Signatures 35,001-40,000

Number Name Comment
37001 Name not displayed Dr. Paul you are currently the only person I believe that is speaking the truth. Your message is the only hope for America.
37002 Katie Kuster Ron Paul 2012 !!!
37003 Andrew Ramadan
37004 Andy your presidency would be a great first step towards a truly free society
37005 Igor Dr. Paul:

You are our only hope in an election that will be between two corporate spokespersons who will continue to extoll the virtues of corporations and war.
37006 samuel caban He is the only one that can save us from greed of the slave masters in America. We need a leader and Paul and Ventura is the way to go.
37007 Harry H Shuler III The only logical leader for a free nation. May God deliver Ron Paul and keep this nation free!
37008 Joe Meany
37009 Jeramey Jones I love RON PAUL!!!
37010 William Brown
37011 Jim Groot It is time to really CHANGE!
37012 Jessey D. Smith I am scared of a future without a person like Ron Paul stepping in and standing up for us. If this mans advice where to go un-heard the police state will grow stronger and we will lose more freedom, our currency will lose more and more value and poverty will keep growing, and more more people will keep losing faith in this country. Something needs to be done and i honestly believe that Ron Paul is the only one with the guts to do it right. If we listen, he could help save us from our own genocide.
37013 Benjamin Carpenter
37014 Bryan Stinson Individual freedom and responsibility
37015 james corbett Ron Paul is what america needs.
37016 John G. Ochs America needs Ron Paul before it’s too late.
37017 Janet R. Ochs America needs an honest man and Ron Paul is that man
37018 Jeremiah Anson Swett A true statesman.
37019 Name not displayed Our only hope.
37020 Dana Pehrson I believe in you, I think you are the only hope for our nation. I know this sounds dramatic, but it is how I feel and I do so hope you run for president!
37021 Don McNally
37022 Charles Mottern
37023 Jason Russell
37024 Douglas H. Johnson
37025 Bruce C. Dr. Paul - Fractional reserve banking and our fiat money system have brought our nation to financial ruin and into the grasp of those who would hold us citizens as serfs. The time is long overdue to dismantle this cabal of thieves, and give the power to create our money back to the congress where it constitutionally belongs. Only then will we have a chance at fiscal responsibility, solvency, prosperity, and true freedom again.

Please run in 2012. You have our vote
37026 Name not displayed
37027 Ruben Sebastian Mr Ron Paul Please inforce Exe. Ord #11110 this Presidential Order is in effect! and will dismantle the Un-Federal Reserve and the Illegal I.R.S.! President Kennedy was assasinated for doing this! Please Sen. Ron Paul America needs you to inforce this to save the Republic! God Help you and the U.S.!
37028 Shane Stoffle
37029 Rebecca Goodman We the People need you! Don’t give up on us as we’re not giving up on you!!
37030 Matt Reed
37031 Darlene Give us someone to vote for not just the lesser of two evils. You have our support even if the main stream media dismisses you, we will get the word out on your behalf.
37032 Andrew Holland I support Ron Paul 2012
37033 aparna mohan
37034 jon groters plz legalize marijuana
37035 Ryan Justice
37036 Noel Perez Jr We need you more than ever. I think you should appeal for younger crowd even hispanics in colleges.
37037 Name not displayed we need you.
37038 Joe
37039 Adam Robinson we r ready
37040 Mary Tomlin
37041 David Ayers
37042 Trevor Ryan Dear Mr. Paul,

I would very much like to vote for you and your beliefs on the upcoming ballot, I believe we need someone with a more realistic and logical position on our countries social and economic hardships. Thank you for your effort and dedication to the betterment of our society.


Trevor Ryan
37043 Adrienne RON PAUL YYYEAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
37044 Name not displayed I know in my heart we need Ron Paul to turn this country around into the direction of FREEDOM that our forefathers left us.
37045 Bob Kelly Ron Paul would make a great president! Love his whole agenda!
37046 Ravil Last chance, this is the last chance. Make the right choice.
37047 John Faust Libertarianism has answers Washington lacks
37048 Kathy Corbin Many elected officials do not know what a constitutional Republic is, Ron is one of only a few!
37049 Jesse Nye This country needs you!
37050 Jacob holmes
37051 Ryan Robertson Praying for you! Our nation desperately needs the assistance of an ethical man like you Ron!
37052 Youth Coach 2012 for real change!
37053 Kim
37054 Name not displayed
37055 John Scheatzle Run dammit, run! I’m tired of partisan politics as usual. As a Libertarian, I always feel left out during elections. If you run, I will volunteer - for the first time in my life - in support of your candidacy.
37056 brittany f Please be our American voice!
37057 Name not displayed
37058 mike daniels end the fed!!!!!!!!!!!!
37059 Name not displayed
37060 Brian Quaintance
37061 Jimmy Haviland Hope and Change.

For real this time.
37062 Joshua Sheppard do it.
37063 Name not displayed Ron We Need Men Like you Thank YOU!!!.
37064 Name not displayed Run/ Win
37065 Johnny Wolfe We need a Statesman not more politicians. Someone who will return us to the constitution, uphold our constitutional laws and bring down tyranny before we no longer have a free country. Run Ron Run!
37066 Kevin Reineck
37067 naveed omar
37068 Brett Hicks Let’s do this
37069 Alex Help us Obi-Wan Kenobi, you’re our only hope!
37070 Brian Geihsler Run Ron Run!!
37071 Name not displayed We love you Ron Paul!
37072 Brianna
37073 Jeremy Davis Ron Paul!
37074 Landon Stamper
37075 kim adams
37076 Name not displayed
37077 Aaron Shanahan Dr. Paul, you are the last bastion of hope for the Country I so dearly love. PLEASE MAKE YOUR BID FOR THE PRESIDENCY. Myslef and a whole slew of others are counting on you.
37078 Dustin Simpson Thank you for keeping the spirit of our Founding Fathers alive Dr. Paul!!!!!!!
37079 Trey Nance
37080 Todd Millay Finally seen a man I can get behind. Thanks for curing my apathy.
37081 Patty Collins
37082 Name not displayed
37083 Michael Apruzzese I really LOVE your political views. I am turning 18 next month and I am planning on voting for you, Mr. Paul


37084 karen felmley
37085 Marcello Mazzilli I am writing from OTALY. Please run AND BECOME president of the US. Ending the Fed and shutting down US military missions abroad could change the world !!!
37086 Name not displayed "If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever." George Orwell.

We need your wisom and courage Dr. Paul, we support you!!!
37087 Dakota Hicks
37088 Noel. Ron, go for it. What,s good for America, is good for Australia.
37089 Name not displayed 21 year old who can see that you have the foresight we need to make this the best country possible for my generation and those that follow.
37090 Name not displayed Please run!
37091 Gilbert Ramos Mr. Paul, thank you for showing that a honest man can make a difference in America. You have clearly made a difference in my life.
37092 Brittany Kelley
37093 Name not displayed Hello, i think it would to america much good if you were president.
37094 Raymond Hudgins
37095 nicole khal
37096 Eric Plascak WAR RON PAUL!!!!
37097 Casey I Corley Vote for Ron,Vote for America!
37098 Jason P. I didn’t think I would ever vote again, I was wrong. He is addressing the true issues of this nation. Spread the good word! Peace
37099 Name not displayed Ron Paul you have my vote
37100 Pavel Milanov
37101 Name not displayed Just anyone but Obama again!!!
37102 Rory Namimatsu In the past I have not been satisied with my options for the candidates for President of the United States. You would not only be a satisfactory candidate, but also and extroadinary one.

Thank you for representing the people in Congress.
37103 Veroniek Boddin Good Luck!!!!
37104 Name not displayed
37105 Jeremy
37106 Conor Gregory THE TRUTH MUST OUT
37107 Peggy Davies
37108 Sune
37109 George Renard, III Please run Dr. Paul, America needs you!
37110 Mike Noone Ron Paul. th eonly man in the US government with a brain and integrity. Vote for this man while you still can.
37111 Name not displayed
37112 Alexandra Garvey
37113 Vic Baltov Metaphorically, it’s the bottom of the 9th and two outs for America entering the 2012 elections. There is "only" one metaphorical Roy Hobbs that can "Billy-Goat" the forces of evil gripping America similar to The Judge (corrupt government), Gus (organized tribal crime syndicate), Max (turncoat media) and Memo (useful idiot) as depicted in the 1984 film The Natural. Unless America can metaphorically hear the PA announcer saying after the 2012 elections: "Now batting, Ron Paul", it’s ball game over America!
37114 Samir Patel Ron Paul has the nationalistic spirit

