Signatures 35,001-40,000

Number Name Comment
38001 crystal tarr now or never.
38002 Name not displayed
38003 Kate Tikalsky RP Has to Run!!
38004 Eric Lukas youre the one paul do it big
38005 erock lukas do it paul please get the word out its over for the central bank
38006 Name not displayed please ron paul run for this presidency reach as many people as you can..
38007 Zach Petersen
38008 Name not displayed We need common fiscal sense in the white house! Please help America.
38009 Will Farrar You need to run on ether rep of lib. I will be here on maryland waking people up!
38010 Name not displayed
38011 Kyle Zimmerman
38012 Name not displayed
38013 Name not displayed Please run for President Sir!

You have not only my vote but my entire families vote!
38014 Sam
38015 Kristin Johnson
38016 Name not displayed I would hope that you would continue to support states rights in the legalization of marijuana for both its medical benefits and it use as an alternative to alcohol.
38017 Brendan Doyle I’ll vote for you in 2012 and so will my wife.
38018 Name not displayed
38019 Paul Carleton Seymour This country has never needed a single person to run for president this badly for at least a century, and probably much longer
38020 Susan Wright
38021 Name not displayed Ron Paul,

If you do not run in 2012; our country is going to go to hell in a handbasket.
38022 Cody Davidson Ron Paul is my president.
38023 Garry Anderson
38024 Name not displayed Rino’s will derail your bid again in 2012. Please consider a indepentant run.
38025 Steven DuPont
38026 Daniel Anderson The time is right for your kind of leadership.
38027 Ariel Amador Ron we need a constitutional president…our new society does not care or follow the constitution anymore…2012 is the year to make those changes
38028 Shane Myra
38029 Joe Taylor
38030 Name not displayed I’d never thought to endorse or support a political candidate before 2008. I’m in it to win it for you Dr. Paul.
38031 ricky ruud YOU WILL WIN!!!!!!!!!!!
38032 Bob Amato We need you now more than ever.
38033 Name not displayed
38034 Scott S.
38035 Shayne America needs Ron Paul!! You have are complete support!
38036 Name not displayed This a critical time, we need someone with your leadership and convictions in the white house. Please consider running for president as an independent, or if possible with the GOP.
38037 bob davis
38038 Ryan Johnson
38039 Name not displayed ron paul, you are one of the last hopes for our government before revolution.
38040 Name not displayed got my vote
38041 AJ
38042 Mark Preston
38043 John Muller
38044 Gary M. Bizzell
38045 Name not displayed
38046 Karen Thompson Paul/Ventura has a nice ring to it!
38047 Mark S. McDougald II please please please
38048 Reese D. Cooper
38049 Breanna Ricafort You have my vote.
38050 Mike Calder We need more than just Ron Paul. We also need congressmen with the cojones to do what is right.
38051 Carrie Kosla
38052 Name not displayed Ron Paul 2012!
38053 Nathan Wilson I am a Democrat that will be changing my vote to Ron Paul, pending a run for the presidency. Fiscal responsibility is a must and the growing power of the Federal government is absolutely going to be the demise of the United States. Go Paul!
38054 Name not displayed Ron Paul - President

Judge Napolitano - VP


Ron Paul - President

Rand Paul - VP
38055 Adam Cantu I’d like to make the first act of my legal voting age to vote for RON PAUL.
38056 Christopher Graham 2508 Ebright Rd Wilmington
38057 Joseph Collesano
38058 Craig a Pecce
38059 W. R. Cowan One of the few politicians I trust.
38060 Name not displayed Please run!
38061 Jerold Pryor
38062 Rob Baker Bring Back Freedom
38063 richard sanderson
38064 Judah del Pilar Please run in the 2012 elections so I have someone to vote for that I legitimately believe can start fixing this once great nation
38065 Name not displayed
38066 Mason T. Clause Ron Paul 2012 !!

Foreign policy- YES, The economy- YES, Guts- Hell-Yes!!

You have MY vote for sure…. WINNING !!! IS the ONLY OPTION here! Please accept the challenge and run! WE the voters and your supporters will not let you down!
38067 michael a collins We need someone that will stand up to what America use to be. I’m tired of not being respected anymore in the world we live in. An that means not give money and support to countries that don’t either.
38068 Name not displayed PLEASE run for president!!!!!!
38069 Name not displayed you MUST run for president !!!!
38070 Name not displayed
38071 Name not displayed
38072 Name not displayed
38073 Name not displayed The country needs a leader like you.
38074 Name not displayed
38075 Name not displayed America needs you right now
38076 Walter J. Ketts 4/22/11Just heard yourslef on Dennis Miller, I’m but looking for some to say about Afganistan that was said on Morning Joe this morning……………….. R you ok financially to make this type of statememtn….that the bottom line…Your son for VP is quite the idea…Glod bless and happy easter …Walt
38077 Steven Parker We need REAL change.
38078 David Lemke I’m a vet, along with my brothers, and father, and grandfather. For all the soldiers still killing and dying in unjust wars, please run.
38079 Name not displayed
38080 Jeremy Newman This nation needs so much help and it seems like Ron’s the only one willing to even acknowledge that. President Mr. Ron Paul 2012
38081 jose padilla Please run in 2012 you are the only person who makes any sense in a government that has lost its way and forgoten the constitution
38082 Johnny If you run i will have "RON PAUL 2012" painted on my tailgate.
38083 Jim Muhs Please consider going independent with Jessie Ventura.
38084 Jennifer Sabin
38085 Jon Graeser Now, more than ever we need a change.
38086 Name not displayed
38087 Name not displayed
38088 Tyler Christensen With your passion on upholding the constitution I know we can take this country back! Make smart simple decisions like legalizing hemp (non-toxic plant that has over 5,000 uses), and stop exporting our jobs and resources! Please Mr. Ron Paul, run for president, it is your duty to share your knowledge and fix the country, make our ancestors proud!
38089 John Beckley
38090 Andrew Lord My wife and I continue our support. "We can too!!!"
38091 roger a mccarthy good luck Ron, we’re behind you.
38092 Jeffrey Carver You are our modern fore father!!
38093 Earl Bryant please save us DR Paul !!! our country has been hijacked by self serving , greedy corporate sellout scumbags.
38094 lisa mccarthy
38095 Andrea M. Wamprecht Government, For the People. By the People. Return our power
38096 Ronnie Brown The revolutionary only garners mass appeal when the revolution maybe to late.
38097 Anthony Larke Please!
38098 Name not displayed
38099 Aaron Michael LETS ROCK N ROLL BABY!
38100 Kyle Hager Let’s put Donald Trump’s foot in his mouth Dr. Paul. Everyone obviously is threatened by your message and the universality of your philosophies. Don’t you doubt that we will fight tirelessly to help you make this thing happen!
38101 Name not displayed
38102 Cynthia DeMatteo
38103 Douglas Flynn Run Ron!
38104 Harold Tinker Let’s pray that God will give us RON PAUL
38105 Morgan Rose
38106 Guy M Nelson Wake up America,,,,,we need this man in office
38107 Robert Carawan Jr. America sees, D=R=corrupt + immoral. End the Fed. Settle the derivatives. Hold your convictions.
38108 Mark Dye Hope to see Ron on the ballot and in the media more.
38109 Matt Felton The opportunity to change America back to the way things were meant to be is right now. You are possibly the most popular potential candidate. You are by far the best candidate for the job. You have already made an enormous impact on the political attitude in America. It’s a matter of necessity that the next president be one to bring about real change that will once again make America the greatest nation in the world. America needs another Reagan, shoes that cannot possibly be filled by Trump, Palin, Romney, or Huckabee, or any of the other candidates who are, or are considering running. They all have the same agenda seen so many times before that benefits their own interests rather than the interests of the people. There is a lot of support on both sides of the line. While congress continues to divide and refuse to find common ground with the opposing party-to the point of voting yes or no on something in spite of the other party-Americans all around are coming together saying that we are tired of a government that is ruining America and we need someone to stop it! They are all saying your name. So I implore you, please be our next president.
38110 Haley Bond
38111 Name not displayed Please please please please run for president! We NEED YOU!!!!!!!!
38112 Name not displayed
38113 Anton Cebalo Please run Mr. Paul, you have inspired me to develop a strong interest in free market economics and libertarianism. If you run you will surely have my vote in 2012.
38114 Anton Cebalo You have inspired me to take up interest in free market economics and libertarianism. Please run in 2012, you will surely have my vote.
38115 Name not displayed If you promise to uphold the constitution as it is written then you have my support.
38116 Wesley Kretschmer Ron Paul is the greatest advocate of liberty of all time!
38117 Douglas DeWane Regretfully, I first learned of you and the rEVOLution from "For Liberty." I wish I could have been involved in this movement back in 2008. Please do us the honor of running for President in 2012. This is the "change" that America so desperately needs.
38118 Name not displayed End the Fed, IRS, and remove us from the UN. Government is too overreaching.
38119 Name not displayed Please run!
38120 David R Steffens We absolutely need to put the brakes on this spending,turn around and head in the right direction. I know that Ron Paul is the man for this job!! Let’s go!!
38121 Travis Peterson
38122 Richard Santomauro The time for Ron Paul was 2008, but we’ll take him in 2012! Run Ron Run.
38123 Ryan Mussen
38124 Isaac Martinez
38125 Jennifer Killingsworth
38126 Name not displayed please bring our freedom back ,lead to victory back to believe America government we need our country back for the people
38127 Kyle P. Smith Is the U.S. collapse monetarily and economically inevitable?
38128 David Bender - Fox Lake, IL I predicted Obama would win a year before he decided to run in 2012. Government is an addiction we must break. And it belongs in the hands of people we can semi-trust. I believe Dr. Paul to be a humble man; that is what we need.
38129 momochi Couldnt agree more with that, very attractive article
38130 Chris Cornett You’ve got my vote!!!!
38131 Jamie Jones
38132 Joshua Gollakner
38133 Seth Yumich Keep it going brother!
38134 Name not displayed
38135 Name not displayed
38136 Name not displayed We need you to save this country. USA is hated all over the world it seems. Liberty is almost gone here.

