That’s How Jesse Benton Rolls

Faced with question after question designed to undermine Ron Paul, Jesse Benton (Ron Paul’s campaign chairman) cuts through the noise and tells it like it is: Ron Paul is the strongest candidate to beat Obama.

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161 Responses to That’s How Jesse Benton Rolls

  1. johnykoop says:

    If you dont vote for Ron Paul - you are either ignorant/brainwashed OR part of the NWO regime.

  2. juicyj2781 says:

    GG Jesse, Ron Paul 2012

  3. Eeeziiee says:

    I am a Pakistani — I have been listening to this guy for a month daily, I wish we had a leader like this of character, fore-sightedness and sensibility in Pakistan. Like I said the Jewish/Zionist media in the US would soon be ganging up on him, deserting him, accusing him baselessly and would be in a situation of sheer frustration but all there efforts would be to no avail, ’cause the people of US understand the game now.

  4. karltubeful says:

    The media in the states is laughable. Ron Paul’s support will never collapse! Who does she think she is fooling, and who puts these words in her mouth?

  5. quickv40 says:

    this women is totally retarded. “this is the best ad ever seen”, but “people won’t like it” WTF? shut up you pompous sellout windbag and grow some fucking ethics.

  6. Every talking-head status-quo newscaster does what they can to undermine and downplay Dr. Paul’s surging campaign, we see through your crap. RON PAUL 2012!

  7. moonraven3 says:

    Wait. Why are we citing polls in Iowa? Why are we even talking about Iowa? I thought it didn’t count anymore.

  8. This guy has fast answers. I like it!! Excellent speaker for the Ron Paul staff.

  9. HaUriel1 says:

    Ron Paul took the weekend off because he knows what a good position he has in the Iowa caucus. Plus he happens to be a decent human being who wanted to be at home with his family during the New Year holiday.
    That’s why Andrea is scared of him; he’s not a programmed robot of the NWO elites.
    RON PAUL 2012; because we don’t get another chance!

  10. a10fjet says:

    where are her fuckin lips? looks like she could cut steel with those razor thin things..

  11. NoHataHere1 says:

    Endorse Liberty Is that to hard to grasp ur head around!? R[̲̅ə̲̅٨̲̅٥̲̅٦̲̅]uTioN

  12. Ron Paul has been steady at the margin between 20 and 22 percent for three straight weeks. What is this Mrs. Greenspan talking about? Collapse? Maybe collapse of her profession after this election is over.

  13. divindan3 says:

    YES RP 12 RP 12 RP 12 RP 12 RP 12 RP 12 RP 12

  14. Cracker-heads — illogical assumptions & whacked-out accusations contribute to RP’s likely failure. For starters, political candidates, since ancient times, have been held image-accountable: no wiggle-room on that score. Grooming and eg, oration CONTRIBUTE DEARLY TO ONE’S MESSAGE(S); whether or not one finds pleasure in that reality little matters. As for myself, A’ Bomination holds zero interest. RP had better NAME a viable VP and an attractive one … fast! Ross Perot did not & lost

  15. 4390100 says:

    MSNBC asked the same questions they have all been ordered to ask, FOX, CNN, all of them are doing it, it is with no doubts, the Mass Media Propaganda Machine in Action. Even though they can no longer say somebody else is in the lead now, they are still going after Ron Paul with the same attitude that he has no chance what so ever of becoming President, even though that is supposed to be our choice and not theirs, and that’s because they think we have no choice but theirs. Ron Paul for President.

  16. rpm8258 says:

    Mainstream Media is foreign owned you honestly think they care about American issues

  17. Are you listening Republicans Ron Paul is the strongest opponent against Obama, so true. If you are deluding yourself thinking any of the other canidates will beat Obama or give us something different then Obama then it’s time to Wake up and do your research.

    A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for America!

  18. Ron Paul could get much more for his money when it comes to ADS he has a following of thousands and thousands of computer nerds that would make these ads for free =)

  19. johnnyboypdq says:

    Holly Cow!, the woman has had so much plastic surgery that none of her facial muscles work!
    Watch her, wow she is really plastic!

