only solution to accomplish world peace!
49079 Stephen Murray Bringing real freedom to America!
49080 Exorcerne
49081 Hayden R. Canadian for Dr. Paul. Please continue to fight the good fight and may God Bless you!
49082 Rafael Menendez
49083 Nicole Goffigan
49084 Name not displayed
49085 Name not displayed
49086 Austin Butler Its 08 all over again! Viva la revolution 2.0!
49087 David Peters Pleeeeeease!
49088 Steve Whitcomb Our government has ruined this country and continues to do so. It is time for a change, period! The time has come, someone needs to stand up and follow through on the promises they make. Stop interfering with outside issues and focus on this country before it is to late and we really do exercise our right to bare arms and make the change ourselves.
49089 Beatriz Santiago Just by listening to you sir, I can tell what kid of man you are. All my support for you.
49090 seth laclair Give me Liberty or give me death! Thank God for you!! Spreading the word like wildfire!!!
49091 Name not displayed do it……..
49092 landis ellis
49093 Russell Clark !!!!!!!!!!!!
49094 Paul I think he’s the only candidate that realizes that legislating morality is just about the dumbest thing we could ever do.
49095 Kyle Sullivan Dear Dr. Ron Paul,

Please, i understand trying to gain footing in a world that you can’t grip even with your hands is a hard fought battle. While we are fighting a battle overseas, and even on our own soil, all of us need something to inspire us. Hopefully you are running already, this i dont know as of May twentieth 2011, but we for us our Fathers, Mothers, and Children need a voice for change in this small minded two party system. We asked for change in Obama, and received nothing but the same figurehead that has been in place since John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Please for all in this police state i ask you run for Presidency, and fingers crossed, win.
49096 Mark I never voted before because there hasn’t been anyone that I wanted. If Ron Paul is up there then I will vote
49097 André Nilsson
49098 Dave Kinsella I’m from Ireland but I still think you should run since Europe is all tied up in the fate of America.
49099 Name not displayed
49100 Fahad Look, I am not an american but Ron Paul has some genuine ideas to improve american economy. Just don’t rely on Aid but trade
49101 Andrew Wilson RON PAUL PRESIDENT 2012!!!
49102 Name not displayed I am a 20 year old, who will be eligible to vote in my second election in 2012. I voted for Mr. Paul the first time, let’s do it again.
49103 Kim Proper is to refer to you as Dr, or Mr…but i am refering to you as an individual. As an individual do you really think that we as an individal make a differance? I have tatoo’d "hope" on my forarm just for me…before all the hype with Obama, which i think he "sold out", really Mr Paul, is there hope?

49104 Max
49105 Mark Jason Risner I live in Kingman, Arizona & want to know if there is anything I can do here in my area to help Dr. Paul win the Republican nom, as well as the Presidency in 2012
49106 Name not displayed Goooo Mr. Paul! And do great things FOR this country :)
49107 Kimi K Vlach
49108 ralph he tells it like it is and isnt afraid of the government
49109 Lon Hudson
49110 Marina I do hope you run- I think this is an excellent time in history for you to have the support to win.
49111 Name not displayed This time…
49112 Danny You’re probably the only representative that actually believes in Liberty and Freedom. You heed the warnings of the founding fathers and follow the foundation for which this country was founded. We need a President like you!
49113 Name not displayed actual change we can believe in!!!
49114 Levi Wild
49115 Samual Restivo Your our only hope Dr. Paul.
49116 wendy brown Ron Paul ROCKS!!!
49117 shawn brown The eyes of Texas are upon you!!
49118 Ronnie Lane Ron Paul! What can I do to help?
49119 Michael Olson
49120 Joe Burkey And if not as GOP then as an Independent. You are a noble symbol for independence and liberty. You inspire and inform todays young Americans and youth like few others.
49121 Holly Mann
49122 Name not displayed I’m liberal, but Ron Paul’s sound economic policies override any social issue disagreements I may have. Ron Paul 2012!
49123 Kuang-Ruey Tzeng Your courage makes me believe that our government may still have a chance to take the right of issuing money back from the private bankers. Get rid of the Federal Reserve Bank which steal our people’ hard earn money.
49124 Milan Brcic Even if dr. Paul doesnt win , the message that he will get out is very important and may inspire some Obama followers to think! Ron Paul 2012!
49125 Ian T. L. Mr. Paul, I think you would make an excellent President, as long as you stay true to your principals. Too often presidents become elected and stray far from their promises because they go into office and see how things really are. Stay true! I have long sought to try to bring this country back to its constitutional roots and then I heard about you! I’m 21 and have never voted. I’ve always thought my self to be a Democrat but I swear if you win the GOP nomination I am voting for you!
49126 Heather M.
49127 Vicki Koutsogiannis
49128 Melissa Ann Ramos
49129 Daniel Noonan The issues facing us today in the US, are verifiably created by government abuse. Small Government is the founding principal of this country.

I will support Ron Paul.
49130 Andrew This is the most honest Congressman in the world that is eligible for Presidency and I agree with his principles.

Restore the Republic! Our time is NOW!
49131 Dara Hourdajian I support you so much, I really hope God allows you to win!
49132 Name not displayed Why Not U.S.?

Ron Paul 2012
49133 Jonathan Huttsell "Ron Paul,

You are the voice and image for freedom and truth!
49134 Edward Ta Ron Paul knows his history. Let him run our country the way the it says in the Constitution.
49135 Manny We need a strong President that will not succumb to special groups. We need you to do what is right to strengthen our economy and raise our hopes for our future generations.
49136 Louis Nardozi
49137 Name not displayed
49138 Derek World’s last hope!
49139 Robert Johnson
49140 Philip A Brocoum
49141 Vince K. I’m in support, Ron! I know the right when I see it.
49142 Name not displayed
49143 Daniel Peck The United States of America desperately needs to return to it’s Foundational Cornerstones, which have been put aside and ignored for far too long.

I believe that Dr. Ron Paul is the best and only choice, Representative of those Cornerstones, which may be the shining example of Light and Liberty, in not only America, but to many other Nations throughout the World…

Thank you.
49144 Name not displayed
49145 Name not displayed
49146 glenn God has raised a monument named Ron Paul.
49147 Name not displayed America needs sound money!
49148 Eric Dahlenburg If you were pro-choice, you’d be the perfect president !
49149 Stewart Jones
49150 Matthew Lee As long as its possible for Ron Paul to be elected, American still have a chance to get back on the right track.
49151 Name not displayed Yea give the truth a chance for twenty twelve with Paul!!!!
49152 Adam Raynor America has been going the wrong direction for decades, this country needs to be straightened out morally and politically. We agitated citizens are yearning for a new compass to guide our earnest pursuit of justice; help us Doctor Paul.
49153 Randall S Crawford Ron Paul gives me real hope that America can have a president that is true in action to his values and convictions. It seems to be a miracle that this great man

seems to be ideologically cut from the same material as the brilliant men who shaped our constitution. This is the first person who I would care enough to vote for in 20 years! I hope Americans can understand That we have the rare opportunity to elect a man of so much character, conviction and integrity- not to mention wisdom and honesty and sense!!!
49154 Matt
49155 Name not displayed
49156 Tom Hamilton Go Dr. Paul !!!!
49157 Josh Lillie
49158 Emily day Ron Paul 2012!!!
49159 Ryan Kramer I have faith in you and I hope for a brighter future with you as the leader of the nation.
49160 shaun osullivan we need an individual that can think outside the box and not be controlled by big business / oil
49161 Wayne McCormick Our country is going to hell in a hand basket. We are on the brink of destruction, and it’s all coming from within. Congress is out of control and Obama is as lost as last year’s Easter egg. We need someone with integrity and some backbone to get us back where we should be.
49162 Jeremie Leister VOTE RON PAUL!!! I want to have Freedom again
49163 Brian Gray 2012 GO PAUL!
49164 Richard Hammell Jr Ron Paul for president!
49165 Derek Trammell
49166 julie ron paul is the future of america
49167 Cliff101 I’m not a big believer in the currently political system but just getting the liberty message out to as many as possible is a BIG WIN in my book.
49168 Name not displayed Time for REAL change
49169 Bill J. Pott Come to St. Louis!
49170 Name not displayed
49171 Benjamin Dorothy
49172 RicH Weinstein I know Ron Paul can give us a better choice for supreme court than a scalia… he is for private deciscions on such things like abortion… unlike the other republican candidates.
49173 Ron H Ron Paul is the only politician worth voting for.
49174 K Letterman I will be leaving the country if he’s not elected.

There is no hope for our middle class otherwise & Im certainly not having children here.
49175 Name not displayed Without Ron, prepare to keep getting-by with less & less…