38137 Name not displayed Please run, we are in need of someone with a clear perspective with were our Country stands and needs to be in order to survive, not someone that is to please all. Our Country is in need of a great change!
38138 Farhad Nagi
38139 Preston
38140 Hunter
38141 Name not displayed
38142 Hunter Rothell It would be an honor for me to be able to help in your 2012 campaign!
38143 Peter Pas
38144 Jennifer Howard I &<3 you!!!!
38145 Name not displayed Run Ron Run
38146 Name not displayed
38147 Stephen Morgan-MacKay I may not have enough zeros in my bank account to run for the office of President, but I can support you and your cause. If not you, then who?
38148 anthony w lowe
38149 Maria Rensel Ron Paul is the only leader capable of leading America back from the brink of a one world government. His years of shedding light on the Federal Reserve Bank and his daring suggestion to dismantle the IRS have the boldness that it’s going to take to begin to turn this thing around. He’ll need some serious security though.
38150 Name not displayed Thank you for all that you do for our country.
38151 Ethan Comee
38152 len simpson Don,t scare the establishment too much, or the death threats will start. I plan to vote for you
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38154 john robinson run!!!
38155 Name not displayed Go Ron!
38156 Kerry Schultz
38157 Name not displayed Ron, I am a billionaire and if you run I plan to pay for ALL of your campaign expenses. The time is now to start America the right way.


I know we will be risky our lifes but its time for THE PEOPLE.
38158 William R. Brown IV Even if you don’t win, you can open up the eyes of many Americans.
38159 Name not displayed
38160 Matthew Royal Webb Dr. Paul, your nation loves you. The moment you begin campaigning, myself and many, many others will be with you all the way. Have faith in yourself, we can do this!
38161 Ryan Anderson
38162 Mike Stavisky we need someone who openly disagrees with his "side" and we need someone who is not only INdependent in affiliation, but, in thought as well…i feel you Ron Paul…fit this bill!
38163 FFT Mike Run Ron Paul

America needs you
38164 Frank Childs
38165 Sarah Goski It’s time for a major overhaul in this country and you can help bring that change!
38166 Name not displayed Ron Paul you are a true patriot. It took me a while but I’ve finally listened and understand our true problems. No wonder you’ve gained so much support, including mine. I urge you to run for President in 2012, regardless of nomination or party!
38167 Nate Hall The only man worthy of the office and honest enough to fix this sinking ship.
38168 Name not displayed Ron Paul 2012
38169 Name not displayed Ron Paul 2012
38170 Name not displayed
38171 Jeff Lyons I hope to god you win Ron Paul… It may be our only chance. I am going to do everything I can to support you in the upcoming battle for our country’s soul. RON PAUL 2012!
38173 Name not displayed GO GO GO
38174 Billy Brigman
38175 Shaun Herring You have done much, please do more. Please run.
38176 Name not displayed Ron gets so many things right. We need to stop being the world’s policeman to countries that hate us!
38177 richard fernandez
38178 Name not displayed
38179 Name not displayed
38180 Ray Howes I talk to plenty of people who say they would have voted for you. If you run for 2012, you will have votes. The United States is lacking in common sense and desperately needs a wakeup call.
38181 Art Pancoast Mr. Paul, I am an active duty enlisted member who is still proud to serve my country, but no longer feels like I’m fighting and making personal sacrifices FOR my country. Change hasn’t happened and I’m afraid that America is entering a point of no return. I’m doing what I can to remind people what Liberties they are supposed to have, but it is difficult because these later generations (my generation) don’t miss something they never had. Knowledge is not power! Wisdom is the power! Knowledge without Wisdom is dangerous. I tell my friends that if Americans lived honestly and respectfully, all of our problems would take care of themselves. But as long as the government keeps telling groups that they will get free tickets and handouts, it allows Americans to take the easy way to exist. Take us back to the America we were supposed to be, Mr. Paul. You have my vote, Sir.
38182 Brian Royce
38183 matt t. our nation has gone so far astray from what the founding fathers intended. If you were in office and set us back on the path of liberty i might not feel so ashamed for serving such a corrupt government in iraq lol. Seriously, your country needs you .
38184 Name not displayed
38185 Name not displayed
38186 Steve Stica Ron Paul America needs you!!! You are our last hope for liberty…. please run in 2012 we WILL vote you in!
38187 Steven Crisp Run, Mr. Paul, Run
38188 Haroon Subhani Don’t give up Ron, we need you!
38189 Andrew Hancock
38190 Name not displayed Ron Paul could be America’s last hope!
38191 Brandon Duncan Trade in hope and change for freedom and liberty, vote Ron Paul 2012 God Bless.
38192 Name not displayed I love you Ron!
38193 Alan Eames
38194 Name not displayed
38195 Name not displayed Thank you for running and bringing God back to the public and out of gov. hands
38196 John In a dark world you are a beacon of light.
38197 Name not displayed im sick of the tea party. We need you more than ever
38198 Name not displayed hopefully you run
38199 mohamed ali ben dhif every 4 years we have to choose between dumb and dumber…………Sir, please run, you seem like the only one in DC who speaks the truth and might have the intelligence and honesty to run a nation….
38200 Charles Stiegler even if you dont win, you need to keep getting in front of the people and speaking truth. the people need to hear the truth. the people need to think
38201 Name not displayed We all need to wake up!!
38202 Brian Hewlett Ron Paul is the only person who can save this country from total destruction. If the media succeeds in getting their man Romney as the frontrunner, than its GAME OVER. Please do not let the left wing media pick our candidate again, as in 2008. SUPPORT RON PAUL WHERE EVER AND WHEN EVER YOU CAN.
38203 thomas cianciola I love you Dr stand for all that America was meant to be.You are our last hope of beating back the global takeover.
38204 William Ford
38205 Name not displayed
38206 Adam James Doescher
38207 Aaron Sylvester Please, PLEASE enter the race! There are so many cronies out there right now spreading deceit and untruths. Now would be the time to make yourself heard! The nation is ready for truth, and only Ron Paul is capable of bringing it out into the open!
38208 BRUCE LAIRD Please dont give up. WE WON’T.
38209 Name not displayed I look to you as a leader for my generation and generations to come.
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38211 Maurice E Jones(ELIAS KAREEM WAHHAB)
38212 Name not displayed Pleas run for president, right now you are the only hope on the horizon.
38213 Joschka Vanicek
38214 Joschka Vanicek
38215 Name not displayed
38216 Brian Matthew Smith Please Ron we need your help!
38217 Name not displayed whatever flaws may exist, head and shoulders above the rest
38218 Name not displayed Thank you!
38219 Tom Turner Ron shares the values of our countymen. Our nation starves for straight-talking leadership.
38220 jeffrey leavitt Win!
38221 Name not displayed
38222 Silvy Fauconnier-Berman I do believe you are the last hope this country has left.
38223 Name not displayed
38224 Austin Mount We need someone that believes in the constitution and doesn’t find every way possible to get around it…
38225 Nick anderson
38226 Mike Fleming When the collapse of the dollar occurs, I want you at the forefront helping to restructure our government for the cause of Liberty!
38227 Name not displayed Please go Independant, and I’m on board 100%
38228 Name not displayed Ron is our soldier riding out of the woods on a white horse. From one Texan to another Ron Paul ~ please run in 2012.
38229 Weldon L. Massey Congressman Paul is the only guy talking about how we can balance the budgut and on personnal freedoms.. I would vote for him and I hope all REAL AMERICANS would do the same. GOD Bless Ron Paul!!
38230 Name not displayed I will vote Ron Paul whether he runs or not, just as I did in the last presidential election.
38231 Diane Michot
38232 James Trumble
38233 Name not displayed
38234 Name not displayed
38235 Aaron Schlegel
38236 Greg Moore We need you
38237 Caleb Paul
38238 Cindy Dorfsmith
38239 Thelma Hefright Thank you Ron Paul for standing up for "WE THE PEOPLE"!
38240 David Jacome I have a feeling a GREAT number of Americans are finally waking up to the realities of our Political atmosphere here in this Great Country of ours. I believe NOW is the time. I know you have put yourself out there on numerous occasions and have walked away feeling at least slightly betrayed. Remember Sir…"Persistence will out"!
38241 Jon Zywinski To have actual ‘change’ in American policy and principles, traditional methods and political parties must be cast away. They’ve had their day, but that day has come and gone and given way to decay and corruption. Tomorrow will never be changed by irresponsible entities who ride incumbancies for gain and comfort, and damn the people.
38242 Name not displayed After a nearly 40 year absence, I’m ready to return to active Libertarianism, preferably, with you carrying the banner. RUN
38243 Jack Nevill
38244 George Heston
38245 Jacob Cain
38246 Name not displayed
38247 Name not displayed
38248 Jacob Abbott Please this country needs you!
38249 Rick vanMeel
38250 S L I’ve never voted because there has never been a candidate that showed interest in any of my concerns. I plan to vote for Ron Paul and I don’t think I will regret it.
38251 Name not displayed I’am from Sweden, and i want you to run.
38252 Tyler R Burns
38253 Charles Maddonni God knows we NEED you and many like you in Congress!
38254 Name not displayed We need honesty,please protect our bacis rights.