    Uh, Oh yeah, RON PAUL 2012!!!

  20. ArmadaVolya says:

    He nailed it. If Ron Paul goes to the primary, I will vote for him, if not, I’ll vote for Obama. As a democrat, I can say that the only republican candidate I ever wanted to be a president is Ron Paul.

  21. joshuamacer says:

    I love how it only has 301 views but 534 likes….youtube is so jacked-up how they try and control content, views, etc.

  22. stropssports says:

    Ron Paul Will win. The Liberal and Corporate media hate it because they would lose all their power and corrupt ways.

  23. The Doctor always draws in the hottest women.

  24. RonPaul4God says:

    i loved that ad, “Ron Paul… Fuck your shit”

  25. GE must pay the fair TAX as we all do. MSNBC must pay the tax to. Do you know that in Poland we can have other currecies in personal bank or business accout I ca have swiss franc, euro, dollar polish zloty, china yuan any. I can hold the deposited currencies as I did deposited.
    Polish Bank are better then US banks. Instant transfer the same second to another account private or business cost only $0.50. I can send instant money to another person the same second for $0.50

  26. daves11401 says:

    I believe if we have collective thought that Ron Paul will win the IOWA Caucus, …he will. Gather together tomorrow,..and believe. Take a moment in your day on Tuesday,…and focus on a science that is just beginning to be understood as the power of collective thought. Noetic science (Google it) is what will determine our future if we participate “en mass”. Vote Ron Paul!

  27. December 31st’s PPP poll had the highest number of voters at 1340LV, compared to Rasmussen’s only 750LV…

    PPP having the highest number of total votes by a wide margin makes it the most accurate currently.

    Romney: 19%
    Ron Paul: 20%
    Santorum: 18%

    I’m going to be pissed as shit if Santorum over takes Ron Paul or if Romney beats him, he’s worked his ass off in Iowa and they’ve just done everything possible to insult him.

  28. gfcardi says:

    “This almost collapse in the Ron Paul support”…WTF??? Hey Andrea, tell your hubby Alan Greenspan “thanks” for helping to cause the financial crisis, housing crisis, and destroying the savings of all those “little people” that you and your NPR crowd supposedly care about. Remember, we said “End the Fed” not “Wed the Fed.”

    Drain the SWAMP!!! Go get ‘em Big Dog!

  29. If Ron Paul does not become president I will lose all faith in humanity!

  30. jimmyd3277 says:

    Tailing are you kidding me

  31. jimmyd3277 says:

    Big media stop Making ur network look bad by asking dumb question. Ask Ron Paul how did you predict the housing and financial collapse .

  32. donnellylv says:

    his support collapsed? What a joke! laughable little spin there. Unbelievable!

  33. TheAxlSnaks says:

    I like this guy: he’s quick, concise, and doesn’t come off aggressively.
    Brilliant having him come on this show!

  34. red88ization says:

    aaaaaarrrrggghhh what is it its horrible

  35. jwka2001 says:

    Andrea Mitchell’s facial surgery or whatever joker like surgery she had to her face must of gone horribly wrong……”Andrea Mitchell why so seriously!? Lets put a smile on that face HAHAH!”

  36. jimmyd3277 says:

    Oh my god she use the word collapse.LOL
    25% is collapse????

  37. Yitway says:

    Andrea, stop leading the witness! To say that Ron Paul has “collapsed” is only going to be bought by the brain dead, uninformed, status quo ……none of which are the liberty loving supporters of Dr. Paul. Fan the flame for us….thanks.

  38. jimmyd3277 says:

    What do u call when other candidate got 15, 10,5 %????? How many % did Mitt get??? 25%???? Is he collapsing ???

  39. rpm8258 says:

    humanity Needs Ron Paul more than ever

  40. BrotarBoy says:

    Right before i pushed the like button, it was 599 likes. when i refreshed the page, the numbers was suddenly back to 565. WTF is going on?!?

  41. mersk100 says:

    If 25% is a collapse, then gingrich is a black hole from which not even the self rightous bluster of santorum can escape.

