CIA’s Former Bin Laden Hunter, Michael Scheuer, Endorses Ron Paul

Michael Scheuer, a former CIA agent charged with tracking Osama bin Laden, endorsed Ron Paul in an article published on his website.

“…the damnable lies about Dr. Paul’s foreign policy constantly proclaimed by his fellow Republican candidates, leading pro-Israel/pro-intervention U.S.-citizens and their journalist friends, and most of the media, only the gentleman from Texas speaks for the Founder’s non-interventionist vision of America’s role in world affairs and for plain common sense.”

Jesse Benton, Ron Paul’s campaign chairman said: “Michael Scheuer understands that only Dr. Paul will put our national security first and stop the foreign wars and nation building. Our campaign is very proud to have his support.”

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3 Responses to CIA’s Former Bin Laden Hunter, Michael Scheuer, Endorses Ron Paul

  1. Antonio Juan Planells says:

    Dr. Paul Should endorse more war veterans to speak up in his support to call out his fellow republicans views. It is easy to attack Dr. Paul on his foreign policy but to attack a soldier for his support of Ron Paul , ” that would be Taboo” and political suicide for any candidate to attempt! They would have to shift gears and talk about things like the “fed” and the “gold standard”. . Walk a mile in my shoes! You can’t ( a politician) debate the overwhelming support ( military) for Ron Paul’s Foreign Policy. Let our Military Men and Women fight the good fight in support of Ron Paul . It will silence the opposition !!

  2. Antonio Juan Planells says:

    Ron Paul has received more money from military servicemen than any other candidates ( including President Obama ) Combined ! It is now time for them to be allowed to verbally state Why !! Who better to support Ron Paul’s Foreign Policy then Our Fighting men and women! After all , Our Policies dictate their role ! They witness it up close and in person. Everyone else’s opinion is a detached and limited one; Less powerfull and more subject to attack. Lets allow victims ( our fighting men and women ) of our current foreign policy speak up ! Their voice and opinion is more powerfull than Mitt, Newt, Obama, Santorum,Huntsman and any of their backers ! Lets take the big stick they have got over our heads and hold it over theirs . Lets settle this argument once and for all !!!

  3. Antonio Juan Planells says:

    Note to Ron Paul’s campaign manager : Please consider my suggestions as they are economically sound ( Free ) and would be most effective !! Besides, Free speech is part of the constitution !

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