Signatures 35,001-40,000

Number Name Comment
36001 Spencer Shoop We need you Ron Paul!
36002 Norrin Radd This country and these people need Ron Paul. He is by far the only candidate to ever say all of the right things in all of the years that i have been watching the elections. It is a damn shame that the American people are too close-minded and brain-washed to wake up and see what is good for THEM and not for the pockets of the greedy idiots in office. This country is a joke and i know this from being in Europe. No one thinks America will once again be what it used to be. Ron Paul NEEDS to win this time!
36003 Name not displayed Paul is the most qualified and knowledgable canidate to run in 2012
36004 Name not displayed
36005 Zach Foster George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Ludwig Von Mises would approve!
36006 Joshua Shreve
36007 Donna Almanza Our country needs people who love this country as much as you do.
36008 Carlos Guevara
36009 michael corleone from australia
36010 Name not displayed
36011 Sara Reckelhoff Godspeed Ron Paul!
36012 Name not displayed
36013 Stan Kasiarz
36014 Christine Judd
36015 Name not displayed
36016 Kyle Bosdell
36017 Robert Whitworth
36018 Hugo Hernandez
36019 Jesse Mignogna
36020 Scott Morrison
36021 Matthew Duff Last Hope. Please Run.
36022 jeff krichten save the republic
36023 Robert Powell
36024 John Seelye
36025 Robin We need Ron Paul
36026 Bob
36027 Garrett Davis
36028 Shane Driscoll Don’t just run. Tell me how I can campaign on your behalf in Oregon!
36029 Name not displayed
36030 Jeremiah Richard Aker Please run for President Congressman Paul! Please, please, please! If you don’t run for President then I fear this country is already doomed, for I do not believe that we will survive another four years with the Federal Reserve controlling our Nation.
36031 jason
36032 Name not displayed
36033 Missi
36034 Richard Mowry RUN 2012 WE NEED YOU!!!!
36035 Branden Graves At the age of 39 this would be my first time voting… I have never voted because I didn’t like the fact of having to vote for the one person I thought would not be as crooked as the next. You sir, I feel is finally the golden light for this great country of ours. Finally a person that is for us " We the People of the United States of America " Someone who is not afraid to stand up, someone who understands the people, someone who will work for the people. It is time sir, it is time to start a " New Era Revolution " !! Go Ron Paul 2012 !!
36036 Eric Boye You’re the only one I’d vote for. Please elevate the playing field.
36037 Ansel Bickerton
36038 Chris Ramirez
36039 Hayley Sudhoff We need you Ron Paul!
36040 Charles C. McMillin
36041 Mark
36042 Name not displayed
36043 Chad Dewey Had enough of Bush and Obama, America? I would like to think America has awaken from its slumber and is now ready for Ron Paul as our next President. A vote for anyone else at this point is just business as usual by people who haven’t been woke up over the corruption of the last few decades in D.C. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss…
36044 Name not displayed
36045 Larry Turnage
36046 Name not displayed Run please and continue your long standing work.
36047 Patrick We can do it.
36048 Name not displayed Enter and You’ve got my vote!
36049 Name not displayed You could be America’s only and last hope - please run.
36050 Travis Bearden
36051 Name not displayed I would love to see an American president who has no interest for anything but his own country. Leave the rest of the world alone.
36052 Scott Hunt
36053 Joy Camacho WE NEED YOU!!!
36054 Ryan Dominik Voice of reason in a room full of yelling
36055 Name not displayed
36056 Name not displayed
36057 Ashton Patterson The people love you!
36058 Matt Parlier
36059 Sev Magina More people need to know this gentlemans message.
36060 Name not displayed
36061 Name not displayed PLEASE RUN…….!!!!!!!!!
36062 Joseph Kelleher RON PAUL and JESSE VENTURA for 2012!!!!

ACTUAL CHANGE! End the two party dictatorship!
36063 Name not displayed
36064 Bailey I’m with you all the way!
36065 J. ANNE OWEN RON AND JESSE!! Now that would be ACTUAL CHANGE!
36066 jarrod Goldman I support you!!! Semper Fidelis!!!
36067 Name not displayed Dear Mr Paul, we need you in office please help save our constitutional rights. This country was founded by men who thought like you. You are the only man left that I see willing to stand for and uphold those same rights. The bureaucrat opposition must be astonishing and please don’t be discouraged “Bad men cannot make good citizens. It is when a people forget God that tyrants forge their chains. A vitiated state of morals, a corrupted public conscience, is incompatible with freedom. No free government, or the blessings of liberty, can be preserved to any people but by a firm adherence to justice, moderation, temperance, frugality, and virtue; and by a frequent recurrence to fundamental principles.”

Patrick Henry
36068 Joshua Hutto The system is rotten, we need an overhaul now.
36069 Name not displayed
36070 Name not displayed
36071 Shao Hsieh You are the change I believe in.
36072 Name not displayed
36073 Name not displayed Your wisdom is a true treasure, and the mere fact that you stand up for the truth and REAL change when other candidates and reporters combat your words and apply pressure to you to fold is so inspirational. No one deserves to be President of the United States more than you. You are hope for this country. Let’s do this!
36074 Joseph Pinheiro
36075 Matthew G. Steel
36076 Name not displayed
36077 Brian Bengali
36078 james tucci run ron run! you are our only hope!
36079 Name not displayed Our country needs a man who will do the right thing. Dr. Paul, PLEASE run in 2012!
36081 Nick Do it for wisconsin
36082 Shawn Porter
36083 adrian martinez Godspeed
36084 David Lowe
36085 Daniel Phillips
36086 Name not displayed RUN RON RUN. We need ya’.
36087 Robin Smith Please run Ron. Let’s give America another chance!
36088 D Smith Without Ron Paul at the helm, I am worried about what the future brings.
36089 Matthew Mitchell
36090 Michael Nguyen This country needs a leader like you.
36091 Conor Finnegan I am a 19 year old college student who feels disenfranchised by this country growing up in a struggling working class family during the bush administration. I feel betrayed because I wasn’t given a chance to be proud of the country I was born in. I don’t want the same for my children in the future, it has been a devastating experience. Please, I just ask that you stand by the basic principle of doing the right thing by the people, that is all I ask. thank you.
36092 Zach
36093 April Candias
36094 Name not displayed It is time we get a politician who truly believes in bettering America, not the top 1%. Furthermore, Dr. Paul knows economics, and our country has been lacking a politician who will fight corporations with economic knowledge.
36095 Jonathan Pendleton PLEASE. We need someone like you.
36096 Name not displayed
36097 Einar Barenholtz
36098 vincent migliore time for a real change….
36099 Name not displayed Ron Paul for 2012!!
36100 Jeff Huber A grateful citizen thanks you for your years of service and asks please once more.
36101 Name not displayed I don’t know why you are the only political figure who is saying these things. It seems to be strong evidence of how sick our nation really is. Please run in 2012, and one day your face will be printed on money that’s real.
36102 Jonathan Mesick Help us make it better
36103 Debbie Coats Serve your country with honor and not for your investment portfolio. I would rather be poor than be rich from war.
36104 Gabriel Marin
36105 Name not displayed
36106 Jacob Bangert
36107 Sven
36108 Cody Boone
36109 Curt Hash
36110 John P Meyers Jr
36111 mathew america’s last chance
36112 Michael Stelling America needs you, and it’s your turn to be heard
36113 Michael Grennan Dear Dr. Paul,

I just wanted to say congratulations for selling the house, hopefully your new one will be 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!
36114 Mr Hope I hope Ron Paul wins!
36115 Mr Hope I hope u win!!!
36116 Graeme Wilson
36117 Terry Pritchard
36118 Name not displayed
36119 Joe Cramer Ron Paul and NO BANK! 2012
36120 Terri Rose
36121 Name not displayed
36122 Richard Ammend If you take Ventura ex MN governor for a running mate then don’t count on us. He is only in it for himself. We know we found out the hard way.
36123 Lucas Nowell
36124 mark szekely
36125 Elizabeth Hardaker
36126 Michael Stevens We need you. No one else is going to look out for us. For too long, the government has operated in the interest of the corporation. We need a champion for the cause of the man.
36127 Name not displayed
36128 Jennifer Jenkins
36129 April Armstrong
36130 Kaycee Marshall Ron Paul 2012!!
36132 Henry Dez
36133 Name not displayed Please help us !!!!!!!!!!
36134 David Chaffee We are not the "Policeman of the World". Please help us straighten our the Republican Party. Please Run for President in 2012.
36135 Name not displayed
36136 Mark Anderson
36137 Oscar D. Martinez Ron Paul for president is the best idea, hopefully we meet necessary amount of signatures in order for Ron Paul to run in 2012!
36138 casey bates
36139 Eileen Casey RUN, RON, RUN!!!
36140 Name not displayed Thank you for the new hope~
36141 Name not displayed We need REAL change now more than ever.
36142 Jonathan Freitas
36143 Matthew Lee Please run!
36144 Kevin Bernard Save us in 2012!
36145 Lary Hudson Run for President, Mr. Paul! We need to fix this country!
36146 Name not displayed 2012!
36147 john heyrich
36148 Sky Gordon
36149 Rene Stover Ron Paul is a great patriot.I voted for him last election. Go, Ron Paul!
36150 Jeff Samuel
36151 Douglas Hayhurst The man who can save the U.S.A..
36152 Joseph F. D’Amato
36153 Giddiani Oteo
36154 Nicole Miller Your country need you
36155 Douglas Greene Sending nothing but love toward you as you make this decision.
36156 Kimi DeVore Your beliefs represent so many of American citizen, many who are afraid to stand up and voice their beliefs and opinions. Please help us regain our American pride once again
36157 Name not displayed
36158 Name not displayed
36159 Caleb Mills Please run for president! We need someone with some common sense!
36160 Russell Orin Dana
36161 beth akin
36162 Name not displayed
36163 Chris Gerads
36164 Dan Hartnett The end of the world prophecy of 2012 will come true if Ron Paul is not elected. For America at least.
36165 Kevin LaChance Please Run!!!!!
36166 Wayne DeWeerd Audit the Federal Reserve!

