Signatures 35,001-40,000

Number Name Comment
39001 Zack Haynie Ill be 18 just in time to vote. If you dont run, I wont vote.
39002 Nicole Riina
39003 Randall Kohl
39004 L martin I voted for you last time. I still believe in you roday
39005 Robert Gilliam Don’t hold back, Ron Paul.
39006 Name not displayed
39007 Freeman Loughridge
39008 Andrea
39009 Aaron Snook
39010 Name not displayed
39011 Kerry A I will personally volunteer for your campaign in NM if you run!!!
39012 Alice McFetridge
39013 frances l. andrews
39014 nicole
39015 John T. Harris I will be voting for the good Doctor even if he doesn’t run.
39016 Pawel Drag Poland for Ron Paul ;)
39017 Ryan McEldowney
39018 alton smith thank you Ron
39019 Name not displayed Ron Paul is the only one I trust.
39020 Eric Temple
39021 Nick End the fed!
39022 Name not displayed As someone who worked at the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve, I can say that your decree to ‘End the Fed’ is the one of the wisest thing I’ve ever heard.
39023 Justin Merchant America really needs your PRO-CONSTITUTION leadership! It’s utterly sad that the term ‘pro-constitution’ even exists. All Americans should be for the Constitutional Republic.
39024 ••••• •••••• ••••••• RON PAUL 2012! YYEEAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!
39025 Christopher B
39026 Travis Rowland
39027 Daniel Hanson Liberty in 2012!!!!
39029 James McFetridge
39030 l0lfredde
39031 Stephen Tierney Iraq Vets for Ron Paul!
39032 peggy beach "for such a time as this"
39033 Gustavo Maravilla
39034 Name not displayed
39035 Name not displayed
39036 William Crosby
39037 Name not displayed
39038 Patrick V. Allen
39039 Johny S Ron Paul I really am counting on you to make that announcement on april 26th, please run, you are far more intelligent than ……Trump….Defend the Constitution!!!!!!!
39040 Kyle Love
39041 Name not displayed
39042 robert rose Freedom Now!
39043 R. Stephen Dorsey We realize that we’ll need a lot of new Congresscritters, too. Ones who still own their own souls and can count.
39044 Name not displayed
39045 Jessica Caterino
39046 Doug Bailey You are the only one who understands, the rest are just walk-ons.
39047 Name not displayed
39048 John ONeill
39049 Charles J Bennett
39050 Jim Meadows Paul/Cain in 2012
39051 Dan Lonowski People don’t get the Constitution. Keep pushing the message! Everything goes back to that.
39052 Kury Harnish
39053 Jonathan S Thank you Dr. Ron for standing strong as one of the lone voices of reason and integrity among so many hypocrites and phonies only out to take advantage of the American people through holding a position in office. The people are behind you!
39054 Steve Edison Go Ron, Go! I’m behind you for 2012!
39055 Bill Heath Do It!
39056 Name not displayed
39057 kevin ryan "Ron Paul the only real choice"
39058 Name not displayed
39059 Joshua Miletti
39060 Kyle Herrmann We NEED you Ron Paul.
39061 Steven Gregory
39062 Name not displayed
39063 Tex S.
39064 Peter C You have my support!
39065 ryan n. I thank God people like you exist in our government! Go Run And Win for Our Country!
39066 Jim A
39067 Erek Gass Let me know if I can be of help in South Central PA
39068 Name not displayed
39069 Name not displayed
39070 Jim Bennett You have my vote and my wife’s
39071 Name not displayed
39072 sean
39073 Name not displayed Its time for an actual real change.
39074 Liz Hood
39075 Kathy Downey
39076 John ciacci 2012 will be the answer to 1776
39077 AHussain If I do decide to vote in 2012 it will be for you. You can do it!
39078 Name not displayed
39079 Julie Mulderig
39080 Michael Crowe This is the time! There has been no better window of opportunity to move past the two-party roadblock. It will have to get worse before it gets better, but Ron is well-positioned to make his move.
39081 Dan Ruiz
39082 Name not displayed Please run. What other candidate will stop all the wars?
39083 Name not displayed We love you Ron!
39084 Noah Camacho
39085 maryanne keller
39086 Rhett Kelley Viva la Revolucion!
39087 Name not displayed RUN RON RUN!
39088 Name not displayed
39089 Daryl M The only way I would bother voting is if Ron Paul ran for president.
39090 Name not displayed we NEED Ron Paul’s freedom! free market and end the fed!
39091 Dan Durkin Save our country.
39092 Lindsey Gardner Our current president was elected as a result of the most effective marketing campaign of all time. He had a team of branding and marketing experts consult on everything from the color of his ties to the shade of blue in his logo. It is time for real leadership and experience to take it’s rightful and much needed place in the White House. Please help us!
39093 Ramsey Ugarte May the force be with you.
39094 Mindy Maucelli PLEASE RUN! I voted (wrote you in) last election and I plan to AGAIN.. I would rather just check you as president. PLEASE RUN!! America needs you!
39095 Micah Adkison I am about to deploy, but I would love to help in any way possible. Please let me know!
39096 Anthony Loggins Ron Paul 2012 Our only hope at resolving our nations deficit and other world problems
39097 Walker Ross
39098 Nathan Page We need you to run!
39099 Lidia Busing
39100 Name not displayed
39101 Larry Scott
39102 Johnny Mendoza
39103 Name not displayed all the way …
39104 Name not displayed Ron Paul can change the world.
39105 William Percival It’s time.
39106 Y. Shapiro LOVE YOU RON PAUL!

Ron Paul 2012!!!
39107 Matthew King We are hear Ron Paul next president of The United States of America
39108 Frank Daniel Cierpial I would love to see this man president.
39109 Marvin Cody Austin The truth will set us free! Audit the Fed.
39110 Alex S. I have great respect for Dr. Ron Paul and truly hope that he decides to run in 2012. Obama and the Democrats are a joke and there are too many people in my own Republican party that aren’t doing enough. We need someone like Ron Paul.
39111 Tom Lawrence I would like to help you with your efforts in Tennessee.
39112 Joshua Everard
39113 Adam G
39114 Name not displayed Run Man, Run
39115 Paul F.
39116 Dan O Run Paul Run!!!
39117 Name not displayed Ron Paul and Michelle Bachmann ticket! It can be done!
39118 Jeffrey Baggett Please Help us Restore this Republic!
39119 Kimberly Kohn
39120 Frank Leisten Hooah!
39121 Name not displayed We very much hope you will decide to run for the 2012 presidential election.
39122 Name not displayed I pray for freedom Ron Paul. I will vote for you.
39123 Brett Cates RON PAUL 2012!
39124 Adam Furlough
39125 Name not displayed Change this Country; ALL IS IN YOUR HANDS.
39126 anthony kutey independent
39127 Joseph Bode
39128 Dennis Smith
39129 Mary Vitelli Please run Mr. Paul. Our Constitution must be Protected, Cherrished and Defended as loudly and forcefully as possible throughout the land and in the hall of Congress every time a branch of the Government tries to overstep its limitations or the United States of America will cease to exist.