his agenda is America
37115 Alex Its time that America got a true patriot in office and someone who would do whats best for the country not to push some radical agenda. PAUL 2012!
37116 Heath Robertson Every time Ron Paul runs for the presidency, more people pay attention to liberty and freedom. This focus on individual liberty is critical as our county moves forward. Win or loose it is important to continue offering a sensible alternative to mainstream politics. Ron Paul 2012!
37117 John Keith
37118 David Veterans for Ron Paul!
37119 Name not displayed
37120 Tamara Kozlowski
37121 Alex Holloway the United States needs a president that is willing to work for the people, not against them. Is why we need you more than anyone else!
37122 John Vincent Please Run, Trump is a joke, Romney and Palin will do nothing but harm this country and continue down the path that GWB and Obama have set for them. DO NOT pick Jesse Ventura as your running, he is a good man but you will be cannon fodder for the media if you pick him. Good Luck!!
37123 Name not displayed I do not feel I should push you Doctor Paul because if you really mean what you say and if you will really be relentless and uncompromising in bringing forth the full restoration of the Republic and bringing an end to the federal reserve, I would fear for your life. The only president who tried to end the feds got assassinated and I couldn’t ask anyone to immolate themselves for the sake of We The People, no matter how noble that may sound it would be selfish if I was to ask you to please listen to our plea. That said should you decide to take such a risk, know that I’ll support you in any way I’ll be able to. I would only ask of you a couple things: One is to please remain true to the ideals for which we support you and, in the event you can’t remain true to those beliefs because of government corruption, then I rather see you step down with integrity and dignity, than become part of a corrupted system. The other thing I’d ask it would be to please don’t tell my wife that I support you! ;)
37124 Name not displayed we need an honest politician who cares about america
37125 September R. We can do this!
37126 Brad Sargent Dr. Paul, America needs you.
37127 Chuck Alford
37128 John We are at the worst point in our history. We need you Mr. Paul and others like you and us to save our country. Do it for America! You have my vote
37129 coleen wilton lets put them all in jail.they planned this for meny of years .both parties! i’m new at this be nice.ha
37130 Name not displayed I do not agree with everything Dr. Paul says. However, I feel he is one of the only politicians who means what they say. He is more of a philosopher than politician.
37131 Rocky Palmquist America needs you Sir.
37132 columbus
37133 Name not displayed I was a registered Dem since I was old enough to vote and I just sent in my voter’s registration form to change my affiliation to REPUBLICAN. Dr. Paul loves his party and it is our responsibility as a nation to support those who look out for our Nation’s best interests regardless of what party they are with. If it takes me moving to No politcal affiliation so be it as long as we can put the RIGHT man, in the RIGHT job, RIGHT NOW!

Dr. Paul I am a New Yorker who has been over run by Trump politics can you please tell me what I can do to start a Ron Paul wild fire over here? Only the people who truly listen actually know who you are, it is so fustrating for me to be asked who are you voting for and I say Ron Paul and I am asked ‘Who is that?’ And I say The Nation’s last hope that’s who! New Yorkers are very passionate about their causes and when we are not too busy being disgruntled with each other we will actually unite for the greater cause.

I know you are coming to NY this month and many of us are very excited. We are going to try to attend your event but we are not sure if we will even be able to get through the front door!

Thank you Dr. Paul for being vigilant and honest something we have forgotten to do on a daily basis.

Mara Torrijos
37134 Name not displayed We need you. Get going!
37135 Name not displayed
37136 Name not displayed
37137 Eric Martin Ron Paul has the best understanding of good governance of anyone on this earth…. as far as I can tell. Let’s all make him president.
37138 Jaza Montgomery
37139 Name not displayed Dear Congressman Paul. Please run again. You will have my vote!
37140 Paul Evans
37141 Name not displayed
37142 Emily L’Esperance
37143 holly prew please please run for us
37144 Wayne Prescott
37145 Stephon Smith Dr. Paul,

Your time has finally arrived, and though it will require a great deal of energy, I trust that the good care you’ve taken of yourself and the perpetual cultivation of your intellect and moral philosophy will provide you the strength of foundation to not only run for office but also to be the best president this country has had in decades. Please run, sir. It would be an honor!
37146 Mike If every person that believes in Doctor Ron Paul would support him as strongly as he supports our Constitution there would not be a question if he should run or any doubt that he would. I believe if he can get the real support of his followers he not only could start getting the public recognition he so deserves but the exposure we all need him to have in order for the media to stop being so biased and give him his fair due.
37147 David Turner
37148 Name not displayed
37149 Ezekiel Davis
37150 Micah Lankford
37151 Name not displayed Constitutional Candidate and right for America.
37152 Casie This country needs you Dr Paul!! Please say yes to representing us liberty loving Americans!
37153 Name not displayed God Bless You, Ron Paul
37154 Name not displayed Please run in 2012 Ron Paul!
37155 Name not displayed
37156 John Adams Maturity, Wisdom, and Sobriety in 2012
37157 Lasse Trevland
37158 Matthew Igoe
37160 Brendan Cole Ron Paul For the Long Haul
37161 Eric Z Where is John Galt?
37162 Michael K
37163 Trent Malone
37164 Steffen Rafdal
37165 Matthew Borrello
37166 Arthur Frey
37167 johngray Im not even American and I want you to run.
37168 Name not displayed thank you
37169 Name not displayed
37170 Alison Griffin RON ask yourself……"Have I not done enough for my country?" WE ARE WAKING UP slowly to the truth, but WE NEED YOU!!!!!
37171 Kenneth West We need Ron Paul’s sense of truth in this country to lesson the constant lieing from all politicians. We need to believe in our leaders and that hasnt happened in decades. We believe in you Ron Paul so dont give up.
37172 Linda McCollum
37173 Michael Blanchard please help to save this country!
37174 Christopher Rich Ron Paul 2012!
37176 Kenneth Austin Gregory I would like to know if there is anything I can do to assist in your election for 2012. I am educated in politics and an excellent writer who believes your are the nations best hope. Thanks
37177 Cecile Bercier I am here for you too!!!!!
37178 Amanda Sakovitz
37179 Debra Myers We need you!
37180 Name not displayed There is not another single politician in office today that I can look at his/her voting record and sign my name at the bottom of. America was blinded by the glamour of Obama last campaign and many voters lost there head. I think now, America is not only ready, but crying out for a politician who will unabashidly uphold the Constitution regardless of the popularity of the issue. You sir, are the only man I can think of who will do this job, and follow through on campaign promises and the oath of office. All one has to do is look at your voting record the past three years and see you would have done just that because you HAVE! Please, mend America’s cry of liberty.
37181 Jason Mr. Paul, I do not agree with all of your policies, some of which I believe are borderline dangerous. However, your unwavering support of personal liberty is something that is sorely missing in the mainstream political debate. I hope that you will be throwing your hat into the ring for the 2012 election.
37182 Name not displayed
37183 Name not displayed
37184 Name not displayed
37185 Name not displayed
37186 Name not displayed Please defend our personal liberties, Mr. Paul
37187 Stephen Kinzel Thank you Dr.Paul for your continued service and commitment to our country. I ask you once again to pick up the fight in 2012 to restore dignity to the White House and relevance to our Constitution of the United States Of America.
37188 Thomas Minelga Go Ron go!
37189 Dillard Butler
37190 Michael Shaun Raikes I support Mr. Paul because he supports my right to play online poker.
37191 Name not displayed Ron Paul is the best candidate to beat Obama.
37193 Name not displayed “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”
37194 Name not displayed
37195 Nino Frkanec
37196 Shane Tate
37197 Stephan Saunders
37198 Darrin Buxman
37199 Bruce Castillo Paul/Ventura 2012!!!!
37200 Matt Rubis
37201 Kathy Frost Our country needs a strong, independent, fiscally sound leader. C’mon Ron! Run for president!
37202 Ann Wilson Kingsley
37203 Griffin Brown Don’t leave us picking the lesser of two evils. Run and if nothing else provide us with a candidate we can wholeheartedly support as citizens of the United States.
37204 Wisconsin Patriot Please run Ron, Spread the message!
37205 Jesse Hernandez Remove the electoral college
37206 Dylan Camarena Freedom.
37207 Steven
37208 Victoria
37209 Mark S Gamble
37210 Martijn I hope Ron Paul will run and become president and there will be peace in U.S and maybe the world.
37211 Name not displayed
37212 Sean Tyler Bell We need you now more than ever!!!!
37213 Name not displayed Mr. Future President, I’m a proud Liberal that sees views in you that mirror mine. I feel you are the best choice for our 2012 race. PAUL/KUCINICH 2012
37214 Heather Jones
37215 Phyllis
37216 Siebel …that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same…
37217 Name not displayed My freedoms were taken under the Bush regime for possessing a single mushroom. I was incarcerated for a total of over 6 months where I was witness to brutal beatings for the most trivial things like where one would get to place his bed mat in the county jail auditorium. The jail was overcrowded to the point that some 70+ inmates were placed shoulder to shoulder on the floor of the gym. There were all type of criminals from people late on child support to gang bangers, murders, rapists, and pedophiles. This completely nonviolent offense is a class D felony under current law and has taken many of my rights, thereby making them privileges. Under current law I can never own a gun, I can never get a passport, and worst of all, I cannot vote. This was purely coincidental as the police were actually called to the scene for a completely unrelated event. We hadn’t even consumed the substance. Total weight of the substance was less than one gram. It’s extremely hard to get a job with a felony on your record. My point is that I am far from alone. I am an honest, productive American who was screwed due to a matter of circumstance. If you do not become President, I feel my rights will never be restored. I do still have a dream…and hope. As I have said since a friend first informed of you back in 2007, you are: Our..Only..Hope
37218 Janet M. Ferguson Go for it!! :)
37219 Micah Zeidman Ron Paul.
37220 Matthew Robb The people need you Ron Paul.
37221 steffan uzzell PLEASE RUN!!!!
37222 Christopher Rock We need you, Mr. Paul, we need you so much.
37223 Zachary Hardesty
37224 Name not displayed You’re the only one who can save our country.
37225 Dave “When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.” -Thomas Jefferson
37226 Sandra Drews Will people now wake up and vote for Ron Paul. Time is running out we need him to fight for the people
37227 Lance Seabourn
37228 Tyler Sweeney I stand behind you.
37229 Name not displayed
37230 Doug how about we take our jobs and bring them back to this country and keep our Countries out of China and India what happened to products made in this great Country not some Third World country that hates us!!!
37231 Name not displayed We need you, Ron.
37232 Name not displayed America needs a leader…that leader should be you Ron!!
37233 Name not displayed America needs you, we need you!!!
37234 Sean Blattenberger
37235 Name not displayed
37236 sarah
37237 paul landsgaard the ONLY constitutional canadate
37238 Beth
37239 Dustin M. Please run and save the freedom that this country once stood for
37240 Tracy Aranyos please
37241 James Jacks
37242 Andy Ron Paul and Jesse Ventura! It can be done!
37243 Dustin Goodpaster I think Ron Paul is the only option for president.
37244 Nicholas Tyler Boone Please run! The U.S. needs someone like you to make a true change in the gov’t. It’d be terrible to go through another four years of war and recession. Please run again!
37245 Name not displayed
37246 Amber Leigh Netz Please run for President! You are the hopeful hero for America!
37247 Name not displayed There are no viable alternatives, I implore you to run!!!!
37248 Name not displayed
37249 Name not displayed
37250 Irmgard K. Lines If there would only be more people like you ,the world wo be a better place, please don"t let us down in this difficult time
37251 Maria Terziski
37252 Name not displayed GET RID OF THE BIG GOV!
37253 Brad Pickett Please run for the sake of all Liberty minded Americans!
37254 Benjamin Arp
37255 John O’Donnell America needs you!!
37256 Rafael Castaneda Please run this year. Thanks
37257 Dustin Rhodes
37258 Name not displayed You are the only VALID Candidate!! RISE OF THE THIRD PARTY IS NOW!
37259 brandon olive May God bless Ron Paul.
37260 Richard Torgerson Dear Mr. Paul, while I do not agree with you on all issues, I believe you have the honest heart, strength of character, and commitment to principle that we need in the White House to allow the American people to once again steer the course of our nation.
37261 Name not displayed Mr. Paul, you are the only hope for this nation. Please run in 2012.
37262 charlie
37263 james brotz PLEASE be our PRESIDENT mr PAUL AMERICA needs you now more than ever
37264 leonard price There still may be hope for America
37265 eric berry
37266 Name not displayed
37267 Myles Lamson I was just watching you on Chris Mathews this afternoon (4/19). With the exception of yourself and very few others, this country is being run by idiots and egos. We need your kind of reality-based leadership at the highest level in this government.
37269 S. Martens We have a dream…
37270 Name not displayed From a most libral democrate. Ron please run! You have my vote.
37271 Marissa Joley
37272 Marissa Jolley
37273 Name not displayed My god this country needs you. We cannot sustain this pace of dispair as a county for much longer. Run a strong campaign and please help this great country.
37274 Sean Bell All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing

-Edmund Burke
37275 Ryan Melcher Finally a statesman who isn’t afraid to do the right thing!
37276 Javier Diaz
37277 Name not displayed HELP!
37278 Jason Go Ron
37279 Sean Bell the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing
37280 Andrew Stone
37281 William G. Davis We love you Ron and are big supporters. Thank you for the continues fight for freedom, and liberty in America.
37282 Name not displayed I am voting for Ron Paul, even if I have to write him in.
37283 Daniel Kutch
37284 Noel Abadia You liberated my mind…thank you
37285 michael lets be the generation that makes the change were ready now!
37286 Drew Fucetola You’ve got my vote once again
37287 Chris Quintal
37288 chris q it is time that america needs a real leader, not a puppet. You have my vote till the end!
37289 Name not displayed Please run Mr. Paul.
37290 Carly Lowery We need you!!
37291 marty christiansen
37292 nick please, I fear for the future of my life. If nobody steps in who will? I am honestly scared for my generation. I may be only a youth, but I know for a fact that without your help, our country…our world…is doomed forever
37293 wilben rob We need change before this country is lost for good.
37294 Name not displayed Please run for 2012 the country needs you!
37295 Name not displayed
37296 Jose Brunis
37297 heath norris
37298 James Devine A long time supporter
37299 Name not displayed
37300 Robert Coventry We need REAL change!
37301 jan carvalho
37302 Name not displayed We need you Ron! Like never before.
37303 David Fletcher
37304 Name not displayed
37305 Bob Stoolfire
37306 Matt McNeill
37307 Daniel Brawley End the Fed! If we have to pay taxes then the Wall Street cronies should as well. Implement the Tobin Tax on them for a start! Then bring them up on charges of treason!
37308 Scott Waldron
37309 donna sturgis wake up people, let’s do it vote the right man in Ron Paul
37310 jeffrey thies you have my vote
37311 Chet Winters Please Run For President Our Country Needs Your Integrity.
37312 Kristina Hyland
37313 Name not displayed
37314 Jake M. Run Ron Please!!
37315 Craig Wilson NOW is the time!
37316 Name not displayed Please REDESIGN this ugly webpage

37317 Phillip Blake Willison
37318 anne-marie antonellis
37319 Daniel Cocciardi
37320 Gregg Roder
37321 Andrew Cooksey
37322 Tony Kerr
37323 Matthew Schneider Spread the message…that is what you told us. We have spread the message. Now we need you to deliver the message to the rest of the nation.
37324 Name not displayed
37325 Dylan Los Huertos
37326 Name not displayed You are just the clear-headed, well educated, constitutional leader that America needs to dig us out of utter ruin.
37327 Name not displayed
37328 Nicholas May
37329 Ignacio Pleas run
37330 Colin Harrington
37331 Emma Beaven
37332 Jessica Ennamorato
37333 Thomas Jefferson End the fed
37334 Name not displayed
37335 Cesar Aguirre You have my vote, guaranteed!
37336 Name not displayed Ron Paul for President 2012!
37337 Sue Goodner You are so right regarding the Federal Reserve as well, thanks for doing such a good job for Texas. You have been an excellent Congressman.
37338 Richard Schofield Ron Paul is one of the last patriots left in our government today and he has my vote!!!
37339 Lucas Bolyard Concentrated power is not rendered harmless by the good intentions of those who create it.

Milton Friedman
37340 Glenn R. Ricec
37341 Name not displayed
37342 Sydney Walsh run Ron, or Rand or both, in 2012
37343 Russell Milligan
37344 Jared Please run for president!!!!!
37345 Name not displayed
37346 Manuel Puente I got your back!
37347 John Kettner
37348 kenneth p joseph we desperately need ron paul for president
37349 Name not displayed We need you!
37350 Name not displayed
37351 Nicholas Ryan Cerniglia
37352 Darlene Woodhurst We need you! You’re the only one that has a realistic plan to get our country back to the way it should be. I am so tired of big government and being at war, I just want our borders safe, our homeless and less fortunate to be helped by the people of America and a Leader who can get everything that made this country so great back again and Ron Paul that is you.
37353 Jace You Can Do it!
37354 Harvey do it ron
37355 Name not displayed 1913 wasn’t a very good year. 1913 gave us the income tax, the 16th amendment and the IRS.
37356 Name not displayed I feel society in general realized the truth of what the nation has become and 2008 should have been a Ron Paul victory . 2012 is your turn Dr.Paul, help the peaople of the United States of America regain thier LIBERTY! -Austin,Texas
37357 Steven P. Cornett I’m definitely gonna support your campaign this election season, so run!
37358 Michael Jay Wells Mr. Paul

We need a true Traditional Conservative in office NOW. That is who you are. Please run for president. I will rally as much support as I can to get you into office. Thank you for this petition opportunity.

Michael Jay Wells.

Sebastian, FL.
37359 Name not displayed Ron Paul for President!
37360 Betsey Stephens We want to help you end this financial terriorism
37361 Name not displayed no illuminati
37362 Erik Sullivan Ron Paul, please consider running for presidential election in 2012, this country is so lost and it is rational and intelligent people like you who give me hope for the future of this great country.
37363 Maggie Weaver Please don’t give up on the American people! We are behind you and ready to fight the status quo.
37364 Name not displayed Ron Paul save America!
37365 David Kirk
37366 Kelly Garrison Go Ron Paul!
37367 Brandee Brown
37368 Name not displayed Run RON Run Help re-elect Obama
37369 david pratt I wrote in my vote for Ron Paul in 2008. I hope I can put a check next to his name in 2012.
37370 Sean Williams Republican / Democrat. No. American.
37371 Name not displayed
37372 Sara Ron Paul, I pray that you win so our country can be in the pure hands with the interest of the people!

RON PAUL FOR 2012!!!
37373 andrew durham go for it!!! We need you!
37374 Randy Peck Ron Paul - We need you. We need you…
37375 Jessica Lake
37376 Isela Cruz We need you now more than ever,you’re our only hope!!
37377 merary
37378 Joseph Craig Norred
37379 Sarai Suarez We need ACTUAL change,you can make that possible!!
37380 William F Quade
37381 Brooke Johnson God Bless Ron Paul!
37382 Name not displayed
37383 Name not displayed Go Ron Paul!
37384 Paul Diggins Sir. We both know that leadership with integrity is the most rare and precious commodity in politics, and essential to make the republic work. You have these qualities and we need you. Please keep speaking the truth. Please run. You can win and the country needs you.