Go Paul!
36167 Garret Rojano
36168 tonya renee white its our freedom,stupid
36169 Lee R. Spargur You have to run Ron, save us.
36170 damon fields go ron go !
36171 Derrick Tapp
36172 Name not displayed
36173 Name not displayed
36174 Jeff Calwell Please Run
36175 Name not displayed I would have voted for Ron Paul last election
36176 Aurelian This country needs you!
36177 margaret banfield I don’t care what your political party is - I am typically a democrat but at this point it doesn’t matter. Ron Paul is the right choice for every American - you may even hold a radically OPPOSITE philosophy of government, but what Ron Paul will deliver is much closer to what ever American actually wants than any other candidate. You care about welfare, gov’t health care, social security? Ron Paul may not believe that any of those are the right solutions, but under him POOR PEOPLE would be better off, health care would be CHEAPER, and people could afford to retire. There seriously shouldn’t even be a debate about who is best for America. Regardless of your political party, Americans need Paul.
36178 Name not displayed Come on Ron, Run for the people that want you in office.
36179 elizabeth white
36180 Mike D in case we all die in 2012, I love you Ron.
36181 Jocelyn Forte
36182 Bryan Ogrodnick
36183 Chris
36184 Rich Olson How about Ron and Rand as Pres/Vice Pres in 2012! America needs you.
36185 Vicki We simply MUST HAVE RON PAUL in these debates. Now that people are waking up through the tea party, they’ll have enough sense to listen and recognize that no one else matches their platform as much as Congressman Paul. And he has a record to prove it!
36186 Jeff Dennison
36187 Kristopher Pullin
36188 Name not displayed 2012.
36189 Laura Montague
36190 jeff ronne
36191 Name not displayed Ron Paul! Ron Paul! Ron Paul!
36192 Chuck Devaney
36193 Jason END THE FED
36194 Marty Braun
36195 S. Clemente
36196 Name not displayed I’ve voted for you before and I am now more confident than ever that you will win. The youth is behind you! majority of the students at the university of Houston love you. You have Houston support you have my support we love you Ron Paul!
36197 Jason Pieper Let’s do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The time is now!
36198 Name not displayed
36199 The Great Racoon Sir, you are America’s last hope. In 2012, the country will be bankrupt but god is on your side. Please run
36200 Larry Kaye
36201 Name not displayed Thank you for everything you’ve done already! We The People need sanity in this run-amok government. You are it. Please!
36202 Tidlicmig 57105
36203 Mark Walker
36204 Mike Ashley
36205 Steven Urcinoli
36206 cameron suchodolski im canadian and i think u should run if not there then find a way into our political arena the world needs more polititians like ron paul
36207 Tony Felbab
36208 Name not displayed “Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.” - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dr. Paul, I beseech you to run for President. Help to wake up America to the treachery in Congress. Help them to see how compromised their freedoms really are. Help us become free once again. Please, sir, be our MLK.
36209 steve jaskolka accept no substitutes we need the original RON PAUL 2012
36210 Janet Adam I love Ron Paul.
36211 Name not displayed Ron! Ron! Ron!
36212 Name not displayed Don’t know if you’ve thought of this, but I would love a joint running with Gary Johnson!
36213 Name not displayed SAVE US!!
36214 Rick Schubert
36215 Katherine Cottrell
36216 Joshua Nelson Would love to see Ron Paul and his ideas in office. Ron Paul 2012!
36217 Christopher Bray
36218 Ross Hight I’ve voted for him every time he has run!
36219 Dillon Banis Save Americans, END THE FED.
36220 Name not displayed
36221 Name not displayed Please run for president! I have not considered myself much of anything politically, but the last presidential election really pushed me over the edge to look into politics more. You are the only politician that truly impresses me.
36222 Maria Gum
36223 SSgt Dustin Majewski your the last hope, for our generation, for the next and next. RON PAUL 2012!
36224 Chris Desiato
36225 Fernando Barrera
36226 Kai Austin PLEASE run for President. You are all we have. No one else will tell the American people the truth. As an African American single mother I have a responsibility to my sons to make sure that ALL of their needs are met. How can I do that if the politicians won’t even address the root of the problems so that I can do my part in trying to fix them?

America is so brain-washed by our media constantly pushing entertainment and bad messages that many people almost seem disinterested in any newsworthy information. They just want to know that another celebrity, still a human being, has encountered another emotional breakdown. It is not until the country slides right into a depression that people will wake up and stop letting these influences dumb our society down.

WE have to get people to wake up. Snap out of this media trance, if you will, that they all seem to be in. If we can show Americans how to remove the very things that "we think" define us like race, religion & politics and stop letting it separate us as a people we can start to change. The very things that we think define us and make us who we are happen to be the very things that tear us apart and keep us at each others throats.

It’s going to take a global change of consciousness to change the problems we face. That won’t happen until people start to really feel the effects of a depression coming. I guarantee they will turn off ‘survivor’ and ‘american idol’ and turn on cnn.

You are just the person to help America do that. The media likes to portray you as some kook that just has some strange opinions about our government but some of us know differently. You are more than that. You are our light out of this dark and dreary hole that America has been in since the early 19th and 20th centuries. Abolishing the Federal Reserve System and this crazy notion that money=debt will get us out of debt with more money…huh? is just the start.

Maybe you can take off where Kennedy and Lincoln ended. Try putting the money back in the peoples hands and out of the hands of the few elite bankers who’s personal interest are far from bringing equality and changing the world. It’s more like "how can we push ourselves as far away from the poor as possible?"

God bless you and I will support you any way that I can. Start a movement here, maybe get all of our young people on board. Especially the black vote. If they all vote for Barack again I’ll just die! I was a Barackanite I’ll admit but snapped out of it the day he bailed out all the major banks when GoldmnSchs was his #1 contributor in his campaign. I was no longer a fan but more like a disappointed, angry, mad citizen who was duped because of the color of our skin. Never Again!

Ron Paul for President!!!
36227 Name not displayed Abolish the Federal Reserve!" You have our vote!
36228 Tiffany Weirich
36229 Richard Warfield
36230 nicholas williams
36231 adelida marsh
36232 Name not displayed The world needs you Ron Paul!
36233 Jason Quinn
36234 Dylan Bordonaro
36235 Sean Lewis This must happen.
36236 samuel smith I have been thoroughly educated on the topics you discuss for over 20 yrs. now. You were my first choice in 08 but didn’t get the nomination. You will again be my first choice in 2012. As an African American I will do all I can to help you get that vote and give you your chance to make a change.
36237 Marcia Chadick
36238 Joe Commisso We need Ron Paul for president. Somebody logical who makes sense. We need some practicality in this nation.
36239 Name not displayed
36240 Name not displayed Please Run We Need You…..
36241 Name not displayed We need you. You have always been for the people. Please run…for us! :-)
36242 Darrell Jolley
36243 Matthew Carter PAUL 2012!
36244 David Samson
36245 Name not displayed
36246 Jonathon Schwendler Ron Paul, you and your son are the only Republican politicians I have ever considered voting for, and it would be an honor to vote for you in the Republican primary and in November.
36247 Tanner Beck
36248 Rachael Plant
36249 Joe Kott
36250 Erik Whetstone
36251 Marcus Olsson Ron Paul could become the best president that the US ever had.
36252 BERNABE SERRANO Ron Paul would bring hope and respect to our nation’s highest office.
36253 Matthew Brasesco Ron Paul Revolution!
36254 Jamison Derfler Go get ‘em Ron!
36255 richard
36256 Afraid to give name Americas liberty will be worth anything.