We also need Common Sense, Accountability and Self-Reliance in the government and its citizens.
39130 Clayton Hunt Ron Paul I will be turning 18 this November, I am voting for you in my first election whether you run or I write in.
39131 Robert Martin From PA. Would love to get you into the White House. Please run!
39132 carl obrig
39133 Name not displayed
39134 nanci leiching
39135 Britton I will vote for you even if you are not nominated.
39136 daniel mccormick Pleeeeeease run for president. I will do all I can to encourage others to do the same. The Constitution needs to be respected!
39137 Kevin Barnes Run Ron Run!!!!
39138 Name not displayed Dear Mr Ron Paul,

We need you Ron as President of this great country. Its been just too long..since our great President JFK, We’ve not had another great president. The nation needs you at this crutial hour. Please …

You have all our support.
39139 Ross Calvin Ron For President in 2012!
39140 davidw youarethebestoutthere!
39141 Name not displayed Ron Paul 2012
39142 Blake Hendricks I welcome being on the Terrorist Watch List for simply signing this petition.
39143 John Hicks
39144 Name not displayed RUN RON RUN!
39145 Name not displayed
39146 Name not displayed Yes we can!!!! Get a real president in office!!!
39147 Kevin Murray Common sense will prevail over the lefties.
39148 Larry J Cormier Get us out from under the Fed!! Set this country back on the original course as envisioned by our Founding Fathers!!
39149 JP Ron Paul 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!
39150 Bill Philips Liberty!
39151 Jeff Absher
39152 David Perfetto Our country needs ypur political ideas and would thrive with your leadership, integrity, and ideals.
39153 Name not displayed
39154 Name not displayed We need you, man.
39155 Karen Bracken Mr. Paul is the only person in DC that has been warning us about the UN and I hope withdrawing is the first thing he does.
39156 Lee Winkler Liberty above all
39157 sarah kelly
39158 drew r Ron Paul 2012
39159 Allen pedersen Take no prisoners, we need you!
39160 Name not displayed
39161 deland wheeler stop the new world order please!!!!!!!!!!!!!,im joining the coast gaurd soon and i want to be proud tp serve my country not ashamed, but i warn you, you will not win umless you have jesse ventura on your side, ron paul and jesse ventura stand for the republic FOR THE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
39162 William Walker Ron Paul - The swarm of media you’ve picked up sweeping this generation - you need to realize that we’re all turning 18! You have my vote 2012, Ron!
39163 Lauren Chapman Thank you for being the one man to speak out with logic, intelligence and honesty about the state of the US. We need you.
39164 james bacon jr GO RON!!!!
39165 Neil E. Slader
39166 charles spallino
39167 Alfred Spina Its time to get back to our roots, Its time for Ron Paul…
39168 Richard
39169 Andrew Flierl Thanks
39170 Name not displayed
39171 Dan Wood
39172 Christopher Dutton Please Run - your canidacy will move the conversation to where it needs to be.
39173 James Nelson
39174 Brian Riley
39175 Chris D.
39176 royal
39177 Leonard Katzenstein Desparate for change.
39178 JOEY AGUZIN I’m tired of government bureaucrats LYING to the American people. Tell it like it is. No sugar coat. Let’s get the nasty job done.
39179 Douglas Parker Jr
39180 Jesse Clint White What the hell can I do to help you? If you’re last name is not Paul, I’m not really interested in voting for you.
39181 Herb Speck How about a father son team?????????????????

Two Pauls for One Election?????? It would also be a first and get press, just the uniqueness!
39182 Krystal Cook Ron, you are my hero, keep up the good work. God’s Speed!
39183 john hamilton save our country
39184 Jacob Bodily I am a registered Democrat but I will be proudly say that I will be voting for Ron Paul for 2012 President. Stay strong and please don’t change a thing you stand for!
39185 Name not displayed
39186 Hrvoje Moric Isaiah 40:31 - but those who hope in the RON PAUL will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.
39187 Michael Headrick
39188 Lucas Page You are the only politician that reflects the beliefs of our founding fathers. Please uphold our constitution so our children can enjoy the same liberties we have.
39189 Rodney Stahulak
39190 Peter H
39191 Zachary Stanley Please Ron Paul, we need to make america great again.
39192 Adrian Cavazos I supported Ron during the 2008 campaign but I saw that he had very few votes on the day of the election so I decided to support Obama. Supporting Obama turned out to be a HUGE MISTAKE!! I support Ron’s run in 2012. I have heard that Ron has in fact announced candidacy. I support him 101%/
39193 Name not displayed You have my support
39194 John Nelson Cal Coolidge and Ron Reagan, saved America from economic depression. Ron Paul will too!
39195 Timothy DeLuca
39196 Name not displayed Dr. Paul, sometimes your solutions to problems of this Country seem so out there. But when I stop to think them through, they are absolutely right and, more importantly, absolutely Constitutional. You have said you have transition plans to return to a Constitutional government. We have drifted so far, I appreciate so much that you realize that’s what it will take. You have my support above all other candidates. At least you are without a doubt a Natural Born U.S. citizen!
39197 Mike Filiau
39198 ty hunt runrunrun
39199 Myles F 2012!!
39200 James McCullough Dr. Ron Paul is the only member of Congress with a clear view of the US situation and a plan to get out of this unsustainable mess.
39201 Name not displayed
39202 Bala Dear Dr. Ron - Please run for President. You have my vote in CA. I’m tired of Obama and the other corrupt politicians in Washington. We need to get our country back on track.