Keep one nation under God.
38255 Name not displayed I would be more pleased to see him run as an Independent, which is what he really is.
38256 Tyler Derouin C’mon, you think Trump would be a better choice for America? You’re the one.
38257 Name not displayed
38258 Name not displayed Just do it.
38259 Name not displayed
38260 Orlando Diaz We need a real change and you are that change! Ron Paul in 2012!!!!!
38261 Rich Smotzer RUN RON RUN!
38262 Name not displayed
38263 Kurt jeffs Please run sir America needs you it is your duty
38264 David Hays I’ve just started reading The Revolution: A Manifesto and there is nothing in the first couple of chapters I do not whole heartedly agree with. It is amazing how history has been contorted through politics. I am grateful there are a few who can relate the truth.
38265 Name not displayed We need more honest for the people, men in Government.
38266 Spyro vote Ron Paul save the world
38267 Name not displayed We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Presidential Candidate as the best choice for the United States of America in 2012.

We hereby request that Rep. Ron Paul heed our request and lead our Country!
38268 Name not displayed
38269 richard sanderson Mr. Paul - Ive never voted in a national election . I never saw the point . I do now . We need you .
38270 Jagdeep Sangha I live in Canada and I wish for you to run for presidency in 2012 because I think you can be a force of change in the world. I agree with all your policies and the whole world will be watching you debate with your opinions. Hopefully you can bring change on throughout the entire world by advertising your opinions.
38271 Ben Pitzer If people think you are unelectable, let this list of people tell them otherwise. Voting for the republican candidate only because people think he may be more electable than you is irresponsible and un-American.

- Ben (mechanical engineering/Russian language student)
38272 Peter Rinehart
38273 Name not displayed WE NEED YOU
38274 Kathleen Hill
38275 Name not displayed
38276 Brandon You definitely need to get these elite out of office sir!
38277 David Young
38278 Glenn Arwood Last year was bogus and all us americans know that the MSM and other factions are bought and paid for by people that remain behind close doors. YOU are the only real chance this country has of staying and rebuilding it’s true Constitution and Freedom
38279 Gary Russell
38280 Name not displayed
38281 Jeremy Noble It says a lot about the 2008 Republicans when they barred you from their convention…you should run as an independent! Grab Bernie Sanders to run with you…the establishment needs rocked! We need politicians that aren’t already "Bought!"
38282 Name not displayed
38283 Name not displayed As a social Libertarian and Economic Liberal, you are the only republican, and really one of the only few politicians that takes stances on the issues. I would support you as the republican presidential candidate because I find many of your ideals of government exiting and refreshing. I also fear that if any other republican wins the nomination and the presidency that the country could become closer to corporatism or as you call it "soft facism." I support you in the name of civil liberties.
38284 stephan white you are our only hope
38285 christopher kilgore it is time for a change, and i think ron paul is the man that will get this country back on its feet and put us in the right direction.
38286 Daniel P DeWitt
38287 Douglas Upton Dr. Paul,

Your voice has been instrumental in the current debate against expansive government and in favor of expansive liberty. Please consider running for President of the United States so we might honor what so many have fought for and what our Founding Fathers intended this country to be.


Douglas Upton
38288 Constance McWilliams Please give us 4 years to encourage others like you to step up to the plate.
38289 Raymond Lester
38290 WILLIAM HOLLANDER Join with Gov. Ventura
38291 Jerry C Demaree as an american veteran i think that we need you more than ever

pls help take our wonderful country back to its principles before its too late if not already

38292 Robin Hillman
38293 Natalie Lord
38294 Name not displayed Please run in 2012.
38295 Ray Thompson
38296 Name not displayed We need you and your logic in this position.
38297 Name not displayed
38298 Therese Martin
38299 Name not displayed We need a voice of truth
38300 mark a. ardaiz We need you to run
38301 Scott Black This man has lifted the blinders from over my eyes. It would be a huge shame if this man did not run in 2012.
38302 John Licari We’re all behind you!
38303 matthew kable Ron, you have to run for president… some people just dont understand how much we need you.
38304 David Ceballos I have no idea why our media corporations are not covering you as they did Obama during the 2008 campaign. All I know is that I have been watching videos on youtube, looking up voting records, and reading articles, and by far you are one of the most honest politicians I have seen. I am one of the younger people of this nation being only 20, but I shall get your message out to others. Thank you for your everlasting love for the people’s country. Please run in the 2012 campaign. We are ready, for true change.
38305 Richard Tydingco "These are the times that try mens souls" and yes I am an a American
38306 Name not displayed
38307 Name not displayed
38308 Alex Greene
38309 Frank Luna
38310 Kevin J. Krug DON’T TREAD ON ME!!!
38311 Todd We need you
38312 David Pratt
38313 Adrian Murray
38314 Jim Ward Dr Paul, Please let me know what I can do to support your efforts for the 2012 election. What cash I can contribute and my volunteer time is yours for the asking.
38315 Name not displayed
38316 V. Valijan
38317 Nick Daise RON PAUL!
38318 Ben Greenhalgh Please run for President. I’m from the UK and the bureaucrats have taken over here to.
38319 Philip Reilly Save this country!!!!!!!
38320 J Collins
38321 Chris Bacon I didnt even know you were running in the last election, but had I known, I would have voted for you instead of abstaining.
38322 Name not displayed RON PAUL 2012
38323 Name not displayed
38324 Eva Parker Please run for president Ron Paul i would vote for you!!!
38325 Jimmy Richards Go Ron Paul! Real conservatives vote Libertarian.
38326 Mike Wurzelbacher America is too stupid to elect you…
38327 charles mosqueda
38328 Ed Entwistle If you run, Ron, you have my vote!
38329 Geddy Friedman Even IF someone held the same views like Ron Paul, nobody has the long flawless track record and the reputation for voting on principle like Ron Paul does.