36257 Aaron Davis
36258 Alisha Mogan
36259 William LaBruna
36260 Bruce Grilli Finally, I real candidate for sane government and fiscal and moral responsibility!
36261 Ferridhun Davoody It is long past time that someone in our government understands that the Constitution does not provide the Federal Government with power, it’s reason for being is to limit the power of the Federal government. Not turn the three branches into a three headed snake. It’s time for a man our founding fathers can be proud of, it is time for Ron Paul.
36262 Name not displayed
36263 Chris Lesser It’s GO time!
36264 Mike Anderson whether you believe you can, or cannot, either way you are right
36265 Jonathan Campbell
36266 Hoan Nguyen The question was, "Ron Paul or Rand Paul: Who Should Run for President in 2012?" Why not Ron for president and Rand for vice president?
36267 Stephen J. Valle Keep true libertarianism alive. I’m sick of both the Left and the Right putting the kibosh on my personal and economic liberty.
36268 sean van buggenum i’m not american, but Ron seems the only American that seems to make any sense, and what he says seems sincere.

For the USA and the world, I hope to god, or whatever you look to, that Ron runs and given that opportunity, you, the American people, don’t stuff it up!
36269 Name not displayed
36270 Chris Saltzman
36271 Name not displayed
36272 Karen Nuss I can no longer stand Republicans or Democrats and America needs a REAL change. There are simply no good candidates for the Republicans.
36273 Name not displayed all the best!!!!
36274 Charles Do your duty in all things, we are here to support you.
36275 Name not displayed USA definitely need a revolution - new start!!!!!!
36276 ERIC Ron paul and jesse ventura as vp and this country would back on the right track once again. We gotta get our Constitution back!!!!!!
36277 Name not displayed Go Ron!
36278 Julie Morse
36279 J.T. Ward
36280 Nate Anderson The country is now ready for ya! Do it!
36281 ALEX If you do not get the GOP Nomination…Please consider running as an Independent Canditate. Americans are Fed up with both the Republican and Democratic Party. It is time for real change. If you are really serious . Please consider running as an Independent George Washington Party
36282 Name not displayed
36283 HAILEY PETERSON I support you, Ron! The time is now to dump Obama; the pretend American who has no real birth certificate, was put through college by an Arab multi-millionaire, who lied about his background to get into college, and has been slowly taking away the privileges we have been granted under the Constitution! We are not socialists, and do not deserve to have the government controlling everything in all aspects of our lives anymore!
36284 Andrea Weberling been a supporter from the beginning!
36285 Rebecca Roberts
36286 nicholette pribyl
36287 Name not displayed
36288 Name not displayed
36289 Lloyd Lutterman Paul/Nader 2012!
36290 Jim Couch Please stick with it Ron we are behind you 100%
36291 Angel Helms Congressman Ron Paul;

You may not get around to reading this as you are probably a busy man, yet I am almost sure that because of your love of America and its people, you will read this.

Sir, I have one thing to say to you.

Without YOU;


Without your LOGIC;

Without your care for the PEOPLE and the people’s RIGHTS;

There is NO HOPE for the people of our nation.

Congressman Paul, you stand for so much more than a government fulfilling only the Constitution’s and the founding fathers’ intentions. You represent and inspire and give hope to those whose voices have been lost in the sea of the others’ who have responded positively to the filth of nothing but campaign tactics.

Honestly, sir, when I researched your views on the issues and watched your 2008 campaign video, tears streamed down my face as a sense of hope and newfound nationalism for the potential of our country came upon me. Soon enough, my heart began racing, and my urge to spread the word flooded me.

If we do not try, Congressman Paul…

We do not deserve to live in such a nation as the one you have portrayed.

One without meddling,

One without the IRS,

One without unfair taxes, etc.

When you run for president, you are not alone.

We, all 34,669 of us (so far), stand up beside you for the hope of an America for the PEOPLE.

Thank you.
36292 Sarah Crowley
36293 Jace Hancock RUN RON RUN
36294 Casey Jones please sir we have some really fun stuff we wanna try :D
36295 Name not displayed
36296 Dave Perkins We need a President as strong and educated for the country and the American people. Give me Liberty or give me Death!
36297 Name not displayed He is a real american who follows the constitution if you don’t value your freedoms and loves big gov’t then dont vote for ron paul a mater of fact just move to chine i’m sure they will treat you well. RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT 2012
36298 Philip LaMaster
36299 Name not displayed
36300 Nani Nikcevich You got me believing again in the country I love so much. You are the only one who speaks the truth

and sticks to the Constitution! Please run for President 2012!!!!!
36301 Margaret Conlin
36302 Greg Davis Individual freedoms ensured by fiscal, constitutional responsbility.
36303 Sean Romano Ron Paul is a true leader.
36304 Corey Fisher Get up and fucking run, let’s turn this country around, RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!
36305 Margaret
36306 David Mitchell The Nation needs Ron Paul.
36307 Ryan Danielsen We need you Ron. Spread the word people!
36308 Justin Watkins Run for the sake of America.
36309 steven weaver god bless!!!!!!
36310 ryan schnell God Bless You. God Bless Freedom
36311 Name not displayed
36312 Name not displayed
36313 Ted Tenorio "We the People" want you to be OUR President .
36314 Christian Vogelgesang
36315 Mike Willis
36316 Kevin Wheet
36317 maurice boot
36318 Angelo Diiorio pls run in 2012 we need you
36319 Name not displayed
36320 Nolan Help us Dr. Paul, you’re our only hope.
36321 Name not displayed If Ron Paul runs in 2012 it will be the first time that I will take the time to vote. Please run, we need you, the world needs you.
36322 Corey Jennette Keep going after the Federal Reserve, Mr. Paul. Thank you so much.
36323 Regis Preszler We need you to implement banking reform and rid our country of crony capitalism. Thanks for speaking out and pursuing these issues.
36324 Duy Nguyen
36325 Nick Jones Do what you have to do to get America back to the basics
36326 Christopher Cunningham Please take this country back to where it should be.
36327 Rudy Gomez
36328 Brad
36329 Clarence Leatherbury
36330 John Adams-Thomas Jefferson We’re behind you Mr. Paul. ;)
36331 Joe Knutson The American revolutionaries did the impossible. So can we.
36332 Hernan Salgado
36333 Skip Beery
36334 Jacob Brewer God bless you sir. You are the best thing sence JFK or Tom Jefferson. I highly respect you and would give any money I can and go door to door till my feet ache. You inspire so many to beleive in our country again. You are the rebirth of a dying nation and I admire you so deeply. Words can not put how I feel about what you’ve said and done please.. your Americas last hope.
36335 Lorri Makela Just do it. Grab either Jesse Ventura or Dennis Kucinich and run for President! Please!
36336 Name not displayed
36337 Name not displayed
36338 Danilo Mesa Please End the Fed.
36339 Name not displayed You got my vote.
36340 Dan Foreman Ron, I love you.
36341 Name not displayed RON PAUL 2012 Stop the war on drugs! waste of money and have government legalize and regulate. take the money out of the organized crimes hands.
36342 Scott Kennedy I love this man.
36343 Austin Williams Ron Paul rEVOLution… one of the few politicians that has a clue!
36344 Name not displayed
36345 David R. You’re our only hope. We need you more than ever.
36346 John Quinonez
36347 Christopher Perkins
36348 Jacob Keen Pull yourself up by your bootstraps
36349 Paul Switlyk We need you Ron Paul. I pledge to help you.
36350 Douglas Nardecchia
36351 Rod Cauthen
36352 Name not displayed
36353 sex Having in arrears is not the desert of sex oferty termination for the benefit of your retirement. But height benefit in hock such as belief funny man destined owing could be, principally if you can’t illustration broken how to perturb out of debt and begin redeeming in behalf of the future junhe5x4
36354 A. Pomares To further your role as the seed that will spark the growth in the movement that will save our country from unknowingly taking itself under.
36355 Nicole Ott
36356 Mattias Raudsepp Hello my fellow earth people, greetings from estonia. Ron Paul must run and you must elect him, make a fucking good example of your country to follow you.
36357 Michael Cook
36358 Jameson Gardner I still believe in you.
36359 Jared Morrison
36360 Ryan deterding Help us, Ron Paul, you’re our only hope.
36361 Name not displayed Please don’t let them turn MediCare into more Corporate Welfare. Congressmen should be subject to the rules they make. I am poor but highly skilled. Let me know how I can help.
36362 Meredith martin Please help us get our country back on track!
36363 Name not displayed It’s time to really make the change that Americans have been waiting for. GO RON!!!!
36364 Name not displayed I’m a lifelong Democrat who has given up on the two party system. Please save us Ron.
36365 Pat Andrews
36366 Jon Reeves
36367 Christopher Gaines
36368 allan miller After listening to Ron Paul, I was finally awakened to what really is going on in govt. THANKS!!!
36369 Justin Thompson The power of social media can overcome the distorted media…
36370 Name not displayed
36371 Michael Martin It’s long overdue to set the government back to the way it was intended in the constitution.
36372 Name not displayed For those of you concerned that your vote for Ron Paul would be wasted because the general consensus says that he can’t win - don’t be. Remember that his support didn’t come from Republicans, Democrats, corporate lobbyists or the Military Industrial Complex. The excitement he generates comes from Americans who believe as he does; in our Constitution. Sadly, that makes him an outsider to the mainstream media. Our Politicians no longer think the Constitution has relevance. And many of our institutions now have a vested interest in a growing government. Homeland Security created after 9/11 and the Federal Reserve Board (which is a private organization not Federal at all) think our Constitution is an inconvenience or at best, a suggestion. Whether Ron Paul wins or not, his message is being heard loud and clear. He offers us a way to climb out of the financial and ethical abyss we find our country in and what’s fantastic is that it’s not an original idea. Ron Paul offers us a road map to saving this country by reintroducing the Constitution with all the personal and financial freedoms it guarantees. Your vote for Ron Paul, win or lose, demonstrates that he is not alone in his fight to restore this country’s most valuable resource, the Constitution. It is that for which our Founding Fathers fought and died. A victory for Ron Paul would truly be great but it’s not the end if he loses. Your active support for Ron Paul’s ideals make it clear to all bureaucrats and their departments, agencies, complexes, lobbyists and social programs, that we are not prepared to give up our country to them – not now or not ever – with or without Ron Paul.
36373 Name not displayed
36374 Inighizigma i0p0409
36375 Adam Davies
36376 Tommy Lucas
36377 W. Dean Pulley
36378 James Knight
36379 Andy Awad
36381 Nuno Ribeiro Ron Paul thank you , I had lost hope that there was someone out really speaking about small government . Please run . Thank you
36382 Name not displayed
36383 Matthew Reidinger Run Ron Run!
36384 Name not displayed
36385 Name not displayed Im over the greed
36386 Name not displayed
36387 Evan Balch
36388 Name not displayed Real Change
36389 Danielle M Kranz
36390 mark hinds
36391 Ben Burnette Dr. Paul,