39203 Jessie Arnold You got my vote!
39204 Drew W.
39205 Robert Dean Hawk I wrote your name on the ballot in 2008 because I don’t believe in the lesser of the two evils. I hope to see your name on the ballot in 2012.
39206 David
39207 Tyler Scheid
39208 Name not displayed
39209 Michael Webb
39210 Alex Smith Allow me the honor of voting for you in 2012.
39211 Joy Dunkin You have my support! Take America by storm and recruit college students and give the military a raise!! I am an Independant voter,and America needs to be Independant!
39212 Heidi Eadie
39213 Robert W Let’s do this Ron! We need you and a whole more like you in congress and senate. Let’s get our country back!
39214 Name not displayed Ron Ron Run!
39215 Bryan C. Zielinski We need help, let’s go.
39216 Name not displayed
39217 Name not displayed
39218 James Andreasen Your 2008 campaign was the first time I ever contributed money to a political campaign. Please save us from the Dems, Reps and Palin-Tea-Partiers!
39219 Zachary Spain
39220 Craig Ray You have my support Congressman Paul. The swell began in 2008. Let’s ride it to The White House in 2012!
39221 Name not displayed
39222 Wendy Murphy Count me in! Paul is one of very few honest politicians in DC.
39223 Name not displayed Yes, it’s about personal liberty, sound money, controlling ruinous speculation, dismantling the Fed and the Wall Street bankers’ stranglehold on American and World economies. It’s about the return to constitutional government, the end of presidential wars, reducing the national debt, achieving a balanced budget, reversing the foreign trade deficit, and promoting a sensible foreign policy.
39224 Nathan Petrie You are our only hope.
39225 Terry Buster Supported you four years ago. Looking forward to getting the message out again!!!
39226 Angie
39227 ahren boulanger
39228 Name not displayed Finally a politician with some common sense who doesn’t want a powertrip. Please run for President, now that I am of voting age!!
39229 Name not displayed We’re behind you.
39230 Jessica Mazzone
39231 Maxwell Weatherford
39232 Jeanne
39233 Justin Lucas
39234 Cristine Kreitzer
39235 Robert Hernandez
39236 Sean McHenry Ron Paul 2012!! You have the support, let’s get back on the right track!
39237 Dean Waltyer
39238 Name not displayed
39239 Andrea Cristiano Maietta True Liberty!!!
39240 Name not displayed Ron, you are in my prayers! God bless you for having the courage to stand up for what is right!
39241 Anthony Hayden
39242 Name not displayed
39243 Name not displayed
39244 El Chupacabra aka PDA Dr. Paul — I was there in ’08 and I am ready to volunteer again. Thanx for your sacrifice sir. I’m broke but I’m sending $20 now — metro Atlanta
39245 steven bailey
39246 Name not displayed
39247 Name not displayed We need you Ron Paul….we need you!
39248 donald l. ross
39249 Name not displayed take down the fed!
39250 Ethel Zhou
39251 Chris Gonzales
39252 Christopher W Black Go Ron Go!
39253 Don Childers Mr. Paul, you are really the only hope our country has right now. Help set us on the right course. -Don
39254 Alex Bentrim You inspired me in the 2008 election, it being my first of age to vote. Now that people are finally starting to listen, we need Ron Paul!
39255 Name not displayed Do work!
39256 benjamin simmons ron paul 2012
39257 Name not displayed I have been watching Ron Paul for a couple of years. I see what the FED is doing and I hate them. I use to think I was a republican but have come to find out that I too am a libertarian. Most people don’t know what a Libertarian is, but when i tell them, it’s amazing how many actually say,"Wow, I’m libertarian too!" Please keep me posted on Ron Paul for President. I would help. Most importantly I TRUST THE MAN. Which is something I haven’t been able to do regarding a President in 20 years.
39258 Name not displayed
39259 Maxwell Genaw Please Ron Paul we need to restore our Republic.
39260 Name not displayed I truly believe that you are the only hope for this country!
39261 Dylan Dalton NOW IS THE TIME!
39262 Eric A Ron Paul = Hope for America
39263 Lori Johnston
39264 brandon cole
39265 T. Idell Please run for president!
39266 Name not displayed I haven’t voted in years. If Ron Paul runs, I will register and vote for him. For once, we will really have a choice on the ballot.
39267 Name not displayed Please, please run for President in 2012. Your defenses of our freedom is something that this country needs! I voted for you and your vision in 2008 and will vote for you in 2012.
39268 Katie Marotta
39269 Jeremiah Ming
39270 Jim
39271 Name not displayed Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi (I mean Dr Ron Paul), you’re my only hope!
39272 Colin
39273 James Stafford Ron Paul has my support 100% I’m tired of the way this country is being run down.
39274 Anonymous You’re the ticket. Hang in there old man, we’ll be with you every step of the way.
39275 Allison Smith Please bring Ron into office. We need protection of our personal liberties.
39276 Norbert Bacsko We the People of the United States ask you Dr Ron Paul to run for the presidency of the United States in 2012
39277 Allen Kamrava Life, liberty and the pursuit of property — the ingredients of happiness.
39278 david taylor
39279 Kyle Houghtaling
39280 Mark Feltner Dissappointed Dems for Ron Paul 2012.
39281 Jordan G.
39282 Sean McMonagle Libertarianism is the way to prosperity
39283 jarod port You’re the only voice of reason this country has left… Please I implore you run.
39284 David A. Nichols Supported you in ’08 looking forward to supporting you in 2012!!!
39285 Kevin Jackson
39286 Travis Burg Please run for president Ron, you can count on my vote again.
39287 Nicholas McMillan This your year Ronny!!!! Go Ron Go!!!!
39288 Linda Stoll
39289 J H Long live Ron Paul! Stay healthy! America needs you!
39290 Thamas Beth Hendricks I voted for you in the last presidential election and will continue voting for you as long as I can. You
39291 David A Auer
39292 Josh M I will be able to vote by 2012 and you will definitely have mine Ron Paul
39293 Bradley Wilson Now I feel I’m fighting for something over here…Ron Paul 2012!!!!
39294 craig bowes go ron!
39295 Mike G
39296 Name not displayed If ever America needed someone like you , it is now.
39297 chong vang Ron Paul is what this nation needs.
39298 Name not displayed
39299 Joshua Geiszler Help us Obi Wan, you’re our only hope.
39300 Name not displayed First time you ran I didn’t care about you. Now, I pray that you do and win.
39301 Name not displayed Just completed almost 9 years of service in the USMC. I have been to Iraq, Afghanistan and the Philippines. You are the only candidate that relates to me!
39302 Wendy Flierl
39303 John Long
39304 Dan Pimentel Run congressman Paul. End the Fed before they end our nation
39305 Joe Willis “Government is the great fiction, through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else.”

-Claude Frédéric Bastiat
39306 Benjamin Tappan I believe that you are right.
39307 Veronica Campbell
39308 Jeff S I NEED A DOCTOR!
39309 Gregory Krone
39310 John Please run sir we need Obama out. Run Ron Run!!!
39311 Peter Ildefonso RON PAUL! END THE FED!
39312 Name not displayed
39313 Michael Moore
39314 Brent Jacobs The only person in politics I trust!
39315 Debra Ortiz Run Paul, Run!
39316 Trey Norris Please run in 2012…this country needs someone who has actually read the Constitution (and adheres to it) in the White House…I am ashamed to say that I was one of the many in this country who voted against my conscience (the lesser of 2 evils) in 2008…I have since learned that a vote of genuine conscience is never wasted…of all the candidates who have been floated, you are the ONLY candidate I could and would support without reservation…please run in 2012…this country needs you!
39317 Christopher Coleman
39318 Name not displayed Run as an INDEPENDENT!!!!
39319 Julian Santiago Ron Paul 2012!
39320 Will Dunn So far you have all the other Republicans beat, go for it!
39321 mark david
39322 Name not displayed RON PAUL!
39323 paul valdiviez
39324 Michael Ramos
39325 GySgt Dustin Ohman Please be my President.
39326 Joseph Watkins stable this country please
39327 Kel Roberts You have my vote.
39328 Alex Panelli
39329 HANS SCHROEDER Go RON PAUL you can do it!
39330 William M. Pipkin Steer us clear of the looming iceberg before we sink into the abyss
39331 Widtsoe Bastian I applaud your efforts to bring us back to the country of our founding!
39332 Kevin McPeek
39333 Name not displayed
39334 Mark Mont Run for 2012 president!
39335 Holloway Frost
39336 Katie PLEASE HELP!
39337 cody phelps In a heartbeat.
39338 Jonathan nidetz Ron Paul is the only one who can fix our country!
39339 Tony Saylor please, for the sake of our country, please run! we will make sure you win!
39340 Ed Kelly
39341 Vincent Matthews Thank You Dr. Paul.
39342 Name not displayed
39343 Name not displayed Let the world advance at its own pace, while america looks after itself
39344 Ben Jones Go Ron Go
39345 Name not displayed Please help this country.
39346 Marcus Kennedy Ron Paul for president!
39347 Phoenix Stone It is time for the people of the United States to reclaim their country, and remove the parasitic puppet presidents from power, before they bring this country completely to it’s knees. The people of this country need to rise up, begin massive protesting for their rights, they need to collectively purchase their own electronic voting machines, and begin massive boycotting of products that support the machine.

Obama is just another puppet, and he and those like him need to be removed from power.
39348 Jason Serrano Dr. Paul is the only vote to restore the Republic
39349 Name not displayed
39350 Name not displayed I sincerely hope you can get the next election, and actually DO what you talk about doing. So often, politicians in general make pre election claims that they never act on when IN office. To see you win, then make some hard, needed changes, would quite simply renew my faith in the voting process! You have my vote for sure!
39351 T.A. Vorderbrueggen Peace.
39352 Benjamin Lott Ron Paul Fucking Owns
39353 J H Really hope you are everything that you say you are, there is alot riding on you. The fate of it all will be in your hands.
39354 Matt Griebel
39355 Name not displayed Donated $500 in 2008, hopefully can offer some more this time around.
39356 Name not displayed This country needs Ron Paul. Everything he says is truth. It is hard to believe that so many people are pawns to these politicians that twist the truth to their position. Support Ron Paul! The Vote for a Better America.
39357 Name not displayed Prince of peace
39358 Marc Bradley Keep on, keeping on. Amazing how popular Freedom is with the masses.
39359 Aaron Roop Please help us Ron, lead the revolution!
39360 Jason E. Jones Run Paul Run!! You have my vote!!
39361 Rod McDaniel
39362 Name not displayed THANK YOU RON PAUL!!!
39363 Jt Hollister Ron Paul is the only hope for our nation.
39364 jason mckay please run before it is to late
39365 Charles Enselman
39366 MIke Combs Please run Dr. Paul, you are our only hope, with you at the forefront, we will awaken the masses.
39367 Ben Pflanzer
39368 Anthony F My family is fully behind you.
39369 Chris Cudnoski "Ron Paul For the Long Haul"

35405: Brendan Cole -

Mr. Cole - I may use that line as one of the designs of the Who Is Ron Paul? matchbooks I will be releasing soon, now that the official announcement is here (!)