We’re counting on you Ron! The free people of this country are going to spread the word of liberty 1776 style when you announce!
38330 Name not displayed
38331 1963Catherine
38332 Name not displayed
38333 Name not displayed
38334 Kristin Mosqueda
38335 Name not displayed
38336 Adam Adrian Crown
38337 Aaron Leininger
38338 Name not displayed
38339 Kristen Chaves
38340 Name not displayed I voted for you last time. I’d like to have your name on the ballot this time though.
38341 James Ford Help us take back our nation from those who have fogotten who we were.
38342 Mario Saric
38343 Alfred Pellinger
38344 Name not displayed
38345 Name not displayed
38346 John Bauman
38347 Name not displayed
38348 Adam Evans
38349 brian forsyth bailey please!!!!!!!!!!!
38350 Roy A D Hubbard This will be the first time I vote for a president. I wouldn’t have voted for Obama in the first place, and if I had my way he wouldn’t get into office. Ron, our country and it’s people need you, I admire your courage on voicing your opinions, standing your ground on important issues, Ideals and opinions which I agree with. I would have voted for you in ’08 and you most definitely will get my vote should you decide to run next year. God speed and God bless.
38351 Leslie
38352 Samantha Dopson
38353 Brian Busby
38354 Victoria Corona
38355 Victoria Corona
38356 Heidi Dr. Paul, We desperately need a Dr. No in the White House! I’m sure you’ve looked around at these other jokers and can see that they aren’t exactly qualified. Please don’t forget that you have 30+ yrs of voting records to back yourself up with and that will not be lost on the American people. No amount of pretty language is going to excuse some of the ills that have been done against us/are planned against us. No one can argue with the truth of your position. You know that if we have a dollar crisis no one else will handle it properly. Please come to our rescue! Dr. Paul we need YOU!
38357 John Osswald Go Ron, set us free from the Fed Reserve and corrupt government!
38358 Otto Mazzoni Ron, you are our nation’s only hope in these desperate times. It is your calling!
38359 Trevor Caulder
38360 Name not displayed
38361 william sandnes America needs you.
38362 Name not displayed
38363 Jeremey Nims
38364 Janice Michaud
38365 Name not displayed I really hope he runs
38366 Name not displayed Please run….please….you’re the golden child.
38367 Name not displayed
38368 David Amwake GET RID OF THE FED!!! RON PAUL 2012!
38369 Kyle Amwake
38370 jonathan burns Awaken the sleeping giant!
38371 Name not displayed
38372 dan suro
38373 Alex Neu If you won’t i will. America needs a visionary like yourself.
38374 casey oldfield
38375 Richard Johnson
38376 Name not displayed You’re all we’ve got!
38377 David Murillo RON PAUL 2011!!! Let’s bring some order back into our country.
38378 Steve D
38379 Name not displayed
38380 Logan Jarrett Although it’s your choice I sincerely hope you run for president. Your honesty and your willingness to focus on the issues sticks out like a sore thumb among the other candidates. It’s something everyone has noticed. Through these virtues you’ve achieved a great accomplishment; you’re making the American people ask why they can’t have better elected representatives. People who won’t lie to them, won’t misrepresent them, and who will actually focus on their needs. Imagine what your accomplishment might be this time. At the very least you should be on the stage with the rest of the clowns making sure they focus on the issues. I’ll be looking forward to your decision and will support it either way. Thanks for all you have done.
38381 Claude P Miller Please, Dr, Paul, run for President.
38382 Land’em Collier
38383 Kevin Smith "The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first."

-Thomas Jefferson
38384 Scott Barder "Just Do It." -Nike
38385 david s henson dear sir, please save my country
38386 Kathleen Mayo
38387 Brad Salsbury RON PAUL!!! Run for president, please! You already have my vote. Not for me but for my children. They deserve a secure future.
38388 Name not displayed Please run, restore this nation. I will knock on doors and write checks for you. You are in a position to do what is right, and unlike the others you know what is right.
38389 Name not displayed
38390 Chris Tucker It is time that American citizens vote into office someone that has a set of core values that they are steadfast with. Stay true, do your best, and we all will be better off for it.
38391 Kristoffer Schmitt As it stands right now, Dr Ron Paul is in a position to save the world as we know it…
38392 Louis Ahn you’re our last hope
38393 Thomas Fowler
38394 Rich Hill 2012 is the year of the Ron Paul rEVOLution!
38395 Adam Garcia I am not a financially stable person at this time, however, I am trying to start my own online business, even though I am in Social Security. If you run for President in 2012, you will have my voluntary support in El Paso, Texas. Please, I beg of you, please run for the 2012 Presidency. I believe you are the only chance for someone like my family and I to have a chance of being financially stable in this country. Again, I beg of you, please tun for President in 2012.
38396 Waqas Ali
38397 Sean Heupel I am 24 years old, and I have been preparing starting last year to run for president around the age of 45-50. I would like to have a country left to run, when it comes my time…

- Sean E. Heupel

Pastor, Entrepreneur, Physics Student, Political Science Student, concerned American…
38398 Christopher Chauvin Help us Obi Ron Kenobi! You’re our Only Hope!
38399 briana halim I LOVE YOU RUN FOR PRESIDENT
38400 Simon Alvarez If you win and get elected and have jesse ventura on your ticket, john and bobby kennedy for america all over again let’s do it america now is our time and chance!!!
38401 Cher Joubert
38402 Margaret S. Murphy We campaigned for you before in New England, and we will campaign again!

Catholics for Ron Paul
38403 Sean I don’t want to have fear over signing an internet petition ever again. You can see to that Ron.
38404 Mike Golden This country has absolutely no chance of recovery the way things stand right now. Ron Paul for President in 2012 is Americas best chance for real freedom.. You have to run Ron. You are our Hope!!
38405 Benjamin Mihalski Please run for president Ron we need your voice, your integrity, your principled approach to governing more so now than ever before.
38406 Bill Arneson My family needs leaders like you
38407 James P. Bellinger I’m on board. . . What can I do to help?
38408 Gregory Terry i love you
38409 Jeff Hendrix Listen to the people!
38410 Name not displayed
38411 Name not displayed Get er’ done!
38412 Dorothy Lenz Thanks for being there and doing what you have done. You are a true American.
38413 William R. Griffin Save America, Ron!
38414 Charles Darr i consider you the greatest person in politics in my lifetime
38415 Name not displayed End and Audit the FED.

Only you dare to do it..
38416 James Brown You are the only philosophically consistent candidate I’ve seen in my lifetime, and you’re consistently proving that Americans have an understand their intellectual tradition. If we didn’t have open primaries in my state, I’d even change my party from Independent to Republican to have a chance to vote you in. Run hard, run fast, and run uncompromisingly . . . please.
38417 Eric Unruh Dear Dr. Paul, I hereby dedicate my every energy to ensuring your success should you decide to run for the office of the United States Presidency. I will campaign for you, fundraise for you and without you as our next President this country and our future are doomed. Please Dr. Paul, Run!
38418 Paul Lumpkin
38419 Christi Braner-Phillips
38420 Justin Claiborn
38421 Scott M You Will Win
38422 Daniel Ray As a 17 year old, i will be proud to cast my first vote for you in 2012. Young conservatives for Ron Paul!
38423 Eric Banks You cannot kill roaches nor sheeple, but, DISINFECTING ignorance with education shall lead onward a wealth of true freedom and security.
38424 Harry You go Ron!
38425 Mark Pearson
38426 Scott Robinson
38427 David Sicher
38428 Name not displayed
38429 Chris Sorensen The best thing that could happen to our Country!
38430 Izabel Szary
38431 Kenneth Francis Please Run for this Office. We need your ideas
38432 Drake Scott
38433 Denis Montanari
38434 Name not displayed You are the only hope for the USA
38435 Dustin Rule
38436 Name not displayed
38437 Bastien Gaudet
38438 Blaine Mineman Help us Obi Ron Paul Kenobi, you’re our only hope!
38439 Rizwan Ahmed
38440 Tony Saade
38441 Rhodes
38442 Steph B
38443 Trenton Cook The American People are WAKING UP! I’m tired of being lied to, and it would be prudent to our country to elect Ron Paul for president in 2012.
38444 Jessica G. If you run in 2012, I promise you that you will have my vote. Please run!
38445 michael p campbell
38446 Kurt Please run. you have my vote
38447 Danielle Galarneau
38448 Aisha Musa
38449 L. Guiney Ron Paul for president!
38450 Don Campbell Dr Paul, our Country and the World needs you now! Please run.
38451 James Please Do It!!!
38452 Virginia Vidro Ron Paul is consistent, intelligent and knows what is happening in this country. I feel he is the person to save and turn around our country. My vote is for Ron Paul for president! No one comes close to him.
38453 Brian Wallace
38454 Kelly M We need you to save America!
38455 Paul Head
38456 James Kyle Thanks for your refreshing viewpoints in a world that runs off of slave labor, drug wars, and financial derivatives. We are praying for you.
38457 Gary DuFord FREEDOM!
38458 Name not displayed
38459 Tim
38460 Michael Hanavan run for president
38461 Benjamin Hansen The best candidate doesn’t always win, but that doesn’t mean that person shouldn’t try.
38462 Name not displayed
38463 Name not displayed We need someone like you who can fix this mess and get obama out of there.
38464 Brian Ron Paul and Ralph Nader - 2012!
38465 Tom Rokus Run and give em hell….
38466 Christopher Huzau Dr Paul,