I am a small businessman, in business for 30 years. I want to leave something for my kids and grandkids, but there will be nothing but chaos and deprivation for them if we do not take this country back.

You are one of the few republicans left that remembers the liberal (in the old sense of the term) libertarian roots of the party. It is a terrible burden but if you do not take up the banner who will. Please, sir, run again. I will do everything in my power to support your candidacy. Both financially and actively organizing.

Thank you

Paul Diggins
37385 Kelvin Lee
37386 Michael Prozinski
37387 Ronald Adams As a libertarian I would love to actually vote fo one that I can appreciate without moving to Texas.
37388 James Strickland There is no other candidate.
37389 H. Adam Carter IV Ron Paul.
37390 Nat
37391 Teethut
37392 Name not displayed Your service is highly needed.
37393 Mark Washa Jesse Ventura running mate.
37394 Olga Viren This country deserves a second chance. Please run!!!!!
37395 David Ace I’m once again optimistic about a political system that I’d all but given up on. I served in Iraq and came to understand how it was all based on lies and deception. I thank you and wish you the best
37397 Name not displayed
37398 Andrew Murphy Dude you know we need you.
37399 Samuel
37400 Name not displayed We need someone who knows how to fix this country. So far, you’re the best candidate.
37401 Brad Hamilton
37402 Name not displayed Would have voted for you last election if I was old enough. Please run!
37403 brett Go ron I’m with ya.
37404 Samuel Esquibel We need you! Bring liberty back to us!
37405 Name not displayed please save us
37406 Name not displayed
37407 Timothy Sadrakula
37408 scott galen
37409 Sean Smirnov Please run and we will do the rest!
37410 kirke
37411 Nicholas Driver Run, run, run!
37412 Sarah Gonzales
37413 Louis DeRosa end the policing of the world by the USA
37414 Name not displayed
37415 adam oehrlein
37416 Maciek Krynica If Americans don’t choose you they will be officially the stupidiest nation in the whole world ;D
37417 Name not displayed
37418 Name not displayed
37419 Lee Dermody
37420 James Balcomb
37421 Giordan Zemach-Emilio The only congressman concerned with limiting government and ending military interventionism.
37422 Robert Bowman
37423 Steve Ron Paul 2012!
37424 Southern Man You are the only one that can save us from our corrupt government!
37425 Andrew Schneider We The People….We need to be in control of our government its out of hand.
37426 Name not displayed
37427 Damon Nelson
37428 Rev. Aich Hilton We the people of these United States of America desperately need you for president in 2012. Here is hoping for the best in the future Ron Paul 2012!!
37429 Andreas Kerbler
37430 Richard Green PS… you are the first and only Republican I have considered voting for. But I vote on the man in this case and not the party. America truly needs you. Now more than ever.
37431 Florian Mittelberger I love Ron Paul!!! HE IS THE MAN!! He only can change the USA to a better country! VOTE FOR HIM!!!
37432 Name not displayed Ron Paul president

Jesse Ventura vice president

Alex Jones press secretary

Rand Paul secretary of state
37433 Name not displayed End the Fed!
37434 Justin Brewer Careful Doc, you might win this one.
37435 Marty F. Paul/Ventura 2012!
37436 Sebastian Zwolinski Give us back our constitutional rights. May God bless you in the upcoming election!
37437 Name not displayed For Freedom of Choice, Speech, and Prosperity.
37438 Name not displayed Once a democracy, now a plutocracy, no more hypocrisy, back to diplomacy

RON PAUL 2012 take our country back from the financial oligarchs & restore power to the people!
37439 Name not displayed
37440 Robert Smith
37441 Jeff Kindred Run Ron, RUN !!!!!!!!
37442 Dariusz Grodzki Ron Paul for President of Our Nation ,How Long do we have to waight to see You in the White House?
37443 Jenine Torres
37444 john torres
37445 Name not displayed Good luck, Mr. Paul.
37446 Bill Peace,Prospierity, SANITY!
37447 Justin Patterson Ron Paul’s got my vote.
37448 Name not displayed We need to change the way we govern our Country. Please run for office
37449 Jared M Ron Paul FOR PRESIDENT
37450 Shaquella Butler
37451 Craig Frankie Hey Ron we need you to run, and get this Obama liar out of office..
37452 David Gwin People generally don’t see the status quo as being bad. Questioning it is something they see as being abnormal, and reminiscent of eccentric individuals. It takes a great person or persons to convince them otherwise, and I believe you are the only person in a position to do that. So I’m begging you, run for the presidency. You may not win, and indeed, probably will not, but if the Libertarian ideals that this country was founded upon are to be rejuvenated in the consciousness of this nation, then their voice’s must be heard, and perhaps your voice will plant the seed for their eventual renewal. Sincerely, David Gwin
37453 Lee Hamilton we need you ron please run.
37454 William H. Maur Mr. Paul: While I slightly disagree with some of your points I honestly feel that you and/or your son are the only true hope to save this country before it is destroyed by the Democrats (with help from a lot of Republicans). The Cloward-Piven Strategy is playing out before our eyes and no one seems to notice or, if they do they’re agreeing to go along with it. This includes the major media who are also making it a point to exclude you from any real favorable coverage. Your appearances on cable media misses the million upon millions of people that can’t afford the luxury and/or those that don’t have access to it. Please continue to press your message to the college aged young in this country. It’s a winning strategy.
37455 Danny Scollan
37456 Deborah A. McClallen
37457 Jaymz Bucknam
37458 david Ron Paul stands for everything the global elites hate!
37459 Vincent Cramer
37460 Brandon
37461 Blake
37462 Dale F. Doelling Dear Dr. Paul,

AMERICA needs you in the White House! If you are a candidate, I pledge to work diligently for your campaign.

Warmest regards,

Dale F. Doelling
37463 Name not displayed
37464 Roman simmons Please! The people need you!
37465 chris tedford go paul go!!!
37466 Will Garrison Dear Congressman Paul,

My family and I sincerely hope you run for president in 2012. You are the only person since Ronald Reagan who appears to be willing to do the key things needed to help get the United States back on track.

Elimination of ruinous spending, including overseas interventions that are implemented solely to help the one world order elite, is imperative.

Best of luck - will donate when able to do so. Also, in my immediate family are 7 voters - all pulling for you!


37467 Joshua Dixon Tired of all the puppets…. We need a real leader.
37468 Name not displayed From Galicia (Spain) my support to Ron Paul
37469 Brittany Kline
37470 Name not displayed good luck you crazy dude
37471 Chynna Price We need a change.
37472 Jonathan G. Banes Please run!!!
37473 Charles Laughlin
37474 kenneth back
37475 Kelly Sullivan
37476 Name not displayed Let’s make a REAL change.
37477 Brenden Boudreau
37478 Louis Klampfer
37479 Eric Rogers
37480 Mike Roach Ron might be the only hope we have to maintain the American way of life as we know it!
37481 Ron Boeser
37482 Vincent
37483 m Go Paul
37484 Keith Forrester Please run! We need you terribly!
37485 Name not displayed Only you can save us from the insanity that is our reality.
37486 Francisco Mendez
37487 David Ryon
37488 Truitt Rounsavall Ron Paul for President in 2012
37489 Matthew Charbonneau
37490 michelle jerome That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, -That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness-declaration of independence.
37491 Tyler Kubik Please run. We need you
37492 Nathan Hunt
37493 Marc The country needs you Dr. Ron Paul. If the country fails to get you elected, they are responsible and will pay the price for it. It is up to us, the people, to support resonponsible leadership.
37494 Joseph App
37495 Nino Family Ron Paul…please run we the people need a real pres. Run and this time I will help spread the word. Don’t turn your back on the people USA needs you !!!
37496 Name not displayed
37497 Alice Gibson
37498 martin doty i love ron paul end the FED rockefeller rothschild j.p. morgan run the wrold bc of banking and fund both sides of wars….everthing is fucked up rothschild own europe…..shit has gotta change or new world order will jst come down hard
37499 Name not displayed If you run, I will vote.
37500 Name not displayed Just do it!!!
37501 Duane Burkhalter got my vote!
37502 Stephen
37503 Name not displayed Just promise you will bring a bridge to the bipartisanship we see currently. We need to be able to talk to one another. You need to get in the social media to get the younger able voters to get out to the polls. As a relatively young voter, your face needs to be out there talking to everyone, not just white haired republicans and lobbyist. It is very difficult to trust large institutions these days. You need to be one of the people, speaking on behalf of the people. Best of luck to you Congressman.
37504 Paul Spaven
37505 Rebecca Myers
37506 Name not displayed
37507 Name not displayed
37508 Ken Wahl If you don’t run I’ll just write your name in anyway like I did in 2008.
37509 Peter Costello
37510 Robert DeStefano
37511 Tom
37512 Mike Barnhart Ron, please run for President in 2012!!! "We the People" need you more than ever. Obama is finished, and I thank God I never voted for him.
37513 Name not displayed
37514 William Guida Please Run
37515 Matthew Baker
37516 Bobby Jones RON PAUL FOR 2012!!! Last Hope we have as Americans !!!
37517 Bradley Harris Please run Ron, we need you to save this country.
37518 Joe Pecora • I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them. Thomas Jefferson
37519 Justin
37520 Marshall White
37521 Mark End the Fed
37522 Katie Rinck
37523 Talor McCabe I live in Iowa and would like to help you with the election. If we can get everybody that signs the petition to volunteer to campaign for you we should be able to do it. Now is the best time for your chances as well since the general public is becoming more aware that more federal government is not the right thing.
37524 Manolo Borja He should have been on the ballot last time!!
37525 Ken Durbin I am a Democrat for Ron Paul

What we need most is the truth and you give us that.