As we give more & more to the few whose greed will never be quenched.
49176 Name not displayed
49177 Patricia Friday
49178 Emiliano Sagulo No more wars for Israel (put our troops on the border), end the FED, and LIBERTY above all. I hope you win in 2012, you’re our only hope.
49179 Tony Caso Ron Paul your the best keep fighting for America there is nobody else that is worthy of being our President than you.
49180 Skyler Covington
49181 Lisa M F Wagner
49182 mike meyer We need to reduce the deficit asap. let the world sink or swim without our blood or at least our childrens future. the national debt and loss of jobs to overseas countries is going to be our demise. please make a run again . For my children…!
49183 Bradford Bronzell
49184 Ralph Sevelius
49185 Lisa Harris Ron Paul will save America.
49186 Chris Luckert I feel in my lifetime the government has failed us and I’m fed up and ready for REAL change! You have my vote and support!
49187 John Mansure This is the one and only true Presidential candidate. He has the strongest and best ideas to help put America back on track. I am a Republican from PA and support Ron Paul 100%. God speed!
49188 Rob Adamson Try to stop these endless wars.
49189 Name not displayed Ron Paul for freedom, liberty, and America!
49190 Rodney Medina
49191 Darrell Powell
49192 Name not displayed RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENTTTT
49193 Tony I can’t imagine a more fitting choice for my first vote.
49194 Fernando
49195 Lee J. Olson
49196 bn newman we need you ron paul!
49197 Name not displayed If people really took a look at their lives and asked themselves what they wanted for themselves, their families, and this country I really truly believe they would line up perfectly with the Libertarian Party’s principles…..Ron Paul for President 2012
49198 Kurt Lessner
49199 joe hendrick
49200 Masood Aryen If you love America and You want to save America vote for Ron Paul, current foreign policy is going to destroy America.
49201 Cody Dewees More and more people are becoming increasingly aware of the government corruption and the injustices they are committing against the people of this country. Having said that, it seems you are the only politician who seems to see it too. God speed Dr. Paul, you have my vote!
49202 Jack Cunningham You have my vote for 2012!
49203 Name not displayed I have been a Democrat my whole life, I realize now it does not matter which side you choose…they are all the same! Look for representatives with compassion, strength, intellect, and a love for this country and freedom. Elect Ron Paul!
49204 Dale
49205 Matt Pritchard Don’t ever quit or lose hope. Your hard work and dedication are paying off and this will be the Administration that saves our great nation! Go Ron Paul! Go Liberty! God Bless America and God Bless YOU Ron!
49206 Mark amador
49207 Steven Bellenot Don’t Stop. You’re changing America. Keep up the good work.
49208 Greg Evans Although i am in UK i still follow with great hope Ron Paul, a good man and the world needs one, SOUND MONEY….END THE PRINTING PRESS THANKS
49209 Name not displayed Ron Paul, we need you to save the United States!
49210 Name not displayed Please Mr. Paul - RUN - YOU are our ONLY hope!!!
49211 TLSubmitseo
49212 Shaun Six I haven’t voted in over a decade. Ron Paul is the only person, I feel, who hasn’t sold out to interest groups. He doesn’t play the game of politics. He is sincere and has integrity. That is an anomaly these days. Although I think the electoral college is a joke and undemocratic, I will vote and hope that it is counted so that this man can restore the Constitution that made our Nation so great. Thanks Ron Paul for giving me a shred of hope for the future of my country.
49213 Chris I have never felt so inspired by anything In my life. Ron Paul is going to be our next president
49214 peggy albair
49215 mark button jr
49216 chrismurray
49217 Justin Ron Paul,you have all the right ideas!
49218 Citizen You are the only candidate who thus far has given me any hint of hope for humanity or America. Should you decide to run, you have my vote.
49219 Albert J Saukaitis Jr
49220 Emily
49221 Edward King
49222 George Washington Mr. Ron Paul for 2012 Republican Nom and President.

-Strengthen our USD

-No Inflation

-Balance the Budget

-No Mandated Healthcare

-Creates MANY JOBS

-New Crop Industries

-Free Market

-Very Pro Life

-No Bailout

-No Patriot Act

-Stays out of foreign DOMESTIC AFFAIRS, but contract/trade with all

-No Unjustified War with no objectives

-Brings our Troops Home after over 10 YEARS OF FIGHTING!!!!

The US could have fought WWII in 10 Years!


Thank You

Mr. Ron Paul 2012
49223 Christian Le Master Make Mises and Hayek and Jefferson proud, Ronnie.
49224 Babak Shafiee
49225 Name not displayed Independent voter. Liberal on the environment. Conservative on finances.
49226 Name not displayed We need a President for America. Someone who will tell us the way it is and why…for real!!
49227 Tammie Sigler
49228 Name not displayed I do not think that the establishment will allow Dr. Ron Paul to be elected president, so this endorsement may very well be an exercise in futility. Even so, I would love to see Dr. Ron Paul as the next U.S. president. He’s our only hope for survival. May God protect and bless Dr. Paul.
49229 Alex We need real changes!
49230 Dennis Lindgren Never before in the history of America have there been a more qualified president than Mr Ron Paul. I as European wish for his success in 2012, not just for the American people, but for the sake of the world.
49231 Tim Patmore Ron Paul is what America needs and I say that as a Brit…
49232 Name not displayed WE LOVE YOU RON PAUL
49233 Cameron Ron Paul, you are a hero and an inspiration.
49234 tim davis run paul and thank you for your time and efert
49235 Name not displayed We need another Ronald Reagan. Go Ron 2012
49236 Name not displayed
49237 Daniela Perieda
49238 Keren Swango
49239 Chris Gonzales Ron Paul For Hemp!
49240 Kevin W. Smith
49241 Name not displayed logic and reason 2012!
49242 Todd Moler Run RON run!
49243 Name not displayed 30 year old husband, father, high school grad, NAVY veteran, current college student, medical cannabis patient and scared to death that we are losing our country to a facist nazi state and we are all going to end up in cages or bleeding out in the streets
49244 Name not displayed Go for it!
49245 Power Ortiz
49246 Brent Campbell
49247 david speciale
49248 Marc Rivera God bless you, Ron Paul! Good luck and godspeed in 2012, sir! You make me proud to be an American and loyal Constitutionalist!
49249 matt townsend need something done about the borders too ron.
49250 Name not displayed This time is a charm
49251 Name not displayed The US strength is also their problem, their people have been doing better and stronger than their government escalating with an imposed greedy&egocentric economy system. I wish you all the best to fix this - at least partially. Tradition can be good or bad, but unfortunately it is all too often emotional; what the US need are radical administrative improvements and a down-to-earth&benevolent economy system. The US have the best rocket scientists in the world, but as a whole it’s going to hell in a handbasket. With his outstanding record Ron Paul is the man to take on the challange. Democracy in not meant to be adjusting to what pours down once the governed pais the water bill for four years, but the responsibility to proactively shape one’s country for the good i.e. for liberty&equality&justice which Ron Paul does. Best of luck and Ron Paul 2012
49252 Karl Weatherly
49253 Susan Roberts
49254 Nick Lee
49255 Eric Woolf Ron, there is all this talk about 2012 doomsday but the Maya’s actually say that 2012 is when the world will change into something better. This is where you come in by leading us into a better world.
49256 brian ham
49257 Name not displayed Mr. Paul you make me feel proud to be an American again listening to your plans for gov’t and not ashamed like past administrations have done for me. I hope you truly consider a run for president and America wakes up and hears you
49258 Name not displayed Representing "We The People"
49259 Hulsey Bray
49260 Name not displayed save us man.
49261 Brad Watson
49262 Jason Westfall This country will be doomed unless the government is overhauled. We need you Ron.
49263 Stephen Weigel Already announced his candidacy but oh well I will do anything to support Dr. Ron Paul!
49264 Name not displayed
49265 Name not displayed
49266 James Cue
49267 Tony Koppa Stay the Course Ron, Our Future is in your Voice.
49268 Matthew Arceneaux
49269 Name not displayed Keep going strong, we need to change the Belief of American, not just a cost-benefit analysis. Ron Paul sticks to his beliefs, doesn’t matter what the pocketbook says.
49270 Tara Wilkins
49271 William Lappe
49272 Omer Khalid
49273 Robert Mulle Ron you are our last hope to educate the people of the United States about liberty.
49274 Justin Lattimore Let’s take the country back please.
49275 Nathan carter
49276 Christopher Hall
49277 Name not displayed Please Sir, your the shining light this world needs

a Fan from singapore
49278 Bryle Bishop For the Love of our Country…
49279 Name not displayed
49280 Evangelo Manoloules
49281 Viola kanevsky
49282 LD
49283 Name not displayed I came to this country as an immigrant almost 40 years ago. I did so because I admired the constitution. Ron Paul is the only official who lives the constitution. We need his leadership more than ever to get us back to the constitution.
49284 Name not displayed
49285 Travis Every time I hear this man give a speech I have more and more faith in him. While I think the whole voting system is basically rigged, if he gets in and makes some real change I’ll be happy. go man, go
49287 Jason Morse If you don’t run the true Americans will revolt against this current TREASON!!!!
49288 Jason Morse If you don’t run the true Americans will revolt against this current TREASON!!!!
49289 D.G. Moody
49290 Roberto "Dr. Ron Paul:

I am a Mexican citizen living in my nearly hopeless Mexico, and with all due respect, I implore you, in the name of all my Latin Countries, to run for this 2012-Presidency of your once great Country, The United States of America, whose people we admire for their egalitarian and indomitable spirit; a Country that we took as a pragmatic ‘model’ of life to pursue.

We want a person of your caliber to show the World that hope is not lost in re-establishing the ideology that once you, the US people, and all of us were proud-of.

Since I am not a US citizen, one may say, rightfully so, to stay out of this ‘business’. However, your dear Country has become part of the ‘family’ (the 3 Americas), and, therefore, we feel the moral obligation to cast our sincere support in this formidable ‘battle of Armageddon’.

The miseries of States will end when philosophers like you, Dr. Paul, take charge of the Government, or those who govern become philosophers — a philosopher is a man who seeks and practices the truth, whose character is such that only gives-in to reason with common sense — ‘He who searches and practices the truth can do justice!’… That’s YOU, Dr. PAUL!