I am a disabled veteran and a true American patriot. If this country does not receive a man such as yourself in it’s oval office in the very near future then it will be too late for us, it if isn’t already so. I know the battle against the power elite will not be an easy one, but if you keep up your mission of spreading knowledge, which is true power, then you and we the American people can prevail. God Bless
38467 Erik Downs
38468 David Dennis We want our liberty back and the madness stopped!
38469 Rodrigo Lopez-Heredia
38470 David Talbot its time. We can do this. We the people of the United States of America need you.
38471 Melvin G. A warm support from the Netherlands
38472 Name not displayed Ron please run in 2012! We NEED you!
38473 jesse WE NEED YOU!
38474 Mike LaPietra It might be to late? I hope you chose Jesse Ventura as V.P. I think together you two can save our country….
38475 Name not displayed One never really knows what a man will do once he’s elected to office. But men are creatures of habit and usually follow their own personnel history. In this man, I can see someone who has a clear grasp of the fundamentals of the American way, the American spirit and an American heart. America is tired of choosing the lesser of two evil amongst presidential candidates. We need man who knows and holds onto our great past to help guide us into the future. May America bless God and God will bless America. Ron Paul, don’t let her fall, reach out your hand to help steady her through her struggle. God can save this once great nation if the right leader stands in the gap on her behalf.
38476 Amandeep singh
38477 rich sumner Please run in 2012. Liberty Defined is the best book I have ever read regarding Liberty! Please Run in 2012
38478 Louis A
38479 Thomas Molodet
38480 PJ J. I can’t vote unless someone like Ron is running.
38481 David S You’re the only public servant who understands the severity of the situation we face. Run Ron Run!
38482 Lois Hafler
38483 Joshua Cecchini Ron Paul 2012! Time for a Revolution!!
38484 Name not displayed
38485 Ryan Clear For Liberty, peace, and prosperity.
38486 chris hainsworth please stand, the world needs people like you who speak out against those who take away our liberty, not just america.
38487 Clayton Thornbury SAVE AMERICA NOW MR. PAUL!!!!!
38488 Cameron Byerly
38489 Dawn Waggoner Ron Paul, Please run and give us a viable option in 2012.

Thank you in advance.
38490 Gary Brenner We need you Ron!
38491 Richard Paul I love you.
38492 Edgar D. Alvarado Diaz I believe in you.
38493 Name not displayed Ron Paul,

Please don’t give up and lead us to crush the backward policies that are coming out of Washington!
38494 Jamie C Ron Paul for president!
38495 Bobby
38496 Name not displayed Ron, we need a real leader of the people - you are the only hope in this. Go for it Ron! We will support you to THE WIN!!!
38497 Isaac B. He is potentially the only honest politician.
38498 Name not displayed if not you than who?
38499 wesley hodgson I will knock on doors and donate money
38500 Ben Towne End the Wars.

End Homeland Security.

End the TSA.

End the CIA.

End the IRS.

End the Income Tax.

And, last but not least, END THE FED!
38501 Name not displayed Hello.
38502 Evan Young Still one thing more, fellow-citizens-a wise and frugal Government, which shall restrain men from injuring one another, shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government, and this is necessary to close the circle of our felicities.

Thomas Jefferson, First Inaugural Address, March 4, 1801
38503 chris heffernan
38504 Larry R. Gies
38505 lee e kretz
38506 Doug Burlison
38507 Name not displayed
38508 stephanie
38509 Walter T. Cotton God Bless you Mr. Ron Paul
38510 Katherine Swann
38511 Stacie Munger I fear I am two years too late in waking up - please say you’ll run again!
38512 William Miller
38513 Eric i will register to vote as soon as he announces he is going to run!!!
38514 Phil Bradley
38515 Bruce M
38516 Andrew Gase You have my vote already.
38517 Jason Dorsey
38518 Carson Bauder Our country is very lost and misguided. We need your help Dr. Paul.
38519 Stephen Wright Please run!!!
38520 Name not displayed Please get us out of Iraq & Afganistan.
38521 Barry Run em all out reps and dems . I cant see how ron and the donald running together couldnt take the presidency to a much higher level .
38522 NickyM
38523 David A. Johnson Ron Paul is my hero and is the only candidate that could actually bring about true change and fix America. I have never voted in my life but after all the terrible things that have been happening to our economy and people I’ve done a lot of research and Ron Paul is the only candidate I would vote for!
38524 Douglas Ronsonol
38525 Name not displayed We ALL can benefit of your Presidency In 2012!
38526 Name not displayed
38527 Ignacio Tellez Santos Please sir, it is time for a change before it is too late.
38528 Anna
38529 Naomi V We Need A REAL Revolution Change & Taking Back Our Country!!

Ron Paul For President In 2012
38530 Salwan R. I don’t want to see this great country and its great people to loose the battle vs. greed and dishonesty. Now I thank everyone that is working to get America back to Americans. Please let me know if there is anything I can help with.
38531 Anthony White I would be honored to help with any campaign effort in the san diego area.
38532 Chad Hatfield Please run Ron! Keep spreading the ideas of liberty!
38533 Jason Sims ron paul for president!!!!!
38534 Joe
38535 Patrick McHugh
38536 rodney daigle its an understatement to say "WE NEED YOU TO RUN AND WIN, PLEASE"!!!
38537 Hugh K
38538 Name not displayed Backing you here in IOWA
38539 Earl Books Ron, please run!!!!!!! Our country is falling apart from the GOP and Democrat "business as usual" mismanagement.
38540 Name not displayed Your the only voice of reason and trust in government today.
38541 Larry Jaquess Dr. Paul, I am 60 yrs old ..and have never been politically active. But I have tried to support you recently, and pledge my support in the future. My ignoring the body politic all my life has contributed to our current dire straits. Please help me and others like me to take back our most precious gift of freedom! You are the "Man of the Hour" Thanks for your leadership.
38542 Andy Jonsson RP 2012! Uphold our Constitution!
38543 Martin Diaz
38544 Name not displayed
38545 richard addison
38546 Rob W Please help us have a peaceful revolution.