You have my vote
37526 Name not displayed We need an honest politician
37527 Herb Houseworth
37528 Name not displayed Got in trouble with marijuana and if it was legalized i would not have been in this situation. Now its difficult to understand and trust the police
37529 Mike Smith
37530 Lauren Stollsteimer America needs more politicians like Ron Paul!
37531 zachary houser
37532 Name not displayed
37533 Brittany Dolkowski we NEED you to run
37534 Name not displayed
37535 Karen Chapman You are called for such a time as this.
37536 Ryan Fehling
37537 Austin Welch
37538 Isaac Freitag Ron Paul we need you to save the Republic.
37539 Mike McGee
37540 Ken Ball Mr. Paul, please do run. With the way information is passed via the internet now, you can build up a mighty support system. We need a courageous and visionary leader who will take the White House without owing favors to corporations. This was impossible in the past because the only way a candidate could compete was through corporate campaign dollars. But, the internet is free, at least for now, and I am so afraid that if we don’t take advantage of the opportunity to get a leader like you in the White House soon, then laws will be passed in order to prevent it. Please, Ron Paul, please run for America. For Liberty. For real freedom.
37541 D.seg
37542 Sean Vitti
37543 Albert campos Ron Paul for 2012!! i hope he run’s for the presidency.
37544 Juliane Rowell " I believe in Rob Paul and Jesse Ventura"
37545 Michael Wilhelm Mueller Save us.
37546 Zack Venema
37547 phillip tibbetts Please run in 2012 and direct us back to prosperity!
37548 frank puleo
37549 Kylie Entwistle I may be Canadian, but if I was American I would vote for Ron Paul!! Go Ron Paul! :D
37550 Rickey J McIntosh Ron Paul may well be our last hope at Liberty, Justice, and the American way of life.
37551 Name not displayed You have my vote paul
37552 Name not displayed
37553 JC McGrath Please let this man be our next President. So rare to see genius and education manifest as complete GOOD.
37554 Andrea Kennedy
37555 Lynn Burge America needs someone like Ron Paul who leads with facts versus emotion.
37556 Dalton Jones We need you Mr. Paul. America needs you. I need you.
37557 Michael Szymanowski
37558 Chris Paliani
37559 Rev. Chris Wottlin
37560 Michael Twombly
37561 ottis "WALK THE WALK"
37562 Matt Navarro The Technorati - Never Ending Story
37563 james
37564 Matthew Messer
37565 Name not displayed Let us stand up and take our liberties and freedom back! With Ron as President I know he will see to it that our country can and will be on the road of being restored back to us… the American people!

I support Ron Paul because I know he supports America!
37566 MIKE
37567 kelly hackmann
37568 Malachi Murray You can bring the change this country needs. I know you can. Your beliefs are firm and your ideals are solid. With your hand you can help move america into an age that Obama said he would bring us, but ultimately pussied out and failed. Please run, Paul. We kind of need you.
37569 Jake Jensen Please Ron give breath back to the saying "government is best which governs least"
37570 Steven Rigney Here’s some Canadian support.
37571 Ben Cooke After great study, I believe that Ron Paul is an even greater American than Thomas Jefferson.
37572 Joe Keagle
37573 Nathaniel Powning
37574 Robert Billings
37575 Joseph Kennedy Go for it Ron
37576 Larry Rounsavall
37577 Richard Hoyt Sharp III If Ron Paul were to run for president I would give all the support I could give and donate as much money as I can to his campaign!
37578 Riley P. Iverson
37579 Brittnie
37580 Shawn Padgett
37581 chris bealonis
37582 Name not displayed you are our only hope…
37583 Alice Losasso Dr. Paul we need you
37584 Name not displayed Ron Paul and Jesse Ventura will save man kind!
37585 Jonathan James
37586 Cody Jinkins Run, Ron, Run…in 2012!
37587 james
37588 Daniel I will support you if you assign Dennis Kucinich as your VP.
37589 Name not displayed I am just absolutely convinced that the best formula for giving us peace and preserving the American way of life is freedom, limited government, and minding our own business overseas.

-Ron Paul
37590 Name not displayed Paul / Ventura 2012!
37591 Pawel Wojdyla 2012 end of all the eras…
37593 Jose Coronado
37594 Dilip Sengupta First Bush 2 now Obama? I wont return to the US until Ron Paul wins the election! Go Mr Paul!!!
37595 Kevin Vail The ONLY person from either old party I would vote for.
37596 Name not displayed
37597 Andrew James Byrne You are this country’s last hope!
37598 Landyn McCaul Ron

Even if you don’t run in 2012 I appreciate your service as a congressman. Keep fighting the good fight.
37599 Brian J. Kiernan
37600 PAUL GringoLatino ASK I am Owner and CEO of a video prod business, as well as actor (of Spanish TV, American TV including SEX & THE CITY, movies, soaps), deal with the entertainment industry and celebrities. I have appeared in numerous publications. I wish to be a VIP with the Ron Paul campaign, as I was VIP with the Bush campaign in 1988. Have someone contact me please. Thank you. RON PAUL IS THE BEST; problem: registered Republicans in the party never want a GOOD guy like Ron Paul, and never nominate the best, which is MR PAUL! -Paul ASK. aka GringoLatino
37601 Jesse Husbands A run for office would be a wise chocie if the politcal campaign focused on the right issues.
37602 Name not displayed PLEASE put in for Presidential Election ASAP Thanks!
37603 Ashlee Barresi You are the only politician I will give my 100% support 2! RP 2012!
37604 Name not displayed Please get into office of Presidency as soon as possible! Our sovereigns need you.
37605 Mrs. Sarah Lipe Ron Paul, America needs you to help lead us back to our Constitutional principles. Please run!!
37606 Christof Drobny I’m not an American but being a citizen of a world which was shaped by the USA so strongly in the last many decades I see it as my duty to sign this petition. Dr. Paul my deepest respect for the courage to diagnose your country, please give your people the chance to vote for you! America and the world needs you!
37607 Name not displayed
37608 Benjamin Lawson Ron Paul for President!
37609 Name not displayed Ron Paul is the only man who can fix this economy.
37610 Name not displayed
37611 Name not displayed
37612 David Grover Go Ron Paul! I hate the Federal Reserve!
37613 Name not displayed
37614 Bo Shultz We need you to run you are the only true stateman
37615 Name not displayed Been follow you for 2years you have change my life and how I look at America and how it should be 2012 the year of Ron Paul
37616 Terje Melkevik Yay for Ron!
37617 Robert Steele Help us Ron, you’re our only hope!
37618 Name not displayed Only moral man.
37619 Benjamin Juhnke
37620 adam cunha
37621 Andrew Carmack GO RON PAUL!
37622 Name not displayed I can’t stand the feeling of hopelessness of America anymore. It’s time to give Americans the freedom they need to survive.
37623 Name not displayed From one physician to another, please bring health back to the United States.
37624 Name not displayed
37625 thomas r degroat jr we need you dr. paul
37626 Mark DeNitto
37627 garth gaylord True defender of the constitution.
37628 Chris Frey
37629 Jill Winters Ron Paul, RUN!!
37630 Molly Blazor We need you, Please give it another GO!
37631 Dr. Yancey C. von Yeast I’m a public school teacher. We are not all liberals. There are more of us out there than many belive!
37632 Brandon I support you. You are the by far the best candidate. End the wars. Give us independents "change."
37633 Hayden Pierce
37634 Joseph M. Procaccini Please run, Dr. Paul!
37635 Name not displayed I’m not from US, but this guy must be president.
37636 Name not displayed
37638 kris corfield If we can pick a real president then maybe we can get out of the hole were in. DON’T LET CORPORATIONS CHOOSE OUR NEXT PRESIDENT!
37639 John Hain Please run… You are the only politician with common sense!
37640 Name not displayed
37641 Adam McArthur I’m not in a position to vote for you during 2012, as I am not an American Citizen. I will work with your activists though to make sure that you are elected. Let’s stop the war and the New World Order!
37642 Name not displayed PLEASE WE NEED YOU
37643 Name not displayed
37644 Kenneth D Beck
37645 Devin Jester
37646 Shad Yuska
37647 Troy Jordan
37648 Matthew Ikner
37649 Richard R Jadin III Ron Paul is my hero if he were to be our president I would see him as a world hero. He would cure what has been shattered which is our respect
37650 Name not displayed So refreshing to listen to your point of view on everything from war to money.

Thank you
37651 Spencer L Mize Ron Paul for President! We need you BIG TIME!!
37652 Name not displayed Put an end to the fed, and PLEASE run with Jesse Ventura.