Roberto L. Domínguez-B.”
49291 Adam Freund
49292 Dustin You are the ONLY presidential possibility that stands for the truth and will face it head on! We need you… America needs you!
49293 Dean Ron Paul is the futur we must stop the bilderbergs. All those fucking criminals from the white house must be prosecuted!
49294 Aaron America needs you!
49295 Chelsea Akers Stand up for us!
49296 Name not displayed
49297 Name not displayed
49298 Daniel Seward Ron Paul, is there anyone else that will do what needs to be done?
49299 Donna Batchelor
49300 Name not displayed
49301 Shaun Go Ron Paul!
49302 Name not displayed We want you as our president! PLEASE register in the elections and I will spread throughout facebook your campaign. It is a time we put america in the right direction.
49303 Name not displayed I am not intrenched with every detail of whats going on with our country. But I do realize we do need someone such as yourself in office to help make the steps to start fixing this country.
49304 Troy Wolfgram Ron Paul 2012 for a better America.
49305 Daniel Gallegos You are the last hope for America!
49307 Name not displayed
49308 Name not displayed America is on board a financial freight train that is in perpetual acceleration until derailment. We need Ron Paul to cease this pending catastrophe. You have my vote sir.
49309 Kameron Pearson Come on Ron we are with you!!!!
49310 Roger Andazola RON PAUL 2012
49311 Jason Renshaw
49312 James Ron, we have never needed you more than now!
49313 mark smirh we need ron paul to put us on the right course in this country
49314 Name not displayed
49315 Howard Nema WIN! We have your back and will knock on doors to wake the people up!
49316 Name not displayed No more Puppets for President !
49317 Jonathan Frasure
49318 Name not displayed …Bill Maher likes him, I like him… :P
49319 Gehaiman Please run for president in the next election because America needs a president like u. I didn’t know about you in the first election (2008). But now and I know, and i hope many do too.
49320 Name not displayed just finished "the revolution", very impressed.
49322 Linda Rabbitt I have been apolitical of recent years as I had given up hope, I learned about you trhough my 27 year old son and I am convinced that YOU are our hope.
49323 Alex Cook Love Ron Paul!
49324 Name not displayed
49325 Shaina Franks Hi, I really hope you get elected!! We need someone with a brain and who isnt a sand nigger!!!
49326 James knox
49327 Rick Diebold RON PAUL!
49328 Jim Sanders Finally someone who see’s through the political lies and may be opposed to the globalization and New World Order that the rest of the puppets are aiming for. Makes you wonder what piece of the pie they are promised for their support on depopulating the world in order to make it easier to control!
49329 Justin Peek Please sir, we need you now.
49330 Richard J. Sanders We can make it happen.
49331 Vic Ellescas Finally the most qualified to be president of this great nation.
49332 Jesus Torres
49333 Name not displayed
49334 Jesus torres "Praying" for the best(you), preparing for the worst.
49336 grogexervannible
49337 Name not displayed Ron Paul you rock! we NEED you! 2012
49338 Tyler Watson America needs someone like you to restore was has been damaged. Thank you for everything you do! See you in 2012!!!!!
49339 Name not displayed
49340 Dan Perham
49341 Jeffrey Haughton He has to be the right man….the media hates him…
49342 Name not displayed WIN. I believe
49343 Clint Ron is bringing us back to the constitution. I’ll support that with my life!
49344 James Garcia Dr. Paul you are the only hope for our crumbling nation.
49345 Name not displayed
49346 Rodney Rengifo Our Country Needs you Ron Paul
49347 Armando Unzueta AMERICA NEEDS YOU!!!
49348 Paul Siebenthal I can’t wait for bombs to stop falling on children. I want my kids to grow up with real freedom, and not in a police state.
49349 Sara Bender It’s amazing how much your popularity keeps snowballing. I remember being as involved as I could while stationed overseas during 2008 and no one was really listening. Now, TONS of my friends and family, and their friends know who you are and love your message! I feel so lucky to be back in America so I can join the campaign for this next election.
49350 Justin Womack
49351 Joey
49352 Dasteagesty
49353 Name not displayed
49354 Aleksandra Miletic I love this guy!
49355 Zorana Kozomara
49356 Name not displayed You’re the only man who can unplug America from corruption and begin the cleansing of this global financial disease in which we’re currently engulfed.
49357 Nerav D Parekh I am an Indian living in India & I believe that having you as an American President will make this world a better, safer & a peaceful place.
49358 Kai Lydgate Thank you for fighting all these years for what is right, fighting for our country and for freedom. If only people really knew what you were about….VOTE RON PAUL 2012, and make sure to register republican so to vote him into the primaries! PEACE
49359 Name not displayed Run Ron, We need you!
49360 Name not displayed RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT
49361 Omer Recore dit. Paul We may be related.
49362 AJ End the fear-mongering. End the war-mongering. End the empire. America has never been the free-est or greatest nation in the world. It is merely a bedtime story that has been handed down for generations. That is also why people refer to it as "The American Dream". Ron Paul could make that dream come true. Common sense 2012!
49363 Daniel Guadarrama Ron Paul is sooo good at owning people, its ridiculous.?
49364 Jimmy can i sign twice?!
49365 David Freedom is popular!
49366 Name not displayed
49367 Mike Schmidt do it!
49368 Mike Schmidt do it!
49369 Name not displayed
49370 James West Thanks for having the courage to say things that the typical career politician is not willing to say.
49371 Felicia Senjanovich Ron Paul for REAL change!
49372 John The only honest politician there is.
49373 Eric Schrock
49374 Chloe Smith i will do my part in spreading the word of Ron Paul and freedom the way it should be. i do hope that the peole of america will finally come to thier sences and realize that America needs REAL change, and not empty promises given by greedy fat-head polititions. Good luck Dr. Paul, i will be behind you spreding the word all the way!!
49375 Hannah Middleton
49376 Logan Long
49377 Daniele Serdoz A European fan: Europe needs you too!
49378 Michael Mullins
49379 Name not displayed Legalize it!
49380 Amy Hamm
49381 Name not displayed Please run for president and take our country back.
49382 Giovanna Pavia
49383 M.T.J. Ambrozek Polish New Right Congress sends best wishes to American Libertarians!
49384 alfred shaw
49385 Name not displayed I was wondering if Mr.Ron Paul had any concerns about the possible adverse affects a rapid transition to a limited federal government would have on today’s American society.
49386 David
49387 Elliott M. Ogden IV
49388 salvatore anastasio ron, we need you!!
49389 Mark M
49390 Naomi
49391 Daniel Henriksen WE NEED U!
49392 Name not displayed You’ve got my vote…you had in 08 too!
49393 Quinton Dunham Tired of the blind leading the blind.
49394 Name not displayed we need you now more than ever
49395 Name not displayed
49396 Robert Gibbs Hello, as a 24 year old African American. Ron Paul is the last hope of America.
49397 John Fagerholt Chuck Norris wouldn’t dare take on RON PAUL!!!
49398 kristofer to be honest, I’m not necessarily saying exactly what is written above. but I’d like to help give you a chance because you have some ideas that i like.
49399 geri kimbrell
49400 Name not displayed
49401 Name not displayed Ron please run. The country needs a patriot like you.
49402 Deborah Tijerina Dr. Paul, you are a man amung men, I salute you for your bravery and your staunch defense of the Constitution. You Sir,are a true patriot and a fine example of how a representive of the people should behave. I have never heard an untruth from you. You inspire me. WHEN you get elected there will be much joy in the United States. Godspeed Sir. You have my vote, and my big mouth telling anyone who will listen to vote for Ron Paul, Vote for America!

Deborah Tijerina, American
49403 Bradley Pesicka I have yet to find a person in politics that has views that I can relate to and sticks to his beliefs as well as Ron Paul does.
49404 Tony Mussman I am a Democrat, but if you were to win the Republican nomination (which I believe you have a shot at) you will have my vote.
49405 Stefan Oliver Newell Let’s do this!
49406 Name not displayed
49407 Nathan Winsor I believe that Ron Paul is the only candidate that will take on the source of America’s problems!
49408 Name not displayed
49409 Name not displayed Dear Mr. Paul: Please run for the presidency to protect the members of the party of God from the members of the party of the Devil. God bles you.
49410 Name not displayed RON PAUL 2012!!!
49411 Dorian Daneau
49412 John Its time to bring pride back to America.
49413 Leandra Seriously, why hasn’t this guy been elected yet?
49414 Kristopher Pearson As a member of the US Navy I want to say that me and most of my shipmates are behind you Dr. Paul.
49415 Don McMunn Ron is only one man among many, how then can he bring real, meaningful improvements in the federal government nightmare? By telling everyone to WAKE UP!
49416 michael thank god for the light
49417 ron paul viva la resistance
49418 Justin S Ron Paul is the only person who has values that are embedded in the blood of the USA. FREEDOM, actual FREEDOM. Freedom to smoke cannabis and not get arrested because someone, who i’ve never even met, says its wrong for no reason whatsoever.
49419 DAccokeAgox
49420 Lukas Bagshaw In the pursuit of liberty
49421 Mike Rosenblum America has been in a decline for over 10 years, we need someone that is strong enough to bring out the truth of how we’re being governed!
49422 Jayson D Markgraf ya’ll have my vote.
49423 Name not displayed
49424 Liz Reyes You are my hero. Corageous truth bearer. You have set the example, when you stand for truth, truth shall set you free. It has taken you years but

you have set the Nation a fire with fervor to right whats wrong specially with your stand against the depicable manipulation of our economy through the Federal Reserve. Thank you for opening our eyes.
49425 Name not displayed I pray that all Americans open their eyes and minds and come to the realization that a 2 party system doesn’t work and that Big Brother has become corrupt with power. I for one am getting sick and tired of the fat cats feeding off of our backs while keeping their thumb on our civil liberties. Big government, regulations & continued taxation are not the answer. We need to clean house and get back to the basics. I think most Americans are smart people who can determine what is best for themselves. I don’t understand why some people still need someone to take care of them and control their lives; isn’t that why we moved out of Mom & Dad’s house??? We need to reduce our government and all the so called agencies and put the power back into the hands of "We the People" and small business. We should be protecting our borders and not those of other countries. I am so proud of our military but they are our sons and daughters not the rest of the worlds. I could go on and on but I think you get my point. Ron Paul has the vision and I think he could bring about Great REFORM; chnage we can do without.
49426 Kennia Y. Martinez ron paul restoring america
49427 Annegeanype
49428 C. Andrew Steeves
49429 Mikael gandy A proud supporter!!!! Go Ronny!!!
49430 Daniel Kummer
49431 Cameron
49432 John Huber
49433 Danny Phelps Finally a voice of reason and wisdom that cannot be ignored…
49434 Laurence Jackson The news in Albuquerque, Wednesday, May 25, 2011 at 1:05 AM, NM states illegal aliens can get drivers licenses, and then it goes into the cartels killing people who oppose them. I will put this up on a site I am going to create and will post it there. We need a leader who is going to stand up for Americans and our way of life. If not, we are going to lose it faster than everyone thinks. Just as we must take care of our families first, we must take care of our country first before we try to save the rest of the world. Americans are supposed to follow the law and be punished if we break the laws, but the illegal aliens can get away breaking the law? More to come… WHAT CAN I DO TO HELP? A retired U.S. Marine.
49435 Andrew K Cooper Thank you, Dr. Paul. I am often perceived as "liberal". Against the war…the bureaucracy….Your words were mine, yet I literally ignored you, because of the (R)! You have my support, sir. -Andy
49436 Patrick Doyle Ron Paul is American hope
49437 Name not displayed it’s common sense. the man means good. not evil like we’re experiencing.
49438 Audie Howell "A good man for a great cause" …spread the word, Elect Ron Paul!!
49439 bulgalobido
49440 Anand Kuratti
49441 Name not displayed teacher for RP 2012!!!
49442 raymond cattaneo
49443 henry and nora cubberly god bless you—press on
49444 Matthew Efstathiou I think Ron Paul is our only chance to save our nation from tyranny
49445 Angie Farmer Please, please, please run!
49446 Name not displayed ron paul loves america!!!!
49447 Angelos Katris Vote for real change, good luck mr. Paul!
49448 Name not displayed
49449 Name not displayed The last true conservative
49450 Name not displayed PLEASE run. We NEED you more than ever before.
49451 John Phillips Ron Paul for president
49452 Joe Delooze
49453 Davey
49454 netnut Ron Paul 2012