  42. 520azchief says:

    Barack has already lost by signing our rights away. We’ll all be slaves with no rights if Ron Paul is not elected. This country is killing itself within because of these mainstream media lies. Ron Paul 2012

  43. As poll after poll has indicated, Ron Paul is the most formidable republican candidate to take on Obama

  44. Vegasgodless says:

    what a dumb ass cunt. Collapse, last I saw was 3 points behind mittshitheadromney +/- 2points. What kind of fucking collapse is that? Only a shit4brain idiot that wants to derail with her shit4brain reporting the momentum not even fathom by Ron Paul.

  45. 66605 says:

    Remember folks, this lady, Andrea Mitchell is MARRIED to Allan Greenspan, former head of the Federal Reserve. He is the main culprit in the financial collapse due to his lowering of interest rates. Knowing how Ron Paul has exposed the Fed and it’s misdeeds I’m surprised she can even keep her cool. She shouldn’t be interviewing candidates, she should apologize for her husband.

  46. hankwatt says:

    Learn what to expect when cameras turn on you… Be ready

  47. how many thumbs up,*likes* do you have to have before the view will go from 301
    to 302. seriously this is so stupid, get the fuck on it youtube

    president ron paul 2012

  48. ChrisKalmus says:

    Best of luck for Ron Paul tomorrow :) fuck the media propaganda … Sorry about my language, but that how I feel

  49. lilsm555 says:

    I think voting is rigged. Anyone who has seen the trials about rigged voting knows what i am saying.

  50. splenderfan says:

    A collaspe? What an amazing word to use. What about all the other polls. No collaspe in these:

    Declining in the polls???? Which ones????

    Compare the last two CNN Iowa polls, Paul has increased 5% points.

    Compare the last two Insider Advantage polls, Paul has increased 5% points.

    Compare the last two Rasmussen polls, Paul has increased 2% points.

    The latest PPP poll has him in first place.

    Geez. Why not ask Romney the same stinkin’ question!!!!

  51. lilsm555 says:

    95% of ron paul supporters are the most rational people i have met.

  52. Mpasholk says:

    Msm is tracking candidates on Twitter and giving them credability based on searches. So, Ron Paul2012. Msm simply put, suck it.

  53. Ron Paul very smart man!! 2012 and beyond!

  54. jimmyd3277 says:

    WTF only 301 views
    The Federal gov put virus on youtube veiw count to make ssure people not watching it

  55. G5F4D3S2A1 says:

    gotta remember Andrea Mitchell is Alan Greenspans wife. RON PAUL=BOSS

  56. RoachBoySD says:

    whowillwinthe2012election com

  57. EdisunSolar says:

    It’s a GovernMENTAL set up Ron Paul against the corrupt system - Obama is weak oBama is a fraud that lame stream media supports not American patriots - What if we enter a war with Iran and China fires a missile due to us meddling in other peoples business? What if they are right? Obamanation of America

  58. The Des Moines Register is owned by Mitt Romney. Enough said.

  59. First, let me say thank you for serving our country. I will never be anti-troop. All Ron Paul is saying is that we need to be focusing on our country and we just can’t afford to be nation building. We have military bases in almost every country in the world that costs us over 5 trillion dollars to maintain total, not including the 400 or so bases for this war. We have the technology to get to anyplace in the world in hours, why do we need all these bases? The debt is over 15 trillion dollars!!!

  60. 504Anon says:

    Ron Paul would CRUSH Obama… Mitt Romney on he other hand…. Well, he might as well be Obama.

  61. brscic says:

    Ron Paul ,.. Win it for all or us America,..

  62. The only place Santorum has “surged” is in his pants!

  63. 1uneek says:

    how the fuck do you poll people in two days? Especially over the new years weekend? bullshit.

  64. 1uneek says:

    how the fuck do you poll people in two days? Especially over the new years weekend? bullshit.

  65. 1uneek says:

    MSNBC’s Andrea MItchell on Paul.” Pauls has manysupporters thatare vocal but some too young to vote” ” Despite Paul in slipping in the poles”. shows Michelle Backman saying ” Paul would be more dangerous than Obama on Iran”. This morning she said ” why did he take the weekend off?” His Mgr said “he took 36 hrs off. Iowans didnt want to be bothered with another politician in their ears?” something in those lines. It makes me so angry how they make the human mind think the worse in somebody else.