If you ever end up seeing this, contact me through our ebay ad and I’ll send you a free box!
39370 Lynn Berman Will vote for Ron Paul AGAIN!
39371 Brant Kempton
39372 Richard Cheek The key is a eloquent running mate everybody knows Obama won by his BS talents alone. Run, Ron, Run!
39373 christy Smith you are only hope!!!
39374 Brian Campbell
39375 Aaron Williams you have my vote
39376 Name not displayed
39377 Maria Wasiak You’re the best choice for America !!!
39378 Mike McDonald Finally. A candidate I can believe in.
39379 Jeffrey Werner
39380 Name not displayed
39381 Name not displayed Just heard you are announcing an exploratory committee….hurray….some sanity in the process at last!
39382 Saundra O’Neil You are the only hope this country has. Well… and your son. You’ll have my vote; again.
39383 Sandy Byrd Now is the right time!
39384 Robert Shipway Never has this country needed you as much as we do right now!!!!!
39385 Michael Bottari To the only American in the government I can trust to stay true to what makes America great, you have my vote until the day i die.
39386 Guy W. Skelton
39387 Debra Reddish This is the change we need! I have been waiting for this announcement! Mainstream media is a huge hurdle.
39388 margaret rasmussen
39389 Chris Skuby Now is the time!
39390 Ashley Stevens Sir, I voted for you before and I’ll do it again! Please save our country!
39391 Rudy F thank you Mr. Paul
39392 Michael Leonnig "You’re our only hope. Obe One."
39393 Michael E Stark For the Rebublic!!!
39394 Robert A. Kalosy I am all in - yard signs and all!
39395 c.white Lets do this !
39396 Kimber Ray
39397 Rick Behind you all the way!!!
39398 Name not displayed
39399 Name not displayed i support u
39400 Jay Hohman Don’t just run. Win!
39401 Justin A This will be the first election I will be able to vote for, and I want my vote to go to you! Paul 2012! Save our country!
39402 Kirk Van Ness Ron Paul in 2012 let’s make it happen!
39403 Michael D. Stewart We really need a true, genuine conservative to have a chance at this Country surviving.
39404 Glenn Hutchens
39405 Kenneth Hornback END THE FED
39406 nicole
39407 Carol Dombkowski America needs a strong leader willing to expect the best from all bodies of Government ,yet one who will remember.This is a Nation and Government of the People ,for the People and by the People
39408 elizabeth schindeldecker
39409 ken edwards May God Bless Ron Paul! You have my support and prayers.
39410 Jonathan Poe
39411 Niccole McFalls Help us show everyone that the government CANNOT continue to ‘function’ the way it has been. We need someone who genuinely cares about America and it’s people. Someone who will stand for the people, not for themselves. Help us downsize the federal government and regain our liberties! We believe in you! You are the only candidate I supported in ’08 and the only candidate I will support in 2012
39412 Eric Schomaker
39413 Madeline Woodard
39414 Name not displayed
39415 Paul Dougherty Good Luck
39416 Robert W. Nelson Save the country I love from the Commie Pinko Liberal Democrats
39417 Jason Moglia
39418 Mark Kosobucki We need your help
39419 Name not displayed
39420 Name not displayed We need freedom.
39421 Ronny O’Leary No one understands personal freedom and monetary policy like you, Congressman Paul. you are our only hope.
39422 Mike B Get on it!
39423 Name not displayed You are one of the few that can save this country! Please help us!
39424 Scott Raquepaw
39425 Julie Vasquez Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
39426 Greg D
39427 Thaddeus Brewer You have my full support
39428 christa Whetstone
39429 Tabatha Strickland
39430 Kimberly McGaughey Stand by the values you have spoken. Listen to your heart.
39431 TC Harwell GO RON GO!
39432 Newman Herrington
39433 Charles R Warner III It’s time for adult leadership that understands the constitution and the concept of Liberty
39435 Jason Emmons Texas loves you Ron Paul. Please run for the 2012 presidency.
39436 Michael Scott Boggs Go get them Ron…we are behind you financially and ready to mobilize on the ground!
39437 Ray DeBerry if you run you have my vote
39438 Cassie Long
39439 william wescott
39440 Matthew Gardner I am an immigrant US/UK citizen & have been in the US since Reagan was in his last term. I have never voted here, but will give you my support if you are on the ballot. The people of this country need an honest man at the top.
39441 Name not displayed Ron Paul, a man who understands, trusts and is directed by the United States Constitution.
39442 Wendy Reed I was HOPING for the news i got this morning! GO RON!
39443 Sarah Evans
39444 Name not displayed
39445 Charlene Farrar Run Ron Run!
39446 Angela Vargas
39447 Deborah Wadley
39448 David Ramser Please be our next President Sir!
39449 Name not displayed
39450 Walt Schilling Please save our country.
39451 Name not displayed Help us!
39452 Name not displayed
39453 Seamus Muldoon We need Ron Paul and we have to stand up for that
39454 Kerry Cox I’m not American,I’ve never voted in my life but if I could I’d vote for Ron Paul,one of the very few,if only, politicians with a consistent moral philosophy with a view to bringing America back to the great country it once was……go Ron!
39455 Name not displayed
39456 Michael Harris
39457 melissa bledsoe
39458 Name not displayed
39459 Michael LaMacchia
39460 Brian Bot
39461 DGL Ron Paul for the future!!
39462 Kerry M Collier
39463 Mark Greaney
39464 Name not displayed
39465 Mark DeRosa
39466 Brian L Bonney
39467 Brooke mascio
39468 Name not displayed Eliminate the IRS as you promised. Thank you.
39469 steve tucker
39470 Name not displayed Still voting for Ron Paul…whether he runs as a Rep., Libertarian or Independent!!!
39471 john q. public
39472 Lillian Kehoe We need Ron Paul to get back to sanity.
39473 David
39474 Steven Pena Take’em down Ron! Expose them all for who they really are in front of the general public. America needs to understand that their current representatives no longer represent the citizenry of this once great country. Corporate sock puppets they are. Soulless vessels who are afraid to revolutionize this country into a respectable, proud home for many. Even if you cannot win, send them a kick in the teeth on your way out. God Bless!
39475 Adam
39476 Name not displayed
39477 Joshua J Jackson
39478 Ed Donnelly
39479 Sylvia Ramirez
39480 Steve Rose This is type of change we do indeed need.. Good luck sir, your going to have an uphill battle.
39481 Casey Osborne I would love to help in any way with your campaign in Arizona
39482 Lonnie Howard Thank you and may God use you greatly in this hour!!!
39483 Name not displayed
39484 Eric High Federal employee for good government and the end to wasteful practices and unamerican laws.
39485 Max Ashworth
39486 Name not displayed
39487 Thomas Pedersen Please wake up America!
39488 Jennifer Harmon Please give us an option to a president besides some corrupt republican and some corrupt democrat!!!!
39489 steven spear go ron!!
39490 TERESA CALLAHAN 3RD. TIMES A CHARM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
39491 Judy
39492 Tanya Faust Ron Paul is a voice of sanity, integrity and hope for our country
39493 Name not displayed
39494 Emrah Pektas
39495 Dustin Groves Semper Fidelis
39496 Geno Zomparelli Ron Paul for Peace and Prosperity based on Constitutional Principles, Limited Government, Sound Monetary Policy and the End of Abusive IRS Tactics
39497 Meridian Metcalf Please run. My boyfriend and I love you, and you ideas. We will support you 100%.
39498 Steven Latama
39499 Name not displayed Supporting smallest possible government, least possible taxes, and greatest individual freedom.
39500 jason herron
39501 Name not displayed It is imperative that your voice be heard during the next election cycle. Americans can only be awoke if they keep hearing about Liberty and Freedom - things our current politicians know nothing about and our media will not report on. Please run for President in 2012 Dr. Paul.
39502 Wayne Clemmons
39503 Paul Edgar Go Ron Go!!!
39504 James Bradley
39505 patrick chagnon go Ron go
39506 Dave Ellcey Thank you for running!!!!
39507 Suzan Rush Furthermore, Jesse Ventura would be an excellent choice to restore integrity. What was it he said re: ‘a dictatorship for good?’
39508 Name not displayed Go Ron Go!!
39509 John Barnhart
39510 Luis Guerrero We need you Ron!!
39511 Name not displayed Keep our Gov’t small, pay our debt down
39512 Tony George We need a truthful statesman..a standard bearer for the truth
39513 Adam Rasmussen I would like to support Ron Paul in any way I can!! Please Ron Paul CHANGE IT BACK!!!!!!!!!
39514 William Sinnott
39515 Randy Procella Because the Left and the Right are the epitome of Evil
39516 Name not displayed You are this countries only hope Ron Paul, we need to fight these Devil worshiping globalist!!!
39517 Name not displayed
39518 Phil Nichols We are very angry.
39519 Ygor Hansen End the 2 Bush Wars,Tax the Rich to balance the budget and end the war on Drugs!
39520 Name not displayed Ron Paul 2012!
39521 Name not displayed Run Paul Run!!!
39522 David Trexler Ron Paul is our only chance.
39523 chris beil The only chance we have left for hope.
39524 Jeremy Russell Continue in Truth sir.
39525 Name not displayed
39526 Name not displayed
39527 Stevie Kennaugh
39528 Jairold D. Winsor please Ron Paul, change the world.
39529 Connor Helms
39530 Damon Drake Please run in 2012.
39531 Karl Smith
39532 Dennis Pilger
39533 Randy Stacy
39534 ANGELA GRIFFIN America needs you
39535 Karla Sarria You’re the ONLY one I trust to get the job done.
39536 Glenn Musser Ron Paul 2012!
39537 Phil Parisi I need a sign for my yard
39538 Chris Nipper Good luck in your endeavors.
39539 Darren We need something different.
39540 tammy laird
39541 Name not displayed I have never voted for a Rep President; however, you would be the first. Bring our troops home and our oil prices down.
39542 Name not displayed
39543 Name not displayed Please Run!!!! your our only hope.
39544 Katie White
39545 Karen Bagwell
39546 Mary Kathryn Mueller
39547 Name not displayed This country needs to change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
39548 Christina Comet
39549 Bruce B Fight the good fight! Common Sense Has to prevail in 2012!
39550 Teresa M Kruse Mr.Paul, You gave me hope that our country CAN be what our Consititution meant for it to be…Please lead us there.
39551 Philip Preston Garner II
39552 Michael Koffenberger
39553 Jessica Weaver I believe in peace AND freedom. Ron Paul 2012!
39554 Scot Rasmussen "I would like to support Ron Paul in any way I can!! Please Ron Paul CHANGE IT BACK!!!!!!!!!"
39555 Name not displayed
39556 Kevin
39557 Mike Sticklen
39558 Sarah Duffy Lamnek You have my vote and my husbands vote!
39559 Scott J Mudry Youre a GREAT American Dr Paul. I will be doing everything a citizen can do to assist with your campaign.
39560 Name not displayed
39561 Meredith Pond Run Ron, run! We need you! Fiscal policy HAS to be #1. If we don’t have sound money we have NOTHING. You are the man to restore that.
39562 Mark
39563 Name not displayed
39564 Name not displayed
39565 Name not displayed
39566 james hughes Please, Texas needs a rational leader and so does the USA!!!!
39567 Name not displayed
39568 Edward Vilandre We need an honest, experienced and sane person in office who believes in the Constitution and actually votes that way. You Dr Paul are that man.
39569 Name not displayed We need you!
39570 Dana Please run, America needs you!
39571 Curt Moore If not you, who can save us from the Fed? Tell us who will expose the greed that threatens our individual freedoms?
39572 E.A.S. Please help us get America back!!
39573 Name not displayed Let’s go!
39574 Gavin We need you
39575 Kevin Ryan
39576 Marcus Lindberg Paul/Ventura 2012! say NO to the two party dictatorship and YES to our friend Jesse.
39577 David Varon
39578 Name not displayed Dr. Ron Paul is my President.
39579 Liridon D Ron For President!!! We need you Mr. Paul.
39580 Brian Wood
39581 Paul Cohen RP 2012!!!
39582 Gerald Schlechter
39583 Christine Ross Paul/Ventura 2012!!!!!!!!!
39584 Frank Vallone
39585 thehonesttimes writer Go Ron Paul!
39586 Lise A Gibson Ron Paul President, and Ross Perot or Donald Trump Vice President or economic advisor…’Free Trade’ is killing our jobs…we need FAIR TRADE!!!