Don’t Fear Freedom!
49455 Collin Sanford
49456 Twilight Milligan
49457 Anoosh Fouladi If the Republican party was to have any chance at possibly winning the next election against Obama would be to place Ron Paul as their candidate. There is no true face of the Republican Party. I think it’s about time for Ron Paul.
49458 David Few RON PAUL 2012!!! I have never tasted true freedom, bring it on Dr. Paul, let’s rock the boat and throw out the TEA!
49459 Avril Ghouri
49460 Name not displayed
49461 Justin Welborn Thank you for all your work.
49462 Name not displayed
49463 Jason Szott
49464 Ryan Ciampi
49465 Adam Nunes A man of towering genius and common sense.
49466 Ryan Bowerman, Tampa FL Lets Rock n Roll Ron!!!!
49467 Teo You have our support!
49468 Dennis Jerome Alsop
49469 Matt Brannon Drug and foreign policy change!
49470 Matt Brannon drug and foreign policy change!
49471 Tanner Edman
49472 Gabriela Sauceda
49473 Matthew Hatty II First candidate in a while to actually stand for something: Ron Paul 2012!
49474 Name not displayed PLEASE RUN!
49475 Name not displayed It would be nice for a President to stand up against bloated (and increasing) Federal power.
49476 Joseph Minero
49477 Johnathon Crowley Take back the Constitution!
49478 Name not displayed we’ve been waiting so long!
49479 clinton ahier ron paul 2011
49480 Seth Cooke
49481 MikeM America is ill. Time to call upon the good Doctor.
49482 Anthony Chiodi Integrity, values and principals are attributes most Americans prize, especially in a leader. Dr. Paul if citizens voted purely on a candidates record, there would be no contest. Good luck and who have my admiration, my gratitude, and my vote.
49483 Brandon Bailie Supported you back in 08′ and I’m supporting you now in 12′. Hope you go far Dr. Paul! ^_^
49484 Chris Williams we need a true american as president! no more corruption!! lets make this happen yall!
49485 Parteek Agnihotri I am an Indian , and I am fully aware what the US has done to this world with its world policing,

Ron Paul is the only hope for the US, for the world to be a peaceful place , or we’ll all perish
49486 Chris Viegas Vote Ron Paul
49487 Kathleen Kelly
49488 Colin
49489 Name not displayed The America our Founders knew is almost nonexistent. Please do what you can to restore their historical achievement.
49490 Name not displayed
49491 Ernest Hokanson It is time for a rational leadership at the highest level.
49492 James Bradley Defending our rights, defending our economy, defending our sovereignty. Ron Paul 2012.
49493 Belal Daoud
49494 Name not displayed "We The People" need Ron Paul for President
49495 Deshon Pieters Take America back to its people. Not the greedy politicians


49497 Daniel Oquendo Please Ron….America NEEDS you to win!
49498 Stephanie Barry
49499 Bri Geske
49500 Caleb I’ll vote for you Ron! GL
49501 John Rivera i hope one day we can be free at last
49502 kyle ruggles Ron Paul Fur President
49503 Name not displayed
49504 Haroon Nawaz Ron Paul is the only real hope for this country to get back on track!
49505 R Nolan Save us, Mr. Paul. Take action against members of the CFR!
49506 John W Tobin
49507 Name not displayed Yes on Ron Paul 2012!
49508 Name not displayed Save our constitution and end the fed.
49509 Andrew M. Dos Santos
49510 Name not displayed if ron is 100% for america,then i am 100% for ron paul for our next president in 2012 !!!!
49511 Mark Evans I am a Registered Democrat, but I believe Ron Paul is the only one who has the Knowledge and intelligence to get us out of this mess.
49512 Name not displayed
49513 Michelle Peffley
49514 Steve M. Ron Paul for 2012!
49515 adriana dehring
49516 Darren White Ron Paul 2012!
49517 nactbyncgon
49519 Tim Rambone
49520 Roberto Contreras
49521 Mary Boyette
49522 Jon B. Garner
49523 Drizzt Do’Urden Ron Paul needs to win this presidency. I will vote for him 100%
49524 Brett Kersey
49525 dale rousell
49526 melissa fontenot
49527 Name not displayed PLEASE WE NEED YOU
49528 Dan Neilson Ron Paul is Texan

Texas is American

We need a REAL American in the Whitehouse!
49529 Shannon Lindholm Please be for real. I can’t take another pretender. And for God’s sake be careful.
49530 peter
49531 Name not displayed
49532 Susan Gleaton No more nonsense. We need honest and straightforward leadership.
49533 James White Let’s end this celebrity ego lust! Power to the people!
49534 Luis Matos Save our constitution.
49535 Joseph C. Alexander If he supports my mother being able to use Cannabis to help her with her pain without dangerous medications, I will vote for him!
49536 Name not displayed I appreciate your straightforward honesty on what is happening. I consistently and constantly find myself to be agreeing with what you are saying.
49537 Ross Arlen Tieken From Shiner, TX- we need you to maintain our Republic.
49538 Name not displayed I will vote for Ron Paul should he land on the ballot.
49539 Robert Borsos
49540 Name not displayed Senator Paul, you are our only hope!
49541 shane villamaino he’s our only hope.
49542 Nick George Ron Paul reminds us to look inward for help, to stop extending our hands out to the government and start taking personal responsibility for that is the only way this country will truly become prosperous. Ron Paul is the man!
49543 Name not displayed
49544 Joe St Germain As a life long presidential democratic voter, you make the most sense of any politician today. Please enter the race.
49546 Name not displayed God Bless the USA!
49547 Cameron C
49548 sean make freedome feel "free"
49549 Kerry
49550 michele i will do everything in my personal power to helpy our campaign. my husband and i just had our baby boy 5 days ago and now, more then ever before, we feel a need to make sure in some way that our next president does what he says he is going to do. even though we have never met i know that i can trust you and that america could really be beautiful again with your help. thank you and i will behind you every step of the way!
49551 Steve Austin With the following he will win:

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano as vice president

Peter Schiff as chief economic advisor
49552 Phil Purdy if we can only get the media on your side we will win
49553 Teresa Nolivo America is on its way to hell if Ron Paul doesn’t become press. He is the only one that is real..
49554 Ryan Wiltse If there are any ways I can become involved in helping you succeed in this election in your campaign please let me and us know
49555 Name not displayed
49556 Lucas Thome If we’re lucky, you’ll become the president.
49557 Brian Kelsch God Bless Ron Paul and the USA!
49558 Charity Painter
49559 ashley Oh my gawd I can imagine the future now everyones happy screaming his name for the wonderful job hes done and i will get to meet him and shake his hand with pride saying " President Paul, In 2012 i was one of the people who voted for you and can i just say it was the best choice i have EVER made"

So please Ron run for president save america and make us proud keep doing what your doing Good Luck bud =)
49560 Aaron Kirchhoff End the Fed! Restore American liberty, peace, and prosperity!
49561 Kim Rudy
49562 Name not displayed
49563 Name not displayed Ron paul is the only sensible canidate for president. His persistence to stand up to the issues that really matter and not just what the media talks about is amazing.
49564 Jaime Facchino
49565 Elizabeth Zobs
49566 Maribel Tipton Ron Paul represents a hope to justice, freedom, peace and prosperity.
49567 Wendell S Vaughn Down with the Federal Reserve!!!!!
49568 Name not displayed Ron Paul,