  66. danbuck333 says:

    I live in New zealand and Am a huge Ron paul fan….. our local tv nightly news, they had a 4 minute news clip about the republican caucus, it mention 3 candidates none of which were ron paul ….this media black out is fricken global

  67. fcspike says:

    Romney is polling where he has polled all along. Has he picked up any of the voters that have left the other Candidates as they fell? It seems to me that he has hit his ceiling. Paul on the other hand has climbed in the polls the entire time so it shows he has been able to take some of the votes from the others. Why isn’t anyone talking about this? Ron Paul 2012!

  68. 1uneek says:

    almost collapse of Ron Paul support? fuck Andrea.People are saying he is not electable and cant go the distance? bullshit Andrea you made that shit up. Think about it Andrea why is Ron Paul in the top tier now? Because people think like you? why not tell Bachman, Huntsman, and Santorum that? Hey Michelle people think you wont win why not drop out now? Andrea wont ask that. Bitch. All she did all day was talk shit about Ron Paul.

  69. this women is married to greenspan,

  70. people who discover Ron Paul do not switch back to “politicians” like Romney

  71. terr547 says:

    This is our last chance…

  72. esopxe says:

    “Almost collapse of the Ron Paul support…” WTF is this lady talking about!?!?!!! What a lying pile of crap.

  73. imrnlil says:

    There is no collapse of Ron Paul’s support. That is a bare faced lie.

  74. imrnlil says:

    The Des Moines resister is owned by Mitt Romney. Why is it any surprise that they would report Romney as leading in the poll. Good grief, it must be all Jesse can do to sit and converse politely with this plastic surgery stretch face.

  75. Shaunt1 says:

    Aren’t enough people tired of this government and wars, etc? Only Ron Paul will challenge that!

  76. wonderming1 says:

    It will be a landslide victory for Ron Paul.

  77. chopin999 says:

    ron paul support is everywhere, in the street online chatroom, mmorpg games. and im not even from america lol…RON PAUL FTW

  78. JuicersSuck says:

    Damn that lady looks like the Joker. That aside… come on Iowa… Paul to restore freedom!!!

  79. superfly000 says:

    fraudulent polling and reporting at its best.

  80. GabrielXXIst says:


    4 star general who was commander of CENTCOM talks about his educated opinion on Iran. Dr. Paul couldn’t have said it better himself.

  81. GabrielXXIst says:


    4 star general who was commander of CENTCOM talks about his educated opinion on Iran. Dr. Paul couldn’t have said it better himself.

  82. MrParkerclrk says:

    look at all these plastic news sellouts attack a real canadate and support their alternative fake wanna be pauls.

  83. BrianJensen says:

    I didn’t know the Joker was an Anchor for MSNBC!!!

  84. runelord37 says:

    furthermore, youre just like all the fucking overeducated assholes that cant see the forest for the trees because theyve been instructed to only understand the elaborate construction of a leaf and then reverse engineer their world views to assume they understand the fucking forest and the deers. the world is both more complex AND more simple than most people understand. Its called paradox and its the real truth of our universe, found at the very level of quantum mechanics.

  85. runelord37 says:

    its as simple as this….oh and by the way thank you for your service no matter how misguided the reason for your enlistment. two wrongs dont make a right. give me liberty or give me death….wanna know why? because you cant secure lasting peace through force and the peace you do secure isnt really peace. its the cold sound of death as the wind whistles through the desert valley where a woman and child just took a bullet from “friendly fire”. the “peace” is the quiet of death.

  86. prismadew says:

    Texas Congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul polls strongest against US President Barack Obama in a head-to-head matchup of the current crop of Republican hopefuls.

    Ron Paul leads Obama 42 to 35 percent among independent voters and attracts 15 percent of Iowa’s Democrats. Paul also leads Obama by 14 percentage points among voters under 45 years of age.