It seems to me that you are the only politician at Capitol Hill that stick to their core philosophical beliefs. You are committed to freedom in the fullest sense and are a strict constitutionalist. I applaud you sir, and I hope you consider running for president in 2012. Our country needs you.
36392 Steven Boehmlehner This is our last chance to save the USA.
36393 Mary Ann Sane Run Ron Run! Come to Furman in SC to kick off your campaign!
36394 Matt Brebner PLEEEEEEASE save us from Big Government!
36395 Rose Thank you for ideas that make sense.
36396 Dan J. Borbely
36397 sidney childress
36398 Adam Farley American Rights.
36399 Patricia Calundann
36400 David Booker
36401 Chad Olson
36402 Matthew Templeman
36403 Christopher Harris Save The Republic Ron! we the people are behind you!
36404 J Kern Run Ron Run!
36405 Alexander Falconi Your legacy will live on through us.
36406 Name not displayed LETS GO BROTHER!
36407 Heron Please, for humanity’s sake, run!
36408 Michael W. Majors
36409 Chris Roulston You seem genuine. The people need you if you are
36410 Name not displayed
36411 ociel Ron fukin Paul!
36412 Michael S Monahan Jr RP2012
36413 Name not displayed
36414 Bruce Byrd
36415 Juan Rubalcava RON PAUL 2012
36416 Sonja Byrd
36417 Daniel Johansson
36418 Paul Fitzsimmons
36419 Name not displayed Ron Paul is the only politician that is in touch with reality, and the only politician who understands what it means to follow the constitution and the importance thereof.
36420 Name not displayed The freedoms and personal liberties of individuals of the United States is what separates us from other countries in the world. They are slowly and surely being taken away and it must stop!! Your the person to end this communistic display of government and put the power back into the hands of the people like it was intended to be…
36421 nolan thevenet
36422 Name not displayed
36423 Ronnie Dr Paul,

America needs you! We can accomplish so much, make this such a better place than we have ever imagined! You have my vote!
36424 Robert Bailey
36425 Russ Blair
36426 Timothy Robertson
36427 Jason Until we can bring back Jefferson, Señor Paul will do. Hurray for liberty!
36428 Susan Fisher
36429 Name not displayed
36430 Scott Galyen Ron Paul is America’s last hope!!!!!
36431 John T. Sano, Jr.
36432 Steven Cook You have our support
36433 Abdulrahman Rafiq Ron Paul is voice of reason that we in today’s world desperately need.
36434 Brandon
36435 Name not displayed Ron Paul for president!
36436 Meredith Loughlin I’m praying that Ron Paul will save our country before it is too late!!! We are supposed to be a free country, but with each day that passes, more freedoms are stripped from us. We need a total overhaul!

Please, Ron, run for president! I’ll do whatever I can to help you get there!
36437 Jonathan Barnes
36438 Jesse Jacques
36439 Name not displayed
36440 Richard Hickok You’ve got my vote!
36441 Blake Stanton
36442 Amy Simonovski
36443 Ashley Corbitt As a social studies teacher, I would love to be able to be proud of our leadership and once again believe in what I teach my students. Dr. Paul is America’s greatest hope.
36444 Erik Run for the sake of us all.
36445 Stuart Labowe I hope to see you in Reno, NV.
36446 billy vaughan Dr. Paul you seem to be the only person in government to truly stand for what the founder of this nation believed.
36447 Paul Whyte Go Freedom
36448 Garrett Chaffey I’ll tell you who can’t win, Donald the chump Trump. Everywhere I go I run into people ready for you to run. People are actually becoming exposed to your unbeatable message (cuz its too true) and changing their minds….winning is definitely possible this go ’round. Run!
36449 Name not displayed
36450 Name not displayed I would like to see you on the list!
36451 Chrstopher Paul
36452 Fred Francq Ron Paul. A True Conservative!
36453 Jacob Orr
36454 bob The smartest man alive in american politics….come on!!!
36455 Neal Head
36456 Geoffrey Brophy As I learn more about Economics from sites like and the more I realize that we are in store for a rude awakening very soon. Please stop the Fed printing presses. Please wake up America before it is too late!

There seems to be so much controversy about Medicare and Social Security funding, but no one seems to care about the value of the money they are receiving. I feel like I am taking crazy pills and living in an alternate universe.
36457 James Goertz Lets make some positive change for once…
36458 Name not displayed
36459 Bradley McKibben Both the Democrats and Republicans have rendered themselves useless. We need someone with common sense in these times. Please run!
36460 terence komst
36461 Patricia Pickens Ron Paul for America 2012!
36462 Gary Pickens
36463 Name not displayed I too am a "born again Christian". The most important event in my life…. JoAnna
36464 kyle RON PAUL. FUCK YEA
36465 Marilyn Aiton
36466 maung kyaw win Ron paul is one of a few good men left. Your honesty will lead you to the victory.
36467 Andrea Buxton I want to make my own choices and if more laws and more government is created, that won’t happen. Restrictions and rules are ruining the US and it has to stop.

"Trusting that individuals can make better choices then the government can make for us." -Ron Paul
36468 Jennifer Knechtmann
36469 Name not displayed "WE THE PEOPLE"
36470 Name not displayed
36471 Name not displayed If we can’t throw the whole system out and start over, maybe we can at least put someone in office who has read the Constitution and BELIEVES in it!
36472 Name not displayed
36473 AL Adams WE need you to run now more than ever Ron.
36474 Lyn Sheats It’s time for the people to take back their government from the current Corporate Government…Run, Ron, Run. We have to stop the bleeding.
36475 frank rego III
36476 Name not displayed This country can’t sustain 4 more years of the current administration, or of any status quo leadership
36477 Matt Hey Won vote for Dr. Know here in Kansas!
36478 Name not displayed
36479 Derek Gaul
36480 Eric Horne I voted for you in the primaries in 2008. We need someone to make real reform happen!
36481 Mike GOOD LUCK RON!! You can do it! It’s time for the real change that Obama was promising.. and that real change is voting him out and getting a real president like you!!
36482 William Bryant Ron Paul for 2012!
36483 will bates
36484 Heather Buschmann I Love you Ron Paul , You are Awesome!
36485 Daniel Buschmann Ron Paul 2012 ! All the way!!
36486 Rich Medykowski
36487 Lisa Richards
36488 Bradley Hancock We need you Dr. Paul!!
36489 KiloWatt Jesse Ventura for president. Ron Paul for VP
36490 stephen Rella Run Ron run!
36491 Name not displayed
36492 Andische Tizhoosh
36493 Mike Moran
36494 Name not displayed We`re in deep trouble and our children, well I can`t even express how sad I am for them! We need true leadership not Politicians with self interest (Neocons) and their friend at heart. My hopes are that Ron Paul being an honerable man will make a huge difference and bring a prosperity our nation has not experianced in a long long time.
36495 Roy Western I think you are our best hope for 2012. Please run for President.
36496 Name not displayed Ron Paul is the most articulate, well informed politician I’ve ever heard, period.. The very reason he wasn’t a serious contender in the 2008 election, is why I know he is who we need in the white house. He doesn’t have hundreds of millions of dollars in campaign funds from special interest groups, so he would have Americans best interests in mind if he were elected, not the Corporations. I hope to god he runs in 2012, and I hope Americans can actually wake up and pay attention to the truth this man is willing to put out there, instead of turning their brains off every evening while watching the latest reality show, or celebrity scandal. Seriously people, we have become a nation of the most complacent citizens, and we are being robbed blind, daily by Corporate America and the politicians who make it possible for them to do so. For once, listen to what Ron Paul is saying….