You are without a doubt a true American. The word "patriotism" has been shifted and warped to mean so many other things it is not. Ron Paul, you show the definition of patriotism, the real patriotism. I’m in.
49569 gene crouch the government needs to be "re-booted" and Ron Paul is the man to do the job.
49570 Gayle J Allen God Bless You and your family you are in my prayers! You are the real deal in Washington! America needs you! Good Luck and God Bless! Love you!
49571 Warren D. Lockaby "Duty is ours, results are God’s." - John Quincy Adams
49572 Justin Thomas Run Paul Run
49573 Name not displayed I am planning on voting for Ron Paul. I will make a write in if I must. But I would prefer to see him in a left or right party. So he gets a fair chance.
49574 vern
49575 helena
49576 Armando
49577 Nathaniel
49578 William J Grazier
49579 Ed Pomicter You are THE honest man for the job of reviving a free republic. thank you for your service to your countrymen and to our posterity.
49580 Charles Maheu Ron Paul for president from canada!
49581 Name not displayed truth is the key.
49582 kaycee
49583 Timothy Evart Go Ron Paul 2012…
49584 Name not displayed Please America, do something sensible.
49585 Jared McDermott
49586 Nick S go Ron!
49587 Name not displayed Time for a dose of reality in the white house.
49588 Jim Bonner Roadside bomb kills 8 US troops in Afghan south another one dies in Chopper crash in one of worst tolls of year
49589 Jacob VanDyke If Ron Paul doesn’t win this election I give up on America completely.
49590 Melvin Key You’re already running for president, but I thought I’d just give you some more support since I just found this.
49591 Dalton Felty you are americas only hope. america is crumbling and we are for some reason worried about other countries. did you know that 70% of the worlds drug addicts live in the united states? just goes to show you that maybe we need to help ourselves. if not this nation will fall within the next 20 years
49592 Robert Stine jr. with you all the way. please train good staff with the same kind of mind that are not selfish and ambitious for self glory
49593 Terry Fairbanks I just hope we’re not too late to save this nation
49594 Paul Perry Our only hope of resecuring our Republic from those that would destroy it completely. I only hope they won’t try what they did to JFK.
49595 Jameson
49596 Name not displayed
49597 Tore Jordal we need some illegals to do our dirty work, make sure they dont have green card.
49598 Cecilie Holmes We need a voice of reason to bring back personal liberty and do away with the corporate machine that runs this country. NOW!
49599 Seth Blaustein
49600 Krystee Miller
49601 Brandon Jeune
49602 David W Constantino
49603 Michael Betterly Ron Paul speaks the truth!!! Smaller government, less foreign intervention, more personal freedoms (since they’ve been more and more taken away), less taxes, more personal responsibility and common sense governance. All of these points and more are why I backed Ron Paul in 2008 and why I support him now. He’s a true patriot who stands up for what he believes in, and what he believes in is the constitution. RON PAUL 2012!!!
49604 Dan Askew We need to go back to the founding principles and the constitution!
49605 Name not displayed
49606 Name not displayed It’s time the people took back control of our government
49607 Garry Garrett I still believe in America
49608 Gordon Hempton
49609 Aaron Warpness The times are crucial more than ever.We need a leader to put this country back where it needs to be.The Revolution is among us!The spirt of 1776 lives in all of us!!
49610 Name not displayed We need you!! Our country so badly needs a change and you have the right ideas!! THANK YOU!!!
49611 Brandon David We love you Ron Paul!
49612 Name not displayed
49613 alan gandy Keep fighting for your beliefs
49614 Name not displayed Although i have mainly liberal belief in government and do not trust most republicans, i strongly believe President Obama is not and cannot solve our problems. Ron Paul will bring the real "change" that will save this country. Please run and save this country
49615 Matt Beehler We need someone to finally stand up to the military-industrial complex.
49616 Teresa Cacciola-Allison
49617 Jael Jimenez
49618 Cassiano Cosmelli go for it!
49619 Robert Wahinehookae Real Change? I Hope You Are It! 30 Years too late. Stop the Spinning. Americanz are getting Dizzy! Especially in Hawaii. Don’t forget about Us too!
49620 Michael Reynaud
49621 Name not displayed Ron Paul For PRESIDENT!!!
49622 dallas griffith ill have only voted once in my life because i havent seen anyone how i thought would actuly help but ill vote this time if he runs.
49623 Dallas Griffith i have voted once in my life and im 40 but i havent seen anyone worth voting for since Ross Paroe.So if Ron runs ill vote again sorry for not voting last time.
49624 John Wilson Please run for presidency election in 2012. America needs change and you will bring that change!
49625 Name not displayed You are the only hope for this country. We need you more than you could ever imagine.
49626 Rachel Kohler
49627 Name not displayed it’s about time!
49628 Alfredo Barrantes Lets get this done and good luck!!!! We definitely need a change ASAP @ least for our future generations
49629 Name not displayed I would give every spare penny I had to ensure that Ron Paul is president in 2012. he is the only one with a consistent history and constitutional foundation running for president. Listen to what he says, then think about it… It Makes Sense!
49630 Name not displayed
49631 domonique banks God bless Ron Paul.
49632 Joe. A Mr. Paul you have my vote
49633 Colin Schneider
49634 Jim
49635 Smokey Regan Please run….America needs you
49636 James Chesky Pick 10 to be part of your government. Show the US that you are not the raging Libertarian, but really have a plan.
49637 Steve Lopez
49638 Name not displayed We need some type of help. America is becoming what Germany started in 1934. The end of freedom
49639 Name not displayed I agree 100%
49640 Jordan Baldry We need you.
49641 Michael C. Dewey Check out the Worker Ownership of The Mondragon Cooperative of the Basque. On local levels it can work just fine.
49642 Jorie McDonald
49643 nathan never thought i’d vote for a republican, but this guy gets it.
49644 Jason Harlow Ron Paul 2012
49645 Dennis Roth
49646 Brendan Hopkins
49647 Katie McNeal
49648 Robert B. Harris
49649 Erick Dukes You have my vote sir!!!
49650 Name not displayed
49651 Justin Noertker I love you! Thank you for giving me hope in American politics!
49652 Anthony Curtis
49653 Ryan K.
49654 Name not displayed
49655 Garrett Gough godspeed
49656 Keith Tavares
49657 Name not displayed Lets face 1 simple fact, We the American people demand change from our government.

Ron Paul is the only politician i have ever seen who has no fear of addressing things like the failed prohibition of marijuana, with logical idea’s that promote freedom of choice and personal responsibility,Things like the prohibition can either be accepted or changed by society, If it is not accepted, it must be changed. If it cannot be changed, then it must be accepted. Its safe to say the prohibition on alcohol was not accepted and was changes as a result. How long will we continue the insane practice of prohibition?. Ron Paul faces many tough problems like prohibition if he were to be elected president in 2012. In the event Ron Paul is elected president lets all try to support and embrace the changes he has suggested and not simply cower in fear from change.

"There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction"

"The key to change… is to let go of fear"

"We are more often frightened than hurt; and we suffer more from imagination than from reality"

"Do the thing we fear, and the death of fear is certain"
49658 Yalewayker
49659 Raymond Gardner Mr. Paul please dont stop! go for it all we need you to step up and dont turn back because the 2 parties dont like you. You are the party of the people.
49660 Jacob A. Litteral
49661 Aaron Allen We need real change.
49662 dan barrecchia
49663 Name not displayed please save us!
49664 Name not displayed Elect the man with the most intellect: Dr. Ron Paul.

Not some ordinary politician that will only end up doing what he or she is told, and sign legislation because he or she is told, which in effect would be dealing with critical distorted decisions that might very well be some of the most important decisions our country will ever face in this economy - all because who you vote for is because you were told to by the mass (controlled) media. Get smarter.

CAUTION: Vote wisely. Vote for a doctor - not a politician. VOTE for RON PAUL in 2012.
49665 Name not displayed Ron Paul-2012..get america on the right track.

~peace from wv
49666 Justin H Let the message of Liberty spread like a wild brush fire
49667 Stephen Johndreau Honor, Courage, Commitment!
49668 Zachary Ferson
49669 Wm. Allen Vonderschmidt We need the voice of Liberty and Freedom to SCREAM in DC!
49670 damon gurule
49671 Name not displayed stop the war on drugs, and abolish our monetary system
49672 Name not displayed We the people of the United States, desperately need our just and proven constitution to return to its rightful place at the forefront of nation and state policy. As we continue to reject its truths paid for in blood and perserverance against vigilant evils…. I will fear for the prosperity of our home. Please stand with me and every other waking American to support every true champion of liberty. I can think of none more persistent and dedicated than Dr. Ron Paul.

Defy the cynics, let them eat their rhetoric, Ron Paul 2012.
49673 Name not displayed "The difficulty lies not so much in developing new ideas as in escaping from old ones" - - - Ron Paul for President!
49674 Name not displayed
49675 Staffan Piledahl You are one of the few politicians out there who can change america into the country it once was!
49676 Mike Ron Paul is the most genuine man in politics, a true son of America. He is despised by the very people that have been defrauding the good citizens. Wake up America.
49677 Neil A real choice! spread the word
49678 Carole Howell I do hope you will run again and this time that you will get elected President of the USA. We need you. Thank you for all that you do.
49679 Samuel Hodges
49680 Name not displayed America is not very far from a hyperinflation like the one in Germany in 1923 when people used the government currency to kindle the stove and many cities and towns had to issue their own currency. We already see private currencies here in the USA in the Bershires and in western Michigan.

Ley us get back to sane government with Ron Paul!
49681 Andrew M Ron Paul is the real change America needs! Send that patriot in and clean house!
49682 Olafur Jonsson The only honest man left in U.S. politics? I’m starting to believe that. Go for it Ron. - A supporter from Sweden.
49683 Dennis Ketron
49684 Josh Warren
49685 Name not displayed i may not be old enough to vote but i am doing everthing in my will power to get every person i know to vote for you. there has never been anyone even worth voting for other than you. we need you more than ever! please save our country!
49686 Dan Lakeman Time to get this country back on track. Vote Ron Paul 2012.
49687 Name not displayed
49688 duainne robinson its time as people of the uited states to stand up for what is right and take the power back from the tyrants of goverment ….this is our country so lets not stand back ad let them ruin what our forefathers built
49689 Scott Karbon
49690 Name not displayed What can we do to stop the Patriot Act.
49691 marcin kryszak
49692 Name not displayed
49693 Alan D. Johns I was the long winded son of Communist yesterday (5/27/20110)
49694 Don Harlan Why I support Ron Paul: How many other politicians can honestly say they’re honest. Ron Paul can and it is proven by his extensive voting records. Honest Ron for President!
49695 Charles Davenport Ron Paul is America’s last hope.
49696 benjamin williams
49697 Phillip G. Delabar Dear Congressman Paul,

America needs you, Sir!
49698 Name not displayed Ron, you are the Luther in USA. America needs you to tell the truth! If anyone remember the historical figure, Luther in Germany during 16th century. Ron can lead us to stop the out-control national debt by stopping the world policing policy which has been wasting Amrican children’s and grand children’s money. We need Ron to save the America’s future
49699 James This man can see the and learn from the mastakes of history he reconizses coruption at a high level, the only problem will be people not reconizing that he has the best chance of anyone to move the country and the world in the right direction because if we stay the course we are our way to disaster, and so ill end with this.This man can see and learn from the mistakes of history and he recognises corruption at a high level, the only problem will be people not recognizing that he has the best potential of candidate to move the country and the world in the right direction, because if we stay the course we are on heading for disaster, and so I will leave you with this.

"We are grateful to the Washington Post, The New York Times, Time

Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended

our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost

forty years."

"It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world

if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years.

But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a

world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite

and world bankers is surely preferable to the national

auto-determination practiced in past centuries."