And Secure the Damned Borders!!!!!
39587 Anthony Adams It’s a matter of time for USA to see they need a change, I hope it’s in time for you to be the one to lead it.
39588 Tyler Twomley My president regardless
39589 Jessica Way =)
39590 Chris Breaux Run, Ron, Run!
39591 Mary Selton Run Ron Run!!!!
39592 Adrian D.
39593 Derek E. Audit the Fed, please! It is time.
39594 Michael Skinner Save us from Washington, D.C. and flush the FED. Draft Ron Paul. He’s our last best hope.
39595 John Elswick You are the "change" the country needs!
39596 Name not displayed
39597 Edward Arbuthnot
39598 Name not displayed legal tender off federal reserve note
39599 Darren Johnson
39600 Julien Turner
39601 Name not displayed Fix it.
39602 Name not displayed
39603 Randy Crete Please consider a run we need a good candidate to vote for and if you run I’d like to be involved in your campaign in Oregon
39604 Michael A Roche II Ron Paul, simply put, makes sense. There is no double talk or runaround with him. It is amazing what comes out when you base a political campaign on truth and sound principles. We don’t just need Ron Paul for President…we need people like him to become a pervasive trend in government.
39605 Steven Armstrong
39606 Luke Hagglund Michele Bachmann as your VP
39607 Carol Cantrell
39608 Joe Patriot Dr. Paul and Judge Andrew Napolitano in ’12. Freedom and Liberty
39609 Mark ANDRUS
39611 Linda We need someone who can intervene, think and speak our country back into existance. We must go back to the Constitution to gain our footing and start again. I believe that you can do this for America. I hope that you run for President. I would vote for you! Thanks for all that you do!
39612 Bryan Ensign
39613 Chris Benton You can do it!
39614 Andrew Blanford
39615 Joshua Moeller
39616 Troy Credle Virginia for Ron Paul 2012!
39617 Name not displayed
39618 Marco C. Americans need a true patriot to help RESTORE the Constitutional Republic Dr. Paul… You have our support.
39619 Name not displayed
39620 Name not displayed
39621 Name not displayed
39622 Tony D. Driskell
39623 george m fuller Rubio or West as a running mate
39624 Dave M We are still here, we are awake, we need you!
39625 Juan Figueroa Ron Paul 2012!!! True American
39626 Emily Harry
39627 Name not displayed
39628 Matthew Gow Ron Paul for REAL change!
39629 Eyad SANSOUL Please go until the end, you have our support, don’t leave the race no matter what.
39630 christopher d camp
39631 Name not displayed
39632 Steven Sellers
39633 Bobby Jones RON PAUL 2012!!!! Last hope America has before we have no America!!!!
39634 Name not displayed
39636 Darren Johnson Ron Paul is what America needs!!!!!!!!!
39637 katarina
39638 Jason Conover
39639 Name not displayed
39640 Name not displayed
39641 Name not displayed
39642 Roy E. Carlson
39643 Paul Lefebvre I would like to help Ron Paul here in Communist Rhode Island.
39644 Stephanie Biermann
39645 Jeremy Jaros Ron Paul and Jesse Ventura. Let’s kick some ass!! Let’s save the Constitution. Let’s prove we are the land of the free and the home of the brave!
39646 Name not displayed
39647 Dean O. Johnson
39648 robert ray Please run for president Mr. Paul our country needs a good motivated leader to gets us out of these deadly times.
39649 Mike Brady 100% behind you Dr. Paul!!!
39650 Dennis Murphy Run and Win Mr. Paul
39651 Marcus Price We need someone that stands by what they believe.
39652 John Albers Ron Paul is the only politician I seem to be able to respect these days. Please lead our nation in these difficult times.
39653 Kristen White Please Please run!
39654 Shannon Murray
39655 Name not displayed We need to vote for change, not the same old systems.
39656 chris bruemmer There is always a fear of the truth when the truth is being hidden.
39657 Andrew Slack RUN RON RUN! IM VOTING FOR YOU !
39658 Matt Kirchoff
39659 Aaron Primack As long as Ron Paul actively advocates for Defense Spending cuts and is pro decriminalization/ legalization of marijuana and other schedule one drugs, hes got my vote
39660 Jason McColly
39661 Wilson Walker
39662 Steve Burke
39663 Name not displayed
39664 Name not displayed Time for the change Obama promised but couldn’t deliver. Real change will be getting the govt off our backs.
39665 Nick DeSanto
39666 Name not displayed Go Ron Paul!!!!
39668 Bret Cox We the People need you, Ron!
39669 Mike Collins I plan to be involved this time, the US needs Ron Paul.
39670 Keith Spencer Take it back Dr. Paul
39671 Margaret Percival The big winner will be a Ron Paul and Andrew Napolitano ticket.
39672 David Conatser
39673 Jeff Tancre Please save America by stopping the progressives.
39674 Name not displayed Ron Paul has my vote.
39675 Name not displayed America needs a politician like Ron Paul to end these useless wars.
39676 Laura Tancre I support you.
39677 joseph perkins You have my support.
39678 Name not displayed We need Ron Paul!
39679 Name not displayed Thank you for giving me someone to vote FOR - no more "lesser of all evils"
39680 Tom Zahalka I’ve had a Ron Paul 2012 bumper sticker on my car since July 2010
39681 Chip McVey Behind you all the way, Ron!
39682 Chad Ellis We need you! time for a REAL Change…we gotta get Obama OUT! Much support
39683 Jason Regehr
39684 Jeremy Hayes
39685 Name not displayed Dr Paul, I urge you to please run for the highest office in the land. My kids future depends on it! Thanks for all you do!