All the usual politicians looked at Ron Paul like he was nuts during the debate in 2008, because they all knew he was the only one of them up there who wasn’t lying through his teeth. We really do need to get back to following The Constitution and The Bill of RIghts as they were intended by our forefathers just as Ron Paul has mentioned.. Ron Paul 2012!
36497 Jeremy
36498 Name not displayed You gotta love a guy w/ two first names!!

Give em hell Ron!!

36500 Tim Mills
36501 Joshua This county needs you!
36502 Name not displayed
36503 Corey Maness Dr. Paul,

America needs you to try one more time. Please run!

36504 Zhou Yeung Ron Paul for 2012 or NO OTHERS!!
36505 John Bilson You got it!
36506 Name not displayed Run Ron, we NEED you
36507 Jason We need Ron Paul to stop the DOJ from invading on peoples personal freedom!
36508 Name not displayed Ron Paul FTW
36509 Scott Hoppe Maybe 2012 is the year more people actually look deep into Ron Paul’s stances, understand them and can learn to understand the limits of the presidency and of the constitution. I might not agree with a lot of the things Paul believes in, but I do agree that many of these issues need to be decided on a state level. States are too unique for so many of these overreaching Federal policies to work as they are supposed to. We are a constitutional republic and far too many politicians seem to have forgotten this.
36510 Alyssa Moreno
36511 francis Please run for president Dr. Paul america needs you.. And for our childrens future
36512 David Wood Please, please run for president. We are literally doomed to destruction as a country if someone doesn’t stand up for the REASONS this country was created.
36513 Julian Shipman-Lyon Ron Paul for President!
36514 Joe Stoutenburgh
36515 Mathew Moody A true Patriot is a Libertarian / Constitutionalist I have been watching Congressman Paul for some time now and if he sticks to his word like I have always seen him do we will be free again! Take Back The USA
36516 rick
36517 Colton Riffel Good luck. America needs you right now bad!
36518 Katie Dozier
36519 James Seale We need you Dr. Paul.
36520 dov bechhofer If you do not win I will all but give up hope on America…
36521 David DeRosa
36522 Chris
36523 Manuel Rodrigues Please run in 2012, America Needs You! We need you!
36524 Name not displayed
36525 David Yamada I love you man change the country. i am 14 and live in hawaii and go to punahou school and am disappointed in obama you are the next great president.
36526 daniel
36531 Christian Medved
36532 Andrew S We are doomed without you.
36533 Name not displayed
36534 tim oneill
36535 Kevin Darby Liberty!!!
36536 Aye Mckinney
36537 James Minock You are the only man that has the combination of courage, intelligence, and common sense to lead this country into a new era.
36538 Name not displayed
36539 Donald Gene Langdon, Jr.
36540 Ryan Urie
36541 Name not displayed It would be an honor to vote for you sir.
36542 Name not displayed RON PAUL IS MY PRESIDENT!!!
36543 Name not displayed we need logic on politic
36544 Stephanie Schmidt
36545 Bob Bridger
36546 Anthony Serga
36547 Dion Addario
36548 Lorenzo Galletti Go Ron Paul 2012!
36549 Brock reisdorf
36550 Shan Thank god! at last, we have a choice!
36551 Neil L. please run…please
36552 Knox Blevins Please run!
36553 william nicoletti
36554 John Oleson III
36555 Ashley Sandsmith
36556 Joshua Paul Collier May 5 money bomb - count me in
36557 marcus derrick If u not the real deal then I vote to abolish the presidential position altogether..
36558 Mr. Robin Faircloth
36559 Name not displayed I just hope the shit doesn’t hit the fan before you get the chance to fix the problems!
36560 Jacob
36561 Name not displayed
36562 Randy A Bourdeau Thanks for waking up the masses. Go Ron! Get Jessie Ventura on the ticket too!
36563 John M Rich Please get Jesse Ventura as Vice-Pres
36564 m geron
36565 Richard Sprouse
36566 Mike Wozny Run Paul Run !
36567 Joseph Murphy I hope you run and I hope people wake up. I do believe you should try and find a way to educate "the masses" regarding the Fair Tax plan. Almost everyone I speak to don’t know what it is.
36568 Joseph S Godlewsky You, Sir, are a beacon of light in the ever-dimming realm of politics. Being only 20-years-old, I haven’t had the opportunity to vote for you in the past. It would be an honor to be given the chance, and to help spread the word.
36569 gary arceneaux
36570 Jack Warwick
36571 Michael Stritzel Ron Paul has my support
36572 Rob Hamel
36573 Name not displayed
36574 Name not displayed This country needs help. Obama inherited a mess. But we need someone to take care of AMERICANS not the rest of the world.
36575 Steve Taylor Ron Paul speaks the truth
36576 Melissa Hunt
36577 Kathleen Godlewsky
36578 Michael Williams Please run, the country needs someone to lead the government in the correct direction, instead of the government leading its people in the wrong direction.
36579 daniel persichini HI Ron ~ I Love You ~ have voted for you ~ PLEEEEEZ consider running Independent w/ Jesse Ventura ~ PLEEEEEZ ~ at least run as an independent ~ another fairly decent choice is Kucinich =o) I could not believe the everyone didn’t give you their vote in the last election ~ it just takes time for the masses to see the Light ~ the Light is YOU!!!
36580 Edward Sherry
36581 Name not displayed Please Run Please
36582 Michael Brown You have my full support!
36583 Andria Parker Please run as an INDEPENDENT, NOT REPUBLICAN!!!!
36584 Name not displayed If he doesnt win Americas fucked.
36585 Name not displayed
36586 Shane Green Run for President and We run with your,

Stand for the Constitution and We stand with you,

Fight for American Freedom and We fight with you, Together We can restore Liberty and America!
36587 km Lets make this happen
36589 Philip Kagalovsky The only candidate who truly follows the Constitution! America needs Ron Paul!
36590 Gary Weigel Just run and you will win
36591 Teddy Tenorio
36592 Teddy Tenorio Please be our President
36593 Marlene Tenorio "Ron Paul we need you. We need a face, we need unity, we need credibility, you offer that to us. Run for office Dr. Paul, lead the way for us to follow."
36594 Name not displayed save us please
36595 Name not displayed
36596 Paul
36597 Marcus Triola
36598 Scott Stubbs Liberty for America.
36599 thomas brennan
36600 Name not displayed
36601 mark phelan please win
36602 Joseph M Peptis Please run and win, our country needs you.
36603 Timothy Rossette Ron Paul 2012!
36606 Valezka Pennington
36607 Name not displayed
36608 Joe Murray
36609 Shawn Wiedenhoeft End the Fed!
36610 Name not displayed
36611 Name not displayed Team up with kucinich and unite us again. We are divided, and falling. It isn’t about republicans and deems anymore. It’s about making the right choices for America.
36612 Name not displayed
36613 Taylor Cochran
36614 Tom Sullivan America NEEDS you. The current adminiistration is going to bleed us of our freedoms (and money) for as long as they possibly can. I’ve little doubt things will be made to appear as if they’re better so they can get Obama back, then go back to the same old crap. Many of us our ready for change, but we need someone to lead the charge! It may be a futile as much of America seemingly does not care about the pressing issues facing us, but certainly someone has to try and there is no other besides you!
36615 Adam Martin
36616 Richard P I am Canadian. Not only does the United States need Ron Paul, the World needs Ron Paul.