David Rockefeller

private banker council of foreign relation

June 1991
49700 Daniel Pridemore This is the only presidential candidate with the guts to stand up for what this country was built on, not what it has become
49701 Jordan Pereira Americans only listen to what they want to hear, and not to what they need to hear. You do the opposite, and I think you can help this country do the same. I have much hope that you would honestly commit to your word, the same words you gave in 2008. Please run for presidency in 2012.
49702 Mr. Linza E Blankenbeckler Please run Paul. We need someone with your backbone and honesty to change the mess in Washington. There is no one else but you Sir! Thank you for telling the truth. Sincerely, Linza E Blankenbeckler
49703 Name not displayed America once again needs statesmen like you Sir. I will stand with you.
49704 Katherine Morrison
49705 Jason White I’m a lifelong democrat, veteran and american and will be voting for Dr. Ron Paul, because he is the only man I believe actually cares more about our country than his politics and power. He is truly what a president is supposed to be. The consttution must not become a napkin for the "chosen few" in power.
49706 Torry Seeley Let’s get back to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights!
49707 Connor
49708 Robert Bibonne Long live Ron Paul
49709 Name not displayed Internet loves Ron Paul.
49710 Shital Ron Paul me from INDIA , and the way government governing there rite now , i really fear that world war 3 don’t start at some point which would be terrible for all !!!! Its just my thought in short and i can brief it too why i think so that way but just really want to stick to the point that if a super power nation governed by true patriot and true humanitarian like u Ron Paul then whole world cud be better place !!!!!

So me too joining in though i know my vote or support from here mite not help but just want u to know there are people from outside your country too who believes you would be a wonderful president !!!

GO GO Go !!! we support u :)
49711 Jeannie We’ve been needing Ron Paul for president for a long time. Having a decent president in the office has been long overdue. Ron Paul in the man for this. Ron Paul 2012!!
49712 Name not displayed
49713 shelah ogletree Ron Paul is the real deal - out to save the USA with common sense.
49714 Name not displayed Ron Paul, you are desperately needed to change America. America was founded on individual liberties that were being oppressed in Britain. The Founding Fathers would be proud to have you as our nation’s president.
49715 David Castellanos Let’s Change America, Back to the way it was supposed to be. A country, where a government is run by the people not by the rich but the people.
49716 Name not displayed
49717 Benjamin Hopps
49718 Scott Reavy Ron Paul will take 2012, I feelz it in ma bonez.
49719 Guerdon Kirkman
49720 Denny I am choked with the lack of true freedoms that allow me to be a true patriot without "fear" from a police state!
49721 Name not displayed
49722 Broderick To each his own.
49723 Hundunduh
49724 jessica grenko
49725 Name not displayed
49726 Name not displayed
49727 Name not displayed I’d vote for you Sir.
49728 Carol johnston
49729 Spencer Johnson Go Ron, if you can actually pull it off!
49730 Dan V
49731 Jeff I’m not a republican, but I like this guy
49732 Diane Seutter-Rose Thank you !!
49733 matthew zigeler
49734 Name not displayed Our country is desperate for a man with some integrity. 50% of the people around me have simply given up and refuse to vote at all because of their distrust for polititians. I had pretty much given up myself until I started educating myself on the men who we’ve had in office. Now, not only am I angry, I’m also scared for my country. This is the first time in my life that I believe what I’m hearing. I will hold signs, boycott corporations, write letters and scream at the top of my lungs. RON PAUL 2012!! You’ve given us the fight that we have craved for way too long. Fight for Freedom and the people will follow!
49735 Amir Fakhoury
49736 Jacob Ryan Gresham Please Ron Paul,my name is Jacob,I’m 15 and as of now,I think you might be the only hope for America :[.
49737 David Babb
49738 Michael Richards
49739 John Niffenegger
49741 Name not displayed
49742 Name not displayed I support Ron Paul!
49743 Michael Blandizzi TAKE DOWN THE FED

p.s. from canada!
49744 Blaine M Brazzle I have never voted because no one has ever had my interests as either an individual or businessman until you Ron Paul. If you run I will vote for you!
49745 Dwight Burdick "If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with"

Here’s Dwight, an aging hippie relic from the far left of the political spectrum, signing on with Dr. Paul.

I’ll reluctantly accept that subtantially less than 50% portion of your platform which doesn’t fit with my political proclivities, and enthusiastically support the somewhat more than 50% that does. Not the lesser of evils, but the best I can hope for in these turbulent times.

Sign me on!
49746 gee clark For gods sake, lets get the present president out of there
49748 Kevin Carroll
49749 Name not displayed I voted for you in 2008. I will do it again! PLEASE run for Presidency this 2012! God bless you for your history of service and love for this country!
49750 william chaff
49751 Dima E he is an amazing human with the mind and principles of a champion
49752 Name not displayed It’s time for a complete change in the way we run our government, putting it back into the hands it was originally intended: ours, the people of this great country. Without doubt, America today is a plutocracy, where a wealthy minority have a disproportionally large hand in directing the affairs of government. It’s time to send the lobbyists packing, the lawyers walking and the bankers to the jail cells they deserve.
49753 Anthony D I believe that Ron Paul is the last hope for this country. When is the last time you felt you would die for your President and commander in chief? For me my earliest memory of a president was Bill Clinton receiving inappropriate gestures in the oval office. I would take a bullet for Ron Paul weather he were president or not that’s how strongly I feel about him, his safety and his potential to save this once great nation.
49754 Joel Ron Paul will steer the country in the right direction. We need a new candidate that is a breath of fresh air.
49755 Eryn Patton
49756 Name not displayed
49757 Eileen Phoenix
49758 Name not displayed I pray he wins !!!!!!
49759 Name not displayed
49760 David Plakon had the pleasure of meeting you in Orlando. I voted for you last year even though you weren’t on the ballot, I’ll do the same this year.
49761 Name not displayed Our country needs you in office!
49762 William Maypole I believe this man, Ron Paul, has a personal constitution that cannot be compromised. If he decides to run, we will have a TRUE champion of liberty on the ticket.
49763 Amanda
49764 josh Ron we are behind you all the way. Your efforts to wake the American public have been long and hard but NOT in vain. We’re finaly wiping the sleep from our eyes and we’re ready for the fight. Go Ron, the third time is such a charm!
49765 Krystina Mikolowski
49766 Name not displayed You’re a pretty cool guy.
49767 Steven Do your best and don’t let the corruption get to you. We need true liberty before it all goes to hell in a handbasket.
49768 frank
49769 Name not displayed
49770 Allan Cyri I love you man!
49771 John Lindall Ron Paul is the man to take america forward
49772 Kevin McCoy The Greatest American Hero
49773 Evandro Luis Alves Brazil needs you too Ron Paul!

We need you in the leadership of all Americas.
49774 Jacob Spanjar
49775 Name not displayed Ron Paul is a true America, he supports our rights and demands freedom like no one else has. He has a great can do attitude.
49776 Edward Chambers
49777 Raiden Worley People seem to have forgotten the importance of liberty. Every year our country seems to creep a little bit closer to fascism. Each election is crucial, for it just might be our last. Our loss of liberty may be inevitable, but I’ll be damned if we don’t go down fighting. As long as we fight for freedom, we still have it. Ron Paul, you embody everything our country is supposed to stand for. Go, fight with us!
49778 Name not displayed
49779 Name not displayed
49780 Michael Oglesby
49781 Giovanni …the right of the people to keep and bear arms


2nd Amendment

Say NO to Tyranny

COUNTRY !!!!!!
49783 Paul Wilson
49784 edwin matskovich I will be trying to get everyone i know to vote for you. I feel like anyone with half a brain that listens to 1 speech will have no problem casting a vote for Ron Paul. Good luck and god speed.
49785 Michael Hayes
49786 Shiran Zecharya
49787 Alex Vakoff Please change the gloomy path America is headed for.
49788 Name not displayed only hope for america is liberty! vote Ron Paul 2012!
49789 Nathan Sadek
49790 David Mathison A true American!
49791 Jeffrey Sabol please run!!!
49792 Travis Hodge We are all counting on you to defend us because we know you will!
49793 Douglas A. Greer Jr. Ron Paul a president we can believe in
49794 Matthew Ramirez America is going against it’s original intent. Ron Paul 2012
49795 Ricky Nichols
49796 Ian Hartman Go Ron Paul!!!!! The only one telling the truth!!
49797 Name not displayed GO RON PAUL!
49798 Samuel M. Dougherty Ron Paul is Jedi, He is Yoda. I don’t like politics, But I have faith in Ron. He is the best!
49799 Name not displayed You can do it! Perserverance will pay, we believe in you!
49800 Jennifer Vanstrom
49801 Mike Blocker Thursday, May 6, 2010

Michael Ellner, "Everything is Backwards"

"Just look at us. Everything is backwards; everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the major media destroy information and religions destroy spirituality" - Michael Ellner