The Lawson Family

(a simple, average American loving family of 4)
39686 John Albers
39687 Will Mallard Awesome!!!! A "REAL" Candidate!!!

And a Tea Partier!

A NWO Resister!

You Go Ron!

I am a voter here from the original "First President" city of Quincy Mass here! John Adams was our "REAL" first president, but he was so busy traveling that he passed it to George Washington, but he did take second!

Let’s get back to the John Adams & John "Quincy" Adams way of getting what is right for our country done and leave the Historical guy in office now in our dust!!!

Can I get an AMEN?
39688 Cody King RUN RON RUN!!! America needs you!!!

"Be not afraid of greatness; some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them." William Shakespeare
39689 Robert Thomas solid defender of our constitution
39690 Charlie Shafter Let’s do this!!!
39691 Dennis Worsham We desperately need someone like you to get us back on the right path
39692 Mark D. VanDyke Thank you for stand up against the People who want to refine our constitutions.
39693 Dustin Sears
39694 Violet Gray I live in California! Please save us!
39695 Tice I really hope to see Ron run and Win in the coming election. Even if you do not win, Dr. Paul, You will inject real issues into the nation, as you have done so many times before. God Bless You, Sir. GodSpeed
39696 Raymond Pope You have my vote !!!!!!!!!!!
39697 sam long
39698 B. Kirkland For our future…
39699 Jan Garvens Glad to hear you are announcing your presidential exploratory committee today. We need you to run and give us the best option out there!
39700 Benny Elliott you have my support.
39701 Jordan H. Please run for president and bring our troops home! Just like you said, America is tired of war! Ron Paul 2012!!!
39702 Stephanie Balcazar I am so excited to be helping this cause. I know Ron Paul would be a great addition to our government.
39703 Joseph Plecas
39704 Ben Adams
39705 Joe Hayden
39706 Jacob Rencsok
39707 Name not displayed
39708 Name not displayed Congressman Paul, I cannot think of a time in our recent history where your thinking has been most needed than now. Stop the madness that is Washington and its bureaucrats.
39709 Name not displayed please no more republicans or democratics
39710 Randy Maxson For 20 years we have talked about passing the debt to next generation. I am the next generation! Please win Ron Paul
39711 Name not displayed Legallize it
39712 Name not displayed Please Run for President in 2012!
39713 Douglas Stidham Not to steal from my beloved Marine Corps, but, WE ARE LOOKING FOR A FEW GOOD MEN…..!!!!
39714 Joseph w Findley
39715 Julie We need a real man for this job.
39716 Aaron C. Bourlard Supported you in 2008 and will again in 2012!!!
39717 Daniel Fluitt
39718 Steven Carbo
39719 Joshua DeFriece
39720 Drew Lewis
39721 curtis patterson
39722 Brian Lechman
39723 Name not displayed
39724 Alex Borg
39725 Name not displayed All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.

-Thomas Jefferson

we have been silent too long already. now we are calling your name
39726 Jerod Butler
39727 Jacky Jewell
39728 Name not displayed Atlas Shrugged in theaters now!
39729 Melinda L. Kay I want to help your campaign, in any capacity (willing to move), please employ me if possible and, if not, then provide me with a project I can do (in So Cal) on a volunteer basis.
39730 Robert Fonner
39731 Name not displayed We NEED YOU! THERE IS NOBODY LIKE YOU! You are the most authentic libertarian out there…
39732 Name not displayed We NEED YOU! THERE IS NOBODY LIKE YOU! You are the most authentic libertarian out there…
39733 Name not displayed We NEED YOU! THERE IS NOBODY LIKE YOU! You are the most authentic libertarian out there…
39734 Blake Ferguson
39735 Dan Bergman
39736 Tim Hart
39737 Jeff Hill You personally have restored my hope in this country! Since 1776, only ONE U.S.A. none since!
39738 Name not displayed I haven’t followed you enough to know your view on every issue, but you appear to have one skill that I weigh very heavily in my vote (and that is lacking in 99% of all political discussion): common sense
39739 Name not displayed
39740 Chris Galloway
39741 Name not displayed
39742 Haley Mansfield Stand up for those of us who can’t.
39743 Jacob M You are the Andrew Jackson of our era and need to educate the American people in the most simplified form of what economics should be based on away from these no business experience Keynesian academics.
39744 Barbara Krone We need you.
39745 Name not displayed Revolution!
39746 Ann Tafelelmar
39747 Gregg Thibodeau
39748 Brandon Shields End corruption in our government
39749 Richard J Trotta SR Ron Fight the Good fight, know you are the only candidate that represents the best interest for America and its citizens! I have been a long time proud member of the Libertarian Party, I know our battle to gain back control over the Federal Reserve backed politicians but if our founding Fathers felt it was too tough to break away from the Tyranny of the British Crown then America would be merely a notion.
39750 mary frederick
39751 Jennie Wright
39752 Cory End the Fed, please, before it’s too late.
39753 Chase Q. Aucoin I am a passionate libertarian and hope that this country can pull it’s self away from financial ruin
39754 Ron Amos i went against my "gut instinct" last cycle and voted for John McCain. please run. we need you now more than ever. you will have the support.
39755 Stephanie Hall Please!! Our country needs you and half the people in it don’t even know it.
39756 Darius Lundberg You are our only hope. Please run for President.
39757 M Bahen
39758 lucas m. winebrenner we need you ron!
39759 Daniel K. Wigal He has my vote!
39760 Matt Muller Please run, Ron! America needs you!!!!
39761 Joseph R Swanson Vote Ron Paul, not for the traditional lesser of two evils
39762 James Hall
39763 Name not displayed
39764 Albert Connolly
39765 Johnny Altman
39766 Name not displayed You have got to make one more run at this Ron. You ARE what this country was founded on. We need your strength, character and wisdom. Rock this country!
39767 James Robinson The time is now… I hope you run Dr. Paul.
39768 John Wood You have my vote
39769 Name not displayed "We support you !!"
39770 Mark Kosciukiweicz
39771 Josh Fields End the FED, change the Tax system, control Government spending. Americans need Ron Paul.
39772 Stephen Rubey The way I see it, Ron Paul is the only hope to get our country under sound fiscal management. Without his libertarian philosophy of government, we are doomed to soon devolve into a 3rd rate power at best!
39773 Name not displayed I will register to vote for Ron Paul. We need him to get our country out of this mess it has become!
39774 Name not displayed
39775 Robson Gondim
39776 james carlson Time to kick some butt!

