NH Tea Party Leader Jane Aitken personally endorses Ron Paul

Jane Aitken, NH Tea Party Leader announces:

“I am hereby making a personal endorsement of Congressman Dr. Ron Paul for President of the United States. I have followed his career since the early 1980s and I am sure that he is a man of integrity, good character, and trustworthiness both personally and professionally. America is at a precipice, time is short, and while others fail to realize it, business as usual just will not do.”

“It is rare to find a candidate who understands the proper role of government, is not afraid to tell the truth, and who is truly dedicated to real change. We must defy the establishment’s effort to dictate the outcome of our elections and unite behind someone who is truly ‘for the people’, instead of continually electing elitist Republicans who can only call themselves ‘conservative’.”

Read the complete endorsement here.

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