You are the only hope we have for stopping the current military madness.
38547 Name not displayed Paul 2012!
38548 Denia amick Please run, this country needs you
38549 Name not displayed run as an independent so that you can win.
38550 Anthony Bragdon ventura for VP please!!!!
38551 Name not displayed Please choose Dennis Kucinich as your running mate.
38552 Name not displayed
38553 Skid I’m not American, but I want you to run, and WIN.Don’t let your country fall like we did in Latin America.
38554 tombuford Please run w/ Gary Johnson or Jesse Ventura.
38555 Jonathan He share some of my views on taxes and the economy.
38556 Timothy Woodward Ron Paul is this nation’s last hope
38557 Paul Dextraze Good luck Ron!
38558 Jonathan Ware
38559 Keith Fulton Please Run for President.
38560 Jacob Z. Petrovic I’m a young College student who believes you are the only hope for our country. Please run Dr. Paul so America can start getting back on the right track with your leadership!
38561 Daniel P. its time…
38562 Valery Dementiev World needs you!
38563 Name not displayed I will personally campaign for you!!!!
38564 Brent Mingle please run
38565 Roger West
38566 Name not displayed
38567 Name not displayed RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!! VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV
38568 Scott Booher
38569 Aaron Vannatta
38570 Joseph A. Geer We need you to run! Please.
38571 Jack Scrobola Please dont run as a democrat or republican,form a new third party,we have to go back to what made this country great.
38572 Name not displayed Make this country into what it is intended to be: free, peace loving, economically healthy, equality, republic, fair, and just.
38573 Don Cestnik
38574 Gerald Armstrong
38575 Jeff Mannino I would consider Jim Demint or Michele Bachmann as a vp.. :D
38576 lou wood Kick dumbamas ass!
38577 Chris A
38578 John Galt Don’t.
38579 Name not displayed
38580 Name not displayed
38581 Adam McKay You’re the only guy who can undo the damage of the last 45 years of this country, and in doing so prevent my generation from becoming the Poorest Generation.
38582 Matthew Lueder I will promise my vote if you run in 2012
38583 chance Finally a real president that supports US citizens rights.
38584 Wilhelm J.
38585 Nat Culwell
38586 Name not displayed
38587 James Jenkins
38588 David Reason
38589 Kenneth Elmore Please Ron Paul, America needs a real leader.
38590 Name not displayed Thank you for waking this country up Dr. Paul!!
38591 David Ho We need you Ron! Thank you for waking people up.
38592 Joseph Rue Save us all from the Neo-Cons, Ron!
38593 Name not displayed
38594 Chris Cheff
38595 Phillip E. Pope
38596 robert gillette
38597 Janice Barrows You show them Mr. Paul.
38598 Name not displayed Last election i had decided that there was no hope left for our country. i would never trust another politician until i saw Ron Paul in the debates. he was not on my ballot in CA but i wrote him in!!! PLEASE RON PAUL,,, RUN AGAIN!!!!!!
38599 Carina Potter RON PAUL!
38600 Matt Otter I applaud Ron Paul but I would also like to applaud all of YOU, time and again you’ve crushed these people who have tried every dirty trick in the book to stop you and you’ve exposed them everytime. I truly feel this is how America is supposed to be. Bravo to all of you!!!
38601 Tom Pawlowski Now more than ever we need you we can’t afford all these wars and we need to get back to what our founders wanted for this great country.
38602 Cody Lander
38603 Name not displayed Ron, you’re the only serious candidate. Run, please!
38604 Name not displayed While the Constitution should not be taken totally literally, letter by letter, the ideas behind it are sound and need to be honored. Ron Paul is the closest politician I have found to respecting the integrity of true freedom and common sense.
38605 Name not displayed Its a shame the sheeple are not smart enough to realize Ron has same valid Ideas that need to be implemented if we are to save our country! Abolish the Fed!
38606 Ryanoceros
38607 Name not displayed
38608 Michael Feldstein To put it simply there is no one in this field worth voting for. They have no true sound understanding of our foreign policy and how we have to stop funding our empire. Also, the field is clueless on fiscal and responsible economic policy. Please run with Jesse Ventura or Mr. Baldwin!
38609 Name not displayed It is time to practice a humble foreign policy and to promote freedom and a sound economy at home…
38610 Graham Whittington Love you Ron, good luck in 2012. You are the only logical choice in this world.
38611 Erick M Moyer
38612 Christopher Rieck Dr. Paul, you are America’s only hope.
38613 Lisa Jenkins
38614 Kimberly McCreary We need you " Ron Paul " please turn this country around.
38615 Name not displayed Please run for president and don’t stop!
38616 Kyle Ron Paul 2012 or BUST!
38617 Katelyn Ferrara POWER TO THE PEOPLE!
38618 Tina S We Need Ron Paul!! Rescue this Country, and protect our Troops!!
38619 Russell
38620 Wanda Farmer We the People Need You
38621 Name not displayed
38622 Name not displayed
38623 John Rogers
38624 Ryan Bergstrom 2012 Ron Paul/Jesse Ventura ticket. Let’s bring liberty back to America.
38625 Blake Benefiel
38626 Jared Stuck
38627 Terry Kinder Freedom is popular!
38628 Eric Ferrer
38629 Tyler Yates
38630 Michael Linehan-Goodman
38631 Benjamin Pridgen Restore our Republic!!
38633 Melissa leto
38634 Cheryl Johnson This country can NOT afford more of the same.. I have so much respect for you. I would love to see you become the next president of the United States. I fear that if we do not have someone different this country will never be the same.
38635 Eric Six
38636 andrew harrison
38637 Adolfo Dominguez
38638 Jonathan Webber
38639 Elizabeth Hyland We need you to fix our country!
38640 True Looks like he is right man but, Obama was also good when he was talking only. They all are MARIONETTE and they will follow what the Illuminati will tell them, other wise they will kill them like Martin Luther King or John F. Kennedy. There is only one way : " MANKIND MUST PUT AN END TO WAR OR WAR WILL PUT AN END TO MANKIND "

John F. Kenned
38641 Michael Gams As a United States Marine Corps veteran, I say you-Ron Paul-speak for the values i faught for. You’ve got my vote.
38642 John LaRue Thank you for your selfless service, your honesty, and your dignity.
38643 Shawn Stedman This man has changed how I view the world!
38644 Ivana Bosnjak
38645 Name not displayed
38646 Tyler Dezern Please Ron We Need You More Than Ever!!
38647 Name not displayed Go Ron Paul!
38648 Bruce C. Bacon
38649 colleen carter I am proud to sign this petition and will show my support to Ron Paul’s campaign.
38650 Name not displayed please run, we need you
38651 eddie rum thank you, you have my support
38652 Bret Talbot Run, Ronnie, Run!!!
38653 Justin Swanson
38654 Sarah Lancaster
38655 Julian Jansson Lindseth Ron Paul, sometimes I think that the United States of America does not deserve you to be their president. I am Norwegian and disagree with you on many policies, but your foreign policy is without a doubt exactly what the american’s and the rest of the world need. So please run for being president(And for god sake raise the taxes for the rich in America)
38656 Grant Peterson
38657 joe bone
38658 Larry Falco Save the republic!
38659 Johnny Miller
38660 Karen Hess I am praying for you and your safety and wisdom in running for president. You know where you can accomplish the most for We the People. Thank you, sir for your work. Karen Hess
38661 Charles Biddlecome
38662 Lechowski
38663 John D. The United States of America needs someone they can trust in power. The United States of America needs you Ron.
38664 Jason Mayville Remove the veil and reveal what is unseen.
38665 Kevin Squires
38666 Name not displayed Run Ron Run. Bring on a potent VP like Ventura or Baldwin. I will actively campaign for you in Montana.
38667 Name not displayed you have brought me to tears for your bravery. thank you from the bottom of my heart.
38668 Roy Steffensen Run Ron, run!
38669 Anthony Simone
38670 Name not displayed Napoliano or Rand would be great VP’s with you!
38671 Robert Ken Francis We can’t have too many good candidates, and you’re the best, hands down!
38672 Name not displayed
38673 Jonathan H
38674 Name not displayed
38675 William J. Szymanski Thank you!
38676 Curtis A. Our Republic needs to be great again!

38677 R. Webb I’ve read all your books- you have my full support!
38678 Name not displayed Ron Paul

38679 Name not displayed
38680 Jonas O.
38681 Name not displayed
38682 Name not displayed I have been supporting Mr. Paul since he ran on the LP ticket in 1988. I hope he will give it one more shot.
38683 Steven Webb
38684 John McNamara The world needs a good dose of honesty.
38685 Eric J Boss
38686 Dan Pickens
38687 Name not displayed Truth seekers need a face and you are it! We need you, Ron!
38688 Michael Lauzardo
38689 Michael Fox
38690 Name not displayed
38691 Tressa Nibert
38692 Name not displayed Dr. Paul, you have been speaking the truth for over forty years against a maelstrom of evil politicians, media pundits and special interest groups who have betrayed US citizens by allowing Banks and "govement" to rob them of their wealth and freedom. Thank you. But If you decide to continue this battle via another presidential campaign I would support you as well. You and your wife deserve to have happy times together.
38693 Name not displayed
38694 Dustin Moore Ron Paul, I’m literally finding every non-voter I can and convincing them one-by-one to vote for you, you are a visionary and we need you now more than we ever have
38695 haroon hasan RON PAUL is the only hope to bring the economy back on its feet
38696 Name not displayed Dr. Paul, you have been speaking the truth for over forty years against a maelstrom of evil politicians, media pundits and special interest groups who have betrayed US citizens by allowing Banks and "govement" to rob them of their wealth and freedom. Thank you. But If you decide to continue this battle via another presidential campaign I would support you as well. You and your wife deserve to have happy times together.
38697 Kristopher Morgan no better way to spread the message than to run for president… again…
38698 Luke Sapa
38699 M Jamison
38700 Ryan Christopher
38701 Tony Phillips
38702 Jason PLEASE run. None of these joker candidates will actually strike at the roots of our problems
38703 Name not displayed
38704 Name not displayed
38705 Andrew B
38706 Mike MacKenzie God help us if you don’t.
38707 Andrew
38708 Jason Vetter
38709 Name not displayed
38710 Brian McQuade
38711 Name not displayed OUR TIME OUR COUNTRY!
38712 John Stassen Thank you!
38713 Dustin Nelson Keep up the good work!
38714 Finn Julshamn America needs Ron Paul. To bad everything most people think about is the American way of doing things. Invading countries and steeling their oil.
38715 Name not displayed Good luck, bro.