Ron Paul will restore American and will restore the Constitution!
49802 Name not displayed
49803 Jesse Gomez RON PAUL!!!!
49804 Name not displayed
49805 Sue Ann Young
49806 David Robinson
49807 Name not displayed
49808 Alan R. Light Paul/Johnson 2012
49809 Brandon Markham
49810 stan ervin we need someone thats worried more about our needs instead of the rest of the world Ron Paul is him.
49811 Name not displayed Yee!
49812 Name not displayed
49813 Russell Wilson Let’s cut government spending, once and for all!!
49814 Fauccessy
49815 Intehoste
49816 Name not displayed
49817 Tucker Wilkin
49818 Erik Anderson
49819 Name not displayed
49820 Joshua Alverson Its obvious
49821 Name not displayed
49822 RayN3s Lets get them RON!!!!!!
49823 nicole morris Go Ron Paul!
49824 nancy keier I want my freedom
49825 Jesse Turner Ron Paul is the only man who can return this Country to it’s former Glory.
49826 David Fox
49827 Name not displayed we need your help for we are sinking fast…..
49828 jon j. m. thank you
49829 Shannon Powell Ron Paul and Jesse Ventura! That would be awesome and Jesse would bring the bling that’s needed to let Ron shine! Come on Ron, go independent, leave that corrupt GOP and start your own! The GOP name has been tainted, you don’t need to run with those slime balls! Go independent and rock this election!!!!
49830 Joshua Harper
49831 Bill Brasky Please!
49832 Joseph Parsons Expose the graft in our government. Strip it out and place transparent operations so that America may sleep on a sound foundation.
49833 Name not displayed Ron Paul is the only candidate willing and able to defend the constitution.
49834 John Davidson Welfarism and militarism don’t work. That’s why we have Ron Paul.
49835 Susan Scribner He will put America back on our feet again
49836 Name not displayed Please Dr. Paul America needs you more now than ever. You’ve got my vote - please be careful, you’re stating unknown truths about dangerous liars and the last man to do that was JFK. Ron Paul 2012
49837 dan francis Ron Paul Money Bomb June 5th!
49838 Nicholas Something has got to give.. Let 2012 Truly inspire CHANGE in America!
49839 Name not displayed
49840 Ryoko Diamond 12on Paul!!!!!
49841 Name not displayed
49842 Name not displayed I would hope that if the republican party does not elect Ron Paul, which seems rather likely, that you would continue to run ads and such as a write in candidate. I enjoy seeing him speak the truth, Michael Ruppert is someone to be heard as well, we will be running into problems in the next decade that cannot be undone, we need help in high places.
49843 Name not displayed The American people need you in order to return this country to its founding principles and pull our troops from overseas to secure our borders.
49844 Name not displayed i agree with ron about fema but i really believe it is what is hurting his campaign no going back on that one. we are out numbered by democrats that cut each others throats yet they stand buy each other. i feel this needs to come out in the public as soon as possible!
49845 Name not displayed Truth will set the enslaved perceptions FREE via Ron Paul.
49846 Brandon Ron Paul 2012!
49847 Name not displayed I want Ron Paul to be the president of United STates.
49848 Name not displayed I would like to see Ron Paul as president and Rand Paul as the vice president.
49849 Chris Hill Gun laws and protecting the Constitution are my top priorities.
49850 David Marsalek
49851 Tyree Mitchell Run!Run!Run!
49852 Daran Daneshjou Bring an end to corporate tyranny
49853 Alex
49854 Matt Heflin
49855 Eddie Stuckey
49856 Ian Argue The only honest politician with the guts to voice his views out of his social network of politicians against him.
49857 Jameel RON PAUL 2012
49858 Fahd Bendani Dr. Ron Paul, it is time for President.
49859 Name not displayed We have the same problems in Portugal

Parliament elections in 5 th of june

i hope you win on the US in 2012
49860 Thomas Cullen
49861 James Halterman Ron Paul for 2012!
49862 Anthony Graybeal
49863 George Baldwin Lets unite under simple logical conditions and ron paul is the man!!!!!!!! IF You want the constituation to mean anything and someone to stand up for your individual liberties ron paul is your man,!!!!!
49864 Kyle Baker Say yes to America, say yes to the constitution.
49865 C.Garza For Liberty!

But you must remember, my fellow-citizens, that eternal vigilance by the people is the price of liberty, and that you must pay the price if you wish to secure the blessing. Andrew Jackson, in his Farewell Address, (4 March 1837)
49866 fred
49867 sergelen shagdarjav Time has arrived sir.
49868 Christian Sandoval its time for the people to run the U.S not the gov.
49869 Name not displayed Liberty for all People: Ron Paul 2012
49870 alberto ron paul your the best man for the job, dont let nobody bring you down you should be the next president obamas nothing but a puppet for the elite and i think people have noticed that and if you havent go to and expericene it for yourself ron paul god bless you
49871 Bridger Buller Paul / Kucinich ’12!
49872 Paul Shay You are the only one that gets it.
49873 Name not displayed
49874 Name not displayed Ron Paul is our nations only hope right now. Ron Paul is his name. The constitution is his game. He is our founding fathers reincarnate.
49875 Name not displayed
49876 Devin Clarke Ron Paul has my beliefs exactly.
49877 Richard Dean Dr. Ron Paul for PRESIDENT! I love my American Rights! Please make sure we keep our rights and freedoms!
49878 George I’m a registered Democrat looking for an answer wherever I can find. My answer is Ron Paul and he’s the best answer to our economic problems. You have my vote. Down with the Federal Reserve!! Let’s see the Venus Project ( become reality. Our monetary system has torn, not only our country apart, but has allowed our country to tear apart the numerous others.
49879 mario ron paul 2012!!!!the revolution has begun!
49880 Andrew Randall Paul/Paul 2012
49881 Dr Lea Dean Dear Mr Paul,

I have been watching the interviews and debates of past years on-line and have gradually become more and more impressed by your views. If I am to consider all this carefully as a UK citizen I must believe that it will most likely not only be America but the World that stands to suffer if someone like yourself, a man of reasonableness, not even have the chance to affect the change that you speak so poignantly about. If you are able to stand by your views I think people soon will need people like you to look forward to in this uncertain future I can only wish you all the best whatever you decide.

Warm regards,

49882 RiyaButler
49883 Adam Rushford If there is any hope, any hope at all, it’s Ron Paul!
49884 Frank Lilley
49885 michael moran
49886 Steve Moxey You have my vote.
49887 Michael Styler Ron Paul is a true patriot for America, and he is very honest and bold. I think America would be safer if he was in office. You have my vote, Ron Paul!
49888 caleb groff "Fear not,the people may be deluded for a moment, but cannot be corrupted."- andrew jackson

this is our chance to end the delusion and ron paul is our only chance to do it
49889 Name not displayed
49890 Name not displayed Go for it
49891 Lisa Harvey
49892 Jonathan Anderson Strong foreign policy that is accurate and right, non-interventionist, civil liberties, personal freedom, smaller government. These are all things that even I, a Liberal, can get behind.
49893 Name not displayed
49894 Rankin Barger Ron Paul for the Constitution.
49895 Ryan Bracalenti Get ‘em Ron
49896 Matthew Shea I really hope America wakes up in 2012!!!
49897 Jerry McClellan I truly pray that this country will wake up and see the truth. My sincere hope and prayer is that Mr. Paul will continue the good fight for liberty. Thank you sir for being a man of integrity, honor and truth. Blessings to you and your family. Ron Paul 2012!!
49898 Justin Von Striver
49899 Riley Parker Miller I think the new world order speech of yours is good.
49900 Terry Barnes
49901 Name not displayed
49902 Carol Burns You have totally convinced me that you are the man we need in office. Please stand up and speak up for us!
49903 Name not displayed
49904 Name not displayed You revived my hope in politic. Up until I heard of you, I was done. Refused to vote simply because there seemed no point, that every politician was corrupt regardless and even if they weren’t, they would be after long. I believe you. Something in the way you deliver your thoughts gives me full confidence that you aren’t simply trying to sell yourself but instead are stating your true beliefs and that is so rare anymore. The constitution is what America was built on and until you came around, I was losing all hope in America. Please run and bring back our principles.
49905 Kurt
49906 Tom Conley
49907 Joshua Williams PLEASE SAVE US FROM US!
49908 Name not displayed
49909 Rob Braasch
49910 shaun PLEASE WIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
49911 Name not displayed It is time to end the hypocrisy and begin a period of growth and understanding. Far and away to many Career Politicians have forgotten that they serve us, we don’t serve them. The american people can handle themselves (and those that can’t won’t be around long) we don’t need guys in suits telling us how to think, what to read, or who to believe.
49912 Josh Nelson Because the answer to a lot of America’s problems begins with more freedom, not less freedom.
49913 Udbhav Kamboj
49914 Name not displayed America needs Ron Paul!
49915 Patrick Heelan Please run for president. We need this man to lead us out of all the mistakes we have made in regards to foreign policy and economy. Ron Paul for 2012!
49916 Stacey Vitale I would love to do more than sign a petition. If I can be of any assistance at all, volunteering, I would love the opportunity.
49917 Joe Flynn Your Courage is a blessing to us ALL! we need Paul in 2012.
49918 Yeison Giraldo You got my vote! you are the only one that deserve the white house…
49919 Cody Carey
49920 kelly j. cheney
49921 Mike Godzina
49922 Harold Tippie Ron Paul 2012
49923 Name not displayed The current attacks on our nations constitution are quite frankly appalling. My political views are that the form of government outlined by the constitution should be the only form of government in this country.
49924 Chase Williams
49925 Grier Ellis
49926 beth sullivan
49927 Name not displayed Freedom of Information and Freedom of the Internet!!! RON PAUL 2012!
49928 Robert Shirk
49929 Sam C I am a registered Democrat, but I love my country and don’t want us to go bankrupt…or run dry relying on foreign oil… Ron you a voice of reason today, and I wish there were more…
49930 Alan Fitchwell Thank you.
49931 Maryam Jamilah
49932 Name not displayed
49933 Name not displayed
49934 Name not displayed
49935 Name not displayed Its time to end the failed war on drugs. I believe in you Ron Paul.
49936 Renegateor
49937 Mark Williams
49939 Name not displayed It is time for real change and truthfulness. You have my support!
49940 Sevi Avishalom we need you. please. our country is spiralling downwards and i think you are the only man who can change that.
49941 Name not displayed
49942 Roland Laliberte Let’s regain our pride by humbly admitting our mistakes and courageously make right our wrongs.
49943 Tim Kranzr
49944 Caleb Wooten Ron Paul is the remedy this very ill country needs to get back on its feet and back in stride.
49945 Name not displayed
49946 Nahoa Furness Stay strong, Ron Paul.
49947 Jeremiah Leep
49948 mark bosanco vote the crooks out of washington
49949 Name not displayed May God bless America with you as our next president.
49950 bruce judelson
49951 Name not displayed Resident of Norway
49952 Name not displayed I CAN SEE THE REVOLUTION! RON PAUL 2012!!
49953 Kelby Ron Paul, if you should become president and take back our good nation from all this hell, you my friend will go down in history as the man who saved America from a fate similar to Rome’s. Our Founding Fathers will bless you forever for it, knowing all their hard work was never in vain after all. The news of the $14T debt and the depressed housing dept and the supposed impending doom on us gets more and more depressing everyday, but we must face it and fight it. We need your help, Mr. Paul, more than ever. I’m done having the horrors of "big government" and "threatened liberty" on my conscience.
49954 Kevin T We’re with you Dr. Paul! We’re not all asleep!
49955 david roden
49956 Name not displayed
49957 Brittney Knox He’s the only one who has common sense!
49958 Name not displayed
49959 Name not displayed
49960 Brieanne Terry Ron Paul, I watch your speeches, and absorb your words. I would love nothing more than to see you as my president. The number one thing this country needs is self empowerment and you’re the first political presidential candidate I have ever seen that’s actually looking to distribute that to the people. THANK YOU.
49961 Scott Karl Schroeder We Need Ron Paul!!!
49962 Eric Stirling
49963 Jason We need an honest man in the White House.
49964 Brandon L. Kim Please let me know of how I can help out in your 2012 Presidential Campaign in Hawaii, ASAP. Thank you!
49965 allan keier
49966 Jerry In Ron Paul we trust! Time for changes; time for repressed people to stand up. The pine cone shall not stay green. People need to understand that they have the power to free themselves from tyranny. You will have my full support!
49967 Jerry In Ron Paul we trust! Time for changes; time for repressed people to stand up. The pine cone shall not stay green. People need to understand that they have the power to free themselves from tyranny. You will have my full support!
49968 Matthew Standridge Ron Paul for President!
49969 Edmond J. Chevalier Please be ever watchful of programable voting machines
49970 Jamal Potter Please please PLEASE run for presidency, you can do it, you have it in you, peace and justice for all, no more lies and puppateering, you have been a great voter, power to the people Ron, we, in the UK, are also behind you!!