Enough is Enough

Kick congress to the curb get the Katrina trailers and put them in there to run our government o and one phone line.
39778 Jeff Hartig Run you little Rascal …Run …We need Ron Paul for President in 2012
39779 david west RUN RON RUN
39780 Michael Bonopartis
39781 l.brown In life everything happens for a reason. Last election you had no idea you had such a loyal following. This election everyone wants you to know we are ready for you to take the position God put you on this earth for! We are losing our rights and freedom. Our constitution is being smeared as well as our country’s good name! Please bring our brave soldiers home. We need them here to protect our lives. We need you here to protect our liberties. Pray deeply as many of us are doing the same. Praying God will give you the wisdom to do His will. Whatever that will is. I believe God is in control and He can make our country strong and loyal to itself especially if "we the people" pay attention and do our part by voting in a party led by you!
39782 Andrew Pfaff Each of the people in my life seem to universally agree on just one thing: The future is continuing to look increasingly less promising. The sensation triggered by the inherent need for revolution, for revision, even revolt is slowly tingling to life, and it is my belief that with Mr. Paul’s leadership, peaceful change is possible and entirely likely. I understand the gravity of what it would take to undergo a presidential bid, and it is clear that with your experience, you do as well. It is, however, my most fervent request that you take it upon yourself as the servant of the public you have proven yourself for so many years, to take up these reins once again and charge forward. We need you.

Thank you.

39783 Jocelyn Harner
39784 Jason Fernandez Please run, we need you.
39785 Gail C
39786 Frederic Mitchell
39787 Andrea Lawson
39788 raychel fitzgerald You Dr. Paul are the REAL "change we can believe in" can’t wait to vote for you! My husband finally registered just so he could vote for you!
39789 Jon Stapel
39790 Name not displayed
39791 James Teddy Medina Go Ron Paul!
39792 Name not displayed
39793 M. Neufeld
39794 Derek Penton Behind ya all the way Dr. Paul!
39795 Name not displayed An independent who realizes your’s is the only voice of sanity and integrity that even has a face in the race.
39796 Adam Harris I read your book when I was 18. I voted for Rand. America needs this. I just hope it’s not too late.
39797 Steven Paul Fair TAX
39798 Glenroy Williams
39799 Chris Jacobsen Its your destiny to make right out of wrong for America.
39800 Jeff Rourke We need to press the "reset" button!
39802 Jonathan Johnson
39803 andy broadhurst so funny to see the global eliteists falling apart, with thanks to this man, and his zest for the truth without bush and clinton bullshit..
39805 Nick D Common sense is a rarity in politics yet you have it, Ron Paul 2012!
39806 Name not displayed If anything, please run for the sake of the unborn!
39807 Tyler Cope
39808 robert breese
39809 Fredrik Wallström
39810 Ryan Brodniak
39811 Steve Teters You seem to be the only light at the end of the tunnel, thank you.
39812 Drew G. Miller, Esq. You are the only politician who has the best interests of America in mind.
39813 Joan Ford Dr. Paul, Thank you for what you are doing and stand for. I would have voted for you in 2008 but instead had to vote for a third party candidate. With us together, we can change the direction of America. May God bless and keep you. — A widow in New Mexico
39814 Name not displayed Thank you for your persistence. We need you now more than ever…..!!!
39815 George Watson I agree with you on most issues, including auditing the Fed.
39816 David Chapman Run. We need you Ron. Never has this country been in need of such common sense as can be offered by Congressman Paul.
39817 Cory Cudnoski
39818 Angie Kveum Please, please run! I want to help.
39819 Name not displayed
39820 Barbara Dienberg
39821 Trevor Hunter The last election made the American public aware of who Ron Paul is and what he stands for, this time around they are ready to vote for him and we need him.
39822 Name not displayed Ron Paul for President!
39823 Franklin Quintana
39824 scott roberts if you need grassroots help in TN, please feel free to let me know how i can help
39825 Name not displayed I turn 18 next year, and I want you to be the first presidential candidate I ever vote for.
39826 Jefferey Graves
39827 William Platt
39828 Name not displayed got my vote.
39829 dawn burgener
39830 David J Kreitmeyer
39831 clayton stuart our only hope
39832 Joseph Martin I supported Ron Paul in KS (and Chuck Baldwin). I am ready to support him in NC.
39833 SHAWN Please give us the opportunity to elect you for the future of america and our children
39834 Richard Seliga
39835 Name not displayed
39836 Name not displayed the man with the plan, knock em dead Dr. Paul!
39837 Karlyn
39838 Melissa Norwood
39839 Greg Hudson Possibly our last hope to allow liberty to rule.
39840 Name not displayed
39841 Selina L. I implore you to run for President, Dr. Paul. People are waking up to the injustices and corruption by the current establishment and we need YOU to fight for us. I thank you for simply being you and standing up for the the Constitution and the rights it guarantees us. I, along with many of your supporters, believe you are the only one who can go head to head and beat Obama. Long live the RON PAUL rLOVEution !
39842 Name not displayed You changed my views on politics forever and for the better. All the best in 2012!
39843 Arthur Davis The Constitution is my only secular guide. Personal preference is subordinate to constitutional dictates.
39844 john nikolewski REVOLUTION
39845 Eve The U.S. needs you
39846 Pouria Keyhani HART
39847 Brett Koedam Run Ron Run
39848 Name not displayed
39849 Linda Sitler
39850 Glen W. Kelly Jr. We need someone who wants to stand up for all Americans, I think that person is Ron Paul, and you will have my vote in 2012 if you run!
39851 Name not displayed Run, Dr. Paul, please run!
39852 Name not displayed
39853 John Burglund Ron Paul is the best man fore the job.
39854 Richard Falcone please end the irs it killing me raise sale tax than everbody pay the same i tired pay for the poor let pay tell get up out of bed and work that would help
39855 randal craig weber please save our country
39856 Name not displayed Lets face it, the fact that Ron won the 2007 fox republican debates means people who pay attention vote RON PAUL!! We just need more people to PAY ATTENTION!!