You two flip a coin if you must, but make it happen! I will stump every neighborhood in my city if I must to gather support.
37653 marc resnick
37654 Name not displayed
37655 Name not displayed
37656 Scott Merrell
37657 Rane Faulkner
37658 Adriana Valdivia Ron Paul for president!!! He would truly help our nation.
37659 Name not displayed limit the federal government
37660 kenneth burks Save our constitution, please.
37661 Name not displayed Please run for president and help stop all the corrupt global bankers we need you and I need a future RON PAUL FOR 2012 PRESIDENT !!!!
37662 Doug Yelmen you and Jessie just might be able to save us (US).
37663 Keith Warzeniak You are the peoples politician! Now be the peoples President!
37664 Name not displayed ron paul 2012!
37665 Kevin Terry
37666 Patrick Reid
37667 Brett Pukay I wish more people would acknowledge you. You are very smart and I know you can start the change that really needs to happen.
37668 Anwar Hamoude Ron Paul is the logical choice. If you believe in Freedom, Civil Liberties, and your Constitutional Rights than sign this petition for Ron Paul.
37669 Name not displayed
37670 Lionel B. Rexroad II
37671 John Throckmorton
37672 Name not displayed Ron for president is no longer a want….it has become a need.
37673 Amber Bosten
37674 Name not displayed Please run for President. I am praying that you do. Our country needs a voice of reason, not the voice of treason.
37675 Nova Dear Dr. Paul,

You have inspired me like no other politician in my life. When I see you or hear you I stop and listen very carefully. You are the only man that will protect, preserve, and defend the Constitution and that brings great comfort to me. When you talk about free trade it gives me hope to keep my business open and to rehire those I had to lay off. God has given you a "calling" and you must use it to help all Americans. Our lives are in your hands and we will vote to get you elected in 2012. I will do my part by handing out fliers, sending email, and when it’s time to vote I will take the homeless from where I volunteer to a voting center. You can be trusted and you are loved because you are selfless. May God Bless you Dr. Paul!
37676 Joshua Stoltz Glad to see you support our personal freedoms and will take a stance to support them. That gets my vote.
37677 Ryan Elliott to a president that won’t lie to us! (at least you better not)
37678 Name not displayed
37679 Kenneth Cole
37680 Name not displayed I’m crossing party lines to ask you to run for the presidency. You tenacity is the voice of the American people. If you run, I will assist in the campaign, and I will urge on a vote to ensure your election to the highest office in the country.
37681 Kelvin Barclay Defend the USA Constitution
37682 Frank Alliger
37683 Rachael Taylor
37684 Maria Herrera-Schlemmer
37685 Jeff Collins
37686 Name not displayed Ron Paul 2012 our last hope.
37687 barbara anderson
37688 Nick M Lets get our rights back!
37689 Peter-Jan Celis Ron Paul represents the USA that I love. Greets from Belgium.
37690 Shane M. Clements Bring the Constitution back!
37691 Brandon Elizarde You’re the first person that’s not apart of the democratic or green party that i will vote for. I never thought i would ever do that EVER! What caught my attention was hearing bill maher and alex jones both singing your praises. I dont know if youre running but if u are. Gl
37692 Don I Hope Ron Paul Does Run, I supported Obama in 2008. It Wasn’t Until Recently That I Started Researching The Financial State of Our Country That I Realized He Is Absolutely Right On His Economic Policies Both Domestic Spending And The Real Dollar KIller… Foreign Spending >:o
37693 Kyle olm-Breuninger im scared for us. I need to believe there’s at least one of us that gives a shit.
37694 Regina Denise
37695 Charles Jewell
37696 Justin Rios
37697 Name not displayed PLEASE RUN!!!!
37698 Rachel Derise
37699 Erik Gustafsson
37700 Name witheld Fuck the fed!
37701 Qui
37702 Derek Gelato
37703 Michael Ray
37704 Dustin Samuel Run Ronnie Run!
37705 Name not displayed We need someone to "END THE FED" and you are the man for the job Mr. Paul. I’m only a teenager and i can see this…
37706 Kevin White
37707 Name not displayed Please be the person who finally develops into a responsible, credible challenger.
37708 louis ronpual save the econimy now obama has killed our econimy this nation fix it now ok we need a leader like you ronpual so beat obama as hard as you can beat him until his eyes fall out distroy him now in 2012 i cant take him i dont like him i just hate him so crush him in 2012 thanks my buddy ronpaul
37709 Mitchell Ewert Ron Paul would serve our country not dictate it. We need you!!!
37710 Deborah Ewert
37711 Deborah Aldridge I have always felt that he was the right man for the position. It is just a shame that it took such a disaster for everyone else to jump on board. He has my faith and loyalty and always will have. He has the intelligence to overcome what the greedy others have wrought and with enough of us beside him will be able to make this right. I do so hope he will consider running in 2012.
37712 chris votino We the people have no right to ask you to put yourself and family in grave danger like this, but this country’s darkest hour is almost amongst us. Mr. Paul you are the last flickering of light to be seen.
37713 Name not displayed
37714 Name not displayed
37715 Todd Powell Ron Paul 2012!
37717 Name not displayed
37718 James Villarino
37719 Susana Villarino
37720 Name not displayed
37721 Gary Scott
37724 Name not displayed Audit The Federal Reserve!
37725 Name not displayed
37726 Charles Stoner
37727 William Fernandez Ron, You are the reason I have taken an interest in politics. I was apathetic to the political process. You’ve educated me and if you have taught me anything it’s to believe in those who would lead us to more transparent government. Lead us sir, Lead us!!!
37728 Name not displayed
37729 Leland Thomas Faegre Get Us Out of the United Nations…
37730 Name not displayed Ron Paul you gotta run man. I feel we ar elosing our rights and we no longer follow the constitution I’m getting to the point where I dont even want to be in this country. Save our country Ron Paul only you can.
37731 Fernando Solis JR
37732 Name not displayed PLEASE RUN, DR. PAUL!!!
37733 Laura Pecora
37734 Name not displayed
37735 Name not displayed Paul/Rogers 2012
37736 Dominick Grande
37737 bronson
37738 Thom Gleason Thank you!
37739 Brandon Please run I can’t find any other cadidate I respect or like
37740 Name not displayed
37741 Name not displayed poker is a joy - keep the DOJ and FBI out of it !
37742 Tim Sobczyk Viva La Paul - Ron Paul 2012 - "For The People, By The People"!
37743 John Darker
37744 Name not displayed
37745 Erika Vidmar Personally, I support neither Republican nor Democrat. I support freedom. Ron Paul & Jesse Ventura for 2012!
37746 Jon Nixon FIRE THE IRS!!!!
37747 Name not displayed Mr. Paul,

We (Americans) need more outstanding citizens like yourself to run for president of the USA. At this point in time our country is currently in giant economical disaster, and we need a outstanding citizen such as yourself to reclaim what we have lost over the years. You have my vote if you run for president.

Sincerely, Jamie
37748 Name not displayed
37749 Anthony Todaro
37750 Michael Many people think you are too radical. That is because even the most "small government" Republicans have gotten used to the idea of bigger government. Please run!!!! :)
37751 Jason Lillie I am an army warrant officer and two time veteran. I want you to be my next commander in chief.
37752 Beau De Rosa Please run…
37753 Pete G. you believe in the values of our constitution and stand by it, I haven’t seen that from anyone else. I will do everything I can to help you get our country back! Ron Paul 2012!
37754 Andikan I’ve yet to see a candidate that I support in full (to the best of my knowledge).
37755 Name not displayed
37756 Justin Sousa You are the ONLY candidate I would vote for.
37757 Chase May
37758 Name not displayed do it!
37759 Bryan Michael Hurley We have learned so much from you Dr. Paul. Thank You.
37760 Richard E. Howe`
37761 Name not displayed
37762 Bret Hamilton
37763 jillian wood i hope more people open there eyes thank you
37764 Name not displayed
37765 Name not displayed
37766 Jared Standiford We need real change!!!Ron Paul!!!!
37767 Susan Guenther Please, you are the only one that can save our country! Please run, even Independent!
37768 Alexandria Matamoros GO RON PAUL!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

37769 Name not displayed Ron, you will help america a lot, if we get you this country will rise, GO RON GO!
37770 Patric D. Kisielewski
37771 Ashley B. Thank you Ron Paul for standing up for our rights as Americans and not siding with the FED! Thank you for everything! :) we do need you for President!!
37772 Name not displayed
37773 Name not displayed Run for the presidency of th U.S.A. You will have my vote.
37774 Michael Villegas
37775 Janos J Perez-Waller The republic needs you.
37776 Brandon Bertrand We need a leader so we can learn to lead are self
37777 Name not displayed
37778 Kelly R Ford
37779 Dan You are the only candidate who is not owned by the corporations America is doomed without you.
37780 Name not displayed I just started reading your articles and I truly support your ideas on fiscal policies. Thank you for your work!
37781 Brandon Jones
37782 sherman jacobs
37783 John Eckbold
37784 Name not displayed
37785 charles brannen Mr. Ron Paul - The best mind I have seen on foreign policy
37786 Name not displayed If you are everything everyone is saying then you are our only hope. I am over 60 and really fear the future. Considering what is going on currently with the politicians, no one wins but them regardless of who is elected. Come to our aid before it is to late.
37787 Jessica
37788 Brandon Simpson
37789 Name not displayed please run for president. With you in this race against Obama, im sure we can regain some sanity in this country.
37790 Rick Frederickson I love what you stand for and wholeheartedly want you as our President.
37791 Michael
37792 Kenneth J. Ferkel Jr I am not a political party person. I believe that is one of the things that is wrong with our government. For the most part I believe politicians have lost sight of common sense and "WE THE PEOPLE" Politicians are supposed to work for US, and I believe Ron Paul is trying to do just that. You have my support.
37793 Name not displayed I would like to work for you during your campaign. Tell me how?
37794 Neal Davis We need a balanced budget amendment, we need to balance the budget today, we need to repeal the 16th amendment, close down the IRS, eliminate all income and investment taxes. I will allow a small national sales tax of less than 6% to fund defense and infrastructure.
37795 Leslie Ellis
37796 Sean Williams
37797 Name not displayed We need you now more than ever, Ron. I cannot live in a country that is being run illogically. We need a visionary, we need a Franklin D. Roosevelt, we need a man like you. From the bottom of my heart, please choose to run again, it is incredibly prudent for the survival of our nation.