  87. runelord37 says:

    truth peace can only be achieved by reaching out to enemies and turning the other cheek. only defending ourselves by force if attacked. do unto others as you would have done…or guess what? they will do unto you. ive talked to many many vets that learned this the hard way. when they see that civilian that took that flak to their face or the mother holding a slaughtered child, so stricken that evey male within a hunderd yards shakes with the thought of revenge.

  88. runelord37 says:

    you cannot teach others peace, except by example. this is the lie of might makes right. and unless you maintain the moral high ground you are as morally devoid as your “enemy”. once you assume the right to preemptive war its the same thing as assuming the right to cold blooded murder. its why we have seperation of the branches of government. its why we dont have a fucking king. peace and light be unto you sir. I pray for peaceful revolution

  89. vissi87 says:

    Is it just me or does that woman look like the Joker??

  90. shawnski001 says:

    So the “gold standard” is OK for a poll, but not for monetary policy? Riiiiiiiggggghhhhtttt.

  91. OurOxygen says:

    What a lying cunt,I have the PPP Poll results on my channel and Ron Paul won.

  92. mewrth says:

    If Benton is RP’s campaign manager, then he did an impeccable job! RP 2012

  93. quickv40 says:

    wonder how they will spin it when RP takes out Iowa and NH…. i think their heads will explode.

  94. Media can say what they want, but the people will voice the truth! Ron Paul 2012!

  95. okiorbust10 says:

    How R 41%undecided!?Vet or dodger?Peace or war?Sound money and ending the fed or more inflation&devaluation of the dollar?Protecting the individual or more unconstitutional legislation like NDDA?Morality or inconsistency?End IRS or fund the globalist?REALchange or status quo?Think for yourself or let the media tell you whose electable by people like CNN Andrea Mithchell wife of former FED chairman Greenspan.Show the world Iowa what America is really all about!Vote Ron Paul or Barramitt Onewtrum

  96. okiorbust10 says:

    FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE Andrea Mitchell wife of former FEDERAL RESERVE chairman Alan Greenspan! Did she just say “Gold standard??!!!!!” Honey your husband killed anything that resembles true legal tender for the American people. Ron Paul is fighting 1000% times more than anyone knows to bring America back from the grips of dehumanized globalists like you and your husband! 30 years with snakes like this! Is it TIME yet!? Time to take back America from the goldman sachs gang and the Federal reserve!??

  97. laustudie says:

    Almost collapsed lol , he lost 1 % xDD

  98. danbuck333 says:

    Jesse Benton is a beast! Well spoken….strong….and authoritative

  99. okiorbust10 says:

    HAAA Did Andrea Mitchell Greenspan married to former FED chairman Greenspan just say quote “Gold Standard” to discredit Ron Paul’s electability!!! OHHHHH, the IRONY!!! What a FAKE!!!!!

  100. 01:29 - hmmm, interesting concept, can you elaborate on your definition of the “Gold Standard” - Is Gold Money?

  101. princez413 says:

    Collapse of the Ron Paul support? Who’s dick are you sucking you ugly fucking cunt?

  102. Conza88 says:

    “Gold standard of Iowa Polling” lol…..

  103. tommyzDad says:

    Unelectable? How many times has he been re-elected to to Congress?

  104. veradinx says:

    I love how she tries lamely to rebuff his facts. Isn’t it cute when shills programmed by the Borgmedia break out the lies and misinformation in an attempt to discredit Ron Paul?

  105. rlake76 says:

    She is a freaking troll…..and biased…obviously. Gosh they are so scared.

  106. Andrea Mitchell is married to Alan Greenspan - who Ron Paul dissed in a debate for having ruined our economy with too low of interest rates.

    I’m starting to like Benton, he did a good job here, maybe he’s on our side after all.

  107. ukraina95 says:

    wow well said! he really stated all the facts well! good job for him

  108. I’m an INDONESIAN and I support Ron Paul!

  109. DrCroata says:

    Support from Croatia!

  110. DrCroata says:

    Support from Croatia!

  111. melnick1985 says:

    this women is a snake.