The United States would finally be an ally to the world and not an enemy.
36617 John Renwick For real "Hope and Change"
36618 Tom Martin
36619 Harley Ross
36620 Chris I wish I would have paid more attention to Ron Paul in ’08. Instead, I voted for Obama. I guess I fell for the hype too. Please give me a chance to redeam myself. Please run in 2012!
36621 David Dawson We are running out of good options for leaders of our great country, Ron Paul is our hope!
36622 Name not displayed
36623 Thereaa
36624 My company and I will do everything we can to get you in office Dr. Paul!
36625 Dean Please run Mr. Ron Paul! America needs a true Conservative leader such as yourself!
36626 Name not displayed Even if there’s doubt about the possibility of your election, it’s still good to hear that there are politicians out there (especially on television) with common sense.
36627 Name not displayed
36628 Name not displayed who else is there?
36629 richard reeves don’t be afraid to show anger when appropriate
36630 William Yost Mr. Paul, please do this country the favor of running in the 2012 election. I’m on one knee as I type this. Well, not really, but inside I’m on one knee.
36631 Amit Kumar please please please run for president!!
36632 Heather Amyx
36633 McKenzie Wills
36634 matthew lowe Go Ron Paul! A man who is not scared of the bloated corporations or bloated government. Ron Paul 2012!
36635 max jones
36636 Name not displayed
36637 james fouhy
36638 K.D. Ron Paul 2012!
36639 James Burnett
36640 Justin Andersen
36641 Davyd Jimenez Ron, I am a felon. I am a bad example of being American. I watched your video clips, and I see what you have done to help America. You, are what I wish I could have been. The only way I can make good on what I’ve done in my life, is to support you, in the background, I will do my part. Dr. Paul, God Bless you, and thank you for opening your heart and arms to all of us, even those who lost their way years ago. You are an example of America the beautiful. God Bless you.
36642 Brandon Fox The only moral politician.
36643 Robert L. Garrison Ron is going to have to stand-up and shout down the opposition
36644 christopher robinson this country needs you now more than ever
36645 mike stop printing money period.
36646 Joe Mr. Paul, you are our only hope for serious reform and reduction of government amongst all the current canidates. PLEASE RUN!
36647 Name not displayed
36648 Luke Drimp With ron paul, not only "we can" but "we will"!!
36649 Name not displayed
36650 N. Angelo Mr.Paul, you got my vote..
36651 Ian Dieter
36652 Name not displayed Ron get rid of the BO in the White House. Go for it in 2012!
36653 David E Talbott I was there in 88, 08 and will be in 2012…Thank you
36654 Steven Malone America needs you Ron!
36655 George R
36656 Dan Atkinson America needs leaders who lead by example. Thanks Ron
36657 Michael Armstrong America loves you Ron Paul!!
36658 Name not displayed
36659 Jason Surrency Mr. Paul you are a true patriot. Let’s put some values back into America.
36660 William H. Carver Support and Prayers from South Georgia
36661 tiffany dennis
36662 Andrew Finelt
36663 Scott Casey America needs Ron Paul as president in 2012!!
36664 Robert Sanchez
36665 Clark Chamberlain III
36666 Name not displayed Ron, you are the only hope for America. Without you around, I don’t know how much longer our constitution will last with these dirty politicians in Washington. You can get us back on the gold standard, and get us back to properly respecting the united states constitution, you have my vote sir.
36667 Name not displayed
36668 Name not displayed
36669 Kirk Palmer
36670 Mahlon Smith Please end the Fed!
36671 Sara Carr
36672 John rosas Ron Paul 2012!!! :)
36673 Mel Hardek
36674 Name not displayed You CAN win!!!
36675 Name not displayed We need a lot less government, allow banks to tank or devise their own safety net if they’re so important to remain standing. Ideally I’m behind the repeal of the Federal Reserve and disputable charges from the IRS to check/balance independent state banks. Ron Paul has my vote regardless of being on the ticket. We need a future for America and humanity and to uphold what we preach to the world. You are a wonderful example of how congress should act.
36676 Kory Morera PAUL FOR 2012!!!!!
36677 Patricia Woodcock
36678 Michael DeAngelo
36679 Name not displayed
36680 Michael Mahoney Support common sense. Support Ron Paul.
36681 David Traugott obvious the last chance for a free country and to stop the new world order.
36682 coy kehoe
36683 Steven Volk Ron Paul is the only candidate that is a real human, and will support real people. Every other candidate is a manufactured product of corrupt and centralized power. Ron Paul is simple. Business, Bank, or Government, if it is too big, it overshadows the interest of the common citizen.
36684 Name not displayed
36685 Brandon Ron. Please run. You have a huge following in the Marine Corps. I tell people about you every day.
36686 Name not displayed Our only chance of hope.
36687 Craig Zutavern I wrote your name in for 2008 and I will vote for you again in 2012. You’re the only one who seems to understand and be willing to do something about the fact that we’re in a financial crisis and that fighting wars on foreign soil only continues to make us look bad and brings upon us the hatred of the world. Please don’t make the right wing republicans our only ballot options next year.
36688 Steven If you care about this country you will run for president.
36689 Name not displayed It’s time for a real President who cares for his country and acts in America’s best interest instead of acting to protect corporations that are killing our country. We need a man who will stand up for the values of Thomas Jefferson and the other founding Fathers. Ron Paul is that Man.
36690 William Adams
36691 Joe
36692 Patrick Philpot
36693 Name not displayed
36694 Robert R Ingve Run your the only hope we got
36695 Nicholas Schreck Win Ron.
36696 Alex C America needs your consistent voice!
36697 Name not displayed Run! You are our only hope
36698 Nick Smith Dr. Paul,we as Americans need you to run for president. I encourage you to run independent so people do not associate you as being left wing or right wing. We need your views and we need your support.
36699 t kenny
36700 marvin j. utterback America needs you Ron!
36701 Name not displayed Will run the country according to the Constitution…. what a concept! Go Dr. Paul!
36702 Name not displayed
36703 James Carpenter It would be nice for a change to have more choices than a crook or a fool to vote for.
36704 Chung Yee Liew Nuff Said Ron Paul for President.
36706 James R. Tunstall
36707 Mark A Kaiser Please fix out country and secure our borders.
36708 Jim Syler Ron, you are what we need in 2012. I’ve promised myself to get involved full-time in the campaign if you run. We’re counting on you!
36709 Jesse Martinez I have to say that Ron Paul is amazing, and he really needs to step up to the plate, and protect us - our civil liberties. Protect us financially. We need you Ron Paul!!!
36710 Keir Allison-Bourne &<3 not war. drug abuse is a health issue not a criminal one. get the corporations out of government. help us take back what is ours. you are the peoples' president. you are our last hope.
36711 Sam Middleton I wish you were on TV more
36712 Howard Terry Dr. Paul I did not vote in 2008 I didnt think anyone was going to make the choices that America needed and from what has happened, I I was right. lets look back in 2001 we was at 4.5 trillion, then in 2008 we was at 11 trillion, now in 2011 14.3 so at this rate by 2013 we will be at 17.6 trillion . anyone that has kids should think about what is happening. demand government to stop digging a hole we cant get out of. this is a thought let say no one want USA money for payment around the world we are left to fend for ourselves. you go to get some food and thay dont take green money thay want gold or silver. it dont have to be like this please DR.Paul run you have my vote and will talk to to anyone who will listen. Im hard at it as it is. thank you and have a niceday.
36713 Kristine Rhodes We believe you can be our defender of truth and liberty, I’ve campaigned and donated back in ’08, and I will do so again if you run
36714 Ashley Carrero
36715 Name not displayed
36716 Ashley Fewell
36717 Name not displayed
36718 Ashby Carver
36719 Bob
36720 Name not displayed Run Paul run!
36721 neoCONslayer Run Ron, run.
36722 Aaron
36723 Name not displayed Ron Paul/Jesse Ventura 2012
36724 Charles Dooley A politician that is patriotic!! honest!!! and has integrity, OMG!! I will vote for him as will every one in my family. He is the only one in government that has Americas interest in mind. I would like to see him as president and Donald Trump as VP. The Donald would protect Mr. Paul from the Scum in Congress and the Senate.
36725 Steven Vandiver
36726 Hayley Mills
36727 Steve Bailey Run baby run!
36728 Angie
36729 Libertarian You understand that everything is upside down and backwards in our country. In fact, America is now on the brink of collaspe due to the greedy manipulation of her ignorant masses. Americans are not stupid, but they have placed their trust in those who have led them astray..decade after decade. Our elected officials to not stand for the people. They are bought and paid for from the beginning or they eventually succumb to political pressure, Wall Street, and the power elite. So, we have been duped into electing representatives who do not represent us and Presidents who over promise and under deliver, if they deliver at all. Is it too late to truly change our course? Though I must admit that it is difficult to once again trust, I do feel that you bring integrity to the table. And I feel that you are strong enough to stand for and with the people of this country. I want to again feel proud to be an American. Please consider running for the presidency in 2012. Do this for you…for us…for America…for the world and world peace. America can be great again, but we desparately need your vision. PEACE….
36730 Stephen Weaver Run Ron Run!
36731 Vicki Truett Ron Paul = America. Our country was started to get away from tyranny, yet we now are imposing ourselves on the rest of the world. Let’s go back to the original constitution and make America stand on her own two feet again. We need Mr. Paul’s no nonsense way of seeing through to the truth and future consequences of today’s actions.
36732 Colton Stoltz
36733 Tristan Brown Whoot! Whoot!!! My awesome friend told me about RP. Now I have hope for our country!!
36734 Name not displayed
36735 Mathew Jackson Ron Paul / Jesse Ventura 2012!
36736 Dave heikkila
36737 Candace Curry I would like to volunteer to campaign for Ron Paul here in Wisconsin! Sign me up!
36738 Austin Shuck 2012 and no later
36739 Dennis Nutter
36740 Tito
36741 Name not displayed
36742 Dan McDonough Jr. Looking forward to a true return to American values
36743 Robert
36744 Benjamin Aho
36745 Ben Meade
36746 Leia Placke
36747 Matthew John Pittman America believes in you, keep having the courage to stand up for what’s right for the American People.
36748 Jared Cover Help me Obi Ron Kenobi, you’er my only hope.
36749 Brett finkle
36750 Myron Harville
36751 Mike Altman This may be the last chance to save our country and save ourselves I just hope we are not too late
36752 nick
36753 Name not displayed
36754 Anastacia Billman
36755 Alexander Karpenko Please drag America out of this hell hole.
36756 Name not displayed Please help America to go back to track. I have trust in you. My vote goes to you.
36757 Peter Go go go…
36758 michael r davis
36759 Jeremy Ross If you aren’t running, I’ll write you in anyway.
36760 Ray Davis
36761 Scott Dickinson I voted for you for President in 1988
36762 Shaun S. Taylor You have given a voice to what I have believed for years.
36763 Name not displayed
36764 John Thomson
36765 Tyler
36766 Barrett Anderson
36767 Renee Roberts
36768 Chuck Bourbeau
36769 Ryan Demmitt Give me liberty or give me….Actually, that’s it i don’t wanna die. Give me LIBERTY!!!!!!!
36770 g.d. jackson
36771 Adam WE NEED YOU, RON!
36772 Antonios Hadjigeorgalis
36773 Ryan "Let the revolution begin."