We will not survive if our systems aren’t fixed. We can no longer let the top 1% povertize the rest of our population.

I hope to see you more in 2012!

Thank you, Ron.
37798 John Neel
37799 Bryan Cochrane You have given hope to a generation! Thank you for having the courage to stay true to your beliefs.
37800 Frank M You are a man that stands for freedom. You are the next Thomas Jefferson. We NEED YOU, Ron Paul. We need you.
37801 Nikki Mr. Paul, we will do everything in our power to vote for you. This country needs you. We must restore our freedoms that our previous presidents have taken. Please run for election in 2012!
37802 Name not displayed Please give me a reason to vote in the next election.
37803 Name not displayed
37804 Name not displayed
37805 Jerry Larmore Best of Luck Sir and God Bless
37806 Eric
37807 Forrest W. Ice We need a flat tax and rid the gov. of needless people like the IRS and other useless expenses
37808 Name not displayed Dear Ron Paul,

Next election will be the very first election I will be eligible to vote in. It would be an honor to see your name on the ballot. Please run!
37809 Matthew Orzolick I love what you stand for and I stand next to you! You have my vote!
37810 Brendan
37811 James Griffin Wright Mr. Paul please bring your brilliant ideas and new way of thinking to the ballot so we can get some real "change"
37812 Jonathan Cowles You are more important for upholding the constitution drafted by our fore-fathers than you can possibly understand. You are an inspiration for true change, not the repetitive advertised change that others have run on. Please give us another chance to get you in the executive office! Abolish the Fed.
37813 Charles McKay
37814 allison
37815 Katherine Ericsson
37816 Name not displayed Ask not what your country can do for you. Dr. Paul, your country needs you, we the people of the United States need you now more then ever.
37817 Steve I’m Canadian, hope it still counts!
37818 Name not displayed
37819 Rebecca Ron Paul 2012!!! Get OBAMA OUT!
37820 Name not displayed
37821 Carol Insley
37822 Simon Dixon Kepchar
37823 Brian L Blackman We the People will reclaim our sovereignty from all those who employ empirical practices with the intent of denying us our constitutional independents won with the blood our countries fathers and given away through the ignorance of their descendants; through the election of Mr. Ron Paul for President of the United States do we begin our reclamation, but through our voices and actions do we ultimately obtain once again our sovereignty.
37824 Name not displayed
37825 Name not displayed Come on Ron!
37826 gregg Guarnieri please run,we need you more than ever….
37827 Ken Run or not, I will still vote for you. I have had your bumper sticker on three cars.
37828 Name not displayed Lets go Topsy Turvy in DC
37829 Sanford Grayson of the Clan Drummond I believe in you Ron, as does the rest of my family. You are a TRUE leader and inspiration to all rational thinkers. Unlike some, I don’t want YOU to ‘mend America’s cry for liberty’. I believe ‘We the People’ are the ones responsible for that. I believe ‘We the People’ can accomplish this with your help and inspiration. When ‘We the People’ shed our dependency on others and start taking responsibility FOR our government and our own lives, maybe THEN we can take the next step in our evolution as a human race and become interdependent beings, with a common goal of true ‘Liberty’, that the Founding Fathers intended.
37830 Wilhelm Klose George Washington didn’t want to be President either, the country needed him!
37831 Name not displayed Go America!!!
37832 Robert Mr. Paul, you are America’s only hope of seeing the benefits of free-market policies. Please help America find its glasses.
37833 Dan Cowan I made a mistake by voting for Bush in 2004. I have learned a lot since then. Go for it.
37834 David Harding Some people saying voting 3rd party is to throw your vote away. I say voting for someone you don’t like is worse.
37835 Ryan Thor Get us out of this mess. End the Fed. Balance the budget. Just bought Liberty Defined at your book signing in Tallahassee. Can’t wait to hear you speak tonight. Thanks for what you do.
37836 Name not displayed
37837 Kevin Craig
37838 John Anthony Hall For God sakes man, RUN!!!!!!
37839 Name not displayed
37840 Name not displayed PLEASE run for president!! I’ve never, in all my 60 years, wanted someone to run as much as I want you to run!!

Wish you victory and health!
37841 Eugene Yoon I have lost faith in our government, due to many irresponsible policies.

Ron Paul, you have stirred up faith for the American people.

I hope that new changes can be made through your morals, knowledge and research.

-God Bless America and God Bless Ron Paul!-
37842 jennifer lynn nunley we need you-SDSU!!
37843 Stephen
37844 nancy Sanfrancesco You are an honest gentleman with courage, knowledge and commitment to lead our country back to the standard we were respected for.
37845 Name not displayed Mr. Paul, I do not agree with all of your policies, some of which I believe are borderline dangerous. However, your unwavering support of personal liberty is something that is sorely missing in the mainstream political debate. I hope that you will be throwing your hat into the ring for the 2012 election
37846 kevin run paul
37847 Matt Quantz Please fight for my rights.
37848 Sean
37849 bonnie golden WE NEED YOU RON
37850 Venus-Athena: Barker
37851 LArry Curry RON PAUL FOR PRES 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! end the FED.
37852 Name not displayed
37853 ZachStutler
37854 doesthiscount?
37855 Alex White you are the hope of America right now. if action isn’t taken soon, we are more than likely going to end up like George Orwell’s 1984
37856 Name not displayed Help us.
37857 Name not displayed
37858 Name not displayed
37859 James Yoo
37860 Daniel Garrison
37861 Nathan Alexander Wieters I was a victem of Obama fever when I cast my first ballot. I know now to do my homework and form a rounded opinion about every candidate. Dr. Ron Paul is my choice, and I’ll stand by it.
37862 Scott Rawlings Please!!!!
37863 Dawn Headrick
37864 Name not displayed
37865 Dustin Miller DO IT!
37866 David Merrill Thanks Congressman & Dr. Ron Paul for your unwavering support for freedom & liberty. In my oppinion, the two most damaging things to our liberties is the National Debt, Big Government & Income Taxes.
37867 Razvan Cocos
37868 Evelyn Please Run!! I have two kids and I want them to have a secure future. I just know you can do it. Please fix this country!!
37869 Richard Antoniolli
37870 Jeremy Furrow Organize America! If we don’t get it right in 2012 there might not ever be another chance to save this nation for our children. Donate to the election fund and get involved, it’s so much more than voting.
37871 Sonia Please, for our children, for my Isabel (age 3) and Alex (age2) for the future of this country please run for the 2012 presidency.
37872 Evelyn Please Run!!!! Our Country needs you! My children’s future needs you!!!
37873 Matt
37874 Charles Bent
37875 Timothy Beaver The only honest politician I can think of.
37876 David Smith
37877 Robert Crain Cmon Ron you could do great things for this country!
37878 ShepherdSlayer
37879 Name not displayed
37880 Jason Medley America is being held hostage by corrupt politicians and special interests. We need a real alternative.
37881 Carissa Lundy For All Our Sakes-Please Run for President!!
37882 brent levi
37883 Cory Hughes
37884 Benny Bejar
37885 Name not displayed In its present state, this is an America which I no longer feel any connection with. I’ve spent two straight days being bounced from one Washington D.C. office to the next in an apparently futile search for just one federal government office who serves the American people in the fight for justice against national banks leveling grotesque levels of fraud on American homeowners. (My own battle has spanned more than 2-1/2 years.) There is not one office in existence that does this. Instead, the federal government appears to exist mostly for the purpose of fleecing American citizens out of their hard-earned paychecks by funding offices such as the Office of the Comptroller of Currency, which purports to act as an impartial mediator between national banks and consumers, but in fact have a process in place which guarantees their biased relationship with national banks. As such, I fully support Dr. Ron Paul’s push for less federal government.
37886 Andrew Walter
37887 jack owen I think you are the last hope to ever put things back to where people who will work and want to work can make a decent living again. We would like to have someone that is willing to get jobs back home and quit wasting our hard earned dollars on wars and countries that will turn on us anyway
37888 Magen Aguirre Your one of the last true supporter’s of freedom in this country!
37889 Collin Shull Please Ron, we need you now more than ever. Now that Obama has exposed himself as the warmonger he is it will be no problem getting people to vote for you!
37890 Name not displayed
37891 Nicholas Baumeister
37892 Joe B Restore the American Way and Dreams
37893 Ed Skerke I plan on going door to door when you run
37894 Name not displayed
37895 Michael Clutz Your country needs you now Mr. Paul!
37896 Danielle DaVee
37897 Name not displayed
37898 Louis Alter We need dr ron paul to save are country and get it back to the people
37899 Name not displayed Run Independent this time. GOP squanders its gains; cannot be trusted. Running Libertarian or 3rd Party earns fringe-label. Run Independent; leave lamestream media to focus on Reprocrats. Best wishes! -prior donor and volunteer
37900 Tom Should have won in 08!
37901 Johnny Alvarez I have never voted in my life. Never really thought any presidents in my lifetime were worth voting for. You sir, you I would go vote for. Alot of Americans feel this way and I think if you ran again in 2012 you would see something that hasn’t happened in a long time…..A country unite
37902 Joshua David Hyder I hope you run Sir, and I hope you put yourself out there more, and try hard, the USA needs you and your values…..
37903 Thomas West Mr. Paul, my friends and I are in utter awe at your knowledge and ideas on different issues in our government. It is a breath of fresh air to finally hear someone who actually has good ideas! Please run!
37904 Name not displayed
37905 Jennifer Stephenson
37906 Rannie Vickers
37907 Daniel Martin Please run for president. You seem to be one of very few congressmen that are both competent and compassionate. We need your leadership.
37908 Name not displayed PLEASE RUN!
37909 sdfsdgfd I just sent this post to a bunch of my friends as I agree with most of what you’re saying here and the way you’ve presented it is awesome.
37910 Bobby Spellman
37911 Carrie You’re the only politician who speaks for the working class citizens…the average Joes. You’re the only politician with any common sense and I admire your courage to use it among the numerous others, that care only about who lines their pockets the most. Please give us the opportunity to take back our country. Please consider running.
37912 Name not displayed Please run.
37913 Paul Noble We need a standard bearer for liberty. Obviously Obama is for even larger government, but current Republican hopefuls are also tied to government intervention abroad and at home. Even if Ron Paul doesn’t get the nomination he can influence the debate and help hold politicians feet to the fire.
37914 Name not displayed have courage to change
37915 Ron Freitas
37916 Mike Patrick Moran
37917 lee w. Please step up, America Needs You.
37918 Joshua K Porter He would take America back to where it needs to be.And he shouldn’t be intimidated by Fox News saying he can’t win,the last time i checked the people elect the president not Fox News.
37919 Name not displayed
37920 Jordan Kansky Love is the only way
37921 Name not displayed Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness
37922 Ty
37923 Name not displayed Go get ‘em, tiger.
37924 Name not displayed
37925 Name not displayed Ron Paul solves root problems like monetary policy which our WORLD bases EVERYTHING from. He’s not a modern day politician, he’s more like a founding father en visionary with the answers for everyday people and the love, care and respect for humanity (not Corporations, Greed and Corporation) on the inter-connected world around it.
37926 Sarah Reaves You tell it like it is and is going to be!!! God Bless!!
37927 Jason Patrick
37928 John Minton
37929 Dee Kimmel Please we need you!!
37930 Barbara Matthews
37931 David McLaurin
37932 Name not displayed
37933 Simon Ask Please Ron Paul, we need you! Now just in USA, but we need you here in Sweden as well! You could show the world a new kind of politics! Please lead us!