  112. rkrueger77 says:

    Great job Jesse! MSNBC attack as usual and you did a great job answering her slanderous questions.

  113. wwwhank says:

    Hoping for a huge victory today! If not that is sad.

  114. holy shit she looks like the joker lmao .. the old joker

  115. ForceCrystal says:

    whats wrong with your FACE!

  116. bodinian says:

    Ron Paul is good in the sense that he is an honest person, his integrity throughout time has been unquestionable. The issue with him, though, is that he think he can solve all of our problems by gutting the government. I see a lot of problems in him, but I still agree that he is the best candidate that we have so far. I hope someone like Dennis Kucinich or Ralph Nader runs against him, then we are really talking.

  117. themanutrip says:

    301 views. 744 likes and 2 dislikes.

  118. thebigbah says:

    Ron Paul 2012
    The establishment is scared shitless of him

  119. 32whatsup says:

    phone . ronpaul2012 . com

  120. MrTotila says:

    This ad is by far the worst Ron Paul ad. Is doesn’t look professional, it is an attack ad, it does not address the issues, it does not show Paul’s real strengths (trustworthiness, conservatism, issues like debt and war, support by Democrats) and it is contrary to Paul’s image.
    Its always fascinating to see how the media works to undermine people. Gushing praise for the wrong things is one of their weapons. It draws attention to these things and makes people think that’s the best they have done.

  121. hadith04 says:

    Social Interaction is Socialism, People who Socially Interact are Socialist.

  122. kanadu says:

    Funny how it was 301 views 4 comment ago. It’s still 301 views after I watched.

  123. daltonj2317 says:

    Collapse in the Ron Paul support? What?!?

  124. youtube hate Ron Paul?? 301 views ??

    go to
    drudge report dot com
    and vote for DR. Ron Paul
    Copy and paste in other videos and thumb this comment up so other can see it.

  126. mclaren855 says:

    isnt this women the wife of Alan Greenspan? please correct me if I am wrong.

  127. Dmlaney says:

    Ron Paul 2012! Ron Paul 2012! Ron Paul 2012! Ron Paul 2012! Ron Paul 2012! Ron Paul 2012! Ron Paul 2012! Ron Paul 2012! Ron Paul 2012! Ron Paul 2012! Ron Paul 2012! Ron Paul 2012! Ron Paul 2012! Ron Paul 2012! Ron Paul 2012! Ron Paul 2012! Ron Paul 2012! Ron Paul 2012! Ron Paul 2012! Ron Paul 2012! Ron Paul 2012! Ron Paul 2012! Ron Paul 2012! Ron Paul 2012! Ron Paul 2012! Ron Paul 2012! Ron Paul 2012! Ron Paul 2012!

  128. WKaliberr says:

    I proudly support AIPAC and we will lobby against this anti-semite Ron Paul getting elected

  129. RON PAUL 2012!!!!!!!!!

  130. benonium says:

    ERROR BARS were created for GOOD, NOT EVIL. There should be a statistician next to every reporter, so they can hit the reporter in the back of the head when they make stupid comments. The statement “almost collapse of the Ron Paul support” showed her ignorance of math. There was no statistically significant change in the polls from last to this week in RP support, although there has been an increase in Santorum’s support (in this case the meaning of support is stretching the meaning somewhat).

  131. 32whatsup says:

    PROOF RON PAUL IS A SELLOUT —-> watch?v=JAdLiqHNgao

  132. shookchris says:

    ron paul good luck

  133. shookchris says:

    I second that 2012 ron paul

  134. shookchris says:

    we will see you 2 nite if ron paul will make it to the top I hope to god he does

  135. Just because Obama’s regime has added almost five trillion Dollars to the US national debt and unemployment is rapidly rising does not mean that people should go out and vote for Dr. Ron Paul or Mr. Santorum. Imho all these guys seem to care about is the economy, as well as illegal immigration. They are not like the other candidates. For me the key issue is enforcing greater gun control. I just recently got back from working in England and they adore Ron Paul there. Can anyone tell me why?