Linger Longer.
38716 Chris Forstbauer Save Us
38717 Name not displayed Please, please run for president in this crucial upcoming election. You have my vote and the vote of anyone I can convince!
38718 Andrew J Eyberg He had my vote last time and he will have it again!
38719 Dan Martin
38720 Ashley O
38721 Christopher A. Rowley Mr. Paul,

I am a lower-middle class father and husband. We are a single income family. I worry about my job stability and I have no way of paying my college loans. My mother and father are some what in the same boat. I fear for my daughter. She is going on 1 year, I feel my generation did not have the job stability as my fathers. Education no longer helps in getting proper employment or wages. If you need a A/V IT person on your staff. I will donate my time in Indiana for anything you need. I believe you can help us out of these dark times then ever. I fear for the worst and I see our next 4 years will be worst then the last 4 years if this administration stays in office.

God Bless you Ron Paul you are a true American and I wish you were my Congressman.


Christopher A. Rowley
38722 William Cruz Jr. WE don’t need change, WE need restoration!!
38723 Name not displayed Dr. Paul. You are the only one standing up for our Constitution. You will have my vote!
38724 Kara Schott
38725 DC We won’t last another 4 years like this
38726 Alie Gensheimer America needs you, Ron.
38727 d h
38728 Todd Shoenfelt
38729 Garland Hamlett, III
38730 Name not displayed
38731 Cynthia W. Please Dr. Paul, run for president! This country needs you! You’re the only one who offers us hope!
38732 Emily Sibitzky
38733 Melissa G Restore sanity, Please!
38734 Richard Simcoe Run Ron Run
38735 Marilyn Simcoe
38736 andrew wrenbeck
38737 Name not displayed go Ronnie go
38738 Karen Shaw You are the only likely candidate with common sense, integrity and the courage not to sell out to the oligarchs.

If there is to be any hope of salvaging the remains of our republic, we really need you now.
38739 Greg Ponchak We need a leader who can’t be bought.
38740 Brandon Burns
38741 Evan Falkenstine
38742 Sayeed O. Salahdeen Ron Paul is the best man for the Presidency.
38743 Robert Arthur
38744 Corey H
38745 Name not displayed I think 2012 is Ron’s year. The disaster that is Obama has awaken alot of people to the fact that we need someone who knows the government should be a whole lot smaller.
38746 Brandon Vanderwell I give you all my support from Canada!
38747 Lindsay
38748 Levi Silveira RUN RON RUN! Restore America’s greatness! Bring back our sovereignty! Bring back our independence.
38749 Nick Kipp
38750 Dorothy Gay
38751 Kay Kreitz
38752 richard heasley ron paul 2012
38753 Mike Obama"No He Can’t"
38754 Lawrence LaPlue …that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same…
38755 melanie culver I believe we need old America back!
38756 Dennis A.Rickert
38757 Bink
38758 Paul Kipple We need a conservative base that goes against the typical Republican reactions. You, Sir, have a voice and an opinion not of the robotic Republicans.
38759 john lindsay all things considered, now is the time………
38760 Terry Gentry I wish I knew how I could help more…
38761 Tomoko Kotaka We are ALL John Galt.
38762 Brian W
38763 Name not displayed Dr. Paul, you need to run and help get our country back on track. Nobody else will.
38764 Tom You’re the only person that my conscience will allow me to vote for. Please tame the debt and keep the dollar afloat.
38765 James Ardon We. Need. You
38766 Name not displayed
38767 Name not displayed
38768 Name not displayed
38769 Allen Suh Dr. Ron Paul will definitely have my vote!!!!
38770 Lauren Underwood
38771 Name not displayed You have the power to open the eyes of Americans and help start the ball rolling to fix many problems we face because of greedy and corrupt government. Please help us Mr. Paul.
38772 Jonathan Gilcrest Ron Paul goes hard in the mother fuckin’ paint
38773 Jake Coppini
38774 Nicholas Paseiro stop the NWO
38775 Byron Z. Ron Paul 2012
38776 Mike Shvartsman
38777 Dana Davis
38778 Name not displayed
38779 Caleb Leslie
38780 Zachary Moses God bless you Ron Paul. If you run for president I’ll stand behind you.
38781 adam flick We need to take our grand republic back!
38782 Name not displayed I want you to win, but you just being there at the debates in 2008 provided so much food for thought for people who otherwise wouldn’t have been exposed to those ideas. Please run again!!! The more people who hear you talk, the more people who think and research, the more informed our country will become overall.
38783 Name not displayed
38784 Name not displayed
38785 Robert Salisbury I am completely dedicated to this cause. Feel free to e-mail me to let me help in any way possible.
38786 Name not displayed You are a great man who has the exact policies and voice of reason this country needs. It would be a great injustice for the people as well as the country for you not to run, when we need your voice so bad
38787 Mathew Adams Thank you for being you!!
38788 Casey Wilson
38789 Nancy McQuade
38790 Name not displayed
38791 Timothy Robison You got my vote either way but I hope you have Jessie vantura as your running mate!!
38792 Dan Coglianese
38793 Kevin
38794 Garrett Ron paul
38795 Fernando Francisco He better run.
38796 V Collins 2012 is the time for a true constitutionalist like Paul to become President!!
38797 Peter G The Clear Choice.
38798 Karl L. Aynedter Go all the way, please replace this traitor
38799 Name not displayed Run Ron run!
38800 J-P Hannam Bring us back sanity, Mr. Paul! Please run in ’12!!!
38801 Steven M Ron Paul for President in 2012!
38802 EZ
38803 dat nigga Go RON!
38804 Shelby Welch Please run for presidency! You are one of our last chances to change things! We need someone honest and respectful and I can tell you are that person. We really do need change! Help us!
38805 PETER PORAZIK I sincerely hope that this time you’ll make it!
38806 Rachel Wood Dr. Ron Paul is our ONLY hope.
38807 Nelson I am not an American citizen, but you are the only hope for worldwide peace. Please run in 2012
38808 SSG Jason Pierce We need our country back….we need out Constitution back, We need our lives back!
38809 Name not displayed
38810 JACK PAHL The fate of America is in your hands !!!
38811 Jason Bowen
38812 Rick Bentz We need you to be our President now more than ever…
38813 Name not displayed You got my Vote!
38814 Melody You got my vote, too!
38815 Chris Keller This is our lives and our choices. I can only imagine the hardship of campaigning. 2012 will have its hardships and bridges to cross but it will not be without a devoted and faithful following of believers for a revolution. I hate using the phrase "take back America" but in this case it seems the most fitting. I have only one vote to cast and am hoping that man will accept it.
38816 Kenneth Ponton
38817 kevin America will fall without RON PAUL.
38818 Bryce White
38819 Janna Riedle
38820 Tiara Hill For the people.
38821 Name not displayed If you run, we will vote.
38822 Derrick Chambers RON PAUL 2012
38823 Maureen Collins
38824 Teh Chin Hooi Please stop the western barbarian invasion…..
38825 Rob Boye
38826 Cameron Deem
38827 Name not displayed
38828 Jordan Andrews
38829 Ingmar L
38830 Jeff Fraas Ron Paul is what our country needs right now.
38831 Name not displayed
38832 Frances Watts
38833 Name not displayed
38834 miranda thweatt its time for the REAL change
38835 Michael Creta
38836 Name not displayed
38837 Ivan Help us Mr. Paul.
38838 Teresa Gilliland We all know it’s the idea not the man that lasts. Man helps ideas grow. We need your help in getting our (your) ideas out there for the better of this country. Thank you Dr. Paul!
38839 Julia Lagenour
38840 Frank Brady
38841 JEANETTE M. Let’s do this! Ron Paul! its time to take our Freedom and Liberty back.
38842 Kimberly Woods
38843 Jon McDorman Run Dr. Paul!
38844 Mike Morton
38845 Name not displayed
38846 Tim Walton
38847 Alison M. Dupree
38848 Michael Constant It was bad enough that I had to write your name in on the ballot in 2008, but I voted for you in 2008 and I will do it again.
38849 Ignacio Alvarez
38850 Chris Price RON PAUL 2012!
38851 Katrina Evenhouse
38852 Joe Not only USA need you!
38853 Name not displayed
38854 mike You are our last hope
38855 Ashley Roberts
38856 Name not displayed we have waited long enough for the truth thank you Mr. Paul.
38857 Name not displayed
38858 Name not displayed It’s time for a REVOLUTION!
38859 T.Taylor I wish the best for you. Most presidents i didnt hear about until it was about time for election (Obama/Clinton) but ive been listening and watching you for about 2 years I know its a pipe dream but I hope that the change you hope to make is for the best of ALL OF US, good luck!!
38860 Kenneth Payne we need a REAL change
38861 Name not displayed
38862 Name not displayed End the Endless Wars
38864 Aaron johann save us
38865 Name not displayed I honestly believe that Ron Paul is the best thing that can happen to this country.
38866 Jan Schulz Ron Paul for President !!! - from Germany
38867 Logan Sunderhaus Ron paul has clearly put a lot of thought into the people of our nation. He wants good and has put alot into actually trying to make things better. I very much believe he deserves a presidency term hope it happens and if bad times come we will still be ready but will know its not our faults.
38868 william gibson
38869 Ashley M. P.
38870 Name not displayed Austrian Economics!
38871 Name not displayed
38872 Jeremy H Smith And the truth shall set you free…
38873 Bill K You have been fighting Big Government for so long now , I ignored you in 2008 but I am no longer ingoring you now . One man can’t fix this corrupt Government but I now know that with the rising of the Tea Party Movement , We the People will help !
38874 Peter "Rise like Lions after slumber