— Ron Paul (The Revolution: A Manifesto)
36774 A Lai Dear Mr Presiddent Ron Paul. We need your help to undo this world crisis.
36775 Don Hambrock
36776 christa constance It is truly a shame that my fellow americans were 2 blind 2 see the truth that Ron Paul has and will continue 2 speak! WAKE UP AMERICANS!!
36777 Bob Gasper
36778 Sean Ruecroft It would be a dream come true to see an Obama - Paul debate. For the first time ever, it might actually influence my decision.
36779 Callum Jones (From Australia) america needs you man
36780 Ryan Holliday Ron Paul gets my vote even if he doesn’t run.
36781 Jeffrey Vos Your 2008 presidential bid inspired me to get involved in politics in a way I never had before. Keep the discussion going and keep up the good fight!
36782 Lance Rowell Go clean house. Best of luck.
36783 John P. Brackin Replenish the tree of freedom…
36784 Name not displayed Can I vote from NZ? Because I just did. The consequences of the American foreign policies have been felt globally and we should all be pushing for REAL change.
36785 Sal Giorgio Our Next President, he has been right for many years. It’s time the nation takes this congressmans advise.
36786 Brian Ridge
36787 Lindsey Liveris
36788 Ken
36789 ROBERT ABATE Last election I had to right in Ron Paul. I believe it was my civic duty as an American to do so. Please Save Our Country! Thank you in advance. Sincerely, Bob Abate
36790 Name not displayed If Ron Paul read this comment, I missed to talk with you in your office. Please don’t give up your works!
36791 joseph begley
36792 patrick ronpaul for liberty, sound economic money
36793 Carl Betty Ron Paul was Tea Party before it was cool.
36794 Tiffany Shea
36795 Jerry Hampel Please run and give us our country back the way it was meant to be.
36796 peter emilo
36797 owen
36798 Name not displayed I thought we missed our chance in 2008! You are one of the few true American representatives left, we need you!!!
36799 Ruby Ethridge
36800 Name not displayed
36801 Name not displayed
36802 Ethan Martinez I think our country really needs something fresh at this point. Smaller government, more personal liberty, uphold the constitution!
36803 Rick Smith Our only choice/hope !
36804 Mike C. Please , lets stop all the waste from continuing, lets stop the US from failing , lets stop the world from imploding ….. Lets Stop the NWO !!!

I know that your the guy to get us back to the way it should be !!!

God Bless America !!!
36805 Christopher Sacco Dear Congressman Paul,

Please consider running for the presidency in 2012. I believe our country is at a critical point in its history, and we need a leader like you. I voted for Mr. Obama in 2008, but will not do so again. If you decide to run, I have already decided to support you financially as best I can and to volunteer for your campaign.

Thank you,

Christopher Sacco
36806 Name not displayed Greetings from scandinavia I hope he will be the next US president

A penny saved is a penny earned.

Benjamin Franklin
36807 Richard Riley
36808 Steve Markinson Speaks the truth
36809 CHUCK MILLER Please get our country back Mr. Paul
36810 Name not displayed
36811 Chuck Miller Please get our country back Mr. Paul
36812 Pete Weisbeck
36813 Name not displayed You’re our only hope.
36814 Garrett D. Hughes
36815 Marcus Merrow I supported Dr. Paul last time, but would hope that he would work to implement some kind of program for affordable healthcare for all Americans
36816 Name not displayed The ultimate presidential ticket would be Paul & Kucinich!
36817 Noah Buell
36818 claude cantave Thank you Ron Paul for the education . you have opened my eyes.
36819 Phil M Noots rise up
36820 Monica Eschbach
36821 terre ill vote for you and in 20 years i plan to running for president so make my job easy for me to do good vive la revolution
36822 Gina Swanson
36823 Doug Kelsay Sound money, a Mind-your-own-business foreign policy, personal responsibility and individual freedoms. No, Barry, its NOT a passing fad.
36824 Name not displayed I believe now more then ever, the younger, brainwashed generation NEEDS leadership that Mr.Paul can provide. I can only hope that one day my son will have an America of which our forefathers dreamed for him to have.
36826 Bruce RON PAUL 2012, Only Ron Paul holds on to the truth that made this country what it is today. He truly will work for the people
36827 Brett Ron Paul for president!
36828 Name not displayed
36829 cody reed
36830 Pete Weisbeck
36831 Milo Cobb
36832 John Griffis
36833 Kelland Yarbrough Give me liberty or give me death.
36834 joseph contreras jr. If you are truly willing to fight for the american people then you WILL have my vote 2012!
36835 Name not displayed The Founders have sent their messenger! Return America to the people. Ron Paul 2012….
36836 Name not displayed
36837 Name not displayed RP 2012!!!!!!!
36838 Jessica Joyce This is the first time I’ve considered voting for anyone other than a democrat, but I would vote for you, Ron Paul. Please run, we need you!
36839 Name not displayed the only Republican I’ve EVER voted for was Reagan ,I’d vote for Ron Paul in a heartbeat!!
36840 Sidney Credeur Jr
36841 Holly
36842 Michael Austin Do it for America
36843 leo smith
36844 Sean Saddoris
36845 Name not displayed
36846 Name not displayed
36847 Name not displayed Anyone but a traditional candidate
36848 Ronda Roberts Mr. Paul I met you, and attended a rally you held in Branson, MO in your last Presidential campaign, and I pray sir, that you will consider running again in 2012. I have watched Obama and the politicians run this country into the ground. I am ready to see someone lead this country who truly CARES about the American People, and upholding our Constitution. You have been right all along, just wish more people would have listened to your message in 2008.