  136. The line about “non-electability” is a huge REPEATER, they all just repeat and repeat it. That’s a propaganda tactic. Makes many wonder who -on high— put that word out and got all the msm to simply repeat the same thing, over and over. They are very corporatist-militarist (which mussolini said was real definition of fascist). The U.S. is a business, the memo comes down, and all the msm repeats the same word: “unelectable.” Do they ever want to think for themselves??

  137. listen to the words this hag uses. She wants RP to lose.

  138. URGENT!(3-w’s(dot) on the right hand side of that facebook page you will see a link to Volunteer as a Vote Monitor — and you can do this IF you are an Iowan, or if you are an out of stater who can be in Iowa by 7 PM EST on Jan 3, 2012 for the Iowa Caucus. Go to the above link and volunteer as a Vote Monitor, and then look for your “WatchTheVote2012″ County Leader” assigned to your Iowa County,or go directly to: 3-w’s(dot)WatchTheVote2012(dot)com

  139. MrJivePirate says:

    Old reliable coffee old reliable coffee old reliable coffee!

  140. 32whatsup says:

    VOTE FRAUD VIDEO PROOF?? ————> watch?v=JAdLiqHNgao

  141. I uploaded the video of the soldier on CNN censored live when he was supporting Ron Paul
    Thumps up, so everyone can watch it.

  142. annebeck58 says:

    Gosh, this wench is SO predictable.
    Guess what, ugliness?? RON PAUL has the SAME number of DELEGATES from Io_Way, so get off of your stupid rant. HE is electable. IT IS PROVEN.
    Now, if people will GET IT- that he IS electable, we WIN!

    Gosh, I am SOOOO sick of this tripe!

    Political PUNT-I(dio)ts.. GONE/

  143. BetyarPali says:

    Wake up Americans, vote for Ron Paul. He is the only SANE candidate who will keep the US out of yet another unjustified pre-emptive war. The other candidates are in the pockets of “special interests” and will send the US into another senseless war which will escalate into WW III. Ron Paul for President in 2012.

  144. Wasneeplus87 says:

    This guy is really persuasive! Ron Paul has some great staff. But I guess they have reason on their side, would tend to help

  145. ETurusful says:

    pastebin(.)com/RMd3Ft3z Spread the word on stopping the same fraud in New Hampshire that we had in Iowa. We have only five days before electronic voting takes over for good.

  146. ednstead says:

    If Ron Paul was president and talked peace with Iran and Iran ignored that….RON PAUL would properly declare war and END THEM CASE CLOSED! He wouldn’t just play badminton with them like obama or the other asinine candidates. WAKE UP!! RON PAUL 2012!!

  147. I’m RACIST for criticizing Obama.
    TERRORIST because I’m not with Bush.
    ANTISEMITIC for not supporting Rothechild Zionism.
    TEABAGGER for supporting the Constitution.
    TRUTH-ER for asking unanswered questions.
    TRAITOR for whistle-blowing on my corrupt Government.
    CONSPIRACY THEORIST for presenting documented facts.
    TROLL for uploading news, videos, quotes and U.S.Atrocities.
    ANTI-AMERICAN for supporting Constitutionalists like Dr. Ron Paul.

    RON PAUL 2012!

  148. SqueakyFart says:

    holy crap this bitch is both stupid AND ugly. thats a fucking double negative. in this case, it doesnt equal a positive.

  149. MrEmerye says:

    I love Paul.. The talking heads are worried that people will find out that their opinion means nothing. Ron Paul 2012.. It will happen.

  150. GoPostalMan says:

    POLL ALERT: Dick Morris asked: Who do you think won the debates over the weekend? go to | facebook . com/dickmorriscom | and vote for Ron Paul!!

  151. Ron Paul will save our country and our standing on the world stage. He is not the most attractive speaker, but he is the most disciplined mind we have had the opportunity to vote for since Grover Cleveland. This image based ideology we are brainwashed to believe is strangling our God given sense of self liberty. I ask you to lay your subconsciously fed biases aside and consider a country whose success actually lies with the work of free people. Ron Paul will allow that to happen. It’s his life.

  152. sittin1008 says:

    4.20 message!!! everyone needs to start donating $4.20 and show our support!
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