In unvanquishable number,

Shake your chains to earth like dew

Which in sleep had fallen on you-

Ye are many — THEY are few"

Take the elite out and bring the country back to a Constitutional Republic. We need our country back before it’s too late.
38875 Name not displayed We need you to lead us.
38876 Name not displayed
38877 Name not displayed
38878 Vilmund B John Galt for VP
38879 Matthew R Harrah Please run, Ron! You’re the only one who understands what limited government REALLY means!
38880 Mark Z
38881 Stephen K. Spear JR
38882 Name not displayed
38883 Angela Beregszazi Please Mr. Paul reconsider. We would love for you to run for President in 2012. I’ll support you all the way.
38884 Name not displayed
38885 Name not displayed Its gonna change America
38886 Eric Jackson
38887 Robert Hooper Restore honor and honesty to our government. Return liberty to our people. Bring the Constitution back into the process. We face the death of America in the future, help turn us from this path. Help us Ron Paul, you’re our only hope.
38888 Todd Lawler
38889 Cindy Gallimore
38890 Phillip D Schultz Ron Paul is our only hope to save our dollar. He will save us and is a true American. Long live the USA.
38891 Raymond Kuntz
38892 Fernando Avila Jr WOOOO GO RON PAUL!!
38893 Clayton E. Tompkins You are my last stand of faith in American politics and politicians! I hope we can make the changes towards a government our founding fathers would be proud of.
38894 Name not displayed Please don’t let America DOWN!!!
38895 Jon Llewellyn Rep. Paul, America needs you!
38896 Cliff Pizzolato
38897 William D Ward
38898 John Riordan
38899 Byron Gautreaux Please do this for us Dr. Paul
38900 Name not displayed
38901 Anthony Kowalkowski
38902 Name not displayed
38903 Jimmy Go on mate..
38904 Joseph Dunegan Please run! We need you.
38905 Phil
38906 Jim Oblon Wish you well!! I am in support of you!
38907 Sharon Clarke
38908 Ty Johnson I distrust the current political duality of Rep/Dem parties. Please run INDEPENDENT.
38909 James Ranew
38911 Debra Cooper Ron Paul is our best chance for a future
38912 Dan Griffin Ron you are a great leader, help us save our nation.
38913 Eric S. Tilton Please, please, help us!
38914 Kevin W Please run Paul the country needs you!
38915 Anthony Richendollar
38916 Name not displayed We need you!
38917 william hart will work fl campaign
38918 Rich Gazlay I would like to work on your campaign here in Florida
38919 Troy Dewater Please end all the wars and help us get out of germany, japan ect.
38920 cathy t I am a registered voter. "I want you to run!"
38921 Nick Albin A true visionary is needed.
38922 Name not displayed Ron Paul we need you!!!!
38923 Name not displayed WE NEED YOU!!!! YOUR OUR ONLY HOPE!!
38924 R. Smith Restore the Founders Constitution.

Do away with the alphabet soup agencies: ATF, DEA, DHS, TSA…

Quit meddling in other countries affairs.

Go back to the gold & silver backed dollar.

Rid Medicare/Medicaid fraud.

Repeal Fed. Healthcare.

Repeal unconstitutional gun laws.

Stop foreign aid.

That ought to keep you busy for the first 6 months of your Presidency Ron….I’m behind you!
38925 Tanis
38926 Name not displayed Enough war and debt already. My son deserves a better country/world to inherit.
38927 Name not displayed I feel your the last hope for america,please!
38928 Michael Costello
38929 Name not displayed Tough times call for tough actions
38930 Dan Simons Please save this country!!! End The FED!!
38931 Name not displayed
38932 Name not displayed
38933 Name not displayed It’s time. the country needs to fix the last 60 years of corruption, failure, and sef destruction. Please make this happen. you have my support.
38934 Name not displayed
38935 Robin Hortt
38936 Steele Campbell Thanks Ron, myself and my family fully support your efforts!
38937 Miles T Mull Ron Paul is the only candidate that I will support in the 2012 election… he and his son, Rand are the only politicians I trust, I hope to see Ron on the ballet, or ill truly lose faith that our government can be run by a person with integrity…
38938 Timothy M Janes
38939 Pete Clough End this shame FULL blight on the USA. Please..
38940 Name not displayed america will not survive without u mr president!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
38941 Name not displayed
38942 Phil Cook
38943 Patrick K It may be too late, but I would rather go off the cliff with someone at least TRYING to pull back on the reigns.
38944 Name not displayed I’m behind you all the way.
38945 Name not displayed
38946 David Bryant
38947 Shawn Moore
38948 Johanna LM I cant vote, I’m from Sweden! But not only America needs you - the world needs you!!
38949 John Greninger legalize liberty!!!
38950 Name not displayed ron paul…this year iv been studing the dvd,s from

iv come to know you would make the best president,if not killed like jfk…please thak extreem care…for the countrys could be our last hope of a real president/cammander, and cheif.
38951 Name not displayed
38952 Lance Armstrong
38954 Jeffrey McCoy
38955 Bill Stoll Please restore America!
38956 Marc Whittemore YEESSSS! I will donate every last single spare moment!!
38957 Name not displayed
38958 Matthew Nail I will support Mr. Paul in the Republican primary if he decides to run
38959 TC Newlin
38960 Joe Steeg
38961 Name not displayed
38962 Name not displayed
38963 Name not displayed
38964 marian kline
38965 bob sampson
38966 Kaitlin Howard
38967 Shahin Saber
38968 scott lawlor Run Ron Run!
38969 Scott D. the coming depression blog
38970 Schuyler W Smith
38971 Lori R
38972 John Kittlesen
38973 James O’Hagan
38974 Joe Foft
38975 Keith Chapman
38976 Charlie S Please save the American Dream, A house, a family, and a job through hard work, not winning the lottery, suing to get rich, or living off the government
38977 Anwar Nassiry Ron Paul the true Patriot that puts America first and second and third.
38978 Name not displayed Paul / Ventura 2012!
38979 Anthony Munoz
38980 Frank Ybarra Gooo RON!!!
38981 Steve Kagan Your our only hope.
38982 Broc West Go Ron Go!
38983 Nick Seevers
38984 Lance Liberty
38985 Eileen Yerman I sure would love to see Ron Paul as our country’s president!
38986 Katie Apodaca Ron Paul, America needs someone like you!!
38987 Name not displayed I would have voted to put you on the ballot in ’08 if I could have.
38988 William Trainer We need total fiscal responsibility, and alot less government policy and intervention…Smaller government equates to
38989 Name not displayed Go Ron Paul!
38990 Name not displayed
38991 Maximilian P Honesty and liberty is what our country needs from our government. You can deliver.
38992 Gary M. Woods now more than ever, this country needs a solid leader
38993 Name not displayed
38994 michael sheahan Get the fed!!
38995 Derek Marcks
38996 Noah Griffin Down with the NWO!
38997 Don Clayton Sturgis ?" WE ARE WAKING UP slowly to the truth, but WE NEED YOU!!!!!"
38998 Eric Vipperman End the Federal Reserve
38999 Joseph E. Gibbons I would like to contribute to the Ron Paul campaign for 2012
39000 Marcus M

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