Defend the Constitution, NOT the UN!
49971 Thomas Harley
49972 Lou Barr
49973 Nick E You will be the first presidential candidate I will cast my vote for, Mr. Paul, since I have withheld from exercising my right to vote in the 2008 election. Your dedication to the Constitution is exactly what we need as a country in order to escape these bad times we have been facing in recent years. Your words sir, have reminded me "why I protest", and why I will never give up. I ask the same of you Mr. Paul, please lead us into better times by staying true to yourself, a true American leader that our Founding Fathers would be proud of.
49974 Name not displayed When I saw Harry Reid accusing Rand Paul of supporting terrorists followed by President Obama signing the bill without any real discussion taking place, I realized that we are in big trouble. Both parties are using fear to take away our civil liberties in an unconstitutional fashion, all in the name of fear. It seems that Ron Paul and Rand Paul are the only ones left in Washington who would restore the pride and strength that once used to be the USA. We don’t need the Feds to protect us, we need the Feds to protect our rights and the constitution!
49975 Name not displayed
49976 Josh Dubia Ron Paul is the GOLD standard America desperately needs!
49977 Teresa Stout 100% Behind You !!
49978 Douglas Fish You have started a freedom movement, I hope & pray we will have the determination to keep it going!
49979 Benjamin T. Cogan I knew the media was fake in 2008 when they didn’t cover Ron Paul in 2008. Americans we need to stick together. We need Ron Paul
49980 kyle McKnight OMG, save us before hyperinflation please… your an All American candidate!
49981 craig c’mon, you need to run. I was a democrat until 20 minutes ago when I youtube’d your name. A strong campaign will get many leftists behind you as you are what many of them stand for. I know this because I help them organize rallies that with your opinions, you could be a speaker at. There is a massive based on the left that just don’t know what you stand for.
49982 Ryne litton
49983 dave albright thank you.
49984 LindaG
49985 Jacques Racette Please lead us the american people, out of our current nightmare. Thank you!
49986 Paul Lowe Run as a Libertarian!
49987 Name not displayed
49988 Brian Robertson
49989 Jack West In this time of strife, in our country, we need a REAL american, who has the interest of the People, in mind not the money and big business, that we have had way to much of already. Mr Paul We the People, need you now.

Also, I would love to be on your campaign committee, should you run
49990 Brian Grey
49991 Name not displayed
49992 Austin McMann
49993 Ryan End the FED!
49994 Name not displayed
49995 David Styles Ron Paul is the Truth
49996 richardsievert the government machine is broken you go crawling to Ron paul but nothing can fix this system except me.

and I will brick by brick if things do not change!
49997 Name not displayed I can, as a 36 year veteran, answer questions about what is wrong with education in America.
49998 Andrew Queen
49999 Pamela Nachel [email protected]
50000 Name not displayed All the other candidates are choosing stances that they know ppl will agree with so that they will be more likely to win. It is refreshing to see a politician who stands by his standards even when they are not popular!

32 Responses to Signatures 45,001-50,434

  1. Johnathon D Smith says:

    Help us remember what makes us great!

  2. David Weber says:

    Let’s do this! Our time is now!

  3. Jim G. says:

    Thank you in advance for once again answering the call of your countrymen and staying true to the principles of our Founding Fathers. I believe your are the right man at the right time to return the country back to it’s heirs.
    I salute you and “the Republic for which it stands…!”

  4. dylon says:

    i live in the uk so i cant vote, but ron is the guy for the job, he’s what the usa and the world needs ! :)

  5. Donald Noehre says:

    Continue to work to put gold as backing our money. I liked you in 08 and I will vote for you in 2012. Ron you are what this country needs at this time.

  6. Lisa Alvarado says:

    WE LOVE YOU RON PAUL! Finally we a have hero!

  7. Paul MAJORS says:

    Dr. Paul, I’m a supporter and believe in everything you say but how do I address people who have fears of losing social security and medicare?

  8. Gracyn says:

    I tohhgut finding this would be so arduous but it’s a breeze!

  9. Eric Cooper says:

    We need you to take out the Trash in Washington..

  10. Rao says:

    Persistence is the key. Unfortunately the media doesn’t like to give you the attention you deserve because they are more interested in the puppets that are linked to the media heads. With the puppets continuing to mess things up and you gaining more and more popularity you can make it one day or at least inspire others to follow in your footsteps. It’s time for a CHANGE!!!!

  11. Jonathan Le says:

    Now’s your chance Ron Paul.Lets make a big change for America and get rid of the Patriot Act,Bring the troops home,bring free trade,end the fed,fix the economy,make sure that all of the people are unemployed and they can be able to get jobs a lot easier.oh yea make sure that the money avoids inflation.This is our last chance for America.Ron Paul for President in 2012.

  12. Greg Brown says:

    Get us back on the Gold Standard! Get this once great counrty back to the Constitution.

  13. scott bisbee sr says:

    If Dr, Paul doesn’t win? Kiss your ass goodby,or work the rest of your life making the rich richer while you make min.wage Wake up people

  14. Alex Graham says:

    Ron Paul may very well be our last hope. He has got to win!

  15. Luis H Pires says:

    I’m a huge supporter of Dr. Paul, a student of the Austrian Economics and an advocate of the Libertarian movement!

  16. mike says:

    hope you can stand working under bush thay run this place N W O HATE THOSE GUYS RON GO GET SOME for us all thank you so mush mike

  17. Johnson 527 says:

    Ron Paul 2012!! rEVOLution!!! Make some noise America!!! Let’s bring him in!!!

  18. mike sass says:

    we need a goverment tht protects our rights, my group is how to do tht, please look at it

  19. Joseph Smith says:

    We need someone with COMMON SENSE like Ron Paul to be our President.

  20. Stephen Craig says:

    How could you not vote for someone who defends our Constitution so fearlessly. God bless Dr. Ron Paul, a true American Patriot.

  21. Roy Tyndall says:

    His time has come! Enough of the status quo! Time to get America fixed and back on track and be an honorable nation throughout the world!

  22. Eric Froebel says:

    I agree on all Ron’s issues !! He makes to much sense. Big business is scared of this guy. Good Luck Mr. Paul

  23. Kirsti says:

    Hope is a word with meaning again… not hollowed out by false promises. This is real, true, honest to goodness hope. I have hope that Ron Paul will be our next President for many years to come!

  24. Kris R says:

    I am 21 years old attending a highly liberal, Jesuit university in Seattle. In 2008 (my first opportunity to vote) I fully supported your candidacy. While I do not condone the one political party, excuse me I mean two political parties, I understand the logic behind running under one of the major two (those who run outside never win). I voted for Bob Barr when you lost the nomination in 2008, and will not be casting my vote for Republicans in the upcoming election (unless, of course, it is Ron Paul). You have an extensive knowledge of every issue you discuss, you are a gentleman during interviews and debates, you actually present your views rather than dodge questions and tell people what they want to hear. In essence, you are the opposite of most politicians; this is exactly why I support you. On a funny side note, my liberal, Democratic friends (of which there are many in Seattle, but also for my age demographic in general) hold similar views to your own, but are either too afraid or too closed-minded to even look and listen to you for themselves. It is quite sad, but I’ll work on exposing your words to them, rather than allowing them to be satisfied by second and third parties trying to “interpret” your words for you. The media more recently has taken notice of you, and I could not be happier. It is obvious that they are scared of you, which is why they try to humiliate you and manipulate videos (I’m referring to FOX and CNN here). Your voting record and political philosophy, as well as your daily words are inspiring. Might you consider speaking at my university, as I know this is something you are accustomed to doing. While this message will no doubt get lost in the mess of emails or support, I just wanted to thank you for being you and running again in 2012.

  25. Andrzej Sekula says:


  26. dolphin says:

    Why are you people not signed up on the FaceBook page for the “BLACK OUT MONEY BOMB” Yet?

    Wednesday, October 19 at 12:00am - October 20 at 12:00am

    The Ron Paul Money Bomb to Surpass all other Moneybombs!

    The media has ignored, blacked out, downplayed and outright lied about Ron Paul and we are sick of it!

    Let’s give the media something they cannot ignore, the largest one day online fundraiser in political history!!/event.php?eid=181997088537471

    Please Spread The Word Far and Wide.

    There is an option on the FaceBook page where you can select your individual friends on FaceBook to receive an invitation.

  27. Dave says:

    For a honest trustworthy man as the U.S. President!

  28. okaasia says:

    Nice blog right here! Additionally your web site lots up very fast! What host are you using? Can I get your affiliate link in your host? I wish my website loaded up as quickly as yours lol

  29. Daniel says:

    Ron, you have my support and i will be voting for you. Your only true candidate right now that believes in the constitution, no more wars, a stable economy, freedom and much more. You have had my vote since 2008 and you will have my vote now. Ron Paul 2012!!

  30. pat massari says:

    You are the one. We the people are behind you.

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