You have my families votes!
39857 David Rubey
39858 Timothy Rainier You’re the only guy who can make even the littlest iota of change , Dr. Paul all the way !!!
39859 Name not displayed
39860 Danielle Gaudiosi Please run, we need you! My children need you!
39861 Julie Aleman
39862 Name not displayed He is one of the very few men that seem to see they are throwing away our country and constitution. Our Nation should remain sovereign and independent, this is what made it great. It is not too late, but pretty close.
39863 Gerald Johnson
39864 Name not displayed
39865 Justin You can do it.
39866 Julio Rios, Jr. For the future of our country, countrymen, family, but above all, for the glory of God, run Mr. Paul, please run, the USA needs a man of your values & principles. In Jesus name!!!
39867 Name not displayed
39868 Robert Drugge
39869 Name not displayed
39870 Michael Tomlin
39871 Ivy Hall Don’t fail us now!! We need you now more than ever! We need your help!!!!
39872 J_Fro
39873 Matt B You should definitely run and show the world what an intelligent person that goes by the Constitution and common sense can do. Change the country that we are in and make it a better place for all of us. You have shown me that Freedom and Strong Government can still be stopped from taking over every part of our lives.
39874 Mark Turner Ron Paul is getting my support in 2012, even if I have to write him in. America needs Ron Paul and I am tired of throwing away my votes on the lesser of two evil candidates. Ron Paul is getting my vote no matter if he is running or not!
39875 Bryce Hopson
39876 Name not displayed PLEASE run in 2012
39877 Name not displayed
39878 Matthew Maxwell Dr. Paul is the Defender of the Constitution!
39879 Stephanie Atwood
39880 Peggy S. Hart Miller Please run for President 2012!!!
39881 James F. Tyndale
39882 Richard
39883 Timothy Atwood
39884 Ashley Patterson I’m glad that Ron Paul is standing up for America.
39885 wendell simmons Ron paul would be one of the best presidents ever he is all america stands for,god bless him!!!
39886 Name not displayed
39887 Name not displayed You make more sense than any politician I’ve ever heard or read - please run for President; our children need you.
39888 Pedro Lanza
39889 lisa vance I would like to help your campaign in tennessee
39890 Name not displayed I will do my part to save this country and I believe you represent a future for my children and my country, I think you could win Washington State in 2012. The reason I believe this is I voted for Obama and it was a mistake, One I have learned from. I represent large group who were wrong and need your help.
39891 Kenneth Maitland
39892 Thomas Conkling Run, Paul. Run..
39893 Chris Rowe
39894 Alexander Backstrom I’m from Sweden, and you have my full support, change USA for the better.
39895 Sean B. I fear for my future and the future of my loved ones in America. We NEED you Ron. You’re one of the only honest politicians.
39896 Kimberly Williams We NEED you!
39897 Larry Collins
39898 Name not displayed For a better, honest future in USA!
39899 Name not displayed
39900 Alexander Papp You would have my vote!
39901 David Wright
39902 Name not displayed
39903 Daniel Lester Bring us back to the days of the constitution! Real constitutional days! Not the corporate run Washington and white house!!!
39904 Name not displayed
39905 Alex DeLoach We Love you Ron!! Please run again. You are our only hope! I only wish I would have realized it in the 08 election
39906 patrick johnson too damn much government and it is way out of control. mike church is right in that the country needs to be split up for hundreds of reasons
39907 Shana Eichenberg America is opening their eyes to your message this time around; it will be a historical race.
39908 william olson
39909 Paul Hackett I have voted for you for president two times. Make the third time a charm!
39910 Josh Fedora
39911 Name not displayed
39912 Name not displayed
39913 Janis Hawley
39914 Name not displayed Politics as usual has failed again, we need a real change!
39915 jacob champness
39916 Adam Kokesh
39917 Heather
39918 Jeff Rohe Ron Paul 2012. The only sensible solution.
39919 chris nadarajah YESSS!!! im sooooo excitedd your running you have no idea! !!:) :) :) : )
39920 Name not displayed
39921 Clay Wilkins I’m so glad!!!!
39922 Dustin Hanson Towards liberty!
39923 Stan
39924 Armando
39925 Brad M. Tu Ne Cede Malis
39926 Thomas Mark Funfsinn
39927 deana mcalsister Nobody but Ron!!!
39928 Kim
39929 Michael Weilert Dr. Paul You are the only person who can right the ship. Freedom is popular the media just won’t show it.
39930 Chris Run Ron, Run!
39931 Diana I support you 100%!
39932 Andrew P Hunstiger
39933 Regan Killmer
39934 cory hirst go for it. liberty for all
39935 Neil Evangelista Run, Ron, run!
39936 Sarah Poppy Run Ron Run!

The R3VOlution continues!
39937 Name not displayed Go Mr. Paul! Our country needs you more than ever!
39938 Michael Petrus Please Run!
39939 mike win
39940 Ben Sizemore
39941 Dalton Henry
39942 Jamison Johnson
39943 Jonathan Boucher
39944 Ilya Zlobin I love you Ron Paul. God speed.
39945 Craig Brechler
39946 David Juiliano
39947 Jesse Letchworth
39948 Ryan L. Anderson You will have my vote again!
39949 Zachary Bosart I have never considered Ron Paul to be a visionary, because he strikes me as a man who knows what it takes to run a sound government, without dependence upon foreign resources. He seems a man with a firm and unwavering sense of integrity and ethics. He knows which topics he is to address and have a standpoint on, and which would be an abuse of his own powers. He strikes me as a person who will work for the American people, rather than getting them to work for him. He is the sole runner that knows the damage a fiat currency system wreaks upon the American people, and has worked tirelessly to spread the word so it can be fixed. As President, rather than act as a police commissioner to the world, the man will work to fix the great nation we call home. I’m not a Republican, and I have not voted since 2000 because I trusted neither side, but he has my vote in 2012.
39950 Bobby D.Denning We need all the help that we can get. I will vote for you because you are for the people and the feds need to be put back in their place. They are running wild doing as they please. The Constitution and the people have been ignored for far too long!
39951 Kenneth Heare Dr. Paul, you have been an inspiration to a whole lot of people, young and old. We stand beside you and support your efforts. To once again, make America the way it was set up to be. We the people, for the people, and by the people.
39952 Phillip Rowe
39953 Name not displayed
39954 Nick Foyti Ron Paul to end wars and restore peace! No more government funded murders!
39955 Name not displayed
39956 Pat Fale You are the ONLY option left!!!!!!!!
39957 M. Taylor Constitutional President or bust!
39958 Chris Branco Ron Paul 2012!
39959 marco
39960 Name not displayed
39961 Name not displayed
39962 Coach Roach Sweep the leg Ronny!!!!
39963 John higgens I hope he wins
39964 kelly Marie Cruz
39965 Name not displayed America is in desperate need of Ron Paul’s anti-government agenda to get our country back in order!
39966 John McMenimon
39967 Brad Watts Champion of the Constitution
39968 Name not displayed I was hoping he’d make an announcement to form the committee. I don’t need a rah rah type guy to run the country, I want a man who will just roll up his shirt sleves and get it done. Although I live in Virginia, I’ve been watching him for several years. He’s got my vote.

39969 Zachary Allen
39970 Lucas Beeley DO Ron Paul’s presence in the 2012 race is the ONLY reason I can morally justify voting in the first place.
39971 Brion Charles
39972 JP Ron Paul 2012!
39973 Mitch Port I don’t whether you win or lose, just that you run and help get the message of liberty out to more ears.
39974 TD
39975 Wesley Birch
39976 Bonnie Pealer YEAH!
39977 daniel demick
39978 Name not displayed
39979 Daniel Welch
39980 Brian Sokoll DO IT!
39981 Name not displayed I am putting all my faith behind your campaign
39982 Quinn T Mallon Please Sir help the future of our beautiful Nation.
39983 Paul Emerson
39984 LaDonna Gifford
39985 Candice Swingle
39986 amarilis heredia America needs you!! Our kids need you!
39987 Brenda Woody
39988 Dean Viehl
39989 Merrill Harris I love Ron I hope to work for the campaign
39990 Christopher Lown
39991 dorothy a benoit My husband and I belong to the Tea Party. We do not need help from the Federal Gov’t. We need a better way.
39992 David Gale Talk directly to the youth of this country about the founding fathers, liberty and the constitution. Explain fiat money, keep it simple.
39993 Brian A. Smith I will love to be part of your R3VOLUTION in the Bay Area California… Im in Fairfield and would love to work in a office or hand out fliers through out the the bay area
39994 Name not displayed
39995 Mohamed Rached
39996 Ray Tyron
39997 Name not displayed We need a Libertarian administration!
39998 Aaron Schaitel
39999 Todd E. Lyons Reluctant or not, your candidacy and subsequent campaign can only help furthering the message of Liberty at a time when it is needed to be heard, and heard abundantly.
40000 Dawn Barfield

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