You got 110% support from Sweden!
37934 pedro first good idea ive heard in a while
37935 Name not displayed What can I say that has not been said already. As a young man, 22 years old 2008 was my first election. I voted for Obama because I "hope"d he would "change" the bad situation Bush had gotten us into, 2 and a half years later I am still waiting for said change. Mr. Paul you appear to be the only candidate interested in the success and prosperity of the entire country as oppossed to a few wealthy individuals.
37936 Billy Mays
37937 theodore williams
37938 Lindsey Please run for president in 2012! This country needs you!
37939 Name not displayed
37940 Name not displayed Pretty please
37941 William Blackford
37942 Jason C. Lamb
37943 Ivan Wallis End the Fed!!!
37944 Hans Guerin Please run, but not as a Republican. The two parties are the problem, we need you to be the solution.
37945 Dennis Harris We need a beacon of competence now more than ever. I can’t think of anyone more capable to correct the path we’ve taken for the past 100 years.

Give ‘em hell Ron! America needs you!
37946 matthew verpent This country would have and will fall apart without Ron Paul as our Nation’s President
37947 Joe Graves Ron Paul is the only politician who wants to get elected for what he doesn’t want to do rather than what he wants to do.
37948 Name not displayed
37949 Jonathan Fair The weight of the world may be riding on your shoulders; you may shrug this year, however by doing so, you may loose your opportune moment to ensure a front-runner role for 2016.
37950 Daniel Wallace I want to start that i am a devout liberal - solely due to the fact that these conservative values only work when in their purest form as ONLY Ron Paul can give us. If a big government is going to exist it needs to exist to promote the people that need it.
37951 Rod Applebaum Dude, we miss you, come back to us
37952 Mr.Schlemmer Fight!
37953 Name not displayed
37954 David Nuciola Go Doc!!!
37955 Name not displayed There’s no one else I’d bother campaigning for, donate to, or have any faith in pulling this country out of the hole it’s in. You’ll be the only anti war candidate and the only non fascist/ corporatist . We need to push for paper ballots too which are harder to rig than diebold machines
37956 Ruth
37957 Anthony Nortell Please run!!! You are our only hope for a free America.
37958 andrew lowe
37959 Casey Gresham Your the only hope this country has Mr. Paul!!
37960 Name not displayed RUN WE NEED YOU!
37961 Wanda Ron Paul can stop this abuse of the innocent children and parents. He had suggested few related bills on this bleeding issue.

As the doctor he knows all the grass roots of the cost of this legal kidnapping. Audit the Feds is the first step. Close the Social Services and stop to pay for them federal bonuses for the number of children placed in the system and then reselling your children / adopting. This way DSS destroying all U.S. ALL the Judges and DSS employers, court appointed lawyers, doctors…should face national class law suite for destroyed of happy childhood and violation of the constitutional right. This business practices should be open to the public. Snatching from birthparents and reselling your child …or leaving in limbo …makes double profit from your child’s birth certificate…gets kickbacks for the evil job…and U.S deformation from the roots. The only HOPE for U.S is the RON PAUL…who is going not for the glory and big $$$$…..but to do the Right thing… and to save the U.S …and all the past distractions to bring to the day light and Judgment….Please do not be blind this time… and choose the Jesus/RON PAUL.! He is the only Hope! I love you daddy…Ron Paul.God bless you!!! Please Return All Children Home… RESCUE from the Foster Homes and Illegal Adoptions!!! America should not be sold! We not stawmen or slaves!
37962 Mike Higgins Why are people so eager to attack the beliefs of others that they unknowingly allow the powerful to exercise the only strategy they have,which is "to divide and conquer."Tolerance is to decide what is right or wrong for yourself and not be so sure that you wont be proven wrong in the future that you act out of malice and throw the baby out with the bathwater.Malice is often the resultant behaviour due to ignorance.Ron Paul is an honest person and should align himself with the other elected officials such as Raptur,Cinich and others from whatever party to bring about the changes necessary to make America and the not as powerful countries of the world,responsible for the welfare of each and everyyperson on the planet.We need more philosophy and less religion in government.
37963 jonny fewkes
37964 CURTIS W COOK Please run! America needs an Honest citizen in office. You can save us. Don’t let them win. WE THE PEOPLE.
37965 Scott Jacobs Please run for president we need you
37966 Caren jacobs Please run for president I will vote for you
37967 Aris Sandefur Actually wouldn’t had a chance if you hadn’t dropped out last time, you won in all the polls…
37968 Name not displayed courage & truth!!!!!!!!
37969 Name not displayed America first!
37970 Roger Drinnon
37971 Bill We need you DR Paul
37972 Robert C. Pierce
37973 Name not displayed
37974 Chase elder Please save my country. As a member of the military I beg you to beat these spineless assholes and uphold the constitution I swore to uphold
37975 Nicholas Bowers
37976 Donald Smith Keep up the GREAT work Dr. Paul.

God Bless You!
37977 Jeffrey Rosales
37979 Boone Porcher
37980 Charles Gregory
37981 Gaylyn Anderson
37982 Name not displayed please run RON PLEASE
37983 craig bautel we the people are sick of getting buttraped… we NEED you
37984 Name not displayed
37985 Name not displayed I’ll vote for you , first time the past 8 years ..
37986 Name not displayed
37987 Name not displayed
37988 Daniel There is no hope for our futures but i will try untill i die
37989 Name not displayed
37990 Name not displayed You have my vote all the way. You lead, I’ll follow.
37991 Shannon Redford
37992 J Kell
37993 Adam Wallace I’m from the UK, but I desperately want Ron Paul to become President of the USA, so that America returns to her Constitution & becomes a beacon of liberty again for the world, not the source of despotism she is fast becoming.

Ron Paul IS the man for the job. Please elect him.
37994 Name not displayed Lets win this time Ron.
37995 Name not displayed GO RON!!!
37996 Scott Karas
37997 Steve Buchanan
37998 Name not displayed
37999 Anthony Lee Vanover II America will cry out to anyone if they promise hope. Unfortunately, this is what happened with our last election. Hope was promised but that hope was empty. America believed in mere eloquence.

So I beg: Please enter in the 2012 election, lest your place be taken by incompetence or evil.
38000 Name not displayed Saw you speak at FSU last night and REALLY HOPE you would take on the responsibility of running for presidency in 2012!!

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