Ron Paul swings into New Hampshire

The San Francisco Chronicles reports:

“South Carolina voters are receptive to Ron Paul’s message that life is precious and military service is honorable, all in the context of his overall philosophy of a return to personal and economic liberty,” said Jesse Benton, Paul’s national campaign chairman.

Just hours after the close of the Iowa caucuses, Paul delivered a scathing retort to Gingrich, who labeled Paul’s foreign policy “dangerous.”

He called the former House speaker a “chicken” who, apparently, had no worries about danger to America when he took deferments rather than volunteering for military action in Vietnam. Paul caustically noted that politicians who send young people to war rather than going themselves are called “chicken hawks.”

“Romney has hit the ceiling. Gingrich has hit the ceiling,” he said. “And Santorum, frankly, in terms of the anti-Ron Paul candidacy, was the last bullet in the revolver.”

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