God Bless you, and thank you, Ron Paul, C4L, and YAL, for your efforts to fight for our freedoms, and for our future, please keep on fighting!
36849 Name not displayed Good Luck!
36850 Name not displayed Somebody got to teach S.Palin . D.Trump . Mitt Romney and Obama what’s the constitution is all about!
36851 Jason andrews
36852 LInda Redd Ron Paul is one of my few true heroes!
36853 Michael A. Zyvoloski Sr. You have my vote!
36854 Name not displayed America needs to get back to true conservatism!
36855 Iesha Kincaid
36856 James V. & Patricia K. Richard
36857 Name not displayed
36858 Name not displayed Ron Paul cant do it alone! We need more of our elected officials to remember the principles this country was founded on.
36859 Jared farrell
36860 Name not displayed This country needs an honest leader!
36861 Name not displayed please save America the Grate!!!
36862 Brett Johnson Ron Paul rules!
36863 Michael Todd West We need a TRUE HONEST AMERICAN POLITICIAN in the white house. I am talking about probably the only man with the right views to get this country back on the right track . PLEASE run for PRESIDENT .You got a lot of youth backing you .
36864 Wade
36865 Jeni Bragg RON YOU ARE OUR LAST HOPE! You are a wonderful man and perfect canidate! We need you!!
36866 Evan Huffman I believe that if there is anyone that can put a flame to the current political spider web it is Ron Pual. Never back down. Never give up. The Republic must endure.
36867 Ragnar Atkinson Ron Paul is America’s last chance. We have to get him elected or see America completely sold out to the highest bidders.
36868 Lisa Hutchinson
36869 Name not displayed
36870 Susan Wright Please run for president of the USA…we desperately need your leadership.
36871 Kevin A. Rebolledo We have witnessed the executive branch expand its power. The Presidents U.S. Foreign Policy has gone far beyond any commen sence. The actions taken in Libya, are un clear and hazy. Our dollars (the amarican people) are wasted on a humanitirian war. Anyone remember Rwanda, no intervention right.! Lets us not be blinded by Barak H. Obama or any leftist! Now in a third war, we can see the president pushing his belifes in a one world government. G.W. Bush at least approached Congress, and was approved for the Iraq War. For reasons that could be argued, but no matter the fact! Obama did not run this war by Congress. The United States Of American must be a leader in such an unstable world, we must not play mommy or daddy! This is only the begging, Vote Ron Paul 2012
36872 Eric Pinter
36873 Corey Saraceni Ron Paul rEVOLution!
36874 Bryan I sincerely hope that you will run in 2012, Dr/Congressman Ron Paul! You have spent a great number of years defending Liberty & the Constitution, and for that I am very thankful.
36875 brandon mize
36876 Name not displayed
36877 Mario Coria
36878 robert Girkin
36879 Ben Neergaard Young Americans for Liberty: We are the next generation, and it is our responsibility to educate our peers"
36880 Brianna Mapes
36881 Name not displayed
36882 Name not displayed
36883 Name not displayed Liberty and Justice for all!
36884 Tyler Templer Go for it!!!
36885 Name not displayed please run, america needs you.
36886 Erik RUN RON RUN!!
36887 Robert Girkin
36888 Robert Girkin
36889 Name not displayed
36890 William J Acosta
36891 Ashley Jones "One man with courage is a majority."
36892 Scott Brower Nobody has stirred those old feelings of what COULD be in me for a long time, Dr. Paul. Let’s tear the roof off the Fed and get a good view of what’s inside.
36893 Name not displayed
36894 Fred Gabster
36895 James Cassels
36896 Dawnelle Gammon
36897 Edward Stroh
36898 Arthur S. Brown
36899 Name not displayed
36900 Harrison Burnham
36901 Keith B. Medina Jr. Ron Paul is the only person who thinks we should get rid of a privately owned bank the (Federal Reserve Note).
36902 Robert Bush it is time to re-claim the freedoms for which we are constantly paying.
36903 Name not displayed
36904 joel mottishaw Please run!
36905 Brad Sandlin
36906 Name not displayed
36907 rachael roxburgh Ron please give it another try, our country needs you.
36908 Name not displayed After all of this madness, perhaps enough Americans have rallied back to their senses! Ron Paul for President!!
36909 Juan Garcia We need peace in this country. Please run Ron Paul
36910 Heinz Bartesch time for R3VOLUTION!! Actually, we’re well overdue.
36911 Name not displayed Ron Paul! :)
36912 Maria Hawthorne God bless you.
36913 Casey Hale
36914 Scott Hulse My wife and I would love for you to run. Thank you for curing so many people’s political apathy including my own.
36915 Name not displayed Ron Paul for Pres 2012
36916 Clay Anderson This time round…expose them! Be bolder!
36917 Costa Lefkimiatis S.O.S, Mayday, Pan-pan Tyranny has taking over our Republic!
36918 Dan Lundgren
36919 Name not displayed We need a real leader to run and speak for us.
36920 Ivan
36921 Cliff Walsh
36922 Ahmed Gharib
36923 Zeyead Gharib
36924 Name not displayed "Life, liberity and the persuit of happiness."
36925 Marius Stanca
36926 Name not displayed
36927 J.carter J.carter

36928 Name not displayed
36929 tim vandenberghe Nice thoughts, hope you make it!!!

But what after you make it???
36930 Lissette S. We need a change America! 2012!
36931 Joshua Lawson pioneer of patriotism in 2012 RON PAUL!!!
36932 Joshua Ron Paul ’12!
36933 valerie duvall
36934 Kevin
36935 Harold Eckbold
36936 Keven
36937 Name not displayed
36938 Name not displayed Your ideas and values are what this country needs to help us return to the ideals of liberty as defined by our founding fathers. Your loyalty to the ideals of liberty honors the memory of my many a great uncle, Benjamin Franklin.
36939 Sean Diesterhaft
36940 Name not displayed Ron Paul has my vote.

The following statement by Ron says a lot about his beliefs regarding our freedom…

"The ban on Internet gambling infringes upon two freedoms that are important to many Americans: the ability to do with their money as they see fit, and the freedom from government interference with the Internet.

The proper role of the federal government is not that of a nanny, protecting citizens from any and every potential negative consequence of their actions. Although I personally believe gambling to be a dumb waste of money, American citizens should be just as free to spend their money playing online poker as they should be able to buy a used car, enter into a mortgage, or invest in a hedge fund. Risk is inherent in any economic activity, and it is not for the government to determine which risky behaviors Americans may or may not engage in."
36941 Craig Vaughn Just because you sign the petition doesn’t mean you have to vote this way. You can always change your mind later if you find you disagree whith him.
36942 danalee austin
36943 Name not displayed Ron Paul is simply the best choice for 2012!
36944 Name not displayed End The Fed
36945 Donald Kupper PLEASE Help us!!
36946 Eric Walker
36947 Name not displayed A true crusader.
36948 mimi villegas galdi
36949 Name not displayed
36950 Katrina Carter
36951 Kamala schreiber
36952 Blake Kleiner
36953 Michael Reed
36954 Mike Reed
36955 bill fairbanks I believe this country needs you.
36957 Name not displayed
36958 Sam Cullington
36959 Stewart Cullington
36960 Abby Cullington
36961 Max Fisher
36962 Jeremy Miles Please Ron Paul save our country!
36963 Joseph Gibbons I read your great book on the new Revolution
36964 Terry DiBiase A true Jeffersonian.
36965 Name not displayed
36966 Luke Schmidt
36967 Julie Charron
36968 stan time for real change
36969 Deb Nolen please Ron Paul for the future of my child!
36970 Annie Halford
36971 Tiffany Mistretta Time to lead this Country back to its founding principles and Values of the constitution. Ron Paul 2012
36972 David
36973 John Sholota Congressman Ron Paul,

Please reconsider running for the 2012 presidency, our country needs you more than ever before. Washington is rife with corruption and intrigue, that threatens to destroy all that has been accomplished by our civilization.

The United States is becoming bloated with debt, which is currently at $14,236,855,700.00. We need someone with vision to turn this destructive tide of spending, who I believe is you. You have, in my opinion, the best platform and strong conviction to the United State’s Constitution to bring this country to a better era of prosperity and freedom.

I wish you the best,

John Sholota
36974 William Hutchinson
36975 john "Ron lets take our country back."
36976 Name not displayed
36977 Taylor Hill
36978 Seamus Bradley You don’t need to be president, but the Presidency needs YOU!
36979 Andrew Hope u run in 2012. Would love to see u turn this great nation back in the right direction!
36980 Name not displayed
36981 Daniel Hampel Senator Ron Paul we need you to keep telling the truth. If you run for President in 2011 we will accelerate this message of truth.
36982 John Boissy Give me liberty!!
36983 Name not displayed RON PAUL 2012!
36984 Ryan Johnson everything is Love
36985 Greg
36986 Name not displayed Thank you for your integrity, Ron!
36987 Loran Ward Ron Paul is the only hope for america’s prosperous future. I don’t understand why more americans don’t see that. Trump leading in polls for republican nomination because he spouts birther crap. I wonder if it not already too late, but if america is going to be saved it will be because of Ron Paul’s message not the present republican leaders or the democrats
36988 Casey Petrus Please help us! All of us! Help our children…
36989 Roger Leonard This is our last chance. This is the turning point.
36990 Name not displayed I’ve always been a fan of Ron Paul, but now that one of my hobbies, online poker has been taken from me, I realize the important of protecting my individual freedoms more than ever. Go Ron Paul!
36991 heather
36992 Name not displayed We need people like you to run our country.
36993 Stephen A Bill Run Ron Run!
36994 Name not displayed GO RON
36995 murad Jahman Please run, you are our last hope for liberty.
36996 Vincent Dimaano "these truths we hold to be self-evident…" — isn’t it about time that a man who holds the same values as our founding fathers become our leader once more?
36997 Angela Conklin This country has no hope without you.
36998 Will Rogers We need a true patriot to stand-up to the holders of old, old money; and then, maybe True Liberty could be restored.
36999 Matt Butcher The United States and the world needs Ron Paul…
37000 Igor Dr. Paul: I am afraid that without you, the corporate takeover of America will be completed. You are a true alternative to the lower and middle classes choice between the aristocrats from both parties.

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